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File 157539634170.png - (686.42KB , 1280x1024 , Front.png )
950800 No. 950800 ID: 482fee

Okay, no idea what happened but updating the thread last night and it just died. Now it's gone. Gonna try again where I left off.

Same thing as before, Discussion and wiki below. Okay let's try this again where we left off.

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No. 968146 ID: fd2dfa
File 159057099174.png - (390.93KB , 1400x1050 , 115.png )

Ssoolaku, as if expecting your prompt, presents three policies to choose from:

>Found Trade Guild: While the trade houses pay taxes to the family, Taruvik has no direct control over any of them. Founding our own guild would separate us further from royal decree and give us more direct access to the money that regularly flows across Rezo's trade networks.(Can build warehouses to store tradegoods in different cities. Can build Guildhouses to increase income from trade routes)
>Theoretical Logistics: The Jassanids battle each other far more often than Rezans do each other, and in larger numbers. Ssoolaku proposes to take some of the Jassanids' more palatable means of supplying armies to our leklos(Increase the number of units in a Leklos by 2)
>Entice Craftsmen: With trade comes goods. Taruvik has had little need in the past for the artisan or the craftsman to create anything beyond bare essentials. By finding a Taruvik 'style' and selling it in our weapons, our armor, pottery, or whatever trade good we can produce, we can increase our presence in the Rezan market and secure more funding. (Allows creation of Crafter's Workshops based around available raw trade goods. Processed trade goods are worth more on the market and Weaponsmiths can be comissioned to craft better wargear for the leklos)
No. 968149 ID: 9876c4

Seems like we'd need the added artisans and flair to get the most effect out of the guild. Otherwise we're just another option.

I'm neutral on expanded Leklos' because the only restriction is officers. We want a bigger army either way.

Given the refugees and new trade route, I think it's time to Entice Craftsmen.
No. 968174 ID: ce39da

On the one hand, enticing artisans is tempting. However, just as the trade guild would benefit from having them first, so too would having the crafting guilds benefit from having the trade guilds first. Also, chopping off another obsolete royalist consideration now that we're able would be ideal. Found Trade Guild.
No. 968182 ID: 6e6f32

We need all of these to be honest...
But. With our new income next year we should be able to build a library so we can do just that.

The real question is: Which can we utilize best Right Now?

[Found Trade Guild] is a doubling down of our current investment. We will need to invest even more Kushel to build a Guild house then wait for it to complete, but we will be rolling in cash once it's done.

The Pro to this is that by buying in early we maximize our returns.

The Con is that this investment is money not going toward the Leklos at this sensitive time, when we have become the DeFacto protectors of the member cities. (Orzuva has on three occasions now displayed military weakness, whilst Vogu is always on fire and can't be expected to give a timely response to threats.)

[Theoretical Logistics] is a short term power house. Larger, more varied, more effective armies immediately, for free. No need to fumble around with with generals or family, and no new buildings to build.
It's only Con is the opportunity cost for the other two.

[Entice Craftsmen] is an absolute necessity long-term, and will open up the door for us to swing with some crazy ideas.

But it's Con is significant. We need to build at least one workshop to commission custom gear... and then we still need to pay for the gear. And then there's controlling rare resources for the good stuff and...

This opens up the path to a true war economy, but I personally don't think it's appropriate at this time.

My pick is Theoretical Logistics.
No. 968271 ID: 094652

I usually like long-term investments, but winter is coming and we are still weakened and reeling from last winter's clusterschlorp.

Theoretical Logistics. We'll get back on the ball next year.
No. 968671 ID: fd2dfa
File 159100041425.png - (184.07KB , 1400x1050 , 116.png )

Turn 22
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1900(+1250)
Inertia: 210 (+95)
Influence: 60 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,2)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary(75%)-1 turn recovery], Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (6,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
*-On Patrol-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [4/5]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]

Prosperity: 30% (+2)

The Spy Network in Suzo has been set up, and your spy has several informants among the trade houses and work crews leaking information as to the family's holdings
>Treasury: 35000 Kushel
>Income: 5000
>Most Lucrative Resources: Weapons, Slaves

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land

I think I updated the stats right, but my spreadsheet didn't save last time so I could be running with old numbers. Let me know if something is still off

No. 968672 ID: 094652

... We need that city. Intact.

Consult the family on a plan to take over Suzo within four years.
No. 968702 ID: 6e6f32

That timeline will be tough... but it could be doable.
We know they have Gorod, high quality weapons, advanced defenses, and spies watching our military.

We will need a siege workshop, Gorod of our own, and either a secret base or a counter espionage team, at the very least. If we're gonna be realistic about this though, I'd argue that we'd want more Karvers, a robust spy network, and at least one regiment of Kovatu as well.

Although, sitting on a treasury like that is just asking to get robbed. Maybe we should organize a mass raid for this coming summer.

Possibilities Possibilities. Consulting the family seems prudent.
At the very least it'll give us an excuse to assign Sorguv to Sazoga. He'll be able to administer our end of the trade caravan there.

Lets see. Assuming we dont spend a bunch of money during the family meeting, Let's start filling out the Lekloses.
Put another one of the Garison Tovaru into the first, and then Train another Spear Sagura to also put in the first.
Train 1 Sword and 1 Repeater Sagura for the Second.

Also, The undercroft should allow us to recruit auxiliary regiments of "Domesticated" races, yes? Any new units we can recruit? Kobolds disciplined enough to go into a Leklos perhaps?
No. 968707 ID: ce39da

Hmm. Weren't we just planning to ally with Suzo not two years ago? Yes, they are ripe for raiding, but they could make just as lucrative of a trade partner. We have only one holding remaining on their mission docket, don't we? Why don't we do that?
No. 968714 ID: 9876c4

Fill Lekloses, Sorguv to Sazoga, we begin building a Leklos there to fulfill trade disputes.

I think the best way to manage Suzo is a managed coup. Let's find a merchant family that isn't top dog, and would like to be. Then we quietly stoke and support their ambitions.
No. 968720 ID: 6e6f32

Navozem, the ruler of Suzo is a globe hopping opportunist who likes to Hob-nob with the powers that be so he can pretend he's the leader of a great house.
He has a big mouth. His lips flap about freely like leaves in a tempest.
Everything we know about him we learned on accident while he was bragging.

He makes himself hilariously easy for anyone with actual power to manipulate. He's probably getting played by 3 of the great houses right now and whilst having no idea.
To align with him would be foolhardy, for his idiocy is a threat to all Vot Tikve.
He must be dealt with.
Also, it's clear that Navozem got what he wanted out of those missions already, though I would like to know what is behind door number 4...

A coup might indeed be best way to go, though we'll need to upgrade our spy capabilities, have all three of our current agent types in Suzo, and have several citizens planted in the city to just make friends, favors, investments, and land purchases so we can have a support network ready to run op's there.
We may also be able to utilize Dao Hokowa and Lady Nojiko for the Task, Assuming we can get a Karver in there to undo a soul Karving, which is probably what was done to her.
No. 968721 ID: 7185f1

Remember his introduction
>Do not take their jovial tones and spendthrift attitudes as shallow or stupid. Their political structure is based on Gamin, and a wrong word can have dire repercussions.
If he seems stupid it could all be an act. We could very easily be falling into a trap he's leaving by "accidentally" bragging info
No. 968723 ID: 6e6f32

Well he definitely should be taken seriously. I see him as basically the province's final boss. But he'd have to be playing some crazy 5D chess to work a trap around a plan like "Appear simultaneously powerful and incompetent so that my neighbors collectively work to isolate and overthrow me in several years."

It's more likely that he has a few nasty secret plays up his sleeve that make him feel invulnerable.
Perhaps it would be best if we work toward multiple individual plans to defeat Suzo that could be sprung concurrently.
No. 968863 ID: fd2dfa
File 159120260841.png - (321.66KB , 1400x1050 , 117.png )

You call the family, what you've found at least, together. Aligos reclines, being called away from patrol in such short time has left him exhausted. Sorgav in comparison looks tense. It may because he anticipates bad news or the coming Shardfall is putting him on edge. Ssoolaku has curled up near the fire and is dozing. You excuse this misbehavior as you have more pressing matters.

"So sister" Aligos sighs "what compelled you to call us together?"

you reply. Aligos opens and eye, Sorgav leans in.

"I was wondering when you'd bring them up" Aligos grunts.

"Why? What have they done?"

"You weren't there cousin. The nation is heading to the Pit, royalists are carving up old territory, secessionists are claiming their own land and calling themselves kings, families are breaking away from patrons, and Great Families are now the only thing keeping this land from coming apart but their busy killing each other."

"We seem to be doing fine."

"We are only doing well because the tide of refugees from sacked towns keep coming in to replace our losses and bolster our treasury with their wealth"

"Suzo however is doing remarkably well. Better than anyone else in Vot Tikve"

"And you think that wealth is better off with us" Aligos smiles. The talk of gold puts a glint in Sorgav's eye. It is quickly replaced with caution.

"A family like that is sure to have connections. Navozem. That's a Rezmodla name isn't it?"


"Beware the Rezmodla that chooses land over water" Sorgav quotes the old adage "Are you certain we should make enemies of them? Now when Vot Tikve is in chaos?"

>Your response:
No. 968864 ID: 9876c4

I think we need to make allies of them, but under new management. Ultimately we need that infrastructure, but without the fools attached to it.

Better that we encourage an incision, and attach our own ally.
I'd rather not face their armies either.
No. 968877 ID: 6e6f32

Not openly, not yet. The royalists must be dealt with first.
The spy reports have come in.
Thirty. Five. THOUSAND. Kushel is sitting neatly in their coffers.
Yet there Navozem sits like a dragon on his horde. Complacent to let the world burn around him.

Needless to say, a raid is in order. However. This cannot be traced back to us. Not yet.
Complicating that, they have spies everywhere and they know our tactics. Simply raiding in the summer won't be good enough. We need a plan. Something we've never done before. I'm also not opposed to bringing in our new partners, even split the bounty is grand. Ideas?
No. 968878 ID: ed763f

I think the questions are 'if not us, who' and 'if not now, when'. If someone with ambition or ill will takes charge, we're fucked. Plain and simple.
No. 968879 ID: 094652

"Suzo's income is the kingmaker. With that much kushel we could build our own mini-nation within a few years. With a mini-nation we could go on to conquer the east and branch out into ocean affairs.

If we leave Suzo alone, it's only a matter of time before the agents or a conquering tribe decide to do the same to us. We have the intel to make this work right now, so let's risk it."
No. 968896 ID: 9876c4

Let's not be blinded by those big numbers. 9 out of 10 we don't actually get the treasury. Parts of it will be be spent on mercs, smuggled out, lost to corruption etc.

However, if we redecorate their rulership, we can dedicate portions of it to projects that benefit us.
...plus a reward, of course.
No. 969346 ID: 6e6f32

It's a good idea but... how? How can we pull that off?
Our Nascent spy network is super rudimentary.

-We'd need all our current possible spies in Suzo.
-Multiple support staff, people that we pay to own houses or businesses. (That we don't currently have a structure to maintain)
-At least one higher up in Suzo flipped to our side. (Which we don't currently have enough information to acquire.)
-And actual assassins or conspirators to do the job.

Alternatively, we could reach out to our new partners and the second fort Suzo wants us to destroy, spend some cash, maybe spawn a massive horde of gulpa, and utilize our new Trainer to launch a daring rescue of Lady Nojiko. All for the purpose of luring out Navozem and his Gorod into a deadly trap of our own design.

Aside from being absurdly risky and insane enough to warrant a mini-quest of it's own, the main issue with it in that we don't know how Suzo is getting its absurd amounts of information.
Dedicated Scouting Corps?
Massive Spy Network?
We would need to run counter-espionage as the plan evolves.

Either way, something must be done. No one sits on that much money without planning something big. If not for the political pressure from the local great families, Navozem probably would have invaded the whole of the provence by now.
No. 969417 ID: 9876c4

The key is to make contact with someone who wants to rule.
Sagla's got to have many enemies... we've met him twice and can barely stand him.
No. 969447 ID: fd2dfa
File 159186430573.png - (244.06KB , 1400x1050 , 118.png )

"We won't make enemies of them. Not yet at least. However, we will come to blows eventually. Navozem must have a patron, and I doubt it is Rokof. Anyone can see the winds of war are blowing and those not loyal to Rokof will be a problem in Vot Tikve" you explain. "The question I ask you then, is how can it be done?"

Your cousin leans back in his chair. "Mmmmm there are plenty, but not many available to us as we are now. We could call in support from Rokof, but we'd have to prove beyond a doubt that Navozem is receiving support from another Great Family. And if gods forbid Navozem has the support of more than one for whatever reason, Rokof may leave them be. He's not the sort to seek conflict like Makag. He'll retaliate only if they strike first."

"Let's assume then Rokof will not send support. How would we deal with Navozem on our own?"

"Political marriage, assassination and inheritance of his assets?"

"Let's leave that at the bottom of the list..."

"Well we could attack his sources of income. We know his most valuable commodities are slaves and weapons, but where is he getting the slaves from? Where is he getting the material for his weapons? Find those, attack them, or raid them if you don't want to reveal our hand, and cut off his support. Alternatively we could seek out members in his own family that would be friendlier to us and don't mind being our puppet."

"Would someone that underhanded like that even exist?"

"They're Rezmodla" your cousin waves dismissively. "They've survived by being sneaky. There's also the issue of the Gorod. Navozem's posession of them only proves he has quite a lot of power. A breeding line, perhaps multiple lines means he has the money to support a strong military and withstand a siege. Perhaps find an officer among the ranks and sway them to switch sides?"

"These of course require us to have a stronger presence in his city. The House of Eyes is still growing, and will need substantial investment to get them the resources they need."

"There's always war" Aligos smiles.

>Choose a plan
>Hold off for now
>Shut up Aligos
No. 969457 ID: 094652

Direct the House of Eyes to focus on long-term strategies for subverting Suzo. Anything else will be secondary to them. As for an approach, it's all about the income; finding ways to steal their means of prosperity and adding it to your own. Note that you'll need to 'spread the wealth' to make you look less suspicious, though you can mainly get away with this by implicitly requesting boons from those who suddenly find checks in the mail.
No. 969480 ID: 6e6f32

>May have a patron
>This is the crown jewel of a raid I funded in Westerland. I, alongside Gamin and Sossukla...

Gamin would explain his capability of intercontinental raiding, but who is this Sossukla? We should find out.

>attack his sources of income
Sounds like a plan. Most of his possible partners and suppliers in the province (that we aren't planning on exterminating) will be extremely receptive to us diplomatically. We only really need to put agents in Sarcra. We can talk to everyone else.

We will need to scout Vak Tavu, as he probably has partners there. We probably should request maps of Vot Rokof while were at it.

Tell Aligos that we'll restructure our entire military and attack as soon as he can assemble a regiment of Kovatu. He has friends, right?

Also, tell Sorguv to pack his shit. He's going to Sagoza. Between being our caravan terminus and it about to grow into a city with or without our investment, it could use a competent governor with his skill set.
No. 969490 ID: 9876c4

>This means they have a direct line of trade to Gamin, who in turn supplies them with all manner of exotic slaves and goods that have bolstered the city's wealth.
>Their political structure is based on Gamin, and a wrong word can have dire repercussions.

We have a very likely suspect.
No. 969670 ID: 9876c4

And if it's not clear, I think we should explore Sorgav's plan.
No. 969687 ID: 6e6f32

Yeah it's pretty sound.

You know... we haven't asked our patron for anything really... You think Rokof might lend us a spymaster to get the ball rolling?
No. 969689 ID: 9876c4

We're only owed ONE favor. I'm fine with using it on Suzo, but only if it'll 100% save our ass
No. 969692 ID: 10c408

Informing Rokof of the suspected royal backing navozem won't cost us a favor, and it'll give us his opinion of the present situation.

That said...I'm putting my vote in for holding off. The city is ripe with cash but we don't know where it's coming from and everything we do know? It paints an ugly pictures for blindly raiding their territory. (loads of weak troops backed by cavalry and siege grade explosives that can be carried)
No. 969996 ID: fd2dfa
File 159247268643.png - (93.73KB , 1400x1050 , 119.png )

The family disperses for the night as you oversee the final touches of the Undercroft. Already, the lesser races are organizing themselves into a militia, and your family is going through them for the most organized of the rabble

>>Through the undercroft lesser race units can be recruited
>>Currently only local Vermin races are available, but other races can be made available as you raid different regions/continents.

>Kobold Tunnel Fighter: Rezan born Kobolds are fanatically loyal to their clan and families. Those encountered in caves, ruins, and other enclosed spaces will frequently run into swarms of the beasts that fight with tooth and claw. Honing that instinctive bloodlust and attaching an array of deadly implements to their arms turns them into a dangerous foe in enclosed spaces.
(650 Kushel)

>Goblin Javelins: Goblins for the most part prefer to keep their distance from larger, more dangerous foes and pelt them with ranged objects. A supply of sharpened throwing spears and a strict training regimen to strengthen their arms makes them a deadly but mobile force.
(500 Kushel)

>Voraklat Infiltrator: Rare it is to find a friendly Voraklat. Double so to find a nest of them. It is their uncanny ability to mimic their victims makes them a valuable asset to any who command them. Whelps however do not fully grasp this power. These are herded into throngs, and are disguised as wounded or half starved survivors to lure overconfident forces. Then the feasting begins...
(3000 Kushel)
No. 970001 ID: 9876c4

I know nothing about Voraklat. Could we hire one and train it to be an assassin or spy?

For now, let's hire a few units of kobolds, and have them scour the tunnels for other hidden family members.
No. 970003 ID: 798af3

*Spits Coffee*
>Vorklat Infiltrators
Those would be monsters off and on the field!
If we put influence agents in Suzo, built the service school or the library (and take the Resmodian court language decision) we could start replacing Suzos court with dopplgangers! Up to and including Navozem himself!
No. 970173 ID: 6e6f32

That's... a pretty clever idea, actually.

Yeah Alright. Lets get two Kobold Regiments going, along with another repeater Sagura.
No. 970882 ID: fd2dfa
File 159333965007.png - (919.56KB , 1636x2233 , 120.png )

Turn 23

>The city repairs are mostly complete, but the populace takes shelter in your hold for fear of a second attack.

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1450(+1250)
Inertia: 305 (+95)
Influence: 65 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Spear, 1 Repeater)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (6,1)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary
*-Road Garrison-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos(In Tamos) |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [4/5]
-In Tamos-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater)][4/5]
No. 970883 ID: fd2dfa
File 159333966434.png - (230.01KB , 1400x1050 , 121.png )

The Voraklat are a difficult breed to train and capture. Huunters are hired by towns to clear out nests, which is already a costly procedure. Occasionally the eggs are not destroyed in the battle, and the hunters choose to make some extra money selling them in open market. Hatched Voraklat do not gain true sentience for a year, imitating Rezan form and speech without understanding what they are doing. Words are spoken out of order and with incorrect intonation, their bodies are asymmetrical, disproportionate, or malformed. It will not be until maturation, and after they've consumed Rezan flesh do they truly understand speech an hold a believable form.

The Family's new pact managed to earn us a handful of these rare, valuable eggs, but must be watched closely lest they learn the wrong things(or eat the wrong person).

>Train them as intended, luring enemies into a disadvantage to be slaughtered(Defensive)
>Train them to be ambushers, assuming forms of enemy combatants that are not recognized until it is too late(Offensive)

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land

This week was a real kick in the pants that's all I'll say. SOrry for such a long delay

No. 970886 ID: 9876c4

Train as intended.
New Policy
Refill Lekloses (swords maybe?)
Turn Tunnel Kobolds loose with our seal, have them scout for family members
No. 970926 ID: 6e6f32

Train Offensive.
If we wanna be able to use the Voraklat for anything beyond a fancy gimmick they need proper training. If that means additional time and money invested before were able to use them that's fine by me.
Get with Soolaku. What materials will he need to get this done properly.

>Refill Lekloses
Good idea, especially since we ended up taking Theoretical Logistics by plurality even if the current status doesn't reflect it. So really our Lekloses are only half full.

Though I'm not sure what effect army comp actually has, I've always thought of swordsmen as flankers. Poor man's cavalry if you will. With Spearmen and Repeaters being front and back liners respectively.

So with that is mind, I would suggest filling the Tamos Leklos with 2 more Swordsman and a Repeater. As Luck would have it we have a sword and repeater regiment already in the garrison, and would only need to train up one additional sword regiment.

This would leave us with enough cash to start the Library this turn. The faster we get that up, the faster we can start developing our war economy.

Hey man we get it. To live is to suffer. I'm just glad you're still here! Hope it get's better over there, bro.
No. 970965 ID: 9876c4

And I second the spoiler bit, of course.
No. 970996 ID: 10c408

Train them as intended. Knowing how to fake distress to lure unsuspecting foes into an ambush would be absolutely DEVASTATING if they were cut loose inside of a city suddenly under attack.
No. 971342 ID: fd2dfa
File 159376919778.png - (389.95KB , 1400x1050 , 122.png )

Ssoolaku comes with three policies, some more hastily drafted than others

>Harness the Wyrd - Karvers draw their power not from the world but some Other place. Those touched often have little use for families without the infrastructure to hone their power, and they become hedge mages selling their services to locals by healing injuries and fortifying architecture. An established school would allow the family to research our own methodologies for training these touched Rezans, and evne produce our own Karvers.(Build a Karving institute. Can recruit basic unit 'Chained Karvlings'. Further policy and upgrades can recruit Karver officers)

>Justice Through Servitude: The old way was to judge criminals and send the guilty to be sentenced in the royal courts. In this day and age such unnecessary steps to rid your territory of criminals is a waste. Better to put their potential to use and enslave all convicted criminals until they serve out their term, or possibly permanent slavery for the unrepentant and the serious cases(Unlocks Prison Processing center that occasionally produces 1 slave population in the city and builds prosperity)

>Mountainside Sponsorship - Families derived from the Tuk'drav people are a serious lot, but most families see only that. Like the Resmodla, the clans from the other side of the mountain have mannerisms and gestures that have their own meaning among their own that are lost on southerner families. With an interpreter, dealing with these aloof clans will be made simpler knowing when an insult is simply a joke and when genuine offense is made.
No. 971348 ID: 9876c4

With the state of the province, we should be enslaving criminals rather than exiling them. Honestly, I thought we'd do that already.

More diplomacy is always good, but I'd rather have a more efficient core society. #2.
No. 971417 ID: 6e6f32

Karver school is tempting but... Ehh. That's a whole new quest-line of buildables, and we got enough things to que up for the next year and a half, what with the library, craftsmen workshops, guildhouses, whatever the spies need, maybe we'll get back to the the proving grounds... yeesh.

We could sneak a prison processor into the build order. Pop growth and prosperity is good!

> Justice Through Servitude
No. 971433 ID: 094652

Make sure you tax the academy.
No. 971571 ID: fd2dfa
File 159403081169.png - (541.86KB , 1400x1050 , 123.png )

With a policy chosen, you turn inward. Recruiting several intrepid kobolds, young but not too young to be inexperienced, and send them into your estate's lower levels with the family seal. Before you send them off, you tell them to lookout for signs for specific members. The more military minded ones love their traps and alarms, but the more domestic members drift to dark places few can find. You have them search for

>The military members
>The domestic members
No. 971572 ID: 9876c4


Their dwindling supplies are becoming a concern. We should bring in who we reasonably can, before turning attention to the more blockaded types.
No. 971608 ID: 6e6f32

We could really use a couple generals.
One for the planned Leklos, but also one to replace Kavonika.
Chaining her to an army is a waste. She'd be more effective supporting one rather than commanding one. Also, We could finally assign her to a city to utilize her magics.
No. 971832 ID: fd2dfa
File 159428853697.png - (923.34KB , 1636x2233 , 124.png )

rolled 71 = 71

You tell them to find someone. Anyone. You aren't very picky right now.

Turn 24
>Shardfall slowly abates
>Aligos sets off to his garrison
>The search parties comb the ancestral depths...
No. 971833 ID: fd2dfa
File 159428943136.png - (868.64KB , 1636x2233 , 125.png )

Success! - Military Officer located
>Cousin Avyaga. An exchange from a minor trade family, she never possessed the aptitude for trade as the rest of her family. She was less 'negotiate a deal' and subscribed more to a 'beat them to death and take what you want' philosophy. You recall she enjoyed leading raiding parties into rival territories, leaving a bloody streak in her wake and picking fights with her own soldiers if she suspected they were hiding the best loot for themselves. Even when none dared challenge her, she'd still pummel a few for good measure, earning her a reputation for violence.

>Time underground did little for her temper, as she seems to have left your party with several injuries before they brought her to you. Once it was clear she wasn't to be executed or sold off, she swore eagerly renewed her oaths of loyalty and awaits her first Leklos.

>The Library of Tamos is being built. The task is rather steep for Ssoolaku's teams of scribes and builders, as the Library for a family's home-city must be a grand design that can house not only the sum collective knowledge of the family, but the near endless vaults of bureaucratic records. (3 turns to completion)

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1550(+1250)
Inertia: 310 (+95)
Influence: 70 (+5)

Holdings :Tamos-[City] (10,3)
[Library] (3 turns to complete)
[Trading Post]
[Closed Sewage]
[Scribe's Retreat]
[Fertile Field - Textiles] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
[Shrine to Dof-ka]
Walled Garrison -[2 Kobold Tunnel Fighter], [3 Kobold Skirmishers] [4 Gulpa Auxilliary], Sagura(1 Spear)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (6,2)
[Tovaru Barracks]
[Taxing Office]
[Trading Post]
Walled Garrison: 2 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(Repeaters), 2 Gulpa Auxiliary

*-On Patrol-*
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos |1 Axe Tovaru, Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)] [4/7]
-In Tamo-
Taruvik 2nd Leklos [Lady Kavonika | Axe Tovaru. 6 Sagura(2 Spear, 2 Repeater, 2 Sword)][7/7]
No. 971837 ID: 9876c4

Avyaga assumes control when Kavonika returns.
Train the remainder of units for Aligos' too. Another spear, sword and repeater.

Kobolds may continue their task, replentishing men and gear as needed.
No. 971897 ID: 6e6f32

This sounds pretty good.
We'll need to switch the Tovaru out come summer so Avyaga can raid, But that's simple enough.

After the recruit costs of those units we have exactly 300 Kushel left. We should still have labor to spare. Burn it on an exploratory mining attempt. I'm feelin' lucky.
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