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File 157539634170.png - (686.42KB , 1280x1024 , Front.png )
950800 No. 950800 ID: 482fee

Okay, no idea what happened but updating the thread last night and it just died. Now it's gone. Gonna try again where I left off.

Same thing as before, Discussion and wiki below. Okay let's try this again where we left off.

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No. 953325 ID: ae8ec4

rolled 24 = 24

No. 953335 ID: 6e6f32

Damn the Casualties, Overrun this whole keep if you have too!

If the commander escapes we'll be target number one once the royalist finally up and organize, plus a ransom could be worth an entire Leklos depending on who it is.
No. 953336 ID: 9876c4

Try to avoid becoming a casualty yourself. Take risks but not absurd ones

A general your sister can depend on is worth more than this anthill of a town.
No. 953374 ID: fd2dfa
File 157896722894.png - (237.54KB , 1400x1050 , 36.png )

Minor failure
Aligos finds the commander...what's left of him. "Poison" he spits as he sniffs the bottle. "Coward's way out."

The commander apparently also slit his throat to prevent him from compelling his corpse to talk if there was a Karver along. Not that you have any in your army.
No. 953375 ID: fd2dfa
File 157896724943.png - (282.96KB , 1400x1050 , 37.png )

Aligos takes the severed head of the commander and brings it with him through the keep. Royalists see their fallen commander, and the poison still staining his lips and know they've been abandoned. The keep is captured shortly afterwards. Aligos takes the head to the top of the tower, letting the gods see his victory, and his trophies as the Leklos cut down the banner of the Royalists and supplant it with the seal of Taruvik.

>Sazoga captured! (4,1)
>Unrest across the city will need a Leklos garrison to control for 5 turns
>Unrest causes a dip in overall prosperity (-7)

What shall be done with the captured soldiers?

>Press into service (replenish losses)
>Release (Reduce unrest to 3 turns)
>Enslave(+1 Slave Population to Tamo)
No. 953378 ID: 6e6f32

I'm fine with a release. The sooner the people fall in line, the sooner they'll be productive.

Take a contingent of the best Kobolds from the garrisoned squads and head down into the catacombs.
I'm sure someone in your family will be willing to wield some power. Aligos can't stay in Sagoza forever after all.

Also, we still haven't interviewed the prisoner. We should do that.
No. 953380 ID: 9876c4

Press into service. Regionally and linguistically, we're close cousins. They can learn our ways. And we do need the men.

Guess we need to get working on making a spare Leklos, for expansion.
No. 953382 ID: 094652

Press gang. Sazoga was your buffer to the rest of the sector's angry psychos out to crush your eggs, and now they know you're coming for them. You'll need all the troops you can get, both to defend against the tide and to convince more neutrals that you've got this if they help.
No. 953384 ID: ae8ec4

Back to front boys!
No. 953386 ID: e7c7d3

Press into service. The reduced unrest would be nice, but I feel it won't matter until we have a suitable family member to govern the land anyways.
No. 953388 ID: fd2dfa
File 157897542324.png - (926.04KB , 1636x2233 , 38.png )

>Soldiers pressed. Some grumbling is had, but being on the winning side is argument enough for most.

>The war south takes a turn. Makag takes partial ownership of Vak Seru.
>Gamin begins construction on a drydock.
>Tuk'drav's campaign south grinds down as it meets fierce resistance. The islands however are quickly brought to heel.

Turn 7
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1840(+410)
Inertia: 80 (+40)
Influence: 100
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
Garrison: 2 Sagura(1 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (4,1)[5 turns of unrest]
[Tovaru Barracks] (Damaged)
[Taxing Office] (Damaged)
[Trading Post](Ruined)
>Damaged improvements offer no bonuses but still take upkeep. Costs the same as building to repair it
>Ruined structures offer no bonuses, take no upkeep and costs the same as building to repair it

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

"...Ssoolaku, you have some explaining to do."
No. 953389 ID: fd2dfa
File 157897555949.png - (465.21KB , 1400x1050 , 39.png )

"Misssssstressssss?" Ssoolaku is surprised to see you intrude in his private chamber.

"I oversee distributions on everything you approve of Ssoolaku. That compound you put in the garrison wine. What is it?"

"Why doesssss it perplex you misssstresssss?

"Because my entire garrison is now at each other like Gulpa in heat!"

You were just down there, and to say order had broken down was an understatement.

"Misssstressss did say the family hatchery wasssss depleted" Ssoolaku notes.

"What does that have to do with anything?!"

"In the old country, when a Jassssssanid casssssste population dropped to unacccceptable levelsssss, the Ssssssirassssate would order the mussssssijarhaati be dissssstibuted to living membersssss and a great coupling would commence where we would all engage and copulate with each other for monthsssss to bring populationsssssss back up to working levelsssss again. I gave them to your garissssssson misssssstresssss as I knew the overwhelming number of koboldssssss would ensssssssure that when the Great Coupling began a great number of Kobold eggsssssss would resssssult. I even have prepared the hatchery ssssspace for the many layings that will surely commenccccce!"

"But they aren't listening to me! They don't respond to anyone!"

"Mussssssigarhaati is quite strong" Ssoolaku nods. "And once consumed, they are compelled to ssssssseek more."

"And we allot rations by season you scalebrained dolt" you shout "My soldiers will be too busy fucking each other all Fall!"

"You could forcccce an early end to the rutting Missssssstresssss" Ssoolaku raises his hands in a placating gesture. "Remove the mussssssijarhaati, and they sssssshall normalize within dayssss. Though I do not know the effectsssss that would bring. Most come down ssssslowly as the ssssssupply dwindlesssss. To take it all away at once" he looks wistful "I've never seen it happen before."

>Quarantine the kobold barraks(Garrison cleared for a turn, adds [Full Hatchery] Improvement which grants bonus to influence and inertia.
>Remove the musijarhaati (Keep garrison staffed, prosperity drops 5%, add [Hatchery] improvement with diminished bonuses.
No. 953390 ID: b1b4f3

Quarantine. We need a Leklos in Sazoga to keep things stable there, we don't need our garrison in Tamo.

Speaking of which we have to repair the garrison in Sazoga immediately. May as well repair the other buildings there while we're at it.
Also I feel we should work on prosperity somehow since it seems to be something we have to spend occasionally... what options are there to do this?
No. 953392 ID: 6e6f32

Quarantine the Barracks.

I guess recruit a company of Spear Sagura for basic defense and I dunno... Just have them report to duty from their homes or from a temporary encampment and supply them like we would a traveling army.
No. 953393 ID: 36a5ac

The evil we know is probably the better one to go with.
Quarantine the garrison, let this drug run it's course and reap the benefits of it.
We know exactly what the garrison being down entails and can plan around it, but not whatever side effects removing the musijarhaati could have.
No. 953395 ID: 9876c4

Whats done is done, and we need the population. Ssoolaku should be punished, but administratively, not seriously.

Using the occupying army to repair buildings would be good for PR and useful.
No. 953396 ID: e7c7d3

That's... one solution. Quarantine.

Remind Ssoolaku that he was to deal with the one egg. Not multiple, kobold ones.
No. 953459 ID: fd2dfa
File 157904914830.png - (926.56KB , 1636x2233 , 40.png )

>The barracks are quarantined, and Ssoolaku has a stern talking to. Unfortunately he is Anumahat so he probably enjoyed the scolding more than learning anything from it.

>Prosperity can be raised by scouting the local land around your claimed territory for unclaimed landmarks(farmlands, caves, forests). Claiming them grants prosperity(capturing it, usually by killing whatever squatters are using it at the moment) and additional bonuses based on what the landmark it.

>The road to Ozuva has been completed.

Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 840(+410)
Inertia: 80 (+40)
Influence: 100
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
Garrison: 1 Spear Sagura
QUARANTINE[2 Sagura(1 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (4,1)[5 turns of unrest]
[Garrison](Under repairs, 3 turns)
[Tovaru Barracks] (Under repairs, 2 turns)
[Taxing Office] (Under repairs, 2 turns)
[Trading Post](Under repairs, 3 turns)

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

>Consult Your Family (No one here)
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
>Other (Deal with Prisoner)
No. 953461 ID: b1b4f3

Well we don't have much of a mobile army for most of this and not much liquid funds either, so let's just deal with the prisoner.
No. 953463 ID: 9876c4

Meeting the karver is fine.

Medium range goals: province is 1/2 Rokof. We need only turn 1 more red or green to get a plurality.

We attain that by approaching Sazo to turn, or marching troops north to raid Arglos. Both of those will be hard, but we need to start taking steps.
No. 953464 ID: c8eb7b

We might want to shift gears and start building prosperity. Taking Sazoga meant taking a hit there and we don't know if we're getting it back after unrest is over.

Interrogate prisoner and see if we can't get her to switch sides. Afterwards maybe scout around Sazoga if they have any landmarks.
No. 953470 ID: 6e6f32

>QUARANTINE[2 Sagura(1 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]
Gulpa/Kobol/Rezan Hybrids? That'll be interesting.

Recruit a Swordsman unit, Scout the land, And deal with the Prisoner.
No. 953524 ID: fd2dfa
File 157913476656.png - (190.40KB , 1400x1050 , 41.png )

Though she has been in your cells for months, the prisoner is as alert as the day she was brought in. As soon as the door opens she stares at you intently.

"So" she rasps. The guards have been limiting her water it seems. "My jailer has finally deigned to remember me. To what do I owe the honor of seeing a traitor to the king?"

No. 953527 ID: 9876c4

We meant to do this earlier. But we have had distractions...

We are not convinced that there is a king, or a regent. But there is a Vot Tikve, and there are those who wish her harm. The only way out is through a unified front.

Your home, Sazoga has come under our protection. Will you serve her new rulers, as a noble ought, or waste yourself down here as both our enemies gather strength?
No. 953538 ID: fd2dfa
File 157915125406.png - (182.24KB , 1400x1050 , 42.png )

"We meant to do this earlier. But we have had...distractions"


"We are not convinced that there is a king, or a regent. But there is a Vot Tikve, and there are those who wish her harm. The only way out is through a unified front."

"Your home, Sazoga has come under our protection. Will you serve her new rulers, as a noble ought, or waste yourself down here as both our enemies gather strength?"

"I accept."

"I know this must be difficult for a Royalist but I guarantee you mercy if-what?"

"I'm no fool. Your...soldiers rescued me from Voraklat. Sazoga was under incompetent leadership, and General Togaro in Sot Nasau had abandoned us. That much was obvious. If you've taken my home, I've no reason to stay loyal to him. I submit."

The karver gets onto her knees and bows. Well that was simpler than you thought.

"Then I name you Karver Kavonika Taruvik."

>Karver Kavonika has joined you!
>Karver Officers fight from the rear casting magic. If used actions that require dice rolls (exploring, raids overseas, etc.) results can be a bit...explosive.

Further Actions?:
>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 953543 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, that didn't use up our turn. Uh...
Can we fortify Tamos using the funds we have now?
No. 953549 ID: 094652

We should negotiate with Ozuva to make it a client state. They don't really care who rules over them so we should apply quickly and let the trade flow through.
No. 953550 ID: 9876c4

I'm against it because it doesn't gain us anything. And convincing an isolationist to shift politics sounds expensive.

Now Suzo... is trapped between us and Rokof, and might see the light clearer.
No. 953555 ID: 6e6f32

Ozuva is in a Cushy, if precarious Position right now. They stand to make a lot of money, but are also going to need friends. But, their isolationist nature will make them not want to become TOO involved with anyone.
I suspect however, that if we maintain positive relations
while Clienting/Conquering most of their neighbors, they will eventually see us their natural partners.

We should make use of this new road. See if we can hire Ozuvan Workers/Buy Ozuvan Wood to speed production of at least one of our buildings. Sitting on our hands for a year doesn't sound like a great idea.

I agree that we should begin dialogs with Suzo.
No. 953580 ID: fd2dfa
File 157919824236.png - (323.76KB , 1400x1050 , 43.png )

>Suzo is has thrived since coming under the control of the Navozem Family. A Rezmodla descendent line, they are one of the few 'River Folk' families who have moved completely onto dry land, though they still maintain strong ties to the rest of the Rezmodla trade network. This means they have a direct line of trade to Gamin, who in turn supplies them with all manner of exotic slaves and goods that have bolstered the city's wealth.

>The best words that could describe Navozem are 'shrewd' and 'decadent'. While they are just as sharp as other Rezmodla, honed from generations of being hunted by other Rezans, they revel in their financial superiority and choose to spend their extended lives in luxury few in the world know. Do not take their jovial tones and spendthrift attitudes as shallow or stupid. Their political structure is based on Gamin, and a wrong word can have dire repercussions.

"Heyoowa Soosanwe. Sagla pol-Rutani Navosem ruksal, yilerosootanru ru-pora yil ru-resoo. Naa rukswaleea ipora etsa ruksanvrali; kiso ruksujipem reelasoonavrabaloodiana."

("Hello out-clan. I am Sagla pol-Rutani Navosem, and I speak with the authority of all my family and people. I don't recall ever meeting your family before; but I hope this is the start of a fruitful and happy relation.")

>Rezmodla families speak the Rezmodla dialect in court. While you understand it enough to speak it, the dialect is more than just the words spoken. The tones used, the subtle gestures of the hand, the tilt of the head, the language is as much song and dance that conveys hidden meaning only fluent users can pick up on.

>Unless you have a diplomat skilled in Rezmodla, they will have the upper hand in negotiations as they can dupe your envoy into adding things they didn't exactly agree to.

No. 953587 ID: 9876c4

We hope so too.
We heard from our ally Sou, that there was a fabulous city just to the west. As traders ourselves, it makes no sense to be strangers. With our expansion into the north through Ozuva, we want to meet and feast with all of Baron Rakof's neighbors.

Indeed, you do appear to be weathering the unrest quite well!
(It's a start, and I think the message is clear)
No. 953589 ID: e7c7d3

Indeed, we wish for nothing more than to trade and reach prosperity. So turning to the Navosem seems to be the natural choice.

I due agree that we should emphasis our relation and their position with Rakof. Sounds like whatever we suggest, the deal won't be entirely to our benefit. Might be worth the price anyways for good relations.

What exactly do we have to offer though? Just implied threats?
No. 953590 ID: 9876c4

Implied Profits is a key point too.
No. 953616 ID: 6e6f32

My, what an astounding sight to behold! You must be very proud to have built such a marvelous city! Though of course, the appetite of such a gleaming metropolis must be ravenous. All manner of people and materials flow both into and out of cities, and that fact does not change regardless of political climate.
Surely in this period of unrest, there must be certain things Suzo is finding harder to come by. Meanwhile Tamo, though a humble city by comparison is experiencing a period of growth.
Perhaps we could direct some of that growth toward your needs, to our mutual benefit.
No. 953621 ID: fd2dfa
File 157922471819.png - (285.55KB , 1400x1050 , 44.png )

"You must be very proud to have built such a marvelous city! We heard from our allies that there was a fabulous city just to the west. As traders ourselves, it makes no sense to be strangers."

"Ayoo ayoo, Suzo kejo suscra. Maavaz kejo kushel rupamaneeane, ui ruswajane maswapem. Kiso soovaks marassas aljuaniza.”

(Yes yes, it is a great city. Much kushel was poured into its development and it continues to swell. This conflict has been a boon to us more than anything.")

“Yes but even with such benefits, surely there must be certain things Suzo is finding harder to come by. Surely Tamo, a humble city by comparison, may stand to help and gain benefit?"

“Ivoosa kushra a? Sass monaz enti a? Ivoosa jelookra madleti Soktra monaz enti a?”

(“Are you proposing a trade deal? So close to winter? How will that benefit either of us with Shardfall so close?”)

No. 953628 ID: 094652

"Why, just before Shardfall is the greatest time for a trade deal! We offer security and shelter, we have a great surplus after we garrisoned our troops to a recently-claimed town in need of improved leadership. You bring your farmers and workers to our homes and we'll keep them safe AND paid throughout winter, for a modest tax of supplies to keep our bellies fed."
No. 953629 ID: 9876c4

This guy has gotten rich off his noble sponsor. He's not about to switch gears without pressure from Rokof.

Let's promise him something meaningless, and head back.
No. 953632 ID: 6e6f32

Trade deal?
Nothing so immediate. Rather, we're trying to lay the groundwork for something more substantial. More permanent.
What could we be doing for you by this time next year? We'll make it happen.
No. 953838 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941323241.png - (190.41KB , 1400x1050 , 45.png )

Itoozala, rukuanas trom shovar. Ui trom ikoolukra, rukfaasalpem soonagr. Gulpa, yik-sloosal, yik-soosanwe maagrinas. Siicho saasal moograsol-akwoma voo...'isatrane', ruktoodalmi."

("Settle down, we can negotiate again at a future date. However if you are so determined to aid me, there are a few problems I've had. Vermins, rebel slaves, and other riff raff that disrupt my people. My scouts have identified a number of possible hideouts. If you would be kind enough to 'dispatch' them for me, I would be in a more giving mood.")

>Marks identified

"Rukfeysi tseh oogl nantsamee"

("I hope you don't die")

With the traditional goodbye of the Rezmodla, Sagla tosses his drink cup over his shoulder, and gives your envoy a warm smile.
No. 953839 ID: fd2dfa
File 157941354568.png - (952.97KB , 1636x2233 , 46.png )

>The war with Makag drags on as Silida families fortify their borders. Makag claims no hostility, but at the same time he makes no claims to leave neutral families out of his warpath. Campaigns slow as supply chains from Rezo to the front are bogged down by the long trails of prisoners being sent back to be enslaved.
>A surprise attack by Gamavo splits the province of Vem Tus. Tuk'drav and Gamavo rush to conquer neutral territories before their rival can.
>Gamin reinforces seaside borders.

Turn 8: Winter comes again. Armies settle into garrisons and cities collect their harvest. Slaves and Civilians alike prepare for Shardfall.

>The Jassanid brew runs its course. Bleary-eyed Rezans stagger out of the barracks, some clutching their genitalia with pain, others carrying kobolds in their arms. Inside is a veritable mountain of eggs. You don't know who laid them, and you don't really want to know. By right, they are property of Taruvik and so they are hand carried one by one to the family hatchery.

>New improvement: Full Hatchery (+5 to inertia and influence)
Food(in tons):23
Kushel(money): 1250(+410)
Inertia: 125 (+45)
Influence: 100 (+5)
Holdings :Tamos-[City] (7,5)
[Trading Post]
[Fertile Field] (1C,1S)
[Full Hatchery]
Garrison: 3 Sagura(2 Spear, 1 Repeater) , 4 Kobold Skirmishers, 1 Gulpa Auxiliary]
(Lady Kavonika idle)

Sazoga - [Stronghold] (5,1)[4 turns of unrest]
[Garrison](Under repairs, 2 turns)
[Tovaru Barracks] (Under repairs, 1 turn)
[Taxing Office] (Under repairs, 1 turn)
[Trading Post](Under repairs, 2 turns)
>>1 new issue - A royalist cell was uncovered among the conquered peoples. Aligos has waited until all known members have been identified before planning any action, and has decided now is the time to deal with this problem. He writes to you for advice as both possible actions will mean killing a number of people (-1 civilian population)

>>Purge the cell, and hold a public execution to remove this tumor from the Taruvik body(+3 prosperity)
>>Raid the cell and enslave the members. Let them work to rebuild what they tried to destroy.(+1 slave pop)

-In Sazoga-
Tavurik 1st Leklos [Aligos | Sagura(1 Sword, 1 Repeating Bow, 1 Spear)]
Prosperity: 28%

>Consult Your Family
>Enact Policy: (-100 Inertia)
>Raise Army/Train Soldiers/Replenish troops
>Build Improvements
>Scout the Land
>Skip Turn
No. 953844 ID: 9876c4

It sounds like Sazoga was mismanaged, so execution is better for loyalty.

Lady Kavonika, conduct a ritual to find out which of the greens is most receptive to Baron Rakof. No sense wasting resources for middling results.
No. 953847 ID: 5cce25

We finally have enough inertia for another policy. Talk to Ssoolaku and see what he has.
No. 953852 ID: b1b4f3

Also now that we have our barracks back let's start killing vermin.
No. 953853 ID: e7c7d3

I say turn the cell into slaves. Give them a chance at redemption.

Yeah, let's get rid of some of these problems. If I'm reading the map right. There's trouble right next to us that should probably be dealt with.
No. 953856 ID: 6e6f32

Are these squares to our west things Suzo marked? If so, lets raid the one immediately nearby first. Use the Kobolds and Gulpa and dump in 200 Kushel in supplies as well.

I'd rather enslave them than execute. We NEED the manpower and with Kavonika on our side we can probably restore a couple of the Sazogan slave units to citizenship when the unrest is over.

Consult Ssoolaku. Progress must be made.
Bring Kavonika in on the discussions as well. A karver's thoughts are sure to be insightful.
No. 953893 ID: fd2dfa
File 157949675196.png - (365.24KB , 1400x1050 , 47.png )

Ssoolaku approaches you with three new policies drafted over the year:

1) Bonded Auxiliaries: It is no secret that many Rezans have harems of slaves they hope to marry once freed, and second generation slaves are generally more enthusiastic towards Rezan culture and are eager to transition to citizenship status. By specializing our military force to accommodate the different races, new rites can be drafted based around these beings to streamline their contributions to the family and hasten their own path towards freedom. (Unlocks slave auxiliaries. New Auxiliaries are unlocked based on foreign lands raided and what races are captured)

2) Reformed Servitude: Slave work output can be increased by restructuring their labor and home lives. By relocating slave quarters closer to designated work stations and fitting twice as many slaves into assigned labor zones, output is expected to double. (Output from assigned slaves is now 4 instead of 2)

3) Bait the Tovaru: Tovaru are veterans of war and while there are certainly plenty living in our city, there aren’t enough to form a battalion. A barracks that provides the basic needs of the Tovaru(personal pleasure slaves, bonus pay, exotic meals and spirits) should attract wanderers to the family banner. (Allows construction of Tovaru barracks and recruitment of Tovaru)

Kavonika is consulted over the policy. "It is not my place to decide Matriarch" she shrugs. "However your forces would stand to benefit from having a larger more adaptable fighting force than the Sagura. My previous commander, employs Tovaru, and even maintains a corp of Kovatu. Where and how he found them I do not know, but they've been instrumental in him holding power. Sagura alone would be decimated fighting them."

>The policies Ssoolaku submits changes after one is employed. Old ones however may resurface if he feels this is an opportune time to enact them.
No. 953904 ID: 9876c4

3 is probably the most immediate boon. Getting a unit of skilled soldiers> getting a mob of unskilled ones.
No. 953906 ID: e7c7d3

1) Bonded Auxiliaries.

This is similar to how the romans liked to assimilate people, and it worked pretty well until it didn't. Plus, new unit type!
No. 953911 ID: 094652

3 - We're going on the offensive now. We need mercs and we need them fast.
No. 953912 ID: 6e6f32

Tovaru. We'll need to bring in outside labor to build the barracks before next winter... But with Sov to the east and Ozuva to the north that shouldn't be a problem.

Have Ssoolaku draft estimates for the price of construction for what he would deem fair using outside materials and labor.
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