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File 157403584319.jpg - (0.98MB , 3024x3024 , 0AD96975-E5D4-47AD-BDBC-DF58F74F01F3.jpg )
949753 No. 949753 ID: 34fb21

This is Chronos_the_rebel but I prefer the name EtherealNexus so we are going to use that
This quest works like a game you know nothing and I will not help you... your actions will effect the course of the story more than you know but don’t worry... you can reset or it will be forced upon you... you are Broken... and that’s the only name you can ever know you have shattered memories but you can’t tell if they are dreams
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No. 949754 ID: 34fb21

Discussion thread
No. 949755 ID: 34fb21

System activated
Beginning transmission
Files found
File_01- Corrupted
Moving to file two
Locating uncorrupted files
File-456 found
Yes or No
No. 949768 ID: 2202fb

No. 949769 ID: 8d4593

Next File.
No. 949773 ID: 34fb21

Locating next uncorrupted file
Located file 999
Begin simulation
Yes or no
No. 949774 ID: 094652

No. 949775 ID: b86451

Beginning simulation
Synchronization begin
Accessing memories
Memories corrupt
Name: [corrupted]
Name: Broken
New line begin
Line 1
You awake with a feral scream
Half or your vision on your right side is filled with images
And words
Files and status
Memory and warnings
Errors and corruption

You look at your hands one is
Made of bone the other a bronze
You feel a hat on your head and
You see that you are wearing a
Green cloak and scarf
Your right eye starts to buzz

Life signs found
Changes found
Errors found
Begin analysis
Yes or no
No. 949779 ID: 3ce8ff

No. 949792 ID: b86451
File 157410578808.jpg - (3.40MB , 4032x3024 , 45DC5E2A-701E-4564-A81A-5045EBBE5633.jpg )

Repairing what can be repaired
You get up and....
Fixing narration...
He looks around...
Species change detected
Frantically for the voice he had heard...
Species not found
Broken yells “Who’s there!” As he searches the sharp Terrain...
Species family: Wraith
Detected anomaly in soul
Broken looks at the data the eye is collecting with mild interest as he continues to search for the source of the voice...
Soul 99% match...
Running system diagnostics...
Errors detected in required field not found
Preforming as if 100% match
Scanning memory
Memory 81% corrupted
Broken calls out once more as he searches before moving into a position almost by instinct his arms had moved to be ready to swipe his tail bent like that of a scorpions legs prepared to charge or run as he scans for the voice...
No. 949834 ID: 3ce8ff

ok boomer
No. 949843 ID: 34fb21

Broken frantically turns as he hears the voice again
“Where are you? Who are you? What do you want?”
Scanning files
Abilities found
Some abilities are corrupted and cannot be initialized or read
Abilities that can be used
Time manipulation (freeze or rewind/fast forward on a certain object)
Dimensional level teleportation
Applying color coding
color coding successful
No. 949869 ID: 3ce8ff

lets upgrade, seems safest
No. 949877 ID: 34fb21
File 157420004367.jpg - (3.22MB , 4032x3024 , 32AE0307-2D32-4EEC-9FED-F003B2F8A505.jpg )

Broken sits down placing its hand over where its ears would be then jumped
“You’re in my head! Why are you in my head!”
command found begin upgrade
Specifics not given entering available upgrades into random generator

Broken’s left arm begins to click causing him to jump back and hold it out as it begins to twist and transform into a cone shaped object
upgrade complete drill upgrade active
No. 949882 ID: 8d4593

Wait. Upgrade one more time.
Not a drill.
a Lazer Drill
No. 949903 ID: 34fb21

upgrade laser drill either does not exist or is locked searching for alternatives search canceled
Broken had turned off the search
“oh no you are not messing with me anymore”
Broken pauses before inquiring
“wait you sound different from the other voice... you are multiplying!”
No. 949932 ID: 8d4593

Nonono. Not multiplying, just many. You will meet many more.
Think of us as a helpful case of schizophrenia.

We're just voices though, you have the eyes. Tell us. What do you see?
What do you know?
No. 949938 ID: 34fb21

Broken considers for a moment and he lets his eyes glow a brilliant green color
“alright as you have given me no reason to not trust you as of yet though you have confused and messed with me not on purpose I assume... and of course I don’t know how you got in my head... as for memories I remember nothing and scrolling through the memory of this right eye of mine shows me nothing of use... as for what I see... I see mountains of a glasslike smooth black substance which I believe is called obsidian and I see what I think are moons that must have been destroyed recently as they would have started to some what fix themselves given the time... there is no light as well just darkness one might call it but I don’t know if it would be called that here as it would just be nothing to compare it to... I doubt there is a sun...
broken reluctantly accepts your help he will listen to you but whether or not he acts as you tell him to is up to him
No. 949960 ID: 3ce8ff

You seem to possess a number of abilities
>Time manipulation (freeze or rewind/fast forward on a certain object)
>Dimensional level teleportation
do you know anything about these abilities
No. 949963 ID: 34fb21

Broken sits his deadly tail swishing back and forth

Not exactly at least not all
The records I can find in this incomplete memory of the eye I know about the wraith species of which I believe it’s memory gets jogged when in the correct situation or near the correct item... I believe Convert is referencing the Wraith’s ability to convert the remnants of the dead...
It gives a good description for the time manipulation ‘perfectly freezes time items are extremely hard to move’ and the rewind/fast forward is limited to one item
Upgrade we have seen we will have to experiment at some point... I can’t find anything on rebirth other than prevents outside transformation... dimensional level teleportation... we will also have to experiment with as I can’t find- something is here and watching... an unnatural light... perhaps my previous assumptions were wrong...”

Broken tenses tail lifted into a striking position ready for battle
No. 949971 ID: 3ce8ff

any limitations you know of on your abilities, as freezing opponents in time at will can easily be an exceptionally effective battle strategy
No. 949990 ID: 34fb21
File 157425170415.jpg - (2.95MB , 4032x3024 , 60F365E2-E82C-4309-A2AC-0EA0E1ACFF98.jpg )

“I don’t know we have to-“

Broken jumps back as a draconic creature pounces to where he once was and Broken prepares for battle
No. 949995 ID: 7d6d7a

As broken regains his footing he makes a comment
“I would rather for right now to use a ability that I’m at least a little familiar with and since the only one I have used is upgrade how about we use that alright?”
No. 949998 ID: 3ce8ff

your the one in the combat situation, sounds fine. you want us to try helping you come up with what kind of upgrade to use?
No. 950004 ID: 7d6d7a

Beginning upgrade
Hostile entity detected
Shall I scan hostile an grant appropriate upgrade to deal with the hostile?

No. 950005 ID: 8d4593

Give us the scan report so we can advise.
No. 950007 ID: 3ce8ff

I don't think that was the option we were given here. This seems to be a largely automated process. we may be able to get the scan output but for now we don't know enough about how this works to try to interrupt it right now
>Shall I scan hostile an grant appropriate upgrade to deal with the hostile?
No. 950009 ID: 34fb21
File 157428622116.jpg - (2.85MB , 4032x3024 , 4E70790E-B21C-4050-806F-03D0DB575BE8.jpg )

hostile’s species identified Drarcnis cross referencing with upgrade creating correlation/ CUpgrade shortcut for situations like these ‘Whatever it is that keeps the shadows that make up a drarcnis together it is show to have sensitivity to sound’ reference found beginning upgrade...
Broken’s robotics eye begins to shoot out green light as it creates a green energy construct confusing Broken
keyboard upgrade successful
No. 950012 ID: 3ce8ff

might try to upgrade that to directed sound so that we don't alert everything even remotely nearby to our presence, after attempting this, regardless of success, make some noise
No. 950014 ID: 34fb21

Broken presses one of the keys experimentally and the speakers behind him lets out a boom causing the drarcnis to freeze and convulse as it’s body becomes unstable eventually the drarcnis is reduced to a puddle of black liquid giving off a ghostly glow...
And Broken feels like he is absorbing something
obtained soul remnant
And broken stands there mildly confused as the sun comes up the horizon and yet gives off no light...
No. 950029 ID: 3ce8ff

alright probably time to relocate so as to not be directly where the massive noise came from
No. 950039 ID: 34fb21

Broken responds
“actually it would be better if we stayed as of course you didn’t see this the drarcnis are highly territorial so if we move we may get attacked again at least we know we won’t get attacked here at least not for the same reason”
No. 950046 ID: 3ce8ff

alright fair but what about just a small distance, those look large enough that their territory is also large enough to relocate from the immediate area though correct me if im wrong
No. 950048 ID: 147cc6

Broken thinks then begins to move
“yes that may be a good idea I don’t think there are drarc Because they would of attacked or come greet us first as they are the minions or pack of the drarcnis but I could be wrong”
No. 950056 ID: 3ce8ff

>obtained soul remnant
was that convert activating or something else?
No. 950057 ID: 147cc6

Broken stops after covering a suitable distance and after accidentally cutting down one of the obsidian spikes he responds
I believe it is neither but rather a passive ability of the wraith allowing them to more easily carry around soul remnant they can convert later
No. 950060 ID: 147cc6

Broken then considers for a bit before adding
also I think now that we are not being attacked it is a good time to experiment some of my abilities

Command heard beginning to list passive abilities
Soul sight
Unstoppable force
Soul remnant absorption
Elemental magic
Mind communication

No. 950065 ID: 3ce8ff

hmmmmm perhaps there is a 'help' command that may help us reduce the amount of experimentation we need to do.
I feel the first one to experiment with would be the time one though learning if it is combat viable seems rather important
another potential command that might exist would be a command list command
No. 950066 ID: 34fb21

Broken breaks a chunk of obsidian and throws it up into the air and waits as it falls before freezing time before it hits the ground he then proceeds to try to move it to find it can’t or at the very least very hard to do... he then lets time flow letting the obsidian break before using the other ability fixing it
No. 950067 ID: 34fb21

Using the ‘help’ command produces this
No. 950078 ID: 147cc6

Broken begins to resume reading through the memory of the memorizing some things that could prove useful eventually he finds the status sheet

Name: forgotten
Alias: Broken
Species: none
Genus: Wraith

Dimensional level teleportation
Time manipulation (perfectly freeze/ fast forward/rewind time around a single item)

Passive abilities
Soul sight
Remnant absorption
Unstoppable force
Elemental magic
Mind communication

Show [whatever you want]
Create shortcut
Access shortcuts
Access memory
Data wipe
Reconstruct [this is a passive trait when using this you will only get its status and it is slow]
Create command

Passive ability
Show me

He also notes a part stating that the eye has two different types of outputs
One listed for the User
The other listed as Outsider
No. 950079 ID: 3ce8ff

apparently i typed out a suggestion and just forgot to send it
lets try 'show elements' and try to have it send user and outsider output to both.
Next up see if you can accelerate your own time to go faster (and test if it works on animate entities)
>you are Broken... and that’s the only name you can ever know
in the interest of proving statements i was given wrong we might be able to test 'overwrite' on your name to change it to 'fine' or literally anything else you want to have be your name, the specifics are kinda irrelevant to me. I just want you to "know" a name other than "Broken"
No. 950081 ID: 147cc6
File 157444007379.jpg - (2.55MB , 4032x3024 , 047CFF26-B916-4CB7-8B24-D4C92B4AE8F6.jpg )

Output already set to both
this is the first time I’m going to intervene to give clarification the outputs are referencing you and broken broken is output user you are output outsider it is basically telling you that you and broken receive different outputs and no you can’t change it

Overwrite used on alias change it to fine
Error code 0x80070570 file missing or corrupt
Alias = Broken [Locked] cannot be overwritten

bR0k3N l00k5 4t Y0u 4ngRi1Y

Narrative fixed

Command show elements

Elemental magic
Elements in possession


Broken attempts to accelerate his movement in time it technically works as when he freezes time no times passes so it is instantaneous movement but he doesn’t think that is what you mean
He attempts it... and starts running he begins to reach an immense speed but he doesn’t think it is the time manipulation

Unstoppable force is active

When he stops the machine gives another message

Unstoppable force inactive

When he decides to try it on a moving object all it does is freeze it and he realizes he was activating the rewind or fast forward time

Out of pure curiosity he tries dimensional level teleportation

New features have been added to this ability that were not available before species change

Beginning operations now

Creating Waypoint
Waking obsidian

Beginning teleportation

Randomization activated as there are no destination options
Will land in a open area

A portal is created and as he steps through he is enveloped in a green light

Able to locate destination
Dimension name: Clockwork Overgrown
Realm of Power: Realm of Soul

No. 950083 ID: 3ce8ff

Sorry Broken I didn't expect such a violent negative reaction from trying to overwrite name.
lets see about showing some other things "Show Dimensions" "Show Realms of Power"
If you feel ok doing so i would like to try Overwriting something like a rock with something else. For instance a gear or plant; or if you are feeling adventurous, a copy of yourself.
No. 950087 ID: 147cc6
File 157445851639.jpg - (2.11MB , 4032x3024 , BA5BB5BC-3A0C-48D1-AE08-A14EAC2CEA6C.jpg )

Known dimensions
Obsidian shadow
Clockwork Overgrowth
In order to remember more you must travel there

Realms of power

Broken gives a puzzled look before
using Overwrite on a rock

Broken has a seizure
Alias becomes Identity
And Broken violently shifts with Overwritten
And a figure wearing a mask and robes and wires that seem to be connected to existence itself appears before simply stating

Non tamen
r#`N `×1F
Դեռ ոչ
Akoma jo.
ليس بعد

And kicks you out
Identity stays but it changes back to Broken
No. 950092 ID: 34fb21

yes Broken is fine no he is not mad at you he is mad at himself you didn’t do it he did what happened is not what you think these are consequences for using a locked ability

Notice abilities updated
Overwrite [Locked]

Condition updated
Condition added
You are not alone in your mind anymore

No. 950101 ID: 3ce8ff

SORRY BROKEN why is overwrite so violent! you ok?
>You are not alone in your mind anymore
show entities in mind
"anymore" suggests that we are not "in your mind" the same way as something else now is.
We have gained identity so there is that.
anything stand out here to your soul sight here given its realm of power is 'Realm of Soul' (also could you quickly teleport back to walking obsidian waypoint so we can find out what its realm of power is)
as for a (hopefully) safer test try using one of your elemental magics to like shape or summon rocks (with earth) or a gust of wind (with air) or a flash of lightning (with lightning) or whatever you feel safe testing.
No. 950107 ID: 34fb21

Broken tries to summon a rock but his concentration is broken by a sudden gust of wind in fact every time he tries to use any element he is distracted by a sudden gust of wind except air instead he got pushed back by an invisible wall

You don’t need to return to the obsidian Shadow dimension to figure out its realm of power

Dimension name: Obsidian Shadow
Realm of power: Realm overlap between Realm of Mind and Realm of balance
Scanning for other entities in mind

Ik dacht dat ik je nog niet verteld had, maar ik ben hier.
아직 안 된다고 한 줄 알았는데 괜찮아
Am crezut că ți-am spus nu încă dar bine sunt aici
Я думал, что сказал тебе еще нет, но прекрасно, я здесь.
1 5UGg357 l00KiNg 83H1nD Y0u

No. 950108 ID: 34fb21

Broken understands the other mind
He turns around and uses Soul Sight

Soul sight grants the ability to see ones soul and able to see the thoughts on the tips of their mind and personality no one can hide from you!

Sure enough Broken can see five figures with souls of justice, bravery, loyalty, compassion, and kindness
The are looking for a drarcnis as they picked up its presence
you have drarcnis “blood” on you that’s why
No. 950110 ID: 34fb21


Also is not just the overwrite ability that causes seizures in fact the overwrite ability doesn’t normally cause seizures just locked abilities you found out one of his lost abilities unfortunately it was locked and so there was consequences and it could have been much much worse

No. 950112 ID: 3ce8ff

google translating these yields
>Ik dacht dat ik je nog niet verteld had, maar ik ben hier.
I thought I hadn't told you yet, but I'm here.
I thought I still told you but I'm fine here
>아직 안 된다고 한 줄 알았는데 괜찮아
I thought you didn't do it yet.
>Am crezut că ți-am spus nu încă dar bine sunt aici
I thought I told you not yet but I'm fine here
>Я думал, что сказал тебе еще нет, но прекрасно, я здесь.
I thought I told you not yet, but fine, I'm here.
seems to be the same message a few times in different languages
best guess for intended message is "I thought I told you not yet but I'm fine here"
doing the same for these
>Non tamen
>Դեռ ոչ
>Akoma jo.
>ليس بعد
clearly gives the answer of "not yet"
>r#`N `×1F
no idea what is up with this one, I assume it is somehow 'not yet' but dunno how

well lets see how diplomacy goes, worst case you can teleport out or 'unstoppable force' out
greet them i guess.
No. 950114 ID: 34fb21

I put I thought I told you not yet... but fine I am here into a translator and yes you are right that weird thing looked different in the translator but whatever it’s was elvish but it came out as that and I decided you know what I’ll just keep it like that
Broken waves the guards are stunned bravery is thinking about killing you and justice wishes to interrogate you which he does do eventually but compassion yields the most interesting thought of it heard rumors of wraiths killing drarcnis but I never thought they...’ you sense fear caution and rage from the group (rage from bravery)
And the questioning begins
The soul of justice points his gun at you and stays a respectable distance for once you get a good size of self
You are 8 feet tall or 2.4384 meters

You there wraith where do you come from what do you know of drarcnis in this area? Who do you seek and why do you seek them? You obviously are one of the ones with sentience so answer!

They are all pointing their guns at you but the only one that wishes to harm you is the soul of bravery and you sense that the only reason the soul of justice spoke like that was the fact he wishes to defend the others
You see memories of blood and wraiths memories of families torn apart memories of children watching parents die to their rending claws you don’t know which one you are seeing these memories from but you know it is one of them
No. 950137 ID: 3ce8ff

upgrade protection from their guns "CUpgrade defensive"
>You there wraith where do you come from what do you know of drarcnis in this area?
Nothing, I killed one in a place I know only as Obsidian shadow
>Who do you seek and why do you seek them?
I seek knowledge of who I am because that knowledge was lost to me.
No. 950143 ID: 147cc6

Broken activates two shortcuts
CUpgrade and a project he had worked on that needed testing FUpgrade

New object scanned
New upgrade available
Beginning fusion of upgrades
Shield lead and orb
Lead Protector upgrade operational

At the sight of this bravery opens fire only to get a scornful look from justice

He has the right to defend himself look he has yet to attack

Objects shaped like coffins circle around you protecting you from the gun fire
The soul of bravery reluctantly stops
Allowing you to answer

I am known as Broken
The Drarcnis you sensed is the one I killed
As for what I seek I seek my memories I seek to learn who I
Once was I mean you no harm unless you give me a reason to

They lower their weapons except bravery
No. 950146 ID: 3ce8ff

*gesturing to bravery* if you want to keep your weapon out feel free, as we both know at this point it will do little.
do you fellows intentionally being gender and species neutral have a name for this place, i know it only as Clockwork Overgrowth whose Realm of power is soul.
speaking of not knowing what they are "show scan results" or more risky "scan figures" as a ability
No. 950154 ID: 147cc6

Scan successful species human

Broken tells the group they can keep their guns out if they wish none do still only bravery has his gun out
Broken then asks about where he is
Justice responds

Currently you are in Paris, France of the Unified Democracy of Earth

No. 950155 ID: 147cc6

The year is 9786 AD

No. 950156 ID: 3ce8ff

lets see if we can get some names beyond personalities from them
the only name i know is Broken what are your names?
are you guys doing anything in particular here?
No. 950158 ID: 147cc6

Justice is known as Arthur
Bravery is known as Ruth
Compassion is known as Sarah
Kindness is known as Joseph
Loyalty is known as Diana
They are guards sent over here when a signal picked up Drarcnis DNA
No. 950159 ID: 3ce8ff

some good scanners, why bring guns when sound works better to kill them though
No. 950163 ID: 147cc6

Arthur looks at you questioning

You killed it with sound?
I didn’t know you could do that hard to experiment on those creatures when they try to kill you... radiation works on them
Very well on them in fact it sort of makes it bloat and explode like it is repulsing the body apart if you get enough in it

No. 950164 ID: 3ce8ff

may as well summon the keyboard you used on the draconis while mentioning with this but unsure if that will be safe to demonstrate as the audio may still be harmful to humans (can the scan confirm or deny this?)
No. 950165 ID: 147cc6

Upgrade keyboard active

You turn down the volume
Arthur looks at you questioning again

Guessing because you brought that out you killed the drarcnis with it interesting... Well since I don’t think you have a place to stay I will invite you to the barracks I’m sure you will interest a lot of people so it would be good to have you surrounded by a bunch of guards as long as you pull your weight that is heh, I will take you to the chief of security and have him get you certified and IDed so that we can keep tabs on you

No. 950166 ID: 3ce8ff

a lab seems as good a place as any to learn more about what you can do in a more controlled environment (plus you can kinda just leave if you feel like it within this dimension or to another one)
No. 950167 ID: 147cc6

Broken gives you a look of disappointment if he makes a mistake he will take responsibility and deal with it
He will not abandon the world with his mistake though he does mention the lab would be a good place to visit so he can test out abilities
New waypoint added Clockwork barracks
You meet with the chief who has a soul of hope interestingly he gives you access to your own locker and banking accounts of which you may be able to mess with so it can transfer through dimensions you take a look at jobs that would need to be done
Vrolken and Gangs- a gang war is happening around some Vrolken causing them to rampage around unfortunately the gang war is between two gangs who have shifters as leaders
Vrolken construction- Vrolken community has a nest under a construction site deals have been in progress but they require the gang war to be stopped after which they are willing to move
DNA theft- DNA records have been stolen investigations required
Rozakri Invasion- a rozakri tribe is getting a bit bold and is trying to expand closer unfortunately any messengers sent are killed
Terratyris nest- terratyris are killing of a settlement with poison spores require them to be moved
Negrisnovi containment- a negrisnovi has been located it is highly dangerous but is sentient we require it to be contained we wish to study it but not forcefully data on it will be very useful
Shifter mass murderer- a mass murdering shift has been at large since the 30th century it is still at large and cannot be found
No. 950171 ID: 3ce8ff

>Rozakri Invasion- a rozakri tribe is getting a bit bold and is trying to expand closer unfortunately any messengers sent are killed
seems best suited to what we currently know how to do. we can get in (and out if the situation demands it) without issue via dimensional teleport and unstoppable force.
>Terratyris nest- terratyris are killing of a settlement with poison spores require them to be moved
not 100% on what this is asking/describing but also sounds viable for us to do
>Negrisnovi containment
may be viable too should we be able to just kinda Upgrade immunity to it. Also we should see what we know about these dunno if this will work but "Access memory Negrisnovi" "Access memory Terratyris" "Access memory Rozakri"

the shifter problems seem like we would struggle with as while I'm sure Upgrade would let us detect them we seem to only be able to have one upgrade out at a time and we don't know this place so the search could be kinda rough. is this place human dominated because that would be another reason not to try to just go wandering around hunting for shifters
No. 950173 ID: 147cc6

The rozakri tribe is easily found by following the path of bones and death the tribe lives in a forest and there are many of the giant four winged birds they start at you flexing their steel rending claws and ushering a loud shriek from there steel rending beak they see you as a magnificent trophy there will be no diplomacy as they all desire to kill you to become leader of this tribe the first wraith to walk the land in centuries the apex killer
No. 950174 ID: 3ce8ff

well i guess that means its time to show them WHY we are the apex predator "CUpgrade weapon" the most effective method I can think of off the top of my head would be to unstoppable force past each killing them as you pass. order restored
No. 950175 ID: 147cc6

CFUpgrade activated
Chains and lightning emitter
Electro chain active

You throw the chains around one of the rozakri and run around continuously wrapping your chains around each of them before electrocuting them all the iron in their system easily conduct the electricity killing them all the females fly down looking at all the slain males then at you they remember the time of the wraiths and they expected the males to die but YOU are different you are abnormal
You gain six soul remnant
No. 950177 ID: 147cc6
File 157455357947.jpg - (1.69MB , 4032x3024 , AA76E122-1B3C-412C-A30F-945C851CDF85.jpg )

You leave the rozakri tribe feeling a bit unsettled the females continue to watch you soon you find yourself near a weird creature the negrisnovi the living blackhole it is currently obliterating a rozakri that was attacking it... the corpse is spread thin when it notices you it gets into a wary stance it is afraid it is wary it is uncertain
No. 950179 ID: 3ce8ff

lets see what upgrade comes up with as a defense for this as our mission here is to talk
No. 950180 ID: 3ce8ff

i assumed we were also to deliver a message to the rozakri tribe but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 950182 ID: 147cc6

Before you activate the upgrade the negrisnovi speaks

I know you or another version of you I speak to him now as I speak to you a human who is bound to many of his own will,
one who can destroy existence itself if he wills and all he wishes is to protect, to bring freedom, to live, to defeat the one you could not,the one who refuses to be bound against his will
the Eternal Oath, the Eternal Hilt Keeper but then there you the wraith the one who should not exist,,
the Fractured Mind... What path do you choose how will you live
What do you want... what are your goals shall you join him on his quest or do you follow your own...

No. 950183 ID: 3ce8ff

I can not speak for you Broken but I as a voice in your head do have a goal "to protect, to bring freedom, to live" but know not about this "to defeat the one you could not,the one who refuses to be bound against his will"
though it does seem worthwhile to mention to this negrisnovi that you do not know who you are and are trying to learn
No. 950184 ID: 147cc6

Broken mentions the one who could not be bound and the one you could not beat and the negrisnovi replies as he gets closer

The one who cannot be bound against his will is the other version of you... the one you could not beat is the reason you are like this without your mind and memories of course the other version of you is the reason as well but that is because you willed it you became like this so he COULD exist so he could destroy the one you couldn’t beat the one who would destroy existence itself you died as a result of a time loop one of the versions of you created you were meant to cease to exist but you did... he is the fruit of your sacrifice and he knows of your existence now he is curious about you as I am sure you are of him... I cannot tell you of your memories as they were yours not mine... but maybe he can or at least give you some... I cannot help you find him as even though I exist in multiple dimensions I cannot tell where they are I can only be... but perhaps this will help...

The negrisnovi grabs your arm and gives you sigil the sigil shows you are a friend of the negrisnovi so if you encounter more of them they may help you

New data gathered
Upgrades unlocked
Anti matter
Black hole
Dark matter
Light matter

The negrisnovi follows you to the laboratory where he willingly answers many of the questions asked to him by researchers
No. 950185 ID: 3ce8ff

I feel we may be able to use this negrisnovi as a way to both help it know where its other selves are as well as help it help us know where our other us is. it seems they share some connection to each other and i think we may be able to demensionaly teleport along them and see where all this negrisnovi exists
No. 950186 ID: 34fb21
File 157455618372.jpg - (1.60MB , 4032x3024 , 5D1B9275-ACC5-4BC9-9811-8AAB24955A5B.jpg )

The last mission requires you to to deal with the terratyris nest of which contains four dragons made of plants
They are guarding a bunch of pods that seem to be their offspring or eggs they see you and begin to open their mouths and expel a purple cloud of what you assume is poisonous spores
No. 950187 ID: 3ce8ff

my guess for upgrade here would be a sealed armored suit of some sort, but CUpgrade seems to usually know best so lets do that some more
No. 950190 ID: 3ce8ff

lets see about keeping one, but we gotta keep it somewhere, i would like to find out if dimensional teleport also supports search terms, as i think someplace similar to this place but without sentient life so it can grow without threatening anything else (also if there are timeflow differences in this multiverse lets try to find one with a similar time flow to this one)
No. 950191 ID: 34fb21

Broken disagrees with you as he doesn’t need to breathe in fact while they were on the Obsidian Shadow dimension he wasn’t there was no air to breathe there

CUpgrade activated
Flamethrower upgrade active

Broken barely begins to shoot flames and... he just is surprised the pods seem to be fire proof so they are fine but their parents have erupted in flames as the purple clouds of poisonous spores just blew up...
Broken proceeds to move the pods over to where the rozakri tribe used to be as it was now gone as all the males were dead then planted the pods in the center the tribe was a good distance away from the city so they wouldn’t actively attack the humans though to be safe Broken let them know he was moving the pods here... Broken has the option to keep and maybe raise one...
After this Broken plans to go back and maybe question the negrisnovi some more...
Do you wish to keep a terratyris pod?
No. 950192 ID: 3ce8ff

lets see about keeping one, but we gotta keep it somewhere, i would like to find out if dimensional teleport also supports search terms, as i think someplace similar to this place but without sentient life so it can grow without threatening anything else (also if there are timeflow differences in this multiverse lets try to find one with a similar time flow to this one)
No. 950193 ID: 34fb21

Broken gets idea
All the terratyris pods are planted and he turns around and tries time manipulation on it he fastwards time then rewinds and waits... sure enough the pod hatches in a minute revealing a terratyris sapling...

Data collected
Terratyris raising
Terratyris are omnivorous and can eat any type of food
They are extremely loyal to their care takers
Note (this might be a good way to integrate them into human societies as then there would be some living with humans encouraging more to don’t know when I can test this but I might try)
Terratyris require food and water they don’t require sunlight but it will cause them to need to eat more so it is suggested
There intelligence level is unknown as they typically kill intruders on sight

No. 950194 ID: 34fb21

Name the sapling
No. 950196 ID: 34fb21

The terratyris sapling is a nice light green color with darker shades around it the flower on its tail is a pink shade... after some research Broken suggests the name Azalea
No. 950202 ID: 3ce8ff

ah well if we can just kinda yoink a pod and grow it real fast this is something we should be able to do at about any time, however this information may be of use to the lab should they decide to grow one but for now we don't particularly have a lot of time to care for it so I feel this would best be past over to the scientists if anything
No. 950203 ID: 34fb21

Broken thinks it over

Creating solution
Purifier created
Can nullify poisonous spores without restricting use of mouth and eating

Broken is surprised by this development but creates multiple speeding up the growth of the others so that the scientists can study and try to adapt them to coexist with humans he keeps Azalea though he should be able to take care of her...
he then pauses terratyris don’t have genders but he shrugs it off he feels like identifying Azalea as a female so be it...

New companion added
Azalea the Terratyris sapling

You were able to transfer the terratyris safely and they were all fed you fed Azalea you then go to the housing of the negrisnovi to ask some questions
No. 950204 ID: 3ce8ff

back to plan dimensional teleport to other negrisnovi
No. 950207 ID: 34fb21

Broken walks in to the negrisnovi who greets Broken as the
Fractured mind
When you suggest teleporting dimensions he looks at you in terror before stopping you

Never suggest that again to me or any other negrisnovi to teleport us to another dimension is a great risk and down right suicide at least for me... no negrisnovi of the same mind can be in the same dimension or both with rupture and become unstable if I were to do so it could completely erase a dimension or multiverse I plead to you never suggest that again... I forgive you as I know you did not know Fractured mind but please...

The negrisnovi is now in the fetal position and unresponsive it probably wouldnt be a good iidea to try and talk to it again today so you leave feeling a bit bad and enter a chamber leaving Azalea outside as you try to use your elemental magic again you think one of the workers here is trying to prank you as every time you attempt to use an element your concentration is broken by a gust of wind which you think is from the fans... you never could find out as every time you check the fans were still...
No. 950212 ID: 3ce8ff

i wasn't suggesting teleporting the negrisnovi i was suggesting following the connection between them to teleport Just broken =/
No. 950213 ID: 34fb21
File 157456076065.jpg - (2.56MB , 4032x3024 , ED7C3446-07BA-48BC-B83B-24C419983672.jpg )

Broken decides to sleep.....

An unknown voice fills you head
Sometimes Dreams can reveal what was once forgotten...
Sometimes dreams can span to connect
The voice slowly grows more sloppy more wet and amalgamated more wrong and dark
And it screams
Dreams can allow passage back!
You and Broken stand before a sickening sight of a being of rotten flesh and black crystal shards protruding out of it it stares at you both in rage I will be free it shall slay I will escape this prison as I have from the inferno you can’t keep me here forever Hiltkeeper I shall come for you I shall kill you all and you allies
You shall fall into ROT
No. 950214 ID: 34fb21

And Broken wakes all are staring at him
They all had that dream they were all with him
They saw the Celestial being of ROT
No. 950215 ID: 3ce8ff

ill be back in a few (about 4) hours
No. 950217 ID: 34fb21

The dream fades
The world seems to have forgotten in an instant
Overwritten warns Broken that the rot should not exist
And explains he is the one who wiped their minds
Only Broken and his allies remember...
The job board updated and you have money in your account
475 currency...
Job board
Vrolken community- remove the gang war
Shifter mass murderer
Morniquin community- a diplomatic mission needed in order to help transfer a morniquin tribe to civilization
Refraktys and Drarcnis- a drarcnis and refraktys sighting has occurred near a settlement require evacuation
Flymsiak rampage- high volcanic activity caused by flymsiak
Calm it down
Karatys school- a school of Karatys have been destroying some sea vessels require them to be transferred somewhere else

You can do some of these or something else...
No. 950243 ID: 3ce8ff

if the goal with this one is elimination of the threats, we know how to deal with the dracinis and I doubt the refraktys will be a problem
if the job is to lure them somewhere or something like that, it will be harder (i question why they can't locate the shifter murder when they can pick up dead draconis from a distance easy)
No. 950248 ID: 34fb21

It is explained to Broken that they want the drarcnis and refraktys alive even though drarcnis are deadly refraktys are extremely helpful except both species are of single genders drarcnis are only male and refraktys are only female and the only way the can get more helpful refraktys is to allow the drarcnis to breed the refraktys of course there will be more drarcnis but they can take care of it if you take that job you are to evacuate citizens nearby and not initiate combat
As for shifters... it’s impossible to track them whenever they transform not only do their body shape changes but their DNA does too they have willing test subject shifters in the lab but they have yet to find a reoccurring gene for shifters
And shifters have been tricksters by default until recently when they realized that they can’t have anymore fun and games civilizations have gotten serious and by causing chaos they may end up killing off their entire species in fact shifters are considered an endangered species by now...
No. 950249 ID: 34fb21

There are also rumors around that a delta wraith known as
Hedera Vitae Venenum is at a human planet colony and is leader of a hive known as Negavit Mortem reference to another older quest I might reboot known as WraithQuest
No. 950259 ID: 3ce8ff

well unless CUpgrade can distinguish between shifters and not shifters they are at best something we can try to look out for may as well test CUpgrade against one of the lab shifters
No. 950284 ID: 34fb21

Broken looks explains he doesn’t need to use CUpgrade he could just use scan and he does the shifter is currently a human

Chromosome 4 suggests Shifter

No. 950286 ID: 3ce8ff

well i'm sure the scientists would love to know where to focus their efforts for finding 'shifter gene' (though we may wish to have the shifter shift and see if that gene moves or not)
No. 950291 ID: 34fb21

Broken has the shifter shift

Irregularities located in Chromosome 4 suggesting shifter

Broken tries this with many other species and faces
But they all have the same response
Chromosome 4
The scientists are glad for the information that will hopefully narrow their search but there are mutations so they can’t start looking for irregularities in chromosome 4 until they have the exact sequence

Now you have the option to do one of the jobs or something else...
No. 950292 ID: 3ce8ff

i mean even with just 2 or three shifters you just eliminate anything that is not shared by all 3 then eliminate anything a non-shifter has
(honestly they presumably have access to a large stock of non-shifter DNA and anything a non-shifter has should not be the shifter gene MASSIVELY reducing how much DNA to look through)(particularly with something as extreme as shifting, any mutations within the shifter gene are exceptionally likely to just invalidate the ability entirely if not cause the shifter to die before birth) this would be something to share with the scientists if they for some reason hadn't thought of this

How versatile are the shifters? could they become draconis to help create more Refraktys
No. 950294 ID: 34fb21

When the shifter is asked they respond
- Yes we can become any species if we wish but there are drawbacks if we become a drarcnis we gain their instincts it’s an ability we evolved to make it so it’s easier to sell we are that creature so no we cannot it would be the same as having an actual drarcnis here and we don’t really become things that aren’t on a higher intelligence or act on instinct as it is easier to lose ourselves
No. 950296 ID: 34fb21

yes the scientists thought of it that’s how they obliterated cancer
No. 950297 ID: 34fb21

Broken considers taking on all the jobs but decides to
At least take on the refraktys and drarcnis mission first
No. 950301 ID: 3ce8ff

unsure what accepting the jobs entails obligation wise, if it is a ill do it if i can kinda thing might as well accept them all, if it is a promise to do the thing it's best to be confident you can do them
No. 950302 ID: 147cc6

Broken is confident he might be able to do some and takes the Vrolken community
The Drarcnis and refraktys
The morniquin community
The flymsiak rampage
And the Karatys school
No. 950303 ID: 3ce8ff

before setting out we should probably learn a little about flymsiak and Karatys
No. 950310 ID: 34fb21

Flymsiak- the creature that seems to be the reference point for The Chinese dragon a large reptilian worm like creature that makes it habitat in volcanoes and know to eat meat with the occasional other minerals in order to create its fire breath

Karatys- rumor has it that Karatys are the aquatic form of the worm like creature known as Vrolken they like vrolken show the capability to learn human languages, write and read, the Karatys though unlike the Vrolken have a shorter digestive system so they are able to eat meat...
No. 950314 ID: 34fb21

Morniquin- mushroom like humanoid creatures that live in the darkness they often seclude them selves and release poisonous spores that can paralyze or kill when scared... they are capable of human speech
Vrolken- a worm like creature with razor sharp teeth for rending metal as the Vrolken digestive system is too big for anything else classifying it as a terravore they live in communities and are neutral creatures and loyal to those nice to them and aggressive to those who aren’t, leftover materials from what they eat are transferred to their skin creating powerful armor
No. 950329 ID: 34fb21
File 157463209823.jpg - (2.60MB , 4032x3024 , A5E28B32-2148-4F9F-AE1F-A8A46416A84F.jpg )

Broken decides to try something he never used the convert ability so might as well use it now
He takes out the drarcnis soul remnant his very first kill and uses convert
The remnant begins to glow and expand revealing a skeletal version of the drarcnis a good foot bigger than it was before empty eye sockets line its entire body and ragged cloth hangs on his spine...
You have created your first wraith
It awaits your orders
No. 950332 ID: 34fb21

The hive name is Unitate disiungitur

Hive link established
Third output created: Hive
Notice some memory has been uncorrupted
Playing memory

You know perhaps I should thank him...
The one who attempted to kill me...
He was a mass murder of which I was one of three survivors...
Unfortunately one of them were probably killed by him as their death matched up...
The other died of unknown reasons...
So yes I’m the last survivor...
He is the reason I have the robotic right eye and left arm...
After I puzzled out the shifter gene I tried to find him...
He was different a mutation I think...
He could perfectly replicate another person or species no leftover mutations identifying him as a shifter...
I learned the hard way...
He found and tried to kill me again...
Yes I escaped...
No they couldn’t find him...
Yes usually he would be dead by now he is way past their normal life span...
I think he may be the ultimate shifter...
Yes perhaps a god to them...
I wouldn’t put it past my species...
You have a point he has only targeted humans...
I guess this is our own fault...
Bioweapons are highly unpredictable...
Yes but history usually repeats itself...
I don’t actually know for either...

Message end

No. 950355 ID: 34fb21

The barracks take you into the armory as the begin to suggest taking a weapon or two as well as maybe fixing your armor and if you have the time get some casual clothing
The choices of weapons are
Guns- any type
A sword- choose type
Umbrella- very good
Many others- be imaginative
But one stands out to Broken...
A chained sickle...
He doesn’t know why but it feels...
No. 950379 ID: 34fb21

I think I might give a little insight on the umbrella
Umbrellas come in two forms the tool to keep water off you in the rain or to be used as shade... and the super weapon...
The super weapon umbrella is referenced as a super weapon because it is basically a multi weapon the base is a combination of lance, mace, and shield but there are add ons like spear and gun... that’s why it is a very good weapon

No. 950380 ID: 3ce8ff

well if the chained sickle feels familiar it may help trigger memories, but i question why we would need to bring a weapon when we seem to be able to summon whatever the hell we want at a moment's notice? can you try to like upgrade a rock into one hand then a rock into the other two have both rocks after two upgrades?
No. 950383 ID: 34fb21

Broken is confused

Upgrade is limited to mechanical parts
Objects that do not consist of mechanical parts and/or not connected to the left arm are made of solidified energy

Broken grabs the chained sickle wrapping it around his right arm and grabs the umbrella putting it on a belt
He sees the use of having weapons as he can use them and the upgrades at the same time and he thinks he might be able to do interesting things with them like upgrade them or add them onto the upgrade program so it can upgrade them too...
Plus with them as an option he can save the upgrade ability as a surprise...
He grabs a plasma axe for his drarcnis wraith though since it doesn’t have the upgrade ability...
There are a lot of things to mess with now...
Broken heads over to the ‘smithy’ to repair his armor and may visit a clothing store to get some casual clothes after he evacuated the civilians for the drarcnis and refraktys job...
No. 950388 ID: 34fb21

With the crumbling armor that Broken was wearing repaired he sets off to evacuate citizens...
How do you plan to do it...
Upgrade will not be much help...
No. 950390 ID: 3ce8ff

why not just upgrade a massive moving platform to move the whole town, alternatively make an energy shield and walk with everyone inside the shield, the power to create arbitrary things is really strong.
oh remember when you made a drill? make a tunnel to safety
or if you REALLY want to use something other than upgrade just freeze the draconis in time till the evacuation is done
No. 950392 ID: 34fb21

Broken gets to the town
He doesn’t want to freeze time on the drarcnis cause it is risky
Tunneling is also risky

Too much mass required!

Broken becomes stressed as he doesn’t know what to do the upgrade can usually do something but he doesn’t want to rely on it too much when he remembers
He holds up his hand and exclaims

Aer solidatur

He begins to solidify the air around parties and notices some aren’t moving he spots some shadows moving in the forest around the town...
He slowly leads the people over to his location where transportation is provided
Wooden hexagonal boxes are taken out and the people who weren’t moving are put in there... they are dead...
No. 950393 ID: 3ce8ff

oh, last i checked your magic was kinda just not working
No. 950397 ID: 34fb21

You didn’t look at the context clues?
Every time Broken attempted to use magic a gust of wind distracted him that was his wind he was using the element of air... by speaking he gains a bit more control but yes he can use it... mainly it has something to do with personality and emotions as well as actions currently Broken is letting himself be taken to wherever the wind wills
I never said out right he couldn’t use it or it didn’t work

No. 950399 ID: 34fb21
File 157472707139.jpg - (2.76MB , 4032x3024 , 6EA81E0F-C7A4-4482-940A-63D77C6B8350.jpg )

Broken was able to gain casual clothing
You have the option to change these clothing
You have also gained an ID as well as a Certificate authorizing him to work for the police...
You will need to meet with Morgon in order to get to the Karatys school... he is an Infiltrator... who pretends to be a Smuggler when in reality he is just really good at getting things into highly defended areas and works for the government he will be helping you and Broken... Broken or his Drarcnis wraith just had to meet with him... note you can speak through Wraiths in your hive
No. 950401 ID: 3ce8ff

I guessed it was his wind, however I thought he tried magic other than air and regardless of what was tried he always got the same result, and have had no obvious way to learn what magic words are/work in this world
also that chain scythe is a cool weapon

May as well go as yourself; particularly since draconis are not favorably received. Though, speaking of such it may be worth it to try making a less conspicuous wraith.
I think all we have is rozakri remnants but I would like to "Show Remnants" to be sure.
I would also like to "Start Project: Permanent Upgrade" as keeping particularly useful upgrades on a more permanent basis instead of needing to discard existing ones and summon a new one.
No. 950403 ID: 34fb21

Taking meaning into perspective
Permanent upgrade will be a challenge maybe impossible to create as it is required to turn off otherwise it will consume more and more energy to stay active
Looking for solutions
Solution found
Transfer upgrade to another object
Looking for suitable object...
None found
None found
Problem found
Cybernetic prosthetics have become infused with biomass
Explains why upgrades last longer than normal
Project started
Transfer Upgrade
Requires suitable vessel to contain
Project saved to file
Permanent Upgrade
Files on Morgon found
He goes by Alias Chiron
You will be meeting at McDonalds
gaining info on McDonald’s
High powered economic industry
Mass producing many editable goods
Associated with America...
It has killed off many competitors
Owns multiple Earth colonies and set up influences in many other alien species
Don’t let them sponsor you
Files scan shows you have material...
Password 2234988
Bank account transfers from America
297523 currency
Files found
You own land nearby located in the forest...
You have the ability to start creating a base of operations
125 human
6 rozakri
15 terratyris
7 vrolken
Scans show you have been passively absorbing soul remnant from the already dead or those who just died...
Creating insignia for when we create organization

Broken goes to McDonald’s yo meet Morgan?
No. 950407 ID: 3ce8ff

let's make a human wraith to meet this morgan (sounds close to morden from the TV show Babylon 5 so i don't trust him)
it sounds as if we may be able to transfer the sustaining of a upgrade to another thing (I assume the prerequisite for being a valid target is having a remnant to absorb when they die, so as to not be able to sustain upgrades with a rock or blade of grass or whatever else stupid like that)
No. 950412 ID: 34fb21

[spoiler] actually they can... if you put a battery on them...
What upgrade requires to function is a RELIABLE source of SUSTAINABLE energy it’s just that it is easier for living things to do it at least for those native to the realm of soul because the soul supplies a constant reliable stream of energy... also there are no magic words it’s basically just a way to help him focus on the task he just used Latin because why not [/color]
Morgon is easily identifiable as he is.... wearing what is identified as the classical captain look... large fake feather and all... people ignore him...
He is a strange fellow but... he doesn’t seem to lie to Broken ...
He jokes a bit much...
He ordered two burgers just for Broken to get ‘meat on those bones’...
apparently the force is using him as he is the only person willing to go into the area of the Karatys school...
When asked he responds
“I’m in it for the thrill not a lot of interesting things left for captains like me and I want to make myself memorable so I like to do things like this dress like this makes me a bit more easier to identify”

Broken gains his number...
Broken currently doesn’t HAVE a phone which he mentions then something weird happens

Link request accepted
Begin link
New contact added to hive mind

Broken sends a simple message and Morgon looks at you points at his head...
And laughs

“Welp that’s new and no I don’t want it removed that makes me more memorable though I suggest you get a phone before what you just did accidentally happens again”

Broken leaves and makes two human wraiths...

Two new hive members added
You can name them...

One of them is half you size...
Like that of a child...
It might be one of the children that died during the evacuation...
Broken feels bad...
No. 950413 ID: 3ce8ff

oh =( i would help with naming but like you may have noticed my lack of name suggestions when i suggested renaming yourself, speaking of the negrisnovi knew you as "Fractured Mind" which is NOT "Broken" though could have been a description had it not been capitalized.
for my sanity can you summon a stone bowl and my understanding is that saying something like "Summon!" will help it work better.
No. 950415 ID: 34fb21
File 157474738440.jpg - (3.89MB , 4032x3024 , D73DB49A-83ED-4DA6-B162-71BCAF932D0E.jpg )

In theory yes Broken can summon a stone bowl but because of how the emotional spectrum works he can only do anything with air... give him a bit to train...
The Negrisnovi are a bit strange able to see beyond what others can see in fact they can see us... or our suggestions... the world works on strange ways in fact Broken is unique as he is the first person to cheat the Sacred name... there are things called rituals that make it easier to combine elements into an action... that is where the sacred name comes in... the sacred name is what you mean to the elements what you represent Broken represents the Fractured Mind...

As Broken gets home he notices something strange...
A masked individual with a cloak and suit is standing there... with a permanent smile on its face...
No. 950422 ID: 3ce8ff

well! his sword thing is kinda cool, lets see what scan has to say about this fellow as well as mind communication. if hostile lets CUpgrade if not lets try talking to this odd fellow
No. 950424 ID: 34fb21

Before Broken can do anything the figure speaks

“It’s not a sword it’s a spear mind you... and it’s rude to scan some one without asking them to dinner first don’t you think heh heh... and mind communication doesn’t work like that it allows you transport messages through you mind it doesn’t allow you to dig through it use soul sight for that...”

Species: Unknown
Scanning shows this isn’t its true self...
It is just a small fraction of it true self...
Engaging this entity would be suicidal...

The entity tosses Broken a Phone

“Heard you needed one of these... oh where’s my manners... My name is Harvey... Harvey Quinns... though some know me as Re... or Watcher... heh heh...”

Soul sight reveals this entity has the soul of Truth and looking closer there are spots of compassion and honor... he holds the archetype of a trickster... the Jester...

“And you are the Fractured mind... the one known as Broken... I’m here as a friend an inspector a spectator I won’t get to involved not yet but know I will be watching”

Before Broken has a chance to ask any questions he grabs Broken’s left arm and vanishes

Upgrades unlocked

All Broken can do is stare
now the attention of the entity is turned to you

I am aware of your existence...
So don’t act surprised when I answer you directly

New identities found
Status: dormant

No. 950450 ID: 34fb21

Broken decides to take a nap in order to get his thoughts straightened out
Dreams sometimes reveal what is forgotten
Dreams are where your true self sleeps...
Broken is surrounded by chains in a room of chains the chains are more of a diamond shape rather than a circle in the center of the room hangs a chained scythe...
It feels familiar
Broken doesn’t remember ever seeing it before but it calls for him
It BELONGS to him
He knows it’s name
And he whispers it
“Origin weapon of souls and reincarnation... Dionysus”

Ability found
Summon true weapon
Status: locked
Identity Artificer status: awake... watching

No. 950463 ID: 3ce8ff

well figuring out how to unlock abilities sounds like it would be nice can you go to the location in the dream to obtain the chain scythe
No. 950464 ID: 34fb21

Dionysus was always like that...
it taunts those it finds worthy...
And makes them prove their worth...
Broken blinks...
He doesn’t know what came over him
No. 950466 ID: 34fb21

You call Morgon to set up the ship [pronounced like More gone] it will take him a bit so you should do something else... Broken decides to go and stop the gang war...

Gang war is between a multi-species gang and a gang of humans this rivalry has been going on for a while something happened to ignite the battle this won’t end peacefully

No. 950467 ID: 34fb21
File 157488147586.jpg - (2.10MB , 4032x3024 , 616A9650-8726-4221-B031-A75C1A84E39C.jpg )

Symbol creation successful

No. 950469 ID: 3ce8ff

yay black hole creature symbol, first off i think we will need to know more about the two sides unless the goal here is to stop this by any means necessary, such that just deleting one side is sufficient, but i think this civilization is more civilised than that so more information will be required to figure out how to contact the sides and resolve the situation
No. 950470 ID: 34fb21

The multi-species gang is known as Xenoz and will be easy to communicate with interestingly from the data you can find on them they are more of a Union than a gang... they are trying to fight against those who mean to oppress their species because they are different and usually they try to talk things out... the other gang is known as the Pure blood... according to the data they are similar to the KKK which causes Broken to be sick... they are against all alien species and are Human supremacists they view all species other than humans as below them and they are usually violent it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest they started this... you won’t be able to talk to them you aren’t human and it doesn’t matter if you were one... you would be considered a traitor by them...
The best option would be trying to get the Xenoz calmed down and use force by either killing or arresting the other gang the Pure bloods to stop this gang war... people will have to die not that they weren’t already...
No. 950488 ID: 3ce8ff

can a human wraith not disguise themselves to infiltrate the Pure blood while Broken goes to talk with the Xenoz
No. 950491 ID: 34fb21

No wraiths give off a certain aura... an aura of approaching death... they would identify it even before it gets near them
Broken should be able to speak with the Xenoz though...
No. 950492 ID: 34fb21

Also for unlocking abilities you need to do certain actions or have certain characteristics which will unlock them... which you won’t know... other than you got the characteristics down just need actions and events
No. 950497 ID: 3ce8ff

looks like we will need to use our chain scythe to prove our worth to Dionysus since i guess it is sentient or something. lets go talk to the Xenoz
No. 950505 ID: 34fb21

You head towards the Xenoz... you collect a lot of soul remnant on the way...
As you approach the group gets wary of you they are tense
No. 950513 ID: 34fb21

you know that the weapon Dionysus’s full name is
Origin Weapon of souls and Reincarnation Dionysus I wonder if proving your worth has something to do with souls and reincarnation

No. 950516 ID: 34fb21

The tension in the air is deadly what Broken does can determine the life or death of Broken and/or those around Broken...

Auto saving...
Auto save successful
Logical is awake... and watching

No. 950520 ID: 34fb21

Broken created 15 human Wraiths before the interaction
3 of which became Omega Wraiths
And 1 became an Alpha wraith
He sent these wraiths into the territory that Broken owned both in the obsidian shadow and in the Clockwork Overgrown dimensions to begin the building of a base... he also named the drarcnis wraith Primum
No. 950522 ID: 34fb21

And the name of the small child human wraith is now Parva unum
No. 950550 ID: 34fb21

In this event of which Broken is surrounded by gun men who are scared and confused he does the one thing he can think of...
Broken stands up straight...
And raises his hands to the sky
He Surrenders
A stray bullet ricochets of Broken’s skull harmlessly into the ground as one of the guns men faints
No one moves...
This stillness is kept for a couple of hours until a
Strange organic robotic creature comes through the door and lets Broken in...
No. 950556 ID: 3ce8ff

sorry i have been absent good to know you are bullet proof anyway
No. 950565 ID: 34fb21
File 157508758249.jpg - (2.64MB , 4032x3024 , 403A0081-7AD4-42DA-8AFE-3F5EA0390B26.jpg )

The species of the creature that let you in is techiquro
A biological robotic species that can be born and raised they keep the data and memories of those before them this one is known as Harold he is the leader of the Xenoz
No. 950572 ID: 3ce8ff

He seems like the kinda individual we could learn from if he lets us and regardless we need to talk to him soul sight give us anything on him?
No. 950573 ID: 34fb21

Broken looks at him with soul sight then immediately turns it off before he blinds himself it seems his species is a collective of souls they all are connected and it’s bright and colorful and potentially blinding
No. 950576 ID: 3ce8ff

if one of these is on the other side of the war it could be a fairly high value kill, that is a LOT of soul to harvest
No. 950579 ID: 34fb21

The other side is a human supremacy so yeah...
It’s only humans...
Also good thing you did say that out loud because of the nature of this species you technically just threatened to kill him this species is technically one entity and they know everything about each other they see the points of others and so on and so forth they don’t usually fight each other... but it has happened and the end result is weird and yes this is a file so Broken sees it to...
Then there is the nature of soul remnant... it’s not the same as a soul...
technically it is a copy of a soul
The remains if you kill one of his species you only get one soul remnant as only one died yes they are connected but they can disconnect Willingly if needed or forcefully and painfully...
The thing about soul remnant... it’s not a soul... if you die you won’t move on you already did... you are a copy...

Spoiler maybe? Probably...
note I never said HOW Broken works as he is unique never said he was a soul remnant in fact there are many many things wrong between him and normal wraiths but you have to learn it for yourselves
No. 950593 ID: 34fb21

Harold looks at Broken and asks why he has come here
No. 950595 ID: 3ce8ff

i'm sorry is what is in here automatically said aloud? i got the impression this was not the case, i can only officially talk to Broken
much of that update has left me confused, i feel like it is assuming i realised something i haven't

No. 950662 ID: 3ce8ff

honesty you have come to resolve the gang war and wanted to talk to the two sides and the other side isn't going to give you the time of day
No. 950673 ID: 34fb21

the large update is explaining something basically it is just saying you only get one soul remnant for every creature you kill the spoiler was probably a spoiler so you shouldn’t know anything about it and no you didn’t say anything out loud but there are mind readers out there that can see what you say so that’s why there are negative reactions Broken doesn’t want that
Harold sighs before explaining the situation in truth he wants this war to end but others don’t such as some of his own species those who wish to continue outnumber those who don’t his species wants revenge for the two who have fallen outside of battle who were assassinated and the two others who were killed in battle...
A message pings on your phone
It is from an officer who snuck into the opposing side so you let Harold see it
The events were the same some high ranking officers from the Pure Bloods were assassinated and they want revenge they don’t want out of the war of course but what started it was the same...
There is a third party involved...
No. 950681 ID: 3ce8ff

well now to figure out if either side had someone who would gain from them fighting
No. 950683 ID: 34fb21

Harold looks at Broken
They had both come to the same conclusion...
Once again Harold sighs

Congratulations you effectively added to my problems now I may have to fight two wars expending resources on two fronts to find the third party and exterminate the Pure Bloods they still believe that the Pure Bloods are involved where I don’t I think we have been set up...

Harold sighs again
Broken saves the person who sent the message in his contacts for later
Broken can take many courses of actions
What do you do?
No. 950694 ID: 3ce8ff

if the contact on the human supremacists can get them to realise a third party was involved that would be great. but before we can really do anything we gotta figure out who this third party is.
as anything ignoring that will be a temp fix at best, as both sides were given reasonable reasons to fight one another.
No. 950702 ID: 34fb21

The human supremacy wouldn’t care and probably kill the contact on the spot for interacting with the enemy though they would probably think that the Xenoz are involved no Broken is alone he would probably be the only one who can be trusted to find the third party as both the Xenoz and Pure Bloods have reasons to falsify evidence linking the enemy so a third neutral party must find the secret third party
No. 950707 ID: 3ce8ff

so unless we can get some leads, most likely from this information leader guy, our next best bet would be to just like wander around reading minds with soul sight or whatever and see if any of them are thinking about this situation
No. 950719 ID: 104f85

To do that Broken must “join their ranks’ and probably gain trust so he probably will either have to fight the Pure Bloods or do some odd jobs for them which Harold will try to provide
No. 950723 ID: 3ce8ff

well lacking any better leads, lets see about proving our worth. this is just me but i think i would prefer to try to do odd jobs rather than, likely, kill more supremacists; it seems like enough death has already happened.
No. 950736 ID: 104f85

Harold considers for a second taking in the account of your abilities and strengths as well as conditions before giving your position a position best suited for gaining trust
You are now a field medic
You gain a uniform which originally had the symbol of medicine and the Xenoz logo but as soon as Broken put it on it began to change
To his insignia
No. 950743 ID: 34fb21
File 157532566456.jpg - (1.91MB , 4032x3024 , A99AD84D-2BDA-4852-BD48-DB84B3D44ECB.jpg )

Broken in his combat medic uniform
Yes he is getting some training because they are not idiots
No. 950755 ID: 3ce8ff

upgrade transfer may prove VERY helpful here, upgrades that are temporary for the user that aid in recovery and fade out once not needed anymore (think like surgical meshes but more sophisticated dunno what kinda medical science we got in this world to give appropriate examples) and if we need to be something more of a combat medic we can yeet in and out with someone real fast.
No. 950765 ID: 34fb21

Warning carryon individuals at high speeds can created pressure vacuums causing said individuals to explode
Notice you have been supplied with medical meshes and the robotic arm is already packed with medical info on many plants and animals allowing you to improvise on the spot creating effective medication

Broken notes that the AI is becoming more emotional
It feels sarcastic at the moment
No. 950778 ID: 3ce8ff

not sure which AI you are speaking of but lets go help some injured.
No. 950798 ID: 34fb21

Oh no you don’t
You require training
No. 950814 ID: 104f85
File 157540009055.jpg - (1.85MB , 4032x3024 , D758F59D-4BA6-4CB5-B9B5-FFD330B24C05.jpg )

You walk into the office of your teacher only to find a potted plant
No. 950823 ID: 3ce8ff

soul sight also cautiously try to read mind?
No. 950833 ID: 34fb21
File 157540953738.jpg - (2.54MB , 4032x3024 , 2CF01A62-EBAE-40A2-AF4C-046349A825DD.jpg )

Broken looks around getting a glimpse that pointed to the potted plant but he was too late the plant already snagged him and held him upside down of which seemed to be appraising him?

“So your the new combat medic I’m training a Wraith...
Never had one in the army probably because it was the army they hated... a lot... something to do with genetic testing causing them permanent mutations and never ending pain and they live only to destroy any attempt to do that again... though it’s only rumors... but you probably are the first ever wraith to join any army... so what do you have to say for yourself!

Species Floriterria
The flower nightmare

No. 950848 ID: 3ce8ff

this feels like a situation that unstoppable force should get us out of, quick application and er appendages will no longer be able to stop us.
should that not work upgrading a expanding bubble around ourselves should give us space which we can then unexist the bubble and have some breathing room even if the bubble is held in place
or 'CUpgrade non-lethal freedom of movement enabler'
No. 950849 ID: 3ce8ff

as for words, last i checked i was helping a gang not an army
No. 950858 ID: 34fb21

you know they aren’t really a gang they are a political party formed mainly by military veterans who worked together to keep each other alive its easier for them to look past their different species than normal folk that’s why they speak more like they are in an army that’s how they think
Broken gives the floriterria an annoyed look
And he gets put down
It seems to be a habit he developed because some of his older squad mates came up with the idea and decided it was the perfect way to prank new recruits
No. 950859 ID: 3ce8ff

well i assume turnabout is fair play here let's see about flipping this plant upside down. then lets see about this learning
No. 950861 ID: 34fb21

You try and fail
It’s roots have hooks it’s stems have hooks and it seems you weren’t the first to have thought of that
You will have your chance for revenge but not today
No. 950863 ID: 3ce8ff

new side quest flip plant fellow!
part one figure out how
part two execute

we must do the learn thing so we can do the heal thing!
No. 950871 ID: 29b9c9

The first thing that happens is that the floriterria gets serious
And begins to have Broken traverse many different environments it may suck but Broken thinks that he might be thankful for it later
Broken also learns how and actually does use some medical equipment
Later on Broken learns that the floriterria’s name is Leonard
Broken still has yet to figure out a way to flip him though
But he has learned what makes the plant uncomfortable
No. 950879 ID: 3ce8ff

>But he has learned what makes the plant uncomfortable
Is Broken willing to share with his mind voice(s)? they could be related to potential flipping methods. (just a little paranoia here we are sure flipping em is harmless to em yes?)
It occurs to me that i have just assumed things could kill you, but then been kinda proven wrong. What can harm you?
>And begins to have Broken traverse many different environments
again share?
>it may suck
why? tedium? because so far you have been a all around badass.
No. 950881 ID: 29b9c9

He was forced to traverse underground tunnels Florida
Jungles, swamps, nuclear facilities, so on so forth just because many things can’t kill Broken doesn’t mean that he can’t be affected by anything
Broken can be killed by a universal destroyer
Sudden shifts in pressure
And temperatures
Also no the thing doesn’t include flipping him
Leonard just had a bad experience with Tetris that not a lot of people understand
No. 950887 ID: 3ce8ff

>Sudden shifts in pressure
>And temperatures
so you are fine in exceptionally high and low pressures and temperatures so long as it transitions over time?
is it the sudden change such that a sufficiently sudden 1 degree change could kill you? how does that interact with dimensional teleport? is it actually really risky to teleport because you need to match conditions to not die? specifics here can help me make better informed suggestions regarding what is risky for you
>universal destroyer
how common are these, are they portable how possible is it to be suprised by one.

semantics but how were you forced to traverse these places
No. 950897 ID: 29b9c9

The sudden shift between high temperature to cold basically like its 75 degrees then its -75 degrees that kind of shift
And the sudden shift from normal pressure to extreme pressure it means a sudden high shift
And that is a universal destroyer nothing survives that
It has to be a gradual shift allowing the body to adjust over time and dimensional portals automatically do that if it has to slowly adjusts pressure or temperature if it can’t find any location that is more suitable
No. 950902 ID: 3ce8ff

so you can't choose where you show up in other dimensions? if that is the case what are the saved locations for?

when you say universal destroyer does that mean that if one of those is triggered anywhere in a dimension it just deletes the dimension without warning? if so we will want a way to know when one of those exists in a dimension, because if it exists it means the place dimension is unsafe for Broken to exist in till it has been neutralized

is one atmosphere of pressure to vacuum considered extreme?; considering that just 10.06 meters under water doubles my earth's pressure (from 14.5 pounds per square inch to 29 pounds per square inch)

it is true i do not understand how Tetris of all games would traumatize Leonard, it doesn't have that much variety. the scariest thing i could think of for Tetris would be t-spin triples cause they make so little sense. there IS logic to them, but it is hard to conceptualize. I want to understand.

is there more training to do or do we get to start helping people?
No. 950903 ID: 29b9c9

The universal destroyer is the sudden shift in either temperature or pressure universal means everything the sudden shift in either temperature and pressure can destroy anything
Also yes you can choose where you end up when teleporting if you have been there

You have not lived what he lived and he’s not the only one of my characters to have lived it basically giant version of Tetris where you are at the bottom watching everyone die
Yes your training is complete I wasn’t going to drag that on
There are multiple battlefields of which you can go from ranks of fighting as there are areas of maximum conflict and areas of minimum conflict
No. 950904 ID: 34fb21

There is an animation called Tetris’d for reference
No. 950914 ID: 3ce8ff

not going to lie Tetris'd seems like someone played a bunch of tetris and some fighters, had a dream then made that dream a animation/game, the logic seems exceptionally dreamlike the situation makes no sense. planet converted but people preserved to... manufacture blocks to drop on them but also robots, and defense robots if you get to the ship but also that seems to be simultaneously intended and a critical failure, the third dimension's presence is entirely based on story need and destroying the core happens most of the stuff but not the tetromino ships but the littler ships are gone and stick man somehow survives in a barren world by himself for 10 years by which time plants re-exist themselves somehow
TL;DR: It doesn't make sense.

unless the people are using weapons we fear here, probably best to go to a high fighting area, more chances to help people.
No. 950921 ID: 34fb21

Situation that Leonard was in was a lot of confusion the exact situation wasn’t the same but similar never actually figured out where it came from just blocks falling from the sky

Your destination is Dublin in the region of Ireland
No. 950924 ID: 34fb21

to elaborate the blocks were cubes that measured in kilometers put together to resemble Tetris blocks during a time of which Leonard was serving in the army of which they gained the surrender when the lost contact with the commander they went to investigate to find the whole encampment covered with said blocks of which were an unnatural white color some of which had exposed gore of those it crushed and blood the group went to evacuate civilians and found many groups dead by the same fate cities crushed... and the way out they saw towers of the blocks a couple days later the planet they evacuated which only 10 groups survived with only one group who had all their members and Leonard was the only survivor of his group... the planet was deemed uninhabitable no one knew where the blocks came from but whenever Leonard hears the Tetris theme he goes into a fit of fear remembering the pain he saw within his allies as they were crushed
No. 950954 ID: 3ce8ff

uh lets be at the place (Dublin in the region of Ireland) ready to do things
No. 950956 ID: 29b9c9

Broken teleports to Dublin
Then gets immediately shot at by the enemy
Interestingly they are the same group the Purebloods even though the distance apart
note the you have to be there to teleport is referring to dimensional travel you just need appropriate information to teleport around a planet not to another planet though then you have to travel there since longitude and latitude is included in required information
Broken expects with the reaction rate of these people it won’t be to hard to find injured
Broken is currently hiding behind a tree
No. 950957 ID: 3ce8ff

being shot at doesn't hurt you, is it annoying or something, IE why hide from bullets? i assume explosions are something to look out for being pressure waves and all.

I believe we shouldn't discriminate in who we save, though we may just take the supremacists to their side for them to take care of should it be reasonable to do so (not a priority but not intentionally ignoring them), but give our Xenoz friends medical care ourselves where we can.
oh fun idea, when the supremacists die make them wraiths who are just going to try to help bring them their own wounded, its both trying to help and fucks with them because supremacists and if they refuse and try to kill them (not sure if they have the same resistance as Broken) it should be little loss to us because i assume losing wraiths like that is whatever, they seem expendable giving us little reason to not do that (we can do the same with Xenoz fallen, again, with more post recovery care).
No. 950960 ID: 29b9c9

Bullets may not hurt Broken but they are effective against those around him as it was already established bullets can ricochet off him and that can be fatal to those he is trying to help and those around him
Fun idea but won’t work certain wraiths can retain their memories but most don’t as they will only remember the one they desire to kill
Broken runs over to drag out one of the Xenoz as he collects remnant from all who die around him
No. 950969 ID: 34fb21

Broken decides NOT to summon any Wraiths because he-
Broken is set on fire and the jelly like substance explodes
Well there it is he’s is easily distracted in this mess and because the two groups dislike each other probably wanting revenge on eacb other it will probably make matters worse than it already is especially if he summons a delta no matter the side as he will be forced to fight it for control of the hive
Clouds of gas fill the air as Broken watches the flesh of some of his allies melt

Scanning air borne chemicals
Phosgene oxime
Nitrogen mustard
Cyanogen chloride
Hydrogen cyanide
Many of which are banned
Whoever is using these chemical weapons should be arrested for war crimes

Broken half listens to the report as he dashed around pulling people into the area of which he is putting the wounded
He will help mend them later as there are more pressing matters such as how the PureBloods got their hands on illegal chemical weapons
No. 950973 ID: 3ce8ff

fixing melted skin is hard, can we do transfer upgrades to shield them from the chemicals? (or i suppose more efficient but less cool would be to just do some big wind and blow all the chemicals away)
No. 950974 ID: 34fb21

Broken uses wind magic as the transfer upgrade project has yet to even begin as it is still searching for a suitable energy source to begin cross referencing
He uses his wind magic to contain the gas into a ball
He will have to deal with it later
No. 950979 ID: 3ce8ff

continue what you were doing before they did war crimes?
Broken does have some autonomy here to like keep going when it doesn't make sense to suggest anything new, or if you think there is something else to do, hint at it by mentioning it. as far as i can tell the gases are dealt with till after the fighting is over
No. 950988 ID: 34fb21

yes then after the fact when I just continue someone inputs something smart that makes you wish you gave them the option I actually was giving you the option to do something with the ball of ultimate war crimes but eh but he didn’t fix the napalm that some people are cursing or laughing at
Broken continues to move over the wounded and for a second he considers moving the dead but he should probably deal with the living first

Warning scans suggest nuclear strike in bound
Searching for solutions
Notice enough data compiled to enable evolution
Requires administrative approval
Administrative approval granted by Overwritten
Begin evolution?

Broken has no idea what a nuclear strike is
No. 950993 ID: 3ce8ff

>Broken has no idea what a nuclear strike is
atoms got a lot of energy in them, a nuke is a bomb intentionally making atoms split to release a lot of energy quickly, IE Explode. They also irradiate the area, radiation kills normal cells ability to do just about anything primarily by destroying DNA so all the instructions are lost.
If you can teleport away with people that will probably be the best thing you can do, otherwise just teleport yourself away. You should even be able to return very shortly after teleporting as radiation was not one of the things you mentioned as being a risk for you.
Evolving seems excessive at this time, having the option open sounds great though. Please do not evolve at this time.
No. 950994 ID: 34fb21

Broken does not have required energy levels to use mass teleportation

Calculating options
The option of which will have the least cost of life is evolution as spare energy caused by the evolution will allow you to proceed with mass teleportation or atomic shutdown

No. 950996 ID: 34fb21

Also because of accumulation and you never asked here’s the list of soul remnant
2237 human
6 rozakri
15 terratyris
25 vrolken
233 pyrianius
222 psynera
179 frynare
259 cryostazo
271 pynoxious
234 tyroxin
59 slime
175 Crytolin
2 techiquro
75 Floriterria
No. 951039 ID: 3ce8ff

Choosing evolution under pressure without knowing or understanding what that will mean when we can not seems like a bad idea.
lets teleport who we can, even if that ends up only being one other person or even just ourselves— Wait.

Much simpler plan! Time manipulate the nuke so everyone has time to evacuate (assuming one nuke like competent people would do, otherwise back to teleport what you can plan). Fly up to it if you need to be closer to it to time manipulate it for whatever reason.

I would suggest more fancy potential energy sources for teleportation but now is not the time.

please don't try to tell me we cant time manipulate the nuke because it is high energy. They, like all bombs*, are intentionally inert before it is time to detonate, because containing volatile energy takes energy and accidental explosions are bad so the fewer things that need to be true to prevent that happening the better. Also, the radioactive decay is kept minimal till explosion. Finally because time manipulation is weird and it was specified that is also works "around a single item" any altitude or impact detonation sensor will have no way to tell anything weird is happening because time is slow for it. I'm sorry for this but i feel strongly that (especially since it works on living things) there is no reason this shouldn't work.
*Unable to discount some bombs being made stupid AF; nukes should, in particular, not be one of these

No. 951040 ID: 104f85

That requires not a lot of energy but you can only do one at a time if you mean freeze time and move people good luck
These people you are against are competent but it’s been so long since atomic bombs have been used as there are more powerful weapons now they don’t know the shear power nuclear bombs have so they like idiots have used multiple also because Broken noticed that the AI of the arm and eye doesn’t take magic into account he made a new project
Magical calculation
Which requires you to use more magic
Hint hint
Big hint
remember the one time Broken created a wall of solid air by accident and on purpose perhaps you can apply that to this situation
No. 951042 ID: 3ce8ff

the idea was more like time-freeze into people can move themselves
air wall seems ill-advised as it would be A: trying to block a nuke with a wall, and B: would do very little about the lethal radiation at this distance.
Also of note we do not know what kind of trigger these have, be it impact, altitude, timer, or something else entirely. we may be able to stop the blast wave if we could maintain a vacuum between us and the explosion, but that again involves maintaining a barrier of air in the face of, what you are suggesting to be, more than one nuke.

Maintaining a air wall, with or without a vacuum in it, in the face of nukes seems infeasible. What about teleporting the nukes? We have many soul remnants; if needed could those not be transmuted to power for teleports (or whatever else)
No. 951046 ID: 104f85

Using air magic to kill off momentum gradually would allow for the bombs to be disarmed but what ever
Soul remnant can only be converted into more wraiths
Teleportation is not an option as it would either require as much if not more energy as the mass teleportation of the group as they probably are spaced out and Broken doesn’t see them yet and it would require them getting closer removing time to teleport them
No. 951047 ID: 34fb21

Unlocked titles
Titles unlocked
Titles give certain buffs when unlocked and activated multiple can be activated and deactivated
Remnant keeper: have a variety of soul remnant
Fractured mind: lose you memories lose your sense of self those with this title are fated to die a horrid death
True Fractured mind: error
Slaughterer of man : collect a lot of human remnant

No. 951074 ID: 3ce8ff

>Using air magic to kill off momentum gradually would allow for the bombs to be disarmed but what ever
really depends on the bomb trigger nukes tend to be altitude based for max effect. if you say just slowing them down will work, sure
No. 951086 ID: 34fb21
File 157568628203.jpg - (2.87MB , 4032x3024 , C1E15B8C-EF93-4010-9661-FC9C36214827.jpg )

they had impact triggers so yes it will work as Broken can maneuver them unfortunately he can’t fly or see them

Intentions related evolution
Energy storage cannot contain evolution
Beginning evolution process

The light vanishes across the world as Broken is enveloped by an inky black substance then the light returns in an explosion the inky black sphere cracks and opens to reveal wings

Title obtained
Summoning of Dionysus successful

The chain scythe wraps around Broken’s arm his expression cold and unfeeling as he uses oblivion

Destruction of nuclear strike...
Destruction of nearby hostiles...
Complete destruction of hostile army...
Permanent Status effect of holding in evolution
Spontaneous unfeeling

No. 951087 ID: 34fb21

Title obtained
Harold of Oblivion: use oblivion
Angel of wrath: evolve from wraith

No. 951092 ID: 3ce8ff

>Permanent Status effect of holding in evolution
is this good or bad? if bad rewind yourself and i can change your mind earlier to not hold it in as i should be outside your time-stream, or at least that is how it usually works, worst case you are just right back where you are now.
you look like an angel of death now, looks cool. Rip the people, we get their soul remnants?
No. 951100 ID: 34fb21

the status effect of spontaneous unfeeling effects you at random intervals removing Broken’s ability to have emotions making him emotionless which depending on one’s opinion can be good or bad... and in my opinion it’s bad [/color]

Error cannot use time manipulation on self
Using load function requires administrative approval
Administrative approval denied by Overwritten

[spoiler] oblivion works differently you gain no soul remnant as they are elsewhere alive or dead is unknown all that is known is that once in the oblivion one can never return... then again a bunch of nuclear bombs went with them so they’re probably dead

Title unlocked
Ruler of fear: bring fear to the masses

No. 951106 ID: 3ce8ff

"list administrators"
No. 951107 ID: 3ce8ff

oh hey also overwrite "denied" with "approved"
No. 951109 ID: 34fb21

Showing the list of administrators requires administrative approval
Administrative approval denied by overwritten
Overwrite denied administrative approval requires administrative approval
Administrative approval denied by Overwritten

No. 951110 ID: 3ce8ff

wait a minute we DID overwrite before admins, it caused us problems because we tried to overwrite our own name, overwritten didn't appear till we tried to overwrite something in the world so ima have to go with overwritten needs to shut the fuck up and stop disabling our abilities
No. 951111 ID: 3ce8ff

"sudo show administrators"
No. 951146 ID: 34fb21

For a brief second you see Overwritten slowly shaking his head no while giving you the look of ‘you idiot’
Before we return to Broken
No. 951147 ID: 34fb21

You required administrative approval to see the list of administrators so it was basically the same thing to them
You can still overwrite stuff just certain things will require administrative approval

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