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File 157403584319.jpg - (0.98MB , 3024x3024 , 0AD96975-E5D4-47AD-BDBC-DF58F74F01F3.jpg )
949753 No. 949753 ID: 34fb21

This is Chronos_the_rebel but I prefer the name EtherealNexus so we are going to use that
This quest works like a game you know nothing and I will not help you... your actions will effect the course of the story more than you know but don’t worry... you can reset or it will be forced upon you... you are Broken... and that’s the only name you can ever know you have shattered memories but you can’t tell if they are dreams
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No. 952718 ID: 34fb21

you going to make me do the math... fine I’m fine that’s fine...
Okay I think that would be 7.7777778e+69 atoms of silicon dioxide which is a lot for one gram of uranium-235 {this is the only time I’m doing this as this is effectively showing you how complicated the void element is luckily there is room for error as long as it’s higher than necessary since it will give you what you want otherwise it will try to come close...
Broken sees no reason to destroy the planet so he just decimated the terrain gaining the material needed for the 1 gram of uranium 235
No. 952731 ID: 3ce8ff

>atoms of silicon dioxide
Silicon dioxide is a molecule not an atom. It is made of 3 atoms, one Silicon atom and two oxygen atoms.
WHOA why you need to decimate anything for but a gram I already said you would need at most a cubic foot of obsidian (as an exceptionally pessimistic estimate) to make the tiny amount of uranium. and for an easy way to estimate these things you can just kinda be like this much mass of this turns into the same amount of mass of something else. I see little reason at this point not to just consume the planet, you apparently already killed half of it somehow without rending the planet.
I was not given how much obsidian was consumed at any point here so I have not been able to do estimates of how much energy should actually be able to be leaked by the disassembly of the atomic structure of the obsidian, but anything able to just kill half the pop of the planet just like that should probably also do bad things to the structural integrity of the planet, Earth's meteors didn't just yeet the planet's population immediately, they fucked up the weather and temperature with all the shit in the upper atmosphere. sudden drastic climate change. so chances are we already 100% fucked this planet's life it's just a matter of time
alternatively all the life was nearby and we are in the center of that and the blast just went one way and nuked half the pop that way without being of planet cracking power.

part of the reason for just eating the planet here is to have a stockpile such that so long as we do things on the scale of cities for instance we will not run into supply issues any time soon, thus making the math irrelevant, simplifying everyone's lives
No. 952739 ID: 34fb21

The beam was cone shaped with a safe zone exerting heat and booming sound of course it would wipe out half the population...also yes I know it’s a molecule people just have times where their brain turns off...I don’t want to convert grams into meters.... Broken moves over to where the waypoint is and focuses on it not being absorbed and the planet is gone... all it’s moons are gone comets and meteors that were inbound are gone parts of gas planets and the star the planet was orbiting are gone it seems Broken was a bit to focused on keeping the waypoint safe though granted it is easier than teleporting without solid ground
No. 952743 ID: 3ce8ff

So now its just a bit of rock floating in space? Is the star gone? (are we now a rogue/soon to be rogue asteroid basically) Is the consumption effect propagating faster than light? Presumably the greater universe is fine? if not then apparently we can now use void powers on galactic if not universal scales.
No. 952744 ID: 34fb21

The star as a whole is fine the gas planet seems to be adjusting the only part of the star the element are WAZ the solar flare I should note since I think you are trying to get the range of this when I said this is a hard element to master.... there are complete dimensions {as well as rumors about multiverses} that have been completely eaten by the void element by accident and the user promptly died as no oxygen or sustenance etc. yes he is on a rock a comet perhaps just floating around but better than teleporting without solid ground of which can get disoriented...
No. 952747 ID: 3ce8ff

rumors of multiverses being consumed by void, interesting. you raise some difficult questions about how your teleportation works, but it seems be be relative to objects, but you seem to be implying it can work without something to be relative to, but I'll let that be for now lets (dimension) hop around till we find some properly lifeless planet for further and other future testing. that place should be able to be our new regular testing area as I doubt we will need planetary levels of materials again any time soon.

my goals with those questions were more about power level (I assumed it could go further because it accidently went out as far as it did) and if that waypoint just went ballistic in trajectory (as opposed to continuing its orbit of the sun)
No. 952796 ID: 34fb21

There are four options for this waypoint
It joins the asteroid belt
It becomes rogue
It slams into another celestial body
Or Orbits another celestial body
Power level of void is confirmed to be dimensional while rumors of multidimensional are unconfirmed
Broken can teleport from anywhere but prefers the ground like any starting out teleporter as it can become disorienting when you are not on a solid surface waypoints on the other hand need a solid surface to be on hence their name waypoints
Broken begins to hop dimensions
Dimension: DreamWeavers
Broke teleports onto a large bronze area and spots a Void user who has a scanner like object scanning things that he then duplicates
But since Broken needs to find a planet devoid of life
Dimension: LostSouls
People here seem to be dead inside
Dimension: CosmicSailors
Broken seems to have found a planet devoid of life other than a skeleton... the planet is covered in gold coins, gems and the such...
No. 952800 ID: 3ce8ff

lets go back to the void user and see what that scan thing is, and what if any insight he has, also this planet seems like a trap should probably still find a different one
No. 952801 ID: 47418c

In a sense can’t remember how to activate it plus it isn’t a planet it was the core of one I believe but in Broken’s perspective it was one {Treasure planet reference} broken puts a sign that says Broken was here first as suggested by Prototype and teleports back to the dimension with the void user... Broken exits at the same locate after a bit of struggling with the reluctance portal only to find out why the void user isn’t there any more not is the planet which wasn’t absorbed as there would be hints of it
No. 952812 ID: 3ce8ff

>Broken exits at the same locate after a bit of struggling with the reluctance portal only to find out why the void user isn’t there any more not is the planet which wasn’t absorbed as there would be hints of it
No. 952813 ID: 3ce8ff

what I got out of that is the void user is gone.
No. 952815 ID: 34fb21

Essentially Broken’s free floating in space suspects that the void user is a very powerful dimensional scale teleporter as the residue left behind by their portal is one way it doesn’t seem to be any where else prototype takes a sample
No. 952830 ID: 3ce8ff

alright broken i'm going to try something stupid, i'm going to try to switch to talking to that void user
switch to unnamed void user last seen (by us) in current dimension
No. 952831 ID: 34fb21

switch denied requires name or alias
No. 952850 ID: 3ce8ff

>residue left behind by their portal is one way it doesn’t seem to be any where else
What do you mean by 'one way' I would say most teleportation is 'one way' unless it works by swaping what was at the destination with where you started.
I think now is as good a time as any to get our ant and bee hives created at base
>switch denied requires name or alias
oh ok. I give the designated fellow the alias of "Void Scanner Man"
Switch to Void Scanner Man
No. 952857 ID: 34fb21

What I and Broken means is that when someone teleports somewhere in the same dimension it leaves residue in two areas this leaves only one hence they probably teleported to another dimension also

waiting for someone to accept alias...

No. 952859 ID: 3ce8ff

>Essentially Broken’s free floating in space
>probably teleported to another dimension
so in other words this planet was basically stolen
>waiting for someone to accept alias...
fair enough.
lets go make the ant and bee hive at base, if they need any infrastructure we should be able to make it with little problem
No. 952913 ID: 0e903d

Actually it seems it was already stolen or something as there was a star on it when Broken was on it but now there is nothing it was a rogue
Broken heads back to base them leaves then returns transferring a bunch of dirt as it is easier than making it
Before making a bunch of them and letting them make hives
No. 952925 ID: 3ce8ff

begin project: Wraith Hive based axillary mental processing
No. 952932 ID: 0e903d

Project cancelled error found
AI cannot connect to Wraith Hive

There are 15000 Vespa mandarinia japonica {put in the wrong thing earlier {better known as Japanese giant hornet the deadliest wasp in the world}
1500 honey pot ant
900 honey bee wraiths
No. 952938 ID: 3ce8ff

Start Project: AI Eraith Hive Interface
check "Unfeeling Episode Prediction System"
if does not exist
Force Start Project: Unfeeling Episode Prediction System
i want the AI trying even if conventional wisdom says it can't be done
No. 952939 ID: 0e903d

Integration into wraith hive project cancelled
Problem no connections available
SUPS {spontaneous unfeeling prediction system} progress

No. 952944 ID: 3ce8ff

>Integration into wraith hive project cancelled
>Problem no connections available
*sigh* well start a project to obtain a connection then do Integration into wraith hive. My understanding here is these projects are to try figure out ways to make things happen not just error throw up your hands and say I can't. I don't expect these things to be instant. I am starting these with the hope/expectation that these will finish later.
No. 952946 ID: 0e903d

The error codes are there to tell you the problem that was mainly a hint that machine and wraith hives don’t mix...
The project starts...
Then Broken is overcome with jolting pain all over his body like he is being electrocuted in every fiber of his being accompanied by the sounds of scratching a chalkboard or metal and mechanical scratching and static... eventually Broken stops the program after rolling around on the ground for awhile... some wraiths die... 900 becomes 450... 1500 becomes 1000... interestingly the Japanese giant hornets and the bigger wraiths survived... just overtly annoyed and confused and vow to never let that happen again
note I have wraiths that are living like this all the time and they can only end it through death they were meant to be bioweapons there was even a human wraith hybrid that wanted to die because of the pain... it was given release... certain things don’t mix well if forced upon them stubborn genetics and psychology...
No. 952947 ID: 0e903d

Also for an explanation for what happens before I forget basically the electronics mess with the link of the wraith hive they interact and interfere with each other the electronic waves then are able to by traveling the link and stimulates the entire body causing jolting pain and fills their heads with static... it hurts a lot
No. 952948 ID: 0e903d

And no there is no way to fix this or improve this in any matter many have tried few with and many without consent...
No. 952951 ID: 3ce8ff

>there is no way to fix this or improve this in any matter
this is what i like to call a challenge. also it seems to be working for Broken. What it seems like here is that connecting to the entire hive directly is a no go. Broken seems to have a fully functional one to one connection with the AI. this, to me, means reading an individual mind is find as is delivering a message to it. that is Input and Output. The big thing here is that the AI can not directly manage what the hive is doing. This means that to make this useful requires practice by the hive and a little hardwear per I/O enabled hive member. This will be a less integrated system, mostly just delegating thinking about things to the rest of the hive and delivering the results back. Depending on what is natively possible with the hive that may be less efficient then just using the hive connection directly. Also sorry =/ I don't expect such violent reactions.
No. 952964 ID: 47418c

Broken can do that already...
No. 952975 ID: 3ce8ff

cool! AI, in light of this new information a much more productive error would have been a similar function already exists
anyway how is the joke project "fuck you" doing?
any update on the residue prototype collected?
how about the alias being accepted?
No. 952993 ID: b0bb46

1. it was not aware of its existence
2. It has done the impossible and reached negative percentage (you mess with me I mess with you right back)
3. We don’t know what prototype is doing with the sample presumably to have something to refer to if we find a similar residue
4. If someone accepted it Broken doesn’t know them and did you honestly expect the void user to hear your suggestions?
No. 952995 ID: 3ce8ff

>you honestly expect the void user to hear your suggestions?
I became a maze, so... I wanted to work
>It has done the impossible and reached negative percentage (you mess with me I mess with you right back)
with abilities like overwrite this might become a useful reference lets see just how negative we can go, not sure if I want to stop at -100% or not. (wasn't trying to particularly mess with you, just remembered that I did send the command to start it and wondered what, if anything, was interpreted as its function)
Can we time accelerate the AI to help it finish projects?
No. 952999 ID: b0bb46

What you just suggested is very dangerous as Broken would in theory use it on himself and Broken wouldn’t know the outcome that’s a good way to die...
No. 953002 ID: 3ce8ff

the time thing or the copy-paste of negative progress
No. 953007 ID: b0bb46

Time thing believe me just don’t use it on any living creature unless it’s to neutralize it by either making them a child or elder or ash nor ever use it on the already dead there are severe consequences for that no matter how much they beg as for the copy and paste... it’s not at -100% it’s at -34%
No. 953012 ID: 3ce8ff

>don’t use it on any living creature
What about our plant like friend we used it on? The only non-wraith in our base I think
No. 953015 ID: b0bb46

That was to a certain extent a set goal what you suggested didn’t have a set area it was harder to predict that’s dangerous as that could cause problems
No. 953016 ID: b0bb46

Now I’m going off on a whim here and say you are going to want to go out dimension hopping again to find a uninhabited planet but one at a time with pauses yes?
No. 953017 ID: 3ce8ff

>with pauses
not on every planet, specifically if someone appears. But yes
No. 953041 ID: 47418c

Broken hops dimensions
This is the first void dimension broken encounters
Dimension: MoltenCore
This one is an uninhabited ball of destruction and ever growing heat
No. 953044 ID: 3ce8ff

Sounds good so far, ever growing heat sounds like a potential problem though. Is acclimatization required to teleport here?
Regardless it sounds like a good test dimension for what I had in mind. Use void to collect a little of this planet to get an idea of what it is made of, then teleport to the treasure planet. While on the treasure planet try to collect a bit more of this planet with void. Using the same dimension teleport a small amount/something else may help facilitate execution of this. (Part of the point of the initial collection is to know if something is going terribly wrong as soon as possible)
No. 953057 ID: b0bb46

No he should be fine as long as he doesn’t head towards the center on the plus side it is a young dimension an he may be the first life form on it
As soon as Broken opens the portal to treasure planet golf gemstones, flame, bits of flesh and a corpse comes flying through he briefly sees a boat? Fly through a portal before he decides to close the portal
No. 953068 ID: 3ce8ff

alright my belief that it was a trap of some sort seems justified. let's do the reverse and try to yoink a little of the treasure planet with void then
No. 953091 ID: 79efb1

Broken looks into the void {presumably at you} with an expression of What? No!
No. 953093 ID: 3ce8ff

Wait what? But like this was the plan, all that has changed is the dimension void is to be used on vs the dimension you are i— *confused head shake* whatever.
Original plan but instead of standing on treasure planet stand on obsidian space rock and try to yoink a little of (like rock to boulder sized) MoltenCore planet.
If you could explain your problem with yoinking a bit of treasure planet (to potentially avoid my suggesting similar such things in the future) that would be nice.
No. 953115 ID: b0bb46

Treasure planet is in the process of Exploding
He is okay with other plan
He teleports to the obsidian chunk in space
He then uses void on the molten core dimension’s planet and gets.... a lot of tungsten
He notes that the gold has not only melted but evaporated
When he pulls the void element over to him as soon as it hits the portal... it blinks out of existence then back to existence on the other side or at least that’s what it looked like feel is another matter as it felt like it was still there through it all
No. 953117 ID: 3ce8ff

i was unaware there was a need to pull it back. good news is the interdimensional test was a success. what happens if you dont pull it back?
also it felt like it was there? something to perhaps look into, probably with an empty void element but that test is later
No. 953132 ID: b0bb46

Broken doesn’t physically move it he more or less Wills it to move if he doesn’t it just stays there he is able to short of bind it to himself in a sense so that it always stays a certain distance from him or he can do it to something else or something specific like his hand which is what he generally does... a force of habit presumably from his past life perhaps
No. 953144 ID: 3ce8ff

Well the hand motion habit, if not useful, should ideally go away, it would be a tell in combat.
Lets send the void to MoltenCore again, this time once it is there close the portal entirely
No. 953145 ID: b0bb46

Actually that habit is extremely useful it takes years to learn control on that level plus when holding a weapon an opponent probably wouldn’t be paying attention to what his other hand is doing...
Doing as suggested causes a interesting reaction he is capable of keeping the element open on the other side but when he closes the portal there is two options let the element close as well or keep the portal open as somehow the element gives of a sense of annoyance and keeps the portal open you can’t close it without closing the element....
No. 953149 ID: 3ce8ff

May as well give this a shot! hold the void element open, not really do anything with it just hold it open.
after that: Switch to Void Element
it expressed a "sense of annoyance" good enough for me to give this a try!
No. 953158 ID: b0bb46

Broken now has two void holes open
No. 953160 ID: 3ce8ff

Not quite what I had in mind, but neat! what if they touch. Ideally try this in MoltenCore increase the reaction is violent
I'll try to be more clear this time AI.
"Switch to one of Broken's existing active Void elements"
(This does not mean use the void element again)
No. 953165 ID: 79efb1

It’s simple enough they merge easily as they are the same just two different openings to the same space

Switching to Void....
Switching to Void Terminus-Chaosborn
Rerouting switching to broken

No. 953169 ID: 3ce8ff

>Switching to Void Terminus-Chaosborn
>Rerouting switching to broken
so in other words nothing happened?
that 'chaosborn' is interesting though
No. 953175 ID: b0bb46

Prototype cuts in
He gives off an aura of mischief though it feels off in a way
Actually it’s more than that it reveals the element is sentient which is rare at least to the point where you can switch to them and sapient elements have minor emotions given to them by chaos the first element which is the reason different personalities find it easier to use different ones but it seems that the element of Void has gotten an overdose somehow which has something to do with this terminus as for chaosborn I believe it has something to do with the olden sir names using one or both of the parents names hence terminus-Chaosborn and it also shows it has at least administrative level authority or higher
No. 953194 ID: 3ce8ff

you seem unusually excited about this Prototype, care to share?
No. 953211 ID: b0bb46

Broken is staring out like ‘you idiot’
But says nothing... if you don’t remember you don’t remember he can’t change that
Prototype says nothing he has given his share its up to you to use it
No. 953212 ID: 3ce8ff

if it has admin powers and Broken has control of it, can it permit admin level activities for broken. Or much more productively, can it give Broken Admin privileges directly? (or permit Broken/the AI using overwrite on the current privilege level to make it admin or higher)
No. 953213 ID: b0bb46

The void element which Broken never closed for some reason starts pulsating
Níl, tá mé ar leith ó an eilimint foirm óg amháin
Tá tú aon chumhacht thar dom
Mé díreach tar éis a chinneadh chun féachaint ar an... eintiteas do fuair mé é suimiúil
No, I am separate from the element form young one
You have no power over me
I just decided to watch this... entity as I found it interesting

No. 953218 ID: 3ce8ff

Can you still move/close/whatever this element?
If not, I guess we just kinda created a life.
If so, have it move some, and ask it if it is just humoring us by moving where we direct, or if not what is happening from it's perspective.
thanks again for including original text, so much better than dealing with google translate-isms
No. 953228 ID: b0bb46

Broken can still open and close the element at will even if it didn’t it wouldn’t have been broken who made life rather it would have been this Terminus fellow who according to prototype is long since dead having committed suicide rather than let the element of chaos take him
No. 953231 ID: 3ce8ff

Then it seems:
>have it move some, and ask it if it is just humoring us by moving where we direct, or if not what is happening from it's perspective.
is still valid to do, unless we can open and close but no longer move it?
No. 953232 ID: b0bb46

I don’t know how to best explain it but basically it is not directly connected to that hole you create to it it is a hole when you move it it doesn’t actually move inside from the elements perspective it’s just there to allow things to fall in so it can destroy it you are able to move the element freely the entity inside void was always there you just didn’t call it out until now as such it speaks what it’s saying if that is what caused the confusion is you can’t control Void the entity the element is still fair game to be used as it usually is nothing new you can do with it that isn’t within its limitations...
No. 953270 ID: 3ce8ff

what if we time accelerate our void element?
No. 953272 ID: 6640b0

Broken decides to call it a day closing the element before sitting Down and resting
note I think I’m doing a three or four part thing after this which I’m drawing but it will take a bit
No. 953282 ID: b0bb46
File 157886066978.jpg - (2.85MB , 4032x3024 , 6BCC0CDB-2C60-456C-A0DE-54B6A500149A.jpg )

The sky is a deep crimson as the gilded angel descends from above followed by massive cannons that vaporized all in his path the bug perspective didn’t work as it only was a minor inconvenience for a being capable of switching bodies and made of code itself... one moment he/I was leading the charge the next I tasted the coppery substance of blood as the angel was before me silently watching my life’s blood pour from my veins the wound wouldn’t kill me immediately but I would die then it’s face contorts in rage as it sees him and realizes what he is doing ripping its blade from my body
No. 953283 ID: b0bb46
File 157886083499.jpg - (2.41MB , 4032x3024 , D39EC82B-00D9-4C1D-B474-65A086EF1C4D.jpg )

The momentum of his pull allows me to flip over onto my stomach as I watch the gilded angel Omni attack him in rage but it was too late he blocked the attack locking their blades together as the countdown begins once more
No. 953284 ID: b0bb46
File 157886099460.jpg - (2.00MB , 4032x3024 , F93DC046-D9E6-411B-B692-912E765FCA0C.jpg )

The origin being of the reset known as Countdown awakens with a piercing roar as it decimates the two combatants and smashes the ground where they once were it had awakened and now will reset the realm of souls for all eternity or until Omni is vanquished
No. 953287 ID: b0bb46
File 157886122706.jpg - (2.55MB , 4032x3024 , 0D03348A-D553-43A7-A3A0-44FD4F1BF23F.jpg )

As the beast crawls out of its home to do its duty it glances at me giving me the opportunity of seeing it in all its glory it’s true form... before I’m engulfed in white and red light my life’s blood pouring out and I hope that we didn’t do this in vain what was probably seconds felt like eternity as my life my existence fades away...
No. 953290 ID: 3ce8ff

Ok so Reset is a thing. We are possibly nothing but code. This was presumably a dream so it all could be distorted. Conclusion I dunno what to make of it.
No. 953297 ID: b0bb46

Broken wakes up...
effectively you saw a memory Broken’s memory before he became like this you saw him die... or something...
Reset is a thing but only in the realm of soul it is stuck in a perpetual loop for more information you probably have to ask someone who was there and survive like Chocho
Broken didn’t originate from the realm of soul...
Also the reset is there for unknown reasons perhaps so that it could be used for this or perhaps so the ultimate beings can be created perhaps it is a trial one that was passed but rebooted as it was the only thing they had left this adds more to the lore of which for me and another in this story already existed and more questions for broken and answers to be sought for...

No. 953307 ID: 3ce8ff

Cool but that is kinda like snippets of show in the intro to a show. when they happen in the show it's like cool but otherwise it's just a that exists/happens but I know nothing more
No. 953310 ID: b0bb46

we all leave our mark on this world no matter how irrelevant it seems past deeds die hard it is inevitable that broken shall gain some of these memories...
Broken gets up and stands...
No. 953333 ID: 3ce8ff

did we just go to sleep on the obsidian space rock?
also project updates
No. 953344 ID: 6640b0

Yes broken slept somewhat sitting up leaning against the portal...
Your troll project that is the only one going on
I’m assuming it’s the
SUPS {spontaneous unfeeling prediction system} is still ongoing having reached AZSTVDDF%
No. 953363 ID: b0bb46

Data uncorrupted
Stockpile 334523 located
Multi dimensional space/aircraft
Designated name/title
Coordinates downloaded and stored

No. 953365 ID: 3ce8ff

lets try to go to this voidskimmer, it sounds neat
No. 953377 ID: b0bb46
File 157896821642.jpg - (2.12MB , 4032x3024 , 3233A472-1149-422A-B35A-29AC892AFDA0.jpg )

Broken teleports to the designated coordinates after activating a terminal an elevator system from somewhere deep beneath the crust actives... bringing out an worn aircraft
Voidskimmer is accurately named for a number of reasons in its cockpit there is no glass to see through as there are cameras and such that see ahead determined by the speed of the aircraft because when reaching high speed you would be blinded for this aircraft can easily travel faster than the speed of light enabling it fly around black holes and gravity wells... the aircraft itself is made with a multitude of minerals including tungsten for the sheer amount of heat it must endure... the aircraft being powered by a living void {presumably made by the past broken giving this aircraft a personality and life of some sort} it can change it shape rapidly changing material allowing it to appear as any aircraft and enabling it to be easily upgraded its dusty and probably requires some maintenance but it has a multitude of weapons and it is a mode of transportation easily accessible...
No. 953423 ID: 3ce8ff

lets try to get this thing running.
No. 953429 ID: 0bd49c

The process is complicated after removing a couple of parts which was surprisingly easy as it was soon discovered that this thing is meant to be attack there are a bunch of gaps leading to a gravity manipulator of sorts with a note engraved in it thanking an Occulta for allowing him to use the gravity manipulator and copy ROS Vengeful... it seems that the driver will be safe as it seems they can repair it from there bringing all the pieces back the tricky part was finding the engine and after finding it and some inquiring to the Void he was able to link the living void to his void which caused the Void to take control and it became irritated by this Broken has no idea what’s going on but it’s being fixed so he did what you asked
No. 953479 ID: 3ce8ff

cool does this void entity have admin and is it willing to share?
No. 953483 ID: b0bb46

The other one was long dead as it ran out of fuel they need to eat... something... doesn’t matter if it is energy or matter... but no it is now the same one as earlier having absorbed the other...
No. 953498 ID: 3ce8ff

So wait just watching void boi just decided to eat another void entity corpse then bind itself to a similar fate? did it gain the memories of the dead one? The big confuse.
(>>953429 this post is kinda word salad-y and unclear. Periods [and/or punctuation in general] and line breaks would probably help here. These are things I have been trying my best with as well)
No. 953506 ID: 0bd49c
File 157911625694.jpg - (2.52MB , 4032x3024 , F812FAC4-43B4-44FA-B697-753F2AC52D19.jpg )

No there are a bunch of differences one he wouldn’t share the same fate he has both energy and material but it is still dead it just works
As for the confusing post it explained what happened during the process of fixing the vehicle
There is a gravity manipulator that if the vehicle is shot at it will most likely hit that breaking it causing a chain reaction sending everything except the cockpit as that is where it is under it to be exact flying everywhere at high speed destroying everything once the gravity manipulator is fixed it will all return
It seems this ROS vengeful follows the same principle

But either way this is the result of fixing it or what it looks like after
No. 953516 ID: 3ce8ff

so how quick is it's interstellar speed? Can we use time acceleration to make it go even faster?
lets see about breaking free of our current planet's sphere of influence and get a better look at the system we are currently in
No. 953517 ID: b0bb46
File 157912810081.jpg - (2.32MB , 4032x3024 , 98702754-0E00-4390-B40A-D1B3C288135A.jpg )

Well it’s already been stated to be faster than light.
So it can easily break free of the planets gravity. Plus the fact that it’s made of tungsten the metal we would’ve used for rockets if it wasn’t so expensive seeing as it is the most heat resistant material and is extremely hard to find. Either way I should share the dimension’s name
Realm of power: bond, elements
This system has two stars slowly orbiting around a small planets of which is in an orbital lock of which is we’re Broken came from when flying away... in fact he flew through the star by accident but did it fast enough physics didn’t register it...
As for the
R.O.S Vengeful Broken was able to find a picture and judging by its scale it’s a lot bigger than his new vehicle
No. 953520 ID: 3ce8ff

A number of physics issues with this.
First, IRL physics doesn't 'not register' things because they go fast. The real world has no 'time step' to enable super mario 64 TAS type nonsense. If that is a quirk of this dimension or the setting as a whole, then I guess ok =/.
Second, planets orbit suns for a reason. I would be impressed to see something similar to the system you described functioning in something like universe sandbox (squared or not) without blatantly disregarding limits placed by physics. The things with the highest gravitational pull end up the centers of systems for a reason.
Theoretically you can have stars orbit planets but that is because you basically make the planet entirely out of something dense like tungsten or lead such that they have massive gravitational pull without collapsing into a star. But good luck adding anything other than material pancakes to their surfaces. Alternatively we could just be ignoring IRL orbital mechanics entirely. In which case WTF mechanics DO they follow.
Third 'orbital lock'? you mean tidal lock? and even then which bodies are locked?
No. 953534 ID: b0bb46

Perspective of broken the planet cannot orbit its stuck between both as such the stars are pulling at each other and yes physics are still working simply put the speed of which Broken’s vessel traveled it would seem like it didn’t what happened was more or less a strange occurrence of which heat doesn’t register for the object is only exposed to it for a second it should have melted but it didn’t scenario but it works but either way because the stars are both spinning and pulling at each other they have enough space to revolve around the planet of which it doesn’t spin nor move night would be a sliver
No. 953540 ID: 3ce8ff

>a small planets
if singular ok. HORRENDOUSLY unstable. Like we have ruined it by changing the mass distribution of the planet when we arrived. the planet is now doomed to fall into one of the suns of this binary system or be flung out into the void. It was a ball balanced on a very sharp point and we breathed on it. I assume it was at the mathematical balance point otherwise the would have been thrown out into space or into the sun long before we got here.

>which heat doesn’t register.
Yes HEAT takes time to transfer but unless we can also fly though planets, gas giants, asteroids, and the like, we just went through a lot of mass. now if this is void powered I suppose we may be consuming that matter at relativistic speeds, (heat would matter little at that point because thermal energy transfers through mass primarily and if we never touch mass no transfer) but that means we just ate a hole through that sun.
Furthermore contact with matter while going faster than light means colliding with mass with a relative velocity of greater than lightspeed which imparts more than infinite energy upon our ship as it accelerates that mass to be roughly our speed.

Also the planet would have NO night assuming (as is necessary for mathematical balance point to be possible) one line goes through center of all three bodies.
No. 953564 ID: b0bb46

Okay the ‘a’ in that statement should have shown I was being an idiot and put ‘s’ at the end by accident there is one if it were two I would cry cause they would decimate each other
Also broken can in theory travel through other planets and gas giants for the small fact of speed going fast enough the impact doesn’t register he would effectively be considered light or radiation...
No. 953567 ID: 3ce8ff

>small fact of speed going fast enough the impact doesn’t register
Still not how physics works.
Neutrinos are the best bet for going through things without just kind of obliterating everything involved. (assuming infinite energy FTL issues are ignored) They allow going through solid planets to be possible but still not ideal, assuming we travel as some cohesive cloud of neutrinos. In that case, non-critical damage can happen as a result of going through a planet or other celestial body by some of the neutrinos smashing into atoms and being lost to the main vessel.
No. 953611 ID: b0bb46

Particle accelerator
They are moving at such a speed that they do not cause an impact nor hole they phase through the atoms instead leaving behind a lot of radiation and energy... that is what has happened
No. 953615 ID: 3ce8ff

My research suggests that that STILL would result in catastrophic loss of our vessel. It works via science magic is a valid response BTW, ideally specific science magic but I digress further. It is your world. The big risk with using real physics (or other IRL things) is you can be factually wrong. You can define physics as working different in your world but that can lead to bigger setting problems. Your FTL method is already using magic and/or science magic to function
Feel free to show me something to counter this, but last I checked particle accelerators accelerate particles to slam into things. (IE not go through them) This results in radiation of various types depending on target and what is accelerated, but not in piercing the target with the particle. Particles may be emitted from the other side of the target, but in this case we really care what happens to the original particle as those are us and the ship.
No. 953626 ID: b0bb46

Well thing about the vessel it effectively fixes itself constantly because of the void core it has using the materials you have gained and stored...
Also there was a person who stood in a particle accelerator and it was turned on while he was in there given by accident he was fine no holes nothing... until half his body became paralyzed and wouldn’t age and the massive amount of radiation that should have killed him but didn’t...
No. 953636 ID: 3ce8ff

>Also there was a person who stood in a pa[...]diation that should have killed him but didn’t...
Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski, yes. As a matter of how the radiation was applied, usually radiation like that is dispersed across the body. In his case it was a focused beam, as such it didn't cause massive cellular death. Humans can survive an impressive number of holes in impressive places. (they got nothing on Neumono though) the 'anti ageing' in probably just cause that half of his face was paralyzed so it did nothing to form wrinkles
>Well thing about the vessel it effectively fixes itself constantly because of the void core it has using the materials you have gained and stored...
solid, using existing lore to both provide fuel source and why we don't just die.
still doesn't solve the 'all of you slams into matter that exists' problem but good enough ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No. 953648 ID: b0bb46

Well the thing about atoms they aren’t exactly solid they got space between them and each other similar to a tiny galaxy sure they got a lot in them but likely hood of them crashing into each other is slim... and the already proven adaptability of the wraith {ie the Bioweapon/mutated wraiths} he should be fine and the vessel will get any warped material fixed there is the reason I had it go through non solid mass and am going to have the habit of only heaving the thing fly through those... either way he begins to test the multidimensional travel of the vessel opening a portal and going through unfortunately it has the disadvantage of not telling you the realm of power but it does give you the name of the dimension
Autodale/ cybernetic dystopia
Perhaps it doesn’t have one yet...
No. 953650 ID: 3ce8ff

>the disadvantage of not telling you the realm of power
Ok easy fix. Just teleport there NOT using the ship. (beacon the ship in that dimension teleport literally anywhere else teleport back)
>atoms aren’t exactly solid they got space between them and each other
and typically atoms don't technically touch. I tried to proffer neutrinos as something that can actually do that. (for the most part, if they were perfect we wouldn't really know about them) If you really want I can get into how atoms interact. at the end of the day it doesn't really matter how fast your normal atoms are going MASSIVE quantities of energy are going to be transferred because the forces get massively stronger the closer you get, and our atoms would be getting inside other atoms personal space bubbles, so REAL close. I dunno if you got a plot point or some shit riding on this but if you want to adhere to IRL physics your options are limited by reality
Also our sun is denser than water. (sun 1.41 g/cm³ water 1 g/cm³ (1.33 g/cm³ for Jupiter)) general air has a density of 0.001225 g/cm³ Earth as a whole has 5.51 g/cm³ iron has 7.87 g/cm³ lead has 11.34 g/cm³ silicon has 2.33 g/cm³ and Tungsten has 19.25 g/cm³
One does not just through a sun much more than one would through a solid.
No. 953651 ID: 3ce8ff

and i forgot to touch on the improbability of flying though the sun on accident, in light of the space between them thing. The reason the asteroid belt isn't all that dangerous to fly though. The literal amount of belt occupied by rock is quite small.
No. 953678 ID: 3b394b

Well it is improbable but it is possible things happen by chance this happened now I’m not going to make a habit of making improbable things happen may only do them to show something but it’s not going to happen often...
Broken uses the ship to teleport back to obsidian shadow of which this time it gives the realm of power...
No. 953683 ID: 3ce8ff

I think it is time for a new thread, trying to resize the suggestion text box lags my entire computer. Also I assume this is a dimension that does not yet have a name or realm of power, which strikes me as a reasonable thread start point. (An anomaly, something to give direction to/figure out in the thread)
I didn't mention the improbability of the sun earlier because I assumed it was plot/mechanics related.

Lets send the ship ahead of us to that dimension then teleport into the ship. Lets start projects to be able to remotely control the ship (Project: Remote Ship Control) and have the ship be a dynamic dimensional teleport point (Project: Dynamic Dimensional Waypoint) if we can not do those things already.
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