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File 135547111533.jpg - (51.71KB , 783x643 , #1 Tital.jpg )
478624 No. 478624 ID: f50094

Chapter two

It is the next morning. We find Ring waking from a fantastically uninteresting dream about jogging to discover that she has the slightest hint of a hangover. What thoroughly wholesome journeys will you guide her along today?
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No. 992397 ID: 04d001
File 161632143926.png - (299.27KB , 1169x751 , 13-Snout Shout Big Snout.png )

No. 992399 ID: 04d001
File 161632160842.png - (318.55KB , 1169x751 , 14-Snout Shout Snouter.png )


>Yep, we’re off to get rid of some trolls.


>I’ll show you, I know abouts where they are. But you’ll have to be a bit quieter on the way there, ok?

No. 992427 ID: 164e20

How will this guy help us to defeat trolls again?
No. 992431 ID: b1b4f3

Who's Jomens?

Ask him if he's smelled anything stinky in the forest.

He big. Smash troll.
No. 992452 ID: 0fae41

Finally, a non-shitty lyluk. Try to pick a path with trees that will fall quietly.
No. 992622 ID: 19da02

go over the plan, such as it is, with Geoffrey and ask if he has any input. From what I understand the plan is for you to distract at least one of them in some way while Geoffrey stomps at least one of them in mush, and after that just kinda wing it.
No. 994735 ID: 04d001
File 161750667453.png - (474.22KB , 1169x751 , 15-Princess Moment.png )

Geoffrey sort of bows to let me up on his back. He doesn't want to tread on me and it'll be much faster if he leads. It’s kind of amazing being up this high. This must be like in those books where they ride on elephants!

So the plan is basically for me to distract the Trolls while Geoffrey waits hidden nearby. I’ll try to lead them out one at a time and he’ll pounce on them and beat them up. Or maybe he’ll literally just pounce on them, that’d be pretty hard to recover from on its own, considering.

I go over this and he’s enthusiastic. We’ll try and stick to this overall plan as much as possible but something’s bound to come up.

>Hey Geoffrey, you haven't smelt any patches of really horrible smelling plants around the forest, have you? Like really horrible smelling.
No luck on secret undiscovered Troll Bane. Still worth checking though.

Jomens was the boy you thought had a crush on me in Literacy class. He just wanted to be friends with the dragon girl and you made it awkward because you always try and get me to date people. Or think people want to date me. Or just want everyone to date.
You remember trying to get my brother to date that guy?
Or my other brother to date that girl?
Or when you tried to convince me that dating my brother would be fine because we're all adopted? Becuase I remember.
Always weird the way you just forget chunks of stuff when you die down for a bit.

Ah! It’s so cool being up here. Look at all the birds! Anyway, we're getting near the north bit where the Trolls have been ambushing people. What are the first steps we should take once we're there? I'm asking early because we're going to have to be pretty sneaky from here on out to keep them from noticing Geoffrey.
No. 994750 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, dragon girl? Is that your best guess for what species you are? You told us you didn't know. Aren't there some qualities of dragons you're missing? You know, wings, massive claws, armored scales, fire breath, urge to hoard valuable items? Well, you do have an affinity for gems so maybe that last one's covered.

To properly plan we need to see what their hideout looks like.
I wonder if we could set up some tripwires or snares, then lead them into it? Or pit traps? That could be enough to split up the group if you can't lure just one away.
No. 994761 ID: 0fae41

Geoffrey, take to the trees. Ring, you're going to have to tiptoe around.
No. 994775 ID: f8fa51

>Or just want everyone to date.

Yeah, that sounds like something we'd do. Sorry about that.
No. 994781 ID: 12b116

First priority is going to be finding a spot where we can hide Geoffrey for appropriate ambushing tactics.

We also need to know if they're all sitting around in a clump jerking off or if they're spread out to see how reasonable it will be to lure them off one at a time.

Don't forget, you still have that bread, which is certain to come in handy.
No. 1000404 ID: 04d001
File 162115224709.png - (271.80KB , 1169x751 , 16- Observable Area.png )

Yeah and I also told you my parents let me say I was a dragon girl. Because ‘unspecified lizard-ish female’ doesn't get you as many friends. Everyone wants to at least talk to dragon girl.

Tripwires and stuff sound useful if I can find a way to make them. Don’t know how strong a rope needs to be to trip a troll but it’s probably a lot. Anything that could slow one sounds good, then Geoffrey can jump on them easy.

You’re either super logical or weirdly horny. I used to think you represented the animal-instinct and rational-evolved parts of my brain like in... uh... the unconscious thought lady. The lady who wrote the book about thinking. Oh, you won’t remember her name either. Anyway, sometimes you mix up the comments and I’m not sure you’re classifiable like that anymore. Pro relationship is applicable though.

Ok we ought to be real close to the area by now. I’ve got Geoffrey to wait in the thicker trees back here while I go scout out ahead. If the Trolls catch wind of him they’ll either gang up to chase him off or hide from him.

Oh yeah. Bread. Sure.
No. 1000449 ID: 0fae41

Stick! Acquire stick.
No. 1000472 ID: 12b116

I see a suspiciously forked stick that you should acquire.
No. 1000708 ID: 96c896

Kindof looks like a dowsing rod.
Keep an eye open for them trolls. What do they look like when buried? Is it obvious or do they have some sort of camouflage?
No. 1005402 ID: 04d001
File 162608741322.png - (302.11KB , 1169x751 , 17- Bump Mapping.png )

I have picked up the stick. This is important to you and I respect that.

Ok, so I went and scouted out the perimeter of the area. I didn’t see much of note yet other than a wrecked cart or caravan - I didn’t jump in to get a better look yet -, but when I came back around to check on Geoffry, this little hill thing wasn’t where I left it. I don’t want to call it early, but this might be what Woody was talking about.

Is this a buried Troll? It doesn't smell any worse than the rest of the forest around here, but looking again that hump-hill is kinda weird right? I think the idea of secret disguised ambush Trolls is actually making me kinda, slightly... paranoid.
No. 1005406 ID: 53560f

And this is why it’s extremely important to carry a little useless junk around.
Throw stick at the mound and hide somewhere different from where you threw it. Be ready to book it straight to Geoffrey in case you get found.
If necessary then you can throw Jerry at it to distract it from trying to eat you.
No. 1005426 ID: 96c896

Yeah that's gotta be a troll. Hmm, did the wreck look like it might be useful as shelter? Like, was it big enough that a troll wouldn't be able to push it over? Or, could you hide inside it maybe? Let's consider it as a direction to reatreat to.

I don't see any other mounds though. Before we begin, you should try to find all three. Let's look around near the wrecked cart/caravan first.
No. 1005482 ID: 0fae41

Spring the trap and lead that troll back to Geoff.
No. 1006814 ID: 164e20

Why would a troll just be in a lump in the woods? It's probably nothing
No. 1011895 ID: faa7df
File 163289065098.png - (315.47KB , 1169x751 , 18- Important Stick impact.png )


No. 1011896 ID: faa7df
File 163289068015.png - (323.23KB , 1169x751 , 19- Trolled!.png )

Hoh! That’s something, probably a Troll, at least! Uh, wait, was I hiding or throwing Jerry at it or running or running to Geffory?

No. 1011904 ID: 96c896

Stick with the plan! Run to Geoffrey!
No. 1011911 ID: c92a02

Toss the rat too for good measure.
No. 1011990 ID: 86963a

Throw the rat over its head, so it lands away from you and makes a distraction.
No. 1012184 ID: faa7df
File 163315296282.png - (378.42KB , 1169x751 , 20- Foe Acceleration.png )

OK GO to Geoffrey!

No. 1012185 ID: faa7df
File 163315300392.png - (415.60KB , 1169x751 , 21- Leap Legs gains gain.png )



No. 1012186 ID: faa7df
File 163315304787.png - (371.36KB , 1169x751 , 22- Kabedon-esk.png )


>Ough aye theres ladie.. Whys Youse gone an tossed a stick at me edd then? Say, what is you then? A Fish ladie? Ora’ Lizard?

Ah! Ok, uh. Geoffrey sh-should be here soon, uh... Guy?
No. 1012187 ID: a2493c

"hey I just saw a mud pile and was goofing around, no need for the power display"

that right there is an imminent sexual assault pose if I ever done seen one.
No. 1012188 ID: 96c896

1, you were dared to do it by your friends.
2, you don't know what you are, you're adopted.
No. 1012193 ID: f57349

"Throwing sticks at each other is how my people flirt. Running away afterward and being chased is also part of it, like squirrels do. Congratulations, you caught me, so now I have to give you some bread, and then we, um..."

If he accepts the stale bread, hit him with one of those pepper bombs while he's distracted trying to eat it.
No. 1012209 ID: c92a02

Yes. I was being a responsible camper and returning my extra firewood to a proper trash receptacle.
No. 1012211 ID: 56d49d

Try to delay him with your charms. Doing so could never backfire, right?

Apologize to him and tell him that you were practicing a mating ritual, which requires throwing sticks and his mud pile just looked really alluring for some reason, maybe because he's so handsome himself, but you really shouldn't be saying this because someone like him should definitely already have a wife and you wouldn't want to impose... , etc.
As far as your species go, tell him that, uhh, you're a distant relative of trolls, as he can see, you both walk on two legs, wow, he has such wide shoulders~
No. 1012502 ID: faa7df
File 163349774586.png - (325.44KB , 1169x751 , 23- Consumption Avoidence.png )

Hey that’s better than a killing-and-eating pose, right?

>Wuh, actually I’m probably more of a lizard than a fish, b-but I don’t kno-

>Shame that. Fish is good eating. Might have ta find another use for youse then.

Oh no! I’d better come up with another use for me other than eating! Purely out of rational self-preservation!

>S-sorry about the tossing- I was, I thought you were some mud and-

>An youse just ‘add a suspiciously forked stick, wot is similar in style to a dowsin’ rod ta hand fuh tossin? I thinks youse were out looking for Trolls to bother like all the other little folk.

But I don't want him to beat me to death.

>Muh-my friends actually
>There’s mora you is there? Not hiding in moar bushes like youse were are they? Not tryin’ to run for em ta get help were youse?

>No I, it’s just me and I was flirting with a ritual, to see if your wife was a squirrel- so I ran and now my bread is stale, if, if-

>You wot lady? Nah that’s not making sense. Gotta calm down youse is just saying words. What this about wife’in and flirting then? That’s not something a Troll hears often, is it?

Gosh well, I’d better keep him on this track since it’s not about eating me!
No. 1012516 ID: 96c896

"Please don't eat me mister troll I'll do anything you want" is that about right?
No. 1012518 ID: 86aaf2

So, your continued existence relies on you keeping this entity pleased with things that you can only effectively offer while both alive and unmaimed.

In that case, how about:

"I think you're cute."
No. 1012523 ID: e0aaa8

Tell him that you want to marry him and that you'd make a good wife. Also, compliment his long tongue.
No. 1012528 ID: 96c896

Guys, I don't think openly consenting is really Ring's thing.
No. 1012529 ID: 9a2966

Ask them why wouldn't a troll be hearing about wives and flirting? Surely there's them what fancy strong lanky arms, long snoots and tongues and whatnot.

Say you're sorry, but you've never actually met a troll before. You'd no idea they were so, uh. Muscular.

Does he work out?
No. 1012558 ID: 4992b6

Deep breaths Rim. Introduce yourself, maybe ask him his name. He seems open to dialog, so see if you can talk your way out of this.
No. 1012651 ID: c92a02

Yeah, it isn't, and you're just eating it up aren't you? Doesn't it make you hungry for companionship? When's the last time you had a morsel like this to hand, hm? Don't eat me, by the way. Please think about stuff that is not eating.
No. 1012664 ID: 86aaf2


Gawd, you two are horrible, you know that? Maybe even PRETEND to try to get Ring out of this alive, yea?
No. 1012974 ID: faa7df
File 163437366438.png - (334.05KB , 1169x751 , 24- Continued Consumption Avoidence.png )

>Haven’t heard often? W-why not? I-I’d have thought at least a tall, muscular p-Troll such as yourself would have heard some flirting in your time. Maybe a Niddle lady complimenting your powerful snout? - I mean I hadn’t met a Troll until just now with you so, I certainly had no idea you’d be so, uh, Muscular. Unless you, w-work out a lot, I guess.

>Youse a pretty tounged thing ain’t you Bluey? All whiles and complimentings like youse want me all relaxed. S’pose I am a biggun though. Since youse asked my muscle comes more natural like. Wot else is good looking about me then?

It’s working, he’s not thinking about eating me at all! This was of course the outcome we wanted! I am also not complimenting his tongue. That’s an eating part of the mouth.

But I don’t want to bring up eating, not getting eaten is the prime directive here.


>I think you’-ve got an, appealing face. For one.

>Youse thinkin’ I looks like a lizard do I?

>Nono, more like a Niddle, but Rostro also have big beaks so it’s more like you’re folk. Or folk adjacent.

>Adjacent now? Ain't never been told I was Adjacent before. Sounds nice like I feel. Adjacent.

Uhh, I think I’ve successfully made him more interested in talking than anything else for now. He seems to like compliments! I‘m guessing Trolls don’t get nice things said about them much and I think me being a new species gave him pause.

I can’t just say I want to marry him! He’d take me back to the Troll den and keep me there. I need to stall in some other way.

Yeah, he’s talking. I need to try and calm down more before I talk but he just chased and caught me and now he’s towering over me and I did not expect him to be this huge.
>Well maybe we should introduce ourselves Mr Troll. If we’re going to keep having this nice polite conversation. I’m RimRing, and uh, what’s your name if I may ask?

>Rimring is it? Sounds like me mam. Name’s Threese. Now youse can answers my last question all polite like, as we is talking polite now.
No. 1012976 ID: 53560f

>Wot else is good looking about me then?
Tell him he has a cute tail. Maybe you could touch it?
No. 1012978 ID: 96c896

Ask if he likes anything about you.
No. 1012984 ID: f57349

Tell Threese that you actually do have a friend back there who you were in fact going to get - and make sure to praise his cleverness in figuring that out - but only the one friend, who's certainly not hiding in any bushes. This particular friend has actually been far more interested in polite conversation, and less willing to assault strangers, than you are, for as long as you've known them.

All technically true, but mostly quite misleading.
No. 1013000 ID: c92a02

Wait, are you implying I look like a lizard? Because that's what you think I'd like, if I was? Maybe I'm complimenting your troll-like looks, because I like how trolls look. Food for thought.
No. 1013028 ID: 96c896

Oh, maybe you can ask what the other trolls are like?
No. 1013476 ID: 0d3c13

Tell him that you like what you see of him, but you've never seen a troll up close before, and you'd need to get a closer look at him so that you can find even more to compliment. That'll give you plenty of time to stall, to look around the room a little, and to learn more about troll anatomy so you know any weak points or other advantages you might have.
No. 1013485 ID: ca0259

Look, seeing as he's amenable to talking and you still have backup... somewhere nearby, why not just try to calm down and be honest: the local village thinks he's been attacking them when it really just seems like they wander onto his little patch of forest and he scares them off.

I dunno, tout the value of co-existence. Companionship is a wonderful thing. Tell him how there'd be plenty for a big strong troll like himself to do if he was friendly with the townsfolk.
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