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File 135547111533.jpg - (51.71KB , 783x643 , #1 Tital.jpg )
478624 No. 478624 ID: f50094

Chapter two

It is the next morning. We find Ring waking from a fantastically uninteresting dream about jogging to discover that she has the slightest hint of a hangover. What thoroughly wholesome journeys will you guide her along today?
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No. 478625 ID: f50094
File 135547116596.jpg - (157.86KB , 843x780 , #1 Hangovers.jpg )

Ugh, sunlight.


Time to get up and do things I suppose.
No. 478627 ID: f2c20c

Yay! Get some water to help with that headache.

Are you excited for our second mission? I'm excited!
No. 478628 ID: b7169d

Best cure for a hangover is something thick, heavy, and greasy! Let's get some breakfast, likely fried in oils and with plenty of meats.
No. 478635 ID: b33427

Yep! Time to get up (while staying away from the inconveniently uncovered window,) get dressed, and go take advantage of that free breakfast. Hopefully the cook can make something that doesn't involve frying. Also drink a bunch of coffee or tea to replenish your body's fluids to combat that hangover.

While you're eating, keep an ear out for anyone talking about the giant snouter.
No. 478656 ID: f50094
File 135548387360.jpg - (298.50KB , 1688x1006 , #2 Bacon butter and bread.jpg )

But I don't like excessively greasy food. I enjoy fried food, just not when it's slippery. Bacon should be crunchy and not drip.

I am a little excited about the giant snouter... uh, 'cause of the treasure it'll have of course. Yeah.

The cook brings me two eggs, ham, butter and a basket of bread. This is going to be a good day. I'll drink some water for the hangover, which is getting better by the way, then buy some coffee before I leave. You can't drink tea in the morning, only after lunch.

I drop eaves while I eat but I don't hear very much about the snouter. The two people behind me mention that the theatre troupe is packing up and moving to the other side of town for the rest of it's stay. That'll be due to fear of the snouter. Perhaps I should ask the troop if they've seen anything, they might know something of value.

What else should I do before I set off. I obviously need to prepare before I walk straight into the forest so maybe I should buy things or find people, who um, know about snouters? I'm sorry I'm not very good at this.
No. 478659 ID: b53faa

For some reason I actually think the snouter is less violent than it first appears, considering it fled when it was spotted.
It might simply have wished to listen in on the theater troup!

As such, let's ask around for people who have had experience with this snouter, see if they can shed some light on his possible temperament and behaviours!
No. 478660 ID: 2f4b71

>find people, who um, know about snouters
Do regular, non-huge non-magical Snouters make good pets (i.e. can they be domesticated)?
No. 478662 ID: f2c20c

Well you already have travel gear for being out in the forest for an extended period, or know how to make do without. To know what we'd need for encountering something special like the snouter, we'd need to ask someone what snouters are like. If they have some preference for food we could get some of that to distract it at a crucial moment or use it to bait a trap.

I bet we could probably ask about snouters at the hunting/traveling supplies shop.
No. 478663 ID: f2c20c

Oh! Also, I'm curious. From where did you get all this stuff about tea? Were you brought up in a high-class environment? Or does everyone follow proper tea drinking procedure?
No. 478683 ID: 440525

What are you talking about woman tea is excellent in the mornings! So let's go and get some things at the shop, they could have useful things, make sure baby is safe.
No. 478769 ID: 65c3dd

Morning tea is only for Australians or peasants! Don't be ridiculous tea for breakfast? Psshaw. That will never sustain the traveling adventurer and prepare them for a day of combat, travel, and treasures.

It may be possible to trap or lure the giga-snouter away from the city so that is probably the best way to go about this since fighting giant tree sized monsters isn't the easiest thing.
No. 478794 ID: 3ea9e1

She already explained that she was raised in high class.
No. 479110 ID: f50094
File 135565065712.jpg - (109.73KB , 1157x820 , #3 He looks uncomfortable doesnt he.jpg )

They can be domesticated but you have to be pretty brave to do it. When they get big they can casually bowl people over without difficultly so you can't leave them around children, other smaller pets, or guests you you want to invite over again. They're a bit of a hassle but the real reason people don't have them as pets is more that they eat so much, being big animals and all. This may be a bit irrelevant since the difference between domesticated snouters and wild snouters is like the difference between dogs and wolves.

Oooh yeah sure, drink some tea when you wake up. You can use it to wash out the taste of that homemade beer you drowned yourself in last night.

I ask the Innkeeper who knows about snouters around town.

>Ask a hunter, they spend most of their time in the woods so they'll know something about snouters. I don't know any of them myself but the butcher ought to be able to tell you where to find 'em. There's also this florist in town who knows all about plants and animals so she might be worth a visit. This isn't about the big, big snouter in the forest is it? Probably not something a nice young woman like you should be dealing with. Y-y'know because of it's, thing with women.
No. 479112 ID: f2c20c

Tell him you're not too worried about an overly amorous snouter.

Let's go talk to the florist, I'd say.
No. 479119 ID: 2f4b71

New item quest: Giant Snouter Saddle.
No. 479120 ID: b33427

Let the innkeeper know you're well aware of that particular snouter behavior and have absolutely no intention to experience it first hand, especially with one that's the size of a small house. (Ow.)

Go see the florist and ask her about snouter behavior, what they eat, and anything she knows or has heard about this particular giant snouter. It'll be nice to talk to a gal for a change, since all the people you've talked to since this adventure started are guys. Maybe share that you think it came from the magic caves you took care of for Mr. Swing.

Perhaps once you know more about what snouters eat, you could make up a package of bait for one, then dope it with sleeping drugs. That'd get it out of your way while you search its lair.
No. 479635 ID: f50094
File 135583280837.jpg - (120.26KB , 1546x959 , #4 Walking into town.jpg )

I tell him I'm not too worried about an overly amorous snouter. It doesn't make him look any less uncomfortable but he wishes me good luck nonetheless.

It was the height of a small house not the size of one, that is an important difference. They have humps, I'm sure it just looked tall.

I have only talked to guys so far haven't I? Apart from that lady I bought the chicken from, we had a nice conversation. Well it started of as a nice conversation before she unnecessarily overreacted.

This must be the florist he mentioned. It's the only building covered in flowers I can see.
No. 479637 ID: f50094
File 135583300607.jpg - (108.59KB , 1084x867 , #5 Whos that pokemon.jpg )

Gosh it's pretty in here, look at all these flowers.

No. 479656 ID: 4f3868

Whats that weird looking bug doing on the wall?
No. 479682 ID: a5d914

Also that's a pretty weird flower.
Why did we think a florist might be especially knowledgeable about snouters anyway? How did she get this know-how?
No. 479699 ID: f2c20c

Is there anyone at the counter?
No. 479701 ID: b33427

If nobody responds, just walk on in. Maybe there's a bell you could ring for service, or just knock on the counter. Have a look, and a sniff, around beforehand, though. Might as well enjoy the scents before getting down to business.

Only one way to find out: Ask her when she shows up. No point in speculating about, after all.
No. 479774 ID: 65c3dd

A real adventurer asks everyone for advice! You never know that old man could be a legendary hero now retired or that kind flower lady could have seen something super important. You just never know until you ask.
No. 481800 ID: c910d2

The sign outside says Open, so step right in.
No. 483050 ID: f50094
File 135747203548.jpg - (187.06KB , 1563x969 , #6 Good excuse for not updating.jpg )

Well the Innkeeper said she was a nature buff. Besides I didn't walk past anyone who was obviously a hunter or the butchers shop so I'll try the florists first. I also kinda wanted to look at lots of nice flowers if I'm being totally honest.

Nope, empty desk. The sign said open and stuff so they should still be here.

I don't mind waiting a little bit, gander at the flowers, sample the aromas.
No. 483051 ID: f50094
File 135747209719.jpg - (181.15KB , 1553x960 , #7 I feel your breath apon me.jpg )

What weird bug thing?
No. 483052 ID: f50094
File 135747216469.jpg - (253.38KB , 2022x1137 , #8 Swear words.jpg )

No. 483053 ID: f2c20c

Oh god, all the flowers! The florist's gonna be pissed now.
No. 483057 ID: c33f8f

What What? Is that bug dangerous some way? Like really poisonous! Throw a flower vase at it so it will go away.
No. 483061 ID: f34807

That language is not wholesome at all!
No. 483064 ID: dba375

Well now it can see up your skirt, you're knocking plants off the shelf, and you're reaching for one with teeth and one with spikes.
No. 483065 ID: b33427

Ah! You're knocking over all the florist's stock! She's going to be angry at you for that. And that language, while somewhat justified here, is not wholesome at all.

Stop freaking out and quit trying to climb away! It won't work with what's obviously a flying giant insect. Get down, get through the nearest door, and close it behind you. Preferably the one to the shop office or back room, if there is one, since the florist might be in there.

And whatever you do, do not kill the huge bug, as much as you'd like to. The florist must keep it around for a reason. Heck, it could be her pet for all you know.

...Though, what kind of flying bug can fly without wings? Must be magic or something.
No. 483066 ID: 521153

Do not throw things at the bug. Do not harm the bug in any fashion. It probably belongs here and provides some function vital for florist...ing. Or it's a pet.

My point is, don't damage stuff in other people's places, unless they ask or you want them angry at you. That includes animals that look weird.
No. 483074 ID: f50094
File 135748715381.jpg - (273.11KB , 2724x1502 , #9 Mild overreaction.jpg )

Yeah, um, may have overreacted a lil' bit there. But that thing scared the shi... really got my knickers in a twist. I don't react well to insects so much. Especially when they are massive and appear out of nowhere right next to my face.

Well, it doesn't look or act dangerous so that was probably a slightly rash response on my part. In fact it's gently floating away from me. I'm going to stay up here for the moment though in case it... turns around or something.

I only knocked over a few flowers. Maybe the florist didn't like those ones very much. She didn't keep them in the nice locked cabinets and left them carelessly on high selves where they could easily fall. Clearly she didn't like these ones very much. She probably won't even care that I broke them. Yep.
No. 483083 ID: 37aa84

I hope there is no one behind you or they may see something a little less than wholesome.
No. 483088 ID: 12c19f

...You have knickers to twist?
No. 483105 ID: b33427

Alright, the big, bad bug is floating away. You can stop acting like a scaredy cat and climb down to look for the florist. Actually, you could just look behind you, since due to the universal law of embarrassing situations the most likely location for the florist at this moment is where she'd get full view of your nethers... Sorry.

Of course she does. They're kept safely in her pack, back at the inn.
No. 483249 ID: 78c6ea

Obviously Ring has her butt up against a wall and is perfectly safe and also wholesome.

...try to right the flower pots without anyone noticing. You almost got this down scot free.
No. 483260 ID: f50094
File 135756406112.jpg - (171.36KB , 1354x946 , #10 Broken flowers.jpg )

Is this relevant right now? I really wish you'd all focus more on the matters at hand and not exactly how much clothing I happen to be wearing. I get enough of that at home without you guys going on about it. You should drop it and never bring it up again since it's so unimportant. And yes I do own knickers that I could twist if I was so inclined.

Oh, the pots are made of copper so haven't broken. Hopefully the florist won't notice the ever so slight damage to the flowers. I'll just pull the leaves out a smidgen, good as new.

She's not behind me, thankfully, but I think I hear someone coming. She may have just possibly heard my unfortunate outburst of unwholesome language... I do apologise for that by the way.
No. 483272 ID: c33f8f

Quickly set the flowers back in their places and go greet whoever is coming, hopefully they will be distracted by us enough so they won't notice the damaged flowers.
No. 483281 ID: f2c20c

Well it looks sortof almost alright. But whatever, you can pay for them if you need to and they probably aren't THAT expensive.
No. 483282 ID: f50094
File 135757215253.jpg - (197.31KB , 1789x1205 , #11 Didn\'t touch anything Miss.jpg )

>Hello? Sorry I was just doing some watering. Did someone yell?
No. 483283 ID: f50094
File 135757218622.jpg - (258.25KB , 1962x1260 , #12 Totally super casual.jpg )

>Hey there, I was just looking at the flowers. I was calling to see if anyone was here since the sign says open an' all. I, uh...

I pushed the last pot onto the self a second before she opened the door but she's just staring at me. She must suspect something's up! What do I say?
No. 483288 ID: 4f3868

Introduce yourself and tell the florist why you're here.

And say that the hummingbird bug unwholesomely scared the knickers off you.
No. 483303 ID: 78c6ea

If she doesn't believe it scared the knickers off you, you can demonstrate. Ask her if she's heard of that giant snouter lurking about.
No. 483305 ID: f2c20c

You should probably at least tell her you were yelling because the bug scared you.

Also that yes, you are indeed blue.
No. 483375 ID: 65c3dd

Just warn her of the giant monster bug with two stingers.
No. 483713 ID: e66dc7

I must say you are indeed a very spry and athletic... Dragon.. Shark.. Cat.. person-thing?
No. 483816 ID: f50094
File 135774420567.jpg - (246.98KB , 1933x1240 , #13 It\'s Humblebee.jpg )

>Yeah, sorry about the yelling but your bug thing snuck up on me. I'm kinda afraid of bugs so I sorta shrieked at it. And, um... yes, I am indeed blue.

>What? OH! Oh-Sorry I was totally staring wasn't I? Oh that was really rude of me I'm sorry. I just haven't ever seen one of you before.

>That's ok, no one else has either. Say, that giant flying bug with a very big stinger is supposed to be in here right? It's not like, y'know, extremely dangerous or anything?

>Nigel? No he's not dangerous at all. He's a Humblebee, don't worry about the stinger, it's for the plants. I've asked him to be more careful around customers but I don't think he listens. Uh, I know this is a bit late to still sound professional but: My name is Katie, welcome to my shop, would you like any help buying flowers?

Actually I didn't come here to buy any flowers. I wanted some information about snouters and I was told you were someone I should ask. I'm going to be dealing with the Giant Snouter that's been worrying everyone lately and I need to know more about it before I set off. My name's Ring by the way.

>Really? You're going after the Giant Snouter? I'll help sure but, well... You do know what it does to women right?
No. 483817 ID: 440525

Please tel us what this snouter does.
No. 483832 ID: f2c20c

Tell her that people have implied things but not spelled it out. Ask her to be clear, so that you'll be prepared for the possibility.

I'll point out that nobody has explicitly said that it rapes women. What if it just sticks its nose in rude places? That would be totally disap- uh, a totally different danger than sexual assault so you should probably make sure you're prepared for the right situation.
No. 483857 ID: 139363

Tell her you have ways to manage.

Has she ever met the snouter?
No. 483862 ID: 65c3dd

Tell her that you don't have to worry about it because you have a cunning plan. If she asks what the plan is to think up a plan.

You could probably get some poisonous plants from her that you could use to take it out with out ever having to fight it.
No. 483885 ID: b33427

Give her a slightly annoyed expression, a flat "yes", and say that you have no intention to experience that with a snouter that's bigger than a garden shed.

As for what to do about the giant snouter, you think you could shrink it down by draining off whatever magics are in it, since it's obviously magical. You've got a gem that could do that, if you just had a way to ground the charge that's already in it, or perhaps Mr. Swing the jeweler will lend you an empty gem.

Besides that, you need some way to get the snouter to hold still and not try to do... "things" to you while you poke it with the gem. That's why you're here, talking to Katie. So, does she have an idea on that front? Perhaps snouter bait laced with something that knocks snouters out?
No. 483942 ID: 521153

We really actually don't know. So getting her to tell us would be preferred.
No. 483947 ID: 78c6ea

We must know exactly what this snouter does to women. The slightest detail awry could end in terrible tragedy. To combat this beast we must have knowledge, so she must tell us eeeeeevvvvvverythiiiiing.
No. 483993 ID: cf49fc

Yes. Everything. Also, although I disagree with your therapists' extreme and unethical methods (and frankly think he might be insane), I encourage you to seek the assistance of friends and magical book-liches about your, ah, adventures. I'd suggest at least investing in regenerative magics...
No. 484046 ID: f50094
File 135783302123.jpg - (245.65KB , 1930x1225 , #14 Coyly skirting around it.jpg )

>Not exactly, it's always been implied and non-specific. I'd hate to be going up against something so dangerous without a full and extensive knowledge of exactly what it could do to me. Not knowing could leave me unprepared to handle it and vulnerable to assault. I think I really need all of the details before I face this thing.

>Well, um, it uh... It grabs people, women people... and then it, err... Um... Ok, so wild snouters hunt in packs right? Most of them do anyway, the bigger males sometimes go it alone but, that's besides the point. Snouters have these big, huge snouts, s'why they're called snouters, and what they do with them is they charge at prey and bowl them over with them. It's like a very precise headbutt. They keep their heads low and shove them between an animals back legs then thrust up. The shape of the snout and the force of the lift flings the animal up, over and onto it's back. After that they more or less just jump up and down on the charge'ee until it dies. Do you understand so far?

>Yes, but everyone said that it's never hurt anyone.

>No that's true, it hasn't attacked anyone but that's the method it uses to... perform sexual acts without permission[/i]. Of course without the jumping up and down bit. Just the flipping and then certain part of the body get introduced and... [small]well you get the picture.

Yeah I could probably manage that.

>I'm sure I'll be able to manage. Have you ever seen the Giant Snouter?

>I saw it at the play yesterday. Ever since I heard about it I've been avoiding the forest. I always said that the forest's flora was more dangerous than it's fauna but, the plants never mounted anyone so I suppose that's not true any more.
No. 484062 ID: c33f8f

Sounds like a good time to invest some money on armor so i hope there is a good smith in town.

But this actually was useful information, since we know it goes after women we could set up a trap. Also we know where it will attack so we can work on a counter, for example a poison dagger codpiece.
No. 484082 ID: f2c20c

Okay so that's confirmed then. What a load off our minds.

Ask if there's any way of trapping, luring, driving off or subduing a Snouter without resorting to violence because honestly we're not much of a physical challenge to the beast. Basically anything she can tell us that would let us put this threat to the village to rest would help.
No. 484085 ID: 1541f3

Just to make sure... the plants in the forest are safe? They are just dangerous for some "alchemists" that tend to eat every plant they came across, right?
No. 484089 ID: 78c6ea

Wait... the snouter is actually stuffing his snout into cooches? I thought that was way too obvious! Now this is quite shocking and all, but it's given you an opportunity to defeat that snouter in one blow.

What you need is some cast iron pants. he'll never see it coming.
No. 484112 ID: 29654e

How unwholesome! We must make sure that such indecency doesn't not happen to you!
No. 484288 ID: 60c5da

Assure her that you're a professional at this sort of thing and you'll be doing future womenfolk a favor by taking care of this thing.
No. 484362 ID: 7dfd0a

Follow up on that comment about the plants being dangerous. We wouldn't want to deal with the snouter only to get eaten by giant flytrap or something.
No. 484373 ID: 65c3dd

Alternatively we may be able to use dangerous plants to our advantage. This is just a big dumb beast so we should use our intelligence against it. Hell of a lot cheaper then trying to buy a bunch of weapons and armor to go charging into battle head first.
No. 484403 ID: 735f4f

So has this snouter ever done something like this yet? Or is this just something that has been known to happen.
No. 484447 ID: f50094
File 135792326241.jpg - (250.52KB , 1940x1228 , #15 Chat chat natter natter.jpg )

What? Oh, yeah, definitely. Better avoid it at all costs. Very bad thing to happen.

>Don't worry, I'm a professional at this sort of thing. I'll take it for the future of this village's womenfolk.

>That's reassuring Ring. Hopefully you won't have to... take anything for us. God that's a poor choice of words.

>I guess you could subdue it with poisoned bait. The only problem is snouters are omnivorous so they naturally know not to eat any of the bitter tasting berries which harbor poisons. It will spit out anything bitter on reflex. Actually that trait is exploited by some plants so they aren't used as a food source by snouters. Sorry that's not particularly relevant. Give me a minute... ummm... Ooh! Tum weed makes you very sleepy and barely has any taste whatsoever. If you can get the Giant Snouter to eat a handful of Tum weed odds are it would pass out, stone cold, for a couple of hours. I'm not sure how you'd go about tracking it or setting the bait though, you'd have to ask a hunter.

>Regular snouters are known to get frisky when in season but they don't usually go after people. The Giant Snouter has, uh, jumped two women so far. Folks were a little skeptical at first, but after the second girl got... got everybody started staying clear of the forest.

>Oh certainly! In fact some of the plants around here can be almost deadly, and not just if ingested. There are skip vines and pollen grasses and blue nettles... I've written a guide book about them. It can help you identify any of the harmful fauna you may encounter and I drew little illustrations so you're sure that you know what you're looking at. You could buy it if you want.
No. 484450 ID: 37aa84

Maybe we can talk to the two women who were attack maybe their experiences with the beast could provide a clue to where it hangs out.
No. 484452 ID: f2c20c

Buy that book. It could save your life. Give her a tip in case she notices the damaged flowers later. I think our next stop is the hunter in town, so ask where you can find them.
No. 484468 ID: 572be1

get that book.
your clothing puts you at a distinct risk against anything that poisons on skin contact.

.. on the other hand you aren't the same species as.. well, anyone. You ~might~ not have the same reactions as they do.

Still, better safe than itchy.
No. 484502 ID: 78c6ea

Visit the blacksmith. Metal pants are the best idea.
No. 484511 ID: 522afb

I think we should also ask about these plants that fake being poisonous. Maybe if we rub them all over our body we can get the snouter to ignore us if we need some time to do things around it?
No. 484513 ID: 7dfd0a

Definitely check out that book. Admittedly, since your skin repels most water based fluids (was that eel slime oil based? Bit hard to tell I suppose) there is a good chance you won't absorb poisons through your skin. Still, better to know what might happen anyway, and the plants could be useful in other ways too.

Also worth asking where you might find some of that Tum Weed. Is there a picture of it in the book?
No. 485888 ID: f50094
File 135844219452.jpg - (268.50KB , 1911x1232 , #16 Nigel you gosh darn naughty boy.jpg )

I probably won't have a problem with skin contact. When I was younger I picked up a stinging nettle, it felt strange so I played with it for a while. Eventually Mother called me over and told me off for pulling up flowers then took my hand to lead me away. Turns out my skin is too thick to let me get stun but soft enough to let the needles get stuck in my fingers. Mother had to wear a gloves for two days and Father spent an hour slowly removing all the needles from my hands with tweezers. It was cool to be immune from nettles but I felt so guilty about stinging my mother. Still a good idea to buy the book though.

I pay for the book and wave away the change. I ask where I could find a hunter.

>A niddle called Rodger lives quite close by. All the way up the street and turn left, then left again and he's in the long house with the thatched roof. He comes in occasionally to buy herbs and such from me. He's such a nice guy; I'm sure he'll be really helpful.

Id rather not waltz up to either of the victims and ask exactly where they got raped. Y'know, since most people don't enjoy that kind of thing. I'll check whether Katie knows.

>One was by the, oh hang on a second, there's a map of the forest in the guidebook. I can just circle the locations for you. These aren't that precise, but I don't suppose that will matter so much.

>It's just a couple of shrubs that taste bitter. Speargrass and karamu, that's White karamu not normal karamu. You probably don't know what normal karamu is. It's all in the guide at any rate.

>Oh yeah, there's a picture of it in the guide like all the other plants. Tum Weed has got this fluffy white bloom on top o-Nigel! Be more considerate, you know she's afraid of you. Honestly you just like scaring people don't you, you rude little bug?
No. 485895 ID: f2c20c

I just realized that thing has no wings. How is it flying? Or are they flapping so fast as to be invisible?

Get yon book, and let's talk to the hunter next.
No. 485897 ID: 78c6ea

People don't enjoy that sort of thing???

I-I mean of course they don't. How uncouth!
No. 485900 ID: 37aa84

Yeah exact locations won't matter, something that size probably needs a rather large territory to get enough food for itself. A vague ballpark area will work good.

Let's go see that hunter see if he knows anything can draw the attention of a snouter like a call of some sort.
No. 486949 ID: f50094
File 135889601485.jpg - (153.04KB , 1795x947 , #17 Fairys suck.jpg )

No wings, must be magic. It's probably a fairy or something. Uhggg it's still gross.

I thank Katie and leave the florists, packing my new guidebook in my bag. I follow the directions she gave me and proceed to knock on the door.
No. 486956 ID: 78c6ea

Be careful. The door may be trapped.
No. 486996 ID: b6edd6

At least it isn't the shouty kind of fairy.
No. 487001 ID: f2c20c

Knocking sounds good. I wonder what the hunter's gonna be like?
No. 487149 ID: 683454

Be prepared to resist his Manly Charms lest something unwholesome happen.
No. 487212 ID: 37aa84

We don't have to worry about his manly charms that much. Guy probably bathes in deer urine to mask his scent while hunting, hopefully we won't have to go that far to catch the snouter.
No. 487504 ID: f50094
File 135912046110.jpg - (160.28KB , 1791x930 , #18 I am trapped in leather.jpg )

What? Why would the door be trapped? It's some guy's front door, nobody mentioned traps. I'm sure Katie would have mentioned traps if they were... I'll just take a small step backwards.
No. 487505 ID: f50094
File 135912057869.jpg - (228.41KB , 1473x1479 , #19 Suffocating in cowhide.jpg )

>Morning Stranger. What can I do for you?
No. 487507 ID: f50094
File 135912082792.jpg - (165.70KB , 1129x987 , #20 I need out.jpg )

No. 487511 ID: c6319f

Whatever you do don't say "Whatever you want."

Tell him that you're looking to take care of the giant snouter or at least steal some of its treasure and that you would appreciate talking shop with a hunter who knows the local area.
No. 487516 ID: d87442

Purge those unwholesome thoughts post-haste! Also, do ask him about the snouter you intend on hunting. And the local area. Anything that might be of help trying to deal with the beast.
No. 487544 ID: 78c6ea

No. 487545 ID: f2c20c

I bet he's gay.

Anyway, go on and bring up the Snouter and that you're planning on dealing with it.
No. 487549 ID: 683454

Resist urge to babble about Snouter x Ring x Hunter Activities.
No. 487551 ID: 40d49a

Ask him to join you in this snouter quest. He looks like a strong guy.
No. 487554 ID: f2c20c

I don't think she wants anyone else to be around to interfere when we're dealing with the snouter.
No. 487560 ID: 8434c7


Unless he's, y'know, married or some shit.
No. 487675 ID: b33427

...Oh, my... It's like he stepped off the cover of a cheesy romance novel, and you have absolutely no problem with that!

Babble that he could catch you, 'cause your knees have quite suddenly gone all wobbly for absolutely no reason whatsoever. If he does catch and hold you up, grin like an idiot and engage in some quick, wholly unwholesome thoughts involving him before he lets you go.

Once you've regained your mental faculties and are no longer drooling all over him, then you can ask him if he'd help you in dealing with the large snouter problem.
No. 487732 ID: 616985

You're staring.

Staring at his Huge Pectoral Muscles!

That is most unwholesome, you should let him stare at your cleavage as recompense for your unwholesome behavior.
No. 487962 ID: f50094
File 135928883706.jpg - (180.96KB , 1501x842 , #21 Oral freedom and hot tea.jpg )

I wasn't going to thank you very much. I attempt to ask for help but when I mention the Giant Snouter he interrupts.

>You're going after that thing? That's some damn admirable bravery miss, I'll certainly help. Well what are we doing talking on the door step? Come inside and I'll make up some tea.

I didn't have any unwholesome thoughts. I was merely surprised by his ruined ear.

So I'm inside now and Rodger is making us tea. I wonder what it's like to open your front door and see a blue dragonesque person standing there waiting for you. I know I live in a world with a lot of very different species but I'm still surprised by how casually some people greet me. On second thought you'd have to be a very casual person to waltz around without a shirt. Anyway I mention the Giant Snouter again.

>Ring was it? Yes, Ring, while I do know a lot about snouters, I've never seen one even half the size of the thing in those woods. My bow wouldn't do much beyond annoy it, like giving it a nasty splinter. On the upside, I also know that the bigger ones like caves. Since I only know one cave that's in that forest that's even remotely big enough for that beast I might just know where it is. It's in this old, dried up, river bed smack-bang in the middle of the woods. I haven't gone to check of course, that thing could tread on me and not even notice, but I bet my other ear he's there. If I'm right you'll need to walk into the forest about where the actor people are and If you see scratches on the bark of the trees after ten minutes that means you're in his territory. And that also means he's got to be in that cave. No other caves 'round there for a good long trek and I can't see no way for him to dig himself a burrow. Ha, I'd tell you how to track him Ring but, I don't think you'll need much help seeing where he's been treading. There'll be flowers flat as pancakes for a mile.

I can't ask him for help directly, adventurers can only party with other adventurers. It's so we're not seen as a nuisance. It used to be that every other treasurer hunter or explorer who came into town grabbed a sidekick or two who inevitably died during something hugely dangerous. Adventurers got a really bad reputation and were pretty much shunned for a while. The Guild got annoyed and forbade tag-alongs and things soon got better. We still have a seriously bad reputation for theft and promiscuity but that's never going to change.

I'm not drooling. I'm just, um, salivating a little. And If he doesn't want people to stare he would wear a shirt.
No. 487967 ID: bf54a8

ask about methods to kill it, talk about your ability to withstand skin contact dangers. like nettles.
No. 487977 ID: b7169d

Hey, HEY! *Snap snap*

His eyes are up a bit farther lil missy! Don't be rude.
No. 488067 ID: bdb3f8

That trophy plaque has a tiiiiiiiny fish on it. Why is there a tiny fish on it?
No. 488087 ID: f2c20c

Ask him why he wasn't surprised at your appearance.
No. 488135 ID: 7dfd0a

Hmm, that seems to cover everthing you wanted to know. Maybe you can come back for your victory celebration once the snouter is dealt with.
Assuming you aren't too... tired.
No. 488178 ID: 68bbc5

We don't want to kill it! That would be such a waste of... an innocent life.
No, we just want to make it satisfied to no longer bother the townspeople.

Ask what snouters are interested in, other than women.
No. 488181 ID: b33427

One way to deal with the giant snouter would be to drain the magic out of it, same as the eel, and it'll shrink back to normal. That would require suitable gems, though, but Mr. Swing the jeweler might be willing to help there. The real trick is getting the giant snouter to hold still long enough to pull it off. Drugging it with Tum weed would work, if Ring can find some, and stuffs it into something snouters love to eat. Ask Rodger what snouters absolutely love to eat over all other things.
No. 488262 ID: 78c6ea


> the trick is getting the giant snouter to hold still long enough to pull it off

Geeeeeee I wonder how we could ever do thaaaaaaaat?

> what snouters absolutely love to eat over all other things

stoppit I'm dying
No. 488320 ID: 4a20fa

Good question.
No. 488547 ID: f50094
File 135945488255.jpg - (183.67KB , 1536x854 , #22 Also known as Goats Williow but never sniggere.jpg )

I was looking at his, uh, teacup. It's very well made.

I'm not sure if I want to kill it, but I'll ask.

>Get a bigger bow? Ha, sorry that was terrible, uh, If you catch it while it's asleep and jam a spear somewhere vital I'm sure it'd die eventually. 'Course if the point doesn't hit the heart, brain or lungs on the first push the chances of you dying before it does aren't too good. And begging my pardon Ring, but you don't look strong enough to go shoving a spear two feet deep into anything. As for the skin thing, you could try diving in nettles if you find yourself being chased. Not much will follow you into nettles that won't regret it.

>I sure was surprised yesterday when I saw you walking through the market. I'm a little ashamed to say that I did all my staring then. Why did you bite that chicken's head off by the way? Mary started spluttering and waving her hands and then you tried to apologize but just ended up getting blood on her dress. Quite the comedic kerfuffle. It sure was impressive the way you swallowed that entire chicken though. Never seen anyone fit so much in their mouth at once.

>It's a bit of a joke. That's the the first thing that Brian caught when we went fishing together. Just for fun, I hung it up on a trophy plaque. It made him laugh. I managed to convince Katie that it's this incredibly rare venomous biting fish and that I had to smack it with my fishing rod to knock it out. Oh you've met her? She's a nice girl isn't she? Keeps a very odd pet.

>Other snouters, not that there'll be any near it's territory, brown mice and uh... Let me remember... oh yes, that was it, Pussy willow! The- are you all right Ring?

>No, no, I'm fine, I'm fine. Just choked on my tea. Down the wrong pipe. Y'know.

>Nasty. At least the tea wasn't too hot. Anyway, this Pussy willow-sure you're all right? Ok. Well, it likes moist places and it can survive quite a lot so hopefully you can find some around the cave.

I'd need a big jewel to shrink the Giant Snouter. Baby didn't affect the eel very much. Woody will know all the details about gemstones and the like. I'm not going hunting for brown mice so it looks like I'm going to need some Tum weed and Pussy willow for my bait.
No. 488643 ID: 4a20fa

Enquire about this Brian.
Be prepared to stop contemplating his teacup.
No. 488644 ID: f2c20c

Brian is the really nervous miner. We could tell Rodger we met him.

Also flirt with the hunter, you know you want to.

Oh! Inquire about the frequency of the 'attacks' the Snouter has perpetrated on women in the village. I'm wondering how often the thing gets randy.
No. 488647 ID: 2accaa


Tell him that you can fit a lot of other things in your mouth at once.
No. 488984 ID: d6d37a


Yes, say you have lots of practice with it. Inquire if that skill will be of any use against the snouter.
No. 489060 ID: 683454

Maybe he would be willing to inspect your Pussy willow before you use it on the Snouter.

Also, if we are unable to get an adequate gem, ask him if there is another habitat we could lure the Snouter to so that it will stop bothering the women.
No. 489271 ID: f50094
File 135971079164.jpg - (179.45KB , 1492x852 , #23 Randy Snouter cause for alarm.jpg )

>I can fit a lot of other things in my mouth too.


>Yeah, I've had a lot of practice with it. I once tried to swallow a whole watermelon on a dare. It burst when I got it about a third of the way in and sprayed juice and seeds everywhere. Think it'll be much use against the Giant Snouter?

>Haha, not likely.

I don't have any Pussy willow on me and if got some it would be a waste of time to come back here and show it to him. I'll ask about luring it away.

>That wouldn't work, snouters are territorial. You'd have to lure it miles away before it considered abandoning it's turf.

I am not going to flirt with him. It wouldn't work. I mention I met someone called Brian yesterday at the mine and ask if it was the same niddle he's talking about. I also ask how many times the Giant Snouter has attacked the village.

>You met Brian? That's strange he doesn't usually socialize with anyone. Did he seem ok? I was expecting him to visit after work but he never showed. You didn't talk to him too much did you? He's got this tendency to panic when he meets new people. I should probably go and check in on him soon. Anyway, the Giant Snouter has jumped two women and scared the living daylight out of another. It's spring so the thing's constantly looking for new partners. That beast definitely has to consider itself an alpha male and during spring they don't do much beyond claim as many different mates as possible.

I am, of course, very much worried by this new information.
No. 489274 ID: bf54a8

well let's just set a trap, and we act as the bait. 100% it will take it.
No. 489278 ID: f2c20c

Tell him you released a lantern full of ghosts in front of Brian. So yeah, he might want to go console him or something.

Oh, ask about that lizard trophy. Then maybe it's time to go? Thank him for the tea.
No. 489870 ID: f50094
File 135987645718.jpg - (154.10KB , 1646x872 , #24 A damn interesting lizard.jpg )

I casually explain, in the vaguest possible way, my adventure in the mines. Again overusing the the word magic to the point of callousness. Rodger visibly blanches when I get to the part where I basically opened a jar of ghosts. He wishes me good luck with the Giant Snouter and jogs out, leaving me sitting alone at the table. In his house. He didn't even put on a shirt.

I feel pretty awkward about doing this in someone else's home, but I wash up the teacups since I didn't get to thank him for tea. Or ask him about that lizard trophy thing. I gotta admit, I was curious about that lizard.

Well, what now? We could go to the Jewelers and try to find an appropriate gem to shrink the Snouter. I still don't fully understand the intricacies of the morphic magic we're dealing with but Woody will.
No. 489873 ID: f2c20c

Why not? I'm not sure we will be able to find a big enough one, but we can at least try.
No. 489880 ID: b33427

...Oh, dear. Rodger's quick exit does not bode well for Brian. Hope he didn't have some kind of mental breakdown from what happened. Better ask about that when you get back from this snouter business.

Okay, first stop is back to the inn to talk to Woody about magic. He's probably getting pretty bored. Maybe you could wear your pack from now on so he'd at least be able to hear what's going on. Anyway, ask him about using multiple gems at once to draw the magic out of the snouter, since it's unlikely the jeweler has a gem big enough to do the whole job in one go and you'll have to use a board with a bunch of gems stuck to it.

Then you can ask the jeweler whether or not he'll loan you the gems if they'll end up charged with morphic magic once you're done with them.
No. 489887 ID: 78c6ea

Use a paddle studded with magic absorbing gems, and beat the snouter into submission!
No. 489893 ID: 4a20fa

Maybe you should investigate the Snouter in person first to see exactly how big it is and just how much of a gem you'll need.

It would be just terrible if some other adventurer got there first while you were faffing around in town and stole your thunder.
No. 490007 ID: d161aa


I concur, time is of the essence, no telling who or what might get to that big, massive, meaty, treasure before you do if you don't hustle to it.

And also, buying new gems to try and de-giantify the snouter might cost more than what the snouter's horde is worth..

...unless perhaps the snouter horde has it's own cache of huge sparklies, then wouldn't we all look a right bunch of ninnies shelling-out cash monies for something we could've absconded-with if we'd just been a little more proactive?
No. 490186 ID: b33427

We're not going to buy all those gems; We're just going to borrow them. If any get lost, then we'll pay, but not before.
No. 490191 ID: 78c6ea


I don't know if any jeweler would appreciate their finest gems all gummed up with magic now.
No. 490281 ID: 65c3dd

If anything magical gems are worth more! It's simply science.
No. 490308 ID: 05c847


What if they get gummed-up with something else?
No. 490409 ID: a09eb8

Consult Woody before we do anything like spending money.
No. 490550 ID: f50094
File 136008465772.jpg - (139.48KB , 1527x815 , #25 That\'s french for on route.jpg )

I do want to see how big it is... And If another adventurer got in the way it would complicate things to quite an awkward degree. I don't want to just run in willy-nilly and make a mess of this, however, I can pop in to the jewellers en-route to the forest so that won't take too long

Brian didn't seem too traumatized by the whole lantern-full-of-ghosts thing; he'll be fine with Rodger looking after him. I wonder how many rumours will spawn after people see Rodger running shirtless into Brian's house. Also I am wearing my pack - I always wear it. I'll talk to Woody here since Rodger's front house is a bit removed from all the others. These huge hedges will help too, it's a very private garden. I'll ask him how many gems I might need.

>Good morning Mistress, how are you today? In a hurry are we? I shall attempt to make my answers more concise; do tell me if I begin to waffle on at all. I have a known tendency to waffle so if I do start just-pardon? Oh right, hah, what did you want to know?

>Hmm... Multiple gems could be used Mistress, but the Giant Snouter was transformed by the massive pale onyx crystal so the amount of crystals you would need to half the size of the creature is not an amount you could carry around. Gemstones can conduct magic but certain kinds absorb certain magics more easily. I recall mentioning that your ruby is a terrible conductor and the onyx is the most potent.

>Magic infused gemstones are commonly worth more than mundane ones. In some areas, like the High North, where magic is less known such things are regarded with, not exactly fear, but trepidation. This means many buyers would be rather nervous about wearing something overtly mystical around their neck; everywhere else, a gem which shines of it's own accord is seen as an exquisitely expensive luxury.

>Possible, but unlikely. The Giant Snouter would have to of consumed a ghost or other spirit for the crystal to absorb anything beyond magic and the creature is obviously unpossessed.

Is this everything we want to ask him guys? I can't ask Woody questions in town or at the jewellers and I want to get into the forest soon.
No. 490571 ID: b53faa

Check the favicon thred over in discussion, I did a couple icons for ya!
Let's see if we can find out if gems can be used as a conduit as opposed to a storage tank!

You know, redirect the lightning and the fire and the BAZZOP DING BOP as opposed to putting it in the itty bitty crystals?
No. 490607 ID: f2c20c

Oh neat. That means we can increase the value of our gems by absorbing magic from the snouter! Heck, you could even cut a deal with the jeweler to go on absorption runs. He miiiiight have enough in stock to reduce the snouter's size by a noticable amount... but that's probably not a viable solution. Unless he stocks a bunch of onyx? Ask Woody what the best gems for magic absorption are and about how much of the best ones we'd need.

If there's no likelyhood of the jeweler having what we need, I think you'll have to drug the beast then kill it. Or restrain it so that someone else can come do the deed, if you don't want to.
No. 490853 ID: 665805


Or you could use your mouth.

Now give Woody a nice smooshy hug and thank him for his service before we get on our way.
No. 490937 ID: b33427

Yeah, making a onyx gem release valve for the magic in the snouter sounds like a good idea, but how to make it? Ring's no wizard, that's for sure. Could she make even a very basic one with just Woody's instruction? It might be that the only option would be to fill and discharge a mess of gems manually, and we don't even know of a way to discharge gems. Better ask Woody about that as well.

Before you head off, ask Woody if things go bad, and worse comes to worst, he'll be alright with you sticking him to the snouter's face to knock it out. It's only in case things go really wrong, so it shouldn't be needed, but you'd like his permission all the same.

When you head to the forest, you're going to have to search for pussy willow outside of the snouter's territory. A snouter that big has undoubtedly eaten every bit of pussy willow around by now, so you're going to have to go a bit far afield to get any.
No. 491094 ID: f50094
File 136024696484.jpg - (142.38KB , 1514x785 , #26 Subtle mouthings and wood.jpg )

>Afraid not Mistress, only wizards can release or direct magics. A wizard could make a simple wand for you to use, but raw magic in gemstones is a power you cannot tap.

>Different gemstones absorb different magics more easily but the four core gemstones are the best conductors. Pale onyx is morphic magic, Dull onyx is luna, Scale gleam is potency and Cloud stone is zephyr. The properties of the four core gemstones is actually shrewdly hidden in a nursery rhyme. The poet was a student at university and found song helped her remember arcane lore more easily. Quite amusingly she ended up enjoying the poetry so much that she left the university and found fame for her prose. In fact most of her more famous poems-hm? Goodness was I waffling again? I am sorry Mistress, I have a very active tongue. Ahem. To half the size of the Giant Snouter you would need a chunk of pale onyx half the size of the giant crystal you saw in the cave. This presents two distinct problems. One is the difficulty provided by the weight of such an object and your ability to easily move that weight. The second is that a piece of onyx that large would be extremely valuable. Valuable enough to hire a hundred adventures which could easily remove the monster and render your services rather moot Mistress.

>Ah, interesting. You wouldn't be able to make a true Morphic Siphon Mistress, but if you incapacitated the beast you could manually fill and drain a single crystal until it was a normal size again. Genius Mistress! You will need to press the onyx against the Giant Snouter until it glows brightly, the gemstone of course-not the animal, and then jam the stone into the ground. Whilst pale onyx normally absorbs morphic magic from the earth, a charged piece of onyx will slowly discharge until there is roughly the same amount in the gem as the soil around it. To speed up the process; touch your ruby to the onyx after you have grounded it. Rubies are worse conductors than the ground itself and magic always flows along the easiest path. This means a bad path will push the energy stored in the crystal down through the easy connection into the soil.

Great, if we can get the Giant Snouter to stay still long enough then we can eventually shrink it back to normal. I'm sure James will have a bit of onyx in his shop I can borrow.

>As for using me on a living creature Mistress, um, I'd appreciate it if you only used me as a last resort. It's just not a very pleasant experience, that's all.

Use my mouth in what capacity? Did you want me to hold a gem in it or something? Why not just use my hands? I will give Woody a hug though, I feel he deserves it.
No. 491097 ID: 40510d


It may endanger your wholesomeness, but I suppose you could use your hands as well, under the snouter.. to make him.. calm.
No. 491106 ID: aef453

Excellent idea, the Snouter's weakness might be belly rubs!
No. 491160 ID: f2c20c

I think we have a solid plan now. It's off to the jeweler's.
No. 491185 ID: b33427

Alright, lets get to James and see what he has for us to work with.

Could you use multiple gems at once to drain the snouter? How about ones of different resistances, since James likely doesn't have a whole lot of pale onyx in stock? 'Cause you're gonna want to get as much magic out of the snouter in as short a time as possible. Ring could hold as many in contact with the snouter as she has crooks between her fingers, plus one in her mouth, and maybe one between the toes of one foot.

Oh! How about sticking the gems under the incapacitated snouter, where they'd touch both it and the ground at the same time? Would that drain the magic directly into the earth? Does Ring have to keep holding the gems for that to work? If not, then perhaps she could make a "discharge mat" by sticking the gems through a sheet of cork, gluing them in place, then sliding it between a part of the sleeping snouter and the ground.
No. 491792 ID: f50094
File 136050663514.jpg - (130.82KB , 1484x751 , #27 A very oddly shaped nut.jpg )

Yeah, I'm getting pretty excited about this. I know adventurers are supposed to be relaxed and casual all the time, but I've never done something this cool before. Before yesterday my adventure with the most bragging rights had been handing in a highwayman. It wasn't even that brag worthy; he passed out choking on an oddly shaped nut. I turned his horse around and trotted him back into town. Of course, I always tell a slightly embellished version of events.
No. 491793 ID: f50094
File 136050670042.jpg - (137.56KB , 1752x1169 , #28 Leisurely walk.jpg )

Can't see why I couldn't use multiple gems... Depends on what James is willing to lend me. I don't know if he'd be happy about letting me wander off with the intention of finding a treasure hoarding monster with half of his stock in my pocket.
No. 491819 ID: b53faa

hey, might as well ask, right?
No. 491841 ID: b33427

He's sure to be glad to lend them out to someone who's planning to use them to get rid of the town's giant snouter problem. Plus, they end up glowing, which improves their value. It's not like you won't pay for any that are lost. And if you do steal them, you won't get away with it since your appearance is so unique. You wouldn't be able to enter a single town or city in this entire country without a knight or city guard spotting you. All in all, odds are he'll come out the better for lending those gems out, and can say he helped in solving the snouter problem.

But, if after your explanation, he's still reluctant, offer to leave Baby Ruby and all your cash with him as collateral, just in case things do go wrong. Don't forget to get a receipt.
No. 491845 ID: 78c6ea


Her concern is that the snouter would kick her ass and steal her gems, thus leaving both of them at a loss to stop the damn thing, plus now she's lost all the jeweler's gems. Bad combination if you ask me.

Maybe you should just take one gem, and after it's full you can return with another. That way you only risk one gem at a time, the problem continues to diminish, and you get to engage with the snouter over... and over again...
No. 491850 ID: f2c20c

Leaving collateral would let you take more useful gems with you, for certain.
No. 491972 ID: 7dfd0a

Well, I suppose she could ask to borrow some gems, but I don't see that working out very well. Adventurers don't have the best reputation when it comes to respecting the ownership of shiny things.
We might be better off trying to use the snouters hoard as our magic siphon instead.

As an aside, it occurs to me that this snouter is engaging in behavior that is rather non-standard for a snouter. I wonder what caused that? A malfunctioning magical compulsion? If so, it's behaviour might change significantly when we drain the magic out.
No. 492233 ID: f50094
File 136067564934.jpg - (92.93KB , 1069x692 , #29 Furious back-peddling.jpg )

>Good mo-oh hello Ring, what can I do for you?

I explain the situation and ask if I could borrow any jewels; Pale onyx for preference and as many as he's willing to part with. As it turns out, James knows all about the magical properties of gemstones and simply cogitates for a while, mumbling sums under his breath. He gestures for me to wait and then walks into the back of the shop, returning with three big gemstones roughly the size of Baby. He lays them out on the desk and points at them.

>The smallest one is Pale onyx and the other two are mundane onyx. The fastest way to drain magic is to use one gem at a time, multiple gems muddle the flow for some reason. With three gems it shouldn't be too hard to get a constant flow going.

He looks at me expectantly.

>Um, are you just giving these to me? Not that I'm not grateful or anything, but don't you want some collateral or something? This must be worth quite a bit.

>Ring, If you didn't have the resources to shrink the Giant Snouter and then got... well, if anything unpleasant happened, I'd feel in no small part responsible.

>That's really sweet of you James, thank you.

Oh, whoops, made him blush. Shouldn't have been so sincere.

>Well it's not the only reason, I do want to see the Giant Snouter gone. And if you bring back magic filled jewels I do make a profit. It's not just because I'm worried about you. Not that I'm not, not worried about you but, uh... Good luck with the Giant Snouter Ring.
No. 492234 ID: 76b151

Thank him and lets be on our way.
No. 492236 ID: f2c20c

Reassure him that you'll be just fine. You've got a great plan, and he's a great friend for helping out.

Better to dash his hopes early on by friendzoning him when he just has a crush on you. Y'know, if you really aren't interested in him.
No. 492276 ID: 4a20fa

Mental note: use all three gems at once.

I mean, you don't want to shrink the Snouter too fast, do you? It, uh, might be magically unstable or something. Could be dangerous.
No. 492297 ID: 9ddf68

maybe leave him something of some vaule just as a show of good faith, and tell him you'll trade back after this thing is said and done.
also is there anything else you think you might need before you fight this thing or you think you're good
No. 492316 ID: 266a7a

We could leave him baby as a good faith kind of thing
No. 492339 ID: b33427

It's sweet and all that he trusts you enough to lend you what must be three of his most valuable gems without collateral, but you ought to leave Baby Ruby and most of your cash with him anyway. It's a bit morbid, but, as an adventurer, there's always the chance you'll struck down, never to be seen again. You just don't want to leave James short the whole value of these gems if the worst happens. Besides, you aren't going to be spending any money while tromping about the forest, and Baby will be safe from the big, bad snouter if you leave her with James, so it's actually a good idea to leave them behind.
No. 492608 ID: f50094
File 136081135244.jpg - (134.62KB , 1588x970 , #30 Branch hands.jpg )

I gave James my purse and Baby, both for safety and as collateral. He looked pretty relieved so I'm betting he was a lot more nervous about handing me those gems than he let on.

It's a shame James has a crush on me; he's such a nice guy. I'll, uh, tell him I'm not interested later. I know I should do it now, but I hate rejecting people. Especially cute, shy people like him. Poor guy, I bet he has a such a hard time talking to girls. Maybe I shouldn't have given him such a massive shot of my cleavage yesterday. Hmm...

As for the Giant Snouter's behaviour, being zapped three times your size sounds like it would have some side effects. If draining the magic reverses it's growth then it makes sense that it would undo any other changes it went through.

Y-yeah, smart thinking. I shouldn't rush a delicate magical process, that could definitely be dangerous. It's a much better idea to do it slowly and safely. No point in shrinking the thing just to have the gems go haywire on me and turn my arms into tree trunks or something.
No. 492612 ID: 9ddf68

so you heading out now
No. 492622 ID: f2c20c

It sounds like we're ready. Prepare yourself.
No. 492623 ID: f2c20c

...wait, if you left your purse, where are you carrying the gems and Woody?
No. 492628 ID: 683454

You obviously like the guy! Look how much time you've already spent with him. You had your date and you even trusted him enough to take care of your gem.

Run back and affirm his feelings, who knows if you'll get another chance after running off into an adventure.
No. 492637 ID: 78c6ea

You're going to reject him? That doesn't sound very wholesome.
No. 492644 ID: b53faa


hey, back off a bit guys. she can make her own choices, yo, and she made it pretty clear she isn't interested.
our duty is gonna be making the newsbreaking as painless as possible, yo.
No. 492646 ID: b33427

Well, looks like you're ready to head out. What time is it? You might end up having to go pretty far to find pussy willow, depending on if the giant snouter's territory is equally giant.

As for James, wait until after the giant snouter is taken care of before telling him how you feel and what's what. Just don't take off immediately, dodge the whole thing and leave him hanging. We'll never let you live it down if you do that.
No. 493466 ID: f50094
File 136102798769.jpg - (511.50KB , 2687x1655 , #31 PG rating ends here.jpg )

I took my purse out of my bag. I still have my bag and the gems and stuff, I just took out all of my money.

Jeeze guys, you sure know how to make me feel a lot better. It's not like I felt bad about it already or anything. He's a nice guy but, I don't want to date him at all.

I'd say it's around nine-ish. I woke up early and I haven't been up that long since I finished breakfast and that was at like, eight? Well it's definitely not noon yet so we pretty much have the whole-wait did you just threaten me? That's, uh, new. Ok, I promise I'll deal with James after I'm done with the Giant Snouter, unless it's, like, really late or something when I get back. I'll do it by tomorrow at the latest.

Yep, I'm off. Into the forest.
No. 493474 ID: dfa9b0

Yeah, sorry about james there. He tends to get a bit rowdy at the prospect of Unfavorable Outcomes.
He does have a point though, we have overseen many a quest such as yours and in every instance where something like that happened it evolved into a running point of contention.
You should def. make it a note to let the dude down. Make that a high-ass priority, otherwise you will definitely regret it.

Anyhow, let's get this trainwreck moving on and away! Let's start for the forest, see what we can find there in the way of Phat Loots and bait.
No. 493493 ID: 29654e

Alright! Let's make this shit take place.
No. 493536 ID: 78c6ea

It'd be more compassionate to tell him the reasons you aren't interested.

1) He's a high class sophisticated gentlemen, and you like dirty working class men.
2) He is tied to his shop, town and family, while you are bound to be far away from it most of the time, other towns, other countries. Distance relationships never work.
3) He needs a woman who appreciates his efforts, and you are too clueless to pick up on it, much less appreciate it. Too indirect for you.
4) You just got an eyeful of magnificent olympian beefcake and are still too engrossed in that fantasy to consider the hunkiness of the mortal man.
5) He probably knows all this and doesn't intend to pursue any sort of relationship beyonde light flirting. In fact he probably only blushed because you reminded him what you're going to be doing with the Snouter.
No. 493538 ID: b53faa


Guys, let's focus on the task at hand. We can focus on what to say to the shopowner when it is time to do it, yo.
We gotta focus on some bona-fide adventuring here, capiche?
No. 493542 ID: 78c6ea


Adventuring is all about relationships and drama, didn't you know?
No. 493577 ID: f2c20c

I dunno if whining at you constitutes much of a threat. I think we should sortof drop the subject of James though, guys. Let's not ruin the mood here any further.

It's serious time. We've got a Snouter to encounter.

Make your way into the forest and look for those obvious signs that Rodger mentioned.
No. 495303 ID: 486fdc
File 136160142752.jpg - (505.69KB , 2219x1473 , #32 Started Uni, was busy.jpg )

It's not the threat, you've just never really tried to coerce me before. I was surprised. You can whine at me if I do something mean though, that's fine.

I thought it was about danger and excitement and that the only relationships were quick love affairs with very grateful villagers. I didn't become an adventurer for drama and angst.

Yeah none of that is important right now, we've got some proper monster hunting to do. One huge forest to explore and one Giant Snouter to find. I'm not even remotely nervous. Yeah.

Let's, uh, go over the plan again guys.
No. 495314 ID: f2c20c

Step 1. We head into the forest in the general direction of the last reported location of the Snouter, and look for signs of it marking its territory. Once we find those signs, we keep going deeper into the territory until the snouter reveals itself.

Step 2. THINGS happen.

Step 3. After THINGS have happened, we go find some Tum Weed and Pussy Willow, and feed it to the snouter so that it will stay still long enough for us to drain its magic with the onyx and other gemstones.

Step 4. Return to a very grateful village!
No. 495341 ID: b53faa

Ok, first off? Find a stick.
A BIG stick.
We are literally wandering around with no defenses whatsoever are we RETARDED

Grab something to defend yourself with, gurl.
We need mister whacky.
No. 495345 ID: 4a20fa

1) Find snouter
2) Distract snouter
3) Prod snouter with gems once it's been all distracted out
4) Profit
No. 495346 ID: b33427

Okay, can we please do this without (painful) THINGS happening? Ring does not want those kinds of THINGS, right? Right? Right.

Really, if a big stick coulda stopped that thing, then all those THINGS wouldn't have happened to those two poor gals back in the village who met it out here. Only thing a big stick would do is make it angry on top of everything else, and then THINGS would be extra bad.

Okay, here's what you're going to do: You're going to plant your blue butt on that stump, pull out the plant guidebook, and read everything on identifying, locating, and harvesting Tum weed and pussy willow. There's no snouter marks here, so you're safe.

Next up is finding the giant gashes in trees marking the giant snouter's territory, and absolutely staying on the outside of it while looking for pussy willow and Tum weed. Get a giant sized amount of both, stick 'em together, and that's it.

Now you can head towards the center of the snouter's territory to place the knockout bait. This is the hardest part, 'cause you're just as much bait to it as the pussy willow. If THINGS befall you, just make sure it eats the bait too.

Incidentally, how fast can you climb a tree? 'Cause you might need to really fast to avoid THINGS happening.
No. 495354 ID: b53faa

The stick isn't for the big thing at the end, ya donk! It's for all the littler things that will inevitably be blocking our WAY to the big thing

There are always an assortment of weaker monsters around to toughen you up for the boss encounter, yo.
Also, while you are at it you should probably go find a quiet place you can find again easily for reasons I will reveal upon completion of the task.
I got an idea, but a bit of mystique might be involved.
No. 495413 ID: 78c6ea

"We'll never let you live it down" is the kind of threat that friends say over beer and chips after a crazy adventure. It actually means "We will preserve the memory of your interesting life" as a reaffirmation, but to sound more humble it's ironically framed like an exaggerated insult, along the lines of "Kid, if you get any taller we'll have to buy new doors!" or "This food might be poison. I'll need a second helping to double check," or the classic "Break a leg"

Anyway in context it's more a statement about our nature, rather than a threat or attempt at coercion. To put it simply, it's not a threat, but a warning. Nothing works us up more than relationship drama.

Anyway it's not like he proposed to you. You won't even be letting him down. There's nothing to let down from!
No. 497233 ID: 486fdc
File 136222621939.jpg - (444.13KB , 2016x1248 , #33 Pussies.jpg )

This one looks pretty big, it's gnarled too. Gnarled means it's stronger right? Or does it mean older? Eh, it'll do, I can whack things with it regardless.

I know, I know; I was surprised at how vocal you guys were about the whole 'relationships' thing and I overreacted. Sorry.

Reading the guidebook is a good idea; I probably should have done that before I came in here to be honest. Right, lets see here... Tum weed, Tum weed...

>Page 22 Tum Weed is a large weed commonly mistaken for an oversized dandelion. During most seasons they simply appear to be a blue headed flower, but when they start to reproduce they shed their leaves and form a fluffy white cluster of seeds. This cluster has a wool like texture and tastes quite sweet, but also induces heavy sleep when consumed. Tum weed is also known as a “Daddylion” or “Daddylions” due to it's size in comparison to it's smaller cousin. It tends to grow in well lit areas and windy places and is only eaten by certain insects.

>Page 35 Pussy willow grows in both wet environments, such as riverbanks and lake shores, and in drier sites, wherever bare soil becomes available due to ground disturbance. Before the male catkins come into full flower they are covered in a thin grey fur, which are for some reason is said to resemble tiny cats; leading them to be called “pussies”. The catkins appear long before the leaves, and are one of the earliest signs of spring. Pussy willow is also a favoured meal of brown mice and snouters, the former eats the stalk of the willow whilst the later eats the pussies.

There isn't anything in here about harvesting either of them, but I don't think that will be too hard. The hard part will be finding the plants in the first place and then finding enough for a Giant Snouter sized dosage. Oh, and I can climb a tree kinda fast if I need too. Probably not fast enough though.
No. 497234 ID: 4a20fa

Your best bet is probably to wander around aimlessly, occasionally stumbling over tree roots and looking lost. This is both a sure-fire way to lure monstrous beasts, and covers ground for your herbidacious search.
No. 497254 ID: f81162

Perhaps we should climb a tree partway and see if we can see any of those plants from there?

Im all for sneaking around, otherwise.
No. 497255 ID: 9ddf68

well I think you should find the Tum weed first because if snouters like to eat Pussy willows and you have some on you without the Tum weed it would be more likely to attack, so find a sunny area and start looking for some Tum weed
No. 497324 ID: f2c20c

Snouters eat the pussies, huh?

I guess you could climb a tree now to see if you can spot, like, anything relevant.
No. 497579 ID: 7dfd0a

Definitely don't gather any Pussy Willow until you have enough Tum Weed. Not only will the snouter be more likely to attack you if it smells you are carrying it, but there is a good chance that the snouter will have made anywhere that has Pussy Willow its territory.
No. 497607 ID: 78c6ea

I wonder what Pussy Willow looks like.
No. 497615 ID: 68bbc5
File 136236618204.jpg - (48.90KB , 250x250 , pussy-willow.jpg )

I really hope you're not serious.
No. 498865 ID: 486fdc
File 136279116176.jpg - (274.23KB , 1382x1307 , #34 Not much of a veiw.jpg )

I don't see very much from up here. I think I can see a bit of a clearing over on the left though, I'll try walking towards it. It could just be a gap in the trees but we've got nowhere else to go so might as well.

Carrying around the Giant Snouter's preferred meal would make me a massive target. Finding some Tum weed first is definitely a better idea.

Let the wandering begin.
No. 498883 ID: 9ddf68

just remember to look over your shoulder every now and then.
No. 498894 ID: f2c20c

Refresh me on where the bandits hang out? It would be really inconvenient if we ran into them instead of the snouter.
No. 498977 ID: 53688c

Consider finding a flower, herb, or even just mud to mask your scent. We don't want to encounter the Snouter until we're good and ready.
No. 498994 ID: 486fdc
File 136281443694.jpg - (211.15KB , 948x912 , #35 Discovery and clothes.jpg )

They are on the bigger island, up north. Don't need to worry about them for the moment.

I'll find a flower, I don't quite feel like covering myself in mud. I had to cover myself in slime yesterday, I don't want rubbing muck all over myself to become a staple of my adventures.

I'll keep an eye out for danger, an ear too. Can't be too careful.

I'm surprised at how much safer I feel now that I'm holding this stick. Like, I know it'll be nigh useless against the Giant Snouter unless it goes right into one of it's eyes but, for some reason I still feel better. It's kinda like the difference between being naked and being clothed. Clothes won't protect you from anything except the weather but we all feel vulnerable without them. Maybe clothes are a bad example. You probably know what I'm getting at though. Th-wait I heard something. Movement, there's something moving over there.
No. 498996 ID: b53faa

Told you the stick would be a good idea. Get ready, any of the voices in here with combat knowledge start describing some basic defensive stances to our good hero here so she doesn't get her asshole reamed too hard by whatever vile creature is about to lunge at her from out of the underbrush.
No. 498997 ID: 9ddf68

well move over there quietly and see if it's what you're looking for. if it is Run your ass up a tree and wait for it to leave, if it's something else dangerous see if you can't sneak by and if not the tree is still an option (unless it can climb or something) and if it's nothing keep on keeping on i guess.
No. 499004 ID: f2c20c

We haven't seen any signs of the Snouter marking its territory. So it's probably not him.

Be careful. Try to get a look at it from a distance.
No. 499013 ID: 78c6ea

So... see any Tum Weed? It's white and fluffy on top.
No. 499056 ID: 53688c

Crouch down and slide into the space between those bushes behind you.
If it's immediately threatening, you can shimmy up a tree from there.
No. 499111 ID: 4a20fa

Clearly, you must investigate.
No. 499452 ID: 7dfd0a

I doubt that it's the snouter. My guess is that it's someone from town that decided to follow you for some reason.
Anyway, the correct response to something that is trying to sneak up on you is to hit it with a stick.
No. 501047 ID: d8fff4
File 136368899840.jpg - (431.73KB , 2543x1293 , #36 Ho gosh isn\'t this exciting.jpg )

Got my stick at the ready, I'll start sneaking now.

I kept low and scurried towards the noise, I can hopefully take a gander at whatever it is through these bushes.

Hey it's a mouse. Oh look it's nose it all twitchy.
No. 501048 ID: 76b151

Thats a very large mouse.
No. 501050 ID: b8e729

Is that a brown mouse? (We don't know, we're colour blind!) If so, it's probably on the look out for pussy willow, which isn't what we want first.

Carefully follow it in order to find any sources of pussy willow.
Do not follow it past any indicators of snouter territory. Do not grab any upon finding it, of course. If we find a safe spot, we'll get back to it after getting some tum weed.
No. 501083 ID: 9ddf68

looks more like a rat to me
No. 501095 ID: d5086a

Pocket animals can be useful. Acquire oversized rodent
No. 501180 ID: f2c20c

Are you hungry? Could be a meal.
No. 501246 ID: d8fff4
File 136376793149.jpg - (308.60KB , 2519x830 , #37 It\'s sinuses are terrible.jpg )

Not really, Door mice are a lot bigger and Hill mice are gigantic. It's big compared to regular mice though-like those tiny ones that cats eat.

What, like, stuff it in my bag or something? What do you mean by acquire?

I'm not really hungry right now, besides it's so cute. Look it's wiggling it's nose again!

You guys can't see colour? Weird. Yeah the mouse over there is a brown mouse. I'll stalk it for a while, hopefully it's a bit peckish and it'll lead me to some Pussy willow.
No. 501255 ID: f2c20c

Good idea! Stalk the mouse, and practice being stealthy.
No. 501262 ID: 14bafe

Of course we mean just stuff it in your bag by acquire! We use definition 1 for words here.

Anyway, that's for after you find where the plants are. THEN you acquire the mouse.
No. 501684 ID: d8fff4
File 136393959613.jpg - (350.21KB , 2464x873 , #38 Acquiring backchat.jpg )

I don't think stuffing it in my bag will endear it to me. Won't it just be cumbersome and wiggle a lot?

I've heard that the some sneaks in the king's city think really hard about shadows to help them stay stealthy. I thought that thinking about shadows all the time would be distracting. I mean surely you should be focusing on the task at hand right? It just seams a bit silly to me.
No. 501686 ID: d8fff4
File 136394001995.jpg - (508.38KB , 2802x1224 , #39 Sneaky girl.jpg )

Hey great, a bunch of Pussy willow! And it looks like there's enough here for the Giant Snouter. Well enough to hide some fistfuls of Tum weed at least, which is all we really need.

So, um, do I shove the mouse in my bag now?
No. 501689 ID: f2c20c

Naw. I can't see any reason to. I don't even think it would fit. Just scare it off.

Grab some pussy willow. Also, I am proud to say that we have discovered the edge of the Snouter's territory. Look at those claw marks.
No. 501690 ID: 76b151

Mark this location on your map. We still need the other thing since we don't want to bring in the snouter early.
No. 501691 ID: 9ddf68

well we are on the edge of the giant Snouter's territory so I really think we should get some tum weed before we start grabbing the big lug's Favorite food and go running around with it, that is just screaming for trouble
No. 501692 ID: f2c20c

Well, Tum Weed is in brightly lit, windy areas. Did we get to that clearing, or did the mouse interrupt you?

Tum Weed would probably be in the clearing. So let's go get that before we encounter the snouter.
No. 501701 ID: b8e729

Tum weed time!

As you move back, set little landmarks in order to remember how to get to this spot again. Set one every time you feel you've gone a fair distance, or want to change direction. Preferably by splitting a twig and forming an arrow shape marking your prior direction.

Grab that mouse too. We... we need it.
No. 501812 ID: 53688c

I think it'll be safe to take the pussy willow, as long as we stay firmly out of snouter territory.
If we don't take it now, it might be eaten by the mouse or snouter, and we'll have to find more. Let's not take that chance.
No. 501839 ID: 8ffedb

There are some claw marks in the trees nearby, be careful.
No. 502698 ID: 51508f
File 136454544833.jpg - (401.71KB , 2193x1128 , #40 Useless creature.jpg )

It is a little risky to leave it here. If something found it while we were gone we'd have to go looking for a another lot of it. Better to take it now and just steer clear of the Giant Snouter's territory. I'm sure I'll be safe enough since this patch of Pussy willow hasn't been munched on at all. Not munched on by snouters I mean, the mouse doesn't count.

Yeah, that has to be his territory; those claw marks are huge.

I was headed to the clearing when I saw the mouse, I'll backtrack and then go scouting for Tum weed.

Why do we need the mouse? Is it a distraction if I get chased or something? I'll, uh, just carry it for now.
No. 502699 ID: f2c20c

I don't think any of us wants it for anything other than silliness.
No. 502701 ID: 9ddf68

don't know way some of us want it, maybe because it looks kinda cute?

Anyway Yeah go and get the Tum weed then just back track to here and we can then work on a plan to trap the Snouter
No. 502702 ID: 4a20fa

The claw marks are clearly where the Snouter has been. Since that's in the past tense, you know it's not there any more, but it could be in any of all of the other places. Therefore, the safest place to go is deeper into the woods where the claw marks are.
No. 502704 ID: f2c20c

I think we'd better get the tum weed asap, honestly. After we encounter the snouter, and either get away or endure molestations, we don't know if it will stick around. It may be harder to find after that, so our best bet is to have the drugged pussy willow ready the first time we meet it.
No. 502713 ID: f994d8

I don't know the use the that mouse, but since we have it, maybe we should name the little guy.

Name it Jerry.
No. 502720 ID: d5086a

Ok then, leave the mouse on the ground, it's not like you will be in a desperate situation thinking "oh jeez! I wish I had a small critter to save me from this horrible mess", right?

Take the weed and check if you can find more marks, maybe you will be able to track the snouter
No. 502734 ID: 76b151

creatures typically leave clawmarks to mark out territory. It lasts longer then scent marking which they also probably do.
No. 502765 ID: 51508f
File 136461813723.jpg - (406.72KB , 2141x1129 , #41 Bags of pussy.jpg )

Yeah, we wouldn't want it to, to get away at all. I'll grab these pussies and hurry off back to where I saw the clearing.

Rodger said that once I see the claw marks then I'm in his territory. Wouldn't that mean they mark the outside of his territory like the border on a map?

I kinda thought so. I'll take Jerry with me and leave him near where I came in since I'm going back there anyway. I'll pick him up on the way out, not much use for him here.

Aw man, I probably should have brought some cloth or something, these pussies are flaking tiny hairs over everything. I'll have to clean my bag out later.
No. 502767 ID: f2c20c

Bummer. Uh, I hope the snouter doesn't rip up your bag trying to get at the pussy willow in it.
No. 502776 ID: 943463

You should store them in your pocket, instead; that'll be much easier to wash later than the inside of your bag.
No. 502777 ID: 9ddf68

is the mouse playing possum or what's it's deal?
No. 502783 ID: 12c19f

It's playing carrot.
No. 502784 ID: 78c6ea

You're going to bag those hairy pussies and you're going to like it!
No. 502895 ID: d1efde

I think the mouse IS a possum. It's kinda big for a mouse.
No. 502897 ID: 12c19f

I like it.
No. 504347 ID: 51508f
File 136531444167.jpg - (366.99KB , 1667x1138 , #42 Very Handy.jpg )

Yeah that would be annoying, I like this bag.

I would if I had pockets. I don't buy clothes with pockets in them anymore; my hands aren't exactly the ideal size for pocket usage. I remember the first time I was ever given a key it got stuck down my pocket and I couldn't get it back out. I was too embarrassed to ask a stranger to stick their hand in my skirt so I had to sit outside my room until my brothers came back and let me in. The next day Father bought me a handbag whilst trying not to snigger.

Oh it's just given up is all, mice give up easily. And it is definitely a brown mouse; possums don't even live this far west.

For some reason it's growing on me too. It is very cute isn't it.
No. 504349 ID: f2c20c

Eh. I think it has a silly-looking derpface.

So, what species are your parents, anyway?
No. 504350 ID: 12c19f

And were any of your siblings unidentified whatzit species?
No. 504351 ID: 9ddf68

well since it seems we don't have much else to do well we look for some Tum weed why don't you tell us about your childhood or something, let us know a little bit more about you, oh and with that pocket thing why didn't you just try and pinch the inside of the cloth or whatever it was made of and just turn you pocket inside out to get at the key.
No. 504380 ID: 78c6ea


Sometimes they're sewn in on the inside. Also some of us aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
No. 504381 ID: f2c20c

Hey ring, what should we do if(when, because she wants it to) the snouter catches you? Should we just shut up and let you deal with it yourself? Should we encourage you to fight back? Or something else?
No. 505025 ID: 509e51

You should get yourself a sporran.
No. 505488 ID: 51508f
File 136583235715.jpg - (452.78KB , 2016x1248 , #43 Dropped off.jpg )

Of course it's face looks silly, it's a mouse, all mice look silly. The twitchy nose is what endears it to me.

My adoptive parents are both humans. I have four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. Mother adopted my brothers and me whilst she was pregnant with Eloise and Martha, they're twins. Henry and Wilbur are both niddles which leaves me as the only whatsit species in my family. The only dragon-shark-whatsit ever as far as anyone's ever known.

My childhood was pretty great, It started off a bit rocky since I was adopted and such. I spent the first four years of my life in an orphanage, the carers weren't cruel or anything but, not having any parents really sucks. And even though I was so young I was old enough to feel bad about being abandoned by my real parents, so that sucked too. Then Mother and Father came in one day and asked Henry, Wilbur and me if we'd like to go and live with them and for them to be our new parents. I was so scared of saying anything wrong I just nodded. Being adopted is a lot for a four year old mind to comprehend. My new brothers and I slept in the same room together to reassure each other that our new parents really were coming to pick us up tomorrow and it wasn't just a dream or something. I remember holding Henry's hand all day because I was worried that maybe if we weren't together then they wouldn't be able to find me, so they'd take Henry and Wilbur but leave me behind. That doesn't make much sense I know, but as I said I was four at the time. We got picked up and taken to our new giant house and everything was amazing. Eventually our sisters were born and we got long great together. Basically if I hadn't of had to go to those horrific singing lessons my life would have been pretty much perfect. You guys were there on and off by the way, doing your disappear and forget thing over and over.

No it wasn't sewn on the inside, I just didn't think to do it. In my defense I was too embarrassed about not being able to fit my hand in my pocket to do much proper thinking.

Those tiny bags you wear like a belt? If I see one that isn't tartan and doesn't have any tassels I might splurge.

W-well obviously I'd want you to help me try and escape from it, but if the situation arises where I am, uh, definitely trapped... I don't really know, do what seams reasonable at the time?
No. 505492 ID: 9ddf68

huh neat, so how long until the mouse stops giving up ever 5 seconds and hows the tum weed search going, think you're getting closer to it or still just wondering around aimlessly hope to stumble across a patch of the stuff?
No. 505493 ID: f2c20c

We've had memory issues before? Aww. When do we usually disappear? Hopefully soon after solving some major dilemma or helping you steer your life in a new, better direction? Because that feels like what we're here for. To help in a time of need.

I guess I'll just wing it if things go in that possible direction with the Snouter, since you have no preference.

Still no Tum Weed in sight. Getting kindof antsy here.
No. 505494 ID: 943463

> (sad/happy orphan tales)

Glad to hear things turned around for you; sounds like you had some pretty awesome parents the second time around, at least.

> Basically if I hadn't of had to go to those horrific singing lessons my life would have been pretty much perfect.

Singing lessons? Well, as unpleasant as the experience was, did they take? If so, would you grace us with some singing? It'd be a great way to stay upbeat in this creepy forest.

> W-well obviously I'd want you to help me try and escape from it, but if the situation arises where I am, uh, definitely trapped... I don't really know, do what seams reasonable at the time?

Mentally hold your hand and reassure you that you'll get through it OK? And help you trap the snouter afterward so you can bring it back to town and keep it as a pet?
No. 505517 ID: cb2d38

So your siblings were more common than whatever you are? Also, I suppose we're the reason you were seeing a shrink in the first place?
No. 507175 ID: 51508f
File 136662488624.jpg - (612.17KB , 2561x1587 , #44 Backgrounds.jpg )

My parents were great yeah. You really appreciate what you have when you know you could have grown up without it but, oh man, I still hated those singing lessons. We did some singing lessons in school and somehow my music teacher got a hold of my mother and convinced her that I should join the choir. Mother was pleased as punch that her daughter was so exceptionally talented and signed me up. I thought it wouldn't be that bad but no, they were awful; singing bars and the same tedious songs over and over. Before I'd even been to my first lesson Mother was already bragging to her friends about how her little girl was hand picked by the music teacher because she was just so great and she was oh-so proud of me. I couldn't tell her I didn't enjoy choir when she personally came to pick me up from every lesson and my teacher gushed about how wonderful I was to her every time. And then came the performances. I don't like being the center of attention, I don't like crowds and I don't like performing. Half way through my first performance I wanted to beg Mother to let me quit but she actually started crying during my solo. Even Father was beaming so hard it was like his teeth were trying to escape from his mouth. So no, I don't feel like gracing you with some singing.

Yeah, Humans and Niddels are two of the major races and make up pretty much the entire population of the Riverlands. According to a few pretentious explorers and researchers I make up the entirety of my population. And surprisingly you're not the reason I have a psychiatrist, it's actually a different matter he's worried about. Unnecessarily of course. He's just a busybody who likes to poke his pointy nose into other peoples business.

Now I come to think of it you do tend to disappear after helping me. Hmm. Anyway you tend to fade out after a while and forget pretty much everything that happened. The longest you've lasted is about three or four days I think. Whenever you come back you only seem to know what's uh, like, relevant to whatever I happen to be doing at the time. Selective memory maybe? I've no real clue.

I'm doing what I said earlier, dropping Jerry off where I came in and walking to where I saw that clearing. Tum weed ought to be pretty common if it's anything like dandelions. Those are pretty ubiquitous.
No. 507177 ID: 878835


You didn't feel any satisfaction or exhilaration at impressing people after your performance? No satisfaction? Well, not liking performing is a reasonable quality. Aside that it sounds like you just didn't like the tedium of practice. Ever try singing just to yourself, like, improv style?

Having a really good singing voice can be useful, you know. If you can get the amplitude and frequency just right, you can shatter glass. Who knows when you'll need to break a window or something in your line of work? Glass-obsessed wizards, disposing of evidence of fairy godmother activity, maybe breaking crystals without touching them... but who would ever need to do that, right?
No. 507181 ID: f2c20c

We seem to be having a lull in the action so let's talk about your therapist. What's he like? Also let me make something clear- I am fairly sure I know what he's concerned about and while it can be dangerous I think we've taken enough precautions for you to indulge yourself this time. It's not like the snouter's gonna kill you or anything. I will avoid spelling it out since you seem so very reluctant to speak of it directly.
No. 507200 ID: 001618

so since we are still dicking around until we stumble across a patch of tum weed what where some of your earlier adventures and how do those ones end.
No. 507229 ID: 5bf190

Maybe you should have a climb of those trees and check if there's any disturbances around, just to be safe.
No. 507255 ID: 9a9249

You're not a nymphomaniac, are you?
No. 507978 ID: 51508f
File 136713156968.jpg - (594.41KB , 2589x1477 , #45 Bathsalts are awful.jpg )

I climbed up one and looked around. It seems clear enough.

Performing was a harrowing experience. I'd get cold sweats when we had big crowds and I couldn't even look at the audience unless I could stare directly at my parents. If no one I knew was in the audience I'd walk on stage and stare really hard at my toes so I wouldn't be able to see the crowd. If we had to look ahead I'd keep my eye level very high up or lock my eyes on the conductor's baton. I was really bad back then. When I got told we would be performing at the Grand Albert Hall I started hyperventilating and almost collapsed. Luckily I got to pass that off as some vague but debilitating illness and skip the whole affair. Father had a slight phobia of germs and Mother would panic if one of us got so much as a splinter. So after my music teacher told them I may have suffered heat stroke I got to spend the next week in bed next to a continuously refilling bucket of ice. Now I'm older I'm able to cope much better with crowds but, when I was younger, being stared at was something that really got to me.

I suppose I tend not to sing now because it brings back unpleasant memories. I never liked the songs we had to sing and it was awfully tedious. Also I'm fairly sure I can't reach the sheer volume required to shatter glass. I'm definitely not part harpy.

He's a smug patronizing prick and a living lexicon of utterly unnecessary words. He's basically a massive show off who thinks he knows what's best for everyone just because he's got a medical doctorate. He even wears a suit at all times just in case you don't find him pretentious enough.

I once overheard a ton of rumours about this old lighthouse where some people thought that thieves were hiding loot. I climbed the outside and peered in through a window where I found four thieves, who had been doing a lot of pilfering lately, cooking dinner. I made some noise upstairs and then snuck back down using the windows and sprinkled some bath salts into their cooking pot. I waited for a while until they stumbled outside to be sick and then ran in to grab whatever looked to be the most valuable. I nabbed a lock-box full of pearls, but I actually got caught by the one thief who been throwing up in the bathroom instead of outside. When he grabbed me I pushed the rest of the bath salts into his face and he got so queasy from the smell he had to hunch over to stop himself from retching. I sprinted out the open window and back to safety. By the way you guys were helping me throughout the whole of that one. Do you remember any of it at all or is it entirely blanked from your memory? Regardless it was definitely one of my most successful adventures to date.

No; I never found Nymphs all that attractive. I had a friend once who went on about them though.

Oh hey, I can see the clearing up ahead.
No. 507979 ID: f2c20c

Oh good, we're making progress again then. Hey, did your therapist ever focus on your issues with singing, or was he too focused on 'fixing' your other oddity we're not talking about?
No. 507981 ID: cf49fc

Bathsalts to the face!? Lordy, those other voices were vindictive. That stuff dissolves brains! Ah we- Wait, didn't you say earlier that your most exciting adventure was catching the Highwayman who choked on an oddly shaped nut?

This lighthouse story seems way more interesting than that. Why wasn't it your most bragworthy tale?

Also, keep on guard. I sense the potential for great chaos to unfold should an instance of your therapist occur in this vicinity at this time.
No. 507993 ID: 51508f
File 136714979229.jpg - (923.85KB , 3481x1801 , #46 Death by Bubble bath.jpg )

Bath salts don't dissolve brains. They'd have to put that on the packet. No one would take baths in salt that dissolves your brain. I have a lot of baths with the stuff and I'd have definitely noticed my brain dissolving.

I said that catching the highwayman was my adventure with the most bragging rights. The lighthouse is still my most successful adventure because it went so well and I acquired a whole box full of pearls. The highwayman man tale is the most brag worthy because the highwayman is famous. People know who Benjamin Lacewood is; he's got a reputation. Actually before I left town one of the jailers came to tell me that Lacewood had woken up and requested to congratulate his captor before she leaves. I was a bit surprised, so I went to see him in his private cell where he surprised me again by begging me not to tell anyone what really happened. We discussed it for a while and we settled on me tripping him during a knife fight, causing him to smack himself unconscious on a well placed rock. He was very grateful. Gave me his autograph and two nice gold earrings he had hidden in the seams of his boots. He also said that he'd tell his friends not to underestimate me, which was nice of him. I gave the autograph to my sisters for their birthday, I think Elizabeth had it framed.

It came up. I think he said something about it proving that I don't hold myself in high regard or that I don't place too much importance on what I want or something. I do recall him saying: it is very natural for a creature raised away from it's own kind to be uncomfortable in the spotlight. That's the only time he's ever talked sense though. After that it was all complete poppycock.

Hey look; Tum weed. How much do you think we'll need to put the Giant Snouter to sleep?
No. 508000 ID: 9ddf68

well we are going to hide it in with the pussy willow so I say enough to hide in the pussy willow we already got but don't make it look to obvious. so around a handful or two less of tum weed then of what we have with pussy willow.
No. 508029 ID: 943463

I think he said something about it proving that I don't hold myself in high regard or that I don't place too much importance on what I want or something. I do recall him saying: it is very natural for a creature raised away from it's own kind to be uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Good advice.

Explains why you find things like adventuring much more appealing than performing. Performing usually puts more attention on form over function, style over substance, and thus *what* you are matters more, and that's a bit of an uncomfortable subject. You'd have to wonder, "are they staring because I'm a good singer, or are they staring because they've never seen anything like me?" I think you'd find most of the time it's the former, but it's still an uncomfortable question.

When you're adventuring, *who* you are matters more, and what you can accomplish. And you do seem to have a talent for it. Plus, it's something we can help you with.

But don't let an aversion to crowds and bad memories thereof ruin your enjoyment of something. You can sing without performing for others; sing for yourself, not for anyone else.

No. 508033 ID: cf49fc

Well, I'm no pharmacologist, so I'll say all of it.

Admittedly that reasoning led idiotic government researchers to murder an elephant with lysergic acid diethylamide, but hey, in this case if the snouter perishes few people will care. Also, it's a weed. If it dies of eating a weed, it was probably going to perish sooner or later.
No. 508045 ID: f2c20c

Ever tried singing by yourself?

As for the tum weed, well... if we really overdo it, the snouter might die, but that isn't a big deal for us. We just need to be sure the snouter won't realize there's tum weed in the pussy willow. I'm guessing the sedative effects are not in the puffy part, so you can remove that and just sortof stick the stems in with the pussy willow. He probably won't recognize them then. How about equal parts pussy willow to tum weed?
No. 508050 ID: 65c3dd

It also would be a good idea to think what about crowds it is that makes you uncomfortable? Is it the expectation the audience has or just a dislike of the spotlight being all on you?

I mean if you plan on being a legendary adventurer you will eventually have to talk in front of a large crowd when some queen knights you or you save a prince and they want you to make a speech.
No. 508051 ID: 8b318c

>Also I'm fairly sure I can't reach the sheer volume required to shatter glass

You need about a 105 decibels, if you were trained to sing to a crowd in an actual music hall then you'd probably be able to manage it with a little effort, especially since you seem like you'd have better lungs than the land-walkers. Say, did you train at all to hold your breath as long as you can, or is it just totally natural? If the latter you could probably practice to hold it even longer.

Considering the size of the snouter, you probably need a lot of tum weed, so as much as you can think will be hidden. In its natural herb form it's probably not that concentrated to begin with.
No. 508076 ID: 943463

Shattering glass doesn't actually require huge volume so much as accurate pitch.
No. 508145 ID: cf49fc

Aye, huge volume will shatter ANYTHING if it's loud enough, not just glass.
No. 508208 ID: 78c6ea

Whatever you do don't test the Tum weed to make sure it works.
No. 508213 ID: 4a20fa

>How much Tum weed to put the Snouter to sleep?
Well, not too much. We don't want to hurt it, and anasthesia's a tricky business.
No. 508238 ID: 943463

It'll probably stop eating gradually as it gets knocked out. And it has a very high body weight; it'd be hard to overshoot far enough past "unconscious" to hit "dead".
No. 508275 ID: 943463

Well, you've found more than enough tum weed to do the job, and it seems unlikely that you'll find the snouter right next to it, so I'd suggest collecting about as much tum weed as you did pussy willow and moving on. You need to find somewhere to set up a snack for the snouter, where you can hide and watch for it unseen. Head in the direction where the attacks occurred, find a clearing or similar, mix some tum weed in with pussy willow, and arrange it in the shape of whatever you think a snouter might find appealing. Then climb a tree and wait. Hope you brought a snack, it might be a while.
No. 509997 ID: 51508f
File 136834907203.jpg - (281.78KB , 2496x1315 , #47 Tumb Weeding.jpg )

Really? How does that work? I thought that harpies were the only thing that could break stuff by singing. How loud is a decibel exactly?

Don't worry I won't. It is oddly tempting though, it smells like sherbet.

I tend not to sing to myself, no. I do like humming however. Oh, and the guide book said that the woolly part induces sleep, not the stem, so I'll be grabbing the fluff.

It's the dislike of the spotlight; I hate being stared at. And if, somehow, I ever manage to save a prince I'm going to run out on my own speech. It's sort of a tradition anyway, the more extravagant the ceremony the less likely it is that the hero of the hour ever arrives. Not showing up to a party in a small village is disrespectful, but blowing off a royal banquet is completely acceptable. Adventures and decorum don't exactly mix anyway, you don't expect down and dirty street fighters to show up and dance at a ball. I remember a very old story about a Queen who had her husband's saviour locked in a dungeon until the thank you party was ready. They had to drag the poor niddle in irons to her own ball so the King and Queen could thank her properly. They gave her a medal and everything, she was very upset.

That's a nice way of thinking about it. I suppose I'd love to be known as Ring the adventurer, rather than the dragon-girl Ring. That would be nice. Then again I think I'd prefer not to be particularly well known. Wrist Danton can wear a hood when he wants to be anonymous, but I'd have to be wrapped in cloth from head to toe just to stop people noticing I was blue.

I'll just grab as much as I can for now; I'll be more exact when I actually make the trap.
No. 509999 ID: f2c20c

Then it seems we are ready.

Make your way back to the place you found the pussy willow. That's where the Snouter's territory starts. Then I guess we just start... walking around in there, to see if we can find the Snouter or its lair?
No. 510019 ID: 943463

Sounds like singing work by moving air back and forth at a certain rate, different for every pitch. That air moves other things back and forth, including eventually a listener's ear. Glass tends to spring back when pushed on, including from the tiny pushes caused by sound moving air. You know how if you're sitting on a swing, you have to pump your legs at just the right time to gain height? Singing at exactly the right pitch causes the pushes from the air to sync up with the glass springing back from the last push, and then the glass moves faster and faster until *crack*.

You need a decent volume, but primarily you need near-perfect pitch, and then you need to maintain the note that causes the glass to vibrate; it's the same note you'll hear if you tap the glass against something hard.
No. 510022 ID: 9ddf68

alright then head back to the Snouter's territory and set up our little tum weed trap then clime up a tree and then comes the oh so fun waiting game as we wait for the thing to come by and hope it has an empty belly so it actually stops and eats, then we have to wait for it to pass out. so what I'm saying is after you place the trap just make sure the tree you climb up in is comfy as we are going to be there a while
No. 510035 ID: 27d984

>Really? How does that work? I thought that harpies were the only thing that could break stuff by singing. How loud is a decibel exactly?

Uh, it's hard to find examples that you would know. Decibels aren't a linear progression; 80 is twice as loud as 70 and 70 is twice as loud as 60. Normal conversation is about 60 decibels, a whisper is about 15. At above 85 is the level where you'd need to raise your voice to talk to someone over it. Town Criers have been measured at about 110, and the loudest unassisted human was a woman who screamed at nearly 130.

105 decibels is the level at which a group of powerful wizards, the Mythical Breakers (I think that was the name), were able to observe an unenhanced human break a glass with their voice. What you do is, you tap the crystal or glass or other thing with something hard, listen to the sound it makes, and then try to match that pitch and its harmonics but ramp up the power.

There are other things you can do with a good voice! 120 decibels is enough to cause pain, and 150 can break eardrums. A good shriek can call for help (shout "fire" instead of "help" in the case of bandits or muggers, because the former attracts people more than the latter), and help you against assailants - martial artists use shouts to psyche themselves up and intimidate their opponents, as well as complementing the breathing technique involved in the actual punchankickan. At the least, a sudden, surprisingly loud scream can stun assailants long enough for you do escape or do something else that's useful. Loud, piercing noises can scare away animals that might be too dangerous to handle otherwise. Being able to throw your voice can help you distract people for sneaking around, as well as put on amusing shows with puppets. If your voice control is really good, you can imitate people's voices, which can earn you money as an entertainer and be used for amusing adventuring purposes, like pretending to be a bandit chief and telling his men to go elsewhere while you loot their loot.

Don't discard singing, either. You can do a lot with that without having to go into concerts with big crowds. You can sing for passersby on the streets of towns and cities to earn busking money, which I'm sure you'd prefer to being parted from your poor, precious crystalline babies. A good singing voice can persuade an evil villain to lock you in a tower rather than killing you, and can attract the sort of especially determined paramour that seems to be your, uh, type? Like that one opera singer and that guy with the mask. That seems like it'd be right up your alley or other passages. Even besides that, singing is a high-class activity, you might attract scholars who know what you are. Plus, you're an adventurer! All the best adventurers need to have some super skill that marks them out, like being an amazing swordsman or a super sharp shot or being able to sneak around on their bare, hairy feet. What about all those bards? Being an amazing singer could be just the thing you need to help build your legend. You don't even need to put on performances! Just let the occasional peasant or noble "accidentally" find you singing "to yourself" in a forest clearing or something, and word will spread.

And, of course, music can soothe the savage beast. In fact, why not try that now? Once you've made the trap, you'll need to attract the beastie. If it's attracted to young women, a bit of ladylike singing should draw it in.
No. 511204 ID: 5e9f8f

Okay, while about half of what that guy said is nonsense, the point about singing as a lure is pretty good. Not a good idea to actually let it catch you, though, as it would probably prioritize you (who can run away) over pussy willow (which will still be there when it gets back). So, it might be best not to risk it. Anyway, proceed to its territory and set the trap. Also, how good are you at climbing trees? Might be handy for a getaway.
No. 512445 ID: 51508f
File 136948429595.jpg - (271.63KB , 2496x1315 , PAUSE.jpg )

I thought I could fit in an update here, but I can't quite manage it. The quest is paused for another week as I hand in three uni projects. Really sorry about the lack of updates but, after this week comes a six week break where I'll attempt to make up for it.
No. 512446 ID: 3e441c

No need for apologies, post at your own leisure: we'll eagerly dive back in come next update. Good luck with school work!

...Extra helpings of Wholesome afterwards? Oh man, yes please.
No. 512538 ID: 943463

Not a problem; good luck with your classes and projects. I look forward to seeing more of this quest when you have time.
No. 512589 ID: 78c6ea

Damn those universities!!
No. 515509 ID: 51508f
File 137075561080.jpg - (447.45KB , 2110x1347 , #48 Tiny bit worried.jpg )

I'm good enough at climbing trees. If the Giant Snouter catches me by surprise I doubt I'll be able to climb fast enough to escape it, but if I see it coming I'm sure I'll be fine.

So if I sing the 'ding' sound you get when you tap a glass to something I can make it wobble until it breaks? Weird. If I get some free time and a bunch of wineglasses I might just try that out. Y'know I always wanted to learn how to throw my voice; I tried learning it ages ago, but never quite managed it. I'm not so keen on busking though, I mean if it stops me from having to sell baby then, I don't know, maybe.

I'm fine with laying the trap out, but I don't really want to just wait around until the Giant Snouter shows up. I mean it might not even show up at all and I only packed two sandwiches. Maybe I can sing to attract it and then hide when I hear it coming?

Those, uh, massive claw marks look a lot more intimidating the second time round don't they. Yep.
No. 515513 ID: f2c20c

It hasn't seriously injured anyone. You already know the worst case scenario.

If you want to be careful, start sneaking around and listen carefully. In a forest like this I'd expect you would hear a large animal before you see it.
No. 515514 ID: c23ab0

It makes a great party trick. People just love it when you sing loud enough to break glass amongst large groups.
No. 515529 ID: 9ddf68

think it would be better to hide in the tree while you sing so it doesn't sneak up on you but yeah that could work
No. 515542 ID: 4a20fa

Better keep following the claw marks into all that dense, concealing foliage. Adventure!
No. 515548 ID: f29aa1

Holy CRAP those "claw marks" are practically destroying the support structure of those trees!

If something heavy even bumps into one, they'll just *SNAP* and fall down!
No. 515554 ID: bef9c6

What if you eat the filling of one of your sandwiches and make it into a pussy willow and tum weed sandwich. Everyone eats sandwiches, right? Improved bait and the bread masks the extra flavour.

Find a good spot to lay it out. Then look for climbing trees, hiding spots and escape routes before you actually lay out the trap. Make a little heart shape of branches around the bait so it looks like a lovely present from an admirer.

I wouldn't advocate singing and waiting until you can hear the giant snouter approaching. Just sing a few lines and hide somewhere safe far away and wait. If it doesn't appear you've only wasted 15 minutes and it's better than being caught and snouted before you can get away.
No. 520179 ID: 51508f
File 137249503750.jpg - (465.45KB , 2110x1347 , #49 Teeny tiny bit worried.jpg )

Sounds a little dangerous. Besides, what if intend to break a glass but end up smashing out a window.

I don't think many snouters eat sandwiches actually; most wild animals don't. Also my sandwiches aren't capable of containing enough tum weed to knock out the Giant Snouter whilst still resembling sandwiches. They'd look like small bushes that someone had left bits of bread on. Anyway I wanna eat my sandwiches. I love egg and cress.

Yeaaahhhh, uh... adventure...
No. 520180 ID: c23ab0

Butterflies, now? Maybe you should creep more carefully.
No. 520186 ID: 65c3dd

Courage and willpower! Adventurers can't be scared or timid! It's gonna be more scared of you anyway all wild animals are. If you stick to the plan then you're never going to interact with it while it's awake.
No. 520187 ID: a6a6d6

Are you afraid...? Are you afraid, Ring?! Excellent!

Who's ever heard of a great adventurer who's never had to conquer their fears? This is one of the big challenges any adventurer worth their salt will face: looking danger straight in the eye, gritting their teeth, and acting anyway.

This is the moment where you stop being dragon-girl Ring and instead become Ring the adventurer! Now, keep going, don't keep the giant snouter waiting.
No. 520188 ID: f2c20c

Wait a second. Some of those claw marks seem too high to be from the Snouter. You got a look at it once, right? Could it reach that high? Did it even have claws that big?

Maybe something else is in these woods. Like a drake or something. Better be sure we're heading in the right direction.
No. 520220 ID: 9ddf68

still think it would be better to make a trap and wait but meh whatever, does this trail look fresh to you at all or is the only thing you can tell about this place is that it is well within the snouter's territory?
No. 524618 ID: 51508f
File 137386663695.jpg - (477.90KB , 2110x1347 , #50 Definite lack of urination.jpg )

yeah...Yeah that's right. I bet even Darious Don had to try hard not to wet himself the first time he fought a Grettle. S-so if I don't wet myself; then I'm basically just as brave as him! Yeah...

Maybe it stands on it's hind legs. Some animals do it as a dominance thing about size, y'know so they look bigger. And it's definitely not a drake, drakes don't have claws and they can't climb trees anyway.

Rodger said the claw marks indicate the Giant Snouter's boarders, so I'm standing on the very edge of it's territory. That's why I'm going to walk in just a little bit before I make the trap. I don't know about any trails, I can't see any massive footprint-oh you mean the claw marks don't you? Right. Well they look, uh, fairly recent? I'm wholly inexperienced with the insides of trees but, yeah I'd wager those cuts were done recently. Since we saw the Giant Snouter poking around here yesterday it's safe to assume that it may have only just marked these trees.

Creeping is a good idea. I will now begin creeping, but in a brave way.
No. 524622 ID: 9ddf68

bravery isn't about having a lack of fear it's about facing your fears but yeah be careful and try and make as little noise as possible, also fun hunting tip, when hunting for something and moving stop every now and then and just lesion to see if you can hear anything. It will give you good forewarning and since you stopped moving you won't be making any noise either so it helps with stealth a bit as well.
No. 524624 ID: f5680f

Use the trees as cover.

Hey, I thought you've been on dangerous adventures before? That's where you got your gems, right? Is there something specific about the Snouter that's scaring you?
No. 524704 ID: c23ab0

Is there something specific about the Snouter that's making it hard not to "wet" yourself? :3c
No. 524709 ID: 01531c


Creeping in a forest is done by stepping on things that lack foliage, like exposed tree roots or rocks or bare dirt.

If you have good eyesight or dexterity, you can move pretty quickly+quietly by hopping by striding+hopping from one to the other.

Once you learn your stride, it's a great way to travel fast+quiet without tiring.
No. 527267 ID: 8e7e26
File 137474487960.jpg - (243.62KB , 1946x1211 , #51 Correct creeping.jpg )

Yesterday was my most dangerous adventure, I've never actually done anything like this before. I don't really deal with monsters. In fact I tend to avoid them as much as possible. Well, all of the more monstrous monsters; I'm not afraid of things like slimes and toadfish and I guess those are technically still monsters.

Good thinking; there's a lot of bare dirt here I can use so it won't be too hard not to tread on anything. The forest floor hasn't been particularly littered so far; this ought to be a good day for learning to creep.

Yeah, I'll make sure to pause every once in a while. Don't want anything sneaking up on me.
No. 527268 ID: 8e7e26
File 137474531257.jpg - (265.48KB , 2080x1204 , #52 Concealment and capture contrivance.jpg )

Ok I think I've walked far enough, I'll set up the trap here.

So how exactly are we going to go about this? What's the plan guys? I wanna be certain before I actually make the trap.
No. 527270 ID: a23afd

Put the drug-laced food out in plain view, then pick a spot nearby where you can watch it.
No. 527609 ID: 5d3169

Agreed, but make sure you're hidden behind a tree or something. Not ground foliage though, you don't want to get tripped up on a surprise thorn bush or anything.
Also, make sure you have an escape route planned.
No. 527615 ID: 9ddf68

plant the stuff making sure more pussy willow is showing the tum weed and clime a tree if you can. If not... then anywhere that isn't out in the open.
No. 527616 ID: a23afd

Dude, your suggestions are becoming more and more unreadable. Read your suggestions to yourself before you post them, or something.
No. 527684 ID: c23ab0


It made sense to me. Perhaps more grammatical marks would help.

Plant the stuff, making sure more pussy willow is showing than tum weed, and climb a tree if you can. If you can not... then hide anywhere that isn't out in the open.
No. 527688 ID: a23afd

I didn't say I couldn't read it.
No. 528079 ID: a186fc

Make sure you're not going to be leaving any scent on or around the trap to warn it off.
No. 528116 ID: e31ca1

You know, before we set up shop here, we may want to consider capitalizing on the fact that you apparently are invulnerable to nettles, and the beast apparently is not. Can you find a similar clearing, but with nettles nearby? Are there any nettles nearby?
No. 528148 ID: 4a20fa

Busy yourself with carefully laying out the trap, focusing entirely on making the position of every last tuft of plant matter perfect.
No. 538138 ID: 8e7e26
File 137769962188.jpg - (309.80KB , 2032x1384 , #53 Scented departure.jpg )

Why? Do I smell at all? I smell fine right, I mean I did all that swimming yesterday.

W-well I'm sure the nettles are an unnecessary precaution-plus I haven't seen any on the way here. It's probably not the best idea to be wandering around searching for a patch of stinging nettles anyway, I mean, maybe the Giant Snouter's already on his way after sniffing out this pussy willow. I'll just wait.

There, perfect. Like a little fluffy hedgehog all curled up in a ball.

All right, the bait's out in plain view; all good n' innocuous. I'll climb this tree and keep watch until something arrives. Hopefully it won't take too long.
No. 538140 ID: 8e7e26
File 137770336392.jpg - (155.68KB , 1644x970 , #54 Adductores discomfort.jpg )

Welp, I'm gunna be here a while.

I wish this branch wasn't so uncomfortable.
No. 538142 ID: dbe554

You might wanna swing your legs over to the left and drape them over one side rather then that position. It seats better that way.
No. 538177 ID: e1609c

You could also try using your scales to rub a smooth shallow groove into it to sit on.
No. 538183 ID: e1609c

also, I drew a thing for ya over in my drawthread
No. 538194 ID: c23ab0

Sure you wouldn't be more comfortable just perched on it sort of like a bird?
No. 538195 ID: 96c896

How unladylike! Is that how you ride horses too?
No. 538223 ID: 9ddf68

just hope the branch doesn't break when the Snouter comes along.
No. 538226 ID: bc8d67

Oh, dear. That definitely looks uncomfortable. Especially since you aren't wearing underwear. Well, unless you decided to wear them today after that embarrassment yesterday with the miners.

Just sit side-saddle-like in the crook next to the trunk so you can hold on to an upper branch to stabilize yourself.

Actually, if you could move up higher into the leafy part, that would be better because it would hide you. Otherwise your blue skin is going to stand out like a sore thumb against the greens and browns of the tree.
No. 538287 ID: 8e7e26
File 137775417498.jpg - (137.62KB , 1506x923 , #55 Ladylike branch topping.jpg )

Is there a ladylike way to climb trees? I'm sure there are times when you're not supposed to act dignified.

I'll shuffle back, closer to the trunk.

Sounds like I'd get a little sore after a while.

Might be fun, but I don't want to risk falling out. Perching on a small branch this high up seems a tad perilous.

Knickers would have been a good idea I admit; It is getting a bit chilly. If I see or hear anything coming I'll hop up into the leaves for cover, but I'll just sit here for now.
No. 538288 ID: 9ddf68

now comes the fun part of hunting. Sitting in a tree for hours on end waiting for your pray to find and take the bait. Seriously you're more then likely going to be up there for a bit before the Snouter so try and get comfortable and find some way to entertain yourself while still paying attention to your surroundings.
No. 538289 ID: 96c896

So after you find out about your race, what do you wanna do? Were you gonna go reunite with your people?
No. 538290 ID: 96c896

Well we could entertain ourselves by teasing her about the possibility of the snouter catching her and having his way with her.
No. 538303 ID: 8e7e26
File 137775925371.jpg - (128.04KB , 1544x874 , #57 Suddenly Alert.jpg )

Glad I brought these sandwiches.

I can hear you y'know.

I guess so; maybe find my biological parents or something. It's mostly curiosity. Just, well, not knowing what you are is quite irritating sometimes. And I do like the idea of finding a place where I can walk down the street and no one bats an eyelid. Finding...

I think I heard something.
No. 538304 ID: c23ab0

It's probably nothing. Continue eating your sandwich.
No. 538305 ID: dbe554

Check in a quick 360 degree arc, look for low rustling. If you see nothing, simply look at the bait for a while. Return to sandwich eating if false alarm.
No. 538306 ID: 4a20fa

Finish chewing. It would be uncouth to be startled by a snouter with a mouthful of sandwich.
No. 538339 ID: 96c896

See if you can get an eye on it.
No. 538343 ID: 001618

try not to make any noise and look around to see if you can see anything... and try not to fall out of the tree
No. 538409 ID: 65c3dd

Not falling out of the tree is like the only thing that matters. You don't need to see the trap for it to work so just focus on not making any loud noises.
No. 538539 ID: 8e7e26
File 137793171559.jpg - (112.51KB , 1372x832 , #58 Coming soon.jpg )

No I definitely heard something.

It's coming from over there. I don't know what it is, but it's getting closer.

I'm holding on as tight as I can.
No. 538540 ID: 735f4f

Don't panic and keep very quiet and don't move at all. If its the snouter we do not want to startle it. Just keep a eye out and wait.
No. 538541 ID: 9ddf68

not much more you can do here other then wait and see
No. 538550 ID: 8e7e26
File 137793919370.jpg - (596.16KB , 3135x2191 , #59 The Giant Snouter.jpg )

It's the Giant Snouter. Oh flipping hell it's huge.
No. 538552 ID: 8e7e26
File 137794017187.jpg - (617.59KB , 2999x2367 , #60 Baiting.jpg )

I think it's seen the bait.
No. 538553 ID: 433578


Wait for it...
No. 538554 ID: 8e7e26
File 137794153102.jpg - (548.02KB , 2632x2281 , #61 Observing the bait.jpg )

No. 538555 ID: 433578

eeeeaaat iiiit
No. 538557 ID: 8e7e26
File 137794243142.jpg - (406.52KB , 1692x2229 , #62 Eeeeeeet etttttttt.jpg )

Eat it, come on. He's just staring at it; Why isn't he eating it?
No. 538558 ID: bf54a8

calm down! you are gonna sweat and it will drip and it will see!
No. 538559 ID: 433578

He's probably sniffing it. You'd expect something called a snouter to have a good sense of smell.

Er. Possibly you should have washed your hands in a stream or something before picking and placing those. Though, the last thing with a strong smell in your hands was the mouse, so that scent shouldn't be too suspicious.
No. 538564 ID: 8e7e26
File 137794761540.jpg - (496.07KB , 2107x2479 , #63 Unplanned excavation.jpg )

I'm sure my hands don't smell of anything other than mouse. That'll be fine right? Snouters eat mice so maybe it's just confused. I really wish it would hurry up.

Yeah. Y-yeah I should really calm down. Don't want to give the game away before-hey no stop that. No don't dig at the bait you prick.
No. 538565 ID: 433578


ok ok keep calm keep calm

Just stay quiet and safe until he either eats it or leaves. And don't move around or grab that branch too tightly! It looks like it's dead and it might be brittle. Also try to stop sweating because you're going to be making your own smell go everywhere. Think about something else. Think about, um. Think. Maybe speculate on whether a creature that's become bigger than usual will benefit from the increased brain size as well? Most big creatures don't have linearly larger brains than smaller creatures. I think.
No. 538567 ID: 4a20fa

>don't dig at the bait you prick
Any second now that prick is going to smell and/or hear you, sweating and writhing like that.

Think wholesome thoughts!
No. 538568 ID: 1cf691

Time to panic! Tell Woody to start vibrating and throw him away from your tree, then make a run for it when the snouter goes to investigate.
No. 538575 ID: 91c1b3

Keep calm, the only way he can get at you is if he takes down the whole tree, and you'd have enough warning to deal with that if he tries. Wait it out and see what he does.
No. 538582 ID: 96c896

Oh my god, he's not just big, he's SMART. Quick, jump down and run away before he sees you!
No. 538594 ID: c23ab0

Whatever you do, don't get suddenly distracted by thoughts of what that snouter will do if he catches you.
No. 538595 ID: 9ddf68

look as long as you don't panic the worst thing that's going to happen is the thing will just walk away and at which point we can just clim down and walk back to town and try to figure out a plan B.
If you panic however the thing might notice you and then you'd be in all sorts of levels of screwed so just calm down, breath BUT NOT DEEP BREATHS OR THE THING MIGHT HEAR YOU, and just wait and see what happens. If it doesn't eat the bait then screw it we'll just try something else later.
No. 538609 ID: e1609c

give it a few more minutes. if it doesnt start snackin' then its time to start packin'.
No. 538779 ID: 8eb1e2

How do you feel about jumping from tree to tree?

...yeah, your options are pretty slim. Just stay still and keep quiet. Even if he doesn't fall for the trap, maybe he will go away once he has eaten the bait. He doesn't seem to have noticed you.
No. 538784 ID: cad45e

You know, you are gonna stink shit up if you keep sweating like that, and scales aren't exaclty known for absorbing up liquids so that shit is gonna start go downwards if you don't calm the fuck down.
No. 538790 ID: 12c19f

Ring you might wanna remember your skin is practically waterproof. All that sweating and stressing might slip you right off that branch like water off a duck.
No. 539019 ID: 8e7e26
File 137811167990.jpg - (299.94KB , 1485x2088 , #64 Calming down I guess.jpg )

I can't do that to Woody! Who knows what will happen to him.

But then he'll definitely see me!

Wholesome thoughts? Uhh, uh S-short skirts make for shorter relationships. Um; swearwords are for people never learnt any better ones, Oh jeeze what else did Dad used to say, uh; cleanliness is next to godliness. I'm not so sure this is helping.

Yeah, you're right, this isn't helping. I gotta calm down. Little breaths, little breaths...


Ok, ok, all I have to do is wait. Probably shouldn't have panicked so much should I? Whispering inside my own head was also more than a little pointless now I think about it. Plus now I'm really sweaty and that's never a good thing. Sigh

Brain size? Well I think that when magic's involved things like that can go one of two ways. One is that it's exactly the same except for the change and the other is when a whole bunch of weird things happen. Magic is complicated and I can't exactly ask Woody right now.

Wait, what's the Giant Snouter doing with the tum weed?
No. 539020 ID: fbb265

Looking at it? Is it smart enough to know what it is?

Keep watching. If all else fails, you can jump on its back, get your arms around its neck and choke it out. It'll probably try slam you against a tree or roll over or something, but you're bendy, right?
No. 539022 ID: 8e7e26
File 137811462662.jpg - (401.17KB , 1892x2299 , #65 Not calm again.jpg )

I gue-

No. 539023 ID: bf54a8

wtf is it talking? oh god.
No. 539024 ID: e97f9d

No. 539027 ID: 8e7e26
File 137811813212.jpg - (371.11KB , 1918x1981 , #66 Oh god what.jpg )

>What cunning mind would create a trap such as this? Who could be the responsible being behind this deceitful pile of plants?

What? W-what?
No. 539028 ID: 4a20fa

Clearly we can solve this problem with diplomacy.

Say hi!
No. 539029 ID: bf54a8

said DON'T fall off!
and stay quiet.
No. 539031 ID: 5502c4

Oh god, it can talk and its sarcastic.
No. 539033 ID: fbb265

Well, if it's intelligent, its amorous propensities towards young ladies are even more dastardly. If we are sure this is the same snouter. Did it look bigger when you glimpsed it before?
No. 539036 ID: dba375

You'd better start thinking up all sorts of apologies now so you can blurt them out when it sees you.
No. 539066 ID: 96c896

...this is NOT what I expected at all. Has he really been raping people or has he been SEDUCING people?

Say hi. Trap's busted, but he can talk, maybe we can still finish the mission via talking to him.
No. 539093 ID: 9ddf68

... Just keep watching and see what it does, and don't fall off damnit.
No. 539098 ID: e1609c

"No need for sarcasm. Wasn't expecting you to be able to talk, though in hindsight the whole "magic" thing probably should have clued me in. Hi there."
No. 539122 ID: 01531c

RIng, you know some classical plays, right?

Try to formulate a response in the same overblown fashion, like the snouter is doing!
No. 539142 ID: c23ab0

Oh god don't say hi it still hasn't seen you oh god
No. 539143 ID: 5fd94e

Let him know your there, it will probably smell you out if it doesn't already know you are there. Having him find you will probably annoy him more than if you talk to him.
No. 539151 ID: 6d5e30

Oh, it's sentient!

Talking to it seems appropriate now that you know. Be sure to apologize to it for the subterfuge and let it know that you had no idea it could talk, or think.

Perhaps removing it's magic with gems isn't the solution here. If it's intelligent simply talking it into parleying with village would be an acceptable solution.
No. 539342 ID: 8eb1e2

Stay still and say nothing! The fact that it is intelligent only makes things worse if it notices us. Remember that it has already assaulted a number of other women.
No. 539344 ID: 6d5e30

There's only wild rumors suggesting that it molested anyone.

Honestly, being picked up by it would be considered molested by most.
No. 539346 ID: 96c896

Well I guess we never talked to the "victims".
No. 539420 ID: 8e7e26
File 137830757671.jpg - (46.33KB , 640x451 , #67 Definite molestation.jpg )

It-it hasn't seen me yet. It's not looking at me; it just keeps posing. Do I really wanna say anything? I don't know what to do.

No it's about the same size. Anyway it has to be the same one, there can't be two giant snouters running around.

You're gunna make me panic again if you keep saying things like that!

Y-yeah maybe I should talk to him now, before he sniffs me out. But what do I say?

>Is the culprit in hiding? Or have they in fact already absconded from the scene of the crime?

Or maybe I could just hang out up here, h-he could end up just walking away. And I won't fall off, I caught myself last time and I can do it again.

Well h-he's not acting very seductive. No one said anything about the thing seducing people. That's just silly. It can't be true. Ha seducing people... I-it's not true right?

>Was this traitorous trap meant for me alone? Mayhab another creature of my size lurks in these woods. Nay, impossible, I would have spied them by now.

No it definitely molested people to some degree! Folks don't act all awkward and coy when they just got literally picked up by some monster. No one would even give me any details, it has to be something indecent at least.
No. 539421 ID: 8e7e26
File 137830762228.jpg - (57.23KB , 714x473 , #68 Decisions decisions.jpg )

No. 539422 ID: 8e7e26
File 137830772325.jpg - (383.47KB , 1859x2149 , #69 Very goal oriented.jpg )


>H... Hello...
No. 539424 ID: 444423

Remember the gems, Ring! Shining sparkling gems, and the money that will allow you to buy/keep them, and that you'll be given for solving problems!

Solving problems, Ring! Not making them, and not indulging in personal ones, either!

Now you be polite but firm to that creature and you tell him you're sorry for the deception but he's alarming the townsfolk and that you want an explanation for these reputed shenanigans.
No. 539427 ID: a1ab63

I think he really likes theater. Maybe make some small talk about plays and whatnot after apologizing for trying to knock him out like a common beast.
No. 539429 ID: 1cf691

...We first saw the snouter watching the theater group, and it sounds like that thing either learned to speak from listening to the plays or just loves drama.

So you have to put some acting to it! Don't say "H... Hello..." say: HARK! O giant beast!
And then i guess we have to choose a role? Maybe we can play the trap off as some attempt to play the snouter for a fool? A harmless prank or something?
No. 539430 ID: 96c896

I think in this case indulging in personal stuff might be the key to solving the village's problem. I mean, most men like to roll over and fall asleep after sex, right?

That's when we'll drain the magic from him.
No. 539433 ID: 6fa867

He will probably be trying to get a view up your skirt now with the position you've put yourself in. You may want to see if you can get a peak at what he has below the belt back.

I mean....You want to know if it would even fit if it comes to that, right?
No. 539443 ID: 9ddf68

... so do you think this guy could just knock the tree over or are you actually safe up there for now.
No. 539447 ID: cad45e

Now i know that being brutalized, having your anus ripped and just get generally smashed into lizard paste is a fun thing but do you really think that was a smart thing?

Well what's done is done, let's hope his first reaction isn't getting you down from there by force.
No. 539448 ID: 96c896

Hey now, his victims haven't had any serious physical injury. It'll be fiiiiiine.
No. 539469 ID: c23ab0


> below the belt

You missed the lecture on snouters earlier, I take it?
No. 539540 ID: 6d5e30

start by apologizing! Let it know you didn't mean any harm, and weren't going to hurt it.
No. 539572 ID: 8eb1e2

Start stammering so much you can't explain yourself properly. It always works!
No. 539584 ID: 4a20fa

This, perhaps with a dash of >>539429
No. 543196 ID: 8e7e26
File 138104684840.jpg - (415.01KB , 1764x2162 , #70 Dramatic dialogue.jpg )

Well uh, it could...[/small]spoilsports[/small]

>har-HARK! O giant beast! My apologies. Twas I who set the trap and sought your slumber, but know I meant no harm to you.

Did that sound old fashioned enough? Should I throw in some dramatic pauses?


>The need springs from your deeds with the local womenfolk. For which they require an explanation. And also details. O-or failing that perhaps a practical demonstration of some kind.


>uh, Truth be told I was lead to believe you were nought but a simple beast. Whom has also done untoward things to women which really should be specified in full.

No. 543197 ID: 8e7e26
File 138104692089.jpg - (457.48KB , 1695x2243 , #71 Addendum.jpg )


No. 543198 ID: 8e7e26
File 138104698453.jpg - (145.84KB , 735x836 , #72 Overuse of innuendo.jpg )

No. 543200 ID: bf54a8

wait for it and kick it in the nards, nothing can withstand a nard attack!
No. 543201 ID: 7bbaae

Quick, run! He can't possibly catch you if you were to weave between the trees and avoid exposed roots! It sure would suck if you tripped and fell, allowing him to catch you and pin you down to ravish you unwillingly!
No. 543203 ID: 34b2f2

You know, he's being a little bit vague but perhaps that's understandable given what, from his perspective, was an attempt to violate his health.

Suggest that if he would only be more explicit he would find this intercourse more readily satisfying, and that you will do your utmost to bring about that satisfaction.

He really does deserve some explanation, but at the same time this is a chance for him to explain himself.
No. 543206 ID: 9ddf68

...Probing how exactly? Cause if this doesn't look like it will end well I say just punch it in the eye a bail.
No. 543208 ID: e15bdc

Assure him that what you've told him is the truth and that if there is anything else he wants to know you'll gladly fill him in on it.
He's probably reasonable enough.
No. 543210 ID: 4a20fa

Well, naturally you want to come to some common understanding. Perhaps he could fill you in with his position on the matter?
No. 543212 ID: 22b72e

How about we discuss this over a nice cup of tea, then?

You know, there's something I'm curious about. Do magically enlarged creatures obey the laws of momentum and of the biological square-cube whatsit? Because normally, you see, a creature can't get as strong as it gets large. That's why they say things like an ant can lift so many times their own weight, it's not that they're super strong, just that they're small. And, of course, you need strength to overcome momentum, which is why, for example, a horse, though larger and stronger than a person and possessing a much higher top speed, actually accelerates slower to begin with. So over a short distance, or over a distance with lots of twists and turns, or running uphill, a large quadrupedal creature can actually be quite slower than a medium biped. They also, of course, take longer to turn around, so if you were for example to throw yourself between this guy's legs and run in the opposite direction you might get enough of a start to get back on your feet and start running before he could catch you. Theoretically, of course, but if there were a chance of some humiliating, painful and probably unsatisfying fate descending upon you, you'd want to know these things.

By the way, Ring, how flexible are you in general? I know your bones are bendy, but how about your skin, flesh, tendons etc? Well, pardon me, that's a digression as well. Sorry to distract you from your civilized, clear-reasoned conversation about the grievances of the local populace.
No. 543215 ID: 0046c5

You seem remarkably okay after that fall, given how high up you were.
No. 543281 ID: ee480b

Now you have the perfect chance! Kick him in the dick and just shove the stuff in his mouth! Gotta strike fast while the opening presents itself!
No. 543329 ID: 6fa867

This. Don't go attacking him. You had a just reason for your actions and you can take any questions he might thrust your way.

Also, are we able to see up (down?) your skirt here?
No. 543341 ID: c23ab0

Magic! It was magic! The villagers suspect you have become huge through arcane energies, and that removing the magic while you slumbered and returning you to the size of your kin was the only way they would be safe again! Or they were looking for something to get me to do I'm not sure!
No. 543424 ID: 8eb1e2

Oookay. Do you still have your gem? Because it seems like using it to absorb the magic and bring him down to a managable size might be your only option at this point.
No. 543739 ID: 761017

This just about fits the expected fetish fentasy Ring had in mind.

Let's just continue conversing, and hold off on stabbing with the gem or kicking in the nads or anything!

it wants to act gentlemanly, and what sort of gentleman mistreats a lady that is already under his dominating control?
No. 550279 ID: d7ced5

If the intellectual probing does not go to your liking, maybe you could offer to find a way for him to join the theater in exchange for his well behavior.
No. 551824 ID: 0722de

If you can, ask how long he's been able to talk and if he's always been a Snouter. If he's only been able to talk because of a side effect of the magic, then it would probably be a really bad idea to mention the whole removing magic from him plan. However, if he was turned into a Snouter by magic, maybe not?

It's probably not a good idea to mention the wizard who may or may not have chained up this particular Snouter. He might think you were taking him back to that cave.

Though it's probably a good idea to mention the troupe, since it seems he wanted to watch. Maybe mention that he did terrify the villagers. Though thinking about it, it's possible he learned how to speak by watching the troupe. His speech certainly has elements of troupe-speak. Unless he was a troupe member who got turned into a Snouter by that wizard.

As for more immediate possible questions... I'm not certain if it's a good idea or not, though. You've got a map with the general areas of the incidents circled. Perhaps you could get his side of the story? It's possible that the two female villagers changed details of the encounter. Or misinterpreted them. There was the whole 'skull that talks to drive you insane' thing about Woody, which was quite different from the truth.
No. 552828 ID: 233fdf

Wholesomely comply.

It would be in your best interest not to further anger the already very upset, elephantine snouter who also happens to have a certain... alluring charm?
No. 558554 ID: f50094
File 139022434792.jpg - (310.10KB , 1951x1326 , #73 Exact panic.jpg )

That definitely would suck, but uh, my legs are a bit wobbly after the fall.

What fantasy? I didn't have anything like this in mind. You are the one who is imagining fetishes. Stop doing that by the way, it's bad.

>Well-wuh, Wuh d'ya wanna know Mr Snouter?


>I have some little gems that'll make you small again. The plan wa-


>Yeah-the plan was to use them when you fell asleep because it didn't seem like a good idea to... mess around with a really big snouter while it was awake. Especially since imma... girl and yo-


>I-I wu, it's Ring.

No. 558607 ID: a87e3a

It's almost like he's asking for permission, via wordplay. Either you could do the same, or tell him not to X, where X is a description of everything you want him to do to you. I mean not do to you because you totally don't want him to ravish you.

As for wordplay, you could say his aggressive display has convinced you, and you are forced to see things his way. You will restrain yourself from attempting anything like this in the future, and perhaps you two can come to a mutually beneficial agreement after further intercourse.
No. 558611 ID: 9ddf68

how long did people say that the crystals would take before we can drain this guy of magic? Cause I suggest a plan B, if negotiations fail just shove whatever crystal that does the magic draining up the things nose.
No. 558612 ID: e1609c

man screw that
lets make special friends with this dude
free giant snouter mount yo
No. 558636 ID: 41d75c

Since it's sentient, the right thing to do would be to act as a liason between the townspeople or actors and the creature. I'm sure the stories of people being taken advantage of by the creature are exaggeration by some who were scandalized by the creatures licentious tone.
No. 558641 ID: a87e3a

Well it is possible that they were seduced rather than raped and claimed that only to save face with the townspeople. This snouter is definitely not acting like we were told- Ring hasn't been flipped over and mounted like a wild snouter would do. However, let's give the victims the benefit of the doubt and find out for ourselves from the snouter or his actions.
No. 558784 ID: 8eb1e2

You told him about the magic gems? Why would you... ugh.

Ok, best option now is to try and flatter your way out of this. Complement him on his vocabulary. Maybe ask him how he became so well educated.
...I didn't say it was a good option.
No. 558794 ID: ee480b

Just explain to him why you are out here and what the townsfolk were afraid of. He's obviously intelligent enough to realize that if he provokes the town too much they are gonna send someone out who isn't just going to try to make him sleepy first.

It's not like this is your fault the villagers said that there was a wild beast out.
No. 558849 ID: 1dc8a5

Ask if the bastard is somehow sexually frustrated with all the suggestive choice of words.
No. 558883 ID: 4a20fa

Demand he at least takes you to a show first.
No. 558891 ID: 2ef3a6

or an invite to dinner, that can't be ommited
No. 558914 ID: 34b2f2

Point out that he is not being very gentlemanly, and that this is no way to treat a lady.
No. 559006 ID: 4a5db0

welcome back, salf! good to see you! i love wholesome quest!

seconded. this guy is classy. i'm sure you could forge a completely wholesome friendship with him if you tried! apologize for treating him like a dumb animal and try to get to know him.

perhaps you could satisfy his urge to remain large and relieve your pent-up lust for adventure at the same time! no need to restrain yourself or beat around the bush. what you ought to do is stroke his clearly already swollen ego to grease the gears a little before you have intercourse.

and take that tail out from between your legs! he's just gonna make it harder and rougher on you if he can see you're scared of him.
No. 559261 ID: b612fc

Breathe, Ring. You were taught about doing that, right? You can hold your breath for a long time, so you should have good lung control. Stuttering like this doesn't serve your purpose. Or the other one, either. We know what you're thinking. He's not going to be impressed.

You should start from the beginning, it seems. So (since a level of innuendo seems necessary) tell him, in that case, you need to get to know each other better, and to get a start on that, you'll need to bare all the facts. You came to this town looking for work, and were told that a large snouter had been... accosting people. They gave you no indication of this fellow's clear intelligence and taste (I think he's been learning from watching the plays?) and you formed your plan based on the idea that you were dealing with, well, just a large animal, not someone you could have a... discourse with.

The simplest solution would be to simply show the townspeople that he's intelligent and conversant. If you were to go back into town with you riding on his back, they'd see him as safe for long enough for you to make your explanations. Then they can get to know him, and we can clear up the obviously exaggerrated and clearly spurious claims of him causing problems with young ladies.
No. 559432 ID: c27c22

Part of me really doesn't want to let this happen to Ring.
Another part of me, however, really does.
No. 559448 ID: 5992cf

Blame the imp of the perverse. My imp is rather large, so I say use one of the above suggestions that matches his innuendo. Best case scenario he's even more intelligent than it seems and it's all just a game for him. Matching his, hm, wit may impress him. Worst case scenario... well, you'll survive.
No. 565018 ID: 88c9b2
File 139383708599.jpg - (374.06KB , 2145x1853 , #74 Casual Discourse.jpg )

Guys, this is serious guys. Guys please.

>Well, uh, if we're going to interco-talk with each other, then maybe we could do it in a more civilized manner? I mean; it's not particularly gentlemanly to kick ladies out of trees.



OH GOD I CAN'T TELL IF HE'S JOKING. He's so loud and looks really angry all the time. I'm just gunna stay on the floor.

>Look I am really sorry about the whole Tum weed thing, but I was told you were a wild animal. I obviously wouldn't have done it if I'd have known you could talk.


>O-oh thanks that's, uh, very gracious of you.

My tail helps prevent a compromising position from becoming even more compromising, I don't see a reason to move it yet.

>So Mr Snouter... I know we got off on a particularly wrong foot but, since you are certainly capable of i-intercourse I suppose I should say I'm here smooth over the little disturbances you've caused with the local populous lately.


Oh golly.
No. 565031 ID: 37aa84

Explain to him that the town did not deceive you. They are likewise misinformed about his drives and desires if we could convince them to try talking on neutral ground we could likely reach an amicable agreement both sides can find pleasing.
No. 565035 ID: e9e331

ask if he's meet any other ladies recently that came from the town and how'd his confrontations with them went. Hey might as well get both sides of this story before we decide what to do next right?
No. 565039 ID: a7868d

This is simple, just explain to him that the townspeople are just frightened by something they've never seen before, and that going to meet them would probably smooth things over quite readily. Also suggest that since he's clearly got a flair for spoken drama he might enjoy talking to the acting troop.

Just maybe mention that his demeanor comes across as aggressive and he may want to put on a friendlier tone when they get to town to meet new people.
No. 565053 ID: 9b57d3

Awww man, looks like he just angrily demanded sex and got it because the women were either into it or too afraid to say no. You don't want to say yes so he's not gonna get anything.

Tell him you're not gonna touch his dick.
No. 565056 ID: 37aa84

>Tell him you're not gonna touch his dick.

Such unwholesome language, I will thank you to watch your tongue.
No. 565101 ID: 240524

You can see that he would very much enjoy a private conversation on this sensitive topic, but in all good conscience you cannot approach such a thing in depth without first mentioning that you are not, exactly, by yourself, at the moment. Ask forgiveness for forgetting, after being shaken up by the fall, but you have a companion who is probably able to hear all of this, and you would not want them to overhear any intimate details you or he might prefer to keep between you.

Lest you forget the talking skull mask in your bag.
No. 565159 ID: 4a20fa

Well, you love the satisfaction of applying yourself to a good, hard problem, right? Ask which aspects of this problem previous visitors "handled".
No. 568139 ID: 25021d

Right; sorry for the abundance of inactivity.

After my hand in on Friday I'm giving this a good and proper update schedule to prevent me eatting all the ice-cream weirdly long bouts lacking updates.

P.S, you guys are cool.
No. 568141 ID: 2c6ff1

No. 568216 ID: 4a5db0

dude, we love you, salf <3 this is a great adventure. the world feels large and real, and the characters are so cute. i check wholesome every day =3
No. 568229 ID: e1609c

Glad to hear this is gonna be updating more, it's among my top five favorite quests here!
you should drop by the irc some time, salf, it'd be fun to talk to you

No. 569684 ID: 25021d
File 139694393629.jpg - (404.63KB , 2703x2041 , #75 Censurable Discourse.jpg )

I'm sure woody wouldn't mind and it's not like he can go around telling anyone. He won't even be able to talk about it if I order him not to. Besides I don't really want to risk reaching into my bag at this point. It might not go over so well. Come to think of it, I'm not so sure mentioning the fact that I have a magical entity in my bag listening to our entire conversation is particularly safe idea.

>Well, uh, before I handle anything I would like you to tell me what happened to other women you met.


>...w-what things?


>N-no it's fine you can tell me, I don't mind at all.


>Actually I-


>Oh, uh, ok then... I guess.
No. 569685 ID: 25021d
File 139694396406.jpg - (391.51KB , 2802x2146 , #76 Paused Discourse.jpg )

No. 569686 ID: 25021d
File 139694398675.jpg - (403.30KB , 2793x2104 , #77 Continued Discourse.jpg )

>So um, I should probably mention that the townspeople also thought you were just a super sized snouter. They're all pretty scared of you. If you agree to talk to the villagers and show them that you're not a big, dangerous animal then I'm sure we could find a way to settle things without any hostilities. Provided that you don't do anything else o-of course. Y'know like, attack anymore women or anything, haha. Ha...


>Yeah, it, uh, probably would yeah...

>...There's an acting troop that's stopped by the town. You'd probably enjoy talking to them.


>Oh that's nice...
No. 569688 ID: 2c6ff1

It is as I feared. You've cockblocked yourself, Ring. Oh well, at least you can do the right thing and get him in favor with the town.

On the other hand maybe you can tell him about your previous experiences. In detail. He has managed to control himself so far, but... what if you provoke him through dirty talk? Maybe he'll figure out what you want without you having to ask for it.

First, though, why not get to know the guy a bit? Ask how he got so big. Did a wizard do it? Does he perhaps remember a crystal filled with ghosts? Tell him about your cave adventure. Maybe tell him about your quest to find out more about your race's history.
No. 569689 ID: de59d6

Whatever you do, do not think in extreme details what kinky and perverse things the big guy did to those ladies and put yourself in those situations.
No. 569696 ID: 37aa84

If he doesn't mind you asking, if he considers the things he did so perverse that they shouldn't even be spoken of then why did he do them?
No. 569699 ID: 876044

Ask him the important question. Where the deviant perverse things he did with the women consensual or not.

Also ask him if the perverse things were sexual in nature or um something else. Who knows what a strange magical beast considers perverse.
No. 569702 ID: 937723

Listen big guy it would really help to know exactly what went on with you and the women you met.

Coming from two wildly different background and cultures there are bound to be hilarious misunderstandings at times. What you consider bestial and perverse might be completely different than what I would.

I really want to work out a amicable solution to this situation but to do so we both need to understand where the other is coming from.
No. 569706 ID: 4a5db0


exactly. he's a gentleman. like, to the extreme. he probably just means cutting them off during conversation or not offering them a cup of tea or something. of course, this doesn't preclude Ring living out her fantasies with him... the ones only she seems to be in denial about <3
No. 569717 ID: 2c6ff1

Oh and ask him why he didn't do any of those things to you. Are you not attractive?
No. 570344 ID: 7f7128
File 139736884289.jpg - (299.58KB , 2793x2130 , #78 Progressive Discourse.jpg )

I don't really think talking about how I'm the only one of my race is going to help the mood at all. Besides I don't much like discussing it with people I've only just met; it's a bit too personal. And I haven't blocked anything. I-it could still happen. Not that I want it to. Since it's a bad thing and everything, but it's still better to be prepared!

>Mr Snouter, would you mind telling me how you got so... huge? Do you happen to remember a cave or crystals at all, or a wizard of some description maybe?


>I know this is a bit late but, just to clarify, was your time with the women you met consensual?


>Are you sure that what you did was perverse? I mean you weren't raised in our society so you may have a tiny misconception as to what is, exactly, considered perverted. Maybe if you just explained what you did a little bit I could help you make sure. Y'know if you're not certain or anything.




>W-huh, yes?


>No, no I'm fine. Just a tad hot that's all.

>Um... if you consider what you did so unspeakable then why did you do it?


>So... you're not going to molest me at all?

No. 570346 ID: e1609c

sigh heavily, snap your fingers. We remain wholesome yet one more day.
Let's arrange a meeting then, see what can be done.
No. 570348 ID: 53ba34

well then... MOLEST HIM!
No. 570349 ID: 75b8af

Oh! He wasn't sapient, then. At least he has the decency to try and be a good person, once he became a person.

Which means he's not a threat, which means there's no reason to shrink him.
No. 570350 ID: 2c6ff1

So he's getting progressively smarter. I wonder if he will ever stop getting smarter? Also, hahaha you're DEFINITELY not gonna get what you want from him. Oh well. Looks like he's not quite smart enough to catch the signs either.

Wait. What if you drained a little bit of magic out of him so that he got dumb enough to succumb to his lust? That would be a really terrible thing to do though, and would make him dangerous again, which is directly counter to your mission. ...unless you drained him completely, but I doubt he would let you.

Ask if he knows of anyone that DOES molest women.
No. 570365 ID: 448f44

If he's so vexed about non-consent... give him consent.
No. 570366 ID: 53548a

No. 570368 ID: e87e80

Has he really?
Or is it more like his thoughts and imposed self-control are all that are keeping him from ravaging you right there and then?
No. 570371 ID: ed883b

Put boorish thoughts out of mind, girl.
Nay, I think we should best arrange for his acquaintance with the townspeople, in order that he might bring restitution to the maidens whose honour he so soiled. That may indeed be quite the issue, as though earlier accounts made it seem as though they took unaccountably little offense to the act, I would think they would not be overly amicable to the idea of peacemaking with such an offender.
Although...being an entirely proper young lady of entirely honest and high-quality upbringing, you are perhaps most suited of all to teach him the virtues of... courtly love. And of course, not the dreadfully outdated medieval variety, of course of course, but the sort of love that understanding, acquainted gentlemen and women seek in order to satisfy mutual urges in an entirely safe, private, and acceptable fashion beyond the sight of society but within its boundaries.
Ask him if he intends to seek further companionship in the future beyond the simple, violent urges of flesh, and remind him that as admirable as his self-control has become, it is not healthy to repress a libido powerful enough to drive any being to ra- erm, forceful intercourse.
There are healthier...outlets, for such...potency.
No matter how well built, a dam will one day break, and a river will rage without heed to the cost or hazard, but a well-built system of...irrigation, will continue to satisfy comfortably, hygienically, and safely for many years, given proper...maintenance.
No. 570372 ID: f461c5

Ask him if he is much disposed towards mete cogitation. Does he remember how quickly he has been making these realizations that seem so simple with hindsight, how often? Can he measure his increase in mental capacity.

Something else you ought to ask is *where* he learned etiquette, because unless a rather different form of magic than we expected was involved, he wouldn't spontaneously understand modern standards of politeness and morality. Did he read a book?
No. 570380 ID: 37aa84

Ask him if he would like us to set up a meeting with people from town so we can resolve this situation before they decide to send more hunters after him.
No. 570428 ID: 4a5db0

oh my...

certainly you and a respectful gentleman like him could work out a way of satisfying each other's desires without hurting one another. it's actually kind of sad that he feels so guilty about not being sapient before that he's repressed his natural tendencies entirely. = ( it's not fair. it's kind of like he's neutered himself.

before continuing to investigate his circumstances, perhaps it would be kind to remind him that sexual acts are part of civilized society as well and that they are acceptable--even sought after--when both parties consent.

i don't think it's "a bad thing" for you two to be attracted to each other <3 perhaps after a few thoroughly unwholesome acts resulting in the utmost satisfaction due to the release of repressed urges on both ends, we really will be able to recruit him as our mount, Ring! =O faster travel and a new, powerful companion =3

(also, why do i get the feeling that the stage performers would simply treat him like a dumb animal and/or send him to a circus? maybe they don't provide the best course of action after all. also, if he returns to town now without altering his form or appearing tamed, he'll just get tied up and beaten for his earlier carnal acts. people tend not to listen to reason in those situations.)
No. 570526 ID: aef453

As a backup plan, even should the meeting with the stage performers go down and the troupe not allow him to join with them, you could still offer to have him come along with you as a companion. Surely he'd prefer a rousing adventure and discovering more performances to enjoy along the way, at least better than hanging out in a forest where people have a distaste for him!
No. 570536 ID: 2c6ff1

>he's repressed his natural tendencies entirely.
He really hasn't. Did you miss the bit where he was menacingly asking for sex via innuendo? All he's done is stop short of forcing the issue, much to Ring's dismay.
No. 570538 ID: 445ff6

Yeah look if you're gonna continue being this subtle about this you're never gonna get anywhere.
No. 570539 ID: 1257bf

Well, first of all, it would probably be nice to him, and impress him with your intelligence and helpful attitude to boot, if you explained what you think happened with him to make him the way he is.

Probably he was a normal snouter until some wizard took him and magiced him to be a guard for something. That magic probably made him big, and over time the magic mutated to affect his mind - maybe there'd been some mind-related spell there already, like how to distinguish who should be chased away or not, or maybe it was just an effect of his brain becoming bigger. So, over time, he became more intelligent. But he probably still had all the same urges he had before then, and it still took time for his intelligence to grow, especially with no-one to learn from, so he did what seemed natural to him without knowing it was wrong. But now he does! It wasn't really his fault before and now he can control himself better, so he won't go ravaging any more ladies unless they want him to.

Tell him all that.

Also ask him where exactly he's been learning his way of talking and code of conduct from, because I suspect it was the play. He needs to be gently assured that there are many things to learn and ways of life to look at before he decides how to live his life.
No. 571511 ID: 7f7128
File 139792719427.jpg - (302.15KB , 2589x1999 , #79 Disappointment and fwips.jpg )

>Oh Ok... good.

Sigh... *Fwip* *Fwip* Oh I forgot. *Fwip* *Fwip* I don't know how to snap my fingers. *Fwip* *Fwip* *Fwip* Sigh...

>Would you like me to arrange a meeting with the townspeople? I'm sure if we're sensible about it we can show them that you're not dangerous.


I think you might have missed the point by a little bit.



I'm not sure he'd make the greatest traveling companion. For one I don't think I could ever travel anywhere unannounced, or unnoticed, and that'd make hiding from my therapist jump from difficult to practically impossible. Also I imagine we'd have a lot of problems whenever I needed to go into town or buy him extra food and stuff; I think he's just too huge. Plus, no one would ever dare try anything if they knew I was traveling with a snouter big enough to stomp horses to death. Of course if things go badly with the town I suppose I'll have to help him move somewhere. I wouldn't be able to just leave him here.

Yeah draining his magic would probably get me what I want. But if getting what I want means hurting other people then it's not worth it. Why couldn't he of just been big dumb monster like they said he was. S'not fair misleading someone like that.

>Um, Mr Snouter, do you happen to know anyone else with your reputation?


>Oh, no reason. I thought it might help your case. Maybe.

>Do you understand what happened to you? What made you change like this?


>Yes that's correct, but they only live in big cities in huge, tall towers far away. You'd never catch one living in a tiny hamlet like this. It may sound a bit mean, but they're a little too full of themselves most of the time.


>It's not very likely, but I do know some details about magic I could tell you.

I explain my theory about what happened to him. Rattling off all the tidbits of information I remember about morphic magic and a bunch of things Woody said. I can't quite tell if that made him feel better or anything. He did nod a lot though.

What Should I do now? Should I head back to town and go about setting up a meeting, or are there more questions that I need to ask?
No. 571517 ID: 37aa84

Let's go set up that meeting, ask him how it would be best to find him again once we've set everything up.
No. 571564 ID: ca65e6

...does he have a name?
No. 571579 ID: 53ba34

yes and yes, his name and we need a way to call him out without wandering the woods for hours.
No. 571587 ID: e1609c

If he doesn't have a name of his own yet, he looks and acts like a Geoffrey to me.
Having a name can help a lot with personifying him to the villiagers.
Also, RE: the 'therapist', having this snouter around would probably scare him off, if we explained to him what the dillyo is with him.
No. 571647 ID: a7868d

Couldn't hurt to ask him what his plan is once he's met these people and any potential problems are diffused. Maybe suggest the troupe would have use for a massive magical thespian. He'd be traveling with a group that wants the kind of attention he'd bring, and he might get to see the world and even find a mage who'll talk to him.
No. 571655 ID: 3941a3

>Plus, no one would ever dare try anything if they knew I was traveling with a snouter big enough to stomp horses to death.

Why are you including this in your list of negatives. Why is that a negative. It's like you want people to try something. Maybe you should go back to that therapist.
No. 571665 ID: 6adc92

That is to an extent the entirety of the quest before this.
M'lady is a daredevil in the purest sense, for whom the blood and blush only flows in the heights of danger and excitation. Despite the fairly obvious observation that such a mindset can be dangerous, it really isn't.
Life is dangerous. Truly, wonderfully dangerous, all the time. You never know when something terrible will happen to you. So why not seek it out before it seeks you? Mayhap you'll best the beast at its doorstep, steal treasure out neath the nose of a dragon, broker hidden knowledge with those most ancient and forbidden of entities.
And be home for supper!
Mayhap. But that's our job, ensuring M'lady, "Gets her fix," and gets home safely once all's said and done.
No. 571929 ID: 7f7128
File 139819453255.jpg - (451.57KB , 2950x1946 , #80 Thematic Shading.jpg )

>Do you have any idea what you're going to do if the talk goes well? The troupe might have a use for you if you ask them.


>Welp, I'll be off to arrange that meeting then. You should stay here so you don't make anymore problems for yourself. Oh, before I go, how exactly should I go about finding you when I'm ready?


>Um, on that note, what should I call? I mean, do you have a name?


Well isn't he just a big old pussy cat.

>Do you like the name Geoffrey?


>Sure, if you want it to be.


Ehh, I'm not sooo sure about the whole therapist dillyo thing. I'd really rather avoid the guy.

A-Adventuring would be boring if nothing unexpected happened. Y'know: fights in seedy back alleys, classic bar brawls and stuff. Not specifically either of those things mind you, I don't much like fighting, but you've gotta have adventurer things happen on an adventure. Don't want it to get dull do we? Haha...ha

...Back to town then.
No. 571936 ID: 937723

Well if "excitement" and danger are your thing we will do our best to lead you down more suspicious dark alleys in the future.

Once we get back to town you should find the women that he "assaulted" and see if they are willing to talk to you. How the town will react to him depends on what condition he left them in and how lurid there stories were.

If we find his "victims" hobbling around on crunches and they break down sobbing whenever he is mentioned our plan might not work out so well.

On the other hand if they are fine and just really embarrassed about what happened we should be able to smooth over things.
No. 571946 ID: ca65e6

Ohh, he might even be able to help with the last mission! You know, those bandits? Of course, it might be wise to have him wait outside within earshot so that you can go in first and try to use your womanly charms to lower their guard.
No. 571988 ID: 7fb0ea


Oh, having him help might be a great idea. Depending on how traumatized the girls he went after are, "I'm sorry I was still basically an animal but I'm not now" might not cut it. But helping solve a problem with bandits would really seal the deal!

In fact, it might be better if you went and dealt with the bandits together right now. Currently, just wandering back to the village and explaining things seems... rather too weak. I mean, if you go back and tell them "turns out this snouter is intelligent", his case actually gets worse, not better, and it'll be hard to explain things down again once people are already worked up. So you deal with the bandits, then afterwards you ride back into town on his back and with a bunch of trophies from the bandits to impress everyone, and people will go "oh wow you tamed the beast" and you regale them with how essential he was to thwarting the bandit menace and they'll not want to hurt him because you'll be letting them think that he was just an animal still. Then you can carefully break the news that the magic that made him big has also made him intelligent, in such a way that is clear that that happened after the, er, ravishing.

Like, if you went back now, what would you tell people exactly, and how do you think they'll respond? You have to think of this stuff ahead of time, Ring.
No. 572014 ID: 99624f

That's a good point. If he helps you route the bandits the village will be much more willing to forgiving him.

Tell him about the idea and see if he is open to helping you deal with them. Would be a good way for him to make up for his sordid rapey past.
No. 572651 ID: db567e


good idea :o
No. 572793 ID: e1609c

this is a good plan
No. 572817 ID: 864b03

Something that might be good to mention is that the Troop would have been projecting their voices, so that all the audience members could hear. Since it's where Geoffrey picked up his speaking habits.

I don't think it would be pleasant for whoever you have Geoffrey talk to; Geoffrey's stature is a bit intimidating, and him using a loud voice will only add to that.
No. 572829 ID: a7868d

Maybe inciting the recently sentient creature to do violence is a bad idea. How do you think the villagers are going to react to him if he's got some arrows sticking out of him, and his feet are covered in blood? How do you think this eloquent beast is going to react to being asked to do violence?

One problem at a time. Maybe some explaining will be required, but lets just stick to defusing the snouter situation for now.
No. 572830 ID: fe4bfc

Well he does not have to go attack them for us. If he just goes with us and is intimidating it would help. Before we plan anything we should politely ask him what he thinks of the idea. If he is willing then we can get a look at the bandits and make a plan.
No. 572971 ID: 17376f

also, just have sex with him already XD geez, we've been waiting foreeeeever
No. 573512 ID: 129220
File 139947583185.jpg - (449.19KB , 3184x1967 , #81 Expert whispers.jpg )

Hey that's a great idea! He can wait outside and I can go in alone... Oh, and it'll definitely help with the village. It's also a better idea than looting them and running off. That wouldn't have really helped much in the long run would it?

I wasn't gunna just walk in and tell people, I was gunna hand back the gems and check on the women. I just thought the best thing to do was see what state they were in. I mean, like you said, if they are traumatized he doesn't have a chance does he? Not that I think they will be though; I bet Geoffrey doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. S'not like he'd have any idea what perverted is after watching a play about the aristocracy of all things. Those people faint at knee-length petticoats.

I'll ask him.


>Well trolls aren't that much larger than most folk so you could just scare them away.


>Nonono don't go running anything. Not to be rude but, you don't have the greatest grasp of things work yet; we should go together.


>That's fine. Just, uh, try and be a bit more calm. You should probably check with me before doing anything come to think of it. For now at least.

>And speaking of getting too excited you don't have to talk so loudly. If you want to make a good impression you'll have to try and come across as less intimidating. Being huge and loud wont be too helpful when to try and strike up a conversation.


>Yeah that's loads better, well done, you're a lot less scary now. Hey, can you whisper at all?


Close enough. He'll never have to practice his stage whisper that's for sure. Got that down pat.

Maybe we should think of a way to get rid of them with minimal violence. If scaring them away don't work I mean.

Um... do you guys remember where James said the trolls were?
No. 573520 ID: ca65e6

"Well recently people have been getting ambushed on the roads a little north of here, bandits have been jumping coaches and hiding all their stolen goods in a cave on the the big island."
No. 576219 ID: aef453

Well if they're trolls, they probably wont be scared off easily, even with a big guy like Geoffrey helping out. It would probably be best to scout out what we're dealing with stealthily, before we bring him in to help.

Let him know that you'll come back to get him when you're ready to take on the bandits together, and do those things you wanted to do in town first. If the people aren't going to have much of a problem smoothing things over, you might even be able to get some of the guard to help clear the trolls out alongside you and the intimidating presence of Geoffrey.
No. 576618 ID: 87dc25
File 140155199861.jpg - (397.68KB , 2685x1770 , #82 Regular-cough- updates -cough-.jpg )

We should be able get more accurate directions before we head off. I think James said someone already found their cave or something. I may be misremembering.

>So Imma head back into town for a bit. I'll come back and pick you up when I'm ready ok?


>Bye then.
No. 576623 ID: e31ca1

So, are trolls weak to sunlight?
No. 576633 ID: 2bfcdf

Oh, are we gonna meet him here, or at his home, wherever that is? We'd need directions in the latter case.

So. What do you think about Geoffrey?

Do you know anything about trolls?
No. 576708 ID: dfc5cf

Wait, Ring, I have the most perfectest idea ever before you leave.

Ask him for a hug. It's totally a natural thing that friends do with each other!
No. 576799 ID: 4a20fa

Yes. Test that he is now in full control of his base animal instincts and close physical contact with your womanly form won't trigger any highly unfortunate relapses.
No. 576927 ID: 8ae478

that's right. it's a good way to test whether he's ready to go into town.
No. 577112 ID: 87dc25
File 140190649796.jpg - (428.79KB , 2699x1634 , #83 Normal friend activities.jpg )

No, only the really big mountain trolls turn to stone during the day. Well, I mean, people think they do. There's actually a big debate about it among biologists: some famous explorer got back from a huge trip and claimed that it's just a misconception people got because mountain trolls happen to share habitat with rock golems. So now all the big universities are trying to send out research teams to see if they can find definitive proof. It's not going too well though. Probably because trolls really hate researchers.

He said he was going to wait near the edge of the forest and listen for us. So it should be easy to find him again.
Geoffrey's still a bit intimidating, but he is very polite. He's definitely not as advertised but, yeah he's polite. That's good too I guess.
I don't know a huge amount about normal trolls. From what I do know they're big, dumb and just generally all-round unpleasant. Also I think they eat trees or something. That bit's probably not important.

What? No, I don't want to. That'd be really awkward.

Oh as a test? Well uh, it certainly would be very unfortunate if he relapsed in town wouldn't it? Much better to check out here where no one can get hurt.

>So... Before I go do you want a hug at all?


>Y-yeah, it's uh, totally a natural thing that friends do with each other!
No. 577113 ID: 87dc25
File 140190654071.jpg - (287.19KB , 2023x1376 , #84 Surprisingly wholesome.jpg )

>Just a cas-Ooff


Oh wow, he's really soft. I didn't think he would be for some reason, but he is.

>Y-yeah Geoffrey, we're friends.
No. 577117 ID: e1609c

Aww. Now, on to business. Let's get to town and start explaining shit, though before any of that we should run it by one of the folks that like us before we go making announcements so we have a read on how the town might actually react.
No. 577121 ID: 3d177c

Awww. Alright, return the hug and say your goodbyes. We gotta get back to business.
No. 577169 ID: 92101f

Well, I suppose "'Daww." is an acceptable substitute for "Unf." On to adventure! And trolls!
No. 577187 ID: c7a241

Hug back! He's doing all the work!
No. 577241 ID: 2f4b71

Sorry Ring, you appear to have just friendzoned yourself.
No. 577486 ID: 8ae478

nah, i'm sure we could progress to "unf" if we ever wanted to ^~ he has done nothing more than "ceased" his "sinful acts;" but, if we could provide him the right context to release his urges... = ) it would surely come as a huge relief to you both!

Ring, Geoffrey also seems quite knowledgeable! He seems like an excellent companion; as soon as we're out of the forest, why not ask Woody what his opinion is on the whole situation? He hasn't spoken in a while, but I do imagine he's recovered fully by now.
No. 578954 ID: a97ecd
File 140301102983.jpg - (143.49KB , 1323x888 , #85 Finger hugs.jpg )

I can't really return the hug with my arms pinned so I just sorta squeeze with my fingers. We say goodbye and Geoffrey trots off back into the forest.

Explaining things beforehand might be smart. Though if we try running the plan by anyone it should probably be Mr Swing. He's definitely the most important person we've met around here and I'm well into his good graces.

Eh, that's fine, it wasn't going anywhere anyway.

I'm not sure I'd call Geoffrey knowledgeable. Well, I suppose he is for someone who just learned how to talk, but he did get most of what he knows from a mixture of guesswork and watching a stage play. He could be pretty knowledgeable about the forest though, since he does live here.

Yeah, I haven't talked to Woody in a while have I? I'll get his take on things.

>Greetings Mistress! Deary me, wasn't that a harrowing experience? Falling from a great height into the cruel clutches of a possibly perverse predator! I was getting so dreadfully worried for you Mistress, believe you me. Quite unnecessarily since your amorous animal is apparently a man of honour. Or perhaps that should be male of honour; Geoffrey not being a man, as it were. Then again, as a morphic manipulation, the technically correct term would be an aberration of honour but, uh, I think you'll agree Mistress that aberration does not give the greatest impression of the fellow. What with all the rather negative connotations the word invokes.
No. 578980 ID: c2bbfa

Well, Woody, have you got any further guesses or information on our new friend's 'condition', now that you know more? For example, is his growth in size and intellect permanent, barring anyone touching him with a crystal? And will he have to live in fear of touching gemstones the rest of his life, lest he be returned to his original form?
No. 578988 ID: ac14c0

Is he going to keep growing?
No. 579132 ID: e7d222

It doesn't seem like he will keep growing, but will he get progressively smarter?
No. 579222 ID: 8ae478

or progressively more well hung? =3
...says the part of Ring's personality that wishes she weren't friendzoned =p
No. 579225 ID: 0ee153

Haven't you already been asked to knock it off?

Anyway, yeah, more info on him would be nice.
No. 583943 ID: a97ecd
File 140518686562.jpg - (208.13KB , 1153x772 , #86 Definitely not racist.jpg )

>Not likely Mistress. His rhythms have hit the appropriate level of sentience and intelligence for the area. Or, to be exact, the perceived level of both. Mental growth ceases once the subject hits-Uh, am I losing you Mistress? Your brow furrowed quite significantly.

>Are you saying that he got progressively smarter until he became as clever as he thought the people around him were? That's really weird.

>Almost Mistress, the process is much more convoluted in it's specifics but I do believe you've got the gist of it. And I do also agree that it is a highly strange phenomenon. You know Mistress I have some very interesting essays on the subject memorized If you wanted to-Oh, more questions? Proceed Mistress.

>Ah, well. His transformation was messy, the morphic magic raw and cast, in my own very humble opinion Mistress, completely unprofessionally. Geoffrey's size is likely to change slowly for few more days until it settles into a more permanent state. Now that his mind has stabilized at the average mental capacity of the prime races it will not be... uh. It will not be too long until his body finds a size at which it is comfortable. A-And I'd just like to clarify Mistress that, while you may not exactly be a member of a prime race, you are in fact just as, if indeed not more so, intelligent as any human, niddle or rostro I have so previously met!

He's shaking in my hands the poor guy.

>Oh no, Woody I know you didn't mean anything. I'm not offended at all, honest.

>Truly Mistress? I suddenly panicked mid-sentence. I know I've burned a few bridges in my time by letting my mouth run on longer than intended. I certainly never intended to come off as racist in anyway.

>It's fine Woody, really.

>Excluding the minor changes in size he will go through, yes; Geoffrey's recent development is permanent. He will also display the ability to record new information with the most superlative accuracy and speed. This is, of course, due to the large amounts of new brain tissue attempting to hastily fill itself. Interestingly enough, because of this the first few books, or in Geoffrey's case it might be more likely to be plays, will be etched into his memory close to verbatim. As for avoiding crystals, most people rich enough to own gemstones of a size capable to affect Geoffrey will probably not attempt to hold them against his skin for extended periods. Uh, apologies if that last sentence sounded a tab flippant Mistress. To be precise, he should avoid contact with most gemstones until his body ceases fluctuating. Once his form is settled the magic will leave his system and his morphic manipulation will be set quite solidly in stone. Not literally though Mistress; that is an entirely different kind of morphic transmutation.
No. 583946 ID: 2fd516

Now that we're on the subject of race, how about a primer on all the notable races? Might as well start with the prime races.
No. 583947 ID: dc4b80

Hmm that means he is still in his formative years. Learning the plays and such was like a accelerated childhood and now he is in the troubled teens. So we need to be a good role model over the next few days/weeks.

So what are the other prime races then? We have seen a few but can not have been all of them.
No. 588564 ID: 5352e3
File 140743200108.jpg - (599.53KB , 2513x1639 , #87 Nursery rhymes.jpg )

The three prime races are Humans, Niddles and Rostro. Humans and Niddles are pretty common around here so that's why we've seen a bunch of them. That's not to say that you can't find any Rostro in Hullshire. I mean there's tons in the city where I grew up, but it is a bit of a talking point if you meet one on the road. So...

Rostro come from over the sea in Mignel. They're always visually striking 'cause they've got these really beautiful feathers and put a lot of effort into looking good and dressing up. It's actually a really important part of their culture. They're all about courtesy; fancy outfits and grooming are just another way of showing respect. That's why If you meet a Rostro you should try and dress up for it. They won't be offended by scruffy outfits, (unless you're also a Rostro because that mean you're deliberately trying to offend them) but they'll appreciate the effort. Oh yeah, and remember to bow. You don't need to do a full bow if the situation doesn’t call for it, just don't nod. A tiny bow is just a way of saying 'let's be respectful' and you don't nod because nods are dismissal. To them a nod is you saying you're not worth a bow, which is pretty viscous honestly.
Because of all of the importance appearance plays in their lives they tend to avoid physical things like contact sports or rough labour. You'd never find one working in Mr Swing's mine for instance and they wouldn't be caught dead in a rugby field. Most of them don't even like being touched. My friend Susan had a panic attack the first time I hugged her; I bent one of her feathers out of place and she had to run away to go fix it. She had to teach me how Rostro hug, so they don't disturb each others feathers.

Niddles are, well, like Father used to say: a bit more rough and tumble. When I was growing up my brothers were always either wrestling, running around or playing sports. Although now I come to think about it they were both boys so, that might have just been a boy thing. Hmm. Anyway Niddles are sort of simple. In a nice way of course. Y'know; I'm not calling them dense or anything, just a very straightforward and down to earth bunch of people. Sometimes that can backfire a bit and they come of as needlessly blunt though. They're the folk who'll say something like: oh wow you've gained weight, or surely you're cold in that. I think one of Wilbur's crowning achievements was asking whether meeting our new Grandma was a good idea since she was probably going to die soon. Sledgehammers could learn a thing or two from him. Oh and they have a thing about going shirtless. The woman don't for obvious reasons but the men strip of their shirts like they can't wait to be rid of them. It's real neat. I still remember the only way I could get Susan to join in badminton was to invite Wilbur and Henry to play. I still don't know if she was terrible because she was simply bad at badminton or because she had a crush on Henry. Very hard to tell.

And so lastly there's Humans. I gotta say it's pretty hard for me to try and describe humans, it might be because I was raised by two of them but, I'm not so sure. They're sort of like the middle-ground between Niddles and Rostro. They're just not particularly special I suppose. Oh wow that sounded awful let me try that again. Humans are really adaptable; because they don't have a specific culture or particularly strict mindset they more or less do whatever seems good at the time. It's a bit impressive really. You can find Humans doing just about anything anywhere, and somehow they always seem to be at the forefront of weird new traditions or interesting little fads.

Don't take anything I've said as gospel though. Obviously you can get Niddles that like fine dining and Rostro that go mountain climbing, especially in cities where folk mix all the time. They're just a lot harder to come by. There's a nursery rhyme my Mother liked that said as much:

Some Rostro ride roaring rivers in rot riddled rags
Some Niddles need nine-and-ninety nice necklaces
Some Humans stay holed-up happy in humble homes.

Father once made up a line about me to.

And my dear dragony De-dances dreadfully.

He was very unnecessarily proud of that. It didn't even make sense. Anyway that's my run down on the prime races; I hope it wasn't too rambling. Oh, good thing it didn't last any longer. I've reached the end of the forest and I'm back on the edge of town. What was the plan again? We were going to run over some things with the townspeople about Geoffrey weren’t we?
No. 588566 ID: ef7fd2

Pretty much. I recommend talking to whoever is in charge first, though. They'd be better equipped to talk about this.
Before THAT, however, it might be wise to scope out on of the victims, so we can see just what kind of stuff we are gonna have to talk about here.
No. 588570 ID: dc4b80

Lets do a bit of observation before we bring anything up about our new friend. We want to see how the women he "assaulted" are doing.

If they are going around town without a care in the world it will be good to know. If they are all crying in locked rooms things might be difficult.

Also if the big guy really did do some bad stuff we do not want to cause his victims any further harm. Having a town meeting about befriending the monster that ravaged you in the woods would embarrass and shame any victims.
No. 588591 ID: 2fd516

Oh, so you knew James and Henry before coming to this village?
No. 592184 ID: 5352e3
File 140966648364.jpg - (469.42KB , 2513x1639 , Apologetic retconning.jpg )

Alright so: I just had Ring reefer to her brother as James instead of Wilbur in that last post. Thus, of course, buggering the continuity.

Since Ring's already stated the names of her brothers (Henry and Wilbur; the two Niddles we've met in town are Larry and James) earlier in the quest, I can't think of an in-character reason for this. Well, not one that doesn't seem either painfully contrived or awkward and flimsy. Rolling with the mistake would also make me feel like an unclean failure. Updating tomorrow. Thought I'd space out the meta post and actual post so you can digest the retcon before consuming any new information. Don't want the flavors to mix and make anyone feel orally uncomfortable.
No. 592185 ID: df8674

That's all well and good but does it effect whether we will be able to bonk one of her brothers?
No. 592186 ID: df8674

I mean MEET. MEET one of her brothers
No. 592188 ID: 879a42

Yes, when will we be able to bonk one of her brothers?
No. 592191 ID: 2fd516

Oh alright.

Tell us more about your brothers!
No. 592310 ID: 1a9294


You know, you can get one of the site mods to correct errors. They're willing enough for that sort of thing if you ask nice.
No. 592340 ID: 5352e3

Oh really? Drat. How would I go about that?
No. 592342 ID: 5352e3
File 140975903085.jpg - (329.65KB , 1524x1547 , #88 Scoping and siblings.jpg )

Yeah, I suppose the victims are pretty much the deciding factor in whether Geoffrey has any chance here. But before I do any scoping I'd have to find out who they are. I'm not sure I want to ask around too openly since that'd definitely make a lot of people uncomfortable and I don't really want that. I figure it's much better to ask someone I know. Hopefully the conversation won't be too awkward.

Whoever's in charge... Do towns this small have a mayor? A town official perhaps? Well anyway it's not a big deal; I can just ask the next person I chat to about that. That bit should be easy enough.

Henry and Wilbur are my two older brothers. Probably; we're orphans we don't really know. Henry's always insisted that he's older than us. Not without reason mind, he's more mature than both of us put together. Henry's very tall, even for a Niddle, and wears little circular glasses like Father. He also looks permanently starched like a big grumpy ponce. He's not really though, he's just terrible at smiling. Mother and I have tried but he's incapable of looking anything better than begrudgingly pensive. Henry gets along very well with Father, they're the only ones in the family that actively enjoy maths. He's already working in the royal banks' accounting house which goes to show just how amazing he is with numbers. I mean Father obviously had a hand in him getting the job, but they don't let just anyone in the royal bank, he's so smart.

Wilbur is sort of Henry's opposite. He's a shade shorter than Henry, which is still very tall, and wears a perpetual thick grin that's exactly as endearing as it is irritating. Wilbur's always been cheerfully popular wherever he goes. Especially, I feel I should note, with girls due to his chronic hatred of wearing shirts and love of everything outdoorsy. Wilbur's great at sports. He was pretty big on the school rowing team and even won a bunch of awards in archery. He can be a bit dense though sometimes. Like I said: sledgehammers could learn a thing or two from him. I haven't seen much of him in ages though. He's been in training to be a knight for the past five years and every year the palace keeps him working longer and longer. He tries to make time for my visits back home but, the higher-ups at the palace are real strict. I mean he is training to be a knight after all. They only accept one-hundred percent dedication and so-forth, but still it'd be nice to see him a bit more. On the upside, once he's a full and proper knight he can come visit whenever he wants so it's not all that bad. I think he becomes a full knight sometime this year. I must remember to ask Mother about that next time I write a letter.

Oh wait! I just remembered: I still have James' gemstones on me. I better go drop them off before I do anything else. Plus, y'know, he's still got all my stuff.
No. 592352 ID: 2fd516

Oh yeah, and you can tell him you survived your encounter unmolested.
No. 592357 ID: 1a9294

There's usually one of them online if you ask around on the tgchan IRC channel.
No. 592398 ID: d470e9

You can ask for a mod (likely myself) to fix text/images; but you can also report your own post saying what you'd like fixed.
No. 592400 ID: 4a20fa

Be sure not to sound too disappointed.
No. 596652 ID: a96d48
File 141216663553.jpg - (245.41KB , 1886x1179 , #89 Brilliant Leather.jpg )


>Ring! Y-THUD-hhyyou're ok.

Wow that looked painful. James must have been a lot more nervous than he let on if he jumped like that. I didn't exactly shout or anything.

>Yeah I'm fine. I-

>D-did you get the snouter!? What happened?

>Nothing, nothing! I'm fine James really. I just came back to return the onyx you lent me and get my bag back.

I pull out the gemstones and lay them on the table. James stares at me for a bit; and then clears his throat awkwardly. He leans under the counter and passes my bag to me. Awww, he'd polished the leather while I was gone.

>Ahem... Nothing happened? So, uh, did you give up or do you have a new plan?

>New plan, I think I found another way to deal with the snouter, hey- did you shine the buckle on my bag?

>Aha, it looked a bit worn. I just assumed you probably don't have the time for little things like this on the road. It's not like I had much to do until evening anyway and you are on a mission for the town after all. Least I could do really.

>Oh you didn't have to James, thank you.

>Ha... You're welcome Ring.

>Hey, would you mind telling me who's in charge around here. Like, do you have a mayor or something or a town official person? I think need to ask them something.

>We have both. Our mayor is Miss Butterloft, fine woman, and the town official is my brother Larry. The Butterlofts are the family who originally owned the land and paid for the Swings to set up a mine here. Since the whole town is based around the wealth in the mine they're the two most important people in Bwesk so it's sort of tradition that they hold the roles. I'm sure by now Larry's told Miss Butterloft all about you; she likes to be kept informed and he likes to gossip so it's inevitable really. The Mayor lives by the church in an overtly fancy building, and don't worry about getting an appointment or anything. Bwesk isn't nearly busy enough to need them.

Ok, so we can go talk to the Mayor when we need to. What about the victims though? I don't really want to ask James about them. I reckon he'd get a little too flustered and embarrassed. Maybe the Mayor would be most willing to talk about it, plus we're both woman, that might make it easier for her.
Hm... I dunno guys what do you think?
No. 596669 ID: 2fd516

I'm confused, didn't you have a bag while you were in the forest?

While you're here I suppose you could ask James if he knew the snouter could talk.
No. 597743 ID: 2ec61a

yeah, we can ask the mayor the important questions.
No. 597792 ID: 0cd07e

Best ask around, first, find out what sort of person the Mayor is, so we know how to approach her. Subjects like non-humanoid intelligent creatures, ideas of justice, et cetera? For the sake of our large friend.
No. 607719 ID: 4a0e92
File 141751760645.jpg - (226.61KB , 1897x1190 , #90 Real FIRM woman.jpg )

My, uh, purse is a smaller bag. Like I said a while ago I can't really use small fiddly things.

>Hey James, did you know the Snouter could talk?
>It can talk? My word however did that happen?
>Ah, well that explains that then. Bad business all around.

...I guess it is true what they say about small towns and magic.

Hmm. I think I can get a better feeling of how the mayor's going to react to Geoffrey if I just ask her about his victims. How she reacts there will probably decide the matter regardless of anything else. But, since I'm here, I might as well see what she thinks of the snouter business beforehand, so I know how careful I'll need to be around her. No harm in preparation.

>Um, James, what's Miss Butterloft's official position on the whole snouter thing?
>Well, she's against it. Ha-Hah, not that, you couldn't have guessed that but, *COUGH* She suggested that people avoid the woods wherever possible and to report all sightings of the beast to the town guard. As far as affirmative action goes she's been waiting on a knight patrol or an adventurer to show up and deal with it.

Does waiting really count as affirmative action?

>Has she said anything more personal about it at all?
>Uhh... Hmm. I'm not sure. She did refer to the whole situation as a travesty at one point. Why do you ask?
>I wanted to know how well she'll handle the issue when I bring it up.
>Oh she's a firm kind of woman Ring. Solid as houses. You needn't worry about that just, uh, try not to let her talk over you. Bit of bold speaker is Miss Butterloft.

A firm kind of woman? Well now I'm definitely going to go see her. Hey maybe she'll actually tell me what Geoffrey did instead of awkwardly floundering around it! It's really been bugging me literally everyone I’ve talked to has dodged that.
No. 607755 ID: 2ec61a

i agree. it's almost like they are pointlessly making things sound worse then they really are.
No. 607791 ID: 07a835

From the sound of things, she seems to want the Snouter dead, though. This could be a problem... You might have to use your status as an adventurer against her. Like, tell her if she kills the Snouter, you won't take care of the bandits for her. You've proven yourself a capable problem solver, so that should give her some reason to listen.

How good are you at being assertive, Ring? You'll have to insist very strongly that the Snouter is a person, and should be treated like one, not like some animal to be put down. If he's done things worth jail time then he should be jailed, not executed.
No. 608161 ID: b3dd38

Say, Ring, how old are you, and how long have you been an adventurer?
No. 608655 ID: aa1c2a

No. 617245 ID: 139f1a
File 142011839456.jpg - (405.88KB , 2404x1548 , #91 Approximate age.jpg )

Nineteen and a half. Probably. No one knew exactly how old I was when I was dropped off at the orphanage so odds are I'm off the mark by a bit. Not that's, y'know, particularly important or anything but, uh. I've been an adventurer for two and half years. I finished schooling at seventeen and then got a guild membership. I stuck to travelling around the local provenances near the city at first, so I was always real close to somewhere I could buy food if I got desperate, but once I got reliably good at camping I roamed wherever I wanted. I think I'm a pretty good camper now, I have a lot of experience and stuff. Plus the way I can eat things whole and haven't found a plant I can't digest yet helps.

Aw gee I'm not the best at being assertive. I guess I can try though, Geoffrey did seem really genuinely regretful about his actions and he was magicked at the time. Hmm... Weighing in as an adventurer sounds like a good idea, no need to start off the conversation antagonistically but I should defiantly bring it up. Towns like these always want adventures and after walking out of a haunted mine holding a lantern full of ghosts I bet people think I'm a lot more competent than I really am.

Oh gosh I really hope she doesn't want Geoffrey dead.
No. 617246 ID: 139f1a
File 142011844191.jpg - (1.04MB , 4108x3244 , #92 WHO IS THIS UNCERTAIN WOMAN.jpg )

I know it's just silly, they haven't even specifically alluded to anything. It's all this big nebulous possible sex act and no one will tell me anything about it. I mean it wasn't that big a deal before, but now I know it's not going to happen I'd like just a little bit of explicit detail. That's not much to ask. And maybe some descriptive hand motions for visual aid, or something I dunno.
Oh and uh, it would also be highly advantageous to Geoffrey's case if I knew what he did.

What? Oh, right. I'll pick him up on when I go back to see Geoffrey.

Ok, so the church is here...
No. 617284 ID: 687279

Oh hey you've been noticed. Go over and say hi!
No. 617285 ID: 2ec61a

those are some fancy ladies. say hi
No. 617507 ID: a19cd5

oh shit, salf's back!
Wave hello to the fancy ladies, strike up a conversation if you can. They might know about geoffrey.
No. 618786 ID: 139f1a
File 142068444314.jpg - (1.03MB , 4176x3217 , #93 Butt a loft.jpg )

Yeah those weren't the most subtle looks my way. I suppose I'll ask them where Miss Butterloft's house is.


>Hyoo there! Blue girl, you are a Miss Ring are you not?

>Uh, yes, I'm Ring.

>Oh good deary, I was, of course, quite sure already but it always does one good to be certain of things before acting upon them. It is not good to be rash. I am Miss Butterloft, Mayor of Bwesk, and this is my daughter Luella. Luella this is the Adventurer girl I told you about, be polite, but do remember not to view her as an influence.

Luella nods submissively, but continues to study me with interest. Well I found Miss Butterloft's house; I guess when James said 'by the church' he meant right next to it.

>Do come sit down Miss Ring, I wish to talk to you. It does not do to hold a conversation where ones speaking partner squats behind a fence like a house servant. Would you care for tea and scones?

No, not really.
>Yes thank you. Uh, how abouts do I go about entering your garden?

>Oh, we don't have a gate in our fence, no that is far too common. Just hop over the posts deary, it is most unladylike an activity, but I imagine you won't have much of a problem with that. Tell me, is your lack of outfit regulation for adventurers or does your species simply have no sense of decency?

Ho boy. This is going to be a real good time.
No. 618797 ID: a19cd5

"It's considered quite improper in my culture to question someone on their attire."
No. 618802 ID: 687279

Well I guess it could be something with your species, as you have no idea what it IS in the first place so you have noone to compare yourself to.

I'm not sure you should hop over the fence considering your attire. There's no third chair anyway. On the other hand, considering you want to ask her what the Snouter did exactly, that should probably be done in hushed tones which means getting closer. ...so ask if she's comfortable talking about the Snouter before you jump over.
No. 618809 ID: d90668

Hop on over then. Sort of wondering how they get out though.

Tell her that adventuring attire has to allow easy movement and not have the possibility of getting caught on things in the wild. If you are fighting or running a full dress could get you killed fast.

As for the whole species lacking decency crack you could spin a tale about how no they do not and how you have spent many years trying to get away from there indecent and lecherous ways.

That or you could ignore it.
No. 618829 ID: 89b2a2

"You're right, I have been considering buying armor for more coverage. I'm sure you know a lot about Leather. Tell me, which feels better, studded leather or leather? I've heard the former is more protective."
No. 618847 ID: 687279

Studded leather is a myth, and would never have protected more anyway. It's probably a misinterpretation of brigandine.
No. 618888 ID: 6df088

Jump over the fence without flashing anyone, if possible! Those legs of yours are good for jumping, right?

>>/questdis/88380 (NWS)
Hey Salf are you gonna celebrate this tgchan holiday?

No. 619385 ID: 9863a4

Sure, probably.
No. 623242 ID: 668321
File 142286490285.jpg - (618.75KB , 2382x1487 , #94 Leaping of a sort.jpg )


Let's not antagonize the person who holds Geoffrey's fate in her hands. Even if I do really want to.

She's already dismissed my outfit, seeing it up close won't hurt. And if it does she did ask for it.

>Miss Butterloft-

>Now don't make me repeat myself deary; come sit. Luella, be a dear and fetch Miss Ring a chair and some dining accoutrements.

Ok then.

I can vault a waist high fence without problem, yes. And can not flash people y'know, I don't do it that often.

Luella gasps as I hop over, I doubt she's ever seen a lady jump before.
No. 623243 ID: 668321
File 142286493764.jpg - (1.09MB , 4096x3289 , #95 Almost pleasant discourse.jpg )

I wait in awkward silence as Luella scurries off.

>Um, the adventuring attire's so I can move more easily. It can't get caught on things like branches, which is important when you're running for your life or something. You can't run or fight in dresses.

Miss Butterloft arches an eyebrow at me and sips her tea.

Luella returns with a chair and a cup. I sit down and she pours for me. She forgot the saucer.

>So Miss Ring, Larry tells me that you single handedly solved the odd problem with the wailing mines in his quarry, is this true?

Luella leans forward. She's staring at me.

>Uh, yes. I found a magic crystal and got rid of some ghosts. I threw some rocks at a giant eel.

Miss Butterloft makes a polite conversational noise. I sip some tea.

No. 623244 ID: d958ad

I think they want a dramatic retelling of your adventure! Feel free to embellish things.
No. 623245 ID: 89b2a2

By this he means "Lie." Hell, it's not like anyone saw you, who's going to care if you slip in an exciting knife fight on tightrope wire, a struggle with a thrashing eel, a clever riddling contest with ghosts.
No. 623248 ID: d958ad

Oh, I wouldn't go that far...
No. 623251 ID: f5baae

Well, i'd reckon it's pretty hard to impress royalty, we may need to make some teensy, uh, lets not call them lies, but uh, story enhancements. Yeah, that'll do. Tell your story with some 'story enhancers'.
No. 623258 ID: c3405b


Make sure to include the part where you were naked the whole time and covered yourself in goo.
No. 623259 ID: e8718a

Tell a bit about your adventure. Don’t forget to include finding out about the poor creature who was chained to the wall for quite some time until managed to escape. What a terrible thing to happen! Apparently the magic affected both it’s mind and body quite badly. (Get some sympathy for said creature so it’s easier for them to accept our new friend when you reveal it has been him.)
No. 625385 ID: 668321
File 142416964836.jpg - (1.97MB , 4108x3355 , #96 Pseudo truth.jpg )

No, that is a bad idea.

I tell the tale of how I bravely entered and conquered the wailing mines with a few very minor story enhancements.

After I finish explaining how I threw rocks at a giant eel to briefly blind it so I could punch it unconscious, a light spin on an old Quicksy Flicks story, I start going on about the ghosts. In this version, just after I released them from the lantern, they told me in great and lengthy detail all about this sad creature which was chained to a magic stone by a cruel master and probably suffered horribly. And then how it's simple mind was altered unwillingly and how it grew, changed and escaped. It generates some sympathy.

Luella puts her hand to her mouth and sniffles a bit as I speak; Miss Butterloft makes a 'tuting' noise. Whether that was sympathy for the creature or disapproval of poor animal handling I couldn't say.

>Quite the tale Miss Ring, you have done my town a goodly service. Although, since you are an adventurer, I shall of course assume that most of what you said was a wild exaggeration. You people do so enjoy showing off.

>Th-thank you?

Miss Butterloft finishes her tea and observes me for a while, calmly thinking. Luella's still sorta just, staring at me.

>So Miss Ring, what is it exactly that you will be doing next? Are you planning on leaving Bwesk or perhaps staying a while longer? I am lead to understand adventurers are never content with sitting still for any reasonable period of time.

No. 625386 ID: d958ad

Well you were gonna move on after you cleaned up their bandit problem. Speaking of which, you're gonna have some help with that. You went to deal with their giant snouter problem today and it turns out he can talk now, and has learned that his previous behavior was very inappropriate. When you encountered him, he wouldn't lay a finger on you, despite acting rather intimidating about the issue.

So, you want to know- just how bad were the things he did to those other women, and can he be forgiven?
No. 625392 ID: e607cd

Come on now, she just inserted that whole thing about the creature chained to the rock to introduce Geoffrey. Don't forget about that transition.
No. 625396 ID: dafc39

Feign ignorance about the connection; tell them all about jeffory before mentioning he's a snouter, and allow them to be shocked and confused, and be confused along with them? Maybe they'll come to the conclusion by themsleves.
No. 636273 ID: 91ee5f

(I can't believe I didn't know this quest existed before this morning! I binge read the entire thing from start to where it is right now in 1 day and I'm really enjoying it so far! XD)

Tell her that everything you just told her is true. If you wanted to exaggerate you would have told her that you wrestled a fully grown adult dragon into submission with your bare hands, killed it with your bare hands, and bathed in it's blood! While naked the entire time! But, of course, that didn't happen and I was clothed the entire time.
No. 638101 ID: 8dc5ce
File 143075453827.jpg - (1.04MB , 4065x3068 , #97 definitely serendipitous.jpg )

Luella would buy it, but Miss Butterloft definitely wouldn't and we need to be on her good side. And if I did I wouldn't describe myself being naked. Plus I don't think either of them would appreciate the gore. Luella'd probably feint.

Yeah, I don't think bluntly tossing Geoffrey into the conversation is a good idea. Lets let him smoothly enter in and hang around for as long as possible before any mention of him being a snouter crops up. We're aiming for the scenario with the least panic here.

>Well... I was planning on moving on after I clean up the bandit problem. Speaking of: since a trio of trolls isn't exactly an easy gig, and naturally I want to take the greatest care in aiding the town and its people with the safe return of it's stolen goods, I've actually enlisted some help.

>Help? You will have to inform me of this mystery assistant Miss Ring, since clearly you have not done something so stupid as to solicit a sidekick from amongst my townsfolk. Otherwise I would, ever so sadly, be forced to contact your guild and register a formal complaint.

>No, no, no! No complaints necessary. He's, uh, his name's Geoffrey.

>Geoffrey? A man from the travelling theatre I assume. Pray tell Miss Ring, how was this lowly Thespian so easily roped into danger?

Miss Butterloft eyes the slim and reasonable amount of cleavage I have showing.

>He's a community minded sort.

Miss Butterloft's tea cup stops mid way to her mouth.

>A community-minded travelling entertainer. Such a thing exists?

Her eyebrow is raised in a manner one might describe as sceptical.

>Geoffrey's not actually part of the troupe, although he is quite fascinated by it. He's more of an aspiring Thespian.

Miss Butterloft sniffs.

>Never mix words with an actor Luella, especially a travelling one. They consistently attempt to charm and impress innocent young ladies into unseemly acts. I personally suspect that this Geoffrey has ulterior motives in aiding Miss Ring.

Luella puts a hand to her cheek and blushes beat red. I suddenly feel the need to visit my little sisters and make sure Father isn't sheltering them too much. Maybe I can send them some romance novels. I'll buy one of those ones with replaceable covers. Miss Butterloft taps her cup thoughtfully and turns to me again.

>Miss Ring, if this Geoffrey is, as you claim, neither a citizen of Bwesk nor a member of the troupe visiting us, then how did you come by him?

>Oh we met in the woods yesterday.

>The Hwoods?!

Luella flinches and pulls back into her chair. Ohhhh... that might not be good.
No. 638105 ID: 5c8258

might be the time for a bit more exaggeration, that or not caring anymore and dropping the bomb
No. 638106 ID: 91ee5f

She's looking at your chest, huh? She probably thinks you showed this "Geoffrey" your boobs in order to convince him to help you. How insulting! Call her out on it and embarrass her! But do it like you don't like it when people look at you like that. Cover your chest with your hands, turn your chest away from her (while still covering them), and ask her in a shy embarrassed voice, "Um, w-why are you staring at my chest like that? C-could you, um, please not do that? I don't like it when people stare at me like that." That will make her stop eyeing you like that!
No. 638118 ID: e114bc

Um. Ask Luella if she's... been in the woods. Did anything happen to her? If she got attacked by the Snouter, tell her that he would undoubtedly like to apologize now that he has some semblance of manners.
No. 638158 ID: e2a92b

Hwhy yes. Hwhat's the matter hwith the hwoods?
No. 638262 ID: 7aa8c3

You a terrible liar, I would have said Geoffrey was a stage hand that helped the theatre troupe pack and unpack the setup and that he may be expecting to some of the stolen gold for himself as an ulterior motive.
Oh well either say that you met geffory in the woods or on your way out of the woods and eithier he was going to try deal with the snouter just like you when you met or that he heared about your plan came to help/stop/was concernd for you
No. 638308 ID: 57d76a

Except we're not actually lying, just, you know, dancing around the snouter in the room.

...Don't tell her that yet. Also, don't ask her directly about if she was one if the victims. Instead, ask to speak to Miss Butterloft alone, about a... sensitive matter.

...hold on a second.
>Miss Butterloft
>Has a daughter
Eh, don't comment on it; best not to offend the woman in charge with irrelevancies.
No. 646886 ID: d80f2a
File 143368272114.jpg - (743.43KB , 3425x3000 , #98 Astounding tact.jpg )

>Yeah in the Hw-woods, he uh, was going on a walk with stage equipment and we bumped into each other and he, uh... offered to...

Luella's face is red and she's staring fixedly at her knees.

>Um, Miss Butterloft, may I ask to speak to you alone, about a... sensitive matter.

Miss Butterloft nods and puts down her teacup.

>This way Miss Ring. Luella, do wait here.
No. 647234 ID: b3dd38

No. 647238 ID: d90668

Man at this rate no one is going to openly say what happened. Oh well go follow her and maybe you will get lucky.
No. 647271 ID: e114bc

I think you're going to have to tell the full story to her. Well, almost the full story since you won't admit you had some selfish motivation for encountering the snouter.
No. 647274 ID: 57d76a

May as well tell her straight out once you get out of earshot: "Geoffrey is that giant snouter. He got smarter."
No. 647284 ID: a19cd5

This sounds like the best option, on the merit of "We are going to get one hell of a reaction."
No. 647364 ID: bcb3c4
File 143386331477.jpg - (2.15MB , 4961x3508 , #99 Slightly Less tactful.jpg )

Miss Butterloft walks me away from the table and out of Luella's earshot.

>Miss Ring, I'm finding it-

>Actually Miss Butterloft, I think I need to tell you something.

>Humf, Well if you feel this something merits interrupting me mid-speech then I suppose you had better say it then shouldn't you.

>Well uh, you see it's um... you see the guy I said I met in the forest, uh-

>Do get on with it Miss Ring; I have no patience for babbling.

>Geoffrey is the Giant Snouter, he got smarter. Also he was the creature in the gem cave... A-nd he said he was sorry for whatever it is he did, n-no one will tell me... so I don't really know... what it was.
No. 647365 ID: bcb3c4
File 143386336406.jpg - (2.10MB , 4961x3508 , #100 Gentle Instructions.jpg )


>Look, Miss Ring, this is what's going to happen. You are going to take your extremely under-dressed self and walk out of my garden.

>I'm not-

>You are going to find this giant snouter, which for the moment I will entertain is called Geoffrey, can speak and has apologised for it's actions, and take him to where the troll encampment is. You are going to get rid of these trolls and return every piece of stolen property. Then, and only then, will I consider listening to you without assuming you are lying, insane or playing some game with me.


>Good girl, now off you go.
No. 647366 ID: bcb3c4
File 143386341192.jpg - (492.12KB , 2590x1721 , #101 Aw jeese.jpg )

Aw man. Miss Butterloft is a really scary woman.

I guess we're doing the trolls now then.

...Aw man...
No. 647367 ID: bd8b82

don't slime your clothes
No. 647388 ID: a599c3

Well we have two ways of doing this, either we go in swords a' swingin' or we try the diplomatic approach, considering these guys are bandits it might be better for us to gear up and then sneak attack their encampment with our snouter fellow.
No. 647394 ID: c2fb88

Well with how things have been going be prepared to find out the trolls have a complicated society and have invented a steam engine with the stolen goods.

Also you really should have let her talk. Who knows what we could have found out from her before you interrupted and derailed the conversation. It might have just been nothing but you never know.

So go pick up Geoffry and tell him that we are going to check on the trolls.
No. 647403 ID: 2a7417

Is there a shop in town that sells something we could defend ourselves with?
No. 647404 ID: e114bc

Do you need to get a weapon of some sort for this? Are you trained in combat with anything?
No. 647426 ID: ad7bba

Well that sure was a wasted opportunity. We -still- don't know what happened between him and those women, and there was our golden opportunity to ask. To ask before talking about him. Because that was the order that made sense.

Why are you so negative about it though? You seemed pretty enthusiastic about doing all of those trolls, earlier.
No. 647443 ID: b3dd38

I wonder if it would have helped to have Woody back up our story back there...
No. 647586 ID: 91ee5f

Before you go fight those trolling trolls who sing "trololo" all day long, you need to go buy some armor and a weapon. Listen, I know you don't want to wear anything that isn't your grass skirt, but you need to wear something that will protect you from the trolls' sharp pointy weapons. And if you try to argue and say, "I don't need any of that, I have Geoffrey to protect me!" then I'm just going to stop that train of thought right there before it leaves the station. Sure having a giant snouter as an ally will help, but he can't do everything! You need to be able to help out, so that means you're going to march your tail over to the store and you are going to buy armor and a weapon.
No. 647771 ID: 4164ae

Well lets get some supplies and then go tell Geoff the news. And don't forget Jerry this time.
No. 657521 ID: 75c920
File 143757908085.jpg - (251.06KB , 2590x1721 , #102 Unproductive Swordplay.jpg )

Diplomacy? What, are we gunna ask them to leave? They're trolls! Geoffrey can threaten them if that's what you mean, but at that point I don't think that counts as diplomacy. As far as fighting goes, Geoffrey is going to be the one doing it, I can't fight trolls.

Yeah, trolls are dumb as bricks, that's not going to be a problem... Plus I think we already have steam engines-Hey, wait why are you talking like it's my fault, you're the ones telling me what to do!

Okay, that's very reasonable, but I can't fight trolls. They're at least twice my height, very strong and as tough as they are stupid. Stabbing one is basically like ramming a sword into a tree, sure it sticks in a little bit, but now you can't pull it back out and the tree wants to punch you. You haven't actually accomplished much more then annoying foliage. If a one of them goes for me; I need to be agile enough to dodge it and run away. If one grabs me, I'll throw pepper in it's eyes and run away faster. Preferably until I'm behind Geoffrey. They don't use weapons, so armour’s just going to make it harder to sneak around. In this case avoiding the fight is the most important part.

No, I'm uh, not trained in anything. But that's fine, swords would be pretty useless anyway. What I need are distractions; I should make pepper bombs or something. I can close my second eyelids, and try not to breathe. Man I sure hope I don't get any up my nose again.

It's just sweat, I-I'll be right as rain. I can handle the tolls. M-Miss Butterloft unnerved me is all. She's, um, pretty intimidating.

Hmm... depends on whether Miss Butterloft, is freaked out by magic or not. Oh, remind me never to pull out Woody in front of Luella. I don't think she could handle him.

Jerry? Oh right, Jerry. I sure hope he isn't dead.
No. 657532 ID: 2a7417

What the heck, go ahead and panic. You're deliberately setting out unarmed against a bunch of monsters.
No. 657543 ID: e114bc

Trolls are that tough? Jeez, what would the plan be if we didn't have Geoffrey? Also... are you sure he's even strong enough to take on more than one of them? Well, maybe we can use the environment against them somehow. Like collapse their shelter on them.

I don't suppose we could buy some kind of poison that would work against them?
No. 657548 ID: bd8b82

are trolls bad with fire?
No. 657564 ID: ab7529

>I should make pepper bombs or something. I can close my second eyelids, and try not to breathe. Man I sure hope I don't get any up my nose again.
If you got goggles or some kind of protective eyewear, and a mask / filter to cover your mouth and nose, you wouldn't have to worry about blasting yourself.
No. 657691 ID: 91ee5f

Who says you need to learn to fight? All you need are the basics to fighting trolls!

Rule #1: Pointy end of sword goes in the other guy.

Rule #2: Aim for eyes to blind them.

Rule #3: In case of male troll, aim for male parts. >.<

Rule #4: If all else fails, sing the song of their people. It will confuse them and confused trolls are easy to run away from! The song of their people is called "The Trololo Song".

And that's all you need to know to fight trolls!
No. 665286 ID: 8111b6

I certainly hope trolls don't have any questionable habits. ... Say, are there stories about trolls doing... things? Or are they usually only about making people stew or something? After all, we need to know if such a thing is something we will have to "cautiously avoid" or if not getting squished is the more important thing to fret over.
No. 665565 ID: ec5b46

Before this progresses, do you really think Geoffrey is going to be able to take on ALL the ogres himself? He became sentient a few days ago and has never been in a real fight, and snouters don't strike me as predators. You might be throwing him a beating or worse while accomplishing nothing.
No. 665712 ID: 75c920
File 144092251244.jpg - (185.23KB , 1622x1677 , #103 Habitual Sass.jpg )

Oh no it's a Rock Golem, wait guys don't worry I've got a pointed stick! We'll totally be safe now-OK sorry lets, lets turn down the sass a little maybe.

While trolls are tough they're also known to be slovenly and bullies. Show them a real challenge and they'll skimpier off like cowards. Geoffrey's crazy huge and they'd much rather push people around than be part of a real fight.
Although, now you mention it, it's probably not a good idea to let them all fight Geoffrey at once. Intimidating them separately will be our best and safest bet I think. And yeah if we can drop a bridge on them like Whileswick Pete that'd be pretty great.
As for other options: Well, we technically we could find some troll bane. It's weed that so lethal to trolls that the smell alone makes them meek as mincers, but if there were any around here someone would have just done it already. Troll bane's common knowledge and the stench makes it easy to find. Plus trolls obviously take a great deal of effort to find places extremely far away from any kind of source of the one thing that can easily beat them.

Questionable habits? Well, their-Oh uh... yeah I suppose trolls are probably pretty likely to do... things to folk they capture. They definitely do make people stew though so um, yeah. Maybe if they've eaten recently...

No, not really. They're slightly more immune than most if anything.

Right, yeah I've got a bandanna in my bag. I can use that to cover my mouth and nose easy. I don't know where I'd be able to get a pair of goggles, but then again I'm pretty sure I don't need them. I've done this trick before and it's always my nose that gets peppered, if that's covered I'll be fine.
No. 665716 ID: e114bc

I suspect if you allow yourself to be captured it won't work out to your benefit in the way you're hoping. It'd be unwholesome, you know. However, maybe you can try something like that anyway? Maybe you can help split them up by occupying the attention of one or two of them, while Geoffrey finds one alone and gives them what for.

Like maybe you can attract their attention after a meal and have them chase you, so Geoffrey can pick them off one by one.
No. 665721 ID: ad936f

I don't think that any plan with the "unfortunate side effect" of the trolls doing things to you is really feasible. Any plan that could put you in that sort of situation also puts you in a situation where they can eat you. There's too many of them and they're too big and murderhappy. The as advertised situation with Geoffrey was the ideal, and we should keep our eyes out for that, but even wandering around in a dark alleyway provides a better scenario than anything we could feasibly cook up with the trolls. We should strike after they've finished a meal, that gives us some time to be rescued should we be captured. We can use divide and conquer tactics with Geoffrey either scaring them apart or intimidating them in small groups. We should definitely use pepper bombs. Then we rob the trolls, clear up the crap with Geoffrey, skip town, and finally "accidentally" run into some PERFECTLY WHOLESOME misfortune.
No. 665738 ID: 0fc976

So, is that a plan? Buy what you need for pepper bombs and let's set out!
No. 665957 ID: a107fd

What if you show up at the troll lair with a wagonload of day-old bread and unfit-for-human-consumption meat, tainted with poison? They'd eat all that first, then have plenty of time to... dance... with you before the poison kicks in. Geoffrey can stand by as a backup plan.

The poison doesn't have to be anything fancy. You could, for example, marinate the bait in wood alcohol: it's cheap and easy to synthesize in large quantities, it's a preservative so the semi-garbage food is less obviously rotten, it'll get them drunk, and then they go blind after liver enzymes metabolize it into formaldehyde.
No. 667178 ID: 91ee5f

Well, if you can't think of anything, why don't you ask Woody what he thinks you should do? He might have some good advice! And I think it would be nice if you let him out of your bag every now and then.
No. 683243 ID: 76a75f

Did we ever get a pair of underwear?
No. 686418 ID: 62532e


I would recommend asking Woody for further information about the trolls.
No. 989851 ID: 04d001
File 161482496389.png - (189.75KB , 1169x751 , CON-QUEST FLASHES BEFORE YOUR EYES.png )

No. 989852 ID: 04d001
File 161482504332.png - (225.28KB , 1169x751 , 01-She Shook.png )

Um. I just had a weird flash like I was remembering something?
Ah, where were we? Sorry, I got distracted for a second there.

Trolls and Geoffrey, yeah. OK.
No. 989853 ID: 04d001
File 161482519315.png - (222.99KB , 1169x751 , 02-Back baybee.png )

Y-yeah distracting one or two while Geoffrey stomps the third sound very smart and reasonable. It’s possible all three could take him after all. Need to occupy at least one of the others.

You don’t ‘plan’ for unfortunate side effects. You can just be aware they’ll happen maybe. And like, know about them. Which is better than not knowing about them, obviously.
But striking when Trolls aren't hungry is a good idea. Should I bring some food then? If I get captured and have a lot of bread or something in my pack they’ll eat that. I mean not getting eaten or at least stalling for time is good. Waiting for them to eat dinner sounds real dangerous and I don’t want to have to try and keep Geoffry hidden for long...

Yes, tricking the Trolls out of their burrow or hideout or whatever and getting Geoffrey to beat them up one at a time is good. Unless I can organise a rockslide I don’t see another way of beating up Trolls myself.
I’ll buy the pepper bomb ingredients before I go.

Trolls can eat just about anything, including rotten meat and sludge and stuff. They’re more or less immune to poison and other stuff. Plus I don’t know where I’d get a wagon and a giant pile of food and poison either.

Sure I guess, but Trolls aren't magical creatures so he won’t have anything super important to add. I’ll ask him when we’re walking to meet Georffy since I don’t want to pull him out in town.

This is not an important question. We also did not require a pair for any particular reason.

OK, I'm going shopping now. You guys got any notes before I do? Anything I've forgotten or things to do before setting out? I feel like we've covered everything, but Troll fighting is tough business so just checking.
No. 989854 ID: 0fae41

I'm sure Jerry's fine.
No. 989857 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe we can bring some gems so that they get distracted by them, or even fight over them.
No. 989860 ID: 164e20

>We also did not require a pair for any particular reason.
Remember that time you flashed a bunch of miners? I'm sure they remember it.
No. 989862 ID: 3ed3c3

Try not to buy more than you need.
No. 989879 ID: 470289

Can you compromise and just bring a bit of bread as a distraction? It'll buy you less time but you'll have more room for other stuff and that bit of time could end up critical.
No. 989913 ID: 19da02

You need to buy the biggest, hardest, stalest loaf of bread you can possibly acquire.
No. 989930 ID: 864e49

I can't believe this is back I'm so happy!
Get a small bag and fill it with sand.
No. 990419 ID: 04d001
File 161527777013.png - (216.37KB , 1169x751 , 03-Tail Example.png )

Yeah obviously. Unless he’s incredibly unlucky.

I'm not buying Gems! Not if those gross Trolls might touch them! Plus they're probably the most expensive thing I can buy. Singularly I mean. Gems are pricey.

Suspected flash. My tail was down. I have a large tail.
No. 990420 ID: 04d001
File 161527793297.png - (242.77KB , 1169x751 , 04-Bittabread.png )

OK I went shopping.

I’ve got some pepper and those little toy fireworks that pop when you throw them. I rolled out the paper bit and added limedust and pepper. Now it’ll pop out pepper dust in a small cloud. The limedust makes the bang bigger and also adds to the potency. Lime and pepper are both things that really suck when you get hit in the face with them.
They’re in a little metal case so they won’t pop accidentally. We’ve got five.

And a bag of pebbles because they didn't have sand. The man said he could walk down to the small beach up on the north island and get some for me, but that would take all day. The only other sand is in the leather sacks he uses for weighing things on scales. So I got some pebbles. And. Put them in this little bag.
No. 990421 ID: 04d001
File 161527795013.png - (228.98KB , 1169x751 , 05-BreadQuestion.png )

I got some... I got some stale bread.
No. 990422 ID: 04d001
File 161527798492.png - (248.11KB , 1169x751 , 06-CrustQuery.png )

Why did you make me buy this?

What’s this for?
No. 990423 ID: 04d001
File 161527802703.png - (239.99KB , 1169x751 , 07-StalenessTest.png )

If I’m distracting the trolls with it shouldn’t it be appetizing?
Doesn't this make me look more edible?
Wha - is it a weapon? Like a stealth weapon?
I don’t understand.
No. 990424 ID: 04d001
File 161527807539.png - (228.98KB , 1169x751 , Stale Bread.png )

No. 990425 ID: 04d001
File 161527835844.png - (362.33KB , 1169x751 , 08-ArtImprovement.png )

>Woody tell me about Trolls.

>Oh rather large unsightly creatures Mistress. They come in a few varieties, the Trollus Malignis - Trollus Geldia - Trollus Magna Petra - that last one was Stone Trolls, which aren't Mountain Trolls, common misconception, Mistress. Although the only Trolls you’d be likely to find around here would be the common Bog Troll so you - probably want me to... Ahem.

>The Bog Troll is very large, approx two and a half meters tall at resting height. They have a very high-quality resilience to most things. Though fairly slow, they have an impressive strength and can sprint short distances. Well beyond your ability to fight Mistress.
>Due to their plant-like nature and eating requirements they tend to be extremely slothful. They, like all Trolls, flee from Trolls Bane. Which is why they obviously never set up anywhere near it.
>They have a base level sentience that marks them a sub-race, but to quote Bongo’s guide to Troll behaviour “I hate them even more now I’ve taken the time to study them. This book was a waste of time, I hate this. We all know what Trolls are like. Gods dammit what a F------ waste. S---” I uh, censored that extract for you, Mistress, if you wondered what the silences were.

>They aren't magical in any way that’s applicable or abusable by you Mistress. Oh and they DEFINITELY do not turn to stone during the day. They half bury themselves in the ground and become incredibly still. It is a baiting tactic. Whoever published that paper should be kicked senseless if you want my opinion Mistress.

>Thank you, Woody
Didn’t learn anything usable. That’s fine though, Woody's a magic focused kinda guy. Maybe that’s why he knew about the turn-to-stone thing. I imagine he’d want to know about Trolls doing magical things.

I’ll call Georffy once I’m in the forest a bit. Bad idea to call for him at the treeline. Don’t want everyone to be spooked.
No. 990428 ID: 2facbc

Makes sense, can we forage for some troll bane while we're on our way?
No. 990429 ID: b1b4f3

I... don't really know what trolls are like.
Do trolls eat people? Or do they just beat them up and rob them? Are they particularly lustful? What will they do if we just kindof blunder into their lair?

...hmm. Well, regardless, we need to scout out the lair to see where exactly they've buried themselves. Then we can make a plan, and tell Geoffrey about it.
No. 990432 ID: b1b4f3

She said there's no way we can find any because if we could someone would've done it already.
Part of me wants to ask "what if the villagers thought the same thing" but no, if there's anyone in town at all that goes out into the forest, they'd know if there was troll's bane. It's stinky!
No. 990446 ID: 12b116

That bread is gonna come in handy. Trust me. 🍞
No. 992393 ID: 04d001
File 161632123025.png - (332.57KB , 1169x751 , 09-Trollsplaining.png )

You’ve given me terrible ideas before. Like eating slime to see if I got stretchy. Remember when you said Jomens had a crush on me and you were wrong? I remember.

There’s a herbalist lady who has a magic bee-pet-thing. She’d know about Troll bane, it’s in her guidebook. She or one of the foragers or hunters would have found some ages ago if there were any. It’s famously easy to find because of the stench.
No. 992394 ID: 04d001
File 161632130976.png - (353.04KB , 1169x751 , 10-Mouse obtainment.png )

Uhhh... maybe I should ask Geoffrey if he’s smelt any super smelly plants. He lives here, odds are he should know more than anyone else about the forest.

They steal things they like and beat up anyone who tries to stop them. Y’know like, you’re acting like a troll or something. They eat people if they’re hungry I think. They definitely kill people but mostly just to steal their stuff? They’re a sub-race so they’re either base desires or some specific objective. Hopefully, they’re more lustful, because that’s much better than them eating me, obviously.

Found the mouse where I left it. We named it ...Jerry? Did we settle on Jerry? My bag’s empty so I can take him along this time.
No. 992395 ID: 04d001
File 161632137887.png - (301.75KB , 1169x751 , 11-Snout Shout.png )

I’ll call Geoffrey now.

No. 992396 ID: 04d001
File 161632140103.png - (293.58KB , 1169x751 , 12-Snout Shout wait.png )