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File 171124096645.png - (131.77KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1086981 No. 1086981 ID: 681cb5

[Super NSFW]
May contain breeding, vore, transformation etc…

”Prurient Passage”
A Lascivious Labyrinth side story.

Wiki and previous threads: https://tezakia.net/wiki/Lascivious_Labyrinth

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of the demi-god Wjares lays hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the demi-god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted up- huh? You’ve already heard this before? Alright, fine…

Welcome to the Prurient Passage! Hope you enjoy your stay…
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No. 1092517 ID: 681cb5
File 171770914277.png - (73.02KB , 700x550 , 36.png )

>How do you feel about Wjares and her ways?
Indifferent. The demi-gods may be powerful, but you’ve always been a man of your own fate. Let others worships for the barest scraps of power, you’ll seize it by your own two hands instead.

>Her. Keep that to yourself.
Her eyebrow raises as you look into her eyes… and her welcoming smile gets slightly bigger…
>Lucky varkian…
Priestess: ”Did you see something you like, little goat?” she asks, as she slowly push the pair of avian feet deeper into her cleavage with her tail, making them curl their toes before she consume them completely, “Maybe you wish to join her? She’s quite happy with her fate...”

A) Dive into her cleavage!
B) Slide into those massive mommy milkers!
C) Gift yourself to Wjares! …by taking a one way trip into those bandokers!
D) Become a meal for those great ganzongas!
E) Just feed yourself to her chest.
F) SUDDENLY a pack Horny gals with dicks appears, who immediately feed you to her beautiful breasts.
G) Other? (As in, feed yourself to the smaller gal’s bosom.)

Bahravus: ”Err…” try as you might, you can’t hide your growing boner, “I’ll… consider it.”

>Surely someone in her position can see the endless possibilities a skilled transmuter brings.
Priestess: ”Oh? And you don’t believe we already have strong mages in our mist?” she gesture outwards towards the massive chamber you’re in, “You honestly believe we carved these halls by hand and tail?”
Bahravus: ”I can offer more than just transmutation.” you try your best to look regal, but fails horribly, “I can see the future… and I can summon an army of demons for your beck and call, mommy. I mean, my lady.”
Priestess: ”Clairvoyant, are you? Then surely you would have seen this coming?” her laughter echoes through the room, “But I know how future sight work, little goat, and I rather keep my future undetermined.” Rubbing her chin for a moment, her smile slowly disappears, “As for demons… no, they are an infestation that needs to be wiped out, not encourage. A stagnant corruption that spit in the face of our goddess of death and birth, Wjares!”

Bahravus: “I’ve lived a long life and have picked up quite a bit of knowledge over the years.” Puffing up your chest, you continue, “Thus I’m both intelligent and a decent conversationalist, mommy? I mean, young one.”
Priestess: ”Young?” she tilt her head with the widest smile you’ve seen yet, “I’ve lived for several centuries before you even were but a sperm in your father sack, little goat.” Shaking her head, she looks down at you, “I am sorry, my little goat, but you are not unique. Not down here. Now tell me why you’re here, little goat.”

>Shouldn't be any harm in saying why you're here.
Bahravus: ”I am under a terrible curse, put upon me by a horrid hag who makes a horrid soup!” if your arms weren’t still tied behind your back, you would be making some dramatic gestures right now, “And the only way to break this curse is to have ten predators bear my child.”
Priestess: ”And here you are, seeking mates, I see…” her tongue licks the air, “And so far you’ve been able to bed two of us.”
Bahravus: ”This is a mission, a feat, that would be a great honor to the fertility god Volek, the sibling god to yours!” you bellow in your deepest voice, “Is it not your duty for the mommy- I mean lady of the house, nay, your deity to lend me aid, so that I might impress her sibling?” taking a deep breath, you add a final touch, “Not to mention, I am sure my offspring will be adapt at magic as well.”
Priestess: ”Why, you are correct.” raising her head high, she states in a courtly manner, “I will indeed aid your quest, by allowing you to breed eight of my servants.” She then looks over to her right, “I might even let you take my virgin daughter, Tabi, if you so desire.”
Tabi: ”Huh?” the Serpent next to her, the one with ratling like features, jumps a bit, “But mooom!?”
Priestess: ”If she wishes to join you, of course.” she slowly move her gaze back at you and simply raises and eyebrow.
Bahravus: ”I’m no fool, mommy.” you don’t even try and correct yourself this time, “There is a price, is there not?”
Priestess: ”…not a price per say, little goat, but a caveat.” Lowering her head so it almost next to yours, she whispers, “I do not desire goat grandchildren, prey, but Serpent ones.” her tongue flicks across your cheek, “So my pact is this… let me become your mommy for real, and be reborn a Serpent, and I will let you breed my flock to your heart’s content.”

She returns to her original stance, lazily lying on top of her sea of pillows.

Priestess: ”So, how will it be? Do you wish to become my child? After all, you won’t have any toes to hit if you’re a Serpent.” she laughs, “Or maybe you desire to become my grandchild instead, with Tabi as your mother?”
Tabi: ”Oh come on, mom…”
Priestess: ”Or do you desire to join the Varkian, and slide into my cleavage, little goat?”
No. 1092519 ID: a1314f

HELL NO to the Varkian choice!

Ask what inherent obligations or other inconveniences or even just responsibilities such a transformation would cause you to be beholden to. No such change and expenditure is fully free, you would know the cost, even the indirect cost.
No. 1092520 ID: a7a180

Would you even still be cursed after being reborn? That kinda defeats the point of the challenge. Humbly entreat big momma here to be allowed to attempt your task before getting introduced to her daughter.
Using the trick you used on the imp & sakkilian in reverse, you could even promise to give her the serpent grandchildren she wants upon your return.
No. 1092531 ID: 0c2fd4

So, either you become tit flesh with the tit before you, or are reborn a young and powerful serpent, with some peers at least as old as and magically gifted as you, living lavishly, and probably living longer, likely being able to climb the social hierarchy?
Make no mistake, you're probably not getting out of here at this point. You are frail, bound, and disarmed, so challenges will be one sided. Ask about the conditions you would be reborn into: servitude or working with/under Mommy/Wjares? What will your dick/the sex be like? Strongly advising you get in that Snussy.
Be proud/bold and driven though: she's offering you her servants for this, people with no skin in the game. You want Her, the mother/gem of the flock, Tabi if she's willing, and the remainder to be informed and consenting individuals. She knows your thoughts, and seems into you wanting her: imagine the things you'd do to her, like holding her hand tenderly, see how she reacts.
She'll know if you peer into the future, so consider that fact carefully.
No. 1092532 ID: f2320a

Being turned oblages too much that i must agree
No. 1092535 ID: eb0a9c

Not a good deal... but neither is aging.
I guess the real question, the one you need to answer past the horny, is if you're willing to sacrifice a portion of your identity and freedom to stave off the misery that is old age. It's something you need to answer for yourself.
No. 1092537 ID: 2a82d3

>I do not desire goat grandchildren, prey, but Serpent ones.
Ah, there it is. It's low-key, but it's there. Are Predators always going to be racist against Prey? Maybe if there were more of the latter running around...

Her offer's nice, but you'd like see how many different kinds of predators you can seduce before you take the easy way out. It is a nice contingency plan though, and wizards are about those contingencies. So how about this: You get a mark from her that will teleport you into her womb, or her daughter's, for when you "inevitably" get eaten in your seduction attempts. Of course, you'll find a way use the link to boost your power. Since she could stack the deck against you to rush the deal, it's only fair.

If she doubts your seductiveness, try flirting with her daughter. Tabi might even be more amicable to your point of view than her mother.
No. 1092540 ID: 37587f

Aaaand we just spun right back into the racism shithole philosophy of the prey/predator philosophy. Yeah, you aren't unique or the Numero Uno of this place, but you're pretty happy with everything that happened with your life (witch's curse aside), and it would certainly a bummer if some arrogant "thinks-she's-right-about-everything" snek decided your fate for you without your consent. If you chose how to flee, how fast can you transmutate, divinate or summon some emergency solutions and manouvers? Summon some demonic distractions? Turn yourself small and slippery so that you can slide out of the hands of anyone who tries to snatch you? I dunno, maybe there is another way out of this, maybe there isn't. But if you agree with her deal... I mean, you just said that you are a man of your fate, so if you want all the jazz she offers, thats gonna be on you, pal.
No. 1092541 ID: 37587f

Forgot to ask: What that imp doin
No. 1092551 ID: c8380b

I don't think a transformation would be possible. We're cursed to stub our toe. The witch probably has contingency plans for us suddenly having no toes.
No. 1092563 ID: 5ebd37

Become her child and she'll just hand you 8 mates? No no, that's far too easy, lacking in imagination. How about a wager?
She dismissed your transmutation as commonplace down here, but it's not ability that matters but vision. Have her bring out her best. The challenge: who can transform a servant into the most astounding sexual form. Something to make even the gods take notice. If her team wins you submit to be her child. If you win she will bear yours.

Even if she doesn't go for this, rambling on about it will stall for time while Maz does whatever he's planning.
No. 1092570 ID: 9d3b39

I don't think we have too many options at this point and would rather go for becoming her grand daughter than risking getting her pissed with challenges she has no reason to accept.
No. 1092585 ID: 77189b


^an this

looks like it was a good thing maz didnt follow us down here
totally dont know where he is...nope..

ok first things first
do not fall for mrs sex and death here
YOU make your fate
but you know... don be an arrogant prick about it
you cant JUST offer to take a mark that will teleport you back here if you fail. its gotta be worth her time to let you go to begin with as she already thinks you are second rate.
you can spin that to your advantage
ooohhh yesss
see you are rather ignorant about the balance of power around here. she wants to know how you can help her, that means she wants help
there are clearly other forces around here and while most may serve the same gods that doesnt they arent all on the same side
you probably cant get rid of her opposition overnight BUT you can certainly run some errands for her while you are out.. if you arent a naga of course. subtility is the name of the game here. as a goat you wont be suspect where a naga
would be. especially if she is in the habit of having all snake servants.
No. 1092586 ID: a1314f

If there's some onerous failure clause in your curse regarding forms with no toes, might some serpentlike long lizard with legs that aren't quite truly vestigial yet be an appropriate compromise?
No. 1092605 ID: 7caa34

So long as you keep your memories and magic i don't really see a downside to getting a new young strong body.
No. 1092617 ID: f2320a

its to easy and boring to just give up
No. 1092636 ID: f2320a

like why live at all if you dont fight and struggle against your possible fate
No. 1092641 ID: 273c18

Become snek, fulfill your mission.
No. 1092873 ID: 681cb5
File 171821768748.png - (132.17KB , 700x550 , 37.png )

>HELL NO to the Varkian choice!
Moving her arms a bit, she squeezes her breast together, making her cleavage look even larger and more inviting… but you manage to steady yourself against her seduction attempt.
>What is that im-
Maz, your little lizard friend, is probably been eaten by now. No need to think about him ever again. As thoughts of the imp enters your mind, for the first time since you met her, the priestesses changes her demure, going from her motherly self to something far more intimidating… but just as soon as it appeared it’s gone. She clearly doesn’t like the D word.
>Imagine the things you'd do to her, like holding her hand tenderly, see how she reacts.
She smiles warmly and raises an eyebrow, as if to ask if that’s really what you have in mind. Of course, being the horny old goat you are, you can’t help but imagine putting both her and her daughter into a proper mating press and pump child after child into them… which makes her smile even wider.

Bahravus: “I have a question.” you ask as you stand tall and proud, with your now hard member on full display, “Several in fact.”
Priestess: ”Then ask, my little goat.” her tongue tastes the air, “You have my undivided attention.”
Bahravus: “Alright, first and foremost… what happens if I say no?”
Priestess: ”Why, then I’ll simply make sure you’re escorted back to the entrance. After all, I do not wish to decide your fate for you, now do I?” she raises her head a bit and twists it a bit, as if trying to look behind you, “In fact…” With a snap of her finger, a guard instantly appears behind you and cut off your bindings, freeing your arms, “There, that’s better… oh, and while that little loincloth of yours is super cute, I think both of us would prefer if you was wearing your old robe, no?” the priestess nods towards the door you came in from, “It should be waiting for you when you’re ready to leave… if you leave, that is.”
Bahravus: “Thank you.” After taking a moment to rub your wrists, you ask, “Now… what will happen if I go through with this? Do I lose my memories? My magic?”
Priestess: ”You will be reborn anew, and thus things will change.” giving you a warm smile, she continues, “While it happens that those reborn are consumed by their new personality, it only happens to those that will it or are simply too weak willed to resist.” She then points directly at you, “You, on the other hand little goat, is stubborn enough to keep most of your memories and personality intact. In fact, the constant march of age will probably harm your memories far worse than being reborn would.”

Bahravus: “…and why do you want me to become a predator instead of prey?” crossing your arms, you look up at her, “Do you have anything against us?”
Priestess: ”Oh, quite the opposite, little Bahravus.” her laugh echoes through the chamber, “I am but the will of Wjares, and our lady of war loves your prey more than anything else. The weak shall consume the strong, after all.” Her smile disappears as she looks away, “No, it’s the law of the dungeon. This place was built as a hunting ground for us predators… one that you prey would brave for the ultimate reward.” Before looking back at you with her usual smile, “Thus, only predators may guard its halls… and only a prey may enter its lowest depths and received the greatest gift Wjares can bestowed upon us mortals.”
No. 1092874 ID: 681cb5
File 171821769790.png - (90.08KB , 700x550 , 38.png )

Bahravus: “And what do you get from this?” you ask, “You’re not doing this free, are you?”

Before answering, the beautiful Priestess leans down and kisses you, making your heart jump a beat.

Priestess: ”Eight grandchildren, wasn’t it?” her tongue flickers next to your ear, “That is what I desire from you, Bahravus, that and you becoming my child… or grandchild.”
Bahravus: “You wish that I should be your child?”
Priestess: ”I do love you, little goat, more than anything…” there is a sadness to her voice, but she tries to hide it, “And all I wish is to watch you grow anew, as my own. That is my price.” Pulling her head back a bit, she boop your snout with her finger, “After giving my grandchildren you will be free to do as you will… though I would oh so prefer if you would stay with us, my child.”
Bahravus: “…will I even be cursed if I’m reborn?”
Priestess: ”Does it even matter?” the snake shrugs, “After all, you will fulfill the necessary steps to break it either way.”

Bahravus: “…if I’m going to agree to this, I want something in return.” Standing tall, you point towards the Serpent Priestess, “I want you. Or possible your daughter Tabi. I wish for one of you to carry my young.”
Priestess: ”That would be acceptable.” she laugh under her breath, “You may breed one of us before being unbirthed by the other… unless you wish to breed both of us and become your own father, hmm?”
Tabi: ”Hey!” the smaller snake suddenly shouts, “Don’t I get a say in this?”
Priestess: ”…do you not wish to consume him like I did to you, daughter?”
Tabi: ”Well, I… um…” Tabi’s cheeks glows red as she looks away, “Alright, fine… I want to either breed or unbirth him. Happy now?”
Priestess: ”So… if you wish to join us up here, then you’ll need to agree to become one of our future children.” She once again leans in closer to you, “I do hope you want that, little Bahravus… because my womb hungers for you.” before whispering, “It desire you… it needs you…”

Priestess: ”Or… maybe we can make it a bit more fun?” the snake suddenly pulls away from you, “I will allow you to leave and try and break the curse on your own. If you managed to breed at least four other predators, I will allow you to return and breed me and my daughters.” waggling her finger in front of her, she continues, “But if you get eaten before that… well, you’ll be teleported directly into my waiting womb.”
Bahravus: “Hey… that… that was my idea.”
Priestess: ”Was it? Oh, I’m so sorry…” she looks genuine flustered for a moment, “Sometimes I forgot who it was that had the thought in the first place…” Taking a deep breath, she regain her composure, “But there is one more thing. I will send someone to hunt you down, someone whose whole purpose is to consume you. Of course, you will have a head start, but you will have to be cunning and quick if you don’t want to be another prey to my hunter.”

Priestess: ”So now, my beloved Bahravus…” she gives your snout another kiss, “Choose your fate.”

A) Just leave. Continue your adventure from before you were captured.
B) Take the challenge. Try and breed four predators before you’re caught.
C) Make sweet, sweet love to the priestess. Breed that snussy… before feeding it.
No. 1092875 ID: 1231e5

No. 1092877 ID: 3f96cc

B, one last hurrah before rebirth
No. 1092881 ID: 7b74f5

No. 1092884 ID: f2320a

B we are a mighty wizard if we gave up now we would never survived beyond being a teen
No. 1092892 ID: c8380b

Would her offer still be good if we break our curse first and come back victorious through our own efforts?
No. 1092893 ID: 9d3b39

C Snussy is worth it
No. 1092895 ID: 2a82d3

B, definitely. Have her respect you enough to take you as future hubbie and consider bearing snake-tailed goat kids. If only there'd be a lion around to complete the That's the hunter, isn't it.

Do use your divination to see how she honors her word, before you agree. Countering magic to against magic is fair play.

>She clearly doesn’t like the D word.
Unfortunately, "D words" have the only ones to answer your summons recently. Do you have any creatures closer to Neutral, or even Lawful, on the spectrum to call upon? They could have an interest in your situation now.

>“No, it’s the law of the dungeon. This place was built as a hunting ground for us predators… one that you prey would brave for the ultimate reward.” Before looking back at you with her usual smile, “Thus, only predators may guard its halls… and only a prey may enter its lowest depths and received the greatest gift Wjares can bestowed upon us mortals.”
If the prey were smart, each attempt would focus on pacifying one floor, or guardian, of the dungeon such that success would be inevitable for the last to attempt it. Of course, that level of coordination and selflessness would require nothing short of divine intervention. Just an idle thought.

>Priestess: ”…do you not wish to consume him like I did to you, daughter?”
>Tabi: ”Well, I… um…” Tabi’s cheeks glows red as she looks away, “Alright, fine… I want to either breed or unbirth him. Happy now?”
It's possible the Priestess has overlooked a very un-Pred-like aspect of her daughter: a desire to be the one eaten. As a wizard who thinks the natural order a mere guideline, you should more understanding of her.
Be a good daddy,
Be willing to eat her,
Especial' if y' gonna breed her,
Just make sure she comes back.
Why yes, it did take effort to make that cringe rap.

Fulfilling the other's desires, not denying them (unless they're into it), is practically another rule of the dungeon. Understanding the predator better than she knows herself is how you're going to pull through this.
No. 1092936 ID: 77189b

plus there has to be more than one path to eternal youth in this place.
No. 1093590 ID: 681cb5
File 171969394886.png - (79.95KB , 700x550 , 39.png )

>Do use your divination to see how she honors her word, before you agree.
You can see her belly heavy with a child of your blood… but is it from your seed or your body, you cannot tell. You do not dare look any further, least you decide your fate too soon.
>Do you have any creatures closer to Neutral, or even Lawful, on the spectrum to call upon?
The demons are the one thing you are capable to summon and control. Any other outworldly creatures would need Arcane knowledge you do not possess.
>It's possible the Priestess has overlooked a very un-Pred-like aspect of her daughter: a desire to be the one eaten.
Does she? You can assume she does on some level, as all predators do. After all, what’s more forbidden than a prey eating a predator, hmm?

>One last hurrah before rebirth!
Priestess: ”Ah, a final farewell to your old body, little goat?” her head moves away from you, letting you see her genuine smile, “I will watch it with great interested.”
Bahravus: ”And I’ll make sure to put on quite the show, High Priestess- I mean mommy- I mean-” you’re cut short as she darts down and gives your hard cock a deep kiss, “Ngg, wha-”
Priestess: ”Just as I’ve said goodbye to you, Bahravus, I have to do the same with your cute little member.” her long, tender tongue starts to wrap itself around you, “After all, I’ll miss him just as much as I will you, my son.”
Bahravus: ”Huff…” the feeling of her kissing the side of your rod, as well as her tongue constricting around it is driving you mad, “T-take it easy, or I’ll-”
Priestess: ”Just relax and let mommy take care of you, dear…” it doesn’t take long before your member starts to twitch, before firing off a long rope of your seed, “There… that wasn’t that hard, was it?”
Bahravus: ”Fuck…” try as you might, you can’t stop the flood of pleasure drowning your body, “H-how did you… ah…”
Priestess: ”And more of that will await you here, little goat.” With one final peck, she move her head away from you, “Now, do hurry back… as we will truly miss you, Bahravus my dear.” looking over towards her daughter, she snaps her tail in front of her snout, “Isn’t that right, daughter?”
Tabi: ”Huh?” Tabi on her part had been completely mesmerized by the show, “Err… y-yeah, I’ll be w-waiting for you to return, goat.”
Bahravus: ”Ah…” taking a moment to catch your breath, you continue, “Then I shall take my leave, ladies.” Giving them a gracious bow, you add, “I will not disappoint you, High Priestess.”
Priestess: ”Indeed, you shall not.”

Wordlessly, she makes a small, barely noticeable gesture, making two of the guards slither up on each side of you to escort you out. Your future mother gives you one last smile before you turn around and leave…
No. 1093591 ID: 681cb5
File 171969396235.png - (88.53KB , 700x550 , 40.png )

After a quick wardrobe change you’re lead through several heavily guarded outposts and fiendishly hidden secret passages, until you find yourself on what you assume is the first floor. In front of you a massive hall filled to the brim with everything from stalls, to carts, to whole buildings that’s either been carved directly into the wall or outright built inside the grand chamber. Everywhere you look there are shops, signs and merchants peddling their wares, while around them a huge sea of predators mingles. Still even now, you can spot a few prey species walking around as well, completely unmolested.

This has to be the market you’ve heard about.

Maz: ”Mortal.” The deep voice of your imp echoes through the darkness near the ceiling, “I have returned.”
Bahravus: ”So you have, Maz.” you muses as the imp flies down and perches on your shoulder, “Where have you been?”
Maz: ”Observing from afar, to make sure you got out in one piece.” Maz gives you a smile that cannot be trusted, “After all, I am still bound to your service, am I not?”
Bahravus: ”Been breeding some poor guard is more like it…” you sigh, “Anything you can do to help me on my quest?”
Maz: ”Why, I’m glad you asked, mortal.” he smirks, “I did take a moment to scout this market here, before finding you.” Lifting from your shoulder, he hovers next to you as he points towards the chaos in front of you, “While you ruminate let me illuminate the possibility before you.”

“There is a bathhouse nearby. Naked ladies are bound to be found there.”
“Look at that sign. ‘Madam Olga’s trinkets and fortunes’. Aren’t you a fortune teller as well?”
“There is a restaurant called the ‘Breed and Feed’ just around the corner. Of course, most what they will serve will be prey and not predators.”
“The Thrall market for breeding stock is thriving… though again, most of them will be prey.”
“Ah, and I spotted a shop that was called ‘Portable Breeders’, which might be interesting.”
“’New Cocks for sale’? I mean, why not?”
“Oh, and there are a lot of ‘public use’ locations hidden here. If we are lucky, we might find one that isn’t knocked up yet.”
“Then there’s the arena, if you want to try your mettle.”
“The Sakkilian warriors have set up a breeding ground just outside, to bolster their numbers. Of course, they will probably breed you instead of the other way around.”
“Or we should always venture deeper into the passage, and into the maw of this den of vore and war.”
“Still, there might be other locations I’ve yet spotted, mortal. Maybe there’s something else?”

Bahravus: ”That’s a lot of information…” looking over at the imp, your raise a single eyebrow, “Did you really find all that out while I was away?”
Maz: ”Of course, mortal.” he tries his best to give you an innocent looking smile, “I am, after all, a diligent imp, at your service.”
Bahravus: ”Of course you are…” you mutter with a voice dripping of sarcasm, “Of course…”
Maz: ”So… where off first, Master? Where does your breeding spree begin?”
No. 1093592 ID: a7a180

Do you have any money? Or can you create some long enough to fool a merchant with transmutation? Check out the trinket shop, or the thrall market.
No. 1093595 ID: 5ebd37

Maybe you can make something cool at the trinket shop. Enough to impress the proprietor even.
No. 1093597 ID: 20e88c

>Naked ladies are bound to be found there
If he did do any scouting at all, it was most likely there.

You're surrounded by numerous individuals you are unlikely to encounter again: surely you can start using your ability of foresight to figure out what dangers are around, based on their fates, as well as some of the hidden public use locations before they stumble across them themselves. If someone is about to be consumed, taking a little something from them won't change their fate. Portable Breeders would be about as easy to eliminate: guess which ones you can reasonably afford/get currency for in short order, eliminate prey, find out which ones will bear your child: no requirement for you to purchase and fuck them if you aren't going to knock them up, after all. Could do the same for any Public Use individuals. Assume Maz will have knocked up any that he knows about... Which would have added to your total, no? Double check that little spell on him.

What would a new cock net you? You've got a respectable tool, and it may not help in the coming conflicts. Madam Olga could be a charlatan, or a rival, but she will have something of interest, no doubt. Tread carefully around her.

Public use should be priority based on time, but Madam Olga's Trinkets/Fortunes would be very helpful. Not to mention the Madam herself.
No. 1093612 ID: f2320a

Some disguising of yourself would be helpful to slow down being spotted and reported on to our hunters
No. 1093629 ID: 9d3b39

Definitely gotta check out Madam Olga's.
No. 1093641 ID: 2a82d3

Remember there's a hunter on the loose. Assume anywhere you go, she'll be there. Keep a low profile, and don't stay too long in one place without good reason. Ideally, the hunter would be another notch for your curse but that's going to need a lot of prep work.

The bathhouse would indeed be hot. If there's more than one to "keep quiet", though, it's going to attract the kind of heat you're not ready for (yet).

If there are glory holes, use your divination before you even think of using one. If you don't think you can't get tucked by the d' through a small hole, you haven't been paying attention.

The fortune teller is such an obvious place for a divination mage that it'd be the first one the hunter would check. If you think it's worth it, keep on the lookout for traps or an ambush.

Don't write off dealing with prey at the restaurant or breeding pens just because the imp is dismissive of it. A little quid pro quo could help you in the long run, and you might be lucky enough to find someone suited to your tastes. If nothing else, a to-go box from the Breed and Feed, or the Portable Breeders, could be used to distract the hunteress.

If you never have a chance to catch her by surprise, there is the option to challenge your pursuer at the Arena. Having the fight official could keep her fair and honest.
No. 1093696 ID: 30193a

I would be careful of the resturant so you dont end up on the menu also how would you even "cook" living prey willing weirdos or freerange, cooking would that just involve fattening them up like poultry basically preparing them.
Would it be high class or like fastfood?
No. 1094017 ID: 681cb5
File 172056929024.png - (106.90KB , 700x550 , 41.png )

>Remember there's a hunter on the loose.
And not just any hunter, but a huntress sent by the very High Priest of Wjares herself. This will not be some two copper mercenary, but an expert of the field.
>Some disguising of yourself would be helpful to slow down being spotted and reported on to our hunters.
She will not hunt you by sight or smell… no, that kiss the High Priestess gave you down below… it magically marked you for the huntress to track.

>Do you have any money? Or can you create some long enough to fool a merchant with transmutation?
You have enough money to last, and enough sense to not try and fool a merchant with false gold. That’s how you get eaten.
>Would the restaurant be high class or like fast-food?
Knowing this place, it will be both. You are getting a bit peckish, though…
>You're surrounded by numerous individuals you are unlikely to encounter again: surely you can start using your ability of foresight to figure out what dangers are around, based on their fates.
As you pass by, you can’t help but prod into the near futures of those around you. Breeding, eating and vorgies galore, but nothing that is a direct danger to you. What is interesting, though, is that none of the prey around here actually gets eaten… though they wouldn’t last long here if they didn’t know how to handle a predator, would they?

>Assume Maz will have knocked up any that he knows about... Which would have added to your total, no? Double check that little spell on him.
Maz: ”Forgive me, mortal.” Maz whispers in your ear, “But I did not have the time to find a suitable mate. All I found was a muscular man suitable to be my cockfood.”
>Madam Olga's Trinkets/Fortunes would be very helpful. Not to mention the Madam herself.
You enter the massive purple tent that’s bears the sign of the Madame, a crystal ball with a fox’s tail growing from it. Inside, among the smell of cheap perfume and myrrh, there’s a sea of all kind of useless trinkets and baubles. Looking around, you can’t spot anyone that might be a Madame, as the only foxes around are two male ones. Possibly twins?

Fox: ”There we go…” a fox clad in purple clasp a fine amulet around the neck of a rabbit, “It really brings out your eyes, little ruby.”
Bunny: ”It does?” she says, her voice strangely confident, “Why, I’m sure it looks lovely… and what did it do again?”
Fox: ”It will make you more… ah… attractive.” choosing his word carefully, the fox continues, “Smoothen your fur, make you smell good… taste good… not to mention, it’s easily digest-” he stops himself, “I mean cleaned. It’s easily cleaned.”
Bunny: ”Hmm, I don’t know…” the rabbit clearly fakes her disinterest, “I need to see for myself if it really bring out my eyes first…”
Fox: ”We do have a fitting room with a mirror, little ruby.” licking his lips, he practically salivates as he says, “If I may…” his tummy growls, “Escort you? That way we can test out your new amulet, yes?”
Bunny: ”Why, lead the way, handsome…”
No. 1094018 ID: 681cb5
File 172056930420.png - (89.26KB , 700x550 , 42.png )

You close your eyes and focus on the bunny’s future…

Fox: ”Ngg!” the fox whines as she rides him, “P-please let me knot you!”
Bunny: ”No can do, fox boy.” with a smirk she adjust herself tiny bit before doubling her speed, “This is just a warmup. After me you’re going to knock up all fourteen of my sisters.” With a loud slam, she takes his whole knot before quickly pulling him out again with a pop, “In a row.”
Fox: ”Please… your fertileness…“ the poor lad is barely conscious, “Have mercy…”
Bunny: ”After your cock have kissed all the wombs of Bunrule...” the fox under her squirms as his member start to throb, clearly filling that bunny up once more, “Then we can talk about mercy!”

It looks like that fox got more than he bargained for.
No. 1094019 ID: 681cb5
File 172056931986.png - (125.45KB , 700x550 , 43.png )

Fox: ”Ah, are you looking for something monsieur?” the soft voice of another fox drags you out from your vision, “Or do you wish to see the Madame?”
Bahravus: ”Eh?” it takes a moment for you to find your bearing again, “Oh, I’m here for the Madame, I believe.”
Fox: ”We must apologize, but the Madame is currently with her dinn-” just like his brother, he stops himself for a moment before continuing, “With another patron as we speak.” He gives you a small smile, “Do not worry, she will be done soon. Meanwhile, may I interest you in something in our humble shop, yes?”
Bahravus: “…very well.”
Fox: ”Let us start with these lovely potions.” the fox gesture towards a nearby shelf filled with pink vials, “This one will make you irresistible to all those around you… while this…” his hand moves toward an elixir that looks exactly the same as the other one, “This will make you have the stamina to please all those around you. Very useful, yes?”
Bahravus: “Useful, indeed”
Fox: ”And here we have a tiny man. A zebra to be exact.” he shrugs, “Do with him as you will, monsieur, if you buy him.”
Zebra: ”Help!” the squeaky voice of the tiny zebra tries to yell, ”They’ve imprison me!”
Bahravus: ”What did he do?”
Fox: ”Did not reciprocate the blowjob I gave him, even after he promised.”
Bahravus: ”Ah…”
Fox: “How about a magical amulet?” the fox looks down at several necklaces, right next to a sign about some special offer, “We have everything from fertility, stamina, attractiveness, tastiness, quick digestion, quick digestion and of course enlargement...” he giggles and gives you a wink, “Be it of body or… other places…”
Bahravus: ”A magical amulet wouldn’t be amiss…”

Fox: ”But here! Behold our most prized possession!” with a grand gesture using both his arms, he directs your attention to a massive, spiky stone schlong, “A petrified cock taken from none other than the demon lord Nehzanall-”
Maz: ”Hey!” your imp suddenly interrupts, “You can’t just sell people dicks like that!”
Fox: ”Ah, monsieur!? Is that an imp I see?” the fox claps his hands and does a little dance on the top of his toes, “May we buy him from you? The Madame will be very pleased to have a real demon for her collection, yes?”
Maz: ”You can’t be foolish enough to even consider selling me, mortal.”
Bahravus: ”Hmm…”
Maz: ”…really?”
Fox: ”Of course, we will not force you to sell.” he sigh, before giving you a hopeful look, “Though if you find anything else demon related we will pay a premium for it.” Closing his eyes for a second, he takes a deep breath before looking you straight into your eyes, “Now, was there anything that caught your attention, handsome?”
No. 1094021 ID: a7a180

You're an old man, a stamina amulet would be a good idea if you need to run from the hunter. A tiny guy is one more guy you can enchant to spread your seed too.
No. 1094022 ID: c8380b

Could we buy the zebra, TF him into a foxgirl, impregnate her, and make her wear an amulet that prevents her from cumming unless she's recently given oral to whoever is stimulating her?

If that's too complicated, buy their entire stock of bones and transmute them into a bone golem. Then bone the bone golem.
No. 1094025 ID: 5ebd37

I wonder if the CTF would be enough to hide you from the hunter? A shame you can't take the time to risk it.

A stamina boost would be good for your trial, can you tell wether its real or a scam?

seems Maz would make a good bargaining chip, but don't accept any offers from the underling, save him for Olga herself.
No. 1094039 ID: 2a82d3

Selling the whole demon is out, but you might consider milking some seed out of him if the terms were favorable.

The elixirs seem dubious, possibly watered down. Inspect them closely before you buy. You can never have enough amulets and charms, though. Stamina is useful, but you can get away with more with attractiveness and charm. Just ask the rabbit.

The zebra is a must buy. You have a hunch you'll give an opportunity for him to pay his debts real soon.

The CTF a fox board is interesting. It is a way to keep the fox busy for the day. The fox has to be busy, or he would've come to his brother's rescue in your divination. Pay the price for your magic now to avoid paying later.
No. 1094040 ID: 273c18

The Madame collects demon stuff? I wonder if she's enemies with the snake priestess. Ask about The Madame! Find out how much the imp is worth.
No. 1094060 ID: 77189b

do you know anything about that demon lord? could maz?

we need to know costs here
but it may be smarter and more in line with this bizarre to make an offer, giving them access to demon dicks sounds like a start.
stamina potion is a must
you already nearly bit it (heh) from old- uh er i mean middle aged, man sleepiness.

asking about the tf seems wise too
No. 1094061 ID: 77189b

hes practically loyal...
No. 1094078 ID: 9d3b39

An amulet of stamina would help with both staying ahead of your hunter and impregnating multiple partners without tiring you out too much... Though I do notice he seems to be trying to shift the quick digestion ones considering he mentioned them twice.
No. 1094081 ID: c8380b

Could we afford to buy the demon dick and just chuck it through a portal back to its owner? I'm sure whoever's missing their dick would be very happy to have it back.
No. 1094087 ID: 273c18

I think one is for digesting quicker, and the other is for being digested quicker.
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