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File 170734751190.jpg - (1.13MB , 1534x1228 , Monster queen76.jpg )
1082765 No. 1082765 ID: dc13c4

Previous chapter


Discussion Thread

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No. 1093602 ID: c10e31

Well if it's too easy she'll suspect it so inside. Oh and Abdle? While I get the desire to surpass her envy does not suit you at all. Especially when she's been helpful. Far as I see she sees you as family and *wants* you to succeed. Even if you surpass her with her help you'll still surpass her so be pragmatic here.
No. 1093642 ID: dee05b
File 171982347732.jpg - (6.05MB , 3278x3189 , Monster queen139.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Give a motivational speech.

B) Give a warily speech.

C) Give an empowering speech.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1093647 ID: ddc903

Go with B), currently we are dealing with a opponent who is sneaky and they all should be careful.
No. 1093704 ID: 5ebd37

B) but in an uplifting way. A reminder to be on guard, but you know they're up to the task.
No. 1093706 ID: c5529d

A. Gotta keep people motivated
No. 1093785 ID: c2631f
File 172013595651.jpg - (10.51MB , 3508x4806 , Monster queen140.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell Abdle to apologize to Bobbie.

B) Tell the traveling traveling troupe that you liked he play.

C) Tell the traveling traveling troupe that you didn't like the play.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1093789 ID: c5529d

Hey, wait a minute, that jester pumpkin has Wormwork's eyes!
No. 1093791 ID: 5ebd37

that did seem odd

B) you're nothing like that old fool.
No. 1093798 ID: 9ae3b5

Well then you know what not to be Bobbie. Otto Von Bismarck's greatest move in a war with France was before the war itself. He diplomatically isolated France. Strategy is not just tactics and maneuvers. Diplomatic relations, economics, and technology are all crucial for strategy on a grand scale. Win first and then make war or risk defeat and death. Speaking of technology what did they use to make that marching noise? Our scouts could use it to great effect for psychological warfare. Dredge will ever be surrounded and haunted by an army he can never find. Plus we could amplify it by several magnitudes at the castle so as to fool him about the numbers we have. How much will you bet the jester ran off with the royal coffers?
No. 1093803 ID: ddc903

Go with A) she might not like the play and it can bring up some unpleasant memories for her.
No. 1093805 ID: be66f7

Just hit me but they only said the king died. So... you have a bro? Did he and your mom live? Oh and the play was nice.
No. 1093859 ID: c5529d

could also mean that Worm Works used to be your father's jester, unless he's a pumpkin now, and they just found him as a pumpkin and are using him as a puppet.
No. 1093881 ID: c2631f
File 172030476308.jpg - (4.66MB , 2873x2552 , Monster queen141.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell the performers that the queen is just a little bit tired.

B) Tell the performers that the play insolted the queen's father.

C) Tell the performers that the queen has other things that she needs to attend, she is not acting weird.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1093882 ID: c5529d

A. It is normal, she did have a long day talking to villagers, making deals, and what not. She just now needs some time to think.

If we can, can we ask the performers about the jester pumpkin?
No. 1093883 ID: c5529d

Oh! but also mention that Bobbie did say that their play inspired her an idea, so if anything, their play was also helpful.
No. 1093885 ID: 5ebd37

A) She just has a lot on her mind. So much to do
No. 1093916 ID: ddc903

A no need to share the previous identity of the queen. The less they know about her the more she is intimidating to others.
No. 1093926 ID: c2631f
File 172039762951.jpg - (4.02MB , 3497x1966 , Monster queen142.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell the librarian girl how you really feel.

B) Don't tell the librarian girl how you really feel.

C) Remain silent.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1093942 ID: c5529d

out of respect for Bobbie's privacy, I say she doesn't have to tell her if she doesn't want to if she's not ready to.
No. 1093949 ID: 4d8a73

...We have no place in this one. We should leave them be.
No. 1093951 ID: ddc903

I get the feeling that something is bothering the Queen and she us trying to avoid it. I think that she should talk about it but if not with her maybe with Abdle.
No. 1093983 ID: 5ebd37

This is a decision Bobbie has make for herself.
No. 1093996 ID: 5ebd37

By which I mean C, I think
No. 1094005 ID: c2631f
File 172052757294.jpg - (2.86MB , 3234x1798 , Monster queen143.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell the truth.

B) Tell a lie.

C) Tell that you can deal with the cat.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1094009 ID: 5ebd37

Our official stance should be that Abdle is a valued friend and partner, and the cat won't be allowed to set one paw on him.
No. 1094010 ID: c5529d

C) Tell her that there is more ways to winning against an opponent than just strength.
No. 1094011 ID: ddc903

Go with B but then switch to C. Do a little push and pull tactic.
No. 1094074 ID: 9b677f
File 172062278864.jpg - (5.69MB , 3477x3142 , Monster queen144.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Tell Abdle about the crown on the piece of paper.

B) Don't tell about the crown on the piece of paper.

C) Convince Abdle that it is not important how the Queen feels.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1094083 ID: c5529d

If your comfortable enough, i recommend you tell him, he is your partner after all, and it might be good to talk about your concerns to someone you are a little more comfortable with for some peace of mind
No. 1094084 ID: ddc903

Tell about the crown on the pice of paper. If something is bothering you it would be for the best to share it with your partner.
No. 1094126 ID: 4c885b

Can't hide things from Abdle, that's no way to treat a friend.
No. 1094136 ID: da4acd
File 172073738619.jpg - (5.54MB , 3429x3511 , Monster queen145.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) That is a silly thing to do.

B) I understand where your are coming from.

C) You should stop doing that.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1094176 ID: ab47f3

Remember the past to avoid repeating it. However you do so is right.
No. 1094180 ID: ddc903

That is silly and you should stop doing it, no more looking in your past and start looking for your future. The king was a flawed human and you are not that, well you are not that any longer.
No. 1094181 ID: a614df

I agree with this. Basically, i think its important that we should look into your father's history as king, learn from his mistakes, and success and become a better leader he was to continue the legacy
No. 1094213 ID: 1594a5
File 172087063167.jpg - (3.47MB , 3190x2149 , Monster queen146.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Talk with the god of Dreams.

B) Ignore the god of Dreams.
No. 1094215 ID: ddc903

Go with it, talking with that god can be beneficial even if that god doesn't help us. At least then we will be able to know how that deity works, so if we ever get a chance to meet the worshipers of that god we will know how to exploit them.
No. 1094233 ID: 5ebd37

May as well, get a feel for the guy
No. 1094234 ID: c5529d

Eh, i feel we shouldnt disturb him until we really need to speak with him. Gods can be kinda holier than thou after all, and see us as insignificant.
No. 1094266 ID: c51648

We know nothing about this guy at all. So no idea if this is good or bad. Give us a dossier from the intelligence division so- *ahem* Do we have info? Or somebody who has info?
No. 1094267 ID: c5529d

Orbital probably can scan that symbol at least

that also gives me an idea: we can tomorrow probably have Orbital scan that thing scarecrow kid gave us too
No. 1094321 ID: 0f6e7c
File 172117377859.jpg - (5.95MB , 2452x3806 , Monster queen147.jpg )

Possible answers to the question that was asked:

A) Spit in the eye of the god.

B) Introduce yourself.

C) Cry...just cry.

D) Beg for forgiveness.

E) Other suggestions.
No. 1094333 ID: 4b21e5

Ha you eldritch abominations really have to learn I'm far scarier than you are. (Go big or go home - let's play hardball.) Spare the threats. We're here to make a mutually beneficial deal. We have subjects. Surely more worshippers is worthwhile. Perhaps if this goes well mutual patronage could be arranged. Of course if we can't do business perhaps other gods will instead...
No. 1094334 ID: 40ec1a

Morpheus the Dreamwalker, hello. How's Laura? Or Absolution?

Anyways, Mossy sent us.

We be humble Lesser demons advising these two.

Go ahead and introduce yourself, Bobbie and Abdle.
No. 1094335 ID: 862e0e

We were given your card and just wanted to see if you were interested in a deal. If not then we will simply leave you be.

And we're not just anybody. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a growing regional power.
No. 1094339 ID: 27fceb

Tell them that the interruption will rise and that there will no loger be any needs for dreams or sleep ony waking nightmares.
No. 1094362 ID: b000d2
File 172125544411.jpg - (6.67MB , 3350x2765 , Monster queen148.jpg )

Possible answers to the first question that was asked:

A) I saw it.

B) I didn't see it.

C) To me that symbol looked like two bears high fiving.

D) Other suggestions.

Possible answers to the second question that was asked:

A) I get that it is a good thing for your god.

B) Does your god want to give me something?

C) I am willing to pelage my allegiance to him.

D) Other suggestions.
No. 1094375 ID: 44c167

Are the two lions holding up the sheep? I don't see it.

'dream creator' as in, she's inspiring? Someone with a lot of influence over others? Encourages them to dream big, of a better future
No. 1094427 ID: 7e654e

Wasn't paying attention to the shape. Didn't design it just inscribed the shape. So dream creator huh? Sounds like we're building a dream for ourselves plus whoever joins our group. We're hoping unlike a dream it's no illusion but a shining beacon to all.
No. 1094430 ID: 5de8cd

I didn't notice the symbol being the sheep. As for your god, if we impressed the god can we get some dream magic from him?
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