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File 170501361896.png - (103.34KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1080778 No. 1080778 ID: 681cb5

[Blood, gore, death and perhaps nudity]

The world is ending. The gods are dead and their rotting corpses have crashed into the world, crushing beneath them what little peace this realm once had. What left of civilization is being torn apart by an endless stream of beasts and monsters pouring out from the decayed remains of what was once your idols of worship. Disease, starvation and death are well-known friends for those that still remain. This is the final generation before all life will be snuffed out…

Which means now is a great opportunity to make some gold!
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No. 1081679 ID: 681cb5
File 170601682834.png - (170.29KB , 700x550 , 16.png )


No. 1081681 ID: 681cb5
File 170601688148.png - (233.68KB , 700x550 , 17.png )

Just as Gokk get into range, it barfs up a massive glob of acidic bile that hits the crocodile all across his left side. His scales audibly sizzles under the toxic liquid, and it’s clear as day that he’s in a lot of pain, pain that would make even a great knight falter and scream… but Gokk just grit his teeth and fight through the agony, not even slowing down for a second.

Gokk: ”GAH!” As the axe cleaves the Rat in twain, the brute hollers, “YOU CORPSE DAMNED FILTH!” with a second swing, he cleaves the body again… and again… leaving nothing but a pile of body parts, “DIE!”

And with that, the rat is no more…

Wretched soul defeated!
No. 1081682 ID: 681cb5
File 170601689586.png - (174.78KB , 700x550 , 18.png )

As the adrenaline dies down and your pulse slows, you take a moment to observe your surroundings. Both of the Wretched are dead, and the corpse worms are feasting on their flesh, content to ignore you as long as their meal last. There aren’t any signs that something else has notice your presence either, as the forest is completely quiet. Well, almost… there’s the sound of leaves rustling somewhere nearby… and further away the sound of old wood creaking can be heard. Thank the stars and Moon, you all survived this battle with barely a wound.

Orma: ”That’s was some quick thinking, love.” Orma cheerfully exclaims as she removes her mask, “I am rather pleased we didn’t expulse you when we had the chance.”
Kani: ”Give me an order again, little boy…” with her helmet in her hands, the hare bares her teeth at you, “And I’ll cut that tiny thing you call a prick off.”
Raskrev: ”H-hey!” you stutter, ”I’m not tiny…”
Orma: ”Oh, ignore her, dear.” the old snake giddily claps her hands, “I for one am glad to have such a resourceful and handsome young man with us.”

The sound of an axe splitting a skull, followed by Gokk swearing, rings out across the clearing.

Gokk: ”You son of a Solarite!” he spits, “That hurt, dammit!”
Orma: ”Don’t be such a baby, Gokk.” the old lady rolls her eyes, “It’s just some bruised scales. They’ll be gone by tomorrow.”
Gokk: ”They freaking better!” the brute hollers back, “Damn maggot eaten corpses!”
Kani: ”What’s the matter, big guy?” Kani smirks, “Can’t handle a little pain?”
Gokk: ”I’ll cut off your head and fuck it, Hare!”
Kani: ”I’ll bite your tiny little cock off first, Croc!”
Orma: ”Now, now, kids.” Orma shakes her head, trying to hide a wry smile, “No fighting. We have more important tasks to focus on.”
Raskrev: ”I can feel the stars watching us…” you look up towards the sky, but can see nothing but a thick layer of fog, “The sun is setting soon… we need to find shelter.”

Where even are you? Looking around you can’t even see where you came from. Everything looks the freaking same here… not to mention the silence. This corpse damned silence! It’s driving you mad!
No. 1081705 ID: 5ebd37

Where did that crow get to? Go and look for her manically calmly, there's no need to panic yet.
No. 1081711 ID: e63104

Well, given that we are in here for the riches of the city, it'd be best to go in the general direction of it.

Look up to see its spires. Cities like that have structures tall enough to dwarf past the canopy.
No. 1081717 ID: eb0a9c

Collect the acid, it will make for good disinfectant.
No. 1081753 ID: 1204c9

The rustling is probably the crow, the group should grab her before she's gone.
For a camp, any where away from the corpses: unless you find some different terrain or an actual structure soon, it's all the same. If you can sense the direction of the stars, you should be able to navigate.

Banter is good, and Gokk's pain gives him a mild pass, but Kani's rage is concerning. Don't invite the wrath of someone at dick biting height, let her cool off first.
Orma's disposition is the least grating, but still a little concerning. Optimism is refreshing, but she's still dangerous... and flirty?
No. 1081770 ID: 681cb5
File 170613849648.png - (141.57KB , 700x550 , 19.png )

>Banter is good, and Gokk's pain gives him a mild pass, but Kani's rage is concerning.
The Hare clearly has some real anger problems, as you’ve never really seen her express any other emotion. Still, she and Gokk do seem to get along somewhat…
>Orma's disposition is the least grating, but still a little concerning. Optimism is refreshing, but she's still dangerous... and flirty?
Not to mention she’s clearly completely insane, as looking into her eyes shows nothing but pure madness. Oh, and that snake is also super old, like in her fifties or even sixties. Yuck… Why can’t some cute little fox gal have come with you instead?

>Collect the acid, it will make for good disinfectant.
Getting this goop in an open wound will most likely kill you, but it might still be useful as either a weapon or a tool. Producing an empty vial from your pocket, you go on the harvest some of the sludge from the ROT infected corpse.
[Gained Wretched Acid]

Raskrev: ”Wait…” you look around, trying to spot your guide, “where did the crow go?”
Gokk: ”Bah, that coward probably ran away again!” a wet crunching sound almost drowns out the crocodile’s voice, as he pulls his axe from one of the corpses, “Can only hope she’ll wake something up that wants to eat her instead of us this time.”
Kani: ”I might be able to follow her tracks…” Kani kneels at the edge of the clearing, smiling for the first time, “Just give me a minute.”
Orma: ”Hrnn…” with a sigh, the old snake looks towards the sky, “If it wasn’t for this fog obscuring the view, we would be able to spot the spires of the city and follow those.”

Closing your eyes, you focus on those that watches above. Once, when you were young, there were hundreds upon hundreds of them, an uncountable amount, but now…? Now there are barely a dozen of them left. The ROT reaches even to the stars, snuffing them out one by one. At least the eye of paths, the northern star, is still there, looking down on you.

Raskrev: ”The city was to the south, correct?” you turn a bit and point forward, “That way is directly south. We should reach the city if we keep going in that direction.”
Gokk: ”But don’t you hear that rustling?” Gokk ask, as once again some leaves rustles somewhere nearby, “Might be the crow…” he points to your left, which would be to the east, “Or maybe a battle! I vote we go that way!”
Kani: ”Hmm, I think I’ve found some newly made tracks.” the hare picks up some grass from the ground and cheerfully examines it. “The crow went that way!” she points to the south east, right between where you and Gokk pointed, “Though, there’s also a lot of other tracks here, older ones. Mostly done by a hoofed animal? A horse, possibly?”
Orma: The druid takes a deep breath, before telling you all, “Whichever direction you chose, make it expedient. Death is waking up all around us.”

As if on command, an unnatural shriek echoes between the trees, followed by the voices of the wretched.

Wretched Soul: “Save us…” a male voice whimper somewhere to the west, “Oh god, save us!”
Wretched Soul: “THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” a female voices snarls to the north east, “YOU MUST PAY!”
Wretched Soul: “Please, let us rest…” is heard from the south, mumbled by someone elderly, “Why won’t we-” Their voice is cut off with a sudden crunch, followed by the sound of… something horrid screeching.

Orma: ”Let us find somewhere to take shelter.” the snake dons her mask again, “Before we join them.”
Gokk: ”Good idea. I’d rather not die to some weak wretched.” the crocodile turns towards you, “but which direction do we take?”
Raskrev: ”Err…” all three of them are looking at you, “Why do I have to choose?”
Kani: ”You were giving orders earlier, didn’t you pipsqueak.” Kani glares at you, “Well? Where do we go?”
No. 1081775 ID: 456aa4

If Kani's found the tracks of the crow let's just follow after her. I don't think she's trying to get us killed, she just doesn't care if we live or die.
No. 1081790 ID: 5ebd37

There seems to be a light in the ruins over there. Probably worth investigating.
No. 1081794 ID: 10befc

We should follow Kani's route, she's shown to be competent.
No. 1081824 ID: d0cff5

Follow Kani! A Huntress should have good experience tracking people. Hopefully that infected Crow didn't turn into some horrible monster, or fuse with one. And object to your dick being called small earlier. Object on Gokk's behalf too! How would she know?
No. 1081834 ID: a27bb3

Follow the crow's tracks. If she knows the place she probably went somewhere safe.
No. 1081848 ID: 681cb5
File 170623420469.png - (204.94KB , 700x720 , 20.png )

>Hopefully that infected Crow didn't turn into some horrible monster, or fuse with one.
Her ROT infection was rather bad… it’s possible that she has started converting into a beast, though you’ve read that a transformation like that will take hours as well as being rather visible.

>We should follow Kani's route, she's shown to be competent.
Kani: “Finally, you’re seeing some sense…” the Hare give you a smug smile while leading you deeper into the woods, ”This way.”
Orma: ”This young one does know how to track her prey.” Orma whispers as she slithers up next to you, give you a slight bump with her hip, “You better be careful, dear, or she’ll catch you and eat you up.”
Kani: ”Ha!” shaking her head, Kani waves at you dismissingly, ”Like I’d ever eat someone with such a small dick.”
Raskrev: ”S-stop that.” you have to look away, your cheeks reddening, ”I’m not at all small, just so you know.”
Kani: ”That sounds like something a guy with a small dick would say.”
Raskrev: ”It isn’t small!” you gesture towards the crocodile behind you, ”And neither is Gokk’s!” Kani snickers, and you realize what you just said, “You know, probably.”
Gokk: ”Ha! Don’t take her petty insults to heart, tiny.” a large hand grip your shoulder from behind, “She already knows I have a big cock, even if she won’t admit it.”
Raskrev: ”…wait, how would she know that?” you ask, but Kani just glares at you over her shoulder while Gokk smiles widens even more, “…oh.”

Luckily, before things can get even worse, you find yourself in another clearing. The trees around it have grown orange, and started dropping their leaves, leaving massive piles of them all over the place. A boarded up old house lingers near the trees edge, barely standing after years of disuse. Then there’s a single tree growing in the middle of the clearing, an old oak with a… well, another hanged corpse dangling from it, though this one far fresher than the others. Who’s even hanging all these people?

Orma: ”Well, at least we’re getting closer to the city…” the snake muses as she avert her gaze from the Corpse God, instead focusing on the decrepit shack, “And that might work as shelter.”
Kani: ”Can’t track the crow past this point.” Kneeling down once again, the hare runs her hand across the ground, “Too many other tracks around… a lot of hooves… some of them really old too…” before picking up a single leaf and crushing it in her hand, “And those leaf piles are clearly been made by someone, but why?”
Gokk: ”Bah!” with a loud thunk, Gokk hits his own chest and bellows, “Why are we hare blabbering when the city is right there!” Gripping his axe with both hands, he smiles, “Who cares if it’s dark, let’s go!”
Raskrev: ”wait…” you raise your hand in front of him, “I got a bad feeling about this.”
Orma: ”Fear is an appropriate response, little one.” even with her mask, you can feel her observing your every move, “Just don’t let it control you.”

>There seems to be a light in the ruins over there. Probably worth investigating.
It’s a lit lantern, just lying on the ground. Can’t see its owner around anywhere, though.
No. 1081862 ID: 2aa5f0

>It’s a lit lantern, just lying on the ground. Can’t see its owner around anywhere, though.
probably in the hole it's sitting next to. By the way watch out for traps.
No. 1081863 ID: 19ea25

Given fresh corpses. There could be bandits.. or the rot cult potentially leaving them up so they can suffer others later.

Regardless keep an eye on the place. It seems like there might be movement within.
No. 1081864 ID: d0cff5

Looks to be somebody from your order! Better check it out from a safe distance and probably avoid the probably obvious leaf-covered pitfall traps. With how obvious they seem to be better make sure you also don't step on a really well-hidden one the leaf traps might be leading you into! Also try not to think about how huge Gokk's cock is. Or comparing your respectable dagger to his mighty heavy axe, or how it could fit in Kani's smaller frame.

How fresh are the freshest tracks? You might be having to do some housecleaning if there's somebody there, especially with that still lit lantern. Or maybe the owner just fell in the pits and Orma's about to have that fresh corpse she was hoping for. It looks like the bird's arms are bound so that means they probably got hanged instead of hanging themself so they might not take too kindly to your order. Maybe you need a disguise! Or an undisguise. They can't recognize you as a member of your order if you're not wearing their uniform, right?
No. 1081867 ID: e88527

This place probably sees some traffic. Be careful of the obvious leaves covering pit falls, don't let the others wander, the door is probably a trap as well. If no one is waiting in ambush inside already, you're gonna need to be subtle about setting up inside, which means don't disturb anything if you can help it.
Getting to the city would be good, but once it's dark, any source of light is gonna draw the moths to the flame, and you'll be stuck looking for shelter there anyway.

Least she's trying to be helpful or potentially a mentor figure, even if she'd probably do unspeakable things to you given the chance. An upside to her age is definitely experience, so count on it.

>Kani and Gokk
... Damn. Respect for her handling the size difference, bunny must be a size queen. The rage and bloodlust probably plays in as well. Not important, that stuff can be saved for once you're "safe."
No. 1081882 ID: 10befc

Aside from the traps, its hard to tell if there's somebody lying in ambush behind those leaves, or worse, something that hasn't quite left this world yet.

Ask Orma if she can resucitate the hanging cadaver to look out for us. Regardless if coast is clear, approach carefully from the further leftside to be able to investigate the house, could have something interesting.
No. 1081890 ID: af6696

It's an ambush, and your guide betrayed you.
Several people come here regularly, so it's a well known place that a guide would obviously know of. She brought you close to it then caused a Wretched Soul attack to distract you while she went to warn her accomplices.
The discarded lantern is there to ensure you'd find the place without her, the hanged body is probably a distraction to lure you to a specific place in the clearing.
Potential hiding spots are in the house with a ranged weapon, in a hole under the leaves, in a tree and behind the house. And of course watch out for traps under those leaves.
No. 1081892 ID: bafec6

Putting aside thoughts of Gokk's cock for the moment, the owner of the lntern is likely in the pit tht was hidden under the leaves. As the hanged corpse is relatively fresh, whoever killed them might still be nearby. There could be enemies or more traps under the leaves.
No. 1081970 ID: 681cb5
File 170640668902.png - (104.82KB , 700x550 , 21.png )

>Looks to be somebody from your order!
Her dead, hollow eyes are staring right at you, silently judging you as you find her hanging in your shared dorm. She says nothing as you close the door behind you. If you’d known it was hers bounty you stole you wouldn’t have done it. But you were desperate. You needed to pass the admission test to the order, no matter what… even if it meant cheating. Even if it meant stealing someone else’s hard work. But when you came back, she was hanging there, her cold stare piercing right through you. She is silent.

She is hanging here, because of you. Because of your incompetence. Her silence is deafening. Her empty eyes meet yours… and she’s quiet. Why won’t she say something? WHY IS IT SO SILENT!? Why… why did she… you… you loved her. Did she love you? You’ll never know, will you? She’ll be silent forever now… and it’s all your fault. Coward. The silence drowns out all other sounds, leaving you in a void. She remains quiet. WHY WON’T YOU SAY SOMETHING!?
No. 1081971 ID: 681cb5
File 170640670093.png - (102.16KB , 700x550 , 22.png )

You blink twice. There’s a member of your order hanging from the old oak in the clearing. A blue avian. He’s a higher rank than you… and he can’t have been dead for long. You have no idea who it is, though.

Gokk: ”Someone you knew, Tiny?” the voice of the crocodile brings you out of your stupor.
Raskrev: ”Oh…” taking a deep breath, you continue, “No. It’s not someone I know.”

>Ask Orma if she can resuscitate the hanging cadaver to look out for us.
Orma: ”Why, with such a fresh and handsome man like that I can do more than just create a puppet.” the snake claps her hand together, “If I had some time, of course. Then we’ll have a proper servant on our hands, to die in our stead.” For a second, she just stands there, before looking over to you and asking, “And you’re fine with this? He is of your order, after all.”
Raskrev: ”Go ahead.” you nonchalantly tell her, “I don’t know who that is anyway.”
Gokk: ”Bah!” Gokk grumbles behind you, “Why talk about corpses when we can make some new ones! Let’s go already!”

Raskrev: ”Halt.” Holding up a hand, you stop Gokk in his tracks, “Look at the leaves.”
Gokk: ”Huh?” the brute squint his eyes, “There’s some old planks under them? So what?”
Kani: ”And under those planks there’s a trap, big guy.” the Hare speaks up, “Just look at the pit over there, near the house.”
Gokk: ”Huh… wait, does this mean someone has already fallen into a trap over there?”
Raskrev: ”This is clearly an ambush.” you tell the others, “Our guide has betrayed us.” After pulling out one of your daggers, you continue, “Could be bandits… or cultists. The door is probably trapped too. Hmm, they are probably hid-”
Orma: ”Bandits? Here?” Orma chuckles, “If someone was to ambush us, they would have done so on the road here.” She hisses softly, “They wouldn’t survive for long staying here, after all. Only someone with a death wish would come here.”
Kani: ”I’m going to check the pit trap.” Kani pat your shoulder, “Come on, pipsqueak. Time to sneak.”
No. 1081972 ID: 681cb5
File 170640670982.png - (192.55KB , 700x1050 , 23.png )

>Putting aside thoughts of Gokk's cock for the moment…
What? Y-you’re not t-thinking about Gokk’s mighty, heavy axe! And your dagger isn’t small! Even then… how did Gokk fit his axe into Kani’s small scabbard anyway?

Your caravan of thought is derailed when you and Kani reaches the edge of the pit and peer down. A familiar face peers back up.

Raskrev: ”I see that we found our guide.” the crow probably died instantly as that massive pole pierced her chest, “So she didn’t betray us.”
Kani: ”There is a chance she walked into one of her own traps.”
Raskrev: ”This… this pit is too well-made for her making.” looking closer, you can’t help but notice how old it is. Is this an old well? Or something else? “How fresh are the tracks?”
Kani: ”Hmm…” the hare looks around, “Disregarding the crows tracks…” before looking back at you, “I don’t know, a day or two?”
Gokk: ”Hey!” Gokk yells from the edge of the clearing, “Has anyone been into the house? Is someone hiding in there?”
Kani: ”It’s odd, actually.” one of her ears flops over as she rubs her chin, “Whatever it is that’s been walking around here hasn’t even gone close to the building.” She points towards the building, as if there’s something there to see, before continuing, “In fact, it doesn’t look like anyone has been in it for a long time.”
Orma: ”We are indeed in need of shelter.” Orma muses as she slithers up to the two of you, with Gokk not far behind her, “But do these patterns in their movement mean it’s safe or unsafe in there?”
Raskrev: ”Maybe we sh-”
No. 1081973 ID: 681cb5
File 170640671869.png - (215.87KB , 700x500 , 24.png )

All four of you suddenly freezes, and quickly twist around to stare into the woods you just emerged from. Your pulse increases, your breath quickens as your body screams at you to run. To hide. To do something, anything! Taking a step back, you almost fall over as your legs nearly give out from under you. In a fit of panic, your eyes darts between the trees, trying desperately to find… anything at all. There is something out there. And it has notice you. You want to scream.

Raskrev: ”W-w-what…” you manage to stutter out, “What is that?”
Kani: ”Shit…” Kani tries to nock an arrow on her bow, but she fumbles and drops it, “ShitShitShit!”
Gokk: ”That’s not… that’s…” the crocodile is the only one that is in any shape to fight, and even he is clearly scared shitless. “Orma, what is that?” he whimpers, but get no response, “Orma?” The snake just stares in the direction you came from, completely frozen in fear, “Orma!? What the fuck is that?” Even with his yelling, she doesn’t budge, “Shit! What do we do!?” Gokk looks over at you, before returning his gaze to the snake, “Fight? Run? Hide? Orma! Answer me!?”

An inhuman scream echoes through the Vestal Woods, coming from the direction where you killed those Wretched Souls. Something is there… and it has found your tracks.

A horrifying presence is hunting you
No. 1081974 ID: eb0a9c

Damnit. That's a whole gold piece down there...

Orma: Direct the crow's corpse to reach down and grab the gold coin and throw it out of the hole.
Gokk: Sweep leaves and look for other traps. Clear a path to the house.
Raskrev and Kani: Backs against each other, overwatch.
No. 1081977 ID: e88527

Are visions a new problem for you? If you love her, you'll have to live to mourn and remember her. You know the consequences of thoughtless action.
The fear is an intended effect, possibly even artificial with how all encompassing it seems: it wants you to run, to be sloppy, to be easy to hunt down. The building provides a good place to hide for a moment, with the options to wait, retreat, or ambush the creature.
And you should confirm that Orma is still breathing and get her focused (and hope she doesn't have some very, very bad news). If she can animate the corpse, she could make some new prey for the beast to hunt, rather than all of you, at least to buy some time.
No. 1081979 ID: 273c18

Get the body down, and drag it inside, it'll be useful. Barricade the entrances. Be ready to fight from a fortified position.
No. 1081981 ID: 5ebd37

There can be no outrunning the thing, not in these woods at night. If Raskrev has the wherewithal to cut down the hanged corpse, then bring it with you. In any case get into that house and hope the lack of tracks near it indicate it as a sanctuary.
No. 1081995 ID: 2aa5f0

might want to go inside if for no other reason than putting a wall between yourself and whatever that thing is. Just keep your guard up since the place has already proven to be trapped and who knows what might have moved in since the gods fell.
No. 1082007 ID: 10befc

Get a grip! All that subterfuge will be for naught if death arrives so early.
Sprint it to the house, it's better than whatever the hell is outside. Snap Grokk out of it to help out hacking away at the entrance.
No. 1082092 ID: 7c0da2

Barricading in the house is the best course of action. Get the corpse for Orma if possible, Gokk should be able to carry it. Mind the pits ! Do not run over the leaves, even if it's the shortest path to the entrance.

But be very careful once inside, this place is weird. There is traps, so someone has to maintain them. Two potential reasons are to hunt something that comes here regularly, or to defend this place. I'd say the latter, given that the house is already fortified.
The lack of tracks going to the house is not definitive proof it's not in use, someone could get in by air (assuming bird-peoples can fly), or using a tunnel.

The shiny coin in the trap may have been used as bait. Your guide was a crow after all. It would point toward the traps being used against people and not animals.
No. 1082093 ID: ab3b17

Zig zag through the traps until you are on the other side of the clearing.
(I choose Sun for the coin toss)

Goad Grokk into standing plain view behind the trap field so that the vile creature walks into one.
No. 1082195 ID: 681cb5
File 170671589220.png - (64.26KB , 700x550 , 25.png )

No. 1082196 ID: 681cb5
File 170671590384.png - (82.56KB , 700x550 , 26.png )

The wood of the door groans as something big smashes into it from the outside with a muffled thud, making the glass on one of the shelves sing for a brief moment. A few seconds later the silence is broken again, this time by an ever stronger thud. Then finally, with the sound of creaking wood, the lock on the door gives out and the door opens, if only by a few centimeters. A glass flask shatters against the wooden floor, followed by the sound of a clay jar fragmenting next to it, but other than that the barricade stay strong.

The crocodile outside swears as he rubs his bruised shoulder, before once again charging the door with his whole weight. But it’s for naught, as whatever is blocking the door on the other side refuses to give in, leaving Gokk with nothing but a tender shoulder to show for his valiant attempt to break down the door.

Kani: ”What’s wrong, b-big boy?” the hare smirks, trying her best to hide the panic in her voice, “C-can’t even break down a d-door?”
Gokk: ”It’s that corpse damned acid!” he grumbles in response, “My arm still hurts like hell after it was bathed in that gunk!”
Kani: ”Then hit the lock with your axe!” Kani doesn’t even look back at him, her eyes fixated on the clearings edge, “It’s just wood, after all.”
Gokk: ”I already broke the damn lock!” once again, he tries to break down the door with his shoulder to no avail, “It’s whatever is behind it that’s the problem!”
Kani: ”Then just hit it with your other arm?”
Gokk: ”Trying to shoulder check a door while wearing a pauldron is a bad idea.” The metal clinks as he move his right arm, “Trust me.”
No. 1082197 ID: 681cb5
File 170671591757.png - (201.54KB , 700x550 , 27.png )

>Are visions a new problem for you?
Her silent glare has hunted your dreams for years… but it’s the first time you’ve seen her when you’re awake.
>If you love her, you'll have to live to mourn and remember her.
If you’d loved her, you wouldn’t have let her die.

>Damn it. That's a whole gold piece down there...
It glisters in the starlight, beckoning for you to jump down. Something about it draws your attention, its shine being far more alluring than any other coin you’ve seen. It feels… lucky?
>There can be no outrunning the thing, not in these woods at night.
Whatever you do, do not panic and run. It will be the death of you. All of you.

Raskrev: ”It’s almost down!” your voice is surprisingly steady, for being in the panicky state you’re in, “Is it ready, Orma?”
Orma: ”I just need a few more seconds, dear.” she mumbles under her breath, her hand rubbing the body tenderly over the chest, “I’m planting the final spores now…”
Raskrev: ”Gokk!?” looking up, your heart sinks as you see that the brute hasn’t gotten the door open yet, “Any luck with the door!?”
Gokk: ”Corpse damned thing is barricaded!” he yells, picking up his axe again, “That’s it, I’m just going to split the whole thing with my ass!”
Raskrev: ”Wait no!” you can barely hear him, as your heartbeat nearly drowns him out, “Breaking down the door like that will make it really obvious that we’re in there!"
Gokk: ”Bah!” he grumbles, throwing a fearful glance towards the edge of the clearing, “Then find another way in, Tiny!”
Kani: ”All the windows on the bottom floor are boarded up from the inside…” Kani mumbles, her voice soft and devoid of emotions, as she stares into the woods, “And I can’t find any entrance to the cellar, at least not one a person should fit th-”

The woods creaks and wails as something huge is forcing its way through it, making the crowns of the trees noticeably sway as it passes them by. It is not far away now… you can outright feel the death emanating from it. Your whole body screams loudly, in unison… RUN.

Kani: ”We n-need to hurry!” she hisses, trying her best to keep her voice low, “It’s getting closer!”
No. 1082199 ID: ba0667

Gokk, toss Kani on the roof. The second floor window only has one plank barring it.
The coin will keep until morning,or it will lure the beast, all the better for us.
If that corpse isn't down in a minute you'd better leave it.
No. 1082211 ID: 273c18

Alright, door's barricaded so we go in through the mostly-open window on the second floor.
For crap's sake someone cut down the corpse. It won't do us any good still attached to the tree!
No. 1082326 ID: b89a2b

If Kani can move the barricade then Gokk tossing her on the roof sounds like a solid plan! Just remember that the previous occupants still might be there with how it's been barricaded and it might not be pretty.

Would the hanging corpse work to bait the monster away? Like cut down and made to wander away in sight of it.
No. 1082336 ID: 19ea25

Second floor window does seem the best. If we lose the door we lose something to block regardless.
No. 1082348 ID: f6204d

Yes, there is no doubt about it. We have to toss the dwar- err I mean, the midget!

Kara can hop up the window and move whatever's blocking the door.

Failing that, we can just tell Grokk to take his damn pauldron off, already!
No. 1082395 ID: 681cb5
File 170699899150.png - (114.64KB , 700x550 , 28.png )

>The coin will keep until morning, or it will lure the beast, all the better for us.
Right! The coin isn’t important right now! You can grab it tomorrow!

After pointing out the open window on the second floor, Kani immediately jumps up onto roof and crawls inside. The hare gives you a thumbs up before kicking lose the lone board covering the opening, then disappearing inside. At the same time, it seems that Orma has finished with her magic, as the corpse stands up and sways slightly side to side. “It hurts…” you can hear it whisper, “It hurts so much… why can’t I d-” but it’s interrupted as the mushrooms growing inside it fills its throat. Gokk easily helps the old snake onto the roof while you simply climb up, but as you’re about the help the brute up as well he refuses to take your hand.

Raskrev: ”Gokk!?” you ask, “What are you doing!?”
Gokk: ”I’m fighting.” he mutters, “Go hide.”
Raskrev: ”What!?”
Gokk: ”I’ll be a fine distraction, if anything.” the crocodile huffs, “I’m not hiding like a coward again!”
Raskrev: ”Stop being stupid, you fool!” you snarl, “You’re going to get us all killed!”
Gokk: ”Hmfp…” he raises his unarmored arm towards yours and grabs your hand, completely engulfing it in his own oddly warm fist, “Fine.”
No. 1082396 ID: 681cb5
File 170699900107.png - (142.96KB , 700x550 , 29.png )

Crawling inside the window, the four of you find yourself in a small, empty room with only a single door leading out from it. You barely have the time to pull Gokk inside before all of you hear hoof beats entering the clearing, followed by Orma’s zombie activating. Apparently, she had ordered it to run in the opposite direction as soon as it saw the beast, as if it was fleeing from it.

”In the name of the law…” several voices howls in unison, their voices almost singing, making it sound ethereal and otherworldly, ”DIE.”
No. 1082397 ID: 681cb5
File 170699901111.png - (141.63KB , 700x550 , 30.png )

A rope flies over the zombie, and with one quick thug it immediately slither around their throat before pulling it back, snapping its neck like it was a twig. The zombie barely had the time to run a few feet before it was killed, as if it was nothing.

”The Archdeacon’s justice has prevailed…” the words drills themselves into your mind, trying to lure you to look upon the creature who’s voice would be so beautiful… but you hold fast.
No. 1082398 ID: 681cb5
File 170699902181.png - (133.85KB , 700x550 , 31.png )

As the hooves enters the clearing, you duck onto the floor and pray that they don’t find you…

”To intrude on these sacred woods,” the voices sing, ”… is punishable by death!”
”By hanging!” and male voice hums…
”By drawn!” a slightly younger voice chants…
”By quartering!” an older, deeper voice bellows out…
”By bisection!” a female voice purrs…

Did it see you? Did it see the door!?


No. 1082399 ID: 681cb5
File 170699903223.png - (128.75KB , 700x550 , 32.png )



You can hear it hooves slam against the door, but the barricade is still holding strong.

”There are no more guilty here…” the first voice sings, their voice like a hymn.
”Guilty… innocent… they all deserve to die…” the younger one joins his brother’s melody.
”Did you hear that? The sound of a lawbreaker…” with the older one not far behind.
”Yes! YES! KILL! KILL THEM ALL!!!” the female one screams, not even trying to fit into the song.

And with that, the hooves sprints away, disappearing into the woods from whence it came.

The Vigilant Woodsmen has left to seek others to punish.
No. 1082400 ID: 681cb5
File 170699904199.png - (121.98KB , 700x550 , 33.png )

You hide under the window for what seems like an eternity, and when you finally find the courage to open your eyes and look outside, all you can see is an empty clearing. The day has passed as well, casting a darkness over the woods.

Raskrev: ”I think we’re safe!” you stutter out as you look behind you, “We… err… wait, where did you go?”

The room is empty. No one is here anymore but you. A cold wind blows through the open window, while the closed door taunts you from the other side of the barren chamber. You’re completely alone again. Her dead eyes are staring, judging…

You try to scream, but the silence is too loud.
No. 1082401 ID: 273c18

Snap out of it! Go check out the rest of the house, see if you can find someone.
No. 1082404 ID: dc2519

The Woodsmen hung the body again, if that silhouette is to be trusted. It seems doing so might have played a part in your visions.
Don't scream. You'll only attract attention to yourself and the others. Hold your mouth shut, close your eyes if you have to, your senses are lying to you. Go through the door if you can.

>Ladies going through the window first
You sir, are either a gentleman, a pervert, or a massive teamplayer. Don't to let them suspect you're the middle one
No. 1082410 ID: 19ea25

Mouth shut. Eyes focus. Look away from the outside and into the room, concentrate and concentrate and try to find your crew.
No. 1082417 ID: 5ebd37

You've some coin left, aye? Jingle them in your pocket to stave off the silence. Then get downstairs and away from that window.
No. 1082629 ID: 681cb5
File 170718177641.png - (93.50KB , 700x550 , 34.png )

>Don't scream.
You are screaming on the top of your lungs… yet, there isn’t a sound…
>The Woodsmen hung the body again, if that silhouette is to be trusted.
They are the one hanging people. They are the one guarding the woods. But you are the one who hanged her. You killed her. Coward.
>You've some coin left, aye? Jingle them in your pocket to stave off the silence.
Trying to make a sound, any sound, to break the silence you jiggle your coin purse… but even the few coins you have left is completely drowned out by the lack of noise. Wait, there’s something else in there… a small gold coin? You’re pretty sure you spent all the gold before venturing here?

[You find a lucky gold coin]

>Mouth shut. Eyes focus. Look away from the outside and into the room, concentrate and concentrate and try to find your crew.
At full speed you barrel through the door, desperate to escape the silence, and… on the other side Gokk and Kani are staring at you in bemusement.

Gokk: ”What’s wrong, tiny?” the gator chuckles, “scared of the dark?”
Raskrev: ”What? No, I just thought…” you shake your head a bit, “Forget it. How did you get in here so fast anyway?”
Gokk: ”Fast? You’ve been out there staring for at least five minutes after that horse beast left. As for getting in…” he put his massive hand on Kani’s head, rubbing it, “This little ball of death and pointy things picked the lock on the door before we even got through the window.”
Kani: ”I swear on the corpse god, Gokk…” gritting her teeth, she pulls out her wicked looking dagger, “If you don’t remove your hand right now, I will remove it for you!”
Gokk: ”Hey, don’t threaten me with a good time, cutie.” he answer, still scratching her head, “Oh, don’t forget to lock the door after you get inside, Raskrev. Maybe block it with something as well?”

Raskrev: ”So…” you glance around on the rather barren interior, “Anything interesting here?”
Kani: ”What hasn’t been used to build barricades has probably been used as fuel for the fireplace downstairs.” she nods towards the railing she’s standing besides, “Orma is down there making a small fire right now. Said she would be able to keep the smoke at a minimum.”
Gokk: ”We did find two beds up here as well. A small one and a big one.” Gokk smiles, “Obviously I’m taking the big bed.”
Kani: ”What?” the crocodile doesn’t even react when the hare elbows him, “Hey, I already claimed it, you jerk!”
Gokk: ”Well, I’m not going to fit in the other bed, nor am I sleeping on the floor. At least not with my arm still hurting like this.” the words ‘fucking wretched’ is mumbled under his breath, “So we just have to share a bed. Or do you rather want to share with the new guy, eh?”
Kani: ”…” the hare looks away from you, “Fine, we’ll share.” before pointing her dagger right at you, “And consider yourself lucky. Orma never uses a bed anyway, so you’ll get your own bedroom.”
Raskrev: ”Oh… that sounds… great…”
After a quick check of your surroundings, you get a pretty good idea of the layout of the house.
On the second floor there’s a large bedroom, a small bedroom, that odd empty room you entered first as well as a small closet filled with who knows what.
The first floor has a common room with a fireplace in it (which is where Orma is), a kitchen, an entrance hall as well as what looks like some kind of workshop?

Gokk: ”I’m going to see if I can find anything to eat. Don’t go die on me now, you hear?”
Kani: ”Hmfp… I’ll make sure all the barricades are holding…”

Seeing as this place seems safe, now would be the time to relax a bit. Maybe talk to one of the others… or search through one of the rooms more properly for anything that might help.

You check your equipment.
Lucky coin x 1
Daggers x 5
Dart gun
Darts x 4
Bottle of Wretched Acid
Big bottle of Bleeding venom.
Small bottle of paralyzing venom.
Tiny bottle of… “Last Freedom” (For self-use only)
Some Food
Starlight lantern
No. 1082635 ID: 5ebd37

a small closet filled with who knows what.
You know if you don't check it, it will turn out that a wretched is hiding in there.
No. 1082639 ID: 19ea25

Talk with Orma. She's certainly got the least eye for wanting to take one of yours out. It'd be interesting to understand their strange ideas at least.
No. 1082641 ID: d0cff5

Appease Kani by offering to sleep with Gokk instead! So she can get her own bed. Definitely no ulterior motives like confirming sizes or anything definitely not. If Kani makes a joke about it double down to prove you aren't a coward! After all, you're no stranger to hung people at this point. Maybe you should also check up on Orma? She seemed to be affected the most by fear when the Woodsmen showed up. Also you could probably try to confirm if she can use the corpse again since the Woodsmen just hung it up again.
No. 1082673 ID: 7c0da2

The door was barricaded from the inside, but you haven't seen anyone yet. The last place to check is the closet. If there is someone inside they're probably dead, but be careful just in case.
Also, that picture on the wall looks a lot like the woodsmen. Same head shape, same eyes, same number of people. Maybe it was their house once.
No. 1082910 ID: 681cb5
File 170744051801.png - (78.02KB , 700x550 , 35.png )

>That picture on the wall looks a lot like the woodsmen. Same head shape, same eyes, same number of people. Maybe it was their house once.
An amateurish painting of four hares standing next to each other. There’s a gal with two swords, a smaller boy with a rope, an older one with one of those man catchers as well as a third man with a quiver on his back. Huh… are they the woodsmen? It’s possible.

Raskrev: ”Hey…” you ask before the others have a chance to leave, “Doesn’t these four remind you of the Woodsmen?”
Gokk: ”Huh?” Gokk looks confused, “The what now?”
Raskrev: ”The creature that was hunting us?” gesturing towards the door you just came out from, you continue, “The one we hid from?”
Kani: ”What!?” the hare starts stomping with one foot, “Are you insane!? You were supposed to hide from it, not take a peek at it so it could see you!” Raising her arms a bit, she stares daggers at you, “That idiotic behavior might have gotten us all killed!”
Raskrev: ”Oh…” you stammer, “s-sorry…”
Kani: ”Fool.”

>Appease Kani by offering to sleep with Gokk instead! So she can get her own bed.
Gokk: ”Ha!” the crocodile gives you a wide smile, “You like men, huh? Not surprising, as you’re clearly a bottom.”
Kani: ”Don’t get your hopes up.” Kani snickers, “He probably just wants to compare sizes or something…”
Raskrev: ”H-hey!” you answer a bit too quickly, “I definitely don’t have any ulterior motives! I was just trying to be nice!”
Gokk: ”No need to hide it, tiny.” While grabbing his crotch he confidently boasts, “If you want some fat crocodile cock, you just have to ask!”
Raskrev: ”Wha-” even when trying your best to say… well, anything, the only thing that leaves your snout is a mumbling stutter, “That’s not- I wans’t- I’m not- Err!?”
Kani: ”Tsk.” she shakes her head, “If you want to share bed then fine. I’m still sleeping in the big one.”
Gokk: ”Hey, you know I can’t fit in the small bed!”
Kani: ”Then stop trying to seduce the pipsqueak! Either you share the bed with me or you’re sleeping on the floor!”

And with that, the two of them leaves. Kani to check on the barricades and Gokk to search the kitchen.

>You know if you don't check the closet, it will turn out that a wretched is hiding in there.
With a dagger ready, you slowly open the door to the closet… but inside is nothing but a pile of old, torn up clothes, a shelf full of junk, the hanging body of the person you loved as well as a small tool box filled with mostly broken tools… including a hammer and crowbar. As there’s nothing important here, you simply close the door and walk away… refusing to look back as you feel her eyes on your neck.
No. 1082911 ID: 681cb5
File 170744052933.png - (82.34KB , 700x550 , 36.png )

>Talk with Orma.
Walking downstairs, you find Orma sitting in front of the hearth, a small fire dancing inside it on some old logs. As she notices you approach, she tucks away an odd looking book that she was reading.

Orma: ”Ah, yes, the moon worshipper.” her voice is warm and welcoming, “Can I be of assistance?”
Raskrev: ”Oh, I was just… um…” you rub the back of your head awkwardly, “Wondering if you’re alright? You seemed a bit startled when we felt the Woodsmen coming after us.”
Orma: ”I see that you have come to the same conclusion that I have.” with a tap of her tail, she indicate for you to sit down next to her, “Indeed, I do believe that was… as they call it, ‘The Woodsmen’.” She waits for you to get confortable on the floor before continuing, “Do not fret about me, dear. It was just a combination of fear and… ah… excitement, if you will.”
Raskrev: ”Excitement?” looking over at her, you ask, “For the Woodsmen?”
Orma: ”Not exactly, no.” she tilt her head to the side, “Excitement for what they… represent.” Taking a deep breath, she sigh, “Tell me, love, do you know of the old gods? The primal forces before the ones we worships took power? Those that left before we even came to be?”
Raskrev: ”Huh?” what is she talking about? “Old gods? How can a god become old?”
Orma: ”Not surprising that you haven’t heard of them, dear. Few people have.” she chuckles, “The Woodsmen… what they have become… that is not just the ROTs doing. No, there’s other powers here…” the snake pats her robe, as to make sure something is still there, “I don’t know how, but they must have stumbled into a way to… channel the power of what was left behind, some kind of ritual or spell.”
Raskrev: ”You’re telling me they willingly became that… thing!?”
Orma: ”Probably not the outcome they were hoping for, but yes.” staring into the fire, her voice is filled with melancholy, “After all, desperate people do desperate things, hmm?”
Raskrev: ”I guess…”

The two of you sit in silence for a moment… the horrid silence, engulfing you, strangling you, making you gasp for air…

Raskrev: ”By the way, that corpse outside…”
Orma: ”Completely ruined and useless to me, dearest.”
Raskrev: ”Oh…”

…you can feel her staring at you… her dead unblinking eyes…

Raskrev: ”…and what’s with the mushrooms above the fire?”
Orma: ”They absorb the smoke… and odors.” she taps her snout, “Can’t let anyone know our location, can we?

At least the warmth of the fire feels nice… and the light soothes your soul…
No. 1082912 ID: 273c18

Maybe you should tell her about what you're going through right now.
No. 1082914 ID: eb0a9c

>Old Gods
So that's it, then.
Even if new gods replace the old, they'll be flawed and best and mortal-minded at most. And eventually, they'll die, and all of that happens now will happen again. Is that why Orma wants to fully end it?
No. 1082921 ID: 5ebd37

Or maybe don't tell the lady who would happily make you a useful corpse about your weakness. Just ask her if she is ever haunted by her mistakes.

That fire really is nice If only there was a lot more of it, enough to rid this whole world of rot
No. 1082922 ID: 1ab965

Could be risky telling Orma of your visions, but better for it to be known that something is trying to effect you, and she is the group's foremost on the dead and (likely) hallucinogenics. It has only (largely) done so when you are alone in your thoughts, so being alone is something to avoid if possible.
Get to know the cute old snek too. Her knowledge must've come from somewhere, but did she study academically or is she more self taught?

And be cautious of the fire. Fire can consume and destroy, and this world is full of strange things, especially in places of desperation like this.
No. 1083025 ID: 37587f

Perhaps you could try to bond with ye ol sneknoodle? It would be for the best if you two could trust each other and come up with battle plans. After all, there is no warmth but the bond with a friend. Well, not counting the warmth of the fire. I mean, some people could think that the fire only destroys, right? But fire actually does more than that. It can recreate. It can cleanse. Surely having all of these silly gods around that keep rotting and dying and making everyone suffer because of them must be oh so stressful! But what if you could purify evertything? Make it all brand new, no stale withering cycles, no monsters to threaten the day and night, no more pain and suffering, no more feeble gods or nightmarish rot? Perhaps the fire could help you with that. So why don't you give those flames a little go? Not now, of course. But soon, when those horrible wretches come crashing through your door, who do you think will help you? Old withering things, or brand new flames? Trust the fire. Vote fire for president. 9 out of 10 moons recomend that you should listen to what the fire has to say. Source: trust the fire bro.
No. 1083055 ID: b89a2b

Raskrev do you know what a bottom is, if not you definitely shouldn't ask Orma in the middle of a moment of warm reflection. Also open up to Orma! Or at least start by asking her if she's ever been plagued by visions. Of mistakes, of past regrets. She's older, she probably has some wisdom to share.
No. 1083075 ID: 681cb5
File 170760803668.png - (94.36KB , 700x550 , 37.png )

>Raskrev do you know what a bottom is?
Isn’t that the butt? You’re pretty sure Gokk called you a butt.
>Get to know the cute old snek too.
Cute? She’s an old crone! That’s not cute! …she does have a big rack though…

Raskrev: ”…I have to ask, how did you become a…” you realize you have no idea what she actually is, “…um… mushroom mage?”
Orma: ”Druid, dear.” she corrects you, “And it was my mother and her mother that thought me the basics.” There’s a small thud behind you as she flicks her tail, “And the rest is self-thought, either from experience or from written knowledge.”
Raskrev: ”Your mother thought you how to raise the dead?”
Orma: ”Ohohoho!” catching her breath, she continues, “Of course not, dearest. No, that came later. After the world ended.” With a sigh, staring through the fire, “No, before that I was a healer… and a good one at that. I saved many lives… but not those I wanted to save the most…”
Raskrev: ”Oh…” after an awkward cough, you stammer out, “I’m sorry.”
Orma: ”Don’t be. It’s been a long time.” she takes a deep breath, “But even then, you never stop being a mother, do you? Or a grandmother for that matter?”
Raskrev: ”You have kids?”
Orma: ”Had.”
Raskrev: ”Oh…” you cough awkwardly.

The two of you share a moment of silence…

Orma: ”What does your order know about the birth of the gods, dear?” the snake suddenly asks, “Or is that forbidden knowledge?”
Raskrev: ”I wouldn’t know, I didn’t have access to the library as I’m-” biting your lip, you curse yourself. That was close, “I’m a field operator. I’m not one for reading books.”
Orma: ”Oh? Really?” it’s impossible to get a good read on her, “But you can learn so much from the written word, Raskrev.”
Raskrev: ”But… I’ve heard rumors that it’s possible to become a god…” with a wave of your hand, you say, “By eating the body of a fallen one?”
Orma: ”Hmhmhm.” her lough is muffled, “Such rumors might make people do something dumb.” Looking over at you, her eyes meet yours for the first time, “But would you, if it was true?”
Raskrev: ”I don’t know…” averting your gaze, you swallow, “New gods to replace the old… but won’t this just happen again?” you fiddle with your armor for a bit, “A mortal can’t become a god. Not a true god at least… and seeing how the gods have died… were they just flawed mortals that took power?” move your gaze back to her, you meet her eyes once more, “Is that why you want the ROT to end the world? To end the cycle of gods being born and dying?”
Orma: ”…in part, yes.” looking back at the fire, she says, “Though I am unsure if there even has been gods before the ones we had.” Closing her eyes, she takes a really deep breath, “Don’t you feel it? The world. It is in pain. Let us not prolonged its suffering and allow it to rest.”
Raskrev: ”But won’t that kill everyone? Everything?”
Orma: ”Everything ends, Dear. Death is just a natural part of life.” she nods, “Our world may be dead, but from it a new one will spring forth. Or other words will feed on it and grow… or… well, I am unsure what will happen but… well, even if the world ends, whatever is beyond it must continue, no?”
Raskrev: ”I… um… guess?” you stare into the fire, mesmerized by its dance, “I mean… can’t we just burn away the ROT? Purify the world?”
Orma: ”Like what the worshippers of the corpse god wants?” she chuckles, “No, burning away the symptoms won’t cure the disease.” Shaking her head, she sighs, “Even without the ROT, without the carcass gods, the world is dying.” she then puts her hand on yours, “Let us guide it into a peaceful slumber instead of fighting the inevitable.” and squeezes it, “Fire will only burn and destroy… it won’t save us.”

Both of you return to gazing into the flames, though she doesn’t remove her hand…

Raskrev: ”I…” you hesitate for a moment, “I’ve been seeing things. People. Someone that’s… um…”
Orma: ”Are you feeling guilty?” she ask in a matter of fact way, “Seeing people you’ve wronged? Even killed?”
Raskrev: ”…yes.”
Orma: ”It’s the ROT.” the snake glances in your direction, “It won’t just corrupt your body, but mind and soul as well.” She gives you a warm smile, “Do not fret, dear, as it is normal to feel the guilt of your sins when getting close to a powerful ROT infestation. Just ignore them, as they are harmless.” But you can see that she’s trying to hide a frown, “Well, I’ve read reports about people being harmed by them near particularly strong sources of ROT, but that’s just humbug.”
Raskrev: ”…what do you see, Orma?”
Orma: ”…family… and the mistakes I made.” she closes her eyes, “Not something I would like to talk about, but… just know you’re not alone in this. The others will be seeing their sins made manifest as well. That is just what the ROT does to you.”
Raskrev: ”It only appears when I’m alone or lost in thought… so maybe we should stay together?”
Orma: ”Oh? Are you inviting me to share your bed?” she laughs, “Why, I didn’t know you were that frisky, handsome.”
Raskrev: ”T-that’s not-”
Orma: ”But do not fret, dear.” she strokes your hand, “I can’t sense any dangerous wretched around, so you should be safe.” before removing it and looking back into the fire, “I’ll take the first watch, while you go get a proper night off sleep. You’ll feel better after that, I promise. I’ll have Kani wake you after her turn is up, alright?”
Raskrev: ”…I guess…?” as you are about to leave, you turn around, “Goodnight, Orma.”
Orma: “Sleep well, dearest.”
No. 1083076 ID: 681cb5
File 170760804846.png - (68.26KB , 700x550 , 38.png )

Opening the door to the smaller bedroom, you find it in a similar state as the rest of the building. The floor creaks with each step as you enter the dark chamber, drowning out the sound of the fire below. Paintings hang on the wall, trying their best but failing at hiding all the cracks. There are even two empty canvases and some old paint in the corner. Meanwhile, the bed is… less than inviting.

Looking into the closet to the left, you find a few more old painting tools, including a few brushes and an empty easel. What catches your attention though is Kani and Gokk’s voices, as you can hear them muffled through the thin wall. While you can’t make out what they are saying, it’s clear that they are having a good time.

…maybe you should make a small peephole to see what they are up too? …without them noticing, of course…
No. 1083078 ID: 5ebd37

>a peephole
Yes, but first, there is an odd glint up in the corner. Is something spying on you?
No. 1083092 ID: d0cff5

>A peephole.
Do it. Do it do it do it, just don't get caught! Make doubly sure Kani doesn't notice, she's already mad at you for peeping when you shouldn't! Just think of it as training. For clandestine sneaking and scouting, that's good to have, right? Now you can compare sizes with Gokk for real! Make sure you have yourself to reference. By being naked. It's been on your mind all day! Also yeah check out that maybe suspicious glint.
No. 1083096 ID: eb0a9c

Must find more gold pieces.
No. 1083111 ID: 37587f

The world will die! Woo, time to guide it towards its eternal slumber! Although carrying a flame to the end is always useful to provide some warmth. Also, you might look at the peephole, but beware! You are playing with fire. Not good fire, mind you. But dangerous evil fire. There is a difference you know? A fire that consumes and destroys all, and a fire that brings you warmth in the middle of the winter. Know the difference, and if you want to peep that badly, let that little wish of yours burn in your heart. Because trust me, fire might not be you solution, but it can be a friend! Fire is always near you.
Fire good.
Fire warm.
Fire burn.
No. 1083114 ID: 1ab965

Cute can refer to more than just appearance, you know. She recognizes your youth and probably sees a chance to nurture and guide once more. She almost definitely caught your eyes wandering though: she knows her body, and was your age once.
If you're going to make a hole, make sure there isn't already a hole hidden by a painting, and that you can cover/seal it. Oh, and keep a blade on hand. The bigger problem is, the walls literally have eyes. Orma didn't sense anything wrong, but it's still spooky and worth watching. If you need to stand in the closet, prop the door open with something.
Hello there
No. 1083592 ID: 681cb5
File 170829425986.png - (77.80KB , 700x550 , 39.png )

>Hello there.
General Kenobi…

>Must find more gold pieces.
…this gold coin… it makes you feel safe. You need to find more of them.
>Make sure there isn't already a hole hidden by a painting.
That wall leads to the outside, making it a dumb idea to make a hole there. Still, you do check behind the paintings and find nothing.

>There is an odd glint up in the corner. Is something spying on you?
…there’s nothing there. But you feel watched. Ever since you found this shack you can’t shake the feeling of being observed… is this what people feel when you peep on them?

>Do it. Do it do it do it, just don't get caught!
With skill and experience on your side, you quickly and quietly make a small hole between two of the wooden wall planks in the closet. Just big enough to watch, but small enough to go unnoticed. Even if it is found, it looks more like the ravages of time have created it than your blade. On the other side, you can see both the hare and the crocodile naked. Jackpot.
No. 1083593 ID: 681cb5
File 170829427283.png - (56.32KB , 700x550 , 40.png )

Kani pulls out her knife and straddle Gokk beneath her…

Gokk: ”Oh?” the large crocodile chuckles, “Want to be on top this time, little bunny?”
Kani: ”I’m always on top.” placing the knife against his chest, the Hare continues, “You know that.”

By the stars, Gokk is huge! Way bigger than yourself!

Gokk: ”That’s not what happened last time.” his smile grows even larger as Kani presses the blade against his muscles, “Remember?”
Kani: ”Stop talking and start fucking!” she starts to slowly pull the blade across his chest, just hard enough to leave a red mark but not to make him bleed, “Or do I need to motivate you some more?”

…your hand starts to slowly move downwards, tugging on your belt to free your-
No. 1083594 ID: 681cb5
File 170829428178.png - (73.51KB , 700x550 , 41.png )

A noose tightens around Raskrev’s neck, his hand instinctively grabbing his dagger…


No. 1083595 ID: 681cb5
File 170829429053.png - (74.21KB , 700x550 , 42.png )


No. 1083596 ID: 681cb5
File 170829430002.png - (45.20KB , 700x550 , 43.png )

Before you can be dragged up towards the ceiling, you spin around with your dagger and manage to cut the rope in one quick motion. Just a second more and you would have been hanged.
No. 1083597 ID: 681cb5
File 170829431479.png - (80.83KB , 700x550 , 44.png )

Looking up, you spot an abomination slowly lowering itself from the ceiling, its movements more akin to a spider than a person. Ripping out its own innards, the flayed corpse uses one of its many arms to fashion another noose, its unblinking eye never leaving your own. But it doesn’t attack; instead its gaze pierces through you, searing your very soul. It doesn’t make a sound… and a silence engulfs the room.

Yelling for the others, you turn around and bang on the wall, but the stillness can’t be broken. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make a sound. Everything is but the sound of silence, and it keeps staring. You can barely breathe, as the calmness is smothering you, filling your lung with its quite. A panic enters your body…

You scream… but no one is around to hear you…

The Hanged Man descends from the darkness…
A manifestation of guilt and pain.

Your equipment:
Daggers x 5
Dart gun
Darts x 4
Bottle of Wretched Acid
Big bottle of Bleeding venom.
Small bottle of paralyzing venom.
Tiny bottle of… “Last Freedom” (For self-use only)
Some Food
Starlight lantern

Skills: Daggers, venom, stealth and avoiding danger.
No. 1083599 ID: a7a180

Use the acid to melt the ropes.
No. 1083600 ID: 273c18

This isn't real, don't waste any consumables. Throw a dagger into its eye. You can recover that.
No. 1083601 ID: eb0a9c

Offer the hangman creature some rope with one hand. Then throw all your daggers at the base of its core rope with your other hand.
No. 1083608 ID: 98278d

Is it just me or one of the paintings has some ropes in them? Is that related to this monstruosity? Is this an halucination or real? Maybe that is related to this monster somehow. Anyway, attack the creature, but don't toss all your daggers, keep one in the reserve in case it ends up roping your neck and you cant escape. Whatever you do next, stay afraid of those ropes. And if this monster is related to your guilt, do not let yourself be consumed by it. Do you see her dead green eye pierce you? The pain that you inflicted on others is grasping you soul, trying to choke your life. It claims you fate, it judges your guilt and sentences you to death. But the pain that it rasps upon your being should make you remember something: you have a soul. A soul that suffers. And that soul will be smothered by the pain. But a soul is much more than being soulless. A soul can be redeemed, saved even. The pain that you feel, you should carry it. Do not toss this pain away, but do not let it devour you. Embrace it. For your soul can be much more than simple pain. You are a living thing with a soul, and you cannot let yourself die and rot like the others. Not today, not while Orma, the Order, the world is in your shoulders. You are the master of your own burning soul! So promise to yourself: do not fall to this creature. Choose life over guilt.
No. 1083616 ID: 5ebd37

You owe it to her to accomplish something with your retched life. If you die here then her death will have been for nothing. Steel your will and deny this shadow of guilt.
No. 1083636 ID: eb0a9c

No. 1083665 ID: 19ea25

A demon of guilt is one that you need to clear your head for. It seems silence is something that will often occur with those that mess with your head in the ROT. It focuses on its ropes and innards, aim for the one keeping it aloft.
No. 1083673 ID: 1ab965

Go for the eye, and try to get/keep to the entrance of your room. Cutting it's rope with a thrown dagger may prove difficult, and if it's scrambling around on the ground, it could physically overpower you.

Certainly not the time, but: Orma's got her rack, Gokk's got his natural girth, Kani's got a nice heart butt. You any good at fast talking and tongue twisters?
No. 1083810 ID: 7c0da2

the Order of Moon and Stars is a religious order if I understand correctly? If so make a quick prayer to your guiding Star. Maybe a prayer for forgiveness could help, or anything that would help you focus and calm down. Keep reciting it if it makes you feel better. Then splash the creature with acid to damage the ropes it uses to fight.

Oh, and your new friend was in the foreground in >>1083075 and there is the eye of another one in a hole in the wall in the background, another one in the top left of >>1083076 ... and just to the left of your elbow in >>1082911.
So it isn't alone, and the other members of your expedition are at risk, starting with Orma who is both alone and convinced there is no wretched around because she can't feel any. Let's hope it's not the woodsmen. You did remember to lock that door on the second floor, right ?

Or, you know, maybe you're going insane, hallucinating and strangling yourself with you own rope, but signs point toward this fight being real.
No. 1083822 ID: a785dd

Guilt tends to compel one to seek punishment, believing that when the suffering of their body matches the suffering of their hearts they will find peace, but this is folly; the only way forward is through atonement, and for that you must live. Accept the pain in your heart but do not allow yourself to believe that you deserve to suffer or die for it. Through you words and actions atone for your past, you can start by defeating this thing and warning your comrades of the threat. If you die here, what will become of them?

Calm your mind, speak a prayer, and overcome this. Keep one dagger at the ready to ward off anymore nooses, and throw a dagger into it's eye.
No. 1084205 ID: 681cb5
File 170864751898.png - (78.75KB , 700x550 , 45.png )

With a prayer on your lips, you ask the stars for aid… but they, as all the gods, are dead and cannot save you. You are alone in this dying world.

Using the very same dagger you cut the rope with, you fling it right towards the Hanged Man large eye. Springily, it doesn’t even try to avoid or catch it, letting it pierce fleshy orb with a wet slorp, and while the force of the throw makes it sway a bit on the rope it’s hanging from, it doesn’t seem to care that it got a large dagger stuck in its head. In fact, it simply grabs the dagger and pulls it out; ripping out its own eye in the process…

…at least it isn’t staring at you anymore.
No. 1084206 ID: 681cb5
File 170864752785.png - (86.74KB , 700x550 , 46.png )

With a crack, a sharp pain splashes across your face, as the abomination whips you with its own intestine. Damn it! It distracted you but pulling out its own eye! Luckily, your instincts and experience of avoiding danger helped you to avoid the worst of it, saving your own eye. Still, it hurts like hell and will definitely leave a scar.
No. 1084207 ID: 681cb5
File 170864753709.png - (102.16KB , 700x550 , 47.png )

Before the creature can retaliate again, you throw the small vial of that acid you collected earlier, hitting the monsters square over the chest with it. The bottle shatters on impact, bathing the Hanged Man in the putrid liquid. While its flayed body doesn’t seem to be affected by the acid, its intestines are another story, as the “rope” it’s hanging from quickly dissolves. Flailing its arms around as if in a panic, the abomination tries to grab a hold of the now snapped innards, but the acid makes it to slippery, ensuring that the creature falls to the ground.

Geez, and Gokk took that to the face without bother? Maybe you should check up on him tomorrow, just in case…
No. 1084209 ID: 681cb5
File 170864760653.png - (87.80KB , 700x550 , 48.png )

You’re about to strike it again, now that it’s vulnerable and on the floor, but it turns it heads to reveal its other eye. Falling to your knees, you scream out in silent agony, as its piercing gaze rips your very mind apart. And the silence. The horrid, horrid silence! WHY CAN’T YOU MAKE A SOUND!?

Suicide is now an option.

Then the silence is broken by the sound of bones cracking, as all eight arms of the beasts flexes their muscles and all its hands clenches into fists, it’s unblinking eye never leaving yours…

Your equipment:
Daggers x 4
Dart gun
Darts x 4
Big bottle of Bleeding venom.
Small bottle of paralyzing venom.
Tiny bottle of… “Last Freedom” (For self-use only)
Some Food
Starlight lantern

Skills: Daggers, venom, stealth, avoiding danger and suicide.
No. 1084213 ID: eb0a9c

>Can't make a sound
It's only temporary. This is a great opportunity: scream your confessions where no-one can hear you.
Throw another dagger in its other eye; use the paralyzing venom, this is the optimal enemy and positioning to use it on.

And dodge the incoming dagger throw!
No. 1084218 ID: aebb38

Wow. What a little shit. Yeah, this fucking thing really likes to make you suffer. Fuck this thing. Hey mister Raskrev? Suicide might be a nice option if you are being subjected to a fate worse than death, but not here. Absolutely not here. This silence? Its baby shit. I mean, you can't talk, but there are worse things out there. I mean, you can still hear your thoughts! Thats a good thing! Just focus for a moment. You can absolutely prevail this little piece of eyecrap. So lets think for a moment. Alright, so you might be tormented by your guilt and pain and shame, and I guess a motivational speech telling you how you deserve life isn't enough to break through the . But you know what? FUCK THIS THING. Goddamn thing looks so smug, thinking its hot shit for making you suffer with its gaze. But guess what? So what if you got problems? YOU ARE ANGRY! This little shit just comes out of nowhere, spoils your fun, and chokes and whips you with its shitty ropes. Who does it think it is? Some sort of BDSM shit freak? FUCK THIS THING! Aren't you tired of feeling afraid of the entire world for no goddam reason? Hell, who the fuck is stopping you from stabbing this piece of shit in the eye? Nobody but you. So swallow your fear, and GET ANGRY. There is nothing in your head except your fear and your anger, AND YOU NEED TO LET THE ANGER GO LOOSE. Toss almost every single dagger into it until it drops dead. Keep one if it gets close and avoid the dagger it will probably throw at you. And if you ask why? The reason is simple.
No. 1084219 ID: 031458

Why do you quake in fear? This foul creature is nothing more than your prey! You've thwarted it's pathetic ambush, taken from it it's fetid eye, and knocked it from its undeserved throne on high!

Steel yourself, Hunter! Rip from it it's remaining eye, slaughter it like so many rotting cattle, and take your deserved prize! Carve from it it's still beating heart and devour it, as is your right!
No. 1084221 ID: 273c18

You've reduced its ranged capability. Time to exit the room and get help.
No. 1084222 ID: 3f89df

So you have a mouth, and you can't scream, man up. You can scream ounce that thing is dead; make sure it's not here so those two don't know you were peeping, you little sinner.
If you want to die, then do it when you're in much more agony; maybe after you're done killing them, find a fanatic or general healer to make sure your eye doesn't have severe damage.
No. 1084223 ID: 0496af

It's real power lies in it's disturbing gaze, get rid of it by throwing another dagger on the remaining eyeball.

Focus solely on your present and future actions and the consciousness meddling it's doing might be less effective
No. 1084229 ID: a785dd

You can get through this, you must live on. Gokk, Kani, and Orma need someone with your skills, so for them and for yourself, do not fall here! Fight! Draw another dagger and throw it into this thing's remaining eye. Be prepared for it to whip you or throw a dagger back at you.
No. 1084248 ID: 5ebd37

If you fall silent under the weight of its accusatory gaze, simply close your eyes. Send a few more daggers its way, then get out of this closet. Surely the door is right behind you?
No. 1084287 ID: 7c0da2

It doesn't matter if you can't speak, you don't need to speak at the moment. Focus on killing this thing. You'll encounter far worse, and your allies won't always be around to help you, so if you can't finish this creature you might as well give up now.
There is a bed in the room, throw the bed sheet over the creature to both blind it and stop the glare, then try pinning the sheet to it with thrown daggers.
Don't forget it's got a kneyefe, be prepared in case it tries to throw it. And whatever you do, don't get any closer, you don't want do get into melee with something that got four time as many arms as you.
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