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File 169782339159.jpg - (474.71KB , 1356x1153 , I hatemy job 1.jpg )
1075139 No. 1075139 ID: dc13c4

A short quest about dealing with the troubles of your daily work hours.
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No. 1083638 ID: 8f9bc4

You will burn the corpse to save yourself, but you will see his face before you do. You will not be denied that closure. It makes no difference to the fire. Remove the pillow sheet and save yourself, because someone other than the Pilloperson just started giving a fuck about you!
No. 1083648 ID: e51896

Can we wear the pillowsheet after we remove it? just cut some eyeholes and a big ol' smile on it
No. 1083666 ID: c75e0b

Okay, what if...

We look who is under the mask and then we decide if we burn the body. I mean, mannequin.
The police saying they are coming to kill the protagonist is probably justo an auditory trick caused by the Pilloman to make him paranoid.


We hug the mannequin and forgive him for all past grievances (he knows what he did) and then just walk home to eat some Doritos. No burning involved, other than the spicy taste of Doritos.
No. 1084396 ID: 8452b1
File 170877278999.jpg - (154.10KB , 360x434 , I hatemy job 147.jpg )

No. 1084397 ID: 8452b1
File 170877281898.jpg - (473.63KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 148.jpg )

No. 1084398 ID: 8452b1
File 170877284225.jpg - (171.40KB , 566x380 , I hatemy job 149.jpg )

No. 1084399 ID: 8452b1
File 170877287730.jpg - (481.98KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 150.jpg )

No. 1084400 ID: 8452b1
File 170877289875.jpg - (190.43KB , 406x376 , I hatemy job 151.jpg )

No. 1084401 ID: 8452b1
File 170877292226.jpg - (399.94KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 152.jpg )

No. 1084402 ID: 8452b1
File 170877295596.jpg - (339.87KB , 644x615 , I hatemy job 153.jpg )

No. 1084403 ID: 8452b1
File 170877298903.jpg - (454.30KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 154.jpg )

No. 1084404 ID: 8452b1
File 170877301225.jpg - (226.89KB , 526x402 , I hatemy job 155.jpg )

No. 1084406 ID: 8452b1
File 170877308734.jpg - (477.50KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 156.jpg )

No. 1084407 ID: 8452b1
File 170877311141.jpg - (353.01KB , 738x560 , I hatemy job 157.jpg )

No. 1084408 ID: 8452b1
File 170877313863.jpg - (671.03KB , 1140x1051 , I hatemy job 158.jpg )

No. 1084409 ID: eb0a9c


"Rape me harder, daddy~"
No. 1084410 ID: 2f41db

Name yourself.
Keep going.
Say whatever you can to cover the fact you.
The matches.

Doesnt matter how you cover it.
Let the thing get close
Burn the bastard.
No. 1084438 ID: 8f9bc4

You are working for the FBI, investigating snuff films, and you've done it. You've tracked down the killer. The one behind the camera. Are you going to be his next victim? Do your job, man!
No. 1085477 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964073284.jpg - (314.80KB , 518x537 , I hatemy job 159.jpg )

No. 1085478 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964075706.jpg - (504.35KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 160.jpg )

No. 1085479 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964077551.jpg - (188.36KB , 992x542 , I hatemy job 161.jpg )

No. 1085480 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964079533.jpg - (503.72KB , 1282x1051 , I hatemy job 162.jpg )

No. 1085481 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964081713.jpg - (249.69KB , 504x350 , I hatemy job 163.jpg )

No. 1085482 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964084833.jpg - (526.64KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 164.jpg )

No. 1085483 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964086950.jpg - (329.58KB , 485x776 , I hatemy job 165.jpg )

No. 1085484 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964089439.jpg - (412.12KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 166.jpg )

No. 1085485 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964092189.jpg - (332.62KB , 637x692 , I hatemy job 167.jpg )

No. 1085486 ID: b7f1b0
File 170964095197.jpg - (458.94KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 168.jpg )

No. 1085489 ID: 2f41db

Im not sure if he can be stopped by fire anymore anyway.

Even if this is a twisted shade of reality, its now more mindscape than real
I still lean towards the matches
whats he gonna do if you set him on fire?
Shoot you?

There is only one reason for you to just let this happen.
You are an investigator.
Your job is to assist in the solving of crimes.
If any of this is even remotely real, a fire would destroy evidence.
Four murders and one suicide would be unsolved as a result.

Its your last case.
You may not make it out alive, but at least someone else might be able to peice together the case from what you leave behind.
No. 1085495 ID: 8f9bc4


> whats he gonna do if you set him on fire?
> Shoot you?

Hug you. Are you ready?
No. 1085686 ID: c75e0b

Ugh, fine. I'll shoot you.
Let's see how bad we messed up.
No. 1086542 ID: 4d483c
File 171063853083.jpg - (247.66KB , 420x516 , I hatemy job 169.jpg )

No. 1086543 ID: 4d483c
File 171063855153.jpg - (390.70KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 170.jpg )

No. 1086544 ID: 4d483c
File 171063858302.jpg - (240.49KB , 396x516 , I hatemy job 171.jpg )

No. 1086545 ID: 4d483c
File 171063863818.jpg - (486.33KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 172.jpg )

No. 1086547 ID: 4d483c
File 171063869542.jpg - (266.67KB , 642x428 , I hatemy job 173.jpg )

No. 1086548 ID: 4d483c
File 171063871566.jpg - (308.87KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 174.jpg )

No. 1086549 ID: 4d483c
File 171063873476.jpg - (191.05KB , 586x494 , I hatemy job 175.jpg )

No. 1086550 ID: 4d483c
File 171063875225.jpg - (308.80KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 176.jpg )

No. 1086552 ID: 7c55ad

So, now that the silent snuff film is over, lets see who the investigators are who watched it, and what their conclusions are.

(unless the quest is over)
No. 1086577 ID: 8f9bc4

I love my job.
No. 1086579 ID: eb0a9c

"He was so ugly that everyone is going to rape you.
-Poop Patrick
No. 1086592 ID: 2f41db

Same take away here.
No. 1086622 ID: a3b6f7

So help me if anything bad happened Mr. Pelican!
No. 1086706 ID: 42e55e
File 171081165847.jpg - (312.47KB , 928x1051 , I hatemy job 176.jpg )

So there are some questions and something feels unfinished. So do you wish for this to be the ending or do you want to reject it?
No. 1086757 ID: 37587f

I gotta be honest, I got no clue of what the hell happened over there. Did we unlock the true ending or are we supposed to go through endings A to E while carrying the key item that unlocks the TRUE SUPREME OMEGA ENDING? Or does this even has a real ending at all?
Well, I'd like to watch this movie again with a different outcome. Like "Clue the movie."
Anyway. Absolute peak cinema. Keep cooking, I love your job.
No. 1086783 ID: eb0a9c

I think we're done with the quest. Good work.
No. 1086876 ID: c75e0b

I would like to know what this story was about. Where were we? What were making an impact on? And what impact was it?
No. 1086886 ID: 2f41db

If we do have a behind the scenes or explaned section, maybe in a discussion thread?
To keep this as is for those who will read after.

If there is more, im here for it.
If its done, then thanks for the weird journey.
No. 1087668 ID: fbe348
File 171201712427.jpg - (27.46KB , 560x440 , I hatemy job 177.jpg )

This movie has only one ending and it was one that you made happen. As for the answers they can be received but only if you want for this story to continue or leave it at this position as a satisfying ending.
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