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File 169638705296.png - (125.58KB , 501x700 , 16-1.png )
1073931 No. 1073931 ID: 706b74

Adult content 18+

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1049539.html
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No. 1076835 ID: 6d249a

Woah, how did Vivian get sunlight in a pocketspace? That's got to be some kind of pseudo-sunlight, right?
No. 1076843 ID: f24c1a

Take in the sights and smells, what's she growing?
No. 1076844 ID: b9f892

are those rose bushes?
No. 1076849 ID: 124485

With the number of fire uses here, I certainly hope everything in here is fireproof! We wouldn't want to burn Vivian's special place!
No. 1076989 ID: afc43a
File 169967171322.png - (152.23KB , 700x500 , 16-21.png )

Raithe halts at the doorway, his eyes wide with amazement as he stares at the phoenix’s feet. Despite the heat of her blazing feathers, the plants around her remain lush and unharmed.

“You noticed?” Cauldera remarks, reaching up to caress the underside of a wisteria flower. “Its all warded. You don’t have to worry here.” Her smile is hard to read; a kind of pride sneaking around the edges of her beak.
No. 1076990 ID: afc43a
File 169967171911.png - (167.26KB , 700x500 , 16-22.png )

Cautiously, the salamander lowers himself to the ground and reaches out with one foot. Putting weight on it, he sinks his toes into the lawn with a look of amazement. “Oh! Oh that’s weird! I- I always wondered what grass felt like! I just thought it would be fluffy like Miki!”

“Hey, don’t compare my fur to grass!” Miki wails, “Do you see all this? You know how hard I work to stay this fluffy?”

Her words fall on deaf ears as Raithe takes the moment to roll around in the grass in a giggling fit. “Heheheheh it’s so tickly!”

“Raithe, come on! What if Vivian sees?”

“Sees what?” Says an elegant voice, which seems to speak in harmony with itself.
No. 1076994 ID: db478f

Who's going to be the one to sit down next to Raithe and scratch his belly?
No. 1076997 ID: 7695ec

sees a fire elemental enjoying life! (literlly and figuratively)
>>1076994 probably Gabe, the goober... though I can see Miki being teased into doing it, perhaps by Vivian and/or Gabe
How were these plants warded, couldn't have been nearly as easy as warding a house, houses aren't alive!... usually
No. 1076998 ID: 7e6fd4

Oh yeah since everything's warded, the elementals can be freely touched! Get over there and pet that salamander!
No. 1077010 ID: 2a82d3

If there was ever a time to go the natural experience, Viv would be the first, wouldn't she?
No. 1077011 ID: 273c18

Introduce yourself to Vivian. No need to get off the grass.
No. 1077224 ID: afc43a
File 169993387496.png - (208.71KB , 700x585 , 16-23.png )

“Vivian!” Miki squeaks and Raithe sits up suddenly, his face flushed white-hot with embarrassment.

The fey smiles at the pair and greets her guests. “Welcome everyone, to our garden. So good to see you all.” She’s dressed casually for the day: wearing a shawl and simple, well-made dress that somehow still radiates with class and elegance.

“Thanks for having us over! Lovely place you have here!” Kol replies, looking around at the greenery.

While pretty, there’s a kind of haphazard look to the garden that's hard to place. Rather than the clean, immaculate lines of Cecil Ochre’s estate; roses and hydrangeas are cluttered on top of one another while morning glories and star jasmine fight for space among the trellises. Many of the plants still seem young, giving the impression of a jungle that has yet to fully develop.
No. 1077225 ID: afc43a
File 169993389994.png - (177.08KB , 700x629 , 16-24.png )

“Wait, so everything in here is fire warded?” Gabe asks, “Including us?”

Vivian nods and tugs at her shawl to better show off the gem on her choker. “As long as I keep this on, yes. Why?”

A moment later Raithe is tackled back to the grass as the mouse clambers on top of the elemental and rubs his belly.

“Gabe! Don’t just jump on my husband!” Miki huffs.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist.” Gabe looks up and grins as one of Raithe’s legs kicks lazily behind him. “He looked so happy getting to touch grass, why not let him indulge?”

The baker opens her mouth to counter, but is paused by memories of growing up mostly within her family kitchen. Whenever she got to play outside, it was only under hawk-like observation: her mother or father always nearby with a bucket of sand or water in case of an accidental fire.

Miki sighs and shrugs, smiling as the pair tussle on the turf.
No. 1077227 ID: 9dd4bd

Everyone pile in. Give that good hubby some bellyrubs and tactile contact. Ear scritches, aw yisss
No. 1077228 ID: fa3034

Vivian never fails to impress, how did she achieve this garden?
No. 1077230 ID: 2a82d3

Oh, do they feed on fire instead of water? That'd be neat.
No. 1077232 ID: c65741

She did say OUR garden, looks like they're an official package! Or she did a sort of fey ritual where she shares her heart with another. Either way, it's lovely that there's love!
No. 1077258 ID: b1805a


Pet the big glowing fire-puppy. Do it now.
No. 1077316 ID: afc43a
File 170001739765.png - (166.95KB , 700x499 , 16-25.png )

As more of the mice pile onto Raithe and start giving him scritches, Miki turns to address their host. “Thank you for letting us visit!” She holds up the basket of still-warm scones and offers them to the fey. “We, uh, brought these for you!”

Vivian takes the offering and looks inside, “Ohhh? You know I haven’t stopped thinking about the deserts you made for the wedding. Thank you!”

Blushing a bit, but feeling more confident, Miki asks. “So this place is all a part of you, right? Does that mean the plants are too?”

The singer chuckles as she spreads jam on a scone, “They used to be. My heartspace was always- well... too dark and broody to grow a proper garden. The glamour is tied to my mood, you see, so it just created whatever I felt like in my mind: mostly moonlit nights and dark, tangled vines.” She points at Cauldera with a knife still dripping jelly and continues, “But having her around brightened things up a lot, literally and I wanted to give her something special.”

“So she let me grow real plants!” Cauldera beams, “I don’t know a lot about gardening, but I’ve worked in a foundry before, so I’m no stranger to hard work. I don’t know what it is, but getting down in the dirt is so… satisfying!“ The phoenix hugs Vivian from behind and gives her a beaky kiss. “I love it so much, Viv!”

“She still has to be careful while watering. This place is protected from flame, but it doesn’t work the other way around. Still, nothing makes my heart glow like seeing someone create for the first time.” Vivian croons happily.
No. 1077319 ID: db478f

That truly is a magical moment. The pride of Creation. Is that why Vivian is drawn to the arts so much?
No. 1077324 ID: 478b88

Awww that's amazing! I don't think I've ever seen Vivian this happy before, it looks like she really found her other half! Who knew Fire elementals make such great partners?
No. 1077347 ID: 200443

miki presumably.

Anyway, it's true though, never seen her this happy before. Maybe tell her that! It's really great!
No. 1077375 ID: afc43a
File 170010373059.png - (122.23KB , 700x542 , 16-26.png )

Gabe looks up from petting Raithe’s long, fiery belly and remarks, “Considering how dark it used to be here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy before!”

The kitsune waves a hand as if to say "oh you" before taking a bite of her scone.

Vivian’s eyes open wide: revealing a pair of glassy, black mirrors like deep pools of water. She pauses with the biscuit still held to her lips.
No. 1077383 ID: a9af05

Seems like Miki's cooking skills are very amazing! Vivian seems like she's struggling to process the wonderful taste she's experiencing!
No. 1077387 ID: 053820

Isn't liking delicious baked goods kind of a fae thing? Gentle teasing may be in order. See Miki? You are amazing.
No. 1077393 ID: 2a82d3

Yeah, her new bird really does seem to bring out the twinkle in her eyes. I think.

Is her gaze piercing into your soul, or is her mental headset getting a call from the void?
No. 1077394 ID: bc5ee7

Oh wow, is something wrong? We've never seen her eyes either. Are they supposed to be that dark?
No. 1077401 ID: 7695ec

So were the scones just THAT good or should we be worried, it's cool if you simply have creepy eyes, though if something happened it might happen to REALLY be the time to discuss Rodwin, though I would hate for it to be dark in here again
No. 1077402 ID: fe276d

What kind of scones were these again..?
No. 1077420 ID: 124485

The delicious kind
No. 1077425 ID: f14228

Isn't that the eyes of an undead, like Sir Opinel's?

Well, no matter. Fey folk go about undeath in a different way, as has been shown. But it might explain why someone of her age and power is gracing the mortal realm - and why they've been gloomy about it. But there's been enough doom and gloom of late, for sure! So let's just let Viv fully enjoy Hearthfire bakery's honest offering and relax for a bit before moving on to the more important business at hand.

And if there's something special about these scones, Miki should explain. Given Vivian's wide-eyed expression maybe someone should jokingly ask just HOW much love she poured into these - and may they have one?
No. 1077438 ID: b1805a


Going to just reach here, and say we're about to see an impromptu fae opera about how good it is, "Yakitate!! Japan" style.
No. 1077440 ID: 5d7584

Looks like she just took a hit of the GOOD stuff.
No. 1077479 ID: eb0a9c

Kol: Contemplate how relationships could have gone very differently in an alternate timeline where Wraithe and Cauldera asked for relationship help from the trio instead of breaking up.
Then remind Viv that this didn't happen.
No. 1077611 ID: afc43a
File 170036153243.png - (126.97KB , 700x500 , 16-27.png )

“Vivian? Are you-“ Miki asks, suddenly concerned that something might be wrong. Before she can finish, the scone disappears in a flash of teeth and a sound like a snarl.

Vivian’s tongue flicks over her lips lightning fast: a little scarlet streak like a fox escaping a hen house. “You made these?” She asks, her voice breathy and serious.

Miki nods, terrified as the fey towers over her and leans close.

“Please excuse me for a minute.” The kitsune takes the basket and dives into the bushes, disappearing with a swish of her tails.

“Is she okay?” Miki asks.

“I don’t know.” Cauldera admits. “I’ve only ever seen her get that intense about art or music. What was in those?”

“Just the usual stuff: flour, water, salt, sugar, blueberries, butter, milk…” She pauses to think, “Maybe the butter was off? No, it seemed fine. Hey Raithe! Those scones came out like usual, right?”

The salamander moans from his happy place under several mice, “Uh- huhhhhh…”

Miki rolls her eyes and shrugs, “Ugh he’s gone. I don’t know what to tell you.”
No. 1077612 ID: 54b29b

Cauldera's still there, maybe er, well, what does she DO when this happens with art or music? Would it be a good idea to peek in and check in on her?
No. 1077613 ID: db478f

You know what they say, baking is an art
No. 1077614 ID: 7e6fd4

Oh my god, Miki's baking is so good it made the ever elegant Vivian feral over some scones. That's a high praise if I've ever seen it!
No. 1077617 ID: 8b8c72

Fae take art VERY seriously, and there is the old saying that baking is more art than science, so...
No. 1077623 ID: 0a437e

you forgot the ingredient love!
but seriously what emotions and memorious did you put into it, if I remember right fey can deal in some abstract things curtesy of magic, so love is probably an actual ingredient?
No. 1077634 ID: 2a82d3

Just get his OK to check up on Viv, Miki. He'd understand whatever that entails.
No. 1077798 ID: afc43a
File 170062293245.png - (133.22KB , 700x579 , 16-28.png )

A few minutes later and Vivian re-emerges, her hair sticking up in a few places and brushing leaves off her dress. In her hand is the basket , which is now empty, save for a few crumbs. “Back! Sorry to worry you! I’m… fine!”

“Are you sure, because if-“

“Please-“ The fey insists, “Um, how to put this… How would you feel about providing me with one of those every day? Fresh?” She smiles with a mouth full of worryingly sharp teeth.

“Uh- I mean, are you sure? The blueberries are seasonal, so sometimes we do currants or raspberries…” Miki stammers.

Vivian stops her, “It can be anything, as long as its baked and fresh.”
No. 1077799 ID: afc43a
File 170062293834.png - (145.18KB , 700x500 , 16-29.png )

“Is this one of those fey things?” Miki asks, nervously.

“Yes- no- well…” The kitsune struggles to explain, “Yes it is a fey thing. But no, I’m not proposing a formal contract: I’m not going to steal you away for a hundred years over breakfast.”

She continues, “You know how fey are about art, right? To us, art is like a kind of magic: its a change placed upon the world by thought and skill. Some, like myself, consider it to be our highest calling. A form of worship, if you will.”

“What are you saying?” The chinchilla asks as Vivian bends down to speak eye to eye.

There's a sigh and Vivian rests a hand on the baker’s shoulder, “I’m saying that those scones were, quite literally, a religious experience.”
No. 1077800 ID: a8590d

It's ok Miki. Just take a soft breath and tell her the same was true about her performance. But, like, maybe less literally. Anyway, you'd be honored to put aside some pastries for her for your batches each day!
No. 1077801 ID: 75f40b

I think at this point it's okay to be just a wee bit flustered
No. 1077803 ID: 124485

>“I’m saying that those scones were, quite literally, a religious experience.”
I'm pretty sure that this is the highest compliment Miki has ever received!
No. 1077804 ID: c5249f

Hmmm, personal daily catering seems like a good deal, but I'd sure get sick of eating the same thing every day. It seems like a transactional relationship like this would be detrimental to both parties, as the supplier would be more of a supplier than a friend, and the receiver would either get sick of the product or grow reliant on it. Even though it isn't a fey deal, it's still a dangerous transaction. Tread carefully.
No. 1077805 ID: c5249f

I'm saying snarfing something down in a bush and calling it a religious experience is probably not a good thing. Fey or not, that's sketchy.
No. 1077810 ID: dc4bad

A little concerned about how seriously she's treating this, so ask why the sudden sober tone.
That said, this IS high praise and if there is no contract or other form of binding, I'm thinking there's no issue with her having something you've made fresh of a day.

(She's probably not gonna need told but also just manage expectations that, with or without warning it might not happen on days where you are on holiday or sick or whatnot)
No. 1077811 ID: 273c18

Damn, your scones are THAT good?
No. 1077814 ID: c63f2c

Is she kidding? No? Okay.

As far as Miki is concerned, she's not providing something here she's not already making for other customers. If Vivian is able to appreciate and honor a frickin' breakfast scone as something divine and want more of it, that is simply just flattering as all heck.

Would Viv be alright, though? If Miki should happen to get sick, take a vacation, etc. the supply may not be as steady as once a day, and then... well, she'd have to do without. Though Miki could make some longer-lasting treats to tide Viv over and just set up a delivery schedule, ah wait, but she wanted fresh. Hm... if Cauldera could do the final cooking touch, she could prepare some ready-to-bake goods and give a few cooking lessons? Having a fire elemental in the kitchen isn't going to be a problem in the Hearthfire Bakery, after all.

Anyway, yeah, duh. Miki would love to provide baked goods every day! It's her job and calling and as long as the bakery is open and nothing unforeseen occurs, Viv will always find something to put on her palate. It's a non-binding but heartfelt promise!

Just calling Vivian a regular customer would be a supreme honor in itself, y'know? And now that Miki knows she likes them good-fancy eatums, she sure has an excuse to keep polishing her skills.
No. 1077827 ID: debc82


Congrats, girl! Your scones are so good, you made a Fey see the divine.

There is no higher form of praise.
No. 1077829 ID: 2a82d3

Does Viv have any insight or wisdom from this, that she'd like to share?
No. 1077935 ID: afc43a
File 170088239773.png - (159.06KB , 700x500 , 16-30.png )

“I- I’m honored! That’s incredible!” Miki staggers, a little punch drunk by the surprise. “I gotta… you’re sure?”

“I know art when I see, or taste it in this case.” Vivian nods.

The chinchilla’s mind races, knowing any agreement with a fey needs to be fully considered. “What happens if I miss a day? Is that going to be alright?”

Vivian nods reassuringly, “I’ve lived for over a century without your baking, a break now and then won’t be a problem.”

“Good, because Raithe and I need vacation and sick days.” Miki scratches her head and eyes her husband as he wriggles in the grass. “Actually, you know, Raithe is just as important to making these as me. I wonder if he could teach Cauldera to bake them for you. That way you could have them fresh whenever you want.”

“Me, baking? Sounds fun! I’d love to give it a shot!” The phoenix beams.

“I don’t get it. Why are my scones so important? I mean I put a lot of work into them, but…” Miki asks.

Vivian sits back on the grass and sighs, “Do you know why I only sing opera from mortal composers?”

“No, why’s that?”

“Fey culture is very stagnant. Its beautiful and vibrant, but very slow to change. Much of our lives are dictated by laws and the fates, as interpreted by dream seers.” Vivian holds out a hand and a nearby vine grows to coil around her fingers. “Everything we might need, we can just ask for as long as our magic is intact.”

“But mortals innovate: they’re creative and quick. Everything is busy and dramatic and your lives are so full and passionate.” She smiles fondly, “Not to say that those are traits exclusive to mortals, but it makes your world and your art very special to some of us.”
No. 1077936 ID: ae0c62

Consider it an honor. Do you have to shake on it?
No. 1077940 ID: 395885

I wonder what changes Vivian will notice in Miki's art of baking as time goes on, I hardly believe she is simply going to stop improving after all, especially with Vivian as an even more direct motivation
Who knows maybe there'll be some rare ingredients growing in this garden at some point
I wonder what Elemental Culture is like, in comparison, lets ask Cauldera about it
No. 1077943 ID: b96996

Tell her that there may be specifics to work out later, but you'd love to bake for her. It's not like you aren't a pretty big fan of hers too, after all. It's nice that such powerful creatures can find such incredible joy in mortals when they're doing nothing but living their happy lives. The founders of this era really did make the right choice--for everyone involved, it seems.
No. 1078096 ID: 2a82d3

She's already done so much for you, your marriage, and your future. It's really the least you could do.
No. 1078189 ID: afc43a
File 170114095022.png - (141.21KB , 700x500 , 16-31.png )

Miki smiles and sits down next to her, “I’d be honored to bake for you, Vivian.” She watches as Raithe rolls over, trapping Gabe underneath him and giggles, “I had heard some stuff about fey culture, but never realized you thought that way about us.”

“Mmm-hm. Especially among the younger generations of fey. Its one reason the craft guilds have been able to flourish lately: lots of demand for mortal masterworks.”

Cauldera joins them on the lawn and Miki asks, “What about elementals? I’ve asked Raithe but he gets all evasive when talking about life on the elemental plane.”
No. 1078190 ID: afc43a
File 170114096232.png - (129.08KB , 500x700 , 16-32.png )

The phoenix nods and shrugs, “That might be because it's very alien to what you're used to.” She waves a hand, her fingers trailing fire like sparklers.

“For one, the elementals you’re familiar with are only a fraction of the types that exist. There are sound elementals, and steel elementals and even stranger beings that are made of… I suppose math is the only way to describe them. The reason for that is that everything on the elemental plane is alive: the mana diffuses into the world at such a rate that it constantly creates more.”

Miki stares with rapt fascination as Cauldera continues to speak. “For most elementals, life is actually very brief and violent. Those that are born from the ether are tiny flashes of existence that prey on one another for their mana, gradually growing larger and stronger: sometimes surviving but most of them don’t.”

“The oldest and most powerful of us are beings so vast, you would hardly recognize them as alive. When a fey says something like ‘Root and Stone’, those are the forces they’re calling on.” Vivian smiles at this and nods in confirmation. “Many of them are in constant conflict with one another, but they do so through ever shifting alliances and unions. The result is chaotic and wild, but ironically even more static than life among the fey.”

The baker tilts her head, her ears flopping to one side, “Why’s that?”

“Because the slightest wrong move can undo centuries of balance.”Cauldera sighs, “Everything happens on a timescale that most mortals can’t even comprehend.”
No. 1078191 ID: 9d3006

Sounds kind of sad and chaotic... It's very gladdening such wonderful elementals like you two are here and (relatively) safe now. Maybe in a few centuries or something some other spirit mediums undead and fae will get together to help make more of a peace between such massive powers.
No. 1078195 ID: 2a82d3

So, do elementals treat the mortal realm like a ls neutral ground, effectively lawless for better or worse? Can they enter freely, or do they have to be summoned by a mortal first? Cults can definitely start that way.

Could Casey be considered to have been cultivating her own elemental, or group of elementals, within her body? It would explain why her powers tend to be temperamental in nature. They even settled down when she did right by Flashing Feathers, like they were sympathetic to him.
No. 1078198 ID: 598d4a

here's a stretch, does that mean the moon might be an elemental? are the winds just one big elemental or a collective winds? is my soup alive?
No. 1078199 ID: fa3034

Can't even imagine..
But you're here now and isn't that something to happy about?
No. 1078200 ID: 395885

I wonder why only a fraction of the elemental types enter our plane, or is it only rare that a "math" elemental does so (and is noticed)
it feels weird (at least I imagin Miki would feel so) that both elementals and fey seem to have some preference to this plane, when the reverse is mostly untrue
No. 1078224 ID: b0f4c4

Looks like Gabe's enjoying the big ol flame lizard pressing him into the grass.
No. 1078227 ID: eb0a9c

The question is how complex the overlying conflict is. Generations of black-ops agents warring over a childish spat between two overgrown gods is nothing honorable to write about.

So, Wraithe and Cauldera had to fight for their lives as kids, but it was a natural process for most rather than an endless war for some.
No. 1078418 ID: 3aa426

The Elemental Plane and the Perception Range from Awful Hospital are the same place.
No. 1078437 ID: 273c18

Hrm, didn't we come here for a reason?
No. 1078832 ID: afc43a
File 170191351672.png - (137.78KB , 529x700 , 16-33.png )

“So why do elementals come to the mortal plane anyway?” Miki asks.

Across the grass, her husband looks down at the mouse beneath him with a suddenly self-conscious expression: his cheeks taking on a white-hot blush. Gabe’s eyes go wide as something as-yet unseen catches his attention and he starts wiggling excitedly.

“All kinds of reasons.” Cauldera explains, “For some its a kind of neutral territory with which to conduct business. There were a few powerful ones who built kingdoms here, but without a stable source of mana most of them returned to their home planes. For me, I just wanted to see something new.” Her hands run idly through the grass as she talks, the blades tickling at her molten fingers.

“Well then, could I ever visit the elemental plane?” Miki continues, all the while hoping she’s not bothering the phoenix.

Cauldera smiles back at her, seemingly just enjoying the chat. “Not safely. You’d need much more than a fire ward to survive there. Even Fey visitors require lots of preparation and magical protection: just about the only ones that can travel freely are angels and they’re pretty rare.”
No. 1078834 ID: f212fd

Oh, you know Litany, maybe they could help? Or is it not really something they have the ability to provide to others? Traveling the elemental plane sounds neat, though admittedly from the description it sounds kind of chaotic.

Gabe seems to be having fun. Miki might get to enjoy some boy love in a moment if things keep going on like this.
No. 1078862 ID: b23ea2

makes me ponder the hows and whys of angels, that they can go there and be intact

not that we are going to be finding the answer right now, seems like Gabe got Raithe's "blood" pumping down there, and Vivian has certainly noticed their tussling, the plants may not be her but the ground is
No. 1078864 ID: 273c18

Oh, we know an angel. So if we ever needed someone to go there, we know who to ask. Actually I forget if we can contact them at all.

And in response to my earlier question, we don't have a reason to be here do we? It's a day off. Though, we could technically ask if Vivian has any info on the First Guardians, or knows anyone who could give us some info.
No. 1078867 ID: 32c482

Aw c'mon Gabe, you know you gotta ask permission before gettin fucked by someone's husband! Unless of course you've already made an agreement with Miki that whatever happens happens
No. 1078869 ID: fa3034

What makes angels so special? But any who, if there's anything you guys could do to make their time on the mortal plane more enjoyable, you'll be glad to help where you can, right?
No. 1078870 ID: c4ad4a

Good thing we happen to know one who's free and untethered by any fey contracts or loyalties, and is a good sweet friend (potentially with benefits).
No. 1078871 ID: 2a82d3

Oh no, Gabe is being attacked by a dragon. Better get the lube.
No. 1078873 ID: 273c18

Miki should probably notice and go have a quiet chat.
No. 1078877 ID: e4a3dc

Oh? What's that Gabe? Is someone knocking at the back door?
No. 1078932 ID: afc43a
File 170201228310.png - (78.60KB , 376x500 , 16-34.png )

Raithe sits up, the red tip of his cock peeking up from behind Gabe’s tail. He tries to cover it with his hands as he looks around, flushed with embarrassment. The salamander locks eyes with his wife, who giggles at his plight; giving him a wink and a little nod of encouragement.

“That reminds me, I wonder how Litany is doing…” Vivian muses; her tails wagging as she watches the flustered salamander.

“That’s the angel you and Gabe met, right? The one you set free?” Miki asks, trying to split her attention between Raithe and Vivian. “What makes them so different from other fey?”

Vivian clear her throat and explains, “They say that angels were the first our kind: thought to be a kind of transitional step between elementals and fey. What is certain, is that their ability to survive almost anywhere and travel the in-betweens of the world makes them valuable as messengers. So much so, that only the oldest and most powerful courts employ them as servants.”
No. 1078933 ID: afc43a
File 170201228824.png - (153.54KB , 500x700 , 16-35.png )

A lump bobs in the elemental’s long neck as he gulps anxiously, feeling like a fish out of water. There’s a soft rubbing under Raithe’s shaft as Gabe tucks his knees up under himself and grinds gently against the dragon: slowly drawing him out to his full length.

Relaxing a bit, Raithe lets his hands rest on Gabe’s hips; his claws slipping under the mouse’s waistband and sliding his shorts down. His thumbs rub little circles in the sender’s fur as curiosity replaces embarrassment. Gabe’s ass isn’t as soft as Miki’s and his fur coarser, and instead of her fluffy, curly tail, his is thick and surprisingly muscular. And there, where the bare skin of his tail meets his fur is an eager little patch of pink: waving excitedly at him

No. 1078936 ID: fa3034

Might need some prep down there, buddy! You are after all, a full sized salamander.
No. 1078937 ID: 2a82d3

Makes sense that the fey were derived from the elementals. How do you think the first angels and "elves" were created? Or made, if they case may be? Do you think you can get in touch with Litany?

Let's see how long we can keep a serious conversation going, before anyone else gets the urge to start "doing like they do on the Discovery Channel". As his ex, Cauldera must be getting exceptionally flustered.
No. 1078938 ID: efaac3

I mean it's right about common knowledge that there's a web of who's fucked who in this group, but Cauldera is pretty much no different! But if it does make her uncomfortable, maybe she could be accompanied to a different room
No. 1078941 ID: 7695ec

What happened to the other two mice?
my my, fucking in a fey's heartspace sure is something, makes me wonder if Vivian is down for some lovin, too. Perhaps Vivian could have some fun with Miki and Cauldera!
we can try to keep a half serious conversation going, maybe a question about why this layered world, if elementals became fey then fey become as and so on, though at this point only The Fates would know for certain
No. 1079011 ID: afc43a
File 170209918513.png - (176.57KB , 700x500 , 16-36.png )

“Do you need me to prep?” Gabe asks, trying not to break the flow of things, “You know: lube and stuff?”

Raithe gives him a bashful glance and admits, “Oh! No, that stuff doesn’t really play nice with me, even while warded. I usually just, uh, kind of make my own.” He rubs his dick experimentally between Gabe’s ass-cheeks and a thick droplet of raw mana leaks out, easing the friction.

The mouse smirks and props himself up on his elbows, bracing for whats next. “Well then, go ahead big guy. Don’t keep me waiting…”

The elemental runs a forked tongue over his fangs and angles his shaft into position, letting his weight push the tapered tip past any initial resistance. Gabe moans happily as he’s slowly spread by Raithe, his hands gripping fists full of grass as he's filled up inch-by-inch.

No. 1079012 ID: afc43a
File 170209919240.png - (184.06KB , 700x500 , 16-37.png )

“Shall we join them?” Casey asks, her hand already at work underneath Kol’s waistband.

The Medium nods, “In a minute. Let’s let them have a little fun first.” He says, slipping a hand down the curve of her ass and kissing her.

No. 1079013 ID: afc43a
File 170209919708.png - (181.07KB , 700x525 , 16-38.png )

“Oooh, that brings me back.” Cauldera sighs, looking on at the show. “He tries to be so gentle at first.”

“I know, right?” Miki giggles, “Its very sweet.” She shares a knowing glance with one of the few people to have had Raithe as a partner. “I always have to remind him to go harder.” She shuffles a little as her arousal grows, pressing against the tight fabric of her pants.

The baker glances at her hosts: on one side of her Vivian watches with rapt attention, one hand tucked under her dress and slowly rubbing back and fourth. Opposite her, Cauldera lays back on the grass, her thumb rubbing in circles around the curve of her breast.

“Uh, heh, so if fey descended from elementals, and I guess mortals descended from fey: does that mean there’s something descended from mortals? Like, why is everything layered like that?” Miki asks, trying to keep the casual conversation going, even as she sees where things are headed. Her heard races and her head spin as she tries to keep from babbling. The baker feels excitement gripping her but feels suddenly out of her depth and unsure of how to proceed.

“Mmm- Its one of the great questions, and there’s many theories about such things.” Vivian responds, catching her breath as her tip raises the hem of her dress. “Are there places even further from the Sea of Dreams than the mortal realm, with less mana and no natural magic? Much time has been spent debating what life would look like on a plane like that; if it could even exist. It seems... unnatural and alien.”

She continues, tilting her porcelain muzzle skyward as her pleasure builds. “Ah- of course, such thought goes both ways. There was a mortal philosopher named Rutattezen who theorized that there might be some place beyond the Sea of Dreams: a great untergeisterwelt. To get there would mean passing through the great collective source of mana. However, its unlikely anything could make that journey and survive: at that point even the spirit loses its sense of ego and breaks down.”

The kitsune looks down at Miki and pauses, “I’m sorry, I must be boring you with all of this talk. Please, as your host: would you like to join us?” She asks, twitching aside her dress in an invitation.

No. 1079014 ID: efaac3

Oh, actually please continue on Rutattezen! A place where something's spirit would break down in... then how about something without a spirit? like a machine?

But of course, an expeditious handy can come before some handy exposition!
No. 1079015 ID: 7695ec

we wouldn't be asking questions if we thought you were boring!
though, we could never decline such a open invite
No. 1079019 ID: 2a82d3

Not boring at all. Philosophy and horniness pair great together. You could listen more from herall day.

On the other hand, be curious about what bird breasts feel like. Would they make for nice pillows? Try them on your head.
No. 1079020 ID: 7695ec

>>1079014 Given that the Elemental Plane 2 higher has literally everything be alive due to mana density, I doubt anything trying to go there wouldn't have a spirit. Maybe the power of Love could hold a spirit together?
No. 1079027 ID: e4a3dc

Seems you're the last one without your goods on display Miki. Shouldn't stay overdressed in situation like this. Show off what raithe has had all to himself.
No. 1079055 ID: b1e615

Are undead technically descended from mortals? am I just crazy trying to think of them as perhaps a legitimate category potentially worthy of not-scorn

Either way, there is no reason not to continue mixing interesting discussions with sex it makes it hotter.
No. 1079065 ID: fa3034

When in Rome, Miki. Hot knowledge and a hot show.
No. 1079089 ID: afc43a
File 170226726375.png - (209.50KB , 700x500 , 16-39.png )

“Oh, its not boring! Its just- uh, hang on a second…” Miki pauses to shimmy out of her pants and slip free of her panties. The baker tosses her shirt aside and sighs, “I wish I had worn something a bit more flattering, but I didn’t exactly expect this to happen... Although, maybe I should have at this point.” She says, casting an eye over towards Gabe as her husband drills him.

Vivian smiles and pats the ground next to her, “Come, won’t you show me what else those hands can do?”

Miki bites her lip and scooches closer, reaching out uncertainly at first. Her shaking fingers wrap around Vivian’s shaft, feeling her pulse beating in the palm of her hand. The chinchilla stares, still in disbelief, and pumps back and fourth experimentally.

Vivian moans and bucks her hips up into Miki’s grip, encouraging her to go further. The baker nods to herself and starts getting into it: letting years of dough kneading guide her in the simple, repetitive motion.

She looks up, taking a moment to experience the closeness with the beautiful fey: watching her expressions and listening to her voice as small pants slip past her lips. Miki takes a deep breath and a gentle, earthy scent fills her senses: like leaves kicked up in an autumn forest.

“Uh, so… tell me more. About this… under-ghost-thing you mentioned.” She insists, deeply fascinated by this whole experience.

“Ah! Well, what do you want to know?” Vivian asks.

“Um… could something that isn’t alive pass through? Like a machine or something?”

“If only it were that simple. The Sea of Dreams imbues life into anything that enters it. Mmm- it’s why the elemental plane is so chaotic. Its thought that even matter begins to break down when exposed to that much mana.”

There’s a shuffle behind Miki and she looks to find Cauldera sitting there. “Mind if I join you two?” The phoenix asks.

No. 1079090 ID: eb0a9c

Okay there's definitely an alternate universe out there where Raithe never broke up and Miki became an ascended fangirl

Orgy time
No. 1079091 ID: 2a82d3

Actually, Cauldera should check on the other guests. They'd like the extra company, and do like to keep things fresh with their fun. Has she ever thanked them for helping with the molting?

Hey Miki, there's a way to keep an eye on your hubby, practically sharing longing gazes with each other, while satisfying your host. Sit down and think. It'll come to you.
No. 1079092 ID: fa3034

She's more than welcome to join, of course. Just keep working that dough.
No. 1079102 ID: 7695ec

I am certain neither would mind Cauldera joining, maybe Miki could ask for a thought from her in this beautifully strange mix of philosophy and fucking, what's an elementals view on this?

it does make some sense matter begins to break down in the sea of dreams, it IS the realm of, among other things, the dead
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