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File 169638705296.png - (125.58KB , 501x700 , 16-1.png )
1073931 No. 1073931 ID: 706b74

Adult content 18+

First thread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/860238.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Moot_Point
Previous chapter: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1049539.html
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No. 1089425 ID: c5249f

Surely he didn't go too far in the two panels that you last saw him in, being right before you ran into them.
No. 1089426 ID: 124485

Perhaps this is a test? Perhaps you're all supposed to be separated and taken to individual trials that you must pass and you’ll meet up again later?
No. 1089429 ID: eb0a9c

Tie the tails before you go off in search.
No. 1089433 ID: b3eab7

Before anything else, yell at the guide to wait, otherwise you'll be split up and stranded.
No. 1089435 ID: 665632

Could be purely coincidental, but--
First frame when the guide first spoke, it is using Kol's voice; Kol's not in the frame.
Second frame when the guide showed itself, it used all three mice voices alternatively, while none of them were in the frame.
Casey chased the guide in this frame, while it responded with Gabe's voice, who's again not shown.
No. 1089482 ID: 184595

This may be an opportunity to see how benevolent your guide is. Will it stop, so you can find Gabe? Will it urge you onwards, regardless? Come what may, don't let go of each other's hands, and don't abandon your Sender. Its the strength of your intimacy that has seen you here, and it would be a rank betrayal to ignore that now.
No. 1089555 ID: 8a1605
File 171392319784.png - (221.34KB , 700x600 , 16-100.png )

“He can’t have gone far, right?” Kol says, looking in every direction. “Is this some kind of test?”

“I don’t know, but if we don’t do something we’re going to lose our guide!” Casey squints, trying to spot the translucent shape moving through the trees. “Hey! Wait up! Someone’s missing!” She calls out.

“Fuck! What do we do?” Kol asks.

The Binder frowns and comes to a conclusion. A glow extends from her tail and wraps around his. “Go find him. I’ll run ahead and try to get our guide to stop. Tug on the tendril once if you find him and twice if you need help.”
No. 1089563 ID: 7e6fd4

Oo that's a pretty good solution! If not for the fact that you're expending mana by doing that. Watch them tentacles, make sure they don't go out of control!
No. 1089569 ID: 273c18

We really don't have to worry about expending mana in here. Quite the opposite. However, we also can't attract attention by spending it in flashy ways.

Alright Kol needs to try retracing our steps while Casey follows the guide.
No. 1089575 ID: fa3034

Given the nature of this place I don't think there's a safe spot for Kol to project. Just focus on the feeling of the binding magic. If it falters or your tail goes numb, be very careful.
No. 1089587 ID: 184595

This is a trial that Casey's abilities are proving adept for; will there be other trials for Kol and Gabe? In the meantime, I think that Casey's tendrils could prove even more useful; could she send them out as feelers to try to give Gabe something to hold onto so she can reel him in?
No. 1089709 ID: 8a1605
File 171409353447.png - (145.16KB , 700x481 , 16-101.png )

Casey takes off after the guide, waving her arm and trying to catch their attention. “Hey! Stop! Wait up!”

There’s no response from the invisible entity as it continues to bob through the fog.

“Spite me!” Casey seethes through her teeth. The Binder takes off in a dead run, silently thankful for Delilah’s training as her legs pump frantically.

Despite her efforts, the mouse finds herself no closer to the guide. As if trapped in Xeno’s paradox, the little hole in the fog continues on out of reach.
No. 1089710 ID: 8a1605
File 171409354025.png - (148.90KB , 500x700 , 16-102.png )

Kol tests the drag of the binding spell before setting off to retrace their steps. Trying not to overlook anything, he takes his time, looking around every root for his partner. “Gabe! Gabe, where are you? Come on, man!”

His ears perk up as Gabe’s voice comes drifting through the fog. Sounding oddly distant, the Sender calls, “Kol?! Over here!”
No. 1089712 ID: c21ceb

Casey, save your breath. If you're not getting any closer while running, it may be a trick of the eyes, like a rainbow. Also don't yell and draw attention. Maybe hide if applicable. And Kol, Stay on your guard! That might not be Gabe. If they can mimic voices, there may be any other entities.
No. 1089714 ID: 273c18

Anything you can do to see better, or hear better, Kol?
No. 1089719 ID: fdd26b

Could be a formless voice, could be space fuckery, through a few questions that way, where are you what does it looks like what did we do yesterday etc.
No. 1089722 ID: fa3034

Open your senses. Focus. Is that truly him? Or just the fuzzy memory of him, like a dream?
No. 1089724 ID: b3eab7

Approach carefully, Kol. This can be Gabe, or not.
No. 1089729 ID: 7c1f1c

Kol has a lifeline, and we must trust in our lifeline; we pass or fail this trial as a unit. Having no other leads, I think it safe to trust our lifeline, and explore towards the voice. As you move to it, it can move to you; encourage it to do so. But in the midst of such bewildering magicks, a measure of caution is still warranted; speak to the voice of things only Gabe would know, and see how it responds.
No. 1089734 ID: a172c6

Of course all of you are panicking. All the Guardians before you had to take this test, but they're not allowed to talk about it, so all three of you have come in here blind on what's supposed to happen. It probably hasn't occurred to any of you that this is supposed to happen!

Sifr specifically told you that you'll find a guide and they’ll tell you what happens next.

The Guide told you to follow them, which you currently are not doing! All you need to focus on is following the Guide, not searching for Gabe. In fact, he's probably already out of this forest and both Kol and Casey are the ones that are lost, not the other way around.

Sifr also told you to not draw attention to yourselves and I'm pretty sure running around screaming for Gabe is attracting a lot of unwanted attention right about now!

Remember: This is all part of the test to become Guardians, which you are currently failing!

Stop looking for Gabe and just follow the Guide. It doesn't matter if you get split up because you will eventually meet back up later!
No. 1089741 ID: 124485

The spell on Kol's tail kinda looks ike it's been cut. I think something might have broken Casey's spell and they've been separated.

>Sifr said don't draw attention to yourselves
>called for Gabe is drawing attention
I think Casey using her magic might also draw attention that we don't want.
No. 1089811 ID: 8a1605
File 171418317031.png - (109.09KB , 700x500 , 16-103.png )

“Gabe, is that you?” Kol calls back, worrying about Sifr’s warning.

“Yeah! Its me!” Gabe’s voice replies.

“… Prove it! The guide uses our voices, right?” Kol demands.

“What? Er… okay, how about this: this morning you and Raithe spit-roasted me while everyone else watched!” Comes the reply.

“Yep, that works! Hang on!” Kol nods and hurries in the direction of the voice.

He comes around the curve of a root and finds the Sender looking confused. “Dude, where’d you guys go?”

“We were following the Guide! What happened to you?”

Gabe points at an invisible figure a few dozen feet away and says, “So was I.”
No. 1089812 ID: c21ceb

Oh that's... confusing. Are they personalized? Is there something tricking Gabe? But maybe they're each off to confront one of the fates?
No. 1089814 ID: bcb9b2

Do not forget that this is a Trial, you three musketeers are gonna be tested, this is the first.
Hey Kol you should Signal Casey now
No. 1089815 ID: bcb9b2

wait will Casey even know to turn around? will the guide guide her back to us? ...Maybe gabe should try using the tether to make a portal to her? or should these to try to run/gate to her?
No. 1089838 ID: 273c18

Hmm. Well, you can follow both. Go with Gabe while Casey follows her guide. If either of you reach the destination then the tether can be used to guide the missing person(s).
No. 1089841 ID: 791ade

Was it ever specified there only would be one Guide?

Maybe you all got one each.

Still, you could have some insurance. Tie a loop of Casey’s binding to Gabe.
No. 1089856 ID: f4beea

>signal Casey
According to what >>1089741 said, the spell on Kol's tail looked like it was already broken and it's possible that we've been separated from Casey already.

But I don't know if that's true or not.

>Gabe points at invisible figure
>claims he was following Guide
I think the point of this is to separate everyone so they can take their own test and trying to stick together is running out the invisible time limit that Sifr implied we had in this place.
No. 1089975 ID: 184595

I'm worried about splitting up. These are the three bi mice, who always see each other through difficult situations. And Spirit Guardians always come in a set of three—has there ever been two who passed the trial, but a third who did not?

I hold that this is a test of sticking together, and we will pass it by resisting the proctors' efforts to split the team up. I don't think the lifeline to Casey is yet broken; the same glob of magic holding the lifeline to her tail is still affixed to Kol's, last we saw it. In this test, it is the power of the Binders that sees us through.

But it's sure that our time is short, and we should gather Gabe and rush back to Casey's side.
No. 1090024 ID: 8a1605
File 171443797273.png - (162.23KB , 500x700 , 16-104.png )

“Wait, are there two guides?” Kol asks, blinking away shock.

“I never took my eyes off them.” Gabe insists, “I didn’t even realize you guys were gone until a minute ago.”

“Man, what the fuck is going on?” Kol clicks his tongue in frustration. “We should probably get moving. Shouting like that probably attracted attention, right?”

“Yeah, but what about Casey? Is she okay?”

“Oh, right!” Kol tugs on his tail, stretching the binding spell taut for a moment. ”She’s following the Guide too. At least I hope she is.”

“So what do we do now?” Gabe asks, looking anxious.

“If we’re following fae rules, we need to follow the guide above all else. I’ll stick with you, I guess, and we’ll hopefully meet up with Case on the other end of this forest.” Kol holds his hand out and Gabe takes it. “Hopefully we don’t get split up again.”
No. 1090025 ID: fa3034

Give each other a repetitive hand squeeze as you follow. If the rhythm is interrupted, be wary.
No. 1090026 ID: 3a8aa9

I don't think the forest is trying to trick you, I think this is a test of overcoming whatever's thrown at you, not anticipating it.
No. 1090027 ID: eb0a9c

Once again, tie tails.
Remember to yank your tail once like Casey said!
No. 1090111 ID: 8a1605
File 171461256025.png - (138.50KB , 700x500 , 16-105.png )

Having felt Kol’s tug at her aura, Casey slows down. The mouse opts to conserve her energy, as long as the guide remains perpetually out of reach. Taking deep breaths, she calms her heartbeat and lets the rush of adrenaline fade.

She kicks herself mentally a little, knowing that this is the kind of trick fae like to pull on guests: assuming the guide is even a fae.

After what seems like entirely too much walking, the mouse finds herself at the edge of the great rooted forest and looks around. The glow of mana is even brighter ahead and there’s some kind of shimmer in the air that’s hard to discern.

“Casey! Hey!” Gabe’s voice catches her attention and she turns to see her partners emerging from the mist.
No. 1090115 ID: fa3034

Link back up but be mindful not to lose sight of your guide.
No. 1090120 ID: 273c18

Is that really your tether? Confirm it.
No. 1090147 ID: bcb9b2

you should probably tether Gabe as well, so you aren't stuck holding hands the whole time, you probably need those hands for something sooner or later
No. 1090167 ID: 8a1605
File 171469812651.png - (185.78KB , 700x500 , 16-106.png )

Casey waves and eyes the pair cautiously, “Wait, how do I know you guys are really Kol and Gabe?”

Kol reaches back and tugs on his tail. Casey feels a corresponding tug at her own tail and accepts that as suitable evidence. “How about Gabe?”

“Yeah, its him.” Kol confirms.

“Yup, I told him about how earlier he was spitroasting me with Raithe, while you were in the middle of a Miki sandwich.” Gabe replies.

“Yeah, that tracks.“ The mouse nods, confident in her knowledge of her partner. She extends another binding tendril, connecting the trio together by the tail, “What happened? How’d we get split up?” Casey asks.

“I don’t know. Gabe was apparently following the guide the whole time, so I just stuck with him.” Kol shrugs. “Maybe there are two guides?”

“Speaking of. Where’d our guide go now?” Gabe asks, looking around. Ahead of them, the roots seem to thin out, revealing a vast pallid-grey sea of dunes. The lost souls waft out over the desert , headed towards some kind of strange glitter on the horizon.
No. 1090168 ID: 273c18

I don't think you need them anymore. Head towards the glitter.
No. 1090171 ID: 3a8aa9

It could be a bad thing that we lost the one part of this journey that we were warned of/were expecting but it'll probably be fine.

Also maybe don't go towards that glitter. If dead folks are going there, then that means you're on the wrong path.
No. 1090183 ID: 7c1f1c

"The only way out is through;" a Spirit Guardian is one who has walked the paths of the dead. If our guide has left now that the mice are out of the forest of roots, then there is nowhere else to go but forward, following the flight of souls.

But do try to be cafeful--you don't want to draw too much attention to yourselves.
No. 1090187 ID: bcb9b2

how did we get here? the answer is did you expect a plane more or less made of mana to be stable.
the soul trail is still the best bet, in lieu of the guide, who we might meet again, or might not. Onward!
No. 1090188 ID: fa3034

That's quite the long walk. But would using a gate be wise?
No. 1090373 ID: 8a1605
File 171492863496.png - (190.92KB , 500x700 , 16-107.png )

There’s a squeal and a crunch behind them. They turn to see something horrible and leggy being impaled by a giant talon. The clawed foot peeks out from underneath a cloak or a wing that seems to shed light off of it like water off of a duck.
No. 1090374 ID: 8a1605
File 171492864087.png - (111.28KB , 500x700 , 16-108.png )

The mice follow the edge of the shape upwards and realize that what they’re looking at. Standing right next to them is their guide.

“Seems like you were followed.” They say in Kol’s voice. “Ah, that happens.”
No. 1090377 ID: 3a8aa9

Oh! thank you guide, let's not stray too far from the guide this time, and keep your wits about you.
No. 1090378 ID: fa3034

Show respect, thank them for being your guide.
No. 1090390 ID: 273c18

Dang, we never heard that thing behind us? I guess we need to be more alert.
Thank your guide/savior and ask which way you should go next.
No. 1090394 ID: 43bc19

I’m almost afraid to ask what that thing would have done to Gabe. Was it some sort of demon?
No. 1090416 ID: 7cbed7

Perhaps this is the thing that Gabe was following, having been misled, and it followed him out after Kol changed his course. Fortunate, in any case, that our guide was here to take care of it.

And this guide--it's in Binder colors. Is this a presence Casey knows, if only by reputation? A word of thanks may be appropriate, but it's probably best not to pry. We must speed the mission forward as discreetly as possible.
No. 1090422 ID: b491ec

um, excuse? good to know there are living(?) things here that aren't maybe a fate, though one wouldn't think so given... souls go here, not even to stay
No. 1090506 ID: 613a07

Uh, folks, I think we might actually have just encountered our
first of the Fates: “ MINERVA, the moon, preserver” (appearance tracks: a huge white owl, see the post referenced above in Chapter 4 https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/872282.html )

In this case, what seems to ace been preserved is Gabe’s ass, perhaps from whatever spite is left of Muir in this realm if my intuition is right.

Ask if your guide is known amongst mortals by the name, or serves, Minerva, and what they mean by “followed”? Followed through the gate just now, or followed in a broader sense?
No. 1090612 ID: 8a1605
File 171522230548.png - (163.54KB , 500x700 , 16-109.png )

“There’s things living down here?!” Kol asks, once the shock wears off. He eyes the carcass of the thing, which appears to be oozing liquid mana from its broken exoskeleton.

“A few.” Comes the reply in Gabe’s voice, “It’s a harsh environment, so they tend to be… robust. Most are benign, but some take interest in travelers. I would take care if I were you.”

“Uh… sorry, but was… was all of that a test?” Casey asks, reeling from seeing the immensity of the guide.

“All what?” Comes the reply in Kol’s voice.

“Uh, us getting separated and lost? Finding one another again?”

The voice that replies is her own and it seems slightly amused, “No, you did that to yourselves. I don’t know why you people worry so much. After all, I’m always nearby.”
No. 1090613 ID: 17abec

I'm curious as to why she used our voices for a while there, but I'll just chalk it up to vague mischievous entity reasons. Let's get back to the task at hand though, I'm sure there's no time to waste. Unless time moves slowly down here or what have you. Is she the all-knowing all-seeing kind of ethereal entity or do we have to fill her in on the barghast situation?
No. 1090616 ID: d87606

If we did that to ourselves, then it's to us not to do it again. Stay close; make use of Casey's tether, hold hands or tie tails if you have to.

But do ask the guide if we might speed along. As fascinating as the experience is, we don't have much time to indulge our curiosity.
No. 1090618 ID: fa3034

Sorry, it's a mortal thing to worry. Now that we're together again, where to?
No. 1090619 ID: 273c18

"nearby". That's why Casey couldn't keep up, because Minerva decides to always be at a set distance from any mortal in the Spirit Realm. A kind of omnipresence, I suppose.

Anyway, ask where you're going next. Follow the souls?
No. 1090663 ID: 64f49c

"always nearby" is definitally a little weird, still think "guide" is a Fate posing as a sheet ghost. well at least we can't get seperated again.
...it would probably be a Very good idea for Kol to ask if he can use his spirit magic here safely
No. 1090710 ID: 8a1605
File 171539079786.png - (155.31KB , 700x500 , 16-110.png )

“Oh fuck. You- you’re one of the Fates…” Casey stares, stepping back as realization finally hits. “M-M-M-“

The figure turns and two eyes open, revealing a pair of blazing, golden rings that burn with the radiance of the sun. The intensity of their focus sweeps over the mice like a scythe, rendering them mute as pillars of salt.

After a few moments, the eyes shut, mercifully hiding themselves behind the veil of invisibility.

A voice quite unlike anything spoken by a mortal advises, “You might want to keep moving, unless you intend to stay here…” It sounds like a silence followed by a brief squeak in the dark, or the snap of jaws around a neck, or a last breath beneath a snake’s coils. It is the voice of death itself.
No. 1090715 ID: 17abec

Well that's about how meeting god would go, yeah? Yeah. Let's follow god's advice.
No. 1090716 ID: fa3034

Yes. Of course. Let's, do that..

Remember to breathe, everyone
No. 1090717 ID: 273c18

We're probably going to be meeting each of them in this journey. Also, that was MUUT, not MINERVA. The "absence" we've been seeing was mistaken for the white feathers of MINERVA. ...heh, death is always close, isn't it?

Get moving. Respectfully.
No. 1090718 ID: 17abec

Damn, there really was a muut to this point
No. 1090719 ID: 64f49c

WELL, that was intense, at least we will be able to try bracing ourselves for the other two
we REALLY should get going, anyhow
No. 1090725 ID: 21ba3c

I'm guessing it's probably not a good idea to try and speak their names. Not here. Names have power.
No. 1090742 ID: 124485

This is why Uncle Sifr said that you're not supposed to talk about anything when you leave this place.

Also, it seems like they don't want you to say their name.
No. 1090751 ID: bcb9b2

Not sure how you would describe them, if were you allowed
No. 1090754 ID: eb0a9c

That does not look like any of the original ménage a trois.

Moving on!
No. 1090767 ID: 184595

As you dash away, don't forget to hold hands. Staying together will be what gets you through this ordeal.
No. 1090882 ID: 8a1605
File 171564797197.png - (93.20KB , 700x362 , 16-111.png )

“Y-yes sir! Er, y-your honor! Er your Fatedness!” Casey squeaks, and the trio retreat in a scramble. They slide and half-tumble down a dune, trying to get away from the Fate of Death’s lair.

As they escape, the voice of the Fate follows them, as though spoken just over their shoulders. “Head for the lights, towards the Palace of Memories.”

When they finally stop running, they look back to see no sign of Muut. With his duty fulfilled, the Fate seems to have left to stalk other prey.
No. 1090883 ID: 17abec

Oh heavens the palace of memories, that sounds like a place that's gonna get in our heads and tempt us with sex and/or exposition (sexposition?)

Anyway that Muut guy was kinda spooky, but surely that was the worst of the fates, right?
No. 1090884 ID: eb0a9c

I think it's going to tempt us with crazy fantasies, tricking us into getting distracted so we stop guiding the team.
No. 1090895 ID: fa3034

Don't push yourselves too hard. Death has passed. Keep a brisk but manageable pace. Be proud you met one of the Fates.
No. 1090896 ID: 273c18

Well this part of the trip should be more straightforward. Refresh your memory on how to recognize the Fates, keep watch on the sand dunes for any weird creatures, and move towards the lights.
No. 1090897 ID: 273c18

In particular, watch your step Gabe. Something's weird about that sand you're stepping on.
No. 1090929 ID: 7b65e9

Don't forget to walk without rythm!
For death, he was quite civil.
I recommend making sure the "ariadne's thread" is still tied around you three. You never know
No. 1090932 ID: bcb9b2

I'd say try not to let any paranoia lead you astray, nothing else is quite as good as destroying you as you.
Palace of Memories... seems like the name of a place that you reflect all that has happened to you, combine that with the fact Muut has left you alone and there is likely another Fate in there waiting for you, only question is which?
...not much of a question, given the nature of this next place is so closely Minerva, for how could we understand without Memory, and Melek Taus is the last stop on the journey through here, governing creation and presumably recreation
No. 1091028 ID: 8a1605
File 171582574159.png - (128.45KB , 700x384 , 16-112.png )

“Okay, lesson learned: don’t say the Fate’s names.” Casey says on the behalf of the group.

Gabe catches his breath, hunched over with his hands on his knees. “Didn’t think they’d be so touchy about it.”

“Well, names are power.” Casey explains, “And power attracts attention.”

“Don’t draw attention. Got it.” Gabe sighs, sitting up.

“How about it, Gabe? Think you can gate us over there?” Kol points towards the horizon and the strange lights.

The Sender nods and waves his hands, opening a gate for them.

As they land on the other side, gate closes with a thunderclap that seems to echo oddly across the desert.

“Huh, weird. I thought I got the distance right.” Gabe says to himself, as he looks out over the sand. Its still impossible to pick out details, but the distant shapes seem to look like a collection of towers, or buildings.
No. 1091035 ID: 273c18

The desert is probably messing with your senses. The thunderclap might attract attention too, but... I'm not sure we have much of a choice considering we're pressed for time. Can't just walk all the way there can we?

...could the shapes be shadows cast by something smaller than you think? Look lower in the dunes.
No. 1091039 ID: fa3034

Almost seems you could just reach out and touch it.
No. 1091041 ID: 124485

Perhaps this is part of the test? You might have to get there the old fashioned way, with no using portals for shortcuts.
No. 1091043 ID: dcda60

may be a case of optical illusion, may want to experiment a bit, you can look through a portal without going through yeah? open one up above and look through it, much more likely to see truth
No. 1091057 ID: debc82


I suspect "distance" here isn't normal. You might not be able to necessarily calculate this one, so much as feel it out.

Gates were old fey magic, were they not? Perhaps its time to try and understand their very foundations.
No. 1091099 ID: 7c1f1c

Space may be different here, or the look of things confusing. Can Gabe look back and identify where the mice came from? It might be possible to recalibrate his intuition, if so.

If things are indeed farther away than they appear, it might be prudent to use at least one more gate to get near the Palace, given the need for expedience, but approaching it on foot once you're near enough for the sound to be noticeable would be the most likely to avoid undue attention.
No. 1091163 ID: 8a1605
File 171599531254.png - (109.55KB , 700x500 , 16-113.png )

“I’m guessing that space works differently here than on our plane.” Casey glowers at the distant palace as if it had offended her. “There’s gotta be a way to get there quicker, right?”

There’s a rumbling in the distance as a dune heaves up and then sinks. The phenomenon travels in a line, headed towards them as something massive burrows through the sand.
No. 1091169 ID: 17abec

well whatever way you want to get there, you may want to do it quietly. Or hitch a ride, whatever you guys are gutsy enough to do.
No. 1091171 ID: 273c18

I think we're gonna need to ride that worm. Casey can bind it, Gabe should be able to make a portal for everyone to get on its back.
No. 1091175 ID: fa3034

Ride it, ride it, ride it
Or at the very least, portal away if gets too close
No. 1091196 ID: 184595

This is what happens when you walk rhythimcally!

If we're gonna ride the worm, we're gonna need hooks. Can Casey provide those? Failing that, another jump might be in order, to speed the mice toward the Palace. If the previous jump is any indication, Gabe should feel free to overshoot.
No. 1091216 ID: 7b65e9

Bless the Maker and his coming
You guys should absolutely tie yourself to each other right now. I believe the terrain is about toe get unstable.
No. 1091529 ID: 8a1605
File 171634349243.png - (186.34KB , 700x500 , 16-114.png )

“Okay! Time to go!” Gabe yelps, ripping open another gate.

As they land on the other side, the boom of the closing gate causes the grains of sand around them to dance like rice on a drum. A distant roar echoes back in response.

“Shit! Its the gates! The sound is alerting them!” Kol shouts.

Gabe checks their location and swears, “And we’re still miles off from the palace. Every gate seems shorter. Its like the space is harder and harder to push through.” He turns to the others, his face pale and worried. “What do we do?”

“If they’re drawn to the sound, maybe we can use that.“ Casey suggests.
No. 1091530 ID: dcda60

from what side does the gate unleash its mighty CRACK, both? that would make things difficult, simplest plan is to use 2 sets of gates, one set, with increasingly large distances so it would seem, for transport, another set simply to lure the IT away. but how shall you time the gates? Depends on how the IT behaves, learn quick!
No. 1091532 ID: 273c18

Oh I see. Yeah, you're going to need to make distraction gates. Draw off the worm with a pair of gates, and then once it's a good ways away you can make some gates for travel. You might also want to try figuring out how the math needs to be adjusted? Try opening one further out than you think is required. Aim to the side of the "city" if you're worried about slicing things. Or, I don't suppose it's possible to figure out how to make a quieter gate?
No. 1091536 ID: 17abec

Yeah but that's only if they're attracted to the sound. They could be attracted to mana manipulation in general, given the abundance. I mean, in such a strange place, what predator couldn't sense the mana around them shifting? If you're feeling up to it, maybe try using Casey's tentacles to distract (or somehow wrangle) the worm?
No. 1091546 ID: fa3034

The solution might be portal heavy and I don't know if Gabe will have enough mana for that. We should try to be as economical as we can with our placements.
No. 1091597 ID: 8a1605
File 171643726761.png - (156.16KB , 700x418 , 16-115.png )

Gabe picks a nearby hill and creates a pair of gates a few feet apart. The double “boom” of thunder echoes out over the dunes, and within a few minutes, A massive creature converges on it.

The beast erupts out of the sand in an explosion of teeth and scales, coiling blindly in search of food. As the mice watch silently, the worm rapidly gulps down a mountain of sand, hoping to capture some wayward creature in its gullet.

The sandworm continues to probe for food, inching closer to the trio, seemingly unaware of their presence. Just as it turns to leave, a gate opens above its back and the mice drop into position.

Casey’s tendrils unfurl like long whips, anchoring themselves under the creature’s upper jaw as she wrestles for control.
No. 1091601 ID: fa3034

The others should support Casey maintain her grip but more so than that, all three of you should keep your balance. This thing WILL wip around to shake you off. Can Kol help control this thing spiritually?
No. 1091602 ID: 273c18

Alright, Kol, lend your strength to Casey. Help with the steering, you're the one with the raw physical strength here.
No. 1091622 ID: 17abec

hell yeah, yeeeeeeehaw
No. 1091638 ID: 7b65e9

Giddy up!!
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