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File 168536908184.png - (79.65KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 1.png )
1064733 No. 1064733 ID: a3c1ba

You are Puffball.

You are a dragon.

Everything is fine.
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No. 1067910 ID: 28a954
File 168948033145.png - (215.33KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 94.png )

>whoops, you lost your bikini bottom.

How does this keep happening??

You hide behind a bush while the Fangndr Triplets look for your bikini bottom. Normally you wouldn't bother but you borrowed this one from Gloomweaver and she's super picky about getting her stuff back.

>lets go on a roller coaster, the one near or at the water park, specifically the roller coaster labeled 10 on the map!

>make a plan to flash the camera when you go down the giant slope of the roller coaster.

You hop on the Super Splash Coaster and make sure to flash the camera on your way down.
No. 1067911 ID: 28a954
File 168948033608.png - (227.26KB , 600x600 , Drgnr 96.png )

Movie time!

You and The Fangndrs head over to Hoard Mountain's underground cinema. Today they're showing Battle of the Cosmic Dragons in glorious 4D!.

You hit a snag when the lady behind the ticket counter insists you have to buy six tickets to get in!

Puffball: "What the hell! I only have one butt!"

Wilhelm: "This is outrageous!"

Ajosha: "It's really unfair."

Isolde: "It's discrimination!"

Ticket Lady: "Sorry, I don't make the rules. If you don't like it, take it up with customer service."

What do you do?
No. 1067912 ID: a7a180

Lose the socks!
No. 1067913 ID: 273c18

Take it up with customer service.
No. 1067915 ID: dd3fe0

Do not under any circumstances lose the socks!
No. 1067920 ID: 38349b

take it up with customer service, it's Horny dragon, who is just pathetic about it cause her manager is busy
No. 1067923 ID: e5709d

Skip this noise, not worth the risk.
No. 1067924 ID: 419a80

Do not lose the socks!
No. 1067927 ID: 3f26e0

Customer service. You are a customer(s) and you are in here in the first place so that you can get serviced.
No. 1067931 ID: e51896

Waaaait a minute, isn't she a princess? Aren't we supposed to be looking for hidden princesses in the park?

Kidnap her before you go to customer service to both complain, and get a reward for finding one of the princesses in the park.
No. 1067933 ID: 2ef4bd

Isn’t she one of the hidden princesses in the park? Hiding as an employee is clever, but not good enough! Kidnap her, then go to customer service for a reward for finding a hidden princess and to complain about having to buy multiple tickets despite only having one butt!
No. 1067935 ID: 38349b

Actually yeah, do that instead, and then watch as the reward is getting the tickets for free lmao
No. 1067966 ID: e51896

(also plz update this map to show more tracks of where Puffball and her date is going. I love how absurdly messy it is getting)
No. 1067982 ID: 28a954
File 168954832182.png - (792.55KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 97.png )

>(also plz update this map to show more tracks of where Puffball and her date is going. I love how absurdly messy it is getting)

You and your date are currently at Hoard Mountain. This is where the bulk of the indoor fun takes place. There's an underground shopping complex, a 4D cinema (you are here), laser tag, rides, and more!
No. 1069849 ID: 1963da
File 169136123403.png - (177.72KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 98.png )

As the seven of you are arguing, you gradually become aware of a distinctive, slightly intoxicating aroma...

Puffball: "Do you guys smell that?"

Wilhelm: "Yeah..."

Ajosha: "Smells kinda familiar..."

Isolde: "Smells almost like..."
No. 1069850 ID: 1963da
File 169136124054.png - (266.20KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 99.png )


OMG! You've found one of Dragon Park's Hidden Princesses!
No. 1069851 ID: 1963da
File 169136124525.png - (435.67KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 100.png )

You and the Fangndr triplets snatch up Princess Photon and rush off to Customer Service to claim your prizes!
No. 1069854 ID: 1963da
File 169136166879.png - (176.11KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 101.png )

Horny Dragon: "Congratulations! You've kidnapped one of the five Hidden Princesses!"

Puffball: "Yay! What do we win?"

Ajosha: "Do we get to eat her??"

Puffball: "Yeah, do we?"

Princess Photon: "Gorgul promised if I did this I wouldn't be eaten!"

Horny Dragon: "P-please refrain from eating the princess! The prize for capturing Princess Photon is your choice of either Laser Tag Tickets or a Romantic Dinner for two at the Mile High Tower! OOooh! Much better than eating a princess!"

Oh wow!

The Fangndrs say it's your choice. What do you want?

Free Laser Tag (date ends without sex)


Free Food (maybe sex?)
No. 1069856 ID: 99ca7b

No. 1069857 ID: 8f9bc4

Ohh no. They can't fool you again. When they say "dinner for two" they mean two heads don't they?
No. 1069860 ID: e51896

in this situation, it doesn't matter because if we go for food, they're sharing the same body, so the food is all going down the same stomach. We just have to make sure Puffball is one of the dragons eating and one of her dates is the second one eating.

It might actually work better this way because then we don't have to have our puppets pretend to eat without looking suspicious.

That said, laser tag might be an issue since she only has two tickets shown in the picture.

I vote free food
No. 1069861 ID: 273c18

Complain about their ticket policy.
No. 1069863 ID: 512ef2

Laser tag!
No. 1069866 ID: 8f2693

You and the Fangndrs look clearly hungry, free food!
Also the sock puppets must be hungry
No. 1069872 ID: f2847f

Laser tag, boys vs girls!
No. 1069873 ID: 3a16f1

Free food is always good
No. 1069890 ID: 5a7a53

you know.. a tower would be a prime location for another princess, too..
No. 1069892 ID: f2320a

Always food as a 60% stomach dragon also princess prime location
No. 1069934 ID: 4a2452

Free Laser Tag? Nice.
No. 1069935 ID: dd3fe0

No. 1069949 ID: 4481aa

Free food! You've done plenty of active stuff already, so sustenance is next on the docket.
No. 1070325 ID: 3d5535

>>1064749 This is hilarious.
No. 1070327 ID: 3d5535
File 169226067208.jpg - (219.30KB , 1233x2000 , Steed.jpg )

Name: Sylaxi
I am a: Pleasure Demon
Seeking: Anyone/anything
For: Pleasure in any capacity
About me: I haven't had sex in 152 years, and I haven't had fun longer than that. Someone take me on a date and show me a fun time, before I become a spreadsheet demon.
Likes: Pleasure, manners, punctuality, days off, sushi
Dislikes: Bad tempers, morning mouth, traffic jams, snow
No. 1070351 ID: ca2aa5
File 169232424453.png - (70.20KB , 814x935 , sparkle.png )

Name: Sparkle

I am a: she-dragon

Seeking: anyone (cat girls prefered)

For: friends, fuckbuddys, no drama

About me: here for a good time, not a long time ;p
talk to me about cats

Likes: cats, long walks on the beach, reading, cats, booba tea lol

Dislikes: people who dont like cats,
basic bitches
No. 1070407 ID: ab4dfd
File 169244896723.png - (614.76KB , 1234x1986 , Icecream_date.png )

Name: Marie Antoinette
I Am A: She-Drake
Seeking: Any-Drake, Any-Dragon
For: Romance, Friendship, Heavy Petting, Roleplay
About Me: 5'7 ft noble drake, though able to shift quadrupedal or gain height via mass shifting. Incident with magic left me dessert themed, scented and tasting. Hope you like cheese cake!
Likes: Manners, table top RPG's, baking, desserts, the classics, tea, food-play, being called mistress.
Dislikes: Revolutionaries, artificial sweeteners, guillotines
No. 1071510 ID: 435f13
File 169375651681.png - (99.91KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 102.png )

>I vote free food

>Ohh no. They can't fool you again. When they say "dinner for two" they mean two heads don't they?

>Complain about their ticket policy.

Puffball: "A romantic dinner for two?? You do realize that we have fou—er—six mouths to feed, right?"

Ajosha: "This constant anti-multi-head prejudice is outrageous!"

Wilhelm: "You single-head dragons think the world revolves around you!"

Isolde: "You know what? We should sue!"

Johnny and Sally nod along vigorously.

Horny Dragon begins to sweat nervously as the six of you berate her.

Horny Dragon: "Ha ha, did I say 'dinner for two?' I meant dinner for six!"

Horny Dragon rummages around in the drawers behind her counter and retrieves four more coupons. She whimpers as you snatch them up.

Horny Dragon: "I hope those don't come out of my paychek. It'll cost everything I've earned this summer..."
No. 1071511 ID: 435f13
File 169375652445.png - (769.63KB , 1200x1200 , Drgnr 103.png )

You and the Fangndrs make your way to the Mile High Tower and the fancy restaurant at the top.
No. 1071512 ID: 435f13
File 169375652805.png - (66.98KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 104.png )

It's evening and the atmosphere at the rotating Mile High Restaurant is very romantic. All around you dragons are sharing intimate meals and conversing in soft voices. Nervous waiters and waitresses dressed as knights scurry back and forth, praying they don't get mistaken for an appetizer as they rush from table to table.

You and the Fangndrs are seated at an appropriately-sized table with park benches to accommodate your dragon-sized posteriors.
No. 1071513 ID: 435f13
File 169375653328.png - (165.85KB , 800x800 , Drgnr 105.png )

You order three plates of food to keep up the illusion, but all you're really interested in is the 250oz buffalo steak (you decided you were in the mood for something light).

As you eat, you notice the Fangndr triplets are casting irritated glances in your direction. By the time you're halfway through your steak, they're definitely giving you the stinkeye.

Puffball: "What, do I have something on my face or something?"

Ajosha: "Your brother and sister have been so busy feeding you, they haven't had a chance to take a single bite!"

Wilhelm: "Sally hasn't even touched her chicken pasta alfredo!"

Isolde: "Yeah, and Johnny's chili bowl is practically cold!"

Ajosha: "Take a break from stuffing your face and give them a chance to eat!"

Uh oh... what do you do?
No. 1071515 ID: 7e1e63

Puffball: Don't worry, it's fiiiiine
Sally: Yeah, if you notice, we have no arms, so when we feed puffball with our mouths, we eat a little bit too!
Johnny: Yep! And we all decided to share each others food. We're just starting with the buffalo steak together...
Puffball: *mouth full* You know, *munch munch* I'm actually surprised you guys aren't sharing each other's food! It's basic etiquette table manners to share you know! *gulp burp*

Be sure to eat with your hands, err, heads from this point onwards to keep up that illusion
No. 1071516 ID: 4481aa

Sally: "I don't really like eating. I like the taste, but swallowing has just never worked for me. I just didn't want to gross you out by spitting food out onto my plate."

Johnny: "I like my food cold. Too hot, and it feels like my fire breath going in reverse."

Puffball: "This is kind of our usual system. I eat first, Johnny eats when his food cools down, and Sally gets in whatever she can stomach throughout."
No. 1071517 ID: 1a35ec

Ohh it's actually kind of embarrassing, we were having such a good time we forgot... only one of us has taste. Somebody's enthusiasm for chili got a little too extreme... and Sally, well. Don't spread it around, but. Don't listen to people double dog daring you to do the deep throat challenge if dire cat folk are involved.
No. 1071518 ID: 3ed3c3

"I have a stuffing fetish and these two are hopeless enablers."
No. 1071521 ID: 918cdb

John: Oh, sorry, since our necks are where our arms should, we aren't very good at swallowing.

Sally: but otherwise the food tastes pretty great.

>Squeeze your food with your sock hands for a while.
No. 1071527 ID: b04e3d

"So we've got a really weird insides where we're not tied to the digestive system. We can still taste stuff though, but swallowing is... contraindicated, let's say."
No. 1071530 ID: e5709d

Subtly guide them to the awful truth.
"Oh, we don't eat."
"Yeah, puffball stuffs all our food in her mouth. We want her to."
No. 1071571 ID: f9ee19

so like... It seemed like they were just going along with Sally and John at first, but now I'm thinking they might've bought it wholesale, which is a bit awkward...
No. 1071586 ID: 5fd8a6

Ok the date was fun but this is getting weird.
No. 1071865 ID: ed041d
File 169404406025.png - (385.25KB , 1233x2000 , Dagan Date.png )

Name: Dagan

I Am A: Synthetic Dragon

Seeking: She-Dragon

Looking For: Casual Date, Hangouts, Possible sex?

About Me: I'm a single dragon, something called a "replicant" and largely made of synthetic materials. Advanced construction, super strong, and rather flexible. 6 Feet Tall.

Likes: Other dragons, fire, action games, Music, robots, causing a little bit of mischief

Dislikes: Jackasses, people who don't know how to handle weapons properly, EMPs.
No. 1072610 ID: f2320a

Puffball: "Its a bit like how you guys handle the right and left of the body."
Jhonny: "basically there is a reason why puffball is so round heh". Sally:"she is the stomach of the gang, there is a reason for the ball part of Puffball other then the puffy fur"

Or something like that
Also supporting
Basically living vicariously through others
Makes sense if combined to a extreme degree
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