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File 168342645716.png - (196.20KB , 600x600 , Title Card.png )
1062859 No. 1062859 ID: 8be3de

Expand all images
No. 1062860 ID: 8be3de
File 168342652481.png - (70.21KB , 600x600 , rhbds 1.png )

You're strong
No. 1062862 ID: 8be3de
File 168342656058.png - (152.50KB , 600x600 , rhbds 2.png )

You're priddy
No. 1062863 ID: 8be3de
File 168342660806.png - (104.52KB , 600x600 , rhbds 3.png )

You have the big tiddy
No. 1062864 ID: 8be3de
File 168342668358.png - (144.40KB , 600x600 , rhbds 4.png )

You are the Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress, and you are on a quest for ultimate power.
No. 1062867 ID: 8be3de
File 168342738035.png - (72.65KB , 600x600 , rhbds 6.png )

Having finally gathered the last of the legendary Gems of the Dragon Lords (RHBDS pt. 1–5), only to have them slip from your grasp at the eleventh hour, the voices in your head have urged you on a new path.

During your quest for the Gems of the Dragon Lords, you acquired a shard of pottery scrawled with mysterious runes (RHBDS pt. 2).

The words are fragmented, but you were able to translate the name of the Lost City of Arkoth. The shard appears to be the account of a mysterious traveler and their journey to the city.

The shard itself appears to match the composition of other pottery known to come from Arkoth. You are certain it is authentic.

According to legend, Arkoth is the resting place of powerful lost magic. You must possess this power!
No. 1062868 ID: a5df7d

Road trip!

Time for some groupies.
No. 1062869 ID: 8be3de
File 168342769639.png - (77.69KB , 600x600 , rhbds 5.png )

Your search has led you to the outskirts of the kingdom of Lundaria. Somewhere down there is rumored to be another fragment that continues the tale.

You're certain whoever possesses the shard is well-schooled in the mystic arts and is not likely to give it up willingly. Mages guard their secrets jealously as you well know.

Nevertheless, there is none more endowed in magic power than you, and you have absolute faith in the inevitability of your ultimate victory.

You have but to begin...
No. 1062870 ID: e5709d

Attempt to learn spell:
Synchronize Knockers
Your mana storage surpasses that of demigods... if you could share a fraction of this power with your minions, you would be unstoppable.
Synchronize Knockers allows a target to partially replicate your... 'mana stores'. This effect is temporary, but practicing while under the effects of the spell can permanently increase the target's mana storage slightly each time. This spell has no effect if the caster's mana storage is lower than the target's.

...You have returned. And what a return!
No. 1062871 ID: a7a180

Breast boobily down the cliffside.
No. 1062873 ID: e51896

No. 1062874 ID: 38349b

Yes this, but will it damage your large mana stores located firmly in your chest region?
No. 1062875 ID: f2847f

> Refresh Levitate spells on tatas before you forget
No. 1062876 ID: 273c18

Surf down the hill on a magic snowboard.
No. 1062879 ID: a5df7d

This. Very important to keep up appearances.
No. 1062881 ID: 8be3de
File 168343247497.png - (105.43KB , 600x600 , rhbds 7.png )

You breast boobily down the slope and tit downwards, descending from the overlook with the ease and grace of a jungle cat...
No. 1062882 ID: 8be3de
File 168343248957.png - (76.39KB , 600x600 , rhbds 8.png )

and execute a perfect landing that would be impossible for anyone without your natural talent.
No. 1062883 ID: 8be3de
File 168343250543.png - (79.35KB , 600x600 , rhbds 9.png )

All according to plan.
No. 1062897 ID: 61d9f7

Walk it off. Or levitate. Either one.
No. 1062898 ID: 273c18

Alright brush yourself off and head towards civilization. You'll be looking for a library or college to speak to someone of learning.
No. 1062899 ID: e51896

get up. If you can't, use your massive boobs to bounce yourself back up.
No. 1062900 ID: a7a180

Quickly retrieve arms from chest.
No. 1062901 ID: a758c7

brush yourself off while attempting and failing to keep your top on
No. 1062903 ID: e5709d

Was it good for you~
Okay but seriously where are your levitation and gravity manipulation spells
No. 1062906 ID: 16b7a6

I must compliment your bra to stay on after all of that.
No. 1062908 ID: b95470

Step 1: Get up. Step 2: Use you awesome titmajicks to curse all slopes in the universe from fucking with you ever again. Step 3: Wait were do I find the previous RHBDS? Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit and ULTIMATE POWER!
No. 1062917 ID: 19da31

try not to cry

cry a lot
No. 1062918 ID: 3ed3c3

Take a moment to appreciate just how gloriously huge your tiddys are.
No. 1062923 ID: d12415

So, ya ever thought about maybe putting the sweater puppies on a diet? I mean, even purely utility-wise, since they get in the way (case in point). Plus, you are strong, but a lot of that strength goes towards holding them up, and you are priddy, but your face is easily obstructed.

Idk, your call.
No. 1062934 ID: dc4bad

Absolutely majestic

Call your staff back to you. Someone, maybe a mage, might have seen your glorious display.
No. 1062948 ID: 8be3de
File 168349383214.png - (136.74KB , 600x600 , rhbds 10.png )

>Get up and brush yourself off

You rise and brush off the dust of your controlled descent.

>I must compliment your bra to stay on after all of that.

Thanks, it's magic.

>So, ya ever thought about maybe putting the sweater puppies on a diet?

Blasphemy! How dare you suggest such a thing? Large endowments are a sign of high status among dragons. You treasure every ounce of your magnificent mounds!

>Okay but seriously where are your levitation and gravity manipulation spells?

In your Tome of Spells of course! Did you forget our feckless apprentice has been lugging it around for us since Chapter 1?

Speaking of our feckless apprentice...
No. 1062949 ID: 8be3de
File 168349384341.png - (159.86KB , 600x600 , rhbds 11.png )

"SCRIM—BAAAAAAAAAALTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!" you bellow at the top of your lungs.

An interminable amount of time later, you finally hear your feckless apprentice Scrimbalt huffing and puffing his way up the path.
No. 1062953 ID: 8be3de
File 168349478966.png - (143.81KB , 600x600 , rhbds 12.png )

At length, Scrimbalt comes into view.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "About time! What took you so long, you doldrous puffoon?"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: *pant* *gasp* "S-sorry, mistress! I couldn't go down your way, so I had to look around until I fond a safe path."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: *ahem* "Yes, well, I hope you were paying attention to my demonstration of advanced cliff descending technique!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Oh, yes, mistress!"


:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Mistress?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "What is it, apprentice?"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Why didn't you just use a levitation spell to float down?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: *SIGH!* "Questions like that are why you're still not a master of the mystic arts! OBVIOUSLY to waste one of my Legendary Class levitation spells on such a trivial descent would have been a vulgar display of my power!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Oooooh!"
No. 1062956 ID: e51896

Ask, no, order Scrimbalt to dust the sand off of you for asking a silly question. Gotta assert you dominance
No. 1062959 ID: 16b7a6

Check his backpack for your tome. While doing this, one or more of his body parts may end up between your knockers, but I'm sure that never bothered you before.
No. 1062960 ID: e5709d

Next time, say something along the lines of
"Order me to use a spell slot again, servant, and I'll squash you with a cantrip!"
No. 1062961 ID: c8509e

Huehuehuehahahaha hihihihihue this is killing me!

I take it big gonads are also a sign of status among male dragons?

Well, it's time to cast an illusion spell, to disguise as something incospicous and approach the tower entrance.
No. 1062962 ID: 16b7a6

In multipanel updates, it's helpful to put part numbers (1/3, 2/3, 3/3) in the Subject field so that suggesters know when the last panel was posted
No. 1062964 ID: f2320a

yeah this is not on the wiki so i cant find the stuff
No. 1062968 ID: f2847f

Pick up your bumbling and foolish apprentice by the backpack both so you can rummage for your spellbook and so you can give Scrambilt or whatever his name is a real Imperious Glare to make sure he remembers who's boss and won't question you again.
No. 1062976 ID: 8f9bc4

Scrimbalt more like Scrim-ball-t.
No. 1062985 ID: 3ed3c3

Explain to him that he could have gone down your way, it just would have been an unwise - and painful - decision on his part.
No. 1062987 ID: a758c7

his balls are clearly weighing him since he's too full of cum. help him empty his balls
No. 1062998 ID: 8be3de
File 168350861497.png - (108.32KB , 600x600 , rhbds 13.png )

You give Scrimbalt permission to rest for a few moments and he collapses gratefully to the ground.

>I take it big gonads are also a sign of status among male dragons?

Amongst male Dragons, yes. Sadly, Scrimbalt is a dragon born without a magic gem, so he's just a kobold. Huge endowments are frowned upon among kobolds. Dragons think the kobold is getting too big for his britches, and other kobolds become jealous.

Poor Scrimbalt. Rejected by his master, shunned by his fellow kobolds. Nobody thinks he can amount to anything.

Nobody except you. You can't put your finger on it, but there's something special about this kobold. Like he has some big huge, untapped potential just waiting to burst out all over everything.

When you first met, you didn't give him a second glance. But then he stole your purse. He stole it using magic. Magic powerful enough to break the protection spells you'd cast over your money pouch.

You've never seen him do magic like that since, but you know it's inside him somewhere, waiting to be unlocked...

>Pick up your bumbling and foolish apprentice by the backpack both so you can rummage for your spellbook and so you can give Scrambilt or whatever his name is a real Imperious Glare to make sure he remembers who's boss and won't question you again.

You do better than that...
No. 1063003 ID: 8be3de
File 168350911096.png - (152.59KB , 600x600 , rhbds 14.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Hold the book steady, you shirking salamander! I need to select the perfect spell for our next move."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Y-yes, mistress!"

The other mages wonder why you don't go with a more portable magic tome but you live by the motto: "go big or go home!"

Yes your magic tome weighs hundreds of pounds and leaves very little room in the backpack for supplies, but just look at the details on that binding!
No. 1063005 ID: 8be3de
File 168350923931.png - (64.70KB , 600x600 , rhbds 15.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Hmm, yes..."
No. 1063006 ID: e51896

okay, so according to the spell book, we need to cast a spell by chanting BOOBS

grab your staff, and do that.
No. 1063007 ID: f2847f

Hmmmmmmm... good enough!

Zuptuar frosnohol xriwlk! Dragon spirits hear my commands, lift these bazongas with Spectral Hands!
No. 1063008 ID: f2847f

Hmmmmmmm... good enough!

Zuptuar frosnohol xriwlk! Dragon spirits hear my commands, lift these bazongas with Spectral Hands!
No. 1063010 ID: 3ed3c3

If we're going to make an entrance, we'll need some pizzazz to spice things up.
Maybe some illusory banners and music bolstered by a summoned flock of doves.
We could arrive on a throne carried by an earth elemental.
We could stir up the weather a bit to add some atmosphere.
Shoot lightning from our fingers to add some danger.
No. 1063011 ID: 1ab976

Combine these two. A throne made of spectral hot dragon guys with two more dragon guys lifting up and showing off our awesome well endowed chest. Yes, this will help us assert dominance.
No. 1063012 ID: 273c18

Tell him to hold it up higher! Or, you know, help him do it. Or get down on your knees so you can read the thing.
No. 1063016 ID: 8f9bc4

Continue to lean further forward as you read, until you are resting entirely by nothing but your breasts. Then realize you're stuck and can't figure out how to right yourself.
No. 1063017 ID: 2a82d3

Yes, your chest is magnificent indeed. You will fondle them to show appreciation, and not just because you need them out of the way to read your tome.

Or, you could lean over. Give that back strengthening enchantment a proper testing. Your assistant won't mind yourself resting on his tail, either. He must be used to the you-swear-accidental teasing by now, right? Dragon-kobold relations are frowned upon if not forbidden, as you've no doubt been reminding him (and yourself) throughout your adventures.
No. 1063025 ID: e5709d

Chest compression spells-
Hear me out.
You need to temporarily reduce the size of your chest at times, but not the overall mass. If anything, having your breasts slowly inflate back to their regular size will allure the crowd (and your targets) even more.
No. 1063031 ID: 16b7a6

The person that holds the shard would inevitably try to protect it from other spell casters, which is why you should try to catch them by surprise. Use a Disguise spell to turn you and your apprentice into something they would not expect. For instance, a slave-driving mistress and her kobold slave.
No. 1063032 ID: 708905

Push your boobs to either side so you can read your tome framed with your magnificence
No. 1063063 ID: 2aa5f0

no no, this won't do at all. levitate the book and your apprentice to show him how high he should lift the book to properly let you read it and how close it should be.
and should levitate the book directly above your chest and he becomes trapped within your bust while you float the book directly above them so you can read I somehow feel he wouldn't mind to much
No. 1063080 ID: 8f9bc4


Yes, you must crush Scrimbalt in between your huge tatas in order to lift up the book he holds to read it.
No. 1063106 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360360444.png - (187.13KB , 600x600 , rhbds 16.png )

>Zuptuar frosnohol xriwlk! Dragon spirits hear my commands, lift these bazongas with Spectral Hands!

That's one spell you know by heart at least. It's about time you refreshed the spell supporting these gazongas. You cast Levitate Boobs! (Legendary)
No. 1063107 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360361646.png - (110.18KB , 600x600 , rhbds 17.png )

It's a critical success!

>Lean Forward to read.

Now to just lean forward and...
No. 1063108 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360363199.png - (350.84KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 18.png )

Hmm... It appears your Legendary Class levitation spell was even more potent than you intended.
No. 1063109 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360365304.png - (94.73KB , 600x600 , rhbds 19.png )

That's okay, you'll just...


No. 1063110 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360366795.gif - (83.26KB , 600x600 , rhbds 20.gif )

No. 1063111 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360368484.png - (151.68KB , 600x600 , rhbds 21.png )

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "M-mistress, are you almost done? I think my spine is beginning to compress."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Be quiet, Scrimbalt. I'm pondering magical conundrums your tiny mind could not begin to comprehend."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "S-sorry, mistress!!"

> A throne made of spectral hot dragon guys with two more dragon guys lifting up and showing off our awesome well endowed chest. Yes, this will help us assert dominance.

You don't feel like looking up the necessary spells right now. Besides, you've just had a better idea.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Scrimbalt! Fetch my staff."
No. 1063112 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360371555.png - (107.92KB , 600x600 , rhbds 22.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "ONWARD, Scrimbalt! Onwards to glory!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "B-by your command, mistress!"
No. 1063114 ID: 02d4fe
File 168360373745.png - (113.05KB , 600x600 , rhbds 23.png )

And so that is how you arrived majestically at the gates of Lundaria.

Of course it's taken you so long to arrive the gates are already shut, and the only witness to your grand approach is a lonely guard atop the battlements.

Guard: "Who goes there?"
No. 1063119 ID: e51896

No. 1063120 ID: bf7195

No. 1063122 ID: 2a82d3

Unhook yourself from Scrimbalt. Time to float up and give the guard the customary piece of mind.

He should know who you are. Have you not sent word to your lord or lady of your coming? Even if you haven't, has he not heard of your many feats accomplishments? List a few for him, if he needs a refresher. By the end, make it clear to him that if he continues to block you from your business any further, he WILL face the wrath of the Great Galamunda Zunkas!
No. 1063123 ID: bf7195

Yeah, use your zeppelins to float up and demand to see the sergeant on booty. I mean, duty.
No. 1063125 ID: 273c18

Give a suitably grandiose introduction.
No. 1063127 ID: 16b7a6

Give the guard your full name and demand entry
No. 1063130 ID: 1ab976

"It is I, the he Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress, Daughter of the Outrageously Massive Tiddy Dragon Wizard! The Magi of Mammaries! The Thaumaturge of Tiddys! Rightful sovereign of lands far and wide! I am here to speak with your lord and master!"
No. 1063142 ID: e5709d

Don't bother to speak. Levitate upwards and while he's entranced, spew fire or whatever as a warning shot.
No. 1063161 ID: 38349b

[S] Rise up
Be released and levitate to the top as he oggles your majestically momentous mammaries

then cast your other favorite spell, buttock breaker (where you simply dispell the levitation and slam your ass on him)

Once your on top, you can then dominate the conversation with whatever you desire, works every time!
No. 1063162 ID: 36784c

Ask the guard, "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
No. 1063164 ID: 7ec628

What do you mean, an African or European swallow?
No. 1063167 ID: dc4bad

you're not going to respond to shouted challenges from some unseen sentry, you'll be addressed face to face as is befitting your station!

So, utilize your as-yet unenhanced knockers to break down the door knock.
No. 1063186 ID: 8be3de
File 168365835203.png - (242.13KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 24.png )

>Rise up and give the guard a piece of your mind.
No. 1063187 ID: 8be3de
File 168365836228.png - (360.56KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 25.png )

No. 1063188 ID: 8be3de
File 168365837453.png - (452.98KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 26.png )

> Give a suitably grandiose introduction.
> "It is I, the he Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress, Daughter of the Outrageously Massive Tiddy Dragon Wizard! The Magi of Mammaries! The Thaumaturge of Tiddys! Rightful sovereign of lands far and wide! I am here to speak with your lord and master!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "It is I, the—"
No. 1063189 ID: 8be3de
File 168365838525.png - (275.01KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 27.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Shit..."
No. 1063190 ID: 8be3de
File 168365840182.png - (286.08KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 28.png )

Rassa frassin' snurfa fra—ah ha!
No. 1063191 ID: 8be3de
File 168365842021.png - (406.48KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 29.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "As I was saying, it is I, the one and only Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress! The world-renowned Mage of Mammaries! The Wizard of Whoppers! The Prestidigitator of Sweater Puppies! The Thultana of Thiccness! Soon to be your lord and mistress! I demand that you open the gates so that I may grace your humble kingdom with my magnificence!"

Guard: "Ma'am do you have a license for those balloons? You're not allowed to go ballooning without a balloonist's license. City ordinance."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Listen here you little shit..."
No. 1063192 ID: 16b7a6

"These are not balloons but genuine dragon boobs. You can feel 'em up if you don't believe me, but if you delay me any further I'm gonna hafta boobslap some sense into you."
No. 1063193 ID: d3bf48

I don’t like your tone. Show some proper respect for your superior in verticality!
No. 1063194 ID: 3ed3c3

"I am an incredibly powerful sorceress, and I want to speak with whatever yutz passes for an authority figure around here!"
No. 1063195 ID: e5709d

"I have had a long day. Failures at every turn. I didn't even get to use most of my spell slots!
Let me repeat that: I didn't use up most of my daily magic.
Now, you have two options: let my party in, and we can perform magical feats that will enrich your humble little town for a truly major discount - a mere pittance of caviar and silk sheets, my servant doesn't even need a bed - or you can let your inherent arrogance doom you and try to kill me, and I will respond by wiping your town and taking what little I need.
Here's a hint: You are speaking above your pay grade. Go get your commander. Now."
No. 1063196 ID: d87c35

No. 1063197 ID: 38b2db

Tell him you're not even on city property... yet

Ya know, why don't we just fly over the gate?
No. 1063198 ID: f8083d

No. 1063201 ID: a7a180

Just keep floating over his head, for it is woefully full of rocks and cannot follow where you are going.
No. 1063203 ID: a9af05

If he thinks your boobs are actually balloons, then you need to protect yourself! He's going to try and poke your boobs with his spear in order to try and pop your boobs!
No. 1063206 ID: f2847f

Shove the nerd
No. 1063207 ID: 6386a5

Hold thy tongue for a moment, and get him to requisition the forms for the registration. Give those forms a demonstration of how dragonfire is a universally recognized rubber stamp for any form of bureaucracy put in front of a dragon. Gotta follow proper procedure, after all.
No. 1063219 ID: 87e33c

I like this >>1063207
No. 1063256 ID: 8be3de
File 168368780801.png - (297.41KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 30.png )

>Shove the nerd

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "These aren't balloons, dipshit!"

Guard: "Ow!"
No. 1063261 ID: 8be3de
File 168368792261.png - (161.11KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 31.png )

>Ya know, why don't we just fly over the gate?
>Just keep floating over his head, for it is woefully full of rocks and cannot follow where you are going.

While the guard is distracted, you float majestically up into the air and over the battlements of the town gate.
No. 1063262 ID: 8be3de
File 168368793970.png - (178.06KB , 1160x1160 , rhbds 32.png )

Shit shit dammit.
No. 1063263 ID: e51896

Quick! Order Scrimbalt to catch the staff, and cast that one spell that allows him to use his massice dick as a spring or launcher to jump up to you (the spell you taught him in part 4). The weight of his backpack and dick should be able to lower you back down once he lands on you.
No. 1063264 ID: 8f9bc4

Not as planned! Not as planned!
No. 1063268 ID: b7e398

No. 1063271 ID: 38349b

This, but it's not really a spell it's just him cumming so hard he flies, at least, you don't THINK it's a spell, maybe it is, like power word CUM or something
No. 1063297 ID: 629f2e

Animate your loincloth to stretch down and grab your staff (It's magic, of course it can stretch that far). You can repeat this spell to lower yourself down into the city afterwards.
No. 1063312 ID: 1ab976

Dick power activate!
No. 1063318 ID: 16b7a6

Cast the Summon Staff spell which you try to avoid at all costs because, well, the staff's shaft ends up in... you know.

But that's ok because you're off screen and no one will see.
No. 1063319 ID: e5709d

Can you cast Ultra Lactation?
Oh okay.

Just float up until you've reached sufficient height to dispel and recast Levitate Boobs before you splatter.
No. 1063324 ID: f2320a

okay is there a spell to redistribute mass if so USE IT NOW as its only the boobs that lift you up you need to shift it down to your stomach if distance makes it harder or you can shift it to your tail.
is there a plump up spell so you can make a counter weight to sink down to the ground?
No. 1063328 ID: 5730f7

cast Amplify Asscheeks to create some much needed ballast
No. 1063342 ID: a8f755

Ground pound? Ground pound! Give yourself some ballast to balance out the buoyancy!
No. 1063360 ID: 02d4fe
File 168375907579.png - (123.59KB , 600x600 , rhbds 33.png )

>Quick! Order Scrimbalt to catch the staff!

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "APPRENTICE! Catch my staff!"

Scrimbalt slips out of the straps of the backpack and bounds with surprising agility to catch the staff.

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Got it, mistress! Now what?"

>Cast that one spell that allows him to use his massive dick as a spring or launcher to jump up to you

You decide against this. You're not confident Scrimbalt would be able to aim himself that accurately using only his dick.

Plus you're fairly sure the guard will think Scrimbalt whipping out his siege weapon is an act of war...

>Power word CUM

Are you trying to get us all killed you maniac??

No, best to have Scrimbalt cast a nice, gentle descent spell. You have a number of spells queued up in your staff gem for emergencies exactly like this that take no preparation.
No. 1063361 ID: 02d4fe
File 168375908025.png - (147.23KB , 600x600 , rhbds 35.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Scrimbalt, aim the staff at me and cast Emergency Spell No. 24. And be sure not to miss!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "N-number Twenty-Four? Are you sure?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Don't question my commands, you nincompoop! Just do as I say!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Y-yes mistress! Emergency Spell No. 24!"

Excellent. As long as Scrimbalt's aim is true, you'll soon be floating gently back down to Earth.
No. 1063362 ID: 02d4fe
File 168375908814.png - (136.57KB , 600x600 , rhbds 34.png )

No. 1063363 ID: 02d4fe
File 168375909281.png - (143.91KB , 600x600 , rhbds 36.png )

Oooh! That tickles!
No. 1063364 ID: 02d4fe
File 168375910282.png - (194.51KB , 600x600 , rhbds 37.png )

Oh wait Gentle Descent is Emergency Spell No. 26. Emergency Spell No. 24 is Greater Amplify Asscheeks.
No. 1063365 ID: 02d4fe
File 168375910806.png - (154.60KB , 600x600 , rhbds 38.png )

>Ground pound? Ground pound! Give yourself some ballast to balance out the buoyancy!

Haha! It was all according to plan!
No. 1063368 ID: 16b7a6

What a lucky guard...
Anyway, you gotta turn your butt cheeks back. Someone might mistake you for your nemesis, the Ridiculously Huge Ass Dragon Sorceress.
Also, dispel the levitation since it's not really working in your favor and you probably won't need to climb anywhere again soon.
No. 1063371 ID: e5709d

"This is why you do not belittle a mage. But I do not wish to tarnish my image with this flattening finisher, and I'm certain it would mean the end of your career, so consider keeping your mouth closed and I'll just archive this little incident and speak of other things."
>Don't you mean forget?
"Grunt. An intellectual always forgets. And they never let the world forget the knowledge it needs."
No. 1063372 ID: 2a82d3

Now start bribing him with/through booty to let you in, and promise him more (if less if he's not into it) if he keeps his lid shut about this incident.

Oh, and see if he has any leads on the thing you're looking for.

Pretty sure one's cancelling out the other. She might not be able to get up once the levitation goes.
No. 1063396 ID: c1ca08

Butt bounce over to the lever or crank to lower the gate and let Scrimbalt through
As for us, well, maybe the amount of butt boucing we cause will eventually cause enough damage to the floor and allow us to fall through it and meet up with Scrimbalt
No. 1063398 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, we've all learned a valuable lesson here today: the next time a gorgeous, powerful mage tells you to open the gate, you open the gate.
No. 1063412 ID: 02d4fe
File 168377702571.png - (185.37KB , 600x600 , rhbds 39.png )

>Now start bribing him with/through booty to let you in, and promise him more (if less if he's not into it) if he keeps his lid shut about this incident.

>Well, we've all learned a valuable lesson here today: the next time a gorgeous, powerful mage tells you to open the gate, you open the gate.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "What do you have to say now, balloon boy? What do you have to say now that you have become a thrall to my magnificence? Open the gate and allow your new mistress and her servant passage into the city."

Guard: "N-never! Not even if you bounced your ass on my head five more times!"


Guard: "Please?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Okay but only five more."
No. 1063415 ID: 02d4fe
File 168377753119.png - (439.47KB , 2000x2000 , RHAWW.png )

>Someone might mistake you for your nemesis, the Ridiculously Huge Ass Dragon Sorceress.

PAH! Do not speak to us about the Insanely Fat Bottomed Wyrm Witch! That puffy-posteriored poseur isn't fit to be mentioned in the same sentence—much less match magicks—with a true mistress of mystery such as yourself.

Besides, we haven't seen her since she ruined our chances of controlling all five Gems of the Dragon Lords by getting them destroyed like an idiot. (Part 5: The Asspocalypse of Arak'toom)

She's probably dead from falling down that bottomless pit you pushed her into.

Unless the pit gets narrower further down and she got stuck. But that's pretty unlikely...

Anyway you don't have time to think about her right now.

The guard is subdued and he has sworn his fealty to you. Your first command is for him to open the gates of the city and allow Scrimbalt to enter.
No. 1063416 ID: 02d4fe
File 168377753626.png - (185.38KB , 600x600 , rhbds 40.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Ta-daaaa! I, the Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress have conquered the gates of the kingdom. I await your applause!"

Scrimbalt claps wildly.

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Yaaaaaay! You did it, mistress!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Now we must find suitable lodging. Tomorrow, we begin the search for the next shard."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Where will we stay, mistress?"
No. 1063418 ID: e5709d

Dispel all buffs, like you said you don't want to be mistaken for your nemesis.

>Where to stay
...Hm. Good question.
You still have most of your spell slots, right?
Find the nearest criminal organization and flatten them. Then ward the area and sleep in the remains. When the power vacuum comes rolling in, cause chaos and make damn sure the next player is worthy to reach for your magnificence.
No. 1063419 ID: 8f9bc4

You don't want a mere house to outshine your magnificent reputation, so you should lodge yourself in a place with a meager reputation, that absolutely cannot compete with your splendor. Say, some sort of... house of ill-repute.
No. 1063421 ID: a7a180

At the finest tavern in the city, which is also the first tavern we lay our magnificent eyes on. Guard! Which way is the tavern?
No. 1063423 ID: e51896

Quick! to one of those places people call "the brothel", one with beds! For some odd reason people have been giving you free money by your presence alone whenever you go to one. Truly they know pure magnificence of a dragon sorceress when they see one! plus you get to practice your evil magic on any people that try to perv on you to teach them a lesson, which is fun!
No. 1063424 ID: 273c18

Well, you need to find an inn with doors large enough to permit your magnificence, and with beds to match. You may wish to dispel your butt-embiggening spell so this search is easier.

There's probably one called the Cavernous Cottage or something like that.
No. 1063427 ID: 0ec504

Realize that by shoving your nemesis into a bottomless pit, the pit now contains a bottom: hers.

She’s going to make it out of the formerly bottomless pit.
No. 1063428 ID: 2a82d3

Did the little scamp forget about that minor noble you aided in exchange for a favour? They live around here in a manor or mansion, which can serve as your base of operations her until your business is done. Much more worthy for someone of your class than a common inn.
No. 1063435 ID: 629f2e

Unfortunately, most buildings in this area aren't designed with your proportions in mind. A reasonable option then would be to request stay in the stables, with bedding provided of course.

This does not take into account your greatness however, and that you CLEARLY deserve better! Head into the finest tavern offering lodging that you can find, and requisition two of those paltry "King" sized beds for yourself. It might just barely be enough.

Scrimbalt can rest on top of you, as his morning wood serves as a natural alarm clock. When it pokes you in the face, it's time to get up.

(Plus, you sleep better when you're holding a stuffed animal, and since you don't have any with your right now Scrimbalt is an acceptable substitute.)
No. 1063437 ID: f2320a

If not a Stable we could fit inside a barnyard for livestock we can use our milky magic majesty money maker magic and use magic to make food more extravagant and filling
Oh this is a good one they worship the ground we sweat on and throw money too us
Bigger is better we must be softer and more curvey then our rivals also more alliteration names "The Wide Warthog" tavern "big booby belly booty brothel"
No. 1063438 ID: 38349b

I like the idea of both free money and comfortable beds that you can procure to lay on that these peasants obveously would not have (unless this city is more developed because of the Mage that lives here)

And instead of feeling terror, you should feel smug that you have, through your cunning wiles, made a bottomless pit have a bottom, hers. You blessed that pit, if anything, with her sacrifice. Truly shall the pit be worse off, if she survived or left, simply by becoming bottomless again, all pits deserve a bottom, especially one of your nemeses bottoms!
No. 1063442 ID: f2847f

You better get inside soon before someone sees your now nearly flat chest!
No. 1063444 ID: 16b7a6

The local bathhouse / hot springs.
No. 1063454 ID: d87c35

This is only AFTER we acquire mortal currency. Let's hit up that "Bro-thel" we do seem to get a lot of money while we we're there. And if we can get some free cash and stuff before the owner finds out we're good to go.
No. 1063497 ID: 16b7a6

RHBDS is poor? I don't buy it. She could be carrying a whole treasure trove between those knockers.
No. 1063529 ID: d76fff
File 168386151813.png - (207.48KB , 600x600 , rhbds 41.png )

>At the finest tavern in the city, which is also the first tavern we lay our magnificent eyes on. Guard! Which way is the tavern?

>Head into the finest tavern offering lodging that you can find, and requisition two of those paltry "King" sized beds for yourself. It might just barely be enough.

>The local bathhouse / hot springs.

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Ah, finally! After two weeks of lugging that heavy pack across the wilderness, sleeping in a tent, eating rations, and bathing in scummy ponds, it's finally time to live the good life! Comfy beds, delicious meals, and... *hehe*... pretty waitresses *hee*..."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Ooh, I can't wait! Mistress never skimps when there's a chance to treat ourselves! What's it going to be? A luxury inn with its own bathhouse? Or maybe she's arranged for us to stay in a noble's mansion! Or maybe even a high-class brothel *heehee*"
No. 1063530 ID: d76fff
File 168386152904.png - (135.89KB , 600x600 , rhbds 42.png )

Scrimbalt's excitement might be a little premature.

So far, you've enjoyed the very best each town has to offer and spent freely on every imaginable luxury. Hell, the last town you visited is probably still toasting your health.

Unfortunately it appears you've been spending a little *too* freely. You've spent every last coin and you're down to your last money moth!

Wherever you stay, it's going to be someplace cheap that accepts moths as currency.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "You know, apprentice, I was thinking—"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "That we should see if they have any hot springs hotels here?"


:RHBDS_RHBDS: *ahem*

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "I was THINKING... that we've had it a little too easy at the last couple towns. The road ahead is going to be hard and we can't afford to let ourselves get soft. So instead of a luxury hotel, tonight we'll be staying someplace really really down to earth."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "What."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Yes. Someplace completely seedy and dirty. A real hole in the wall. THOSE are the kinds of places where people with their finger on the pulse are staying."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Oh... yes of course, mistress."
No. 1063531 ID: d76fff
File 168386154999.png - (112.75KB , 600x600 , rhbds 43.png )

After some searching through progressively more dilapidated slums, you find a tavern that suits your needs.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Here we are, Scrimbalt! 'The Wide Warthog!' See here? It even says 'dragons welcome!'"

More importantly, they accept moths as currency here...

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Apprentice, go inside and secure us a room."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "A-are you sure, mistress? This place looks pretty cheap."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Cheap is exactly what we're looking for, Scrimbalt. Now get going!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Yes, mistress..."

Scrimbalt whimpers softly to himself and slumps into the tavern. He emerges almost immediately.


:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "The inkeeper says there's no room."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "What? Why??"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "He says there's already a dragon staying at the tavern and they only have room for one."

No. 1063533 ID: 3ed3c3

Oh no.
It couldn't be.
Didn't you push her down a bottomless pit?
No. 1063538 ID: e51896

Oh no, please please please don't tell me it's your rival the Absurdly Massive Clitorous Wyvern Mage again. She's always one step ahead of us. ALWAYS.
No. 1063539 ID: e5709d

Wait, you tried to kill her.
Finish her off and loot that gaudy jewelry of hers.
No. 1063541 ID: 273c18

Guess you'll have to challenge them for the right of the room.
No. 1063546 ID: 2a82d3

Wouldn't it be funny if this dragon turned out to be the opposite of us in disposition and alignment, as well as in figure? Anyway, time to meet the occupant who may or may not be our rival.

Think you could parley into being roommates, for the night? Exchange anything more than words, and this inn is practically guaranteed to be the first of the property damage (just look at it). That would defeat the point resting in it.
No. 1063576 ID: f2320a

perhaps they have a stable around the back where we can sleep?
No. 1063580 ID: 16b7a6

Strange. Why would a dragon be staying at such a cheap place? Generally it should be very easy for them to obtain gold and a high quality lodging.

Barge into this dragon's room and find out who they are.
No. 1063592 ID: dc4bad

This is why we learn Majestic Magehouse!

Bah, anyway this is probably salvageable. Given what we can see on the sign, we can extrapolate that if it means it only welcomes one dragon, then the price is only one moth too, which is nice.

Go solve the space issue (and assert dominance over the other dragon) by hitting them with an extended Micromass spell. They'll be thoroughly cowed when shrunk down.
No. 1063595 ID: 87e33c

Regret having learnt the bed of bodices spell and not the house of haunches spell all those years ago, making a bed that is mighty for yourself is trival, a home that isn't a dinky campsite on the other hand seemed a waste of time....

Time for plan B, peek your snoot through the door and ask to speak to the dragon, nay, DEMAND to speak to her or you'll crush the first person to say no's head between your thighs
No. 1063699 ID: f2320a

atleast we are not the disgusting 'WIZZard lizard' who has the sleep bag of foreskin spell and sleeps out in the forest atleast we use a bed when sleeping in the forest
No. 1063701 ID: a7a180

You just need to cast a spell of shortstackify to fit into a smaller room! You have the power to sustain such a spell all night, surely.
No. 1063765 ID: f73077

You're a powerful Dragon Sorceress. The most important, affluent people in town would likely be getting into slap fights for the opportunity to host you! They might beg some small mystical favor of you in return but it would surely be a pittance.
No. 1063895 ID: 19da31

did you check your secret money stash in your underboob?
No. 1063900 ID: d87c35

Challenge this Dragon to a wizard duel for your supremacy!
No. 1063950 ID: 7ab99e

Let's hang out in the tavern, see what this other dragon is all about before we make any rash decisions.
No. 1064067 ID: 91d851
File 168446363246.png - (177.67KB , 600x600 , rhbds 45.png )

>Guess you'll have to challenge them for the right of the room.

>Barge into this dragon's room and find out who they are.

>Challenge this Dragon to a wizard duel for your supremacy!

You storm into the tavern, intent on putting this insolent dragon in their place!
No. 1064068 ID: 91d851
File 168446363781.png - (137.49KB , 600x600 , rhbds 46.png )

>Let's hang out in the tavern, see what this other dragon is all about before we make any rash decisions.

It's too late for that!
No. 1064069 ID: 91d851
File 168446364076.png - (207.27KB , 600x600 , rhbds 47.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Alright, who dares to usurp the rightful motel room of—"
No. 1064070 ID: 91d851
File 168446364785.png - (188.62KB , 600x600 , rhbds 48.png )

Oh no...

>Wait, you tried to kill her.

Not her.

>Oh no, please please please don't tell me it's your rival the Absurdly Massive Clitorous Wyvern Mage again. She's always one step ahead of us. ALWAYS.


Not him. Anyone but him!
No. 1064071 ID: 91d851
File 168446365178.png - (197.75KB , 600x600 , rhbds 49.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "BOOBSY! Long time no see!"

Cyrus Longtail

That oily snake in the grass! That lecherous leech! That slimy con artist! Isn't there anywhere we can go where we won't bump into his smug, greasy face?

Back in Chapter 1 the knock-off invisibility potion he sold you wore off right in the middle of King Grog's monster menagerie.

In Chapter 2 the treasure map you bought from him led to a crate full of electric eels.

In Chapter 3 he promised to double your money with a surefire investment and then he lost it all at the racetrack!

In Chapter 4 he wandered off to buy tacos when he was supposed to be on lookout so you got ambushed by twenty elite Sun Warriors.

And in Chapter 5 he somehow convinced you that sucking his dick was the cure for snapfish venom and then you found out later snapfish aren't even venomous!

:RHBDS_CL: "What a pleasant surprise! It must be kismet running into you like this! I was just saying to myself, 'you know who'd be just perfect for this new business venture? Boobsy!' And then poof! You show up!"
No. 1064072 ID: 91d851
File 168446365538.png - (123.53KB , 600x600 , rhbds 50.png )

Nope nope nope! Abort abort!
No. 1064073 ID: a7a180

Does he happen to have any potions that can instantly reverse you out of this doorway? And can you get a discount for all the time they've blown up in your face?
No. 1064074 ID: 1ab976

No. 1064075 ID: 3ed3c3

"SCRIM! Code orange! Engage "Snake oil" maneuver!"
No. 1064076 ID: e51896

Like it or not, you are broke, and need money quick, so seeing as your stuck, you might as well hear what he has in mind. Only agree to it if he gives you the key to his room, to make up for all the scams he pulled on you.
No. 1064078 ID: 629f2e

Lower your tail so that Scrim can grab it, and have him pull you back. If his strength isn't enough, maybe he can try to use your staff to get leverage?
No. 1064080 ID: 2a82d3

Oh this guy's hilarious I mean
Sigh... Might as well hear him out. If he hasn't somehow reserved every dragon-sized room in town, he certainly trapped that doorframe in anticipation of your arrival. At least his tricks haven't derailed your quest too far, right?

How was his dick, anyway? Is this quest going to be explicit now, and are there going to be more cutaway gags? Do like a good cutaway gag, I do.
No. 1064084 ID: c18572

Good plan!
No. 1064085 ID: e5709d

Quick he has an Ace in the Hole point out his ace in the hole and get a finder's fee for catching a cheat!!
No. 1064089 ID: c6bedc

No. 1064090 ID: a758c7

oh no he's gonna facefuck you if don't get out

and he'll be smug and domineering the whole time
No. 1064094 ID: c9c21b

SCRIIIM! Engage Operation Snakebite!
No. 1064097 ID: e51896

Waaaaait a minute
No. 1064099 ID: a758c7

because he's a ho and a slut with no self-respect, obviously! damn him and his lack of shame
No. 1064101 ID: 16b7a6

I'm sure this situation won't end up being Scrimbalt fucking your ass trying to push you in while Cyrus fucks your mouth trying to get you out.
No. 1064105 ID: f63edd

>This guy got you 5 times.
You're really stupid you know that.
Why don't you just use that one spell that turns people into Golden Statues (for only two days) and then sell him for money? I mean sure Scrimbalt will have to sacrifice another toe but that's fine.
No. 1064108 ID: 8f9bc4


Unfortunately that is just his LUCKY ACE CARD that he keeps at all times for luck and he would never use to cheat!
No. 1064110 ID: 273c18

Rotate your boobs so they're stacked vertically instead of horizontally. Then you can easily get them out of the door.
No. 1064114 ID: 89a7df
File 168452825856.png - (128.47KB , 600x600 , rhbds 51.png )

>How was his dick, anyway?

How do you think? Ugh.


>"SCRIM! Code orange! Engage "Snake oil" maneuver!"

>SCRIIIM! Engage Operation Snakebite!


:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Y-yes, mistress!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Pull harder, you lethargic lizard!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "I'm pulling as hard as I can, mistress!"

No. 1064115 ID: 89a7df
File 168452826153.png - (222.24KB , 600x600 , rhbds 52.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "When I saw that bulgy kobold of yours waddle into the bar I knew you wouldn't be far behind. I guess I should have expected you'd come looking for me sooner or later. We really shared something special, huh?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "It was a blowie in a sewer, Cyrus, don't flatter yourself.

:RHBDS_CL: "And yet you came all this way just to see me."


:RHBDS_RHBDS: "I didn't come all the way here for another taste of your oily eggroll, you nincompompous newt! I've got important business in Lundaria."

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh, you're chasing after the shard huh?"
No. 1064116 ID: d3bf48

Why no, of course not. I’m after much bigger fish, like ALL the shards.
No. 1064117 ID: 19da31

Grrr, how does this arrogant axolotl know about the shards?! We need to get him to spill the beans by any means necessary!

Scrimbalt, reverse course, PUSH!
No. 1064118 ID: f2320a

I noticed her underbrlly color on her ass is shaped like a pink heart
No. 1064119 ID: f2320a

USE your magic to redistribute mass from your tits so you can get loose from the door frame without breaking the inn
No. 1064121 ID: 87e33c

This and because the mass shifts so quickly you accidentally pin- I mean completely purposefully pin Cyrus beneath your Massive Mammaries of Manipulation. Surely now that this FIEND is caught underneath your mound of milkers.

Only then, after your foe has been captured, would you even deign to monologue about your quest for the shards, as you are absolutely positive he cannot escape until he agrees to work for you, or you get tired of dealing with his smarmy attitude.
No. 1064123 ID: f2320a

Ah so you want to shift mass to get in instead of getting out?.
For getting out shift tits to the belly to match the ass.
For getting in shift mass to the upper body with the tits and neck for a titty slam.
Also Scrim is hilariouse he dont know how to pull out he is pulling on the tail and bracing on the ass instead of the door frame wonder if he is going to get stuck in the puss but the spike pull looks a bit painful but the cushioning helps weakening the pull
No. 1064129 ID: a758c7

Yes yes, this is perfect, have scrimbalt push hard at the same time to help
No. 1064136 ID: a7a180

He better watch those fingers if he enjoys having opposable thumbs!
Of course he knows you're after the shards if you met him all the way back in part 1. Is he about to propose another teamup?
No. 1064137 ID: 8f9bc4

That seedy pub's walls are a lot sturdier than you'd think. Wonder whether they expect a lot of WIDE WARTHOGSWARRIORS getting stuck on their way in.
No. 1064140 ID: 273c18

You fool. Don't talk to him! Don't answer any questions, don't give out any information, and most importantly, move your tits out of the way. Just shove one of them down. Or up.
No. 1064142 ID: 2a82d3

Tbh I was under the impression you made up half the stuff about the pottery shard to deal with the trauma of losing the gems, but if this trash treasure hunter is looking for it... There's no room for doubt, you're not going to let his grubby little hands have it.

>"And yet you came all this way just to see me."
Please... let this be a love triangle. Scrimbolt has a better chance of splunking your caverns than this guy.
... Ba-ka.
No. 1064177 ID: 1ab976

This. Heave-Ho Scrim!
No. 1064179 ID: f2320a

Summary Shifting mass from the tits means Scrim under fatass while shifting from ass means titty slam
No. 1064187 ID: eb494d

Tell him you are not undoing the penis-vanishing spell and if he doesn't piss off you are going to vanish his tail too.
No. 1064205 ID: 7ab99e

That guy doesn't look like a dragon at all. Ignore the skink and demand to see the manager.
No. 1064210 ID: 89a7df
File 168462416546.png - (160.38KB , 600x600 , rhbds 53.png )

>USE your magic to redistribute mass

You need Magic Tome to do a mass redistribution spell.

>You fool. Don't talk to him! Don't answer any questions, don't give out any information, and most importantly, move your tits out of the way. Just shove one of them down. Or up.

You're not falling for this guy's tricks any more. You're not telling him anything, you're not engaging with his sleazy innuendos. You squish your tits to stack them vertically and pop out of the door.

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "HUGOY"
No. 1064211 ID: 89a7df
File 168462416933.png - (81.86KB , 600x600 , rhbds 54.png )

>Tell him you are not undoing the penis-vanishing spell and if he doesn't piss off you are going to vanish his tail too.

It's not invisible, it's an innie. But vanishing it completely along with several of his other body parts sounds like a great idea.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Scrimbalt! Get my book and staff! I'm going to curse this smarmy skink!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "R-right away mistress..."
No. 1064212 ID: 89a7df
File 168462417286.gif - (17.33KB , 600x600 , rhbds 55.gif )

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Uh oh..."
No. 1064214 ID: 89a7df
File 168462426195.png - (131.46KB , 600x600 , rhbds 56.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "Tsk tsk tsk! Now ain't that a shame. Y'know this is a rough part of town. Can't turn your back for a second."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "I bet you're behind this you sticky-fingered snake."

:RHBDS_CL: "You wound me!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Not yet I haven't!"

:RHBDS_CL: "Woah, woah, settle down! You know, I've got a few contacts here in the criminal underworld. If I pull a few strings I bet I get all your stuff back."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Wow that's really nice of him."

:RHBDS_CL: "And all I ask in return is your help on this little job I'm pulling."
No. 1064215 ID: 273c18

No. Here's how it's going down. He's going to get your stuff back, and in return you WON'T curse him with enlarged genitalia.
No. 1064216 ID: 87e33c

Note to self, figure out how to shift mass on demand and not by a spell, boob mass redistribution should be something you should do on command, its in your name dammit!

Also, begrudgingly ask him what the job that you'll no doubt hate doing is, all whilst trying to come up with a good way to finally get revenge on him for the 5 or more other times he's gotten you. He may have pulled you over one this time, but it's about time you got some petty vengence on him! Somehow! Maybe! Please! You really want the W.
No. 1064217 ID: eb494d

Throw Scrimbalt into his face until he gives you your stuff back.
Then wait 600 to 800 years for statutory rape laws to be written so you can arrest him for the blowjob thing.
No. 1064218 ID: f2847f

Scrimbalt you oderous onanist, who told you to just leave those unwatched?! Rrgh, let's not panic yet, we better remember what magical options we have without the staff and tome.
No. 1064220 ID: 66c6fa

I see one flaw in this plan of his, in order to do this job we need our supplies and staff. Point out that we can't really do this job without them.
No. 1064223 ID: e51896


also, don't forget to peel Scrimbalt off your ass
No. 1064224 ID: fb5386


No no, we can forget that.
No. 1064225 ID: 3ed3c3

What horrible shit is he up to this time?
No. 1064243 ID: 89a7df
File 168463483003.png - (242.25KB , 600x600 , rhbds 57.png )

> Rrgh, let's not panic yet, we better remember what magical options we have without the staff and tome.

Without your staff and tome, you're limited to the magic contained in your Wish Gem.

All dragons are born with a Wish Gem that is the source of their magic powers. Dragons are born automatically knowing the spell Dragon Wish.

Your Wish Gem is a sunstone, so it gathers magic from sunlight. When your gem is fully charged it diverts excess magic to your magic reservoirs.

In addition to Dragon Wish dragons can store other spells in their gems. Most dragons can store three or four. An extraordinarily powerful dragon can store as many as fifteen.

You are of course the most amazing, most extraordinary dragon sorceress in the world so you can store a whopping Twenty-Nine spells! (See posted list)

There are Greater Dragons who can't cram as many spells into their head.

Of course, the side effect of keeping so many spells in your head is you get a bad case of the voices but you already know about them don't you.

In addition to your Wish Gem you have your various other magic gems (the looted wish gems of dead dragons).

Looted Wish gems can only cast the spells that were stored in them at the time the owner died. They cannot be used to cast Dragon Wish.

Right now all your gems are spent except your active shield spell good for deflecting a projectile or blade.

In addition to your magic spells, you are the keeper of the sacred Command Words: Cum and Lactate. Anyone who hears the words spoken aloud (including you) will instantly and involuntarily obey.

You also have natural Fire Breath and Dragon's Gaze which will mesmerize most non-dragons below a certain power level.
No. 1064244 ID: 1d6d7c

Wait, does this mean if you cast spells without any external foci or amplifiers, your boobs shrink? That's bad.
No. 1064245 ID: e51896

soooo... how do we increase our magic reservoir again?
No. 1064250 ID: 89a7df
File 168463912644.png - (180.08KB , 600x600 , rhbds 58.png )

>I see one flaw in this plan of his, in order to do this job we need our supplies and staff. Point out that we can't really do this job without them.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Listen here, you odorous oviraptor! How do you expect me to help you pull a heist without my book and staff?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh, puh-lease! Don't tell me the greatest, most magnificently mammaried sorceress in the whole world is completely helpless without her magic book and stick!"
No. 1064251 ID: 273c18

Alright then we could potentially get it back on our own. Dragon's Gaze should let us interrogate people until we find someone with connections that ISN'T this jackass. Or, you know, just threaten him into giving you the name of someone you can talk to. A trifle, barely any effort on his part.

If you were smart, you would've put some pottery in your bag, and thus be able to detect it. Were you smart?

What does Juice Caboose do? Clambake? Greater High Beams?
No. 1064252 ID: 629f2e

Use Intimidating Voice and make the clearest threat that you can: Your items WILL be returned, and the exchange for that will be you refraining from devouring this cretin and removing him from the mortal plane. If he would like your assistance on a job afterwards, he will surrender his room at the inn as tribute.
No. 1064253 ID: 38349b

I suggest cast intimidating voice, then the following:

"The greatest, most magnificently mammaried sorceress in the whole world does not like it when her things are taken."

Then, since you already have him in a punch and he'll probably whine or say something stupid you get rEEEALLLL close and whisper in his cocky little ear "cum"

Just the quietest thing, and then do it repeatedly until he agrees to return your stuff, only then will you consider helping him out.

I'm suggesting you force him to cum too many times, or maybe this was his plan all along....
No. 1064255 ID: e51896

No. 1064256 ID: dc5433

1. Cast summon goose. Summon the annoying goose. 2. Let the foul fowl pester this worm to the point that he has to concede to our beatiful boobalicious glory. 3. ??? 4. Profit!
No. 1064257 ID: b95b93

>use command word cum
You guys remember that the spell description: >>1064243 says it'll also affect us, right?
No. 1064258 ID: 2a82d3

At this point, it's patiently obvious at this point why he's sending you in first: he's expecting you to mess up and use the ensuing chaos to abscond with the treasure (which may or may include the shard). He has to tell you where it is, at least. You should case the joint yourself though, 'cause you're better off assuming he'll tell you d*ck.

That's why less spellpower we use to accomplish this mission, the better. True power shows (off) restraint!
No. 1064259 ID: 273c18

Oh he just got within arms reach of you, make sure he didn't steal anything. Like any of your gems, or the enchanted part of your bra.
No. 1064271 ID: e5709d

If I understand this correctly, you can spell combo Detonate Mice + Blood Rain + Greater Spark Bolt on a horde of live rats to turn them into a cloud of dead blood which can be used as a conductive vector for spreading and amplifying your electric bolt.
Let's try it out on the local banditry.
No. 1064273 ID: f2320a

only if we hear it and its cheaper then using magic .....hmmm do we basically kiss his ear holes with those words, or do we torture him by using power word lactate forcefeeding him milk until it hurts?
Clambake? is this literal or a vagina metaphor?
No. 1064275 ID: 9d5379

>only if we hear it
And you somehow think we're unable to hear ourselves whispering to the other guy?
No. 1064276 ID: c331f0

Note to self, get earplugs for yourself, and Scrimbalt
No. 1064277 ID: 8f9bc4


...he just stole your bra, didn't he
No. 1064282 ID: f2320a

well i dont know if i can whisper that low due to the fact i cant hear it myself, its a "does a falling tree make a sound if none is there to hear it" type of question but less nonsensical
No. 1064290 ID: 20eb82
File 168469758967.png - (160.45KB , 600x600 , rhbds 59.png )

>Use command word: "CUM."

>Whisper it.

Command words have a life of their own and can only be spoken in a particular way. Some can only be whispered, while others ring out at the top of the speaker's lungs.

It's not possible to whisper Command Word: CUM. It always comes out at the top of your voice no matter how quietly you try to say it and if Scrimbalt hears it in the position he's in you're pretty sure it will cause you to explode.

Besides that, Command Word: CUM doesn't just make anyone who hears it climax, it makes them climax for as long and as hard as their body can stand. If you speak it you and everyone in hearing distance will orgasm until your strength fails and you each pass out.

>If you were smart, you would've put some pottery in your bag, and thus be able to detect it. Were you smart?

Yeah you had the 1st Arkoth Pottery Shard in the backpack...

A risky gambit but one that will now pay dividends because you totally did it on purpose and you're not at all worried you may have just completely lost the shard.

>Alright then we could potentially get it back on our own. Dragon's Gaze should let us interrogate people until we find someone with connections that ISN'T this jackass. Or, you know, just threaten him into giving you the name of someone you can talk to. A trifle, barely any effort on his part.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "No dice, Longtail. As you said, I'm the most magnificently mammaried sorceress in the whole world. I can get my Magic Tome and staff back without your help. And when I do, I'm coming back and I'm going to oust you from that cheap motel of yours and take your room!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "We're leaving. Come, Scrimbalt!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "I'm actually t-trying my best not to, mistress..."

:RHBDS_CL: "That's too bad, 'cuz you see the rest of my crew is staying in a fancy mansion up on the hill..."
No. 1064291 ID: dee951

Sigh. Scrimbalt! You can come -- provided it is not on me or anything I value -- when we do not have urgent business! There is a time and place to worship my magnificence with your ejaculatory effluence, and that is not right now! What, do you need help getting out from back there or something??
No. 1064293 ID: e5709d

>Yeah you had the 1st Arkoth Pottery Shard in the backpack...

>"That's too bad, 'cuz you see the rest of my crew is staying in a fancy mansion up on the hill..."
And you will laugh as his party is chased with halberds and flintlocks once they realize he's conning the hotel. You don't have the resources to play along with his schemes.

Keep thinking up spell combos. Could you somehow mix Greater Blizzard with Deafen by converting thermal energy into uniform kinetic force, expelling the heat by micro-converting it into sound waves?
No. 1064294 ID: 20eb82

:RHBDS_CL: "Aren't you at least interested in what the job is?"
No. 1064295 ID: dee951

Why would I be interested in anything *you* have to offer, or say to me, in any way whatsoever? Nothing that comes out of your mouth gives me any form of useful information! You've burned your bridges with me. GOOD DAY!
No. 1064297 ID: e51896

Fiiiine, lets check what his job is, lol
No. 1064299 ID: 2a82d3

"Which job would you care to elaborate on this time? The number of the schemes, gambits, and passing interests you have going on at any moment is not one I'm able to conceive of. If any action I could take will ultimately be at my expense to the benefit of any plan of yours, then the only matter to discuss is whether or not I do as I will."
No. 1064301 ID: a758c7

No. 1064306 ID: 20eb82
File 168471393263.png - (105.41KB , 600x600 , rhbds 60.png )

>Fiiiine, lets check what his job is, lol


You figure you should at least find out what he's planning so that you know where to stay away from.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Why on earth would I be interested in whatever small time grift you've got cooking up, you larcenous lizard?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh but it's right up your alley. Nothing too fancy just, y'know..."
No. 1064307 ID: 20eb82
File 168471393561.png - (105.58KB , 600x600 , rhbds 61.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "Kidnapping the princess is all..."
No. 1064310 ID: 20eb82
File 168471404756.png - (148.86KB , 600x600 , rhbds 62.png )

Oh dear. The P-Word.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "P-p-p-p-puh-puh-pah-puh-puhpuh-puh-pah-pah-puh-princess? They ah... they have a princess here?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh yeah!"

Don't do it, RHBDS, you've been clean since chapter 3!

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Wh-wh-wh-why-whay-why do—would I care about kah-kah-kuh-kidnapping a p-rrrrincess?"
No. 1064311 ID: 20eb82
File 168471406551.png - (121.53KB , 600x600 , rhbds 63.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh but Boobsy, you haven't seen this princess. She's got the pointy hat and everything."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: [*heavy breathing intensifies*]

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "She-she's got a pointy hat?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Wit' the tassel hangin' down and all. And she's got one of those big butt dresses."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: *gulp*

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "The big butt dress?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh and get this: she sings to bluebirds."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "B-bluebirds?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh yeah."

One little kidnapping won't hurt, right?
No. 1064315 ID: e51896

Grab Cyrus, and burst through the entrance with ease (destroying the door and walls), and go straight to his room, dragging Cyrus with you on the way there. We have GOT to make plans to kidnap princess with him NOW
No. 1064316 ID: eb494d

Okay, but let's cast Deafen on Cyrus and use him as an impromptu human(ish) shield the entire way!

Let's go, no time to explain, not even time to slow down, onward!
No. 1064317 ID: 629f2e


You're clean! You ain't about this lifestyle anymore. Don't you remember getting a literal army sent after you because Princesses weren't filling the void, and you tried stealing a queen? You swore you'd stop, and you have! (Save a minor relapse near the start of chapter 3, but we all have our moments of weakness.)

What does this limp-dicked lizard want with something as precious as a princess anyways? He probably wouldn't even let you have any fun, it'd be all work and the only reward would be getting your things back. It's not worth breaking a streak like the one you're on. 3 threads clean!
No. 1064318 ID: e5709d

Unless I hear the words 'regicide' or 'revolution', Imma have to ask you to rotate 90 degrees and go find your stolen stuff.
Also he's running a con with your name on it. Stay far away from this you...

You're going to do this, aren't you.
Well, in the event that we can't convince you to stay far away from this asinine attempt to piss off the government and hog all the blame, here's my suggestion: why don't you just give her to the local crime lord for free and watch as she's slowly defiled and licked all over by mobsters who can't help themselves?
No sale or direct profit means they can't trace the motive back to you, but based on past history and personal experience, criminals in power assume the worst of other people. That goes for both sides.
Crown cracks down on crime, you get to steal profits in the chaos, all the heat is on something other than dragons.
No. 1064320 ID: b083ea

Don't do it! Resist! Resiiiiiiist!
No. 1064323 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1064329 ID: 38349b

Deep calming breaths, deeeeeeeeeep calming breaths! You can resist! Remember all the bad things that happened every time you kidnapped a princess, think about math, non-erotic-math, and uhhh baseball, the taste of Cyrus's cum, anything to get your faculties together.

You don't *need* to kidnap a princess
You definitely *want* to
But the princess isn't a shard or anything, it's not like...
Oh no
Don't tell me
She has the shard or knows where it is and you have to kidnap her anyway

Ah well shucks, guess you have to kidnap a princess for your goal anyway.

Yup its totally for the pottery, and not for that insatiable dragon-like lust for capturing a princess (and maybe a lick-NO)
No. 1064331 ID: dee951

Look. You can't trust ANY details he has about this sort of thing. You can't trust that a Princess exists! Nor can you trust that there's a wealthy royal family, that they pay ransoms, that the supposed princess isn't someone they are trying to get rid of anyway, that they won't immediately send overwhelming force against you should you kidnap this alleged princess, or that the kidnapping wouldn't spark an immediate coup that ends up with the princess just being some girl stripped of all titles and now they run things with a council of wealthy plutarchs or something. You would have to do SO MUCH legwork of your own to verify any of the things that matter for a proper kidnapping scenario! And all that work is absolutely beneath you!
No. 1064334 ID: 3ed3c3

She might even be one of those "trapped-in-royalty" types who's yearning to go out and adventure. It'd hardly even be kidnapping at that point! She might even be into you~
No. 1064335 ID: f80db4

hat tassssssssssssssssles
No. 1064336 ID: 127310

do it
No. 1064339 ID: f73077

Dislodge Scrimbalt before he accidentally impregnates the entire city (starting with you)
No. 1064340 ID: f2320a

What if its a prince being protected by there family from conflict over the throne rich people are so hot by being rich imagine how much you can eat with mountains of gold.
Do we eat princesses its not cannibalism due to diffrent species?
No. 1064341 ID: dc4bad

You have to resist, remember that whole fiasco in Chapter 2 that swore you off of princesses to begin with!
Look, there was no way you could have known she was a demon in disguise, but the subsequent cult shenanigans derailed your entire quest.

Stay strong, just walk away and track down your stolen gear.
No. 1064342 ID: 2a82d3

Remember your promise, sorceress! You may not remember to who right now, but the will to quit cold turkey is usually never forged alone!

If there's a risk of him going nuclear, wouldn't it make more sense to keep him there? To keep the impact cushioned.
No. 1064343 ID: c9c21b


No. 1064344 ID: 273c18

Sounds like power word CUM is completely useless then? Unless you can give an ally powerful enough earplugs, or one of your allies is straight up deaf.

He's lying. There's no princess, he's just pushing your buttons to make you do what he wants. Leave! Get away from him!
No. 1064349 ID: 435f13

Or your ally is not present and you need to buy time until help arrives. Or you're in a desperate situation and the possibility that you will regain consciousness before your enemy is your last hope.
No. 1064350 ID: f2320a

STAY STRONG IMAGINE YOURSELF AS THE PRINCESS IN A DRESS THAT MAKES YOUR BIG BUTT LOOK EVEN LARGER, big pointy hat with tazzles on the end and tiara, those long white gloves that are like arm stockings hugging your soft bicep, a girdle squeezing your waist, big expensive bed with bed posts and a transparent drape only showing your silhouette as the prince goes into a kiss, MONEY treasures you can swim in, All those manly knights at your beck and call, feasts of mutton and fancy dainty miniature frofro cupcakes by scrench artisan bakers.
No. 1064354 ID: 36784c

Don’t do it! He’s only talked about the princess’ clothing and not the actual princess! She could be really ugly and old! You don’t want to kidnap an ugly and old princess!
No. 1064356 ID: f2320a

like that prince who took the throne when he was in his 70s
No. 1064365 ID: a7a180

Only if I get to keep her when we're done.
No. 1064369 ID: 2a3927

>You don’t want to kidnap an ugly and old princess!
I agree! The last thing we need is a reputation for kidnapping ugly and old princesses!
No. 1064454 ID: f2320a

>"graverobber" instead of a "craddlerobber"
No. 1064490 ID: 20eb82
File 168497016134.png - (178.05KB , 600x600 , rhbds 64.png )

>STAY STRONG IMAGINE YOURSELF AS THE PRINCESS IN A DRESS THAT MAKES YOUR BIG BUTT LOOK EVEN LARGER, big pointy hat with tazzles on the end and tiara, those long white gloves that are like arm stockings hugging your soft bicep. . . .

You try to calm your urges by imagining yourself as a pretty pretty princess.

It doesn't work.

Cyrus puts his arm around your shoulder.

:RHBDS_CL: "Let's go meet the crew."

You pluck your feckless apprentice from between your greatly amplified asscheeks and the two of you follow Cyrus.
No. 1064491 ID: 20eb82
File 168497016345.png - (56.70KB , 600x600 , rhbds 65.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "See, a real mansion just like I told you! Real opulent and imperial ain't it?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "It's certainly venerable..."


:RHBDS_CL: "..."


:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "..."

:RHBDS_CL: "Let's uh... let's go inside."
No. 1064492 ID: 20eb82
File 168497016750.png - (150.68KB , 600x600 , rhbds 66.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "Alright, here we are! The best five-star accommodations in the kingdom. Oh and look, your book and stick are already here! I told you my guys work fast."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "When did you have time tell them to get my stuff back?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Boobsy, my crew and I... we work on a level where we don't even need words. That's how close we are. This is a well-oiled machine. Seriously this is a real top notch crew. The very best!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Uh huh..."

:RHBDS_CL: "Lemme introduce you around..."
No. 1064493 ID: 20eb82
File 168497018310.png - (165.01KB , 600x600 , rhbds 67.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "Over here we've got Prince Limpy."

:RHBDS_Limpy: "Salutumpshumps, hohohoh."

:RHBDS_CL: "Limpy here is none other than the legendary Bloodline Hero himself!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Wow! *The* Bloodline Hero? Then that must mean—" *gasp* "That's the legendary Bloodline Sword!"

Scrimbalt hurriedly retrieves a deck of cards from his pants and shuffles through until he finds a card with a picture of a jewel-encrusted magical sword. He holds it up to compare it to the sword at Limpy's side.

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Ohmygosh! It is!" *squee* "That's Magical Item Number 264! in Poindexter's Deck of Magical Treasures!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Of course, I recognized it immediately! But why don't you tell us more so I know you've been studying."
No. 1064494 ID: 20eb82
File 168497018882.png - (88.39KB , 600x600 , rhbds 67a.png )

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "The Bloodline Sword is one of the most powerful enchanted swords in history! He who bears the bloodline sword is supposed to be invincible in combat! But, only pure-blooded descendants of the original Bloodline Hero can wield it."

:RHBDS_CL: "You'd better believe it. Limpy's blood is the purest there is! When he draws that sword just stand back and watch him go. Nothing can touch him!"

:RHBDS_Limpy: "Hyahhs, weh arh deshendhed fhrom ah longh hand nohbhuhl lhineh."

:RHBDS_CL: "Just uh... you know... keep him away from scissors. Or paper. Or loose nails. Pretty much anything that could break his skin. If he gets a scratch you gotta be ready with first aid like, pronto."

:RBDHS_Plum: "Dat's what I'm here for!"
No. 1064495 ID: 20eb82
File 168497019552.png - (174.25KB , 600x600 , rhbds 68.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "This little firecracker is Plum. Plum is a cleric of uh..."

:RBDHS_Plum: "Nehebkau! Serpent of Chaos! Her coils encircle the world!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "A goblin? I can't believe you're working with one of those dirty little treasure thieves!"

:RBDHS_Plum: "Hey fuck you, ya overgrown lizard!"

:RHBDS_CL: "Woah woah! We're all friends here! Plum is a real top notch healer."

:RBDHS_Plum: "I'm also the cook."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Maybe I'll be losing all this excess weight sooner than I thought..."

:RBDHS_Plum: "You better hope so, fatass!"
No. 1064496 ID: 20eb82
File 168497019873.png - (113.90KB , 600x600 , rhbds 69.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "And, of course, you already know my boys."

Ah yes. Cyrus's trio of awful adult sons. Those three terrors are probably the ones who stole your bag and staff.

Scrimbalt cowers behind your prominent posterior. He and the boys don't get along...

:RHBDS_CL: "That's Peeky up there in the rafters. Best lookout you'll ever find. He can climb anything!"

:RHBDS_Peeky: "I can see down your shirt, hee hee hee!"

:RHBDS_CL: "What a card, eh?"
No. 1064497 ID: 20eb82
File 168497020214.png - (156.66KB , 600x600 , rhbds 70.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "And over there in the corner that's Pokey, the..."

:RHBDS_CL: "..."

:RHBDS_CL: "Pokey! Pokey! What the fuck are you doing? The fuck is wrong with you? Right where everyone can see you!"

:RHBDS_Pokey: >:)

:RHBDS_CL: "You're disgusting, you know that?"

:RHBDS_Pokey: >:D

:RHBDS_CL: "Just ignore him. Wunnah these days he's gonna tug that thing right off. AND THEN I'M GONNA LAUGH! Anyway he's been weird since his mom left, but he's a whiz with a knife in his hand. Need someone stabbed quick and quiet, Pokey's your guy."
No. 1064498 ID: 20eb82
File 168497020595.png - (181.84KB , 600x600 , rhbds 71.png )

:RHBDS_CL: "And finally there's Picky. World champion pickpocket. Never gets caught."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "What happened to his tail?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh yeah well, his tail got caught a few days ago and he had to pop it off to get away. It'll grow back in a few weeks."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Keep your paws out of my stuff you little gremlin!"

:RHBDS_CL: "If any of your stuff is missin' just turn him upside down and shake him."

:RHBDS_CL: "Anyway, that's the crew. Crew, I'd like you to meet Boobsy!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Don't call me that. I am the Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dr—"


:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Wonderful..."

:RHBDS_CL: "Boobsy here is gonna be our new mage for this job."

:RBDHS_Plum: "Did you tell her what happened to our old mage?"

:RHBDS_CL: "Shut up, Plum!"

:RHBDS_CL: "She's just kiddin' around. It was all very sad. There was a little minor accident and—"

:RBDHS_Plum: "His head got exploded when he tried to—"

:RHBDS_CL: "Shut up!"

:RHBDS_CL: "Anyway, he wasn't anywhere near your level, so you got nuttin' to worry about!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Hrmm..."
No. 1064499 ID: 8f9bc4

You are of course in no danger since there is no way an esteemed sorceress like you would ever try to—

You may have once tried to— but you were smart enough not to— and there were no negative consequences whatsover, even though you had to— in order to—

Get book and stick and tell Scrimbalt to stay close behind you. He is the only one of this lot with any hope of being useful to your quest to gain a sumptuous princess beast, who sings, with the bluebirds.
No. 1064500 ID: 2a82d3

>"His head got exploded when he tried to—"
To what, exactly? You want to know to laugh at the poor fool, and not because you'll do the exact opposite to him.

Unless it involved touching the princess. Pray to the nearest convenient god it didn't involve touching the princess.
No. 1064503 ID: 3ed3c3

"So, is there an actual plan, Cyrus, or are you planning to use us as fodder to take the princess for yourself? It wouldn't be the first time you gathered allies just to abandon them when it was convenient."
No. 1064504 ID: e5709d

I think you should have responded with "who are you and why should I care about a prince with no kingdom". Ah well.
...Okay, this plan went from "absolutely asinine unauthorized anarchy" to "royal spat". Which is still doomed and stupid, but at least they have a valid reason for trying - crownless king wants a kingdom and getting married to the local princess would do it. All they need is to plop one heir and then she can be 'dramatically' kidnapped and murdered by bandits due to 'incompetence'.
Question: Is Limpy simply from a eugenics-designed offshoot of the current mixed-breed governing royals, or were they really stupid enough to keep a single lineage? If it's the latter, then we don't need the details of how his family lost the throne. I feel sorry for his sister(s), they're probably even worse off since they don't get a Legendary-class item to ease the stress of being fated to pork their brother and then die in childbirth.
I see Cyrus' strategy revolves around buffing and protecting this hyper-specialist; his genetic code is severely damaged but the sword should do the trick in combat. That means your job is to neutralize traps and counterspell other fighters. Limpy's weapon should protect him when it's powered in combat mode.

"Okay. I was going to list the many consequences of picking a fight with the illusion of divine rights, but if you're working with a prince then I can see that you've replaced that list with a smaller, more disgusting list. And I can't just say no to a prince... fine. I'm in.

Here's the deal: I get first pick of magical artifacts and information. If you screw me over, I take your cleric. I'm not stupid enough to kill Prince Limpy, especially since he's necessary for the sword. But I can force you to go through an excruciating process (likely resulting in your arrest) to keep Limpy alive. I want her to stay by my side at all times. If you bail on her to screw us out of our shares of the take, her contract with you defaults to me."
No. 1064507 ID: a9af05

>"If any of your stuff is missin' just turn him upside down and shake him."
Better do that right now! Just because they returned your bag and staff, that doesn't mean everything is still inside your bag! He could even have the 1st Arkoth Pottery Shard! You better make sure you get that back!
No. 1064508 ID: cc8588

Well, if they actually ARE the ones who stole our bag and staff, shake it out of them!

Except Pokey, stay far away from that guy.
No. 1064509 ID: 273c18

"When he tried to what?"

Anyway, it's too late to get away now. They've already been introduced, which means they're major supporting characters and you'll have to join up for at least one chapter so the author gets some use out of them.

Do pick up Picky and give him a big shake. Then collect all your belongings, checking that everything is still there.
No. 1064517 ID: f73077

clearly step one is to shakedown Picky.
No. 1064518 ID: 8f9bc4

Shake down Picky who most certainly did not just pilfer all of your high level suggestive artifacts of pleasuring that you didn't want anyone to know you had.
No. 1064522 ID: 38349b

Step one, grab and flip upside down, I bet he put your massive oversized spellbooks in his pockets, somehow.

Step 2, ask about the shard cause he brought it up once and then blackmailed you, so you might as well see if there's even something you can get out of this heist you're wrangled into.
No. 1064530 ID: 755f26

Ya know what? Life's too short to deal with these kind of "people."
They want to kidnap la crème de la crème, they'll get the crème, alright.

Aim Scrimbalt towards them all.
Activate power word cum.
No. 1064533 ID: aca416

Make a strong first impression. Now is the time for 21: Greater Highbeams.
No. 1064535 ID: dee951


No that will just fuck her over too.
No. 1064536 ID: dee951

Now that you have your stuff back (shake the pickpocket to make sure there isn't more he took), you can leave and never interact with these people again!
No. 1064544 ID: f2320a

Probably was a disapointment to his own mother if not the fact all 3 are not dragons or that she could not change there ways "you ended up just like your father">>1064508 he is probably just doing it for attention and pleasure not to feel sad
No. 1064549 ID: 755f26

It's true, that poor kid is clearly trying to get response out of his neglectful father.

I vote to band together and convince Cyrus to give his son a hug.
Yes,right here.
No, you can get a shower after.
No. 1064555 ID: f2847f

The cycle must stop now. We have to be a positive role model to these children. Or, alternatively, use Lesser Gift to give the Lesser Gift of Good Parenting to a Summoned Goose and make it be a good role model and get those creeps as out of your hair and your tits as much as possible.
No. 1064613 ID: f2320a

"Are you a little disapintment for Mommy" but sensually tits literally blocking the light along with a ass so wide and thighs so fat he is thrown into total darkness free to pick any of the 3
 "I can see down your shirt, hee hee hee!"
Funny thing is.... anyone can at any angle due to there sheer size not sure it can be called a shirt
No. 1064876 ID: 7ab99e

Report this guys to dragon child protective services(dcps) - this can't be legal in any way and i dont think he's an appropriate guardian
No. 1064877 ID: e5709d

>Entire dragon child abuse treatment subthread
... Guys, do you think you might have cartoon PTSD? Not real-life trauma, but maybe manageable childhood trauma from watching excessively weird children's shows and then compartmentalizing it because it's not real?
No. 1064879 ID: 6e7268

Timmy is an average kid that no one understands?
No. 1064963 ID: dee951


It'd be dragon adult protective services, the kids are over 18.
No. 1065075 ID: dac950

She said they were adults, but then I remembered in the middle ages, adult meant "as soon as you hit puberty".
No. 1065086 ID: d29703
File 168581443297.png - (133.03KB , 900x600 , rhbds 72.png )

>Make a strong first impression. Now is the time for 21: Greater Highbeams.

You've detected a distinct deficit of respect in this crew. It needs fixing.

Time to remind these chucklefucks who the greatest, most bustiest sorceress in the world is.

You cast Greater High Beams!
No. 1065087 ID: d29703
File 168581443581.png - (117.15KB , 900x600 , rhbds 73.png )

No. 1065088 ID: d29703
File 168581443991.png - (120.07KB , 900x600 , rhbds 74.png )

No. 1065089 ID: d29703
File 168581445571.png - (168.15KB , 600x600 , rhbds 75.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Avert your eyes, Scrimbalt!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Aww. *sigh* Yes, mistress."
No. 1065090 ID: d29703
File 168581447984.png - (595.84KB , 2000x2000 , rhbds 76.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Behold! My Legendary Nips!"

The Crew: "Aaargh!"
No. 1065091 ID: d29703
File 168581449402.png - (194.38KB , 600x600 , rhbds 77.png )

>Shake out Pickey

While everyone is blinded by the brilliance of your Greater High Beams, you stride across the room and snatch Pickey up by his ankle.

You shake him up and down until you don't hear anything jingling.

A lot of treasure falls out, some of it is yours.

You find:

- 1 Pocket Watch (gold)

- 1 Pearl Necklace

- 25 Lundarian Ducats

- 1 Sapphire (Your dragon treasure instinct appraises the sapphire at 550 ducats)

- The 1st Arkoth Pottery Shard

- Your personal-use Magical Cucumber Sculpture
No. 1065092 ID: d29703
File 168581450493.png - (246.27KB , 600x600 , rhbds 78.png )

Spell No. 21: Greater High Beams is no longer available to cast. You must cram it back into your Wish Gem by extracting the spell from your Magic Tome if you wish to cast it again. You may also replace it with a different spell.
No. 1065093 ID: c3a039

Wait, "some" of it is yours? Nah. All of it is yours. What kind of dragon would you be if that wasn't the case?

Clearly, you're far more trustworthy with these items.
No. 1065094 ID: 36784c

>treasure dropped from Pickey
>includes The 1st Arkoth Pottery Shard
He did steal it! Then it's a good thing we got that back!

Now we just need to be careful while we're with these guys and make sure he doesn’t take it again!
No. 1065103 ID: ee97bf

Wait, the twerp stole your magical cucumber sculpture?? With the vibrating, pulsing, warming, and moving bumps features?! THE LITTLE SHIT!!
No. 1065108 ID: e5709d

>Flashbangs in your nipples
Oh, that is ingenious.
"Every time you steal from me I get an extra share of your take."
No. 1065118 ID: dd4f2c

The time for mercy is long gone.

Cast *narrows eyes in pure scorn* Detonate Mice.
No. 1065123 ID: 38349b

I agree with this sentiment
And I feel like this is solid followup

And while everyone's recovering, ask about the job/plan in more detail, IE why they need a mage/you
No. 1065173 ID: 2c1245

take ALL the treasure. If he didn't want to lose all his shit, he shouldn't had sifted through our stuff! He should be happy that we're only taking back our stuff plus interest, instead of everything and his hand.
No. 1065177 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh god hide the cucumber before anyone notices!
No. 1065201 ID: 2a82d3

You know. If every crew member has been stunned enough to capture, this could be an opportunity to turn them in to the royal guard. It might even net you a meeting with the princess, tea party included. She'd be unguarded, trusting, alone... What better way to prove you're clean, right?

Don't do that if anyone is still up, though. At least you've proven yourself to be the face of the heist, if we're still up for it.

One catch: Any treasure from him is more than likely stolen from people other than us. We should return it to them. If they ask. And they have proof it's theirs. They won't mind us hanging on to it for safekeeping, right?
No. 1065262 ID: bcdf53
File 168610438446.png - (335.46KB , 903x600 , rhbds 79.png )

>Wait, "some" of it is yours? Nah. All of it is yours. What kind of dragon would you be if that wasn't the case?

You seize Pickey's stolen booty and add it to your inventory.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "And let that be a lesson to you! Next time you try to steal from me you'll lose more than your tail, got it?"

:RHBDS_Pickey: "Hissss!"

>Oh god hide the cucumber before anyone notices!

You conceal your Personal-use Magic Cucumber Sculpture someplace private.

Once you've checked over all your belongings to make sure nothing else was stolen, you use your Magic Staff to return your overly prominent posterior to its previously perfect proportions.

Prince Limpy graciously volunteers to escort you to your room.

:RHBDS_Limpy: "Yorrr acchomodashiohns M'ladeh."

By the lingering light of your Greater High Beams you observe with dismay that the crew haven't even removed the corpse of the previous mage.

Those green boots and star poncho look very familiar...

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Aw geez, Mistress! Oh gee! L-l-l-looks like some bad business went down in here, you know? His head and brains are splattered all over the place like spaghetti! Aw geez!"

Bad business indeed.

You spot what looks like a scrying circle partially obscured by the puddle of blood, as well as a cracked scrying orb. Looks like your predecessor tried spying on the wrong person and didn't have proper defenses in place.
No. 1065263 ID: 8edfe0

Loot the corpse
Also, vore the corpse. You're a dragon, remember?
No. 1065264 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, that's on him. Can we dispose of the body somehow? Disintegrate it? Dump it in another plane?
No. 1065265 ID: 38349b

how much is eating a dead dude frowned upon in this society?

because if it's not, that's dinner, if it is, then uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

scrimbalt you dispose of it
No. 1065267 ID: 273c18

>Those green boots and star poncho look very familiar...
Who was it?
No. 1065268 ID: 2a82d3

As well as the body, be sure dispose of (or recycle) the broken scrying orb too. Leaving broken magical things around is rarely good for the environment, and it might still be working. It could be recording this room right now.
No. 1065275 ID: 9ef82c

Note: Don't scry the princes castle.

Or do, but tell Cyrus to take a peek first.

Ask Scrimbalt what's up with the gibberish he's suddenly spewing.
No. 1065277 ID: 2a82d3

Wait a minute. If that body is someone you know, and like, you gotta start a resurrection fund. Thank Pickey later for his "advance contribution".
No. 1065281 ID: f73077

Those fools think that you'd be intimidated by the demise of a lesser spellcaster?
Knowledge is power. Interrogate their ghost.
No. 1065283 ID: c96eaa

Loot the corpse.
Loot the cracked ball (maybe it can be fixed later.
Scrap off the brains and shove the corpse out the room.
Shove something against the door so no one enters.
Snuggle in the bed with your man servant.
No. 1065286 ID: e5709d

"Shameful. You could at least cremate the body after looting it. Prince Limpy, you are pathetic if you cannot order your minions to perform simple precautionary actions that will prevent all of you from dying horribly."

Harvest the body for blood and magic items, then put it outside and order Scrimbalt to set it on fire.
No. 1065314 ID: 4314ed

Huh, do you recognize this guy cause he is (was) a Peeping Tom?
Worse than that, an incompetent one?

It looks kinda like something shot him from inside the scrying orb.
No. 1065778 ID: f2320a

wait you can use a scrying orb as a portal for something tiny? also sad small but
No. 1065793 ID: ffc570
File 168670938759.png - (140.86KB , 600x600 , rhbds 80.png )

>Who was it?

This is unquestionably the body of Poncho McBootyshorts, a member of the Mage's Guild and all-around pain in your fabulous ass.

Members of the Mage's Guild are entitled to head of the line privileges at all guild-certified magic shops. He'd always get to cut in front of you and he'd always buy the last of whatever it was you needed!
No. 1065794 ID: ffc570
File 168670939011.png - (258.33KB , 900x600 , BBDS_181.png )


He got the last Single Use Magic Key, forcing you to backtrack all over the dungeon finding all the regular keys in the right order.
No. 1065796 ID: ffc570
File 168670939433.png - (275.55KB , 900x600 , SBBDS_282.png )


He got the last Dungeon Compass, which ended up with you getting lost in a labyrinth for six and a half weeks.
No. 1065797 ID: ffc570
File 168670940279.png - (278.61KB , 900x600 , RBDS_383.png )

Chapter 3

He got the last scrying orb, which meant you didn't have one for Precog Bowling Night and had to use a loaner ball that was all wobbly!

Well what goes around comes around, dicknuts. You're glad this asshole's dead.
No. 1065798 ID: ffc570
File 168670940668.png - (88.02KB , 600x600 , rhbds 84.png )

>Loot the corpse.

You loot the corpse of Poncho McBootyshorts.

You recover:

1 Single Use Magic Key

Can open just about any lock, but it only works once then disintegrates.

1 Dungeon Compass

Always points toward the boss lair of a dungeon. Since this is your bedroom the compass is just spinning slowly. Looks like it rightfully recognizes you as a boss level monster.

1 Mage's Guild Medallion

You were rejected by the Mage's Guild for having "too big of boobs." Well look who got a medallion anyway.

Can be used for head of the line privileges at magic shops and probably other good stuff too.

>Vore the corpse.

You're pretty hungry and this guy was super annoying, but he's also super gross and rigor mortis has started to set in...

You chuck his body out the window instead.

It's nearly bedtime and you need your beauty rest. You have time to study your Magic Tome before going to sleep.



No. 1065799 ID: e5709d

* Create Hashbrowns (Conjures mountains of cooked shredded potatoes)
* Dominate Rezan (Can brainwash an obscure, rarely seen race)
* Surf -> Turf Ownership (Obtain legal ownership of land you illegally conquered. This spell must overwrite a spell slot that has been preserved for one week)
No. 1065801 ID: 273c18

>choose spells wisely
Uh, are we supposed to just make up spells?

Levitate Boobs (legendary) because we can't live without it.
Greater High Beams because it is actually quite useful as we've seen

Ah, I looked up what Juice Caboose is, and it might be lube, which is equivalent to Grease.
I have no idea what clambake is supposed to be, so:
Clambake -> Mage Hand
No. 1065817 ID: 435f13

Name the spells and RHBDS will look them up in her Magic Tome. The Tome contains almost any spell you can imagine!
No. 1065819 ID: 273c18

Ok, I would like to look up:
Juice Caboose
Shapely Mane
Banish Cramps (shouldn't it be Cure Cramps if it's meant to be a medical spell?)
Lesser Gift
No. 1065821 ID: 85f241

Why does the mage guild not like big boobs? Just save money and expand the doorframes.
Also, remember the traditional gnome defenestration funeral may not be well-known in this region. Someone might feel alarmed.

As for spells, we could have.

Oily Stream: throws a stream of vegetable oil in front of the caster. Perfect for making the floor slippery, getting someone all shiny, or cooking fries.

Marketable Plushie Polymorph: turns a person into a small plush toy. (Maybe a living one, I dunno) Has a 1/3 chance of eventually evolving into a popular toy line.

Dark Ascension: this is it. The spell no dragon is allowed to have. The one every makes sure to screen for and nobody manages to escape being caught with when they have it. Nobody but you.
The high difficulty, high mortality rate spell to turn a kobold into a dragon!
All it further needs is a gemstone to grant to the kobold. The type of gemstone must be carefully considered, as each will grant different abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
It may or may not involve just jamming the damn thing in with a hammer.
No. 1065823 ID: f2cf5a

New Spells:

>Greater Impede Movement Power- Completely binds the target in a black, full body covering with only space to breathe. They cannot speak nor do anything but wiggle their bound limbs a bit. (Gimp suit. It's a gimp suit, that's the joke.)

>Aural Stimulation- Makes the target susceptible to your dulcet, velvety tones and makes them more likely to do aaaanything for you...as long as it's phrased in a sexy way, at least. The more unsexy, the less likely the target will listen.
No. 1065825 ID: e51896

Human spell (Legendary) turns you into a human

Feral Spell makes you less of an anthro dragon, and more of a feral quadrupedal dragon. (don't worry, you'll keep your sapience)

Armor disintegration shoot a projectile that destroys whatever your target is wearing. Careful, the enemy can deflect it back at you with their weapon (but you can deflect it back too if that happens)

Parents Spell Calls you parents to help you, even from the dead! (tome is not responsible for nagging parents)

Purple Spell makes you purple. WARNING: Irreversible.

Tome Spell Summons a Tome of Spells.

Tome Upgrade spend money to upgrade your tome of spells, including but not limited to:
- giving your tome a new color
- get the Tome emotes pack so that your Tome of Spells can display a wide range of emotions
- Tome of spells armor (armor for your tome)
hey, wait, this isn't a spell, it's a goddamn advertisement! WTF?
No. 1065826 ID: e51896

Oh yeah, out of that list, I choose the feral spell as one of the spells.
No. 1065829 ID: d2a8d1

Enhance knockers: normally used by lesser bossumed mages for a temporary power boost, for you it would temporarily make you nigh unto a GOD! If you can control the influx of boobily energies that is.
No. 1065835 ID: 2a82d3

>1 Dungeon Compass
Recall any cute adventurer hunks, or gals, you give one to. That is, to send to your room.

Slime Clone: Creates a clone of slime from a target. The slime clone will act independently according to original's personality. It is physically capable of anything the target can do naturally, but magic it casts will draw from the mana of the original. If it merges back to the original, the original restores some health and be able to recall the memories of the clone as if they were their own.

It's less for you, which could (and did?) cause some headaches, but more for ol' Scrimbolt. Lots you can do with your loyal servant in two places at once.
No. 1065842 ID: 0fb2b3


It's temporary, and also makes you a BIG quadrupedal dragon! That can still talk.
No. 1066098 ID: 48ae88
File 168702680232.png - (211.79KB , 600x600 , rhbds 84a.png )

You delve into your Magic Tome and select some new spells.

By force of will you wrestle the arcane symbols off the page. They do not go willingly, but squirm and twist away from your understanding. You fix them with your mind's eye and cram them into your wish gem where they sit coiled like springs aching for release.
No. 1066099 ID: 48ae88
File 168702680674.png - (252.14KB , 600x600 , rhbds 84b.png )

Spell Slot #1: is now Create Hash Browns

Spell Slot #14: Clambake has been replaced with Armor Disintegration

Spell Slot #21: is now Feral Form

Now that you have prepared your spells for the next day, it's time to finally get some shuteye.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Scrimbalt, it appears there is only one mattress."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "It appears so, mistress."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "It's not big enough for both of us."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "It's barely big enough for you, mistress."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "You realize what this means, Scrimbalt."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "That I have to sleep on the floor?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "WHAT? No! Perhaps lesser sorceresses have their apprentices sleep on the floor but as you're well aware I am so far above the common mage that even my lowliest servant sleeps in comfort."

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Then what shall we do, mistress?"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Hmmm..."
No. 1066100 ID: 48ae88
File 168702681558.png - (174.82KB , 600x600 , rhbds 85.png )

>Snuggle in the bed with your man servant.

You are Scrimbalt, apprentice to the most magnificent mammaried sorceress in the world, and sometimes life is pretty good...

No. 1066101 ID: 48ae88
File 168702681720.png - (134.68KB , 600x600 , rhbds 86.png )

The mistress stirs in her sleep and squeezes you tighter.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Did you have a nightmare again, Bellflower? Momma's got you..."

The mistress often talks in her sleep. Looks like she's dreaming about her son again. You're never sure what to do in these situations...
No. 1066103 ID: 8f9bc4

You need to do something?
No. 1066104 ID: e51896

Pretend you're Bellflower, and suck titties
No. 1066105 ID: f2320a

Suckle on the teats? Or foes she force you to do it in her sleep?
No. 1066106 ID: 0fb2b3

Don't suckle, what if she wakes up? Maybe kiss and hug one from the side and pretend to be asleep, but don't go for the nipple.
No. 1066107 ID: 273c18

Is her son ok?
No. 1066114 ID: 1e8e87

Snuggle titty, only suckle if you think you can get away with it without waking her up.

Incidentally, who was Bellflower? Did you know them?
No. 1066116 ID: 48ae88
File 168703441250.png - (78.77KB , 600x600 , rhbds 87.png )

>Suckle tiddies.

At a loss for any better ideas, you clamp your maw around the mistress's teat.
No. 1066117 ID: 48ae88
File 168703441450.png - (81.60KB , 600x600 , rhbds 88.png )

No. 1066118 ID: 48ae88
File 168703441756.png - (113.15KB , 600x600 , rhbds 89.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Apprentice... what are you doing?"

The mistress's voice is dangerously sweet, like poisoned honey.
No. 1066119 ID: 629f2e

"...Suddenly doubting my instincts?"
No. 1066120 ID: 38349b

No. 1066122 ID: 2770b8

No. 1066123 ID: 4314ed

"Sorry Mistress, is my technique bad?"

I dunno, I can't think of any serious replies except for Skrimbalt admitting that this was an impulse decision & he has no idea what he's doing. Some ego-soothing babble about Mistress's beauty might be helpful.

Maybe this kind of thing is extra touchy because magic can potentially be stolen this way?
No. 1066125 ID: b2ee1f

Shhhh I’m trying to sleep on this pillow
No. 1066128 ID: 1e8e87

No. 1066129 ID: d28e9b

Since you know magic is stored in the tits, and she did just replace a spell without using it, you were hoping maybe the excess mana would leak out and maybe help you get stronger.

Also the voices told you to.
No. 1066132 ID: 91fe6b

Roll over to the other one. "Five more minutes mom it's a weekend no school"
No. 1066135 ID: 273c18

"Suckling, Mistress."
No. 1066136 ID: f73077

"As I relaxed in your embrace i started hearing voices, Mistress. I thought your breasts were telling me to suckle on them."
No. 1066154 ID: d485c8

Just as a wrasse or an oxpecker would pluck parasites from its host in a form of symbiosis, so too are you graciously serving your host by y scraping mana mites from her illustrious nipples. YOU'RE WELCOME.
No. 1066155 ID: d485c8

I know this is a reference to Primas' First Mission, but I'm not sure what the other two are.
No. 1066163 ID: e5709d

"Y-you ordered me to do it! 'Suckle me now or die screaming, Scum-balls!'"
No. 1066165 ID: eb494d

Widen your eyes with all your adoring naivette, and say one word, as simple as it is true:

No. 1066253 ID: adfbe1

If she was dreaming about her son, then you should pretend that you're dreaming about your mommy
No. 1066277 ID: a758c7

just be honest, she was talking in her sleep about her son and you thought suckling her tit would help for some reason
No. 1066506 ID: 5b4b0a
File 168757489606.png - (81.60KB , 600x600 , rhbds 88.png )

>Feign Sleep
>If she was dreaming about her son, then you should pretend that you're dreaming about your mommy

After weighing your options, your gut is mostly leaning toward pretending to be asleep...

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Uhh... Honk shooo! Honk shooo! M-mama?"
No. 1066507 ID: 5b4b0a
File 168757491391.png - (122.07KB , 600x600 , rhbds 90.png )

Your are the Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress and you've just caught your Feckless Apprentice taking some serious liberties with your majestic left tit.

Scrimbalt lets out some cartoonish snores and seems to be talking in his sleep.

After scrutinizing Scrimbalt for several seconds, you decide that he is genuinely asleep. He must have been instinctively drawn to your maternal aura.

*Sigh* Well you can hardly blame him. Something like this was bound to happen eventually. Frankly you're impressed he held off as long as he did.
No. 1066508 ID: 5b4b0a
File 168757492761.png - (109.61KB , 600x600 , rhbds 91.png )

You decide not to disturb his sleep and allow him to continue... for now.
No. 1066509 ID: 5b4b0a
File 168757493497.png - (110.21KB , 600x600 , rhbds 91a.png )

Who knows, maybe he'll get some extra mana out of it.

Scrimbalt survives the night!

Scrimbalt receives a mana boost to his next spell!
No. 1066510 ID: 5b4b0a
File 168757493916.png - (74.05KB , 600x600 , rhbds 91b.png )

No. 1066511 ID: 5b4b0a
File 168757494526.png - (175.62KB , 600x600 , rhbds 92.png )

You're awakened by the harsh light of day shining in through the crooked shutters.

Ugh... your whole body is stiff and achey. It appears that your Hair Net and sleep mask either came off or were stolen during the night, along with your nipple caps.

Your Magic Tome, staff, and backpack were all protected by anti-theft spells, so that inventory is safe, but you didn't think to cast anything on your person. You hope Pickey was the one who stole your sleeping accessories and not Pokey...

You can hear your feckless apprentice tending to his prodigious morning wood on the balcony adjoining your room.

The smell of frying breakfast wafts in from the hall outside.

What do you want to do first?
No. 1066512 ID: e5709d

Food first. Summon Hash browns if it sucks.
No. 1066513 ID: 36784c

>What do you want to do first?
Check and make sure you've still got The 1st Arkoth Pottery Shard! Because that's really important and you really don't want to lose it!
No. 1066516 ID: b3782c

Stick your head out into the sunlight so that your Wish Gem can fully charge your magic reservoirs.
No. 1066517 ID: e51896

Do the 1. create hash brown spell and feast. A magnificent dragon sorceress such as yourself does not stoop low enough to eat whatever garbage these peasants are cooking downstairs. they're not up to your standards of what you consider food. (suddenly accidentally get piled under a large mountain of hashbrowns after casting the spell)

>your whole body is stiff and achey
Are they cramps? If so, do the 18. banish cramps spell.
No. 1066518 ID: 629f2e

Summon Hashbrowns for yourself and your assistant to go with breakfast. Maybe anyone else you think is deserving of such delicacies. Probably Plum. Best to stay in the good graces of both your chef and your healer.
No. 1066527 ID: f73077

how does he even take care of such matters

Greet the day on the balcony, and make sure its actually him, and not one of those pests...
No. 1066533 ID: f2320a

Well he literally cant fuck anyone due to the size or close his hands around i guess it involves smacking it up and down and or stimulation of the glans
No. 1066535 ID: 435f13

There's some pretty big monsters in this setting. Not everyone is out of Scrimbalt's league.
No. 1066537 ID: 1e8e87

No. 1066542 ID: 8f9bc4

Reflect on the tragedy that there wasn't an even larger ridiculously huge boobs dragon sorceress to serve as your sleeping mattress last night.
No. 1066609 ID: 9c902d

First things first, tell Scrimbalt that if he is thinking about you over there, or if you hear complaints from outside for his public display, you will hang him off that balcony by his eyelids.
No. 1066626 ID: 738276


No no, he's totally allowed to think of you, he just can't call out your name or outwardly make it obvious that he's fantasizing about you.
No. 1066746 ID: e9803c

Hair first.
You can't be seen with bed hair.
No. 1067472 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894198473.png - (178.57KB , 600x600 , rhbds 93.png )

>Hair first. You can't be seen with bed hair.

This is the most sensible thing you've heard all day.

This spell's called The Shapely Mane!

All the knots in your hair untangle themselves and within moments your mane is once again beautiful, shiny, and impeccably styled.
No. 1067473 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894199172.png - (243.07KB , 600x600 , rhbds 93a.png )

Spell No. 5: Shapely Mane is no longer available for casting until you replenish your spells.
No. 1067474 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894200272.png - (203.01KB , 600x600 , rhbds 94.png )

>Do the 1. create hash brown spell and feast. A magnificent dragon sorceress such as yourself does not stoop low enough to eat whatever garbage these peasants are cooking downstairs. they're not up to your standards of what you consider food.

Indeed. Let the plebs have their oatmeal pottage. A real sorceress deserves a real sorceress's breakfast!

You summon up your reserves of magic and begin to cast the eldritch abomination that is: Create Hash Browns. May the gods have mercy on your soul.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Hear me powers of Gold and Brown
Let your oily delights rain down..."
No. 1067475 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894201281.png - (111.63KB , 600x600 , rhbds 95.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Smother the earth in starch and fat
Drown the streets in cakes fried flat!"
No. 1067476 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894202599.png - (120.46KB , 600x600 , rhbds 96.png )


"Ancient Tubers of the underground,
heed my command:
No. 1067477 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894204048.png - (156.89KB , 600x600 , rhbds 97.png )

Meanwhile Nearby...

Yeoman's Wife: "I can't believe you invited the entire neighborhood to a hash brown breakfast and didn't get any hash browns!

"What, did you think a mountain of hash browns was just going to fall out of the sky??"
No. 1067478 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894204405.png - (193.29KB , 600x600 , rhbds 98.png )

No. 1067479 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894204745.png - (190.65KB , 600x600 , rhbds 99.png )

No. 1067480 ID: e9ee7a
File 168894205457.png - (220.11KB , 600x600 , rhbds 100.png )


+5 Evil Karma.

:RHBDS_CL: "What the hell is going on up here??"
No. 1067482 ID: 8f9bc4

Breakfast is going on up here!
No. 1067483 ID: 273c18

...why evil karma? Isn't creating free food in a low class area a Good act? I guess the cleanup could be troublesome if there's too much of it, but nobody's gonna get injured or have property damage. Well, maybe if too much accumulates on a flat roof, but does anyone even have flat roofs around here?

Anyway, get ye hash browns. Look smug at that orange bastard, and then go find who stole your clothes, to retrieve them and also a bit extra, as promised.
No. 1067488 ID: e51896

...Cyrus' crew was cooking hashbrowns this entire time, wasn't he?
No. 1067489 ID: 3ed3c3

"Didn't your mother teach you to knock?!"
No. 1067490 ID: e51896


Cyrus responds with: "There is no door to knock!"

(there really is none according to this >>1065262 )
No. 1067491 ID: e5709d

Waste of a good spell slot. Learn beauty cantrips, would ya?!

... Wait, shouldn't you get minor Good Karma for feeding your teammates and the local poor? Doing it primarily for yourself lowers the karma, but still...

Open up your palm, wait for a hash brown to inevitably fall straight in, then say "breakfast". Do not talk while eating.
No. 1067503 ID: 1ab976

Said in this manner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s43wuWUpU_I
No. 1067520 ID: c65de8

Clearly, us doing Evil acts always benefits the world in some way. At least, you can't say terror-helping the local populace isn't (always) funny.
No. 1067891 ID: f2320a

No. 1068981 ID: 9e3b5f

This is the first mention of the word "nipple"
No. 1069213 ID: bc93bc
File 169060767950.png - (238.79KB , 800x800 , rhbds 101.png )

>Open up your palm, wait for a hash brown to inevitably fall straight in, then say "breakfast."
No. 1069214 ID: bc93bc
File 169060768294.png - (247.90KB , 800x800 , rhbds 102.png )

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Breakfast."

:RHBDS_CL: "What the hell kind of breakfast is this you maniac? You've blown the whole roof off!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Bup bup! Don't talk to me until I've had my hash browns."
No. 1069215 ID: bc93bc
File 169060768806.png - (246.15KB , 800x800 , rhbds 103.png )

>Why evil karma?

Well, first of all, *mmmmph* these hash browns are positively sinful, darling!

Secondly, you've just buried the city knee deep in fried potatoes. Leaving aside the traffic problems this is going to create, there's no way even a starving populace is going to eat all of them before they spoil. Do you have any idea how much vermin this is going to attract?

No, no you've just doomed the kingdom to a plague of insects and rats commiserate with several of the more dire religious texts. That's worth some evil karma for sure.

You probably want to be out of the city fairly soon...
No. 1069216 ID: bc93bc
File 169060769123.gif - (188.29KB , 800x800 , rhbds 104.gif )

Ah, it appears your feckless apprentice has completed his ablutions.
No. 1069217 ID: bc93bc
File 169060769642.png - (226.95KB , 800x800 , rhbds 105.png )

Meanwhile Nearby...

Yeoman's Wife: "What do you mean you didn't bring any sour cream? How can you have a hash brown breakfast without sour cream? What, did you think a cartload of sour cream was just going to drop out of the sky??"
No. 1069218 ID: bc93bc
File 169060770745.png - (229.56KB , 800x800 , rhbds 106.png )

Yeoman's Wife: "You're kidding..."
No. 1069219 ID: bc93bc
File 169060771012.png - (147.26KB , 800x800 , rhbds 107.png )

No. 1069220 ID: bc93bc
File 169060771368.png - (178.40KB , 800x800 , rhbds 108.png )

Yeoman's Wife: "This isn't sour cream, this is kobold cum. My point stands."

Yeoman: "How do you know what kobold cum tastes like?"
No. 1069221 ID: bc93bc
File 169060771974.png - (116.68KB , 800x800 , rhbds 109.png )

Scrimbalt returns from the balcony looking considerably relieved.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "About time, apprentice!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "Sorry mistress, there was several weeks' worth of buildup to take care of..."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Yes well now that you've lightened your load, maybe we can finally get the day started."

:RHBDS_CL: "How about we go downstairs and review the plan..."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Yes, let's."
No. 1069226 ID: bc93bc
File 169060862041.png - (180.92KB , 800x800 , rhbds 110.png )

Cyrus leads you and Scrimbalt down to the main hall of the manor, where a blueprint of the castle lies unrolled on a nearby table.

:RHBDS_CL: "See this here? This is the royal treasury of Lundaria. It's loaded with gold and gems and all kinds of priceless junk. Enough to set all of us up for life"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "For life? Hah! You'll have no doubt gambled it away within a month. And what's all this about the royal treasury? I thought we were kidnapping a p-p-p... a p-p-p..."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "*ahem* That we were abducting a royal scion?"

:RHBDS_CL: "That's the beauty of it! The treasury is surrounded by a whole labyrinth of traps and monsters. There's no way anybody's breaking in. But the princess? She's wandering around the castle completely unguarded! All we have to do is kidnap her and hold her for ransom, and the king'll empty the royal treasury right into our laps easy as pie!"

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Easy as pie indeed. If so, why do you require a mage of my magnificence? This seems like something even your band of inbred inebriates could handle."

:RHBDS_CL: "Yeah well, we thought so too, until poor Poncho found out the hard way the castle has a mage lurking around. I never went to wizard school, but I know it's pretty high level magic to kill someone through a scrying sphere."

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Indeed. Something I could easily accomplish, but not many others. I take it your position was not revealed, or the royal mage would have moved against you by now."

You begin to get an idea of why Cyrus was so far from his base of operations last night. No doubt he wanted to be a safe distance away before the lightning bolts started to fall...

:RHBDS_CL: "We got lucky. Looks like he has no idea where we are. Until you decided to get all cloudy with a chance of hashbrowns, that is..."

Oh right. Any decent magic user could probably locate the epicenter of your spell fairly easily from a considerable distance.

Well good.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "The Ridiculously Huge Boobs Dragon Sorceress does not slink and skulk her way around in fear of lesser mages. She announces her arrival to the world!"

:RHBDS_CL: "Oh you've announced it alright..."
No. 1069230 ID: 38349b

This queues up the arrival of Insanely Fat Bottomed Wyrm Witch!

Quick Scrimbalt, shield your eyes from her thighs of plenty!!
No. 1069242 ID: f2847f

the populace doesn't need to eat the hash browns, then can still turn them into a fermentation mash. in just a few short months this town will have more vodka than they know what to do with!
No. 1069262 ID: 5a7a53

take advantage of Scrimbalt's post-nut clarity during the planning. He's should be a genius for a little while after all that.
No. 1069263 ID: e5709d

I see what you mean.

What a &!+(#.

Hm... have you researched any spells that would let you copy Scrimbalt's... you know? Or your rivals' traits?

I say, dig a tunnel to the goal. Even if it's warded with anti-geomancy, you can do half the work now and tunnel out later when you've disabled the wards on the inside.

Really, you should study creative methods of retrieving the contents of the vault.
No. 1069266 ID: e51896

Here's the plan
we, the RHBDS will use our feral dragon magic to become a terrifying giant feral dragon that will capture the princess in her room by flying over there, and reaching in the window to grab her (assuming we have wings in that form, otherwise, this plan won't work). Scrimbalt will be riding on our back to alert us of any danger, and will carry our staff so that he can do spells to help us.

Prince Limpy will pretend to try and stop us with the help of Plum while also being his "translator". They will pretend to fail to stop us, but it will make them look like the hero in the king's eyes. Once they fail, we can have them gain the trust of the king, and manipulate the king to give us what we need, like convince him to give us the ransom, or if that don't work, ask for the treasure to help fund the journey to save the princess.

Peeky Pokey and Picky will sneak into the castle before we start our kidnapping to let us know when the Princess is in her room for us to snatch, and let us know where the mage is so they don't try and use magic to stop us (not that it will effect us in any way). Peeky is the lookout for where everyone in the castle is and where, Pokey will be the one to stab anyone who finds them and hide the bodies, and Picky will try to swipe any weapons he can from the armory to leave the castle defenseless when we make our grand appearance and capture the princess. Maybe he can swipe the mage's magic tome or whatever he has?

Cyrus will stay out of our way. He's messed with us too many times to be untrustworthy.
No. 1069355 ID: fe9c87

I would not call the "hashbrown announcement" only an announcement.
It is best used as breakfast, but also as bait as well as a prime opportunity.

We know the castle has a powerful mage, highly capable and of comparable magical ability.
We also know that they have already dealt with one decent mage who attempted a kidnapping/heist but that there are certainly others working with this now deceased mage.

It is not without reason to suggest and anticipate that they or a significant detachment from the castle may very well be on their way here.

And that is precisely what we want.

If any decent magic user can locate and has seen the effect and power of the spell, than they realize that a much more powerful mage has joined the group the previous mage was apart of.
One that the castle mage may have serious difficulty to stop if at all.

This puts us in a valuable position but only for the next few hours. while the castle handles this situation.
I would anticipate two possible outcomes.
If the castle sends guards to handle the issue they weaken the inner castle defenses if the send enough to eliminate a potentially serious threat and that makes the groups infiltration of the castle and for the princess much easier.

If the mage themselves arrives to sort this out, this would work even better as it removes a key defender from the board if only temporarily. But should allow for much great range of movement and speed in the heist.


I suggest we continue to capitalize on our "announcement" and either make a move against the castle while anticipating that they are now making a move against us.
We could also either leave traps to dwindle numbers even more and buy additional time while they handle it, or leave convincing decoys that will make them assume the threat has been removed.

For a potential plan to kidnap the princess/ break into the castle. We were able to "conquer the gate" by use of levitate objects, judging by the map, we could do this again to get to the princesses tower and kidnap her, and escape through the castle or via some other means.

Not sure if it is possible but is it possible to know what abilities Cyrus can do? Maybe he also has the ability for limited magics? Best to know all options for possible avenues of approach, but I would advise whatever plan to be agreed upon to be hurried and capitalized on.
No. 1069362 ID: f2320a

If she is dead or stuck underground we coild easilly assume her identity if we need too just need to get fat
No. 1072054 ID: 435f13
File 169431209875.png - (248.21KB , 800x800 , rhbds 111.png )

>We know the castle has a powerful mage, highly capable and of comparable magical ability.
>We also know that they have already dealt with one decent mage who attempted a kidnapping/heist but that there are certainly others working with this now deceased mage.
>It is not without reason to suggest and anticipate that they or a significant detachment from the castle may very well be on their way here.

You'd hardly call Poncho McBootyshorts a "decent mage." The little troll was barely an enchanter.

But the part about a powerful mage knowing where you are *is* true.

They wouldn't send a detachment of soldiers to deal with you, a mage would know you'd deal with any mundane threats with just a snap of your fingers.

No, they're going to strike back at you themselves. They could have sent a bolt of lightning already, but it wouldn't do them much good without knowing your exact location to within a square yard or so, and it would reveal their precise location.

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your wish gem tingles. There's magic in the air.

There's no doubt about it, a Sorcerous Duel has begun. Not to be confused with a "Sorceress Duel" which is a type of Sorcerous Duel between sorceresses. Unless your opponent is a woman, in which case a Sorceress Duel has also begun!

At the moment, you're restricted to your prepared spells. You'll need your Tome of Magic if you wish access to your full arsenal.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Scrimbalt! Fetch my Tome of Magic! Hurry!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "At once, mistress!"
No. 1072055 ID: 435f13
File 169431210320.png - (173.65KB , 800x800 , rhbds 112.png )

Scrimbalt scurries upstairs as fast as he can. Your scalp continues to prickle. Your opponent has already made their first move, but you still have no idea what's coming.

You keep your ears perked and your eyes shifting between the shadows as the rest of Cyrus's Crew watch you with confused expressions. They don't know what's up yet, though Cyrus seems a little on edge. His wish gem is probably tingling, too.

Suddenly you hear Scrimbalt's high-pitched scream from upstairs. There's a loud crash and seconds later your apprentice comes tumbling down the stairs, crashing hard into a pillar at the bottom!


:RHBDS_CL: "What the hell is going on??"
No. 1072056 ID: 435f13
File 169431210646.png - (102.88KB , 800x800 , rhbds 113.png )

A bellowing roar echoes through the hall and the sound of heavy footsteps sends tremors through the floor.

A lumpy behemoth looms out of the darkness at the top of the stairs. Its eyes are dark pits in a crude face shiny with hot oil. The beast roars again and its breath smells like stale grease and fried potatoes.

Looks like your opponent has summoned a Hash Brown Elemental to come and kill you!
No. 1072057 ID: 38349b

You... you don't even need to use magic for this one, whoever magic'd this brought you a bit of an early lunch.

Commit vore on the elemental, invite your party to join in too!
No. 1072058 ID: fb8a42

You have to show them that you're really not scared

You're playin' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare

So eat it
No. 1072059 ID: 4aaad5

Summon goose to eat this mostrosity!
No. 1072060 ID: f2847f

no time to think! cast summon goose, the hunger of a ravenous waterfowl will make short work of the carbohydrate creature!
No. 1072063 ID: e5709d

Interesting. Could your opponent be countering your spells by absorbing some insight from the effects only to create a wildly different spell with the same elemental traits?

You are a dragon. Roast and devour.
No. 1072067 ID: 38349b

ok actually it would be funny if you flame'd it, summoned goose, and all had a grand meal!
No. 1072069 ID: 4aaad5

Making a quick ammendment to my suggestion
Summon goose to HELP you eat the monster. Theres no way youre going to finish all that without getting a stomach ache. Goose will help tho.
No. 1072070 ID: 4481aa


All your opponent did was bring your breakfast to you.
No. 1072094 ID: 06cb78


I'd assume our duelist is testing the waters a bit here with such a simple foe. While others suggest the obvious choice to handle such a threat, suppose for a moment, that that is precisely what they want you to do.They most likely felt the same effect when they arrived and are sending this elemental to burn your spells and gauge your ability or render you immobile. It would certainly make the upcoming battle between you two much easier on them.

I would suggest surf heated with your fire breath to be the most practical to break up the elemental since it is composed of grease and sufficiently heated water dissolves grease and should swiftly dispatch this foe.

But I also agree with the others who have suggested the summoning of the goose,but that would release a far greater plague upon this world and the only way to remove it is to summon another, I'm not sure this place could take two. use only as a last resort.

Cyrus and his crew most likely will be escaping as you handle this elemental. Cyrus does not appear nor is the type that will stick around and help, more to leave it up to you and you should not expect his assistance unless he has no choice.

But.... You may be able to force his hand if you snatch that map of the royal treasury that's still on the table. Not sure how it was acquired but it is most likely very integral to the plan and without it it most likely couldn't succeed without it. You could use it to force their assistance with this fight and possibly the one upcoming in exchange for not burning it or destroying it. No honor amongst thieves after all, just be mindful and careful of Picky.
No. 1072109 ID: 918cdb

Summon geese nutz!

Ha, gottem!
No. 1072608 ID: f2320a

ITS BREAKFAST TIME summon your inner starved child then very fat preteen as puperty hit, as its TIME TO FEAST
No. 1079129 ID: 435f13
File 170233057305.png - (152.91KB , 800x800 , rhbds 115.png )

>Summon goose to eat this mostrosity!

>no time to think! cast summon goose, the hunger of a ravenous waterfowl will make short work of the carbohydrate creature!

>Summon goose to HELP you eat the monster. Theres no way youre going to finish all that without getting a stomach ache. Goose will help tho.

>Summon geese nutz!

You cast Summon Goose!. The wicked bird glares hatefully around the room with beady eyes. It is clearly upset at having been summoned from its home plane of K'anada.

For bringing such an evil creature into this world, you have accrued +8 Evil Karma.
No. 1079130 ID: 435f13
File 170233057990.png - (344.70KB , 800x800 , rhbds 115a.png )

Summon Goose has been expended.
No. 1079131 ID: 435f13
File 170233058242.png - (67.39KB , 800x800 , rhbds 116.png )

The goose lets out a terrifying honk and immediately attacks Plum, hissing and beating her with its wings.

Your allies have been thrown into confusion.
No. 1079132 ID: 435f13
File 170233058603.png - (152.14KB , 800x800 , rhbds 117.png )

Perfect. With your allies safely occupied by the goose, there is no one to get in your way.
No. 1079133 ID: 435f13
File 170233059241.png - (178.10KB , 800x800 , rhbds 118.png )

>Commit vore on the elemental

>ITS BREAKFAST TIME summon your inner starved child then very fat preteen as puperty hit, as its TIME TO FEAST

You leap upon the startled hashbrown elemental and begin to feast. Your Draconic Appetite is more than a match for the starchy monstrosity.

The hashbrown elemental roars piteously as it is consumed.
No. 1079134 ID: 435f13
File 170233059517.png - (181.76KB , 800x800 , rhbds 119.png )

The hashbrown elemental has been defeated!

You let out a triumphant belch and collapse to the floor, your belly stretched to its limit by 500lbs of fried potatoes.

You are now encumbered!
No. 1079135 ID: 7f3674

Well darn. Well, it looks like your going to need to have scrimbalt use his giant dick like a forklift to carry you around... again.
No. 1079136 ID: d83270

Welp til you finish digesting you are now Ridiculously Huge Belly Dragon Sorceress.
No. 1079138 ID: b42d1e

well, looks like she's not so priddy anymore
No. 1079139 ID: 8b8c72

Sit back, relax, and digest while you watch these assholes get mauled by a goose.
No. 1079140 ID: 8f9bc4

Nonsense! Your beauty cannot be marred by mere girth! Now hold on just—maybe you can—roll or—otherwise majestically begin the hunt for your mysterious wizardly foe.
No. 1079143 ID: 2a82d3

You know what pairs well wit mashed (fried) potatoes, right? Turkey, but goose will do. Preferably with ketchup, the favored condiment of K'anadaians.
No. 1079154 ID: b6ec4d


Lure the goose in with some of the remaining hash. Thankfully, geese are stupid, so you should be able to-

Hey! Don't touch that you stupid goose! Give that back! Don't make us run right now, just bring it- Gah! What the hell, don't honk at us so suddenly!
No. 1079155 ID: 87e33c

This because dinner and a show
No. 1079168 ID: 435f13
File 170235569416.png - (118.08KB , 800x800 , rhbds 120.png )

>Well darn. Well, it looks like your going to need to have scrimbalt use his giant dick like a forklift to carry you around... again.

Looks like your feckless apprentice is still unconscious and pinned beneath your Magical Tome.
No. 1079171 ID: 435f13
File 170235613217.png - (142.07KB , 800x800 , rhbds 121.png )

>Sit back, relax, and digest while you watch these assholes get mauled by a goose.

Faced by such a terrible foe, Prince Limpy has no choice but to unsheathe the legendary invincible Bloodline Sword! The magical sword is the bane of all evil and has never failed to strike its target.

There is a horrible honk, a scream, a flash of silver steel and the goose falls dead, its heart pierced by the legendary blade.

Prince Limpy has slain the goose!

Unfortunately, victory comes at a terrible price. During the struggle, the goose managed to land a fatal nip on the prince's thumb. All of Limpy's pure, royal blood drains from his body in seconds.

With the last of his strength, Prince Limpy manages to gasp out a few parting words before his eyes close forever...

:RHBDS_Limpy: "Aht laosht, Ahr ahm a truah heroah, eh wot?"

With the passing of the Last of the Bloodline Heroes the legendary Bloodline Sword dissolves into mist...

Prince Limpy has fallen in battle!

The hairs of your mane begin to tingle once again. Your sorcerous opponent has cast another spell!
No. 1079174 ID: 84a61b

Don't let Limpy's sacrifice be in vain. Save some of the the ROYAL BLOOD in a flask to empower your counterspell!
No. 1079176 ID: a25322

Why don't you use Ghostly Step to sneak out and find the sorcerer? Let the crew here deal with whatever minions she summons to fight for her.


Good call, you may not get to collect it later.
No. 1079177 ID: 38349b

Thirding the theft of blood but also ghostly step yo self outta here, they'll never hear your massively endowed and heavily encumbered footfall coming
No. 1079178 ID: eb0a9c

Wow. It's clear that you mistake your inner demons for gods. You killed the keystone of your plan because you enviously craved hash browns that nobody else wanted!

Cast Blood Rain using Limpy's blood to unleash a slew of incurable diseases upon the castle. Then it's just a matter of waiting for their slow and horrific deaths before you can raid the vault for everything.

Oh, and power your Soul Gem with the Princess' Ghost.
No. 1079179 ID: 76615e

Methinks it will have to be Ghostly Roll now that you have become orb.
Fourthing the blood get, you never know.
No. 1079180 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh thank goodness. I mean oh no, how tragic.
No. 1079184 ID: 2a82d3

How high can Evil Karma get again? Do you remember what happened when it stacks? If we have to balance it out, there's always spending magic on helping the odd innocent bystander.

That's no one here, at least.
No. 1079189 ID: 0f442b

Would be a shame to let all that blood go to waste after all. Inflict feebleness and dysintery upon your foes.
No. 1079190 ID: f2320a

okay TIME FOR MAGIC lets see what spell in our book we can use we should have a classic revival spell or something to put the blood back in and a electric shock to start the heart he has not gone cold yet and it has not been 2 minutes so there is still hope.
we could also save his sperm atleast
No. 1079191 ID: f2320a

for possible plan
1: Banish Cramps for your stomach
2: Levitate object your stomach so you can atleast crawl on all 4 to your book or ghost step to the book so you can find the needed spell to save limpy

even if he has no blood you can always put it in and give his heart a shock or something perhaps you can make him reborn/reincarnate/recreating his body
No. 1079200 ID: cbe5b1

Eh, somebody probably has a clone jar spell, right? Just save some of that blood. Or guess you could power word cum on him and save that to try artificially inseminate someone later. Eventually the genetic lottery might reconvene the genes into someone who's pure-blooded by whatever technicality the sword judges on, right?... Ok, not the best plan. Where did Plum get to, isn't it her job to keep him alive?

Anyway, your immediate problem is being able to move. Either use Milk Blast to drop some calories quick (maybe if you aim up towards your opponent it'll make a wet floor to distract them? Set up a combo into surf?) or feral form to have more legs to walk with, or wings to help lift yourself up, or something. Just get moving! You're a sitting duck!
No. 1079208 ID: 3516b5

You know Levitate boobs (legendary) by default, right? That was enough to lift your whole body last time, should provide enough lift now that you can at least walk around.
No. 1079220 ID: f2320a

when moving we need a goal in mind such as the book and figure out the situation.
not sure milk blast would work as the food is not digested, other then painfully crawling but rapid casting the cramp removal will remove some future issues with moving atleast actually not sure how fast we can spell diffrent spells
No. 1079231 ID: ac7c8d

I kinda want some of our servants who arent immobile to roll us around like some kind of katamari ball
No. 1079290 ID: 56db77

Note to self: memorize some sort of rapid metabolism spell un the future
No. 1079305 ID: dc13d7

Don't forget to grab the goose carvass too. It's a prince slayer and bloodline ender now, very valuable.

Use Boost Caboose to move that potato weight to your butt.
No. 1079351 ID: 52fa1e

Quick, say " no hemo" so Limpy stops bleeding.

Then cast the spell for uuh... losing weight fast.
No. 1079365 ID: 8f9bc4


That would have been a good spell to prepare, last night, before Limpy died just now. Already. Forever. Completely. Never to be raised as a zombie, because who would do that?
No. 1081427 ID: f2320a

If its the goblins fault for not protecting him can could just jam in the batter for reincarnation/continuation of the bloodline its not like they have tried not doing incest
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