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File 168342645716.png - (196.20KB , 600x600 , Title Card.png )
1062859 No. 1062859 ID: 8be3de

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No. 1069362 ID: f2320a

If she is dead or stuck underground we coild easilly assume her identity if we need too just need to get fat
No. 1072054 ID: 435f13
File 169431209875.png - (248.21KB , 800x800 , rhbds 111.png )

>We know the castle has a powerful mage, highly capable and of comparable magical ability.
>We also know that they have already dealt with one decent mage who attempted a kidnapping/heist but that there are certainly others working with this now deceased mage.
>It is not without reason to suggest and anticipate that they or a significant detachment from the castle may very well be on their way here.

You'd hardly call Poncho McBootyshorts a "decent mage." The little troll was barely an enchanter.

But the part about a powerful mage knowing where you are *is* true.

They wouldn't send a detachment of soldiers to deal with you, a mage would know you'd deal with any mundane threats with just a snap of your fingers.

No, they're going to strike back at you themselves. They could have sent a bolt of lightning already, but it wouldn't do them much good without knowing your exact location to within a square yard or so, and it would reveal their precise location.

The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your wish gem tingles. There's magic in the air.

There's no doubt about it, a Sorcerous Duel has begun. Not to be confused with a "Sorceress Duel" which is a type of Sorcerous Duel between sorceresses. Unless your opponent is a woman, in which case a Sorceress Duel has also begun!

At the moment, you're restricted to your prepared spells. You'll need your Tome of Magic if you wish access to your full arsenal.

:RHBDS_RHBDS: "Scrimbalt! Fetch my Tome of Magic! Hurry!"

:RHBDS_Scrimbalt: "At once, mistress!"
No. 1072055 ID: 435f13
File 169431210320.png - (173.65KB , 800x800 , rhbds 112.png )

Scrimbalt scurries upstairs as fast as he can. Your scalp continues to prickle. Your opponent has already made their first move, but you still have no idea what's coming.

You keep your ears perked and your eyes shifting between the shadows as the rest of Cyrus's Crew watch you with confused expressions. They don't know what's up yet, though Cyrus seems a little on edge. His wish gem is probably tingling, too.

Suddenly you hear Scrimbalt's high-pitched scream from upstairs. There's a loud crash and seconds later your apprentice comes tumbling down the stairs, crashing hard into a pillar at the bottom!


:RHBDS_CL: "What the hell is going on??"
No. 1072056 ID: 435f13
File 169431210646.png - (102.88KB , 800x800 , rhbds 113.png )

A bellowing roar echoes through the hall and the sound of heavy footsteps sends tremors through the floor.

A lumpy behemoth looms out of the darkness at the top of the stairs. Its eyes are dark pits in a crude face shiny with hot oil. The beast roars again and its breath smells like stale grease and fried potatoes.

Looks like your opponent has summoned a Hash Brown Elemental to come and kill you!
No. 1072057 ID: 38349b

You... you don't even need to use magic for this one, whoever magic'd this brought you a bit of an early lunch.

Commit vore on the elemental, invite your party to join in too!
No. 1072058 ID: fb8a42

You have to show them that you're really not scared

You're playin' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare

So eat it
No. 1072059 ID: 4aaad5

Summon goose to eat this mostrosity!
No. 1072060 ID: f2847f

no time to think! cast summon goose, the hunger of a ravenous waterfowl will make short work of the carbohydrate creature!
No. 1072063 ID: e5709d

Interesting. Could your opponent be countering your spells by absorbing some insight from the effects only to create a wildly different spell with the same elemental traits?

You are a dragon. Roast and devour.
No. 1072067 ID: 38349b

ok actually it would be funny if you flame'd it, summoned goose, and all had a grand meal!
No. 1072069 ID: 4aaad5

Making a quick ammendment to my suggestion
Summon goose to HELP you eat the monster. Theres no way youre going to finish all that without getting a stomach ache. Goose will help tho.
No. 1072070 ID: 4481aa


All your opponent did was bring your breakfast to you.
No. 1072094 ID: 06cb78


I'd assume our duelist is testing the waters a bit here with such a simple foe. While others suggest the obvious choice to handle such a threat, suppose for a moment, that that is precisely what they want you to do.They most likely felt the same effect when they arrived and are sending this elemental to burn your spells and gauge your ability or render you immobile. It would certainly make the upcoming battle between you two much easier on them.

I would suggest surf heated with your fire breath to be the most practical to break up the elemental since it is composed of grease and sufficiently heated water dissolves grease and should swiftly dispatch this foe.

But I also agree with the others who have suggested the summoning of the goose,but that would release a far greater plague upon this world and the only way to remove it is to summon another, I'm not sure this place could take two. use only as a last resort.

Cyrus and his crew most likely will be escaping as you handle this elemental. Cyrus does not appear nor is the type that will stick around and help, more to leave it up to you and you should not expect his assistance unless he has no choice.

But.... You may be able to force his hand if you snatch that map of the royal treasury that's still on the table. Not sure how it was acquired but it is most likely very integral to the plan and without it it most likely couldn't succeed without it. You could use it to force their assistance with this fight and possibly the one upcoming in exchange for not burning it or destroying it. No honor amongst thieves after all, just be mindful and careful of Picky.
No. 1072109 ID: 918cdb

Summon geese nutz!

Ha, gottem!
No. 1072608 ID: f2320a

ITS BREAKFAST TIME summon your inner starved child then very fat preteen as puperty hit, as its TIME TO FEAST
No. 1079129 ID: 435f13
File 170233057305.png - (152.91KB , 800x800 , rhbds 115.png )

>Summon goose to eat this mostrosity!

>no time to think! cast summon goose, the hunger of a ravenous waterfowl will make short work of the carbohydrate creature!

>Summon goose to HELP you eat the monster. Theres no way youre going to finish all that without getting a stomach ache. Goose will help tho.

>Summon geese nutz!

You cast Summon Goose!. The wicked bird glares hatefully around the room with beady eyes. It is clearly upset at having been summoned from its home plane of K'anada.

For bringing such an evil creature into this world, you have accrued +8 Evil Karma.
No. 1079130 ID: 435f13
File 170233057990.png - (344.70KB , 800x800 , rhbds 115a.png )

Summon Goose has been expended.
No. 1079131 ID: 435f13
File 170233058242.png - (67.39KB , 800x800 , rhbds 116.png )

The goose lets out a terrifying honk and immediately attacks Plum, hissing and beating her with its wings.

Your allies have been thrown into confusion.
No. 1079132 ID: 435f13
File 170233058603.png - (152.14KB , 800x800 , rhbds 117.png )

Perfect. With your allies safely occupied by the goose, there is no one to get in your way.
No. 1079133 ID: 435f13
File 170233059241.png - (178.10KB , 800x800 , rhbds 118.png )

>Commit vore on the elemental

>ITS BREAKFAST TIME summon your inner starved child then very fat preteen as puperty hit, as its TIME TO FEAST

You leap upon the startled hashbrown elemental and begin to feast. Your Draconic Appetite is more than a match for the starchy monstrosity.

The hashbrown elemental roars piteously as it is consumed.
No. 1079134 ID: 435f13
File 170233059517.png - (181.76KB , 800x800 , rhbds 119.png )

The hashbrown elemental has been defeated!

You let out a triumphant belch and collapse to the floor, your belly stretched to its limit by 500lbs of fried potatoes.

You are now encumbered!
No. 1079135 ID: 7f3674

Well darn. Well, it looks like your going to need to have scrimbalt use his giant dick like a forklift to carry you around... again.
No. 1079136 ID: d83270

Welp til you finish digesting you are now Ridiculously Huge Belly Dragon Sorceress.
No. 1079138 ID: b42d1e

well, looks like she's not so priddy anymore
No. 1079139 ID: 8b8c72

Sit back, relax, and digest while you watch these assholes get mauled by a goose.
No. 1079140 ID: 8f9bc4

Nonsense! Your beauty cannot be marred by mere girth! Now hold on just—maybe you can—roll or—otherwise majestically begin the hunt for your mysterious wizardly foe.
No. 1079143 ID: 2a82d3

You know what pairs well wit mashed (fried) potatoes, right? Turkey, but goose will do. Preferably with ketchup, the favored condiment of K'anadaians.
No. 1079154 ID: b6ec4d


Lure the goose in with some of the remaining hash. Thankfully, geese are stupid, so you should be able to-

Hey! Don't touch that you stupid goose! Give that back! Don't make us run right now, just bring it- Gah! What the hell, don't honk at us so suddenly!
No. 1079155 ID: 87e33c

This because dinner and a show
No. 1079168 ID: 435f13
File 170235569416.png - (118.08KB , 800x800 , rhbds 120.png )

>Well darn. Well, it looks like your going to need to have scrimbalt use his giant dick like a forklift to carry you around... again.

Looks like your feckless apprentice is still unconscious and pinned beneath your Magical Tome.
No. 1079171 ID: 435f13
File 170235613217.png - (142.07KB , 800x800 , rhbds 121.png )

>Sit back, relax, and digest while you watch these assholes get mauled by a goose.

Faced by such a terrible foe, Prince Limpy has no choice but to unsheathe the legendary invincible Bloodline Sword! The magical sword is the bane of all evil and has never failed to strike its target.

There is a horrible honk, a scream, a flash of silver steel and the goose falls dead, its heart pierced by the legendary blade.

Prince Limpy has slain the goose!

Unfortunately, victory comes at a terrible price. During the struggle, the goose managed to land a fatal nip on the prince's thumb. All of Limpy's pure, royal blood drains from his body in seconds.

With the last of his strength, Prince Limpy manages to gasp out a few parting words before his eyes close forever...

:RHBDS_Limpy: "Aht laosht, Ahr ahm a truah heroah, eh wot?"

With the passing of the Last of the Bloodline Heroes the legendary Bloodline Sword dissolves into mist...

Prince Limpy has fallen in battle!

The hairs of your mane begin to tingle once again. Your sorcerous opponent has cast another spell!
No. 1079174 ID: 84a61b

Don't let Limpy's sacrifice be in vain. Save some of the the ROYAL BLOOD in a flask to empower your counterspell!
No. 1079176 ID: a25322

Why don't you use Ghostly Step to sneak out and find the sorcerer? Let the crew here deal with whatever minions she summons to fight for her.


Good call, you may not get to collect it later.
No. 1079177 ID: 38349b

Thirding the theft of blood but also ghostly step yo self outta here, they'll never hear your massively endowed and heavily encumbered footfall coming
No. 1079178 ID: eb0a9c

Wow. It's clear that you mistake your inner demons for gods. You killed the keystone of your plan because you enviously craved hash browns that nobody else wanted!

Cast Blood Rain using Limpy's blood to unleash a slew of incurable diseases upon the castle. Then it's just a matter of waiting for their slow and horrific deaths before you can raid the vault for everything.

Oh, and power your Soul Gem with the Princess' Ghost.
No. 1079179 ID: 76615e

Methinks it will have to be Ghostly Roll now that you have become orb.
Fourthing the blood get, you never know.
No. 1079180 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh thank goodness. I mean oh no, how tragic.
No. 1079184 ID: 2a82d3

How high can Evil Karma get again? Do you remember what happened when it stacks? If we have to balance it out, there's always spending magic on helping the odd innocent bystander.

That's no one here, at least.
No. 1079189 ID: 0f442b

Would be a shame to let all that blood go to waste after all. Inflict feebleness and dysintery upon your foes.
No. 1079190 ID: f2320a

okay TIME FOR MAGIC lets see what spell in our book we can use we should have a classic revival spell or something to put the blood back in and a electric shock to start the heart he has not gone cold yet and it has not been 2 minutes so there is still hope.
we could also save his sperm atleast
No. 1079191 ID: f2320a

for possible plan
1: Banish Cramps for your stomach
2: Levitate object your stomach so you can atleast crawl on all 4 to your book or ghost step to the book so you can find the needed spell to save limpy

even if he has no blood you can always put it in and give his heart a shock or something perhaps you can make him reborn/reincarnate/recreating his body
No. 1079200 ID: cbe5b1

Eh, somebody probably has a clone jar spell, right? Just save some of that blood. Or guess you could power word cum on him and save that to try artificially inseminate someone later. Eventually the genetic lottery might reconvene the genes into someone who's pure-blooded by whatever technicality the sword judges on, right?... Ok, not the best plan. Where did Plum get to, isn't it her job to keep him alive?

Anyway, your immediate problem is being able to move. Either use Milk Blast to drop some calories quick (maybe if you aim up towards your opponent it'll make a wet floor to distract them? Set up a combo into surf?) or feral form to have more legs to walk with, or wings to help lift yourself up, or something. Just get moving! You're a sitting duck!
No. 1079208 ID: 3516b5

You know Levitate boobs (legendary) by default, right? That was enough to lift your whole body last time, should provide enough lift now that you can at least walk around.
No. 1079220 ID: f2320a

when moving we need a goal in mind such as the book and figure out the situation.
not sure milk blast would work as the food is not digested, other then painfully crawling but rapid casting the cramp removal will remove some future issues with moving atleast actually not sure how fast we can spell diffrent spells
No. 1079231 ID: ac7c8d

I kinda want some of our servants who arent immobile to roll us around like some kind of katamari ball
No. 1079290 ID: 56db77

Note to self: memorize some sort of rapid metabolism spell un the future
No. 1079305 ID: dc13d7

Don't forget to grab the goose carvass too. It's a prince slayer and bloodline ender now, very valuable.

Use Boost Caboose to move that potato weight to your butt.
No. 1079351 ID: 52fa1e

Quick, say " no hemo" so Limpy stops bleeding.

Then cast the spell for uuh... losing weight fast.
No. 1079365 ID: 8f9bc4


That would have been a good spell to prepare, last night, before Limpy died just now. Already. Forever. Completely. Never to be raised as a zombie, because who would do that?
No. 1081427 ID: f2320a

If its the goblins fault for not protecting him can could just jam in the batter for reincarnation/continuation of the bloodline its not like they have tried not doing incest
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