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File 168297398857.png - (35.62KB , 500x900 , T2_000.png )
1062470 No. 1062470 ID: 87e33c

Strain: To make strenuous and continuous effort by overexerting, twisting, or injuring (a limb, muscle, organ, or societal norm).

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

[SEASON 1]: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/1043457.html

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ content like violence, and light sexual content.
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No. 1063931 ID: 38349b
File 168429500321.png - (12.31KB , 500x500 , T2_016.png )

The ride gets bumpier as you proceed further inside of Lyst, eventually your vehicle can't progress so you have to hike a bit of a ways up to a cliff.

You: Why does this town feel so dead, it's very close to Donjon after all?
Saba: Kin here say it's cursed
Saba: We think it might have to do with tech kind of breaking easily in this place
Saba: You have to lead line specific rooms just to have computers
Saba: Even have to use EMP-proof vehicles here
[PAZURU]: The [MANA] interferes with the [TECH]
[PAZURU]: And digital cameras are largely ineffective
Saba: Though most kin who live here know [MAGIC]
Saba: It's just kind of useless outside of town
You: Well, we're here to hopefully remedy that
Saba: Also weirdly high skin and liver cancer rate
[PAZURU]: That cave over there
You: This way y'all

You descend into a small opening on the side of the cliff, at first it's pitch black, but then you notice several glowing purple mushrooms that increase in frequency until you reach what looks to be an underground pool, only the water is an iridescent purple.

Josephine presents a chunk of Kaiju bone, taken from a Kellpo, and a knife, while Saba presents a bunch of leather, scissors, and thread made from Kaiju parts. You then describe a rather convoluted process where you have to quench the materials in the pool as they are being constructed in their final form over the course of [1 INTERMISSION ACTIVITY].

You also think about making your own focus as well, but are unable to do so while instructing them. [PAZURU] gives you a look, as if guessing what you're thinking.
No. 1063932 ID: 38349b
File 168429502442.png - (13.96KB , 500x500 , T2_017.png )

[PAZURU]: Didn't I tell you that it would take [TIME] to learn or do
You: But I have time now…
[PAZURU]: You're teaching them, that's what your [TIME] is being spent on
[PAZURU]: Plus it's not like you [NEED] it
You: But I waaaaaaaaaaaaaant it

Josephine finishes first, the object in her hand begins to arc a purple lightning and blind the entire room for a moment. After the light vanishes you notice that she's holding what looks like a rather modern revolver. She spins it around in her hand and examines it in detail.

Josephine: Huh, it uh, huh
Josephine: It's almost exactly like the gun I was thinking of
[PAZURU]: The [MANA] filled in the gaps of their [DESIRE]
[PAZURU]: Cleaning up and refining the concept they were envisioning
[PAZURU]: The Foci also acts as a portable battery, refilling their [MANA] over time
You: This is cool as hell and I'm jealous
Saba: Says the lady that can go big, anyway I'm done

Saba's object crackles and glows with purple energy before returning to normal, he doesn't appear to be holding anything, but that's when you realize he's wearing a new pair of white gloves. They are inlaid with almost circuitry like purple lines that pulse with an almost heartbeat-like frequency.

The two talk about their creations with manic glee before rushing up to you and asking you how to actually use [MANA], to which you look to [PAZURU].

[PAZURU]: They already know how to use [MANA]
[PAZURU]: It's part of the creation process
[PAZURU]: They just need to target their [DESIRE] on their [FOCUS]
You: Apparently you need to concentrate on your focus

No. 1063939 ID: 38349b
File 168429510121.png - (15.57KB , 500x500 , T2_018.png )

Josephine does not even pause as she rushes outside and aims at a nearby log. The log is pierced by an arc of purple light and she stands there in awe.

Josephine: I'm a fucking wizard
Saba: Alright Miss Gun Wizard let your sensei show you how it's done!

Saba touches the ground with one hand and several rectangular pillars pop out of the ground, launching the log into the sky. He then stands up and with a manic grin snaps the fingers on his other hand, detonating the thing in a burst of purple energy causing his glasses to glint in the light.

You: Saba you are such a weeb
You: So how long do you think we have?
[PAZURU]: Dunno, this is the first time I've seen this happen
You: You've seen other Kaiju fights?
[PAZURU]: None as efficient as this, but I suspect you've got [1 TIME POINT] at the minimum
[PAZURU]: Plus you got the [MIDBOSS] before they could even do a thing
[PAZURU]: I can't wait to find out what's happening next on the [HAILEY MARY SHOW]!!
You: See, I told you you'd have fun if you came out of your uh… void hole?


You've taught the government - ARCANE FOCUS CREATION
- Your reputation with the government has increase to [RANK B]
- Guards will be more effective against Kaiju
- They will start training others in the use of [MANA], creating a future event
- The government will be slightly more lenient with potential future rule-breaking

You've taught Josephine how to use [MANA]
- Your relationship with Josephine has increased to [RANK B]
Josephine will now provide the mission trait - MAGIC KNIGHT
- Josephine LEADS the GUARDS that follow you into combat with the Kaiju
- Efficiency of suppressing or capturing kaiju when partnered with her squad improve by 2x
- Can be ordered to act independently as if she was her own squad of guards

- Time will pass

- You have at the minimum, at least 1 downtime action before anything of note happens
- You remember that [PAZURU] wants you to make her a body
- You remember that you still have to figure out how to access [PARADISO]
- You also know that you could send a message to the government and ask for a quote on how much specific self invested upgrades would cost (these will appear on the stats page when asked for)
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
- Downtime Activities: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/src/166553193083.png

No. 1063941 ID: a7a180

You're still pretty heavily wounded, so focus on healing this downtime. Hopefully that leaves time for a gaming session with your new wizard pals!
No. 1063943 ID: 273c18

hmm... could we make a focus that is ALSO Pazuru's body?
No. 1063944 ID: 629f2e


Self-care is super important, and you gotta treat yourself. If you want to try and do something that feals productive-ish while you recover, why not get Donna to visit? Maybe she can even bring Momo, and you can just hang out together for a bit.
No. 1063946 ID: e51896

B. Lets focus on that body for Pazuru, yeah? now that Josephine and Saba knows magic and can help in battle, we won't need to worry about getting hurt as much. Pazuru is worried we might not get the time to do it in the future.

Ask Josephine if she knows anyone or anything about helping Pazuru about that, like if theres anyone in the government that could help do that with robotics, or if there is anyone outside she knows like a robot inventor we can persuade to help us.
No. 1063947 ID: 36784c

Voting for A

I don't like that our Wounds are at 3/8. I want to get that down to a minimum of 2/8.
No. 1063957 ID: 139b7e

B. Make plans to design Pazuru a body.

Pazuru said that her body has to be a [WILLING VESSEL], or a [CRAFTED] one and it must have [VAGUELY FELINE] traits.

Pazuru also said that a purely mechanical body would be [TOLERABLE], a synthetic one would be [FINE], and a biological one would be [FAVORABLE].

Pazuru then said that a productive first step would likely be to spend time with DONNA or to spend time with JOSEPHINE.

I'm sure if we follow these guidelines, we can find a way to help Pazuru get a body!

And to be completely honest, if we're gonna talk about this stuff, I'd like to go to that one room that Phyllis took us to. That room has a lock down that makes it so that absolutely nobody outside the room can hear anything we talk about. I really don't want the higher-ups to hear about us making a body for Pazuru, since they might mess with our plans or something.
No. 1063960 ID: f2320a

Could we get a just normal fat feral house cat?
No. 1063961 ID: 139b7e

Not sure if that would work, since Pazuru said the vessel has to be willing. Not sure if a house cat is capable of giving consent.
No. 1064007 ID: 58dd24

downtime action hang out with Donna. Apparently she can help advance Pazuru's project and we should do it anyway
No. 1064010 ID: e51896

I have a feeling Josephine and Donna has their own special way to create a body for Pazuru:

Josephine's way would be to try to get Pazuru a robotic body, probably from an inventor she knows

meanwhile, Donna will try to give Pazuru a plush toy body, essentially making Pazuru a pseudo plush-kin... or maybe become an actual Plush-kin? I dunno, lol
No. 1064086 ID: c6bedc

Oh no Donna totally would go for the plushie

I vote A by the way.
No. 1064133 ID: 87e33c
File 168453497034.png - (15.84KB , 500x500 , T2_019.png )

You: I wanna hang with my friiiiieeennds
You: But Resssssssst
[PAZURU]: You could just invite them over while you rest
[PAZURU]: It won't be [PRODUCTIVE] but they can say hi
You: Yes, you have the big brain

You head back to your lair, dragging a reluctant Josephine away from her magic and shooting Donna a message. After a brief trip you all find yourselves in the EVIL MEDICAL ROOM.

Donna: Wow you look like shit
You: No, I look like a about 5/8 million Funds
You: But what about you, where have you been?!!?
Donna: Pouring money into horny infrastructure
Donna: Setting up mass orgies
Donna: Getting dicked down
Donna: Being a hedonist is a hard life style
Josephine: Oh boo hoo hoo
Josephine: I think Hailey's a bit more important

The two bicker and you rest with the ambient noise of your friends accompanying you. Time passes quickly as your other friends pop in to see you and you rest up.

You have taken the [REST] action
- You will heal [(.5(base) x 2(Evil Medical Room Bonus) = 1 HP)]
- 1 downtime action worth of time will pass
- Your Wounds have dropped to 2/8

No. 1064134 ID: 87e33c
File 168453498643.png - (12.16KB , 500x500 , T2_020.png )

It's time for a meeting with your confidants. Josephine, Phyllis, Alberta, and Donna all meet with you and [PAZURU] in the special meeting room, just to prevent any prying ears.

You: Only the kin in this room know about our floating friend [PAZURU]
Alberta: Still skeptical, but she did let us learn [MANA]
Phyllis: Records about a [HISTORIC PARASITE] are nonexistant
[PAZURU]: There's no chance they have any info on me
[PAZURU]: Remember, [YOU] are the only one I've interacted with
Phyllis: And there's only fiction on interdimensional beings
Donna: I'm an interdimensional being!

The room pauses as everyone looks at Donna.

Donna: Yeah, Hailey talked to [LUST] and I came here!
Alberta: I, uh, yeah, but we kind of thought that was an exaggeration.
Donna: Nah man, New Crust City, born and raised!
[PAZURU]: I don't have much on her, sadly
[PAZURU]: She only recently entered my [JURISDICTION]
[PAZURU]: It's the same for that Momo character too
You: Whatever, back to topic, thoughts on making her a body?
Josephine: Well I was thinking about making some sort of pseudo construct
Josephine: Combine a Focus with some sort of costume
Josephine: Would probably cost around [3 FUNDS] to make it look good
[PAZURU]: That could work, she's got a good aesthetic understanding.
[PAZURU]: Though I would prefer something alive.
You: She says maybe, would prefer a living thing
Alberta: Could we shove her in a fat cat or something
[PAZURU]: A non-sapient cat is worse than the costume one
[PAZURU]: Also it would die of shock from the process
You: Big nope, the cat would die

No. 1064135 ID: 87e33c
File 168453500709.png - (15.35KB , 500x500 , T2_021.png )

Donna: I know a lady who can make a plush doll
Donna: Could fill it with "legally acquired" plush-kin stuffing
Donna: Would cost around [5 FUNDS], and you can't ask for my sources!
[PAZURU]: That would technically be a living construct and slightly better
[PAZURU]: Or would result in a stillborn I can inhabit with minimal issues
You: She says it's better and technically alive
Donna: Oooh, I MIGHT know a HUNK who could just make a clone
Phyllis: I'm sorry what.
Donna: Y'know, empty shells of flesh, no brain function
Donna: But it costs like [8 FUNDS], and you can't ask where I got it!!
[PAZURU]: That… would be the best option if possible
[PAZURU]: But would be fiscally inviable
[PAZURU]: So don't worry about it…
Alberta: I always knew you were a bit sketchy…
Donna: Me? Nah, I just know loooooots of kin who like sex!
Phyllis: Would the body be a replica of some-kin?
Donna: More like a slurry of multiple kin, so they won't be an exact look-alike!
Alberta: Who the fuck have you been hanging out with Donna???
Donna: I unno, kin of various walks of life?
Donna: Certainly beats hanging out here, what with the two bickering kaiju downstairs
Donna: Anyway, how's about we head to the beach after this?!
Alberta: Maybe, I do have a beach house.

The meeting ends there, with each of your confidants heading off to the other room to give you some time to yourself.

What do you do about [PAZURU]'s body

- Ask Josephine to make [PAZURU]'s body a [GOLEM] fitted with an [ARCANE FOCUS]
- Costs [3 FUNDS]
- [PAZURU] Thinks it would probably look cool

- Ask Donna to procure a newborn [PLUSH-KIN] body for [PAZURU]
- Costs [5 FUNDS]
- [PAZURU] Thinks it would probably be very soft

- Ask Donna to procure a cloned [BEAST-KIN] body for [PAZURU]
- Costs [8 FUNDS]
- [PAZURU] Is pretending like she doesn't want this but you can tell she does

- Suggest alternatives and they will be priced accordingly
- You can also choose to deal with this later
- Each suggestion will require depositing half (rounded up) of the cost immediately

EDMANGO NOTE: If you draw what you think her physical body will look like then I'll reduce the cost by [1 FUND] if that option is chosen
No. 1064138 ID: 629f2e

We have 4 FUNDS right now, so allow me to make a simple proposal: Can our friends chip in?

It's not like this is something we're getting just for us, getting a body for Pazuru is a project we're all involved with, and which benefits everyone. Suddenly, all that knowledge she's holding onto wouldn't be constrained to us explaining it to everyone. This is a group project, so we should all contribute.

I vote Flesh and Fur, splitting the cost across the four of us. At 2 Funds a piece, we'll get Pazuru her ideal body. It may be a steep price overall, but she has to live with whatever we choose for the remainder of her life.

Added bonus: This is probably gonna put the Back-Alley surgeon on our radars. While I'd love to just grab Momo or Saba as an upgraded relationship, there's definitely some logic to having someone like that in our pocket when we continuously go out and get ourselves nearly killed like last time.
No. 1064143 ID: 629f2e
File 168454193566.png - (913.62KB , 1000x1000 , Pazuru Body.png )

Oh, if we go the flesh and blood route like I voted btw, I'd love it if we kept her a shortstack like this.
No. 1064157 ID: 2f7f6e
File 168454898684.png - (99.23KB , 1280x1280 , horrifying_floating_plush.png )

This drawing of a possible floating plush body has inspired me to vote for flesh and fur instead.
No. 1064158 ID: a7a180
File 168454939775.png - (48.05KB , 500x656 , pazuzoid.png )

So, theoretically speaking, if you died in the golem would you die in real life? Or would you most likely just end up a disembodied gossip ghost again?
A. it's cheap, but I like it anyway. And you can afford it right away.
No. 1064161 ID: a7a180

Now with that out of the way and a bunch of ladies with high clearance in the room, you need to ask Donna, has she been noticing any strange coincidences in her vicinity? Anything she was too lazy to stand up and get that came to her anyway? She has a die too, right? Has she tried rolling it?
No. 1064162 ID: 13803d

Flesh and blood choice for me
Consider that we have 4 funds now, and each imtermission will give us 3 funds. That makes 7/8 earned, but since we might get a fund discount if we draw something, that should bring it down to 7/7, giving us the money we need.
All we need to do is finish the next mission. Failing that, well, we could always work at the ruffled haunch to get the funds we need.
No. 1064181 ID: 1cb3cb

C. Flesh and Fur

Question: Is this something where we have to immediately pay when we choose the option? Or is it something where we decide we want to do it, but will wait until we have enough money first and then we'll pay later?
No. 1064281 ID: a9af05

C. Flesh and Fur
No. 1064385 ID: 38349b
File 168481150112.png - (15.64KB , 500x500 , T2_022.png )

You: Okay, well, we're obviously getting the deluxe package
[PAZURU]: ... but-
You: NO BUTTS, other than yours in that body
Donna: It's gonna be pricey
Donna: Would help if I had a reference to give to the HUNK
You: Oh I already know what I want it to look like

You were never what could be considered an artist, however, you feel like your hand is possessed as the image of [PAZURU] as a flesh and fur being comes to life on a nearby paper.

Alberta: Since when could you draw?
You: Uh... superpowers?
Donna: I should be able to negotiate the cost to [7 FUNDS] with this
Donna: But I need [4 FUNDS] up front
You: *Ahem* so, I never ask you ladies for anything
You: But could you pitch in a bit for her body?
You: I promise she's cool
[PAZURU]: I'm not that cool...

You look to [PAZURU] and notice that her gaze is transfixed on the drawing, and you think you can see tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. Of happiness, you hope. It takes minimal convincing to ask all of your companions to contribute, with Alberta, Phyllis, and Josephine contributing a total of [2 FUNDS]. Donna claims that getting you the service and a discount is her contribution, which you find difficult to argue against.

- You spend [2 FUNDS] immediately
- Your Companions have contributed [2 FUNDS] to the costs
- Your relationship with [PAZURU] has improved from [???] to [???]
- You will need to pay [3 FUNDS] when her body is finished

No. 1064386 ID: 38349b
File 168481152349.png - (16.02KB , 500x500 , T2_023.png )

Just as Donna was about to leave to commission the clone, you pull her to the side.

You: So Donna, have you experienced any...
You: Paranormal activity, weird phenomena?
You: Something like the remote floating over to you?
You: Been visited by some dice...
Donna: The only dice I've seen lately are the fun kind with sex positions on them.
You: But what about the other things?
Donna: If I had seen those things they sound like they would lead to me having to do work
Donna: And I hate having to do work!

You hear a deep growl in the distance, from what sounds like the MONSTER LAB. They happen from time to time, so you typically disregard it. Donna on the other hand flinches.

Donna: Ugh, what a whiner, just shut up if you lost
Donna: Ain't no way you'll "Eat every last one of us"
Donna: You'll probably get vore'd bub
You: Sooooooo
Donna: I think that if that *was* a thing
Donna: That the PINK LIGHT DISTRICT would be pretty secure against any Kaiju threats
Donna: ButIgottagoseeaboutaguyaboutaclone byeeeee

Donna zips out of the room, and for a moment, you could swear she wasn't even flapping her fairy wings to do so.

You: Hmmm, that's sus
You: I get the feeling that I'll need to spend some TIME with Donna later...
[PAZURU]: Can you frame this drawing later...
You: Of course I can!
You: We're still waiting on the next attack after all
You: Now, what to do while we wait…

- You may pick an acquaintance you do not currently have a strong relationship with to upgrade to [RANK C]
- You can only have one more [RANKED] companion
- Time will pass

- Do something else
- You don't know when something of note will happen
- Stats: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats
- Downtime Activities: https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/src/166553193083.png[/b][/i]
No. 1064387 ID: 629f2e

I suspect that this is going to be a two-horse race between Saba and Momo. Both seem like such good choices and for different reasons. Bonding with Momo naturally lets us get more involved with Donna, but

Saba is someone we already know more closely and have given magical power. Saba's also really friggin' cool, and he's clearly got some good technical knowledge. Bonding with him would increase our amount of government support.

Bonding with Momo could lead into better knowledge of magic though, alongside Donna and Pazuru. It would also give us the satisfaction of infinite Unbalanced references.

If I have to make a call though, and I do, I think it has to be Saba. We're just closer to him right now, so it feels right. Honestly, I'll be happy whoever wins though.
No. 1064392 ID: a7a180

A. Well, Sewer Snake's on that list, and if Donna can understand the kaiju, then why not have one on our side?
Or, perhaps, the dead unicorn deserves another look...
No. 1064397 ID: e51896

A, it's the mandatory BEACH EPISODE! Donna wanted to go to the beach, so lets all go to Alberta's beach house

as for a person to bring, Saba. He does know arcane focus, now we should rank up that rank with him.

Wonder what would happen if a kaiju attacks the beach you all will stay at, and wonder if your TENSION SUIT will become a TENSION SWIMSUIT when you transform while in your swimsuit.

But also be glad that can't possibly happen. Nope, not at all!
Actually, you know what, when we go to the beach, we should totally roll our dice and see if we'll get a tension swimsuit while we are at the beach

one other thing we should do while at the beach, see if you can find the kaiju island off in the ocean. maybe someone can bring a telescope to the beach for us to spend some time looking.
No. 1064399 ID: e5709d

B) ...Okay I want you to go nuts with a bootleg 'mecha suit'.
Purchase a set of cargo trucks that act as a collective deployable base: every vehicle houses four commandos, one driver, medkits, weapons, scanners, and basic containment devices. Most importantly, each cargo container makes up half the volume, as it consists of layers of metal plating. When you need armor for your giant form, you can strip the plates from the containers and attach them to your suit.
No. 1064400 ID: 2a3927

B. Work at The Ruffled Haunch.

We still need [3 FUNDS] for when Pazuru's body gets finished. So I think we should go to work and earn [2 FUNDS] and then after the next mission, we'll get paid by the government and have enough Funds to pay for Pazuru's body.
No. 1064401 ID: 8e246f

Do A, but invite Momo along to the beach too. How is this even a question?

Pazuru is totally crying at your massive potential as an artist and NOTHING ELSE
No. 1064402 ID: 0a86a0

No. 1064403 ID: d98cb8

I'm absolutely biased but I'm also on board with Momo. But also I'm interested to see where this goes if you explore the Donna angle more too, and the extradimensional stuff.

Plus Momo is a master of shapeshifting and I'm sure that'll continue to be something Hailey could use.
No. 1064411 ID: 716b74

B, go do your job!
No. 1064608 ID: a7a180

…Nobody? Well ok then, changing to the ruffled haunch.
No. 1064610 ID: 6ade93

Changing my vote to beach with Momo instead of Saba. Donna's contract required us to take favors, and she wants beach.
No. 1064615 ID: f2320a

If we are getting a clone male or female? Also if we are buying a clone preferably one with as much meat as possible easier to remove then ad
No. 1064620 ID: 87e33c
File 168514717781.png - (15.72KB , 500x500 , T2_024.png )

For a moment, those nagging thoughts in the back of your mind claw at you. The thoughts viciously assault you and tempt you towards going to work at the Haunch, earning FUNDS. But then they're gone as you realize you haven't really done anything for fun lately.

Head over to Alberta's beach house, changing into a cozy little two-piece swimsuit before heading out. The house itself is a little isolated, perfect for relaxing on the coast without any prying eyes.

Once you arrive you give the beach a once over. In addition to your normal CONFIDANTS, MOMO can be seen relaxing in the shade under an umbrella, sipping some sort of fruity smelling drink. You head over to her, striking a conversation for the first time in what feels like months.

You: Well look what the fairy dragged in!
Momo: I see that you are just as spirited as before!
Momo: What brings you to my sandy island in this sea of kin?
You: Well it's been a while, I thought it would be fun to catch up!

Momo regales you with tales of Donna's exploits. Apparently Donna's been going around making connections and providing orgies, roleplay events, kink parties, and the like with so much novelty that she's carved a mark into the Pink Light District.
No. 1064621 ID: 87e33c
File 168514718787.png - (15.25KB , 500x500 , T2_025.png )

You: Why hasn't she told me about that, that sounds so cool!
Momo: My plump little lover has been busy
You: More like she probably forgot.
You: Almost like she was having her own lil quest without me…
Momo: But what about you Hailey?
Momo: What exploits have you been enamored with?
You: Oh you know, eating stuff most kin can't
You: Totally boring and not at all fun government work
You: You hear about that superhero though?
Momo: Ohh yes!!
Momo: The fantastic exploits of Missus Tear!
Momo: She certainly has a larger than life presence!

You listen as Momo theorizes on the mechanics of your powers and chuckle at her wild guesses. Eventually the other ladies call you over to the beach and you join them in bopping around a massive beach ball. The water licks against your legs as the waves push against you, the breeze feels great against your skin, the sand between your toes. Nothing could ruin this day.

- It has some sort of Camouflage
- It can Fly

- It's Fast
- It's Small

- Suggest a different gimmick
- Alternate suggestions will be auto-balanced

- This can be an appearance we've seen before, or something new
- Suggest their appearance

No. 1064622 ID: a7a180

B: It's small. And if its pincer pricks you, you will be too... Beware the TINY ENEMY CRAB!
It scuttles out of the shallows, turning mountains into molehills! A silent but situationally deadly saboteur.
No. 1064623 ID: e5709d

A) Hey, look at the giant beach ball.
Too late you didn't notice it was a particularly dense kaiju with aerodynamic enchantments that give inertia the middle finger. In fact, it has evolved specifically to move at the perceptive velocity of an otherwise regular beach ball to keep up the illusion.

Its insides are filled with gooey redundant organs piloted by smaller versions of itself and it splatters into redundant organs and a fully-functioning smaller beachball kaiju when it 'pops'; the organs are thin and covered in waste mucus, allowing it to get the most out of food-to-cellular-growth. Obvious weaknesses in defense, but the resulting mess between phases gives turns the local battlefield into its prime environment.

Voiced by: Siphon from Dragon Romance
No. 1064625 ID: 629f2e

C, they don't come from either the sea or the sky. Their entrance is much grander, as the beach ball you're tossing around starts to grow bigger and bigger, before popping to reveal your latest headache.

As for appearance, this kaiju's form is far less solid than the rest you've encountered. It seems to be a mass of air, vaguely shaped to resemble a vacuum cleaner.
No. 1064626 ID: b793b0

B: Tiny enemy crab! Beware its snipping claws!
No. 1064634 ID: 99ca7b

C: Ground Erupting Tunnel Crab!
No. 1064635 ID: a4f391

C. A giant sand whale emerges from the sand with a geyser for a spout. It swims in the sand but is slow to attack, but makes up for its high defense and hp... and its special move

Move: Kaiju forms a rainy mist from it's geyser spout in the area (probably 50-100 feet radius) which lasts for several updates, causing objects and fabric to slowly melt away. When fighting in this mist, clothing slowly gets destroyed each update until player is completely naked.

It'd be a race against the clock to defeat the kaiju! And with high defense it has, that will be the challenge.
No. 1064641 ID: 365de0

C. One Giant Enemy Crab, along with around a dozen Larger Than Usual Neutral Crabs, and one Short Passive-Aggressive Crabkin named Matthew.
No. 1064649 ID: 1371b2

B. tiny Enemy Crab!

…Okay okay I’ll provide one of my own…Okay.
A jellyfish, about the size of one of those hippo monsters from before, but this one, among other things has the power of levitation, and tentacles that sting with the trademark acid of the Kaiju.
No. 1064652 ID: ba1dc0

C. A land shark that swims through the ground!

Note: the land shark's gills are only good for breathing while it's in the dirt and is not meant for breathing in the water! It will start drowning in the water, even though it can still swim pretty good while in the water.
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