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File 167821611606.png - (374.21KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1057778 No. 1057778 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
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No. 1061704 ID: 49deb8

Strategy of setting off a stampede and running if things get tough sounds good to me.

Far as abilities go, the Hoodlum's Dark rune and general roguishness make me think the ability to slip into and out of shadows would be fitting. Basically just be mobility/stealth focused to steal things from adventurers and get away if they aren't buffing someone, or attempt to set up sneak attacks if they are.

For the Rams, to me their Force rune just screams 'High knockback' on attacks, though I'd also like to suggest them being able to absorb/store physical force into their fluff and then releasing it as a big attack. Make actually hitting them a bad idea since they're not supposed to be the main target.
No. 1061705 ID: dc4bad

Good point, the battering rams being ornery means they probably only need the slightest excuse to join in with fighting Arcane, who naturally doesn't want to hurt the sheep she came here to save...

Until she lost a buncha int and wis anyway, hmm, Alex might need to uh, gently remind her of that before/mid fight.

Oh and while I know there's only one, that Ram in the jacket made me think of some form of 'two short creatures stacked up in a coat' though we'd probably also need 2 Hoodlum for the right coverage.
But heck, why just become taller when you can become weirder, I suggest after some fighting is done, a pair of Hoodlums nab a pair of Rams and intertwine lengthwise basically making a clothing tube with a ram head at each end, forming the mighty Amphisbaaena.
No. 1061709 ID: 1effd3

Hoodlums: When in doubt, GATTAI!
Alex: I'm sure she knows how to fight and can handle herself
No. 1061716 ID: 1ed92d

Have the hoodlum make the sheep pose to fight her.
No. 1061774 ID: ab088a

I'd upgrade the hoodlums if they are able to shear the wool off the sheep, transforming them to Wooly Hoodies.
No. 1061783 ID: 06095b
File 168203318625.png - (92.70KB , 1023x1020 , Gold_slime.png )

Just a quick reminder, since it's been a month and some change since the start of the thread, you can support the author on Ko-fi, if you've got the means: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

Generally, it just frees up more of the QM's time to do questing rather than art commissions. So, for those with vested interest in seeing more frequent updates, any bit helps.
No. 1062235 ID: 08229c
File 168270241574.png - (758.75KB , 800x2400 , 58.png )

I want to avoid giving it a real phase two sort of ability. It is a young and inexperienced demon, so let us see what it can do on its own.

Demonologist orders Alex to provide backup. But not too much backup.

Arcane leaps in her with lollipop attack. The unusual weapon swings in a powerful arc. But, before it can connect, a force screeches as it holds the weapon in place and then repels it. Arcane is sent flying from the blowback.

Alex runs in to grab her. The Hoodlum has its ram host make a terrifying bleat. The rest of the battering rams go into a frenzy and begin to run around the area.

Each time Arcane is about to land on them their force powers propel her back upwards. She's juggled in the air for a while with Alex looking on helplessly.

Arcane yelps and cries out each time she's knocked about. The viewership skyrockets. There's a glint in her eyes.

"Thanks for the subs! Let's keep those numbers up, magifans! With your support... I CAN WIN!"

She twirls in the air and lands on the ground, away from the stampeding rams. With a gesture she conjures a massive YUM! candy.

Another gestures has it crashing down. The Hoodlum looks up in shock and tries to repel the attack.

But the weight of it is too much. The force barrier creaks, then cracks, then shatters.

No. 1062236 ID: 08229c
File 168270267361.png - (136.43KB , 800x600 , 59.png )

Some miraculous force (Demonologist ordering it) has made the hoodlum and battering ram split before the final impact.

The hoodlum is defeated.

No. 1062238 ID: 08229c
File 168270326183.png - (143.28KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

I see.

I think her powers are based on how... Entertaining she is? I noticed she was barely taking any damage during the whole 'getting tossed around' thing. Interesting.

So the more exciting we make the fight the more powerful she is?

Arcane is approached by Sprout. The slime thanks her, in her own tongue, and says that she's saved the farm!

"All in a days' work, little one~ I hope that weird cloth monster never troubles you again."

Ah, a reward. What would Mary give?
No. 1062239 ID: 58c090

>I think her powers are based on how... Entertaining she is?
Oh. And since she's here, and considering how we like to do things... she might actually have a chance to be the first person to ever solo Curi, huh.
No. 1062240 ID: 08229c
File 168270368106.png - (130.69KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

We do have the YUM! chests so maybe I can have Sprout direct her to-


She turns and sees a still very unhealthy looking Mary at the door

"I heard an explosion. Is everything alright..? Wait, is there a dungeon run going on..?"

oh no.
No. 1062241 ID: 58c090

Go to sleep, Mary. Everything's going well. We have this handled. We got this.
No. 1062242 ID: 1effd3

Item: Either something force ram related, or something Hoodlum related.
ie: Hoodlum Hood: Increases stealth stat minorly, greatly when in presence of Hoodlums.>>1062240
oh no, send her back to bed.
...alternatively we could send her back to bed and mary can watch the stream.
No. 1062243 ID: 7d1314


There is nothing to worry about. All is well. Tell her this and then to go back to bed.

As for rewards: A Yum chest that they found lying around in one of their barns, a pair of battering ram horns of her own. Gives good defense and a forceful headbutt attack. Collect all three items to be transformed into a wooly faun.
No. 1062244 ID: 4b4d4e

Dungeoneer, quick! Alt-tab on the Dungeon console! Alt-tab!
CITADEL STAFF. We have a code M. I repeat, we have a Code M.

String-slimes and Comfy slimes. Please report to the DM room to restrain Mary using the Burrito-blanket method according to the minion guide.

Artificer, Please craft up some Ear-muffs and eye-masks with String and Comfy runes in order to ensure Mary's comfort!
No. 1062245 ID: 5c8d2c

Yes. Everything is fine. If you want to watch, we can set up a spectator mode screen for you. Go back to bed.
No. 1062246 ID: 92619d

Demonologist looking very kissable rn, seduce Mary back to sleep with your soft, pouty lips.
No. 1062247 ID: 4b4d4e

Idea: deploy stream integration. add troll options for chat.
No. 1062248 ID: d12415

This was a pretty easy quest. We shouldn't reward them too much. Lets save the larger rewards for the larger risks.
No. 1062249 ID: 7be071

Carpenter is putting together a surprise and it involves a lot of Explodeys. Go back to bed so you don’t ruin the surprise.
No. 1062250 ID: 4a2cef

Huh, you know, she could be naked under that blanket and you just couldn't tell.
No. 1062251 ID: 8160fa

Reassure Mary everything's under control. Standard solo run of the dungeon. And this isn't your first time keeping things running while she's been unavailable.

Also, if she's not quite tired, maybe a soak in the spa might be good.

As for items, with this being a farm with sheep, how about an animated sash or scarf? Could even say it's had fibers from the slain hoodlum woven into it.
No. 1062256 ID: ae9e42

Quick! Get Dungeoneer to seduce her!
No. 1062258 ID: 6f4507

Mary could sit in if she wanted, but she can't do work! She has to get some snacks and drinks.
No. 1062262 ID: 2aa5f0

tell marry to go back to bed and rest. A adventurer got cued in before we could shut down the dungeon for the day but it's only a solo run so we're just running them through a standard dungeon run before sending them on their way. So far things have been going fine as they're just exploring and doing small quest outside of the castle, nothing that she needs to involve herself with since she IS sick and NEEDS bedrest.

as for a reward for the adventurer... how bout some coins... or dungeon tokens and a map that leads to the YUM chest?
No. 1062263 ID: cecad0

Hoodie made out of a hoodlum. Enhances knockers when struck by a critical hit, negating it twice per day and granting temporary hit points, but reduces Agility and Attack Rolls by -1 until temporary hit points are gone.
No. 1062264 ID: cecad0
File 168272207171.png - (189.22KB , 655x938 , 2d8_Bludgeoning_DMG.png )

Oh yeah, the knockers count as offhand weapons, despite not actually needing to be held, and do 2d4 dice worth of damage for Rare, 2d6 for Very Rare, and 2d8 for Legendary.
No. 1062269 ID: 49deb8

Hoodlum Hoodie -- A slightly cursed Hoodie bearing the will of a hoodlum; as it can no longer prank others it has to do so to its wearer unless they can stave off its boredom through other means. Gives a major boost to stealth as well as to a few other stats, though the other boosts are random.

Ram Hoodie -- A wool hoodie made to resemble a Battering Ram. Raises resistance to physical attacks and X times per day can Floof Up, blocking incoming attacks and knocking back anyone close with a burst of Force.

Yeah, just reassure her and send her back to bed. Normally I'd say there would be no harm in letting her watch but I suspect seeing the viewer count might make her freak out a bit.
No. 1062270 ID: dc4bad

how about... a Bounce Beanie
A comfy hat of battering ram wool, once per day it can heavily reduce the damage of an incoming attack, but the wearer is subject to knockback proportional to the damage prevented.
*the hat grants no protection against any harm potentially caused by this bounce itself.
No. 1062271 ID: a7a180

The hoodlum was pretty much annihilated, or at least turned into a band-aid by the bludgeoning.
Her reward should be a Hoodlum Scarf: A spiteful stat boosting accessory. It augments your combos by increasing melee damage after a ranged attack, your toughness after a spell, and vice all the versas.
No. 1062272 ID: 273c18

Tell her the dungeon wasn't officially closed so you didn't want to turn them away. It's fine, you're just doing a standard run, nothing fancy. A new adventurer showed up, one that gets stronger when the fight is entertaining. Which I suppose means she stands a good chance of clearing the dungeon; we've designed it to be entertaining.
No. 1062297 ID: 4b4d4e

So. Ideas on how to integrate Arcane's stream:
Chat Trolls: Random slimes start appearing depending on what sort of subs we've got.

Order Chat vs Chaos Chat?
No. 1062304 ID: 5c8d2c

Praise Helix
No. 1062306 ID: f905e9

since she's here, could you tell her it's not a good idea to dream about us? if she's not careful she can end up broadcasting the entire dream to us, and that can get... embarrassing.
No. 1062309 ID: 1effd3

can we NOT while mary is half dead?
No. 1062314 ID: 447b74

The hoodlum hoodie: Enhances knockers while worn. Effects disappear when hoodie is taken off.
No. 1062322 ID: ad76be

>I think her powers are based on how... Entertaining she is?
It could also be that she really is strong, but purposefully holds back as part of the “entertainment”. A tanky character leaves room to get beat up and stage a comeback, which is entertaining since it shows off the enemies before their eventual defeat.

Yum-branded battering ram mask that is part of a YUM-branded set sounds good.

As for Mary, yes it’s a dungeon run and they’re having fun. It’s not Raid mode so none of us are required to make an appearance unless Mary wants to go out there and play the part of a sick traveler with a small sidequest to find some medicine for her.
No. 1062327 ID: 03b622

Give her an Alex body pillow

She thinks Alex is cute(she is) and it would be good advertising. I'm sure the viewers would enjoy it
No. 1062335 ID: 22952f

Body pillows and their ilk are expensive token buys to give them a reason to come back. Give the streamer a few tokens.
No. 1062374 ID: 298597

You should set up an alert tied to Mary's Status which will go off any time she accrues 2 stacks of overwork.
No. 1062377 ID: a9af05

Yeah, I agree. Give her some tokens for the easy quest.

When she gets to the shop, I'm sure her audience is going to vote on what she should buy.
No. 1062394 ID: 03b622

Good idea

True. Tokens are better.
If they vote, we should place the cute and easily flustered Alex nearby to influence their choice
No. 1062418 ID: ad76be

Down with Helix, praise Dome.
No. 1062422 ID: 58c090

No. 1062425 ID: 0bf5d8

>stream integration?
Is there a system already in place for that? Because if it doesn't exist, we might not be able to do anything to beyond just watching the stream vote for what the streamer should do.

Also, I feel like we'd need to literally hijack an already active stream to even try to add that and I don't think the streamer would like us hacking her systems like that.
No. 1062490 ID: 42a276

Get a license for and play copyrighted music. Not actually.

Don't panic or try to hide anything. Don't try to force Mary back to bed. It will only worry her more.

If Mary insists on staying for the rest of the run it's probably best to acquiesce, but suggest that you stay in charge and she returns to bed afterwards.

As for a reward, the reward should be local to the hamlet. Tokens are mainly used in Citadel. Perhaps something farm related, to make it more personal from those she helped.
No. 1062502 ID: 681961

If we just tell her to go and sleep, she will just lie there in bed. Eyes wide open and imagining everything that could go wrong. I propose we just let her sleep in the control room or put a spare screen on her bed.
No. 1062513 ID: b859df

I agree with Mary watching. As for the reward, I suggest a slimecrown citadel branded hoodie from freshly sheared battering ram wool
No. 1091265 ID: 08229c
File 171608209315.png - (253.45KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

>Demonologist looking very kissable rn, seduce Mary back to sleep with your soft, pouty lips.

"Mary... You should be resting right now. There is a dungeon run going on, and that is my fault, but I have it all under control. Please, go rest~"

Demonologist gives her cutest most poutiest look
No. 1091266 ID: 08229c
File 171608214369.png - (138.59KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

"... You know you don't have to listen to all of the crowns ideas... Or any of them, really..."
No. 1091267 ID: 08229c
File 171608236555.png - (192.96KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

"... My apologies. But, don't worry Mary. I have the dungeon well in hand and the run has gone smoothly. While the crown has many varied ideas, I've found that quite a few of them have been a huge help. Two two of us can handle a single player run."

"Ugh... Are you sure? I already got a decent nap. I can take over for you."

"No, it's quite fine, truly. Here." Demonologist conjures a screen for Mary that will focus on Arcane. "This will let you keep an eye on things from the comfort of your bed."

"If it's just a single person it won't be much effort for me to run."

"No, it's quite alright. I insist. You're the dungeon master, everyone here needs you at your best."

"Ugh... Fine... But if I see anything going wrong..."

"It won't, just rest."

Demonologist gently guides her back to her room. Mary sighs, defeated, and shuffles back the rest of the way.
No. 1091268 ID: 08229c
File 171608291325.png - (182.12KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

Back with the runner, Sprout gives Arcane a few rare tokens and a scrap of the hoodlum's cloth.

The cloth will act as a scarf that assists with attacks, when it wants to. Gosh.

"Sweet! We got some loot! Hey, Magifans, make sure to use that #LootGet! Alright, q.t.pi, where are we going next?"

"Bweh?" Alex looks up, a bit startled that she was called cute. "Uh-!"

Hm. Looks like Arcane is expecting Alex to guide her to more adventure. This works, it will allow us to control where she goes next.

Where should she go?
No. 1091269 ID: a7a180

Should probably direct them to the cult in the ruins next. Beware stream lag - cut down on the number of lag mites on this run!
No. 1091271 ID: 1effd3

Ruins and Lagmites could be a good call. probably drive them through the forest first towards the ruins. place some of our chaos enemies. gummy wyrm could potentially be used later, but it might be too soon, plus, no idea of Arcanes talents atm besides swapping her stats around.
No. 1091289 ID: b613c5

I'd go with strange sounds in the graveyard at night. Go in, fight undead, find a tunnel to the ruins to meet the cult.
No. 1091298 ID: dc4bad

hmm, I think we should try to explore more of the hamlet for things, it's been mostly farm and ruins thus far.

>>1091289 graveyard sounds like it'd be a good call. have a bunch of skelly mooks for her to be baddass and smash up, then we can chaos up a couple of zombies as elites (or maybe have them meld into a flesh golem miniboss sorta deal? Chaotic Gravemass)
No. 1091300 ID: 1effd3

you mean... GATTAI?!
No. 1091322 ID: 08229c
File 171617354546.png - (235.78KB , 800x600 , 66t.png )

Let's go with the Graveyard. We currently have a few zombies and the ghost slime station there, but we can change things up and the direction we want the quest to go in. Right now it's set that the ghost slime will harass them until her orb is put to rest.


"Ah, well... There have been some issues in the local graveyard that we c-"

"A spooky graveyard! That sounds great, huh, Magifans! Gosh, I hope there's nothing spooky there! Hey, Alex, is it cool if I cling onto you if there's any creeeeeepy ghosts?"

"Uh... Yes?"

"Great! Well, let's go and have a Magical Time! #MagiTime!"


Alex leads the woman to the graveyard. Slimecrown is still a small place and the walk is short. Most of it is filled with Arcane doing live commentary on everything she sees and taking selfies.

When they arrive Alex opens the creaking gate

"This is where we buried the fallen after the great battle, many years ago. It's said that some still roam, trying to win a battle that has long since ended..."

Alex bows her head in solemn silence. It lasts a second.

"That's crazy! Check out this lore, Magifans! Oh, man, Alex, look! The chat loves you!"

"W-what? They do? Really?"

"Yeah! The views are spiking! Do a pose with me~"

Alex does a pose.

Alright, are we changing things up in here? It seems like she wants a scary experience.
No. 1091325 ID: 1effd3

Lets see what we got on call... we got lost warriors, lost wizard, zombies, ah ghost slime here typically. Watcher could be here, rousing the undead with Ghost Slimes Orb. with Watcher here, we could also have some chaos mobs here to GATTAI with each other, and the undead. If they win, could lead a secret path to the ruins that Watcher uses to escape.
No. 1091326 ID: a7a180

They say they want streamers to have the same experience any fan going through would, but... they lie, and numbers don't! Let's mix it up.
-Could we make D-Fens the gatekeeper?
-Put Fancy Mimic in a crypt, possibly holding the ghost slime's orb and running away after a jumpscare. No rust or dust - just an intimidatingly opulent treasure chest sitting in a perfectly normal crypt.
-Nesting doll shedding bits of layers all around the map to lay ambush objects for ghost slime to toss around.
-Music slime, play something spooky and non-copyrighted!
No. 1091327 ID: 8160fa

Definitely the lost warriors, lost wizard, and ghost slime for sure.

>It's said that some still roam, trying to win a battle that has long since ended..."

We could lean into that. Have them calling out things to each other, speaking as if they see this adventurer and Alex as chaos spawn. Or maybe even while clashing with our monsters to give her flashes of how they maybe still see this fight as the battle long ago to seal the primordial? Maybe during any time direct contact had made with the ghost slime? If such would be possible.
No. 1091328 ID: 5fee00

Huh. You know, I bet her weakness is getting poked in the left eye specifically.
No. 1091329 ID: dc4bad

wait wait wait, they're streaming, we can take advantage of this!

before any other undead appear, for sure have ghost slime do some background haunting that neither Arcane or Alex can see but naturally the viewers will comment on, it's perfect.

Build some tension before they actually catch sight of any ghoulies, ghosties or long-leggedy beasties.

can we place some some kind ouija board for or other appropriately spooky communication method (in-lore perhaps discarded by a townsperson trying to speak with ghost slime) for some haunting talk (perhaps even get some chaos interference in said communication)
No. 1091330 ID: dc4bad

ooh those are good, D-fens and fancy mimic especially.
Arcane is like the perfect mimic victim, since she probably not only falls for it but the act of getting got itself probably makes her sturdy enough to not immediately die to it
No. 1091464 ID: 08265b

Seconding ghost slime being spooky for the viewers.
No. 1091859 ID: 1667b2

Holy shit, Audit's back?!

All I got is to add in eyebrow licking to the list of "Unwanted physical contact that we will take legal action against".
No. 1092648 ID: 08229c
File 171788624459.png - (233.63KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

Demonologist gives the orders.

"(Oh gosh. Oh gosh. This is my big moment, isn't it? I'm so nervous... I don't know if I can do this... What if they think it's lame..?)"

"Hey, you got this kid. You're the scariest ghost I've ever seen."

"(R-really? You really think I can do this.)"

"Damn straight. Let's give them a good show, yeah?"

"(R-right! Okay-!)"
No. 1092649 ID: 08229c
File 171788805796.png - (254.09KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

The pair go into the graveyard. A soft but haunting song plays in the background as step through the rusty threshold. Fog obscures the area save for just a few feet in front of them.

"Hahaha-! Y-you know, Magifans, y'girl Arcane doesn't do well with horror games! I'm already shaking in my boots!"

"Don't worry, Arcane," Alex has her blade in hand already, "I'll do my best to keep you safe. We have been dealing with some grave robbers lately. Purely mundane and not-supernatural things."

"O-oh yeah? That's great. S-so! Wanna tell us a bit more about this place for the viewers at home?"

"Well, this is the hamlet's graveyard. We put many heroes to rest here after the great war against Slimecrown many years ago. But we also buried our enemies here, for the kingdom was not so savage as to let them rot in a ditch. But, the Queen's kindness was her folly, for their spirits still rise up to battle against these heroes. At least, that is what the tales say. I for one have never seen anything supernatural here."

"That's good! You hear that Magifans, y'girl Arcane's safe an-"
No. 1092651 ID: 08229c
File 171788821295.png - (252.75KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

". . ."
No. 1092654 ID: 08229c
File 171788957558.png - (208.64KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

No. 1092655 ID: 08229c
File 171789022509.png - (186.99KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

Arcane grabs Alex and with a click of her heels she wheelies off with her in tow. Ghost Slime seems very pleased with her efforts.

"(That was fun-!)"

The scare was a success. Looks like they're heading to a crypt. What should we throw at them?
No. 1092656 ID: a7a180

Skulls! Then have their owners come looking for them.
No. 1092661 ID: cab992

great job, ghost slime!
No. 1092669 ID: f305a9

Arcane a cute, since she's YUM branded as well maybe we can run some sort of collaboration event with her.
No. 1092671 ID: dc4bad

Good job ghost slime!
Now we have the right mood going and can be spooky with more events.

I think for a while we can either lean into there being a plausible mundane explanation for the scares; creepy treasure chest opening on it's own with an attention-seeking creak was a mimic, the bones found all over the place are just there because of them grave robbers ect.
go full haunted grave rave; ghost slime is haunting many camera shots but is never there when looked at directly, zombie hands are clawing out of the soil of shallow graves and the implied horde of living dead hopefully making Arcane close the door behind them when they enter the crypt.
Which is naturally home to skeletons.
No. 1092672 ID: 1effd3

go ghost slime, go!
for the crypt: skelemans, and a single lagmite to drop on Arcanes head/shoulder
No. 1092759 ID: 4ad9bc

Lag is hell for streamers and their audience, might want to drop a pair of lagmites
No. 1092760 ID: 5b2941

we're trying to make this a good show, that'd be counter-productive. we want all those people watching to wanna come in too, this is free publicity
No. 1092761 ID: 1effd3

Thats why i suggested "1" lagmite, as it should hopefully only make Arcane scream in slowmo, and the audience doesnt get lagged
No. 1092768 ID: dac29c


Wait for them to go in the crypt and have the skeleton slam it shut behind them. They probably have a light source. So, let them look around with ghost slime peaking in and out until they and find the mimic. Mimic attacks and if possible, get their light source to start flickering (finally letting tech slime do something).
No. 1092899 ID: eb0a9c

Make the ground itself tear up and levitate so the resulting hole looks like a giant fanged mouth!
No. 1092900 ID: 273c18

I wonder if Tech Slime could put illusions into the stream itself... like, spooky shit that only the viewers can see.
No. 1093091 ID: 5b2941

since when do we have a Tech Slime?
No. 1093092 ID: a7a180

Since just now. If Dungeoneer can make monsters up, so can Demonologist!
No. 1093093 ID: 08229c
File 171876634862.png - (123.28KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

What? There IS no Tech Slime. What are you talking about?

I mean...

There -could- be one. If we chose to make one... But this isn't really related to immediately helping out the Dungeon Master.

But it would potentially help the dungeon, and therefore help her...


But, I'm not the best at making new demons. I mostly just have records of ones already made. What if I screw it up? I'll just be wasting runes. Not just any runes, the Dungeon Master's runes.

A screw up like that could get me fired.

I.. I don't know. Maybe I should just stick with what we have.
No. 1093094 ID: a7a180

Deemo. Deems. Dee. C'mon. It's a slime. Water, tech. Just stick a computer in some jelly. How hard could it be?
No. 1093095 ID: 1effd3

I don't think it's a good idea to quickly throw together a monster DURING an active dungeon run.

But we can totally craft a tech slime afterwards. Mary won't be mad with you, she's a very forgiving boss. Except when Dungeoneer is involved.
No. 1093096 ID: 5b2941

It's gonna be a single rune because of the discount, it'll be fine. We'll take full responsibility. I suppose we could help? Someone with artistic skills, provide a mockup
No. 1093099 ID: 9f8647

No. 1093103 ID: 1effd3
File 171877407422.png - (88.46KB , 956x397 , 061824_TechSlimes.png )

SOmehting like one of these?
No. 1093104 ID: dc4bad

Look we know from Oilivia that some runes don't fit neatly together and we don't wanna make a new slime without her supervision that will be in distress.

...That and if those runes DO combine, I feel like it won't be called tech slime, it'll be called Grey Goo
No. 1093105 ID: 273c18

Let's not risk it. We probably shouldn't mess with the stream anywho.
No. 1093107 ID: 53560f

As we are basically mary’s personal adviser and currently yours while she is resting, you can consider acting on our good ideas or us agreeing with your ideas as an automatic go-ahead without Mary around to greenlight it herself.
If you want to have a crack at it, go ahead, though we probably shouldn’t add it to the dungeon until after the current run ends so we can verify that it’s good to go. Also make sure to document it so Mary can learn what you did and that we greenlighted it for you, that’s usually the part she cares about most anyway.
Also it lets her correct the numbers later, she likes making the books look good.
No. 1093110 ID: 5fee00

Mary wouldn't fire a cutie like you!
No. 1093117 ID: 58dd24

>Grey Goo
There's more to creating a monster than combining runes and seeing what pops out. Remember, the ice elementals are just two water runes, same as OG Curi. Creator intent makes a big difference, and maybe creator skill too.

We don't NEED a tech slime for this run, and making a tech slime that doesn't short itself out might be a whole THING. I am happy for Demonologist to make a slime when we are not under a time crunch and when she has had some mentorship on it though.
No. 1093125 ID: f3e96f

It's at worst a single rune wasted, and it's such a perfect fit to improve the experience for this run. Mary has been running behind on making two rune slime varieties honestly, you'll be saving her work.

Just imagine a slime with big round glasses (glasses are tech), with a screen or a radar dish, or a cool robot hand.
No. 1093126 ID: eb0a9c

I'd recommend silicon gel and nanomachines.
No. 1093132 ID: 08229c
File 171884119719.png - (301.44KB , 970x1256 , 111723LarroBirthday.png )

Suggestion cut-off, please wait warmly
No. 1093133 ID: dc4bad

for sure, I more mean that the best compatibility I can think of for tech and slime conceptually is the grey goo.

but yeah, I agree it's not a thing we need to do right now.

speaking of the ice elementals they could be good miniboss material here. deathly cold made animate by the haunting of the area
No. 1093149 ID: 5e8c03

No. No no no. Don't make Tech Slime. At least, not during a dungeon run. Wait until Mary gets over her sickness.

Just get Psion Slime to project scary images into Arcane's and Alex's heads.
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