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File 167821611606.png - (374.21KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
1057778 No. 1057778 ID: 08229c

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest
Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place.

And by my hand, this shall be a grand dungeon.
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No. 1059228 ID: 58c090

Dunno, let's not discount the possibility before we know for sure.
No. 1059230 ID: e7be6f

I think it's best to just let Mary rest how she wants unless something else becomes necessary. Let's not try to cheat the system or make Mary relax how we want her to. You can close the dungeon, no need to give any detailed explanation.

Maybe when Mary recovers we can set up some kind of permissions system so certain jobs can be done without passing around the DM role.
No. 1059233 ID: b859df

As the construct in charge your priority should be to get everyone organized.

First Mary’s condition. Depending on the furniture you may need to send Artifacer to make a bed, and Cook to make a meal while Olivia works on Mary. Possibly a cuddle of comfy slimes or whatever the plural is to help Mary sleep.

Second is preparation for a party after Mary wakes up. Depending on when that is it may include her parents.

Third find out if everyone is up for another group in case one arrives while Mary is out of commission. If not put up a closed for maintenance notice.

Now off topic I’ve had an idea for a while but never had a good opportunity to bring it up but with someone mentioning Slime Matron, would it be possible to have a quest for adventurers be to escort a diplomatic envoy to Slime Matron’s dungeon to make contact with a group more in tune with the more primal nature of slime.
No. 1059245 ID: ae1513

I've heard that soul runes are delicious. Why not try one?
No. 1059246 ID: 99f29a

Mary's repeatedly indicated lack of interest in runing herself and I doubt trying to think about work or efficient resting will help matters.

Go to Oilivia and get pampered. Hand us off to Demonologist or Carpenter or someone to supervise stuff. Have a day off with your mom.
No. 1059248 ID: 58c090

You seem to have missed an update? We're already in Demonologist's hands.
No. 1059285 ID: adc866

It's fine, she just needs to rest. Push her any further and you may just end up with a situation like the previous DM.

Also, don't let her push herself as hard in the future, she's a mere human after all.

On another note- prepare for her parents to visit, they sounded like they're pros at slaying monsters, so... either max or no combat encounters when they show?
No. 1059286 ID: 2aa5f0

well your boss's parents are showing up tomorrow so maybe clean the place up and maybe put out a notice that the dungeon will be closed for the day but will be up and running again tomorrow. That should give marry enough time to rest and allow her to focus on showing her parents around the dungeon. Hell maybe even let them try and run it if they want.
No. 1059287 ID: dc4bad

The dungeon is pretty self-sufficient for most things now, maybe do some rounds just to make sure there's no trouble and be ready just in case some adventurers show up.

Arrange for some pampering of Mary when she wakes up (she might be tempted to just get some rest in and get back to business right away despite herself)
No. 1059292 ID: 1592f0

Mary’s mental health is at very low HP and she cannot perform work tasks at the moment.

Let’s start by getting chef looped in for party planning, then move to invites.
No. 1059294 ID: 4aaa23

Create a slime kaiju for Mary's parents! Now that I think about it, Curi could probably turn into a slime kaiju if she wanted too

Tell Curi and the residents of Slimecrown to help you prepare for a party like they did during Christmas. You've done a good job before, and you can do it again.

Do we have a party slime? Should we make a party slime?
No. 1059307 ID: 6f4507

curi basically already IS a slime kaiju
No. 1059346 ID: 298597

Mary's nose was suddenly bleeding, so we freaked out, she assured us it was nothing and then checked her status screen. This is what she saw:

Mary Smith - Dungeon Master

Mental Health - Severe Damage. Mental damage can not be healed with healing magic. Rest is suggested.
All other systems will suffer until the damage is healed.


Debuff - Overworked (5 Stacks)
All work related actions will grant another stack of Overworked. Each stack increases the stress placed on the body. At 5 stacks, failure begins to occur on certain actions. As a result of age the affects of Overworked have increased.
All stacks vanish after an extended rest.
No. 1059351 ID: 1ed92d

Mix Almighty/Holy/Power/Water, create GOD SLIME.
No. 1059352 ID: ad76be

I don’t believe we have Almighty or Power yet. Almighty is over in Lord Savage’s dungeon, and Power is something Jeffrey is made of. Turning him back into runes directly may crash the system from overflow errors.
No. 1059380 ID: 08229c
File 167961795661.png - (159.93KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

F-five stacks!? I've seen people pass out from just two. How is she even still standing!?

It seems like every time she rests it's because she can't stay on her legs anymore. We have to make sure she gets more rest in the future.

Still, the Dungeon Master is counting on me! As her construct, I can not allow her to suffer! The dungeon needs her in top condition!

I will ensure she has the COMFIEST REST POSSIBLE.

First, we're going to postpone the party. That can wait until her reserves have been recharged. Nothing is more tiring than playing host.

We have to make sure she has the most amount of rest before tomorrow since I doubt she will reschedule something she already has planned.

To that end, I will need some help.
No. 1059381 ID: 08229c
File 167961810246.png - (201.77KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

The lag mites are not capable of helping Mary. They would slow down time relative to her so while 10 hours would pass for us, much less would pass for her. This would leave her less rested.

The bigger one could probably speed her up but it would be more akin to an adrenaline shot than letting her rest faster.

But, I have an idea. Well, it's your idea but I'm taking it. Sadly, my knowledge is only in demons as they exist and the potential. I will need knowledge on how to enhance demons and how to play with runes.

To that end...


"Of course we will help you." The Archiver says.

"Boss is tired? Don't worry. I can think of a few ways to make this Soup Slime."

"Excellent. With the three of us working together there is no way we can fail."
No. 1059382 ID: 58c090

>there is no way we can fail
you should know better than to tempt fate like that
No. 1059384 ID: 08229c
File 167961893776.png - (186.84KB , 800x600 , 35.png )

The three work together and craft the Soup Slime.

"Ladies, we did a fine job if I do say so myself." Dungeoneer says with a nod.

"Yes, this will suffice. A comfy slime AND soup. We're geniuses."

"I'm just glad we had the runes for this." Archiver adds, "It took a bit of twisting."

"Alright, now we'll just send this to Mary along with the others."
No. 1059385 ID: 08229c
File 167961939853.png - (144.10KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

Demonologist orders the Tea, Soup, and Comfy slimes to go to Mary's room and make sure she is as comfortable as possible.

"Anything else, Deemo?" Dungeoneer asks.

"Let me consult the crown."

Alright, how else can we optimize Mary's rest? Her comfort is of the highest priority.
No. 1059387 ID: ad76be

Please tell me you didn’t make a Kaiju soup slime that is going to drown Mary. It’s so much taller than you! It’s 5 runes! The soup slime would be a boss monster in other dungeons!

Though I am impressed that you managed to make a 5-rune monster for an inevitable food-gimmick dungeon using YUM-branded snacks.
No. 1059388 ID: 1ed92d

Well, presumably solitude would help. Can you make a Nothing-Music-Water Slime to create the Mute Slime?
No. 1059389 ID: 58c090

No, that... that should be good enough. Let's not spend any more runes, that would stress Mary out.
No. 1059390 ID: 1effd3

I think maybe we just leave Mary alone for right now.

Unless we make a monster that can cast sleep on her.
No. 1059391 ID: 06095b


First, why did you not include Chef in making a culinary demon? Second, why did you not just have Chef make regular soup?

Get the demons out of there and have Chef work with them to make portions of soup and tea that you can send in to Mary. Let her enjoy those with some peace and quiet, or ask her if she'd like some soothing music from music slime.
No. 1059392 ID: a7a180

We’re naming the new gal Vegeta, and Germaine and Giselle’s cafe is hiring.
Give her some privacy and see to it that dungeon chores are handled. Leave Mary’s in progress tasks alone so things are left the way she prefers them.
No. 1059394 ID: 06095b


If you need to spend further runes on anything, bring in Artificer. Use a Thread rune combined with Comfy to make just like, the most comfortable sheets.
No. 1059395 ID: ad76be

Okay, so, hear me out. What if… we made a Mary slime that could handle basic tasks for her. Almost like a junior auditor.

Take Law, Soul, Mind, Life, and Flesh. Optional Mundane rune. It’d be nice if we had a human rune, but I’d rather not turn Mary into runes.
No. 1059397 ID: ad76be

Er, replace Flesh with Water. Thought I added that at the beginning.
No. 1059399 ID: 1effd3

disembodied voice friends we should focus on other stuff probably...
No. 1059404 ID: 08229c
File 167962499174.png - (190.09KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

Was the idea not a good one? Almost all problems can be solved with demons... Is this, perhaps, one of the ones that can not be..?

No, impossible. I'll check on Mary right now just to prove it.

Demonologist looks in on Mary as she 'rests'. The woman is in critical condition.


Demonologist orders the slimes to leave her alone. Instead she has the Chef prepare food for the Dungeon Master.


I think I made a gross miscalculation in how restorative this would be. How could I have judged so poorly?

Leave her alone, hmm?

Yes, well, I suppose that's fine...

But since the party is cancelled what am I to do in the meantime? I suppose I could open the dungeon but without the Dungeon Master...

I could also try and buy stuff to prepare for the visit tomorrow.
No. 1059405 ID: 61235c

Isn’t that basically just Alex?
No. 1059406 ID: 5c8d2c

She already has soup and tea right? Now we should make her resting area comfy.
What about some sort of super comfy monster she can hold and cuddle while she rests. We could use like, Lion or Octopus as the base, those are both super cuddly.
No. 1059407 ID: 61235c

Alex has human parents. Let’s see what she thinks we should buy. I’d guess myself but we’re unfamiliar with your dimension’s culture.
No. 1059408 ID: 5c8d2c

Get Isabelle a nice outfit that isn't just her tunic. Mary's mom seemed interested in meeting her and Mary might get yelled at if Izzy looks like she isn't being cared for.
No. 1059409 ID: 0c8d1e

Make a lounge room and a study for the visit. With thrones and comfy pillows and a slime aquarium!

Lack of proper places to unwind and to work comfortably are probably stress contributors for Mary. What are your living quarters actually like behind the scenes?
No. 1059410 ID: 1effd3

Some nicer clothing for Izzy would be a good idea.
Besides that, I'd say just clean the dungeon and wait out Marys debuffs.
No. 1059411 ID: 58c090

This... is a good idea. Alex probably has a more human viewpoint than yours.
No. 1059419 ID: 4b4d4e

Ask Alex for consultation, and prep for the visit. Don't open the dungeon for Business, but give Mary's Parents permission when they arrive.

No need to go overboard.
No. 1059420 ID: 4b4d4e

Look, I think it's best if we wait for Mary's parents to arrive. They know their child best and will help take care of her recovery.

So when Mary's parents arrive, try to explain the situation or hand us over to Mary's parents so we can debrief them on the situation.

I get that you're well intent to help but for Mary's sake, lets not make things worse.

Bad. No. No more dungeon monsters. Mary's a human, and it's clear she's on death's door.
No. 1059422 ID: 5c8d2c

What are you, an idiot? Clearly, that means she needs more dungeon monsters.
No. 1059424 ID: 0c26c2

yes, prepare for the visit tomorrow. Remember, her mom's a kaiju fighter, so we're going to need to temporarily kaijufy some monsters. Can you buy spell scrolls to make your monster grow?
No. 1059425 ID: 273c18

Why would Mary's mom want to fight kaijus here? That's her job, not what she does for fun.
No. 1059434 ID: 8e07f4

I get it now. Mary is going to work herself to death, literally to the bone and then get sent back in time by shenanigans, where she will then have to change her identity to Atrociatus Maldorium in order to curse her past self into being stuck with the Dungeon of Pain thus completing the loop.
No. 1059435 ID: 06095b


In no particular order:
> Close the dungeon down officially for the time being.
> Get Izzy some new clothes. Her employee uniform is cute, but I think it will raise concern with Mary's parents if that's the only outfit she owns.
> Inform Oilivia that she'll be expecting new guests tomorrow.
> It's unclear if you speak Slime-ish, but maybe have Curi call a general assembly of the slimes to impress upon them the need to behave tomorrow.
> Make sure Rosa's study is set up to host a party of three adults plus Izzy. I think it's the nicest room we have for that purpose with the garden area plus the study.
No. 1059438 ID: 8e07f4

Rosa's garden needs a gazebo. A gazebo mimic, so we can make people face it alone.
No. 1059467 ID: ae1513

If the demon solutions are having difficulty, perhaps you should bring in someone who either isn't, or until recently wasn't, a demon. Do you know anyone like that?
No. 1059468 ID: 612b5e

We shouldn't pander to Mary's parents unless Mary wants to. They'll be expecting to see the dungeon as it is, not something built for them. Besides, they're coming mostly for Mary and the children. It really doesn't matter.

Shenanigans are fun and all, but I'm kind of liking being trusted.
No. 1059480 ID: 4534a6

Rally the slimes, clean the dungeon top to bottom
Interview all the 3+ rune monsters and get their opinions on the most recent run
Get the carpenter to add a soup stall in the village so SoupSlime can sell soup to adventures in the early portion of the dungeon.
No. 1059569 ID: 09e2c0

There's surprisingly little to do if all best Mo- Dungeon Master needs is a day of not doing anything.
The visit is tomorrow, the party is TBD, Isabella...

So all we need to concentrate on is making sure Mary and her parents have the best visit ever!

Decide on whether we're hosting Mary's parents in the castle proper or the hamlet. I'd prefer hamlet just for the simulated skybox.
Remind everyone to keep their behaviour in check or stay in their room if they feel they can't.
Close down the Spa. I don't know why. But parents and spas give me an ill-feeling.
See Constructor for how much setting up a gazebo w/ added seating for a small-scale tea-party would cost. Gazebos are an indoor AND outdoor structure.
Ask Chef whether he needs any special materials/ingredients for something edible for Mary's parents. If so, send Dungeoneer & Isabelle out for it. If they feel up for it.
Spruce up the dungeon for the visit. Trim the lawn! Dust the walls! REGROUT THE ROADS!
No. 1059580 ID: 2aa5f0

well you could probably check around the dungeon and see how everyone is handling the new additions. I mean we did just basically double the size of the dungeon recently so it might not be a bad idea to see how everyone is handling the changes.

Might be some people who were moved who liked their old position better, could be some don't feel like their part of the dungeon is getting enough attention or possibly too much attention. Things like that.
No. 1059594 ID: ad76be

This is actually a pretty good idea in general. Most large organizations have an HR department to handle employee satisfaction surveys and such, and we probably have enough employees that one could be useful.

See if you can work with the other constructs and/or Alex to work out a survey for the others. Open to anyone who has the sentience to fill one it. Not sure how many slimes meet that level, but I won’t make any rash judgements. Some starting questions:
>Are you happy with the state of the dungeon? Scale of 1 to 10.
>Are you happy in your current position? Scale of 1 to 10.
>Would you prefer to grow or remain in your current position?
>If you would like to grow, how would you prefer to grow? Training classes? Additional runes (type specified if relevant)? Change in location/duties?
>How would you rate your work environment? Scale of 1 to 10.
>How would you rate management? Scale of 1-10.
>Are there any employees you wish to give a shout-out for?
>What is your favorite food? This response is optional, but we will keep this in mind for future party planning.
>Would you like this survey to be anonymous or have your name on it?
No. 1059642 ID: 8b8ea2

The problem with your approach here is that you aren’t testing your solutions before you apply them! You have to find the most optimal solution before applying it. Surely you can use just a tiny bit more runes to create a copy of Mary you can test health plans on. What would be a good time for that? Fragile? Cloth? Soul?
No. 1059643 ID: 58c090

This is why Mary doesn't trust us to be on anyone else's head. Quit it.
No. 1059649 ID: 8604f5

Can you get Mary's phone? If so, then you have en emergency option by asking her mother for advice.
No. 1059672 ID: 1effd3

this is why mary doesnt trust us with others D:
No. 1059673 ID: 58c090

Yeah. So far, I don't think she liked the Soup Slime, but she'll probably let it slide as an attempt to help. If we call her parents or make a Mary slime or anything else of the sort, tho? Yeah, I don't see this happening ever again.

That said, this she'll probably be happy about, so I suggest we do so. And asking Alex for advice on how to deal with the whole family thing is also a good idea.
No. 1059757 ID: 08229c
File 168006241546.png - (142.91KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

I don't think we should make more demons... I don't want to stress out the Dungeon Master anymore. A Mary demon would be... Very... Very interesting to do...

But I have to resist the urge. The very strong urge.

There is work to be done.

First, she finds a place for the Soup Slime outside of providing Mary with soup. Instead she is going to be running a stand in the dungeon proper or work in the tavern in the hamlet. Whichever the adventuring party has access to.

Next she goes to see Alex. The woman is in casual clothing and seems a bit surprised to see the Demonologist. She puts down a book she was reading.

"Demonologist? Is something wrong?"

The construct hands over a piece of paper with questions on it.

"I was wondering if you could fill this out? Mary is resting right now and I'm doing some work on her behalf."

"Oh, I was wondering why things were so quiet. I was going to tell her to get some rest myself.. She was looking a bit pale."

"Indeed. You don't have to fill that out immediately but the sooner the better. Also, I have a more personal question."

"Oh? What is it?"

"Her parents are coming by tomorrow. Is there anything we can do to prepare for that?"
No. 1059758 ID: 08229c
File 168006318892.png - (140.44KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

"Ah, well, I may not be the best person to ask."

"Why is that?"

"Well, between you and I, my parents abandoned me when I was younger. They went off to fight 'the strongest monster' and I never saw them since... So... Yeah... Not many good memories about parents to relate too... Sorry..."

"Oh. My apologies."

"No, it's fine. I'm over it now. I'll have this paperwork done soon."

"Thank you. And here," She hands her more of the papers, "If you could deliver this to the others like the Constructs and some of the more sentient demons I'd appreciate it."

"Of course."

Hmm... Who do I ask for about parent stuff?
No. 1059759 ID: a7a180

Ask the yum co. rep, she's a parent!
No. 1059760 ID: 4b4d4e

Isabelle should have at least SOME memories of her parents before the horrible Village Incident. She probably had to take care of her own parents. Why not ask her?
No. 1059761 ID: 4b4d4e

Try Novem?
Either her or Isabelle.
No. 1059762 ID: a7a180

Or, maybe you could ask the Mary demon...
No. 1059763 ID: 1effd3

Wow, everyone had a terrible childhood here huh?
Without asking the adventurers, I can only think of asking the other guildmembers, granted thats a loooong shot.
Our bets bet at this point is: HOPE AND PRAY
No. 1059764 ID: 6ccff3

Curi is the best mom. Barring that, well to be honest no set of parents, let alone they and their kids' relationship are the same. It'll be fine regardless.

Also, c'mon. Think of it. Mary demons, several of them just for you. Do the work then needs to be done, then enjoy yourself. If we were REALLY not to be listened to, Mary wouldn't have lent us out.

So we, as we share the authority with Mary, command you to once done with your work to treat yourself. Do something nice for Demonologist. Think of it as us rewarding you for your hard work.
No. 1059765 ID: 09a3b0

Do any of your fellow constructs have parent-relevant memories or is that locked off?
No. 1059766 ID: 04c384

All I know about proper parent talk is to prepare tea and snacks.
No. 1059769 ID: 4534a6

Have Chef prepare a nice Luncheon and afternoon High Tea for the impending visit
No. 1059772 ID: 525c0b

One time my dad jumped off the back of our boat and got his ass nipped by a parrot fish that was hanging out in the shade by the rudder. It was funny.
No. 1059787 ID: aa6dda

Maybe just think about what you’d want to see if you had a daughter who stopped calling for a while.
No. 1059789 ID: 4aaa23

Mary is the dungeon mom. Just ask them what they would do for her
No. 1059793 ID: 8160fa

Speaking of 'the strongest monster,'that reminds me, were you informed of what that thing in the basement was this whole time? If not, prepare yourself. It's a primordial demon! Cool, huh?
No. 1059795 ID: 06095b


You should talk to Izzy, and make sure that she's been getting everything she needs. Ask her if there's anything she would like and how she feels about meeting Mary's parents.

As for the parents themselves, it honestly doesn't take much. They're coming here to see Mary, and so long as she is present and in good health, they'll likely leave satisfied. The biggest hurdle to communication is going to be the awkwardness of Mary not having talked with them in ages, but there's little that can be done for that other than having some planned diversions into shared activities that can afford Mary some breaks (ie. the spa, snacks, meetings with the staff/demons, and maybe going out shopping with Izzy).
No. 1059821 ID: ad76be

General “moms” we know
>Slime Matron

General kids with parents we know
>Isabelle (though hers are dead)
>Lucia (she has trouble calling Mary anything but “mom” at least)

Possible randos to ask
>The DM guild
>Red Widow (we’d probably take the opposite of her advice)
>The recent adventurers (assuming we can contact them)
>The YUM rep (drop that we have a collab project with the first DM, that’d keep her on the line)

Activities to break the ice would be smart since Mary gets awkward when we bring up her parents. Setting up “So You Think You Can Dance” or similar challenges would be smart as Mary could compete in them with her parents without any dungeon creature worrying about hurting her. I’d leave planning those activities to anyone willing to embarrass Mary though, the awkwardness may cause anyone else to falter partway through. Curi or Mirelle seem appropriate.

Maybe… maybe we even set up a little meet-and-greet area for the parents on our own. Where we can intercept them before they get to Mary. It’d let them get a feel for everyone here without Mary’s presence influencing their words. Plus we could let Mary sleep in a bit longer.
No. 1059825 ID: 82891b

Yes, strong agree!
We abmush her parents and let all the slimes and constructs and other demons know how much they appreciate Marry and love her to bits before marry is even awake from her overwork coma!
No. 1059869 ID: dd8f6a

The best person to go about Mary's parents is Mary, and she's not available right now.

We shouldn't do anything that Mary can't take back when she wakes up.
No. 1059870 ID: ad76be

The annoying part is that Mary has always been tight-lipped when her parents are brought up. It feels like every answer we get has to be dragged out of her.

I figure we do some relatively safe things and toss in stuff that may be embarrassing but ultimately worth a laugh after all is said and done. A construct asking questions about what to do with parent’s visiting feels reasonable given how far outside their expertise that is. The Mary slime proposition and setting up dungeon games… those are in the “funny” camp.

Even the Mary slime is practical on reflection, can you imagine how effective a dungeon raiding party would be with an auditor-class that can appraise items mid-run for value and audit an opponent’s weapons? Calculator would have field day putting several such slimes to work in investing. We could even start a bank catering to DMs and really show Drachma Bank what for!

And yeah, Mary could buy into the plan first but we overwork her enough with our brilliant ideas. Let someone else have them for once.
No. 1059871 ID: 08229c
File 168014615673.png - (163.82KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

>Do any of your fellow constructs have parent-relevant memories or is that locked off?

If I think really hard I can sort of remember something. But not really, no. If I could help more like this I would.

>Isabelle should have at least SOME memories of her parents before the horrible Village Incident. She probably had to take care of her own parents. Why not ask her?

I would rather not involve the little one in any matters involving her parents. I -am- self aware enough to know I'm not the best at dealing with social issues. So, I'll just not.


>You should talk to Izzy, and make sure that she's been getting everything she needs. Ask her if there's anything she would like and how she feels about meeting Mary's parents.

Yes, this is a good idea I think. Mostly just to make sure she's got everything she needs.

Not that she has been neglected but there may be things she wants that she doesn't bring up to the Dungeon Master.

Demonologist goes to look for Izzy. The child is playing with the other slimes while Colt watches over them all. The older slime nods to Demonologist as she enters and steps off to the side.

"Hey, Isabelle?"

The child looks up from her play and smiles.

"Hey, Deemo."

I can't believe Dungeoneer made that catch on...

"Hi. I was wondering if you'd be willing to answer a few questions on this paper here?"

She hands her a sheet similar to one she had passed Alex. This one asks her what she likes, wants, needs, etc.

She reads it and looks mostly confused by it.

"Ah, it simply asks if there are things you feel are lacking that the Dungeon Master has not provided."

"Auntie Mary?" She thinks for a good moment, "No, I'm okay."

"Oh. Are you certain? Is there nothing you'd like?"

"Hmmmm... Brownies." She says, resolute in her choice.

"Brownies? Very well. Oh, uhm... The crown had mentioned you might want more clothes? Is that a thing you'd desire?"

"Sure." She says, simply.

It is a simple matter for the string and cloth slimes to fashion her some clothing.

>Maybe… maybe we even set up a little meet-and-greet area for the parents on our own. Where we can intercept them before they get to Mary. It’d let them get a feel for everyone here without Mary’s presence influencing their words. Plus we could let Mary sleep in a bit longer.

Yes, I think this will work. We can stop guessing and get some solid answers.

This is a good ide-

>Speaking of 'the strongest monster,'that reminds me, were you informed of what that thing in the basement was this whole time? If not, prepare yourself. It's a primordial demon! Cool, huh?

=Data Unlocked: Primordial Demon
Track: 16c3
Established Thoughts from Parallel 5
Minor Deviation: 0.00004% (Acceptable)=

A... A Primordial..?

I... I see...

Well, it would be negligent of me if I didn't check on it, right? Now that I know this.
No. 1059873 ID: 1effd3

>should check on the basement<
No. 1059875 ID: 4534a6

D-did Deemo just get horny for Jeffery.....
No. 1059877 ID: f1f923

Mary's sick, remember! And trusting you to run things! Wait until she's back on her feet!
No. 1059878 ID: ad76be

I’m guessing that little blurb is Demonologist’s data unlock, followed by her “reaction” triggered by the system, followed by how many other constructs have gone down that “track”, and her deviation from the baseline of the rest.

Sooooo yeah, not a lot of Demonologists get to have this reaction, but all of them are expected to behave in this way.
No. 1059879 ID: 61235c

You can check from the console, right?
No. 1059883 ID: a7a180

Can you ask the original you what your parents were like? Er, her parents?
It would be negligent of you to be destroyed in a manner that leaves the crown damaged or irretrievable. Why don't you review past logs where adventurers encountered Jeffrey, while locking yourself in a room with a cozy fireplace and a Mary daki.
No. 1059888 ID: a60675

Go, do it. Evaluate the primordial in the basement.
No. 1059890 ID: dc4bad

Wait a sec no-

Yeah good point.
Since we've got control of the room now we should be able to view it remotely like any other part of the dungeon right?

Come to think of it, doesn't that give us access to that treasury thing the speedrunner looted that one time too?
It'd be nice news for Mary when she recovers if we found out there was some form of more dungeon resources to play with.
No. 1059895 ID: 273c18

It will kill you if you enter its room. Even the First Dungeon Master died instantly!
It's fine to observe from a distance though, if you wanna do that.
No. 1059896 ID: 06095b


It KO'd the First DM without any apparent effort after the First Demonologist specifically warned her not to mess with the thing. DO NOT.
No. 1059901 ID: cd5d5f

"Auntie Mary"? Cute.
"Primordial Demon"? Not cute. DNI. DNT. DNR. DO... what >>1059879 suggests and observe from a location that is outside of its room.
No. 1059912 ID: 3b4a7d

It could mean that, but I think it's more likely that the deviation is her deviation either from the track or the parallel. Probably the latter, based on context.

I have some other speculation, but the most important is that we might be causing her thoughts to deviate from the parallel.
No. 1059915 ID: 1ed92d

Go check on the Primordial Demon, but have Artificer construct an external body so you can experience its majesty without risk of head explosion.
No. 1059919 ID: ad76be

I read it the same way basically. Track is the thought process, parallels are other copies that ran the same track in the past. But I would assume some degree of deviation is normal, especially in such a small sample size and when we already know some constructs inherit different personality traits even within the same class. We shouldn’t worry about causing her to deviate too much.

Yes, I realize I’m tempting fate there. I’m okay with being wrong and it turns out we’re a corruptive force on the very fabric of dungeons. It’d give First DM some “excitement” to deal with.
No. 1059921 ID: a481b2

I hesitate to even say this, but if you're dead set on going there physically and ignoring all of us yelling "don't do it, it's certain death"... then the only thing you can do that can result in you staying alive for 30 seconds is to bring Ruth with you.
No. 1059929 ID: ad76be

She’ll die too. The bat may be indestructible due to how she wields it, but it doesn’t mean much against multi-pronged or AoE attacks.

She might be able to hurt it with a baseball if she hits one in from outside the room. Could be too shocked to hit her back before the door gets shut. That doesn’t really help Demonologist though.
No. 1059932 ID: cecad0
File 168021976646.png - (73.58KB , 800x600 , Larry.png )

Maybe we boost Ruth's INT score first or put another rune in her, then show her the video of Larry the Peasant's trowel run. I think I remember that Ruth's bat is both enhanced by adamantine and is considered a physics object, so the Trowel Run strategy might be possible if she learns how to parry...
No. 1059933 ID: 58c090

That's actually literally what she's doing right now with the bat. And boosting her int or giving her another rune would backfire, cause then she'd stop being able to do that anymore. This was all confirmed back in thread 8.5.
No. 1059936 ID: ad76be

Larry’s existence proves it doesn’t HAVE to backfire. He’s clearly got more than a few INT points to figure all these tricks out even if he doesn’t talk like it.

A smarter Ruth would need to rely on wielding the bat “naturally” instead of overthinking it. In her case, she learned to hold it like a physics object so that should be “natural”.

That said, I like how terrifying she is with so few runes. She’s one of our mascots, like Ms. Bloops. Leveling her would feel wrong.
No. 1059939 ID: b00701

Did we ever make Ruth's bat a dropped weapon?
No. 1059951 ID: 58c090

>A smarter Ruth would need to rely on wielding the bat “naturally” instead of overthinking it. In her case, she learned to hold it like a physics object so that should be “natural”.
Thing is, in this world equipping a bat is the natural way of using one, and she's only managing to do otherwise cause she doesn't know any better. Once she's smart enough to know to equip a weapon, she'd find it really hard not to. It's one of those things that's a lot harder to do wrong once you learn the proper way of doing it, she'd basically have to constantly convince herself that the bat is not an item and thus not equippable. She might be able to figure that out, but not with a single extra rune.

>That said, I like how terrifying she is with so few runes. She’s one of our mascots, like Ms. Bloops. Leveling her would feel wrong.
That I will agree with.

I'm not sure anyone ever managed to kill Ruth since she became her own slime.
No. 1059953 ID: 474654

If Ruth died, I think she would drop her actual bat. It's something she's holding, not something she has equipped as a weapon.
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