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File 167521088444.png - (623.43KB , 1000x1000 , ThreadHeaderCH4PSD.png )
1055064 No. 1055064 ID: 1015ea

Chapter 1:>>/questarch/985116
Chapter 2:>>/questarch/1007458
Chapter 3:>>/questarch/1034710

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/x9QHPvzhdD


There's nobody left to help.
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No. 1055065 ID: 1015ea
File 167521093285.png - (625.91KB , 1000x1000 , ThreadHeaderPt2.png )

>Loss is sobering for many, making you aware of just how lucky you were to have some things in your life.
>For this soldier, new resolve is found.
>Will this fight go differently?
>We'll have to see.
No. 1055066 ID: 1015ea
File 167521095351.png - (0.96MB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMapPlanning.png )

...I'm going to win this one. I will.

This time, we're up against Mnemosyne - a living storm of a woman. The pride of Site 70, as they say - she's been kicking ass since long before I was born.
Even then, just like the rest of us, she hasn't seen much genuine action. I've heard talks about how there was plans to have her transferred to some place in the Weave but I get the feeling she stayed behind for some reason, probably sentimental.
That's not my problem.

My problem is how we're going to kick her ass.

We don't have a map for the area this time, but I do have a decent impression of what it's like. We're in the Security and Armoury branch - and the brig, though it apparently never got used except for putting rowdy idiots in their places.
Something unique to this branch is the Elevator - they keep the munitions and ammo down there, apparently so if bombs get dropped on us, Site 70 doesn't turn into a giant fireball. It's down a big cargo elevator, so it ain't like the prisoners could actually sneak down there to arm themselves either.
If the fights go the way our previous ones have, we're probably going to move through each of these areas.
Dunno how much is gonna be hidden away in here, but we're going to have to adapt.
No. 1055067 ID: 1015ea
File 167521098611.png - (919.40KB , 1500x1000 , CH4WeaponSelect.png )

Even though I lost to that idiot of a swordswoman, I still ended up with a new weapon - Plug. Didn't get any new gadgets since last time besides the Amp Rings so I'm less prepared than i'd like to be. Doesn't matter. We have to win this either way.

My current equipment:
Twin Revolvers - The Sound and The Fury
Shotgun - The Creirwy D-3
Sniper Rifle - Prototype H-ED DSTR
Auxiliary Melee - Silkweave Gauntlets
Longblade - Plug

Card list:

2 Solburst
3 Frozeneye
3 Breezecycle
1 Briarspirit
1 Voidsplit
4 Echoscribe

Barrier Generator - Projected Forcefield.
Beam Unit - Long-ranged Beam Attack.
Explosive Discs (3) - Throwable plastic explosives.
Pitch Prefect - Wrist-mounted tar launcher.
Blink Capacitor - Short-ranged teleportation and intangibility.
Blade Printer - Aerodynamic disposable knife creation.
Amp Rings - Short-term physical strength enhancement.

In addition, I put a thin layer of oil over my clothes. If anything, my fur already gets stained with enough lubricant when I'm oiling up some of my weapons and tools...
And now that I've got a whole damn sword to polish, that's something else.

The thin oil coating should at least protect me from Mnemosyne's Parasignia directly, preventing her from disrupting my movements and actions.
Being able to open up a damn portal to strong winds isn't exactly the kind of Parasignia I'd expect her to have, but it's a suitably powerful pain in the ass.

That being said, we need to keep an eye on it. She could open portals on the ground, the walls - anything to catch me off-guard.

To propose a bit of an initial strategy...
In contrast to what Astrolysis and Nickel can do, it's all about pressing advantages here. Mnemo and me, we're kinda alike in that we're adaptable. She has tools, I have tools. I'm willing to bet she's got a few gadgets on her person, just like how Judi used hers against us. I wouldn't know which one's she's got though. We poke at her with our toolset, then we capitalize off of whatever weaknesses we DO find. If we manage to land a lucky hit or two, we switch off of it so that she can't counter the strategy afterward.

Now, what about you? Any of you lot have ideas as to what loadout I should pack going in?
No. 1055071 ID: e5709d

Okay, what would someone with wind powers and wind tr-
Fudge Ripple.

Here's my guess. She's going to load the area with shrapnel, thermite, neurotoxins, and anything she can rub on the sides of a wall with her bare
And then all she needs to do is cast cyclone() on the pre-seasoned killing boards. Additionally, since she's in control of the wind rather than an automated teleporting fan, she can redirect the winds so she's effectively immune to her own powder traps.

We don't know much about her combat style, but we know this: she's willing to take a grenade to the chest if she thinks it's worth it.

Oh, and she posted something just now. Hm. But that seems like a fallacy. Certainly, her world is dead and gone and everything it once stood for has rotted due to the proof-of-concept of a self-destructive nuclear war, but there's survivors in the nexus -
aren't there?
Double Fudge Ripple with a side order of fried onions.

If you're going against a gadgeteer, then you need a skillset that counteracts diversification with all-rounded defense. This one's going to get weird.
Explosive Discs(Blink Capacitor, Beam unit) - Anything you throw at Mnemosyne is going to date 400 kilotons of wind. Send an infiltrator through the backdoor; she's practiced in deflecting attacks, she won't have as much preparation with blocking/withstanding.
Pitch Prefect(Barrier Generator, Blade Printer) - Now for the real controversy. Normally I'd yell at anyone who suggests this idea. You are dealing with someone who can redefine the battlefield by its flat surfaces. The moment Mnemosyne sees your tar flying, she'll do whatever she needs to destroy it and reclaim the turf. Shield your tar, and the surfaces will stay neutral longer. You can also use it on cover objects to reinforce against high-penetration attacks.
No. 1055072 ID: 1015ea

The wiki page has been updated with current gadget tags. If you need a better impression of what gadgets provide as a sub-slot, please check it out!
No. 1055074 ID: 629f2e


I agree with Argine, I think this is a match where we really want to take an early lead. Don't be too reckless, but press your advantage wherever you can. You don't want to get caught on the backfoot early, but you're up against someone with a lot of experience. Your gadgets need to provide good burst options to overwhelm, while still being consistent tools you can make use of throughout the battle.

Depending on how effective your ranged weaponry holds up to her wind, don't be afraid to use melee.


Beam Unit - Gives us a projectile attack that can deal decent damage, and which she can't easily redirect or nullify with her Parasignia. Our best burst option, and a nice way to get through any cover she may have with the attachment I'm recommending.
-Blade Printer (Mainly for "Cutting" tag, as it would help out beam carve through any cover Mnemosyne tries to put between it and herself)
-ALTERNATIVELY: We could stick the Explosive Discs here if the Blade Printer wouldn't work the way I think it might. Give the beam an explosive impact that locks this down as our strongest tool.

Amp Rings - The extra strength will be helpful in general for mobility, melee attacks, and moving larger elements of the terrain. With the right attachments, it can also serve some defensive/utility purposes.
-Barrier Generator (If we need to use our strength to rush in, adding a protective element to ourselves will make it less risky. The "Reflective" part will also punish Mnemosyne for trying to interrupt us while we're using them.)
-ALTERNATIVELY: The Blink Capacitor could let us close the distance to get in close for our enhanced attacks, or possibly displace our strength elsewhere? Perhaps we could send air shots by punching from a distance?

Pitch Prefect - The tar will be helpful for slowing her down and sticking down items she may want to send at us with her wind. Projectiles are a risky move against her, but we have a few tools we could use to make it work.
-Blink Capacitor (It'll be hard for our tar shots to get past her wind, but I think we can manage if we can remove the travel time. It'll be harder for Mnemosyne to position her portals to redirect shots if she can't tell when or where they'll land.)
-Explosive Discs (A tar explosion is more likely to stick Mnemosyne down, making our shots more effective.)
No. 1055092 ID: 9a2966

Seems legit. Also, looking at Storyteller cards you haven't used yet, you can consider using Breezecycle to swap out for a different gadget combo if it becomes obvious you'll need a different sort of edge. Frozeneye also seems handy, as you could use one for situational analysis, mitigating your lack of intel on her gadgetry and the map.

Let's also remember that your gadget combinations in previous fights may have been observed and taken into account, so switching up your combos from previous ones might be a good idea.

Amp Rings go on - that's a given. Unless you can get within arm's reach or use it for throwing (which is debatable useful against a wind user) its use will be largely defensive - you can use the strength boost to resist getting buffeted by strong winds and to move faster. Let's leave its secondary gadgetless (for now).

Pitch Prefect w/Blink Capacitor - We all know and love the Prefect, and since you want poking capacity I can think of nothing more likely to take Mnemosyne off-guard than a weapon that will resist her winds - one that would normally be trivial for someone with her powers to deal with. Make your pitch intangible and unaffectable before it hits! Or as the other Syke said - remove the travel time. If she gets covered in the sticky stuff she'll also have a hard time putting wind portals on her own body, which might be a trick she pulls to avoid attacks.

Barrier Generator w/Blade Printer - This one's straight defensive - but could have an offensive mobility aspect. A barrier that is more aerodynamic thanks to the Blade Printer might let you cut through winds and let you move about at speeds Mnemonsyne won't expect - or at least help you avoid the worst of being buffeted around. Plus it'll be handy against the usual 'I'll just shoot her' moves. We are dealing with someone else with guns here.

Beam Unit w/Explosive Discs - Being more energy than mass, the beam unit's attack might cut through winds without getting thrown off course. That said, distance and air density don't go too well together normally with beam weaponry - it tends to attenuate fast. But you might be able to give your laser a bit of extra oomph by tacking on the Explosive Discs destructive nature. Frankly, Amp Rings would probably be better for it, but hopefully it can still make for a good poking tool. It will also have the benefit of being one you haven't shown offensively yet.

I'd say start with a short to mid-range weapon. Which would be less likely to get thrown off course and snag you a hit out of the shotgun or pistols?
No. 1055298 ID: 1015ea
File 167564186079.png - (617.49KB , 1000x1000 , EntryWay.png )

It's settled. I'll be heading into battle with this loadout:
Beam Unit (Blade Printer): The Beam Unit can now cut through thin cover and other materials, allowing it to penetrate and damage opponents behind it.

I didn't think that the Blade Printer would even WORK like this when plugged into another gadget, but it does. If I'm guessing how it works, it's because the tags represent how I see the gadgets, and when I cram 'em into each other, its like I'm subconsciously realigning them to produce effects I want. In this case, its like I've realigned the laser head so that its focused on cutting through non-material objects. I could still put the hurt on people with it, but it ain't going to have enough sustained output to cut a person's arm off, I think. Kinda like how even though I got through the face, my Parasignia made it so I could get right back up.

Amp Rings.
I considered slotting the Barrier generator in here, but it effectively made it so that the barrier's ONLY active when I'm jumping around or doing heavy lifting. Having the barrier centred on me is nice, but I think reliability is more important right now.
Still, these things are going to be our movement option - I can leap pretty damn far and land without any problem. Lifting's a different topic, since I still need to actually get a grip on something and holding a locker above my head when the charge gives out is a pretty great way to get my head pulped.
Think outside the box with this one - unlike the Blink Capacitor, we can incorporate it into my moveset as more than just an emergency escape tool.

Pitch Prefect (Blink Capacitor, Explosive Discs):
Now THIS is interesting.
Ever since I got the Blink Capacitor, I always got the feeling that it had potential as a sub-slot option, but we were rather reliant on it as a protective measure. With the Amp Rings acting as a new movement option, it doesn't need to be confined to that any more.
I'll cut to the chase, the Pitch Prefect now fires almost-invisible, teleporting explosive tar shots.
This thing's crazy.
Keep in mind, I've only got five shots of this in total, but due to the previous improvements I've made to the tar mix - adding the Explosive Discs in here's probably enough to blast holes in metal now, it's that powerful. If I can nail Mnemosyne with one of these, she's absolutely going to be knocked off balance at minimum. Plus, we don't want to get US caught in the blast either. Make sure it's the right situation when you call on me to use it though, alright?

Barrier Generator.

Having the Barrier Generator on hand's more important than ever. We're not dealing with people with excessive firepower here - we're dealing with one woman with a coupla guns at hand. Not being able to reliably block bullets is going to be a pain.

>I'd say start with a short to mid-range weapon. Which would be less likely to get thrown off course and snag you a hit out of the shotgun or pistols?
My dualies for sure, but they're closer to revolvers than pistols. Been using these babies for far, far longer than the Creirwy. There's a lot you can do with two guns at once if you've got the dexterity for it. Mnemosyne's defensive capabilities can't stop bullets like Astrolysis can either.

> Perhaps we could send air shots by punching from a distance?

What, like... through compressing air pressure into an actual attack? I feel like if I'm throwing a punch that hard, my arms are going to break first and that's part of why Diagram even had to tune the damn things to begin with. At least right now, I don't think any of the current gadgets I've got on hand would let me do anything like that.

With that, I'm ready to go.


Security, huh... never been here much, outside of a couple of impressions. You get to visit every part of Site 70 at least once in your life as a clone, but maybe that's just me.
No. 1055299 ID: 1015ea
File 167564189269.png - (196.99KB , 1000x1000 , MnemoIntroPSD.png )

There's a sense of ominousness coming from this place - 'Security'. That they'd build Site 70 to account for prisoners of war or something like that. Just the other day, they were talking about intruders into this facility who caused some trouble. People died.
I bet for the old soldiers, they never expected anyone to ACTUALLY attack the base.
...Gotta say, I wonder why though. Site 70's meant to be a secret, isn't it? How the hell's anyone gonna find it in the middle of the damn ocean?
I don't remember it especially clearly, but before the Weave Nexus was built, Security was ACTUALLY closer to the original entrance of Site 70, so it made more sense actually acting as a place for guards to regroup and set out. Now, its kinda just awkwardly in the middle of everything since new facilities got added later - probably because the idea that people would actually invade got less and less likely.

I walk around the barren room. People were supposed to get kitted up further in, in the actual armory. The few times I saw that elevator in motion, whew. What a sight. Thing's bloody huge, looked like it could carry a plane.
But now, when there's basically nobody around any more? Even compared to the other sectors, this place is creepy. It would've been one of the least used places to begin with. I can practically smell the dust covering this place.
>She's probably got powder-based traps everywhere so she can use her wind powers against you.
I'll keep that in mind - for now, we're both in close proximity. Any gas attacks would be harmful to both of us and I'll make sure to hold my breath. It helps that we're both specced to be resistant to poisons already.

Oh, right - and I remember that Judi brought up that Mnemosyne was fond of CQC. Not sure if that has a sword in the mix, but if she tries anything, I'll be ready.

I round a corner and there she is.
Almost odd, seeing her with a helmet on. I'm not sure if I've even seen her in casual clothes.

She holds her rifle like a damn statue.

I raise a hand, but it feels... wrong. We're going to be shooting each other in just a bit.
I stand there for a moment but I get no response.
"Not much to say? Fair enough."
Didn't take her to be a conversational type. Nickel didn't say much either.

"Let's say our vows and get on with it."
No. 1055300 ID: 1015ea
File 167564192775.png - (699.55KB , 1500x1000 , CH4Showdown.png )

We take our positions, weapons at the ready.
Time to continue a tradition.
Mnemosyne starts first to my surprise.
"They call me Mnemosyne. Under the eye of Elyse Alois, all shall know that my resolve remains unbroken."

I grip my guns tighter.
"I'm Argine. Like Urza who came before me, I will fight for victory, mine alone.

I aim.
No. 1055301 ID: 1015ea
File 167564229036.png - (843.66KB , 1000x1000 , slidinout.png )

A crack rings out through Security.
I fire, right as smoke billows out around me.

I hop backwards, out of the plumes of smoke billowing around me. Even with four nostrils, the scent of smoke just CLINGS to you and I hate it.
When your opponent has wind powers, you BET they have an advantage when there's smoke all around you.
A quick check and no part of me's injured yet. Makes sense. Explosives or flammables are a bad idea at close range - and I made sure to hold my breath in case there were toxins.

The grey plumes slowly rise to the ceiling, a hollow shape in the smoke where I used to be.
I duck behind one of the pillars - at least your mapping software's going to make finding her simple.
No. 1055302 ID: 1015ea
File 167564238488.png - (119.02KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMap01.png )

...Shit. She accounted for you.

I don't know what she's doing, but our map's being jammed.
If I'm hazarding a guess, it's like how Diagram only has a limited signal of connection to us. Whatever it is, we've only got a limited range, AND what I can actually see to work with.
What a pain.

I've still got my training with Nickel in mind and this time, I won't screw up.
Dead Silence means I'll be able to get around with a much less likely chance of being detected, so we can opt for a safer route.

Break and Blood Circle remain as options, viable ones even. Mnemosyne isn't much physically stronger than I am - and unless she's got some Asliann genes hidden away in her, I doubt she's that much stronger than what I can do. If she tries to grapple me after an attempt at placing wind portals on me, she'll be in a rough spot, that's for sure.

Give me options - she's still nearby, presumably repositioning. Aiming through that cloud of smoke's going to be worthless, whether its a gadget or a gun. Giving her my position sounds like a bad idea.

A few come to mind - ranged engagements and close-range engagements.

Part of me likes the idea of being the bigger one in charge for once - if I grapple Mnemosyne, I could potentially end things much, much earlier than an extended firefight. In addition, I've made preventative measures against her main strength in close quarters, while having training from someone specialized in dealing with close-ranged encounters. Having a sword and bullet-deflecting gauntlets on me is a big plus because outside of a knife, she's unlikely to be hiding a longsword in here. If we were running the Blink Capacitor as a primary, we would probably be able to use it as a one-way ticket in, risky as it sounds. An Echoscribe card would work just as well here, but not having line of sight on Mnemosyne means I can't really blink to her position - the map shown there's more of an abstraction than a 1:1.

A ranged engagement keeps me out of the way of potential traps and it does play to my strengths and kit better - but you could say the same for Mnemosyne.
Hard Cover at least lets me make the most of my environment so getting hit by potshots isn't going to happen. Protracted gunfights would work better in my favor, but who's to say that Mnemosyne doesn't do something else? I have access to all three of my actual guns because of how I've made improvements to my gals, so Dualies, Shotgun and Sniper Rifle are all tools at the ready.

What do you think?
No. 1055303 ID: 1015ea
Audio Mnemosyne_Battle_The_13th_Dilemma_-_Kingdom_Hearts.mp3 - (4.97MB )

Vs. Mnemosyne Theme
Title: The 13th Dilemma (Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix)
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfSk9ivzHbk&t=185s

No. 1055340 ID: 30b9f6

Ah yes, the coward's way of not dying. Ponder getting one.

>Smoke, external interference, advice
Any way we can trigger local air conditioning to clear away the smoke? Not sure what access we have here. We can open doors for you, why not discreetly pop on some units? Guess the current interference might stymie. Likely Mnemosyne put up a jammer somewhere. We can move past this area, try to find and disable it, or just deal.

Keep an eye out for eyes of her own - cameras, drones, whatever. She didn't do this to blind herself - though if it's a multipurpose jammer, it can't be wireless. Could she be using smaller air portal openings to try to detect you? Would be something to be wary of. Either as sensors or even as 'trip mines' where if you cross their path she just notices the disruption in air flow and puts them on full blast to stagger and distract you.

Also remember to look up. She IS a flier. Any guns firing might also not actually be at her actual location - since she can trigger those with her winds. Blind firing our best shots into smoke isn't going to be the way to go here.

>What to do - main stealth
Use Dead Silence to move further into the room and - if it can be done without giving you away - pop your Barrier to avoid getting sniped from the smoke. If you're shot at, seek cover as best able. Flip tables or hide tactically by the corners of bulkier stuff. Don't let her bring down your barrier yet. Blind any spotted recording devices, and keep your own senses on a swivel. We do need more intel here - or a good opportunity to deploy a Frozeneye for maximal efficiency.

>Side stealth
If you want to be a sneaky sneak, you could try to eschew the barrier and double back to pop behind one of the big shelves at the side of the room. Though if I were Mnemosyne I'd trap tight, cover-providing spaces like that somehow - a pre-prepped wind portal, a gun setup ready to fire, something such.
No. 1055347 ID: 5560d0

Whatever you do, don't lose her. If you do you'll be wandering blindly in the smoke while she's probably prepared some way of locating and taking you down from afar. You're prepared fairly well to engage her at close range so maybe it's time to capitalise on that.

Use Dead Silence and try to close in on her position stealthily. If you can see her then maybe feint a sneak attack and use it as an opportunity to gauge her perception. If she somehow still manages to detect you even when you're in stealth and hidden in smoke then it could spell trouble.

Equipment that helps one not get shot through the head? What revolutionary technology!
No. 1055348 ID: e5709d

She's going to be extra observant. We play this with psychological warfare, turn her focused perception against her.

Start by carving a message into the side of a wall. Something along the lines of "Could your resolve stop a bullet?" and "Why did you do it? Why are you doing this? Why?" Once you've riled her up, stick to cover and wait for her to spend a turn calming down - at which point you unleash your tar explosion power.

The moment you get hit, cover the blood on your upper-right shoulder.

For now, start by using your Amp Rings to grab the table and hurl it at Mnemosyne. She'll need to dodge, redirect the table with wind, or use a gadget. Get a feel for her go-to defenses.
No. 1055398 ID: 629f2e


Pretty much just gonna support this rn.
No. 1055669 ID: ccbbb0

She is next to the table to your right.

Employ Dead Silence to approach.

Flip the table to use as Hard Cover.

Sieze the moment and deliver repeated point blank Shotgun blasts to target.

We are not losing this one.
No. 1055692 ID: 503f78

Despite the map jamming she's so close that you can still get a position on her on our limited tactical map. Feels like you should toss an explosive around the corner and then immediately attempt to press advantage with melee strikes.

Melee I'm not sure here, keeping her at longsword range gives her the opportunity to fire her gun in close quarters. The reach difference can't be taken advantage of unless you can disarm her of her gun with it. A knife would actually be more advantageous in a melee fight against this level of opponent.
No. 1055746 ID: 1015ea
File 167611683731.png - (850.53KB , 1000x1000 , shielding.png )

>Helmets, Ah yes, the coward's way of not dying. Ponder getting one.
...Mmm, I'll consider it. If you get to design me another new outfit, throw a helmet on there, see how it plays out.

>Can we activate some fans using our hacking ability?
I think we could, problem is that this kind of thing wouldn't be in security! Fans are automatic, so the ventilation will eventually clear the smoke up. Not fast enough for us though.

>Toss an explosive, then follow up with melee strikes.
Can't do that - only explosives I've got are crammed into the Pitch Prefect, and we've only got five shots of that. I'm not going to fire blindly and miss when it's going to be one of our tickets to victory here.
But keeping her in the ring of visibility we've got...
That sounds like a plan.

>Use Dead Silence to move further into the room and - if it can be done without giving you away - pop your Barrier to avoid getting sniped from the smoke.
Well, I'd be able to ACTIVATE the barrier silently - but the whole 'glowing wall of hardlight' thing's a lot more conspicuous than the clicking of a switch. Unless...
I could run it at half capacity. Yeah. That works.

Our styles differ from each other, even if we're both adaptable types - so I should capitalize off of my strengths.

Mnemosyne's weaker at close ranges, so the best option is forward.

I press through the smoke, back where I came from. Running the barrier at half-capacity... pretty much nobody ever does that - but now, it's smaller and most importantly, less visible.

Gunfire rings out anyway, and I switch the shield onto full blast, shielding me from any of the damage.
Though there's tables around me, they're not going to protect me like one of these lockers can.
No. 1055747 ID: 1015ea
File 167611686194.png - (688.76KB , 1000x1000 , WallTime.png )

I sprint, the barrier generator dissipating as I focus on running - spotting a locker past the smoke.

I slide behind the construct, gunfire clattering into metal. I'm safe for now, whatever gun she's using doesn't have enough firepower to chew through my cover. Doesn't stop her tossing a 'nade my way if I linger though.

Even under the gunfire, I can still hear the clattering of her armor and equipment as she runs.
Figures - she knows I've got something that can keep track of her, so she's dropping all pretences.
No. 1055748 ID: 1015ea
File 167611687938.png - (109.20KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMap02.png )

I made it through - pushing forward was the right move.
If I had fallen back, that would allow Mnemosyne to gain momentum against me. If she can't get far enough away to setup, we've got an advantage.

She's still running - unlike Nickel though, the moment I catch her, it's going to be easier to lay into her with my weapons.

Judging from her position, whatever's firing at me has to be one of her wind-levitated guns. That means it's not going to be able to reload, not without her watching over it.
When it runs out, I've got free movement. I'd like to catch her off-guard, so the first thing that comes to mind is jumping OVER the lockers between us using the Amp Rings to cut off her escape route.
Another option's using a Frozeneye and rushing her even faster, try to snag her with a Pitch shot. But since I've still got limited visibility, I don't know what's on the other side of the divider right now.

What say you?
No. 1055753 ID: 15c72a

She immediately spotted you despite stealth? Hmm. I bet she can sense you disturbing the air/smoke. Probably at a limited range though, like our map. Regardless, that means stealth is useless..

Is it possible for you to knock the lockers over? Can you teleport one of those bombs inside the locker she's behind? She won't be able to see it coming, and if you're lucky it will fully expose her position so you can take a good shot at her afterwards. On the other hand, if it's a particularly sturdy locker it might contain the explosion and waste the charge.

I'm partial to jumping on top of the locker rather than fully over it. You won't be charging directly into unknown territory and you'll have an escape route if she's got a trap back there.
No. 1055809 ID: 15a025

Jumping on the lockers might be a good test here. If she's on the move, she might not be watching her windgun, so it might just be aiming at our last known location.

If it continues to aim at us on top of the locker, that either tells what kind of control she has with that power, or she's still close by.
No. 1055857 ID: 9a2966

We've verified she's got some way to keep track of you despite the smoke then. Watch out for getting shot - leaping on top of the shelves might make you a target from multiple vantage points - assuming she can have more than one wind gun at a time, that is.

Tempting to just knock the shelving over with an explosion, but that may not be a good spend I think, plus it might give her data on how you used it and you should still want that to be your trump surprise. Given that you want to cross the area to get to her, you may not want to cover it in flaming pitch. At least not in a way that'll risk getting any of it on you!

Are these the kind of shelves you could topple with your amp rings from above (rocking them, leaping into them with force, lifting using leverage, whatever) and then ride them down? She might use a wind burst to protect herself and blast the shelves right back at you, mind, so you'd have to be ready to dodge, tuck and roll to avoid having your plan backfiring.
No. 1055872 ID: e5709d

If we were working for her, I'd have her deploy some trap cyclones on her closest cover, and then prepare and aim a debuff gadget. We need to overcome that scenario while making leeway for other strategies.

Use your Amp Ring to bash the full cover over. From half-cover, blindfire your tar in an arc, then charge in with suppressing fire.

Also, I just wanted you to know that Armin was the name of a famous sociopath who outsmarted an entire planet and accidentally ushered in the apocalypse because he mindlessly worshipped an angry maniac until it was too late. And red ear dye is for Val'Sarghess rank-and-file thugs. Mnemosyne may be reading our CAI, time to troll the hell out of her.
No. 1056114 ID: 96112b

Now is the time to press the advantage a bit further.

Use Barrier Generator to block the incoming fire from the guns, then use the Pitch Prefect teleport an Explosive Disc into Mnemosyne's path. Proceed to fire with your Dual Guns.

Let's do this.
No. 1056601 ID: 1015ea
File 167693573902.png - (678.73KB , 1000x1000 , bigjump.png )

>Knock the shelving over using the Amp Rings or an explosion.
I'm not going to have enough leverage to push these lockers over from the ground - even if I've got more strength, they're lined up against another set of lockers on the other end. But toppling them from above.... now that's an option.

>Can you teleport a bomb into one of the lockers she's hiding behind?
Not a bad idea, but I do need line of sight and the lockers are two sets, so the ones on her end aren't the ones I can reach even with teleporting explosives.

>She immediately spotted you through stealth? She could probably sense you disturbing the smoke.
Good observation, don't think she has omnipotence or anything though. It's just like with Nickel, she could probably set up a few weapons to automatically activate without her present.
She knows I'm there, but I don't think she has fine enough control to detect where I am precisely. That being said, I don't know if she's somehow using her portals like an air tripwire.
Doesn't mean stealth is useless though - just because I got spotted once doesn't mean I should just stand out in the open and get shot.

I think the best move for me here is to leap up with the Amp Rings - but, when I'm on top, I've got a bit of an idea to pus this thing over.

As such, I manifest the rings around my ankles and I prepare to jump.

There's a strange feeling about it, jumping up like this. It reminds me of the explosive jump I pulled off in Nickel's fight - but this time, it's all me.
No. 1056602 ID: 1015ea
File 167693575862.png - (658.21KB , 1000x1000 , leverage.png )

I can feel the recoil of my landing get absorbed by the Amp Rings.

Now to enact the plan.
These things are only going to be active for a little longer, but while I'm at it, I use Plug as leverage, combined with the Amp Rings to push one of the lockers over, re-manifesting the rings around my arms instead.
A sword can make for a half-decent crowbar depending on the circumstance, but I'm straining myself to get the locker apart.
I swear, it feels like I'm practically bending this sword, but when I can reform and fix it instantly, I'm not going to feel bad for Astrolysis' craftsmanship.

And just before the charge on the Amp Rings give out, finally, the balance is tipped on the locker and it starts falling as if it was in slow motion.
No. 1056603 ID: 1015ea
File 167693578982.png - (966.18KB , 1000x1000 , hangten.png )

Dust, smoke and crashing metal.
Heh. Hope the higher ups don't mind the cracks in the floor now, because there's no way that's going to be easy to fix.

I drop back down onto the other side of the locker I was standing on as bullets hiss past me. Guess it was too much to expect to get her down with a more simple and straightforward move - but if she's got any traps on this side of the locker, they're gone now.
Still, with this move she's still on the back-foot.
No. 1056604 ID: 1015ea
File 167693584594.png - (137.13KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMap03.png )

This whole time I haven't even been able to get a clean look at Mnemosyne yet - she's playing keepaway. I doubt she was hurt at all by that play, but brewing chaos... it ain't a bad feeling.
Going with this route; I'm sure some of her prepared traps have been rendered null because of it.

I'm fine with being patient, but we can't let her get a breather and recover - the question is if closing the gap is the best solution here.

The Amp Rings are temporarily on cooldown, but they should be ready again fairly soon.

Barrier Generator's not up yet either, but it should be ready again soon too.

I've still got plenty of options on me, but I want to keep pushing. Question is, how? Both my movement gadget and shield gadget are down, so I'm at more risk of getting hurt. That being said, I could drop down, kick over one of the remaining tables or even use it as mobile cover as I close the distance even further. Hard Cover lets me get the most out of it, so it's not impossible.
No. 1056606 ID: 15c72a

You could try hitting her with a laser while your defensive gadgets cool down. She's probably behind cover at the moment, but with the setup we have on the laser cover won't help her much.
No. 1056616 ID: 12b116

Can we try to flank her around the other side of the lockers?
No. 1056665 ID: 503f78


wait... this is stupid.

You want to keep charging forward into a series of ambushes she set up for you?

Surely there's a loop around option that'll knock a series of ambushes down to one. You're smarter than just chasing after an opponent who had time to prepare.

Did we get a scan of the arena before the chaff went up? First and foremost, if I was setting up a series of traps I'd want to have a destination that gives me a big positional advantage. Somewhere in here is her killbox. If you get to it before she does, you win.

For now, use hard cover to press up, but don't expose yourself. We need to keep her running her plan for now but our goal should be to get past her and take up the position she was trying to lure you to before she can.
No. 1056706 ID: 1371b2

You can throw Sound and Fury out and recall them right?
…Dumb thought but we could use tossing those to misdirect her into thinking we threw a Gernade and shoot her when she repositions, if we get that guessing game right.
No. 1056723 ID: 9a2966

You know of one place where there are few traps and plenty of cover for your pursuit of her.

>Plan: get down and after
Can you scamper down there without getting shot or taking fall damage without the amp rings? If she's doing the thing I think she's doing, you'll want to leap over the next set of shelves as well to cut her off, once your Amp Rings have recharged.

She's essentially zig-zagging you through these rows of shelves where she's laid down a bunch of traps and obstacle courses to slow you down. Probably she was hoping that you would be hindered or made careful of stumbling into more traps and ambushes, letting her have that lead she apparently wants.

She might expect you on the next set of shelves - but she can't exactly stop you from leaping them without getting involved with her wind powers herself (or having an emplaced trap there, in which case we've been successfully anticipated) - which is a good opportunity to pull out one of your aces, when or if she reveals herself.

For now, you can focus on pursuing, maximizing your cover and minimizing your presence to make her less able to predict and take potshots at you. Get her in your sights before you waste one of your cards - literally or metaphorically.
No. 1056729 ID: 629f2e

I agree with the idea a couple other people suggested of flanking her. Her plans are already not playing out the way she might want 'em to, so now we just need to continue to intercept her.

This WILL put us at risk, even with use of cover, so we'll want to take some precautions. Why not use an Echoscribe card to copy the Blink Capacitor to help position yourself? If you can land outside of the smoke, she may not have a clue where you are afterwards.
No. 1056971 ID: 15a025

Another vote in favor of flanking her.
No. 1057212 ID: 1015ea
File 167775000811.png - (651.85KB , 1000x1000 , ArgineSchut.png )

>She's essentially zig-zagging you through these rows of shelves where she's laid down a bunch of traps and obstacle courses to slow you down. Probably she was hoping that you would be hindered or made careful of stumbling into more traps and ambushes, letting her have that lead she apparently wants.

I get the feeling she's underestimating me.
Time to prove her wrong.

>Surely there's a loop around option that'll knock a series of ambushes down to one. You're smarter than just chasing after an opponent who had time to prepare.
>Her plans are already not playing out the way she might want 'em to, so now we just need to continue to intercept her.
Good way to put it, Sykes.

Playing into her plans, charging into everything laid out in front of me - that ain't better than me just following orders.

>Why not use an Echoscribe card to copy the Blink Capacitor?
'Bout time we made use of one of these again.

One Echoscribe card has been consumed. Three remain.
Mnemosyne's someone who's adaptable - but even if you're adaptable, you have to keep track of new information.
'Sudden teleportation'... now how's anyone supposed to predict that?
I know I couldn't.

The gray cube between my fingers - it's going to be my first strike against someone who really represents what Site 70 is about.
It whirs and hums - and once again, I feel that sensation.

I warp from my position on the lockers, cutting off Mnemosyne's route.
More importantly - I have a clear shot right as she emerges from the smoke.

My guns are at the ready. I pull their triggers.
No. 1057213 ID: 1015ea
File 167775002529.png - (419.50KB , 1000x1000 , Mnemoshot.png )

The first shot goes wide by a thin fraction.
But that's why I've got TWO revolvers.
A direct hit.

Armour. Penetrated.
No. 1057214 ID: 1015ea
File 167775004147.png - (710.04KB , 1000x1000 , rungalrun.png )

Even right after taking a direct shot to the shoulder, I can see her right herself, taking up her gun again. This ain't like the icicle I took in the shoulder from Judi - she's gotta have broken bones or joints in there, right?
I'm getting the hell out of here.

I dive down and roll to cover, a burst of lead heading back toward me as I skirt out of the way.
Hah! My first proper exchange with one of the best soldiers in Site 70 - and I'm unscathed!

...Easy enough for me to say, but - I'm NOT going to let what happened in my fight with Nickel happen again.
I can't look like a weakling in front of all of you, not again.
No. 1057215 ID: 1015ea
File 167775005768.png - (120.31KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMap04.png )

We may not have a map of the area from before the fight started, but I've got two workin' eyes over here.
We're nearly to the end of this current area and with that exchange just now, I've at least proven myself a threat.
Mnemoyne's aim is going to be worse due to her injury. Judging from her grit, I doubt it's all that much.
We can expect her to pull out the big guns now, but there's a solid chance she'll be retreating further into the Sector as well - toward whatever killbox she may be trying to lure me into.

That's the thing about these Sector Bosses - if they've got a whole Sector to work with, they absolutely want to capitalize off of it.
But it's on me to defeat them, to prove that I've got the chops.
The only thing I can do is follow - but if I'm going to make it as much of a pain for them to retreat as possible, all the better.
No. 1057230 ID: e5709d

Time to play her strength against itself.
She has more skill in combining gadgets and more creativity in applying them, but she has to spend time maintaining those.
You caught her off guard. She's letting her imagination run wild about what you'll do next. This is an opportune time to push her into overestimating your capabilities (that is, overestimating what you're willing to sacrifice) and waste time constructing contingencies on the fly that can be countered with brute force.

Plan: Make it look like you've summoned a turret or a clone. She'll spend far too much to keep herself from getting flanked, and then you hunt for the perfect angle to push through her defenses.
No. 1057237 ID: 9a2966

Well done. Hm. Shoulder hit. Wonder if that'll affect her mood. That's how Armintell died, after all.

Let's consider our options. She's back in the smoke - and quickly, judging by the map, so she might've used a movement option of her own. We also know that the aisle's traps are disabled, making the risk of rushing down it less. Though you should beware wind portals, she could still place those.

>Amp Ring+Hard Cover - NOW we charge in blindly
You could do what she may have initially expected - rush in at (Amp Ring-enhanced) speed, utilizing Hard Cover to get in close and try to tag her with the Beam Unit. That'll ignore her own cover and armor, to score another wounding hit - idea: can you tag her where she might have gadgets and let the beam unit tear those apart? She doesn't keep all her stuff inside an Ignition Complex, after all.

>Amp Ring+Dead Silence - the sneaky high ground
Alternatively you could hop up on the lockers again to use the proven strategy of using the trap-free highway. Here you'd likely stay at a better range to make her poorer aim affect shots. If she even notices you're already back up there, if you use Dead Silence to scale/jump as quietly as possible. Mind you, we still haven't figured out how she kept track of you initially, so speed is probably more important than stealth.

Her wind-guns might still be steady though, so keep low up there if you go that route - she knows you've utilized the locker tops to great effect before, and might position assets to cover them better.
No. 1057448 ID: 15a025

I like the idea of getting some sneaky high ground. We might even get an opportunity to ambush her with the pitch perfect to further slow her down.
No. 1057458 ID: 50363a

No. 1057459 ID: 15c72a

I don't think the amp rings are recharged yet.
Alternative would be to shove a table against the lockers to get a better path up, but I dunno if we can do that; there are likely traps in the next part of the room so we can't just grab a table unmolested. We'd have to use one as cover while moving another.

Personally I'd rather try going in and tripping some traps to see where they are, while we have the advantage. We have to get through this room eventually anyway. Doing it while the main enemy is reeling is a good idea, and using a single table for cover along with the Shield is likely to work.
No. 1058380 ID: 1015ea
File 167867148949.png - (35.36KB , 1000x1000 , runninggine.png )

>Head back on top of the lockers and approach her again!
>It's a trap-free route.

That's right - if anything, you wouldn't be accounting for people being able to reach and run along things that high up.
She could be baiting me back into another trap on the ground, so this is the route to take.

The Amp Rings are recharged and ready, so hopping up there's no problem at all.
I can feel the adrenaline rush - I've already landed one good hit, so I need to capitalize off of this advantage.

Zipping up onto the top of the lockers with another empowered jump, I start running, my guns at the ready.

>Speed's probably more important than stealth here.
Given that she's seen me tip over one of the lockers before, she already knows that it's a possibility. But if I'm fast enough...
No. 1058381 ID: 1015ea
File 167867151451.png - (467.08KB , 1000x1000 , velocityjavelin.png )

I try to make out Mnemosyne's position - and there she is.
There's a harsh glow - is that a gadget?
That's not a problem - I can dodge it - but if I can line up my shot right...
No. 1058382 ID: 1015ea
File 167867153950.png - (256.76KB , 1000x1000 , rgshot.png )

I fire - but the shots go wide.
Shit! I disengage my guns and try to go for an evasive maneuver.
She throws - and the projectile streaks through the air like a lightning bolt.

I move to dodge and-

It curved?

I'm getting the hell out of here!
No. 1058383 ID: 1015ea
File 167867156449.png - (419.33KB , 1000x1000 , RGpained.png )

Taking cover first.
Bloody hell...
That really stings!

Okay okay, should have accounted for the fact that she had gadget access just like me. This is just like the damn fight against Judi - it's easy to keep track of opponents with smaller sets of equipment, but I didn't even realise that she still had one of those!
It's a Velocity Javelin - those things work a bit differently to the Amp Rings, in that it's an absolute crapton of acceleration. Honestly, the thing's basically designed to throw rocks at ridiculous speeds, turning them into great projectiles.
Not so good for keeping anything else intact, but -
She's curving the javelin.
Is she putting a wind portal on the side of her projectile? That's one way to do it.
Means she doesn't have to aim as good if she can just redirect those damn things into me.
No. 1058384 ID: 1015ea
File 167867159008.png - (105.02KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMap05.png )

Mnemosyne's off-radar and judging from her movements, she's already moving further in.
I've got no choice but to follow her, and I'll bet she's going to try to bandage herself up if I give her that opportunity.
Rushing in's no longer quite on the table, given that she knows that's going to be my main option. But surprising her... that's still an option.

I'm a little wounded, but I'm still going along fine. It took a chunk out of my side, but it didn't hit anything vital yet. Good thing my constitution's helping clear up some of the pain.

We're going to have to pursue her, but take adequate measures so I'm not going to eat another one of those blasts.
From what I remember of it, the Velocity Javelin's a rechargeable gadget just like the Beam Unit or my Barrier, so we have to watch out for it. It's powerful, but it leaves her pretty damn open.

So what's the move now? I can still keep going - and giving her more time to set up or adjust her traps for my current kit's not too good of an idea. There's only one entrance into the next area - but we should think about how we get through it.

The Amp Rings are temporarily on cooldown, but they should be ready again fairly soon.
No. 1058425 ID: e5709d

Start off by blindfiring your beam projector. Sweep the room for any turrets with thin layers of armor. Then dodge roll into the next set of cover.
No. 1058428 ID: 273c18

Just go in that narrow space. She wasn't going to lure you in there to begin with so it's trap-free, and she's probably relocating to the next room so I doubt she'll try to ambush you at the end. You can just have your shield up anyway.
No. 1058723 ID: f69af6

Let us approah the entrance to the next area. No rushing in, however. Take a sharp look for traps. keep your head down to avoid enemy fire, or enemy floating guns. Update the map accordingly.
We will plan the next step of the counter-offensive when we have the first few metres of the next area laid out on the map.
No. 1058991 ID: 15a025

So now we know a little more about her load out. She can use her wind powers to improve her aim and correct bad shots.
I wonder if we use the silkweave gauntlets with the amp rings, if it could create enough force to protect yourself from another one of those shots. I don't have high hopes, but it might be something to keep in mind as a last ditch plan.

For now, scout out the hallway. She might either have another gun ready to fire away at you, or some other kind of turret trap.
No. 1059133 ID: 1371b2

Odd thought: how easy is it to recognize if that smoke she’s been setting up is being effected by the wind versus natural circulation?
A second thought is doing something shock-waves like you’re jumping at her again only it was just you punching the floor to make said shockwave and get her to whiff.
Not viable if she ditches the low visibility but otherwise…Might throw her off.
No. 1059296 ID: 1015ea
File 167948298872.png - (747.23KB , 1000x1000 , throughthehallway.png )

>She wasn't trying to lure you in there so it's not trapped.
Good point, and it would be harder for her to escape if I was hot on her heels AND she had to avoid traps on the way through.

Running up through the area, I clear out from the first room and into the connecting hallway. It's bright - and more importantly, there's nothing blocking the way.

>I wonder if we use the Silkweave gauntlets with the amp rings, if it could create enough force to protect yourself from another one of those shots.
Given that the things create a kinetic barrier - I wonder if it's enough, or even stronger than the Barrier Generator's shield. By the looks of it, the Velocity Javelin would go through a Barrier Generator shield with no problem, especially since it's unmodified.

>Odd thought: how easy is it to recognize if that smoke she’s been setting up is being effected by the wind versus natural circulation?
Probably not easy if she's trying to keep it subtle. But we're long since out of the smoke now. Probably best to worry if she drops another smokebomb.

>Approach the entrance to the next area - no rushing in, though.
I slide to a stop near the entrance - and in the distance, I can see the giant cargo elevator that's used to shift ammunition and military gear.
No. 1059297 ID: 1015ea
File 167948300549.png - (83.91KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMapTwo01.png )

Pulling up the map, even with the reduced range...
I'm glad I didn't rush through. Scan's picking up two weapons floating by the exit-way.
Odds are they're pointed right at the centre.
This is a bit tricky - I could spend a card or one of the Pitch Prefect's rounds to deal with it, but there's also no guarantee that she doesn't have more prepared on the other side, especially since I don't have a good sense of the area's geometry.

Similarly, I could use the Silkweave Gauntlets to protect me from the gunfire, but blocking gunfire from two different angles when I don't know WHAT guns she has set up... that's tricky.

I don't know where Mnemosyne is relative to me, either. I think that's a stairwell to my right, but I don't know if Mnemosyne's taking the elevator or the stairs down. We'd want to catch her so that there isn't more room for her to gain distance from us.

Besides dealing with the hanging guns, we're going to need to think of a way to catch up to her, regardless of which route she takes.
No. 1059299 ID: 1371b2

You’re a good enough shot with Sound and Fury to hit both guns right?
I’m thinking shoot the guns to knock them off from aiming at you, pop the barrier generator and then move forward, quickly if you can manage that without getting shot.
A part of me wonders at the notion of like dodging via rolling past the guns instead, but that’s me being silly.
No. 1059339 ID: 629f2e

Use a Pitch Prefect shot! We aren't close to running out yet, and if we do then we have 3 Breezecycle cards that we could refill it with.

Once that's taken care of, I see some medium cover beside the gun on the right that you could hide behind while surveying the area, but without knowing what direction she went, you can't use the cover adequately.

The Barrier Generator is the smart option, but how open are you to blind-firing the beam into the room?
No. 1059344 ID: 273c18

Yeah just use a Pitch prefect. It's a renewable resource unlike the cards, and I don't think we have a clever solution here. MAYBE you could pierce through the edge of the corner with your laser to destroy one, so you can block the other one with your gauntlets? Of course, you need to know exactly where it is, which would probably require peeking around the corner with your shield up.
No. 1059508 ID: 15a025

Bust out the sound and fury and put those sharp shooter skills to the test. Blast'em away and activate the barrier if things get a little too heated.
No. 1059610 ID: 1015ea
File 167991137902.png - (425.89KB , 1000x1000 , WristRocket.png )

>Use the Pitch Prefect, we've got plenty to spare.

Aye aye!
Using the Pitch Prefect, a quick shot flies out - completely invisible.
Mm. I can already smell the burning tar from here. Not exactly stealthy, but the clattering of gunparts to the ground's made it more clear that I'm good to go.

Down to four shots. Still plenty for Mnemosyne.
Rushing through the smoke, I emerge out into the elevator room.
No. 1059611 ID: 1015ea
File 167991140891.png - (467.85KB , 1000x1000 , bigelevatorflipped.png )

The creaking of machinery...
The damn thing's so loud it's shaking the floor!

She just started it up, and I can see the cargo elevator sink further down as it goes.
That thing's used to transport munitions to the lower floor, but I don't see any sign of Mnemosyne or her traps so far.
She could be hiding behind or near one of the boxes, but that thing's descending fast - it's going to be out of scanner range real quick.
Place is real bloody open, but I can't afford to just stick around.
No. 1059612 ID: 1015ea
File 167991142249.png - (123.43KB , 1000x1000 , SecurityMapTwo02.png )

Gameplan update, then.
It's still safe to jump onto the elevator, but the big question is if I want to.
Stairwell's to my right, and that thing's going down for a bit. I could jump down, but I'm not sure the Amp Rings or the Barrier's going to cushion a fall like that enough.
But I've got a few options for dealing with Mnemosyne.

1. I jump down there, engage her at a closer range. Problem is that we don't know if she's even ON the elevator, let alone unprepared.

2. I fire on her from above, using whatever I've got. Main issue with this one's that I don't know where she's at, so this could just waste time.

3. I head down the stairs to meet her on the other end, or to confront her if she's hiding inside of it. If she's on the elevator, she may set stuff up if I try to cross the place. If she's on the stairs, well, I'll be able to catch her offguard if she's not already prepared.

Whatever range limits we've got on the radar right now probably extends vertically, so she could be at the bottom of the staircases for what we know.
If we're going with something, pick one of the plans and suggest how I go about it. None of my gadgets are on cooldown right now, so I should be ready to roll.
No. 1059639 ID: 629f2e

2/3, This is another good opportunity for your Pitch Prefect. The brilliant thing about explosives is that you don't really need to know where your opponent is. Just a general idea might do some damage.

Fire one or two shots at areas on the elevator she might be using as cover, and then go down the stairs to face her. She might not even be on it, but if she is you might secure a decent advantage.
No. 1059647 ID: 273c18

Disagree, we don't even know where she is in general.

1, but jump down near some cover.
No. 1059675 ID: f8083d

3, use the stairs.
No. 1059818 ID: f69af6

Supporting the strategy of the Himitsu splinter.
Remember Mnemosyne might use the landings on each stair to set up traps or use them as cover to set an ambush.

It may also be wise to use the Amp Rings to increase our speed once we make it to the lower floor.

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