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File 166888849331.png - (728.01KB , 800x600 , YQ1.png )
1049624 No. 1049624 ID: 481e64

Or 'Yooper Quest'

A short quest about living in Northern Michigan where anything can happen.

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No. 1068985 ID: 44def3

Leave the trolls. Maybe you'll get lucky and the earth will swallow them up!
No. 1069296 ID: 15a025

Agreed. Don't want anyone to crash the party after all.
No. 1069518 ID: 60841b
File 169089010904.png - (380.75KB , 800x600 , YQ51.png )

>Ask the trolls to explain at length how troll romance works.
I dunno. Maybe it involves something gross like spitting in buckets.

>Is that racist against cows, considering this world has animal people?
There are animals and then there are animal people - they tell us in school that we shouldn't think about it too hard. Then there are those that don't have animal counterparts like Nashi.

>thank goodness Dasher has company for the birthday party.
He's got plenty of friends, like that fox kid I saw when they were riding down the sidewalk in that cart earlier today. He's a good kid, if not a bit mischievous.

>Hunter time!
That's right! I should pay him a visit. Knowing him, he doesn't like crowded parties that much - meaning he's found himself in a quiet room of the house watching some old movies or something.

I decide to leave the trolls behind, at least the ones that weren't invited or don't want to come that bad. I guess Nifa's brother can come. And maybe that wolf guy, who seems fine so long as he doesn't cause trouble. Looks like he digs Mire's style.

"Alright everyone! Let's get going!"
Nashi gives me my jacket back as we make our way to the truck.

>"It's cool... we didn't want to go to that lame party anyway."
"Yeah. We'll just wait here for the aliens, and when they come along to take us with them, you'll be sorry!... do any of you have a lighter?
"Mire has one. Don't forget to give it back, yeah?"
No. 1069519 ID: 60841b
File 169089013261.png - (521.58KB , 800x600 , YQ52.png )

We all get onto the truck, which has quite a bit of room on the inside, but I decide to sit in the back. Nifa joins me.
>"Nyaaaaa... Sorry we couldn't find any aliens. I think our large group must've scared them off."
"It's ok. Sometimes you get what you want, other times you're left out to try. That's just life, I guess."
>"I still had fun though! Walking through the cornfield during sunset gives me a feeling that's hard to describe."
"I think I get that feeling too. I thought for sure those crop circles were alien made, but I guess not everything is as it seems."
>"To the contrary! At least from my experience, things are rarely as straightforward as they present themselves. Especially when it comes to the supernatural."
"Yeah? What about a wen-"
>"SHHHHH! Don't say it!"
"What?! You too? I can never catch a break!"

The truck pulls out of the cornfields in time for us to get a good view of a well-lit house on the horizon. This farmhouse of course belongs to Hunter and his extended family. I can see that guests are standing all around the property with cars parked up and down the road. The whole town must be here! That's to be expected, that’s usually what happens when it's somebody's birthday and nobody has much else to do. If I had known, I would have brought a birthday gift!

I see the tree out front that Hunter and I would climb all the time, happy to see it's still there.
No. 1069520 ID: 60841b
File 169089015120.png - (340.88KB , 800x600 , YQ53.png )

I step off the truck and bring my guitar to show Hunter what Mire taught me today. We go towards the open garage which seems to be where the party is held, everyone is here - I even see Spotti! I didn't know she ever left the gas station counter. Nifa goes with her brother to meet up with her sister who already seems in attendance at the party. Mire and that wolf guy have been chatting it up since they got in the car, looks like they're going for a walk together. Donner goes off to mingle with other guests.

That just leaves me with Nashi. can't say I blame her for being clingy, she doesn't know anyone very well. Maybe I should introduce her to someone? She could use a new friend.

>"I'm not... good with... people. One-on-one conversations when I'm the one in control are easy, but I don't do well with crowds. I didn't say much with those guys back there - I didn't know I would have as much trouble as I did interacting with strangers. I don't know what was going on with them but... I uh. Thanks for stepping in and doing... stuff."
"Any time, Nashi."
>"So... I've been meaning to talk to you about... the wish thing. I think I can turn back to my old self once you make your wish. So, I'd appreciate it if you would... think a little quicker about it and tell me."
"You want to leave so soon? But we just got here! and I need to introduce you to Hunter."
>"I don't need to leave right now but... soon would be nice. I don't think I could spend another day like this."

Nashi sniffs the air.

>"Is there pizza here?"
No. 1069521 ID: c25054

Pizza, and cake and soda, with more probably. Mortals with their limited years tend to go a bit all out when celebrating the passage of one. Have a care with overdoing it on the chow, okay? She can pace herself - a bit - to make the good part last longer.

Bring her along to Dasher, introduce and give him a big ol’ huggograts. Claim you’ll make up your lack of gift later.

As for the wish… that you’d be able to meet again in your dreams could be a good one. Something where you can bring in others - with an invite. ChatVR for the unconscious mind.
No. 1069522 ID: c25054

*Hunter, not Dasher.
No. 1069525 ID: 5dde33

Why limit ourselves to sleepovers? Make the wish a way for us to invite Nashi over for pizza. There has to be a some kind of ritual for summoning pizza spirits. Er, lake spirits.

Yes, there’s pizza, and Spotti. Say hi to Spotti, Nashi!
No. 1069526 ID: 739afa

You bet your fluffy ass there is pizza here! Dont worry about the people, we'll probably look for a quiet place to chill out.
No. 1069527 ID: f14228

Couple factors to th esleepover thing, actually. In dreams, Hazel's previous shapechanging wish is in effect, so she can be a dream dragon - or whatever!

Plus dream stuff sounds less energy-intensive, i.e. would 'cost' Nashi less to grant. Plus if she gets anxious in situations where she's not in charge, at least it being invite-only and in a dreamland of her making is gonna mitigate that.
No. 1069534 ID: e5709d

Mull the wish over with Nashi, but finalize before you drink a beer or something. Try to wish for Nashi to become a possessing spirit, so she can use this body until it dies without dying herself.
No. 1069535 ID: 82842b

Kinda good point ngl.

As a sort of compromise (and before any Poor Choices/accidental Wishes get involved)

If possible, wish for her to be able to transform between both modes (Spirit and Solid) at will.

And perhaps the ability to grow stronger as a Spirit, if that's possible to sneak in...?

Or dont and Prepare for Unforeseen Consequences, who knows? :V
No. 1069537 ID: 26a530

I bet you could wish Hunter's legs better.
No. 1069542 ID: 3a16f1

Just ask Nashi if you can make a wish so that she can switch between being being a ghost and being made of flesh whenever she wants. That way she can come hang out and eat pizza whenever she wants.
No. 1069555 ID: 273c18

>she wants your wish
Huh, I thought she needed more power? I guess she just had to wait, then? That's good.

Ok, wish is, you want your transformation power to work in the waking world--


Yeah, we gotta wish for that. Heal Hunter's legs. Though I guess if Nashi can grant more wishes as a possessing-spirit then that's fine too. Whatever the case, Hunter's legs gotta get better at some point.
No. 1069606 ID: fc8ab3

As wonderful as it would be to have that transforming thing for reals, healing Hunter's legs sounds too great to not pick. Alas. Maybe you can figure out how to get that transformy thing some other supernatural way.
No. 1069616 ID: f14228

>"I don't know how much magic I have left, but I'm betting it's barely enough to turn me back."
Don't forget you have TWO wishes left and the first one should be for turning Nashi back. She said she needed most of her remaining magic for that. After that, you'll presumably only be able to wish for something small, since Nashi at one point revealed her wishes are only as strong as she is. Unless you can figure out a way to give Nashi a good ol' magic boost, that is!

Ah, and take into account that a miraculous healing outta nowhere might attract attention neither Hunter or Nashi'd want.

With low magic oomph, maybe a wish for a gradual natural-like recovery would be better as a nudge in the right direction? Some forms of disability are a matter of nerve bundles not being connected right and fixing that might be less work than allowing for, say, a continuous full-body transformation ability.

How did Hunter actually lose his ability to walk in the first place?
No. 1069622 ID: e5709d

I'm going to agree. There might not be enough magic to fix Nashi if she uses a big one on Hunter.
No. 1069625 ID: f2320a

There is more soda then all the water in a mortals body in many flavors and there is pizza of all kinds wnd burgers and cheese triangles.
The fairy thing said she could gain power by eating pethaps getting fat counts as a sacrefice
No. 1069661 ID: 44def3

This seems smart. Have fun at the party with her, then in the morning do these
No. 1069670 ID: 273c18

If we turn her back first, she'll only be able to influence the dream world, as I understand it.
No. 1069782 ID: c37138

Surely as a shapeshifting dragon you will be able to make both Hunter and Nashi happy. Having a dragon for a friend is pretty top of the line.
No. 1069812 ID: 15a025

There's probably stuff even better than pizza here. Introduce her to cake and ice cream!
No. 1069896 ID: f7f1b0

So, my impression of the wish thing was like, imagine that you, yourself, promised to do something for somebody else. Saying that doesn't actually make you capable of anything you couldn't otherwise do, it just indebts you to that person. Is that how this works, here?
No. 1069914 ID: 34713f

Still think your last wish can be used cost-effectively on a power with intangible effects, like glimpsing leads on secrets or impending adventures you've yet to uncover in your dreams.
No. 1070678 ID: 47bc09

we could try wishing our dude's legs back. would be a nice thing to do.
No. 1070709 ID: 8f9bc4

A happy dream of having something he can't get back again doesn't seem like a good wish.

Anyway tempt Nashi towards the mortal side with pizza.
No. 1070749 ID: 918cdb

What if we wish for "a chance to make Nashi much more powerful." It will an opportunity for a grand and amazing adventure.

Also, ask Donner why she has antlers.
No. 1070763 ID: 4e8375

Coloration is in line for her to be a caribou. A species where the doe also grow antlers.
No. 1075877 ID: 9d12b8
File 169861393002.png - (330.78KB , 800x600 , YQ54.png )

>Try to wish for Nashi to become a possessing spirit, so she can use this body until it dies without dying herself.
Sounds interesting! though I don't know how I'd feel letting someone like her borrow my body, I get the feeling she wouldn't be responsible with it!

Not out of the question, It'd certainly solve the issue of how I'm getting home.

>How did Hunter actually lose his ability to walk in the first place?
It was a diving accident where he was high up and trying to show off. It's a big shame too, he was very athletic and sporty back then - nothing like how he is now. he doesn't let it get him down though, he's a much more positive person now and keeps better company.

>ask Donner why she has antlers.
I know why, because lady reindeer have antlers! good think I'm just a regular deer so I don't have to carry those heavy things everywhere.

"There's plenty of pizza! you go on ahead, take as much as you like - but don't touch any beer or anything. I haven't forgotten about the wish, I'll think of something once we've mingled a bit."
>"I'll be at the pizza altar, call me over when we're ready to talk."

Nifa spots someone she recognizes at the party and becomes elated. She runs over, the cat she met up with earlier following short behind.
>"Hazel! check it out! my brother and sister are here, we got the whole family together!"
Are they blood related? I don't think so. I always figured there was some kind of adoption situation going on there. either way it's nice to see that she's happy with the arrangement.
"Nice meeting you, Hazel."
"Mee-row! Check me out. I'm a dragon now"
>"Awesome! I have a dragon for a sister now!"
What an eccentric bunch. Except for the brother, who seems to be the normal one, sans the lack of shirt.
No. 1075878 ID: 9d12b8
File 169861396702.png - (415.26KB , 800x600 , YQ55.png )

And look who else is here! Spotti from the convenience store seems to be hissing and fighting over a bag of garbage with some other animal person. There is also a tall lady who seems to be on the sanitary side of the conflict.

In the punch bowl looks like that 8-ball demon from earlier, good to see whatever it is doing well.
No. 1075879 ID: 9d12b8
File 169861400730.png - (496.89KB , 800x600 , YQ56.png )

I see Dasher at the table with all his friends, celebrating and having a good time. Maybe if I avoid him I don't have to explain why I didn't get him a present.

I can even see various town folk, some I know well and others not so much. You got the pizza guy with the saturated uniform, and those musicians who are usually nude but are thankfully following the clothing policy.
No. 1075880 ID: 9d12b8
File 169861403746.png - (365.04KB , 800x600 , YQ57.png )

After looking around a bit I find Mire, she's sitting down in a quiet corner with that wolf guy from earlier, the one wearing that jacket with that picture of a lobster on the back. Both seem to be getting along well - Mire is on her phone making small talk while he keeps saying 'I drive' over and over again.

I see Nashi going around and sampling pizzas and cake, she's having a good time doing that at least. She's still shy but at least she isn't clinging to me for the time being.

>I bet you could wish Hunter's legs better.
Say... I suppose that is possible! he's spent so much time inside since the accident, this might be the thing that can help get him out more. I should see how he's doing. I can introduce him to Nashi but that'll come later.
No. 1075881 ID: 9d12b8
File 169861407342.png - (504.19KB , 800x600 , YQ58.png )

I walk into the house, through the spacious corridor and into the kitchen, which has people coming in and out to fetch various things. next to the kitchen is the living room, blocked off and quiet, a large folding door is cracked open lightly. It's easy to guess that this is where Hunter is, he likes to find a nice cosy space to spend by himself or with company. It's dark in here and the only thing illuminating the room is the screen of an old TV.

>"HAZEL! There you are! I was wondering when you'd show up!"
"Hunter! It's nice to -..."
Wait... Is that...? It couldn't be - Koara?!
"Well Look who it is! Fancy seeing you again!"
Oh god... she's... wearing the suit...
>"Oh! You two have met? great! Hey, would you like to play some old games with me? I got a spare controller around in that box there. the buttons are a little sticky though."
"Yeah, join us! There's enough room on the couch to squeeze you in."
What an awful predicament. I want to spend time with Hunter, but she's in the way...
No. 1075882 ID: a7a180

If you can't beat her, sit on her!
No. 1075884 ID: e51896

tell Koara that there's a new meteor quest update. that ought to get her out of her seat and see the new update.
No. 1075886 ID: 5c3e71

No. 1075887 ID: dd3fe0


There's structures for possession to make sense in a consensual way. Having an 'internal world' that's sort of like a souped-up memory palace, where those who are not 'fronting' can watch what's going on with the body in a movie theater, and enjoy entertainments based off of memories and subconscious, and have a sci-fi helmet thing that let's you get up to speed with what the other person was doing while you weren't paying attention. Have an agreement set up where you swap back and forth, where there are standards of what to do or not do with the body, and people get to spend time doing the activities that are most important to them, and you all negotiate on big decisions. Encourage the ability to 'co-front', like you are pilot and copilot sometimes, even if that is energy-intensive, to be used when the effort is worth it.
No. 1075888 ID: b1805a


Do it for Hunter.
No. 1075956 ID: 9d12b8
File 169868590338.png - (361.76KB , 800x600 , YQ59.png )

>If you can't beat her, sit on her!
I don't want to be near her, much less on her!

>tell Koara that there's a new meteor quest update. that ought to get her out of her seat and see the new update.
"You know, there's a new meteor quest episode out. Why don't you go check it out?"
"Really? woah, so much has changed since I got out of prison. the world on the outside is so much more different than it was back then."
>"A new meteor quest episode? I don't think so, I checked this morning and it's still on hiatus. I think you're getting something mixed up!"
Darn it Hunter!

>Do it for hunter.
I uh... ugh. Alright. I'll do it for Hunter.

I approach the couch and Koara scooches over, but not nearly enough to the point where our ears aren't touching. I sit down between the two, feeling small in comparison to these giants. I can hear the occasional squeak of the latex suit.

We play an old game for about ten minutes while I wonder what to do. I want to talk to Hunter about the wish, but I really can't do that with Koara around - she might want in on it. What would she even wish for?

She leans over and whispers to me

"How're you feeling? comfortable?"
"I guess. Seems you get along well with Hunter"
"Oh sure. But I get the feeling he's much better friends with you, we've only just met."
"I guess. Why are we whispering?"
"Would you like me to go? I can tell you don't like me that much."
"Oh. Koara, I..."
"It's cool. I need a smoke break anyway. and a beer. and a stranger's house to crash in for the night. I'm not the best at reading every room, but I can tell you want space."
"You can? How?"
"Cuz' you keep making that face!"
"What face?"
No. 1075957 ID: fb8a42

Thank her for reading the room correctly, but change your expression to something more pleasant so Hunter doesn’t think you’re chasing her off. Maybe do a Nashi impression?
No. 1075959 ID: f14228

Well, that definitely feels like you're chasing her away. That don't feel too right. So sigh and ask her why.

Why what?

Why she's so... herself. You got opinions on it, but maybe you're just not giving her a fair shake. You're friends with some other folks with special interests just fine (more special than you'd hazarded this morning, even), so it's not like you should be all that judgemental about hers. Except you are. Maybe you just don't get it. Is it worth it?

Like, you get having hobbies, you get having weird impulses and dreams - who doesn't want to be a dragon, amiright? - but latex gear, bumming about, acting cray, all that? How'd she end up so... far out?

You do want a one-on-one chat with Hunter though, so if she'll scoot along you'll (begrudgingly) offer to help her later look for someone who might have a room (or extremely begrudgingly offer your guest room/sofa if that fails). You don't like her, but you don't want to be a bint to most anyone, excepting outright trolls. And if she's reading the room and offering to go... you guess she ain't that, at least.
No. 1075984 ID: 273c18

Tell her you wanted to talk to Hunter about something in private.
No. 1076022 ID: d06299

Turn that frown upside down! lie and say you don't hate her. It's fine!
No. 1076026 ID: 124485

>I want to talk to Hunter about the wish
Careful. Don't get his hopes up, if you aren't 100% sure that Nashi can grant the wish!
No. 1076390 ID: 5ebaa3

I mean. In situations like this my best bet is apologetic appreciation.

I don't think we have time to get into a whole whispered conversation right now, but maybe we can add a tally to her favor, for the future.
No. 1076473 ID: 15a025

Thank her for reading the room, but tell her it's not because you don't like her. It's just you were hoping to speak with Hunter in private.
No. 1076602 ID: af7615

Warning: in my experience, pretending you like someone leads both to having to hang out with them more than you otherwise would, and also makes it worse when the truth comes out
No. 1076604 ID: 8f9bc4

Couldn't it at least be a nylon suit? Or spandex? Latex is just so annoyingly... squeaky!
No. 1077107 ID: 34713f

I still say a dream-oracle power for finding adventures is less likely to incur too much of a cost for our third wish (as it doesn't require anything physically tangible), and could show us more opportunities for fixing ya boi's legs. (Heck, even without help, magic's apparently something you can practically trip over around here, it seems.)
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