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File 166199117926.png - (134.42KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1042403 No. 1042403 ID: 681cb5

[Super NSFW]

ACT 2: The Garden of Creation

Wiki and last thread: https://tezakia.net/wiki/Lascivious_Labyrinth
Discussion thread: https://tezakia.net/kusaba/questdis/res/134609.html#134609

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of some old forgotten god lay hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the fertility god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted upon without care.

There are also myths about a great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians and fiendish traps. The corridors are said to twist and turn with a serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but if you stay vigilant they will lead you to your greatest desire. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth.
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No. 1048109 ID: 6fe2f9

>…why do you even need to get her out from her armor?
So it's not in the way when you try to knock her up. Duh.

Also any weight you take off of her will help you be able to pick her up more easily.

She's a lightweight. All you have to do is pin her down and she won't be able to lift you off of her. Getting her pinned down is the challenge here.

>now what?
Her mistake is getting within grappling range of you. Grab her tightly with both arms and pull her against your body. Then roll over and pin her on the ground under you.

>If you need to taunt her or she's rather insistant with the insults, you could point out something else that's trained and disciplined: a pet/dog.
Yeah, this.
No. 1048981 ID: 681cb5
File 166812173147.png - (89.47KB , 700x550 , 89.png )

>So it's not in the way when you try to knock her up. Duh.
Why do you need to see her boobs to knock her up!? Of course, you like boobs, but… it’s not essential to putting babies into gals. Or boys.
>Surprise her with a rapid thumping mating press impregnation.
You wish you could just pin her to the ground and pump liter after liter of your young into those egg-bearing hips of hers… but she’s too fast for that. Just thinking about how you’ll soon make a child with her, one way or another, makes your twin cocks slip out of their sheath…

>Tire her out by absolutely gobbling her pussy.
Taking two handful of that ass, you use your tongue to slip her underwear out of the way before plunging yourself into her quivering lower lips. ”Like the taste of my puss, huh?” she says in a smug tone, as she removes her skirt and throws it away to give you a better eating position. ”Not surprising, as this is probably the first pussy you’ve eaten consider how sloppy you are with that tongue.” She moves her hips from side to side, smothering your face as you hungrily lap up her delicious juices, having to restrain yourself from gobbling her up completely ass first. You need to breed her, after all. ”No training, no discipline… a mediocre attempt to distract me.” she muses, but you manage to get your face away from her ass just long enough to taunt her back, ”Training this, discipline that… you sound more like a pet than a warrior, little doggy.” She chuckles, ”Oh please… I’ll make sure to train you like a pet after I win, lizard fish, so you’ll learn the difference between an animal and a- Ah!” A surprise finger up her butt completely catches her off guard, leaving her open for a counter attack… ”Why, aren’t you playing dirty~”

>Her mistake is getting within grappling range of you. Grab her tightly with both arms and pull her against your body. Then roll over and pin her on the ground under you.
No matter how hard you try to get a good grip of her large badonka, she keeps slipping out of your grasp… similar how it feels like catching fish from the river with your bare hands.
>Raise your legs behind her to go for a head scissors from behind.
As you push your finger into her tight asshole, making her arc her back in pleasure, you use the distraction to throw you whole lower body upwards, bending it so that your legs goes around her head and-
No. 1048982 ID: 681cb5
File 166812174409.png - (36.58KB , 700x550 , 90.png )

”Not so fast, big guy.” she says as she grabs your legs and as before, uses your own momentum against you. Instead of letting you get a grip on her head, she pulls you further until you tip over completly, making you yelp as your loincloth and now erect dicks ends up right in your own face. You try to fall back down, but she keeps you locked into this awkward position.
No. 1048983 ID: 681cb5
File 166812175862.png - (142.00KB , 700x550 , 91.png )

With a quick motion, she grabs your loincloth and throws it away. ”Just give in, already, so I can ride those fat cocks of yours.” she commands as she pushes you deeper into the mud, ”Mommy needs a good breeding, big boy.” You struggle against her, voicing your defiance, ”Ngg… never!” but you’re in a too awkward of a position to really fight back. ”Wrong answer.” she says, before making you yelp by slapping your ass, ”Give up now and I’ll make you my pet for the rest of the day, which includes being my seat and fucking me raw a few more time.” To further entice you, she gives your ass a few licks before continuing, ”If you don’t, then I’ll just gobble you up after I fuck you, big boy. You’ll surely be full of protein and energy that our mutual kid will need.” She then forces her tongue into you, making you moan as it plunges deep into your body, ”So give in, and let me ride you!” Your body demands that you give in… to let her ride you… you need to breed her, and just letting her win is the easiest way to do so…

>Win for your tribe make your parent proud, they did not raise a quitter.
No, you can’t give up! Not now! She might have you on the ropes, but you’ll never surrender! What was it father said… if you can’t win, play dirty. If you don’t like the rules, change the game? Or something like that?

[Tacaro the Virile has enraged!]
[Warning! You’re near defeat! Make sure your next few actions count!]
No. 1048990 ID: c11296

You have to get on top of her as that seems to be the only way to get get her to stop moving, maybe grab her with your tail and start kissing her to get her to stop taunting you and you did learn something from her grabbing your legs so grab her legs to stop her from flitting about around you.
No. 1048994 ID: a9af05

I guess you need to stop fighting fair. Start throwing mud in her eyes and mouth!
No. 1049000 ID: 2a82d3

"I'mma lizard fish snake, lady!" Everyone still remember we have minor telekinesis? With that, he could have a go at undoing her chestpiece and bra directly, or lob one of our discarded weapons. That might give an opening to finally give her the pile driver, or an ass shove like she did to him. As a distraction at least, that would give us a breather to get up.

Worst case, he could force a draw by voreing her. Perhaps by showing her what REAL ass shove looks like by sitting on her face until she's all the way inside. How's that for a good boy!

>What was it father said… if you can’t win, play dirty. If you don’t like the rules, change the game? Or something like that?
Sound advice, but keep in mind your father is a scout. His job results in being inside someone half the time, much like how he met your mother.

Getting out from inside would be quite the feat, of both strength and endurance. Could it be possible to get inside her womb, resist being egged long enough to impregnate, and get out again? Grandfather Sebah would be proud, if you did.
No. 1049003 ID: 0bf5d8

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, so let's take advantage of that! How? Her nose is right next to your butt, so the solution is simple: you need to fart in her face! That should overwhelm her strong sense of smell and make her feel dizzy, which will give you time to counterattack!

>Everyone still remember we have minor telekinesis?
Yeah, you're right! We could have our bolas come flying in from behind her to trip her up!
No. 1049019 ID: 261d45

>Why do you need to see her boobs to knock her up!?
You're missing the point. It's meant to be a way to turn her on.

Also, if her boobs are a sensitive area for her, then playing with them would make her weak in the knees and she wouldn't be able to fight back as hard as she is right now.

Do this. The only rule is to stop when she gets knocked up, there's nothing saying that we had to fight fairly.

Take advantage of this. Throw mud or the bolas or our sword at her.

>fart in her face!
.....I mean, that might work? We're kinda desperate to not lose here, so maybe this is crazy enough to work.
No. 1051657 ID: 681cb5
File 167095509260.png - (96.80KB , 700x550 , 92.png )

Following your father’s advice, you grab two handfuls of mud and try and lob it at her face. The glob that flies out from your dominant hand flies true, even with your awkward angle, but the Jackal easily dodge it before it hits her. ”Ha! Is that all you got, big boy?” she taunts, not even moving as the other ball of mud sails past her head, ”Not even close. You’re way to slow to even be a threat.” She moves behind you and grab your ass with both hands before proclaiming, ”But enough playing around, if you refuse to give in then I’ll just have to-”
No. 1051658 ID: 681cb5
File 167095510395.png - (84.85KB , 700x550 , 93.png )

Her speech is interrupted by the large batch of mud you threw with your tail hitting the back of her head, though she’s barely bothered, ”Bah, you really think that will distract me, lizard fishy?” But it does give you and opening, ”I’m a lizard fish SNAKE, LADY!” Your statement is met with confusion, ”Huh? What does th- MFF!?” but before she can get her focus back, you lob a fourth ball of mud right into her face with your mind powers, ”Telekinesis, bitch!”
No. 1051659 ID: 681cb5
File 167095511481.png - (105.24KB , 700x550 , 94.png )

You spring to action as she lets go of your booty, immediately getting back on your feet and bouncing on her, ripping off her chest plate with the force of your movement. She struggles in your grip for a bit while grumbling, ”It’s not over yet! I’m way too slippery for you, slowpoke!” Once again she slips out of your grip, using the mud to her advantage to slide out of your hands as if she was water… but this time you have a secret weapon. Right before she manages to slip away completely you pitch her breast, making her stagger for just a second, but a second is all you need to catch her again. ”Nggah… h-hey, stop squeezing my tits!” she whines, but you just give her a flat ”Nope!” as you give her another squeeze. Again she tries to slip away, ”When I get out from your grip, I’m so going- Gah!” and again you stop her by fondling her chest. ”You’re not going anywhere!” you whisper to her, but she isn’t giving up, as she’s clearly trying to come up with a plan to get out of her predicament, ”J-just give me a second…”

This is it! You can’t give her time to find a way out from your grip! It is time to finish this… and the only way to do that is to knock her up! You just have to decide how!
No. 1051663 ID: feb71f

No. 1051668 ID: 2a82d3

While there may be at least 3 different positions to dominate her, the most important part is raising her fertility enough to put a litter in. Keep fonding her to find where she likes to be touched, but also ease her into her inpending humiliation to give her a chance to enjoy it. Make her rare experience as a submissive as pleasureable as you can, and make it clear that you still respect her as a fighter afterwards. (Half the tribe probably forgot they even had telekinesis.) If she hasn't been a mother yet (and I suspect she has, usually the dominant one), encourage her to be one (once more). Both of you have agreed that your children will be strong, combining her discipline with your potential.

If her being civilized works to cover for her domination kink, then lacking etiquette is a perfect opportunity to practice your charm. Be honest and sincere with the one you love; shower her not literally but with grand romantic gestures and don't stop no matter how awkward and dorky you get and how embarrassed she will be. Hug her and call her George (er, Georgette). Openly reconsider being her servant or student for the day, after impregnating her of course. If she wants you as a chair, you'd be happy to carry her around since Volin eggs are big and heavy compared to other races. You could even double down and swear never let her feet touch the ground. Going above and beyond as a lover and father would also advance your tribes' goals of proving themselves the superior and nobler culture.
No. 1051702 ID: 36784c

It seems her boobs are sensitive and playing with them is disrupting her attempts of escape! Keep doing it!

>how to knock her up?
Lift her off the ground and impale her onto your dick!
No. 1051754 ID: a9af05

Keep hold of her boobs and squeeze them while your other hand snakes down and you start putting fingers in her pussy to get her warmed up for the main event.
No. 1053740 ID: 2420bf

Grab the back of her neck with your teeth! She won't struggle as much if she worries about cutting herself on your teeth! Also, some love nibbles might distract her long enough for you to start fucking her.
No. 1058031 ID: 681cb5
File 167840369280.png - (80.37KB , 700x550 , 95.png )

>While there may be at least 3 different positions to dominate her, the most important part is raising her fertility enough to put a litter in.
With both your own Warlocks blessing as well as their wizard magic, surely she’ll get knocked up no matter how you breed her, right? If not… well, you’re going to fuck her over and over again until Ptamet pulls up the sun tomorrow anyway…
>Make her rare experience as a submissive as pleasurable as you can, and make it clear that you still respect her as a fighter afterwards.
It is already quite clear that the two of you do respect each other, at least as warriors… and surely she’ll enjoy getting the plowing of her life, no?

Grabbing her around her midriff, you lift her above your head and fall backwards, smashing her into the mud behind you with a suplex. Pulling her closer to your body, you have her exactly where you want her, laying naked on top of you while being disoriented…
No. 1058032 ID: 681cb5
File 167840370243.png - (116.74KB , 700x550 , 96.png )

>Start putting fingers in her pussy to get her warmed up for the main event.
Warming her up!? No! You need to breed her! Right now!

She struggle in your grasp, but you put a quick end to it by grabbing her neck with your teeth, making her moan loudly as you give the Jackal a love bite. You follow this up by grabbing her tits, pressing them together while trying your best to angle her lower body into the right position. By now she’s given in completely, accepting her defeat and coming motherhood. Your twin rods slide over her crotch, unable to find the entrance from this awkward position, no matter how hard you try and find it. Then, the Jackal grabs one of your cocks with one hand and guides it to her lower lips, letting it slip into her eager depths and impale her on your throbbing member. As soon as you’re inside her, you can’t help but hump against her rear as fast as you can, and with all the teasing that’s been going on you don’t last long at all. With one final thrust, you hilt one of your dicks inside her quivering pussy before unleashing a torrent of your seed, filling her womb with your future young.

Impregnation attempt: The male Volin is dominant.
Base: 35% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Jackal fert: 5%)
Virgin: -5%
Experienced Mother: +5%
Fertility body paint: +25%
Fertility Crystal Enchantment: +35%
Mutual desire: +10%
-Total: 105% chance-

No. 1058033 ID: 681cb5
File 167840371397.png - (99.53KB , 700x550 , 97.png )

Sebak: “It looks like we won in end.” you say as you watch Tacaro empty his sack into the rather cute Jackal, “Though it was a very even match, wasn’t it?”
Neferi: “I wouldn’t expect less from such a fine species as yourself.” the sultry voice of Neferi tells you as the Volin’s now flaccid member slips out from the his new mate, “Even if my son’s bodyguard is one of our more experienced soldiers.” The Varkian Queen pokes your side with her rod, “How does he fare, now that we speak of him?”
Sebak: “I am certain he’s having a grand time, Neferi.” giving her a coy smile you continue, “After all, I made sure one of our more charismatic ladies, Smiling Sekhmet, is keeping him entertained.”
Neferi: “That is good to hear, handsome…” the avian gives you a haughty laugh, all the while Icaro’s son readjust his stance a bit and slide his other dick into the Jackal, clearly desperate to make her a mother, “And I’ve come to understand that your trader, Maphet, is going to join the auction?”
Sebak: “I didn’t know she was considering it…” rubbing your chin for a bit, you tell her, “But I think know what she’s planning to sell, beautiful.”
Neferi: “Meanwhile, the two of us should make sure tonight’s dinner is a splendid affair, don’t you agree?” Neferi leans over to you, standing on her toes as she tries to whisper into your ear, “But afterwards… well, I was hoping to have a… hmhm… private meeting with you… in my personal cart.”
Sebak: You raise an eyebrow as you look down at her, moving your gaze away from the breeding pair in front of you, “Oh? That sounds rather… intriguing…”
Neferi: “Why, it’s always interesting when you have a… diplomatic meeting with a hunk like yourself, Sebak.” She gives you a genuine smile while tapping your tummy with her rod once again… which is followed by an orgasmic cry from the Jackal as Tacaro pumps another load into her hungry womb.

Three of your chosen champions need your guidance… which one do you want to aid?

Sebak the Overseer, as he attempts some “private diplomacy” with Merchant Queen Neferi the Second in her personal cart?
Smiling Sekhmet, as she entertains Trade Prince Nedjet the Fourth in her tent?
Maphet the Trader, as she attends the auction and tries to rent herself away?
No. 1058035 ID: a7a180

No. 1058038 ID: e9ef46

All good options, but Sebak's task may be the most crucial and demanding, so that's where we should focus our sight.
No. 1058067 ID: 6b3ad7

Maphet selling her body is more about politics than who has the most money, this seems to be more about favors traded and later used after gained from the auction, hopefully whoever buys her if not a hunk at least has a dick as fat as them or for a son or something. Sekhmet hopefully doesn't break her new toy too hard and is as durable as her other toys, hopefully he's at least as big as most of her toys though a thin soft toy can be used in different ways. We have been waiting some time to watch sebak court lady neferi, and he should mate with all the milfs in the land for his people may they be married or not, may his children be curved and bountiful.
No. 1058086 ID: 2a82d3

All three would be great to work with:
- Sebak has to watch out for the jealous guard, but if he plays his cards right he could charm/dominate/breed 2 for the price of 1. He'd better like power bottoming, if it turns into a threesome.
- Sehkmet could sell the prince on her eating him. Make being inside her sound romantic or sexy. Having the father BE the nutrients for their future child does sound like what a worshipper of a vore goddess would do.
- Mephit could spin the auction into a proper breeding raffle. Players could each breed her, in order highist bid to lowest paid. People pleaser she is, she's the most likely to spend the night in a gangbang. To be honest, I'd like to see if she can have kids from multiple dads, but this is the wrong quest for that.

Sebak is the most important to assist. As a predator, we have reputation for dominance not charm so we have to make a very positive first impression to overcome that.

>hopefully whoever buys her if not a hunk at least has a dick as fat as them or for a son or something.
Now I'm worried he might try to steal her from us.
>Sekhmet hopefully doesn't break her new toy too hard and is as durable as her other toys
If she does, I would hope her insides are comfy enough for him to rest.
>he should mate with all the milfs in the land for his people may they be married or not, may his children be curved and bountiful.
His approach to married couples should be less homewrecker and more relationship counciler. Provide threesomes to help strengthen their relationship (so they have more kids) or open them up to new people (so they have more kids). Volek would approve (of making more kids).
No. 1058097 ID: 365de0

I want to see Sekhmet plunder some bird butt.
No. 1058742 ID: 681cb5
File 167901078524.png - (73.23KB , 700x550 , 98.png )


The sound of the locking mechanism echoes throughout the room, as Neferi puts away the small bronze key while tugging on your restrains, just to make sure they are fastened correctly.

Neferi: “There we go, hunk…” she whispers in a sultry tone “Do they feel good?”
Sebak: You give your new bracers a quick jerk, trying to move them to no avail. “They do…”you tell her while moving your hands, enjoying the feeling of the rather soft leather against your wrist, “But do you really need to tie me up?”
Neferi: “Of course…” with a slow and mesmerizing motion, she move her hands down your arms before letting them caress your chest, “Can’t let the big strong predator lose, can we?” looking down at you, she gives you a quick wink before continuing, “At least not yet~”

The evening before this went by quick and without any trouble. Maphet came back from the auction heavily pregnant with a pair of twin Jackals, her body covered with Pesi’s magical body paint as your trader had successfully bargain for several religious items. The dinner afterwards went off without a hitch, as everyone enjoyed the food and drink you tribe provided, though you didn’t see Sekhmet anywhere the whole evening. Surely she and Neferi’s son is having some fun in private? Then, as the night began to fall, the females of your tribe started courting the males of the caravan and vice versa. In fact, you spotted Icaro sneak away with a pair of cute twins, clearly looking forward to an exciting evening.

And now you find yourself here, tied up in the bed of the gorgeous Neferi, the leader of the caravan...
No. 1058743 ID: 681cb5
File 167901080191.png - (111.39KB , 700x550 , 99.png )

Neferi: “Why, I see someone is eager…” she happily exclaim as she feels your large member grew behind her butt.
Sebak: “The little fellow can’t help it, when such a beautiful lady is close by.”
Neferi: “Little? Please…” she moves a bit back, making sure your rod get snuggly tucked between her cheeks as she sits on your tummy, “This thing is massive! While not the longest, clearly the fattest I’ve ever seen.” While moving her hips a bit side to side, she continues, “And four nuts? Why, you’re going to spoil me, big boy.”

She starts bouncing a bit on your stomach, letting your cock slip between her hot buns for a bit…

Sebak: “I do love your tattoos… especially the one on your tummy.”
Neferi: “Oh? This one?” she gesture towards her stomach, where the text ‘Babies made’ is written followed by at least 16 tally marks, “Why, I’m sure you’d love to add another notch or two too it, hmm?”
Sebak: “I would want nothing else, Neferi…”
Neferi: “Good…” suddenly there’s a naughty glint in her eye as she give you a mischievous smile, “Very good…” but just as quickly as it appeared, it’s gone.

Neferi: “I’ll let you chose how we begin… a bit of foreplay? Maybe some anal? Surely, you don’t want to take the main attraction for a ride already? After all…” she caress your cheek as she leans closer, “The night is young…” before giving you a long kiss, “So no need to rush…”

No. 1058759 ID: 2a82d3

Well this is a surprise. How did you get talked into this? Is it her charm, or are you being submissive to avoid the ire of her guard?

Start with some breastplay. Mash your sensitive chests together as she rubs against your rod, or lower herself to message it while warming herself up. Either way, don't break eye contact while you do it.

How about some dirty talk, and mistress worship. How many of those notches came out birds? If she can consistently tame such beasts like yourself, her charms must be very impressive indeed. Not just her charms, her very stature must be able to carry so much young. She'd look so good with an egg belly with many eggs. You can't wait to get some strong workers and craftspeople out of her.

(Speaking of has someone caught the eye of your new rhino thrall yet? If she gets pregnant, can she work the fields or does she have to spend the week in the breeding tent?)

Anal? She would need a strapon, or cock, to give it to you. That'd be a nice package, indeed. To her? It goes without saying you'll finish by double penetration. It's what the body of your species naturally does.

Where is that guard, and what's his name anyway? If he's watching, or tries something, perhaps both of them would enjoy a demonstration that you don't need hands to dominate him and he'd make a nice seat. Though, with your fertility boosted out the wazoo, you might get pregnant from him. Do you mind?
No. 1058836 ID: 6b3ad7

Four shotput sized balls and a football shaped dick that needs to stretch pussy forever in a way that is a completely unique experience, fattest dick this and the other side of the river, it needs to breed all the milfs as it seems only they would have the experience for such a monster, like giving birth but backwards. This dick is not built for defloration or first times, this cock is for rebuilding pussy from the clit up for it and it only, I can only imagine her son seeing his mom pregnant with this lizards curved kids with such big genes no matter the gender, male, female, or even the rare futa, those balls must explode inside and impregnate a pussy now and needs more in the future from the body of a strongman and a king combined, he can lead his tribe to even bigger ventures on his and his childrens strong backs. Hopefully he doesn't take too many ladys to his bed and deprive his tribe of pussys that are tight and not shaped like they shoved a vase up there.
No. 1058897 ID: e9ef46

Perhaps a little making out while things start out, assuming not too much of that has happened. She gets to feel and explore your body some more, unimpeded, and you get to taste something few males do. 'Tasting' her in preparation of the main event as well, seeing as she admitted you are definitely her girthiest partner to date. Plus, the chance to hear/make her moan seems quite nice.

Keep telekinesis on stand by to surprise her with. There is no telling how this night might go, with that glint in her eye.
No. 1059204 ID: 681cb5
File 167944399760.png - (74.69KB , 700x550 , 100.png )

>How did you get talked into this? Is it her charm, or are you being submissive to avoid the ire of her guard?
Can’t a man prefer letting a lady that knows what they want and enjoy themselves? In all honestly, you’d always preferred when your partner take charge and leads, as it’s so relaxing just going with the flow with these things. Oh, and her guard refused to leave unless she tied you up, for her safety, even after Neferi told him he had some important matter to attend do elsewhere.
>Keep telekinesis on standby to surprise her with. There is no telling how this night might go, with that glint in her eye.
She clearly has some plan for you, so keeping a surprise or two for later might be a good idea. If anything, you might just pinch her bum later when she least suspects it…

Sebak: “How about we take slow?” you whisper to her, ”Perhaps a little bit of cuddling? And kissing?” stopping for a moment, you kiss the air before continuing, “The night is young… so no need to rush.”
Neferi: “Why, a man that wants to take his time, hmm?” she leans in close, caressing your cheek, “…I do like that.”
Sebak: “Ngg, should I be worried about being a naughty boy, mistress?” you moan out as you feel her grabbing your member and start stroking it, “Or would you rather have me call you queen, your hi-” the Varkian silence you by giving you a deep kiss, all the while she slowly rub your club below, taking her time to explore it thoroughly.
Neferi: “You will be calling Queen, not because I command it, but because you will be my king.” She whispers before giving you another long kiss, “What do you say? Let you tribe join us, and we’ll be king and queen, ruling over both our people?” as she explains her bargain, she caresses your cheek and gives you a warm smile.
Sebak: “Heh, don’t temp me, Neferi… but I cannot decide the tribe’s will by myself.” With a jolt, you feel her cast a spell over your dick, making it tingly, “And what is that magic you’re casting on me down there, hmm?”
Neferi: “Why, it’s a bit of a surprise, Sebak…” with a final kiss on the snout, she pull herself away from your face and starts moving downwards. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough…”

No. 1059205 ID: 681cb5
File 167944400960.png - (81.77KB , 700x550 , 101.png )

Sebak: “Huff… your bosom is soft like the very clouds and…” you’re forced to stop as her breasts starts to move, rubbing your cock between them as they raises and falls like empires, “Ah… as beautiful as the sky…”
Neferi: “Why, aren’t you a charmer, big boy.” She tells you while giving you a devilish smile.
Sebak: “I have to ask, opal…” looking down at her, you smile back, “Just how many notches on your tummy came out birds?” Pulling on the chains you’re bound in, you hear the bed creak a bit, “Because taming a beast like myself is indeed impressive…”
Neferi: “Oh, there’s a jackal or two on there, as well as an Sakkilian…” she smirks a bit as she look you straight in the eyes, “But most of them, emerald, are indeed Varkians.”
Sebak: “Ngg… just imagining you with an egg bloated belly…” you moan as she starts moving faster, kneading her breast around you, “You’re so beautiful I’m about to… I can’t… mmm…”
Neferi: “That’s it, dear, let it all out.” she whispers in a sultry tone, “Surely, you won’t tire out after just the first one, correct?”

With her permission, you let yourself go over the edge, plummeting into an orgasm as your member starts to twitch and its tip unfold. It doesn’t take long for it to start throbbing, and… nothing…? In desperation, you hump against her bosom, trying your best to blow your load, but your cock simply refuses, even as it is throbbing like mad. Then you see it… the runes that are shining on the head of your dick…

Sebak: “W-wha… but…”
Neferi: “I see you’ve figured out what my spell does…”
Sebak: “Huff… s-so you’re into orgasm deny?” you give her a weak smile, “W-while I won’t mind, can you warn me next time… ah… not to mention, this is getting a bit unconformable.” It’s driving you mad! You need to get a proper release right now! “C-can you ease the spell? If just for a second?” you beg her, but Neferi just smiles.
Neferi: “Oh, but we aren’t done yet, love…”
Sebak: “Huh, wha-” she interrupts your question by smother your dick even harder, before letting her tits bounce up and down, making your orgasm even worse, “Gah, what are you doing!?”
Neferi: “Reject your weak godspawn and give yourself to ours! Join me as King of your people, and let them be part of something far greater that this miserable tribe!” a vile tone has suddenly appeared in her whispers, “Convert, and I will let you cum, Sebak…”
Sebak: “Nnn… can’t…”
Neferi: “It is pointless to resist, lizard… the night is young… and you will break eventually.” she gives you a wicked smile, and that devilish glint in her eye is back, “While it was clever of your godspawn to split itself between five people, it won’t matter.” The queen doesn’t let up, continuing her assault on your member as she monologues, “You played right into my hand when you gave my son over to that red buffoon… and the other male was easy enough to convince by giving him a pair of twins. Both of them have sworn fealty to us without even realizing it!” You pull as hard as you can on your binds, but all it does it making the wooden bed creak under you, “So… either you give in and become my new king… or I’ll make you into my slave and nothing more. After all, as soon as one of those two gals are converted, your godspawn is done for… and I’ve already sent my royal guard to handle them.” A new odd feeling enters your head… as if something is grabbing your very mind and trying to pull it away from you… no, it isn’t your mind. It’s Telos… your godspaw… her own godspawn is trying to pull Telos from you, so it can consume it! You have to resist, or your whole tribe is done for! RESIST! “Give in, Sebak… let your godspawn perish…” Re…sist… ngg…

No. 1059235 ID: 365de0

Hey! You don't get to eat us! We'll eat you instead!

Bite this foolspawn.
No. 1059240 ID: a7a180

You don't take orders from FDA-approved food stock. Reposition for eggnation, then deploy butt pinch. Don't expect the telekinesis to be totally unexpected, it was already shown off in that duel.
No. 1059243 ID: 273c18

Are your legs free? What are the cuffs attached to?
No. 1059249 ID: 273c18

Also can't you just call for the guards?
No. 1059251 ID: d36740

>call guards
They're her guards. Calling them won't help us.
No. 1059275 ID: 273c18

Wrong, there are many others of Sebak's tribe here.
No. 1059277 ID: 2a82d3

She sure must be super confident in her magic runes to put her face right in front of your cannon. Don't point that out, but egg her on in teasing you. Give her a chance to monologue about her and her god; if she wants to sell you on being her king/slave, you'd have to know who you're being sold into. When the pressure buildup inevitably breaks the seal, and understand Talos wills it so, the blast from your orgasm will knock her clean out.

If your faith wavers, think about what will happen to your thralls, your people, your eggs. Your race is a rare curiosity that no merchant could resist selling them off for a tidy profit. You don't want to have her sell of your kids, do you? Draw upon your dad energy, and resist!

>After all, as soon as one of those two gals are converted, your godspawn is done for… and I’ve already sent my royal guard to handle them.”
Trying to convert your priestess is more likely to get himself sucked dry instead. She's a little salty after missing out a male ant drone.

If she can find out about her plot, that'd be great too. Surely, she'd have noticed her god being sucked out her close friends and followers by now. If her tribe's faith is so weak, than that's kinda on her really. Your god calls upon you, Pesi!
No. 1059279 ID: d36740

We're in her cart, surrounded by her guards, away from the tents our guards are in. We're going to be too far away for our guys to hear us. And even if the do hear us, they can't take on all of her guards, who have better armor, weapons, training, and there are more of them than there are people in our entire tribe.

Calling for our guards isn’t going to do anything. We need to get out of this ourselves.
No. 1059280 ID: 36784c

She only restrained your arms right? Now that she's moved lower, you can wrap your legs around her head or torso and squeeze as hard as possible! Make it hard for her to breathe for a little Erotic Asphyxiation (breath play)!

She needs to concentrate to keep her spell up, so making it hard to breathe will make it hard for her to concentrate.

……or if you're lucky, wrapping your legs around her will pull her face into your dick and you can suck her into your dick.
No. 1059281 ID: e5709d

Literally eat this backstabbing harlot's breasts
No. 1059309 ID: b372b8

Setting aside the godspawn thing, there is no way she'd consider you an equal if you just gave in, especially not with this trickery. Your children, tribe, and godspawn are counting on you.
You have three tools beyond your telekinesis right now: your free lower half, your size, and the binds that hold you; if she's tangled, she'll either be stuck, or have to free you. Try to feint, get her to sell you on the godspawn and herself, and then launch her towards your hands (that ass is a pretty big target), so you can keep her from calling for help. You should be able to roll over and further pin her from there.
Of course, if you miss but can get her head in your mouth, that would keep her quiet as well. Seems like she's into being eaten, so that could be a distraction tactic.
And if you have to fight dirty, what's a few tailfeathers against your people's freedom?
No. 1059453 ID: 681cb5
File 167970007154.png - (91.43KB , 700x550 , 102.png )

>Hey! You don't get to eat us! We'll eat you instead! Bite this foolspawn.
Try as you might, you are too weak to even try and fight the other spawn. No, they are on the offensive… if you want any hope of defeating them, you need to destroy whatever avatar or totem that binds them to this plane first! Unluckily, Neferi is not the one that their godspawn inhabit.

>Trying to convert your priestess is more likely to get himself sucked dry instead. She's a little salty after missing out a male ant drone.
Hopefully, Pesi will quickly deal with him before coming to your aid… but until then, you’re on your own!
>Are your legs free? What are the cuffs attached to?
Your legs are indeed free, but you aren’t very agile with them. Agility is more Icaro’s strength, not yours… if you’re going to do something with them you’ll need to distract her first. As for your chains, they are looped around a wooden pole in the bed, which is clearly far weaker than the cuff themselves. Even then though, it is strong enough to withstand your attempts to get free, at least in your current position.

Sebak: “S-stop…” you wriggle uncomfortably under her barrage, “Or I’ll call m-my guards!”
Neferi: “Your guards?” she laugh the way only a noblewoman can, “Your guards are in their tents, drunk and getting personal with my own people.” her smiles widens even more, “Besides, my army is far better trained, armed and outnumbers your whole tribe, little Sebak. You guards do not stand a chance, even if they should get off their drunken asses and fight.”
Sebak: “If you have such a superior force… ngg…” you have to stop for a moment and bite your lower lip in a vain attempt to keep yourself focused, “Why d-don’t you just conquer us!?”
Neferi: “Because, little emerald, that is not our way. We want you to join us willingly…” she leans in and give the top of your member a kiss, ”As equals.”
Sebak: “T-there is no way y-you’ll consider us equalssaaAAAH!” her beak slides over your cock, engulfing it completely, “I w-won’t be a king, will I!?” instead of answering, she just bops her head up and down on your rod, letting it slide down into her throat over and over again, before pulling back and letting it fall out from her beak with a loud pop.
Neferi: “Oh, you will be a king, Sebak.” your body flinches as she flicks your lower head with a finger, “Though you’d join my other husbands, of course.”

>She sure must be super confident in her magic runes to put her face right in front of your cannon. Don't point that out, but egg her on in teasing you.
Sebak: “Come on… is that… ah…” she starts jerking you off, raising her eyebrow, “T-the best you c-can do!?”
Neferi: “Oh?”
Sebak: “I’ve h-had better s-sex with thralls!”
Neferi: “Are you…” she laughs once more, “Do you really think you can build up enough pressure to break the seal, little Sebak?”
Sebak: “Talos wills it…”
Neferi: “Oh please…” she grabs your balls with both hands and start to massage them, “There’s no way you can break it, little Sebak. The only way for you to put eggs in this ass is if you give in and become my king.” Once again, she leans in to start and suck you off, but she spots something that stops her in her tracks, “Wait, what is- oh right, you guys have two di-”

No. 1059454 ID: 681cb5
File 167970008075.png - (105.67KB , 700x550 , 103.png )

By the will of Telos, you blast her with your canon hard enough for her to be lifted off the bed, breaking her concentration on the spell and releasing the seal of your other cock. Before she even have time to start falling down again, both of your cannons fire in unison, blasting her into the celling as they empty a whole ball each with one shot, which is followed by a fourth shot, draining your balls completely as you push her even further into the ceiling. While you twin cocks throbs a few more time, pumping the last few ropes of semen out from you and leaving your balls completely dry, you’ve successfully gotten the Queen off you.

Neferi hangs in the air for what seem like ages, but then she starts her descent, falling right towards you. Her cuffs may still bind you to the bed, but she’s in an even weaker position, which you have to capitalize on! Now is the time, you need to finish her off!
No. 1059455 ID: 273c18

You legs are free, so give her a good kick in the babymaker on the way down. Or just lift both legs up so she lands her stomach on your feet, and you can then use them to throw her away from you. That'll give you time to shuffle around in bed until you can get the cuffs up and off the pole. Or reposition so you have better leverage to break the weakest part of the wood.
No. 1059460 ID: 2a82d3

Congrats on getting out of that seal. As the key was on her person, with any luck it should fall within your reach so you can dominate her properly. Bonus points if it lands right on the lock.

As for her, gravity should do the work for you. She's well primed to land right on your still-hardened lap. That should also push some of that seed into her, since it would be a shame to waste so much of it. If you're not free yet, she's open for a leglock. If you ARE free, get up, grab her legs, flip over, and pin her on the bed.

Once you're in a stronger position, that's the time to renegotiate. Turnabout is fair play in this land. Will she herself convert to Talos, confess to everything she knows about the godspawn, or spend the night being a baby batter balloon?

Let's not kick her in the babymaker, unless she's into that. It might squeeze out whatever baby batter did make it in there. You still want her to make babies, don't you?
No. 1059465 ID: 043f12

Neferi seems rather ecstatic about her current flight status. Promise that to her, the chance to reach the heavens as often as she likes, if she's cooperative.
Overall, you could dominate her, and try convince her to worship Talos and become the mother of your children before queen of her people. Tease and guide her descent with TK, pin her to the bed with you body, and toy with her prey instincts with some teeth on her neck. And don't leave her a chance to call for help: she is not wrong about the guards. Kisses seemed to work fairly well at silencing you.

If the chance arises, why not use those cuffs to bind her to you, or you two to each other? A little bit of symbolism between the two of you in your new union, and a ritual in Telos' name to boot. After all, it's your responsibility to make the mother of your children into a respectable woman (ie a little less backstabby), and who better to swear by than your Godspawn?
No. 1059474 ID: f2320a

With that mark on bee ass she has a place on a farm eating slop and making thralls to be eaten pair up with the fattest of males for domestication
No. 1059481 ID: fdb84d

Use telekinesis to ever so slightly changed her trajectory so she falls into your mouth. Or use telekinesis to hold up one of your dicks and stretch the opening just enough for her to fall into your dick. Either way, you gotta make sure she's taken care of so that she's not going to do anything in the middle of the night!

When she respawns in the morning, hopefully she'll still be high off of what happened and will be willing to talk and/or convert to our side.
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