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File 166199117926.png - (134.42KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1042403 No. 1042403 ID: 681cb5

[Super NSFW]

ACT 2: The Garden of Creation

Wiki and last thread: https://tezakia.net/wiki/Lascivious_Labyrinth
Discussion thread: https://tezakia.net/kusaba/questdis/res/134609.html#134609

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of some old forgotten god lay hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the fertility god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted upon without care.

There are also myths about a great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians and fiendish traps. The corridors are said to twist and turn with a serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but if you stay vigilant they will lead you to your greatest desire. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth.
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No. 1044627 ID: 681cb5
File 166403772568.png - (94.35KB , 700x550 , 45.png )

A green light suddenly blinds you, and from it a deep rumbling voice bellows, ”Enough. Stop manipulating my dumb grandson, predator, and make your fiendish deals with me instead.” followed by the light subsiding, revealing an old Rhino standing where the bird was just a second ago. It is clear that this is someone of power, as his whole body is covered by piercings made of pure gold, and the fact that both his horns and legs are made of wood seem to imply he’s highly magical as well. This is clearly the magical presence Pesi felt earlier… though you have to ask why he’s naked. Maybe you can’t wear clothes as a small bird? ”It’s great grandson!” Gwando whines, but the old man just ignores him, ”I am the mighty druid Ubathan, lord of these woods and the father of this clan of Rhinotrans. Gwando there has just lost his breeding privileges so thus you will need to deal with me instead, predator.” The young bull looks devastated as he stammers, ”W-what!? But… b-but… g-great granddad!?” but the old bull shows him no mercy, ”Next time think before you let your mouth wander, boy… and don’t get so easily seduced by predator wiles, or you’ll just end up on their rump. But you want a better deal, lizard? Then fine, how about this.” he crosses his arms over his chest, clearly not caring that his flaccid member is hanging out for all to see, ”The first child you will carry will be that of a Rhino, while the second will be one of your species, predator. Then we’ll simply repeat that pattern for as long as your feeble body can handle it… while my seed may be the most powerful in the valley, your womb is pitiful and weak, so sadly it won’t last long. After that I’ll make sure you get back to your river tribe, predator. You have my word.”

His gaze never averts from your own, as he stares you down with a stern look. ”…and if I have twins?” you ask, to which he quickly answers, ”Then the species they are born as decides who will keep them.” You give little nod before continuing, ”…will this be a cultural exchange of sorts? So that they may know their mother at least? And the ones I keep their father?” The old Rhino shakes his head as he states, ”No. These that stay here will have no need for a biological mother. We will all be the family they need. I am sure your people will think the same.” in such a matter of fact way that it’s clear he simply sees the breeding that’s about to happen as business and nothing else. ”Could we arrange this to be a regular exchange? We need to increase our numbers, so this would be an ample opportunity to tie a stronger bond between our tribes and maybe offer some additional trade?” For the first time his stern expression changes for a bit, as he is considering your idea, ”…we are in need of young bulls and cows, yes, but I rather you just sell us some breedingstock instead. But very well, it might be beneficial for both our tribes to exchange mates. We will discuss that at a later date. Now, either get on your knees and worship my cock like the god it is, or get into a praying position with your face down, ass up so I can breed you like the baby factory you are.” While he’s been a bit shameless so far, you really didn’t expect him to immediately go that far. You can’t help but ask, ”Err… don’t I get a say in who I mate with?” but he just shakes his head again and tells you, ”No. No you do not. You either accept my deal and walk out of here with as many eggs as you can lay… or we’ll simply keep you as breedingstock. Though if you really want to, I can tie you up and let some of my sons gangbang you together with me, predator. Now, stop yapping and take a position.”

…while he has a bit of a dadbod under all those golden thorns, you honestly preferred the younger bull that’s currently grinding himself against your front. Hmm… then again, the druid is bound to have strong seed… even if he’s an ass. Though, do you even have a choice in the matter… or can you use your charms to get an even better deal? Hmm…
No. 1044629 ID: 908530

Sex sling spitroast time.
No. 1044640 ID: e4c993

I mean, both the grandson and the granddad look pretty good in their own ways, but Gwando's enthusiasm is quite nice.

Ubathan is offering a much better deal than you had, be careful not to scorn him by talking or bartering more than absolutely necessary, and don't make any wagers your body can't keep. He's a pompous ass, but he's also protective of his family, and has reason to be so confident. Might be a good time to try and figure out if he's got any weaknesses though. The gangbang does sound fun, so look into that, could be a chance to learn some things and get Gwando to slip on in.

His great grandson only lost right to breed, but perhaps you could convince the old guy to still let you have Gwando's first time. To mark the occasion of a successful trade/'hunt'? Failing that, shouldn't be too difficult to slip him your underwear as a momento. Gotta form bonds where you can, cause Ubathan will definitely restrict things.
No. 1044645 ID: 2a82d3

>...isn’t that what most tribes want? To take control over the area they live in?
Yes, but I doubt most gods have plans to eat the other gods. Wjares could be an exception, but it would be a little shortsighted of her. Doing so ultimately leads to monotheism which implies homogeneity which means no conflict which means no chaos which means no war which means she's out of a job. Arguments between tribes and gods are her belief fodder, so I can't see why she'd want the latter source gone.

Perhaps her godspawn thinks differently an the matter, but you should still be careful letting them build up power regardless. Not just for you or your tribe, but also any other tribe in the garden.

>do you even have a choice in the matter…
Technically speaking, you do.

If you don't return to your tribe, it's pretty much tantamount to a declaration of war on this forest. If they wanted that, or are able to take the risk now, they wouldn't have sent in their heavy hitter here. Also, your curves aren't the only thing on full display. I suspect they want to take advantage of your ignorance before your get a chance to report to your cleric and figure out whether this would be a good idea.

There's nothing stopping you from walking away from this, aside from the horniness of everyone involved. Us included.

>or can you use your charms to get an even better deal?
Not just your charms: I hope Pesi remembered to tattoo your butt before you came here. Substituting your body with hers would've been more ideal, but her magic will do.

The trick behind his deal is when you give out. If you give out on the odd-numbered breeding, he literally has one over on your tribe. If you give out on even, your only evenly-matched. Thus, you could counter this by making one amendment and being firm on it: your firstborn will be Volin.

That part is non-negotiable. If the chief won't do it, his grandson is far more willing. Blue-balling him couldn't have helped matters. In fact, he looks like he's about to propose on the spot, under Talos if need be. If negotiations fall apart, a Rhino subby-hubby would be a nice consolation prize.
No. 1044652 ID: c11296

I just realized, she looks like king k rool's mom.
No. 1044657 ID: 15c72a

Half and half is acceptable. Even if he's in the lead half the time, the longer you go the less noticeable that lead is. The worst it could be is if you can't go more than one, and I'd think you could go at least that long? Then there's 2-1 at three eggs, which is bad, and then 3-2 at five which is fine.
An even fairer deal is if it goes 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, etc. That way it alternates the unevenness.
No. 1044681 ID: 2a82d3

I was thinking about coaxing a little rebellious-ness from him to win him over as a convert*, but a spy could work too. Chief might disown him for this though, if not now then when he catches wind of it.

* We have a better shot at it than you think, if 1) she can convince him she's looking for a partner not a drumstick, and 2) it looks like she's not choosing his old man over him by choice or desire.

Given his confidence, he might be thinking she won't last one.
No. 1044695 ID: c11296

Does his great grampa breed all the girls he likes?
No. 1044839 ID: f2320a

Eh he is too old for us want young blood to further the generations also hmm the actual making of the babies is labor intensive needs food and rest
No. 1044840 ID: f2320a

Cucked/cockblocked by great grand father
No. 1044850 ID: a9af05

Remember: You're in his territory. Don't try to alter the deal any more and just accept it the way it is right now. Just be glad that he allowed it to be changed so that it's not so lopsided anymore.

Apologize and let him know that you didn't mean any disrespect. Then do as he says and get face down, with your ass in the air to let him breed you.

>you have my word
With the way he talks and acts, he seems like someone that'll keep his promises. He'll make sure you get home safely, as long as you don’t piss him off and give him a reason to take back his promise.
No. 1044868 ID: c11296

I kinda want her to make a fucked silly face in front of gwando on her boobs, and even if he isn't cock blocked by his great grandpa that doesn't mean he isn't by other relatives for multiple different reasons and girls stolen from him before he could get it, though what does he have that is worth it to stand up to his ancestor, better to just get fucked in front of him and he can jack off and we can deal with him later.
No. 1044943 ID: f2320a

I say first child must be our species no negotiation on that front as being pregnant is the hardest part takes more then sputtering some seed
No. 1045034 ID: 681cb5
File 166448527332.png - (114.55KB , 700x550 , 46.png )

>I doubt most gods have plans to eat the other gods.
Gods fight for power all the time, and some perish while others grow stronger.
>I hope Pesi remembered to tattoo your butt before you came here.
Sadly, Pesi lacked the important essence needed for her magic this morning. Hopefully she’ll find some cute boys (or gals) to drain sooner rather than later.

You lean over towards Gwando and whisper, ”Does your great grampa breed all the girls you like or…?” but apparently the druid has way better hearing that you thought, as he interject before the younger bull even have time to answer, ”I am the patriarch of this clan. As such, I have first pick on any lady or man that I might want to mate with. This dick has already fathered at least a hundred young, and it isn’t going to stop just because my foolish great grandchild wants to lose his virginity.” You turn around to face Ubathan, before bowing to him slightly, ”I have to apologize, I didn’t mean any disrespect…” but he just waves his hand in the air as he proclaims, ”Don’t apologize with words, apologize with actions, girl.” Taking the chance while he seems to be in a relative good mood, you try to haggle a little bit more, ”About that… maybe the first child should be a Volin instead of-” but the old bull interrupts immediately, ”No.” Once again, you give it a try, ”Or maybe we can go 1-0, 1-1, 1-2-” and once again, he interrupts you with a flat ”No.” Looking back at the younger bull for a second and his throbbing, eager cock, you can help and ask, ”Err… then… at least may I have Gwando’s first time? Even if he doesn’t knock me up?” which is followed by silence, as the druid just stares at you with an unamused look, ”You know, to celebrate a successful trade?” The old bull pitches the bridge of his snout as he sighs, ”Fine, if you want a weak child you may breed with him.” something that makes the younger bull almost jump in joy as he exclaims, ”What? Really? Aw yeah!” though your attention is brought back to the druid as he pokes your stomach, ”But the first two you’ll sire will be from my sack and my sack alone. Now, let us begin.” You open your mouth to say something, but before you can get a word out several vines springs out from the ground and ties you up, followed by two larger, ribbed ones aimed towards your rump and cunt. It’s clear he’s done this many times, as they manage to slide into both your ends without even stopping and immediately start thrusting in and out of you to prepare you for the coming breeding, all the while the smaller vines rips your clothes off. ”AH! C-can y-you at least warn a girl before you-” you gasp, but the old bull interrupts you as he seems to love to do, ”No. Lad, get her to shut up using your dick so that I can breed her in peace.” Gwando happily jumps towards you and grabs your head as he shouts, ”On it!” clearly eager to mate with you.
No. 1045035 ID: 681cb5
File 166448528386.png - (104.27KB , 700x550 , 47.png )

The vines constrict your arms and legs, lifting your whole body into the air, making you hang at the perfect height for the two Rhinos to breed you. The old bull starts to slowly pump his growing member with his left hand, while using his right to start painting strange symbols on your tummy and rump with a bit of his precum. The young bull on the other hand quickly grabs the side of your head and slams himself into your maw, clearly inexperienced and ignorant of your teeth. It doesn’t take long thought until Ubathan joins him, as he presses his thick member into your virgin pussy, filling it to the brim as he slides in deeper and deeper. At first his size is painful, especially when the large golden studs that adores his dick is pressed into your folds, but as he hilts inside you the pain turns into pleasure, and you understand their worship of Ifeyo, how pain and pleasure can be the same. Neither Rhino is very inclined to take it slow, as both are here to breed and nothing else, and it doesn’t take long for the older bull to find a perfect rhythm to thrust into you with. As both of them continues their plowing, you notice that more and more bulls starts emerging from the trees, clearly just as eager to breed you as these two. You’re unsure how long it has been, as your body has already been bathed by your own orgasm twice when you start to feel the druid throb inside you, soon followed by him shooting rope after rope of virile seed into you, splattering the walls of your womb with his young.

Impregnation attempt: The male Rhinotran is dominant.
Base: 45% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Rhinotran flared cocks: 15%)
Virgin: -5%
Master dad: +15%
Fertility body paint: +50%
-Total: 105% chance-

The old bulls pulls out his still throbbing cock and it doesn’t take long before another, younger bull takes his place, gripping your hips as they slam into your hard, even giving you a painful slap on your rump as they breed with you. Meanwhile, Gwando hilts himself inside your maw, pumping liter after liter of his seed into your hungry belly, feeding you with Rhino protein directly from the source… and just as before, as soon as he pulls out another bull is there to take his place, sliding into your snout and down your throat. As you’re being fucked from both directions, your stomach grows bigger and bigger, and you can feel someone is starting to move in there, kicking the walls of your womb as they matures. Soon enough, you feel how they are ready to get out, something that the druid seem to notice as well, as he orders the bull currently mating with you to pull out and change hole, instead sliding into your tight rump to mate with it instead. The Rhino’s doesn’t stop plowing your maw or ass as you give birth, only stopping to make sure that the newborn calf is taken care of before returning to fucking you. Though, as soon as the last bull fill your rump with his seed, the druid takes his place and starts breeding you again, clearly intent to make sure the next child is his as well.

You’re nothing but their breedingstock, here for the Rhino bulls to use, the please themselves with. A toy for them to play with, nothing more… well, that and a factory for their babies. As Rhino after Rhino blows their load into you all the while your belly grows, you’re starting to lose consciousness. The pleasure is simply too intense. After laying the first Volin egg as well as giving birth to the second Rhino child, you start to black out, the last thing you remember is Gwando slamming his massive member into your pussy, eager to give you your fourth child… but before he does, the world falls from your grasp… and you find yourself in the world of dreams…
No. 1045036 ID: 681cb5
File 166448529531.png - (175.24KB , 760x550 , 48.png )

The day passes and the druid keeps his promise, helping Maphet back home with her already laid egg as well as the one growing in her tummy. As the new dawn breaks, the five Volin you’ve chosen as leaders for your people gather in the main tent of the tribe for a meeting. Icaro the Hunter, Maphet the Trader, Sebak the Overseer, Smiling Sekhmet and finally Pesi the skull, all five are accounted for… though Pesi has to sit down in the corner thanks to massive, triple filled belly.

:SebakLAV: So what do the four of you have to report? What happened yesterday?

:PesiLAV: I ventured into the ruins on the other side of the river, a temple and tomb dedicated to Volek, and bathed in a spring there to receive his blessing. That very same blessing combined with my awesome powers allowed me to capture a triplet of Thumper boys, as well as make them put triplets in my tummy. Sadly, the temple collapsed soon after, but Volek left one last message that said “As a reward for worshipping me, I give to thee these stones to build a safe home for your coming family”.

:MaphetLAV: Little old me went and visited the tribe in the forest, a clan of Rhino’s lead by a powerful druid called Ubathan. While they were rather unfriendly at first, I did manage to get those cuties to warm up to us a little bit and they’ve agreed to trade with us, both in goods and young. Our first transition was an exchange of young, where they gave me two eggs to bring home and I gave them two Rhino calfs to take care off. One of them, Gwando, is a true gentleman as well, as he volunteered to escort me back here last night.

:SekhmetLAV: Ah went on a ‘unt for Varkians on the plains, but Ah found way more than Ah bargained for! Those sods are building a permanent ‘ome down there, just beyond the fields of tall grass, and there’s a ton of them there! If Ah’m correct, then there’s two different caravans that’s decided to settle down at the same place, but Ah can’t fathom why, as it’s clear that they ‘ate each other. The good news, though, is that there are larger grazing animals living in the tall grass, so Ah at least brought back some meat and leather.

:IcaroLAV: And at last we come to me, the great Icaro the Hunter! Why, not only did I catch a Tharan gal yesterday, but today I convinced her to join us as a willing thrall, just like that!
:SebakLAV: …just like that? Son, you spent most of yesterday inside her gut, being digested.
:IcaroLAV: Well… err… I mean… she said she was willing to join if she was allowed to eat me so… I… um… took one for the tribe?
:SekhmetLAV: Ha! Admit it, Icaro, yah liked being prey for once didn’t yah?
:IcaroLAV: Oh, shut it, Sekhmet.

:SebakLAV: And I made sure the workers set up all the tents and nets properly. Now, we also got a few report from the other hunters, as they’ve been scouting the nearby area. Most urgent, to the south there’s seems to be a large den of Sakkilians, out in the march, which might become a problem sooner rather than later. Other than that… well, there seems to be a few farms out on the plains… and strange statues near the mountains to the north.
Currently, the tribe has:
1 Warlock.
2 Warriors.
2 Hunters.
1 Seducer.
4 Workers.
4 Thralls.
5 Eggs (Both laid and unlaid).

Current relationship with the other tribes:
Varkian Eyrie: Natural.
+Optimistic Trader: Start at a Warm relationship.
-Predator: They dislike you because you’re predators.

Ubathan’s Clan: Cold.
-Isolationist: Start at an Unfriendly relationship.
-Predator: They dislike you because you’re predators.
+Breeding exchange: You’ve recently bred together.
+Positive first impression: Their first impression of you was positive.

Sakkilian Den: Unfriendly.
-Raiders: Starts at a Hostile relationship.
+Predator: They like you because you’re predators.
No. 1045037 ID: 681cb5
File 166448530689.png - (125.14KB , 700x550 , 49.png )

:SebakLAV: Now, the actual reason why I called this meeting. We need to decide both on what we should focus on right now as well as what we will need to do with the other tribes in the valley. Let us begin with the here and now… anyone got any ideas what we should focus on for the next few days?

:IcaroLAV: Getting more food, obviously. While the fish is enough right now, we’ll soon need to start eating our thralls if we don’t find another source of food. I suggest we either start hunting on the nearby plains or build a farm so we can grow our own food.

:MaphetLAV: We should focus on getting more trade goods and maybe build a trading post. Those Varkian are sure to come by looking for trade soon enough and the tribe in the woods are willing to trade as well. If we venture up to the mountains we might find some valuable metals we can sell… or maybe we can dig up that temple that collapsed nearby and see if we can find some gold?

:SebakLAV: Hmm… we need to increase our numbers. If we focus on getting more breedingstock as well as building a proper breeding den, we’ll be able to get more workers. The more workers we have, the more resources we can gather, no?

:SekhmetLAV: We ‘ave no defense! Let’s build a watchtower or maybe some training grounds for new warriors! We need more fighters if we are to survive!

:PesiLAV: …the gods needs attention as well. Let’s build a shrine in their honor so that we can get blessings from the triplets. Without their aid, we wouldn’t even exist, remember that.

All five have good points, but you can at most focus on two of these things at once. They are waiting for your guidance, but while you’re considering your options Sebak continues the meeting.

:SebakLAV: …and for our second subject… what are we to do with the other tribes?
:MaphetLAV: Let’s impress them! If we show them the superiority of our culture and ways, surely they’ll join us willingly! Or at least ally with us!
:SekhmetLAV: Ha! This isn’t a fairytale, little Maphet. Nah, what we need to do is to build an army and crush them before they crush us! Only by subjugating them can we be sure that we’re in control!
:PesiLAV: …we are creations of the very gods, beings blessed by the triplets themselves. Isn’t it our duty to spread this blessing to everyone else as well? I have more than one ritual that will allow us to transform them into the perfect form of a Volin, ensuring that the superior species has control of the valley, as well as spreading the gods blessing to all those lesser than us!
:SebakLAV: Honestly, I don’t care how we do it, as long as the tribe remains safe… how about you, Icaro, any ideas?
:IcaroLAV: Um… well… I dunno? Breed them and then do one of the other suggestions?

Three different ways to victory… but you can only chose one:

Inspiration: Show the other tribes the true glory of the Volin people! By superior culture and living standards, wow the other tribes to your side! Victory is achieved when the three other tribes has either sworn allegiance to your tribe or willingly joined your people as one.

Subjugation: Show the other tribes the true might of the Volin people! With superior strength, build an army and conquer the valley for your own needs! Victory is achieved when the three other tribes has either been vanquished or enslaved.

Transformation: The Volin species was not only chosen by the demi-gods, but personally created by them! It is your duty to spread this blessing to the other tribes by transforming them from their weak forms into the superior Volin shape. Victory is achieved when the majority of the populations of the other three tribes have been transformed into Volins.

What two things will the tribe focus on in the coming days… and what is your main path to victory over the other tribes? Only be defeating them and absorbing the godspawn they worship can you become a proper demi-god, and take your rightful place as the god of the Volin.
No. 1045038 ID: a7a180

Transformation, focus on numbers and food. A strong economy fuels a strong war machine.
No. 1045043 ID: e4c993

Transformation (with some themes of Inspiration on the side, perhaps? Raise good will and grant them 'boons' while boosting favorable living conditions is hard to hate?) Can't let them become one of the Demi-Gods chosen in one fell swoop every time. Some need to be dragged into the light, others respond better if they're coaxed into it or work for it. Plus, some variety is important. Focus food and fortifications, though all are necessary. We're in a divine place, going too long without a Shrine will cost us. A Shrine, Trading goods, and Food are asking to be taken if we don't have numbers or walls though.

Seems Gwando managed to gift Maphet with a child before she was disqualified after all... Or perhaps they struct a bargain of their own, walking back through the woods.
Curious about those statues, they could be dangerous or fun, likely both.
Also, unrelated to anything, but Sebak is hot, hope he gets to have some fun of his own some time
No. 1045053 ID: 629f2e

Inspiration, Food, and a Shrine to honor our gods
No. 1045058 ID: 2a82d3

Inspiration. Turning everyone into our race sounds nice, but it would turn the Valley population homogenous. Not only would the lack of variety be visually boring, we would be dismissing the other races despite their having interesting traits not in our hybrid gene pool. (Bird wings, anyone?) We can't consider ourselves the best race above the rest, if we found any other racial traits at character creation interesting. Even if there were a way to replace or add traits to ourselves, good luck not having that look ugly, that's seems like extra steps compared to developing a culture to unify multiple species.

>build queue
A shrine first. It would be interesting to figure out what miracles we can unlock. Maybe we can get improved hybridization or pregnancy stacking; it would not only help Mephet, she can't rent her womb there's no space, but also honor Shelli's legacy.

Considering that, I'm torn between trading hub or breeding den. More breeders to trade for decent stuff, or more stuff to get decent breeders to join us. I say trading hub to be nice.
No. 1045072 ID: 2a82d3

>More breeders
Should've said "more breedings", not to imply we give away our own. I thought about combining trade post and breeding den, but I don't think any pred would volunteer. That's more prey mentality. It would answer how the Varkians get along...

I'm changing my answer to Breeding Den. Gotta have a nice home for our pets, after Mephit makes her shopping run.
No. 1045094 ID: 3fe471

>Pesi has to sit down in the corner thanks to massive, triple filled belly.
You doing ok, Pesi? Try to take it easy for a bit.

>Sakkilians, out in the march, which might become a problem sooner rather than later.
With how close they are, I think we should train up some fighters for defense.

>What two things will the tribe focus on in the coming days…
Training Grounds and Shrine

>and what is your main path to victory over the other tribes?
No. 1045109 ID: c11296

We can do all those other things but focusing on subjugation would be good like turning Sekhmet into a general and putting the other tribes under our rule in our fledgling nation, not just fighting but subterfuge as well, a trading post and some defenses will help for now, being able to fight, raid, and trade will help cover most bases in the beginning then we can become more self sufficient like a shrine then farms and hunting, then breeding stock.
No. 1045132 ID: 681cb5
File 166457884366.png - (85.65KB , 700x550 , 50.png )

Slight mistake, it was supposed to be 7 eggs, not 5 last update.

”NOTE: You can still vote on how to handle the other tribes if you haven’t already done so!”

As the days pass the eggs laid by the women of the tribe hatches, releasing seven new curious hatchlings into the world. Though thanks to the magic of the garden they don’t remain hatchlings for very long, as before the end of the week they’ve already grown into fully adult Volins, ready to do their part for the tribe.

(40% chance > rolled a 3 = Great success! Rolled less than 5 = Twins!)
From the union of Icaro the Hunter and Qik-Tap the shark, a pair of twins is born! One takes after his mother and becomes a mighty warrior, while the other boy becomes a normal worker. (+1 warrior, +1 worker).

(200% = Confirmed twins, 95% chance for triplets > rolled a 35 = Success!)
From the tryst in the temple with the Thumper brothers, Pesi managed to lay triples. The first hatchling takes after her father and become a hunter, while the second becomes a hardworking worker. The last… well, she refuses to work, instead wishes to be sold off to some other tribe as either breedingstock or livestock, making her trade goods? Each to their own, you suppose… (+1 hunter, +1 workers, +1 trade goods).

(100% = Confirmed fertilization, 5% chance for twins < rolled a 42 = failure! Only one egg fertilized.)
(90% chance < rolled a 76 = Success!)
From the breeding between Maphet and the old bull Ubathan a young lad is born, and even though he’s weak physically, he is blessed with a magical gift, something that Pesi quickly notices as she takes him as his apprentice. The other hatchling, which Maphet believes was fathered by the young Rhino Gwando, becomes a worker as she grows up. (+1 warlock, +1 worker).

Tribe status: Eager!
2 Warlock. (+1)
3 Warriors. (+1)
3 Hunters. (+1)
1 Seducer.
7 Workers. (+3)
4 Thralls.
1 Trade goods. (+1)
No. 1045133 ID: 681cb5
File 166457885366.png - (97.96KB , 700x550 , 51.png )

Over the week, your tribe decides to focus on their food production and military might, going with Icaro’s and Sekhmet’s suggestions.

On the edge of the nearby plains, not far from the tribe itself, a pair of workers toils hard to ensure that the fertile soil will bear roots and greens for the tribe to eat. While the farm will be outside the main tribe grounds, and thus need extra protection, the lush plains will make up for it with an abundant harvest.

Meanwhile, the warriors of the tribe gets drilled by Sekhmet on the newly built training ground, and a lone hunter keep watch over the camp from the newly raised tower in the middle of it. While you do not yet have enough resources to build a wall, this will make sure that the fighters of the tribe can react quickly to any threat to the tribe... or even spot them before they become a threat.

While most of the week passes without trouble, two events happen on the last day that requires your attention. The guard tower and drill pays off, as the night guard manages to spot someone sneaking around the edges of the camp, and as the alarm rings out the newly trained warriors manages to use their new skills to capture said stalker. They now have them imprisoned, ready to be dealt with as you please. All the while, at the farm, the warrior who was supposed to guard it has suddenly disappeared, leaving the workers there vulnerable… all the while a hunter reports that the strange statues nearby has vanished as well.

Which ones of your five chosen will you send to deal with these two problems… and which one will you guide first?
No. 1045134 ID: a7a180

Send Ikaro and Pesi to deal with these issues. Follow Pesi.
No. 1045137 ID: c11296

Sekhmet then pesi. Follow Sekhmet.
No. 1045159 ID: 7ffd6f

>"NOTE: You can still vote on how to handle the other tribes if you haven’t already done so!”
I agree with the reasoning here >>1045058 . I'm choosing Inspiration.

>Which ones of your five chosen will you send to deal with these two problems
Sekhmet and Pesi

>…and which one will you guide first?
No. 1045165 ID: 30340b

No. 1045169 ID: 681cb5
File 166465637886.png - (94.17KB , 550x700 , 52.png )

”NOTE: You can still vote on how to handle the other tribes if you haven’t already done so!”

You are Sekhmet, the greatest ass kicker of the tribe and leader over the warrior caste. Which means you’re the one who have to deal with shit like interrogating prisoners. Last night, your warriors caught a stranger snooping around the camp, clearly acting unusual and suspicions, which combined with her being some kind of odd species you’ve never seen before can only mean trouble.

Meanwhile your friend Pesi gets to go stare at some funny looking statues and find a guard who’s slacking off near the farm, the lucky sod. She’s probably already riding his cock and draining him of his essence by now as punishment for slacking off. Hopefully you can have fucking fun here too.

Marching into the prisoner tent, you find a rather strange looking woman. She’s clearly some kind of reptile, though she’s seemingly made out of stone? It reminds you of Volek, when you saw him while you were little. But Volek is a whiny little bitch so fuck him! Wjares for life, motherfuckers! But back to the tied up prisoner before you start to blasphemy to much. She’s thin, not very muscular and really cross that you took her prisoner. Then there’s her attire… she’s the most covered person you’ve met so far, if you remembered correctly… and only white and blacks? Boring! The warriors who capture her also told you she refused to talk at all, even though she clearly understands what you’re saying. But you’re here to change that, aren’t you?

”So, are yah willing to talk yet? Tell me yer name maybe? Or the fuck yah’re doing ‘ere?” you ask her, but she just glares daggers at you and scowls, so you continue ”No? Still a bit tightlipped, eh wanker?” Still she doesn’t answer, not even non-verbally, which means you get to play with her! ”Good, because Ah was looking forward to ‘aving some fun with yah~”

Right… so the most important thing you need to figure out is why she was skulking around and spying on the camp… and which tribe she belongs to. Other than that… well, a name would be fun, but not necessary…
No. 1045174 ID: e5709d

Start off by testing out what makes her tick.
Don't start this torture and interrogation session with rape and screaming, or you'll numb her to the pain.
Poke her. Prod her. Nuzzle her. Talk about various subjects that may be sacrilegious to an alien tribe. See what makes her unreasonably angry and take notes. You'll need them for the next scout that inevitably comes along.
No. 1045176 ID: 7ffd6f

>a hunter reports that the strange statues nearby have vanished
>strange looking woman. She’s clearly some kind of reptile, though she’s seemingly made out of stone?
I think we've just discovered what happened to those statues. They moved themselves when we weren't looking! And she's probably one of them.

Also, wow, look at how thin she is! Is she starving or something?

>Then there’s her attire…she’s the most covered person you’ve met so far, if you remembered correctly…and only white and blacks? Boring!
Oh for fucks sake! Don't tell me she's one of those purity disciples! She's probably going to whine about how we shouldn't be having sex or something stupid. We should find a way to break her and get her to talk. Then we could breed her to show her all the fun things she's missing out on.

Just remember to watch out for her legs. She's made of stone and her legs aren't tied up, so she might kick you and it's gonna hurt!
No. 1045179 ID: 30340b

Looks pretty good for someone so lanky. One benefit to her wearing that much is all the more to take off.

Likely her group is tied to the statues, whether being or making them. Avoiding looking away from her, but also avoid her four eyes. Actually, stand behind her for a bit, to confirm she's not hiding a weapon, can't try anything, and to set her on edge a bit.

Should probably start by teasing her a little, see what she is weak to. Don't go for the throat, or perhaps do: those ears and neck seem sensitive, considering the latter is covered. Some kisses and fangs/claws in the mix might elicit something, but be careful of those teeth, her kind eats diamonds for all we know. Also, with all that wasted material, do they have any leftover for underwear?
No. 1045224 ID: 2a82d3

Might as well start by exchanging names, if not pleasantries. You may not need hers but she will want to shout yours when you're almost done with her. If she doesn't give hers, you can call her lame and cringe nicknames, like Four-Eyes and Stonetwig, until she relents or goes with it.

You may want to strike a balance between satisfying her and rushing things. If she's satisfied, she would open up to you, as a potential mate and sire. OTOH you may need to aid Pesi right after this. She might have saw the farm thief, if she hasn't been coordinating with him already. She has extra incentive to stall if that's the case.

Finding out if she's in cahoots should be your first inquiry: ask she's hungry and if she's eaten anything recently. If she answers yes to the former, or no the the latter, then it would seem strange she didn't hit the farm first (it's closer to any invaders, right?), unless she had accomplices.

If her followers are here, that's a bad sign. If she had plans to raze the labyrinth before, then she definitely wants to raze the garden. We may want to wrap things up sooner than later.

There's also the odd chance it's her godspawn, but it wouldn't be obvious how she made one given she hates sex. Maybe our half-sibling took after her grandmother?
No. 1045252 ID: 681cb5
File 166473880621.png - (99.40KB , 600x600 , 53.png )

>Seem strange she didn't hit the farm first (it's closer to any invaders, right?), unless she had accomplices.
The farm is indeed the most vulnerable part of your shitty little camp, and is the ideal spot to strike if you want either food or prisoners. But you’ll only see it if you come from the direction of the plains, so people can miss it. This fucker, though, was trying to snoop through your camp, though why she was doing that you still don’t know.
>There's also the odd chance it's a godspawn.
HA! Like this weakling would be half god! …well, part god… a demi-god is half god and when they breed with a mortal they make a godspawn, so… err… what were we talking about again?
>Don't start this torture and interrogation session with rape and screaming, or you'll numb her to the pain.
While a good point, it’s a bit moot as you don’t do rape. So much more fun to dominate someone completely, to make them beg you for it, make them want it, make them desire it more than anything…
>We could breed her.
Well, obviously. But later.

You start to walk around her, circling your prey while giving her a proper once over. ”Ah’m Sekhmet, the mightiest warrior of this tribe.” you say as you stop behind her, ”Just so yah ‘now what to scream when Ah breed yah later, cutie.” Looking her up and down, the only real thing of note is her lack of tail, which looks a bit odd. Leaning in towards her ear, you whisper, ”Now, what shall Ah call yah?” before giving her moment to answer, while slowly starting to pull her neck cover down, ”Eh, don’t want to tell me? Then ‘ow about… four eyes? …or maybe stonetwig?” You give her a long lick across her now exposed neck, making her shiver under your tongue, ”Mmm… or even better, seeing ‘ow sweet yah taste, ‘ow about sugar pie?” It isn’t a lie, as she tastes similar to sweet candy, something you greatly enjoy as you continue licking her much to her dismay. ”W-what are you d-doing, you fool!?” she manages to stutter as you start to nibble her ear, to which you say, ”Oh? Is something the matter? Don’t like getting licked?” before going back to licking her tasty, tasty neck. ”You’re supposed to torture me! Or threaten to eat me or… or something! Not do… whatever foolish thing you’re doing!” it’s clear you’ve gotten her off balance, that she wasn’t expected this at all. She probably was trained how to handle getting captured, but Sekhmet can’t be trained for, bitch! ”Wait, yah want to be tortured or eaten?” you ask and she’s taken a back a bit, not knowing what to say at first, ”What, no, that’s not… err…” then she looks away and gets quiet again. ”So… if yah want to be tortured, just tell me who yah are in cahoots with?” you ask her, licking her neck again, but she stays quiet, ”…or, yah ‘now, Ah won’t torture yah if yah tell me, whichever you prefer. Just answer the question, sugar pie.” She shivers as you bite the tip of her ear, and she bites her lower lip as you slowly move your tongue downwards over her neck, but she keeps staying silent, ”No? Oh well, Ah’ll continue licking yah sweet tasting neck then.”
No. 1045253 ID: 681cb5
File 166473881951.png - (55.06KB , 800x300 , 54.png )

>Confirm she's not hiding a weapon.
You’ve made sure that the warriors who caught her disarmed her and searched through everything she was carrying. Still, you haven’t had the chance to take a proper look at it yourself, so you yell at one of the shit for brains outside to go get her stuff.

Soon enough, you’re presented with a handful of things; the most prominent is some kind of mace like weapon. It’s shaped really oddly, not at all like a normal mace should look like, and it got some kind of magical runes inscribed on the shaft. Then there’s two bottles of… something. They are clearly some kind of potions, but heck if you know what they do. Lastly there’s a necklace or amulet depicting a raising sun made out of silver. Seems valuable, but you can’t really place the symbol. Oh, and she had some water and a ration made of bland gunk on her as well, but those aren’t really important.

>Wow, look at how thin she is! Is she starving or something?
Well, going by how her ration was tasteless gunk with barely any protein in it, you’re going to say she’s malnourished if anything.

”So, yah hungry?” you ask, and as if on cue, the smell of grilled fish whiffs into the tent, making her tummy growl loudly, ”Ah take that as a yes, hehe.” You turn around and walk up to her, but she looks away in embarrassment, ”So… want some food? Just tell me what Ah want to ‘now, sugar pie, and Ah’ll give it to yah.” She just stares into the ground, not making a sound. ”Yah ‘now… yeer kind are predators aren’t they? Yet, that food yah ‘ad… it didn’t ‘ave any proteins in it at all.” you say to her, and you watch as she squirm a bit in her bindings before continuing, ”Oh, Ah see ‘ow it is… yah’re a predator that don’t ‘unt and eat prey, are yah? That’s why yah’re so thin!” You punctuate that last word by giving her belly a poke, ”Is it because yah’re weak… or are yah just stupid? I bet that tummy of yeer, though, Ah’m sure it wouldn’t mind getting feed some prey, would it?” and once again, as on cue, her stomach rumbles loudly, ”Hehe, see? It said yes.”

Well, you got her talking a little bit. You just need to continue your assault on her. Hmm… what should your next angle of attack be?
No. 1045263 ID: 2a82d3

>you yell at one of the shit for brains outside to go get her stuff.
Did they remember bring lunch or dinner? Did they bring enough for two? There's lots of tease potential in sensually enjoying your food in front of her, but you shouldn't deny her own food even if you'd like to make her beg for it. While you may not be a softie like Mephit, being well-fed can only boost fertility.

>oddly shaped mace
Here's an idea: If you stuck that in a fire, you could brand her with the symbol on it. The magic enchantment is a bit of a risk though, that symbol implies the opposite of what you want to do to her anyway, and it is likely her weapon after all. Since you can't be assed to call Pesi to identify it and her gear, you're better off snapping her stick. If Sugar Pie objects, she would have to tell you what they do to stop you.
No. 1045264 ID: 1483a7

Looks like a brand, to me! In some places, people use them to put marks of ownership on animals (or people) by heating it up and burning the shape of the top into their skin. But, the length of metal there is too short for that. The handle would burn. I'd bet that it applies a brand by MAGIC, either from the runes on the handle, or after something from one of those bottles is applied.

You should check whether she has any symbol like that anywhere on her body.
No. 1045265 ID: dee04d

It's rude to starve a guest, though it's also rude for a guest not to give their name. A decent way to chip at her will could be to get her to accept the food, seeing as it seems to be a 'luxury' in her eyes. Eat some so she knows it's edible and has to smell it, maybe tempt her with a taste from a surprise kiss (or force some down her throat), but getting her to accept a few morsels would be good.
Could add a little bit of the smaller vial for her to see (likely an antidote to the larger green container's 'poison', or it could be milk related, based on those colors) and see just how willing she is to take some.

If she's unhelpful and unruly, you could point out the necklace as unusually and wastefully oppulant. Basically, attack her alligance/faction, comparing what she has been taught to treasure to what she loathes.

Might want to save the big guns (ie that large tool) for later, but as an idea, proping it up between her legs so the handle is pressed against her vent could be fun, just make sure to keep your hands/legs between her thighs. Don't touch it anywhere not covered by the cloth. Probably prevents an orgasm or something, idk.
No. 1045283 ID: 15c72a

Give her a little taste. It'll make her want it more.
No. 1045345 ID: f2320a

Trade goods daughter could be kept around as livestock milk and such from her perhaps with selective breeding make better livestock
No. 1045429 ID: 681cb5
File 166488683989.png - (65.73KB , 600x500 , 55.png )

>Trade goods daughter could be kept around as livestock for milk and such, perhaps with selective breeding to make better livestock.
We should respect her wish to be traded away and besides, we can always trade her for some other livestock to milk. After all, Volin milk is for babies… but milk from prey is a delicacy.

>It's rude to starve a guest.
Guest? She’s your prisoner! You can starve her all you like until she talks!
>You shouldn't deny her own food even if you'd like to make her beg for it. While you may not be a softie like Maphet, being well-fed can only boost fertility.
Hmm, you’re right… her being malnourish will probably mean putting an egg in her will be slightly harder… and your future children needs a well-nourished mother to grow big and strong. Fine, you won’t starve her… but it’s because you want to breed her, not because you’re a wimp like Mappy.

After having a few newly grilled fishes delivered, you slowly eat one in front of her. While she tries to hide it, you can see how her eyes follow each bite you take… and how her mouth waters from the smell of it, making her drool just a little bit, which is followed by her stomach rumbling once more. ”’ere yah go, take a bite…” you say as you wave around a fish right in front of her face, though she does make it hard as she keeps moving her head around in an attempt to avoid it. ”Come on, yah’re starving! Yah’re nothing but skin and bones… err… stone and… bones? Do yah even ’ave bones? Nevermind look, it’s good!” Taking a little nibble from the fish, you exaggerate how good it is with a loud “MMM” before once again putting it right in front of her face. While she still refuses to eat it, this time she does react vocally, ”Ugh, disgusting!” You wave it around under her snout, making sure she can smell it, and you’re sure you can see her glance longingly at it for just a moment before going back to trying to avoid it. ”No, it’s fucking fantastic!” you bellow loudly, but she just stick outs her tongue and whines, ”Eating animals is a sin! She will have you burn for this!” She? Oh, now you’re getting somewhere… ”Ha! Eating animals is what nature intended. Not eating weaker prey as a predator means yah’re disrespecting the very gods! They made us this way for a reason!” She glares at you angrily, trying her best to ignore the fish that’s poking her cheek, ”They made a mistake! Only the goddess is a real god, the others are just demons in disguise, trying to trick us from the real path!” So she is some kind of fanatic after all, huh? Let’s keep going. ”Just a little bite, sugar pie?” you ask her as you take another nibble from the fish, ”Never! Oh sweet goddess, save me from-”
No. 1045430 ID: 681cb5
File 166488684775.png - (76.60KB , 600x500 , 56.png )

You shut her up by giving her a big kiss, interlocking your snouts and forcing your tongue into her mouth. Of course, you have an extra surprise for her waiting as well; the small bite of the fish you had earlier, which you push into her mouth. You’re not sure if it’s because your sudden kiss has completely caught her off-guard or if she’s just hungry, but her tongue quickly grabs the snack and swallows it, even without your help. Though you aren’t given time to play with her more as she pulls herself from you, coughing and crying out, ”*Cough*Cough* No! My fast! I’m not supposed to eat anything for another two days! And eating an animal as well!? Please forgive me, Agnieszka, I didn’t mean too!” Giving her a massive smile, you whisper, ”Come on, admit that that was some good shit, eh.” punctuating the sentence by licking the side of her snout. ”Ugh, stop it!” she whines as you continue licking her delicious scales, only stopping to say, ”Fuck nah.” before returning to the tongue lashing. ”Ngg… if I admit the fish was tasty, will you stop licking me?” You stop and consider her proposal for a bit, before shrugging and telling her, ”For a little bit, sure.” Her whole body shudders as she quietly admits it, ”Then fine, it was all salty and nice, alright? Happy!?” Your smile widens even more and you move the fish towards her snout once again, ”So yah want another little nibble then?” but she just shouts, ”No! It is still a sin to eat animals, you monster! Now untie me and let me go, or Agnieszka will have your head!”
No. 1045431 ID: 681cb5
File 166488685689.png - (104.30KB , 500x700 , 57.png )

Turning the strange weapon she had around in your hand, you can’t help but notice how similar it looks to one of those brands you use to put marks of ownership on the weakling thralls, but that can’t be right, can it? Not only does the symbol not convey how tasty the morsel is, nor how good of a breeder they are, but the handle is made of wood which would just burn the fuck up if you tried to heat it up in a fire. Hmm… yet, it is definitely a brand… which means… it must be magical? Not only do those runes heat it up, but they must also ensure that the brand does… something to whoever it marks. Maybe they become docile? Or just weak? You can’t really be assed to go get Pesi, so maybe it’s would be for the best of you just snapped the stick? Nah, Pesi would be fucking livid if you did that shit, so instead… maybe brand the gargoyle? To see what it does? Hmm… worth considering… wait, you just got an even better idea on how to use it!

”Yeer goddess will have mah fucking ‘ead, eh?” you ask her as you slowly walk behind her, idly spinning her branding iron in one hand. ”You may think yourself… nggg… powerful, but you’re just a bunch of weak sinners!” she tells you as you start to let your hands explore her body, groping her through her clothes. ”Go on.” you whisper as you start to use the weapon to poke her crotch, even though her long and thick skirt makes it hard to do so. ”Even if I don’t return, they know where you are. They will come and rescue me. They will… ah… come and burn this place to the ground.” she mumbles, though it’s clear she’s focusing more on your hands massaging her body and the pole rubbing against her below her belt. ”Oh?” you say just to keep her talking, all the while you start to grind your own junk against her, making sure she feels how you’re starting to get hard, ”The g-g-g-gah… garden belongs to her! She is the only t-true goddess! You will either convert or be made into slaves, sinner!” Just keep on talking… and you’ll keep grinding… ”And ‘ow is she planning to do that?” She squirms under your assault, her breath getting uneven as she starts thrusting a bit into the pole between her legs. ”Ha! I w-won’t… ah… goddess… I won’t talk… n-no matter what…” she whispers, ”E-even if y-you ravage me… or… nfff… knock me up with that large girl meat… I won’t… ah…” she bites her lower lips before continuing, ”Or if y-you tempt me with fish… or… ngg… d-delicious prey… I w-won’t… falter…” she has to stop and catch her breath before she can add, ”N-not even if y-you threaten to eat me… m-make me… nff… slide halfway down your throat… or… some other part of you… like y-your… ah… meat… or… rump… ah…” her whole body shudders as she arcs her back, ”No! Agnieszka will protect me! She will k-keep me from sin! She will c-cleanse this camp of sin! S-she will come… she will… ngg…”
No. 1045433 ID: 628248

Oh, her Goddess will come, but both you and her will have come many, many times before then. In fact, she'll probably have been with the whole tribe at least once and carrying a heavy clutch by the time anyone can come, or have even laid some eggs, so there would be no sneaking her out. Would be a shame if the little ones grew up without even knowing their mother's name.

Start working off some of those layers. Actually, why take things slow when you could rip open that top like the brute she expects you are. Her bottoms can stay until she breaks/begs, but you aren't beholden to her tenants: that loincloth could make for a good makeshift veil or blindfold. Plus, she's cute when she blushes.

If not for that neck restraint, you could probably shove her head down your throat and still toy with her body. Fact is though, she's so thin, she might not be worth the energy to eat, which means you'll need to put some meat on her. You've got some salty morsels you can give her, but some proper food may have to wait.

As for the tool, threaten her with it. It'll probably keep her from climaxing, but it could prevent her from being knocked up, so measure her response to the threat, and see if you can't get the truth from her. It might take her strength, and with so little, she'll need all she can for laying eggs.
No. 1045437 ID: 908530

If she won't eat fish, feed her your cum.
No. 1045441 ID: 2a82d3

Quite helpful of her to lay out what she wants in this session, albeit in reverse order: Start with a face sitting, send in a big feast (maybe including a rabbit thrall, after assuring her they can't die from it), and end with a nice breeding near guaranteed to produce an egg.

If she believes her goddess will get mad at her for such an indulgence, you'll need to come up with a convincing excuse for her. Attach her symbol to the end her club, and see if she wants to be branded with it. Any actual mental effects will likely be minor if magically enhanced at all, but she only needs a small push if she wants to.

>”Even if I don’t return, they know where you are. They will come and rescue me. They will… ah… come and burn this place to the ground.”
Her friends can't save her now! Sorry, won't save her. If they're just as fanatic as she is, they'd already believe you've corrupted her. Even now, she's already admitted to enjoying the meal. So if she wants to be with them, they would have to join her here. You can't capture them if you don't know where they are, so...
No. 1045455 ID: e5709d

Indulge her for a while. Sit down and pray to your patron god, without insulting or posturing. Ask her if this is what she wants; all of the world, praying to the goddess of purity, every second of every day in reverence to someone who is tasked with maintaining the fundamental forces of the universe and swamped with the pleas of millions.
Then ask her if she wants someone like yourself to convert and stay with her every second of every day.
Get her cerebellum to pump blood and you can get the rest of her to pump blood.
No. 1045460 ID: f2320a

Could keep around as livestock meat would make good trade goods just from just the sweetness and young mature fast enough to make it worth it
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