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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 166199117926.png - (134.42KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1042403 No. 1042403 ID: 681cb5

[Super NSFW]

ACT 2: The Garden of Creation

Wiki and last thread: https://tezakia.net/wiki/Lascivious_Labyrinth
Discussion thread: https://tezakia.net/kusaba/questdis/res/134609.html#134609

Somewhere deep in the most tenebrous wilderness, far from civilization and decency, it is said that a grand temple of some old forgotten god lay hidden. In those ancient rumor-shadowed halls, acts of unbridled hedonism and profane rituals were indulged in wild abandon, all to please the fertility god the structure was dedicated too. It is a place where instinct and impulse is acted upon without care.

There are also myths about a great treasure, hidden in the deepest catacombs, far below the surface, forever watched over by mighty guardians and fiendish traps. The corridors are said to twist and turn with a serpent-like suggestion, their writhing path hiding many dangers and foes, but if you stay vigilant they will lead you to your greatest desire. Many before you have been seduced by the myth and been enthralled by the ravenous desire…

…Of the Lascivious Labyrinth.
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No. 1042404 ID: 681cb5
File 166199119156.png - (52.94KB , 700x550 , 2.png )

A new species is about to be born, from a womb of a mortal but seeded by a pair of demi-gods. Which shape will these new creatures take?

First, chose which base form they will have, from which demi-god do they take most of their features? (This choice is purely cosmetic)

The Jackal… or …The Crocodile
No. 1042405 ID: 681cb5
File 166199120154.png - (90.75KB , 700x700 , 3.png )

Next, chose up too three species of mortals that this new race will inherit from! This will include both cosmetic features as well as their strengths!

1) Varkian (Avian) – Brave with a light frame: Resistant against fear and weight less, making vertical movement easier.
2) Sakkilian (Lizard) – Aggressive and ferocious: More damage and better intimidations.
3) Serpents (Snake) – Telekinetic abilities: Can manipulate smaller things with their minds.
4) Uredo (Plant) – Extra tentacle limbs: Get a pair of extra “arms”.
5) Ratling (Rodent) – Agile and quick: Faster than most, easier time evading enemies and dodging attacks.
6) Rhinotran (Rhino) – Thick skin: Resistance against both physical and mental attacks.
7) Tharan (Frog) – Long, sticky tongue: A long tongue that can be used as a limb… or a weapon.
8) Slime (Ooze) – Malleable body: Can change the shape of their body slightly.
9) Angler Beast (Angler Fish/Alligator thingy) – Monstrous body: Large, strong body… but needs to eat twice as much.
No. 1042409 ID: 007567

Jackal 269
No. 1042411 ID: 1c9c21


Let's go traditional. Winged snake ladies, go forth!
No. 1042414 ID: 629f2e

Jackal, because we've been mostly reptiles to far, let's give mammals a shot.

7 7 7 7 7 7, we 100% need to get some frog in this species, this is not up for debate. The tongue is such a stupid gimmick of a racial trait that it would be a crime to to include it. Plus, the frog girl was cute.

5, Speed and agility will be nice traits that we've up til now been lacking, always preferring pure brawn or later magic.

1, we really should include at least one species that we directly mated with from the last run, and Tefnut's my pick to be the influence. Paired with the ratling traits and potential grapple potential of sticky frog tongue, our new species will thrive on mobility. They'll be tough opponents to defeat, as landing hits will be excessively difficult. They may be lacking in raw power, but they'll thrive in battles of attrition by dealing 5 hits for every 1 their enemies can land.

Honorable mention to 8, malleable body as a trait is also fun, and I was very tempted to suggest 478 as a silly combo.
No. 1042418 ID: 10c07d

No. 1042419 ID: ae4094

crocodile 236
No. 1042423 ID: e4c993

(Just 9 + 5 would be fine if two is an option)

Would be nice to see a big fish guy/gal, there really hasn't been a lot of mammal in the mix up until now. Love croc, but the jackal base is a mammal. Plus, I like birb, and both the mix and idea of a large, agility run seems fun. The additional species are gonna come with drawbacks, aren't they.
Commence Cannonball Run?
No. 1042426 ID: 19ea25

4, 8, 9 (Cause Uredo are neat! And seeing what the se will create)
No. 1042428 ID: bfc523


No. 1042429 ID: c11296

Because they need to be able to shapeshift.
No. 1042431 ID: e5709d

3 6 8
We have a rare opportunity to mix opposing genetic advantages. Let's milk it for all it's worth.
No. 1042447 ID: 4c0dea

No. 1042448 ID: b84a31

Crocodile 2, 6 and 7
No. 1042457 ID: 15c72a


Displacer beast!
No. 1042458 ID: a9af05


2) Sakkilian
4) Uredo
9) Angler Beast
No. 1042460 ID: fec07f

No. 1042462 ID: b84a31

No. 1042464 ID: c37ab4

Croc 1 2 3
No. 1042469 ID: 84b19f

2, 3, 9
No. 1042470 ID: 899c9f

Crocodile, Uredo-Slime-Angler.
No. 1042474 ID: 36784c

3 4 9
No. 1042479 ID: 2de4fd

jackal, 3, 5, 7
No. 1042485 ID: dc9df3

Crocodile 1, 3 and 7.
No. 1042489 ID: 30a1cc

2) Sakkilian, 3) Serpents, 9) Angler Beast
No. 1042491 ID: 218391

Jackal, 2 3 6
No. 1042492 ID: db80f7

Croc 1 2 3
No. 1042493 ID: f2320a


Telikenesis for anything smaller then you and being the largest combines easily.
Also twice as much cheating the square cube
Plant feeding method
No. 1042495 ID: b79003


Also jackal. No, croc. No, jackal. No, BOTH!
No. 1042496 ID: 7ca335

No. 1042500 ID: 681cb5
File 166205442631.png - (87.96KB , 700x700 , 4.png )

Total Votes:

Jackal: 12
Crocodile: 15 (Winner)
1, Varkian: 9
2, Sakkilian: 13 (Winner)
3, Serpents: 17 (Winner)
4, Uredo: 8
5, Ratling: 6
6, Rhinotran: 7
7, Tharan: 5
8, Slime: 6
9, Angler Beast: 11 (Winner)

Their bodies will be that of the crocodile… and their features will be of the Serpents, Sakkilian and Angler Beasts. This new species will be capable of telekinetically manipulate things in their surroundings, as well as be rather big, strong and natural fighters. Though they will need to fill their tummies with more than most, be it vegetables, meat or other people.

Now, please design how this species will look like. For each part, chose one option unless otherwise specified.

”A) Head shape”
1) Crocodilian.
2) Sakkilian.
3) Serpent.
4) Angler Beast.

”B) Fin shape”
1) Crocodilian.
2) Sakkilian.
3) Serpent.
4) Angler Beast.

”C) Neck shape”
1) Crocodilian/Sakkilian normal neck length.
3) Serpent extra-long neck.
4) Angler Beast extra thicc neck.

”D) Tail shape”
1) Crocodilian.
2) Sakkilian.
3) Serpent.
4) Angler Beast.
No. 1042501 ID: 681cb5
File 166205443624.png - (107.82KB , 700x700 , 5.png )

”E) Scales”
1) Crocodilian, has yellowish bellies.
2) Sakkilian, covered by the same colored scales.
3) Serpent, has white bellies.
4) Angler Beast, differently colored stomachs.

”F) Cultural trinkets and body paint”
Note: They will wear normal clothes as well in addition to these trinkets. You can also pick several options here and/or mix several options.
1) Crocodilian Jewelry.
2) Sakkilian body paint.
3) Serpent piercings.
4) Angler Beast trophies.

”G) Eye shape”
1) Crocodilian.
2) Sakkilian.
3) Serpent.
4) Angler Beast.

”H) Leg shape”
1) Crocodilian/Sakkilian legs.
2) Angler Beast larger legs.

”I) Dick shape”
1) Crocodilian.
2) Sakkilian.
3) Serpent.
4) Angler Beast.
Note: As a bonus, you can also make any of the earlier options into a double headed penis similar to the ones Serpents have, if you so wish.

”J) Ball shape”
1) Internal/slit.
2) Twins / 2 balls.
3) Sheath.
4) Triplets / 3 balls.
5) Quad / 4 balls.
No. 1042502 ID: 629f2e

A: 3
B: 4
C: 3
D: 1
E: 1
F: 2
G: 3
H: 2
I: 4 (Double)
J: 1
No. 1042504 ID: dc9df3

I1 with double dick
No. 1042505 ID: 218391

A3, B2, C3, D1, E3, F1, G1, H2, I3 Bonus!, J5.

And what, no option for extra boobs? Whatever this race ends up looking like otherwise, they're going to need to be able to feed a lot of kids. I say four orbs for both sexes, one to keep up with the other.
No. 1042506 ID: 8c8610

I:4 (double)
No. 1042507 ID: c11296

I2 bonus
J sheath with 4 balls
No. 1042508 ID: c11296

Actually just i1
No. 1042509 ID: 703412

F4/2 (4 overall with an added egg tally, and maybe some body paint? The idea of a 'secret' egg tally hidden by a piece of jewelry could be fun)
I4 Bonus
J3 (with four balls?)

Extra boobs could be fun as well.
No. 1042512 ID: 2a82d3

A1 B2 C3 D4 E4 F1 G2 H2 I3x2 J2

>no avian blood
Aw, no wings. Still dragony enough to like, though.
>fill their tummies with more than most
Leaving aside what they'll obviously get up to in the labyrinth, I hope they figure out a way to compensate out in the world. I'm fond of the gentle giant trope myself; Maybe they'll less active in general, or figure out agriculture and stuff. (Seems like that's in Volek's wheelhouse.)
No. 1042513 ID: 2a82d3

>F2 has egg tally
Ooo I missed that. That's a must have. It's culturally significant, and it pairs well enough with any body type.
No. 1042516 ID: a9af05

>A) Head shape
1) Crocodilian.

>B) Fin shape
2) Sakkilian.

>C) Neck shape
4) Angler Beast extra thicc neck.

>D) Tail shape
4) Angler Beast.

>E) Scales
2) Sakkilian, covered by the same colored scales.

>F) Cultural trinkets and body paint
1) Crocodilian Jewelry.
2) Sakkilian body paint.

>G) Eye shape
1) Crocodilian.

>H) Leg shape
2) Angler Beast larger legs.

>I) Dick shape
4) Angler Beast. (Double)

>J) Ball shape
5) Quad / 4 balls.
No. 1042517 ID: e5709d

A3 B3 C4 D4 E1 F4 G2 H2 I3X2 J5
No. 1042519 ID: 681cb5
File 166207174334.png - (180.54KB , 700x700 , 6.png )

NOTE: You can still vote on the species design from the last update if you haven’t already done so!

Finally, it is time to decide what place this species has in the world. Are they Prey… or Predators?

Prey: They will focus more on agriculture and improving their home instead of hunting animals and finding valuable resources in the wild. The prey are often more defensive than predators, and will have an easier time befriending others.

Predator: They will focus more on the hunting of animals and finding valuable resources in the wild instead of agriculture and improving their homes. Predators are often more offensive than prey, and will have an easier time subjugating others.

And for your last decision, their magical abilities. Being descendants of the great Arch-mage Shelli has given some of them great potential in the magical arts, but in what form those these power manifest? Will they partake in Witchcraft, Shamanism or the dark arts of the warlock? These magic users will also serve as the clerics for the worship of the demi-god triplets.

Witch: The witch focus on the arcane and the power of knowledge. With research and magical crystals they manipulate the magical force to do their bidding. By understanding the world, they will bend it to their will. (Arcane, Crystals)

Shaman: The Shaman focus on the power of nature and the wisdom it provides. With understanding of the land and exotic herbs they conduct strange rituals to appease nature itself to change the world for them. By living in harmony with the world, they will bend it to their will. (Nature, Herbs)

Warlock: The Warlock focus on the dark arts and the horrid secrets it whispers to them. With the bones and life essence of their enemies and allies alike, they call upon the chaos of the world to enact their singular will. By subjugating the world, they will bend it to their will. (Dark magic, Bones)
No. 1042520 ID: a9af05

Predator, Witch
No. 1042521 ID: 515982

Predator, Witch.
And, whoof... 4 2 3 1 2 1 3 2 4 1.
No. 1042522 ID: 629f2e

Predator Warlock!
No. 1042523 ID: 10c07d

1 3 1 4 4 4 2 2 4(bonus) 5
Predator Warlock
No. 1042524 ID: 30a1cc


F2 and 4
I4 Double

No. 1042525 ID: e5709d

Psionic Adept (Unique magic class, makes all physical feats 'easier' by channeling magic. The impossible (rip open the earth beneath you and throw it down like a cartoon mallet) becomes 'extremely hard', cock-voring someone without help from the temple becomes a moderate challenge, even crawling with your skin hairs becomes possible.)
No. 1042526 ID: e4c993

Prey Warlock
Shaman could be fun, but having Warlocks be the 'good' guys would be more so, and the possibility of Bone based motiff and puns is tempting.
No. 1042529 ID: 36784c

F2 + 4
I4 double
No. 1042530 ID: ae4094

Predator Warlock
No. 1042558 ID: 2a82d3


>Predator concensus
aw man... I get our racial abilities line up, but I'mgetting tired of 0 Charisma runs. Being the obvious predator could make it look legit for, say, a purity goddess sending adventurers to hunt us "monsters". Playing against type could throw such propaganda off, and we're more flexible when we can't.
No. 1042559 ID: 629f2e


Eh, fuck it. I'll swap to PREY Warlock.
No. 1042589 ID: 8c8610

I think this is a fair point.

Prey, Shaman.
No. 1042607 ID: 2a82d3

Plot twist: Agnieszka's magic is actually warlock domain. That's how this "goddess of purity" strips desires off her followers, and resurrection is still totally a thing*. Skeletons shouldn't have seen drives, anyway.
*See Cult of the Lamb. I hear it's good.

Appreciate it. I hoping for more Shaman votes too. They must have great fertility bonuses. This is still a breeding quest, isn't it?
No. 1042617 ID: 726f7c

Voting for species design choices in this one.

But I want the vote for this one to be Predator Shaman.
No. 1042655 ID: bfc523

No. 1042656 ID: 681cb5
File 166215261991.png - (122.07KB , 700x700 , 7.png )

>They must have great fertility bonuses. This is still a breeding quest, isn't it?
This new species is close to extinction, not because of any calamity or disease, but from simply being so few to begin with. Thus, breeding more of themselves will be their main quest for quite some time and all three schools of magic will be able to aid them in their own way.
>Shaman could be fun, but having Warlocks be the 'good' guys would be more so, and the possibility of Bone based motiff and puns is tempting.
Neither your species nor your position in the prey / predator scale will decide if you’re good or evil. Only your actions can decide what your morality will be. Of course, people do seem to have a bone to pick with warlocks in particular for some odd reason.

Total Votes:
Predator: 8 (Winner)
Prey: 5
Witch: 2
Shaman: 5
Warlock: 5 (Winner, because they got 5 votes first)

This new species will be predators, hunting animals for food most of the time and exploring the world around them, though they will still grow crops and build a home for themselves. Their magic users have attuned to the dark arts, becoming warlocks, who will aid in their survival greatly the coming years.

Their bodies where mostly shaped by the Crocodilian and Angler Beast sides, but there are a few signs of their Sakkilian and Serpents heritage as well, especially when it comes to their love for body painting. Still, they also wear some jewelry as well as trophies from their hunts as well.

Is there anything you would wish to change with how they look? There was some interest in making their twin cocks hide internally in their body, ensuring that their quad sack is on full display. Is this something you would be interested in?

But let’s move on, because something important is about to happen, as a lone scout of this species will soon be stumbling upon something remarkable. After weeks of traveling through the harsh and unforgiving desert, leaving only a trail of magical residue for their tribe’s Warlock to follow, they will finally find it… the gateway into the Garden of Creation, hidden from the mortal world by the gods themselves.

But before that there are still three questions that need to be answered…

What is this new species named?
What will your name be?
And are you a boy or a girl?
No. 1042657 ID: a9af05

>Only your actions can decide what your morality will be.
Exactly. Even though we're a Warlock, we can still be the good guys.

>There was some interest in making their twin cocks hide internally in their body, ensuring that their quad sack is on full display. Is this something you would be interested in?
No thanks. Leave the dicks out for all to see.

>What is this new species named?
The Raptil

>What will your name be?

>And are you a boy or a girl?
No. 1042660 ID: 515982

the Qebecois.
No. 1042663 ID: c11296

A sheath where they can have one or both cocks out at the same time to quick switch between cocks. The lascivions. Name Icaro. Male.
No. 1042666 ID: 629f2e

> What is this new species named?

Well, they've taken after Volek, so perhaps something that calls back to his and Shelli's names.


Yes, smashing names together into pleasant sounding words will continue to be my go-to solution for however long it keeps working.

> What will your name be?

Alright, let me paint a scene for you.

Shelli, having received what she felt was a stupid ass name, really tries to put more effort into each of her children's so that they don't have to give some stupid anecdote about staying in their egg when asked about theirs.

Being the nerd that she is, she decided to appeal to history and carry on names from previous generations. Many of her children were named after family members. Siblings of Shelli who were noteworthy (mostly ones that weren't named something daft, but a few of them had effectively redeemed their shit names with their actions and had their legacies carried on), previous generations on both Soka and Wadji's sides, and when that that well ran dry she moved on and consulted her mates for additional selections.

With thousands of eggs being laid at once though, and each of them having children of their own to name, eventually the last source Shelli had were the gods who helped seed her children, Ptamet and Volek. Ever the egotist, Volek has the ego to give his own name "Volek" as a suggestion. Shelli was not amused.

With all of that explained, your name is Ptamet. None of your siblings are named Volek.

(Not in the batch you were hatched in at least.)

> And are you a boy or a girl?

Guy! Last time we had the big belly, this time we'll fill them. With our seed, not our bodies. Not trying to harken back to our Varkian ancestors some generations back.
No. 1042668 ID: 629f2e

> There was some interest in making their twin cocks hide internally in their body, ensuring that their quad sack is on full display. Is this something you would be interested in?

Hell yes!
No. 1042669 ID: dc9df3

1) Trezians
2) Thad
3) a male ready to BREED.
No. 1042673 ID: 12b9d8

Can we get someone else up there for scale?
Love the Hearts in the body paint on both. Maybe a mark on the butts of both? Or a heart 'arrow' on the underside of the tail, to match the crotch?
Internal storage sounds fun, gives the chance to mildly confuse others not familiar with our species biology (so most people), an errection would probably be more obvious, and the possibility of surprising someone with two dicks when they're expecting one is good fun.
Considering the size of the clutches laid, we probably have a lot of siblings, even if some of them are only technically half siblings or cousins.
And hoping we're a good Warlock. Would be nice to gently mind fuck any of the Purity Goddess's disciples before fucking them. Also, being a gentle giant as was suggested could be nice.

Female. Not that male isn't great, just really liking the look of that gal.
Ptemat... Names are a commodity, and yours wasn't the worst.
No. 1042674 ID: 567477

>Is there anything you would wish to change with how they look?

Extra row of tits. Fair's fair. I also like the idea of them being able to pop their dicks out one at a time if they want, maybe both can come out involuntarily if they're REALLY horny. Species name, I like Volli. Voli might be more of a speciesish-sounding name. Let's say this one is a girl and her name Maphet (map'het).
No. 1042675 ID: fa30f1

Male with internal dicks
No. 1042680 ID: 12b9d8

Supporting extra tits, if viable
No. 1042692 ID: 36784c

>hide cocks internally?
Nah, keep them out.

>species name?
I like the Volli name someone suggested earlier.

>character name?
Telos sounds like a good name.

A boy
No. 1042712 ID: c11296

Maybe a mix between two different cocks would be good. Can they also be affected by their other heritages to a rarer extent, like they have to unlock them or they change where they live like adaptability.
No. 1042713 ID: c11296

Don't they kinda look like dragons?
No. 1042720 ID: 2a82d3

Kroca'deth. Don't laugh, it's respect their origins.

>being so few to begin with
>all three schools of magic will be able to aid them in their own way
So it's less innate talent, and more committing to a niche for survival. Fair enough; I'm all aboard the bone train for now, but I'm keeping an eye out for a flower power mage to subjugate or submit to.

>Is there anything you would wish to change with how they look?
Yeah, their design doesn't look intimidating enough. Their legs don't look like the Angler Beast I swear we voted for. If their Serpent heritage needs to be more apparent, you can extend their necks like a Serpent instead.

>making their twin cocks hide internally
I'd say no, but... If you have quads, you have to flaunt them. It's the law.

No to extra tits. It might work if they're half the size with the second (and third) pair stacked vertically along the waist, but I imagine the design to be too busy and extra to be actually appealing. You also have to have extra pecs for the men too.
No. 1042722 ID: e5709d

[] (You have no name - yet. Earn your name by committing legal murder. This usually involves finding the Lascivious Labyrinth and killing the first thing you come across.)
No. 1042724 ID: 1d5bb3

All of this.

>legs don't look like Angler Beast
That might be because the picture we voted on was in a squatting position and the legs we see now are fully extended. That might be why they look weird.

>no extra tits
I agree with that.
No. 1042742 ID: 567477

How about a compromise? Extra set of nips, extra set of tits only when they have kids?

While I'm here, thicken up the front stretch of the dicks. I'm wondering if maybe there was a vote split with more bulbous dicks crowd. By the way, kind of nice life-death balance theme coming up, huh? Fertility deity descendants taking up the dark arts? That's neat.
No. 1042743 ID: c11296

So this guy's gonna be quiet because he's a scout but like that quote about the very quiet gorilla. Also all I have are assumptions about the dark arts like is this harry potter or do the dark arts cover a very wide spectrum, maybe even covering parts of the other fields, also bone manipulation is good for healing and buffs and arts and crafts, like a amphora made of bone or a moldable spear, bone is quite a diverse material even cross-sectioning metals and it would be way better than having to carve bone when you can just change its shape, this can also be used to shapeshift combined with the dark arts and parts of other magic and I really wanted them to be able to shapeshift earlier and be more diverse in features like the spikes on sakkilians and the hoods of the snakes along with the ear fins and mohawk fins.
No. 1042751 ID: b34fe0

The Wrexians

Maybe we could make the thighs a little thiccer for both males and females? That might help make them look like the legs we voted for.
No. 1042753 ID: 2a82d3

>How about a compromise? Extra set of nips, extra set of tits only when they have kids?
They could also swell up and be "productive" after a full meal. That could work.
>nice life-death balance theme
>Fertility deity descendants taking up the dark arts? That's neat.
I think so too. I like to think it's the result of being able to manipulate and transfer life energy, so being able to imprint life on the lifeless, but not wrapping their head around making more of it from "nothing" per se.

Being uniquely vulnerable to nature magic is one way to trip up a cliche.

>bone manipulation is good for healing
If we're going to be doing any healing as we are, it'll be through absorbing life essence from our enemies. That's kind of the point of our magic "subjugating the world" to our will.
>I really wanted them to be able to shapeshift
Shape-shifting would be under Nature magic wouldn't it? I think you missed the vote on that. Sorry, man.

Now I'm thinking the three schools of magic are like type advantages in Pokemon, or the magic triangle in Fire Emblem.

>thighs a little thicker
This. If those thighs don't look like they can crush a man, then what's the point?
No. 1042756 ID: 681cb5
File 166222945330.png - (116.18KB , 700x550 , 8.png )

>Their legs don't look like the Angler Beast I swear we voted for.
Apparently giving you guys that choice was a mistake, as I tried I don’t know how many time to get those legs to look decent but it simply didn’t work out. So, yes, the legs you got are a bit of compromise between the normal ones and the Angler ones, but that’s because my original idea didn’t work out at all. My apologies.
>Extra row of tits. Fair's fair.
I did do some sketches with extra tits, but it didn’t look right either. I’ll experiment with it a bit further, so be on the lookout for them in the quest. Someone might just end up with extra tits at some point or another.
>If those thighs don't look like they can crush a man, then what's the point?
I’ll see what I can do for the next update, let’s just say that the design isn’t set in stone just yet.

Total Votes:

Boy: 8 (Winner)
Girl: 4
Herm: 1

Walking up the hill, you can’t help but to enjoy the cool breeze and the grass between your claws, a far cry from the brutality and relentlessness given to you by the endless sea of sand you’ve traveled through. You stop right next to a pair of statues depicting some kind of realistically sized Varkian, though it is clear that whoever made these things are long gone by now, consider their condition. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a place of magic, as it suddenly goes from a barren desert to fertile grassland. This has to be it!

Your name is Telos, a member of the newly born species the Volin, and your current form is that of a male scout. You’re an expert at not only tracking, but also hiding yourself and fighting dirty, and your mission was to find this place and leave a trail of magical residue for your tribe’s Warlock to follow, something you’ve already activated. The rest of your tribe will soon arrive to this paradise, but first there are a few things you’ll need to prepare…

Current status:
Class: Rogue.
Primary stat: Agility.
Combat style: Fighting dirty. (Includes things like cheap shots, pocket sand, fake surrenders and even things like smoke bombs and similar tools. Be creative.)
Special skill: Spot weakness (Now where to hit for a critical hit, be it a body part or a fetish).
Equipment: Several daggers as well as a survival kit containing most things needed for living off the land.
Current Buffs: Pent up, eager and ready to breed (+10% on next impregnation attempt).
No. 1042757 ID: 681cb5
File 166222946241.png - (59.00KB , 700x550 , 9.png )

Looking out on the valley you marvel at the sight before you. A lush, fertile land filled with water, forest and mountains for as long as the eye can see. This has to be what your species has been looking for. This has to be… The Garden of Creation.

Your forefathers ventured deep into the catacombs of Ptamet in search of this place, but it was your broodmother, Shelli the ever pregnant, that finally managed to retrieve the secret of finding this tranquil land. Only those with the blood of the very gods coursing through their veins may enter this place… and now that you’re witnessing it, you can understand why. It is a land unspoiled of corruption, lush and full of life, with water aplenty and a serene climate. This is the place of dreams. Looking out, you can see two large rivers colliding into a massive lake far below… before once again becoming a river and continue their journey to what you can only assume is a sea somewhere. Beyond that there are great mountains reaching up to the sky… and behind those… a temple so massive it dwarves everything else by several magnitudes. That has to be the grand temple of He who Seeds, She who Births, rumored to be hidden in the center of the garden.

It is said that your deepest desires will be fulfilled here… and that everyone who enters will be semi-immortal, incapable to die from anything that might put them in danger with the exception of age itself. This is a place where you might partake in unbridled hedonism with wild abandon without the fear of ever dying… or even getting hurt for that matter.

This place will be the future home of your tribe… the future home of your species… the future for the Volin…

As your stomach growls from hunger you’re reminded that you still have a duty to fulfill… even if you’ve found this place and left a track for the others to follow you still need to make sure this place is able to sustain you. So, there are three tasks you’ll need to accomplish before nightfall.

First, find a suitable spot for your tribe. You will be living here for quite a while after all, so finding a place to build a nest is important.

Second, find some food. You’re starving and have run out of rations quite a while ago, so you’ll need to find something to eat. Preferably from a source of food that can feed your tribe for years to come.

And third, find and either capture or convince some breedingstock to join your tribe. Your species need to reproduce so it’s integral to find someone to mate with. Preferable female, because you’re dying to lose your virginity and make some kids… though you guess you can fuck a male as well if they are cute enough.
No. 1042758 ID: 681cb5
File 166222947392.png - (106.75KB , 700x550 , 10.png )

Looking down at the valley, you spot several points of interest close by. First there are the hills you’re standing on, which is rather empty with the exception of some odd stone ruins and a few statues that have fallen to the passage of time. Then there is the desert behind you, barren and lifeless. Both of these are clearly not of interest to your current tasks, so let’s ignore them for now.

To your right, there is a forest, teeming with the sound of birds and small animals to hunt… and was that a person you saw stalk through the trees? Hmm… you’re sure you saw them have a small trap slung over their shoulder…

Right below the hill there is a large field of tall grass, a flat but fertile piece of land that stretches deep into the valley. Oh, and what was that? You’re certain you heard the sound of arguing voices coming from that direction.

To your left there are some mountains, though not as tall as those on the other side of the valley, they are still imposing. Surely they’ll have plenty of caves and grottos, containing valuable metals and jewels for your tribe to mine. And if your ears don’t deceive you, you’re sure you heard someone’s moan echo through them.

From the mountains, a long river is slithering down the valley. The sound of playing fish can be heard all the way up here… as well as the larger splashes of something that’s clearly not the size of a normal fish. Though the laughter probably gave it away first.

Finally, the rivers ends in a small lake, far from the size of the massive one in the center of this valley, but still big enough to sustain a sizeable population of marine life. You can’t see it from here, but you’re sure the river continues afterwards and joins up with the bigger rivers further down. But something you can see is a trail of smoke coming from near the lake. Something is clearly burning down there.

So… where do you even begin? Your rumbling tummy is suggesting finding food, but surely you can do more than that if you put your mind to it, right?
No. 1042761 ID: 515982

Head for the mountains.
No. 1042762 ID: e51896

either mountains (someone must be masturbating there or something)
or river.

I choose river, whoever is laughing must be a pretty jolly person, their positive energy might be contagious to. Lets go there and be happy
No. 1042763 ID: 4c0dea

Let's go to the river and fish, but let's see first who is laughting.
No. 1042764 ID: 629f2e

To the River!
No. 1042765 ID: e5709d

Do something really stupid and go back to the Desert.
Build a land-bridge,a giant two-sloped wall that will help your descendants find this place.
No. 1042776 ID: 12b9d8

That's a good looking tall lad. And the people are probably just as fertile as the land. They're also likely to defend it at all costs, so proceed with caution.

Lot of good options, and with any luck, that buff will be used rather quickly. The forest implies food, but also a cautious individual, and the grass implies multiple distracted individuals, but you might stand out among the green of either.
Make the mountains your first stop; whoever is there sounds very distracted, you'll blend in better/have places to hide while scouting the path to the temple, and then you can follow the river down to the lake with ease, seeing as the water isn't a bad destination either, considering your aquatic lineage/legacy.
No. 1042785 ID: 36784c

>your broodmother, Shelli the ever pregnant
What’s that mean? Her mother before her was always pregnant, so does this mean that Shelli is even more pregnant than that?

Also, what was your upbringing like? What did your parents teach you? Did you get along with all of your siblings? Tell us some things about yourself!

Let’s try going to the river.
No. 1042793 ID: 681cb5
File 166225460997.png - (115.78KB , 700x550 , 11.png )

>What’s that mean? Her mother before her was always pregnant, so does this mean that Shelli is even more pregnant than that?
Your father is a demi-god of fertility… and mom liked the feeling of being with child, so it’s a given she would be pregnant a lot. Though, the main reason might be yourself, as she had to carry you and the first batch of your kind for years before she laid you. Something to do with being part god, you suspect.
>What was your upbringing like? What did your parents teach you?
This isn’t the time to focus on the past, as the present is what’s important right now. Maybe after your tribe has built somewhere they can be safe you can start introspecting about yourself.

>That's a good looking tall lad. And the people are probably just as fertile as the land. They're also likely to defend it at all costs, so proceed with caution.
Caution is something this form has been trained in, being a scout. You will make sure to keep quiet and out of sight wherever you go, just to be safe.
>You might stand out among the green of either the forest or plains.
An expert in stealth doesn’t need to concern themselves with the color of their scales, they’ll simple be wherever you aren’t looking.

>Let's go to the river and fish.
Keeping yourself hidden, you skulk towards the river, listening to the laughter emanating from there in an attempt to try and figure out who it can be. They are clearly female, so much you can tell… but not much else. Keeping yourself to the top of the trees, you slowly make your way to the riverbank and look around. While this area is clearly a good place to build a nest, being so close to clean water and a lot of fish, you can’t see whoever was laughing earlier anywhere. Hmm… and how will you fish? You don’t really have any tools for that, do you? Maybe if you made a makeshift spear from a dagger, some twine and a large stick?
>The water isn't a bad destination, considering your aquatic lineage/legacy.
While your body is suitable for swimming, sadly your kind didn’t inherit the ability to breathe underwater from your Angler Beast side… instead you’ll just be content to keep your head above water and pretend to be a very aggressive log like your crocodile brethren usually do.

And then your attention is brought to the surface of the river, as suddenly something large breaks through it and jumps into the air. A laughing shape flings itself upwards, before doing a somersault and diving back in. What was that? Some kind of fish person? You’ve never seen someone like that before…
No. 1042794 ID: 629f2e

Okay, how about a straightforward approach? Walk up and introduce yourself.
No. 1042796 ID: e51896

wanna go skinny dipping?
No. 1042797 ID: c11296

She seems to be having fun and would probably know all about stuff near the water sources.
No. 1042806 ID: 12b9d8

Seems this place is full of strange, exotic beauty.
Take care though, the prettiest flower is sometimes also the deadliest; she is carefree, not necessarily an easy opponent (if she is one). She's clearly a fit lady to be leaping out of the water like that; I'm a little surprised 'things' remained concealed.

Check the water, see if you can confirm it's just her down there. Figure out her weakpoint(s?), in case you need to act/strike or can use it to your advantage social. Then, sit in/at the edge of the water and let her notice and approach you.
No. 1042808 ID: 36784c

>This isn’t the time to focus on the past

>Keeping yourself to the top of the trees
Someone your size is moving around on the treetops? Damn, those must be some strong trees if they didn’t break from you being on them!

>aquatic lady
Let's try having a friendly conversation.
No. 1042812 ID: 4c0dea

Well, let’s say hi. Ask her how is the water.
No. 1042817 ID: 2a82d3

>how will you fish? You don’t really have any tools for that, do you?
A net would be ideal. You should find that trapper later and get them to reveal their secrets.

>fish person
If you like her show, it'd be rude not to compliment her on it.
Also, make sure she comes to you, not other way around. It would not be a good idea to fall in.
No. 1042818 ID: e5709d

Operation: Plow the Mermaid is a go!
Sneak up, and stare. Wait for her to monologue before opening your gob.
No. 1042836 ID: 681cb5
File 166230487883.png - (100.95KB , 700x700 , 12.png )

>Seems this place is full of strange, exotic beauty. Take care though, the prettiest flower is sometimes also the deadliest; she is carefree, not necessarily an easy opponent (if she is one).
While you shouldn’t assume she’s hostile on a whim, you better be careful… she might be dangerous after all.
>Check the water, see if you can confirm it's just her down there.
All you can see are a bunch of normal fish swimming around. Of course, you can’t see the bottom of the river, so you have no idea what might be lurking down there.
>Figure out her weakpoint(s?), in case you need to act/strike or can use it to your advantage social.
Taking a few minutes, you just sit in your tree and observe her, to see how she moves and how she acts… and how she plays and laugh. After a while she catches a small fish and throws it into the air, catching it in her maw on the way down and swallowing it. You think you got a good read on her now…
Weak point: Triple tits. Fetish: Playing with her food.

>Okay, how about a straightforward approach? Walk up and introduce yourself.
Your roguish instincts screams at you stop and not give yourself away, but you have to try and at least talk to her. Operation: Plow the Mermaid is a go! Jumping down, you land right in front of her as her head emerges from the water, ”Hello there.” She turns around to look at you, and going by the big smile that starts creeping across her face it’s quite clear she likes what she sees. ”Why, aren’t you just a handsome looking piece of meat. *Giggle* want to join Qik-Tap in here? Qik-Tap promises we can have some fun!” she ask, clearly eager to have you join her down there, though your roguish charms require you to play it a bit slower than that, ”Oh? Even before I have the honor to ask the fair lady her name?” She stares at you for a moment before giggling, ”Qik-Tap just told you, silly! Qik-Tap is named Qik-Tap the Vagabond, of the water Tharan people from the Ptamet Basin! And who are you, cute looking one?” You strike a pose and try to introduce yourself as Telos just out of habit, but the form you’re currently inhabiting takes over and introduces themselves properly, ”I am Icaro the Hunter, of the Volin people from… well, we’re looking for a new home, currently.” A mischievous smile spread across her face as she hears that, ”*giggle* Then you’ve come to the right place, because Qik-Tap know just the place your people can settle permanently. Just dive in and Qik-Tap will show you.”

”Hmm… you seem to know a lot about the nearby area. Care to enlighten me about it?” It’s starting to become clear that she really want you to join her, as she’s getting rather impenitent about it, ”Join Qik-Tap in the water and Qik-Tap will show you the most wonderful place! It’s not far!” but you resist diving face first into that rack of triples before you and instead continue your query, ”Can’t you just tell me?” She lets out a sigh before answering, ”Well… Qik-Tap doesn’t know much about this area in particular, Qik-Tap just got here. There is a lake further downriver where a huge Angler Beast Behemoth lives, but that old fart mostly seem to keep to himself so he’s not really dangerous or anything. Qik-Tap also saw a caravan of Varkian go over plains of tall grass… and there was another, nearly identical caravan coming from the other direction as well! But what Qik-Tap know is a perfect place for you and your people to build nest in! Just dive in and Qik-Tap will show you *Giggle*!” She splashes in the water, trying her best to entice you to enter, ”Well, my clothes aren’t really made for being submerged like that-” Qik-tap butts in before you’re even have the time to finish your sentence, ”Then handsome hunk can skinny dip! Qik-Tap doesn’t mind! In fact, it will go even faster if you do! Come on, join me already!” You can’t say that you don’t want to join her, but something feels a bit off here… though you really don’t have time to think about it further before you get distracted by your tummy growling once more, ”Err… s-sorry about that.” to witch the… shark(?) just giggles and asks, ”Hungry? Well, you’re in luck! Qik-Tap has tasty fish right here! Just dive in and we can share, yes? Come on, the water really refreshing and cool.” She swims up a bit to make sure her chest is fully visible as she beckons you with her hand to come closer, ”Don’t you want to join Qik-Tap down here? We can skinny dip together if you want to~”
No. 1042838 ID: 10c07d

You’ve got a lot of aquatic creature in yourself you can take this girl in the water. Jump in but be ready to counter attack at a moments notice.
No. 1042839 ID: e4c993

>Fetish: Play with her food
>Qik-Tap has tasty fish right here!
... You realize, if you touch the water, you're going down her throat, likely without getting any action, right? You're the fish, and with fangs like those, she likely has a paralytic bite as well... Which only makes her hotter, unfortunately. Wonder if she's got a singing voice we should worry about.
Seems that she wants a naive, handsome hunk of meat, so perhaps you should play the part, make her overeager and get her to play her hand a little early; compliment/mention that you heard/followed her laughter, fixate on her weakpoint/tempting trio, take her up on the skinny dipping if she'll do the same, and give her a strip tease on land (assuming it doesn't disarm you), but avoid/hesitate about getting in the water to get her to try something.
If you strip, keep your clothes with you/in hand, in case you need to blind/bind/muzzle her. A strike to the throat might keep her from biting you if necessary. Grabbing her from behind would also be favorable, since you could also latch onto those tits, but she'd try to drown/bash you against the river bottom. Splashing might break her line of sight briefly.

If you do get into the water, sit at the very edge, so you can try and flip over and pin her to the land/shallow. In hindsight, we should've prepped some vines to bind ourself/her to the land.

Love the view, expression, and the heart/bodypaint on the ass.
No. 1042840 ID: c11296

You should only go in if she takes all her stuff off as well. Can you grow a pussy and womb like volek and boobs too?
No. 1042841 ID: 2a82d3

🚩🚩🚩 Do not go in the water! I repeat, do not go in the water!

If you can, tease her to come to you onto land or by the coast, assuming she wants your meat so badly. Even if it really is as innocent as wanting to give you time of your life, there's the matter of still being unable breathe underwater.

If you can't, remember you're a scout. You're supposed to investigate your surroundings, not pick fights you might not win. Noone here to blame you for running to the woods for easier prey. Starting a "fish farm" can wait until after you can tame the "fish".
No. 1042843 ID: a9af05

She's a little too eager to get you in the water. She's probably hoping you'll be an easy meal.

Her tongue looks strange. Be careful, she might shoot it out like a frog to try and snag you with it.
No. 1042848 ID: 58dd24

okay hang on. Sure she is not being subtle about probably wanting to eat you, but three of the four species that make up our heritage are at least semi-aquatic, aren't they? How outclassed do you think we are here?
No. 1042849 ID: e4c993

>How outclassed do you think we are here?
We've spent part of our life in water, she has spent most/all of it. We know we can't breath underwater, but there is a good chance that she can. Can we hold our own underwater? Probably, but as a Rogue, our concern should be playing dirty to get her at a disadvantage (ie on land), not giving her the possibility of one.
No. 1042860 ID: add2e1

Aw shoot, can't believe I missed the new species vote, I was actually waiting for a while... oh well what can you do...

Also, yes, this one definitely is waiting for her next meal, don't act first, be ready to smoke bomb or fish her out and watch her flop on the ground.
No. 1042861 ID: 4c0dea

Undress and tease her, then ask her to undress and for her clothes so it can lay in the ground next to yours (tell her her clothes would probably get lost in the water). That's when you grab her hand and get her out of the water.
No. 1042866 ID: 15c72a

What the heck is this "form" you're referring to, and why does it have control over your speech?

But yeah this is a trap, she's going to try to drown you. Do you have any Warlock spells that would foil that plan?
No. 1042880 ID: e5709d

Throw a rock at her boobs, then shout "ten points". See if she throws rocks back.
No. 1042883 ID: 681cb5
File 166233428233.png - (98.17KB , 700x550 , 13.png )

>You realize, if you touch the water, you're going down her throat, likely without getting any action, right? You're the fish, and with fangs like those, she likely has a paralytic bite as well... which only makes her hotter, unfortunately.
While as tempting as it is to become food for a cute gal, you have more important things to do, so let’s make sure we don’t end up down there, alright?
>Three of the four species that make up our heritage are at least semi-aquatic, aren't they? How outclassed do you think we are here?
You’re trained as a rogue, someone that relies on their agility to do the job. Meanwhile, your body is not made to be very agile in water while hers is… so let just say that this fight might be over if she gets you into the river somehow.
>If you can't, remember you're a scout. You're supposed to investigate your surroundings, not pick fights you might not win. No one here to blame you for running to the woods for easier prey.
Running is an option, yes… but she’s kind of cute and you’re both really horny and hungry so…
>Do you have any Warlock spells that would foil that plan?
Sadly, no. Only the Warlocks of your tribe have access to spells like that. You do have a lot of dirty tricks and tools, though…

>Seems that she wants a naive, handsome hunk of meat, so perhaps you should play the part, make her overeager and get her to play her hand a little early.
”You know, you have a really cute laugh… it’s even the main reason why I came here. It was like a siren song that called for me, luring me here to witness your beauty.” you can see her get a bit flushed as she giggles again, ”Why, aren’t you just a gentleman. Why don’t you join me down here and I can… reward you~” she says with a wink, though you ignore her request and continue your barrage of compliments, ”And when I witness your magnificent somersaults, I shouldn’t help but be awed by the mere sight of those triple orbs that adore your chest.” Once again she giggles, before looking at you with half lidded eyes and a coy smile, ”Well then, Icaro, why don’t you come down here and get a closer look, hmm? I wouldn’t mind if you borrowed your snout in them and just… disappeared *Giggle*” She pressed her breasts together a bit when she says that, making them look even bigger than they already are, ”Or maybe you rather show of your own delightful orbs to me first, hmm? …wait, do your species even have orbs or are they internal?” Qik-tap looks genuine confused for a bit, clearly uncertain if you have balls or not. ”Well, I might just show you… if you show off your own first, beautiful.” She looks you up and down once again while a massive smile grows on her face, ”Oh, nonono… I’m not falling for that one! *Giggle* No, if you want to see these sweet ass tits, handsome, you better get out of that loincloth and strut your stuff first!” You place your hands on your hips, as if you’re just about to pull your loincloth off as you give her an alternative suggestion, ”Why, cutie, it seems like I might need some help with these… why don’t you come up here and help me get out of them, hmm?” The Shark splashes some water in your direction as she replies, ”or you can come down here, handsome, and we can undress each other in the water…” The two of you lock eyes as both of you realize something… you both know what’s going on. She won’t be tricked to get up on land just as you will refuse to meet her in the water, leaving the two of you at a deadlock. Her impatience is almost at the limit as well, as she starts moving back and forth in the water, seemingly waiting for you to make the first move.

>Her tongue looks strange. Be careful, she might shoot it out like a frog to try and snag you with it.
She said she was a Tharan, did she not? One of your mothers is a Tharan and she had a very similar tongue. Let’s see... how did it work again? You rub your chin a bit with your hand to think back to your childhood… it was really long… and covered in some kind of super sticky mucus… and she was able to spit it out and catch people several meters- oh shit!
No. 1042884 ID: 681cb5
File 166233429060.png - (112.67KB , 700x550 , 14.png )

As you make Icaro duck, you feel the tongue from Qik-Tap soar less that foot over your head, nearly hitting you right on the side of your face with enough force to knock someone silly. Time slows down to a standstill as you focus on the task at hand, the sharks long tongue getting frozen just above you as you take your time to think. The body you’re currently guiding, Icaro the hunter, is at a bit of a loss on what to do and will need you to help him with this coming battle. While you are… while he is well trained and rather good at his job, Icaro is not the battle harden warrior he believe himself to be, sorely lacking in actual combat experince. Hmm… that thing is clearly both sticky enough and strong enough to pull your whole body down into her gullet if you try and grab it, so you’ll need to come up with a better plan than that…

>What the heck is this "form" you're referring to, and why does it have control over your speech?
You are Telos, the godspawn sired by the demi-gods Ptamet and Volek together with the mortal Shelli. While you are still young and weak, as well as lacking a psychical form, you can aid your siblings in their quest to establish a home here in the garden by merging with their being and guide them. As your people become more numerous and their worship of you grows, hopefully so will your powers. You are currently in the form of your brother, Icaro, and are supporting him in his mission to find a place for your tribe to settle down. Or maybe you are Icaro and are being guided by your brother Telos? It’s hard to tell, really….

But you can think about that later! Right now you need to get this cute shark up onto land so you can breed and/or eat her.

Current status:
Primary stat: Agility.
Species abilities: Weak telekinetic ability.
Class skill: Spot weakness (Now where to hit for a critical hit, be it a body part or a fetish).
Combat style: Fighting dirty. (Includes things like cheap shots, pocket sand, fake surrenders and even things like smoke bombs, poisons and similar tools. Be creative.)
Equipment: Several daggers as well as a survival kit containing most things needed for living off the land.
Current Buffs: Pent up, eager and ready to breed (+10% on next impregnation attempt).
No. 1042889 ID: 629f2e

Rip off your helmet and use it to slam that tongue onto the floor so that she can't slurp it back in. Keep it pressed down, and she'll have to come onto land to free herself.

Don't touch the tongue itself. You might have a better chance fighting back with both hands in a tight grip compared to if she caught you offguard, but you may simply end up finding that you're outclassed in terms of strength.

Using the helmet specifically because it seems like the easiest and quickest piece of your outfit that you could remove. Daggers are small and meant more for stabbing and slicing than blunt strikes like this, which is why those were ruled out. The helmet will give the most surface area as well, making it unlikely that you accidentally touch the sticky mucus.
No. 1042890 ID: e4c993

She's getting impatient, her tongue is sticky and strong enough to pull someone to her; start moving so she has to follow, taunt her to get her to try that again, and make sure you're in front of a tree when she does, so she pulls herself ashore. If you just stand in front of a tree and taunt her, she'll realize your plan, where as being in motion requires her to think about hitting you, not what happens when she misses.
Keep a knife in hand, just in case you can intercept/deflect her tongue with the knife. Perhaps TK can direct it/stretch it out a little farther? If you really need to attack though, try throwing a knife and 'missing' her, using your TK grip on it to sneak it and slice her top near the neck line.

And for the moment, you are both Icaro and Telos, though you may not want to advertise that.
No. 1042896 ID: 2a82d3

Elegantly use the momentum from your dodge to tail whip her bra. That should open up her weak point, to grope her like your (current) life depends on it.

>you need to get this cute shark up onto land so you can breed and/or eat her.
Tame her definitely. You know what they say about feeding a man a fish...
No. 1042897 ID: 15c72a

Stab her tongue with a dagger, or throw it into her open mouth. Punish that whiff!
To get her out of the water, you can poison it.
No. 1042900 ID: 36784c

Stay cautious! We don’t know what else she can do, so her tongue might not be her only ranged attack!

Make sure you use your agility! Taunt her on how slow her tongue is and continue to dodge any repeat tongue lashings! Try to make her hit a tree so she ends up reeling herself onto the shore!
No. 1042922 ID: 4c0dea

Dodge for now, see if there is a rock heavy enough near you and the next time she tries to hit you stick the rock to her tongue. She’ll be knocked down.
No. 1042977 ID: 681cb5
File 166239836059.png - (159.12KB , 700x550 , 15.png )

>To get her out of the water, you can poison it.
Not only aren’t you carrying enough venom to poison a whole river, isn’t it also a rather bad idea to poison your tribes future food source?
>Tame her definitely. You know what they say about feeding a man a fish...
That if you let him breed the fish, he’ll… um… get small fish kids?

As the Tharan rears up for another attack, you start moving across the bank of the river, in an attempt to make it hard for her to hit you. The tongue once again leaves her mouth, but this time you easily sidestep it as it flies by, as you’re ready for it. It is clear that she’s getting impatient as she sucks her tongue back in, something you’re planning to exploit. Bending over slightly, you shake your bum at her and spank it while yelling, ”Tsk, you’re way to slow! Don’t you want to eat this sweet ass or what?” She smirks a bit, ”Stop jumping around and get into Qik-Tap belly already! It is where your kind belongs!” before unleashing her tongue once again, though this time her aim is way off. ”HA! Not even close!” you yell at her, and she on her parts start to laugh, clearly enjoying your little game of tongue tag, ”*Giggle* Qik-Tap will gobble you down next time!” This time, her tongue almost hits you, as you can feel it barely touching your rump as you jump out of the way, ”Woah, that was close!” Her tongue continues past you and hits the tree you were standing in front of, just like you planned… but sadly she doesn’t reel herself onto the shore as you had hoped. Instead she just does a few weaker pulls to get her tongue unstuck, leaving her incapacitated for only a few seconds at best. It does give you an opening... and you suddenly got a plan.
No. 1042978 ID: 681cb5
File 166239836818.png - (74.39KB , 700x550 , 16.png )

”Now become Qik-Tap dinner, Icaros!” she yells at you as she prepares her next attack, though this time when you dodge out of the way you make sure she doesn’t hit the tree again, but instead fly past it just to its side. Focusing your telekinetic powers, you pull her tongue as hard as you can to the right, and even though your powers aren’t strong enough to hold the tongue in place, it is strong enough to change her trajectory slightly. With just a small change, the side of her tongue hits the tree and thanks to its amount of force it’s carrying, it quickly wraps itself around the trunk. ”H-hey, my tongue!” Qik-tak cries out, but before she has the time to get lose again, you grab your helmet and use it to keep the tongue pressed against the trunk. This, combined with your telekinesis, allows you to start tying the end of her tongue into a nice little knot, ensuring that she won’t get lose anytime soon.
No. 1042979 ID: 681cb5
File 166239837565.png - (48.49KB , 700x550 , 17.png )

Qik-tak pulls at her tongue a few times before she realizes that she’s completely stuck, ”Aw, come on! Qik-Tap gets bested like this!? Humiliating!” But then she just stops and seemingly admits defeat, ”But fair is fair. Qik-Tap yields to strong hunk. Icaros wins.” She looks over at you and start massaging the side of her breasts in an attempt to entice you, ”Now untie Qik-Tap and Qik-Tap will let handsome hunk have his way with Qik-Tap.” she gives you a wink before continuing, ”I am sure handsome hunk and Qik-Tap can have some fun before you eat Qik-tap, yes?” …well, seems like you won? You guess?
No. 1042981 ID: e51896

rub your dick on her tongue
No. 1042982 ID: 908530

Breed her while she gets that tongue as deep into your butt as it goes.
No. 1042983 ID: e5709d

Grab a tissue and rub her tongue a few times.
No. 1042987 ID: dc9df3

Tell her you won’t eat her and if she wants you to untie her tongue she must come out of the water.
No. 1042988 ID: 629f2e

> ...well, seems like you won? You guess?

Have we learned nothing from having Sabah as a parent? Don't drop your guard yet, you need her to come to you.

Give that tongue a telekinetic tug, and give yourself a rimjob with it until she submits and leaves the water herself. If you're worried about it getting stuck, sacrifice your loincloth (or just grab some leaves) to use as protection.
No. 1042991 ID: e4c993

You're trained in fighting dirty, you should know better than to assume she won't pull anything just cause she surrenders. If that tongue is getting untied (it shouldn't unless completely necessary), then something else of hers is getting tied up in it's place (blindfold and/or arms tied). If she has no legitimate objections (no water actually being quite dangerous for her, for example), pull her ashore/into a small pool, get her comfortable, and start exploring (starting with her tits, seeing as those are her weakness).
Make sure to test how sticky her tongue is before you touch anything you can't afford to lose to it, but you could always set your loincloth covered nuts on her tongue.

Seems there is fish about, so eating her probably isn't entirely necessary. Especially when she could do the fish catching for you.
Also, it's getting late, so be careful. Not that there is anything we can actually do about that, but in this divine place, night could be dangerous and mystical... You know, the sun almost looks like a watchful eye, with the colors of twilight acting as a blush.
No. 1042993 ID: 2a82d3

>That if you let him breed the fish, he’ll… um… get small fish kids?
Ah, to be at the bottom of the civilization tech tree. The other godlings must envy you. "Envy", yes...

>”I am sure handsome hunk and Qik-Tap can have some fun before you eat Qik-tap, yes?”
She swearing fealty to Talos, your new god*, would engender some trust from Icaro to go ahead. More knowledge from her would be helpful to him.

Not enough to go swimming, of course. Just to sit him down by the coast, for a boobjob. The rest will take care of itself. I admit the Total Recall look isn't quite doing it for me. Maybe pairs stacked vertically, decending size from the top?

Do keep in mind: it's possible that it isn't she won't get out of the water, it's that she can't.

*If, personally speculating, his physical form is currently a perfectly round stone, there's no need to tell her that. Information regarding divine mating rituals must be scarce, after all.
No. 1042994 ID: 218391

Take off your loincloth, to tease her, then use it to protect your hands from getting stuck while you grab her tongue and haul her up on the shore. You've got rope in your survival kit, right? Catch that fish and make sure she's strung out properly. Once you're safe, THEN have a crack at those tits. You've got two dicks, she's got two spots for them to enjoy themselves, the math is undeniable.
No. 1043007 ID: a9af05

She's still trying to get you into the water for some reason. Better play it safe and pull her out instead of going in to get her.

When you have your fun, leave her tongue tied to the tree.
No. 1043041 ID: 15c72a

Yeah, okay. She has to come out of the water for the hanky panky though.
why she is so casual about being eaten I have no idea.
No. 1043080 ID: c11296

Did you implement some of the suggestions like the switcheroo dick, like one dick at a time and change its shape to be more appealing? I wonder if we'll ever get to have a horse dick, flares an such. And are there only herms or are there futas too? Are we ever gonna get a small penis run?
No. 1043091 ID: 2a82d3

>You've got two dicks, she's got two spots for them to enjoy themselves, the math is undeniable.
I like it when you put it like that. Their bodies so lock and key, it's romantic. Also, sorry if I'm being too demanding on your art. If it works, I'll follow along.

>leave her tongue tied to the tree.
That seems too far. What she gonna do? Even if she can breathe on land, she doesn't have legs. It'll be really easy to outrun her.
No. 1043094 ID: 260607

>What she gonna do?
Wrap her tongue around us and eat us.

She enjoys playing with her food, which might also include pretending to be beaten. She could pretend she's not going to do anything, then as soon as we're done having sex, she'll have an opportunity to use her tongue to yank us in her mouth.

Leaving her tongue tied is a safety precaution to prevent her from eating us.
No. 1043096 ID: 2a82d3

So to stop her from seeing us as food, we establish ourselves as a proper predator like herself. Let's put it like this: after we're through with her, she be too tired to use her tongue.
No. 1043102 ID: e5709d

Be careful. It's possible she's even stronger than she looks and is holding back so you grab her tongue.

Press the advantage. Throw knives into her chest and ensure she nearly bleeds out - or is attacked by her pet piranha. Then grab a sharp stick and use it to wind up her tongue. Leave her to dry for a few minutes and interrogate her on all the various sexually-transmitted diseases and parasites her species absorbs from the nearby swamp.

Once she's begging you to put her out of her misery, give her sweets.
No. 1043103 ID: a9af05

Actually, the reason I said to keep her tied up is because it'd be kinda like bondage. But if no one wants that, then we can do something else.
No. 1043113 ID: f2320a

Seems stupid getting eaten outside as it means death
No. 1043148 ID: 681cb5
File 166258202544.png - (103.74KB , 700x550 , 18.png )

>You're trained in fighting dirty, you should know better than to assume she won't pull anything just cause she surrenders.
And you also know how people act when they fake it. She seems rather genuine about it, but still, you’re right, better safe than food.
>Seems there is fish about, so eating her probably isn't entirely necessary. Especially when she could do the fish catching for you.
The river is indeed full of normal sized fish, so you’re not going to go hungry, no… but she’s right there and looks delicious, no?
>Also, it's getting late, so be careful.
The sun is setting, so you’ll probably not have any more time to scout the area after this. But seeing as this river is a great place for your tribe to settle down that doesn’t really matter.

>Take off your loincloth, to tease her, then use it to protect your hands from getting stuck while you grab her tongue and haul her up on the shore.
As you start to undress yourself Qik-Tap stops trying to get her tongue untangled and instead just enjoys the show. You start with your helmet, throwing it away quickly, before moving down to your chest piece. There you deliberately go a bit slower, enticing the Tharan a little extra as you carefully unchain your necklace and show off both your muscular pecks as well as your gorgeous body paint. Then finally, you grab your hips and start to pull down your loincloth… but before it reaches your crotch you turn around and bend over, making sure that Qik-tap get a nice view of your ass as you get completely nude. ”Woo! You go, cutie! Shake that cute rump!” she yells, and who are you to deny the lady such a request? You give your butt a small shake before standing up straight again and turning around, letting the shark finally see your massive package you have between your legs, something she’s clearly impressed by, ”Holy crap, is that four balls? Man, Qik-tap really found a perfect hunk to get Qik-tap first breeding from *Giggle*” Watching her long tongue wobble as she giggle, you briefly considers rubbing your dick against it… or use it to give yourself a rimjob, but the stickiness of it quickly ruins those plans. The Tharan on her part seemingly notice you looking at her tongue, as she says, ”Don’t worry, handsome, Qik-tap can clean off tongue. You just need to untie Qik-tap first and you get Thara tongue all over balls and butt, yes?”

You ignore her, instead using your loincloth and chest piece to safety grab her sticky tongue and start pulling her up to shore, ”Get over here so I can breed you!” The Shark doesn’t even fight back, instead just giggle and she starts swimming towards you, ”Hey, no need to pull! If you want to put a baby in Qik-tap you just need to say so, silly! You’ve already proven that you’re the dominant one here, after all.” Just for show, you keep her tongue taut as she gets closer, while telling her, ”Oh, eager to get this quad emptied inside you, eh? How about this then… I’ll only breed you if you swear fealty to Telos, the godspawn of our people!” Qik-tap starts to crawl up onto the shore as she ask, ”A godspawn, really? *Giggle* You guys really must be new if you worship one of those. But sure, why not? Qik-tap already worships the Triplets, but Qik-tap is sure they won’t mind Tharan worshiping minor god as well.” You let go of her tongue as you hear her say that word, and you quickly ask her to clarify, ”Did you say the Triplets? As in… Ptamet and Volek?” The shark stops just as her body leaves the water and looks at you with her head slightly askew, ”Yes? The Triples? They are the Demi-gods who created this part of garden. You know, Ptamet the eternally changing river, Volek the forever fertile field and finally, the one Qik-tap worships the most, Wjares the all-consuming flame. Don’t you know about them?” she asks as she starts slithering towards you, almost as if she was a Serpent, if a very clumsy one, ”Well… um… Ptamet and Volek are my parents, actually.” She giggles a bit as reaches you and whispers, ”And Qik-tap is very distantly related to Wjares, technically… everyone here has some of the gods blood in them, after all. So… do you want continue the gods’ bloodline… and breed?” while slowly letting her hands explore your upper body, caressing your chest and stomach. ”Actually, I was planning on just tying you up, pinning you down and fucking those sweet tits of your first, Qik-tap.” she stops when you say that and look up at you… before giggling once again, ”…well, that works as well, handsome.”

No. 1043149 ID: 681cb5
File 166258203495.png - (96.37KB , 700x550 , 19.png )

Using some rope and leather harnesses from your survival kit you tie her up, making sure she can’t move her tail or arms around much, though you have a slight problem with her mouth. Her head shape makes it hard to tie anything over her mouth, so instead you’ve have to be content with putting a sturdy leather strap around her neck, ensuring that she can’t swallow you at least. The shark squirms a bit against her restraints, ”Not that Qik-tap minds being tied up, but Qik-tap already said Qik-tap not eat handsome hunk. You don’t trust Qik-tap?” Before you give her an answer you sit down on her stomach and start thrusting slightly against it, ”Well, you did try and eat me just a few minutes ago, beautiful.” The Tharan on her part wiggles her upper body a bit, making her breasts bounce around enticingly. ”Hey, it was nothing personal! Qip-tap just shouldn’t resist such a succulent looking hunk like yourse- By Volek, is that two dicks!?” she cries out as your twin dicks starts to grow out of their sheath, sliding perfectly in between her breast. She takes a moment to admire them before adding, ”Now Qik-tap is happy she gets bred by you instead of getting a meal!”

Sliding your large cocks in between her titties, you can’t help but enjoy the feeling of her smooth skin, a far cry from the fish scales you expected her to have, instead it’s more like that of an amphibian. Her body is even a bit slippery, making it self-lubricating as you start to thrust into her cleavage. ”You know, it’s almost like we were made for each other… what with me having two dicks and you three tits... it’s like our bodies are a lock and key…” you whisper as you pick up the pace, thrusting harder and harder as you get closer to bursting. Qik-tap on her part seems to simply enjoy watching you go at it, and continue talking over the plapping sound of your hips hitting her chest, ”It is a bit romantic, yes *giggle* Maybe the demi-gods willed this? …or maybe it’s just a coincidence that you just didn’t eat Qik-tap immediately.” In an attempt to last just a little while longer between those glorious tits, you start to slow down and slide in between them at a more measured speed, ”I have to ask, why are you so casual about being eaten?” She giggle a bit, making her boobs wiggle in a pleasant manner, ”Why wouldn’t Qik-tap? At worse it’s just a bit of an annoyance after all.” you try to stop so that you can listen to her properly, but Icaro is determined to splatter his load all over the cute shark girls face. Instead, all you can muster to say is a weak ”R-really?” though that is enough to keep Qik-tap talking. ”Oh, right, you’re new here. *giggle* You can’t die here, silly. At least not by that! Instead, you just wake up again when the dawn breaks good as new… in fact, even better than new! This is a world of primal desires after all… so of course people will enjoy the two most basic instincts there are… eating and breeding.” Icaro stops for a moment to change his stance a bit before continuing plowing Qik-tap’s tits, but a moment is all you need to say, ”W-well… *huff*… I’m planning on pumping a h-hybrid or two into your tummy… *huff*… so we at least got half of those desires covered.” But the shark just giggles again, ”Hybrid? Really? You know those are super rare, right? Unless you’re fucking on a shrine dedicated to Ptamet or something. No, in here the rule of domination applies. Whoever is dominant in the breeding will decide what species the kid becomes. So, if you manage to knock up Qik-tap, then kid will be same species as yours! It’s that simple!” At this point Icaro isn’t listening at all to Qik-tap, instead he’s completely focused on empting his pent up quad all over the Tharan between your legs. But as much as you want to see her covered in your seed, a pragmatic part of you still keeps his orgasm just out of reach from him. After all, if he releases now, he’ll have a slightly less chance of impregnating Qik-tap, right? So… do you coat her in your seed… or do you ensure you have a bigger chance of knocking her up? …and how do you knock her up?

No. 1043150 ID: dc9df3

Don’t cum on her tits, let’s mate with her so we can knock her up. Mating press her and bit her neck as a sign of dominance (maybe one of your dicks on her ass).
No. 1043152 ID: f5c405

two sets of balls.
No. 1043153 ID: f5c405

mating press, go all the way!
No. 1043155 ID: 908530

Breed her while she gets her tongue as deep into your butt as it can go.
No. 1043156 ID: 2a82d3

>So… do you coat her in your seed… or do you ensure you have a bigger chance of knocking her up? …and how do you knock her up?
Finish the titjob. It'll lower your fertility odds, but guarantees she's satisfied. Daddy didn't raise a bad partner, yeah? Given how her tits fit like a glove, it would be no surprise if she also has extra down there too...

Now that you have her sworn fealty, time to strike up a classic divine bargain: Though your heir must be the same race as you, the rest of her many children will breed true to her. In return, her lineage will start a farm here, and ensure this river has enough food for anyone who will fish here. (Hopefully, this will be your people, but let's be benevolent today.)

>Ptamet the eternally changing river, Volek the forever fertile field and ... Wjares the all-consuming flame.
They do line up with those schools of magic from earlier. Are you familiar with Uncle Wjares? Seems odd to bear a resemblance to someone least involved in your creation, if you're not.
No. 1043157 ID: 629f2e

This is a place that rewards giving into your desires. Wanting to see your seed splattered across her face may lower the odds of getting her pregnant, but there are likely hidden benefits for following your wishes. Coat her in the good stuff!
No. 1043158 ID: f73077

You know.. if the water's deep enough for her to dive and splash around in, its probably deep enough to hide more fish-folks.

Better impress them by thoroughly impregnating Qik-tap
No. 1043164 ID: b90535

Don't waste your seed breed her, fuck her violently!
No. 1043167 ID: 36784c

Breed her!
No. 1043223 ID: 49bb4c

Stick both dicks in the same hole when you breed her.
No. 1043230 ID: 681cb5
File 166267092388.png - (141.52KB , 1000x550 , 20.png )

Without a word, you pull yourself away from her magnificent tits and take a step backwards. Qik-tap grins like mad as you start lining your twin dicks against her lower lips, rubbing both of your heads against her outer folds and soaking them in her wet lust. Sadly, it seems that her tight depths won’t be able to take both of your cocks at once, but her virgin shark pussy is going to feel amazing all the same. As soon as you manage to find the right angle, you slam yourself into her without warning, hard enough to make your quad slap against her tail with a loud plap, and before she has the time to catch her breath you quickly pull out and do it again. You are here to breed her, hard and fast, so you don’t have time to take it slow. Instead, you immediately go full throttle, slamming yourself into her over and over again with all the strength you can muster, making her scream ”Oh Telos, Oh Telos, OH TELOS!” each time your cock rams into her cervix. As you continue to plow her, you feel her tongue slowly make it way across your back, before sliding over your rump and stopping right on your butthole, prodding it softly. As the pleasure from feeling your virgin member getting buried inside her tight virgin shussy over and over again is starting to reach its peak, she sneak attacks your rump with her tongue, forcing her the orb on the tip of it into you all the way to your prostate, where it starts to thrust against it with the same tempo you’re thrusting into her. It doesn’t take long for your rhythm to become uneven and your position to falter, and after only a few more thrusts into her squeezing depths, you hilt yourself inside her and start pumping her full of your virile seed, plastering her womb white with cum. Both your cock and quad throbs with each rope of semen that is shot into her, and after what feels like an eternity of bliss you’re finally completely drained off babybatter. With your last breath, you whisper, ”Praise Telos…” before collapsing on top off the Tharan you just bred.

Impregnation attempt: The male Volin is dominant.
Base: 25%
Virgin: -5% x2
Foreplay: +5%
Mutual desire: +10%
Pent up: +10%
-Total: 40% chance-
No. 1043231 ID: 681cb5
File 166267093323.png - (27.98KB , 700x550 , 21.png )

As the night falls, Icaro and Qik-tap are asleep in each other’s arms after their rigorous breeding session, enjoying the afterglow and possible coming parenthood. As the twin moons raises, the world around you is cast into darkness and your first day in the garden ends. Tomorrow the rest of your tribe will arrive… and that’s when things get really interesting…

>They do line up with those schools of magic from earlier. Are you familiar with Uncle Wjares? Seems odd to bear a resemblance to someone least involved in your creation, if you're not.
You have never met Wjares, Goddess of vore and war, yourself but you know that some of the first Warlocks of your tribe has meet her, as she was the one that thought them the way of their dark arts.

As the worship of you have strengthen, so has your powers. Choose one skill from each of the trees below:

-Breeding- (1 skill point remaining)
Volin fertility: All Volin’s of your tribe gets a 5% increase in impregnation / pregnancy chance.
God of hilting: While merged with a male Volin, gain 15% impregnation chance while finishing ballsdeep.
God of Twins: While merged with a female Volin, gain 10% chance of twins when you get impregnated.

-Blessings- (1 skill point remaining)
Volek’s harvest: All agricultural buildings produces more food at a faster rate.
Ptamet’s catch: All hunting/fishing spots and livestock produce more animal products.
Wjares’ hunger: More prey will be draw towards the valley and will more likely want to become livestock.

-Warlock- (1 skill point remaining)
Unlock bone charms: Allows for the creation of small charms of bone that will give the wearer a small permanent buff of some kind.
Unlock magical body paint: Allows the Warlock to infuse someone with life essence to temporarily give them a large temporary buff of some kind.
Unlock Ritual of Sacrifice: Allows for the Warlock to make Sacrifices in the honor of the Demi-god triplets and gaining their favor.
No. 1043234 ID: 629f2e

Volin's fertility, Ptamet's Catch, and Bone Charms
No. 1043237 ID: 908530

Volin's Fertility, Ptamet's Catch, Magical Body Paint
No. 1043239 ID: 15c72a

Volin fertility,
Ptamet’s catch
Unlock magical body paint
No. 1043251 ID: b90535

Voilin fertility, Wjare’s Hunger, bone charms
No. 1043258 ID: c11296

Volin fertility
Wjares' hunger
Ritual of sacrifice
No. 1043261 ID: 2a82d3

Volin Fertility
Volek's Harvest
Magical Body Paint

Everything's set up for our roving band of hunter-gatherers is a go. While it's better than effectively locking our gender right now, I do worry accepting non-Volin is a disincentive now. We should let other tribes settle in to the garden. At worst, we'll steal from them.

>vore and war
I just got that. Be honest, how proud are you for that rhyme?

40% is worrying low, a drop from 100% before. How do we improve our numbers here? Had we spared a dick for bukkake, would that have been a net gain?
No. 1043315 ID: 681cb5
File 166274861412.png - (156.43KB , 750x550 , 22.png )

NOTE: You can still vote on what skills to take from the last update if you haven’t already done so!

As the new dawn breaks a small group of your people manages to find their way to the river, though there are less of them than you had hoped. Including Icaro, there’s only ten of them, five males and five females, which is far too few to create a stable tribe with. You will need to increase their numbers quickly if they are to survive.

Currently, the tribe has:
1 Warlock.
2 Warriors.
2 Hunters.
1 Seducer.
4 Workers.

As your people start setting up camp, you sense that there are a few of them that are more powerful and skillful than the others… indeed, there are five of them that are of interest.

First there is Icaro the hunter, who you have already been with, though he is right now busy with Qik-tap. A rogue with great skill, he will be a valuable hunter for the tribe.

Then there’s Sebak the Overseer, who is currently making sure the camp is properly build. A male worker with a great ability to make people more efficient and keep them from slacking. He will make a good foreman over the workers of the tribe.

But right now there are three that are of particular interest, three ladies that are currently discussing among themselves what their next move should be.

There is the tribe’s Warlock, Pesi the Skull, whose magical abilities is unrivaled among your people… at least, among those that are here.
:PesiLAV: Do you really need to go around bare-chested, Sekhmet? Do you have no shame?

Then there is Smiling Sekhmet, a Warrior of great renown, who’s skill with a sword is unmatched… and we’re talking about both her bronze one as well as the one hanging between her legs.
:SekhmetLAV: Bah! Yah’re just a bore, Skully. Ah’m just letting the little boys get a good look at these ladies before ah plow their ass, eh? Besides, yah’re the only one complaining… Ah mean, Mappy ‘ere doesn’t seem to mind, does she?

And finally there is Maphet the trader, a Seducer capable of getting anyone to give up by only using her tongue, be it with words or using it between their legs.
:MaphetLAV: Now, now, ladies, no need to fight. Let her do as she wish, Pesi, even if it is a stupid thing to do.
:SekhmetLAV: Damn right Ah’ll do something stupid!

All three of these lovely ladies are seeking your guidance, though as much as you want to follow all three, you can only focus on one of them…
No. 1043317 ID: 681cb5
File 166274869685.png - (143.65KB , 750x550 , 23.png )

:PesiLAV: Oh, great Telos, please aid me in finding reagents for my spells and rituals. While these fishbones will suffice for my weaker spells, I will need stronger bones and the life essence of people to cast my more powerful incantations! Guide me to finding somewhere to harvest bones and someone cute I can suck the essence out of, preferably a male.
:SekhmetLAV: Ha! Yah just want to get some dick, don’t yah?
:PesiLAV: It is just easier to suck out the essence from a man than it is from a lady… besides, a Warlock can multitask, can’t she? *Cough* Telos, I have been told that there have been sightings of people in the forest, fields, mountains and near the lake… Where should I begin? Oh, and I can also sense a lot of magic out there, if you want to investigate that as well.

:MaphetLAV: Hear me, magnificent Telos, help me find other tribes so that we can create new friendships, trading partners and even alliances!
:PesiLAV: Or they can just enslave you as breedingstock.
:MaphetLAV: Oh, don’t you fret, dear, I’m sure with Telos help I can talk my way out of any danger. I am also looking for anything of value that we might trade, be it furs, minerals or ancient artifacts. Where shall I begin my search?

:SekhmetLAV: Hey! Telos! Stop wasting time and help me find something to fight, fuck and/or eat!
:MaphetLAV: …and that will help the tribe how?
:SekhmetLAV: ...and help me capture some prey to use as breedingstock or workers, I guess?

While you may only follow one of them at a time, you can still give all of them suggestion on where to go, though they might not always follow these directions. If given no orders, they will do whatever they think is best, for better or for worse.

You can also guide the Tribe as a whole, influencing what they should focus on next as a group. Currently they are building homes to sleep in and making nets for fishing, but if you wish you can change that.

>40% is worrying low, a drop from 100% before. How do we improve our numbers here?
:PesiLAV: I have several spells and incantations that might help, but I will need some reagents first.
:MaphetLAV: We can also build a place where people can enjoy each other in both comfort and peace.
:SekhmetLAV: Or we can just catch some fertile breedingstock and let them breed with us.
>We should let other tribes settle in to the garden. At worst, we'll steal from them.
:MaphetLAV: There are already many tribes all around this garden, and it would be for the best if we tried to befriend as many of them as we can.
:SekhmetLAV: Or we can kick their asses and enslave the weaklings.
:PesiLAV: …or just steal their essence and bones…
>I do worry accepting non-Volin is a disincentive now.
:SekhmetLAV: Hey, everyone is welcome… as long as they help us make more Volin.
:PesiLAV: Our people need to increase their numbers… the simplest way to do so is to breed with others.
:MaphetLAV: Which is why we need to befriend people… or *sigh* capture them…

Which of the three laides, if any, do you wish to follow… and what is the destination for each one of them?

---Primer of Stats---

Sekhmet - Warrior Class:
Primary stat: Strength.
Combat style 1: Weapon mastery (Can use their weapons to their full extent, including doing special maneuvers like tripping, pushing or grappling the enemy will attacking. Be creative).
Combat style 2: Brute force (When all else fails, do a pile driver or full nelson. Be creative).
Special skill: Enrage (Once a day, will keep on fighting even if defeated).

Maphet - Seducer Class:
Primary stat: Charisma.
Combat style 1: Charm, persuasion and fast talking.
Combat style 2: Sexual flirting.
Special skill: Know their type (Will know target kinks and fetishes).

Pesi - Warlock Class:
Primary stat: Magic.
Combat style 1: Syphon essence (Can steal non-physical things from the enemy and give it to yourself. This includes things like strength, willpower, luck or even their form or skill if you manage to completely absorb them. Be creative).
Combat style 2: Solid Darkness (Can create tentacles and the like from shadows, as well as move them around at will. Be creative).
Special skill: Sense Magic.

Worker Class:
Primary stat: Vitality.
Special: These will do most of the hard work in the tribe, including building, producing food and gathering other supplies. They do not know how to fight though, so make sure you keep them protected against other predators or opportunistic prey.
No. 1043321 ID: 9bef3e

Volin fertility
Volek's harvest
Unlock bone charms
No. 1043327 ID: 629f2e

Pesi! Let's be the warlock!

I'd love to check out the River Ruins, see what's going on there.
No. 1043332 ID: e4c993

Volin Fertility
Volek's Harvest
Magic Body Paint

Love the look of all three ladies, but Pesi the Warlock looks very fun. Looking forward to Mappy's adventures though.
Forest seems like it would be rich in life and magic, though the river ruins would be a decent place for aesthetic and bones
Also, a bit late, but love the aesthetic of Icaro's quad 'eggs.'
No. 1043334 ID: 2a82d3

For now, make sure they set up base at Icaro Hills. It's easily defensible; from that height, you can literally see trouble a mile away.

Good news. The Field of Grass may have 2 "birds of prey" lost there. You will find out about them and how and why they're there. Capturing both would be ideal, but it's understandable if your overwhelming hunger and/or tactical necescity demands you eat one. Just remember the first rule of barbarians: "Breed, then feed."

Also, you all should know about the domination rule regarding breeding. If you want to breed "livestock", you need to let them take the lead.

In the Forest, there's a trapper working there. Find out their secrets and techniques. I'd say beware of traps, but you could use them to set your own if you're clever.

Where there's Ruins, there's bones. Wouldn't be a proper dungeon without em.

I'd say join with Sehk over Pesi. The warlock should just scout the area first. Gotta test out the build before running the raid.

Also it's the most lewdest scenario we have ready right now. I might change my breeding perk to "God of Twins" for this.
No. 1043337 ID: c11296

Pesi seems kind.
Mahpet looks regal like a dragon.
Sehkmet seems a bit gnollish but in a good way.
No. 1043339 ID: a9af05

Volin fertility, Ptamet’s catch, Unlock bone charms

Let's go with Pesi and head towards the River Ruins.
No. 1043379 ID: add2e1

I suggest Pesi and Sekhmet both go into the ruins.
Pesi might find bones and reagents in there and Sekhmet surely will satisfy her need to fight.

So yeah: Pesi go to the ruins, Sekhmet, be her bodyguard.
No. 1043397 ID: f2320a

Well right now to maintain the species the ladies should be breed by only voleks for a self sustaining population
No. 1043409 ID: 2a82d3

That can't be viable long-term. I'm wondering if S and M are a thing too, but isn't everyone in our tribe technically blood-related to each other?
No. 1043412 ID: 515982

Follow Pesi to the marsh, and unlock magical body paint.
No. 1043496 ID: 681cb5
File 166291580696.png - (185.10KB , 750x550 , 24.png )

Your powers grow in strength as the worship of your being intensify… and you chose to share this newfound energy with the rest of your tribe… with the rest of your people. Channeling the teaching of your father, Volek, you infuse them all with his… no, your own fertility, giving them a higher chance of creating new life. Then you pray to your mother, Ptamet, and ask for aid to feed your people, and you can feel her love course through you as the river is suddenly brimming with fat fish and the trees is full of singing birds for the Volin to hunt. Finally, you take the teaching of your aunt, Wjares, and give it to your lone Warlock, teaching her how to use the life essence of other to give temporary boons to your own people.

New Skills:
Volin fertility, Ptamet’s catch and Warlock: Magical body paint.


You are Pesi the Skull, so named after the markings on your head you so often wear, and you are a Warlock of Telos, worshipper of the Triplets and one of the temporary leaders of your tribe, small as it may be.

Together with your two tribe sisters, Sekhmet and Maphet, you ask Telos for guidance on where to venture next, and it doesn’t take long until a whisper on the wind answers your pleas.

First Maphet hears the rustles of leaves, a sign that she should make her way towards the nearby forest and attempt to contact the people Icaro’s saw there yesterday. They are supposedly a group of trappers, so she might be able to learn where the best hunting grounds are. You ask her to be careful, but she is as optimistic as ever and simply dismisses your concern.

Then Sekhmet sees smoke billowing from somewhere on the plains, and having heard from the shark gal Icaro captured that there might be Varkians down there, she eagerly sets of to hunt some bird of prey. Before she leaves you remind her that she needs to aid the tribe and not just fill her hungry stomach, so she better make sure to bring at least one of them back here. As they say, “Breed, then feed”, though apparently Sekhmet prefers “Breed, and feed” instead.

Finally, your own eyes are drawn towards the twin stone obelisks that can be seen on the other side of the river, hidden behind the trees. After all, where there are ruins, there are bones. Wouldn’t be a proper dungeon without them after all. Let just hope someone else has made that place their home so you can syphon their essence from them… hopefully a cute boy or two…
No. 1043497 ID: 681cb5
File 166291581649.png - (85.23KB , 750x550 , 25.png )

>For now, make sure they set up base at Icaro Hills. It's easily defensible; from that height, you can literally see trouble a mile away.
It also allows for trouble to see you a mile away as well, not to mention there are neither animals to hunt or fertile soil to cultivate up there. Oh, and you’re unsure what’s even beyond those hills at the moment, as the desert your tribe came from is gone and has been replaced by a massive tree of some kind. It’s… odd to say the least. So no, the tribe stays near the river for now.
>Right now to maintain the species the ladies should be breed by only volin’s for a self-sustaining population.
As there’s only ten of you around, with some even being related to each other, that wouldn’t be viable for long. No, you need to find and capture some breedingstock to ensure your population grows. Hopefully that shark gal spoke the truth about that domination rule regarding breeding.
>Isn't everyone in our tribe technically blood-related to each other?
No, you aren’t. While you all have the essence of Volek and Ptamet inside you, you aren’t all related by blood. For example, your mother and father is the Serpent Shelli and the Rhinotran Kpada respectively, while Sekhmet father is a Ratling named Zaid and her mother is an Angler Beast named ‘The One Who Crush Bones and Stalk the River Mud’, making the two of you not related by blood at all. Only Telos himself is bound to you all, as he is the godspawn born from the copulation of Demi-god and mortal, and thus is one with your species. Of course, he is part god and gods aren’t really “related” to anyone in the same way you are.

Making your way across the river, keeping yourself dry thanks to your magic, it doesn’t take long until you arrive at the nearby ruins. It is clearly some kind of temple dedicated to the triplets, as the obelisk you saw earlier bears their mark, but seeing how bad of a shape it is in it doesn’t seem that anyone has been using it to worship them for a long time. You have to wonder what happened to those that built this… hmm… and is that magic you smell? Its faint… but you believe its coming from the old ruins?

Seeing as there doesn’t seem to be any dangers around, you start making your way inside to see what you can find…
No. 1043498 ID: 681cb5
File 166291582548.png - (107.09KB , 750x550 , 26.png )

After descending a long passage, following the ever increasing aroma of magic, you soon find yourself in the main chamber of the temple, clearly dedicated to Volek himself. Looking around, you can see four massive statues bearing his likeness standing in each corner of the hall, while the walls are filled with shelves containing the bones of Rhinos, which you can only assume are the people who built this place. Of course, the most interesting thing is located in the center of the room, as there is a large basin full of glowing water, being seemingly endlessly refilled by a small waterfall originating somewhere in the celling. Even without your ability to smell the arcane, it’s quite clear that the water is magical in some way. The basin also bears a plaque that says:

“Bathe within these holy waters, before worshipping me on these holy grounds, and you will be rewarded.”

...well, this is quite interesting…

Current status:
Class: Warlock
Primary stat: Magic.
Combat style 1: Syphon essence (Can steal non-physical things from the enemy and give it to yourself. This includes things like strength, willpower, luck or even their form or skill if you manage to completely absorb them. Be creative).
Combat style 2: Solid Darkness (Can create tentacles and the like from shadows, as well as move them around at will. Be creative).
Special skill: Sense Magic.
Equipment: A small knife as well as the tools necessary to collect bones and life essence.
No. 1043499 ID: f3e6a2

Missed opportunity to have water coming out of the statues' dicks.
No. 1043500 ID: f3e6a2

I think you're supposed to give the statues handjobs.
No. 1043504 ID: f73077

Hopefully Volek doesn't mind a little grave robbing between family.

Its pretty clear that we're supposed to bathe and then please Volek's shiny gold stand-ins.
No. 1043505 ID: 3eafba

>Only Telos himself is bound to you all
Where is your godspawn sibling anyways? Does he not have a body and is only a voice in everyone's heads?

>“Bathe within these holy waters, before worshipping me on these holy grounds, and you will be rewarded.”
Obviously, you need to follow these instructions in order to get something.

However, you shouldn't do that yet because there are footprints leading to the right. We should go check that out before we do anything else, since you might be interrupted by whatever is hiding in here.
No. 1043506 ID: 3fb6f9

Interesting architecture, both inside and out. Bathing will likely be worth it, so maybe make a mental note to do so when it's safe, but those footprints mean someone is likely here as well, and could stumble across you. They seem mammalian at a glance.
Follow them carefully, as they (or the temple itself) may have set up booby traps. Perhaps you could cushion your steps with shadow under your feet for the sake of stealth?
No. 1043509 ID: 36784c

Follow footprints. If someone interrupts us, we might miss out on the reward!

>Where is your godspawn sibling anyways? Does he not have a body and is only a voice in everyone's heads?
I kinda want to know if he’d be considered the older sibling or the younger sibling.
No. 1043514 ID: 681cb5
File 166293227591.png - (104.00KB , 750x550 , 27.png )

>Where is your godspawn sibling anyways? Does he not have a body and is only a voice in everyone's heads?
Just as Ptamet’s real form is that of an ever-changing river, Volek is a field of fertile soil and Wjares an all-consuming fire, Telos is the whispering wind, guiding his people to greatness.
>I kinda want to know if he’d be considered the older sibling or the younger sibling.
He was the first to be born, just as he was the last… so… um… you guess he’s both the older and the younger sibling at the same time?

You walk up to the basin and let your hand wander beneath the waterfall, making it part ways as you walk pass. Even just touching it has an effect on you, as your hand starts to tingle while your whole body suddenly feels renewed and reinvigorated. It’s clearly blessed water of some kind… and the temple wants you to bathe in it. Now the question is… how do you worship Volek afterwards? Hopefully you don’t need to give him a handjob or something, seeing that his statues in here are huge… besides, he isn’t the god of handjobs, is he? No, he’s the god of fertility and family… so you need to do something that is connected to those attributes, which is difficult to do alone, you admit. You’re just glad this waterfall isn’t coming out of his member, because you’re really not into watersports…

Looking over at the bones you can see that most of them are in good condition, and there are several skulls that are still intact. Though sadly, whoever is the original owner of said skulls are long gone, together with whatever relatives they might have had, limiting their use just a little bit. Hopefully Volek doesn't mind a little grave robbing between family. Eh, you’re sure he’ll be happy about, as it is better that the bones gets to see some use instead of being piled up to gather dust in an old decrepit temple like this.

Then you spot it. Paw prints in the dust. Recent ones. Someone might still be in here, watching you. You carefully scan the room but can’t find anything, as the tracks suddenly disappear just like they appear and there aren’t any places to hide as you can see. This place is really only one big chamber containing four statues and a basin of water, so unless they have the ability to turn into bones they can’t really be in here, can they? Then again, you’ve seen Icaro being able to hide in a brightly lit room without any obvious hiding places before, so you can’t be completely sure someone isn’t here right now, waiting to ambush you.

Giving the paw prints another look, you try and figure out what can have made them. It’s clearly not a Ratling, as they are too big… and Rhinotran don’t have paws… which leaves… um… you’re never been good with those mammals, but you’re sure there’s a bunch of them with paws like that.

Either way, it is clear that you won’t be able to find them in here, either because they’ve already left or because they are too good at hiding… but what you can do is be ready for them… after all, you have your magic, and it can be used to place a trap or two, can’t it? You just need to know where they’ll strike… and when…
No. 1043516 ID: 515982

There's plenty of bones in here to perform a ritual. Roll the bones to divine where attack will come from before bathing.
No. 1043517 ID: 15c72a

I bet they jumped onto the statue and are now hiding up on it.
They will attack as you are bathing, from above. So plan for that.
No. 1043518 ID: 36784c

>Telos is the whispering wind, guiding his people to greatness.
That's great and all, but does he have a physical body like the others? Or is he too weak to do something like that?

>he’s the god of fertility and family… so you need to do something that is connected to those attributes
Sounds like you and a partner need to bathe and then mate in the water. Hopefully whoever left those pawprints has a dick. Then you can be the dominant person during the mating!

>as the tracks suddenly disappear
You're in a room with a high ceiling and very big statues. They could've gone upwards and are hiding on top of one of the statues.
No. 1043532 ID: 2a82d3

Perhaps you should take a page from your other sister's book, and raise the mood a little in here. Be straightforward to build up anticipation, but don't bother looking up. You don't need to see him to inform him that where you are is a temple dedicated to Volek, with all that entails. Announce out loud that you know he's there, and there is only one way this could end.

This might come off more as a taunt, than a flirt. Either way, it works. Whatever it takes to get him to jump into your shadow tentacle trap.
No. 1043538 ID: e4c993

Unless they're hiding in the water, or among the bones, likely they'll strike from the statues above when they think you aren't anticipating it.

Depending on how the Solid Darkness magic works, you could have all the shadows in the room try to latch onto something tail like, startling your potential assailant/voyeur into revealing their location. Alternatively, shielding yourself/catching them with your own shadow when they try to strike from behind.
Might work better if they're distracted and believe you're distracted as well, so perhaps you could do a little washing up without getting into the pool proper? A little bit of teasing should give you an advantage during the fight, and help set up for after.
Actually, can you syphon someone's essence without knowing their location? Perhaps you could absorb their luck, stealth skill, or ability to stay hidden, or perhaps their patience/willpower so they strike at an inopportune time, with some distracted thoughts.
And your sense magic would've picked up on them if they were magical, correct?
No. 1043665 ID: f73077

Let's make a mess. Use shadow tendrils to splash Volek's holy water everywhere. Hopefully the entrance has sufficient darkness.
We drench the hidden stranger, and if that doesn't cause them to come out or cry out, we can try using magic detection to reveal their general location via magically-soaked fur!
No. 1043697 ID: 681cb5
File 166310845216.png - (143.74KB , 750x550 , 28.png )

>That's great and all, but does he have a physical body like the others? Or is he too weak to do something like that?
His physical body is made of wind, as you just said. But he still lacks a mortal avatar to inhabit, if that’s what you’re asking.
>Sounds like you and a partner need to bathe and then mate in the water.
Hmm… that does sound a lot like something Volek would want… hopefully, this reward is more than just a belly full of young. Not that you would mind a belly full of young…

Now, unless they somehow managed to hide behind the bones or in the water, the only other place you can fathom them being is on top of one of those statues… which is a place you can’t check. Still, even if you can’t act on it now, you can plan for it, either by putting a trap in their way or make sure they don’t catch you unaware. Hmm, seeing how the light is coming from above, anyone jumping off a statue will make a very noticeable shadow on the floor… so you’ll keep an eye out for that as well.

The idea of splashing the water around to try and find them does cross your mind, but seeing as you rather bathe in it and gain its blessing than find the voyeur you dismiss it. Sadly, you can’t just bathe the room in your own shadows to find them... nor can you syphon their patience to lure them out without either you or your shadow touching them. No, it doesn’t seem you’ll be the one to strike first in this encounter… but it doesn’t mean you can’t set a trap for them.

Two bones to empower it, something that catches a shadow to fuel it and finally a small rune to control it... your trap is ready. Placing it on the stairs up to the basin, you’re pretty sure anyone who is planning on stabbing you in the behind will be in for a surprise. And to ensure they walk into the trap, you’ll need to hide it as well as distract them… two things you can do at the same time. Removing your clothes, you put them in a pile right over the trap rune, hiding it from the voyeur’s eyes, before walking up the trapped steps and submerging yourself into the water.

As you start to bathe yourself, you not only make sure to always keep your back facing the trap, but you also give them a bit of a show to distract them. Bending over a bit too often, scrubbing your butt a bit extra and finally even giving it a loud slap… if anyone is in here, you’re sure they are watching intently right now. This is a temple dedicated to Volek after all, so showing of your very breedable, bouncy rump might just lure them out before they are ready.

As the water washes away the dirt from your scales, you realize how long it has been since last you bathed. After all, you haven’t had the time to take a swim in the river yet… and before that you were wandering the desert for quite a while. This is something you really needed… ah… it feels so nice… almost… to nice… as if a feeling of bliss is spreading through your body…

You’ve gained a new buff: Volek’s Blessing (+200% on next pregnancy check, if done on holy ground. But you will also become horny and take extra lust damage for the duration).
No. 1043698 ID: 681cb5
File 166310846337.png - (159.94KB , 750x550 , 29.png )

But your enjoyment of the water is cut short as you feel your shadow burst forth and grabsomething, something that yelps in surprise. Looking behind you can see that the tentacles that has be manifested through the rune has managed to catch two of those Thumper folk, Thumparums or what they are called. It’s not surprising that their kind would be drawn to Volek’s teaching, considering what their species is known for… though it slightly worrying that there are two of them instead of just one like you were expecting.

”W-what is this, bro!? Some kind of Witchcraft!?” one of them yells as they struggle against your shadow, to which the other one answers, ”She has to be some kind of magician! Quick, brother, wiggle your way out from here and strike before she can bewitch us!” Both of them start to fight harder against their confinement, ensuring that it won’t be long before they manage to dispel those shadow tendrils and free themselves. If there was only one of those rabbits, then you might have been able to hold them for far longer, but with the two of them both fighting it at the same time you’ll need to act fast if you want to use this opportunity.

As you turn around and look at them, one of them shouts, ”Hey, skullface! Release us now and we’ll… um… not keep you as a breedingstock for long?” Seriously? Do they really think you’ll… wait, he just looked up… and there’s a new shadow on the water moving towards you? Oh!
No. 1043699 ID: 681cb5
File 166310847318.png - (51.35KB , 500x1200 , 30.png )

Time slows down to a standstill as you look up, spotting the third Thumper male falling quickly right towards you, one of his legs stretched out as if he’s about to kick you in the head. Standing hips deep in water, you’re not sure you will be able to dodge him before he connect with your body, so you’ll need to come up with another idea.

Well, by Wjares fetid breath, you weren’t ready at all for there to be three of them! This is bad, because if you don’t quickly reduce their numbers, they will overwhelm you by sheer numbers. Right, time to think…

There are three of them… they are clearly small, frail yet agile… one of them is attacking you from above right now while the other two are stuck in your shadow tendril trap for at least a few seconds longer. Hmm… can you take one or two of them out immediately somehow while also somehow avoiding being hit from the one coming from above?

Current status:
Combat style 1: Syphon essence (Can steal non-physical things from the enemy and give it to yourself. This includes things like strength, willpower, luck or even their form or skill if you manage to completely absorb them. You have to touch them either by yourself or with your shadow. Be creative).
Combat style 2: Solid Darkness (Can create tentacles and the like from shadows, as well as move them around at will. Your shadow can also manipulate others through their own shadows, though only slightly. Be creative).
No. 1043700 ID: 2a82d3

Well, duh. Fling one in your tentacles towards the one in the sky. or, stick at least one between you to cushion the incoming sky kick.
No. 1043701 ID: e5709d

Steal their endurance, so their bones break when they try to pounce. All that movement means their shadows will be within grasp.
No. 1043702 ID: a9af05

>attack from above
>can you take one or two of them out immediately somehow
Open your mouth! His downward momentum will help him slide down your throat!

Then if the others are still in the tentacles, siphon away their strength or willpower to weaken them!
No. 1043703 ID: 515982

Use Solid Darkness to push on his shadow, slowing his fall and reducing the speed of the impact. I mean, jumping straight towards your open jaws, has he even read this quest? That was a terrible idea.
No. 1043704 ID: e4c993

Lovely show, little wonder that those two got distracted as they did. Seems the one above might be the most clever, or simply the most lucky, so he might have to be a priority. And considering it's a trio of bunny bros, I anticipate both of Volek's domains receiving some appreciation post fight (Fertility and Family).

Your shadow seems like it will meet the kicking bunny, so you could use Syphon Essence or Solid Darkness on him. In fact, whenever you have the opportunity, you should try to trip them up over their own shadows. Can do a lot of damage at high speed.
Actually, with Solid Darkness, when manipulating someone else's shadow with your own, does your shadow act independent of you? Cause that could be both creepy and hot.

The most obvious solution would be to throw one bunny and intercept the one about to kick you, stunning two and leaving one potentially restrained. In the event that that isn't the best course of action, or there is one bun about to go free from your grasp, just toss them in the water for the same debuff (should try to get that on all of them). In theory, you may be able to direct the falling bunny either away from you slightly with Solid Darkness, or help him slip down your throat in one smooth action.

Depending on how your Syphon Essence works and how quickly, should dictate what would be best; your 'opponent' is a trio of thirsty thumper boys, so perhaps you can absorb their 'numbers' advantage, turning it from a three on one to a two on two, temporarily (a bit out there, but a temporary transformation, mind change, or simply allegiance change might make sense). If that's too abstract, absorbing velocity and agility are good alternatives, especially if you can absorb it directionally and send him to his brothers, before dunking the trio. If all else fails, absorb mass.
No. 1043720 ID: 10ed00

It looks like your shadows are going to meet before your bodies will meet. Since your shadow can slightly manipulate others through their own shadows, would you be able to make him slightly rotate backwards in the air? If you do that, that'll spin him backwards just enough so that he'll be coming at you ass first, then all you'd need to do is catch him in you're mouth! And even if he doesn't immediately go down your throat, he'll be in such an awkward angle that he won't be able to do anything!

But if you can't do that, then just open your mouth and catch him feet first.

As for the others, siphon away the strength specifically in their legs so that they can't jump around you. That'll take away their mobility advantage! And because whatever you drain will also be added to you, you'll be able to jump around them with the newly added strength in your legs!
No. 1043724 ID: 629f2e

DON'T try to eat him. If he goes down your throat that fast, it'll make you sick and give his siblings a chance to fight back.

I do agree that you should definitely take advantage of his attack though. He's coming down hard, so all you have to do is use his force against him.

Prepare "Syphon Essence", weave around his incoming kick, and let him crash into your fist. This is a fun moment where I can suggest aiming for a nutshot because it's a strategically viable option (it being the most available part of his body after you dodge the leg), and not just because it's funny.
No. 1043725 ID: 2a82d3

Yeah, actually, this. Release tentacles from the shadows of your maw, and just pull him in.

After that, it might be safe to focus your efforts on the one most into the whole tentacle thing, and release the other. Either he'll:
a) go straight for you, clearly not afraid of, if not horny for, what happened to his bro being done to himself, or
b) attempt to free his other bro, so being in touch range for Siphon Essence (Willpower), or
c) run away, abandoning their family at their darkest hour. That last one cannot be something Volek would approve of, so him doing so could trigger a curse or misfortune on himself.
No. 1043785 ID: 681cb5
File 166319343785.png - (77.85KB , 700x550 , 31.png )

>Perhaps you can absorb their 'numbers' advantage, turning it from a three on one to a two on two, temporarily.
While it would be possible to syphon the allegiance to the others from one of them, the problem is that anything you remove from someone will be absorbed by you, even if you don’t want it to be. Thus, absorbing their allegiance would indeed turn one of them hostile to the others… but it will also turn you to an ally… and seeing how their goal is currently to capture you… well…

Your first instinct is to simply open your maw and let them slide down your gullet, but they are falling a bit too fast towards you not to mention that they have that large bronze breastplate on them that you really don’t want to swallow. If you want to eat them you’ll need to somehow slow them down as well as undress them… hmm…

Your second instinct is to fling one of their friends at them, knocking them out of the air and stunning them both for a moment or two… but it will be hard to hit them in midair, especially as you’re aiming from the side of the basin and not from your own position. But as you can’t come up with a better idea, you’ll just have to try.

But when you look over at the other two Thumparum’s stuck in your trap, you spot something interesting. The one who is falling towards you… his shadow… it’s almost touching your own. It is the ideal distance for you to grab and manipulate it…

Time resumes and the rabbit above you continues his journey towards you, but your shadow is about to change his final destination to somewhere more fitting. Focusing your powers, you lash out with your shadow and catches the falling thumpers own shade. While you can’t stop him from falling, you can still slow him down a little bit… giving you just enough time to start syphon his velocity, not only slowing him down even further, but also making yourself faster. The rabbit flows through the air as if he was going through water, falling at an impossible slow pace… meanwhile your own shadow moves with lighting speed, ripping apart his clothes and armor and tossing them aside before guiding the lucky little prey towards his new home, your tummy.

As his feet slides into your throat, you feel his excitement as his whole body shivers in delight, and even if his whole body only takes a second or two to make its trip into your stomach, it is clear he is enjoying it thoroughly. Finally he’s in the place where all Thumpers belong, in the belly of a predator like yourself. Ew… why does he have a really bitter aftertaste? Did he have something on his fur?
No. 1043786 ID: 681cb5
File 166319344863.png - (86.83KB , 700x550 , 32.png )

Then you turn your attention towards the ones you have caught in your trap and start to prepare to syphon either their willpower or strength from their body, but before you can do that… you feel… a bit dizzy?

Ugh, the world starts to sway around you… and odd colors dances before your eyes… and your body feels like its growing numb. What’s going on? Did they poison you somehow? Oh no… they can’t be that stupid, can they? Did they seriously put poison on their own bodies, just in case someone ate them!?

In a panic, you try and get him out again, but it’s too late. Your body doesn’t follow your orders anymore. You try your best to move, but the world spins around you and the ground keeps twirling…

Things get blurry, you’re not sure what’s happening, you think you managed to grab the side of the basin and… fall out? Or did you fall into the water? Things are so… dark… you can’t… you… uh… … …?
No. 1043787 ID: 681cb5
File 166319346340.png - (2.70KB , 700x550 , 33.png )

No. 1043788 ID: 681cb5
File 166319347066.png - (99.05KB , 700x550 , 34.png )

You wake up to a pair of high pitched voices arguing between each other…
Right: ”Come on, let’s just breed her already, Wjapam! We already agreed to do that before we even attacked!”
Left: ”But she ate Ptapam! I think it’s only fair we do the same to her, brother!”
Right: ”You know that’s not an excuse. You know Ptapam loves skipping plan A and go straight to plan get eaten.”
Left: ”Come on, Volpam, it’s kind of poetic! A big bad predator ending up all curled up inside a small prey tummy not even half her size!”
Right: ”And it’s also poetic for a prey to pump a litter or two into a predator like this as well, brother. Besides, you ate the last one we caught!”
Left: ”What? No, the last one we caught Ptapam got, remember? He turned himself into his dick and everything.”
Right: ”And then you ate the guy before he even had the chance to blow his load inside my cute little bun tush! Ptapam was really annoyed with you after that one, did you forget?”
Left: ”Tsk… alright, fine, we can double dick her for a bit… and then eat her?”
Right: ”What? No! No eating! Or double dicking! I want to just breed her right now!”
Left: ”…can’t we at least wait for Ptamet to come back before we decide what to do with her?”
Right: ”You’re just saying that because you’re losing the argument…”

Moving your body a bit, you quickly notice that you’re tied up, with both your hands bound behind your back and your feet firmly stuck together with a piece of rope. Even your snout is secured with a leather strap, just to make sure you don’t try and bite. You need to get out of here before they manage to agree on what to do with you…

Then again… you wouldn’t mind being becoming a breedingstock for a pack of Thumpers for a while… getting plowed by those fat cocks several times a day… or going from big bad predator to prey food… it is a titillating thought…

Yet… your tribe needs their warlock… you can’t give up now…
No. 1043789 ID: 15c72a

Seduce them!
No. 1043800 ID: 629f2e

The statues' feet had some sharp edges if you recall correctly. See if you can sneak over to them to cut the ropes binding your hands. Shimmy, roll, whatever works best for you.
No. 1043802 ID: 2a82d3

Consider this a hard lesson in remembering to wash your food, if you get out of this.

Let them keep arguing, while you get out your restraints. You could also try steath draining their willpower to the point that calling you "mistress" sounds kinda hot.

Wait. What was that about Ptamet? Was the rabbit you ate a champion of hers? The other two seem blessed by a respective Triplet as well, judging by their dicks. Could that mean you can call Ptamet now? That may be your best hope to get out of this. If you can't but had to bluff you could, would the remaining brothers tell the difference?
No. 1043805 ID: e4c993

Ptapam planned to be eaten... Okay, so, don't eat things if we don't know where they've been, got it. And seems the Thumper trio are themed/named after the Demi-Gods.

They don't know you're awake, and their shadows are upon you; pretend to be asleep still and use your powers well.

Considering the bones in your stomach are closely related to the two there, any chance you could make a shadow rune underneath your belly/back, draw upon the power, and when they notice you, restrain them? Alternatively, just breaking the bindings with tentacles.

If you can distract them with each other, that would be ideal in terms of time.
Common Sense? Reluctance to bang each other/siblings? Impatience? Inhibitions? A sip of any of those could help towards that and/or buy time, but too dangerous or unhelpful at larger quantities.
Perhaps you could drain Right's (Volpam's) eagerness to breed you specifically and Left's (Wjapam's) reluctance to do so, bringing them a little more into agreement while shifting their priorities a little away from you, but less gungho overall without majorly affecting your mood, sipping on their sexual constitution/stamina to increase their sensitivity/decrease their staying power (and buffering yours) to spice things up?
Your shadow could even get in on things, a puff of air here, a slight lick there, and the buns would get rather antsy.

Once things kick off, drain their strength quick as you can, and work your way out of those binds.

And remember, soon enough, you'll have that duo with you back at the camp, and their brother will no doubt follow, leaving you with a trio of respawning, fuck happy triplets.

Supporting. Draining willpower would be fun and simple, though I'm curious how draining the luck of two blessed rabbits might go.
No. 1043806 ID: a9af05

Their shadows are on you. Use that to you advantage and drain them.

Once you've subdued them, force them to bathe in the pool, then dominate them during sex.

>What was that about Ptamet?
Ptapam. Not Ptamet.
No. 1043812 ID: 2a82d3

Actually, if you fully absorbed the essence of your latest prey, I don't think any more Warlock magic is necessary. You already have the necessary traits to assume leadership of the pack. Maybe without skipping a beat; this can't be the first time Ptapam found the urge to dope slap his knuckleheads.
No. 1043817 ID: 36784c

I’m just going throw out random ideas here.

To pull off this strategy, they needed to build up a resistance to the poison, otherwise they would’ve passed out from just putting it on! You can steal that resistance to the poison, so that they pass out right now! However, this might not work if only the guy you ate had the poison on himself.

You could steal their strength to the point that they’re too weak to even stand anymore! Then use the added strength to break from your bonds!
No. 1043818 ID: 36784c

Another thing you could do is steal their dominance! It’ll make them more submissive while making you more dominant!

Then you could intimidate them into untying you!
No. 1043819 ID: c11296

They seem like a nice small harem of boy toys, these thumparum seem like the perfect sex servants what with their sexual aptitude and cute looks, they may not look like they can last long but they may have many shots in the barrel, heck I can even nickname them now, the six shooter triplets named because they have 6 balls and can shoot 6 times for 2 balls, thats like 18 shots.
No. 1043843 ID: 2a82d3

Now I get it. Their story only makes sense if Wja-dick also has essence absorption powers (he sucked out his brother's new dick). That's why I thought it might not be a good idea to use Warlock powers here, at least on Wja-dick; he might have some resistance to it.
No. 1043863 ID: 36784c

………that makes absolutely no sense. What are you talking about???
No. 1043889 ID: 2a82d3

Read their conversation again. Last guy they fought became one bro's dick, then was eaten by another bro while still being first bro's dick. That doesn't make sense unless he could absorb an essence out of a person. Therefore, he's familiar with our spell set, and could resist or reverse what we do to him directly.

I'm just saying be prepared for both of them to have spells or skills related to the demi-god tattooed on their dicks, just like the one she ate.
No. 1043890 ID: 57c598

I actually agree with the idea that they're likely blessed, and caution is good, but some of your logic is screwy as hell. Let's occam's razor this shit:

They're each uniquely blessed by the demi-gods (cool and possible), given magical and divine powers, which Pesi didn't detect, they didn't use in the ambush, and they have to use to revive their sibling, who is digested by this point.
They come back on their own, as has been established both in and out of the temple (ie holy grounds like the valley and ruins we're in), thanks to the spreading influence of the gods.

>That doesn't make sense unless he could absorb an essence out of a person.
>Left: ”…can’t we at least wait for Ptamet to come back before we decide what to do with her?”
Why wait to act/bring him back if it's under their direct power?

Ptapam turning himself into someone else's dick (that someone else who was then eaten by Wjapam, while Ptapam was his dick) does sound like a blessed ability, and perhaps Wjapam could have resistance, but we have a limited number of (almost entirely Warlock based) moves, and the element of surprise. We'll just have to deal with it if he does.
No. 1043891 ID: 36784c

>Last guy they fought became one bro's dick, then was eaten by another bro while still being first bro's dick. That doesn't make sense unless he could absorb an essence out of a person.
What you're saying still doesn’t make any sense.

The conversation they're having makes it sound more like Ptapam turned himself into the other guy's dick and that guy was fucking the 2nd bro, but he and Ptapam got eaten by the 3rd bro before he could blow a load in the 2nd bro's ass.

Besides, if he had powers similar to us, then he would've detected that trap we set earlier and avoided it completely or turned it against us. So I don't think he can do what you think he can do.
No. 1043894 ID: 2a82d3

>Ptapam turning himself into someone else's dick
Ah, I assumed it was the other way around. I do consider ourselves warned in advance if she sprouts a Pta-dick soon. Not I mind, personally.
>Why wait to act/bring him back if it's under their direct power?
I can think one way one bro could bypass the resurrection cooldown if they end up inside vore bro, but I doubt anyone wants to see it. Hope they come out clean...

>we have a limited number of (almost entirely Warlock based) moves, and the element of surprise. We'll just have to deal with it if he does.
Fair enough.
No. 1043947 ID: 681cb5
File 166335734203.png - (91.39KB , 700x550 , 35.png )

>Consider this a hard lesson in remembering to wash your food, if you get out of this.
It’s more of a lesson in trickery, which has thought you to never eat idiot rogues that throw themselves into your maw. Who would be so stupid as to pour poison on themselves, anyway!?
>Wait. What was that about Ptamet? Was the rabbit you ate a champion of hers? The other two seem blessed by a respective Triplet as well, judging by their dicks.
They are clearly worshippers of the Triplets, which isn’t surprising as this part of the garden belongs to them. But champions? Probably not…

With their arguing between each other it’s clear that they haven’t notice that you’re awake yet, something you’re planning on exploiting. Your binds are too strong for you to rip off… and your shadow can’t really manipulate the knots well enough to untie them either, nor can you make it sharp enough to cut the rope either. Several ideas about how to get free flashes through your mind, but sadly none of them are ideal…

Your first thought is to find something sharp, but the only things you can think of are the large statues in the room, which are clearly too heavy to be fetched by your shadow and too far away for you to crawl to without the Thumpers noticing it. Even if they haven’t noticed that you’re awake, they are still making sure every so often that you’re still lying behind them.

Maybe you can drain their strength and then just tear the binds apart? …no, they are clearly too weak for that… even if you managed to drain all their strength without noticing that probably wouldn’t be enough to brute force yourself out of these ropes. Wait, you just absorb their brother, maybe you can… nggg… gah, dammit, you need your arms and snout free if you want to cast you more powerful spells, like stealing the shape of the third rabbit.

Hmm… it might be possible to seduce them? Somehow? You can’t really talk with this leather strap on your snout but if you do this the right way you might be able to make them untie you and call you mistress. After all, their shadows are touching you, and draining attributes is something you don’t need to make gesture or speak any arcane words to achieve… yes, this might just work! If you drain their willpower, they will surely falter! But… they will surely notice immediately if you start to drain them… and you can’t really drain them quick enough to stop them from just… well, stopping you. Hmm… if only you should empower your syphon ability somehow... and found a way to momentarily distract them…

The bones! You just need to get some bones, then you can make your abilities more powerful… but… wait, you already have bones on you, don’t you? You even have a skull belonging to someone related to them, making it even better! Usually, you have to spit out the skull before you can use it, but desperate times calls for desperate measures! Focusing your will upon the content of your tummy, you find the remains of the third Thumper brother and channel your magic through it, making it far more powerful! Then, you use said power to lash out with your shadow, catching their own… but instead of trying to restrain them, you start to please them...

Letting your shadow start fondling their small sacks while breathing cold air on their members, you successfully distract them as you start to syphon their willpower from their bodies. The shade then engulf their hardening member completely in its snout and start sucking their willpower directly from their dicks, giving each of them a few bobs before shifting its attention to the other one, all the while jerking off whoever’s cock is left in the cold air. They both squirm under its touch, moaning slightly as they enjoy the feeling of getting drained, oblivious of what’s really happening. But as it shift from the Wjares marked one to the Volek one, the spell seemingly wears off and one of them notice something is very off. ”Wait, w-what’s going on!?” Wjapam manage to stutter out, though his friend Volpam is clearly too far gone to care, ”Ngg… fuck, I don’t care! It feels way too good!” The more stubborn of the brothers manages to escape your syphoning skills, jumping away from you as he yells, ”Gah, it’s the Warlock! Stop her before she drains us even more!” but it’s already too late for his brother. His willpower is gone and all that remains is a very submissive and breedable rabbit that wants nothing more than to be dominated by his new mistress…
No. 1043949 ID: 681cb5
File 166335737313.png - (86.33KB , 700x550 , 36.png )

”Enough! Let’s finish this, little witch!” Wjapam squeaks in a high pitched voice as he jumps on top of you, ruining your concentration on draining the rabbit bros completely, ”I’ll just breed you into submission! Let see how defiant you are after I pump a litter or two into you!” With an experienced hand, you quickly turn you to the side and slides into your tight, virgin pussy in one quick motion, showing off his skills in baby making. As he immediately finds and holds a decent rhythm to his thrusts, it is rather clear that he has fathered many children before fucking you. But your thoughts about his perfect cock are interrupted by another, equally fine cock belonging to his brother being laid on top of your snout. ”Ngg, come on bro… let’s just untie our new mistress… I really want her to step on me…” he whines as he rubs his still flaccid member into your face, ”…or for that fat rump to sit on me… come on, let mommy smother me with her thick ass!” Volpam even pulls once or twice at the leather strap securing your snout, but before he has the chance of to remove it his brother stops him by slapping your ass hard. ”Fuck… I want her to sit on me to, but that can wait! I need to make her submit first!” Wjapam tells his brother while he speeds up his humping, clearly desperate to make you a mother, ”Come on! Get knocked up already!” As he continues plowing your behind, he looks over at you and whispers, ”Just admit that you’re nothing but a baby factory! Nothing but a womb to make more Thumpers in!” His rhythm gets a bit uneven and he has to stop and readjust his stance a bit, indicating that he’s getting close, which means you’ll need to act now if you don’t want to get a litter of Thumpers pumped into you. ”You’re nothing but breedingstock! Stop resisting the thing you want to be! What you’re destined to be!”

As he continues pounding your no longer virgin lower lips, you can help but admit that he’s right. Even after absorbing some of their willpower, you want nothing more than for them to breed you. For them to carry you back to their den and tie you up even more, before letting their whole Tumper herd fuck you silly over and over again, as you give birth to litter after litter of their young… for these preys to turn your predator body into nothing but a breeding tool to increase their numbers. You just want to get dominated!

…but then you remember, if you get out on top of this, you’ll have not only a duo of brother to bring back to the tribe, but a trio of respawning, fuck happy triplets! After all, being the boy toys that they are, what with their sexual aptitude and cute looks, the third one is bound to willingly follow his brother to become your tribe’s harem! And then you can breed them like… well, Thumparums.

You’re on the brink of surrendering to his prey cock, but Wjapam is just as close to give in to your predator pussy! You just need to resist for a moment longer and… counterattack somehow! But how!?
No. 1043950 ID: 629f2e

Use Solid Darkness or your shadow, whichever is available, to make him drop his grip on you (shadow tentacle to grab his arm or just sap his strength). If neither are options, then you're just going to have to pit your strength against his. You just need one opening.

The moment his grip loosens, sit up, and slam your ass down on top of him. Once you force yourself on top of him, he won't be able to resist any further.
No. 1043951 ID: 218391

Sheer mass, miss. You may be tied up, and you may not be a fighter, but just your legs and hips are more mass than his whole body, and he's focused on pushing himself to a knockup than he is to keeping you down, which I doubt he'd be able to do by himself anyway. You're tied up, but you have enough wiggle to throw yourself over on top of him, I bet, especially with some help from your shadow to help you over. Just roll back over him. Heck, with your shadow and your tail, I'd bet you can even sit yourself up and bounce a bit on top of him. Then you'll get bred, all right, but it'll be with you on top and making it happen.

That, or... just get your new pet to open the strap around your mouth, and give them a talking-to that makes sure they know who's really in charge. Laugh and say something like, it sounds like they both want a mommy, and if they'll be good boys you'd be happy enough with that, so on. Maybe you could delay things by getting the one who you've already got on the leash to try join in on filling you with kids? Get him to get down there and stick it in too. Good boys get to breed, some line like that. Maybe combine it, use the rollover thing to get off the guy still fighting (or at least get him out of the right hole) so his brother can go at you?
No. 1043969 ID: e4c993

You have a submissive and breedable thumper at your beck and call; give him a pointed, commanding look, and then look at his brother. That should remove a distraction to you and give one to Wjapam... a kiss to his dick from Mommy Pesi might be enough to sell him on backstabbing his Wjapam, if he needs it.
Also, don't let him get involved in fucking you. This is how you're handling one of their dicks, just imagine what two or three would do to you... Save that thought for later.

A smack to the head with your tail should stun Wjapam, and you could wrap it around his throat to manipulate and choke him a bit. Being a follower of Wjares, a flash of a predatory smile with teeth might remind him that you're a predator, whose belly is already full of his kin, and whose natural place is on top.

What might be ideal though, is getting on top, hopping off of his dick with your Thumper enhanced agility, and smothering his face in Mommy's Volin ass, letting him fuck your thighs to completion. If you have the concentration, having your shadow take your place, so that he can he's succeeded, and you can vicariously experience being knocked up, would be a bonus. Maybe slowly taking your place and helping you lift off of him?

Wondering what would happen in a tie.
No. 1043972 ID: 15c72a

Grab him with your tail, sit on him and pin his dick inside you. Then don't move. Make him beg for it.
No. 1043980 ID: 2a82d3

If you can take the gag off, hold off on the domming him, which he is somewhat resistant to, and maybe you can find a way to appeal to his interests. Wjapam's talents in vore would be wasted if you turned him into a thrall. If you want him to call you mistress, invite him to be your apprentice. You could teach him mastery in the ways of war and vore makes you a great teacher of it. If he wants, you know ways of rebirthing him into the pred he was meant to be, or he could remain Thumpian as "predators of predators". It'd be nice of you to stop mind controlling his bro if he agrees. None of that can happen if he makes you "nothing but a baby factory".

Also, try not to imply that he or his species is destined to be prey. Any self-respecting Wjares worshipper would take that as an insult. Being a predator is a mentality, not a species. You should know better, ask your sister.
No. 1043983 ID: a9af05

>appeal to his interests
>Wjapam as apprentice
That can wait until after we get our species' numbers up. For now, his only purpose is to be bred by us. After that, then we can consider an apprenticeship.
No. 1043992 ID: 36784c

Roll over on top of him. He's too weak to get you off of him! Then just sit still and dont move. Give the other bro a look that tells him to free his Mistress' snout.

Once you get your mouth free, tell the pinned bro that he needs to submit. Make him beg for it, make him call you his Mistress, and make him admit that he's breedingstock!
No. 1044012 ID: 2a82d3

That assumes we have the resources or time to keep a leash on him, but it could be a matter of when, not if, his desire to vore overtakes his desire to breed. It's happened before, and it might happen again here. If he came to his senses, would you rather his interests be satisfied the other way? Let's give him an outlet for that before it becomes an issue.
No. 1044017 ID: 01fe07

>That assumes we have the resources or time to keep a leash on him
Is that under the assumption that no one in our tribe knows how to simply tie someone up? That can easily be done with some ropes that our tribe has.

The rule of these lands seems to be that if you get dominated, you'll only want to do whatever your dominator tells you to do.

Seeing as Pesi is close to losing, she's getting thoughts of allowing herself to be bred. But since Wjapam is also close to losing, the same thoughts of allowing himself to be bred must be going through his head.

I think it's implied that once we dominate Wjapam, we don't need to worry about him doing anything we don't want him to do and he'll be obedient to us.

We can worry about an apprenticeship some other time, since it's not important right now.
No. 1044022 ID: 2a82d3

1. I meant our Warlock having the time or magical reagents to keep his vore urges in check. I imagine they could be put to better use.

2. The rule of domination mean we can do whatever we want with him if we win, but mutual interest is a factor that can raise our fertility rates. As is infrastructure, magic, and, yes, force.

3. This land is also ruled by hedonism. Attempting to do anything that might repress anyone else's desires might not end well for us.
No. 1044026 ID: ddec8d

>Attempting to do anything that might repress anyone else's desires might not end well for us.
That's exactly what they're trying to do right now! If they win, they're going to repress our desires and keep us as a breeding slave! So if they're trying to repress our desires, then it's only fair that we're allowed to do the same to them!

And because they've lived in these lands longer than us, if repressing someone's desires was a bad thing to do, they would already know about that and wouldn't be trying to do it to us!
No. 1044033 ID: 2a82d3

I disagree that's what happening here. There's a difference between someone directly denying an opponent's desire, that he even has one, and someone awakening something inside their opponents thats powerful enough to override their initial desires or throw off their mission. The former is what I mean by repression, the latter is closer to what's actually happening when we fight.

However justified we are in doing so, putting him in the breeding stocks is still wasted potential. Great things could happen if we could be better than that.
No. 1044034 ID: 36784c

>putting him in the breeding stocks is still wasted potential. Great things could happen if we could be better than that.
I mean, can't we do that later? That honestly doesn't seem to be very important right now.

It's more important to get our numbers up first before we worry about any potential he may or may not have.
No. 1044038 ID: ddec8d

>Great things could happen if we could be better than that.
The only "great thing" that'll happen is he uses what we teach him to escape or attack us. We shouldn't waste time and resources on teaching him unless he proves that he'll behave and not turn on us.
No. 1044055 ID: 2a82d3

It doesn't have to be either/or. If we can have him be both, let's have him be both.

Sorry if I'm being a wet blanket. I'll say one last piece, and check out.

I didn't say not to dom the guy. Of course, he dom the guy. Also, respect the guy. He chooses to be a pred despite being born among "prey species", he resists being put in "the place all Thumpers belong" like his brother. Don't you think that deserves more respect? It's cute*, at least.

*Yes, I'm aware it's their word.
No. 1044086 ID: 681cb5
File 166353520171.png - (55.04KB , 700x550 , 37.png )

As you’re considering how to get out of this mess, you realize you have two huge advantages on your side! One being the submissive and very breedable Thumper you have at your beck and call… and the other is your massive predator tush, ready to smother any prey careless enough to get to close to it. All you have to do is to use them! Looking up at Volpam, who is still rubbing his now erect member against your snout while whining a bit, you manage to lock eyes with him. With just a quick glance you successfully convey your command to him, though the quick kiss on the tip of his dick probably helped a lot as well. ”Yes mistress…” he stupidly whispers, though thankfully the bun fucking your ass is to focusing in ending this fight for dominance with a knockup to notice his brother sneaking up on him.

”Huh!? What are you doing, bro- MFFF” it is over after just a few seconds, because as soon as your thrall pulls Wjapam off your bum you flip over and slam your massive ass right down on the bunny’s face, smothering him beneath your rump. His brother is quick to help you escape your bonds, while he himself can’t do anything but struggle feebly under your heavy weight, as your posterior crushes him against the floor. ”Feels nice, doesn’t it?” you ask while moving your hips from side to side, completely engulfing his small head beneath you, ”Being smothered by a mommy Volin ass?” As you continue grinding your trunk against his cute little snout, you can feel him struggle beneath you, trying in vain to escape, ”This is the ass of a real predator, Thumper. One that belongs to a predator who’s belly is already full of your kin, and soon will surely be fed even more of them, prey.” you say to him while sporting a wicked, tooth filled grin, something that makes his brother visibly excited, ” Do you feel it? I bet some of that ass fat used to be your brother, happily jiggling on the large posterior that’s currently pinning your feeble body to the ground.” As his struggling weakens, you start to bounce on him, continuously slamming your rear into his face over and over again, making it clear who’s in charge, ”Admit that you’re nothing but breedingstock, for me and my tribe to use as to our hearts content, whelp.” It’s muffled, but you can swear that you hear him say something about breeding before he stops struggling completely and just enjoys the feeling of your tush crushing him. It’s clear that his given up by now. ”That’s a good boy... So… what should we do with him, Volpam, hmm?” you ask as you look over at the other Thumper, who’s by this point jerking himself off to the sight of you smothering his brother. ”P-please… let us b-breed with you, mistress… turn is into the breedingstock we are destined to be…” he whimpers… and with a smile you say, ”Well, if you two boys want to please your new mistress… who am I to deny you?”

No. 1044087 ID: 681cb5
File 166353521120.png - (154.25KB , 700x700 , 38.png )

Binding their dicks together with your shadow, you make them into a proper throne fit for your royal predator tush. ”Sounds like both of you want a mommy, hmm?” you say as you hover above their cocks, feeling a slight hesitation as just one of their dicks almost made you addicted to making more Thumpers, but that concern is thrown aside when you imagine how it will feel for both of them to fuck you silly. Letting your rear slowly descend, you press both of their lower heads against your own lower opening. As you slide against them, letting your lips suckle the tips of their members, you can’t help but feel them throb under you. It’s clear that they won’t last long… but neither will you. Finally, as they start to slide inside, you tell them, ”Well, you two better be good boys and make me one then~” though you’re not sure how much they heard, as all three of you moaned loudly as you started sitting down on your rabbit throne. Their twin cocks quickly slides into your most sensitive depths, filling you up in a way you never thought possible and drowning your mind with pleasure you’ve never imagine possible. All you can do is moan, as your body takes over and start to bounce on their dicks, ”T-that’s right, good boys get to breed…” You’re no longer in control, your instinct forcing you to slam yourself harder and harder into them, trying in vain to keep a rhythm but failing horribly as your desperation to get impregnated clouds your mind. It doesn’t take long before you feel their two cocks throb in near unison, one right after the other, and on the third throb you feel them both shoot their virile, warm seed into your fertile womb, filling it quickly with rope after rope of their semen, clearly just as eager to make babies as you are. ”PUT A PAIR OF TWINS IN MOMMY!”

But you’re not done yet. As their orgasm resides, you start syphoning their life essence in the most efficient way possible, through their dicks. Forcing them to orgasm again and again, you womb hungrily absorbs all their sweet essence that they keep pumping into you, draining them of their power.

Volpam and Wjapam has been drained! Until next dawn they can’t breed and will only work at 50% speed!

More, you need more! The boys doesn’t seem to know what’s happening, as they are both completely lost in the bliss of their endless orgasm as you drain their balls completely, filling yourself with their magical essence.

Volpam and Wjapam has been completely drained! Until next dawn they’ll both be unconscious!

Finally, they are empty, as they members continues to throb inside you but fail to splatter your walls with anymore of their seed. This essence will be essential for your spell casting, though it also means you’ll have to carry both of them back to the tribe while they are knocked out. Oh well…

Impregnation attempt: The female Volin is dominant.
Base: 35% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Thumper fert: 5%)
Virgin: -5%
Experienced dad: +5%x2
Eager: +5%
Double dipping: +50%
Volek’s Blessing: +200%
-Total: 295% chance-

Note: A pregnancy chance of 200% will always results in at least twins, and 300% in triplets etc. increasing with each tier of 100.
Note: Rolling a 5 or lower on the d100 die will also result in an extra fertilization, unless the impregnation chance for the current tier is 10% or less.

>Wondering what would happen in a tie.
Note: If no one is dominant, both species will have equal chance of occurring, unless special skills or buffs apply. 
No. 1044088 ID: 681cb5
File 166353522124.png - (64.63KB , 700x550 , 39.png )

You stand on top of your dominated foes, their seed leaking out from your well plowed nether lips and the young they surely made growing in your womb. Their fate is sealed, they are nothing but thralls for the tribe now… be it as beast of burden, breedingstock or livestock, your people will find an use for them. All that is left is to get their unconscious bodies back to the camp and await their third brother returning, and you’ll have a triplet of Thumpers eager to both breed and feed you, as it should be.

>Wjapam's talents in vore would be wasted if you turned him into a thrall. If you want him to call you mistress, invite him to be your apprentice.
While he has the heart of a predator, your warlock skills are only meant for the Volin people and no one else. No, even if he is a predator in soul, his weak prey body makes him only fit to be a thrall. In fact, even if he was a predator, he would still be weak compared to the Volin, and thus be a thrall like the rest.

But then again, what if he was a Volin? You know you’ve seen some old rituals that can change someone’s species, so it’s possible to have him be reborn as one of us? In fact, is it not our duty to ensure all non-Volin gets that chance? After all, your people are the strongest there is, being born directly from the womb of the very demi-gods of this valley. It’s only right that you’ll share this blessed existence with all the other, weaker species around these part. But you digress, that is something you’ll need to discuss with the tribe later.

But further considerations of the subject can wait until you’re done here... and after they’ve done increasing our numbers. For now, their only purpose is to be bred by us… or feed us… or just help around the camp like a good boy.

As Pesi finishes up her fun with the Thumper brothers, you can feel others in need of your guidance… several of your Volin, in fact. Sadly, you will only have the time to aid one of them…
Which of your chosen do you guide next?

”Sebak the Overseer” helping Icaro taming Qik-Tap at the camp, ensuring she’ll join your tribe as a thrall.

”Smiling Sekhmet” trying to hunt Varkians on the plains, where two Varkian trade caravans are currently feuding between each other.

”Maphet the Trader” trying to make friendly contact with the reclusive Rhinotran tribe of the forest.
No. 1044093 ID: 515982

No. 1044097 ID: 629f2e

Ooh, Maphet could be fun. Trading instead of fighting will make for an interesting change of pace.
No. 1044098 ID: 2a82d3

Maphet the Trader. Even if they don't get results, or stay out of trouble, the other three will be fine without your supervision. The well-dressed dragon is the one you have to worry about. She could get kidnapped or, worse, submit to get bred without a chance to pass on her traits or sweet design.
No. 1044119 ID: d11bd6

”Smiling Sekhmet its hunting time
No. 1044128 ID: e4c993

All are nice, though Maphet seems like she could use the guidance, plus trade would be good in the long term.
No. 1044129 ID: c11296

We haven't been a futa yet so I choose sekhmet. I don't know what sebak looks like and we don't really need to help him and If maphet is captured she could probably seduce the naive rhinotrans tribe or we could go rescue her. Sekhmet could probably get the various varkians to fight each other and skirmish between them like guerrilla fighting.
No. 1044171 ID: 36784c

Voting Maphet for all of these reasons.
No. 1044268 ID: 681cb5
File 166369178410.png - (64.43KB , 700x550 , 40.png )

You are Maphet the Trader, and you are searching for a reclusive tribe of trappers hidden somewhere in the deep forest near your tribe’s camp. Most of the day has already passed and you’ve yet seen even a glimpse of someone actually living in here, be it traps or other tracks… though that might be because you’re not very good at finding that kind of stuff. You’re no hunter like Icaro, after all. Your search hasn’t been completely fruitless though, as you managed to catch a few animals with a particular beautiful fur, colored red and white, as well as a few pieces of gorgeous amber that can be made into jewelry. Both which might just be used as goods for any future trading. But sadly, you don’t seem to find anyone to trade with around here…

>The well-dressed dragon is the one you have to worry about. She could get kidnapped or, worse, submit to get bred without a chance to pass on her traits or sweet design.
Oh please, civilized people don’t just attack each other in an attempt to breed, do they? Fighting for dominance like that is something only uncut barbarians do, surely.

You’d almost given up your search when you hear a twang echo between the trees, as if a large branch suddenly moved very fast, and you quickly make you way towards it. Peering between the trees, you finally spot someone… a young Rhino bull, barely of breeding age, standing next to a recently sprung trap. In the trap a very angry, furry little beast is hanging, a small beast with a white and red pelt as well as a very large, toothy grin… though you can’t see any eyes on it anywhere. It is the same species that you managed to catch earlier.

But it’s not important… what’s important is that young man standing next to it, looking rather proud of his catch. How should you approach this cutie? You don’t want to scare him off, after all…
No. 1044270 ID: feebc0

Who cares about that guy, go for the cute prey he caught instead!

It can probably shapeshift too
No. 1044271 ID: 2a82d3

A good icebreaker is to show interest in his skills or pleasures. For the former, ask him about what he does here. As a Charmer, you should be able to identify the latter soon enough.

You could even take a closer look at another of his traps. Hopefully, he's enough of a gentleman to not let you fall in one, or let you out if you fall in one. If not, he and his camp is clearly too uncivilized to work with. At that point, you could tap into the rage and aggression inherent to your kind as a means to get out of there.

No! No vore yet. That might scare him off.

If she's hungry, she has to ask first. The whole point is to befriend him to lead us to his village for trade.
No. 1044272 ID: 36784c

>young man standing next to it, looking rather proud of his catch.
Are you sure he’s proud? He doesn’t seem to be smiling or anything.

Hey, do you see that collar around his neck? It’s made of thorns and they’re drawing blood. And look at his spear. There are thorns in the middle of the spear and he’s got that part in his hand, which is also bleeding from holding the thorns.

Is this guy some kind of masochist? What’s up with the self harm?

Yeah, this is a good plan.
No. 1044273 ID: 2a82d3

>It can probably shapeshift too
This invites soo many questions:

Can an anthro shift to a feral form? to any animal?
Is it just tradition for anthros to eat small ferals? Do they view them as lesser intelligences?
Is uplifting animals a thing? If so, how? Can only the gods do it? (I should hope the methods are not too "direct".)
No. 1044283 ID: 4c75f0

>(I should hope the methods are not too "direct".)
The best way to avoid any headaches and to avoid giving Kaktus any ideas is to not ask those kinds of questions in the first place.
No. 1044291 ID: e4c993

The way that little one's ears are, it seems like it has noticed you, and it only restrained by it's tail (ie not at all). It might be a trap, so keep your distance and figure out what is up. Perhaps the furry creatures are all small parts of a greater whole/individual?

As for the young bull, if he's just standing there, there is a decent chance you have his mentor to worry about. The collar of thorns could be something done in devotion to something or someone, or it could mean the forest or it's creatures own him instead.

Remember, you're in a forest full of traps and trappers, and the location with the most magic, things might not be as they seem at first. Get a grasp of the situation first.
No. 1044303 ID: 681cb5
File 166371629667.png - (79.07KB , 700x550 , 41.png )

>Who cares about that guy, go for the cute prey he caught instead.
…you’ve already caught three of those things today, if you want another one you can just catch it yourself. No need to anger the Rhino boy by stealing his… meal? Or is he after its fur?
>Can an anthro shift to a feral form? To any animal?
Considering what kind of magic that exist it wouldn’t surprise you that there is someone out there that can transform into a beast, but you’ve never seen or heard about anyone that has that ability so far.
>Is it just tradition for anthros to eat small ferals? Do they view them as lesser intelligences?
…it’s a stupid animal. It doesn’t have any real intelligence to speak off. It’s probably just as smart as the fish your tribe catches in the river. Now, if they could actually speak, wore clothes and where actually clever enough to use tools, then they would be just like that Rhino over there…
>Is uplifting animals a thing? If so, how? Can only the gods do it?
Err… you have no idea? You’re just a trader, not some magician! Ugh, let’s stop thinking about that stupid fox thingy and focus on the actual important person over there…

>Hey, do you see that collar around his neck? It’s made of thorns and they’re drawing blood. Is this guy some kind of masochist? What’s up with the self-harm?
That is indeed a necklace made of thorns which is clearly causing him pain… though it isn’t actually drawing blood, as his Rhino hide is too thick for something that small to pierce it. But going by those red marks, it’s clear his been wearing that for a while and that it hurts…
>The collar of thorns could be something done in devotion to something or someone, or it could mean the forest or it's creatures own him instead.
It’s impossible to tell, but you might be on to something here. He’s clearly wearing it for more reasons than just to feel the pain from it.

For a brief moment, you almost start walking up to him to get his attention, but you quickly realize that might not be the best idea. Instead, you keep your distance and observe him for a moment longer, just to see if you can figure out what the rhino’s deal is. With experienced hands, the bull grabs the animal and ends its life quickly and painlessly, before removing it from the trap and placing it in his hammer space bag. He then proceeds to start rearming the trap by pulling on the rope. With the exception of that thorny collar, he’s just a normal trapper as far as you can tell. ”Excuse me?” you yell at him, still keeping your distance, ”I am impressed by your trapping skills, young Rhino, they are quite effective.” He turns towards you with his spear at the ready, almost as if he’s ready to charge you, but as soon as you compliment his trapping skills he calms down a bit and lowers his weapon. Even then, the rhino just stares at you, so you’ll have to take the initiative, ”I am Maphet the Trader, of the Volin people, and I’m here to see if your tribe wishes to trade with ours?” though he still doesn’t answers and continues to stare at you in silence, ”…should I come closer or do you want me to leave or…?” Slowly, you take a step towards him, giving him ample time to react to your movement, and as soon as you’re about to take a second step he speaks up in a surprising deep voice, ”Stop. Do not move. Trap there.” Looking down, you notice another one of his traps, hidden so well that you had no idea it was there. It’s a basic snare trap, simple in design but clearly made with skilled hands, ”Oh, I didn’t see that… thank you for warning me. That was very nice of you, dear.” He huffs and looks away for a bit, clearly blushing slightly, before saying, ”You’re a predator, but you revealed yourself and gave me your name, so I will keep thing peaceful for now.” You lift your hands up to show that you aren’t carrying a weapon, ”Trust me, dear, I want it to-” but before you can tell him your intention the rhino interrupts and bellows, ”But know this. I’m not alone. Many tribesmen around me. Do not try anything. Understand? Or you will know the true name of Ifeyo!” As he says that name, he moves his collar a bit to make the thorn dig down into his a hide a bit more, clearly enjoying the feeling of the pain.

Putting your hands down again, you yell back, ”Don’t you fret, love, the only thing I want to try is to create a new trade partner. Who are you and what tribe do you belong to?” The bull stares at you for a very long time, clearly considering his words carefully… then he starts to walk towards you while saying, ”…I am Gwando, member of circle of Ubathan, the exalted druid of these lands.” Right before he comes within hugging distance, he lift his spears and places it against your top, letting one of the thorns on it borrow into the fabric so that he can quickly rip it off if needed. Trying to keep things civilized, you continue asking him about himself, ”I’m honored to meet you Gwando, though I have to ask… what is your title? Your… job?” to which he quickly answers, ”Trapper.” and nothing else. ”Ah, yes, of course… so, dear, would it be possible for me to meet this Ubathan in person?” as you say that name he presses his spear into you a bit more before uttering a fast but firm ”No.”, ending that line of questions immediately. ”…well, can you maybe give him a message that we want to trade with your tribe?” you ask as he looks at you with suspicion, poking his spear into one of your breast before finally asking, ”What you trade?” Of course, seeing as your tribe still haven’t found much to trade with, that’s a question you really hoped you wouldn’t have to answer right now, ”Um… well, we’re still setting up, but we got fish-” The Rhino quickly interrupts you with ”We will not deal with predators just to trade food for food. You need to do better.” After a moment of consideration, you tell him, ”We got all these beautiful jewelry, charms and statutes made out of bones that might-” but once again he interrupts you, ”Ugh, bones are meant to be buried or eaten, so that it may return to nature once again. Making it into macabre trinkets is disgusting.” Hopefully you didn’t just ruin it by bringing up the bones, but you’ll try and mend that mistake real quick, ”Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to offend.” The bull prods his spear into you again and snarls, ”…so you have nothing we want? Then you’ve wasted our time. Unless you have something that will interest my people, leave forest and never return.”
No. 1044317 ID: c11296

What does he want, there must be some things you cant find in a forest. Ask what his tribe is like, like the male to female ratio, maybe they need some prostitutes.
No. 1044329 ID: 36784c

Why is that bird staring at us? Is that the druid we were told about?

>Unless you have something that will interest my people, leave forest and never return.
Does that mean we’re allowed to come back when we do get something that would interest his people? Or does that mean don’t come back even if we do have something that would interest his people?

But seriously, I think the best we can do right now is to offer a Non-Aggression Pact towards his people. We just agree to not attack each other and we stay out of each other’s territories, unless it’s for trading with each other.
No. 1044344 ID: 2a82d3

He misunderstands. You want an exchange of information, of culture, of "spirits"...

Step away from the spear you don't want in you, lean against the nearest tree, strike your best pose, and ask if he still sees nothing of interest here. A great trade is about fulfilling each other's needs, so be honest about yours. Your tribe may need more breeders, but surely you're capable enough to negotiate a breeding contract that's better for him than "livestock".

Doesn't want to take us to his friends? A tryst in the woods is less cozy than a warm tent, but an orgy could have spun out of your control, anyway.
He doesn't want to leave? You'll respect that. Anyone else in your tribe might not.
He's a masochist? If you can't make a whip, you can make do with a tree branch or rope.

It is odd he's been unwilling to share his catch, considering rhinos are herbivores. Maybe he wants to resist a predatory protection racket? Best not to press him on it.

If nothing works, he still has to guide you out of the woods, to avoid the traps.
No. 1044367 ID: 5ec37b

We can't win everything. It might be best to leave for now, but we can at least offer peace between us.

Although, I kinda want to know why that bird over there is staring at us.
No. 1044384 ID: 681cb5
File 166380518692.png - (43.91KB , 700x550 , 42.png )

>I kinda want to know why that bird over there is staring at us.
It’s just a bird sitting on a branch… staring at you… with a necklace around its neck. Yeah, that crow is definitely magical in some way. Maybe that druid Gwando mentioned can control wildlife? …or maybe he can transform into a bird? That would be neat…
>It is odd he's been unwilling to share his catch, considering rhinos are herbivores.
…no, they aren’t? They may be prey, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t eat meat. They just prefer growing and trapping small game instead of hunting the larger animals like your kind do.

You put your hand over your stomach, to show him that you aren’t planning on pulling out a weapon, and comment, ”I have to admit, we don’t have much to trade for right now, but… the best I can offer you is a non-aggression pact? We agree to neither attack nor encroach on your forest if you do the same with our river?” The bull squints his eyes at you,”Why would we trust a predator to-” but before he can finish his sentence a loud caw from the bird interrupts him, ”…We agree to your non-aggression pact, Maphet.” That was a bit odd… but it worked in your favor. ”Thank you, Gwando. Though, I have to ask about what you said earlier… did you mean we’re allowed to come back when we have something to trade… or did you mean that we can’t come back at all?” Once again the birds caws before Gwando answers, ”…our pact will state that you may visit us… if you have something we are interested in to trade for.”

”Then my next question is… what will interests you?” The rhino looks at you for a moment, clearly not expecting the question, but he does finally say, ”Um… jewelry that I can pierce myself with?” and for the third time the bird caws, making Gwando add, ”…we seek tools and weapons of metal, jewels and gold, magical artifacts and willing thralls.” You make sure to memorize that for later, as both metal things and thralls might be something you can get a lot off, ”I see… and your tribe… is there more bulls than cows in it or…?” He thinks for a few seconds before replying, ”Great grandfather has equal amounts of sons, grandsons and great grandsons as he has daughters, granddaughter and great granddaughters.” Huh, so they are a big family, then? ”…and if I may ask, who is this Ifeyo you mentioned?” As soon as he hears that name again, the bull turns his collar a bit so that the thorns bites down into his hide, before looking at you with a slight disgust, ”*Snort* Of course a heathen like you wouldn’t know. She is the Goddess of Pain and Pleasure!” Another demi-god? You have never heard of her before… ”Pleasure and… pain? Really?” He lift up both his hands, using one to softly caress his own cheek while using the other hand to pinch himself, ”The words pleasure and pain means the same thing to us. Do you understand?” While the pain he’s suffering is a bit much, you can understand how pleasure and pain is connected. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good spanking? ”Hmm, I guess I do to an extent. We, on the other hand, are worshippers of the triplets that made this valley.” As you mention the triplets you watch as his anger flares up, making him almost spit as he declares ”Your gods are weak and will be consumed by Ifeyo like the rest… and our godspawn will grow in strength and-” the bird caws angrily this time, making him change his tone, ”…but we’re still willing to trade.” You give him a quick nod, ”…I see.”
No. 1044385 ID: 681cb5
File 166380519796.png - (82.05KB , 700x550 , 43.png )

”Oh, and there might be something else we’re willing to trade for…” you whisper as you take a step away from him, ”You see, we wish to increase our numbers… and a strong, young and virile bull like yourself would be an ideal mate…” before turning around and bending over a bit, ”So… what do you say? Interested?” You even give your tush a little shake to punctuate your question. ”Err… w-well… um… ” he stammers, clearly not used to a large predator lady seducing him, but the crow once again caws to get him to focus, ”…y-you will carry a Rhinotran, who we will- *CAW* …three Rhinotrans who we will keep… *CAW*CAW* …and… um… the forth will be your own kind that you will keep yourself? F-four times? Are y-you- *CAW* …s-some of my brothers will join as well, so… err… if that’s what you… want to trade for?” You look back at him over your shoulder with a warm smile, ”Four children? Really? Won’t that take a lot of time?” He looks away, blushing and trying to hide his growing erection with his hands as he stammers out, ”Oh, no, no w-we have… um… we h-have a w-way to make them g-grow real quick! From putting in the bun to taking it out in about half an hour, so… err… b-before nightfall if we start now?” So Pesi was right, they do have strong magic here... that is something you’ll need to remember for later. For now, you continue bouncing your butt at the young bull while teasing him, ”What? Right here? Well, a quick tryst in the woods is less cozy than a warm tent, but it will do…” His eyes are mesmerized by your ass moving around, though he does still manage to say something coherent, ”Err… w-we can go back to my tent if you want to… or we can just do it here? Or do you want to be tied up like the other breedingstock or…? I mean, y-you get to decide how we do it?” Stroking your rump, you ask, ”…and the deal was that I’ll make three Rhinotran young but only one Volin?” He nods several times in quick succession, before stammering out ”T-that’s right… that’s what we’re offering…”

…that’s a horrid deal. They get to use your womb four times and all you get is one Volin egg? While you’re desperate for more young, doing bad deals like that will only make things worse…
No. 1044386 ID: e4c993

Here is safest for the both of you, where the others can watch... your backs, that is. He did say many of his tribe were watching after all.
Hell, Birdy seems to be calling the shots, maybe they want to get in on the action as well if they're able? Might as well learn who is behind the beak, or at least make a good impression. Wonder if the bird can get flustered in the druid's place.
And you seem to be distracting the young bull well. Get what he wants; your deal is with him, so perhaps you can levy his preferences against his sensibilities. Don't burn bridges though.

What of twins? Could there be a cultural exchange of sorts, so they know their mother, or at least her identity? Perhaps you could arrange for making this a regular exchange, giving more opportunity to interact, learn, and offer trade, in exchange for another Volin and safe passage.
No. 1044418 ID: c11296

Learning to trade with powerful people for powerful children is an age old thing to do, maybe she can become some kind of wide range merchant matriarch with children all over, I can't help but think that is super sexy and it would propagate her cool dragon design. Imagine holding an auction for her womb and the ones who couldn't win or weren't powerful or wealthy enough to win get to grind their teeth watching the winner sow their seeds in her womb while they are all cucked by her and someone wealthy, strong, handsome, and most importantly with very well endowed genitals. Thinking of huge balls slapping her gushing hole while her womb is being drilled and the ones watching are either sobbing, red in the face from either rage, jealousy, or embarrassment, and a few of them jerking off, really gets my rocks off.
No. 1044438 ID: 36784c

Start negotiating. Offer 4 Rhinotrans and they help you get 4 Volin. If that doesn't work, go down to 3 Volin. If that doesn't work, then go down to 2 Volin and that's the lowest you'll go.

Otherwise, offer an equal number of 4 Rhinotrans and 4 Volin.

That's all I've got. Not sure how else to do this.
No. 1044439 ID: 2a82d3

>Ifeyo, Goddess of Pain and Pleasure
I doubt she's our little sister. If she is she's gotten kinky in our absence.

>”Your gods are weak and will be consumed by Ifeyo like the rest… and our godspawn will grow in strength and-”
This tribe wants to take out the rest of the tribes in the valley. Classic 4X strategy, but no less terrifying. If winds of ill omen can blow from us, this would be the time.

One has to wonder if you and Sehkmet's wind-lines had crossed over. You wouldn't lose any sleep if she had to deal with this, and finding a way to settle a dispute would have been right up your alley. That's the first step to Diplomatic Victory right there. Fat chance of winning the vote for Supreme Leader, but it would've been fun being invited to Council.

(I'm pretty sure we have Pesi committing to a Science Magic Victory, anyway)

That is a horrible deal. You're giving leverage to your opponent in a cold war.

Haggle by inverting the deal: 3 Volin, 1 Rhino You might have been willing to settle for an even trade, but they just insulted your god in assuming he can be easily eaten. Be prepared to walk away from the deal and shake your behind doing so.

OTOH, you can tease the boy or (the druid behind) the crow enough to not deal on their terms. Claim they can make it up to Talos by doing a mating ritual in honor of him. All you need is a tree to use as a pole to dance from (and to spin kick from should they gang up on you). With any luck, you'll win a successful breeding or two, and maybe even a convert to Talos, before they realize who was being dominant in those breedings.
No. 1044449 ID: 36784c

>If winds of ill omen can blow from us, this would be the time.
I’m pretty sure that might be considered to be a fart.
No. 1044480 ID: 47c51d

Let's get hung from a tree in a sex sling, then spitroasted.
No. 1044626 ID: 681cb5
File 166403771555.png - (114.18KB , 700x550 , 44.png )

>I doubt she's our little sister. If she is she's gotten kinky in our absence.
They said Ifeyo was a god, so there’s no way they can be a sibling to Telos. Well, they probably are just a demi-god, but still. And the godspawn they mentioned is probably the child of Ifeyo as well…
>This tribe wants to take out the rest of the tribes in the valley.
...isn’t that what most tribes want? To take control over the area they live in? Though you prefer to do that by showing of your superior culture and make them join willingly, but in the end it’s the same thing.
>Offer 4 Rhinotrans and they help you get 4 Volin.
Err… will your body even be able to handle 8 children at once? Let’s slow down a bit, dear, no need to rush.
>Learning to trade with powerful people for powerful children is an age old thing to do, maybe she can become some kind of wide range merchant matriarch with children all over. Imagine holding an auction for her womb…
Well, if people want your beautiful body, they’ll just have to travel to your tribe, won’t they? Though, the idea of putting your womb up for action for people to bid on does sound interesting… after all, your beauty and fertility is just another goods that can be traded.

”No offence, but I get the feeling you’re a bit new at this? Is this your… mmm… first time?” you purr while wiggling your butt, making the bull stammer, ”Err… heh… um…” Bending over even more to keep his attention, you scold him about what he said earlier, ”Because not only did you insult my gods, but your trade offer feels like an insult as well…” He looks away… or at least tries to, clearly feeling a bit guilty, ”That’s not-” but before you let him explain, you whisper in a sultry tone, ”But I’m sure it was just a little misunderstanding, dear. Nothing to fret about. In fact, you can make it up to little old me… do you want to do that, dear? Make things right with mommy?” The young Rhino’s eyes follows each bounce and sway of your behind, enthralling him with your dance, ”I… do?” As he’s completely mesmerized, you take a step back and get a little bit closer to him, all while you continue your seductive whisper, ”Of course you would, dear. You’re a good boy after all… and good boys get rewarded.” As that last word leaves your snout, your butt hits his hips, pressing itself against his growing bulge, ”We do?” Grinding against his body, you feel his manhood grow into its full length beneath his clothes, clearly eager to make a deal with you, ”So first, let’s honor my godspawn Telos, by doing a mating ritual in his honor.” The bull thrust his hips against your butt, desperate to go even further, ”M-m-mating!?” As he stands there stammering, you start to pull at his skirt with your tail, ”That’s right… mating… intercourse… just you… and little old me… together… BREEDING…” With each word, you pull a little bit harder… and on the last word, you pull away his clothes and releases his massive, bronze studded member for the world to see. And impressive display… and he even got a ring through the tip that seems to be real gold! ”Err… that’s… um…” the bull stammers as you start to grind his manhood against your rump. Now that he’s under your thrall, it’s time to start trading…

”But first, we need to change our deal a bit, don’t we? You wouldn’t mind doing that for little old me, would you? I would be ever so… mmm… grateful, handsome…” You feel him throb with each movement of your body, and after a little while he manages to stammer out, ”O-of course I’ll help!” With a warm smile, you look back at him and whispers, ”That’s good to hear… so… heh… how does it sound if we invert the deal, hmm? Make it so that little old you give mommy here three Volin eggs instead of one? And then… if you still have it in you, which I’m sure such a strong and handsome bull like yourself will, we can make a cute little Rhino child tougher. How does that sound, dear?” He nods, clearly not registering what you just said with the exception of the making children part, ”T-that sounds amazing! Let’s d-d-do it! R-right now! R-right here!” You can’t help but chuckle a bit, as he’s way too eager, ”Right here? Where the others of your tribe can watch? …our backs, that is? Ohoho, of course, dear… I’m sure you would love to just put me in a sex sling, hang me from a tree and then spit roast me with one of your friends…” you look up at the bird, now sitting even closer than before and cawing, though both you and Gwando has been ignoring it completely for a long while, much to its dismay, ”Or maybe, a little bird wants to join as well, hmm? Don’t you want to join us, druid, and… heh… get a chance to experience this magnificent body for yourself?” you wink at the bird while moving your hips side to side, smothering the dick behind you against the bulls chest, ”Or do you want to watch me completely destroy this cutie, hmm? It’s that what you’re into?”

No. 1044627 ID: 681cb5
File 166403772568.png - (94.35KB , 700x550 , 45.png )

A green light suddenly blinds you, and from it a deep rumbling voice bellows, ”Enough. Stop manipulating my dumb grandson, predator, and make your fiendish deals with me instead.” followed by the light subsiding, revealing an old Rhino standing where the bird was just a second ago. It is clear that this is someone of power, as his whole body is covered by piercings made of pure gold, and the fact that both his horns and legs are made of wood seem to imply he’s highly magical as well. This is clearly the magical presence Pesi felt earlier… though you have to ask why he’s naked. Maybe you can’t wear clothes as a small bird? ”It’s great grandson!” Gwando whines, but the old man just ignores him, ”I am the mighty druid Ubathan, lord of these woods and the father of this clan of Rhinotrans. Gwando there has just lost his breeding privileges so thus you will need to deal with me instead, predator.” The young bull looks devastated as he stammers, ”W-what!? But… b-but… g-great granddad!?” but the old bull shows him no mercy, ”Next time think before you let your mouth wander, boy… and don’t get so easily seduced by predator wiles, or you’ll just end up on their rump. But you want a better deal, lizard? Then fine, how about this.” he crosses his arms over his chest, clearly not caring that his flaccid member is hanging out for all to see, ”The first child you will carry will be that of a Rhino, while the second will be one of your species, predator. Then we’ll simply repeat that pattern for as long as your feeble body can handle it… while my seed may be the most powerful in the valley, your womb is pitiful and weak, so sadly it won’t last long. After that I’ll make sure you get back to your river tribe, predator. You have my word.”

His gaze never averts from your own, as he stares you down with a stern look. ”…and if I have twins?” you ask, to which he quickly answers, ”Then the species they are born as decides who will keep them.” You give little nod before continuing, ”…will this be a cultural exchange of sorts? So that they may know their mother at least? And the ones I keep their father?” The old Rhino shakes his head as he states, ”No. These that stay here will have no need for a biological mother. We will all be the family they need. I am sure your people will think the same.” in such a matter of fact way that it’s clear he simply sees the breeding that’s about to happen as business and nothing else. ”Could we arrange this to be a regular exchange? We need to increase our numbers, so this would be an ample opportunity to tie a stronger bond between our tribes and maybe offer some additional trade?” For the first time his stern expression changes for a bit, as he is considering your idea, ”…we are in need of young bulls and cows, yes, but I rather you just sell us some breedingstock instead. But very well, it might be beneficial for both our tribes to exchange mates. We will discuss that at a later date. Now, either get on your knees and worship my cock like the god it is, or get into a praying position with your face down, ass up so I can breed you like the baby factory you are.” While he’s been a bit shameless so far, you really didn’t expect him to immediately go that far. You can’t help but ask, ”Err… don’t I get a say in who I mate with?” but he just shakes his head again and tells you, ”No. No you do not. You either accept my deal and walk out of here with as many eggs as you can lay… or we’ll simply keep you as breedingstock. Though if you really want to, I can tie you up and let some of my sons gangbang you together with me, predator. Now, stop yapping and take a position.”

…while he has a bit of a dadbod under all those golden thorns, you honestly preferred the younger bull that’s currently grinding himself against your front. Hmm… then again, the druid is bound to have strong seed… even if he’s an ass. Though, do you even have a choice in the matter… or can you use your charms to get an even better deal? Hmm…
No. 1044629 ID: 908530

Sex sling spitroast time.
No. 1044640 ID: e4c993

I mean, both the grandson and the granddad look pretty good in their own ways, but Gwando's enthusiasm is quite nice.

Ubathan is offering a much better deal than you had, be careful not to scorn him by talking or bartering more than absolutely necessary, and don't make any wagers your body can't keep. He's a pompous ass, but he's also protective of his family, and has reason to be so confident. Might be a good time to try and figure out if he's got any weaknesses though. The gangbang does sound fun, so look into that, could be a chance to learn some things and get Gwando to slip on in.

His great grandson only lost right to breed, but perhaps you could convince the old guy to still let you have Gwando's first time. To mark the occasion of a successful trade/'hunt'? Failing that, shouldn't be too difficult to slip him your underwear as a momento. Gotta form bonds where you can, cause Ubathan will definitely restrict things.
No. 1044645 ID: 2a82d3

>...isn’t that what most tribes want? To take control over the area they live in?
Yes, but I doubt most gods have plans to eat the other gods. Wjares could be an exception, but it would be a little shortsighted of her. Doing so ultimately leads to monotheism which implies homogeneity which means no conflict which means no chaos which means no war which means she's out of a job. Arguments between tribes and gods are her belief fodder, so I can't see why she'd want the latter source gone.

Perhaps her godspawn thinks differently an the matter, but you should still be careful letting them build up power regardless. Not just for you or your tribe, but also any other tribe in the garden.

>do you even have a choice in the matter…
Technically speaking, you do.

If you don't return to your tribe, it's pretty much tantamount to a declaration of war on this forest. If they wanted that, or are able to take the risk now, they wouldn't have sent in their heavy hitter here. Also, your curves aren't the only thing on full display. I suspect they want to take advantage of your ignorance before your get a chance to report to your cleric and figure out whether this would be a good idea.

There's nothing stopping you from walking away from this, aside from the horniness of everyone involved. Us included.

>or can you use your charms to get an even better deal?
Not just your charms: I hope Pesi remembered to tattoo your butt before you came here. Substituting your body with hers would've been more ideal, but her magic will do.

The trick behind his deal is when you give out. If you give out on the odd-numbered breeding, he literally has one over on your tribe. If you give out on even, your only evenly-matched. Thus, you could counter this by making one amendment and being firm on it: your firstborn will be Volin.

That part is non-negotiable. If the chief won't do it, his grandson is far more willing. Blue-balling him couldn't have helped matters. In fact, he looks like he's about to propose on the spot, under Talos if need be. If negotiations fall apart, a Rhino subby-hubby would be a nice consolation prize.
No. 1044652 ID: c11296

I just realized, she looks like king k rool's mom.
No. 1044657 ID: 15c72a

Half and half is acceptable. Even if he's in the lead half the time, the longer you go the less noticeable that lead is. The worst it could be is if you can't go more than one, and I'd think you could go at least that long? Then there's 2-1 at three eggs, which is bad, and then 3-2 at five which is fine.
An even fairer deal is if it goes 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, etc. That way it alternates the unevenness.
No. 1044681 ID: 2a82d3

I was thinking about coaxing a little rebellious-ness from him to win him over as a convert*, but a spy could work too. Chief might disown him for this though, if not now then when he catches wind of it.

* We have a better shot at it than you think, if 1) she can convince him she's looking for a partner not a drumstick, and 2) it looks like she's not choosing his old man over him by choice or desire.

Given his confidence, he might be thinking she won't last one.
No. 1044695 ID: c11296

Does his great grampa breed all the girls he likes?
No. 1044839 ID: f2320a

Eh he is too old for us want young blood to further the generations also hmm the actual making of the babies is labor intensive needs food and rest
No. 1044840 ID: f2320a

Cucked/cockblocked by great grand father
No. 1044850 ID: a9af05

Remember: You're in his territory. Don't try to alter the deal any more and just accept it the way it is right now. Just be glad that he allowed it to be changed so that it's not so lopsided anymore.

Apologize and let him know that you didn't mean any disrespect. Then do as he says and get face down, with your ass in the air to let him breed you.

>you have my word
With the way he talks and acts, he seems like someone that'll keep his promises. He'll make sure you get home safely, as long as you don’t piss him off and give him a reason to take back his promise.
No. 1044868 ID: c11296

I kinda want her to make a fucked silly face in front of gwando on her boobs, and even if he isn't cock blocked by his great grandpa that doesn't mean he isn't by other relatives for multiple different reasons and girls stolen from him before he could get it, though what does he have that is worth it to stand up to his ancestor, better to just get fucked in front of him and he can jack off and we can deal with him later.
No. 1044943 ID: f2320a

I say first child must be our species no negotiation on that front as being pregnant is the hardest part takes more then sputtering some seed
No. 1045034 ID: 681cb5
File 166448527332.png - (114.55KB , 700x550 , 46.png )

>I doubt most gods have plans to eat the other gods.
Gods fight for power all the time, and some perish while others grow stronger.
>I hope Pesi remembered to tattoo your butt before you came here.
Sadly, Pesi lacked the important essence needed for her magic this morning. Hopefully she’ll find some cute boys (or gals) to drain sooner rather than later.

You lean over towards Gwando and whisper, ”Does your great grampa breed all the girls you like or…?” but apparently the druid has way better hearing that you thought, as he interject before the younger bull even have time to answer, ”I am the patriarch of this clan. As such, I have first pick on any lady or man that I might want to mate with. This dick has already fathered at least a hundred young, and it isn’t going to stop just because my foolish great grandchild wants to lose his virginity.” You turn around to face Ubathan, before bowing to him slightly, ”I have to apologize, I didn’t mean any disrespect…” but he just waves his hand in the air as he proclaims, ”Don’t apologize with words, apologize with actions, girl.” Taking the chance while he seems to be in a relative good mood, you try to haggle a little bit more, ”About that… maybe the first child should be a Volin instead of-” but the old bull interrupts immediately, ”No.” Once again, you give it a try, ”Or maybe we can go 1-0, 1-1, 1-2-” and once again, he interrupts you with a flat ”No.” Looking back at the younger bull for a second and his throbbing, eager cock, you can help and ask, ”Err… then… at least may I have Gwando’s first time? Even if he doesn’t knock me up?” which is followed by silence, as the druid just stares at you with an unamused look, ”You know, to celebrate a successful trade?” The old bull pitches the bridge of his snout as he sighs, ”Fine, if you want a weak child you may breed with him.” something that makes the younger bull almost jump in joy as he exclaims, ”What? Really? Aw yeah!” though your attention is brought back to the druid as he pokes your stomach, ”But the first two you’ll sire will be from my sack and my sack alone. Now, let us begin.” You open your mouth to say something, but before you can get a word out several vines springs out from the ground and ties you up, followed by two larger, ribbed ones aimed towards your rump and cunt. It’s clear he’s done this many times, as they manage to slide into both your ends without even stopping and immediately start thrusting in and out of you to prepare you for the coming breeding, all the while the smaller vines rips your clothes off. ”AH! C-can y-you at least warn a girl before you-” you gasp, but the old bull interrupts you as he seems to love to do, ”No. Lad, get her to shut up using your dick so that I can breed her in peace.” Gwando happily jumps towards you and grabs your head as he shouts, ”On it!” clearly eager to mate with you.
No. 1045035 ID: 681cb5
File 166448528386.png - (104.27KB , 700x550 , 47.png )

The vines constrict your arms and legs, lifting your whole body into the air, making you hang at the perfect height for the two Rhinos to breed you. The old bull starts to slowly pump his growing member with his left hand, while using his right to start painting strange symbols on your tummy and rump with a bit of his precum. The young bull on the other hand quickly grabs the side of your head and slams himself into your maw, clearly inexperienced and ignorant of your teeth. It doesn’t take long thought until Ubathan joins him, as he presses his thick member into your virgin pussy, filling it to the brim as he slides in deeper and deeper. At first his size is painful, especially when the large golden studs that adores his dick is pressed into your folds, but as he hilts inside you the pain turns into pleasure, and you understand their worship of Ifeyo, how pain and pleasure can be the same. Neither Rhino is very inclined to take it slow, as both are here to breed and nothing else, and it doesn’t take long for the older bull to find a perfect rhythm to thrust into you with. As both of them continues their plowing, you notice that more and more bulls starts emerging from the trees, clearly just as eager to breed you as these two. You’re unsure how long it has been, as your body has already been bathed by your own orgasm twice when you start to feel the druid throb inside you, soon followed by him shooting rope after rope of virile seed into you, splattering the walls of your womb with his young.

Impregnation attempt: The male Rhinotran is dominant.
Base: 45% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Rhinotran flared cocks: 15%)
Virgin: -5%
Master dad: +15%
Fertility body paint: +50%
-Total: 105% chance-

The old bulls pulls out his still throbbing cock and it doesn’t take long before another, younger bull takes his place, gripping your hips as they slam into your hard, even giving you a painful slap on your rump as they breed with you. Meanwhile, Gwando hilts himself inside your maw, pumping liter after liter of his seed into your hungry belly, feeding you with Rhino protein directly from the source… and just as before, as soon as he pulls out another bull is there to take his place, sliding into your snout and down your throat. As you’re being fucked from both directions, your stomach grows bigger and bigger, and you can feel someone is starting to move in there, kicking the walls of your womb as they matures. Soon enough, you feel how they are ready to get out, something that the druid seem to notice as well, as he orders the bull currently mating with you to pull out and change hole, instead sliding into your tight rump to mate with it instead. The Rhino’s doesn’t stop plowing your maw or ass as you give birth, only stopping to make sure that the newborn calf is taken care of before returning to fucking you. Though, as soon as the last bull fill your rump with his seed, the druid takes his place and starts breeding you again, clearly intent to make sure the next child is his as well.

You’re nothing but their breedingstock, here for the Rhino bulls to use, the please themselves with. A toy for them to play with, nothing more… well, that and a factory for their babies. As Rhino after Rhino blows their load into you all the while your belly grows, you’re starting to lose consciousness. The pleasure is simply too intense. After laying the first Volin egg as well as giving birth to the second Rhino child, you start to black out, the last thing you remember is Gwando slamming his massive member into your pussy, eager to give you your fourth child… but before he does, the world falls from your grasp… and you find yourself in the world of dreams…
No. 1045036 ID: 681cb5
File 166448529531.png - (175.24KB , 760x550 , 48.png )

The day passes and the druid keeps his promise, helping Maphet back home with her already laid egg as well as the one growing in her tummy. As the new dawn breaks, the five Volin you’ve chosen as leaders for your people gather in the main tent of the tribe for a meeting. Icaro the Hunter, Maphet the Trader, Sebak the Overseer, Smiling Sekhmet and finally Pesi the skull, all five are accounted for… though Pesi has to sit down in the corner thanks to massive, triple filled belly.

:SebakLAV: So what do the four of you have to report? What happened yesterday?

:PesiLAV: I ventured into the ruins on the other side of the river, a temple and tomb dedicated to Volek, and bathed in a spring there to receive his blessing. That very same blessing combined with my awesome powers allowed me to capture a triplet of Thumper boys, as well as make them put triplets in my tummy. Sadly, the temple collapsed soon after, but Volek left one last message that said “As a reward for worshipping me, I give to thee these stones to build a safe home for your coming family”.

:MaphetLAV: Little old me went and visited the tribe in the forest, a clan of Rhino’s lead by a powerful druid called Ubathan. While they were rather unfriendly at first, I did manage to get those cuties to warm up to us a little bit and they’ve agreed to trade with us, both in goods and young. Our first transition was an exchange of young, where they gave me two eggs to bring home and I gave them two Rhino calfs to take care off. One of them, Gwando, is a true gentleman as well, as he volunteered to escort me back here last night.

:SekhmetLAV: Ah went on a ‘unt for Varkians on the plains, but Ah found way more than Ah bargained for! Those sods are building a permanent ‘ome down there, just beyond the fields of tall grass, and there’s a ton of them there! If Ah’m correct, then there’s two different caravans that’s decided to settle down at the same place, but Ah can’t fathom why, as it’s clear that they ‘ate each other. The good news, though, is that there are larger grazing animals living in the tall grass, so Ah at least brought back some meat and leather.

:IcaroLAV: And at last we come to me, the great Icaro the Hunter! Why, not only did I catch a Tharan gal yesterday, but today I convinced her to join us as a willing thrall, just like that!
:SebakLAV: …just like that? Son, you spent most of yesterday inside her gut, being digested.
:IcaroLAV: Well… err… I mean… she said she was willing to join if she was allowed to eat me so… I… um… took one for the tribe?
:SekhmetLAV: Ha! Admit it, Icaro, yah liked being prey for once didn’t yah?
:IcaroLAV: Oh, shut it, Sekhmet.

:SebakLAV: And I made sure the workers set up all the tents and nets properly. Now, we also got a few report from the other hunters, as they’ve been scouting the nearby area. Most urgent, to the south there’s seems to be a large den of Sakkilians, out in the march, which might become a problem sooner rather than later. Other than that… well, there seems to be a few farms out on the plains… and strange statues near the mountains to the north.
Currently, the tribe has:
1 Warlock.
2 Warriors.
2 Hunters.
1 Seducer.
4 Workers.
4 Thralls.
5 Eggs (Both laid and unlaid).

Current relationship with the other tribes:
Varkian Eyrie: Natural.
+Optimistic Trader: Start at a Warm relationship.
-Predator: They dislike you because you’re predators.

Ubathan’s Clan: Cold.
-Isolationist: Start at an Unfriendly relationship.
-Predator: They dislike you because you’re predators.
+Breeding exchange: You’ve recently bred together.
+Positive first impression: Their first impression of you was positive.

Sakkilian Den: Unfriendly.
-Raiders: Starts at a Hostile relationship.
+Predator: They like you because you’re predators.
No. 1045037 ID: 681cb5
File 166448530689.png - (125.14KB , 700x550 , 49.png )

:SebakLAV: Now, the actual reason why I called this meeting. We need to decide both on what we should focus on right now as well as what we will need to do with the other tribes in the valley. Let us begin with the here and now… anyone got any ideas what we should focus on for the next few days?

:IcaroLAV: Getting more food, obviously. While the fish is enough right now, we’ll soon need to start eating our thralls if we don’t find another source of food. I suggest we either start hunting on the nearby plains or build a farm so we can grow our own food.

:MaphetLAV: We should focus on getting more trade goods and maybe build a trading post. Those Varkian are sure to come by looking for trade soon enough and the tribe in the woods are willing to trade as well. If we venture up to the mountains we might find some valuable metals we can sell… or maybe we can dig up that temple that collapsed nearby and see if we can find some gold?

:SebakLAV: Hmm… we need to increase our numbers. If we focus on getting more breedingstock as well as building a proper breeding den, we’ll be able to get more workers. The more workers we have, the more resources we can gather, no?

:SekhmetLAV: We ‘ave no defense! Let’s build a watchtower or maybe some training grounds for new warriors! We need more fighters if we are to survive!

:PesiLAV: …the gods needs attention as well. Let’s build a shrine in their honor so that we can get blessings from the triplets. Without their aid, we wouldn’t even exist, remember that.

All five have good points, but you can at most focus on two of these things at once. They are waiting for your guidance, but while you’re considering your options Sebak continues the meeting.

:SebakLAV: …and for our second subject… what are we to do with the other tribes?
:MaphetLAV: Let’s impress them! If we show them the superiority of our culture and ways, surely they’ll join us willingly! Or at least ally with us!
:SekhmetLAV: Ha! This isn’t a fairytale, little Maphet. Nah, what we need to do is to build an army and crush them before they crush us! Only by subjugating them can we be sure that we’re in control!
:PesiLAV: …we are creations of the very gods, beings blessed by the triplets themselves. Isn’t it our duty to spread this blessing to everyone else as well? I have more than one ritual that will allow us to transform them into the perfect form of a Volin, ensuring that the superior species has control of the valley, as well as spreading the gods blessing to all those lesser than us!
:SebakLAV: Honestly, I don’t care how we do it, as long as the tribe remains safe… how about you, Icaro, any ideas?
:IcaroLAV: Um… well… I dunno? Breed them and then do one of the other suggestions?

Three different ways to victory… but you can only chose one:

Inspiration: Show the other tribes the true glory of the Volin people! By superior culture and living standards, wow the other tribes to your side! Victory is achieved when the three other tribes has either sworn allegiance to your tribe or willingly joined your people as one.

Subjugation: Show the other tribes the true might of the Volin people! With superior strength, build an army and conquer the valley for your own needs! Victory is achieved when the three other tribes has either been vanquished or enslaved.

Transformation: The Volin species was not only chosen by the demi-gods, but personally created by them! It is your duty to spread this blessing to the other tribes by transforming them from their weak forms into the superior Volin shape. Victory is achieved when the majority of the populations of the other three tribes have been transformed into Volins.

What two things will the tribe focus on in the coming days… and what is your main path to victory over the other tribes? Only be defeating them and absorbing the godspawn they worship can you become a proper demi-god, and take your rightful place as the god of the Volin.
No. 1045038 ID: a7a180

Transformation, focus on numbers and food. A strong economy fuels a strong war machine.
No. 1045043 ID: e4c993

Transformation (with some themes of Inspiration on the side, perhaps? Raise good will and grant them 'boons' while boosting favorable living conditions is hard to hate?) Can't let them become one of the Demi-Gods chosen in one fell swoop every time. Some need to be dragged into the light, others respond better if they're coaxed into it or work for it. Plus, some variety is important. Focus food and fortifications, though all are necessary. We're in a divine place, going too long without a Shrine will cost us. A Shrine, Trading goods, and Food are asking to be taken if we don't have numbers or walls though.

Seems Gwando managed to gift Maphet with a child before she was disqualified after all... Or perhaps they struct a bargain of their own, walking back through the woods.
Curious about those statues, they could be dangerous or fun, likely both.
Also, unrelated to anything, but Sebak is hot, hope he gets to have some fun of his own some time
No. 1045053 ID: 629f2e

Inspiration, Food, and a Shrine to honor our gods
No. 1045058 ID: 2a82d3

Inspiration. Turning everyone into our race sounds nice, but it would turn the Valley population homogenous. Not only would the lack of variety be visually boring, we would be dismissing the other races despite their having interesting traits not in our hybrid gene pool. (Bird wings, anyone?) We can't consider ourselves the best race above the rest, if we found any other racial traits at character creation interesting. Even if there were a way to replace or add traits to ourselves, good luck not having that look ugly, that's seems like extra steps compared to developing a culture to unify multiple species.

>build queue
A shrine first. It would be interesting to figure out what miracles we can unlock. Maybe we can get improved hybridization or pregnancy stacking; it would not only help Mephet, she can't rent her womb there's no space, but also honor Shelli's legacy.

Considering that, I'm torn between trading hub or breeding den. More breeders to trade for decent stuff, or more stuff to get decent breeders to join us. I say trading hub to be nice.
No. 1045072 ID: 2a82d3

>More breeders
Should've said "more breedings", not to imply we give away our own. I thought about combining trade post and breeding den, but I don't think any pred would volunteer. That's more prey mentality. It would answer how the Varkians get along...

I'm changing my answer to Breeding Den. Gotta have a nice home for our pets, after Mephit makes her shopping run.
No. 1045094 ID: 3fe471

>Pesi has to sit down in the corner thanks to massive, triple filled belly.
You doing ok, Pesi? Try to take it easy for a bit.

>Sakkilians, out in the march, which might become a problem sooner rather than later.
With how close they are, I think we should train up some fighters for defense.

>What two things will the tribe focus on in the coming days…
Training Grounds and Shrine

>and what is your main path to victory over the other tribes?
No. 1045109 ID: c11296

We can do all those other things but focusing on subjugation would be good like turning Sekhmet into a general and putting the other tribes under our rule in our fledgling nation, not just fighting but subterfuge as well, a trading post and some defenses will help for now, being able to fight, raid, and trade will help cover most bases in the beginning then we can become more self sufficient like a shrine then farms and hunting, then breeding stock.
No. 1045132 ID: 681cb5
File 166457884366.png - (85.65KB , 700x550 , 50.png )

Slight mistake, it was supposed to be 7 eggs, not 5 last update.

”NOTE: You can still vote on how to handle the other tribes if you haven’t already done so!”

As the days pass the eggs laid by the women of the tribe hatches, releasing seven new curious hatchlings into the world. Though thanks to the magic of the garden they don’t remain hatchlings for very long, as before the end of the week they’ve already grown into fully adult Volins, ready to do their part for the tribe.

(40% chance > rolled a 3 = Great success! Rolled less than 5 = Twins!)
From the union of Icaro the Hunter and Qik-Tap the shark, a pair of twins is born! One takes after his mother and becomes a mighty warrior, while the other boy becomes a normal worker. (+1 warrior, +1 worker).

(200% = Confirmed twins, 95% chance for triplets > rolled a 35 = Success!)
From the tryst in the temple with the Thumper brothers, Pesi managed to lay triples. The first hatchling takes after her father and become a hunter, while the second becomes a hardworking worker. The last… well, she refuses to work, instead wishes to be sold off to some other tribe as either breedingstock or livestock, making her trade goods? Each to their own, you suppose… (+1 hunter, +1 workers, +1 trade goods).

(100% = Confirmed fertilization, 5% chance for twins < rolled a 42 = failure! Only one egg fertilized.)
(90% chance < rolled a 76 = Success!)
From the breeding between Maphet and the old bull Ubathan a young lad is born, and even though he’s weak physically, he is blessed with a magical gift, something that Pesi quickly notices as she takes him as his apprentice. The other hatchling, which Maphet believes was fathered by the young Rhino Gwando, becomes a worker as she grows up. (+1 warlock, +1 worker).

Tribe status: Eager!
2 Warlock. (+1)
3 Warriors. (+1)
3 Hunters. (+1)
1 Seducer.
7 Workers. (+3)
4 Thralls.
1 Trade goods. (+1)
No. 1045133 ID: 681cb5
File 166457885366.png - (97.96KB , 700x550 , 51.png )

Over the week, your tribe decides to focus on their food production and military might, going with Icaro’s and Sekhmet’s suggestions.

On the edge of the nearby plains, not far from the tribe itself, a pair of workers toils hard to ensure that the fertile soil will bear roots and greens for the tribe to eat. While the farm will be outside the main tribe grounds, and thus need extra protection, the lush plains will make up for it with an abundant harvest.

Meanwhile, the warriors of the tribe gets drilled by Sekhmet on the newly built training ground, and a lone hunter keep watch over the camp from the newly raised tower in the middle of it. While you do not yet have enough resources to build a wall, this will make sure that the fighters of the tribe can react quickly to any threat to the tribe... or even spot them before they become a threat.

While most of the week passes without trouble, two events happen on the last day that requires your attention. The guard tower and drill pays off, as the night guard manages to spot someone sneaking around the edges of the camp, and as the alarm rings out the newly trained warriors manages to use their new skills to capture said stalker. They now have them imprisoned, ready to be dealt with as you please. All the while, at the farm, the warrior who was supposed to guard it has suddenly disappeared, leaving the workers there vulnerable… all the while a hunter reports that the strange statues nearby has vanished as well.

Which ones of your five chosen will you send to deal with these two problems… and which one will you guide first?
No. 1045134 ID: a7a180

Send Ikaro and Pesi to deal with these issues. Follow Pesi.
No. 1045137 ID: c11296

Sekhmet then pesi. Follow Sekhmet.
No. 1045159 ID: 7ffd6f

>"NOTE: You can still vote on how to handle the other tribes if you haven’t already done so!”
I agree with the reasoning here >>1045058 . I'm choosing Inspiration.

>Which ones of your five chosen will you send to deal with these two problems
Sekhmet and Pesi

>…and which one will you guide first?
No. 1045165 ID: 30340b

No. 1045169 ID: 681cb5
File 166465637886.png - (94.17KB , 550x700 , 52.png )

”NOTE: You can still vote on how to handle the other tribes if you haven’t already done so!”

You are Sekhmet, the greatest ass kicker of the tribe and leader over the warrior caste. Which means you’re the one who have to deal with shit like interrogating prisoners. Last night, your warriors caught a stranger snooping around the camp, clearly acting unusual and suspicions, which combined with her being some kind of odd species you’ve never seen before can only mean trouble.

Meanwhile your friend Pesi gets to go stare at some funny looking statues and find a guard who’s slacking off near the farm, the lucky sod. She’s probably already riding his cock and draining him of his essence by now as punishment for slacking off. Hopefully you can have fucking fun here too.

Marching into the prisoner tent, you find a rather strange looking woman. She’s clearly some kind of reptile, though she’s seemingly made out of stone? It reminds you of Volek, when you saw him while you were little. But Volek is a whiny little bitch so fuck him! Wjares for life, motherfuckers! But back to the tied up prisoner before you start to blasphemy to much. She’s thin, not very muscular and really cross that you took her prisoner. Then there’s her attire… she’s the most covered person you’ve met so far, if you remembered correctly… and only white and blacks? Boring! The warriors who capture her also told you she refused to talk at all, even though she clearly understands what you’re saying. But you’re here to change that, aren’t you?

”So, are yah willing to talk yet? Tell me yer name maybe? Or the fuck yah’re doing ‘ere?” you ask her, but she just glares daggers at you and scowls, so you continue ”No? Still a bit tightlipped, eh wanker?” Still she doesn’t answer, not even non-verbally, which means you get to play with her! ”Good, because Ah was looking forward to ‘aving some fun with yah~”

Right… so the most important thing you need to figure out is why she was skulking around and spying on the camp… and which tribe she belongs to. Other than that… well, a name would be fun, but not necessary…
No. 1045174 ID: e5709d

Start off by testing out what makes her tick.
Don't start this torture and interrogation session with rape and screaming, or you'll numb her to the pain.
Poke her. Prod her. Nuzzle her. Talk about various subjects that may be sacrilegious to an alien tribe. See what makes her unreasonably angry and take notes. You'll need them for the next scout that inevitably comes along.
No. 1045176 ID: 7ffd6f

>a hunter reports that the strange statues nearby have vanished
>strange looking woman. She’s clearly some kind of reptile, though she’s seemingly made out of stone?
I think we've just discovered what happened to those statues. They moved themselves when we weren't looking! And she's probably one of them.

Also, wow, look at how thin she is! Is she starving or something?

>Then there’s her attire…she’s the most covered person you’ve met so far, if you remembered correctly…and only white and blacks? Boring!
Oh for fucks sake! Don't tell me she's one of those purity disciples! She's probably going to whine about how we shouldn't be having sex or something stupid. We should find a way to break her and get her to talk. Then we could breed her to show her all the fun things she's missing out on.

Just remember to watch out for her legs. She's made of stone and her legs aren't tied up, so she might kick you and it's gonna hurt!
No. 1045179 ID: 30340b

Looks pretty good for someone so lanky. One benefit to her wearing that much is all the more to take off.

Likely her group is tied to the statues, whether being or making them. Avoiding looking away from her, but also avoid her four eyes. Actually, stand behind her for a bit, to confirm she's not hiding a weapon, can't try anything, and to set her on edge a bit.

Should probably start by teasing her a little, see what she is weak to. Don't go for the throat, or perhaps do: those ears and neck seem sensitive, considering the latter is covered. Some kisses and fangs/claws in the mix might elicit something, but be careful of those teeth, her kind eats diamonds for all we know. Also, with all that wasted material, do they have any leftover for underwear?
No. 1045224 ID: 2a82d3

Might as well start by exchanging names, if not pleasantries. You may not need hers but she will want to shout yours when you're almost done with her. If she doesn't give hers, you can call her lame and cringe nicknames, like Four-Eyes and Stonetwig, until she relents or goes with it.

You may want to strike a balance between satisfying her and rushing things. If she's satisfied, she would open up to you, as a potential mate and sire. OTOH you may need to aid Pesi right after this. She might have saw the farm thief, if she hasn't been coordinating with him already. She has extra incentive to stall if that's the case.

Finding out if she's in cahoots should be your first inquiry: ask she's hungry and if she's eaten anything recently. If she answers yes to the former, or no the the latter, then it would seem strange she didn't hit the farm first (it's closer to any invaders, right?), unless she had accomplices.

If her followers are here, that's a bad sign. If she had plans to raze the labyrinth before, then she definitely wants to raze the garden. We may want to wrap things up sooner than later.

There's also the odd chance it's her godspawn, but it wouldn't be obvious how she made one given she hates sex. Maybe our half-sibling took after her grandmother?
No. 1045252 ID: 681cb5
File 166473880621.png - (99.40KB , 600x600 , 53.png )

>Seem strange she didn't hit the farm first (it's closer to any invaders, right?), unless she had accomplices.
The farm is indeed the most vulnerable part of your shitty little camp, and is the ideal spot to strike if you want either food or prisoners. But you’ll only see it if you come from the direction of the plains, so people can miss it. This fucker, though, was trying to snoop through your camp, though why she was doing that you still don’t know.
>There's also the odd chance it's a godspawn.
HA! Like this weakling would be half god! …well, part god… a demi-god is half god and when they breed with a mortal they make a godspawn, so… err… what were we talking about again?
>Don't start this torture and interrogation session with rape and screaming, or you'll numb her to the pain.
While a good point, it’s a bit moot as you don’t do rape. So much more fun to dominate someone completely, to make them beg you for it, make them want it, make them desire it more than anything…
>We could breed her.
Well, obviously. But later.

You start to walk around her, circling your prey while giving her a proper once over. ”Ah’m Sekhmet, the mightiest warrior of this tribe.” you say as you stop behind her, ”Just so yah ‘now what to scream when Ah breed yah later, cutie.” Looking her up and down, the only real thing of note is her lack of tail, which looks a bit odd. Leaning in towards her ear, you whisper, ”Now, what shall Ah call yah?” before giving her moment to answer, while slowly starting to pull her neck cover down, ”Eh, don’t want to tell me? Then ‘ow about… four eyes? …or maybe stonetwig?” You give her a long lick across her now exposed neck, making her shiver under your tongue, ”Mmm… or even better, seeing ‘ow sweet yah taste, ‘ow about sugar pie?” It isn’t a lie, as she tastes similar to sweet candy, something you greatly enjoy as you continue licking her much to her dismay. ”W-what are you d-doing, you fool!?” she manages to stutter as you start to nibble her ear, to which you say, ”Oh? Is something the matter? Don’t like getting licked?” before going back to licking her tasty, tasty neck. ”You’re supposed to torture me! Or threaten to eat me or… or something! Not do… whatever foolish thing you’re doing!” it’s clear you’ve gotten her off balance, that she wasn’t expected this at all. She probably was trained how to handle getting captured, but Sekhmet can’t be trained for, bitch! ”Wait, yah want to be tortured or eaten?” you ask and she’s taken a back a bit, not knowing what to say at first, ”What, no, that’s not… err…” then she looks away and gets quiet again. ”So… if yah want to be tortured, just tell me who yah are in cahoots with?” you ask her, licking her neck again, but she stays quiet, ”…or, yah ‘now, Ah won’t torture yah if yah tell me, whichever you prefer. Just answer the question, sugar pie.” She shivers as you bite the tip of her ear, and she bites her lower lip as you slowly move your tongue downwards over her neck, but she keeps staying silent, ”No? Oh well, Ah’ll continue licking yah sweet tasting neck then.”
No. 1045253 ID: 681cb5
File 166473881951.png - (55.06KB , 800x300 , 54.png )

>Confirm she's not hiding a weapon.
You’ve made sure that the warriors who caught her disarmed her and searched through everything she was carrying. Still, you haven’t had the chance to take a proper look at it yourself, so you yell at one of the shit for brains outside to go get her stuff.

Soon enough, you’re presented with a handful of things; the most prominent is some kind of mace like weapon. It’s shaped really oddly, not at all like a normal mace should look like, and it got some kind of magical runes inscribed on the shaft. Then there’s two bottles of… something. They are clearly some kind of potions, but heck if you know what they do. Lastly there’s a necklace or amulet depicting a raising sun made out of silver. Seems valuable, but you can’t really place the symbol. Oh, and she had some water and a ration made of bland gunk on her as well, but those aren’t really important.

>Wow, look at how thin she is! Is she starving or something?
Well, going by how her ration was tasteless gunk with barely any protein in it, you’re going to say she’s malnourished if anything.

”So, yah hungry?” you ask, and as if on cue, the smell of grilled fish whiffs into the tent, making her tummy growl loudly, ”Ah take that as a yes, hehe.” You turn around and walk up to her, but she looks away in embarrassment, ”So… want some food? Just tell me what Ah want to ‘now, sugar pie, and Ah’ll give it to yah.” She just stares into the ground, not making a sound. ”Yah ‘now… yeer kind are predators aren’t they? Yet, that food yah ‘ad… it didn’t ‘ave any proteins in it at all.” you say to her, and you watch as she squirm a bit in her bindings before continuing, ”Oh, Ah see ‘ow it is… yah’re a predator that don’t ‘unt and eat prey, are yah? That’s why yah’re so thin!” You punctuate that last word by giving her belly a poke, ”Is it because yah’re weak… or are yah just stupid? I bet that tummy of yeer, though, Ah’m sure it wouldn’t mind getting feed some prey, would it?” and once again, as on cue, her stomach rumbles loudly, ”Hehe, see? It said yes.”

Well, you got her talking a little bit. You just need to continue your assault on her. Hmm… what should your next angle of attack be?
No. 1045263 ID: 2a82d3

>you yell at one of the shit for brains outside to go get her stuff.
Did they remember bring lunch or dinner? Did they bring enough for two? There's lots of tease potential in sensually enjoying your food in front of her, but you shouldn't deny her own food even if you'd like to make her beg for it. While you may not be a softie like Mephit, being well-fed can only boost fertility.

>oddly shaped mace
Here's an idea: If you stuck that in a fire, you could brand her with the symbol on it. The magic enchantment is a bit of a risk though, that symbol implies the opposite of what you want to do to her anyway, and it is likely her weapon after all. Since you can't be assed to call Pesi to identify it and her gear, you're better off snapping her stick. If Sugar Pie objects, she would have to tell you what they do to stop you.
No. 1045264 ID: 1483a7

Looks like a brand, to me! In some places, people use them to put marks of ownership on animals (or people) by heating it up and burning the shape of the top into their skin. But, the length of metal there is too short for that. The handle would burn. I'd bet that it applies a brand by MAGIC, either from the runes on the handle, or after something from one of those bottles is applied.

You should check whether she has any symbol like that anywhere on her body.
No. 1045265 ID: dee04d

It's rude to starve a guest, though it's also rude for a guest not to give their name. A decent way to chip at her will could be to get her to accept the food, seeing as it seems to be a 'luxury' in her eyes. Eat some so she knows it's edible and has to smell it, maybe tempt her with a taste from a surprise kiss (or force some down her throat), but getting her to accept a few morsels would be good.
Could add a little bit of the smaller vial for her to see (likely an antidote to the larger green container's 'poison', or it could be milk related, based on those colors) and see just how willing she is to take some.

If she's unhelpful and unruly, you could point out the necklace as unusually and wastefully oppulant. Basically, attack her alligance/faction, comparing what she has been taught to treasure to what she loathes.

Might want to save the big guns (ie that large tool) for later, but as an idea, proping it up between her legs so the handle is pressed against her vent could be fun, just make sure to keep your hands/legs between her thighs. Don't touch it anywhere not covered by the cloth. Probably prevents an orgasm or something, idk.
No. 1045283 ID: 15c72a

Give her a little taste. It'll make her want it more.
No. 1045345 ID: f2320a

Trade goods daughter could be kept around as livestock milk and such from her perhaps with selective breeding make better livestock
No. 1045429 ID: 681cb5
File 166488683989.png - (65.73KB , 600x500 , 55.png )

>Trade goods daughter could be kept around as livestock for milk and such, perhaps with selective breeding to make better livestock.
We should respect her wish to be traded away and besides, we can always trade her for some other livestock to milk. After all, Volin milk is for babies… but milk from prey is a delicacy.

>It's rude to starve a guest.
Guest? She’s your prisoner! You can starve her all you like until she talks!
>You shouldn't deny her own food even if you'd like to make her beg for it. While you may not be a softie like Maphet, being well-fed can only boost fertility.
Hmm, you’re right… her being malnourish will probably mean putting an egg in her will be slightly harder… and your future children needs a well-nourished mother to grow big and strong. Fine, you won’t starve her… but it’s because you want to breed her, not because you’re a wimp like Mappy.

After having a few newly grilled fishes delivered, you slowly eat one in front of her. While she tries to hide it, you can see how her eyes follow each bite you take… and how her mouth waters from the smell of it, making her drool just a little bit, which is followed by her stomach rumbling once more. ”’ere yah go, take a bite…” you say as you wave around a fish right in front of her face, though she does make it hard as she keeps moving her head around in an attempt to avoid it. ”Come on, yah’re starving! Yah’re nothing but skin and bones… err… stone and… bones? Do yah even ’ave bones? Nevermind look, it’s good!” Taking a little nibble from the fish, you exaggerate how good it is with a loud “MMM” before once again putting it right in front of her face. While she still refuses to eat it, this time she does react vocally, ”Ugh, disgusting!” You wave it around under her snout, making sure she can smell it, and you’re sure you can see her glance longingly at it for just a moment before going back to trying to avoid it. ”No, it’s fucking fantastic!” you bellow loudly, but she just stick outs her tongue and whines, ”Eating animals is a sin! She will have you burn for this!” She? Oh, now you’re getting somewhere… ”Ha! Eating animals is what nature intended. Not eating weaker prey as a predator means yah’re disrespecting the very gods! They made us this way for a reason!” She glares at you angrily, trying her best to ignore the fish that’s poking her cheek, ”They made a mistake! Only the goddess is a real god, the others are just demons in disguise, trying to trick us from the real path!” So she is some kind of fanatic after all, huh? Let’s keep going. ”Just a little bite, sugar pie?” you ask her as you take another nibble from the fish, ”Never! Oh sweet goddess, save me from-”
No. 1045430 ID: 681cb5
File 166488684775.png - (76.60KB , 600x500 , 56.png )

You shut her up by giving her a big kiss, interlocking your snouts and forcing your tongue into her mouth. Of course, you have an extra surprise for her waiting as well; the small bite of the fish you had earlier, which you push into her mouth. You’re not sure if it’s because your sudden kiss has completely caught her off-guard or if she’s just hungry, but her tongue quickly grabs the snack and swallows it, even without your help. Though you aren’t given time to play with her more as she pulls herself from you, coughing and crying out, ”*Cough*Cough* No! My fast! I’m not supposed to eat anything for another two days! And eating an animal as well!? Please forgive me, Agnieszka, I didn’t mean too!” Giving her a massive smile, you whisper, ”Come on, admit that that was some good shit, eh.” punctuating the sentence by licking the side of her snout. ”Ugh, stop it!” she whines as you continue licking her delicious scales, only stopping to say, ”Fuck nah.” before returning to the tongue lashing. ”Ngg… if I admit the fish was tasty, will you stop licking me?” You stop and consider her proposal for a bit, before shrugging and telling her, ”For a little bit, sure.” Her whole body shudders as she quietly admits it, ”Then fine, it was all salty and nice, alright? Happy!?” Your smile widens even more and you move the fish towards her snout once again, ”So yah want another little nibble then?” but she just shouts, ”No! It is still a sin to eat animals, you monster! Now untie me and let me go, or Agnieszka will have your head!”
No. 1045431 ID: 681cb5
File 166488685689.png - (104.30KB , 500x700 , 57.png )

Turning the strange weapon she had around in your hand, you can’t help but notice how similar it looks to one of those brands you use to put marks of ownership on the weakling thralls, but that can’t be right, can it? Not only does the symbol not convey how tasty the morsel is, nor how good of a breeder they are, but the handle is made of wood which would just burn the fuck up if you tried to heat it up in a fire. Hmm… yet, it is definitely a brand… which means… it must be magical? Not only do those runes heat it up, but they must also ensure that the brand does… something to whoever it marks. Maybe they become docile? Or just weak? You can’t really be assed to go get Pesi, so maybe it’s would be for the best of you just snapped the stick? Nah, Pesi would be fucking livid if you did that shit, so instead… maybe brand the gargoyle? To see what it does? Hmm… worth considering… wait, you just got an even better idea on how to use it!

”Yeer goddess will have mah fucking ‘ead, eh?” you ask her as you slowly walk behind her, idly spinning her branding iron in one hand. ”You may think yourself… nggg… powerful, but you’re just a bunch of weak sinners!” she tells you as you start to let your hands explore her body, groping her through her clothes. ”Go on.” you whisper as you start to use the weapon to poke her crotch, even though her long and thick skirt makes it hard to do so. ”Even if I don’t return, they know where you are. They will come and rescue me. They will… ah… come and burn this place to the ground.” she mumbles, though it’s clear she’s focusing more on your hands massaging her body and the pole rubbing against her below her belt. ”Oh?” you say just to keep her talking, all the while you start to grind your own junk against her, making sure she feels how you’re starting to get hard, ”The g-g-g-gah… garden belongs to her! She is the only t-true goddess! You will either convert or be made into slaves, sinner!” Just keep on talking… and you’ll keep grinding… ”And ‘ow is she planning to do that?” She squirms under your assault, her breath getting uneven as she starts thrusting a bit into the pole between her legs. ”Ha! I w-won’t… ah… goddess… I won’t talk… n-no matter what…” she whispers, ”E-even if y-you ravage me… or… nfff… knock me up with that large girl meat… I won’t… ah…” she bites her lower lips before continuing, ”Or if y-you tempt me with fish… or… ngg… d-delicious prey… I w-won’t… falter…” she has to stop and catch her breath before she can add, ”N-not even if y-you threaten to eat me… m-make me… nff… slide halfway down your throat… or… some other part of you… like y-your… ah… meat… or… rump… ah…” her whole body shudders as she arcs her back, ”No! Agnieszka will protect me! She will k-keep me from sin! She will c-cleanse this camp of sin! S-she will come… she will… ngg…”
No. 1045433 ID: 628248

Oh, her Goddess will come, but both you and her will have come many, many times before then. In fact, she'll probably have been with the whole tribe at least once and carrying a heavy clutch by the time anyone can come, or have even laid some eggs, so there would be no sneaking her out. Would be a shame if the little ones grew up without even knowing their mother's name.

Start working off some of those layers. Actually, why take things slow when you could rip open that top like the brute she expects you are. Her bottoms can stay until she breaks/begs, but you aren't beholden to her tenants: that loincloth could make for a good makeshift veil or blindfold. Plus, she's cute when she blushes.

If not for that neck restraint, you could probably shove her head down your throat and still toy with her body. Fact is though, she's so thin, she might not be worth the energy to eat, which means you'll need to put some meat on her. You've got some salty morsels you can give her, but some proper food may have to wait.

As for the tool, threaten her with it. It'll probably keep her from climaxing, but it could prevent her from being knocked up, so measure her response to the threat, and see if you can't get the truth from her. It might take her strength, and with so little, she'll need all she can for laying eggs.
No. 1045437 ID: 908530

If she won't eat fish, feed her your cum.
No. 1045441 ID: 2a82d3

Quite helpful of her to lay out what she wants in this session, albeit in reverse order: Start with a face sitting, send in a big feast (maybe including a rabbit thrall, after assuring her they can't die from it), and end with a nice breeding near guaranteed to produce an egg.

If she believes her goddess will get mad at her for such an indulgence, you'll need to come up with a convincing excuse for her. Attach her symbol to the end her club, and see if she wants to be branded with it. Any actual mental effects will likely be minor if magically enhanced at all, but she only needs a small push if she wants to.

>”Even if I don’t return, they know where you are. They will come and rescue me. They will… ah… come and burn this place to the ground.”
Her friends can't save her now! Sorry, won't save her. If they're just as fanatic as she is, they'd already believe you've corrupted her. Even now, she's already admitted to enjoying the meal. So if she wants to be with them, they would have to join her here. You can't capture them if you don't know where they are, so...
No. 1045455 ID: e5709d

Indulge her for a while. Sit down and pray to your patron god, without insulting or posturing. Ask her if this is what she wants; all of the world, praying to the goddess of purity, every second of every day in reverence to someone who is tasked with maintaining the fundamental forces of the universe and swamped with the pleas of millions.
Then ask her if she wants someone like yourself to convert and stay with her every second of every day.
Get her cerebellum to pump blood and you can get the rest of her to pump blood.
No. 1045460 ID: f2320a

Could keep around as livestock meat would make good trade goods just from just the sweetness and young mature fast enough to make it worth it
No. 1045644 ID: 681cb5
File 166509870319.png - (105.09KB , 500x700 , 58.png )

>Could keep her around as livestock, would make good trade goods.
She’s more fitting as breedingstock than food. But trading her away might be fucking worth it if you get some good shit for her… though you should keep her a virgin if that’s your plan. Virgins sell for more, after all.
>Fact is though, she's so thin, she might not be worth the energy to eat, which means you'll need to put some meat on her.
She’s also made of stone, so you have no idea if you can even digest the sod in the first place.

>Start working off some of those layers. Actually, why take things slow when you could rip open that top like the brute she expects you are.
Well, if she wants a brute…

You grab both her collar and belt, and proceed to rip them clean off her in one swift motion. ”There we go, much better!” you chuckle as her skirt falls to the ground. It takes a few moments for the prisoner to realize what just happened, making her yell, ”Ah! What are you doing!?” to which you quickly answer, ”Getting yah ready to get fucking bred, of course.” She struggles in her binds, trying in vain to cover herself, ”You brute! My goddess will ensure your sinful ways will be for naught!” You ignore her pathetic whining, instead focusing on her now naked body as you mutter, ”We’ll see about that… but first, let get some protein in that belly, so yah’ll ‘ave enough to make some sodding eggs.” It’s a bit disappointing that she lacks nips, but what is that? Is that two pussies? Now that’s some good shit, eh? ”I’ll never eat your fish, you fool. Just let me go already and cease this foolishness!”
No. 1045645 ID: 681cb5
File 166509871414.png - (113.00KB , 700x550 , 59.png )

”If yah don’t want our fish, then Ah ‘ave another salty treat for yah.” you bellow as you grab her head and forces it down towards your junk, ”Open wide, sugar pie.” She tries to turn her head away, making you rub the tip of your now erect member against her cheek, but as she opens her mouth to whine some more, you take the chance to slam yourself into her waiting maw. ”That’s right; suckle on mistress big cock like a good little breeder.” you muses as you start to thrust into her, letting your dick slide over her tongue and down into her throat, ”Yeer friends can’t save yah now, little eggslut… or more likely, won’t save yah.” as you continue fucking her face, she starts to actually move her tongue around you and sucking a little bit, ”Yeer corrupted, tainted, sucking dick and enjoying it like a real sinner… and soon yah’ll scream mah name instead of yeer goddess while Ah breed yah.” you stop thrusting into her, instead letting the gargoyle bop her head up and down your shaft, clearly eager for her treat, ”No, if yah want to be with those wankers, they ‘ave to join us ‘ere… but we can’t capture them if we don’t ‘now where they are, can we?” She looks up at you, as if she’s begging for your seed, as she starts to properly suckle on your member, ”Though, maybe they’ll come ‘ere on their own, eager to join their friend in slurping cock?” pushing her snout against your crotch, she starts to play with your rod in her mouth, letting her tongue explore it thoroughly, ”Oh, Ah’m sure yeer goddess will come eventually, but we both will ‘ave come many, many times before then.” She starts to push the tip of her tongue into the head of your dick, letting it slip in for a moment before pulling it out, as if she’s trying to sound you, ”In fact, yah’ll probably been bred by every male in the tribe, riding their dicks one after the other like the eggslut yah are.” Then she starts to bop her head back and forth again, but this time with renewed vigor, ”Yah’ll probably be carrying a heavy clutch of younglings when they finally come… and probably already laid plenty of eggs before that.” Her tongue dances over your cock, licking it all over as her maw slides up and down it at a quick pace… you won’t last much longer like this… ”Now open wide, breedingstock, becouse yeer mistress is about to give yah a treat!”
No. 1045646 ID: 681cb5
File 166509872459.png - (114.60KB , 700x550 , 60.png )

”Ngg, e-eat it all up, eggs-slut…” you yell as you start to pump your seed down her throat, making her swallow load after load for as long as her breath holds. She is forced to pull out to gasp for air, which lets you jerk off and splatter the last few shots all over her face, giving her some proper breedingstock body paint. ”A nice meal, no?” you ask while whacking your dick against her tongue, shaking off the last of your seed for her to suck up. ”More…” she begs, ”Please… g-give me more…” Her greedy eyes looks up at you, clearly completely addicted to your seed, ”Hey, yah can’t suck me dry if yah want to get bred, do yah?” She shivers, before whispering, ”Then breed me already… I need it… ah… p-please…” We’ll, you heard the fucking lady, let’s breed… now the only question is how?

You could go all out… maybe sit on her face for a bit as you send for a big feast, maybe even include one of the Thumper thrall for her to eat, before giving her a nice breeding guaranteed to produce some young. Giving her a proper meal will surely increase the chances of impregnation… but you’ll need to untie her if this is your plan, which might let her get up to mischief.

Another idea is to just let her keep hanging here and invite over all the males of the tribes to have fun with her… after you’ve had your own fun, of course. This will definitely end with her being pregnant, but… well, chances are that it won’t be your eggs in her belly…

Hmm… maybe you’ll make it a quickie? Just lift her legs up and breed her as fast as you can?

Or you can just eat her… maybe even fuck and eat her at the same time? Hmm… maybe fuck and pretend to eat her? If you do eat her, while she’ll probably be delicious, she might not return to the camp. You’ll just have to hope you’ve dominated her enough for her to return willingly instead of returning to her old tribe. Best way to dominate her is to put a kid in her belly, of course.

Finally, you can just leave her like this, doing a final tease and letting her remain a virgin for now. Then you can return later and give her a proper fuck after she’s been squirming in here, being horny the whole day… or you can just sell her as a virgin to… well, either the Rhinos or the birds.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from doing something completely different either…

As you’re considering your option, you realize the brand you’re holding in your hand is red hot, as it has activated from you wielding it. ”Hmm, maybe yah want to get branded too?” you muse, and she quickly says, ”Y-yes… please…” The brand is still a mystery to you, as you’re unsure what it does, but you still play along with her fantasy, ”Want to be marked, to show everyone yah belong to us?” She squirms, her face covered in your seed as she pleads, ”Brand me… I beg you… please…. I need to be branded with that…” …is this a good idea?
No. 1045647 ID: e5709d

Sale in Virginia
No. 1045651 ID: c79342

Facesitting and a feast, followed by a breeding, sounds fantastic. Just make sure to keep her stuff out of her reach and you should be okay, ish. If she tries something mischievous, it'll only bring her further from her Goddess. That said, you should keep a guard or two on hand in the room with you: both to save your ass and to ensure both pussies get filled. If you stagger it a bit, you could make her perpetually pregnant.

Saving her as a virgin for sale isn't terrible either, seeing as she would be worth a lot. Also, she cute.
No. 1045667 ID: 2a82d3

>how to breed
Go for the feed n' breed. Whatever happens, having her leave a 5-star review of your tribe is still a win for you. After she leaves, she'll spread a "sinful" reputation that sounds awful to her people but pleasant and pleasurable to everyone else.

If she tries anything, it's not like you need an excuse to eat her on the spot. In fact, stuffing her full in both senses of the word before making her dinner is pretty hot. Though, you should hold back any vore instincts back until you're certain she'll be back, at minimum until forgets the name of who she worships.

>should I brand?
She could be into it, but, at the end of the day, it is a weapon designed by a goddess who would be very much be against what you're doing. If it just kills the mood, you could just stack the fertility odds in your favor to compensate, but now she's asking for it. She could be thinking that it would give her the clarity to escape or sabotage the camp. Clever girl.

Don't brand her, but string her along with the promise of it. If she focused on it, above all else, she would be easier to deal with.
No. 1045710 ID: f2320a

thinking more livestock in that young mature fast enough here in the valley of any species reproduces faster then most feral animal species so basically farming
No. 1045933 ID: 681cb5
File 166531646278.png - (63.86KB , 700x550 , 61.png )

>Thinking more livestock in that young mature fast enough here in the valley of any species reproduces faster than most feral animal species so basically farming.
Huh, you’re right. If you let those thumpers breed this bitch you’ll get more thralls, won’t you? Either more thumpers or more gargoyles, doesn’t really matter. Though, you’ll still need to get new ones from other sources, or else you won’t get new blood into the tribe… still, you can always trade a few of these eggsluts for different ones, can’t you? Yeah, this is a great idea…
>She could be into it, but, at the end of the day, it is a weapon designed by a goddess who would be very much be against what you're doing. She could be thinking that it would give her the clarity to escape or sabotage the camp. Clever girl.
Whatever this weapon does, it will clearly be something that’s opposite of what you want to do, which is to breed this eggslut. Either she believes it will give her clarity from her lust filled mind… or maybe it will drain her and not let her get knocked up… either way, a bad idea to use this shit.

A soon as you untie her arms, you can see her glancing towards the entrance, clearly considering to make a run for it, but before she has the chance you slam your huge rump right into her face, making her fall to the ground with you on top of her and smothering her beneath your rear.

>Go for the feed n' breed. Whatever happens, having her leave a 5-star review of your tribe is still a win for you.
How can you resist turning this little sugar pie into a meal? Though, you really should hold back your vore instincts until after you’re certain she’ll be back… so, at a minimum after she’s carrying a heavy clutch and starts moaning your name instead of her goddess.
>If she tries anything, it's not like you need an excuse to eat her on the spot.

As you consider your options, you wiggle your tush a bit, completely engulfing your prey in the very thing she’ll soon be part of. But then she catches you by surprise, as you feel her tongue start to greedily lick your rear, eagerly eating you out in a vain attempt to sate her hunger.

>Just make sure to keep her stuff out of her reach and you should be okay, ish.
You make sure to put her stuff at the other end of the tent, far out of reach from the cheeky gargoyle.
>That said, you should keep a guard or two on hand in the room with you: both to save your ass and to ensure both pussies get filled.
Hey, you got two cocks, remember? You can fill those pussies just fine by yourself! But having someone to watch your ass… and then maybe continue breeding this eggslut after you’ve taken your turn, does seem like a good idea.
>If you stagger it a bit, you could make her perpetually pregnant.
…does she even have two wombs, or does both pussies lead to one and the same? …this shit need further testing... done by knocking her up repeatedly, of course.
>Also, she cute.
Which is why you need to breed her! A cutie like her deserve being filled with eggs! Your eggs, to be precise!

Lifting your rear up a bit to give her some air, you call out for some other males to come in here and breed her with you, but once again she surprises you as she grabs your hips and slams her own snout deep into your rump, continuing the rimjob from earlier by fucking your back entrance with her own face. It’s clear she loves every second of this and so do you.
No. 1045934 ID: 681cb5
File 166531647618.png - (119.10KB , 600x550 , 62.png )

You don’t have to wait long until three other males enter the tent, allowing you to start breeding the eggslut gargoyle. Pushing her face into the ground and lifting her ass up, you take your know erect twin members and easily slide yourself into her hungry lower lips. While you’re no expert in pussies, you’re sure this one is rather strange, as it feels like sliding your dick in between some very slick rocks, unmoving yet just big enough to let you slide between them. It’s quite exciting, as it feels like if she moves you’ll be crushed between the rocks inside her, yet you know she’s too much of a cock addict to do so, though you don’t think she has to ability to do so in the first place. Then you hear one of the other males kick something out of her hand and tell her there’s no point in trying to escape, she’s breedingstock from now on, and brand from earlier rolls away from her hand, as she must have been able to get ahold of it while you were distracted from plowing her tush somehow. Her arms are far longer than you expect, and if it wasn’t for you putting them far away and having other warriors in here, she might have been able to brand you.

”Oh, A-Agnieszka, save me…” she whispers as you pick up speed, fucking her behind harder and harder as she moans, ”Oh Goddess, Oh Goddess, OH GODDESS!” Her face turns into a goofy smile, her tongue lolling out onto the floor as she drools a bit. ”Ngg… Sekhmet…” she whimpers, and when you start breeding her as hard as you can she starts to scream your name with each thrust, ”Oh Sekhmet, Oh Sekhmet, OH SEKHMET!!!” Slamming your hips against her stony, hard rear, you hilt yourself inside her and unleashes a torrent of your seed into her, bathing her rightmost pussy in your baby making juice all the while she screams in orgasmic bliss: ”BREED ME LIKE THE EGGSLUT I AM! OH FUCK!!!”

Impregnation attempt: The Volin girl cock is dominant.
Base: 25% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Gargoyle stone eggs: -5%)
Virgin: -5% x2
Secret fetish (Being used as breeding stock): +20%
-Total: 35% chance-

Sadly, you can, like most Volin’s, only blow your load through one dick at the time, which means if she does indeed have twin wombs, another one of the males in the tent will have the pleasure to be the one who first get a chance to impregnate it. Pulling out, you look over to the next male in line, a hunter who you barely know the name of, who quickly takes your place and starts breeding the slut again. If these boys have enough stamina, you’re sure you can continue breeding this bitch all day as long as you take turns… and then at dinner time… well, at least you’re going to get a good, cream filled meal today, no?
Then you get the feeling of someone else that is trying to get your attention… and you’re dragged away from the gangbang into the fields of grass just outside the camp…
No. 1045935 ID: 681cb5
File 166531649045.png - (92.11KB , 700x550 , 63.png )

You are Pesi the Skull, the warlock of the Volin tribe, and you’ve just found what remains of the farm guard out on the plains.

Having left your apprentice to keep watch at the farm itself, as well as instructing him to enchant the workers with magical body paint there to increase their effectiveness, you ventured out alone into the tall grass. Seeing as you’re not tracker all you had to go on was the strange sounds the farmers had heard earlier, right after the warrior that was supposed to guard them had disappeared, which in the end meant that you’ve been going around blindly in the tall grass hoping to find something.

But as luck would have it, you just managed to stumble onto what seems to be what remains of said warrior. His helmet, clothes and Khopesh lies in the grass, together with the essence of the warrior himself splattered on the ground. While you can’t say for certain what happened here, you can make a guess; the warrior was lured out here by someone and then ambushed. Going by the essence and ripped off clothes, it’s also clear that he was bred by whoever attacked him… and seeing how the Khopesh is cleaved in two yet there being barely any signs of an altercation, whatever it was that attacked him must have been rather powerful. He didn’t stand a chance.

Looking around, you can see those odd statues standing not far from here… and you can feel the warrior’s essence leading that way. You can also smell the stench of magic coming from that direction as well, though it’s rather faint. Hmm… if whatever attacked this guard took him down this easily, maybe it’s a bad idea to go on alone? But then again, if you leave now, the tracks to the assailant might disappear before you get back with reinforcements.

Current status:
Class: Warlock
Primary stat: Magic.
Combat style 1: Syphon essence (Can steal non-physical things from the enemy and give it to yourself.)
Combat style 2: Solid Darkness (Manipulate shadows and make them solid, including your own.)
Special skill 1: Magical body paint (By using the life essence of others, you can take some time and paint magical runes on a living being (including yourself) that will increase or decrease a chosen attribute significantly, for example strength, lust, fertility, speed or even things like luck. Can also be used to remove certain defuffs like drained, enthralled, berserk or even the lowered male pregnancy chance.)
Special skill 2: Sense Magic.
Equipment: A small knife as well as the tools necessary to collect bones and life essence.
Current buffs: Recently bred (-10% fertility).
No. 1045940 ID: 262a76

Finally, we moved on.
This is a recon mission, Pesi. Track the beast down but do not engage.
No. 1045954 ID: 36784c

>the Khopesh is cleaved in two yet there being barely any signs of an altercation, whatever it was that attacked him must have been rather powerful.
Yeah, that’s a problem.

Weren’t those further away last time you saw them? I’m pretty sure they were closer to the mountain.

Perhaps the statues are able to move? They might be the same species as the stone prisoner that was caught earlier and they’re holding still to try and pretend to be statues.

If those “statues” are responsible for what happened, it’s not a good idea to go by yourself. They’d overwhelm you with their superior strength!
No. 1045987 ID: 681cb5
File 166535691240.png - (119.32KB , 700x550 , 64.png )

Hunched down, you hide yourself in the tall grass as you move towards the statues. This is a recon mission after all, so you should keep yourself out of trouble if possible. Especially considering whatever attacked the guard broke his sword without problem. Standing in a small clearing, you find two strange… insect like… statues? No, they aren’t made out of stone; they are made of some strange gray metal? You’re not surprised that the scout thought they were statues, as their grey coloring combined with the complete lack of movement makes them some more like sculptures than… um… whatever they are.

>Weren’t those further away last time you saw them? I’m pretty sure they were closer to the mountain.
Last you heard there were four odd statues spotted closer to the mountains, indeed, but they have all disappeared. It is possible that these two where part of that group, as surely one of your scouts would have spotted them if they were here last week. Can they move? Or has someone else been moving them for some other reason?

You stay hidden for some time and observe them… but absolutely nothing happens. They are just standing there, perfectly still. They don’t show any signs of breathing, posture changing, blinking, not even a twitch from one of their antennas! You even touch their shadow with your own, but they have no essence at all for you to syphon, so they might not even be alive. Maybe these things are some kind of sculpture, not made out of stone, but made from metal and… you’re not sure what that black material is, but it’s clearly not organic in nature. The more you watch these two, the more question is left unanswered…

What is obvious is that you really don’t want to fight these things. If they were responsible for what happened to the guard, then you won’t be able to handle both of them at once. You still haven’t found out what happened to the guard, though, which is your main objective…
No. 1045988 ID: a7a180

You'll have to sneak around. They seem to have an unparalleled economy of motion, just because they don't react now doesn't mean they will act the same once they sense you. Get closer to the mountains and look for the trail again.
No. 1045990 ID: 1d9617

Not sure what to do, but the symbol on their heads are that of the Goddess, it seems. The right one's abdomen seems swollen and has a small bump, perhaps your shadow could poke that? And the left one seems to have a drop of the soldier's essence on her foot. Their features are quite pronounced for things associated with the Goddess, yet there are no clear 'ports' on them, so the must've done something to get him off. Also, their frames are likely strong, but they necessarily wouldn't have to strike to render the weapon broken. In all likelihood, these 'drones' have a 'queen' to command them somewhere underground. Perhaps they have some means of converting others to their 'species' as well? They don't look like they couldn't dig very well though, so why the ant visage?
No. 1045991 ID: 36784c

Maybe these things only move at certain times of the day? That might be what the sun symbols on their heads are for.

>You still haven’t found out what happened to the guard, though, which is your main objective…
The one on the left has some more of the warrior’s essence on its foot. And the one on the right has something bulging out from inside its……butt? Or whatever the proper name for it is.

I think the warrior is trapped inside the one on the right.
No. 1045992 ID: 15c72a

Do you still sense magic? Or the guard's essence? Concentrate, keep tracking, stay out of sight.
No. 1046015 ID: 2a82d3

Is it possible where you found his gear isn't the same place as his last battle? Gas or liquid pressure, like from a powerful burp or essence release, can throw an object quite far.

Your hunters reported four statues, you only see two. Keep your senses up, or you're going to get a repeat of Volek's fountain. With any luck, the guard really did take out one or two out before his capture.

Did you gather enough leftover essence to paint yourself? I recommend boosting your luck or agility, to find an opening.

See how you can get them to react. Can you make a shadow solid enough to work as a golem or minion? You could send one in, or use one to throw your voice. Heck, dress him up using the gear you found.

Ants can't be individually strong, so they have to coordinate somehow. How do you think they communicate? Can you see anything that would give you a hint, or are they like Uredo and sleep to conserve energy?
No. 1046159 ID: 681cb5
File 166551161728.png - (91.21KB , 700x550 , 65.png )

>Is it possible where you found his gear isn't the same place as his last battle?
You’re no expert in tracking, but going by the essence you felt you’re pretty sure the guard at least was there at one point or another.
>The symbol on their heads is that of the Goddess, it seems.
If you recall the education from your youth, you’re pretty sure that is indeed the symbol of Agnieszka, first born of the gods and lady of purity. Though, these golems proportions seems a bit to pronounced for anything associated with her. Hmm… and they don’t have any visible ‘ports’ either, but they might just be hidden.
>Do you still sense magic? Or the guard's essence?
This whole area reeks of magic, so it’s clear that these being aren’t mundane in origin. As for the guard’s essence, it is faint but it leads right into the clearing. Of course, unless you want to walk right up to those things you can’t really follow it from here. Hmm… wait, doesn’t the one on the left have some more of the warrior’s essence stuck on its foot? And the one on the right has something moving slightly inside its abdomen… looks like kicking? Your first thought is that it’s the missing warrior, but that thing is way too small for him to be still moving if that’s the case… but you can feel the essence of someone in there… someone that’s moving slightly…

>Did you gather enough leftover essence to paint yourself? I recommend boosting your agility.
While the essence left from the guard isn’t enough to be useful, you have been draining the rabbit triplets on their essence regularly, which means you have more than enough of it at the moment. Drawing a few eldritch symbols on your chest and stomach, you can feel the thumpers essence flow through your body, making you feel almost weightless and agile. With this newfound dexterity you easily stalk through the grass in complete silence, quickly moving around the small clearing towards the mountains. You don’t know how fast or strong these things might be, so you better keep yourself hidden from them. After all, your scout saw four earlier, so there’s bound to be more of them around. Unless that unlucky warrior managed to take one or two out, though that’s seems unlikely.

Suddenly, you find yourself right behind one of them, this one seemingly male with a rather large gut who was hidden in the tall grass right next to the clearing. You’re just lucky it was turned the other way, or you’d accidently walk right into its sight. But before you can leave, it starts beeping. ”*BEEP* Biofuel conversion at 70%.” it says in an extremely deep and completely monotone voice, ”Muscular male of [Unknown species] was rich on proteins and energy. [Unknown species] is deemed acceptable for refueling and insemination.” Unknown species, huh? Is it talking about the Volin? And here you though they were like the Uredo and feed on sunlight, but it seems they are actually feeding on… um… well, let just say you think you know what happened to the guard. You can see its eye flash in different colors before it continues, followed by a similar light show made by the two female ones in the clearing right in front of you. Then, with the exact same voice, the leftmost female speaks, ”Insemination with [Unknown species] seed was successful! This unit requires additional biofuel to ensure healthy young.” The other females eye turns red for a second before it starts talking with the same voice as well, ”*BEEP* This unit detected two [Unknown species] near small structure to the south on last recon.” Wait, structure to the south? Are they talking about the farm? ”Engaging hunt mode. Priority two: Convert sinners into biofuel.” Oh Ptamet, you better warn-
No. 1046160 ID: 681cb5
File 166551163174.png - (114.32KB , 700x550 , 66.png )

”FERTILE WOMB DETECTED!” a voice screams out in the same monotone way as the rest, ”Priority one engage: Create more followers for the glory of Agnieszka!” The fourth ‘statue’ has appeared, another male one, and it’s swinging its tentacle arms around while scanning the high grass for what you can only assume is you. ”Attention, female, please come forth and ready yourself for a quick breeding.” it bellows, which is followed by its crotch opening up and a rather large sack and member falls out. It seems these small guys are packing after all, ”This unit will penetrate the females vagina and impregnate your womb. Resistance is futile.” You swear its gaze falls right on top you, making you almost trip, but before you can make a sound your body paint pulses with power and allowing you to catch yourself. The golem continues its search, clearly unaware of your exact location, though it seems to know that you’re somewhere in this direction. ”If done willingly, this unit will not convert female into biofuel afterwards.” it tries to bargain, ”If female submit to insemination now, we will also let the female chose what species you will be impregnated with. This includes: Hiver, Jackal, Kat’ka, Myrin, Ratling, Rhinotran, Sakkilian, Serpents, Slime, Tharan, Thumparum, Uredo, Varkian or Zalbian. This offer will only last for another 10 minutes so act now.” Well, if you don’t want to get knocked up and save the farm, you better come up with a plan. While you can’t take all four of them in direct combat, you’re sure there’s another way to do this… or several…

>Can you make a shadow solid enough to work as a golem or minion?
While you can make a person shaped shadow, you can’t really control it well enough to make it a minion. It can hold onto things but that’s about it… which is why you usually just make tentacles, easier that way. It might be enough to distract these things thought…

”Please reveal yourself. This unit cannot breed the female unless you give it your location.” the ant humps the air a few times in what you can almost call desperation, ”Your resistance only makes this unit’s inseminator harder.”

No. 1046161 ID: a7a180

How did he even..? If he shows up again that guy is getting scut work from now on.
Use shadow minions for a distraction by rustling grass as you flee.
No. 1046164 ID: 2a82d3

Above all else, stay hidden. They appear to be of one mind. If one of them should find you, all of them will know where you are and swarm you. Most likely, that's how they overwhelmed the guard in one turn. The only way to fight back by setting tentacle traps.

The only possible way to win is to divide and conquer. Find a way to separate one from its' group physically. Then, dominate him so hard he gains enough individuality to break away from the collective. (Maybe messing with their forehead symbol might help.) You couldn't absorb essence before, but that's might be because they didn't expose themselves yet, like the fourth one now.

Then again, the magic from your body paint can only hold out for so long. If there's really no way to absorb more essence from them, to keep your sole advantage going, it would be wiser to cut and run.
No. 1046168 ID: d7042b

They've already eaten at least one of our farm guards, and they're going after the farmers right now. We can't trust the offer. Let's engage the ones headed to the farm in battle.
No. 1046170 ID: 36784c

These things are meant to serve Agnieszka, right? Kinda weird that the purity goddess would allow these things to exist. Seems almost hypocritical if you ask me. Especially with that one offering you a chance to get bred.

>What do?
Don’t take that one’s offer. Because you’re an unknown species, it’ll probably not want to let you leave.

Your combat style is ineffective against these things, since you can’t drain them or anything. It might be best to head home and get the warriors ready to fight. If enough of them swarm these things, they should be strong enough to smash these things to pieces. Hopefully because these things aren’t really “alive”, you’ll be allowed to damage them.

If we can take these thing apart, we can use the metal of their bodies to make better weapons.
No. 1046173 ID: e5709d

Holy shit, this is monstrous. The Goddess of Abstinence and Purity has resolved the contradiction of the requirement to sexually reproduce her followers by turning the act into a quick, painful, industrialized rape followed by immediate execution of the corrupted 'waste material'. She considers the act of copulation a necessary evil rather than a complete taboo - and evil it has become under her reign! No wonder her followers are so deranged!

I bet she tortures herself (and many, many others) whenever she needs to mother a demigod.

Don't take it. If they can murder the innocent unprovoked, they can break a promise.

Do this.
No. 1046176 ID: b38a36

Agnieszka must be desperate if she's employing these sorts of methods. Or perhaps they're more lively than she ever intended for them to be. Would be fun to awaken some individuality among them. Or to see what Pesi can do to one with some time to figure out how they work. Seem like the perfect size to gangbang a Volin as well, or be another set of interchangeable workers and toys... They've already got a little individuality as is, for example, the erect male is designated D-69, as is shown on his sizable sack.

The biggest distraction you could probably do is setting a trap under the other male remotely with your shadow, using the digesting Volin to power it, and driving the others to protect the biofuel. Bonus points if you can make it a relatively 'non hostile' shadow tentacle with a pussy and 'fertile womb', so they're stuck cycling between two directives, possibly making D-69 a bit jealous, and allowing you to slip away. Or perhaps two stage trap, one to draw the others to the distressed bellyboi, and another to bind them against each other.

Would be nice to get one on its own, but the problem with having one follow you, is that the others will be able to circle around and ambush you without you realizing. Unless you can get it thinking with the wrong head and charging off after you? Make sure you can't be snuck up on if you do.

And while you should bare in mind his offer, for the time window it provides, he said nothing of letting you go free. That said, resisting (ie making him wait) makes him harder. Say, he isn't vulnerable now that his junk is out, is he? Could sap his ability to tell friend from foe in that case, have him go after the other fertile female about, but it might get you caught. Of course, flat out agility would be best.
No. 1046435 ID: 681cb5
File 166569729423.png - (110.16KB , 700x550 , 67.png )

>How did he even…? If he shows up again that guy is getting scut work from now on.
He was probably ambushed by all four of them at once, before getting bred and then eaten. But it’s up to Sekhmet to decide if he’s punished or not… though knowing Sekhmet he’ll probably be on scut duty for a while… or just maybe gut duty…
>They've already eaten at least one of our farm guards, and they're going after the farmers right now. We can't trust the offer.
They are clearly trying to trick you, as you can’t really trust them to keep their side of the bargain. For Ptamet sake, even if they do keep their word, they never said anything about letting you go afterwards! What you need to do, though, is to get back to the farm and warn them!

>The only possible way to win is to divide and conquer. Find a way to separate one from it’s' group physically.
Hmm… but even if you can get one of them away from the others, won’t they just come running as soon as you attack? They seem to be almost of one mind, don’t they?
>Say, he isn't vulnerable now that his junk is out, is he?
Sadly, no. The problem isn’t that he had armor on him; the problem is that he is not a living creature and thus has no essence to absorb. These things are artificial golems who lack life.

Above all else, you need to keep yourself hidden. If they notice you they will swarm you and easily dominate you, pinning you to the ground and pumping load after load of their virile- err… what you mean is that they will easily overwhelm you if they know you’re here, so you better make sure they don’t. Still, you can’t let them just attack the farm either… hmm….

How do you distract a pair of horny males? Why, show them some pink, of course! Channeling your power through the thumper skull around your neck, you create body from it that looks a lot like a willing lady and while you can’t create a working womb, you can make something that at least looks like a pussy. If they are as dumb as you think they are, then they’ll be distracted trying to breed your shadow creation, wasting time as you get reinforcements at the farm.
Throwing the skull right behind the bellyboi, you watch it for a second to make sure the shadow form is actually taking shape before turning around and skulking away into the grass. For a moment, you almost believe your ruse has failed, but then the loud yell of ”Fertile pussy detected! Deploying fat dong!” rings out from behind you and dispel your doubts. As you hear one of them say, ”Fornication system online! Penetration successful!”, you know for a fact that they are distracted, and you start to run full speed towards the farm, leaving their weird mating calls behind. The last thing you hear from them is a far away bellow of ”INSEMINATE! INSEMINATE!”
No. 1046436 ID: 681cb5
File 166569730596.png - (95.29KB , 700x550 , 68.png )

>Kinda weird that the purity goddess would allow these things to exist. Seems almost hypocritical if you ask me. Especially with that one offering you a chance to get bred.
It’s a given that she too must find a way to increase her followers numbers, correct? So what better way than to use emotionless golems that can’t feel pleasure to go out and to do the deed?
>The Goddess of Abstinence and Purity has resolved the contradiction of the requirement to sexually reproduce her followers by turning the act into a quick, painful, industrialized rape followed by immediate execution of the corrupted 'waste material'.
…you wouldn’t call it execution as it isn’t possible to actually perish in this land… nor would you call it rape as everyone here is so darn horny they wouldn’t really mind getting pinned down and bred by an unknown assailant (you know you wouldn’t)… and you have no evidence for it being painful either. As for the whole quick, industrialized breeding followed by the corrupted ‘waste material’ being turned into fuel… yeah, that pretty good description, really.

Bursting out from the high grass at full speed, you manage to scare the essence out from the two workers that is manning the farm, though you barely give them time to catch their breath before you yell at them to go and get the rest of the camp guard. Without question, the two workers sprints towards the camp, the female one screaming for help while the male one looks around for any hunters or warrior that might be patrolling nearby. May Telos wind be at their backs.

As they run away you switch your focus to locating your apprentice, though it doesn’t take long for you to spot him snoring next to the nearby shed, unsurprisingly. Walking up to him, you use your shadow to bonk the top of his head, waking him up with a jolt. ”Hey, what was that for?” he whines like he usually does, ”I told you to guard the farm, apprentice, and not to take a nap.” He looks around groggily before saying, ”I’m just resting my eyes… besides, I did paint both of the farmers with essence like you said. Why can’t I take a nap?” *Sigh* if it wasn’t for his magical abilities, this boy would be completely useless. Too weak to be a warrior, too clumsy to be a hunter, too lazy to be a worker and he’s dick is way too tiny to be a breeder. Grabbing him by his necklace, you pull him up from the ground while yelling in his face, ”Because you would have ended up as food if I didn’t wake you up, numbskull. Do you have any essence left?” He stares blankly you for a moment before he answer, ”Um… enough for one more enchantment, boss. What’s going on?” You let go of him and look out towards the tall grass, as you feel your shadow creature dissipating, ”I’ll tell you as soon as the others arrive. Just get ready for a fight.”
No. 1046437 ID: 681cb5
File 166569731661.png - (187.73KB , 900x900 , 69.png )

The reinforcements from the tribe arrive, but they are far fewer than you expected. Being led by Icaro the hunter, they are only four in total, making your party only six head strong. Three hunters and one warrior… you had hoped for far more…

:PesiLAV: This is it? Where is everyone?
:IcaroLAV: What did you expect? We only got three warriors and three hunters in the tribe, remember? But not that it will matter, because with me here we’ll kick the ass of whoever is attacking us no problem!
:PesiLAV: Hmm… it will need to be enough. At least we are still more numerous than our enemy.
:IcaroLAV: So, what are we dealing with? Hopefully someone cute, am I right?
:PesiLAV: 4 golems made by Agnieszka followers. They are on their way here to consume the two farmers they saw earlier. What do we have to work with?
:IcaroLAV: Me and my hunter friends are master of ambushes and skilled ranged combatants, while the warrior guy can take a beating while giving a beating… though he isn’t very good at anything else…
:PesiLAV: While we cannot drain their essence, me and my apprentice can still use our shadows to lay traps and attack them directly, not to mention that we have enough thumper essence to enchant two people.

:IcaroLAV: So... what’s the plan, skully?
:PesiLAV: Hmm… as they aren’t alive, we should be able to take these things apart. That way we can get a better look at the mysterious metal they are wearing. Though, I’d rather capture one whole so I can study it personally…
:IcaroLAV: …and how are we supposed to do that? By asking them nicely?
:PesiLAV: …what do we have to work with on the farm?
:IcaroLAV: Well… the fence will probably barely slow them down, though it might be awkward for them to attack over it. The plowed soil is loose and hard to fight on which might be useful, though we’ll destroy some of our food if we let anyone trample over them. Finally, there are a few crates and a shed full with farming tools that we… um… can use for cover, maybe?
:PesiLAV: Not the most defensible position, then… wait, I can smell them! They are coming!
:IcaroLAV: What? Right now!?
:PesiLAV: No, they are still a minute or so away but… I can feel that they’ve split up in two groups and are on their way towards the farm.
:IcaroLAV: Then it’s time to get serious! Telos, guide our blades!

Right, time to come up with a plan of defense… if you want to minimize loses, you’ll need to be clever…

Current Party:
1 Warrior
3 Hunters (Including Icaro)
2 Warlocks (Including Pesi)
Enough essence for 2 body paint enchantments.
No. 1046440 ID: 15c72a

>farming tools
Those can generally work as makeshift weapons. Forks can be used as spears, perhaps even thrown. Scythes are a bit awkward unfortunately, shovels are decent enough if not too dull, and rakes can be used as really dumb traps, just cover them in loose soil and let the enemy walk into them for a light blow which may leave the enemy stunned for a moment and allow a followup attack.

You're going to want strength on the body paint, because these foes are very tough.
No. 1046456 ID: 1878fb

Damn, that trap worked out rather nicely. And for cold calculating machines, these golems really are dumb and horny when they want to be. Then again, everyone is horny. They expect two workers, so set it up that way as a counter ambush. Once your assistant has used his magic, he's allegedly useless, so perhaps he'd be best disguised as a feminine worker as bait? Have a trap near him (that he can't trigger himself), so he's not immediately caught. Could have him and another worker talking together in the center (to minimize conflict within the fields), surrounded by traps to catch the initial strike. Icaro is a fast enough talker/actor to cover them both, but with a crate positioned in front of/between them, the warrior could hide behind it to be up front when things start.

Two of them may approach from the right, to use the shed as cover for flanking, so a trap there would be good (or just someone waiting at the door, and slamming it open when they get close. One or two archers on laying on top of the shed would be ideal, but they might be visible. A crate in position for getting up on top of the shed more easily if that is the case, so they can hop up and shoot from the high ground.
The males will likely be a little drained, and one of them is still working on his food, so, lower priority potentially. One female is hungry but hindered, while the other is completely fine. Might want the hunters to focus fire on the one in peak form, and the antenna are probably what allow them to communicate, so a solid strike might stun them.

On enhancements, endurance or durability for the warrior, so he can be a tank, or strength to resist being gobbled up. And maybe luck for either Icaro or Pesi? Pesi seems more likely to get singled out.
Also, we've not seen much from these things, be ready for the unexpected, like tunneling up through the ground. Can shadows prevent that some happening in an area?

>should be able to take these things apart
Free fleshlights and dildos? Gotta be careful though, those things will probably still be online, considering this place. Getting one whole though would definitely be ideal.
No. 1046505 ID: 2a82d3

>plan of defense
All hunters rush the cavalry while they're still in the grass, while the warrior backed by two warlocks meets the direct force before the fence. Do not let them on the fields, or you're going to have to explain an unexpected food shortage to some very hungry predators.

>and how are we supposed to do that? By asking them nicely?
Dump the assignment on your apprentice. Either the lazy prodigy actully does find a way to pacify or control one, before or after they eat his magically-concentrated ass, or you will do so by manipulating his essence while inside one.

Try not to mention the latter parts while you're assuring him.

Rake traps are a great idea. You can also hide them in tall grass too.
No. 1046511 ID: ba5f96

Would it be in bad taste to use the apprentice as bait? Maybe get the hungry ones chasing and distracted or something
No. 1046515 ID: f2320a

Appretice if good at magic or makes alot of seed should stil breed for genetics damned the dick size
No. 1046530 ID: c11296

We could use the females as artificial wombs to get a higher pop or different slave pop from their variety of species and the males as sperm banks with better sexual prowess we could even make a champion if thats a thing.
No. 1046633 ID: 681cb5
File 166585544329.png - (221.61KB , 900x900 , 70.png )

>Apprentice if good at magic or makes a lot of seed should still breed for genetics damned the dick size.
Of course he’s going to make some kids just so he can pass on his magical skills, what you were talking about is working as a full time breeder. Someone that both makes more Volin but also keep morale high. Most ladies don’t want a small, pathetic dick after all.
>We could use the females as artificial wombs to get a higher pop or different slave pop from their variety of species and the males as sperm banks with better sexual prowess.
These things will have a lot of uses, so you better try and catch at least one of them in one piece.

>Rakes can be used as really dumb traps.
”Rakes? Really?” you ask Icaro, who gives you a sly smile, ”Trust me, it will work.” With a loud sigh, you state ”No one would be dumb enough to-” but you’re interrupted by a loud whack followed by a whiny ‘ow’ as your apprentice manages to get a rake right in his face. Icaro smile grows even wider while you pinch the sides of your snout, ”Don’t say a word…”
>Do not let them on the fields, or you're going to have to explain an unexpected food shortage to some very hungry predators.
”Worst come to worst, we still have a few thralls to eat… but yeah, let’s keep them away from our food or we’ll go hungry.”
>Would it be in bad taste to use the apprentice as bait?
”-in the center of the farm, just next to the warrior…” you instruct your apprentice, ”...and when they attack, just ask them nicely to stop. Got it? Good.” You watch as he reluctantly walk over to the warrior, who’s muscular form easily dwarfs him, and when he’s out of earshot Icaro whispers, ”You do realize he’ll get nommed immediately, right?” Glancing over to the hunter, you tell in a matter of fact voice, ”That’s the plan. If his scrawny ass at least keeps one of them busy for a moment it’s a win in my book.”

And so the plan comes together, as everyone prepares for the battle to come. Your apprentice infuses the warrior with the strength of a Sakkilian, his hand shaking as he paints the Volins large pecks and firm six-pac, though he’s forced to look away blushing when the warrior flexes his muscles and smirks at him. Meanwhile, you use what’s left of the Thumper essence you collected in the temple to repaint your own enchantment, though this time to give you luck instead of agility.

Your enemy is expecting two defenseless workers so you make sure that the warrior, who’s the one who can take a beating and sucks at hiding, as well as your apprentice, who’s useless, is in full view in the center of the farm, to make sure that they attack them first. Then, after putting a few traps in front of them, you hide yourself in the shed while Icaro and his hunters do the same behind a few crates and on the roof of said shed. Though, just to be sure they don’t try and flank you from the right, by using the shed as cover, you put a trap there as well.

It doesn’t take long before the attack comes, as they burst out from the underbrush and charges into the farm… though, you were wrong about the flank. They did indeed flank you, but they came from the left, going as far away from the camp as possible, which means one of the hunters are caught in a bad spot.
No. 1046634 ID: 681cb5
File 166585545315.png - (152.01KB , 700x550 , 71.png )

They strike fast and hard, relying on their heavily armored bodies to power through anything you can throw at them. Their bodies are almost built to nullify your species strengths, as the Volin often rely on hitting hard and taking down their prey before they can retaliate, something these things heavy armor won’t allow.

The traps barely slow them down, ensuring that your apprentice is, unsurprisingly, the first to fall. One of the ants immediately jumps towards him ass first, slamming into his face with her very rotund buttocks and forcing him to fall to the ground, where she starts to smother his face beneath her massive posterior. Meanwhile, the hunter that was flanked quickly falls to their onslaught as well, getting grabbed and stripped as she’s powerless to stop them. Then, things turns even more dire, as the warrior is caught in a pincer attack in the middle as one of the flanking ants jumps onto his back and engulfs his head, gobbling him up right there. But then the tide of battle turn as the warrior lets his anger consume him, and in his rage he grabs the ant eating him and rips its legs off, forcing it to release him.

What follows is a massacre, as Icaro finish what the warrior started, ripping the poor ant into pieces, while the hunter on the roof pelts the others with large stones, forcing them to draw back. The pregnant golem is the first to flee, probably to protect her young, leaving only two of the ants left standing. One of them charges you at full speed, its artificial mouth open wide, but before it can reach you it gets whacked in the face by a rake, forcing it to stop in its tracks. It stumbles around for a few seconds before it turns around and runs away, clearly realize it’s in way over its head.

:IcaroLAV: Pesi! Quick! They are getting away!

The two remaining ant golems, one male and one female, start running in different direction in an attempt to flee from the battle, but you have an idea on how to stop them. When they reach the grass, you can use its shadows to spawn tentacles to slow them down enough for the hunters to catch up to them… but as they are running in different directions, you can only catch one of them in this trap. Who will you catch, the male or the female one?
No. 1046635 ID: 1878fb

Either of them could be useful, but we can only catch one... Male. As nice as it would be to have an egg factory, the female almost certainly requires more bio fuel, and the male can apparently produce any sort of offspring it has recorded, and may be easier to corrupt (based on how lustful they seemed).
Plus, understanding the male's weaknesses would probably be better, since a knocked up female is inherently more defensive. First chance we get though, we should grab a female, as she would probably be rather efficient for boosting our numbers, but food is a little tight. Also, apprentice is stupid lucky.
No. 1046637 ID: 2a82d3

Female. From the male's initial offer, we know enough to guess how a golem sperm's donatior works, but we don't know how these golems' articial wombs operate. My guess is golems can't be created through biological means, therefore their females breed true to the father. If I'm wrong, we can still convert her and might even have enough to upgrade her to an Ant Queen.

Perhaps letting the pregnant one slip by us was a mistake. A Volin who worships "purity" sounds like a nightmare, and would be an affront to our religion.
No. 1046638 ID: f2320a

Guess its hunting time along with amputation the pregnant one if it lays a male will lead to a infestation and it should be slowed down by its bulk
No. 1046640 ID: 97dbda

If the apprentice lives, then we should probably congratulate him for not being turned into food yet, since this probably works as strength training probably? (Oh and uh maybe a name too)
No. 1046642 ID: 15c72a

Take the male, for the species diversity. Tempting to take the female and try to convert it to your side so you can breed servile golems, but I don't think these things work on that sort of logic system. They're behaving like hedonists, but doing so in the Purity goddess's name. They're walking contradictions, and you can't convert a contradiction.
No. 1046699 ID: c161fb

>pregnant female ran away
>Icaro and warrior rip apart a male
>2 remain
If I'm right, then the only ones left are the male that got smacked by a rake and the fat female that was sitting on the apprentice's face.

>can only catch one of them
I think we should catch the female.

>the species diversity.
We don't need species diversity, we need more of our own species.
No. 1046704 ID: 2a82d3

It makes sense that they're contradictions precisely because they're built from a puritan's idea of hedonism. They behave like hedonists in accordance to the belief that hedonism is inherently self-destructive, so without the understanding of pleasure, happiness, and empathy behind doing so. Assuming they're not just irrational, they can resolve their internal contradictions by either self-destructing once they outlive their purpose, or following a different God more compatible to their programming. Once the goddess abandons her golem, that leaves a hole begging to be filled and we've been good at that so far.

Technically, our goal is to inspire the other tribes living here to worship us. While having a big enough force to protect against external threats can do that, helping to boost their numbers can do that too. Anyone that can take the L for us, whether biological or mechanical, will help.
No. 1046741 ID: a7a180

Female. If you capture a builder unit, you can create more units under your control.
No. 1046743 ID: 36784c

>ripped male apart
Good. Now we can use that metal for ourselves. It’s much stronger than the metal we currently use for our weapons, so we should be able to put it to use.

>who to catch?
Let’s grab the female.
No. 1046783 ID: 681cb5
File 166604295513.png - (132.09KB , 700x550 , 72.png )

>If I'm right, then the only ones left are the male that got smacked by a rake and the fat female that was sitting on the apprentice's face.
That is indeed correct. The male is also the one who showed off his junk earlier and the female was the one who had the warrior essence on her foot.
>If the apprentice lives, then we should probably congratulate him for not being turned into food yet, since this probably works as strength training probably? (Oh and uh maybe a name too).
He did indeed survive, even if he spent most of the fight being smothered beneath a fat rump, so… you guess he did something useful for once, even if it was just to distract one of them for a bit. As for name… well, he might have earned a name for partaking in this fight, but we’ll see.
>Also, apprentice is stupid lucky.
…you have to admit that you were a bit jealous of him… that was a nice rump…
>Perhaps letting the pregnant one slip by us was a mistake. A Volin who worships "purity" sounds like a nightmare, and would be an affront to our religion.
You’re pretty sure the pregnant one wasn’t the one who rode the dick of the missing warrior, as it was the female that’s running away now that had his essence splattered on her. Not to mention, whatever she had in her womb was clearly not an egg… so not a Volin. So, just to be sure…

As the female golem reaches the tall grass, the shadows from it reaches out at envelops its legs and arms, trying to grapple it. While she easily rips the shadows apart, it does slow her down enough for Icaro and another hunter to catch up and naturalize her. Icaro on his part waste no time, throwing off his clothes as soon as the ant is lying on the ground and thus revealing his already hardening member. ”Time to get addicted to Volin cock, little ant.” he say with a smug smile at the same time as he’s rubbing the tip of his cock in between the legs of the golem. The ant has stopped resisting completely, even opening up her armor to give the Volin access to her wet sex, something that Icaro slides into easily. ”Penetration successful! Deploying egg for insemination.” it says in the same monotone voice as before, before adding ”Please refrain from feeling pleasure while inseminating this unit.” as Icaro starts to thrust into it. He just scoff at this, instead increasing his speed as he teases her, ”Pleasure? I’ll show you pleasure, little ant! I’ll make you beg to carry my Volin young… ngg…” You watch as he plow into her large rump over and over again, fucking the artificial life form raw. At first the ant barely reacted, but you can see that she has started to move her hips with Icaro, increasing his penetrative depth. Even her eyes and expression start to change, but then the monotonous voice returns, ”Pleasure values increasing to fast! In the name of Agnieszka, decrease your speed of thrusting!” Icaro just give her a tooth filled smile, ignoring her words and start pumping into her even quicker and harder, ”I’ll make you forget about you stupid goddess and start screaming Telos name instead!” The ant starts to move a bit erratic under his barrage, beeping each time he hilt inside her, ”ERROR! Pleasure inhibitor overclocking! Cease mating with antroid designated P-420 immediately!” He smiles even wider, before grabbing her legs and putting her into a mating press, ”Ha! I’m just getting started!” After a moment of getting into the right position, he starts to slam his large member into her over and over again, making the golem beep in pleasure. You can’t help but to let your hand travel down in between your legs, fantasizing about being that ant while fingering yourself. Fuck, you need to mate with Icaro sometime…

”MALFUNCTION! Priority one data corrupted! Recalibrating priorities…” the lucky little ant beeps before it continues, ”New priority one: Create more Volin for the glory of Telos!” As Icaro breeds this golem into its first orgasm, you bend down and scratch away the holy symbol on her forehead, replacing it with the symbol of Volek before asking, ”You shouldn’t wait until we got back to camp before you bred her, Icaro?” The male Volin, clearly on the edge of orgasm himself, just tells you, ”Ngg… n-no can do, Pesi. She deserves g-getting dicked hard right now! *Huff* Got t-to convert her to our side!” Looking down on the now moaning ant, you state the obvious, ”…well, it seems to be working at least.” The Volin loses his rhythm, slapping into the ants ass a few more time before hilting himself inside her, making her scream, ”Pleasure center at maximum capacity! Please turn this unit into a Volin egg factory! Praise be to Telos!” Icaro slowly pulls out from the ant, letting his now flaccid member fall to the ground as it pulls a large rope of his seed out from the lucky breedingstock, ”Fuck, it feels good making babies… *huff* p-praise Telos… and Volek…”

Impregnation attempt: The Volin male is dominant.
Base: 80% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Artificial womb: +50%)
Quickie: -5%
-Total: 75% chance-

No. 1046784 ID: 681cb5
File 166604296765.png - (133.90KB , 700x550 , 73.png )

:IcaroLAV: -so we successfully captured one of the golems while destroying another, forcing the remaining ones to flee from the valley.
:PesiLAV: And seeing how the warrior who was converted into biofuel returned, we did it without any real losses.
:IcaroLAV: Um… actually… one of my hunters, what’s her name, was throw into the grass and disappeared. I think the first golem that fled managed to carry her blue ass away to… wherever they have their nest.
:SebakLAV: Can we track them?
:IcaroLAV: By this point? No. I realized too late that she was gone, so the track had already gone cold.
:PesiLAV: That’s because you were busy breeding the golem we captured.
:IcaroLAV: I was just making sure it was properly converted to our side, Skully, with my massive dong.

:SebakLAV: And that strange metal you managed to scavenge? Any news on that?
:PesiLAV: I’ve been running a few test on them, but so far I’ve not been able to do anything worthwhile with the scrap we managed to grab.
:SekhmetLAV: Can’t yah just fucking melt into a sword or some shit?
:PesiLAV: We tried working it like we do bronze, but it refuses to melt.
:IcaroLAV: Maybe we need a hotter forge?
:PesiLAV: And how do you suggest we make it hotter?
:MaphetLAV: We can always trade them away. I’m sure you’ll get a fine price for them, dear.
:PesiLAV: I just need some more time to experiment, that’s all. I’m sure I can make something useful out of it. I’ll also look into how those golems works, to see if we can figure out how their wombs and sacks are designed. The problem is that this isn’t my kind of magic… I work with bones and essence, not metal and magical rocks.

:SebakLAV: We also managed to breed some information out from that gargoyle as well.
:SekhmetLAV: Those Agnieszka fuckers aren’t just planning taking over the valley, they are planning on conquering the whole bloody garden!
:IcaroLAV: What!? How are we supposed to defend from someone that can do that!?
:MaphetLAV: Maybe can make a deal with them?
:SekhmetLAV: With those fanatics? No freaking way, mate.
:SebakLAV: While they are our biggest threat, according to the gargoyle they won’t be ready to march on the valley for months, so we still have time to prepare.
:PesiLAV: We need to conquer the valley before then and unite all the tribes under one banner. Which we’ll do by transforming them into Volins, as I suggested before.
:SebakLAV: Actually, we held a vote about that…
No. 1046785 ID: 681cb5
File 166604298039.png - (178.73KB , 760x550 , 74.png )

:SebakLAV: We have come to an agreement that our primary goal is to inspire the other clans to join us willingly… and even possible worship us as the children of the very demi-gods. That way we’ll not only conquer the valley, but also create an army large enough to defeat the Agnieszka worshippers when they come.
:PesiLAV: What!? Icaro, did you seriously vote for that!?
:IcaroLAV: What can I say, Skully, the thought of having a harem of cuties from all kind of species worshipping my cock as the god it is sounds appealing to me.
:PesiLAV: Hmpf… like that will ever happen.
:MaphetLAV: So with that said, loves, I expect you all to be on your best behavior, so that we can impress our neighbors with our magnificence!
:SekhmetLAV: …we’re living if fucking tents, eating fish and wear loincloths. The fuck is magnificent about that?
:SebakLAV: Sekhmet is right, we will need to not only upgrade our living standards, but the our food sources and attires as well.
:IcaroLAV: Hmm… we might also want to aid them as best we can. They are bound to be more willing to join us if they consider us friends. I mean, I’m sure they won’t mind if the great Icaro helps them boost their numbers as well, right?
:PesiLAV: …do you always think with your loins?

:MaphetLAV: But back at the task at hand, we will have an opportunity to try and impress the Varkian tribe real soon. They have sent a trade caravan that will visit everyone in the valley, starting with the Rhino clan before moving towards us. They’ll probably reach us sometime tomorrow.
:SebakLAV: This will be the perfect moment for us to create some goodwill between our tribes… and start inspiring them join us for the greater good.
:IcaroLAV: Do we even have anything to trade?
:MaphetLAV: We have a few things, dear. Including those furs I gathered, the odd metals from the golems, our thralls and finally one of Pesi’s daughters wished to be traded away as well.
:PesiLAV: At least this way she’ll be useful.
:MaphetLAV: Though, we might want to consider getting more trade goods to offer them. The more goods we can show off, the more impressed they will be.
:SebakLAV: We might also consider how we present ourselves. If we’re to inspire them, we’ll need to look more sophisticated than a group of barbarians.
:IcaroLAV: So… what’s the plan?
:SebakLAV: I don’t know. That’s why we’re holding this meeting.
:MaphetLAV: We need to figure out how we can best show off to these Varkians…

:SekhmetLAV: Oh, and by the way, those Sakkilian wankers ‘ave started to move around down there in the march.
:SebakLAV: …do you know what they are planning?
:SekhmetLAV: Nah, all Ah can tell ye is that they ‘now about us now… and that they’ve been moving some of their warriors and Huntresses around…
:IcaroLAV: We better keep an eye on them then.

Tribe status: Content. (Decreasing)
2 Warlock.
3 Warriors.
2 Hunters. (-1)
1 Seducer.
7 Workers.
5 Thralls. (+1)
1 Artificial being. (+1)
1 Trade goods.
6 unlaid ‘eggs’ (5 Volin eggs + 1 Thumparum kit)
No. 1046786 ID: 15c72a

>And how do you suggest we make it hotter?
More air! FORCE it in with bellows! A better-sealed furnace to contain the heat! Seal it up with your best ceramics. More, better fuel! Find stuff that burns hot, I dunno. Coal coke, preferably, but charcoal can work.
The simplest device capable of smelting iron ore would be a bloomery, which is just a big ass chimney with pipes at the bottom to let in air, and you stack ore and charcoal inside it. We just need to soften existing metal though, so we just need a forge that can get really hot... simply adding bellows and increasing insulation should be enough, I think, assuming we're using charcoal and not wood.
No. 1046792 ID: 1878fb

Aside from the obvious of sprucing the place up a bit, maybe a meal? Their greatest trepidation is being turned into Volin food, so a feast might be a good gesture, though they may worry about being fattened up. A show of magic might mystify them, if we can avoid the macabre and focus on the mysterious and exotic. The Rhino boys are strong on magic though, so focus on the not being masochism/sadism related stuff, maybe? And more on "Unity": Lending your peers strength in their time of need, so that you stand stronger together, and balancing yourself with your rivals so that you may stand as equals.
Otherwise, showing that peaceful (if erotic) coexistence is possible within the camp and the culture without too much subjugation, could be a good way to earn some favor. Even if it's probably played up a little while the

Seems like the ant might be worshiping both Telos and Volek. Might want to be careful of that, in case Volek takes a little too much worship. Familial cooperation is good, but never can be too careful with gods. On a side note, assuming she still has some knowledge in that metal head of hers, she's bound to know some stuff about the Varkians, or at least in general their weaknesses, socially, societally, and physically, so you can cover their needs.
Also, first chance we get, we need to get a male, so we can start making a rogue ant colony, get them working on strategies for converting the other colony, and just cause turning the mechanical, menacing hunter into the hunted could be quite hot. Should the chance arise, catching D-69 at a later date would be fun.
No. 1046832 ID: f2320a

Should probably chop off the tentacles and lower legs perhaps they are not "alive" so they dont respawn its interesting also lets see if it can be grass feed sample the tentacles we chop off if its edible or should be used as leather or rope if cut into strips and if it regrows perhaps if we can get it to produce more buggers we got ourself some actual bonafied livestock cattle even if its just like rubber would make good pelt trading
No. 1046833 ID: f2320a

Also possibility of metal farming the ants perhaps they eat dirt filtering out metalic compounds all around useful body parts like those torso plates to be made into helmets or strapped on as crude armor
No. 1046885 ID: a9af05

You can try your best to look good, but at the end of the day, the Varkians are going to see you as a bunch of barbarians. And because of this, they'll think none of you are very smart and will attempt to cheat you out of trade goods.

I worry that a feast would drain our food resources if we use it all up in one day to try and impress the Varkians.
No. 1046894 ID: 681cb5
File 166613683248.png - (131.59KB , 700x550 , 75.png )

>More air! FORCE it in with bellows! A better-sealed furnace to contain the heat! Seal it up with your best ceramics. More, better fuel! Find stuff that burns hot, I dunno.
:SebakLAV: I might get some of my workers to upgrade our furnace… possibly make it better at keeping heat somehow… and adding some way to get more air into it for the fire to breathe.
:PesiLAV: We really should find someone who knows about smithing as well. No one in our tribes are a proper blacksmith, after all.
:SebakLAV: Hmm… and while wood is enough to melt copper, we should look for something that burns even hotter out there…
:IcaroLAV: I’ve seen the Sakkilian to the south burn some kind of black rocks… maybe that can work?

>Perhaps the ants eat dirt, filtering out metallic compounds to make their shells.
>If we can get it to produce more buggers we got ourselves some actual livestock cattle.
>Seems like the ant might be worshiping both Telos and Volek.
>On a side note, assuming she still has some knowledge in that metal head of hers, she's bound to know some stuff about the Varkians.
:PesiLAV: You four realize that those things aren’t alive, let alone organic beings?
:IcaroLAV: Hey, she felt damn alive when I bred her yesterday! Not to mention she’s clearly carrying my child today. Oh, and she even praised Telos, didn’t she?
:PesiLAV: She was just repeating what you said to her. They are clearly constructs, artificially created through magic to be able to bear children. Someone built these things for the sole purpose of mating and nothing else.
:SekhmetLAV: So we can’t just let one of the thumper fuckers get dominated by ‘er and get more ants then?
:PesiLAV: I am certain they can’t be born like we are, that instead you have to construct them by using normal metals infused with magic. I don’t know how it works, as this kind of magic isn’t my specialty, but what I am certain of is that they aren’t sentient beings. They can’t regrow their metal armor, they can’t worship anyone and they definitely can’t be born like an organic being.
>Should probably chop off the tentacles and lower legs.
:IcaroLAV: What!? Why!?
:PesiLAV: Because that way she can’t escape… and we might be able to use the material for something.
:SebakLAV: We already saw what happened to that black stuff when we broke the male one. Without magic, it just hardens and breaks apart into dust. It’s useless.
:PesiLAV: Hmm… very well, I won’t chop them off… still, should the chance arise, catching D-69 at a later date would be prudent. Or possible another male golem.
:IcaroLAV: Now that I can agree on, Skully.

:SebakLAV: Now, let us return to the subject at hand… how will we greet the birds?
:SekhmetLAV: ‘ey, why don’t we make a big feast for them? Ah would think that they would be afraid that we might turn them into Volin food, so by making a big meal for everyone we’ll show we’re not planning on turning them into ass fat.
:MaphetLAV: Now that’s a great idea!
:IcaroLAV: Though, they might think we’re just fattening them up…
:SebakLAV: We probably won’t have enough food to feed them all… but making a feast for their leaders might be an idea.
:MaphetLAV: And we must of course also look our best… any ideas on how we can spruce this place up a bit, loves?
:PesiLAV: I can bring out my best bones and skull collection for all to see. I’m sure a few thumper skulls around the camp would make it looks a lot more homely… not to mention I can put Icaro’s skull on top of the main tent.
:IcaroLAV: Wait, why do you have my skull!?
:MaphetLAV: Try and keep the bones to a minimum, sister. Let’s not scare them away with our more… macabre displays.
:SekhmetLAV: Bah! No matter how we look, they’ll consider us no better than barbarians. Ah ‘now they’ll just think us stupid and try and cheat us out of our trade goods.
:MaphetLAV: While it is true we need to be careful dear, but at least give them a chance before you call them cheaters, hmm?

:PesiLAV: Another idea is to show of our superior magical talents! Maybe make a grand ritual with skulls and-
:IcaroLAV: Mappy already said to keep the bones to a minimum, Skully.
:SekhmetLAV: Nah, what we need to do is to show off our might! Maybe a wrestling competition!? Or a mock battle!?
:MaphetLAV: Maybe I can show them the exotic, as well as erotic, dance of our people… to show them wait is waiting for them if they become our friend. Why, I might even be able to auction out my womb to them if I impress them enough…
:SebakLAV: Hmm… so long that we can focus on the “unity” of our tribes. We need to show them that we’re willing to lend them our strength in their time of need if they are willing to do the same… that we can stand stronger together.
:MaphetLAV: That sounds lovely, dear.
:SebakLAV: Or at least show them a peaceful if erotic coexistence is possible with us... heck, maybe we should try and individually befriend some of them if we can.
:IcaroLAV: …wait, you mean we should mate with them?
:SebakLAV: Well, that too.
:SekhmetLAV: Ha! Ah was planning on plowing the bloody wankers anyway.
:SebakLAV: Hmm… this is a good starts… we can still do with some more ideas if possible.

:SebakLAV: But while we continue considering other ideas on how to impress the Varkians, we can also move on to the next subject of this meeting. We have three recently born Volin whose great deeds in yesterday’s battle has earned them a proper name and title.
:SekhmetLAV: Finally, some more fuckers with some skill.
:SebakLAV: First we have the son of Icaro the Hunter, a warrior who’s heroism yesterday turned the tide of battle and saved the farm.
:IcaroLAV: Like father, like son…
:SebakLAV: Second, we have the son of Maphet the Trader, a warlock apprentice who… um… through his “heroism” managed to distract one of the golems for most of the battle… by being smothered by her large behind *Cough*.
:MaphetLAV: I’m so proud, dear!
:SebakLAV: And finally, the daughter of Pesi the Skull, a hunter who impeccable aim with her sling managed to force the golems to retreat.
:PesiLAV: Hmpf, at least she’s competent, even if it isn’t in the magical arts…
:SebakLAV: And with the blessing of Smiling Sekhmet and Sebak the Overseer, we shall name these three brave Volins as well as give them a title befitting their deeds!
No. 1046895 ID: a7a180

Throg, Mophet and Peltast.
No. 1046905 ID: c11296

Protrudus after his virility, hathor after his magic talent and beauty and bootay for her, you know.
No. 1046940 ID: 2a82d3

>We really should find someone who knows about smithing as well. No one in our tribes are a proper blacksmith, after all.
It should go without saying that any magic or skill we can't fold for our tribe, we outsource. We can exchange materials to learn what they can be built into, and than buy it back from them.

On the other hand, there is a fun way to fold knowledge into our tribe if all else fails: fold it into our kids. If they don't inherit it by nature, Mephit can convince a specialist to stay with her or Sebak to nurture and train them for a week.

>we can still do with some more ideas if possible.
Finding ways to improve the welfare of status of our thralls could improve our reputation. Showing our pets as well-fed and cared for would invite less questions about their collars. Any tribesmember could personally care for a thrall of his or her choosing, perhaps under a commitment or contract of some kind. Consider any recourse a slave has against unfair treatment under our thrall, up to and including emancipation. Some civilizations are said to have no slaves at all, crazy I know.

(Speaking of thralls: For someone who isn't magic, Icaro has been doing some really impressive animal taming feats lately. He should specialize in it.)

Materially, there isn't much we can do. As it is, we only have a farm and an army set up.
If we had a shrine, we could impress them by building up a proper religion.
If we had more workers or craftsman, we could impress them by building great works and inspiring architecture.
With the farm, that and our hunters should already be put to work delivering our feast.
With an army, the best they can do to impress them is to appoint ourselves as protectors or guardians of the garden, and hope they believe us. Protecting the trade caravan from Sakkilian raiders would make a good first impression, though.

>name them
Tacaro the warrior, Batmet the warlock, Pankmet the hunter
No. 1047049 ID: 681cb5
File 166630754501.png - (106.97KB , 700x550 , 76.png )

>The warrior, The warlock, The hunter
:SebakLAV: You can’t just give their jobs as titles, Sekhmet!
:SekhmetLAV: Why not? Icaro is called the ‘unter, isn’t ‘e?
:SebakLAV: Because he’s the best hunter the tribe has ever seen, that’s why… besides, we can’t have two people titled hunter either.
>For someone who isn't magic, Icaro has been doing some really impressive animal taming feats lately. He should specialize in it.
:IcaroLAV: They don’t call me the hunter for nothing. I’m the best there ever was in hunting down prey and converting them into willing thralls!
:PesiLAV: …with your member, of course.
:IcaroLAV: Hey, if it works, it works.

You are Sebak, the Overseer of the camp and as some would call you, the grumpy dad. But that is the thanks you get for being the only one who are willing to keep things going smoothly in the tribe. Right now, though, you’re here to hold a ceremony! ”Let us begin with the naming ceremony! Today we have gathered to beset these three brave Volin a proper name, a name that they will be known for far and wide. With Telos as our witness, in the name of Ptamet, Volek and Wjares, let these three be remembered in the halls of the gods themselves!”

You take a few steps towards the warrior, who flexes his muscles and gives you a smug smile, something that the warlock apprentice next to him seems to appreciate. After clearing your throat, you say in your deepest, most booming voice, ”The son of Icaro, the warrior born from a Tharan shark woman, for the virility shown in combat, you will henceforth be known as… Tacaro the Virile!” Icaro runs up to his sons and slaps him his back, happily shouting, ”Aw yeah, you go son!” Tacaro lifts up his arm, showing off his bracelet to his father before telling him, ”Up high, father!” A loud klink echoes through the tent as father and son hits their arms together.

You turn towards the runt of the pack, the little warlock apprentice, who is shaking in fear. ”The son of Maphet, the warlock born from a Rhinotran druid, for the magical affinity you possess, you will henceforth be known as… Batmet of the Black arts!” Even before you’ve finished, Maphet has rushed to her son side and started hugging him, ”I’m so proud of you son.” She even give him a kiss on the cheek, making him stammer a bit, ”Aw, t-thanks mommy…”

Then you turn towards the hunter, who seems to enjoying herself a bit too much watching Batmet getting smothered by his mother. ”And finally, the daughter of Pesi, the hunter born from a Thumperan bandit, for your impeccable aim, you will henceforth be known as… err… wait, seriously?” you look up from the note towards Sekhmet, who just smiles and gives you a thumb up, ”That’s the name who won the vote.” You take a deep breath before you read the note again… ”*Sigh* Very well… *Cough* Known as… Big booty Peltast…” Luckily, it seems like Peltast likes her name, as she hugs her mother from behind with a big smile. ”Well?~” she ask with a raspy voice, looking expectantly at her mother, who finally caves and says, ”…fine, you did good, ” Peltast smiles even wider, telling her ”Heh, I knew you had it in you, mom. ” as she pokes her mother’s tummy. ”…I love you.” Pesi mumbles, which is followed by Peltast loudly proclaiming, ”Love you too, mom.”

Then to end the ceremony… ”Let these names be a blessing upon you, and may Telos smile upon you all!”
No. 1047050 ID: 681cb5
File 166630755792.png - (155.88KB , 700x550 , 77.png )

>Finding ways to improve the welfare of status of our thralls could improve our reputation.
Considering how the thralls eat the same food and sleep in the same tents as the rest of us, improving the welfare of the tribe in general would be the way to go for that. So far, the thralls have been getting the same living standards as us Volin, and unless we run out of food and beds, that will probably not change.
>Consider any recourse a slave has against unfair treatment under our thrall, up to and including emancipation.
You’ll personally make sure that the thralls are treated well, just as you’ll make sure your workers are happy. As for emancipation… nothing is actually stopping them from just leaving, is there? Any thrall that wishes to leave is free to do so at their leisure, but seeing how the thumpers joined willingly, one of them even came to us on their own, and that the shark gal is happy catching fish for us, it doesn’t seem that they want to leave in the first place. By Telos, even the gargoyle doesn’t seem to wish to leave, and is rather happy ever since her belly started to grow with young.

>It should go without saying that any magic or skill we can't fold for our tribe, we outsource.
The simplest solution would be to capture a thrall with the necessary skill… or hire someone to do it for us.
>On the other hand, there is a fun way to fold knowledge into our tribe if all else fails: fold it into our kids.
…or we can breed it into the tribe. That’s probably the best way to do it. We’ll still need to either find a breedingstock or make a breeding contract with someone of that skill, though.

You make a quick visit to the tent that’s dedicated for those that are pregnant, just to make sure that the two workers that got knocked up by the rabbits are alright… as well as to get out from the rain for a bit. As you enter, you find them deep in discussion with the gargoyle, all three of their bellies heavy with eggs, with the exception of one that seems to be carrying a rabbit kit. Watching the gargoyle smile widely as she rubs her pregnant belly, you’re convinced that she wanted to be captured and bred by you from the starts, even if she refuses to admit it herself. After all, this isn’t something she would be able to get from that cult of hers. You just hope one of the eggs in her is yours. Without making your presence known, you leave to prepare for the coming guests, returning back into the rain outside.
No. 1047051 ID: 681cb5
File 166630756856.png - (65.51KB , 700x550 , 78.png )

>If we had a shrine, we could impress them by building up a proper religion.
Doesn’t these Varkian already worship the same demi-gods as you do? While teaching them the way of Telos is something you might consider in the future, right now if you want to inspire them to join you, you should show them how to worship the demi-gods properly… which, you know, require a proper shire…
>If we had more workers or craftsman, we could impress them by building great works and inspiring architecture.
Hmm… a great wonder would surely impress anyone who bore witness to it… and we can combine it with the religion idea as well. After all, if you build a grand temple dedicated to the demi-gods and Telos, people will surely come to you willingly to worship them, no?
>With an army, the best they can do to impress them is to appoint ourselves as protectors or guardians of the garden, and hope they believe us. Protecting the trade caravan from Sakkilian raiders would make a good first impression, though.
You’ll need an army first. So far you only have a handful of warriors and hunters… if you want an army, we’ll need to breed more… and find a way to make weapons and armor.

As the rain stops, you notice something moving through the nearby thicket. A few purple flags waves in their air, sticking up above the tree line, which is followed by the sound of music and the smell of myrrh and herbs. Soon, you watch as large snails carrying miniature houses slither into the camp, being steered by jackals in heavy bronze armor. Are these the Varkian traders? You’re not sure what you were expecting, but it wasn’t this…
No. 1047052 ID: 681cb5
File 166630757769.png - (141.67KB , 700x550 , 79.png )

On the first caravan, the one that’s the biggest and most luxurious, a pair of well-dressed Varkians stands and look out onto the camp. They are flanked on each side by well armored Jackals bearing wicked looking spears, clearly indicating that these two are important. You can hear the smaller male whisper to the female, ”This is it? Just a bunch of tents and mud?” The female smile and waves towards you, though you can hear her reply under her breath, ”Now now son, don’t judge the less fortunate.” The female makes a show to seem happy to see the camp, but the male looks over the tents with disgust, ”I can’t fathom why you would ever consider trading with these… these savages, mother.” The mother on her part takes a step back and retrieves something from the caravan behind her, all the while telling her son, ”The more people there are around to trade, dear, the more profitable it will be.” but he just roll his eyes and moans, ”Ugh, like these predators has anything of value. Look! That one even walking around with her chest bare! …and is that bones pierced through her nipples!? These people are animals, mother, we better leave before they get hungry.” Returning to her sons side, the female now have two strange tools in her hands, ”Oh please, little blue jay, you still have a lot to learn about trading. Now, be a dear and stay quiet. Comments like that might anger simple folk like this.” The male takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and he sighs, ”*Sigh*, yes mother, I’ll keep quiet.” and, whit a big smile, his mother says, ”Good boy.”

As the snail stops in front of you, the female Varkian takes a few steps forwards and proclaims, ”Greetings, Tribe of the River! We come with peaceful intentions and willingness to trade!” She makes a pair of grandiose gestures with her tools before pointing at herself, ”I am the Merchant Queen Neferi the Second, and this is my son, Trade Prince Nedjet the Fourth. It is an honor to meet you all.” She and her son both bows, but you can hear the boy whisper, ”The only honor here is surviving this smell…” though this only gets him an elbow to his side from his mother, ”Shush boy.” Standing up straight again, she lifts her arms up high, making the odd tools in her hands cross above her head, ”We have wares if you wish to trade, brave… err… lizards?” She glances over at her Jackals guards, as if she’s asking what your species is called, but they just shrugs their shoulders so she’s forced to continue, ”May we camp here for the night? I am sure we will make many profitable deals if you allow us too.”
No. 1047054 ID: a7a180

Perhaps the exchange we could make is a cultural one. How much for just the mom?
No. 1047067 ID: c11296

A trade of information might work, I also want to see what they're selling. Do we have any dancers? We might also be able to prostitute ourselves to the guards and workers of the caravan after being pent up from a long journey and we can use what they pay us with to trade for amenities and more.
No. 1047069 ID: f2320a

Technically slugs if they dont grow shells also food would have been good nothing wrong with fattening up guests its hospitality.
Also its funny we got males wearing bras and females going bare chested.
Did we ever consider bone carving?
Also information is trade goods such as ants, cultists.
So time too stuff these turkies until they cant move and make merry
No. 1047071 ID: f2320a

Perhaps show strenght by wrestling perhaps get hired for something also remember money has arbritary value and we have no base line value so we can be scammed, we got great bodies with fat butts
No. 1047072 ID: e82ad3

Sweet, Grumpy Dad! Definitely need to help him live up to his title, and that means more eggs.
Also, the relationships between the parents and the next generation is adorable.

There may be no pleasing the young prince, but it might be worth noting who and what draws his eye, to figure out if he's complaining to separate himself from his taboo desires, or if he's just a little shit. Sekhmet should probably be kept some distance from him to avoid trouble. He might enjoy himself, but best not to take chances.
Attitude aside, the royals are cute, and the mother is at least professional.
Pretend you don't hear the unkind words, as loose lips may be useful against them later, and greet and welcome them amicably by name and title. Let them believe you're simple if they want, but a gracious host you must be, at least until one of them tries something stupid. Give her your name and title, and the basics of who and what the Volin are.

Side objective, get Sebak and Neferi to have a date night. Wooing her won't be simple, but it would be good to foster some friendships.
No. 1047073 ID: 36784c

I think the most valuable thing we have right now is the metals from the ant golems. It's something that's stronger than bronze, which is what we mainly use and it looks like the Varkians are mostly using bronze as well. A type of metal stronger than what anyone is using MUST be valuable.
No. 1047074 ID: 2a82d3

For the night. If it's anything long-term, someone like her might want the whole tribe in exchange.

>”Shush boy.”
"Now now, son. If you get bored here, you can go play with the girls outside while the adults talk business. They don't bite. I've sworn them to it." No doubt Mephit is in the mood for some chicken thighs. He might open up more to her, than you can open up his more experienced mother. You may have to bargin with her about this, if she treats breeding rights like Ubathan did. Nobles do like arranged marriages.

>brave… err… lizards
"We are Volin, creations of the serpent Shelli the ever pregnant, chosen by our god Talos to be protectors of the garden of creation."

>”May we camp here for the night? I am sure we will make many profitable deals if you allow us too.”
"Not only would we like you to spend the night here, we insist on sending one of our warriors as your bodyguard for your trip. We are looking to prove ourselves as guardians by performing great heroic feats. Challenge us one to one if you don't believe our worth."

Request that the caravan runs trade deals by you or your trader, to prevent you simple folk from being taken advantage of. The queen could be capable of negging the whole tribe into submission. Try to have her consider spend the night in your bed anyway; more interesting trading can be done that way.

For right here and now, let's start with an exchange of pleasantries. Share how your tribe has been faring so far and ask how has her people has been adjusting to this land. Has she partaken in the pleasures of the garden yet? Any of her tribe?

Ask about the other places the caravan has been to. Anything news, or interesting trades, at Ubathan's den? What does she know about the farms on the plains?

Be curious and talk to her about their living situation with the other trade caravan, but don't get sucked into any of their drama yet.

If you can be certain she is no puritan and not against your hedonistic ways, you must warn her of Agnieszka's coming invasion. You have proof too. Good thing you stopped by the maternity tent to pick up the pregnant golem, right? Don't give her away, but she'd make for a great bargaining chip, and you have spare parts if they insist.
No. 1047075 ID: e5709d

"If it makes you feel better, there's Varkian and royal blood in our lineage. But we're here to prove ourselves."
No. 1047076 ID: 9d5379

>chosen by our god Talos to be protectors of the garden of creation.
>we insist on sending one of our warriors as your bodyguard for your trip. We are looking to prove ourselves as guardians by performing great heroic feats.
>Challenge us one to one if you don't believe our worth.
Let's not oversell ourselves. We're trying to be peaceful, not prove that we're a bunch of overly prideful idiots that brag too much.

Saying shit like that is just asking for us to be humbled/humiliated when we can't back up our claims.
No. 1047099 ID: 2a82d3

Distinguishing ourselves from the actual lizard raiders down the river would help our rep though. So would offering protection from them, if the caravan route passes by their den or catches their eye. If she's especially optimistic, assigning her a bodyguard would also let one of us scout their camp under a different flag.

For the last part, that was just an excuse to have their guard join in on the fun. Having our newly-minted male warrior 1v1 the female jackal would be totally hot. Imagine the sight of her in her armor, but pregnant. The exposed midriffs are a nice touch too, must be helpful when bellies around here expand and contract so much.
No. 1047200 ID: 681cb5
File 166645385137.png - (112.12KB , 700x550 , 80.png )

>Pretend you don't hear the unkind words, as loose lips may be useful against them later.
Not to mention, getting upset about such trivialities would leave a rather sour first impression. You’ll let them slide… but you’ll make sure to keep listening…
>There may be no pleasing the young prince, but it might be worth noting who and what draws his eye, to figure out if he's complaining to separate himself from his taboo desires, or if he's just a little shit.
He is clearly a little twerp acting out for attention, but that’s nothing a good night spent with a lady won’t solve… or a man, if he so prefers. He clearly needs a proper rump pounding to get that stick out of his ass. Sadly, you’re already busy keeping an eye on that beautiful mother of his, so someone else will have to deal with him.
>Sekhmet should probably be kept some distance from him to avoid trouble. He might enjoy himself, but best not to take chances.
Trying to keep Sekhmet from doing something dumb is like trying to divert the river with your bare hands. Sekhmet goes wherever she pleases… and pleases wherever she goes, at least according to herself.

You kneel before them, ”We welcome you to our humble camp, Merchant Queen Neferi the Second, and we hope it will be a pleasant stay.” The Varkian lady covers her beak with her hand and laugh, ”Ohohoho, no need for such formalities, my scaly friend, you can just call me Neferi from now on.” Standing up again, you give her a little nod as you continue, ”Ah, of course, Neferi. I just felt such a lovely lady like yourself deserved to addressed with her full name.” Neferi leans her head to the side and looks you up and down… and you can see a slight smile spreading across her face, ”Why, aren’t you a proper gentleman… but what shall I call such a handsome man like yourself, hmm?” Realizing that you’ve forgotten to introduce yourself, you quickly tell her, ”I am Sebak the Overseer, of the Volin people. Though, such a marvelous matron as yourself can simply call me Sebak.” Rubbing her feathery chin, she mumbles, ”The Volin, hmm? Why, do excuse me for my curiosity, Sebak, but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of your gallant people before.” Standing tall and proud, you flex your muscles a bit as you boldly state, ”We are a new species, created by the will of the demi-gods Ptamet and Volek, born from the womb of Shelli the ever pregnant, chosen by our godspawn Telos to be the protectors of the garden of creation… or at least the valley of the triplets.” to which the queen quickly asks, ”Oh, such an interesting history… so I gather you’re worshippers of the three demi-gods, then?” You can hear her son mumble something under his breath as you answer, ”We are indeed.” which turns out to be exactly what Nefiri wanted to hear, as she gladly jump down from her caravan and step towards you, much to the displeasure of her Jackal guard, ”We too worship the triplets, though mostly focusing on Ptamet and Volek. Of course, Wjares do get a sacrifice or two to make sure she looks over us and protect us from raiders.” As she approaches, you finally realize just how different in size you are to each other, as she barely reaches your chest, ”Oh, and I’ll have you know, we do have both the blood of Varkians and royalty coursing through our veins, as we’re descendants of a princess from the Kingdom of the High River.” But you barely have time to finish the sentence before her son tries to interrupt, ”You!? Royalty!? HA! That’s a lark, if I- Ow!” though he is silenced as his mother jabs one of her strange tools into his side, ”The High river kingdom? I haven’t heard of that… is it outside the garden? But it is obvious that you, at least, are of royal blood, as such a fine and charming young man is clearly a man of good breeding.” You smile at her, ”But not as obvious as you, with such elegance and grace, is of royal blood as well.”

”It would be an honor to have you stay the night here, Neferi.” you tell her as you give her a quick bow, ”That is good to hear, Sebak, as there is a storm coming tonight, and I rather not be caught in it on the way home.” She looks over the horizon, towards very dark clouds that are approaching, ”If you are worried about the trip back, I can send one of our mightiest warriors with you as a bodyguard, if you so wish.” Once again her son intervenes before she can answer, ”We don’t need some stupid savage with us. We already have the Jackal mercenaries to watch our back.” which makes her mother sigh before telling you, ”…while I wouldn’t put it as bluntly as that, SON, but you do have a point. We are in no need of any more guards at the moment… nor do we know what your kind is capable of, other than looking handsome…” As those last words leaves her beak, she makes a show too look you up and down, clearly enjoying what she sees. ”Then how about a friendly wrestling competition? One of your Jackal guards against one of our warriors?” you suggest, making her smile a bit as she consider it, ”A fight until knockup then, hmm? I’m sure I can find someone interested in partaking in such an event. If anything, it would be rather interesting to watch, no?” You can see her Jackal guard scowl at you, but you ignore him and continue, ”I have to concur… and speaking of knockup… perhaps your guards and traders are feeling a bit pent up after the journey? There are many men and ladies here who are more than willing to have some fun with strangers.” Her son is clearly taken aback by your forwardness, as he starts to stammer, ”Wha- y-you can’t j-just-” but his mother quickly tries to calm him down, ”Shush, boy, the grown up are talking.” He looks at his guard before looking back at you, ”But-” but before he can make even more of a fool of himself, you tell him, ”Now now, son, if you get bored here you can go play with the girls in the camp. They don’t bite… unless you want them too…” Nedjet stares at you in disgust, before turning around and signaling to his guard to follow, ”…fine, I’m leaving.” As you and the queen watches the prince leave with his female guard, you start steering the conversation back on track, ”Now, as for my request…” Nefiri takes a deep breath, before looking at you with a rather no-nonsense look and stating, ”We make an equal trade. You’ll present a group of females and I’ll give you the same amount of males for them to dominate. Similarly, I’ll present equal amount of females and you give me males for them to dominate. Any young that may come from these unions will belong to their mother’s tribe. Are we in agreement?” Taking a moment to consider it, you nod, ”A fair trade from a fair looking Queen. I wouldn’t expect otherwise from such a stunning lady.” She gives you a warm smile, ”Then I’m sure there will be much fun to be had tonight, my delightful little drake.”

”Ah, and I almost forgot! We are preparing a feast this evening for you and your son, as well as some of the more valuable members of your trade caravan. If you would be so kind as to grace us with your lovely presence, of course.” you say, though she just gives you a coy smile, ”A feast? …While I am sure the others will enjoy the meal, I do have a slightly different request for tonight. How does a dinner for just the two of us sound, hmm? Tonight, in my caravan… you bring the food and I’ll… I’ll bring the entertainment.” You can’t help but get a bit flushed, but even with the Jackal guard growling at you, you manage to tell her, ”That would be lovely, Neferi.” She once again give you a warm smile, before using one of her strange tools to rub your chin a bit, ”Now, walk with me, handsome. I’ll show you the wares we have for sale that might interest you.”
No. 1047201 ID: 681cb5
File 166645386445.png - (126.72KB , 700x550 , 81.png )

”How has your people been adjusting to the garden? How long have you been here?” you ask as you start to walk along the caravan, ”Me? All my life. I was born here, just like my parents and their parents before them. Our caravan has been living in these fertile lands for hundreds of years by now.” Can that be true? Others have found this place before us? ”Really? So long? We are rather new here, only been here for a week or two.” She gives off a quiet giggle, ”It isn’t hard to see that you are new and still learning of this world. But don’t worry, I’m sure we can teach each other oh so many things, no?” You look down at her and give her a really broad smile, ”How can I say no to such an alluring offer from such an alluring woman?” She once again cover her beak as she laughs, ”Ohoho, I knew you would be interested…”

”And the other tribes? Do you know anything interesting about them?” She looks over at you, clearly curios why you’re asking that, ”The others? Well, Ubathan is as tightlipped as ever, only trading what he must before leaving. As for the Sakkilians… we get along, as best we can. As long as you pay their tax they’ll play nice and be open for trade… though their requests have become more and more expensive lately…” As she starts talking about the Sakkilian, you can see her look out over the horizon towards the incoming storm clouds, ”And the small farm community on the plains?” It takes a moment before you get an answer, as Nefiri genuinely must take a moment to think before she figure out who you are talking about, ”The Zalbians? As far as I know they are a small group of exiles from the south, as there seems to be some kind of strife down there. We’ve had many join our tribe already, but those out on the plains wanted to start their own little tribe. If I would be honest, it’s just a matter of time before a group of predators swoops in and eat them all… or they are converted by the Rhinos in the forest to worship their strange god.” You nod a bit as you watch the caravan open for trade, ”I see… and what about your tribe? We’ve heard some… colorful language coming from your direction lately.” Most of the Volin in the camp are here to see what they can get their claws on… as well as most of the thralls, ”Ah, yes, that… let just say my Trade Caravan doesn’t get along with the other Trade Caravan that we are building our city together with. Not to mention, they are hiring Kat’ka mercenaries, which is infuriating our Jackal ones to no end. Cat and dogs, you know. ” A few trinkets made out of fish bones, colorful stones found in the river bed, a smoked fish or two and even some small furs, it isn’t much but it’s all that your workers have to offer. Then you catch the eye of the Varkian lady next to you, who gives you a knowing look, as it’s clear you were distracted for a bit, ”…I don’t?” Nefiri starts to wander towards one of the booths that the Varkian has set up, walking past a few of the Volin trading for better tools, ”…they don’t like each other and that’s that. Now, I’ve been talking for quite a while… don’t you have any interesting to share as well, Sebak?” You take a moment to consider what you’re about to tell her, ”…do you know about the Agnieszka army that is planning on invading the valley?” She stops in her tracks, and slowly turns towards you, ”… … …that is grave news if true.” You look over at the pregnant gargoyle who is inspecting some new clothes, even if she can’t afford to trade for them, ”We’ve captured a gargoyle spy who we managed to breed the information out from… as well as one of their artificial golems that was stalking the plains.” You turn your gaze back to the lady next to you as she nods, ”Ah, so that is what those statues were… and I’ve had reports of gargoyles stalking around the trade post. But that it’s a precursor to an invasion? I… need to discuss this with the Trade King of the other caravan as well, but thank you for bringing it to our attention.”

Looking for anything that can be used to change the subject, you spot a booth manned by a Jackal filled to the brim with bronze objects, ”Ah, I see that you’ve found our weapons and armor merchant. As the Trade master of this caravan, I give you my word that these are of the very same quality that our own mercenaries and guards use. If your people wield these, you will surely be victorious in any of your future battles!” You take a closer look at the weapons, and they do seem to be far better quality than the ones you currently have, ”While I am impressed with the quality, the most deciding factor is a battle is how experienced you are at wielding the spear and not the quality of it. ” Nefiri gives you coy smile, ”Oh, but I am sure such a… big and strong man like yourself will have plenty of experience wilding a spear, hmm? I know for a fact that I do…”

”The finest linen cloth and leather in the valley, Sebak. I am sure you would look grand wearing any of these.” the queen states as she shows off rack after rack of clothes, ”And you’d look lovely in any of them as well… though I prefer the beautiful dress you’re wearing right now. It really brings out your gorgeous eyes.” Maphet would love it if you traded for a lot of clothes, as it would let the tribe look a bit more… civilized. ”If I shall be honest, I do feel a bit overdressed… maybe we both shall change into something more… confortable after the feast, hmm? But that can wait, let us continue.”

The next booth is manned by a strange, white rhino like creature with black stripes, who is keeping her eye on two thralls, a muscular Varkian and a Rhino lady. ”These are the thralls we have for sell. The Varkian signed up as either livestock or breedingstock to pay his very large gambling debts, though seeing how he is a devote Wjares worshipper, something tells me he did it on purpose.” The Varkian flexes his muscles, showing off in an attempt to be bought, ”Rather well trained for someone that wants to be food.” Nefiri shakes her head a bit, ”He wishes to be a high protein meal. Moving on, the young, cute Rhino lady next to him comes from the nearby tribe in the forest. She was apparently exiled for… religious differences and wishes to find another tribe to join as a thrall, so she signed up as either a beast of burden or breedingstock.” The Rhino gal look over at you and smiles. ”While I do admit she looks both young and cute, she doesn’t even come close to how beautiful and youthful you yourself are, Neferi.” to which the queen giggles and says, ”And that Varkian doesn’t even compare to you when it comes to being a hunk, Sebak.”

”And here we have our jewelry, if you wish to look like the gentleman you are, Sebak. These stones will glimmer like the stars themselves. You’ll see nothing else like it.” the Varkian states as you approach a small both filled with all kind of trinkets and baubles. They are indeed very nice looking, though obviously very expensive. ”Oh? I’m certain if I saw those beautiful emerald eyes of yours in the moonlight, they would glimmer even brighter than the stars.” you say as you look over a rather nice looking emerald necklace, which makes the Varkian lady slide up next to and whisper, ”Why, aren’t you just a charmer, handsome.”

The next stall is filled to the brim with food and drink, manned by a boring looking Varkian who’s idly snacking on a smoked fish. ”We have many fresh fruits and alcoholic ciders as well.” the queen says as you look over the wares, ”Ah, these would fit well to the feast tonight.” After you say that there’s a bit of an awkward silence, ”…it would.””…yupp.”

”Finally, we have a few religious figurines depicting the triplet demi-gods. You mentioned that your people were worshipper of them as well, correct?” You give her a nod, ”We are indeed worshippers of the triplets, Neferi.” before looking over the figurines. They are of quality work and probably expensive… but they would be great for that shrine you’ve been considering building… though buying all three might be overkill. As she watches you look them over, she starts to explain, ”One of our greatest potters has crafter these three, depicting Ptamet, Volek and even Wjares. It would be a great gift to whichever of these three is your patron god… or maybe you’ll buy all three, hmm?” You lift up the one depicting Volek and smile, ”Personally, I prefer to worship Volek myself.” which is met by a warm smile from Nefiri as well, ”Why, then we’re in agreement. His… hmhm… fertility rituals are such a fun time, aren’t they?”

There are so many important things to buy, yet you lack the goods necessary to trade for all of them. Taking a moment to think about it, you only have those furs and ambers that Maphet collected, as well as one of Pesi’s daughter that wishes to be traded away. So unless you want to trade away your own thralls, you’ll only have two things to trade for. Though, you do also have those weird metals you got from the golem, those might be valuable… still, maybe it’s for the best if you keep those to yourself? Pesi is still trying to figure out what to do with them after all.

Trade Goods:
Fur and Amber
Pesi’s Daughter
Other Thralls
Strange metal (Valuable?)
No. 1047288 ID: 2a82d3

Damn, all this stuff is stuff you want. If she has you by the balls now, just what is she going to do with your other purse?

Examine the Rhino for a minute. There's a good chance she's one of Mephit's. (No offense to Batmet, butt's not like you didn't receive defective good in the trade.) What do your dad instincts tell you? Don't let the queen mislead you, but it would be appropriate to trade one daughter of the tribe for another.
While you and Pesi may regularly practice the teachings of Volek and Wjares respectively, you should worry about neglecting your offerings to Ptamet. Perhaps a gift to her would get your warlock the breakthrough she needs.
>armor and weapons
You did good playing cool. We do need them for our army, but you know the saying about fish? You want a blacksmith, not just what he makes. With the right one, bone can make a worthy material to sharpen or shape, and Pesi could get powerful enough to enchant them stronger than steel.
Consider trading the fur and amber for this, or the armor. It is true that one of the differences between a raider and a guard is how well-dressed they are.
>fruit and drink
You know you need this for a good time. She knows you know it. Find a way to make her give it to you.
Too pricey for your tastes, but be a little slick and test its' effectiveness as a gift by putting it on her.

If you're holding that wrestling match tonight, and that'll keep Sehkmet busy, you could make it more interesting through a bet. If her guy wins, you will agree to trade away a thrall of her choosing in return for the fruit and alcohol of tonight. If your gal wins, she provides food and drink for free plus one extra item off her inventory.

>”We too worship the triplets, though mostly focusing on Ptamet and Volek. Of course, Wjares do get a sacrifice or two to make sure she looks over us and protect us from raiders.”
Is your tribes's worship is similar to hers, except Ptamet and Wjares are reversed?

>You can see her Jackal guard scowl at you
>the prince leaves with his female guard
Calling it now: the guards are into their protectees. If the prince's guard wants to the prince's first, let them do so here. If this is what is making the queen's guard grumpy, either invite him in for a threesome, or let him watch if he's into that.

>Can that be true? Others have found this place before us?
It could be a bluff, but it does make sense for the garden to let each tribe in by order of least to most dominant. Can a predator really call a place a paradise if there's no prey already running around?
No. 1047289 ID: c11296

We pretty much need weapons right now maybe hammers or other blunt weapons to bonk with maybe shields, sebak with a shield and hammer would look cool, armour or clothes would be fine but our people seem fine going almost nude anyways and we have scales. That guy seems like a good breeder/warrior and has a nice shade of red, I wonder if that pink loincloth means its pink underneath as well. The rhino girl has some mystery to her, we might get her if we have trade goods left. Some statues for rituals could empower them and some jewelry to enchant for our nude tribesmen to make up for less underwear, and some alcohol to boost our spirits if possible.
No. 1047300 ID: d34a79

>Agnieszka invasion
Details, man! Don't forget to mention that invasion isn’t going to happen for several months. It'll give everyone time to prepare.

>Trade Goods
Don't forget about that strange weapon that the gargoyle had. No idea how it works, but it's still something that you could possibly trade.

I suppose we can trade Pesi’s Daughter for the Rhino lady. Then we might be able to trade away that weird weapon for the Volek figurine.

I'm not entirely sure on what else we should trade.

>rhino could be Maphet's
>it would be appropriate to trade one daughter of the tribe for another.
While it is possible, don't assume that it is Maphet's child when there's a chance that it's not her child. Because you know what they say happens when you assume? You make an "ass" out of "u" and "me".
No. 1047329 ID: f2320a

Lets gauge the jewelry using the turkey lady is very slick
Hmmm inspect the rhino
No. 1047546 ID: 681cb5
File 166681693028.png - (97.17KB , 700x550 , 82.png )

>Details, man! Don't forget to mention that invasion isn’t going to happen for several months.
You’ll have plenty of time to discuss the details over the day with this lovely lady, not to mention that Nefiri is clever enough to figure out that it isn’t happening soon by just observing how we act.
>Is your tribes's worship is similar to hers, except Ptamet and Wjares are reversed?
The Volin worships all three demi-gods as equals, at least at the moment. When we get a shrine, it might be prudent for us to choose one over the others, as their blessings would help us greatly. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the individual Volins prefers one god over another.
>Damn, all this stuff is stuff you want. If she has you by the balls now, just what is she going to do with your other purse?
Hopefully something pleasant, though she has been a bit to forward… is she genuinely trying to make a good first impression or is she trying to trick you into false sense of security?

You take your time looking over the jewelry displayed before you, perusing through the many necklaces, bracers and rings. While they are mostly bronze, they are still a bit too pricey for your taste, but they do give an idea. Picking up a particular interesting piece, you sneak up behind Nefiri and put it around her neck. ”Oh? What is this?” she ask, and you reply with your most charming voice, ”A dazzling necklace for a dazzling woman.” She looks down at the necklace approvingly, her smile widening when she notice what it represents, ”And it’s a fertility symbol dedicated to Volek? Why, do I detect an ulterior motive, handsome?” Nefiri looks over her shoulder towards you, and with a wiggle of your eyebrows you whisper, ”I was hoping that you would wear it for tonight…” You can hear her stifling a giggle, ”Oh, really? It is quite nice… but does it fit the rest of my dress? Why, my dear little jackal, what do you think? Does this necklace fit little old me?” The Jackal on his part you stares daggers at you, not even taking the time to answer his ward, ”I’ll take that as a yes.” Now, for the hard part… you turn around and face the Varkian that’s manning the stall and say, ”So, my good sir, what do you wish to trade for this beautiful necklace?” and he’s about to answer, but before he does you can feel Nefiri do some kind of motion behind your back, making the merchant pause for just a moment, ”…why, I shall give it as a gift, to ensure our future trading with this tribe will be prosperous!” You glance over at the Varkian gal next to you, and she just smiles, ”Oh? That’s awfully convenient…”

”I can see that your tribe is in need of weapons and armor…” Nefiri muses as she looks around your small camp. ”That is true… but you know the saying about fish, correct? Or with fire, if you ask my friend Sekhmet…” You can see the curiosity in her eyes as you say the word fire, ”Hmm? Fire? I don’t believe I’ve have had the pleasure to hear that one. Teach a person how to make a fire, and they’ll stay warm for the rest of their lives?” With a small shake of your head, you quote, ”Light a person on fire and they’ll stay warm for the rest of their lives.” She once again covers her beak as she laughs, ”Ohoho, how delightfully morbid. Regretfully, I have no smith to trade with you.” she pauses for a moment to think before adding, ”But… I might be able to convince our own handsome smith to take part in the… heh… culture exchange we talked about. I can’t promise the end result will be a smith, but it’s the best I can do.” You give her a slight bow as you thank her, ”That would be very appreciated, Nefiri.” but she’s distracted as the warrior Tacaro walks past, flexing his muscles as he usually does near females, ”And clothes? I see that your people… prefers to be rather light clothed… not that I mind.” She clearly enjoy watching him leave, much to the displeasure of her guard. ”While some might prefer it at the moment, when the cold comes they’ll change their minds. ” you tell her, ”Not to mention, one of the main difference between a raider and a guard is how well-dressed they are.” She nods as she looks back at you, ”Well said, my little hunk… indeed, you will need too… let us say; look a bit more civilized if you wish to be taken seriously. Tribal wear is so last age. After all, we’re in the age of stone cities and bronze now.” She even gives your exposed belly a poke, as to make a point. ”So, you would recommend for us to invest in some better clothes?” It takes a moment before she answers, as she has to look you up and down a few times, clearly enjoying the view of your mostly naked body, before she finally speaks, ”Indeed I would… though for you personally… well, you can wait with the clothes until after tonight, can’t you?”
No. 1047547 ID: 681cb5
File 166681694766.png - (114.18KB , 700x550 , 83.png )

The most interesting thing here is clearly the thralls, so you walk over to their booth next. Taking a moment to examine them both, you can see that they are both well feed and well trained, though the Varkian is far more muscular than the Rhino gal. He might be a good warrior… though he’ll definitely be a good breeder, that’s for sure. As for the Rhino… well, she’s really cute, isn’t she? ”Do you wish to trade, Pred?” the strangely stripped mistress of the thralls asks, ”Both of these thralls are willing and in good condition.” Both of the thralls immediately walk up to you, eager to be sold. ”Oh gosh, that tummy is so big…” the Varkian lad moans, mesmerized by your girth, while the Rhino bounces up to you and yells, ”Hi! I’m Paki! So nice to meet you!” You look over at the Varkian again, and it takes him a moment to figure out that you want his name as well, ”Err… I’m Djos… and… um… are you hungry?” Before you can even think of an answer, Paki butts in, ”I’m looking forward to being your future personal toy, master! It’s going to be super fun!” which leaves an opening for Djose to go back and ogling your body, ”Oh gosh Oh gosh Oh gosh, just how many Varkians has slid down into that belly to make it so big…” Once again, you try and say something, but just as you open your mouth Pasi once again start talking, ”Or maybe you can tie me up in the middle of your camp and let all the males have their way with me? It would be super exciting! SQUUE!!!” and her loud, high pitched voice brings Djose out of his stupor, making him fumble with his words as he tries to sell himself, ”OH! Err… I mean… I can breed too! If there are any ladies that want a workout before a meal… or boys… or boys that want to breed me… or gals…” All the while, the Rhino is bouncing up and down on the spot, ”As long as I get to be a predator baby maker, I’m super happy!”

With a sigh, you ask the Rhino, ”Pesi, was it? What other experiences do you have?” whom seems slightly surprised by the question, ”Oh… um… I used to be a carpenter… but I wasn’t very good at it… I can carry super much stuff, though!” Then you turn towards Djose, who once again is staring at your tummy, ”And what about you, Djos? Can you fight? Are you a warrior?” your question making him look up as he states, ”Oh no, I’m dinner, my lord, nothing more.” It is clear these two have different priorities, doesn’t it? ”He signed up as Breedingstock and Livestock, he’s supposed to only breed or be food.” the thrall mistress steps in and clarifies, ”Which is for the best, he’s completely useless as anything else. He’s half off if you get him off my hands today, Pred.” Hmm, she’ll surely be interested in Pesi’s daughter, but would it possible to buy both of them somehow? Or is it even worth it?

>There's a good chance she's one of Mephit's. What do your dad instincts tell you?
She is too old to be Maphet’s brood, and it’s clear she doesn’t have any Volin blood in her. Your dad instincts do tell you something else, though, as you can’t help but notice how the male guard that’s following Nefiri keep glancing towards the prince over and over again, as if he’s making sure he’s alright. Is it possible that he’s the father of the prince? Might be why he’s so grumpy about you and Nefiri… hmm… maybe you can invite him for a threesome tonight? …or maybe just make him watch?

>Don't forget about that strange weapon that the gargoyle had. No idea how it works, but it's still something that you could possibly trade.
After having one of your workers run and get it, you show it to Nefiri. ”Why, what is this? It’s clearly magical… so I’m sure either our witch or our smith might be interested in trading for this little thing, Sebak.”

So you have three things you want to trade… the furs and amber, Pesi’s daughter and the gargoyle weapon. Meanwhile, what you want is both of the thralls, clothes, weapons and armor as well as one of the demi-god urns if possible. Hmm… it doesn’t add up…

>If you're holding that wrestling match tonight, and that'll keep Sehkmet busy, you could make it more interesting through a bet.
”A bet, you say? How exciting, my little hunk… what do you suggest?” You look out towards some of the thralls that are helping the caravan to deliver some goods that has been sold, ”If your side wins, I’ll agree to trade one of my thralls for that fruit and alcohol for tonight.” She turns her head to the side and gives you a coy smile, ”And if you win?” You look down at her and give her a big, toothy smile, ”If we win, you’ll provide the food and drink, as well as one extra item from your inventory.” It is clear that the cogs are turning behind her eyes, ”An interesting bet, handsome, and I am willing to accept… with a few provisos.” Of course she would want to alter the deal somehow… just be careful you don’t fall into a trap, Sekmet, ”Like what?” She strokes your chin with her strange tool again, ”I want to choose who will compete. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it fair…” then she points it towards the prince and his guard dog, ”From our side, I will volunteer the personal guard the prince. She needs to blow of some steam… and for you… well, I did see this big, muscular hunk earlier… a bit greenish, blue?” You did catch her ogling him before, didn’t you? ”You mean Tacaro the Virile?” As soon as she hears the name, her smile widens even more, ”Oh! With a name like that I can’t wait to see him in a fight!” and she claps a few times in excitement. ”And any other terms?” you ask, ”Well… my son will be unguarded, won’t he? You better make sure he got someone watching over him.” Wait, where is she going with this? ”He too needs to blow off some steam… so long as he’s ready to leave tomorrow, you may do as you wish with him?” Wait, is she asking us to…???

”So… do we have an agreement?”
No. 1047568 ID: 2a82d3

>Wait, is she asking us to…???
Yes, she's been asking you organize an orgy between your two tribes from the start. Keep up.

>”Well… my son will be unguarded, won’t he? You better make sure he got someone watching over him.”
As funny and informative seeing if Mephit in better clothes actually would improve the prince's opinion of tribe, for the actual job Sekhmet is your best woman. On the other hand, giving him two women would give him quite the story to tell.

Do make sure there's someone on the watch tower tonight. As a precaution against bad weather and ward against bad luck, if nothing else.

>The Jackal on his part stares daggers at you, not even taking the time to answer his ward,
Yikes to the look he's giving. You need to strategically let him assert dominance over you just to survive the night, much less get a chance to swing your fertility stick in Neferi's fields. Either secure his "blessing" before you bed her, or don't object if he "stabs you in the back" while doing it.

>Hmm, she’ll surely be interested in Pesi’s daughter, but would it possible to buy both of them somehow? Or is it even worth it?
Pesi's daughter has rabbit blood in her. If she's wild enough in the sack, getting a two-for-one from her is possible.

If get the offer, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Worst case, you eat him to keep him in line. Best case, you eat him to keep everyone else in line. At least, Pesi will be happier with him around.

>”So… do we have an agreement?”
No objections. At all. ;)
No. 1047587 ID: a7a180

That thrall is way too eager, it's offputting. The fact she's so eager to be rid of him should be a warning sign that he is a pain to have around, even if it's only for as long as it takes to eat him again. Don't take him in trade, period.
No. 1047632 ID: 9b0053

The gargoyle's weapon can be traded for the weapons and armor (if they come together). The furs and amber can be traded for the clothes.

If you win, you'll be able to get one of the thralls as the extra item, then you can trade Pesi’s daughter to get the other thrall.

>for the actual job Sekhmet is your best woman.
Yeah, she'll make a good bodyguard for the prince. And she'll definitely be able to help him blow off some steam.
No. 1047636 ID: 9b0053

Oh yeah, almost forgot.

>Djose admires Sebak's belly
Just for fun, pretend to scratch an itch on your belly to jiggle it and tease that Varkian.
No. 1047643 ID: 36784c

Tell her that she's got a deal.

This seems reasonable to do. I just hope that Tacaro wins so we can get both of the thralls.
No. 1047684 ID: 681cb5
File 166695006941.png - (98.25KB , 700x550 , 84.png )

>Do make sure there's someone on the watch tower tonight. As a precaution against bad weather and ward against bad luck, if nothing else.
Sekhmet has already put a warrior on the task, as punishment for letting those ants run amok on the farm.
>Yes, she's been asking you organize an orgy between your two tribes from the start. Keep up.
You knew about the orgy, the thing that surprised you was that she’s letting her son be all alone surrounded by hungry and horny predators while giving them the go ahead to do whatever they want with him. Still, it will at least keep Sekhmet busy if nothing else…

>Yikes to the look he's giving. You need to strategically let him assert dominance over you just to survive the night, much less get a chance to swing your fertility stick in Neferi's fields.
Bah! He is nothing but a lapdog to Neferi and he will do as she pleases, even if it isn’t what he personally wants. If she doesn’t want him to join, then you’ll simply let him fume as he watches.
>Don't object if he "stabs you in the back" while doing it.
…though you wouldn’t mind if he did, would you?
>Just for fun, pretend to scratch an itch on your belly to jiggle it and tease that Varkian.
It’s surprisingly entertaining watching the Varkians eyes bob up and down as you jiggle your belly a bit. That man clearly has a one track mind.

After taking a moment to consider it (as well as tease the Varkian), you turn towards Neferi and extend your large hand towards the far smaller lady, ”No objections. At all.” She lets her petit hand slide into yours and the two of you shake on it, ”That is good to hear, my little hunk…” she whispers while giving you a warm smile. ”I’ll make sure they prepare the sparring grounds as soon as possible.” you tell her as you glance over towards the newly constructed training grounds, though you quickly look back at Neferi as she withdraws her hand from yours, ”Then if you excuse me, I need to prepare the action that will be held afterwards... after all, I’ve heard that one of your charming ladies has something special in store for it.” There’s an action? You haven’t heard of that before… ”Oh? Then I’ll see you at the match?” She gives you a quick wink, ”You’ll do… and then, after the action… dinner.” to which you responds with a big smile, ”I’m looking forward to it, beautiful.”

After she leaves, you quickly do away with the trading that you’ve been considering. Pesi’s daughter is easily exchanged for Paki the Rhino, while the furs and amber is swapped for some better clothes. Finally, after some bartering, you manage to get a few spears and armor sets for the gargoyles weapon. It will be enough to arm the warriors you currently have, but you’ll need to find more of them soon if you want to keep them well supplied.
You did also make a token effort to try and get the Varkian Thrall as well, but no bones. Though, he is a bit too eager… it’s almost off-putting… still, after Icaro’s son wins that competition, you can always grab him as a reward. Well, either him or that Volek urn you were eyeing earlier…
No. 1047685 ID: 681cb5
File 166695008272.png - (129.86KB , 700x550 , 85.png )

You are Tacaro the Virile, son of Icaro the hunter and a great warrior of the Volin people, and you’re about to fight for your tribes honor in a duel of strength and skill! May Telos guide your Kopesh to victory!

”Alright, son, go out there and make me proud! And a grandkid!” your father tells you eagerly, as he points towards your opponent, a rather beautiful looking Jackal warrior. ”Don’t worry, father, I got this.” you say with complete confidence. After all, you’re Tacaro! You can’t lose! In fact, to show the world just how strong you are, you raise your arms and flex… which is immediately followed by an annoyed Pesi telling you, ”Can you please stop moving around? I can’t paint you with my fertility mark if you keep moving around.” Sheepishly rubbing the back of your fin, you mumble, ”Oh, sorry.” You look over at your opponent and watches as she too is enchanted with extra fertility… as well as a quick growth spell. By Ptamet, she’s beautiful… you just want to turn her into your personal thrall right here and now… and then you’re brought back to reality as your father smacks you on the back, ”Remember son, play it smart. Use your strengths and exploit her weaknesses.” You look over at the Jackal again, ”…what are her weaknesses?” and while you’re expecting a quick answer, it doesn’t come, ”Err… well… she’s… um…” Pesi smirks, ”What? The great Icaro doesn’t know the weakness of a female? Can it be true? Here I thought you were the key to every woman’s pu-” Father interrupts her, ”Oh, shut up, Skully.” before going quiet.

This is a battle that will last until knock up, whoever is the dominant one when her womb is filled with your seed wins. She is smaller and weaker than you, sure, but she’s also more experienced, more agile and better armed. All you have is your trusty Khopesh and a pair of Bolas, while she has a rather robust looking bronze armor as well as a fine spear. This will be a difficult battle… but you can win, you know it… you have to… you can’t fail father, can you?

Tacaro - Warrior Class:
Primary stat: Strength.
Combat style 1: Weapon mastery (Can use their weapons to their full extent, including doing special maneuvers like tripping, pushing or grappling the enemy will attacking. Be creative).
Combat style 2: Brute force (When all else fails, do a pile driver or full nelson. Be creative).
Special skill: Enrage (Once a day, will keep on fighting even if defeated).
Equipment: A sharp Khopesh as well as a pair of Bolas.
Current buffs: Body paint of Volek’s grace (+25% fertility), Pent up, eager and ready to breed (+10% on next impregnation attempt), in love (15% fertility towards a certain target).
No. 1047693 ID: c11296

Maybe use a controlling and grappling style to begin with your khopesh and throw your bolas to weigh down your opponents weapon since its such a large target, though study up on her first what is she a guard right and not secretly a wrestler.
No. 1047701 ID: 5d32af

First things first, try getting a woman's advice on fighting/seducing a woman: Icaro is tricky, but he can't figure out her weakness, and Pesi is right there

>you can’t fail father, can you?
Hey, don't get caught up in your own head, that's how the enemy wins before the fight starts. Your Dad will be proud of you regardless of the outcome. You're fighting a skilled combatant with better armor and equipment, her beauty is something to note but keep in the back of your mind. You're not wrong though; your children will likely be strong and good looking. Back on topic, every armor has its flaw, and on hers, it would likely be the leather/cord seams that bind it on the back. Gonna have to get up close and personal for that though, so feel things out first.

She has reach on you, will likely go for your legs and loincloth, and your advantage is range: she'll expect a bolas to come flying at her, or you to maneuver her to be better position for it. So, don't waste it; if a throw isn't going to land, keep it in hand. If you get closer, you could feint a wind up for a throw, and tangle up the bolas on her spear when she tries to punish your 'mistake', ripping it from her grasp as she over extends.
Or, if you keep it off handed (or just use the curve of your khopesh), you could hook her leg and trip her, leading into holding her upside down and letting her skirt fall up.
If you can hook her neck though, you can pull her to her knees, putting her snout to abs/loincloth, exposing the weakness in her armor, but likely losing you your loincloth.
Strength is your ally, if you get a good grip, don't be afraid to manhandle her, get her off the ground, or throw her, within reason.

If you're desperate for an advantage, metal striking metal should be loud enough to get her to flinch from the sound, but she's likely used to it.
No. 1047734 ID: 260607

Solid strategy right here.
No. 1047755 ID: 2a82d3

>Volek urn
Ptamet urn. Getting distracted following the ways of Volek there, are you? The point of buying it, or the Wjares worshipper, is to provide inspiration to Pesi either way.

>Pesi smirks, ”What? The great Icaro doesn’t know the weakness of a female? Can it be true? Here I thought you were the key to every woman’s pu-” Father interrupts her, ”Oh, shut up, Skully.” before going quiet.
As successor to the roguish Sabah, if not his direct progeny, that is indeed an epic fail. As an aside, Aunt Skully sure teases your dad a lot for someone she hasn't slept with yet. They're not brother and sister, are they? Perhaps born of Shelli's womb? Either way, your aunt might need a boyfriend.

As you can't spot your opponent's weaknesses right away, a little trial and error may get you a hint of what she's into. Try to banter and flirt with her a little first. Don't expect her to be a great conversationalist, but do probe her for weaknesses before (and as) you strike.

If you get close enough, why not strike with a kiss instead your weapon? How passionate it gets can signal how much she's into you. If she's also in love, great. As you are on equal footing there, you can strip her shirt as you make out. If she's not, it's easier to shake off any feelings you have to her. What you lose in fertility, you gain in focus to win.

This is great if he gets the first move. Though, that might not be the case since she is faster, nor would she trip easily if she lets him move first. If she rushes him before he can ready his bolas, he can also parry with his kopesh.
No. 1047772 ID: 36784c

Just remember that you have a big tail. If she gets behind you, slap her with it! Or if she dodges, then swing your tail in a way that'll force her to dodge your tail and run straight into a kick from your foot or a swipe from your weapon!

Lucky for you, your opponent can't do the same to you because of how tiny her tail is.
No. 1048029 ID: 681cb5
File 166725396038.png - (123.40KB , 700x550 , 86.png )

>Hey, don't get caught up in your own head, that's how the enemy wins before the fight starts. Your Dad will be proud of you regardless of the outcome.
While your father might still be proud of you, there still a lot of girls watching you right now! And boys! And Batmet too! You can’t embarrass yourself in front of them, can you!?
>Aunt Skully sure teases your dad a lot for someone she hasn't slept with yet. They're not brother and sister, are they?
Let’s see… you’re grandparents are called Sabah and Blgnk, you think? While Aunt Skully parents are… um… Shelli and Kpada? So no, you’re not actually related?
>Either way, your aunt might need a boyfriend.
She does have those Thumper triplets she keeps playing around with… though, it is possible she wants someone that just pin her to the ground and breed her, but you’re not sure…

>Just remember that you have a big tail. If she gets behind you, slap her with it!
While your tail is indeed big, it isn’t made to slap people with. Still, if you get the opportunity, it might work as a distraction at least.
>If you get close enough, why not strike with a kiss instead your weapon?
If she gets into grapple range, you’ll do far more than kiss her! A gal like her deserves to be properly loved!
>Every armor has its flaw, and on hers, it would likely be the leather/cord seams that bind it on the back.
…why do you even need to get her out from her armor? The fight is until knock-up, so as long as you can be the one on top when you blow your load you’re the winner.

>First things first, try getting a woman's advice on fighting/seducing a woman.
”Why do you believe I know anything about seducing women?” the warlock says as she put the finishing touches on the fertility spell, pulling your loincloth back into place. ”…because you are one?” you ask, but before she has a chance to answer your father butts in, ”Ha! Skully isn’t a proper woman, she’s a vi-” but Pesi interrupts him, ”Silence, fool. But no, the best I can give you is that a lady likes a big bone… and I’m sure you have two of those, don’t you?” Icaro snickers behind you, ”Skully here can’t find a mate, so she has to be content with her bone collection instead.” but it is clear that the warlock won’t be taking his comments lying down, as she gets the last word, ”At least my bones know how to please a woman, Icaro.”

You can hear them continue teasing each other as you enter the ring properly, watching the lady Jackal do so as well with mesmerizing grace. Still, this is a fight, so you need to focus… and find her weaknesses. Sekhmet always says taunts and flirts are a good way to prod someone defense, so with a bow you tell her, ”It is an honor to face such a skilled combatant… and one that is so beautiful as well.” Her eyebrow raises a bit as she replies, ”We have yet clashed with our bronze, yet you’re already declaring me as a skilled soldier?” to which you respond with a big smile, ”I know a mighty warrior when I see one.” You can see her smirking as she looks you up and down, before she comments, ”Warriors are undisciplined brutes. I am a soldier, trained in the art of war. Come, and I’ll show you the difference.” The Jackal follows this up with beckoning you to get closer with her hand, but you’re not about to fall for her taunting, ”Now that’s just rude.” readying her spear, she starts to circle you, waiting for you to start the competition as she declares ”I mean no ill, but I’m simply stating the facts. While your strength is impressive, it will be no match against discipline and training.” This time it’s your turn to smirk, ”Heh, we’ll see about that… at least our future children will be strong and good looking.” She gives you a cocky smile, ”Now that I can agree on. Now, stop blabbering and let me dominate you. My womb hungers for your seed.”

She watches your every motion, looking for an opening, ready to strike at the tiniest mistake… but you’re several moves ahead of her. Taking a step back, you start to wind up to throw your bolas at her, but being far too close to her you leave yourself open for the Jackal to punish you. But, as she charges and swings towards you, you jump to the side and counter attack, not with your sword, but with the bolas. It is clear she was expecting you to attack with your main weapon, as she doesn’t even try to prevent the bolas from tangling up her spear. Now, you can simply use your superior strength to pull her towards you, either forcing her to let go of the spear or stumble into grapple range.
No. 1048030 ID: 681cb5
File 166725397189.png - (82.33KB , 700x550 , 87.png )

But when you use the bolas to pull her spear away, she chooses a third option. Instead of just letting go or be dragged along, she instead uses the very momentum you just gave her to jump towards you, ass first.

Oh, Sekhmet never mentioned this move…
No. 1048031 ID: 681cb5
File 166725398380.png - (77.06KB , 700x550 , 88.png )

With a loud thud you hit the ground, your face full of her ass as she sits on your head. Grinding her butt against your snout, you can’t help but to get hard… is this paradise?

”Pathetic.” she state in a matter of fact way, ”And here I was expecting a real fight.” The Jackal moves her hips from side to side, as she continues, ”How about we make this more interesting? Whoever loses has to become a thrall to the winner for the rest of the day.” The soldier stops her slow hip moments for just a second, before she starts smothering you by shifting really quickly from side to side. ”But I’ll be merciful, if you give up now I’ll just let you go with just the humiliation.” she tells you as she starts to bounce on your face with her ass, before stating, ”But if you continue to fight…”, punctuating the sentence by slamming her ass right down onto your snout with enough force to make the back of your head sink into the mud below. ”This is but a taste of my fury…” she snickers before adding, ”Do you yield?”

Part of you wants to just give up and become her thrall… but another demand that you fight on!
No. 1048049 ID: c11296

Grab her a throw her forward on her back get real close to get away from her spear head and either tire her out by absolutely gobbling her pussy or get real fast into her and suprise her with a rapid thumping mating press impregnation.
No. 1048056 ID: 2a82d3

Reject surrender as loudly as her ass cheeks will allow, all while stimulating her through vibration and snake tongue. Remember that your not just fighting for yourself, but to honor your tribe, and to the god that binds you all. This battle could determine whether your people has the guts to rule this land or be domesticated, much like her people are no matter how much she hides or dresses it up. You. Must. Not. Lose.

You're still taller than her, are you not? While she's still distracted by your blowjob, raise your legs behind her to go for a head scissors from behind.

No, not just with your legs. Lock her between the crook of your hemipenis! Introduce her to your unique biology and its rigid, yet flexible appendages. If she gets curious about the strange bone you're waving around, you know you're winning. You might be able to turn her around and pin her down for a proper sixty-nine.
No. 1048100 ID: 696068

>This is but a taste of my fury…
You'll be getting a taste of something either way.

You lose, perhaps she does something similar, since she seems insistent on threatening you with a good time. You win, you'll bring pride to your tribe and get to enjoy a whole day positioned just like that if you wish, showering that ass in your affection. Plus, she may like you more, considering a warrior/soldier shouldn't yield so easily. If you need to taunt her or she's rather insistant with the insults, you could point out something else that's trained and disciplined: a pet/dog. Maybe a sore spot, or maybe she's sending a message and doesn't realize it. Or perhaps she wants YOU to be the pet.

As is, she has left herself in a somewhat vulnerable position: kiss those lips to distract and appease her and stretch this out, get a firm grip on that vulnerable sensitive tail, and try snagging her panties off as you move into a better position. A surprise finger up her butt might be similarly distracting if her tail eludes you. Locking her head between your thighs might work if you can pull her back, then roll her over to pin her with your mass. As for the panties, if you win, it's a trophy, if you lose, it's a momento. Say, do you think love can bloom on the battlefield?
No. 1048102 ID: f2320a

Win for your tribe make your parent proud they did not raise a quiter open your mouth and bite down on basically that whole lower body
No. 1048109 ID: 6fe2f9

>…why do you even need to get her out from her armor?
So it's not in the way when you try to knock her up. Duh.

Also any weight you take off of her will help you be able to pick her up more easily.

She's a lightweight. All you have to do is pin her down and she won't be able to lift you off of her. Getting her pinned down is the challenge here.

>now what?
Her mistake is getting within grappling range of you. Grab her tightly with both arms and pull her against your body. Then roll over and pin her on the ground under you.

>If you need to taunt her or she's rather insistant with the insults, you could point out something else that's trained and disciplined: a pet/dog.
Yeah, this.
No. 1048981 ID: 681cb5
File 166812173147.png - (89.47KB , 700x550 , 89.png )

>So it's not in the way when you try to knock her up. Duh.
Why do you need to see her boobs to knock her up!? Of course, you like boobs, but… it’s not essential to putting babies into gals. Or boys.
>Surprise her with a rapid thumping mating press impregnation.
You wish you could just pin her to the ground and pump liter after liter of your young into those egg-bearing hips of hers… but she’s too fast for that. Just thinking about how you’ll soon make a child with her, one way or another, makes your twin cocks slip out of their sheath…

>Tire her out by absolutely gobbling her pussy.
Taking two handful of that ass, you use your tongue to slip her underwear out of the way before plunging yourself into her quivering lower lips. ”Like the taste of my puss, huh?” she says in a smug tone, as she removes her skirt and throws it away to give you a better eating position. ”Not surprising, as this is probably the first pussy you’ve eaten consider how sloppy you are with that tongue.” She moves her hips from side to side, smothering your face as you hungrily lap up her delicious juices, having to restrain yourself from gobbling her up completely ass first. You need to breed her, after all. ”No training, no discipline… a mediocre attempt to distract me.” she muses, but you manage to get your face away from her ass just long enough to taunt her back, ”Training this, discipline that… you sound more like a pet than a warrior, little doggy.” She chuckles, ”Oh please… I’ll make sure to train you like a pet after I win, lizard fish, so you’ll learn the difference between an animal and a- Ah!” A surprise finger up her butt completely catches her off guard, leaving her open for a counter attack… ”Why, aren’t you playing dirty~”

>Her mistake is getting within grappling range of you. Grab her tightly with both arms and pull her against your body. Then roll over and pin her on the ground under you.
No matter how hard you try to get a good grip of her large badonka, she keeps slipping out of your grasp… similar how it feels like catching fish from the river with your bare hands.
>Raise your legs behind her to go for a head scissors from behind.
As you push your finger into her tight asshole, making her arc her back in pleasure, you use the distraction to throw you whole lower body upwards, bending it so that your legs goes around her head and-
No. 1048982 ID: 681cb5
File 166812174409.png - (36.58KB , 700x550 , 90.png )

”Not so fast, big guy.” she says as she grabs your legs and as before, uses your own momentum against you. Instead of letting you get a grip on her head, she pulls you further until you tip over completly, making you yelp as your loincloth and now erect dicks ends up right in your own face. You try to fall back down, but she keeps you locked into this awkward position.
No. 1048983 ID: 681cb5
File 166812175862.png - (142.00KB , 700x550 , 91.png )

With a quick motion, she grabs your loincloth and throws it away. ”Just give in, already, so I can ride those fat cocks of yours.” she commands as she pushes you deeper into the mud, ”Mommy needs a good breeding, big boy.” You struggle against her, voicing your defiance, ”Ngg… never!” but you’re in a too awkward of a position to really fight back. ”Wrong answer.” she says, before making you yelp by slapping your ass, ”Give up now and I’ll make you my pet for the rest of the day, which includes being my seat and fucking me raw a few more time.” To further entice you, she gives your ass a few licks before continuing, ”If you don’t, then I’ll just gobble you up after I fuck you, big boy. You’ll surely be full of protein and energy that our mutual kid will need.” She then forces her tongue into you, making you moan as it plunges deep into your body, ”So give in, and let me ride you!” Your body demands that you give in… to let her ride you… you need to breed her, and just letting her win is the easiest way to do so…

>Win for your tribe make your parent proud, they did not raise a quitter.
No, you can’t give up! Not now! She might have you on the ropes, but you’ll never surrender! What was it father said… if you can’t win, play dirty. If you don’t like the rules, change the game? Or something like that?

[Tacaro the Virile has enraged!]
[Warning! You’re near defeat! Make sure your next few actions count!]
No. 1048990 ID: c11296

You have to get on top of her as that seems to be the only way to get get her to stop moving, maybe grab her with your tail and start kissing her to get her to stop taunting you and you did learn something from her grabbing your legs so grab her legs to stop her from flitting about around you.
No. 1048994 ID: a9af05

I guess you need to stop fighting fair. Start throwing mud in her eyes and mouth!
No. 1049000 ID: 2a82d3

"I'mma lizard fish snake, lady!" Everyone still remember we have minor telekinesis? With that, he could have a go at undoing her chestpiece and bra directly, or lob one of our discarded weapons. That might give an opening to finally give her the pile driver, or an ass shove like she did to him. As a distraction at least, that would give us a breather to get up.

Worst case, he could force a draw by voreing her. Perhaps by showing her what REAL ass shove looks like by sitting on her face until she's all the way inside. How's that for a good boy!

>What was it father said… if you can’t win, play dirty. If you don’t like the rules, change the game? Or something like that?
Sound advice, but keep in mind your father is a scout. His job results in being inside someone half the time, much like how he met your mother.

Getting out from inside would be quite the feat, of both strength and endurance. Could it be possible to get inside her womb, resist being egged long enough to impregnate, and get out again? Grandfather Sebah would be proud, if you did.
No. 1049003 ID: 0bf5d8

Dogs have a strong sense of smell, so let's take advantage of that! How? Her nose is right next to your butt, so the solution is simple: you need to fart in her face! That should overwhelm her strong sense of smell and make her feel dizzy, which will give you time to counterattack!

>Everyone still remember we have minor telekinesis?
Yeah, you're right! We could have our bolas come flying in from behind her to trip her up!
No. 1049019 ID: 261d45

>Why do you need to see her boobs to knock her up!?
You're missing the point. It's meant to be a way to turn her on.

Also, if her boobs are a sensitive area for her, then playing with them would make her weak in the knees and she wouldn't be able to fight back as hard as she is right now.

Do this. The only rule is to stop when she gets knocked up, there's nothing saying that we had to fight fairly.

Take advantage of this. Throw mud or the bolas or our sword at her.

>fart in her face!
.....I mean, that might work? We're kinda desperate to not lose here, so maybe this is crazy enough to work.
No. 1051657 ID: 681cb5
File 167095509260.png - (96.80KB , 700x550 , 92.png )

Following your father’s advice, you grab two handfuls of mud and try and lob it at her face. The glob that flies out from your dominant hand flies true, even with your awkward angle, but the Jackal easily dodge it before it hits her. ”Ha! Is that all you got, big boy?” she taunts, not even moving as the other ball of mud sails past her head, ”Not even close. You’re way to slow to even be a threat.” She moves behind you and grab your ass with both hands before proclaiming, ”But enough playing around, if you refuse to give in then I’ll just have to-”
No. 1051658 ID: 681cb5
File 167095510395.png - (84.85KB , 700x550 , 93.png )

Her speech is interrupted by the large batch of mud you threw with your tail hitting the back of her head, though she’s barely bothered, ”Bah, you really think that will distract me, lizard fishy?” But it does give you and opening, ”I’m a lizard fish SNAKE, LADY!” Your statement is met with confusion, ”Huh? What does th- MFF!?” but before she can get her focus back, you lob a fourth ball of mud right into her face with your mind powers, ”Telekinesis, bitch!”
No. 1051659 ID: 681cb5
File 167095511481.png - (105.24KB , 700x550 , 94.png )

You spring to action as she lets go of your booty, immediately getting back on your feet and bouncing on her, ripping off her chest plate with the force of your movement. She struggles in your grip for a bit while grumbling, ”It’s not over yet! I’m way too slippery for you, slowpoke!” Once again she slips out of your grip, using the mud to her advantage to slide out of your hands as if she was water… but this time you have a secret weapon. Right before she manages to slip away completely you pitch her breast, making her stagger for just a second, but a second is all you need to catch her again. ”Nggah… h-hey, stop squeezing my tits!” she whines, but you just give her a flat ”Nope!” as you give her another squeeze. Again she tries to slip away, ”When I get out from your grip, I’m so going- Gah!” and again you stop her by fondling her chest. ”You’re not going anywhere!” you whisper to her, but she isn’t giving up, as she’s clearly trying to come up with a plan to get out of her predicament, ”J-just give me a second…”

This is it! You can’t give her time to find a way out from your grip! It is time to finish this… and the only way to do that is to knock her up! You just have to decide how!
No. 1051663 ID: feb71f

No. 1051668 ID: 2a82d3

While there may be at least 3 different positions to dominate her, the most important part is raising her fertility enough to put a litter in. Keep fonding her to find where she likes to be touched, but also ease her into her inpending humiliation to give her a chance to enjoy it. Make her rare experience as a submissive as pleasureable as you can, and make it clear that you still respect her as a fighter afterwards. (Half the tribe probably forgot they even had telekinesis.) If she hasn't been a mother yet (and I suspect she has, usually the dominant one), encourage her to be one (once more). Both of you have agreed that your children will be strong, combining her discipline with your potential.

If her being civilized works to cover for her domination kink, then lacking etiquette is a perfect opportunity to practice your charm. Be honest and sincere with the one you love; shower her not literally but with grand romantic gestures and don't stop no matter how awkward and dorky you get and how embarrassed she will be. Hug her and call her George (er, Georgette). Openly reconsider being her servant or student for the day, after impregnating her of course. If she wants you as a chair, you'd be happy to carry her around since Volin eggs are big and heavy compared to other races. You could even double down and swear never let her feet touch the ground. Going above and beyond as a lover and father would also advance your tribes' goals of proving themselves the superior and nobler culture.
No. 1051702 ID: 36784c

It seems her boobs are sensitive and playing with them is disrupting her attempts of escape! Keep doing it!

>how to knock her up?
Lift her off the ground and impale her onto your dick!
No. 1051754 ID: a9af05

Keep hold of her boobs and squeeze them while your other hand snakes down and you start putting fingers in her pussy to get her warmed up for the main event.
No. 1053740 ID: 2420bf

Grab the back of her neck with your teeth! She won't struggle as much if she worries about cutting herself on your teeth! Also, some love nibbles might distract her long enough for you to start fucking her.
No. 1058031 ID: 681cb5
File 167840369280.png - (80.37KB , 700x550 , 95.png )

>While there may be at least 3 different positions to dominate her, the most important part is raising her fertility enough to put a litter in.
With both your own Warlocks blessing as well as their wizard magic, surely she’ll get knocked up no matter how you breed her, right? If not… well, you’re going to fuck her over and over again until Ptamet pulls up the sun tomorrow anyway…
>Make her rare experience as a submissive as pleasurable as you can, and make it clear that you still respect her as a fighter afterwards.
It is already quite clear that the two of you do respect each other, at least as warriors… and surely she’ll enjoy getting the plowing of her life, no?

Grabbing her around her midriff, you lift her above your head and fall backwards, smashing her into the mud behind you with a suplex. Pulling her closer to your body, you have her exactly where you want her, laying naked on top of you while being disoriented…
No. 1058032 ID: 681cb5
File 167840370243.png - (116.74KB , 700x550 , 96.png )

>Start putting fingers in her pussy to get her warmed up for the main event.
Warming her up!? No! You need to breed her! Right now!

She struggle in your grasp, but you put a quick end to it by grabbing her neck with your teeth, making her moan loudly as you give the Jackal a love bite. You follow this up by grabbing her tits, pressing them together while trying your best to angle her lower body into the right position. By now she’s given in completely, accepting her defeat and coming motherhood. Your twin rods slide over her crotch, unable to find the entrance from this awkward position, no matter how hard you try and find it. Then, the Jackal grabs one of your cocks with one hand and guides it to her lower lips, letting it slip into her eager depths and impale her on your throbbing member. As soon as you’re inside her, you can’t help but hump against her rear as fast as you can, and with all the teasing that’s been going on you don’t last long at all. With one final thrust, you hilt one of your dicks inside her quivering pussy before unleashing a torrent of your seed, filling her womb with your future young.

Impregnation attempt: The male Volin is dominant.
Base: 35% (25% + Volin fert: 5% + Jackal fert: 5%)
Virgin: -5%
Experienced Mother: +5%
Fertility body paint: +25%
Fertility Crystal Enchantment: +35%
Mutual desire: +10%
-Total: 105% chance-

No. 1058033 ID: 681cb5
File 167840371397.png - (99.53KB , 700x550 , 97.png )

Sebak: “It looks like we won in end.” you say as you watch Tacaro empty his sack into the rather cute Jackal, “Though it was a very even match, wasn’t it?”
Neferi: “I wouldn’t expect less from such a fine species as yourself.” the sultry voice of Neferi tells you as the Volin’s now flaccid member slips out from the his new mate, “Even if my son’s bodyguard is one of our more experienced soldiers.” The Varkian Queen pokes your side with her rod, “How does he fare, now that we speak of him?”
Sebak: “I am certain he’s having a grand time, Neferi.” giving her a coy smile you continue, “After all, I made sure one of our more charismatic ladies, Smiling Sekhmet, is keeping him entertained.”
Neferi: “That is good to hear, handsome…” the avian gives you a haughty laugh, all the while Icaro’s son readjust his stance a bit and slide his other dick into the Jackal, clearly desperate to make her a mother, “And I’ve come to understand that your trader, Maphet, is going to join the auction?”
Sebak: “I didn’t know she was considering it…” rubbing your chin for a bit, you tell her, “But I think know what she’s planning to sell, beautiful.”
Neferi: “Meanwhile, the two of us should make sure tonight’s dinner is a splendid affair, don’t you agree?” Neferi leans over to you, standing on her toes as she tries to whisper into your ear, “But afterwards… well, I was hoping to have a… hmhm… private meeting with you… in my personal cart.”
Sebak: You raise an eyebrow as you look down at her, moving your gaze away from the breeding pair in front of you, “Oh? That sounds rather… intriguing…”
Neferi: “Why, it’s always interesting when you have a… diplomatic meeting with a hunk like yourself, Sebak.” She gives you a genuine smile while tapping your tummy with her rod once again… which is followed by an orgasmic cry from the Jackal as Tacaro pumps another load into her hungry womb.

Three of your chosen champions need your guidance… which one do you want to aid?

Sebak the Overseer, as he attempts some “private diplomacy” with Merchant Queen Neferi the Second in her personal cart?
Smiling Sekhmet, as she entertains Trade Prince Nedjet the Fourth in her tent?
Maphet the Trader, as she attends the auction and tries to rent herself away?
No. 1058035 ID: a7a180

No. 1058038 ID: e9ef46

All good options, but Sebak's task may be the most crucial and demanding, so that's where we should focus our sight.
No. 1058067 ID: 6b3ad7

Maphet selling her body is more about politics than who has the most money, this seems to be more about favors traded and later used after gained from the auction, hopefully whoever buys her if not a hunk at least has a dick as fat as them or for a son or something. Sekhmet hopefully doesn't break her new toy too hard and is as durable as her other toys, hopefully he's at least as big as most of her toys though a thin soft toy can be used in different ways. We have been waiting some time to watch sebak court lady neferi, and he should mate with all the milfs in the land for his people may they be married or not, may his children be curved and bountiful.
No. 1058086 ID: 2a82d3

All three would be great to work with:
- Sebak has to watch out for the jealous guard, but if he plays his cards right he could charm/dominate/breed 2 for the price of 1. He'd better like power bottoming, if it turns into a threesome.
- Sehkmet could sell the prince on her eating him. Make being inside her sound romantic or sexy. Having the father BE the nutrients for their future child does sound like what a worshipper of a vore goddess would do.
- Mephit could spin the auction into a proper breeding raffle. Players could each breed her, in order highist bid to lowest paid. People pleaser she is, she's the most likely to spend the night in a gangbang. To be honest, I'd like to see if she can have kids from multiple dads, but this is the wrong quest for that.

Sebak is the most important to assist. As a predator, we have reputation for dominance not charm so we have to make a very positive first impression to overcome that.

>hopefully whoever buys her if not a hunk at least has a dick as fat as them or for a son or something.
Now I'm worried he might try to steal her from us.
>Sekhmet hopefully doesn't break her new toy too hard and is as durable as her other toys
If she does, I would hope her insides are comfy enough for him to rest.
>he should mate with all the milfs in the land for his people may they be married or not, may his children be curved and bountiful.
His approach to married couples should be less homewrecker and more relationship counciler. Provide threesomes to help strengthen their relationship (so they have more kids) or open them up to new people (so they have more kids). Volek would approve (of making more kids).
No. 1058097 ID: 365de0

I want to see Sekhmet plunder some bird butt.
No. 1058742 ID: 681cb5
File 167901078524.png - (73.23KB , 700x550 , 98.png )


The sound of the locking mechanism echoes throughout the room, as Neferi puts away the small bronze key while tugging on your restrains, just to make sure they are fastened correctly.

Neferi: “There we go, hunk…” she whispers in a sultry tone “Do they feel good?”
Sebak: You give your new bracers a quick jerk, trying to move them to no avail. “They do…”you tell her while moving your hands, enjoying the feeling of the rather soft leather against your wrist, “But do you really need to tie me up?”
Neferi: “Of course…” with a slow and mesmerizing motion, she move her hands down your arms before letting them caress your chest, “Can’t let the big strong predator lose, can we?” looking down at you, she gives you a quick wink before continuing, “At least not yet~”

The evening before this went by quick and without any trouble. Maphet came back from the auction heavily pregnant with a pair of twin Jackals, her body covered with Pesi’s magical body paint as your trader had successfully bargain for several religious items. The dinner afterwards went off without a hitch, as everyone enjoyed the food and drink you tribe provided, though you didn’t see Sekhmet anywhere the whole evening. Surely she and Neferi’s son is having some fun in private? Then, as the night began to fall, the females of your tribe started courting the males of the caravan and vice versa. In fact, you spotted Icaro sneak away with a pair of cute twins, clearly looking forward to an exciting evening.

And now you find yourself here, tied up in the bed of the gorgeous Neferi, the leader of the caravan...
No. 1058743 ID: 681cb5
File 167901080191.png - (111.39KB , 700x550 , 99.png )

Neferi: “Why, I see someone is eager…” she happily exclaim as she feels your large member grew behind her butt.
Sebak: “The little fellow can’t help it, when such a beautiful lady is close by.”
Neferi: “Little? Please…” she moves a bit back, making sure your rod get snuggly tucked between her cheeks as she sits on your tummy, “This thing is massive! While not the longest, clearly the fattest I’ve ever seen.” While moving her hips a bit side to side, she continues, “And four nuts? Why, you’re going to spoil me, big boy.”

She starts bouncing a bit on your stomach, letting your cock slip between her hot buns for a bit…

Sebak: “I do love your tattoos… especially the one on your tummy.”
Neferi: “Oh? This one?” she gesture towards her stomach, where the text ‘Babies made’ is written followed by at least 16 tally marks, “Why, I’m sure you’d love to add another notch or two too it, hmm?”
Sebak: “I would want nothing else, Neferi…”
Neferi: “Good…” suddenly there’s a naughty glint in her eye as she give you a mischievous smile, “Very good…” but just as quickly as it appeared, it’s gone.

Neferi: “I’ll let you chose how we begin… a bit of foreplay? Maybe some anal? Surely, you don’t want to take the main attraction for a ride already? After all…” she caress your cheek as she leans closer, “The night is young…” before giving you a long kiss, “So no need to rush…”

No. 1058759 ID: 2a82d3

Well this is a surprise. How did you get talked into this? Is it her charm, or are you being submissive to avoid the ire of her guard?

Start with some breastplay. Mash your sensitive chests together as she rubs against your rod, or lower herself to message it while warming herself up. Either way, don't break eye contact while you do it.

How about some dirty talk, and mistress worship. How many of those notches came out birds? If she can consistently tame such beasts like yourself, her charms must be very impressive indeed. Not just her charms, her very stature must be able to carry so much young. She'd look so good with an egg belly with many eggs. You can't wait to get some strong workers and craftspeople out of her.

(Speaking of has someone caught the eye of your new rhino thrall yet? If she gets pregnant, can she work the fields or does she have to spend the week in the breeding tent?)

Anal? She would need a strapon, or cock, to give it to you. That'd be a nice package, indeed. To her? It goes without saying you'll finish by double penetration. It's what the body of your species naturally does.

Where is that guard, and what's his name anyway? If he's watching, or tries something, perhaps both of them would enjoy a demonstration that you don't need hands to dominate him and he'd make a nice seat. Though, with your fertility boosted out the wazoo, you might get pregnant from him. Do you mind?
No. 1058836 ID: 6b3ad7

Four shotput sized balls and a football shaped dick that needs to stretch pussy forever in a way that is a completely unique experience, fattest dick this and the other side of the river, it needs to breed all the milfs as it seems only they would have the experience for such a monster, like giving birth but backwards. This dick is not built for defloration or first times, this cock is for rebuilding pussy from the clit up for it and it only, I can only imagine her son seeing his mom pregnant with this lizards curved kids with such big genes no matter the gender, male, female, or even the rare futa, those balls must explode inside and impregnate a pussy now and needs more in the future from the body of a strongman and a king combined, he can lead his tribe to even bigger ventures on his and his childrens strong backs. Hopefully he doesn't take too many ladys to his bed and deprive his tribe of pussys that are tight and not shaped like they shoved a vase up there.
No. 1058897 ID: e9ef46

Perhaps a little making out while things start out, assuming not too much of that has happened. She gets to feel and explore your body some more, unimpeded, and you get to taste something few males do. 'Tasting' her in preparation of the main event as well, seeing as she admitted you are definitely her girthiest partner to date. Plus, the chance to hear/make her moan seems quite nice.

Keep telekinesis on stand by to surprise her with. There is no telling how this night might go, with that glint in her eye.
No. 1059204 ID: 681cb5
File 167944399760.png - (74.69KB , 700x550 , 100.png )

>How did you get talked into this? Is it her charm, or are you being submissive to avoid the ire of her guard?
Can’t a man prefer letting a lady that knows what they want and enjoy themselves? In all honestly, you’d always preferred when your partner take charge and leads, as it’s so relaxing just going with the flow with these things. Oh, and her guard refused to leave unless she tied you up, for her safety, even after Neferi told him he had some important matter to attend do elsewhere.
>Keep telekinesis on standby to surprise her with. There is no telling how this night might go, with that glint in her eye.
She clearly has some plan for you, so keeping a surprise or two for later might be a good idea. If anything, you might just pinch her bum later when she least suspects it…

Sebak: “How about we take slow?” you whisper to her, ”Perhaps a little bit of cuddling? And kissing?” stopping for a moment, you kiss the air before continuing, “The night is young… so no need to rush.”
Neferi: “Why, a man that wants to take his time, hmm?” she leans in close, caressing your cheek, “…I do like that.”
Sebak: “Ngg, should I be worried about being a naughty boy, mistress?” you moan out as you feel her grabbing your member and start stroking it, “Or would you rather have me call you queen, your hi-” the Varkian silence you by giving you a deep kiss, all the while she slowly rub your club below, taking her time to explore it thoroughly.
Neferi: “You will be calling Queen, not because I command it, but because you will be my king.” She whispers before giving you another long kiss, “What do you say? Let you tribe join us, and we’ll be king and queen, ruling over both our people?” as she explains her bargain, she caresses your cheek and gives you a warm smile.
Sebak: “Heh, don’t temp me, Neferi… but I cannot decide the tribe’s will by myself.” With a jolt, you feel her cast a spell over your dick, making it tingly, “And what is that magic you’re casting on me down there, hmm?”
Neferi: “Why, it’s a bit of a surprise, Sebak…” with a final kiss on the snout, she pull herself away from your face and starts moving downwards. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough…”

No. 1059205 ID: 681cb5
File 167944400960.png - (81.77KB , 700x550 , 101.png )

Sebak: “Huff… your bosom is soft like the very clouds and…” you’re forced to stop as her breasts starts to move, rubbing your cock between them as they raises and falls like empires, “Ah… as beautiful as the sky…”
Neferi: “Why, aren’t you a charmer, big boy.” She tells you while giving you a devilish smile.
Sebak: “I have to ask, opal…” looking down at her, you smile back, “Just how many notches on your tummy came out birds?” Pulling on the chains you’re bound in, you hear the bed creak a bit, “Because taming a beast like myself is indeed impressive…”
Neferi: “Oh, there’s a jackal or two on there, as well as an Sakkilian…” she smirks a bit as she look you straight in the eyes, “But most of them, emerald, are indeed Varkians.”
Sebak: “Ngg… just imagining you with an egg bloated belly…” you moan as she starts moving faster, kneading her breast around you, “You’re so beautiful I’m about to… I can’t… mmm…”
Neferi: “That’s it, dear, let it all out.” she whispers in a sultry tone, “Surely, you won’t tire out after just the first one, correct?”

With her permission, you let yourself go over the edge, plummeting into an orgasm as your member starts to twitch and its tip unfold. It doesn’t take long for it to start throbbing, and… nothing…? In desperation, you hump against her bosom, trying your best to blow your load, but your cock simply refuses, even as it is throbbing like mad. Then you see it… the runes that are shining on the head of your dick…

Sebak: “W-wha… but…”
Neferi: “I see you’ve figured out what my spell does…”
Sebak: “Huff… s-so you’re into orgasm deny?” you give her a weak smile, “W-while I won’t mind, can you warn me next time… ah… not to mention, this is getting a bit unconformable.” It’s driving you mad! You need to get a proper release right now! “C-can you ease the spell? If just for a second?” you beg her, but Neferi just smiles.
Neferi: “Oh, but we aren’t done yet, love…”
Sebak: “Huh, wha-” she interrupts your question by smother your dick even harder, before letting her tits bounce up and down, making your orgasm even worse, “Gah, what are you doing!?”
Neferi: “Reject your weak godspawn and give yourself to ours! Join me as King of your people, and let them be part of something far greater that this miserable tribe!” a vile tone has suddenly appeared in her whispers, “Convert, and I will let you cum, Sebak…”
Sebak: “Nnn… can’t…”
Neferi: “It is pointless to resist, lizard… the night is young… and you will break eventually.” she gives you a wicked smile, and that devilish glint in her eye is back, “While it was clever of your godspawn to split itself between five people, it won’t matter.” The queen doesn’t let up, continuing her assault on your member as she monologues, “You played right into my hand when you gave my son over to that red buffoon… and the other male was easy enough to convince by giving him a pair of twins. Both of them have sworn fealty to us without even realizing it!” You pull as hard as you can on your binds, but all it does it making the wooden bed creak under you, “So… either you give in and become my new king… or I’ll make you into my slave and nothing more. After all, as soon as one of those two gals are converted, your godspawn is done for… and I’ve already sent my royal guard to handle them.” A new odd feeling enters your head… as if something is grabbing your very mind and trying to pull it away from you… no, it isn’t your mind. It’s Telos… your godspaw… her own godspawn is trying to pull Telos from you, so it can consume it! You have to resist, or your whole tribe is done for! RESIST! “Give in, Sebak… let your godspawn perish…” Re…sist… ngg…

No. 1059235 ID: 365de0

Hey! You don't get to eat us! We'll eat you instead!

Bite this foolspawn.
No. 1059240 ID: a7a180

You don't take orders from FDA-approved food stock. Reposition for eggnation, then deploy butt pinch. Don't expect the telekinesis to be totally unexpected, it was already shown off in that duel.
No. 1059243 ID: 273c18

Are your legs free? What are the cuffs attached to?
No. 1059249 ID: 273c18

Also can't you just call for the guards?
No. 1059251 ID: d36740

>call guards
They're her guards. Calling them won't help us.
No. 1059275 ID: 273c18

Wrong, there are many others of Sebak's tribe here.
No. 1059277 ID: 2a82d3

She sure must be super confident in her magic runes to put her face right in front of your cannon. Don't point that out, but egg her on in teasing you. Give her a chance to monologue about her and her god; if she wants to sell you on being her king/slave, you'd have to know who you're being sold into. When the pressure buildup inevitably breaks the seal, and understand Talos wills it so, the blast from your orgasm will knock her clean out.

If your faith wavers, think about what will happen to your thralls, your people, your eggs. Your race is a rare curiosity that no merchant could resist selling them off for a tidy profit. You don't want to have her sell of your kids, do you? Draw upon your dad energy, and resist!

>After all, as soon as one of those two gals are converted, your godspawn is done for… and I’ve already sent my royal guard to handle them.”
Trying to convert your priestess is more likely to get himself sucked dry instead. She's a little salty after missing out a male ant drone.

If she can find out about her plot, that'd be great too. Surely, she'd have noticed her god being sucked out her close friends and followers by now. If her tribe's faith is so weak, than that's kinda on her really. Your god calls upon you, Pesi!
No. 1059279 ID: d36740

We're in her cart, surrounded by her guards, away from the tents our guards are in. We're going to be too far away for our guys to hear us. And even if the do hear us, they can't take on all of her guards, who have better armor, weapons, training, and there are more of them than there are people in our entire tribe.

Calling for our guards isn’t going to do anything. We need to get out of this ourselves.