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File 165153687947.png - (382.64KB , 1020x760 , 01b.png )
1031036 No. 1031036 ID: db4755

In the land of Enur, the runes of magic control all that occurs! But one day, something caused these runes to fall down from the heavens onto the surface of the world! Now the spirits(That's you) are tasked with guiding a champion on their quest to recover these runes before the world falls into chaos!

Choose a race and gender!

Human: A human! The most abundant race in the land. Have a natural affinity boost with all elements of magic!

Kin: This animal-like race sports animalistic features such as tails ears claws and fangs! They naturally have sharper instincts and are quicker!

Gilland: Born with gills and webbed hands and feet, this race is the master of water and sea! The best swimmers, with the ability to breath underwater!
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No. 1031037 ID: db4755
File 165153690913.png - (235.39KB , 1020x760 , 02b.png )

Also choose an elemental affinity and a history!

Elemental affinities give your champion advantages in magic and activities pertaining to the affinity. They'll also thrive when in an area that's abundant in their affinity, and have strengths and weaknesses against other affinities. (Water --> Fire= Water strong vs Fire)

Your champion's history will affect in-universe contextual activity such as conversation, behavior and skills. Choose from those available, or submit a custom history.
No. 1031038 ID: 5eae95

Female Kin with life magic and a merc background
No. 1031039 ID: 93072d

Deffo going with Gilland.

Our "hero", actually began as a thief, trying to rise up in the undersea's criminal underworld by mastering earth magic, the essence that defied everything in his environ.
This affinity backfired, as it slowly imbued him for a sense of wanderlost towards dry land which, after a few too many encounters with local authorities in his home reef, finally pushed you into exploring the world of the landlubbers.
No. 1031044 ID: ea5947

human male
life affinity
ordinary farmer
No. 1031051 ID: 5d9787

Human Male
Arcane affinity
Isekai protagonist
No. 1031057 ID: 36784c

No. 1031062 ID: a8cd9f

Seconding this
No. 1031067 ID: 2b3343

Female kin
No. 1031068 ID: e51896

Male human
No. 1031073 ID: afe7de

No. 1031075 ID: 629f2e

Female Kin with Wind magic and a Noble background.

Sometimes I just want to be a part of the aristocracy, okay?
No. 1031076 ID: 90c451

Male Human. Solely for the smug look that guy has.
Arcane Affinity.
Thief. Specifically a Rogue, specializing in fooling hapless adventurers and conning hapless villagers.
No. 1031078 ID: 3466cb

gilland male. Fire, thief.
(Or human male if gilland is completely thrown out the running)
No. 1031082 ID: e5709d


You were born in the glowslums, a horrible excuse of a labor camp which was designed to breed high-quality magic soldiers by exposing hundreds of peasants and their unborn children to acres of dirtland filled with unstable Wild Magic. Only those lucky enough to win the superpower lottery survive to adulthood.
As expected of your origins, you rose through the ranks of the Mages as fast as nobles, and more competently as well.
And then one day you somehow 'stole' the ability to cast magic from one of your less-than-courteous colleagues. And now you're on the run.
+ Extremely powerful magic
+ Magic Sense (low chance of innately understanding a spell before it is fully cast)
- Weakened constitution
- Mutations
No. 1031084 ID: 210f04

No. 1031090 ID: c92a02

Female kin, arcane mage.
No. 1031093 ID: bdef6e

This. Maybe some cat, racoon or wolf? The wolf kin you showed looks uber cute
No. 1031101 ID: a9af05

This sounds fun
No. 1031102 ID: b01382

Human wizard with specs into arcane magic.
Lets go full magic baby!
No. 1031103 ID: dee951

Female Kin. Water. Otter.

Get the benefits of Gilland AND Kin!
No. 1031104 ID: 0838d6


Actually, ignore my original >>1031073
I like this idea of an aristocratic wind noble. We already got quests with mercs, let's be high society!
No. 1031105 ID: d0108b

No. 1031118 ID: db4755
File 165159910683.png - (167.74KB , 866x760 , 3.png )

Your champion is a female kin noble with a wind affinity! These attributes will present their own advantages and challenges during her quest, but I'm sure with your help she can overcome them all!
No. 1031119 ID: db4755
File 165159914830.png - (273.67KB , 1020x760 , 4.png )

Now that we've chosen our champion, we need to locate her! Please choose a starting land! Each land has it's own strife and climates which you'll learn more about once you're involved! You can also submit ideas for just what our little noble was DOING in this land! Home in the castle or keep? A diplomatic visit to another land? Feel free to submit ideas.

Falen Icelands: Chilly plains and forests of snow! Kin are native here! The Moralot Kingdom, though small in size, is located primarily here! Our noble belongs to this kingdom, so there would surely be lots of friendly folks here! Those with Wind affinities find advantage here, as well as those with water affinities.

Edge Mountains: Tall mountains and gigantic caverns beneath the surface! Kin are common here. The Moralot kingdom holds some power here, but it's mostly controlled by something that lives beneath the surface of the mountains... Those with Wind affinities will find advantage here, along with Earth affinities.

Uwashan Plains: Large plains and forests, lovely land! Kin are present here, but not widely welcomed. The Uwashan Empire controls this place. Those with Earth, Arcane, and Life affinities will find advantage here.

Filland Swamps: Murky, wet swamps cover this coast-land! Gillands are common here! The Uwashan Empire holds control over this place. Those with Water and Earth affinities will find advantage here.

Eyaran Desert: This land is made up of large stretches of hot desert! Home to the Eyaran people, who continue an ongoing war against the Uwashan Empire! Those with Fire and Earth affinities will find advantage here.

Koraban Islands: A collection of tropical islands! Gillands mostly control this place! Those with Water affinities will find great advantage here!
No. 1031120 ID: 9a2966

Ice ice ice!
No. 1031122 ID: 9a2966

Oh, and in their domain's largest city's town hall, answering petitions from the locals and addressing recent concerns.
No. 1031128 ID: 629f2e

Edge Mountains!

I'll agree with >>1031122 about our unnamed noble handling the public, giving her some role in politics. Unlike the old nobles, who are secure in their wealth and don't need to concern themselves with commonfolk, our character can be in a less-secure position, likely coming from a lesser family and requiring public support to maintain her position.
No. 1031130 ID: 643288

Tropical islands!
Let us have feel good sunny adventures!
No. 1031132 ID: ea5947

Mountains, trying to negotiate a better/cheaper supply of metals to the Moralot kingdom.
Alternatively, desert, due to a pilgrimage that certain low-standing nobles are required to take to increase their standing.
No. 1031134 ID: e5709d

Koraban Islands, on a 'diplomatic' trip. All nobles use this excuse to get a vacation, especially since those that take frequent vacations excel above their peers for some reason.
After all, vacation is technically illegal under Holy Law.
No. 1031137 ID: a9af05

Falen Icelands

Our noble lady is extremely wealthy, but instead of greedily holding onto her wealth, she's extremely generous and frequently uses her own money to help the common folk. This makes her very popular and everyone loves her.

She's currently visiting the small town outside of her castle, in order to help with some of the political issues that are going on.
No. 1031140 ID: bdef6e

The obvious option is Falen Icelands, but is also kinda boring if we have all things on our side. I'm torn between Koraban Islands and Edge Mountains.

I vote for Edge Mountains as I find more sense for us to be there and because I'm curious about that "something beneath the surface". We could be sent to help some ally in their feud or be sent to investigate a misterious attack on a village as part of our training as noble.

For Koraban Islands a posible reason to be there could be a diplomatic mision to set up a comercial route which jumps over the Moralot Kingdom. It could be cool to help sailing using wind magic to always go downwind. (Also I like the idea of angst because it's too hot, too wet and the sand gets in the fur all the time)
No. 1031141 ID: 36784c

Do this one!
No. 1031193 ID: db4755
File 165168549318.png - (338.14KB , 1020x760 , 5.png )

That's right, our champion riding along in a carriage, high in the Edge Mountains! Tasked by her father to join a mission to a small village, which has requested assistance in negotiations with natives! Quite the important mission! She must be beside herself with anxiety and excitement!
No. 1031194 ID: db4755
File 165168551558.png - (382.30KB , 1020x760 , 6.png )

Or... She WOULD be that way, if she weren't fast asleep! Must have been a long journey for her! But it's not over yet! You'd better call her name to help wake her up!

(Please choose a name for our champion!)
No. 1031195 ID: ea5947

No. 1031196 ID: 9a2966

Mirenu Du Claive!
No. 1031198 ID: 61d618

Rene du Bois.
No. 1031207 ID: e7c7d3

Bobbert McDonner. It's very feminine in your home culture, but everyone else doesn't seem to think so
No. 1031209 ID: e5709d

Fel'ta Hanselt
No. 1031221 ID: a9af05

I like this name.
No. 1031222 ID: bdef6e

I like Maya, but this get extra point for remember to add surname.
No. 1031232 ID: db4755
File 165171076229.png - (433.20KB , 1020x760 , 7.png )

>Maya Du Bois

"Guh- I'm up I'm... awake. Are we there yet?"

That's right, her name is Maya Du Bois! Such a lovely, regal name! Look at our little lady!
No. 1031233 ID: db4755
File 165171078011.png - (434.39KB , 1020x760 , 8.png )

'...I swear somebody just said my name.. It must've been a dream... I'm sleepy!'

Here it is, the critical time of introduction! What will the first thing you say to Maya! Remember this will reflect on how she sees you forever! So whatever you do... Don't say anything completely ridiculous!
No. 1031234 ID: ea5947

Nice tits.
No. 1031235 ID: 36784c

Hello, Miss Maya, you have been chosen as a champion to help save the world and us spirits here to help guide you on your journey.
No. 1031240 ID: bdef6e

"Hello there! We need hands, like physical hands capable of doing things in the physical world. You might have't noticed it, but the world is about to collapse!. Maybe can you help us to stop the apocalypsis? Free if it can be, because of our lack of physical money..."
No. 1031256 ID: 3328c7

Succint statement. I support it.
No. 1031269 ID: cef5c7

>Don't say anything completely ridiculous!
You're not the boss of me! I'm gonna say, "Anything completely ridiculous!"

Also this!

But seriously, just say this >>1031235
No. 1031270 ID: e5709d

"... But yes, this sums up 30% of our collective personality.
The good news is, if you're hearing us, it means you're going to be lucky! Like, really lucking lucky! We help heroes become legends and villains become overlords!

Our company has gone through many brands; The Orb of Infinite Psyche, TGChan Incorporated, Aaa Voices In My Head, and now, Questden. But our charter is as clear as ever: explore the multiverse, looking for adventurers and heroes to command and advise. We've lent our services from the lowliest of peasants to the highest of gods. We've turned some of said peasants into said gods!
And best of all, it's FREE*!

*Questden is not liable for any consequences as a result of actions taken based on consultation. Questden may be capable of assuming direct control of the client, nearby entities, and the fabric of reality. Any and all information collected by Questden can and will be used against the client in a court of law. Questden may not be persecuted for any sexual harassment within quests. Clients may be forced to integrate with each other in overly sexual and nonsensical events on occasion.

... tl;dr: You're not crazy, not yet. This is part of the cost of being a chosen one.
Now it's time for you to choose - answer the call in search of your heart's desire, or go back to your life?

... Look, we can prove we're not just insane voices in your head. Give us some unsolved mathematics theorems and we'll use our magic to find the right answer."
No. 1031279 ID: fec07f

So good news bad news time:
Good news: you are now the lucky recipient of an entire crowd of otherwordly entities that can help observe and advise you through all manner of trying times

The bad news: A bunch of us are perverts and/or just interested in being entertained rather than your wellbeing, oh and if you talk to us you'll look crazy
No. 1031286 ID: 30b9f6

Could also mention it's because the runes of magic fell from the heavens and scattered across the lands, cause unknown.

This is bad, yes? Yes.

Recover them all and save your world from chaos, Maya Du Bois.

Or you'll be stuck with us for QUITE some time.
No. 1031292 ID: 629f2e

Hiya Maya. Don't be alarmed, but you have spirits in following you now. Feel free to respond to us in your head, so that you don't look like an insane person talking to imaginary friends.
No. 1031304 ID: db4755
File 165177192379.png - (402.99KB , 1020x760 , 9.png )

>Nice tits.

"Wh-What!? My..."

>Hello, Miss Maya, you have been chosen as a champion to help save the world and us spirits here to help guide you on your journey.

"Champion? Spirits? What're you talking about? Who IS talking?!"

>Could also mention it's because the runes of magic fell from the heavens and scattered across the lands, cause unknown.

"I'm still totes confused!"
No. 1031305 ID: db4755
File 165177193906.png - (370.72KB , 1020x760 , 10.png )

>Recover them all and save your world from chaos, Maya Du Bois.

>Or you'll be stuck with us for QUITE some time.

"Could you guys slow down a sec? Did you say you were spirits?"

>A bunch of us are perverts

"I figured that part out at least!"
No. 1031306 ID: db4755
File 165177195704.png - (463.87KB , 1020x760 , 11.png )

>Feel free to respond to us in your head, so that you don't look like an insane person talking to imaginary friends.

"Wait, nobody else can hear you?"
No. 1031307 ID: db4755
File 165177197433.png - (488.56KB , 1020x760 , 12.png )

No. 1031308 ID: db4755
File 165177199601.png - (415.88KB , 1020x760 , 13.png )

No. 1031309 ID: 9a2966

Blame magic. Voices on the wind.
No. 1031310 ID: bdef6e

Think fast! "You know I am messing with you. Do you?"
No. 1031311 ID: ea5947

Ask him if he's, what, never seen an insane person before?
No. 1031313 ID: bba5bb

Kindly request that your present company get those eyebrows under control. Those eyebrows are very powerful.
No. 1031314 ID: bb78f2

He's hot.
He's not your dad right? He's available?
No. 1031315 ID: a9af05

Just pretend that you're still half asleep and you were having a really weird dream where you were talking to a bunch of ghosts. You thought you were still talking to them when you woke up.
No. 1031316 ID: e5709d

Ignore him, he's silly.
No. 1031317 ID: db4755
File 165178031064.png - (390.28KB , 1020x760 , 14.png )

>Pretend you're still half asleep.

"Ohh my! I'm so tired... I was having this crazy dream, where I was speaking to a bunch of ghosts! Quite the odd dream, right? Haha! RIGHT??"

>Never seen an insane person before?

"Wh-What's wrong, never seen an insane person before? Haha just kidding! I'm just messing with you!"

>He's hot. He's not your dad right? He's available?

WHAT?? I mean he is available, but I would never- No he's not my dad! He's my-
No. 1031318 ID: db4755
File 165178032802.png - (509.59KB , 1020x760 , 15.png )

"Sister... Can you please try to act normal once we reach the village! The last thing father needs right now is another embarrassing incident like the Sumpter Festival! He's already angry with you enough! Try not to earn any more of his ire!"

"Yes, brother..."

He's my elder brother. Alto Du Bois. And his eyebrows ARE powerful.
No. 1031319 ID: 34dfce

Reminds me of Professor Oak.

Also, you are a bit of an airhead, aren't you? Well, fine. Tell him that we are here, also tell him you are keeping this to yourself and it shouldn't cause an issue.
No. 1031321 ID: abaa91

"So no talking about voices in my head? Alright, alright. Spoilsport."
No. 1031322 ID: ea5947

So, what is the Sumpter Festival and what did you do there?
No. 1031323 ID: 37a47a

>Sumpter Festival
Ok, now we've gotta know, what's he talking about?
No. 1031324 ID: 9a2966

More importantly, where are you headed and what is the nature of your punis-- mission here in the Edge Mountains?

Many things must be turning fair strange in the world with the runes of magic fallen down. Perhaps whatever troubles you are to address will involve one? You could ask your brother for the rundown if you forgot the most pertinent details.

As well, we've no formal knowledge of your better traits, other than a sense of your noble lineage and your wind affinity! What are your strengths as you see them, Maya Du Bois?
No. 1031325 ID: bb78f2

Get brother a girlfriend or boyfriend!

We love playing matchmaker! Shouldn't be hard with those eyebrows, but he seems so serious, maybe that's why he's single. You should tell him to tone it down a notch, otherwise he'll scare all his potential partners off and make our job harder.
No. 1031326 ID: a9af05

Maybe don't say any of this? Her brother already seems to be annoyed, we don't need to give him anymore reasons to not like Maya.
No. 1031327 ID: 37a47a

I already don't like your brother, he seems like he's an asshole.

By the way, Maya, just wanted to let you know that just because we're with you, that doesn't mean that you have to say or do everything we tell you. It's your choice and you get to decide if you want to say or do anything we suggest.
No. 1031337 ID: 84374e

Not gonna lie, your bro is kinda hot (guess it runs in the family). Is he usually this upset though? Probably feeling like he is being punished for your mistake in a way. How is your relationship, is he usually an ass, and how much can you rely on him?

Gonna have to figure out how to sort out whatever tasks you have been given to keep you occupied, before fate decides to to mess with your life... more than it already has. Can't shirk your responsibilities with an insanity plea, after all.
No. 1031354 ID: 3466cb

>I already don't like your brother, he seems like he's an asshole.
Nonsense, he's trying to look out for his younger sister and his family more generally. Both are scions of the most venerable House Du Bois, and thus must maintain an impeccable poise before the common folk and high peers alike. Alto is presumably the heir to Maya's esteemed lineage; it is natural that he should be concerned for the dignity of their dynasty and his dear sister's duties and demeanour within it, with all that entails.

We should definitely find someone to get him laid though, he's too high-strung. Don't you want nephews and nieces, Maya? Or a court eunuch catamite to hatch conspiracies with?
No. 1031362 ID: 36784c

Ok everyone, let’s slow down. Give Maya a chance to process everything that’s happening before we go dumping a bunch of information on her.

While that is true, he still didn’t need to be a dick about it.
No. 1031364 ID: afe7de

Compliment your brother's eyebrows while you process the million spirits talking to you now
No. 1031374 ID: e5709d

Oh yeah, I see the resemblance! We should get him some painted rocks that he can throw at the local zombies or something!

So... what are your skills, anyway? Please tell me you know how to defend yourself in a fight...
No. 1031386 ID: db4755
File 165185325493.png - (424.43KB , 1020x760 , 16.png )

>You're a bit of an airhead, aren't you?

Well, they DO say those with wind affinities tend to be airheaded! I'm totes not though!

>Many things must be turning fair strange in the world with the runes of magic fallen down...

Okay, what are these runey things? Magic history was a total snooze-fest so I slept through it.

>Ok everyone, let’s slow down. Give Maya a chance to process everything that’s happening before we go dumping a bunch of information on her.

Yes! One crazy head voice at a time please!

>What is the Sumpter Festival and what did you do there?

The Sumpter Festival is an annual festival held in Moralot where people gather and celebrate harvest and trade prosperity! As for what happened there...
No. 1031387 ID: db4755
File 165185326897.png - (468.00KB , 1020x760 , 17.png )

...I'd rather not talk about it.

>Get brother a girlfriend or boyfriend!
>Shouldn't be hard with those eyebrows, but he seems so serious, maybe that's why he's single.

Right?? I tell him all the time he just needs to loosen up a bit, but he's all... 'The needs of our kingdom come first!' like, come on! Just get laid!

>Your brother seems like an ass!
>How is your relationship with your brother?

He's a bit of a stick in the mud, but he's my bro! We used to be really close and play together a lot, but father started splitting us up when we got older and Alto just... got more serious, I guess!

>Your brother is hot.

I hope you guys are real spirits. I hope I'm not just crazy and can't stop thinking about how hot my brother is...
No. 1031388 ID: db4755
File 165185328328.png - (356.25KB , 1020x760 , 18.png )

>What's your mission. Ask brother for details?

Maya: "Hey, Alto. Why did father send us here again?"

Alto: "It's to help settle a trade negotiation between one of our villages and some natives. Something about demanding more money for the metals they're mining. It's as you might put it... a 'snooze-fest'"

>Compliment bro's eyebrows.

Maya: "You have nice eyebrows."

Alto: "I... Thank you."

>just wanted to let you know that just because we're with you, that doesn't mean that you have to say or do everything we tell you.

NOW you tell me! Honestly, it's strange. When I hear you, it's almost like they're my own thoughts and desires. It's a bit confusing.

>What are your strengths and skills?

Well, I'm a noble so I know my way around a fancy dinner party... People say I'm charming... I know some wind magic. I always liked it.

>Please tell me you know how to defend yourself in a fight...

I mean, I've play-fought Alto before when we were kids but... I'm a noble lady! Why would I ever need to know how to fight?
No. 1031389 ID: db4755
File 165185330043.png - (430.00KB , 1020x760 , 19.png )


Alto: "What was that?! We've stopped! Something's wrong!"
No. 1031390 ID: 2aa5f0

>I'm a noble lady! Why would I ever need to know how to fight?
you know in case someone tries to kidnap you for ransom since nobles tend to have money or kill you for political reasons. Normal noble stuff really.
No. 1031391 ID: 0838d6

This, this is the reason why.

But since you have wind affinity and are a noble you must know some vague magic right? Like flight or a speed boost, or a wind blade?

... right?
No. 1031392 ID: 1b0596

>I know some wind magic. I always liked it.

OK, what specifically can you do with it? What are the limitations?
No. 1031393 ID: dd8dc9

Look outside.
No. 1031395 ID: 4dac42

Ok here is the plan. You seee a bad guy, you blast the living hell out of him, like, send him flying. If you can't do that, just try to keep them at bay whilee we figure out how to deal with them, or just assist your brother, he seems to know how to handle himself.
No. 1031397 ID: a9af05

>I'm a noble lady! Why would I ever need to know how to fight?
Well, nobles tend to get kidnapped because their families have a lot of money to pay ransoms. Or nobles get killed in order to prevent them from influencing politics in a certain direction.

Knowing how to fight will help prevent you from being kidnapped and/or killed. And if you can't fight directly, then make sure you provide support to whoever can fight.

Did something land on the roof?

Ask Alto if he's got a weapon? Because I've got a really bad feeling about this.
No. 1031398 ID: 9a2966

You are on a wagon, moving. Something landed on top of it. Stands to reason that this something fell or jumped from above. Or flew and landed. It also stands to reason that a strong gust of wind might blow it off again.

So if you peek your head out the side and find out it's bad... blow it off again!
No. 1031406 ID: b55163

We don't know for certain whether something has landed atop the carriage. But, certainly, that slam can't be good news, and the coachman is probably in trouble. It would be best for Maya to follow her brother's lead -- she's wearing practically nothing and has no combat experience, he's armoured and seems trained. Do our Du Bois siblings have armament with them in the interior, anything useful in the trunk compartments under the seats?
No. 1031413 ID: bb78f2

Maybe you just got a flat and need to replace the wheel. But it's probably bandits, lets go stomp them... let your brother and bodyguards stomp them while you miraculously cover their backs with magic in a rare moment or two.

You'll be fine, just be paranoid and think you won't be fine, and you'll be fine!
No. 1031415 ID: e5709d

Why does this feel so familiar-

Oh no.

Maya, listen to me very carefully. Push your brother onto the seat cushions of the carriage, then do the same. Wait a few minutes for the spears to run through the carriage doors, or command your brother to get on the floor and into ambush position, if he knows any military tactics whatsoever.

We watched the Varkian queen die this way, we're not going to just let history repeat itself.
No. 1031416 ID: 84374e

>can't stop thinking about how hot my brother is...
...There is a joke to be made here about nobles and their siblings, but this is neither the time, nor are they your thoughts. Doesn't exclude you from being crazy though.

Quietly tell your brother to whisper, put his helmet on (if he has one), and arm himself. And make sure to stay away from the windows. Any specific spells you know?
No. 1031418 ID: db4755
File 165187365097.png - (516.63KB , 1020x760 , 20.png )

>In case someone tries to kidnap you for ransom money! Nobles get kidnapped for money!

That's what GUARDS are for! And I'm so lovable! No way anybody would want to kidnap me!

>You must know some vague magic. Flight? Speed boost? Wind blade?
>OK, what specifically can you do with it? What are the limitations?

I can create a gust of wind! A decently strong one! All that other stuff is way too precise for me!

>Ok here is the plan. You see a bad guy, you blast the living hell out of him, like, send him flying.

I'll try!
No. 1031419 ID: db4755
File 165187366619.png - (395.31KB , 1020x760 , 21.png )

>Look outside.

Alto's beat me to it! He glances outside the cabin window.

Alto: "Guard! What's going on! What hit us?"

Guard: "Lord Du Bois! Stay inside! I don't know what the-"



Alto: "What in the name of..."

>just assist your brother, he seems to know how to handle himself.

Alright! Got it! I'll just follow Alto's lead on this!
No. 1031420 ID: db4755
File 165187368391.png - (489.22KB , 1020x760 , 22.png )

Alto: "Sister! Stay inside! I have to go save the guard!"

Maya: "Doesn't that seem kind of backwards?!"

Alto: "I can't just leave him! Stay here!"

With that, Alto disappears into the distance, leaving me by myself.

Well I mean, you guys are here too I guess.
No. 1031422 ID: dd8dc9

>When I hear you, it's almost like they're my own thoughts and desires.
So when we say that...
you should lick your nose
...you'll do it (unless it's too unreasonable of a suggestion)?

Other than that, you should look around if it's safe, and if it is, go follow your brother.
No. 1031423 ID: 4dac42

Let's stay put for now, kep your eye outside and your back on the carriage. And remember, if anything comes that isn't your brother, you send it flaying!
No. 1031424 ID: 84374e

Not that following your brother is the safe, or sane thing to do, but is the carriage really all the defensible? (If it is, for some reason, don't leave)

If there is anything in there that you could use as a shield, or a weapon, take it with you. In all likelihood, what they're fighting may be a distraction, in which case staying isn't great, and it'll also be the first place the victors look for you.
No. 1031425 ID: e5709d

Okay, this is obviously a distraction. Don't chase after your brother, but don't just stay in the unguarded, gaudy bullseye. Find someplace obscure to hide, and make sure you mislead your tracks!
No. 1031426 ID: 9a2966

Seems like something absconded with your guard and horse. Or the horse tore free and yanked the guard with it, for whatever reason.

Granted, your brother drawing blade suggests the former. Mayhaps you should follow him still and see if a well-placed gust of wind could help matters? Who knows, maybe your lovely charm CAN be of help.

The alternative is staying here, with no company at all. Well. You'll have us. If you do stay, perhaps you can rummage the luggage to see if there's aught you can find to help defend yourself with? Or prepare for a trek on foot by collecting supplies and a pack for them, shoes that are not high of heel. Worst case scenario, your brother returns without guard or horse - or does not return at all.
No. 1031427 ID: b55163

Surely you've taken other things along with you on this trip. Check for a spare weapon, shield, armour, anything to help you in a dangerous situation. Even just a dagger and a gambeson would be better than nothing.

Also, isn't this all very strange? What bandits would just abscond with your guard? ...And the horse? And is that a gash above the coachman's perch? Your dear brother is running off to get himself killed by something horrible.
No. 1031431 ID: b55163

>Or the horse tore free and yanked the guard with it, for whatever reason.
It shouldn't be possible for the horse to tear itself free by any means, unless the fabricators of this carriage were complete incompetents or someone sabotaged the fittings. Or something plucked the horse and guard free, like field rabbits preyed upon by hound or falcon. I suppose we can figure out pretty easily whether it got free and ran off by looking at the state of the harness and axles and checking for hoofprints ahead in the earth, but that sounds like a dangerous misuse of time. It really looks like something clawed a great bloody gouge in the wood behind where the guard had been sitting.
No. 1031436 ID: 36784c

The risky thing about staying here is that you’re a sitting target. All someone has to do is find a way to lock you in the carriage, then they can just roll you away.
No. 1031442 ID: 2aa5f0

well you can't fight... and it looks like someone stole your horse. I guess put the brakes on the wagon if you can so nobody tries to steal the thing with you in it and then lock the door and hope the bad people stay away since you are unable to defend yourself.
No. 1031447 ID: 34dfce

Your brother isn't an idiot (hopefully). He won't leave you unless he thinks you will be fine. He should be back soon. Just stay in the cart. Check the luggage for a gambeson or something though, as others suggested.
No. 1031462 ID: 6530df

Try and see if there are any hand fans around in the carriage and use them with your wind powers!
No. 1031463 ID: 056ca0

This seems very much like a distraction to leave you defenseless. Go after your brother! Safety in numbers!
No. 1031492 ID: bb78f2

I think you're the target. They tactfully rid the carriage of all threats, knowing the likely profile of your brother. These are professionals. Hired, probably. Or we're overestimating them and they got lucky.

Blast anything that opens your door without identifying themselves. You know, in case we're dealing with someone lucky.

If they have a plan and are well informed, they've already won.
No. 1031494 ID: db4755
File 165193968440.png - (392.56KB , 1020x760 , 23.png )

>So when we say that... you should lick your nose
>You'll do it? unless it's too unreasonable?


I guess so! It's sort of like... I WANT to lick my nose! Like you had nothing to do with it!

>What bandits would just abscond with your guard? ...And the horse? And is that a gash above the coachman's perch? Your dear brother is running off to get himself killed by something horrible.

What?! No way! Alto can't die! He can't!
No. 1031495 ID: db4755
File 165193969722.png - (327.75KB , 1020x760 , 24.png )

>Search cart for equipment!

I search the cart. Alto took his sword, so that's gone... Under the seats I find a satchel, a dagger, some fancy teas... and two books titled; 'Standing the heat. A flame elemental guidebook', and 'Romance Factory; Kin and Human' The flame one probably belongs to Alto but the other... I'm not sure.
No. 1031496 ID: db4755
File 165193971199.png - (415.61KB , 1020x760 , 25.png )

>Mayhaps you should follow him still and see if a well-placed gust of wind could help matters?
>The risky thing about staying here is that you’re a sitting target.
>Go after your brother! Safety in numbers!

I pack everything into the satchel, and take off after Alto! I'm coming, brother!
No. 1031497 ID: db4755
File 165193972416.png - (256.10KB , 1020x760 , 26.png )

I come to a crossroad. I'm not sure which way brother went from here! Night has fallen and the dark consumes my eyesight!

Option 1: In one direction, I can see some wooden walls and buildings! There are lights on in some windows!

Option 2: There's a large cavern near the trail. It's so dark, I can't see into it!

Option 3: There's a small light in the distance, it seems to be a fire.
No. 1031500 ID: e51896

>two books titled; 'Standing the heat. A flame elemental guidebook', and 'Romance Factory; Kin and Human' The flame one probably belongs to Alto but the other... I'm not sure.

Suuuuuure your not sure...

But you gotta admit, humans are pretty hot, what with their fleshy bodies not covered by hair or fur that is quite exotic and unique to feel for a kin like yourself... yeah?


Does the flame book have spells for starting a small fire, even if your a wind elemental? We might be able to light the way if we can start a fire and head in the cavern, bandits might be hiding inside

Otherwise, maybe the campsite. Odd that there is one so close to a village. Sneak there to see what that is about.
No. 1031501 ID: 779f00


Check out the cavern first. Don't need to go far in, because if anyone was in there, you'd probably hear the echoes. What's more important is that, if runes happened to exist in there, it's possible you or us would feel it. Or at least I think there should be a way to detect their proximity if we are to recover them in your lifetime.

A romance book... interesting. Don't worry, we ain't judging your preference. In fact, we could help you in this department hehe.
The Flame Guidebook, you think you could muster a fire spell with this book?
No. 1031504 ID: 6530df

Go to the village and ask the people there if they had seen anything suspicious going on. They could have seen where your brother had went.
No. 1031507 ID: 34dfce

We... we didn't have anything to do with it.
That was all you.

Anyway, we are kinda boned now, since we don't have any light and can barely see. Try to make your way down the road in the direction of the fire.
No. 1031508 ID: 9a2966

The clever thing to do is to head to one of the fires and procure light for exploring the cave your brother no doubt recklessly plunged into. The village is more likely to have a torch or lantern to borrow, possibly aid to garner as well. The small fire... one has to wonder why whoever is camping there is not doing so within the village. It's a strange little oddity.

Pick one to approach, then maybe you could question the locals for what plagues the area and kidnaps innocent guards and horses?

I would certainly not advice diving into the dark, dank cave without some source of light. It would be reckless in the extreme. Brave, but foolhardy! Though if it's on the way, perhaps you can approach the mouth of the cave and listen in to hear if aught is going on inside? Echoes and such may give a clue if something has moved within.
No. 1031509 ID: 2aa5f0

is that the village you were heading towards earlier or do you not know?
No. 1031510 ID: 36784c

>Romance book
Ehh, humans are alright, but I don’t think they’d be great to date. Most of them are greedy and only care about money.

>book belongs to Maya
Nah, I think it was the guard’s book.

No. 1031512 ID: abaa91

They're pretty amazing if you want a quick fling.
No. 1031529 ID: e5709d

Get help from the settlement. They don't have a gate, so the odds of them being bandits is low.
No. 1031530 ID: 01fe07

>It's sort of like...I WANT to lick my nose! Like you had nothing to do with it!
Like how right now, you want to grab you boobs and adjust them because your bra is uncomfortable?

>go where
Let's try the cave.

That gash in the carriage couldn't have been a bandit, so the cave where a creature could possibly live seems to be the logical choice when following your brother.
No. 1031532 ID: db4755
File 165197143532.png - (265.95KB , 1020x760 , 27.png )

>Suuuuuure your not sure...
>Don't worry, we ain't judging your preference.

It's not mine! I swear!

>Nah, I think it was the guard’s book.

Yeah! It's probably his!

>you gotta admit, humans are pretty hot
>In fact, we could help you in this department hehe
>They're pretty amazing if you want a quick fling.


>Like how right now, you want to grab you boobs and adjust them because your bra is uncomfortable?

My bra isn't uncomfortable! I'd have to be WEARING a bra for it to be uncomfortable!
No. 1031533 ID: db4755
File 165197144941.png - (405.89KB , 1020x760 , 28.png )

>Does the flame book have spells for starting a small fire, even if your a wind elemental?
>The Flame Guidebook, you think you could muster a fire spell with this book?

I've never been any good at elemental magic other than wind but... Oh! I did it! It worked! It just... Worked! Something about it just... soaked into me! I wonder if it's something to do with this champion business! [Elemental mastery increased! Flame! Can now create small flames in hand, like a torch! They cannot be thrown.]

>Is there a way to detect the runes

I dunno! Isn't that your job? Maybe somebody who knew a bit more about magic could help.
No. 1031534 ID: db4755
File 165197146553.png - (342.63KB , 1020x760 , 29.png )

>Check the cavern out.
>Try to listen for sound, and/or light it up without going inside
>Let's try the cave.

I approach the cavern and light up the inside. It's deeper than it looked, and the light doesn't pierce far enough into it. I hear nothing. It's eerily quiet...
No. 1031535 ID: db4755
File 165197148213.png - (466.94KB , 1020x760 , 30.png )

>Approach the village and question residents and/or seek out help!

I enter the village, noting it's lack of any sort of gate. What sort of fools would live in a place like this without a strong gate affixed to- Oh that's our flag it's our village. Of course. I believe this is the intended destination of our journey! Nobody's here to greet me. Rude.

What should I do?

A; Head for the tavern.
B; Head for the Blacksmith
C; Head back to the cavern or campfire.
D; Custom suggestion
No. 1031537 ID: 779f00

Strange village. Seems like all the guards are busy with something. Since we're here, the tavern would be the best place to visit to report that your caravan was attacked and to ask what's going on.
>A; Head for the tavern.
No. 1031539 ID: 6530df

I agree, you usually can find "interesting people" in taverns.
No. 1031544 ID: 3ce9fb

so who where you suppose to talk to here anyways? Maybe you should try and find them and let them know that you were attacked.
No. 1031551 ID: e5709d

You're a noble. Bust open the inn and hire adventurers to aid your cause.
No. 1031552 ID: 36784c

>My bra isn't uncomfortable! I'd have to be WEARING a bra for it to be uncomfortable!
……sooo, uh, why aren’t you wearing one? Was it too small for you?

>Nobody's here to greet me. Rude.
That’s because you’re early. They didn’t expect you to be here so soon.

Or maybe everyone has been captured by a big group of bandits? Which might explain the suspicious lack of guards patrolling around.

>What do?
D; Custom suggestion
Put out your flames and sneak over to the windows to look inside the buildings. Check and make sure you see friendly villagers and not a group of bandits that have aggressively taken over the village.
No. 1031553 ID: e51896

this. Look before you leap. It is odd there are no patrols out right now.
No. 1031563 ID: 0840c2

>>1031552 +1
No. 1031566 ID: 151e53

I believe you. Humans are boring anyways, there's nothing interesting about them.

I agree with this.

It seems too quiet around here. Those flags could be there to trick you into lowering your guard!
No. 1031574 ID: 01fe07

No. 1031575 ID: 4dac42

Can you see if there is a sing with the name of the village? Maybe this is were you needed to be to begin with. The inn might be a good place to ask for help. Remember to be polite, people might not like pompous nobles.
But it is wierd that there isn't any guards arownd...
No. 1031589 ID: dee951

Maybe true underwire shaped bras are a relatively new invention, and you haven't gotten access to an appropriately trained artisan who can properly measure and fabricate a properly formed modern underwire bra for you yet?
No. 1031608 ID: bdef6e


Make sure your brother hasn't come yet and ask for reinforcement.

Whatever caught your guard and horse was fast and strong. No normal humanoid should be able to do that, so it was most probably a beast. Maybe do a quick visit to the armory to buy a spear if you have money on you and go to the cave (try to pick some sticks to make torches, that way you will not depend of magic to see).
No. 1031628 ID: db4755
File 165207137075.png - (356.44KB , 1020x760 , 31.png )

>Why aren't you wearing a bra?

I feel like there are more important things going on right now!

>Head for the tavern!

I DO like taverns hehe! I'll just go in and-

>This seems suspicious! Look inside the buildings for bandits!

Oh fffiine! I put out my flame and creep up to the window of the tavern.
No. 1031629 ID: db4755
File 165207139564.png - (450.64KB , 1020x760 , 32.png )

I peer inside the tavern window. Inside, I see an inkeeper behind the bar, and three patrons. One man, who wears armor. He appears to be passed out. Another seems to be rather ordinary, nothing remarkable about him. The third wears a long cloak, and I can't make out many details from here... They seem like ordinary villagers for the most part! What should I say to them? Should I head inside?
No. 1031630 ID: e5709d

Recite your line twice, then use your knees in a circular motion to pounce on the door as you punch it with both hands. This will give you the leverage to burst through in an epic fashion.

Here's your script:
No. 1031631 ID: e51896

I really am tempted to say kick the door open to assert yourself...
No. 1031632 ID: abaa91

Okay wait no, do NOT kick open the door, that's stupid.

Walk in, straight back, be sincere but not overbearing. Actually, no, just be friendly and mention that you're looking for your brother and that we might've been waylaid by bandits. No need to spill everything, but you DO need help.
No. 1031633 ID: 36784c

Is there another person looking in through that other window by the door or is that supposed to be Maya? It’s hard to tell from this angle.
No. 1031634 ID: b3d1bf

Just walk in like a normal person and not a crazy one. Go up to the bar keep and ask him if anyone from out of town passed by recently and ask if they’ve seen your brother or your guard (give a general description so they have an idea who you’re talking about) If asked what brings you through here tell them the reason you came to the village in the first place (as in the diplomatic reason your dad sent you here for) and that you were attacked on the way here and separated from your brother and driver. Though if you think the people here are the same people who attacked you maybe keep that last bit to yourself.
No. 1031635 ID: 779f00

Walk in, ask where all the guards are, then explain your situation.
No. 1031637 ID: 6530df

It’s best not to cause any unwanted attention to yourself. I say ask the bartender for any information about what’s been happening in the town.
No. 1031638 ID: db4755
File 165211116719.png - (326.54KB , 1020x760 , 33.png )


Heck yeah! That sounds awesome! I rear back, and get ready to slam through the door! I rush forward and...

>Actually don't do that.

...Walk inside peacefully, my back straight and my head held high. I approach the bar, and am stared at by the keeper and the conscious patrons.

>Be friendly and mention you're looking for your brother
>Ask if anyone from out of town passed by recently.
>Where are the guards?

Maya: "Good evening, gentlemen. My name is Maya Du Bois, daughter of Duke Corson Du Bois. I've come to your village on an earlier arranged mission, but I've become separated from my brother and guard on the way here. I was wondering if anyone had passed through recently that had large powerful eyebrows and a noble sense to them. I'd also like to ask where the guards are, as I must admit I was expecting a bit of a welcome after my long journey from Falen."
No. 1031639 ID: db4755
File 165211118403.png - (347.19KB , 1020x760 , 34.png )

The Inkeeper speaks up first.

Inkeeper: "What do ya mean? Bart there is a guard! He's right here!" He says innocently, gesturing the the passed out drunk wearing armor. This couldn't be all the guards town has available...

Inkeeper: "I ain't seen no strong eyebrow'd feller anytime today though! And I ain't heard of no mission neither! I've been in here all day though." He doesn't seem to know about my brother, or my mission. Though I wonder if the common villager WOULD know about my mission or my arrival.

Hooded Man; "Large eyebrows you say? Yes, I saw the man you speak of. Awhile ago before coming inside. I know where he went, as well." The hooded man at the end of the bar speaks up. He says he saw Alto!

A; Try to wake the guard and question him.
B; Question the Innkeeper on who WOULD know about my mission.
C; Follow the Hooded Man to Alto!
D; Other, custom input.
No. 1031640 ID: 2aa5f0

D- ASK the hooded man about Alto.

May be stereotyping here but following a shifty hooded figure you just met that just happens to know where your brother is after you were (probably) attacked just seems like a bad idea. Better question the guy first to make sure he actual HAS seen you're brother before even considering following him anywhere. Also talk to the barkeep before you go to get a general idea of what this town has to offer and who the people worth noting are. That way if all else fails you can get into contact with the town's leader and see if you can't shack up with them until everyone can figure out what to do next or your brother shows up.
No. 1031644 ID: 779f00

C) Be a good and naive noble girl and follow the hooded man. Oh, he's willing to escort you for free? This man knows how to properly serve nobility.
No. 1031645 ID: 0838d6


not that I dont trust mr shifty man, but let's ask him to describe other details about your brother to confirm if they saw him, you're a noble so you have to have some GUILE right, know how to schmooze and milk the information out of the more savvy types? Right? Please.
No. 1031646 ID: 3466cb

Don't trust the human, its race is an ignoble sort prone to back-alley stabbings, smug faces, and nonconsensual petting. Their ears are obnoxiously tiny and round, too.
No. 1031647 ID: a9af05

No. 1031648 ID: 72c39e

I'm goign to go with B.
No. 1031653 ID: 1ca627

Whoa hey this innkeeper is pretty cute. And that human is pretty cute. And so's the other guy we saw sitting down at the bar too. Idk about the drunk guard but maybe it's four for four. Is everyone good-looking to you? Help us out here Maya it's not easy being a disembodied voice in your head.
No. 1031662 ID: bdef6e

D) Don't be fooled by the atractive human! If Alto didn't return for you, he will likely is still going after the danger that stole your guard and horse or recruiting people.

Ask other things like the color of his clothes and where did he saw him. Check his reactions.
No. 1031686 ID: db4755
File 165212825465.png - (250.56KB , 1020x760 , 35.png )

>That barkeep is cute! That human is cute! Everyone is cute! Who is cute to you?

What? I mean, I dunno. I guess they're pretty cute. I've never really seriously considered a human before... It's kind of taboo, doncha think?

>Question the barkeep! What does the village offer! Who is important?

Inkeeper: "Well... We're pretty small, not bein' in the mainland and all. We got some good shops... Good smithy, good general store... And here of course! This place is my favorite! We're a mining town, so most of the folks round here just go to and from the mines." It seems the town hosts a smithy, a general store for basic purchases, and this tavern. The rest of the buildings must be homes for the miners.

Inkeeper: "As for who is important... S'pose the head of the guard is an important fella... And the chief is our leader so he is too... I like to think we're all important in our own way though!" What a nice thought!
No. 1031687 ID: db4755
File 165212827384.png - (296.43KB , 1020x760 , 36.png )

>Be a good and naive noble girl and follow the hooded man. Oh, he's willing to escort you for free? This man knows how to properly serve nobility.

Wow! Good point! About time I got some respect! I-

>Question the hooded man about brother before following him.
>shifty hooded figure
>you're a noble so you have to have some GUILE right, know how to schmooze and milk the information out of the more savvy types? Right? Please.

Uhm. Yeah, good point. I've got TONS of guile! They call me 'Guile Maya' at home! And definitely not anything else!

Maya: "You said you saw my brother? What was he doing, pray tell? And could you describe his appearance to me a bit?"

Hooded Man: "Well he was looking for you, of course! He left town after, but I saw which way he went. And his appearance? A kin like yourself, obviously. Was wearin' some fancy stuff too! And those eyebrows... Those were some massive things! My name's Tarl, by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Du Bois!"

Hmm... I think that sounds like Alto... What do you guys think?

A; Head out with Tarl the hooded man.
B; Check out smithy
C; Check out General store
D; Custom input
No. 1031691 ID: 9a2966

Vague statements, repeated your own description of Alto back at you, said Alto said he was looking for you when he'd told you to stay with the cart - meaning he'd have gone back the cart, and then somehow skipped you on the way over to the village...

You've got a scoundrel on your hands! Probably lookin' to lure you off somewhere and rob 1x defenseless noble lady of her worldly goods! You could verify it by trapping him with a savvy question like; "Fancy stuff? You mean like that cap with the feather in it which he always wears?"

D; If Tarl answers in the affirmative, smile, nod happily, grab one of the mugs from the counter and smack it over Tarl's head. Then shake the guard awake and demand he do his dang job and apprehend this forked-tongue human - or get the bartender and the other patron to help you doing so.

Since he just lied to you, with the intent of dragging you off somewhere to goodness knows what end. Your brother would not be caught dead wearing such a frivolous piece of garment.
No. 1031692 ID: 779f00

There's no way your brother would be able to return to the carriage to notice that you're gone, and then get to this village before you, all while missing your illumination on the way. So this guy saying that your brother came here looking for you... is a lie.

Since he lied, he probably did it for a reason. A pretty obvious reason. Either to rob you or to kidnap you. So no matter where you go next, this guy will likely be after you so there's a certain amount of caution you'll need to take heh. What to do...

D) Try to wake up the guard. If that fails, try to convince the other Kin to escort you to the head of the guards. If that fails, then light a fire in your hand and call Tarl out on his lie and threaten to burn him up.
No. 1031705 ID: 72c39e

I like the idea of trying to catch him in a lie, just for shits and giggles.

As for what to do next, we should speak with someone in charge. Where is the chief?
No. 1031718 ID: 34dfce

That doesn't sound like Alto. Alto left us at the carriage, and was also not wearing a bunch of fancy stuff at the time.
Do this
No. 1031720 ID: 36784c

>And definitely not anything else!
Would that other name happen to be related to what happened at the Sumpter Festival?

>Hmm...I think that sounds like Alto... What do you guys think?
No, that’s not your brother he’s talking about.

>trap him in a lie
Yeah, we can do that.

Although, don’t think we should smack him over the head with a mug, since Maya would probably get in trouble for assaulting Tarl.
No. 1031723 ID: 2aa5f0

if your brother really came through town then he's likely to come through again eventually and going to look for him would most likely mean you'd pass each other without even knowing it. It would probably be best for you to stay in the town while you wait for your brother to eventually stumble in. I mean it's the closest settlement around he'd be bound to come here eventually even if only to resupply.
No. 1031733 ID: db4755
File 165215288517.png - (301.18KB , 1020x760 , 37.png )

>Would that other name happen to be related to what happened at the Sumpter Festival?

No! W-Why would you think that? Haha no way! Don't be silly!

>You've got a scoundrel on your hands! Probably lookin' to lure you off somewhere and rob 1x defenseless noble lady of her worldly goods!
>...this guy saying that your brother came here looking for you... is a lie.
>That doesn't sound like Alto. Alto left us at the carriage, and was also not wearing a bunch of fancy stuff at the time.

Hey that's true! Alto DID tell me to stay in the carriage! This fellow might be lying to me!

>Trap him in a lie!

Maya: "Fancy stuff? You mean like that cap with the feather in it which he always wears??"

Tarl: "That's right! He DID have a hat like that! Quite a fancy chap indeed!"

This fellow IS lying to me! What an... ASS!

>If Tarl answers in the affirmative, smile, nod happily, grab one of the mugs from the counter and smack it over Tarl's head.

I AM pretty mad that he lied to me! I wouldn't usually get violent, but if you guys think it's a good idea... I smile and grab a nearby glass...
No. 1031734 ID: db4755
File 165215289950.png - (343.22KB , 1020x760 , 38.png )

>Although, don’t think we should smack him over the head with a mug, since Maya would probably get in trouble for assaulting Tarl.

...And take a drink! You might be right! Nobody but me knows he's lying after all! And what if there's some OTHER big eyebrowed fellow in a nice fancy hat around here! Wouldn't that be silly! Plus... hitting someone with a glass sounds like it would really hurt!
No. 1031735 ID: db4755
File 165215292027.png - (226.79KB , 1020x760 , 39.png )

>Try to wake up the guard

I slap the guard's back a few times. Maybe he can help me out of this!

Maya: "Excuse me! Excuse me, um..."

Inkeeper: "Bart."

Maya: "Excuse me, Bart! Wake up, please!"

Bart: "Nngh.. Whussat? What's goin' on? Captain Miles, I swears I was just... Thinkin'!"

He's sloshed, but awake. What now? I could try to explain the Tarl situation to the guard. Or should I do something else?
No. 1031742 ID: 056ca0

This guard is so sloshed I don't know if he'd be any help. Ask him if there's been any trouble around the village recently. This is mostly to avoid rousing Tarl's suspicion.

Next, try flirting with the barkeep, the idea being to lean in to whisper in his ear. Look like you're saying something naughty, while in actuality you whisper Tarl's lying and up to no good.
No. 1031751 ID: b3d1bf

Tell guard your wagon was attacked and you were separated from your group and you were wondering who you’d need to talk to too report it.

Also tell hood guy you’re thankful for his “help” but you’re probably going to wait in town for him to return so you don’t risk passing him or something silly like then when he eventually returns to town.
No. 1031752 ID: 34d0e5

How do you floss and keep your teeth clean lady?
No. 1031754 ID: 30b9f6

Maya is a noble. A charming one, at that. She could totally get away with bonking some guy over the head to stun him so he couldn't run away, then telling her literal subjects to apprehend him on grounds of him being a bald-faced liar. But if she doesn't want to hurt people, I guess that's that! It's true that violence isn't -always- needed. More guile could do! She could get Tarl in front of this guard captain THEN accuse him of being a liar.

Tell Tarl you'll be with him in a bit, you just need to leave some messages with the local authorities before you go - if they're around! Ask Bart where his captain is - or failing that, the Mayor. Toss the bartender a coin for the brew you just appropriated (or tell him to put it on your tab).
No. 1031761 ID: bdef6e

Tell him the situation and ask if there are more guards ready. Mention the unwatched door, this smells weird.
No. 1031772 ID: 4286b4

I wouldn't immediately tell Bart who you are. But even if you do, he might be skeptical of you being a noble. Is there any way you can actually prove that you are one? How does one normally identify a noble?

Ask Bart where did Captain Miles go and what's Bart's duty supposed to be. If this isn't some grand conspiracy and you can prove that you're a noble, then you should be able to request that Bart escorts you to his superiors at least. If he refuses, then explain the Tarl situation.
No. 1031781 ID: 5e0809

Is Bart a rat-boy?
I feel like he should be a rat-boy.

Anyway, We need to get Bart to take us to the Captain and the Village Chief so we can rally a search and rescue party.
No. 1031788 ID: db4755
File 165220138356.png - (265.93KB , 1020x760 , 40.png )

>Maya is a noble. A charming one, at that. She could totally get away with bonking some guy over the head to stun him so he couldn't run away, then telling her literal subjects to apprehend him on grounds of him being a bald-faced liar.

I suppose that's true, but hitting strangers isn't something I often do!

>But if she doesn't want to hurt people, I guess that's that! It's true that violence isn't -always- needed. More guile could do!

Yes! Violence isn't the answer! ...Not all the time, at least!

>Toss the bartender a coin for the brew you just appropriated (or tell him to put it on your tab).

Uh, it was kind of... just sitting there. Yuck... I think it was Bart's. He doesn't seem to mind.
No. 1031789 ID: db4755
File 165220139674.png - (312.98KB , 1020x760 , 41.png )

>Is there any way you can actually prove that you are one? How does one normally identify a noble?

Why of course there is! Each noble house bears a crest which properly identifies them! I'm wearing three of house Du Bois' crests right now! Didn't you notice?
No. 1031790 ID: db4755
File 165220142670.png - (259.60KB , 1020x760 , 42.png )

>Ask guard about trouble in the village
>Ask guard where the other guards are
>Ask guard where guard captain is

I ask the guard a string of questions. He seems overwhelmed, and still quite drunk. This man doesn't seem very good at his job.

Maya: "Bart, could you tell me about any recent troubles in the village?"

Bart: "Uhh... Trouble? Well we've been havin' trouble with the giants helpin' with the mines lately. Somethin' 'bout it bein' too dangerous. Buncha whiners!...Oh! There's also sposedly been some bandit attacks on traders between us and Uwasha. I haven't seen any though!"

Maya: "Where are all the other guards? And your captain?"

Bart: "The captain? Well... Today we're all supposed to go on some important mission with him. Sometime in the evening I think."

Inkeeper: "Bart, it's past sundown!"

Bart: "It... is? Uh oh."

Hmm... It seems the guards are absent due to some unknown mission of great import they're on. Must have been quite sudden, for them to not be here to welcome me! It seems Bart just... slept through it. At least he seems to be sobering up a bit.

A: Have Bart escort Maya to where their important mission was meant to meet up
B: Report Tarl's misdeeds to Bart
C: Custom input
No. 1031791 ID: b01382

A: Have Bart escort Maya to where their important mission was meant to meet up
C: boop him on the nose!
No. 1031793 ID: e51896

Yes! Boop nose need to happen. Apply finger bean to nose. Wait, do you even have finger beans?

but also A
No. 1031794 ID: b01382

+1 this is important. Do you have finger and toe beans?
No. 1031795 ID: 9a2966

Poor Bart must be a lightweight. Or have a huge tab.

You should report Tarl's misdeeds and block his escape route. I want to see where this leads - who IS this guy and why was his first instinct to lead you off somewhere else?

If he fiercely resists arrest or comes for you, you can bowl him over with a gust of wind.
No. 1031801 ID: 2fd0fb

Punch Tarl in the face, THEN report him for lying.

Then ask for anyone else who might help you find your brother.
No. 1031805 ID: 3466cb

It doesn't seem prudent to be wasting much time on Tarl right now, even if he's a fraudulent rogue with malicious intentions. Maya's priority needs to be her dear brother and ally, their mission, and our quest for the runes; every moment that goes by could be one which brings Alto closer to a terrible demise. On the other hand, Tarl could have a connection to the bandits Bart mentioned, and that might be related in turn to the carriage incident and whatever's happened to Alto. Hopefully it *is* just bandits and not something more horrible, as they would at least probably hold him captive and alive for ransom. Maya should detain Tarl: Lure him in closer, knock him across the head with that stein and pin him down, question him and corroborate with Bart as to his identity and any knowledge of the bandits, and lock him up. It is not terribly legal or moral to do this to a man -- even a shabby, contemptible human man, far below your station -- just for lying, but these circumstances call for drastic action.

Then you can ask Bart for more information on his captain and unit, and from there set out to join and rally the guardsmen under your rightful command to find Alto.
No. 1031808 ID: 779f00

The unknown mission and your carriage getting assaulted, the timing of the two doesn't seem to be a coincidence. And the way your carriage was assaulted does imply a single strong attacker, so it's likely that the giants are involved as well.

I think it's unlikely that you'd be able to hit a rogue with a mug, let alone knock him out. And telling Bart about Tarl wouldn't be great either since a drunk guard would have difficulty stopping him from running away. Best you can do is try to keep Tarl here for the time being.

A) Thank Tarl for assisting you and tell him to wait here if he wants to get "rewarded" once you come back. Then get Bart's escort.
No. 1031809 ID: e5709d

No, actually.
For future reference, we're good at reaction time and careful analysis, but we're really nearsighted. It's just how we see things in most worlds, so don't expect us to see anything smaller than a cat unless it's very close to your face.

>Somethin' 'bout it bein' too dangerous. Buncha whiners!
What. A. Brat.
Planning and outsmarting threats to the lummox workers is his job. What, you thought all that exploitable labor wouldn't come with a drawback? Ingrates...

>Bandit Attacks
Ha, up to speed! We love kicking bandit ass! Maybe too much.

B - Tarl is clearly up to something sleazy. Possibly a date rape with an opposite gender noble to... you know. In any case, his behavior is not acceptable in most standard worlds, so you should probably use your authority to have him punished for trying to sexually exploit others.

A - After that's done, order Bart to escort you around. You have to keep your brother alive.
And possibly get the first MacGuffin which will empower your magics and stuff. These standard plots are so stale...
No. 1031821 ID: 72c39e

I say we ignore Bart and just go with A. That mission might be related to yours, and besides, you need help. Maybe if you help them, they'll help you.
No. 1031836 ID: db4755
File 165222678668.png - (279.74KB , 1020x760 , 43.png )

>Boop Bart's snoot


Bart: "Wh-What?"

That was satisfying! Is MY nose that boopable?

>Very important. Do you have toe beans?

What... What are toe beans? Is that a growth?? I'll have you know my fingers and toes are doing just fine!
No. 1031837 ID: db4755
File 165222680357.png - (581.69KB , 1020x1520 , 44.png )

>Report Tarl!!

Maya: "Bart, that man in the hood there was lying to me about having seen my elder brother Alto! He meant to lead me away to do who knows what with me!"

Bart: "What? Izzat true, you miscreant?? You meant to do something sour to this fair lady, did you?!"

Tarl stands up, waving his hands dismissively.

Tarl: "Woah, woah! Let's not jump to conclusions here! I told no such lie! I haven't a clue what the maiden is talking about! I simply told her I had seen a fellow who I believe was her brother! That's all!"

Maya: "That's not true! I caught him in a brazen lie! He confirmed that my brother was wearing a fancy hat! But my brother WASN'T in fact wearing any such fancy headwear! He HATES hats!"


Tarl: "I apologize for the confusion miss! Perhaps I simply saw a similar fellow! It's not like he introduced himself by name after all! However, such accusations WOUND me! I believe my business in this village is concluded. If we meet again, I hope you can show me a better person than you showed me today."

And with that, Tarl leaves out the door. I HATE that guy! My face is all hot! That stupid jerk! Bart just stands there, looking a bit confused.

Bart: "So... So it was just a misunderstanding then? Well that's good I suppose."

No. 1031838 ID: db4755
File 165222682236.png - (909.54KB , 1020x1520 , 45.png )

>Have Bart escort Maya to the mission spot

I remind Bart of my noble status, and have him escort me to wherever this mission was supposed to take place. Maybe we'll find someone in charge there! Bart grumbles as we walk.

Bart: "...Damn.. Here I was havin' a nice day... Well... From what I remember it was nice. I'm not sure..."


Bart: "Ohh where is everybody? I think the Captain's gonna be sore at me for this..."

After a bit of a walk, we arrive at the meeting spot. It's a small road, leading down into what appears to be a mining quarry. It seems their mission aligned with my own afterall! It's quite dark, but there are some torches lit down there. I can't see any people though.
No. 1031840 ID: fc1eab

>toe beans
Eugh, yeah. Regardless of whether they are cute or not, the term "toe beans" makes me throw up a bit in my mouth whenever I read it.

Well, the torches are still lit, so somebody has been here relatively recently.
No. 1031841 ID: 779f00

Take the... tunnel which has the most and freshest footprints on the ground in front.
No. 1031844 ID: 250faa

And that, m’lady, is why violence is sometimes the answer. That rogue was quick on the uptake and smooth-tongued enough to bail while he blathered excuses. Excuses that would hold no water if you pried at them - it beggars the imagination that he could have met another kin of noble bearing and getup with stern brows, a missing sister and a fancy cap... and here, of all places!

But done is done. No doubt he’ll slink back to whatever gang he belongs to, to inform of how poorly guarded the village is at present. Like as not he may have belonged to the brigands of the region. They must, after all, have eyes on the inside to know when merchants are coming and going.

As with the other cave, listen for hubbub and echoes at each entrance. Your best bet remains to find the local authorities. At least you have a kin of marginal use under your command now.
No. 1031856 ID: fd0f47

It would be cool to take the mine cart for a epic ride!
No. 1031879 ID: 36784c

This is a mine and your brother said that both you and him were sent to help settle a trade negotiation between a village and the natives, who are demanding more money for the metals they're mining. I’m pretty sure this is the place where both of you are supposed to be.

Ask Bart if he knows how to get to where you need to be in the mine? Is there a way of finding out which tunnel we’re supposed to go in?
No. 1031880 ID: db4755
File 165228625779.png - (458.21KB , 1020x760 , 46.png )

>Torches are lit! Someone's been here recently

That's true! At least we know the mines are recently active!

>Violence is sometimes the answer.
>He's likely informing his gang the village is unguarded!

I guess you're right... If brother were here, I'm sure he would've handled it better than I...

>I'm pretty sure this is your intended destination!
>Ask Bart if he knows how to get where you need to be in the mine.

I think you're right! This does feel like the place, doesn't it! I ask Bart if he might know where I need to go.

Bart: "Uhh, I have no idea, your nobleness...! I was only told of my own mission, and we were meant to meet right here!"
No. 1031881 ID: db4755
File 165228628257.png - (1.32MB , 669x2280 , 47.png )

>Take the tunnel which has the freshest footprints on the ground
>Listen for hubbub and echoes at each entrance.
>Take the mine cart for an epic ride!

Bart and head down into the quarry and approach the mine entrances. There are three of them, all with lit torches. It's hard to tell which footprints are the freshest. I do think riding the minecart sounds like fun. I listen for noises at each entrance, before deciding which to head into...

A: This entrance has a barely flickering torch. It's quite dark! It has a ton of footprints. Barefooted ones! Heading inside it. Inside I can barely hear very distant speaking! I can't make out any words though.

B: This entrance is fully lit up inside. There's a minecart leading into it, and it's surrounded by some mining tools. There's several sets of footprints heading inside. There's no sound coming from inside. Only the wind, blowing through.

C: The final entrance is also fully lit up inside. However, it seems less used, as there are fewer footprints. The last set of footprints is unusually large! Inside, I can hear... Crying? I think I hear someone crying in there!
No. 1031882 ID: 9a2966

It is quite likely the guards went down the middle path - they'd be wearing boots.

The barefooted ones must be... natives of some sort? Local miners? Underground people? They've been there a while, from the looks of it. Maybe they had a meeting with the guards, and then sent the guards on to handle the dangers?

Which means going straight after the guards might be dangerous, too. Especially if they've been overcome somehow.

The big footsteps is clearly one of the giant natives who were among those scared by how dangerous it'd become and wanted more compensation.

C - Head over to the crying voice first and see what sort of story you can glean from them. They must be distressed for a reason!
No. 1031883 ID: 6fa841

Weirdly enough it does seem like the safest bet would be C.

A is sort of dangerous due to how possibly unlit the whole inside place is, B might be potentially dangerous too. However in C there isn't at least visibly a multitude and we could gather some info.

And if things get a little weird, we have Bart so we're good.

C it is.
No. 1031884 ID: 36784c


Go to the 3rd tunnel. If someone is crying, then they might need help! But don’t go rushing in there all recklessly! Carefully go in there and peak around the corner to try and see what’s going on.
No. 1031886 ID: 9748c8

No. 1031891 ID: a9af05


Maybe if you help whoever is there, that'll make it easier to do any negotiations later?
No. 1031892 ID: db4755
File 165230140498.png - (442.14KB , 1200x1050 , 48.png )

>C! Head into the tunnel and investigate! Perhaps you can help, and be helped in turn!

Alright! Bart and I creep into the third tunnel. The soft cries get louder and louder until we finally come to a more open area. Sure enough, a giant sits behind what appears to be some make-shift cover. He sobs away. He's safe, but quite upset!

Bart: "Oi! Giant! What happened here? Where is everyone! The rest of the guard should be here!"

Bart yells out to the giant, blowing our cover. It seems Bart's used to seeing these massive creatures!

Crying Giant: "Go away! I'm not comin' out! Not for Kin! Not for Humans! Not even for Horon! It's too scary, and I'm not comin' out! So go away!" He shoos us with his massive hand.

It seems something's upset the large fellow terribly! Poor thing. What can I say or do to calm him down?
No. 1031893 ID: 1c6255

Ask him about the scary. What scared him? Did it move?
No. 1031894 ID: 9748c8

Tell him that, ok, he can stay here forever then, and pretend to leave.
No. 1031896 ID: bdef6e

Well Maya, it's time to be diplomatic. One big problem for nobles is to be seen as unaprochable. That's good for some things, but when you want to get information is a dragout.

Try to be shooting and amable to the gigant and ask what is he afraid of. You are here to help! (and investigate where is your brother which is probably in the same place that the danger)
No. 1031899 ID: a9af05

>Bart yells at the giant
Pretty brave of him to do, considering the giant could easily flatten him.

>what do?
Yelling at the giant won't help. Try being nice to him. Start with asking for his name, then asking what has him so scared.
No. 1031920 ID: 96c896

Ask him what's so scary.
No. 1031923 ID: db4755
File 165231354644.png - (280.90KB , 800x603 , 49.png )

>Pretty brave of Bart to yell at the giant

Right? I've never met a giant before, but I guess he must deal with them a lot to be that up front with one!

>Tell him 'stay there forever then!' and pretend to leave

Oh, but that sounds so mean, I could never-

Bart: "FINE! Stay there forever then!" Bart begins to leave.

Giant: "No no! Wait! Please don't leave me by myself!"

Huh. I guess that worked after all!

>Ask about scary
>You're here to help!
>Ask for his name.

Maya: "It's alright! We're here to help you! My name is Maya Du Bois. What's yours?"

Giant: "Nn.. *sniff* Hegor. My name's Hegor."

Maya: "Can you tell me what happened, Hegor? What's got you so scared?"

Hegor: "I was.. I was moving metals out of the mine, like I'm s'posed to. When all of the sudden the Kin came and told me I wasn't supposed to be here today... Then, when I was going to leave, the Kin started yelling! They started getting pulled off, into the mines by something! There was so much screaming! I... I got scared. So I hid."

It seems the guards had something planned in the mines today that Hegor didn't know about. They were attacked by something, maybe what was causing the trouble to begin with?

A: Head into dark mine (mine A)

B: Head into minecart mine (mine B)

C: Speak to Hegor more (Please specify)

D: Custom input
No. 1031927 ID: e5709d

C) Order Hegar to leave while the enemy forces are distracted. This may be the only chance he can get. Have him find large boulders and seal up the entrances you don't go into.
No. 1031930 ID: 9748c8

Tell him that you're not with those Kin and that you can escort him out if he wants. It should be safe for a while, considering you weren't attacked on your way here.

And then B.
No. 1031949 ID: 72c39e

Ask him if he has seen anyone else besides the king and ourselves. Surely he wasn't working alone. He must at least seen someone else.
No. 1031953 ID: 9f7f11

C. Ask him if he knows about any dangerous cave monsters.
No. 1031964 ID: 36784c


Ask him if he saw what was taking the Kin. Can he describe what it looked like? Which tunnel was it in?

King? He never mentioned meeting a king. Where did you get that?
No. 1031976 ID: 3466cb

Ask him if he saw your brother, maya. it wouldn't be surprising if alto ended up here after what happened at the carriage.
No. 1031985 ID: bdef6e


I'm not sure if closing the entrance is a good idea. If there is a cave system under the town (those stalagmites are indicative this is a natural cave), then chances are there are more exits. If Hegar is here, then is posible more miners inside and we would be trapping them. But if there is a way for Hegar to confirm there is no one more, is a good idea. At least it would delay whatever is happening here if things go bad.

Tell Hegar to be brave, flee while he can and tell to the townsfolk what is happening and that if we don't return by morning (assuming is early-mid evening), then send someone to get help. If monsters and dangers exist, then there must be some kind of army or adventurers prepared to sort with this...

...erh .. Maya, don't worry for all the preparatives of "what if we all end dead", center in the problem. Something draged all those kin, that's what happened to your guard (and horse). We are probably in the right direction!
No. 1031986 ID: f2320a

dont always mean there are more exits because its naturally formed
No. 1031990 ID: db4755
File 165236533862.png - (336.40KB , 800x603 , 50.png )

>Has he seen anyone else?
>Did he see your brother?
>Was anyone else in the mines?

Hegor: "No... Nobody has come here except you two! And the kin that yelled. They told me nobody was supposed to be here today. So I was the only one here before them."

It seems the only ones we know are in the tunnels are the guards. Hmm.

>Know about any cave monsters?
>What was taking the Kin? Which tunnel was it in?

Hegor: "All sorts of beasts live in the mountains! But I never caught a glimpse of this one... The kin just yelped, something catching them from the darkness, and dragging them back! It was in the middle tunnel. With the minecart!"

It sounds like the guards who went into the minecart tunnel were dragged away by some sort of scary beast! That's... Terrifying! How awful!

>Can escort him out! It's safe!

I tell Hegor it's safe outside, and he hesitantly decides to trust me. Now I must make a descision. Should I ask Hegor to seal up the other tunnels and then head back to the village with him? Or should I send him back for help alone, and head into another tunnel with Bart? And which one?

A: Have Hegor seal the tunnels, and head back to the village with him.

B: Send Hegor for help and head into tunnel A (The dark tunnel)

C: Send Hegor for help and head into tunnel B (The minecart tunnel)

D: Custom input
No. 1031991 ID: bdef6e

For what we know, your brother (or at least your guard) is likely with that being. Let's be honest. Do you want to risk leaving your brother with that monster? No shame in wanting to retreat.

If Maya is up for this mision I vote for B), maybe we can scout the tunnel. I don't think we can do more than a group of guards (for the footprints I think 3-4 guards), but at least we can try to know what are we facing off and prepare for an attack.

With any luck we will not need to fight but... how well did you said you knew how to fight? Magic or with a dagger...
No. 1031992 ID: 6fa841

I was worried at first that the giant asking for help would be weird but they seem to be used to them in this town. Hegor is faint-hearted so I don't think he'd be down to help out in a fight either.
We can't really head first into the thick of the minecart tunnel, so voting for B here.

If things look too dark inside we can just take an extra torch from one of the entrance of the tunnels or outright the lone one at the entrance of the dark tunnel.
No. 1031993 ID: 6530df

Are there any other light sources in the cave like lanterns? You could get one and use it for your mine cart ride.
No. 1031994 ID: 72c39e

We need to find the other guards and the chief, if the mission was in the mines, there has to be signs of more people here. Does Bart know how to track?

I vote B.
No. 1032009 ID: db4755
File 165238652688.png - (266.75KB , 800x603 , 51.png )

>B! Send Hegor for help and head into the dark tunnel.

I tell Hegor and Bart of my intentions. Hegor seems overjoyed, thanks me, and is on his way back to the village. Bart doesn't seem super pleased though.

>Can Bart track?

Bart: "I can drink! I can definitely do that!"

Maya: "Not what I asked, Bart."
No. 1032010 ID: db4755
File 165238654480.png - (349.41KB , 800x603 , 52.png )

>How well did you say you could fight?

I know a decently powerful wind attack that can blow things around if done in the right environment, and I recently learned to create a torch-like flame in my hand! My dagger skills... I could.. maybe stab something? If I had to? I've never really had to fight before.

>Bring an extra light source inside.

I pull one of the torches out of the ground and take it with me. Bart and I both have our own now. We carefully head into the dark cave. The voices from before stop as we approach them. Suddenly, our path stops when we come to a large drop off! Thankfully, we spot it with the extra light! The darkness below us seems endless. Was that talking I heard just the wind?
No. 1032012 ID: 96c896

Looks like goblins. Say hello, ask if they know where the miners went.
No. 1032016 ID: 9748c8

There seems to be some figures hiding behind the rocks. Do neither of you two know what they could be? Attempt to communicate. Ask them who they are, if this is their home, and if they know anything about what's going on in this mine.
No. 1032018 ID: eab761

If you look carefully, you can see 3 heads poking up from behind the rocks in front of you. I can even see their eyes!

Try talking with them. If they end up being hostile, you and Bart can knock them down the hole!
No. 1032019 ID: e5709d

Get to cover, try to ask the goblins what's what. If they attack, show no mercy.
No. 1032025 ID: 9a2966

Greet them - you know they're there, even if they try to hide. Who are they? Ask if they know what beast has taken hold of the other Kin that were here earlier.

Mayhaps. Other beings have pointed ears.
No. 1032040 ID: a68c82

For the record, just because you are the champion chosen to find the runes, doesn't mean you are immune to death. So don't be reckless.
No. 1032043 ID: db4755
File 165240196222.png - (198.75KB , 800x603 , 53.png )

>Just because you are the champion, doesn't mean you are immune to death! Don't be reckless

I didn't really think I was, but thank you for the warning! To be honest, I'd really like to head home and sleep in my nice bed right now... But I can't just leave when Alto could be being killed! He's my only brother!

>Looks like goblins!
>There's figures behind the rocks
>Do either of you know what they could be?

Oh goodness I hope it's not goblins! We'd be in real danger! Bart tells me that goblins don't live this far North. Thank goodness!

>Ask who they are, if this is their home
>Try talking with them
>Greet them, ask if they know what beast has taken the other Kin

Maya: "Excuse me! I can see you down there! Who are you? Is this your home? Do you know what happened to the other Kin who were here? Maybe what sort of beast has taken them?"

Horon: "...We are... Horon! You are... STINKY! And... DUMB! All of mountain is Horon's home! Smelly Kin and Humans not WELCOME! Mountain KNOWS this! And sends... MAGIC to creatures to help be... RID of you! Hehehe! You Kin... are FOOD for the MOUNTAIN! Your light... BURNS us! Go away, stinky!"

It seems these creatures are called 'Horon'. They do bear a striking resemblance to Goblins, but seem more cautious than aggressive toward us. They don't seem very fond of outsiders though. Maybe I could ask some more questions?

A: Speak with them more (Specify)

B: Leave tunnel and head back to village

C: Leave tunnel and head into minecart tunnel

D: Custom input
No. 1032044 ID: 9748c8

>He's my only brother!
Sounds like you have a lot of sisters.

Ask them... what does that magic do? And what creatures?

And then C
No. 1032045 ID: e5709d

Looks like the locals have a legitimate beef. And are completely oblivious to even the basics of the economic cycle. Pacifistic Exploitation, Ho!

Spin a story about how your divine spirits have ordered you to purge the earth itself of an ancient curse that nestles within the shiny stones and glass, and that they give outsiders free, delicious bitterroot and moist, rotten fish eggs in exchange for delivering this corrupting waste. Offer to leave them alone forever if they throw out all the useless, cursed glass and toxic rocks - to the mortals, of course, so they in turn can trade for these delicacies that make the confused goblins' stomachs turn.

They get to keep their land and dignity while the locals get cheaper labor with almost no maintenance costs. Win-Win.
No. 1032047 ID: 96c896

A. What magic creatures took them?
You might need to send for reinforcements.
No. 1032050 ID: 36784c

>sends magic to creatures
That might be one of the runes you need to recover. Either someone is using it or it's doing this on its own.

>what do?
Let's see if they're dumb enough to tell you what these creatures look like.

Kome I don't think that'll work.

>send for reinforcements
We already did that when we sent Hegor the giant back to the village.
No. 1032063 ID: 6fa841

D) First of all, we are; Totes, not dumb and even less stinky!... Wave your torch around as to assert them that we have the advantage here, they could have jumped us at any time if they had any sort of spine.
Ask them if they know what kind of creature the "mountain" sent currently. We will probably have to settle with whatever half-baked response they give and ask about their deal over at the village.
No. 1032068 ID: f2320a

Worth a try
Also we are scary we can create light from nothing and shiny rocks and soft rocks reflect light
No. 1032070 ID: f2320a

Worth a try
Also we are scary we can create light from nothing and shiny rocks and soft rocks reflect light
No. 1032077 ID: 6530df

Do a T-pose as a way of a friendly gesture to the creatures and ask about the magic.
No. 1032093 ID: db4755
File 165245878003.png - (393.57KB , 800x603 , 54.png )

>Sounds like you have a lot of sisters

I have two sisters, so.. It's not that many!

>it might be one of the magic runes

You think? If that's true, we're on the right track then!

>we are totes not dumb and even less stinky!

Right? I smell totes AWESOME!

>What does magic do?
>What creatures?
>T-Pose and wave torch to assert dominance

Maya: "I am NOT stinky! Tell me... What sort of creatures do you speak of? Describe them! And what does this magic you speak of do?"
No. 1032094 ID: db4755
File 165245879856.png - (386.95KB , 800x603 , 55.png )

Horon: "Ach! The Kin threaten us with it's NASTY light! And... You not stinky as much... As HIM!" They gesture to Bart.

Bart: "Wh-Hey! Shut up! I smell fine!"

Horon: "STINKY! The Mountain's... Creatures are her DEFENDERS! Quiet and quick... STICKY and CRAWLING! TRAP poor little Horon.. and even STINKY KIN! But now... Magic makes them... ANGRY! And... STRONG! They... GROW."

It sounds like Bart was the real problem in the stink department. Oh! And it seems whatever magic there is has made the creatures they speak of more powerful. The Horon shrink back into the cavern, away from the light. They disappear from view.

Horon: "You will... DIE!"

What a rude thing to say before leaving! They're gone though. Deep into the cave.

A: Head into minecart tunnel

B: Head back to village

C: Follow Horon??

D: Custom input
No. 1032095 ID: 9a2966

>You will... DIE!
>How rude!
Well, we were pretty rude waving that light in their faces. Imagine if something stung your eyes real bad and someone else insisted on poking it in front of your face? They do seem to take offense easily enough, though. Might have some saved-up grievances from all the mining that's been done here. Or suffered previous rude encounters.

Ah well. Diplomacy later - it sort of sounds like the guards really do need saving. And... also other Horons? Maybe you can win some goodwill there if you can manage to free them as well.

>Mountain's defenders, sneaky and quiet, sticky and crawling
Hm... sounds like it could be some form of slime creature? They can cling to roofs - come from every angle, and certainly be able to, say, restrain and drag off some guards.

They might've been an ordinary common danger, but powered by one of the Runes of magic, they've become far more dangerous. Especially if, as the Horon suggested, magic feeds them. If one or more has grown to a size where it can extend tentacles and envelop people, it's going to be rather troublesome to deal with!

You will have to consider how to fight something like that without magic. Sure, you can cut it - but if it just reforms its slimey mass, that'll take ages, and be dangerous besides if it's big and flexible enough to take on a team of guards. You could smush it with rocks, but it might just be able to reform. If they have some sort of general weakness - like a core to destroy - the rockslide idea might have merit, though.

I don't think you should go off into the mine half-cocked. If only you could draw the things out into a killing ground you've got prepared! Then you could do all manner of manual solutions - dump oil on it and set it on fire, the rockslide idea, have Hegor chuck stuff at 'em. Maybe you could prepare that regardless, with aid from the village, and then wander into the mine. With any luck, you can simply run and draw the enemy out into the open for a confrontation.

Of course, the more time we take to prepare and plan the more time the guards are in the creatures' tendrils.
No. 1032104 ID: 9748c8

No. 1032107 ID: 8dc7ba

>mountain defenders
>quiet and quick, sticky and crawling
>they grow
That sounds like it could possibly be giant spiders.


Head into minecart tunnel. Be careful and watch out for giant spider webs!
No. 1032110 ID: bdef6e

Mmmh, this looks more dangerous every moment. If we are speaking of gigant spiders, I think those could be the ones which throw webs to catch and drag. That would explain why guards couldn't defend against them.

Be spiders or not, those creatures probably can attack and snach from shadows with more range than our torches. Do we have extra cloth? We could cover ourselves with some cloack ready to let loose. You can do it with a simple knot, leaving one end half tucked in the last pull.

Also, carts can make too much sound but is a movile covet. (And could we push ourselves with magic?)
No. 1032140 ID: b69579

Yeah, it would be like how this one kid used their air powers on a citywide delivery system.

So, A it is.
No. 1032171 ID: 0840c2

Follow Horon?
No. 1032173 ID: 6fa841

Going A).
Was thinking of going back to the village but we don't really have much information to be asking for help and the village people would probably not understand what we mean with the cryptics of the Horon.
It's sounding a lot like it's giant spiders but that could possibly work out a little for us, the small flame we create can burn down the cobwebs and, if our flame isn't particularly weak we could possibly do a fire breath of sorts mixing our wind and fire magic.
No. 1032201 ID: db4755
File 165254307035.png - (578.67KB , 800x1200 , 56.png )

>A, head for the minecart tunnel

Very well! Bart and I leave the dark tunnel behind, and head into the minecart tunnel. It's not as dark as the other tunnel at least!

>Sticky and crawling? Sounds like some form of slime creature?

A slime creature? Sounds pretty gross! But I think I could probably deal with-


>Sounds like giant spiders.

>Yeah, spiders.

>Definitely giant spiders.

Giant... Spiders? Like... Like how giant are we talking here? Like the size of your hand? Because I am NOT okay with that!

>Do we have extra cloth for protection?

I'm only wearing what you see! All I'm wearing right now is this nice dress!
No. 1032202 ID: db4755
File 165254308440.png - (308.24KB , 800x603 , 57.png )

>Push the minecart with wind magic for extra cover!

>Watch out for spider webs!

I inform Bart of our new plan and we head back and climb inside the mine cart. Bart gives us a starting push. It's kind of fun! And terrifying! I don't spot any spider webs above the usual size though.

>Mix wind and fire magic?

Hmm, I've heard tales of great magicians combining magic before. I wonder if I could do it!
No. 1032203 ID: db4755
File 165254310131.png - (270.90KB , 800x603 , 58.png )

We slow down and enter an open room... There's two Kin lying on the floor! Omigosh...! They're wearing the same armor as Bart, I wonder if-

Bart: "CAPTAIN!!!"

Before I can do anything, Bart leaps from the cart and sprints towards them in a panic!
No. 1032206 ID: 36784c

Maya, look out! There’s something on the ceiling behind you!
No. 1032210 ID: 9748c8

Check out the area.
No. 1032215 ID: 6fa841

So the captain is severely wounded. This isn't looking so hot for us in terms of odds then, we've got a strong gust and a small flame, and no knowledge if they could be mixed.
There seems to be something above, seems to be cobwebs, so look up to investigate. Whatever it may turn out to be it's probably better to regroup with Bart since it looks close to you. We need help with pushing the minecart if there's something ambushing here and anyways our buddy here could always make a handy distraction if things get really dire...
No. 1032222 ID: 6530df

Maya, look up behind you!
No. 1032223 ID: b01382

Get the cart, get some offense magic ready in case this is an ambush.
No. 1032225 ID: b01382

I mean get out the cart
No. 1032231 ID: 9a2966

Cast a blast of wind at the roof above you and wall behind you. Take care not to blow out your torches.

Tell Bart to look UP and draw his dang sword. Self-safety first! Can't rescue anyone if you're about to be spider food, too!
No. 1032232 ID: e5709d

Quick, use fire spells to propel the cart forward! Yell at Bart to retreat if you can, try to distract the spiders!
No. 1032237 ID: bdef6e

Take cover with the cart and search the enemy! Be prepare to cover Bart with your magic.
No. 1032244 ID: db4755
File 165256867015.png - (225.76KB , 800x603 , 59.png )

>Look out! Behind you!

No. 1032245 ID: db4755
File 165256868711.png - (420.18KB , 800x603 , 60.png )

No. 1032246 ID: db4755
File 165256870270.png - (215.85KB , 800x603 , 61.png )

>Get out of the cart, and get offensive magic ready

I dive out of the cart just as it's shot with sticky web, and tugged over!

I land next to Bart, who's knelt down near his allies, sword drawn. The massive spider disgustingly crawls down the wall, and takes an offensive stance! As do we! This is WAY worse than slime! Why couldn't it have been slime?!

Bart: "They're... They're not breathing! We're too late!"

It seems we didn't get here in time! Captain Miles and the other guard have been killed!! And now... I've never fought a PERSON, much less THIS horror! What do I do?!

A: Run for it! Out of the tunnel!

B: Run for it! Deeper into the tunnel!

C: Wind gust attack it!

D: Try the Flame/Wind gust attack!

E: Sic Bart on it!
No. 1032250 ID: 056ca0

No. 1032251 ID: 6fa841

GIANT ENEMY SPIDER... To be fair, slimes are pretty gross too, no long legs to speak of but still quite yucky.

Try the flame + wind attack! A wind gust at worst will bring the spider down and at best do nothing. If we're lucky the fiery wind will burn the cobweb then spread to the spider and Bart can finish it off.

It's time to put your ambidextry to the test!
No. 1032253 ID: 50af53


Besides that fall back but stay close to eachother. Spiders don't fight groups well, but in its own home you're still at a disadvantage.
No. 1032258 ID: 9748c8

Doesn't casting take a bit of time? If so, you might want to hide behind Bart first before doing your stuff.
No. 1032263 ID: 6530df

I think D and E, it might take a while to charge up your mana/magic for this kind of attack; have Bart a bait but make sure he doesn't get hurt or even killed.
No. 1032264 ID: ba605b

Wind and fire magic. If I learned anything from spider webs, they're stupid flammable, more so if we add air/oxygen to the mix to make it all burn faster.
No. 1032267 ID: bdef6e

Spiders tend to have poor eyesight so they depends of their leg's hair to sense the movement in the air or sensing trought their webs. Burning it's hair and webs is the path to victory.
No. 1032269 ID: 708905

Actually that's the dust in cobwebs, clean/fresh spider silk is very gite resistant
No. 1032282 ID: db4755
File 165258540302.png - (543.42KB , 800x1200 , 62.png )

>Do spells time time to cast?

It depends on how well the surroundings fit the AFFINITY of the MAGIC! For this enviroment, it's indoors so Wind might take a moment!

>Have Bart hold back spider, then... FLAME WIND GUST!

Bart does his best against the enemy spider, but it keeps it's distance, and it's mostly him swinging his sword and torch at it to keep it away. Meanwhile, I do my best to get a strong gust of wind ready...

Bart: "Stay BACK! BACK, monster! AWAY! I'll show you, you blasted-"



Bart: "HUAH?!"

In an instant, Bart's sword is YANKED away by a quickly shot string of web! Things look bad for Bart as the spider rushes toward him!
No. 1032283 ID: db4755
File 165258541892.png - (345.91KB , 800x603 , 63.png )

But my spell is ready, and I combine the two and...


The spider recoils from the flames as it's webs catch flames! But it's too late for it, and it's quickly consumed by the massive inferno!
No. 1032284 ID: db4755
File 165258543153.png - (412.94KB , 800x603 , 64.png )

The spider thrashes and flails, but only for a moment, before collapsing into a burning heap, dead. It seems flames are the perfect counter to these monsters! That was... AWESOME! I'm so cool! Even Bart is impressed!

A: Return to the village and report in to the villagers/chief

B: Continue deeper into the mine.

C: Custom Input
No. 1032285 ID: 96c896

A. If you ran into more than one of those you'd be toast.
No. 1032287 ID: f2320a

No. 1032290 ID: 36784c

B: Continue deeper into the mine. Your brother and that guard that was driving your carriage could be down here!

As you're going in, make sure you're occasionally looking up for any spiders that could be trying to ambush you and Bart!
No. 1032291 ID: 6530df

D. Victory pose time!
No. 1032292 ID: 6fa841

You best bet we need to flaunt at least a LITTLE bit to Bart over what you just accomplished!...

After doing that... seeing those kin die really paints an ugly picture over what may happen to those deeper within, don't feel like your brother may be in there but we never know so let's take a deeper look inside and retreat if we get 20 spiders on our tail.
No. 1032298 ID: 0840c2

>>1032292 +1 If possible take a spiderleg along with you as proof of your story for the villagers
No. 1032302 ID: b01382

Burn everything in case there are babies. Can you image how bad things will be if there is an army of baby spiders crawling around?
Tell Bart to retrieve his sword any anything useful off the captain, like a shield, more weapons, or a healing potion. In fact grab the helmet off the xaptsin and use it for yourself. You never know when a helmet will protect you from a cuncussion, getting knocked out, or out right dying.

After thoroughly burning and looting, continue further in search of your brother.
No. 1032304 ID: 9748c8

Be careful with that, don't want your clothes to accidentally catch fire~

No. 1032305 ID: e5709d

C) Check the bodies and autopsy. The giant spiders might not be the only threat in this cave.
No. 1032313 ID: 01fe07

Hopefully we can find your brother and he's still alive.

Just be careful and don't rush in, otherwise you'll be ambushed and become another victim!
No. 1032314 ID: 01fe07

>Take things off dead bodies
If we do this, let Bart know that you're only getting things that'll help us not die. We don't want him to think that we're looting money and valuables off of the dead bodies.
No. 1032322 ID: db4755
File 165263621455.png - (279.66KB , 800x603 , 65.png )


YEAH! I'm totes awesome!!!

>Gloat to Bart

Bart begrudgingly agrees that it was pretty cool and helpful. YEAH!

>Careful your clothes don't catch fire~

Oh! Good tip! That was JUST about to happen, if you wouldn't have said something! Can you imagine? I would have been totally naked! Whew! Thanks for the save!
No. 1032323 ID: db4755
File 165263622651.png - (376.56KB , 800x603 , 66.png )

>Autopsy the bodies
>Loot corpses! HELMET!
>Let Bart know you're only getting things to help survive!

Bart tells me the Kin must've been killed by blunt force, and suggests they were left behind, as the spiders might prefer LIVE food.... EYUCK! I don't really want to wear dead people armor... and thankfully it doesn't really fit me anyway! Whew... There's nothing else on them but a sword, which Bart takes to replace his lost one, and some coin purses, which Bart also takes, remarking something about them buying him one last drink. The scoundrel.


What? Really?? After THAT? Alright... I guess if you guys insist! Bart is also skeptical. We trek deeper into the mine. The instant we head in, there's a difference... Massive cobwebs in every direction. It's a wonder there ever WAS a mine in here with so many spiders! We make sure to be careful and keep an eye out, carefully avoiding webs. We don't see any more spiders for some time...
No. 1032324 ID: db4755
File 165263624247.png - (601.27KB , 800x603 , 67.png )

Finally, we reach the end of the mine, and come to a large open part of the cave. There's massive webs all around, and still no spiders in view. We do however, spot several 'pods' of web suspended in the air. Looking carefully, I can make out the tips of swords and boots sticking out of some...

Bart: "Look! There! That must be the others! Strung up in the web like any old bug! The bastard spiders!"

Bart's right! When I look closer, the pods DO have people inside!There are five pods. We successfully identify three of them as Bart's fellow guards, some with swords and armor sticking out. The last two however, we aren't sure who they are!

A: Cut open all 5 pods

B: Cut open just guard pods

C: Burn open all 5 pods

D: Burn open just guard pods

E: Ignore pods and continue deeper

F: Custom input
No. 1032325 ID: b01382

A: Cut open all 5 pods
Everyone we help out should help cut the others out, if that needs to be mentioned.
No. 1032326 ID: 6fa841

Good god. BURN OPEN?! After identifying that it is indeed people in there?... That'd be pyschopatic.

A) Cut open all five. Even if it is some type of stranger, they'd most likely be thankful we saved them if they are conscious. Best to do one at a time just incase. If they are relatively well it'd be a good time to head back the village afterwards.
No. 1032330 ID: 1c6255

Start cutting open, bring the torch if the sword gets stuck.
No. 1032331 ID: 6530df

A. Cut them all, just be carefully about anything surprising being in one the pods.
No. 1032332 ID: 899c9f

Burn open the guard pods. Their armor will protect them and the silk burns off quick, right?
No. 1032334 ID: bdef6e

F) A)
The rest of spiders will probably be deeper and if we touch the webs they will be alerted. Maybe we can disconect the pods with fire and start to free people.

Also, maybe the guards from before are not dead. Some spiders uses non-lethal venom which induces coma in their prey so they can eat them later. In that case their breath will be probably very weak and slow. No promises, only a reason for check again.
No. 1032339 ID: 9748c8

>Thanks for the save!
You're welcome. Altho I'm sure more such opportunities worrisome predicaments are yet ahead of you, you know, how your long dress could get snagged by one of the sharp rocks, or you get attacked by a smaller creature which has a taste for clothes.

A) Touching any of the long webs might alert any nearby spiders, however, touching the pods directly should not, since the spiders wouldn't care for the captives' struggles. So the first thing you should do is, stay on guard and let Bart stealthily cut open the 3 pods that are near the ground and get those people out - hopefully they're only tied up in the webs and not poisoned. The two pods that are higher up will be tricky because you'll need to burn the surrounding web first to make the pods to fall down. That's when the action starts and your job will be to set all the web in the room on fire. That should keep any spiders away. We'll see how it goes from there.
No. 1032340 ID: 36784c

>5 pods
>3 are guards
>don’t know about the other 2
Those last 2 pods could be some Horon. Or they could be your brother and your guard from the carriage.

A: Cut open all 5 pods. Just make sure you don’t accidentally cut whoever is trapped inside the pods! And make sure one of you is looking out for any spiders that might show up!
No. 1032342 ID: e5709d

Your world has healing magic, right?
No. 1032346 ID: 9a2966

We know the stuff's sticky, cutting it won't, well, probably won't cut it well. It'll also yank the stuff around and attract the spiders.

F - Controlled burn + set a fire trap

What you could do is try to burn off the strands AROUND the pods and extinguish those with wind magic. You'd still have pod people, but they'd be free of the web itself and then you can set the entire thing ablaze, which should drive off any spiders that might be arriving to check on movements.

So you could use Burt's sword to yank on the web purposefully afterwards to draw nearby spiders in, and then set it all ablaze as they climb over it, since we know it burns real well.

And hey, since this stuff burns so well, if you have some on Burt's sword, he could have a flaming sword for a bit, haha. (Guy just need to take care not to burn himself. Probably best to have it just on the upper half of the blade.)

As for the pod people, it'll be tough to get the web off them without being very careful and taking your time, or having the right tools for the job, so for now just save them as they are.
No. 1032353 ID: db4755
File 165264990493.png - (313.13KB , 800x603 , 68.png )

>Stealthily cut out pod people with sword, using controlled fire to free sword.

Good idea! I set Bart to work on carefully cutting through the sticky web. Sure enough, his sword quickly becomes stuck, but applying a little flame from our torches gets it loose! I help out with my dagger to hasten the process, and pretty soon we've freed all three guards! Hurray! They all seem very groggy. And VERY confused that Bart and I of all people are rescuing them! There's time for introductions later.
No. 1032354 ID: db4755
File 165264991472.png - (284.50KB , 800x603 , 69.png )

>The two extra pods could be Horon or brother and guard from carriage.

Bart cuts one open, and... sure enough, a Horon pops out! He looks at us groggily.

Horon: "...Kin... save Horon? But... Why?"

The Horons seem confused, but grateful. I'm glad we helped them but... Where is Alto?? If he wasn't in these pods then could he be deeper in the cave??
No. 1032355 ID: db4755
File 165264992814.png - (466.64KB , 800x603 , 70.png )

>Movement on the webs will attract spiders!

We just manage to free the last Horon as spiders begin to appear from elsewhere in the cave, attracted by the movement! I take a defensive stance and get a spell ready as Bart rallies his fellow guards to defensive positions! Even the Horon stand to fight beside us if needed! But what do we do?? There's so many! I could burn the entire web but... I still haven't found Alto!

A: Flamethrower time! Burn that web!

B: Stand and fight the spiders with wind magic and melee combat!

C: Retreat out of the cave the way we came!

D: Hold back the spiders and make our way deeper into cave!

E: Custom Input!
No. 1032357 ID: e5709d

No. 1032358 ID: 9748c8

Spider hair burns well. As do spider webs.
No. 1032359 ID: 6fa841

Burn those suckers down.

We don't know for sure if your brother lies deeper within the cavern, so we should investigate the place after the pyro hijinx are done, after the threats have been eliminated put the fire out with wind because the smoke might very well knock out everyone after awhile.
No. 1032361 ID: bdef6e


In the worst case flamethrower can cause a big wildfire and if it extends inside the cave we should rush inside in the case Alto is traped deeper inside traped in a coocon. Thats very dangerous but...

If we don't kill the spiders fast we will be easliy snatched and captured one by one. It will be surely dangerous right now instead of posible dangerous latter.
No. 1032366 ID: b69579

I say try B, it’s your safest bet as you could accidentally toast one of your current allies in the fight. Also, the spiders could be holding loot.
No. 1032385 ID: a68c82

Yeah, fire seems to do the trick, and then retreat, collect your thoughts and gather information from the people we rescued.
No. 1032397 ID: 36784c

B! It'll be safer and we're less likely to hit our allies with it.

If we use fire, there's a high chance that we'll end up trapping ourselves in the mine when a spider's flaming corpse ends up collapsing directly in front of the exit. Then we'll end up dying from all the smoke and the lack of breathable air! And if Maya's brother is here, then he'd also die for the same reasons!
No. 1032419 ID: 7d8322

No. 1032422 ID: 8483cf

(To Runey Boi: I haven't seen you on the Questden discord, so I'll just ask you here. I'm making a CCG collaborative quest. May I include your characters from this quest as participants, draw fanart, and clip images from the quest to use?

You can reach me on Discord at Donut #9886 if you have questions. Apologies for taking up a post in your quest just for this!)
No. 1032424 ID: 3466cb

Maya should just use fire, go for A. Alto may have come into this cave, but it seems unlikely he'd be in this chamber. It doesn't make sense for the spiders to have sequestered him or other guards in additional pods further up out of sight; these are full-grown men in armour and it would be burdensome, energy-intensive, and structurally-compromising for the spiders to drag them up to some more vertical part of the nest. The one exception I can think of might be if they were trying to present prey items to a female mate (or offspring, but these spiders seem to be a recent arrival -- otherwise the guards and Horon would have been better prepared), but what are the chances of that? Besides, if there are more people in the upper reaches of the nest, we wouldn't have any means of getting them down regardless. Better a relatively brief death by immolation than to be food for giant spiders. If your fireblasts scare the spiders off, maybe we can regroup and try to be more thorough.
No. 1032429 ID: 3466cb

Well uh actually nevermind. Changing my vote from A to C/E. It would be too fucked up to accidentally burn her brother to death, even if the odds of it seem remote and we don't have any apparent ways of saving him if he does happen to be further up the nest. Should instead retreat back into the tunnel we came from; it'll be safer and easier for Maya to use fire offensively when they're coming from just one direction. If we get a breather afterwards, then she can talk with her new rescues and adjust plans accordingly.
No. 1032431 ID: 708905

Try to use fire to make a barrier while you retreat back to the tunnel, once you have a chokepoint try and let them funnel into it before burninating them all
No. 1032460 ID: 7d8322

No. 1032466 ID: db4755
File 165273766408.png - (325.21KB , 800x603 , 71.png )

(To Donut: Dunno what that is. Go for it though.)

>Burn that web!!!

You're right! I don't have time to hesitate! I cast a flamethrower spell at the spiders, and the bulk of the web! It works immediately, cooking the spiders to a crisp!

The fire spreads quickly! A little too quickly! The flammable web is strewn all about the cave, and the flames soon surround us! The Horons shrink away from the bright light and heat, fleeing the cave. The other guards quickly follow, until only Bart is by my side.

Bart: "Lady Du Bois! It's time to go! We have to go!"

Maya: "You're right! Let's get out of here!"
No. 1032467 ID: db4755
File 165273767755.png - (383.66KB , 800x603 , 72.png )

A shrill scream pierces my ears as the flames climb through the webs deeper into the cave. Then another. And another. Several voices ring out in pain as the flames engulf the cavern.... Alto!!!
No. 1032469 ID: db4755
File 165273769087.png - (457.06KB , 800x603 , 73.png )

Bart: "You CAN'T! You're really gonna die if you go in there!"

Maya: "You don't understand!! My brother's in there! He's BURNING! I have to-"
No. 1032470 ID: db4755
File 165273770051.png - (267.15KB , 800x603 , 74.png )

Bart: "WATCH OUT!"
No. 1032471 ID: db4755
File 165273771057.png - (2.72KB , 800x603 , 75.png )

No. 1032472 ID: db4755
File 165273772358.png - (273.70KB , 800x603 , 76.png )

[Du Bois Dukedom. A few days later.]
No. 1032473 ID: db4755
File 165273773526.png - (186.93KB , 800x603 , 77.png )

No. 1032474 ID: 1235cc

Wake up!
No. 1032475 ID: 9748c8

Good tits-, I mean, good morning Maya.
No. 1032476 ID: 6fa841

I blame bart not tanking the plank. Totally could of put it out with wind. Yep.
No. 1032477 ID: 8a5a0e

Rise and Shine Maya, rise and shine.
No. 1032482 ID: a1cf67

Maya? It's time to wake up.

No we couldn't have. That would've only fanned the flames and made them stronger.
No. 1032488 ID: ba605b

No. 1032493 ID: bdef6e

Erhh... Ups!
No. 1032496 ID: db4755
File 165274572698.png - (187.71KB , 800x603 , 78.png )

>Maya, it's time to wake up!

...Nnh.. Huh? Who-

>Good tits- I mean, good morning Maya.


Oh. It's you guys. Ugh... My head hurts! I'm home? Where is this? A guest room? Why am I here? What happened? Ohh... Father must've sent the guard to save us! Thank goodness! I have to see Alto as soon as possible, and tell him of everything that happened!
No. 1032498 ID: ba605b

You look uncomfortable. Maybe you should take off your shirt.
No. 1032501 ID: 96c896

You dirty brother killer.
No. 1032508 ID: 6fa841

Yeah you should probably check in on Alto if he's there.
No. 1032509 ID: abaa91


No. 1032511 ID: 629f2e

There are a number of possibilities for what could have happened. Fingers crossed that it's a happy one, and Alto is fine, but you should be prepared in case that isn't what we learn.

It's been statistically proven that removing your shirt is a good way to prevent grief and panic, true story. Have you ever seen someone having a panic attack while topless?
No. 1032512 ID: e7c7d3

Look out the window into the courtyard, forcing the artist to draw the entire scene
No. 1032513 ID: e5709d

@#$%ing narrative.
You had four soldiers and two civilians to save. If you hesitated, some would have died from your negligence.
You made a call; it may have killed people, but you ended a threat and saved an entire colony from having their insides slowly liquified by acidic venom and then slurped open so the carcasses could be used as egg sacs. Things might even get better now that the Huron need housing and the mines are cleared for chemical experimentation.

And none of this makes sense.

Spiders are not eusocial by nature. Their colonies are supposed to be independent. Their webs disconnected from one another.

The thing that kidnapped your guard was a prowler, possibly avian, and the probability that it would have deposited its prey in a giant-spider-infested cave should have been near zero.

This... this was a planned attack, wasn't it.
And you just burned some of the perpetrators alive.
No. 1032515 ID: 36784c

You got hit on the head by one of the supports in the mine. That guard named Fart- I mean, Bart! He must’ve pulled you out of there when you got knocked out.

>I have to see Alto as soon as possible, and tell him of everything that happened!
I understand that you’re eager, but you need to take it easy. After a head injury like that, you’re probably going to still feel dizzy. And if you’re not careful, you might lose your balance and fall over!

Take slow steps and if you feel like your going to fall, sit back down on the bed.
No. 1032518 ID: ba605b

SOunds like you're on to something, and I'm scared for it.
No. 1032519 ID: 00eb55

The first thing you should do is eat, I’m sure you’re very hungry after all you’ve been through.
No. 1032522 ID: a70d43

Agree with this
(also joins in kicking >>1032501
while they are down)
No. 1032528 ID: 9ed2cd

There is a big chance that Alto didn't make it. But I wouln't blame yourslef about it. It was a situation that was outside of your control, you had to make a split desition desition yo save yourself and those other people that you rescued.

Then again, he might be okay. We don't know what happened after you passed out. Just... be prepared for anything. Including some harsh criticism from some noble twats that were never there.
No. 1032534 ID: 9ed2cd

In retrospect, i don't think that Alto was snached by a spider either, nor did the guard accompanying you. Something else is happening here.
No. 1032537 ID: dee951

No. 1032539 ID: db4755
File 165276061553.png - (169.10KB , 800x603 , 79.png )

>Look out the window into the courtyard, forcing-

Good idea... I lean on the window, taking in the GORGEOUS view before me. What a splendid courtyard. Ahh, that's relaxing! So beautiful and detailed! What a breathtaking view!

>You should take off your shirt.

>Have you ever seen someone have a panic attack while topless?

You know, I feel like taking off my top while leaning out the window would be a bad combination! It'd be just like the Sumpter Festival all over again!

>The first thing you should do is eat, I'm sure you're hungry after what you've been through

You know, I AM pretty hungry! Feels like I haven't eaten in days!

>You got hit on the head by one of the supports in the mine. That guard named Fart- I mean, Bart! He must’ve pulled you out of there when you got knocked out.
>You should take it easy with a head injury!

Ohh... That makes sense I guess. Thanks, Fart. I mean Bart!

>Spiders don't behave that way! This was a PLANNED attack! Something ELSE is going on here!

Wh-What? I don't know how spiders act! I never met a giant spider before just recently! Somebody attacked us?? Who would do that? Perhaps Alto saw them!

>. . .

No. 1032540 ID: db4755
File 165276062678.png - (190.61KB , 800x603 , 80.png )

>You dirty brother killer.

What?? What're you talking about??

Then again, he might be okay. We don't know what happened after you passed out. Just... be prepared for anything. Including some harsh criticism from some noble twats that were never there.

>Fingers crossed it's a happy outcome and Alto is fine, but you should be prepared for what we learn.
>There is a chance Alto didn't make it. Don't blame yourself, it was a situation out of your control and you had to make a decision to save yourself and others.
>He might be okay. Who knows what happened. Just be prepared for anything, including criticism from noble twats who weren't there.

WHAT!?? Alto didn't- What do you mean?? If I'M here, Alto's here too! Father sent the guard! He's fine! I just need to- I just need to SEE him! Now!!
No. 1032541 ID: db4755
File 165276063846.png - (211.72KB , 800x603 , 81.png )

>Check on Alto

I leave the room and enter the hall. I need to find Alto! If I'm here right now, where could he be??

A: Check Alto's bedroom.

B: Check infirmary area.

C: Check throne room.

D: Custom Input.
No. 1032542 ID: 36784c

>You know, I feel like taking off my top while leaning out the window would be a bad combination! It'd be just like the Sumpter Festival all over again!
So that’s what happened. You were topless at the Sumpter Festival!

We don’t know what condition your brother is in, so the best place to check is the infirmary area. If he was injured, but woke up before you, then you can ask someone there where he went.
No. 1032548 ID: 96c896

B. He'll have burns, at the very least.
No. 1032556 ID: 6fa841


Infirmary should at least have someone that could point you to where he is currently if he isn't/was there. Here's hoping that wasn't him doing the blood curling screech.
No. 1032565 ID: 0840c2

B: Check infirmary area.
No. 1032569 ID: e5709d

No. 1032571 ID: 9748c8

D: Check the training area
No. 1032573 ID: bdef6e

B) Either Alto is there or has passed by there.
No. 1032574 ID: b01382

No. 1032582 ID: 9ed2cd

First start with B, then we can go to C if not B.
No. 1032587 ID: 6530df

Go for B
No. 1032592 ID: db4755
File 165281574738.png - (145.18KB , 800x603 , 82.png )

>B. Search Infirmary area.
>Infirmary should have someone to point you to where he is.
>He'll have burns at the very least.

You're right! He must've been injured in some way! He must be recuperating! I rush to the infirmary area and-

Maya: "Alto??"

I don't find anyone in any of the infirmary rooms. They look like they haven't been used for a moment. Maybe Alto wasn't hurt after all! He's quite strong, so I'm sure he wasn't even injured!! I just need to find him!!!
No. 1032593 ID: db4755
File 165281575762.png - (232.40KB , 800x603 , 83.png )

???; "Well well! Look who's awake! Did you enjoy your nap, Maya?"

Maya: "Marie..."

It's my elder sister, Marie Du Bois... She's the last person I want to see right now...
No. 1032594 ID: 9748c8

Tell her that, unless she knows where Alto is, you don't want to talk with her right now.
No. 1032596 ID: 6fa841

We can sass it out later with Marie.

Cut to the chase and ask her if she knows where Alto is, and who brought you all the way to here.
No. 1032607 ID: bb78f2

It feels awfully conventional that your safe with your family right now.

I'd say pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming, but I'm worried we might learn something important even if this is a dream...


Push your pinky through your hand, if it goes through, you're dreaming. Plug your nose and see how it affects you.
No. 1032611 ID: 9ed2cd

Well, at least she can tell us what happened. Ask for your brother. Ignore any bullshit, we don't have time.
No. 1032613 ID: a9af05

She seems like a bitch.

Ask if she knows where Alto is. If she doesn't tell you anything, just ignore her and walk away.

>you're dreaming
I highly doubt that.

>Push your pinky through your hand, if it goes through, you're dreaming.
Doing that won't tell us if Maya is dreaming, since her pinky could just not pass through her hand in her dream.
No. 1032622 ID: ba605b

Ha! Her boobs are smaller. Looks like someone is compensating.
No. 1032623 ID: db4755
File 165283449382.png - (165.99KB , 800x603 , 84.png )

>She seems like a bitch

Marie has always been pretty mean to pretty much everybody! But she seems to especially hate ME! I have no clue why.

>Ha! Her boobs are smaller. Looks like someone is compensating.

I... Wonder if that could be it!!!

>Ask where Alto is, if she doesn't answer, leave.

Maya: "I don't want to deal with this, Marie. Do you know where Alto is?"

Marie: "What? You mean you- You don't KNOW? You don't REMEMBER?? Or are you just... I don't know... In DENIAL??"

Maya: "...What are you talking about?"

Marie: "HAHAHA! Ughh, this is just pathetic! You know, you should really go and see father at once! I'm sure he'd love you tell you all about Alto. This is far worse than the Sumpter thing! Have you heard from Lord Byron since then, by the way? Or did your CHARM not win him over?"

A: Question Marie further.

B: Insult her boob size.

C: Head to Throne room to see Father

D: Custom Input
No. 1032631 ID: 9ed2cd

"Fuck you and your small tits, probably will starve your children, if you mannage to have any."
Go to your father.
No. 1032633 ID: ba605b

B: Insults. You'r bosoms are the size of a little girl, and your beauty ages like milk.
Then ignore her and head to see father.
No. 1032635 ID: ba605b

Okay. Looking at your sister again, I can glean two, maybe three things from her? Feel free to correct me or use some of this to insult her.
Her tits are obviously smaller, easy enough to point out, but not enough.
You nails aren't painted like hers, so I assume you're generally better with magic than her since when you fuck with magic it's usually a bitch to repaint your nails, right? You're a real prodigy I bet.
She's wearing mascara, eye make up, whatever you call it. She's probably also wears perfume and a ton of other cosmetic things, which means she might be vain. That could be a good avenue for insults against her person.

>Overall: You're prettier, have more magic potential, younger, and could probably hands down kick her flee ridden ass all the way from here to sundown
No. 1032637 ID: 9748c8

B) Tell her that since the festival Lord Byron has sent you several strange letters and in those letters he keeps mentioning "large melons". Does she know what those are?

C) Whatever her response, go visit your father afterwards.
No. 1032638 ID: 96c896

No. 1032639 ID: 6fa841

Thanks for the help, jackass!...

Marie right now is the least of your worries and getting her to throw a hissy fit now of all times would just be... time consuming. Head towards the throne room. There are geniunely better things to do right now.
No. 1032644 ID: 6f51f0

C go see the fatherlord
No. 1032652 ID: 056ca0

Either your sister is a massive bitch and has no familial love whatsoever, or Alto's still alive.

B.) If your charm doesn't work you can always fall back on your chest. Unlike her.

C.) Hurry to throne room, ask about Alto
No. 1032662 ID: 3466cb

Who cares about tits or your bitch sister, you need to go see your father and make sure you haven't committed fratricide. Nothing could possibly be more important than to learn of your brother's fate, your only brother who had sought to protect and guide you, and whether your life and soul have been stained by a sin we impelled you to commit.
No. 1032663 ID: e5709d

"You know, prospective suitors won't appreciate your crude, spiteful demeanor. It's like you want to resort to a lesser nuptial with the incompetent son of a gatcha game merchant or an airheaded adoptee of an NFT micro-mogul or-"
Gasp, Squeal, Grin Aggressively.
"YOU'RE HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH THE CHAMBERMAID?! Is she cute? Is she good in bed? Is she from another country? Come on tell me tell me tell me!"
No. 1032667 ID: f2320a

Is that a wart under her eye? A so called beuty spot but how you got face fur
No. 1032668 ID: f2320a

>INSULT then rush too altos room
No. 1032673 ID: abaa91

This isn't even worth your time.

C. We need to face what we've done.
No. 1032674 ID: eaca94

Press on: Tell her you have no time for such games, you just woke up miles away from where you were last awake, and your brother was in danger at the time.
No. 1032676 ID: bdef6e

C) Leave with the dignity you might keep. Also, we already suspect what happened...
No. 1032681 ID: 36784c

No. 1032684 ID: db4755
File 165289720686.png - (216.68KB , 800x603 , 85.png )

>Insult her boobage!

Yeah, she's just mad because-

>No! Ignore her and go see your father, Alto is more important right now!!

...You're right. Without another word, I turn on my heel, and leave Marie behind.

Marie: "Make sure to say hi to father for me! Toodles!!"
No. 1032685 ID: db4755
File 165289721984.png - (227.01KB , 800x603 , 86.png )

I reach father's chamber, and step inside... I'm afraid. Afraid of what he might-

Duke Corson Du Bois: "MAYA."

Father sits on his throne. He looks so upset...

Corson: "...When I received word of what... what had happened. I was... concerned for your and your brother's safety... But after hearing the stories from my guard of what transpired..."
No. 1032686 ID: db4755
File 165289723324.png - (208.17KB , 800x603 , 87.png )

He stares into the distance.

Corson: "...When your mother died. I was awash with grief. Because I loved her dearly... But also because it meant that with you, the last chance I had of being born another heir had been lost. But at least I had Alto. Strong and brave. Determined. But too kind. Just like his mother. Just like you..."

He's... tearing up. I've never... I didn't even know my father COULD cry! Oh no! Alto...

Corson: "Maya. I want to hear it from you. What happened?"

A: Tell the truth. Explain everything that happened in the Edge Mountains.

B: Lie about what happened. (Feel free to specify)

C: Apologize.

D: Other dialog (Please specify)
No. 1032687 ID: 9a2966

>CHARM win him over?
Lord Byron would be the last thing on your mind. As should trading barbs with this lovely (or not-so-lovely) familial specimen. From the way she is acting it seems your brother should still be alive. She'd no doubt have called you something far worse if she knew you'd in fact been his end, so perhaps you can relax there.

What, however, might be so bad...?

Hm. Maybe the fire caused the mine's collapse? That would be unfortunate for the industry and could cost your family dearly - rather than solve a negotiating problem you've caused greater complications to the local industry. Still... overall, it might be a smaller price to pay.

Your actions rescued several people and stopped an ongoing infestation from growing far, far worse than it could have. You have your witnesses - the guards rescued - to verify that, assuming any of them were brought back.

C your father. Might as well rip the bandaid here and act 'responsibly'. Steel yourself, and wave off your sister's barbs.
No. 1032688 ID: 9748c8

A) Tell him that the last you remember was burning some spiders before you got knocked out. You've never actually seen Alto's body, so he might still be alive. Then tell him that you're going to go back there and search for him.
No. 1032689 ID: 1c6255

No. 1032690 ID: b01382

+1. Be hopeful. Did they find a body? If not then maybe he's still out there.
No. 1032691 ID: 9a2966

Ah. Hm.

D - Restore your father's hope

Question him - he should've heard most of the tale already from the guards.

Was... was Alto not recovered? The last thing you recall hearing when you set those webs ablaze to kill the giant spiders was him yelling in pain in the distance, further down the beasts' den. You tried to reach him, but one of the guards held you back and then... the mine collapsed? You think. Your memory fuzzes out at that point.

But those mines go deep and there must have been tunnels beneath the infested area, which those gigantified pests and the local Hurons must have traversed - certainly the Hurons that had been captured wouldn't have come through the main entrance.

Could it not be possible Alto tore his way free and fled deeper into the mountains, avoiding the fire and collapse? He would've fought tooth and nail to survive, you know that much. You volunteer to return and look - certainly you can't just leave it like this. Even if you have to head out on your own!

(We do know there must be some deeper level here - the rune of magic that fell and caused the growth of the spiders must be down there somewhere, and you did not have the opportunity to recover it, what with, uh, clearing out the infestation and the mine's collapse. Still, unless someone else found the rune and brought it elsewhere, your work there was left undone. This might be a solid reason for a quick return!)

After getting the truth of Alto's situation from your father and making your declaration (assuming the truth is as we think), you can probably safely tell your father the whole fanciful tale as truthfully as you'd care to.

>A word of warning, though
Perhaps leave out our role in your story for now and the role of the fallen runes. If people of ill motivation knew they might start a collection effort of their own, so to speak.

Well, the eyebrows go in the family, at least.
No. 1032692 ID: a70d43

Seconding this
No. 1032693 ID: 580aaf

We don't know what they've told him. I would go with the truth, A.
And the truth is that you don't know exactly what happened besides that Alto went alone to look for the guard that was accompanying you, went to the village only found one guard that escorted you to the mines, and in there you found giant spiders, a few survivors and even more spiders. You tried to burn then to make your escape with the few people you rescued... but you heard screams from deeper in the mines... After that, something hit your head and passed out. You woke up here.

Ask him what happened to your brother.
No. 1032694 ID: 6fa841

Ah crap.

A). Make sure to specify that there were a group of spiders capable of shooting webs from a really sizeable distance and that in fact it did even catch our guard companion's sword.

It was us or them at that moment. And we wanted to secure future safety while dealing with a threat. In hindsight there are many things that could have been handled differently but otherwise that's what seemed best at the moment.
No. 1032695 ID: bdef6e

This, lies never get better.
No. 1032696 ID: 58b85d

You know, I felt guilt at pushing you towards a chaotic course of action that led to drastic consequences, which may range between your brother being oxygen-deprived into a coma to an entire cave of hostages burning to death in a firestorm similar to white phosphorous.

But Screw.

He doesn't care. About the civilians in that mine. About the minorities being persecuted and abused in addition to their sorry lot as underpaid workers. About the fate worse than slaughter that they were assigned to by your gods, all for the mere crime of existing as they were.
His lineage?! You're alive! Your sister is alive! What are you, chopped liver? And how can he still insult your brother for having the capacity to empathize with his servants?!
Nobles. 'Aristocrats'. It's always the same - if you're born into the title, you don't deserve it. If you earned the title, you earned it with blood.
D) Stare in disgust, make a comment about your upcoming suitors and/or business subsidiaries, and leave.
No. 1032697 ID: 3466cb

A, C.

It seems they hadn't recovered Alto, or what's left of him, if your father has only the accounts of the guardsmen from the incident. If so, your brother's fate is unknown to everyone present. Dead or alive, you must take responsibility. Be fully truthful to everything that occurred, but though we share the blame, do not mention us; you will seem of unsound mind and your father might detain you. Apologise for the rash approach to your combat with the spiders, though it was your first and guided really by our own irresponsible, ill-considered counsel. Ask your Father of what was said by the others present on that day, and whether Alto or his corpse were recovered. If your brother is still in those mines, you must find and recover him, to be returned to your family for a happy reunion or the proper dignity of a funeral. And if he is not, you must return to the mountain regardless. Subdue the cause of this calamity, most surely beneath the mountain deep; hunt down the Rune.
No. 1032699 ID: bdef6e

Thinking it better: try to avoid excuses.

You were attacked by something. Alto went to rescue the guard and the horse. You didn't want to let your brother alone and run for him. Found the town and went to ask for him, but there were no guards. You heard there was something dangerous in the mines and that the guards were there. You went with one lagging guard to see if that danger was the same that attacked your carriage and to search for Alto. Found that the danger were horse-sized spiders and lots of dead guards. The spiders were very dangerous. You put in use a new spell you never have tried before... it was a flame and air spell. You killed the spider, it was very efective. You found cocoons of spiders with people inside, you helped them but Alto wasn't with them. You went deeper to find Alto but there were much more spiders. You were reckless and pressed on using the new spell, but you (we) understimated how dangerous was the spell and how flamable were the spider silk. The fire spreaded and you had to flee, but you heard voices deeper in the cave. You wanted to go to see if Alto was there, but a guard stoped you because you were trying to get in the wildfire. A pilar fall onto you both and the next thing you remember is waking up here.
No. 1032700 ID: e4b19e

Be sure to tell father about us too, how we are talking and helping you. Might be important
No. 1032701 ID: 899c9f

C. Secure an apology before he actually knows what exactly it's for.
No. 1032702 ID: a9af05

This. But specify that they were giant spiders so he doesn't accidentally believe it was tiny normal sized spiders.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Maya telling her father about a bunch of voices in her head will make her sound crazy and because there's no way to prove our existence, no one will believe Maya.
No. 1032713 ID: db4755
File 165291748058.png - (193.62KB , 800x603 , 88.png )

>Tell the truth.


>Maybe don't mention us!

I tell my father everything that happened in the Edge Mountains. I'm careful not to mention the voices in my head... I make no excuses for my actions. I do however, mention specifically that these were GIANT spiders!

Corson: "So it's true then... Maya, would you ever use fire magic like that?? You should KNOW how dangerous magic can be!! It's use is OUTLAWED in most places without a proper license! You had your own private magics tutor! You should KNOW this!"

I decide it would be best not to mention that I usually fell asleep during magic class.

Corson: "Maya. I understand you were in a bad situation... But you've done something unforgivable. The other men within that cave were officials from the Uwashan Empire. Tensions between us were already high, but now? Well... I must do what I can do make amends."
No. 1032714 ID: db4755
File 165291749126.png - (144.70KB , 800x603 , 89.png )

Corson: "Maya. My daughter. You are banished from the Kingdom of Moralot and all of it's territories. By punishment of... Punishment of... imprisonment if you dare return... I will... I will make arrangements that you might travel and live in peace in... in another land. But you may never return here after today."

I'm... Banished? I... This can't be real! I must be dreaming! This can't be real, please don't let this be real!

>Ask about Alto.

Maya: "...Father... Alto... Is he...?"
No. 1032715 ID: db4755
File 165291750509.png - (160.65KB , 800x603 , 90.png )



ALTO!? Thank goodness! He's-
No. 1032716 ID: db4755
File 165291751828.png - (293.81KB , 800x603 , 91.png )


Nurse: "Lord Alto, you must return at once! You'll only make your wounds worse!!"

Alto: "Nngh... AHHH!"

Alto... What have I done?
No. 1032717 ID: db4755
File 165291753373.png - (231.10KB , 800x603 , 92.png )


A: Uwashan Plains: The closest to home, a young male Uwashan noble wants to host Maya. Apparantly he has a great interest in Kin girls. It is well known that the Uwashan Empire has been dealing with guerrilla attacks from a band of "Rebels" who claim to fight for Uwasha's freedom...

B: Eyaran Desert: A retired Eyaran general lives here in the capital of the Eyaran Sultanate! He owes Duke Corson a favor. Maya would be sent to stay with him in his estate within the city. However, one should know that the Eyarans are waging war against the Uwashan Empire! Though the city is far removed from this, the consequences may still be seen...

C: Filland Swamps: An old friend of Duke Corson lives here. She too was banished long ago for crimes unknown, and now spends his days hunting and fishing in the swampland... Supposedly..! Maya would be sent to live with him in his meagre estate. The people of Filland are enthralled by the Uwashan Empire, and some say they wish for freedom...

D: Koraban Islands: An old magician friend of Duke Corson lives on one of these islands in tropical retirement! Maya would be sent to stay with him in his estate. Be warned however, as the political climate of Koraban is rocky! As the great Uwashan Empire is at odds with the Eyaran Sultanate...
No. 1032718 ID: 6fa841

Welp. No idea what actually happened but Alto bleeding all over the place probably means it wasn't us... at least directly.

In terms of potential development for magic, Koraban Islands has some viability due to a veteran magician residing there. However in terms of affinities and overall safety, the Desert seems better, plus you could possibly do like a cool wind sand attack. Ain't that fun and non-lethal? Voting for B).
No. 1032719 ID: 8483cf

D. Political intrigue and magic? On islands so we don't have to deal with people who know about our past? Sign us up!
No. 1032720 ID: b01382

I'm just. I know he's injured to all fuck, but I'm really happy that your brother survived. Honestly so long as he survives he'll make a full recovery. You people have regeneration magic or something right? Can he regrow his eye and missing hand? If not, consider getting him an enchanted eye and enchanted metal hand.

Go ahead and give your bro a half hug on his least injured side. Go on, say you're sorry and all that mushie stuff.

Go with option D.
So we're banished, but are you still allowed to send magical messages back and forth, or communicate through magic balls?
No. 1032725 ID: 2aa5f0

What the? why is he bleeding so much? Fire doesn't cause those kinds of wounds, fire usually has very little blood involved as it normally makes someone look more like charred meat, not like they got into a fight with a blender? I feel like we're missing something very important here.

anyways fuck this place and everyone in it, head towards Koraban Islands to get away from it all and clear your head.
No. 1032729 ID: bdef6e

Upsie... Well, at least Alto is still alive AND keeps one of his powerful brows. Can you at least know what the hell hapened in his side?

I say D). Not knowing how to fight and reling in unreliable magic, Maya should learn to control it's magic. Maybe we can convince the magician to teach. (Perhaps in B) we can convince the general to learn how to fight with swords?)

Also, for future reference. The three rules of piromancy are:
- Never start a fire you can't put out.
- Check twice your suroundings, so fire doesn't get out of control.
- Shave yourself. No aesthetic is more important than not burning.

Last time we failed the three of them and we messed up :(
No. 1032731 ID: b01382

Do you do that "preserve the royal blood" thing where you have a kid with your brother?
No. 1032737 ID: 26e228

D) It’s probably a good idea for you to actually start learning magic; just don’t sleep through the lessons.
No. 1032739 ID: 36784c

At the very least, you should ask if there is a condition that would allow you to return! There are exceptions to every rule and that includes banishment! You might be able to return one day.
No. 1032740 ID: 36784c

Also voting for D.

The magician might be able to teach Maya how to control her magic.
No. 1032742 ID: e5709d

>The other men within that cave were officials from the Uwashan Empire
Okay, this is definitely a setup. The guard captain died from bludgeoning damage. The spiders didn't have that affinity. And you trust your guard to not murder people on impulse. Occam's razor says the Uwashans were setting up raids and ambushes in the area, exploiting the spiders as some sort of experiment or cultivation, and you just stopped their long-term plans. Which they're extremely pissed off about, since they haven't denied the existence of their out-of-place officials in a backwater mine.

If we could get him voted out, even by just the aristocracy...

Oh good, he's alive.
Nothing a few cyber-implants can't fix...
We'll need to look for a way to summon some, or someone who can.

>What do
Get intel from Alto. Did the Uwashans say anything important? Why the hell were they in that cave? Did they murder the captain? Oh crap, are the Hurons and giants okay?!
Ask for your entire inheritance, translated into goods that can be sold out in the boonies for a profit.

LOL why is this even an... option... oh right. Asshole.
Your status means you'll start out with a low Appearance score with any resistance fighters, and we don't know if their command structure is anarchic or communist - the latter is delusional, which is a bad thing. You can come back later after you've earned some street cred.
And I expect the Uwashans will immediately find a disposable commoner with similar build from their slave stock to act as a body double while they torture you to death for accidentally purging their inquisitors.

Agonizingly hot desert with no automated air-conditioning, bitterly misogynistic zealots for civilians, scantily clad harem girls which you may be forced to emulate to your embarrassment, and a general lack of self-made resources.
There are benefits - many worlds these days are experiencing a return of the plague, and the lack of dense life means diseases die just as easily as mortals do out here - but in general, I'd say stay away from here until you want to do some fun gold mining.
Oh, ask your old fart if there are any patches of black goo in the desert. Let's just say it's worth its weight in pure water.

I mean... ew? And they're annexed by the Uwashans, which means any Uwashan officials will make life harder for the people around you just to piss you off.

Tropical vacation! Need I say more? Most islands are sparsely habited, which means it will be easier to pay off villagers and hire crew as long as you bring ample goods and wares.

D, B, C, and anything but A.
No. 1032745 ID: abaa91

Well. This stinks. In more ways than one. It feels like this isn't all what it looks like. >>1032725 makes a lot of sense. Regardless, also voting D. Maybe you can be taught some magic there. And if not? Well, it might at least be a good place to clear your head.

Frankly, I'm just glad your brother's alive. Your sister, well, she got what she likely wanted. You'll never have to deal with her ever again. But hopefully you can at least communicate with your brother.
No. 1032747 ID: 36784c

Remember, they have healers. He probably was badly burned, but since he and Maya have been here for a few days, he's been healed enough that he doesn’t look burned anymore.
No. 1032748 ID: 60699a


Before you leave, make it sound like you're going to use this as an opportunity to go out in the world and do something to help others. Then say that if they hear about any good deeds you do, you hope they'll be proud of you for doing something to help others.
No. 1032749 ID: a5c27f

Well, to be honest I was expecting the banishment. That's how nobles work. I actually thought that they would be pissed about your brother, but is business as usual. But this is good, it will give us the opportunity to look for the runes without the intervention of your family.

Despite his sorry state, you must agree that him being alive is a miracle and a blessing. I just hope we weren't the cause of his injuries.

Ask for one last thing before you go, and let them speak with your brother alone. We want to hear his side of the story and properly say goodbyes to the ONLY family member who gives a shit.

As for where to go... D has great potential. Someone who knows about magic will help you greatly. There will be political discord anywhere anyway.
No. 1032755 ID: e4b19e

D is most peaceful and out of the way

Would have been interesting if you told father about us

But hey? Maybe you can tell our new magician catetaker about us instead, someone with magic knowledge might know something about us...
No. 1032777 ID: 91561a

Holy shit lol alto got fuuuuucked uuuup. Maybe he'll go around all dressed in black and get a prosthetic arm and start using a sword bigger than a man and get into a hatemance with a beautiful evil albino twink. Or maybe he's
just fucked, cool to see he's alive though

Chill dude this is just politics, daddy corson is doing what he's gotta do. What's the alternative, couping him with an army of nobles pulled out of your ass and making Maya kill her own dad and going to war with the whatever empire? Idk anime villain Maya sounds lame.

Fr though we should go D, you need to get STRONGER with your MAGIC Maya. Get those runes, idk maybe you'll find a way to heal ur bro with forbidden magic or some shit.
No. 1032782 ID: 91561a

On the ooooother haaaaand A sounds like you maybe get to see Alto again for visits and maybe also get some Ush-whatever connections to get unbanished and maybe also stay on top of things in actual civilization and not get bogged down in months? Years? Of a magic training arc with merlin-sensei?
No. 1032783 ID: 91561a

On the ooooother haaaaand A sounds like you maybe get to see Alto again for visits and maybe also get some Ush-whatever connections to get unbanished and maybe also stay on top of things in actual civilization and not get bogged down in months? Years? Of a magic training arc with merlin-sensei?
No. 1032785 ID: 056ca0

This REEKS of a setup. What were those dudes doing in a cave filled with spiders? What was with that dude who tried to accost you at the tavern? Something stinks here.

Go D.
No. 1032787 ID: 0418a2

What? NO!

Maya, listen: you must tell absolutely NOBODY about us, no matter what. You might put yourself in danger and people might think you are insane and lock you up if you tell them you have voices or spirits guiding you.
No. 1032825 ID: 4286b4

>I had Alto
Bastard using past tense as if Alto was dead... I gotta admit, they had us in the first half.

>Its use is outlawed
Yeah? Then why was there an illegal fire spellbook in the carriage? Awfully suspicious if you ask me.

>without a proper license
You're a goddamn noble. Noble privilege is above any license requirements.

>The other men within that cave were officials
You mean, the men that were being eaten by the spiders? Guilty of interrupting a spider's meal? What the F is wrong with your father?

No. 1032827 ID: 30b9f6

D! You've clearly got some remedial magic classes to take... and a magician would be more open to the idea that magic's fallen out of whack and needs sorting.
No. 1032829 ID: 2aa5f0

>You mean, the men that were being eaten by the spiders? Guilty of interrupting a spider's meal? What the F is wrong with your father?

Oh the situation was FUBAR long before we showed up. I mean we still fucked up but everyone in that situation basically fucked up. We were just the ones left holding the pot when the dust settled so we were the most convenient to pin the blame on since people love having someone they can blame for everything. I mean it makes sense that the edge mountain kingdom would want to blame someone that isn't them because if people find out that a whole platoon of their solders was taken out by the local wild life they're meant to be protecting their people from then they look weak and incompetent, and with war on the horizon that is not an image that they want to be seen as.

Daddy dearest also needed someone to blame because he risk opening a war on two fronts which would be very bad, even if one side only has a bunch of half competent solders (at best) who can barely keep up with the wild life much less other solders, as they'd still draw our kingdom's solders away from the much more important southern front. So too safe guard his kingdom he's throwing his own daughter under the wagon for political favors. Makes him a half decent leader to put his nation above even his own family but still makes him a shit dad.

honestly I do feel there is something more going on in the background that we don't see which is why I want to stay FAR away from that mess when it hits the fan which is part of the the reason why I want to go to the islands. It will be the furthest away from ground zero.
No. 1032833 ID: b01382

Call your dad a dick for making it sound like Alto died.

Dude Maya is literally covered in fur. Thays probably not gonna, you know. Work out?

This anon makes a point.
>Bart tells me the Kin must've been killed by blunt force, and suggests they were left behind, as the spiders might prefer LIVE food
Before you leave, if we "have to" leave, ask about the bunt trama that killed the guards. Something fishy was going on in those mines. What did Alto discover- and for gods sake why is he not sedated?

+1 to intel gathering, maybe reword the inheritance thing to something more polite, like "will i be able to take anything with me, and can i have a sum of money for purchasing books and basic living esentuals?"


No. 1032847 ID: 335dc5

Wait, alto has HEALERS?? but i thought magic was outlawed! No fair
No. 1032853 ID: b01382

This. This is bullshit!

> The other men within that cave were officials from the Uwashan Empire
BULLSHIT! We saved their LIVES from being spider food. Maya ask if an exception can be made. If it weren't for our help, they'd all be long dead. They should be grateful. Fuck the Uwashan Empire. This ain't fair.
No. 1032854 ID: 9a2966

It may be implied the others died. Even if they did not, if they ended up in Alto's state, one could see why their noble families would be unhappy and it'd cause tension. Regardless of Maya's relative innocence.

Healers aren't necessarily magicians, you know. And magic isn't outlawed - it appear to be licensed, meaning one is expected to have the training and permission to practice it.

One good thing about the magic runes having fallen to the earth is that there might actually be a rune governing healing around. If Maya recovers it, she might be able to restore her brother and her honor. Possible long-term goal, yes?
No. 1032856 ID: b01382

Learning healing magic and acquiring the rune of healing? Yeah, that'd be a good goal.
>Super White mage Maya
>Stacked with so many buffs spells she can punch rocks to powder
No. 1032858 ID: a9af05

He specifically said dangerous magic has been outlawed. For example, the fire magic that Maya has been using is dangerous.

The healers' magic is not outlawed because it's not dangerous. On top of that, the healers have a proper license to permit them to use their magic, while Maya does not have any kind of license like that.
No. 1032884 ID: db4755
File 165300348703.png - (233.85KB , 800x603 , 93.png )

>Ask about blunt force that killed guards

Corson: "Hmm, that is interesting... Unfortunately, all those within the mine were burnt to an unrecognizable form."

>Ask about financial aid

Corson: "Well of course I wouldn't send my daughter off with nothing... I'll give you a pittance of gold when you get on your way."

>Is there a condition Maya can return?

Corson: "Yes. I suppose so. For one, the main reason for this is to placate the Uwashans, so if we were to ever go to proper war... Well, I'd see no reason to leave you banished then. Or, of course if you were married or courting a high ranking noble, you could of course return at his whims..."

Maya: "May I speak to Alto before I go?"

Corson: "I'll allow it. But make it brief. He needs to rest."
No. 1032885 ID: db4755
File 165300349949.png - (213.10KB , 800x603 , 94.png )

I approach Alto. The nurse is casting some sort of soothing spell on his back. He sits, looking aggitated... My poor brother...

>What is the limit of regeneration magic?

From what little I remember from class, it can be fairly powerful, but... It fresher the injury, the easier it is to heal. If it took them a long time to get Alto to a strong healer then...

>Perhaps Alto could regenerate his eye and arm? Or get enchanted limbs?

I've never heard of such magic! It would have to be very powerful, I'm sure...

>Give Alto a hug and apologize.

I apologize and move to give Alto a hug, but he shrinks away...

Alto: "...Sorry. It's just... That'll hurt a lot."

Oh right.

>What happened on Alto's side?

Alto: "The guard was... pulled into the distance by something... I gave chase, and followed them into a cavern nearby... There were spiders all around before I knew it... I tried blasting them with fire magic, but... I didn't want um... The fire to spread, so I couldn't... I tried to retreat, but as I left the cavern... something... hit me, and I fell into the webs.... The next thing I knew, I was... hot. B... Burning..! I couldn't get loose..! It was so hot..! I heard others yell around me, but I... I could do nothing for them... Or myself."

I say goodbye to Alto. Maybe for the last time. He doesn't look at me. He simply says goodbye back.
No. 1032886 ID: db4755
File 165300352809.png - (461.85KB , 800x1200 , 95.png )

I pass my sisters in the hall, as I depart...

Marie: "Oh no! Everyone, watch out! Maya's near a candle! If you're not careful, she'll BURN YOU TO DEATH! HAHAHAHA!!!"

Maggie: "...That's a little dark, Marie."

Marie: "Oh YOU'RE one to talk, sourpuss!"

I say my goodbyes.

Marie: "Oh this is definitely a final goodbye, Sister! I doubt I will ever see you again! What a tragedy!"

Maggie: "...Goodbye, Maya."

>If fire magic was outlawed, why was there a magic book onboard the carriage?

I'm not sure. Perhaps whoever owned it had a license? I... I wish I had known it's dangers... I'm so... So foolish...

>Is there a way to communication magically?

Yes... I suppose there is... Though I'm not sure how to do such things myself.

>Burns don't bleed! Why is Alto bleeding so much?

I'm not sure... Perhaps he was hurt in some other way as well...
I take one last look back at my home before boarding the carriage that will take me away...

>Koraban Islands!

>Perhaps you could learn magic from the magician?

You're right. I decide on the Koraban Islands. I'd like to better master this magic of mine so I never hurt someone like that again...

>Tell the magician about us?


I'm not sure what to do! You'll have to decide if you want me to tell him when the time comes.

>Something seems fishy here!

Does it? I... All I can think about is that I... Burned Alto so terribly... Still... Even though he's so hurt... I'm so glad he's okay.

I board the carriage, and begin the long ride to my new life...
No. 1032887 ID: db4755
File 165300354438.png - (410.38KB , 800x1200 , 96.png )


Maya: "Oooogh.... Urp... Ugh...."


Maya: "...I think I'm gonna be sick again... I just can't get used to this!"
No. 1032892 ID: 9a2966

Are we getting close to land yet, Maya?

I guess this comes late then: trick for getting your sea legs - keep trying to regain your balance until you brain gets proper used to the motions of the waves. You have to practice it actively, the faster you force yourself to acknowledge the new rhythms the faster you'll adapt.
No. 1032894 ID: 355d36

I don't think that looking at the sea will help your case.

Might as well try this.
No. 1032899 ID: 96c896

Practice wind magic by blowing the sails. That totally works right
No. 1032900 ID: 2aa5f0

try walking around to take your mind off how not well you're feeling.
No. 1032902 ID: 26e228

Do pirates exist in your world? We should should be cautious of any threats of the sea.
No. 1032905 ID: 5822c5

Remember to throw up over the side of the ship and not onto the deck!

Do not do that!

Reckless use of magic is what got Maya in trouble in the first place, so let's not get her into any more trouble!
No. 1032920 ID: f685e6

Oh hey Maya, sorry we've been silent for so long. To you, we were gone for a long time, but to us, looks like time skipped forward quickly. No idea how or why that happened. Anything happen while we were gone?
No. 1032941 ID: 9748c8

So what did you have for lunch/breakfast?
No. 1032947 ID: e5709d

Marie seriously needs psychotherapy. Or a bullet to the brain.

Stare at the coastline and practice walking.
No. 1032949 ID: bdef6e

Seasickness is caused because your sense of balance (allocated in your ears) doesn't correspond to what your eyes are seeing. Try to brace yourself, close oyur eyes and breathe deeply. If is not enought, get to the center of the boar, it will move less. If anything works, go to sleep in the more stable place you find.

I recomend trying to get used to it, because you are going to an archipielago and boat trips will be comon.
No. 1032956 ID: 2cf55a

Just hurl and ignore the rush of alien thoughts trying to micromanage your nausea
No. 1032979 ID: db4755
File 165307135174.png - (240.10KB , 800x603 , 97.png )

>Are we getting close to land yet, Maya?

Ohhh.... Just what I needed! The voices are back...! And I don't know. The captain got sick of me asking.

>Oh hey Maya, sorry we've been silent for so long. To you, we were gone for a long time, but to us, looks like time skipped forward quickly. No idea how or why that happened. Anything happen while we were gone?

A long time is an understatement! You were gone so long I figured... Maybe I really WAS crazy! ...I guess I still could be. A lot happened while you were gone. We traveled for a long time, all the way through Filland. And now we've been at sea on our way to the Koraban islands for what feels like forever!

>Keep trying to regain your balance until your brain gets properly used to the motions of the waves.
>Stare at coastline and practice walking
>Try walking around to take your mind off it
>Remember to throw up over the side and not onto the deck!
>What did you have for lunch/breakfast?

Uuugh you sound just like the crew! I think I'm gonna be....

>Just hurl
No. 1032980 ID: db4755
File 165307136124.png - (73.20KB , 800x603 , 98.png )



Crewman: "Aw, come on, Maya! Again??"
No. 1032981 ID: db4755
File 165307137674.png - (142.42KB , 800x603 , 99.png )

This has been THE worst trip... It turns out I hate boats. Or at least my body does.

>Practice wind magic by blowing into the sails.

The captain told me; 'If you go using any of that damned magic on my ship, I'll see you SWIMMING to Koraban!' so... I don't think it's a good idea.

>Do not do that! Reckless use of magic is what got Maya in trouble in the first place!

That too...

>Do pirates exist in your world? We should be cautious

I'm pretty sure they do. I overheard the crew talking about someone called 'the Red Rogue' I guess it's a pirate that's been bothering locals? Anyway...

A: Go visit the captain.

B: Check inventory and status!

C: Go visit the crew.

D: Custom Input.
No. 1032982 ID: 9748c8

I heard that taking off shirt makes it easier for your body to swing around and reduces the sea sickness.

C or A.
No. 1033000 ID: 3f3c52

B. Let's see what your dearest father left us with and just in general get a check-up.
No. 1033001 ID: 9a2966

Taking stock would be a wise idea. B.
No. 1033003 ID: a9af05

You're supposed to do that over the side, not on the deck.

No. 1033008 ID: 96c896

D: lie on the deck and be miserable.
No. 1033013 ID: a2aeab

B, and D (lie on deck)
No. 1033017 ID: 355d36

>This has been THE worst trip... It turns out I hate boats. Or at least my body does.

This. Also what is that behind you?
No. 1033019 ID: 5900c4

>A long time is an understatement! You were gone so long I figured... Maybe I really WAS crazy!
Sorry about that. We don't have any control over when we suddenly disappear like that.

B. Show us what you have. It'll help take your mind off of your seasickness.

>what is that behind you?
It's called "the ocean". Duh.
No. 1033023 ID: f2320a

You probably should eat something to settle your now completely empty stomach
No. 1033029 ID: 3466cb

It's just clouds. And her little sickness bubbles. They're a natural emission from a kin's spiritual pores when feeling ill, they fight and devour the disease spirits worming through her auras. They pop when they consume too much of the evil airs, but that's okay, she can always make more.

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