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File 163643643899.png - (47.63KB , 1280x720 , 000.png )
1014571 No. 1014571 ID: e51896

This quest where you gotta help a Pizza deliver guy deliver a pizza in 30 updates, or less… Or sabotage his efforts!


Message from PEA: This quest is mainly created to help kick me outta my long hiatus and gain the motivation to get back into making my main quest Enclosed Curtains again. With that in mind, this quest will very stupid, so plz don’t take this quest seriously. Just enjoy the journey and don’t worry about the destination. The art style might change as I want to also use the quest to practice my art skills and experiment with new art styles and find out what I’m most comfortable with. I will try to update once every few days but once a week the latest will try to be the requirement. I have a rough work schedule, so plz bear with me.

The quest will be cut into 3 sections, a prologue, the 30 update countdown, and then an epilogue. Right now, we’ll be going through the prologue before we start the countdown. Sometime before we begin the countdown, I will explain the rules. But as of now, the prologue will just introduce characters and this world, and getting yourselves prepared for the pizza guy’s next delivery.

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No. 1034005 ID: e51896
File 165393205817.png - (51.79KB , 1280x720 , 099.png )

Jerry has time to talk to one more person, so he next decides to text the Sweaty Kitty. He still wants pics of those sexy Geese women she was talking about.

Sweaty Kitty: Srry. can’t talk now
Sweaty Kitty: Swimming in geese, and Gene stole my phone
Sweaty Kitty: So I can’t answer you without my phone
Sweaty Kitty: Don’t wrry, I’ll get it back from him after an UPDATE or two.

Aw, shucks, Sweaty Kitty is unavailable. But hey, since she is unavailable, that just means this text didn’t count as part of the action and Jerry still has time to talk to one more person. He decides to give this Fortune Teller Hotline a call despite how creepy the idea of fortune telling is, maybe just for a laugh if it’s a scam. He decides to do what he assumes is the cheapest option first (at 25 cents) so that if it is a scam, he won’t lose too much ₵A$H… though he doesn’t know what the term CENTS is, he only has ₵A$H.
No. 1034007 ID: e51896
File 165393215875.png - (0.98MB , 1280x720 , 101.png )

Meanwhile in a far less colorful dimension, an elementary school student with a mysterious gift is having a tea party with her two Stuffy friends late at night.

Temmie: “How many lumps of sugar does Gerbera #3 like for their tea?”
Temmie: (Imitating Gerbera #3’s voice) “No lumps for me, thanks! I’m hardened enough to drink my coffee black!”
Temmie: “As you claim, but it must be remembered that we only serve tea here. Daddy doesn’t allow coffee.”
Temmie: “He says it will stunt my growth.”
Temmie: (Imitating Irah’s voice) “Heh, well in that case, if Gerbera is being such a picky eater…”
Temmie: (Imitating Irah’s Voice) “I will claim Gerbera’s lumps for myself!”
Temmie: “Irah has already been given 5 lumps for his tea.”
Temmie: “If I give more, Irah will just have a cup of sugar with tea as the supplement.”
Irah: “And? What? IS THAT A PROBLEM!?!”
Irah: “Besides, I was claimin’ the lumps of sugar for myself! What made you think I was askin’!?!”
Irah: “Sugar where I come from is an important nutritional part of a stuffy’s diet!”
Irah: “You as a fortune teller should have predicted that already, ESPECIALLY AS OUR HOST!”

Temmie leans in towards Irah and puts her finger against her mouth

Temmie: “Shhh, we don’t want daddy to find out we’re up past my bedtime.”
Temmie: “And perhaps that is the case as it stands for now… but consider this… if the spirits’ actions and guidance manage to align two universes…”
Temmie: “Construct a bridge with the tools of desire…”
Temmie: “And if the passion of The Pushover radiates strong enough and shines through with his return…”
Temmie: “An alteration may happen that coul,d in the years to come alter the masses’ way of life, for better and worse.”
Temmie: “Including the consumption of nourishment.”
Irah: “Hmph, You and your ambiguity. Why can’t you just make things clear for once?!”
Irah: “You only keep things vague because you can’t Actually see into the future and want to make your fortunes undistinguishable juuuuust enough to sound like some parts of your “fortunes” is right in case it turns out to be wrong!”

Temmie shuts her eyes and sighs at Irah’s accusation. She is about to say something when she is interrupted by her other imaginary friend.

Gerbera #3: “Hey! Be nice, she’s serving us free coffee after all!”
Irah: “Tea!
Gerbera #3: “And besides, her fortunes are actually real and useful! I have proof!”
Gerbera #3: “If her fortunes didn’t tell her to give other me the gift of other-other me, other-other me wouldn’t have been able to save other me with other-other me’s legendary singing!”

Temmie suddenly hears the sounds of the stairs creaking which prompts everyone to freeze up, worried that Irah’s loud voice may have alerted her father. But after hearing a nearby room’s door open and close, there is a sigh of relief.

Temmie: “Shhhh, don’t say the H-word. It’s a bad word. And I already warned you not to be so loud. It’s past my bedtime!”
Irah: “I’m a grownup, I say what I stuffin’ want…”
Gerbera #3: “Mmmm… I think I’ll take 2 lumps after all.”
Irah: “Ugh…”
No. 1034008 ID: e51896
File 165393218463.png - (903.29KB , 1280x720 , 102.png )

Temmie pours a couple spoonful of sugar into Gerbera #3’s cup of tea as Irah stares blankly at Temmie, silently judging her.

Temmie: “Very good, and with that, the tea party can commen-”
Temmie: “Ring ring…
Temmie: “Oh… speaking of fortunes.”
Temmie: “It appears my services are needed.”
Temmie: “Surprisingly much earlier than expected.”
Temmie: “As fate would have it, this party has been cut short.”
Temmie: “But you both can still drink while I answer this call.”

Temmie lays next to her Mobile Phone (and by mobile, we mean that the phone itself has wheels, so it is literally mobile) as she speaks to the man on the other end.

Temmie: “You have reached Temmie Butler of the-”
Irah: “Some fortune teller you are… you should have predicted they’d call at this time and schedule the tea party earlier!”
Gerbera #3: “You do realize she couldn’t because her dad was reading her a bedtime story, right?”
Irah: “*Sigh* When will she be old enough to not be read stories created by that one doctor?”
Gerbera #3: “Hey, you really should read a Doctor Shoes book one day, I bet you’ll like it!”

Temmie puts her hand over the phone and glares at the two dolls.

Temmie: “You got his name wrong.”
Temmie: “And Shhhhh I’m on the phone.”

She then gets back on track with her phone call.

Temmie: “I apologize about the interruption.”
Temmie: …
Temmie: “What? No you’re wrong, I wasn’t making silly voices just now.”
Temmie: “Anyway, as I was saying, you have reached Temmie Butler of the Fortunate Hotline!”
Temmie: “If it is my fortune you seek to aid you out of a situation...”
Temmie: “I am willing to guide you… for 25 cents!”
Temmie: “What kind of Fortune is required from me?”
Temmie: “Love? Wealth? Your Destiny?”
Temmie: “For an accurate fortune, please let me know about who you are, where you are, what you are doing, what time it is where you are, how you’re feeling, and any other important details you can think of.”

The man on the other end introduces himself as Jerry, former child actor turned pizza delivery man of :pizzid: Pizzeria trying to deliver a pizza in Crust City which is full of strange people trying to prevent him from doing that one simple goal.
He’s delivering a pizza to an art college full of artists and performers at the end of a school year, and he is with a living plush doll, and a sentient flower (who is the potentially former mascot of the pizzeria and may steal his delivery job). They’re over at a parking building during the late afternoon, and it’s his last chance to get this delivery done on time or else he’s put in mascot duty. He is stressed, annoyed, and in kind of a rush.
He tells Temmie that he isn’t quite in a situation just yet, but he thought he’d call early to see if he can get some help ahead of time to better prepare for the next inevitable situation.

Temmie: “How curious that you have called before you got into a situation…”
Temmie: “But I appreciate it as I didn’t have to wait long past my bedtime for a phone call and now get to go to sleep soon without making daddy angry.”

Jerry pauses at this statement. Is this Fortune teller a child?! Granted he probably could have known from her voice, but a lot of people from different species in his world all have unique voices that don’t at all sound human. Jerry wonders about the child labor laws, wondering if she is too young to work, but decides against questioning it and instead asks why she just doesn’t offer her fortune telling at earlier times and not risk jeopardizing her sleep schedule.

Temmie: “My schedule is packed.”
Temmie: “Daytime is when madam Temmie has to go to school, and play ‘Fortune Teller’ with the other kids during recess”
Temmie: “And then I'll be having a Playdate after school, and won't be available all afternoon since I'll be monitoring a Situation of my own.”
Temmie: “Evening is when Temmie has to eat dinner, do chores and homework, watch tv or spend time with her imaginary friends.”
Temmie: “So night time is the only moment when madam Temmie can talk to the spirits and wait for somebody to call for their fortunes to be read past Temmie’s bedtime.”

Jerry asks about weekends.

Temmie: “*yawn* I’m sorry Mr. Jerry, I’m getting tired and would like to read your fortune now.”
Temmie: “You and I might both get in trouble if we spend more time talking about anything but your fortune for much longer.”

Jerry apologizes, remarking she has a good point, and tells her to proceed with the fortune. Temmie clears her throat.

”To The Deliverer who knows where to go, but can’t yet distinguish the path forward, behold…”
“You may encounter The Alien wandering far from home. He will find comfort in the strangeness that would allow him to truly fit in…"
“While The Deliverer may tend to make haste to achieve his goal, speedy solutions can create more problems than they solve when ill-conceived. remember that should he come across The Alien,”
“Consider Patience with whatever way he chooses to approach that situation…”
"And to the spirits of possibility surrounding you: while I understand that simplicity can be a bit dull, this is the trade off for reliability."
"A straightforward solution will exist, allowing The Alien to be handled swiftly. If you choose to take it... Then we'll meet again very soon."

Temmie: “This is the Future as I have seen it.”

Jerry wonders what Temmie could mean by an alien. From his point of view, ever since his planet discovered multiverse travel, all these non-humans sentient beings from different universes could be considered aliens. She also said something about spirits… Is she referring to Antonio? But then again, she used spirits in the plural sense, and Antonio is just one spirit. The riddle confuses Jerry, but he figures maybe things will become clearer when the time comes.

Temmie: “As a bonus for letting me sleep early, let madam Temmie voice out one more fortune that can really benefit you.”
”At a much later point during another situation at the place where people’s capabilities are molded and dreams begin…”
"When you find yourself overwhelmed by opponents, your solace may be found in another. If a performer is needed, then the show must go on."
"Put aside your pride, and embrace the role you've rejected. Don't allow the numbers to dissuade you when your bias distorts them. Fight the odds, and break free by the force of your passion."
"While other solutions may exist, I promise that this path will lead you to a happier future, one that you'll have rightfully earned."

Jerry is unsure about this particular fortune. While he doesn’t quite understand it, he doesn’t like the sound of degrading himself in order to get something he wants, especially if it’s going to lower his coolness aspect he set himself out to be towards the public, and if this action would prevent him from delivering the pizza on time. But on the other hand, it makes him wonder how doing something that could make him look bad towards others could make his life better at all. At the very least, with it being just 25 cents, at least the confusion didn’t cost too much… or at least he thinks 25 cents isn’t a lot. He ponders all this until Temmie interrupts his train of thought.

Temmie: “We will inevitably meet during your delivery so I may collect 25 cents from you.”
Temmie: “Maybe sooner if the spirits allow it.”

What a coincidence, Jerry was just thinking about the price. He asks what 25 cents even is, as he never heard of “cents” being used in currency before, and they just use ₵A$H where he is from.

Temmie: “25 cents where I’m from is equivalent to the price for 100 grand!”
Temmie: “The same price as most candy bars really.”
Temmie: “Please have the 25 cents ready for my arrival.”
Temmie: “Good luck, Deliverer. *yawn* It is time for Madam Temmie to sleep for school tomorrow.”
Temmie: “Temmie has a feeling her service is really going to be needed for tomorrow, and she needs to be well rested for it.”
Temmie: “Therefore, I cannot accept any more fortunes for tonight.”
Temmie: “Night night, Mr. Jerry.”

100 grand?! But Jerry does not have 100,000 ₵A$H! And all this for a confusing riddle? What kind of scam was this?! Jerry is about to make a complaint, but hears the click of the phone being hung up on the other end. With a sigh, he supposes maybe he can get away with this if he just gives the fortune teller 5 ₵A$H, which is about the same amount for a candy bar or five, and tells her to buy candy at a nearby convenience store in his world. But then he wonders, what kind of dystopian economy does this Fortune Teller have where candy bars cost 100 grand!?!

He then wonders how this fortune teller is even going to meet with him to make the purchase if she doesn’t know where he is, and if as she said, she is going to sleep right now. Will she be sleepwalking? Jerry decides that maybe this whole fortune telling thing was a joke, but with how weird this town is, nothing would really surprise him at this point.

Jerry’s FORTUNE was read by TEMMIE BUTLER
- Temmie can no longer be contacted as it is her bedtime, but Iraphena and Felafaf still can be called for a fortune.
- This upcoming situation will give you 3 HELP points automatically for being patient with his actions.
- If you can figure out Temmie’s vague spirits riddle, Jerry will be guaranteed to get out of the next SITUATION (If you choose to follow her advice at least).
- You were also given a riddle that could help Jerry’s life immensely.
- Temmie will either arrive whenever you suggesters want in order to collect her 25 CENTS (or 5 ₵A$H) or she’ll have a 5% chance of meeting with Jerry, with an additional 5% to meet him added after each UPDATE (example: UPDATE 10 has a 5% chance. UPDATE 11 will raise it to 10% chance)

No. 1034009 ID: e51896
File 165393222324.png - (62.47KB , 1280x720 , 100.png )

There we go, that’s three successful conversations, not counting the one with the Sweaty Kitty because she’s unavailable. Jerry shoos Gerbera away by asking if there is some ACTION they want to do before they hit the road again. After Gerbera goes off to do whatever, Jerry then proceeds to meet up with his friends up on the roof of the building when another phone call interrupts him.
Awwww, come on, the prompt said THREE, not FOUR or FIVE people to talk to. But he guesses he should answer since it appears to be Purr Feckt on the caller ID, and he’d rather not get in trouble with her again. He thinks he’ll have the conversation while he’s walking up to the roof. But he wonders how people keep getting his phone number.

Purr Feckt: Three rings. That’s not very well-mannered of you.
Purr Feckt: It’s two rings, the minimum amount to properly answer a phone to a lady. Remember that next time Mr. Le Booshki.

Jerry rolls his eyes and thanks Purr Feckt for the advice, and asks how she even got his number.

Purr Feckt: As part of our investigation into your crime, because your phone was evidence in the trial, it was required to look through it for any evidence of wrong-doing relating to the crime.

Well shit, the bitch invaded Jerry’s privacy. Jerry’s anxiety rises as he realizes this could mean she looked through his web browser history of hot sexy geese in his area, or looked through his photo gallery of his embarrassing acting performances from his college years.

Purr Feckt: Listen, P.I. Zzander informed me about everything.
Purr Feckt: And with great reluctance, we have decided to pardon you from your crime.
Purr Feckt: But be warned, we will be keeping a close eye on you.
Purr Feckt: With that out of the way, P.I. Zzander also informed me that you wished to speak with me, yes or no?

Jerry tries to explain how his friend Mary wants to go home to that world Jerry was in, and wants to get the address to that universe when Purr Feckt interrupts him.

Purr Feckt: Mr. Le Booshki, that wasn’t an open-ended question, I only asked you a yes or no question.
Purr Feckt: It will serve you well next time to pay attention!

Ugh, Purr Feckt with her persnickety demands. Jerry just relents and says yes to the question.

Purr Feckt: Well unfortunately I am a very busy feline, and have no time for idle conversations that are meaningless to me.
Purr Feckt: I only called to inform you that if you wish to speak with me, you will have to make a proper appointment at my office.
Purr Feckt: Only then I will consider speaking with you the next UPDATE I’m available.
Purr Feckt: Which most likely won’t be until another… oh say… 60+ UPDATES currently.

Jerry is getting a bit frustrated and is considering just hanging up and just figuring out another way to get Mary home when Mary speaks up.

Mary: Psst. Jerry, tell Purr Feckt we have her purse!
Mary: Maybe she’ll be willing to listen to us then.

Good point! Jerry tells Purr Feckt that he found her purse during the trial, and was meaning to give it back to her, but couldn’t when they sent him to that prison universe.

Purr Feckt: Well, well. So that’s where it went.
Purr Feckt: Your honesty is much appreciated, Mr. Le Booshki. Looks like there’s hope in you becoming a proper gentleman after all.
Purr Feckt: If you may drop it off at my office at once, I might be more inclined to hear you out.
Purr Feckt: Otherwise, I’ll have to report you for theft if it is not at my office by the end of the day…

Jerry tells her that if her purse is important, she’ll need to visit him instead as he is on the clock. Besides, it’s only fair since she falsely got him found guilty after all. Purr Feckt sounds a bit more annoyed over the phone now.

Purr Feckt: How rude of you Mr. Le Booshki. If you must know, I can’t drive to you because YOU happen to have my car keys in my purse.
Purr Fectk: And the Jury is never wrong. You were indeed guilty.

Jerry tells her to just take a cab then.

Purr Feckt: Again, impossible. My wallet is also in my purse

Jerry responds that she should just take an Ooobur then, they accept credit or bank cards, and someone with a perfect memory like her should be able to remember her card number… unless maybe… she forgot?

There is a long pause before Purr Feckt responds again

Purr Feckt: Of course I have a perfect memory, Mr. Le Booshki!
Purr Feckt: In fact, as soon as I am done with my meeting with my sister Dea at MARINATION UNIVERSITY, I will personally come find you and take my purse back.
Purr Feckt: I will be right over at your location after about 10 UPDATES when my visit with Dea is over.
Purr Feckt: And then I will prove you wrong by showing just how perfect my memory is.
Purr Feckt: Just as I have proved your guilt during your trial.
Purr Feckt: Ta ta, Mr. Le Booshki!

Purr Feckt hangs up the phone as she sits waiting for her sister at the lobby of the MARINATION UNIVERSITY DORM, and then rummages through her notes app on her phone.

Purr Feckt: Let's see… Now where did I record my credit card number on this thing? Shit…

Purr Feckt will now come look for you sometime after UPDATE 20
- You can meet her earlier if you manage to make it to the MARINATION UNIVERSITY before UPDATE 20, which she will appreciate and be more willing to help Mary’s problem.

No. 1034010 ID: e51896
File 165393224008.png - (51.82KB , 1280x720 , 103.png )

Jerry finishes the phone call right when he reaches the roof of the parking building. He immediately spots Vincent staring off at the city, and Harmon waving him over.

Harmon: Eyyy, Vincent, dig that! It’s the Jear Bear!
Vincent turns around and looks over at Jerry, giving him a nod as he approaches

Harmon: Yo! I saw the fuzz chase ya down from up here, man.
Harmon: That was wild. Hope that square P.I. Zzander didn’t cause you too much trouble.

Jerry shrugs and says that it could have been worse, but his new friend Mary was able to get him out of that jam. Mary responds by waving at Harmon, to which Harmon gives his familiar big ol’ grin as he usually does. It’s always weirds Jerry out when he does that, as it’s pretty weird seeing a cat like him have unnaturally large human looking teeth like that which he can somehow fit in his mouth.

Harmon: Ah, she’s a cute chick, she is!
Harmon: so, you went Quail huntin’ and found yourself a new girlfriend finally. Nice!
Mary: uhmm… I’m actually a man…
Mary: But I don’t mind, I appreciate the compliment, hee hee…

Jerry is concerned as Mary only corrected Harmon as being male, but not correcting him as being his girlfriend, especially as Mary blushes like that

Harmon: Oh maaaan, what a drag of me to make that mistake. Sorry daddy-o.
Harmon: So what brings you to this galaxy, Jerry? Here to share some Za?

Jerry pulls out the DECOY CARDBOARD PIZZA, and hands it to Harmon, to which he starts salivating over. Jerry also informs him that it’s only good for one bite, and then afterwards, it’ll taste like cardboard.

Harmon: oh maaaan, that’s a bummer dude.
Harmon: why can’t you just let us have a slice of the customer’s pizza like you sometimes do?

Jerry tells him about how this particular pizza delivery needs to be perfect, or he is demoted from his pizza delivery job, remembering to omit the detail of him doing mascot duty as that would make him look bad towards Harmon and Vincent, so he’ll have to settle for the cardboard pizza.

Harmon: Hey, whatevs man. I’ll just take the biggest bite I ever took, and savor this one bite.
Harmon: And then modify the cardboard into a box to chill in, easy.

Harmon removes a slice from the cardboard pizza, and takes a large bite at the pizza with his giant teeth before shoving the rest of the entire pizza slice in his mouth. It’s a disgusting sight to witness, so Jerry turns his attention to Vincent who is smoking his weed as he leans on the ledge of the building.
No. 1034011 ID: e51896
File 165393228249.png - (80.68KB , 1280x720 , 104.png )

He knows that Vincent is a huge fan of the popular NOISE graphic novels, so decides to show off Mary's Hairclip and how cool it looks on him, being careful not to mention the thong. He hopes Vincent doesn’t notice the thong. He hopes Mary doesn’t mention the thong. He wishes the thong never existed.

Mary: Aww, shucks Jerry, you don’t have to help give me attention by showing off my new hairclip and thong.

Why oh why did Mary have to mention the thong???? Well it doesn’t seem to matter, because after giving a good look at Mary and his new attire, he gives Mary a thumbs up, to which Mary responds excitedly.

Mary: Th…thank you! I feel like I don’t deserve the recognition, but it feels nice all the same to be complimented!

Jerry thinks about how poor Mary could really use some attention if he’s actually getting choked up from a simple compliment over his clothing. Maybe if his silly tree farm idea works, he’ll finally get the recognition he seeks.

But now that he has buttered up Harmon with the pizza, and Vincent by showing him some sweet NOISE gear, it’s time to attempt to recruit the two friends. Jerry proposes the idea of helping him out with saving his job position, to which Harmon frowns.

Harmon: No can do, man.
Harmon: We saw you hangin’ with that weirdo after they stabled the iron.
Harmon: and while you’re cool and all, I can’t take that flower buggin’ us through the pizza delivery, ya dig?
Harmon: what about you, Vincent?

Vincent just gives a soft hum, and turns around to look out into the city again.

Harmon: Sorry man, no can do.
Harmon: But tell ya what, Vincent and I are gonna be bikin’ around town soon.
Harmon: Give us a call, and we’ll try to get to you after TWO-THREE UPDATES.
Harmon: Just as long as you think the SITUATION you’ll be in is serious enough. Would be a draaaag to come over only to find out you only called to deal with a flat tire or something. We want action, man!

Jerry asks why not just let him ride with them on one of the bikes they’ll be riding on so he can get to the destination quicker, to which Harmon laughs.

Harmon: Haaahahaha, good one Jerry, having you sit so close behind me on the bike like that would be weeeeeird
Harmon: I don’t swing that way, ya dig?

Jerry sighs, and says that is a very good point, and says his goodbyes to Harmon and Vincent

Harmon: Hey, nice chilling with ya. Shame you can’t stay longer.
Harmon: We might show up near the MARINATION UNIVERSITY after our ride if you want to talk to us again.
Harmon: Laaaaater man!

You can now call HARMON or VINCENT on your phone
- They’ll be more willing to help you if the SITUATION is large enough, and won’t want to help with something small.
- It will take the TWO-THREE updates for them to arrive.
- Hint: It might be best to use if you think that in TWO or THREE updates down the line you’ll be dealing with W2K.

No. 1034012 ID: e51896
File 165393230857.png - (81.31KB , 1280x720 , 105.png )

Jerry waves goodbye and meets up with Gerbera again. He asks the flower what he did with their last ACTION

Gerbera: Well, I considered what you said about taking this job more seriously, so I decided to get the dent on the MOPED fixed up with my remaining 50 ₵A$H
Gerbera: Because I am a GREAT employee!
Gerbera: Man, our boss will be so proud of me!
Mary: That’s great Gerbera! Now we won’t get in trouble!

UGH, Gerbera is trying to make themself look good in front of his uncle to ensure his place as a delivery flower. Not good! Why couldn’t they just buy something that will help with the delivery instead of fixing a moped which won’t be used for the rest of the delivery?

Gerbera: But that also means I have no ₵A$H in my wallet now, I might need to go to the bank later.
Gerbera: So sorry, my bud. I’m not going to be able to buy anything until the SECOND CHECKPOINT

The SECOND CHECKPOINT is now Jerry’s next destination, which is a bar known as “WALK-INTO-A”. He’s at UPDATE 10, and he thinks a good par time to reach it will be by UPDATE 20. And to make it there, the PIZZA PARTY will have to go through THREE HAMS ROAD. Here goes nothing.

But no more than a few steps out the door, Jerry is stopped by the sight of a weird looking bald human kid who’s mouth and neck is entirely covered by the collar of his shirt. He is in a daze as he stares up in the sky while he scratches his chin, pondering about something.

The kid has a shirt that says “Human” and has a green scaled reptilian tail. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, cross-breeding is definitely a thing that happens in this world somehow, which could rarely result in kangaroos with frog legs, Horses with bug-like compound eyes, Bnuuys with feathers instead of fur that could use their ears to fly around with, Alligators with Crocodile snouts. Though most of the time, they take after only their mother or father’s species, not both. This kid seems to be 85% human, and 15% lizard.

And yet, the sight of this kid is making Jerry VERY NERVOUS. Throughout the past year of delivering pizza, Jerry has been through a lot of weird SITUATIONS, and come across all sorts of WEIRDOS in the city that puts him into those said SITUATIONS, and somehow, he can sense the unpredictable WEIRDNESS scale on this kid going through the roof!

Gerbera: Uhhh, Jerry? is everything all right?
Mary: It’s just a kid, boss. We can just, umm… walk past him?
Mary: or if you’re really worried, we can just cross the street away from him.
Gerbera: Yeah, Mary’s right. In fact, maybe we should ask and see if he needs help? He looks lost, and I can’t seem to find anyone that looks to be his parents around here.
Gerbera: It might be dangerous for him here alone.

No… they’re wrong. This kid… From what Jerry can sense, is WEIRDNESS INCARNATE, and right now, with how WEIRD this city is, he’s in his ELEMENT! A VERY DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL who can lock Jerry in a SITUATION from sheer will alone! Who knows what devious plot he could be brewing in that crooked mind of his? Jerry will have to plan his next action VERY VERY CAREFULLY.
Jerry starts to also think about the Fortune Teller’s fortune about being PATIENT with his actions… but… how CAN he be patient with a powerful figure such as this?! And what did she mean about spirits causing an event to happen?

Mary: Uhhh, boss?

- You have been given 3 HELP points that will be used in this SITUATION from Temmie’s fortune. Jerry will do his best to be patient with his actions.
- You are now limited to doing 3 SUB OPTIONS per update. They will happen if enough people vote for them. This will help limit the amount of work I do.
- There is a way to instantly get out of this situation. Can you figure it out? I sincerely hope you can. If not, don’t worry about it.


(optional: come up with an idea how if you vote this. You can also write up a SABOTAGE idea in case HELP loses. One vote for HELP adds one point to HELP)

(optional: Come up with an idea how if you vote this. You can also write up a HELP idea in case SABOTAGE loses. One vote for SABOTAGE adds one point to SABOTAGE)

Number of times you DIDN’T use an item for Rocio’s challenge: 0/5

Gerbera: Look, I said I’m going to be more serious with helping out but…
Gerbera: It’s just a kid. I don’t think this is something we should worry too much about.
Gerbera: But if you want me to use items, I’m not going to use anything that will harm him in any way, okay?

PURR FECKT’S PURSE (Chances Purr Feckt will find out Jerry used her purse currently: 15%)
Gerbera: Maybe there is something we can…
Mary: NOPE! Nothing to see in here except the chance to keep me from going home!
Mary: S…sorry, if you really need to, I won’t stop you from using it.
- Write down what you want inside and list their SABOTAGE or HELP points, and how it will help or sabotage you. Preferably keep this one with more help points than sabotage plz.
-Keep in mind your percentage of Purr Feckt finding out you rummaged through her purse will increase.

Mary: If you want, you can hide yourself and the pizza inside the shell.
Gerbera: As long as I get to go inside too!
Gerbera: And I’m not taking no for an answer!
Gerbera: It looks cozy inside!
Jerry feels having Gerbera inside the shell with him will make him too uncomfortable to sneak past the weird human and might trip over himself.

Mary: Are you sure you should be taking another one after eating the previous one so soon?
Mary: I mean, it will work since you’ll be able to quickly run from him as time moves slowly for you, but I’m worried you might start getting addicted to these…
Jerry also wants to save this donut on a day off, but if he needs to use it to escape this powerful being, he’ll do it.

Mary: Think he might want to trade it? It might be useful for whatever adventure he is on
Gerbera: I don’t think kids like playing with Screwdrivers, it’s not a toy
Mary: Well, he does seem a bit itchy scratching his chin. Maybe he can use the screwdriver as a back scratcher?
Jerry doesn’t think this will work at all

Mary: Maybe we can offer him the airbag as a pillow to let him rest a bit and help him figure out what he’s thinking about?
Gerbera: Huh? But aren’t Airbags unsafe for children?
Jerry explains to Gerbera that this only applies to cars… maybe?

Jerry’s wallet (1271 ₵A$H from Jerry)
Mary: What if we gave him some ₵A$H or toys or candy, then he’ll go away?
Jerry is not willing to pay more that 20 ₵A$H
HELP: 1-6, depending on how much you give him.

Mary: You think someone might help out?
Mary: The Sweaty Kitty is probably still busy getting out of her own SITUATION trying to get her phone back to negotiate with him…
Mary: But we still have the other two Fortune Tellers, maybe you can try calling them for help?
Mary: and I’m not sure if Purr Feckt, or Rocio will want to help us
Call Iraphena (costs the equivalent of 1000 BUX, whatever that means)

Call Felafaf (Free, but the next SITUATION will give you 9 SABOTAGE points due to a changed destiny)

Call Purr Feckt

Call Rocio

Gerbera Doll
Mary: We could hand that over to him as a gift, he is a kid after all.
Mary: Though… It’s pretty disturbing seeing a lifeless Stuffie being used for playtime…
Gerbera: I don’t really want to hand it over, but… If it’s for the pizza delivery, I guess I will.
Gerbera: At least he’ll think it’s a cool toy, because it’s me!
Jerry is worried that if he pulls that pullstring from the doll, it’ll make him upset and make the SITUATION worse, and will be forced to feel his wrath.

Mary: It still amazes me that music can be played from this thing. It’s like highly developed music box!
Mary: Maybe we can get him distracted by listening to the music?
Gerbera: I’ll run out of batteries on my radio though…
Jerry is worried the kid might throw a fit if they play a genre of music he despises.
Help:4 SABOTAGE: 4
Mary: What if one of us disguises ourself with this?
Gerbera: Good idea! Kids love funny mascot characters!
Gerbera: I can distract him long enough for Jerry to pass, and then meet up with you soon after
Mary: Yeah, but what if he starts following us for more of your performance?
Gerbera: ummm… hmmm… I haven’t thought of that.

>-GET ANTONIO’S HELP (7 HELP POINTS) (Lowers Pizza Temperature unless you give him STALE LEFTOVERS to maintain the temperature… which you no longer have) (Pizza Temperature is: HOT)

Antonio: If you’re talking about the riddle referring to the spirits, I have no fucking clue, leave me alone. I hate riddles
Antonio: I can just scare him off though.

Sub Options (you can only do three SUB OPTIONS actions)
>-Text the someone
- This will do nothing to HELP or SABOTAGE the situation, but you will get some fun dialogue. Write down what Jerry should text them, and they’ll respond appropriately. You can only text one person.

>- Summon Temmie
-She will arrive for her 25 CENTS (5 ₵A$H)
- Results will vary as to how she might contribute to the SITUATION, whether it be giving HELP or SABOTAGE points, no points at all, or something GOOD or BAD to happen.
-Currently 5% chance she’ll show up next UPDATE if you decide not to summon her.

>-Use all or some of your free HELP point(s)
- You have 10.
- Can only vote for or against using if you’re voting HELP.
- Specify how many points you want to use.

>-Use all or some your free SABOTAGE point(s)
- You have 10.
- Can only vote for or against using if you’re voting SABOTAGE.
- Specify how many points you want to use.

>-Call Vincent or Harmon
-They will arrive in TWO-THREE UPDATES giving you 5 HELP points, or 5 SABOTAGE points depending on if the SITUATION is serious or not.

>-Item management! Throw away, or put an item inside the HAMMERSPACE (Mary is an option)

MESSAGE FROM PEA: Guest stars from Himitsu’s quest Perpetuity featuring Temmie and Franklin! Plz read it. https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
I’m going to try to keep the next UPDATE short, as there are some other projects I need to work on, and I’ve been going slower and slower with making these updates. I want to try to limit the amount of pages I do to get these updates out faster.
I will also soon be posting a page which contains your inventory and stats, sidequests, and other important information to help keep things organized soon. That said, I appreciate everyone’s patience.

No. 1034014 ID: afe7de

Go talk to the kid, ask him if he knows Temmie, Your curiosity is getting the better of you, and maybe Gerbera pokes you a bit too much so you just go do it, so you talk to him, maybe walk with him for a bit, and because you do, the gosling wave passes inches from you. Making you THINK you're in another situation, but it just harmlessly passes since you were with the wierd magnet and he has a weirdness anti-pulse going on like a reverse polarity magnet, he attracts the weird, but it cant get TOO close.

I'll leave the sub-suggests to others since we gotta wait for the absolutely amazing sweaty kitty before we can text her.
No. 1034024 ID: 8483cf

I vote to HELP. Not to HELP Jerry, but... the weird kid!

Ask him if he's lost. Temmie said that the most straightforward method might work best!

Sub Option: I vote to use 2 of our 10 HELP points to help the weird kid. He's in his element, but everyone needs some extra help now and then!
No. 1034029 ID: 8b82ee

Hmmm, this is a really tricky scenario and Jerry will have to be an adult in this situation. Ask the kid if he is lost, if he says yes point him to the nearest police station, if he says no continue on your journey and if he asks to join you tell him that child labor is illegal.
No. 1034030 ID: 8b82ee

Oh fuck I forgot the emphasize the whole thing about if my suggestion is HELP or SABOTAGE. Hmmm, my answer to that question is yes.
No. 1034080 ID: 629f2e

Who is this weirdo?


The kid makes a sudden movement, causing Jerry to panic and try to get the pizza away from him.

The sudden movement was... just the boy reaching to shake Gerbera's leaf hand, as apparently they were introducing themselves while Jerry wasn't paying attention.

One problem. Jerry's instincts led to him tossing the box through the window of the building they're standing in front of, much to the displeasure of its resident (An insurance saleswoman who ironically doesn't have any. Let's say that she's got a cell-phone for a head, and her expressions are all text emojis, e.g. :), :(, >:(, ^_^'). She's furious that you've tossed pizza of all things into her office. All the grease will ruin her touch screen!

Also, you just broke a window. Very bad.

With her bad mood, she seems liable to toss the pizza in her waste bin out of spite. Or worse: Leave a bad review on the :pizzid: webpage! How do you calm her down enough to get the pizza back and prevent a terrible review?

Also that kid is still here. He hasn't done anything YET but he still might. Jerry's got his eye on him.


I feel confident that I know what the instant win option is. Let's not do that, solving things yourself will be way more fun.

In fact, since this is a more relaxed SITUATION, I think it would be a perfect chance for Gerbera to take the lead, following some of your advice.

Gerbera talks to them a bit, asks some basic questions, and establishes that the kid isn't planning on taking their pizza or anything. That calms Jerry down, and they quickly realize that this isn't even a SITUATION. Despite how odd the boy is, there is literally just not any potential PROBLEM budding here.

The kid carries on his way, and Gerbera gets to feel rightly smug for a bit about handling herself well.

As for what to talk about, honestly Gerbera could just start to talk at them rather than asking questions, with the boy just nodding along and chipping in once in a while. It's a goofy and harmless situation, might as well enjoy it. He encourages her about Snowpea and tells her that people misunderstand him all the time, but that they're easily cleared up and nobody really holds it against you as long as you mean well.

Jerry could also ask about how much cents are worth, to which Franklin intensifies the misunderstanding by repeating something he heard from a friend. "Twenty-five cents is a big deal, you really have to think before spending that much."

This was a quote from his friend Roger, who was weighing whether to buy a pencil sharpener or a Snickers bar. This context is not provided.
No. 1034087 ID: e5709d

Uh, guys? Pizza? I know Temmie said patience but we're not going to get there by waiting.
No. 1034364 ID: 629f2e

Quick Sub-option add-on: Jerry should text Gene through SK's phone to tell him to just get burgers if he's hungry, as there's a really great restaurant on this street. He's trying to set Gene up to meet his psycho ex and make her his problem to distract her. If this backfires and they end up working together later, that's on Jerry.
No. 1035325 ID: e51896

rolled 1, 4, 3 = 8

Message from PEA: 3 HELP POINTS from being patient Temmie's fortune, 3 HELP votes (I'm assuming KOME is voting for help as he wants to get back on track on delivering pizza. If he states otherwise, I'll have to reroll.) 1 SABOTAGE vote, and one YES vote Which I have no clue how to interpret.

as for SUB OPTIONS, There wasn't enough points to use your extra HELP points as Donut suggested as we needed at least 2 people to vote to use the extra HELP points (as stated here https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1014571.html#1026137). But you will talk to Gene like Himitsu suggested

Once the six sided dices are rolled, I will add the points to the results. the first dice will be HELP, the second dice will be SABOTAGE... And uhhhh... the Third dice roll will be for YES I guess?
No. 1035328 ID: e51896

rolled 45 = 45

Message from PEA: HELP WINS with 7 HELP POINTS > 5 SABOTAGE POINTS > 4 YES points.

Votes are locked in and you can no longer vote or do SUB OPTIONS, BUT you can still suggest ideas on what will happen. If you previously suggested an idea for how Jerry gets SABOTAGED, you can still suggest an idea for how Jerry gets HELPED for

Also, I'm rolling the dice to see if TEMMIE will arrive for her 25 cents. She has a 5% chance, so anything 5 or lower from a 100 dice roll means she will show up.
No. 1035330 ID: e51896

Temmie will not arrive this time, but her chance of arriving the next UPDATE will be raised to 10% unless you summon her next update.
No. 1037726 ID: e51896
File 165751832401.png - (66.57KB , 1280x720 , 106.png )

Jerry wants nothing more than to run far away, before this powerful being unleashes his wrath upon him for his pizza. Hell, he’ll even drop that pizza right here and now if it means his life will be spared.
Jerry knows Temmie told him to have patience with this “alien”, but there’s no logic in that! Wouldn’t being patient make the pizza delivery late? Wouldn’t being patient give this kid the time he needs to successfully formulate his master plan to put Jerry in the worst PROBLEM imaginable?
Screw it! Listening to the fortune would mean he is gambling his life on a possible scam, and Jerry can’t wait around and risk putting his life in danger. He finally works up the courage to make a break for it when…

Gerbera: Hello human, hello! You seem confused, need any HELP?

No wait, this could work! Jerry figures that while Gerbera is distracting this kid, he can make a break for it to save his life!

Or at least he would. Something seems to be holding back the pizza delivery man from amscraying outta there. What could it be? Could he perhaps be feeling guilt from leaving the annoying flower behind again?
No, he is actually far too terrified to move as the kid slowly stops pondering and looks towards the PIZZA PARTY, staring straight right into their souls as he tilts his head, finger still placed firmly on his chin, as if trying to figure out a terrifying fate for the PIZZA PARTY. Before Jerry has the chance to do anything, the kid finally speaks out.
Weird Kid: Oh, ummm,
Weird Kid: I’m not supposed to talk to strangers…
Weird Kid: Especially not after my friend graduated early by speaking to one the other day…

Jerry didn’t quite catch what he said there. Something about graduation? In this economy? All graduation gets you these days is an overpriced piece of paper. Regardless, Jerry tells Gerbera that this kid made a VERY good point, and that they should just leave this to an authoritative figure, like a police officer.
In response, Gerbera gives a smug grin, and laughs at Jerry’s suggestion.

Gerbera: Ahhh, but you seem to forget, my bud…
Gerbera: I already told you… I AM an authoritative figure!
Gerbera: Me and Snowpea worked as high-ranking guards for a government in another universe before we moved here, remember?

Before Jerry can make a retort, Gerbera reaches into their wallet, and pulls out some ID as proof. WHAT THE FUCK!? Jerry could believe Snowpea herself being a guard, but he always figured that Gerbera made that guard business up just to gain clout points to level up his smugness! They actually were high ranking guards? How did such an easily distracted smug idiot manage that?! Jerry asks why Gerbera even left that position behind for a job at :pizzid: of all places.

Gerbera: Eh, our old home is currently at peace, so my services aren’t really needed there right now.
Gerbera: So Snowpea and I are taking this time of peace to sneak out and live a second life here since we already have a lot of other guards at ready in case something does go bad.
Gerbera: And I had nothing better to do, so I just decided to get a job at my favorite pizzeria.

Jerry is in so much disbelief that he has to process this. But he seemed to have forgotten about being terrified of the human kid and the current situation they’re in.

Weird kid: Oh, you’re like a police officer? Then it should be alright to talk to you, I think…
Franklin: My name is Franklin.
Gerbera: The name’s Gerbera. And this here is Jerry, and Mary
Mary: Hello!
Franklin: ...You can talk. I guess that's normal, some toys talk. But... don't they usually have pullstrings?
Franklin: Hmm... Maybe it's in the tail?
Mary: P…please don’t pull my tail!
Mary: I’m still a bit disturbed by the idea of a pullstring. Seeing Gerbera use it earlier… *shudder*
Mary: Lifeless plushies as toys are pretty disturbing too. I guess as long as they’ve never had life to begin with it’s fine… but…

No. 1037727 ID: e51896
File 165751835153.png - (67.03KB , 1280x720 , 107.png )

Gerbera: You don’t seem to be with your parents or guardians… Are you lost? This city can get pretty dangerous without supervision.
Franklin: Lost? Hmmm…

Franklin stares up into the sky idly as Jerry wonders how one could be so confused about whether they are lost or not. Gerbera doesn’t try to get his attention. Instead, they join Franklin, doing the exact same thing.

Gerbera: Oh wow! That cloud looks like sheep!
Franklin: ...Oh yeah! It does.
Franklin: That one looks like cotton candy I think. Actually, that's normal for clouds, isn't it... Maybe it just looks like a cloud?
Gerbera: Oooh, pretty! And that one looks like shrubs!

The two look at each other and both laugh. While speaking to Franklin could be very dangerous, as there’s no knowing when he might attack, Jerry thinks this is getting to be a ridiculous waste of time. But seeing this as an opportunity to escape, Jerry is about to leave when Franklin speaks up again.

Franklin: That was fun, thanks. I think it helped me remember.
Franklin: Yeah, I am lost… I dunno how I got here… but…
Franklin: At the same time, I think I am supposed to be here?
Franklin: I remember… I got a fortune yesterday telling me about something I was supposed to do when I am “Lost in a place where I belong” and that doing whatever I’m supposed to do is going to help me ”Find myself”
Franklin: Hmmm… What was the thing I was supposed to do though…?
Gerbera: Oh! Well, that one’s easy
Gerbera: Because you’re already found!
Gerbera: You’re standing right there in front of me!
Franklin: Ohhhhhh… That makes sense. Thanks.
Mary: Hmmm… I don’t know, guys… That seems a bit too straight forward to be a fortune…
Mary: Jerry’s was a lot more vague in comparison…

Wait fortunes? This can’t just be a coincidence. Jerry asks Franklin if the fortune teller wouldn’t have to be someone named Temmie, would it?

Franklin: How’d you know?
Franklin: I didn’t think she did fortune telling stuff outside of Cattenom…
Franklin: Hmmm… Though she did do that one Secret Santa thing with people from out of town...
Mary: Well that settles it! We just gotta call Temmie again, and she can probably send someone to help him!

Following Mary’s advice, Jerry tries calling Temmie… but she’s not answering. In fact, the call seems to be disconnected on her end… weeeeeird.

Mary: Oh, darn… Well, she did say she had to go to bed…
Gerbera: Hmmm… strange, when I looked up Cattenom on my phone, it didn't appear to be anywhere on the map…
Gerbera: Well, there is one street called “Cat Nom”, but that place just has cat food factories, and fishing lakes…
Gerbera: Did… you somehow end up here from another world?
Gerbera: How did you get here anyways?

No. 1037729 ID: e51896
File 165751837673.gif - (2.42MB , 1280x720 , 108.gif )

Franklin is looking to the sky again, and Jerry is feeling a little more impatient having to sit through waiting for him to remember… but thankfully, it didn’t last long again.

Franklin: Hmmm… Albert was coming over, so I told dad about it… and then…
Franklin: …
Franklin: …!
Franklin is suddenly shuddering, his shoulders raising to his ears as his arms wrap around his chest. Did something happen there that made him tremble in fear?

Gerbera: Uhhh… Franklin?
Mary: Are you okay?

Franklin suddenly stops all at once, looking perfectly neutral as thought the past few seconds hadn’t happened.

Franklin: …I don’t think anything happened. I’m just here.
Franklin: That’s all…

…Jerry squints through his shades at the boy, who has no response to the suspicion. Possibly just because he can’t tell it’s happening due to Jerry’s shades.

Franklin: …Oh right! I remembered the other bit!
Franklin: Temmie said I’d be able to find myself if I “go to the jungle where the animals play!”
Franklin: I’m not sure what that means… but I’m supposed to go there.

Well that wasn’t quite what they were trying to get Franklin to remember, but at least they got a hint of where he’s supposed to go. Jerry suggests it’s most likely the nearby jungle gym.

Gerbera: Oooooh! Clever.
Gerbera: Yeah, don’t worry about thinking about how you got here for now. We might be able to find answers at the jungle gym!
Franklin: …Oh, but that’s at the park back home. Do you know how to get there from here?
Gerbera: Other parks have them too actually. Hopefully it’s the closeby one that your fortune means.
Franklin: That would be convenient.
Franklin: Hmm… I wonder if I’m dreaming again…

Visiting other worlds through dream travel? That’s new. Jerry wonders if that is even a legal form of transportation from one universe to another.
No. 1037730 ID: e51896
File 165751839317.png - (75.03KB , 1280x720 , 109.png )

The PIZZA PARTY proceeds on their way to the park playground which is thankfully near THREE HAMS ROAD. Gerbera, Mary, and Franklin seem to be having different conversations, asking about how Franklin is doing in school, Mary talking about his plush world which got Franklin really intrigued about living toys, and Gerbera’s adventures as a guard.

Franklin: ...I dunno. People misunderstand me all the time. Usually they just want me to explain.
Franklin: Or they pretend I didn't say anything, which is fine too.
Franklin: ...Anyways, I don't know Snowpea, but she'll probably be fine. If people can make up after bad stuff that they did on purpose, then accidents should be even easier.
Gerbera: I guess you’re right…
Gerbera: Yeah. Okay.
Gerbera: I’ll just do my best to talk to her whenever I get the chance!
Gerbera: If only she’d answer her phone…
Gerbera: Thanks for the pep talk.
Franklin: ...Why would it matter if you were getting hot and sweaty with someone else though? I get sweaty around other kids plenty. Is it a flower thing?
Gerbera: Oh! Ummmm-

The PIZZA PARTY is suddenly stopped in their tracks by the shocked barking of Mary as the PIZZA PARTY witnesses a huge pile of Goslings passing by the crosswalk. How did they not notice this sooner? It looks like they’ve been crossing for a while now, but it seems like there is thankfully an end in sight. That’s good. Jerry didn’t want to wait another 30 minutes.


Jerry looks around to find out where that voice is coming from. It seemed to have been coming from the Gosling tidal wave that’s passing by. Jerry looks up and sees…

Sweaty Kitty: HI GUYS! Can’t talk at the moment!
Sweaty Kitty: Looks like I’m still stuck in a PROBLEM right now!
Sweaty Kitty: But don’t worry, I think I should be able to escape from it by the NEXT UPDATE
Sweaty Kitty: Just as soon as I wrestle my phone back from Eugene here!
Eugene: Hey! Let go! The phone is mine now!
Eugene: You’re getting your sweat all over it!
Sweaty Kitty: MY sweat, MY phone!
Sweaty Kitty: How’s about I drip some sweat on your paws to make that phone slip outta your gr…

Sweaty Kitty and Eugene fight over her phone as they ride off into the distance towards THREE HAMS ROAD.

The Sweaty Kitty will now be available to call on Jerry’s phone again for conversation, and HELP negotiate and mediate arguments!

Franklin: …That was a lot of birds.
Franklin: They were cute though.
Gerbera: I know, right?! See Jerry? He gets me!

Jerry comes to a sudden realization: if he didn’t stop for Franklin and had instead run away, that tidal wave probably would have swept him up as soon as he ran across the crosswalk, putting him in a PROBLEM like the Sweaty Kitty is facing.
As the gosling tidal wave passes by, Jerry can see the playground right across the street! All they need to do now is to find whatever Franklin is looking for, and they can be on their way.
No. 1037731 ID: e51896
File 165751840395.png - (71.18KB , 1280x720 , 110.png )

Immediately as the Pizza Party enters that playground, a beach ball rolls towards Franklin’s feet. He picks up the ball and hears another kid yelling out to him

???: Hey! Pass it over here!

The kid seems to be some kind of reptile wearing a scarf much like Franklin… or is it a turtleneck? Regardless, over his sweater, he wears a shirt or tank top that says “Lizard” on it, Which he obviously is, definitely not human like Franklin. The only odd thing about him is that he doesn’t have a tail like most lizards would. As the lizard kid runs up, Franklin nods and throws the ball towards him. The lizard kid unfortunately misses as it bonks his head and rolls away, but he doesn’t seem to care as he tilts his head in confusion as he gets a better look at Franklin

???: Uhhh, have we met before?
???: I can’t help but feel like I’m supposed to know you before, like long ago…
???: And there’s a tickle in the back of my mind as I’m staring at you…
Franklin: I dunno. My name is Franklin.
Franklin: This is actually my first time visiting this… world?
???: Oh! A new kid! Well my name is Kril Fann. But you can call me Kril!

Kril stares up to the sky, pondering much like Franklin did earlier.

Kril: Really, this conversation feels familiar for some reason…
Kril: Where are you from?
Franklin: Cattenom. …I don’t think it exists here though.
Franklin: But… I don’t think here exists there either. Now that I really think about it… This definitely just feels like another weird dream.[/b]

So Franklin probably DID travel here through dreaming… Kind of an unorthodox form of transportation, but hey, as long as his world has invented multidimensional travel, it should be fine.

Kril and Franklin seem to be getting along really well, as their engaging conversation continues with smiles and intrigue. It’s like looking at two close siblings having a conversation with each other really. It’s amazing how similar they look and act that Jerry almost forgot who Franklin was and who was Kril at one point.
Kril: Oh neat, so you’re a tourist!
Kril: As for me, my family moved here from another universe.
Kril: A lot of students were teasing me for not having a tail like the other lizards
Kril: And they thought it was unnatural for a lizard to have hair.
Kril: So, we moved to this world where there are so many different species, that it didn’t matter if we had tails or not.
Franklin: …Where I’m from, it’s weirder to have one than not. I haven’t met any other kids with tails before. I still don’t think it’s that weird though.
Franklin: I don’t wanna leave Cattenom behind though. All my friends are there and it’s a really nice place, outside of all the really bad things.
Franklin: …You really have to dig to find those. Maybe it’d seem better if we stopped looking for them?
Kril: Wow! You’re more easy-going than I am.
Kril: What brings you to NEW CRUST CITY?
Franklin: I dunno… I think I was supposed to find myself?
Franklin: I don’t know what that means though
Kril: Hmm… but I don’t see another you around here… just me!

The two stare at each other, tilting their heads in confusion as something inside their minds tries to click. After a while, Kril claps his hands together

Kril: I got it! Maybe it means we’re supposed to play hide and seek!
Kril: That game is all about finding!
Franklin: Ooooh, that sounds fun. I guess that means I’ll have to go seek if I’m going to look for myself!

Franklin looks over at the PIZZA PARTY

Franklin: Thanks for bringing me here.
Franklin: I think I’m going to go play with my new friend here until I wake up.
Gerbera: Are you sure you’ll be safe?
Mary: Yeah, You were pretty lost before we found you.
Kril: Don’t worry, my mom is here watching me, and she’ll watch over Franklin too.
Franklin: Plus, you can’t get hurt in a dream. I think? It hasn’t happened yet.
Franklin: …If I do get hurt, it’ll be a learning experience, so that’s a good trade I think.
Franklin: Anyway, thanks again… Bye!

Before Franklin runs off with his new friend, Jerry calls out to him. He’s GOT to know how much 25 cents is worth!

Franklin: A quarter? That’s a lot.
Franklin: 25 cents is a big deal, you could buy a lot of different things. You really have to think before spending THAT much.
Franklin: …Well goodbye!

Awwww shit! Jerry is going to have to figure out some way to make 25 cents… and quickly before Temmie arrives.

Gerbera: See, I told you it was just some kid and not a dangerous powerful person looking for your pizza.
Gerbera: Next I suppose you’ll tell me the lizard kid is weird.

Jerry has no idea what Gerbera means by that. It’s a perfectly normal human looking lizard!
Message from PEA: The bad news is, you guys weren’t able to interpret Temmie’s fortune to instantly get out of the situation, but the good news is you still got out of it regardless. Well done!

BTW, the answer was to summon Temmie with your sub-option and give her the payment you owed her, and she would have woken Franklin up earlier than he’s usually supposed to wake up in order to send him back home to the quest Perpetuity. But who knows, maybe Franklin spending his time here in New Crust City will benefit him in some way, like maybe his FEAR level will lower after spending time with his new friend? Character development? Whoooo knoooows, that’s up to Himitsu to decide! So don’t take my word for it!

Message from Himitsu: I will have Franklin lose 1 extra point of Fear. But only 1!

No. 1037732 ID: e51896
File 165751841983.png - (172.37KB , 1280x720 , 111.png )

The PIZZA PARTY parted ways from Franklin and his new friend to continue on their pizza route. Surprisingly, despite being patient, the UPDATE is passing with some pretty good process made, but they still have to rush to get this pizza delivered on time all the same. As they continue running down the road, the skies start to darken into a purplish cloudy and foggy hue, despite it being the late afternoon

Mary: Huh? Is it night time already?
Gerbera: Shouldn’t be… my phone says it’s only like, within the hour of 5pm.

Jerry explains to Mary that they are actually heading down THREE HAMS ROAD, which is home to :pizzid:’s number one competitor BURGERVANIA, a vampiric themed burger restaurant where the terrifying W2K the vampire works at. He also clarifies that It’s not exactly night, but the vampires who work at BURGERVANIA put some kind of magical curse on this road to make it perpetually night 24/7 to add to the aesthetic of their restaurant. Bad business for real estate agents to sell a home here really, but it’s quite a popular hangout spot for creatures of the night, like vampires.

Gerbera: Oh yeaaah, I remember now.
Gerbera: I heard the mayor allowed for this night fog to spread in this street as part of the construction for the vampire-run Burgervania restaurant.
Gerbera: It was part of an initiative to get more restaurants built across different parts of the city.

Jerry adds that it doesn’t help that W2K’s father, who is the chief of police, managed to persuade the MAYOR to do this for his daughter. Really, the police chief and the mayor are such good friends that W2K is able to get away with a lot of things.

Mary: Um… okay, but What’s a vampire?
Gerbera: Oh, well, they’re like you or me, but they’re actually IMMORTAL with crazy sharp teeth that they use to bite and suck your blood!
Gerbera: They can even shapeshift into wild bats for some reason.
Gerbera: But they hate garlic, religious symbols, stakes, lack of blood, and sunlight. Those are the only things that can hurt or even kill them… maybe more, but those are the most well-known methods.
Gerbera: Hence why they wanted this road to be constantly night time.
Gerbera: Oh! And if you’re bitten by one, you become one too!
Mary: EEK! *gulp* t-t-they sound scary!
Gerbera: I don’t know, I think they’re kinda cool.

Jerry calms Mary’s nerves by explaining that vampirism was thankfully a short-lived issue when multi-dimensional travel was invented and foreigners started moving into their world. When vampires entered among the foreigners, they did what vampires did best and infected people by sucking their blood at night. Luckily another group of foreigners came in with a vaccination for vampirism, and now people don’t have to worry about being cursed. Now they just have to worry about getting hickeys everywhere!
Though there are some people who actually WANT to become a vampire and choose not to get vaccinated for vampirism, like W2K did. Vampires are free to bite whatever people they want to survive without worrying about spreading their curse. Just as long as their targets give consent whether the person is vaccinated or not… with some exceptions of course… Like Burgervania’s case.

Mary: uhm… er… That’s worrisome
Mary: Why would Burgervania be allowed to bite people?!?
Mary: I d-don’t want to become a vampire!
Gerbera: Oh! I think it’s because restaurants have a legal right to defend their establishment against rival companies within 200 feet of the vicinity.
Gerbera: Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any competition against major restaurants like :pizzid: considering how tasty our pizza is!
Mary: B-b-boss! Please be careful around here!

Thankfully Jerry has been vaccinated and doesn’t have to worry about becoming a vampire, but now that he thinks about it, is Gerbera vaccinated? And what of Mary? Seeing as Mary is from a world that doesn’t have vampires, it’s safe to assume he is not vaccinated. Can stuffies even get infected by vampires? And would a vampire even want to suck cotton?

You (the suggestors) now know about Vampirism
- When facing against W2K or other vampires, Jerry has a 0% chance of becoming a vampire due to his vaccination if bitten.
- Gerbera has a 50% chance that they got vaccinated and won’t transform into a vampire if bitten.
- Mary has a 100% chance of becoming a vampire if he’s bitten due to not being vaccinated. Consider hiding him in your hammerspace if you come across a vampire if you want to guarantee his safety (with the cost of not knowing how many HELP or SABOTAGE points each item will award you)
- (unless maybe you WANT Mary to become a cool vampire???)

No. 1037734 ID: e51896
File 165751856116.png - (203.84KB , 2560x1440 , 112.png )

As the PIZZA PARTY continues onward, Jerry nearly trips over from stopping himself after witnesses a figure rushing out of an alley and blocking their path. As the crew get their bearings, it seems the person who stopped them is none other than… Sweaty Kitty??? But something seems… off about her…

Sweaty Kitty(?): Hey, guy!
Sweaty Kitty(?): It’s ME!
Sweaty Kitty(?): Everyone’s favorite character!
Sweaty Kitty(?): …
Sweaty Kitty(?): You know…
Sweaty Kitty(?): That one cat who sweats a lot?
Sweaty Kitty(?): Yep! That’s me! That’s totally me!
Sweaty Kitty(?): In the flesh!
Sweaty Kitty(?): And in the sweat!
Sweaty Kitty(?): And definitely not someone else!
Sweaty Kitty(?): Especially not a green pizza rat!
Sweaty Kitty(?): Like Gene!
Sweaty Kitty(?): Ugh… these clothes are so sticky and wet
Sweaty Kitty(?): Err… Guess what! I managed to get out of that mob of goslings!
Sweaty Kitty(?): AND I even got away from that rad and handsome rat, Gene!
Sweaty Kitty(?): Isn’t that great?!
Sweaty Kitty(?): I think this calls for a reward!
Sweaty Kitty(?): How about we all share a hot steaming pizza in celebration of my escape?
Sweaty Kitty(?): Could totally use one after that harrowing experience to calm my nerves, what do ya say?
Sweaty Kitty(?): Heeheeheeheeheehee.
Gerbera: ???
Mary: !!!

Jerry can only respond with a “…” as this… “Sweaty Kitty” strides confidently towards Jerry’s pizza.

JERRY IS NOW IN A SITUATION! (What else is new?)


(optional: come up with an idea how if you vote this. You can also write up a SABOTAGE idea in case HELP loses. One vote for HELP adds one point to HELP)

(optional: Come up with an idea how if you vote this. You can also write up a HELP idea in case SABOTAGE loses. One vote for SABOTAGE adds one point to SABOTAGE)

(Number of times you DIDN’T use an item for Rocio’s challenge: 1/5 )

[b]Gerbera: Look! It’s the Sweaty Kitty!

Jerry sighs and informs Gerbera that’s just obviously Eugene.

Gerbera: What? She is???? In that case, I’ve got your back!
Sweaty Kitty(?): whhhhaaaaat? Noooooooo… I’m a sweaty cat! I’m too lame to be Gene!

Gerbera will allow you to use any item this time.

PURR FECKT’S PURSE (Chances Purr Feckt will find out Jerry used her purse currently: 15%)(contains a water bottle full of sweat)
Gerbera: We can trick Gene into drinking Sweaty Kitty’s sweat
Jerry thinks this might work, he can pretend he thinks Eugene is Sweaty Kitty, give him the water convincing him to drink it before the meal, and then he’ll be too sickened by the taste to not bother them.
Mary: I’m sure there’s a better idea that doesn’t involve rummaging through the purse again… right?
HELP (if using Sweaty Kitty’s water bottle): 6
- Write down what you want inside and list their SABOTAGE or HELP points, and how it will help or sabotage you. Preferably keep this one with more help points than sabotage plz.
-Keep in mind your percentage of Purr Feckt finding out you rummaged through her purse will increase.


Mary: What if we bribed him with this?
Gerbera: Yeah! , if he sells it at the black market, he won’t try to steal any of :pizzid: pizza ever again!
Gerbera: He would have more than enough money to buy pizza for the rest of his life!

Jerry REALLY hates the idea of delivering pizza to Eugene at the Bacon Apartments every day. Plus he thinks Eugene feels it’s more fun to steal pizza over buying it regardless of how rich he might become and might only accomplish having his seashell stolen instead.

Gerbera: Hey, we might be able to outrun him with this!
Mary: But what if we crash by the time we reach Burgervania and W2K catches us?


Mary: I’m… not quite sure how effective this will be…
Gerbera: He does have a few screws loose…


Mary: What if we charge at him with this?
Gerbera: It might pop though.
Mary: Hmm… good point. But the blast might startle him a bit and we can escape
Mary: Though it could surprise us too.


JERRY’S WALLET (1271 ₵A$H from Jerry)
Mary: We can try bribing him… though I think he wants the pizza more than money…
HELP: 2, no matter how much you give him

Mary: Maybe someone can help?
Mary: The Sweaty Kitty most likely got out of the gosling SITUATION to help us again and we can get her help negotiating with Eugene…
Mary: I also wonder if she’s okay.
Mary: The other two Fortune Tellers can also probably help, maybe you can try calling them for help?
Mary: I’m still not sure if Purr Feckt, or Rocio will want to help us

- Call the Sweaty Kitty
- Call Iraphena (costs the equivalent of 1000 BUX, whatever that means)
- Call Felafaf (Free, but the next SITUATION will give you 9 SABOTAGE points due to a changed destiny)
- Call Purr Feckt
- Call Rocio

Mary: I still don’t think this will help
Gerbera: I still think it will! It has a pull-string that will let him listen to me sing!
Mary: I still think it’ll annoy him…

Sabotage: 6

Mary: There might be a song he’ll get distracted dancing to… unless there’s a song he hates.
Gerbera: The batteries on this thing will most likely run out if we use it again.

Help: 3 Sabotage: 3

Mary: We can pretend this is a giant pizza to get him to go away.
Gerbera: I don’t know… I have a feeling Jerry might need that…

Jerry glares a Gerbera.

Gerbera: I don’t want to hurt anyone unless we get attacked…
Mary: I don’t think we need to attack him, we could probably just use it to destroy parts of his disguise and reveal he isn’t the Sweaty Kitty.
Gerbera: Oh! Good point!
Gerbera: Though I’ll have to be careful, I’ll have to be close range to attack him
Jerry isn’t sure why, but he thinks there might be consequences for this… yet won’t affect the PIZZA PARTY in any way regardless.


Mary: But wait! If you’re worried about attacking you at close range with the mace, what if we use the clothing destruction squirt gun instead!
Mary: We’d be able to melt his whole disguise right off and at a safe distance!
Gerbera: Oh yeah, good point. He’ll probably be too flustered to bother us for awhile
Mary: Flustered? Why?
Gerbera: Public nudity, it’s humiliating.
Mary: Oh, right… I still don’t understand that whole clothing mandatory rule though, it wasn’t an issue where I’m from…

Jerry tells Mary not to worry about it. Jerry also points out that while he might get too humiliated to fight, Eugene on the other hand loves disguising himself and there could be a possibility he’ll get pretty angry if his costumes is ruined instead.
Gerbera: Hmm… though I was hoping to give this gun as a gift for Snowpea unused… Though Maybe It’ll be for the best if I use it as a test run just to see if it works…
Jerry also thinks there might be even larger consequences for doing this despite not affecting the PIZZA PARTY at all, more than the mace. but he can’t quite figure out why.

>-GET ANTONIO’S HELP (7 HELP POINTS) (Lowers Pizza Temperature unless you give him STALE LEFTOVERS to maintain the temperature… which you no longer have) (Pizza Temperature is: HOT)

Antonio: This guy just doesn’t quit… I’ll HELP I guess…
Antonio: But this punk’s not really worth my time.

Sub Options (stuff you can do along with your regular options) (you can only do three SUB OPTIONS actions)
>-Text the someone
- This will do nothing to HELP or SABOTAGE the situation, but you will get some fun dialogue. Write down what Jerry should text them, and they’ll respond appropriately. You can only text one person.

>- Summon Temmie
-She will arrive for her 25 CENTS (5 ₵A$H)
- Results will vary as to how she might contribute to the SITUATION, whether it be giving HELP or SABOTAGE points, no points at all, or something GOOD or BAD to happen.
-Currently 10% chance she’ll show up next UPDATE if you decide not to summon her.

>-Use all or some of your free HELP point(s)
- You have 10.
- Can only vote for or against using it if you're voting HELP.
- Specify how many points you want to use.
- At least two people must vote for this

>-Use all or some your free SABOTAGE point(s)
- You have 10.
- Can only vote for or against using if you’re voting SABOTAGE.
- Specify how many points you want to use.
- At least two people must vote for this

>-Call Vincent or Harmon
-They will arrive in TWO-THREE UPDATES giving you 5 HELP points, or 5 SABOTAGE points depending on if the SITUATION is serious or not.

>-Item management! Throw away, or put an item inside the HAMMERSPACE (Mary is an option)

Message from PEA: Thanks again to Himitsu for designing Kril Fan. While it's not required for reading 30 updates or less, please highly consider reading his quest Perpetuity if you want some context on what was going on with Franklin... or just in general if you want to read a horror/suspenseful/mystery based quest https://questden.org/wiki/Perpetuity
No. 1037741 ID: 8255b7
File 165753231874.png - (190.64KB , 471x438 , 165639404519.png )

Alright we could go with boring options like the squirt gun, mace or illegal donuts but I have a better plan. Lets call Sweaty Kitty and tell her that somebody is impersonating her, after all identity theft is not a joke million of celebrites get modded into sex scens of video games. She is a lawyer and might actully go batshit leagal on his ass. But the worst thing about this imposter is that he is not even sweeting he is just throwing water over his head, that this might completely ruin her reputation, she might go from Sweaty Kitty to Wet Kitty!

No. 1037742 ID: 8255b7

Or right I should also tell what would happen if our protagonist failed or success. Ok success scenario the imposter is sacred, leaves you alone and starts to go poop poop in his pants. You failed scenario the imposter is still and joins your team while still insisting that he is Sweaty Kitty.
No. 1037756 ID: 629f2e

In a move that surprises nobody: SABOTAGE VOTE!

Now, that Eugene has shown up in SK's clothes implies that SK is currently not wearing those garments. I like the Sweaty Kitty, and will not suggest any options that would damage her attire.

I vote that we use the Airbag.

Let's use the airbag to send Eugene flying out of that disguise! He's coming at us for the pizza box rn, so it should be easy to make him run into it by running away with the pizza and having Gerbera stand between us while holding it.

If HELP Wins:

Total success! Eugene gets launched right out of the stolen garments, revealing the disguise without damaging them. As Gerbera pointed out, he'll likely be too flustered to keep up the chase after being disrobed, making it our victory.

Just make sure to have Mary get SK's clothes back before Eugene does. She'll probably want them.


Total failure! Gerbera messes up and points the airbag the wrong way, doing little to hinder Eugene and instead hitting themself. Similar effect, Gerbera gets launched out of uniform and becomes too flustered to help Jerry out of the budding PROBLEM, as Eugene chases after Jerry with intent to take the pizza by force. And unlike Jerry who has been on foot walking to shops and then the park, Eugene's been riding the goslings for a past few updates, so he's refreshed while Jerry is getting winded. Jerry will lose the chase and the pizza unless he comes up with something FAST!

Gerbera will become available again next update once they're back in uniform, but their items are off the table until then.


I'll suggest using 4 BONUS SABOTAGE points along with this. Need at least one person to support the idea for it to work.

Text Sweaty Kitty and let her know what's up and where to meet up so that you can hopefully return her stuff. Maybe confirm if she's in Eugene's outfit or her birthday suit to know how bad your clothing destruction options would be in the event of this SITUATION becoming a PROBLEM.

Text Purr Feckt and ask about identity theft laws and whether you can get Eugene locked up for taking on the persona of Sweaty Kitty. (Or since she's a cat, purrsona.) (Jerry needs to make that exact pun in the text. Purr Feckt is a cat, she has heard every cat pun in existence. She will hate it.)
No. 1037972 ID: 8483cf

Identity theft is no joke! Fortunately, Eugene isn’t very funny anyway.

I vote to SABOTAGE Jerry. Here’s why: It gives us a greater chance of running into Sweaty Kitty, who’s obviously looking to get her garments back. That, and Eugene desperately needs a win.

Remind “Sweaty Kitty” that Eugene is also a popular character, and that he’s appeared in a spin-off quest and gotten fanart. Does “sweaty kitty” know where we can get Eugene’s autograph?

Let’s use the SCREWDRIVER to get Eugene’s autograph on a receipt from the black market (did they give any?) How can a screwdriver give an autograph? Well, it looks like a pen, sort of, so it can be used to pretend to be a pen. Okay it looks nothing like a pen other than being cylindrical, but Eugene has hair over his eyes so he won’t notice.

If HELP wins:
Eugene signs the receipt and notices that it’s from the BLACK MARKET. He remembers that he owes a lot of money and can probably sell Serah’s SWEAT PANTS DRAWSTRING to pay back his debts, as long as no one realizes it’s actually Armstrong’s. He rushes off to make the monies.

If SABOTAGE wins: “Hey, that’s a screwdriver! Are you trying to screw me over? Screw you!”


I second Himitsu’s vote to use 4 BONUS SABOTAGE points.

Let’s text Sweaty Kitty, obviously, so we can let her know of this devious crime.
No. 1037987 ID: afe7de

> Eugene impersonating sweaty kitty
Damn, I agree with >>1037741 Identity theft is no joke

Call up sweaty kitty so that she can purrform some legal justice. But by the time you're done with her, Eugene was distracted with your companions, which means, oh no! He's still coming for the ZA, uhhhh quick, use the AIRBAG

I like the idea of him getting comedically blasted out of his clothes. Then you can grab sweaty kitty's soaked... damp, nice smelling clothes and uh, definitely give it back later! very soon later even!

I'm on team HELP with a request to throw an extra 2 points of help on there.

If Sabotage wins though uh, Maybe gerb loses clothes? NO, YOU'RE ON BURGERVANIA STREET, if you lose, then your ex sees and hears you and it becomes eugene+her vs your crew. That's probably the best worst outcome right? getting chased by a lady with a chainsaw?

Maybe make a last minute effort to toss like 10 bux at eugene and be like "BRO JUST GET A PIZZA YOURSELF, YOU CAN AFFORD IT"
No. 1037988 ID: afe7de

Also snap a pic and send it to sweaty kitty being like "this isn't you right?" just so there's photo evidence of the crime!!!!
No. 1038102 ID: e51896

rolled 3, 5 = 8

Message from PEA: First, I wanna say that sometimes people are not making it clear whether they choose a HELP or SABOTAGE vote. I'd like to ask a friendly reminder to please announce whether you would want to help or sabotage the PIZZA PARTY in your posts next time, otherwise I will assume what you want.

2 HELP votes, +5 for using airbag vs 2 SABOTAGE vote, + 4 EXTRA SABOTAGE POINTS +5 for using airbag.

Overall so far, the HELP POINTS are 7, and SABOTAGE points are 11

Once the six sided dices are rolled, I will add the votes to the results. the first dice will be HELP, the second dice will be SABOTAGE.
No. 1038104 ID: e51896

rolled 4 = 4

Message from PEA: And SABOTAGE WINS this time with 10 HELP POINTS < 16 SABOTAGE POINTS. The votes are locked in and you can no longer vote, BUT you can still suggest ideas on what will happen. If you previously suggested an idea for how Jerry gets HELP, you can still suggest an idea for how Jerry gets SABOTAGED and I'll pick one with the most votes, and/or whichever is most interesting and zany

Now I will roll the dice to see if TEMMIE will arrive for her 25 cents. She has a 10% chance, so anything 10 or lower from a 100 dice roll means she will show up.
No. 1038106 ID: e51896

Uh oh! the perp cameos just won't STOP! Temmie is coming for your money. Better get ready!

That said, if you want to suggest what happens when Temmie arrives, go right ahead!
No. 1038107 ID: 629f2e

Temmie is a ruthless businesswoman. After collecting Jerry's fee she sells her services to Eugene, giving him a random chance to add more SABOTAGE points to a future encounter if he interprets the fortune correctly.

Jerry may feel betrayed, but Temmie assures him on the way out that the odds are higher that Eugene misinterprets it, which will grant extra HELP points to the chosen situation.
No. 1038114 ID: 8483cf

Absolutely support. Not because Perpetuity cast cameos, but because Eugene needs a boost to his villain cred!
No. 1040291 ID: e51896
File 165991443609.png - (105.30KB , 1280x720 , 113.png )

Nope! This is stupid. This is absolutely stupid. Jerry tells Gerbera that he needs a moment, or two… maybe three to process the stupidity he is witnessing here and asks Gerbera to distract Eugene for a moment.

Gerbera: Huh? Okay, but um… What should I say to him?

Jerry shrugs, lazily letting gravity lower his arms (and pizza). He tells them he doesn’t care, and to just try to get him to admit he’s not Sweaty Kitty or something.

Gerbera: Right-o! so, Sweaty Kitty… IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME…
Gerbera: If you really are Sweaty Kitty,
Gerbera: Then you should be able to PURR like a cat wouldn’t you
Sweaty Kitty(?): I….. uhhhh…
Gerbera: Well, go ahead, prove it! let’s hear you purr!

Eugene starts eating in a lot of air before closing his mouth. A long gross rumbling vibrating sound emits from his throat

Gerbera: Hmmmmm…
Gerbera: Okay, yeah! That checks out.
Mary: Uhhhh… I… I think he just burped, Gerbera.
Gerbera: Did he? Oooooh, right, he did. Yuck!

Really, has the humor of this quest devolved to the point of cheap burp jokes? Not wanting to continue witnessing this disgusting display of stupidity any longer, Jerry picks up his phone and calls Purr Feckt. He would text her, but talking to her is much faster (spirits somewhat rejected!) Hopefully as a lawyer, she will do something about Eugene committing identity theft. She responds instantaneously.

Purr Feckt: I hope this is of the utmost importance, Mr. Le Booshki.
Purr Feckt: I already informed you that I am meeting with my dear sister Dea, which is of high importance, and I cannot be disturbed for something so trivial.
Purr Feckt: It will serve you well to listen when people are talking to you.

Wait, important? That doesn’t sound right. Jerry explains that P.I. Zzander told him that she’s actually meeting with her sister to congratulate her for graduating. Sounds more like a casual visit than any kind of important meeting.

Purr Feckt: …
Purr Feckt: Zzander, you tattler…
Purr Feckt: Thank you for informing me of Zzander sharing private… yet false information.
Purr Feckt: I will ensure he will be set straight over his inability to keep confidential information disclosed… even if it’s fake.
Purr Fectk: But that’s beside the point… Listen, Mr. Le Booshki…
Purr Feckt: Family matters are indeed very important.
Purr Feckt: And I would advise you to not be poking around in our business.
Purr Feckt: Especially when you are wasting a good portion of my time pointing out subjects unrelated to the reason you called me.
Purr Feckt: Now if you’re done wasting time, I suggest you promptly state your business… now.

Not wanting to argue with little miss perfect, Jerry tries to explain to her that Eugene, the green pizza ratte is disguising himself and impersonating as the Sweaty Kitty

Purr Feckt: …
Purr Feckt: And?
Purr Feckt: Who exactly do you mean by the Sweaty Kitty? You need to be specific, Mr. Le Booshki.
Purr Feckt: That description you’ve provided could fit any felines that precipitates, especially on a hot day like today.

Ugh, details, details... What is it with everything needing to be precise with this lady? Jerry proceeds to elaborate, letting her know it’s that one cat that has brown hair that looks blue because of the excess amount of sweat she emits, gray fur, some kind of negotiator or something, exercises a lot… Purr Feckt however still doesn’t sound enthusiastic.

Purr Feckt: Mr. Le Booshki, while that is certainly a more detailed description, I still require a name.
Purr Feckt: You should obviously be able to provide one since you know the exact person he’s impersonating.

Well damn. If only he knew SK’s real name, this would be a lot easier… But why should he? Sweaty Kitty mentioned being harassed by Purr Feckt over a wet floor. Jerry tells Purr Feckt she should know exactly who he is talking about, she and her client tried to sue her once before, and her “perfect” memory should be able to recognize her from that description.

There is a long pause before Purr Feckt makes a response, which Jerry thinks he can hear a bit of a fluster in her voice.
Purr Feckt: O-Of course, I remember her!
Purr Feckt: Just what exactly are you insinuating?
Purr Feckt: Please understand that even though I remember her appearance to every utmost detail, I still need a name for confirmation of identification.
Purr Feckt: And do keep in mind If Eugene is truly impersonating her, he would have also been calling himself by this Sweaty Kitty’s real name.
Purr Feckt: Otherwise, he’s just as well could be coincidentally dressed up like her without intentionally pretending to be her.
Purr Feckt: If we’re done here, I have to get back to brushing my dearest sister’s fur.

Brushing her sister? Jerry points out Brushing fur doesn’t sound as important as she’s been claiming to be.

Purr Feckt: Ah, *ahem* I said rushing my dearest sister out the door, I can’t have her late for our important meeting.
Purr Feckt: I will not remind you again to listen next time

Jerry is about to contradict Purrfeckt by pointing out her “Important” meeting should already be at Marination university, the place she’s CURRENTLY IN RIGHT NOW when she interrupts with a “Fare-thee-well” before hanging up the conversation.

Jerry realizes that this whole thing is going to be a waste of time without SK’s real name, so he decides to next call Sweaty Kitty… However, his phone rings immediately after and coincidentally, it seems to be that Sweaty Kitty herself of all people! Lucky! Jerry promptly answers the phone to get to the bottom of this SITUATION and hears the feline’s voice on the other end. It sounds slightly nervous.

Sweaty Kitty: Oh good, you picked up!
Sweaty Kitty: Look, this is important, but if you see somebody that looks like me…
Sweaty Kitty: but uhhh, wearing clothing SIMILAR to how mine looks…
Sweaty Kitty: It’s totally not me, okay? It’s Gene!
Sweaty Kitty: Just thought, I uh… let you know that so you don’t get confused and mistakenly pin whatever actions that imposter is doing on me.

Jerry tells her that’s kind of sort of completely obvious, as he can see Eugene standing in front of him a little bit after the intersection where the playground is, pouring water all over himself to look sweaty… but really, it’s just making him drenched.

Sweaty Kitty: Okay, okay, okay… I can’t quite explain why…
Sweaty Kitty: But I need you to do me a HUGE favor and uhhh…
Sweaty Kitty: How do I put this without sounding perverted… Ugh, there’s no other way to put it
Sweaty Kitty: Get that disguise off of Gene and take the disguise over to a large cardboard box, at the alley closest to you.

Jerry asks why not just knock Eugene out and throw him in that alley or something for her to deal with as he REALLY doesn’t want to see that dirty ratte underdressed.

Sweaty Kitty: uhhhh! Yeah! That actually works too.
Sweaty Kitty: Just somehow bring him or my…er… that disguise over to the box, and I’ll deal with him!
Sweaty Kitty: Errr… Not that I’m in there right now or anything, yeah…
Sweaty Kitty: Don’t worry! I’ll be sure to give you a REWARD if you can do this for me!

UNLOCKED SIDEQUEST: Get Eugene, or his disguise over to the Cardboard box in the Alley!
-Sweaty Kitty will give you a reward for it!

No. 1040292 ID: e51896
File 165991444747.png - (102.58KB , 1280x720 , 114.png )

Suddenly, Jerry is startled by the tugging of the bottom of his shirt. He looks down to find a creepy looking child staring back at him. Well great, is this child lost too? Jerry can’t be babysitting on the job, but he guesses he’ll have to deal with this. He tells Sweaty Kitty he will try to handle this situation for her and finishes his call with her…

Aww, shit. He forgot to ask SK her name. Ah whatever, Jerry asks what the kid wants.

Temmie: It appears that although the spirits did not want to send me to you just yet, FATE had other plans, leading our paths to intertwine with each other for this chance encounter.

What the hell is this kid talking about? Noticing Jerry’s expression of confusion, Temmie laughs as she curtseys and introduces herself.

Temmie: I am called Madam Temmie, Fortune Teller of the FORTUNATE HOTLINE
Temmie: And I have arrived to request payment for my services.

Oh shit! Jerry thought he’d have more time to figure out this payment issue, he can’t just not pay her, stealing from kids is just awful, but he’s not quite sure how to respond with not being able to pay 100 grand ₵A$H. Jerry starts nervously sweating as Gerbera notices the girl.

Gerbera: Oh! Hello! Are you lost? Don’t worry, the park is right over that way!
Mary: I remember, Franklin mentioned you! I think your friend is over there at the playground!
Mary: Since you seem to know where you’re going, maybe you can help him get home?

Temmie shakes her head and laughs again.

Temmie: Your worries are misplaced. While I am here in this dominion, I am also safe in the comfort of my own dominion.
Temmie: The same can be said for Franklin… for now.
Temmie: Do not concern yourself with him, he is where he needs to be.
Temmie: For which, I must thank the spirits for allowing him this moment of respite before he continues his trials instead of summoning me to bring him back home too soon.

Eugene starts flailing his arms rapidly in anger
Eugene: That best friend who sweats a lot?!
Eugene: What’s with this brat? Can’t you see we’re busy here?! Scram!

Temmie waves a finger at Eugene.

Temmie: Patience will serve you well, both now and later.
Temmie: I’m only be here to collect my 25 CENTS for reading THE DELIVERER’S fortune,
Temmie: And then I’ll leave you all, to travel on my own and see the sights of this city.
Eugene: Pfffft, tourists…

Jerry decides to face the music and is about to explain he does not have the 100 GRAND when Gerbera speaks out.

Gerbera: 25 cents??? WOW! That IS a good deal!
Gerbera: From most of the universes I visited, that’s like, the price of a gumball!
Mary: Really? 25 cents isn’t a big deal?
Mary: Where I’m from, BEADS, our currency where I’m from, is kind of hard to come by.
Gerbera: Jerry, you should give her like, more than 1 ₵A$H for candy, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the tip!

Did… Gerbera really just save Jerry’s hide there? All this time he could have asked Gerbera and saved himself all this anxiety. Regardless Jerry sighs with relief and pays her 10 ₵A$H, bringing his ₵A$H amount down to 1261. He then informs her that he thinks he saw a gas station near the playground she can get candy from.

Temmie: Hmm… yes, this should suffice.
Temmie: While it is not my country’s currency, there was actually no real way to bring it back with me.
Temmie: But it will help make my visit here more enjoyable and relaxing before tomorrow comes.
Temmie: I thank you for the tip, and wish you and your own spirits luck.
Temmie: Wherever you might find yourself.

No. 1040293 ID: e51896
File 165991446018.png - (72.35KB , 1280x720 , 115.png )

Temmie then stares at the pizza ratte, who has his arms crossed while impatiently tapping his foot.

Temmie: Could I interest you in a fortune as well? Only 25 cents!
Eugene: Hey, wait wait wait, so you’re telling me…
Eugene: That I can get a fortune read for less than 10 ₵A$H?!
Temmie: 25 cents actually, but that should be fine, yes.
Eugene: Well dam- errr… I mean Darn! Sign me up!

Jerry tries to protest, informing her about how much of a jerk Eugene is, but Temmie pays his complaints no mind.

Eugene: Hey! I’m not Eugene, idiot! I’m that Sweaty Kitty!
Temmie: He has a point. Why would Eugene’s character matter? This is clearly the Sweaty Kitty.

She giggles, clearly not buying her own claim. Jerry huffs in annoyance.

Temmie: Now now, Deliverer, a person’s background doesn’t change who does or doesn’t get their fortune.
Temmie: As long as I’m paid, I will offer anyone my fortune telling services, within reason.
Mary: Just let it go, boss.

Temmie walks up to Eugene and seemingly stares right into his soul. Eugene is a bit uncomfortable and steps back a bit as Temmie proceeds to tell him his fortune.
“To The Highwayman wearing the costume of The Sweaty, consider this advice if you desire an ill-gotten meal.”
“In the garden of creative minds, you will take the face of The Worrywart. Though the disguise will be transparent, at a distance it may be convincing.”
“Take what is rightfully theirs and make it wrongfully yours. If your timing is true, then the skyclad will change fate in your favor. Tails will become heads, what’s right will be wrong, and victory will change to defeat.”
“In the face of such chaos, perhaps the comic relief may defy the narrative and come out ahead? It is a possibility, and I shall give one final hint to make it so. If The Deliverer is kicked into action, he will lose his grip on the situation. That is when you must take hold of your goal”

Temmie: This is the Future as I have seen it.

Eugene scratches his head over the fortune
Eugene: Heyyyy, wait a minute…
Eugene: That’s not a fortune! That’s just a riddle!
Temmie: It isn’t meant to make sense now. Stay perceptive though, and you’ll understand its meaning when the time is right.
Eugene: BUT YOU… ehh forget it. Why am I complaining over something that’s just 10 measly ₵A$H?

Temmie whispers to Jerry as Eugene tries to process the confusing fortune

Temmie: The odds that he misinterprets it are high, as pizza is the only thing on his mind…
Temmie: It brings him comfort, echoing memories of his past, if for just a moment
Temmie: Whether my fortunes come to pass or not for either of you, treat every possible outcome with respect, good or bad. Use those moments to learn and grow.
Temmie: May our fates become intertwined again…

Jerry watches as Temmie walks off towards the playground to find the gas station. He wonders what kind of SITUATIONS Temmie and Franklin will need to overcome from where they’re from, but he remembers from earlier that Temmie told him not to concern himself with them. They’ve got their own quests, and Jerry has his.

The next time you encounter Eugene, there will be a chance for him to figure out his fortune, and raise your sabotage points by 3!
No. 1040294 ID: e51896
File 165991447237.png - (91.27KB , 1280x720 , 116.png )

Eugene slaps and rubs his hands together
Eugene: Now then, where were we…
Eugene: Seriously guys, tell me,
Eugene: I forgot!
Gerbera: Uhhh… I think You were going to reveal you were actually Eugene, and not the Sweaty kitty?
Eugene: Oh yeaaaah…
Eugene: No wait, I AM THE SWEATY KITTY!!! Quit trying to trick me!
Eugene: …
Eugene: Y’know what,
Eugene: That girl ruined our flow
Eugene: I’ll just skip right to the point where I try to grab that pizza!
Eugene: Sounds good with you guys?
Gerbera: No, but it makes sense.

Eugene with great determination runs after the PIZZA PARTY. Jerry with little time to think quickly summons the AIRBAG from his hammer space and tries to hand it over to Gerbera as his hands are too full to hold the airbag and the pizza at once. However, seeing Eugene in the Sweaty Kitty’s sweaty attire reminds Jerry of how he got her slimy sweat all over him from that hug earlier, thus distracting him from which way the airbag points as he hands it over to Gerbera. He whispers to Gerbera to activate it when Eugene gets close enough.

Gerbera: You got it! Now let's see… how do I activate this… maybe if I press this here it w-

No. 1040295 ID: e51896
File 165991454293.png - (64.41KB , 1280x720 , 117.png )

The Airbag activates right in Gerbera's dorky face, and they are for some reason, launched right out of their uniform, and into the sky. The Airbag POPPED and is no longer usable. Jerry did NOT want to see Gerbera in a state of undress today, or every other day and is disgusted. He decides to stick Gerbera’s uniform into his HAMMERSPACE until Gerbera comes back down from outer space… whenever that may be.

Gerbera: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

No. 1040296 ID: e51896
File 165991456964.png - (71.19KB , 1280x720 , 118.png )

Eugene only stops momentarily to laugh maniacally at Gerbera’s misfortune, giving Jerry the chance to make a break for it across the street. It doesn’t take long for Eugene to finish his laughter before giving chase once again.

Jerry has failed to get out of the SITUATION and it has turned into a PROBLEM, wasting an UPDATE.
Normally, he would be able to get out of the problem by the next update, but since he’s being chased by Eugene, Jerry is now in another SITUATION which could delay the PROBLEM further if he’s SABOTAGED

(REMINDER: You have an opportunity to finish Sweaty Kitty's sidequest by somehow bringing Eugene, or the disguise he's wearing to a cardboard box at the nearby ally. If you wish, suggest how to do that in your suggestion if you wish)

(optional: come up with an idea how if you vote this. You can also write up a SABOTAGE idea in case HELP loses. One vote for HELP adds one point to HELP)

(optional: Come up with an idea how if you vote this. You can also write up a HELP idea in case SABOTAGE loses. One vote for SABOTAGE adds one point to SABOTAGE)

(Number of times you DIDN’T use an item for Rocio’s challenge: 1/5 )

(Gerbera is in outer space and their items can’t be used until they land)

PURR FECKT’S PURSE (Chances Purr Feckt will find out Jerry used her purse currently: 15%)(Purr Feckt detection raises by 25% if he rummages through it)(contains a water bottle full of sweat, Purr Feckt detection raises by 10% if Jerry uses it)
Jerry thinks having Mary pour some of that slimy sweat from the water bottle on the floor behind them could slip up Eugene.
Mary: Wait boss, Aren’t you going to use that to prank Purr Feckt? Plus he can just easily jump over the puddle
Mary: Not to mention that it might make Purr Feckt realize her purse had been rummaged through…

Oh yeah, good point. Jerry mentions instead probably just throwing whatever is in her purse at him to slow her down.

Mary: Nononono! Wait, I changed my mind! the water bottle plan is better after all!
Mary: As long as you put in clean water afterwards!

HELP (if using Sweaty Kitty’s water bottle): 5 SABOTATGE (if using Sweaty Kitty’s water bottle):2
- Write down what you want inside and list their SABOTAGE or HELP points, and how it will help or sabotage you. Preferably keep this one with more help points than sabotage plz.

Jerry thinks If they can round the corner in an alleyway or get somewhere else out of his sight temporarily, they might be able to hide in this, and Eugene will run past
Mary: I don’t know, he’s pretty fast to be catching up to us like this.
Mary: Plus, he might find it suspicious a giant shiny seashell is just out in the open.
Mary: or might even take the Seashell for himself


Mary: this might be one of our best bets to lose him…
Mary: I… just hope whatever trouble we run into next won’t be too bad during your crash
Mary: It was scary trying to figure things out on my own when you passed out like that, boss

Jerry thinks this will help tremendously, he also really wants to save it during his day off to experience the euphoria from eating it privately.

Mary: There really aren't many things you can unscrew here.
Mary: The only screws I can see are on those road signs. Do you think removing them could do anything?

Jerry suggests that taking some signs down could cause a traffic accident that he can use to lose Eugene. If they get really lucky, he might get run over again.

Mary: ...That's a crime though, isn't it? They're public property. You could get into trouble if you get caught.
Mary: Plus, how will you find enough time to unscrew them with Eugene right behind you?

Jerry simply points out that Mary looks big enough to handle a screwdriver.

Mary: I… yeah, you’re right boss
Mary: Though… it does seem scary to be doing this by myself without help
Mary: Especially with Eugene chasing us and potentially stopping me
Mary: But… I-I’ll do it, even though I’m scared!


Mary: Eugene is really good at disguising himself.
Jerry refutes that claim vehemently.
Mary: ...Well, he thinks he's good enough to rely on it at least. He might be really proud of his skill.
Mary: Maybe if you dress up like Gerbera and pretend to be them, he'll get insulted and try to out-do you?
Mary: Though, even if that might get him out of the Sweaty Kitty's clothes, we need Gerbera's too, don't we?

JERRY’S WALLET (1271 ₵A$H from Jerry)
Mary: Bribing might help, but I don’t know, it feels like he’s the type of person who loves stealing pizza over buying it himself
HELP: 2, no matter how much you give him

Mary: I wonder if The Sweaty Kitty can convince Eugene to stop what he’s doing…
Jerry thinks maybe Sweaty Kitty threatening Eugene with a lawsuit might help get Eugene out of the disguise, though she seemed a bit nervous for some reason and might flub things up.
Mary: True, though sadly I don’t think Purr Feckt is going to help since she’s probably a bit angry at us from wasting her time earlier.
Mary: Plus we still don’t know Sweaty Kitty’s name…
Mary: But maybe Rocio could encourage us to run faster? She has a way to get people to work harder with her words.

Jerry warns that Rocio might also encourage Eugene to run faster

Mary: Well, if all else fails, we have those other two fortune tellers…
Mary: Just be careful about the costs of their fotunes.

- Call the Sweaty Kitty
- Call Iraphena (costs the equivalent of 1000 BUX, whatever that means)
- Call Felafaf (Free, but the next SITUATION will give you 9 SABOTAGE points due to a changed destiny)
- Call Purr Feckt
- Call Rocio

>-GET ANTONIO’S HELP (7 HELP POINTS) (Lowers Pizza Temperature unless you give him STALE LEFTOVERS to maintain the temperature… which you no longer have) (Pizza Temperature is: HOT)

Antonio: *sigh* I can’t believe I was replaced by someone incompetent as that flower…
Antonio: I guess I’ll show you how it’s done

Sub Options (stuff you can do along with your regular options) (you can only do three SUB OPTIONS actions)
>-Text the someone
- This will do nothing to HELP or SABOTAGE the situation, but you will get some fun dialogue. Write down what Jerry should text them, and they’ll respond appropriately.

>-Use all or some of your free HELP point(s)
- You have 10.
- Can only vote for or against using it if you're voting HELP.
- Specify how many points you want to use.
- At least two people must vote for this

>-Use all or some your free SABOTAGE point(s)
- You have 6.
- Can only vote for or against using if you’re voting SABOTAGE.
- Specify how many points you want to use.
- At least two people must vote for this

>-Call Vincent or Harmon
-They will arrive in TWO-THREE UPDATES, RANDOMLY giving you 5 HELP points, or 5 SABOTAGE points depending on if the SITUATION is serious or not.

>-Item management! Throw away, or put an item inside the HAMMERSPACE (Mary is an option)

MESSAGE FROM PEA: 3 Perpetuity references in a row! This is the last one (unless something happens, this quest is weird enough to achieve the unexpected and pull another one somehow). Thanks again to Himitsu for helping write Temmie's dialogue!
No. 1040297 ID: 53d60e

Help vote: no items. Gerbera falls and lands on top of Eugene, knocking the rat out cold.

Take him to the ally where Sweaty Kitty is at afterwards to finish the sidequest.
No. 1040298 ID: 899c9f

How did you see Gerbera floating naked in space? You must not really need the glasses if you can see that well.
Sabotage: Throw stuff from the purse at Jerry. Including your glasses.
No. 1040300 ID: e5709d

Sabotage: Gerbera accidentally faceplants herself deep, deep into Eugene.
So deep, her body goes into fugue hydroponics mode and begins sucking the vital juices out of his body, enhancing her...

You should probably stop that.
Well, maybe.
No. 1040355 ID: aff302

Ok use the MACE and apply it directly to his kneecaps and after that apply it directly to his forehead multiple times untill the job is done. When using a MACE it is important to have a good stance a disrega of humans wellbeing and to put yourself into a blazing rage state of mind. I believe if you fallow all these easy steps you two can become the scariest MF on the street.
No. 1040361 ID: a2d88b

Help, no item. Lure Eugene into the alley, get behind the cardboad box and open the pizza box to distract Eugene, so he may trip on the box.
No. 1040373 ID: 0838d6

Help/No Item, Gerb almost falls on Eugene but fails, causing Eugene to hop back, laugh and claim he has good fortune before comically tripping on his "sweat" into an open box which you conveniently peek into to see a naked SK beating up Eugene in a comic cloud of fists and dust.

Wonder what cool present SK will give you, and then skee-daddle on out of there because you're a bit behind schedule!!!
No. 1040396 ID: 629f2e


Looks like we'll be continuing the no-items challenge. Alright then, I'll play along to help us complete the side-quest.


Dash for the alley Sweaty Kitty mentioned, and hide behind a dumpster. As Eugene is pacing through ready to find them, Gerbera plummets from the sky and lands right inside the box containing Sweaty Kitty. When Eugene hears multiple voices coming out of it, he runs up and yanks it open, revealing none of the people he was looking for, but instead two people who are both fairly upset with him.

Jerry takes the opportunity to sneak up behind Eugene and shove him inside, holding it shut until the sounds of violence within cease. When the box opens up next, Sweaty Kitty exits fully dressed and Gerbera waves a pleading leaf for their uniform, which Jerry happily provides.

They leave the box on the sidewalk to buy some time from having to deal with him again, as he'll have to wait for foot traffic to die down before he can fetch a new outfit out of a dumpster and plot his next attack.


Same setup as before, except you get a bit less lucky on where Gerbera lands. Instead of landing in the cardboard box SK is hiding in, they land straight onto you, leaving you in a daze. In that moment, Eugene is able to grab your pizza box and hop straight into the dumpster you were hiding by, rolling away in it with the pizza in hand! He won't eat it immediately, as the dumpster smell is messing up his appetite, but once he makes some distance and gets out nothing will be stopping him!

New PROBLEM: Find a way to catch up to Eugene and get the pizza back FAST, or else he's going to start enjoying it himself.

Bonus SITUATION to deal with: Sweaty Kitty and Gerbera both need clothes. Neither will help you until they're decent, so how do you resolve things? Do you take one over the other, find a solution to help them both, etc.?


-Text Rocio to let her know you're about to be 2 for 5 on her challenge already, and bring up the fact that she seems to be the only one who hasn't taken on a challenge here. Armstrong did tonguetwisters, you're doing an itemless SITUATION solving run, but she's just nagging. For someone who talks big about other people's victories, she sure likes sitting on her ass.

If she takes the bait, give her a fun dare! Something like: No magic for five updates, or getting to wherever she needs to be next without flying or riding on her BF's shoulders, and still making it on time. If she wins, you'll get her some Pizzid on the house. Later. When you aren't on a delivery.

-Text SK some heads up that you're approaching with Eugene on the pursuit.
No. 1040407 ID: 8483cf

I vote help! Sorry, Eugene, but we’ve gotta show Rocio who’s boss. No items.

The HELP situation is that Jerry runs as fast as he can to Sweaty Kitty’s Dark Damp Alley and just barely makes it to her box before Eugene catches up. Eugene, overconfident as he is after all an alley rat, begins monologuing about how smart he is. Jerry holds up the PIZZID box in surrender.

The PIZZID box has, conveniently, been designed to be seen from low earth orbit, and Gerb slams into Eugene.

If sabotage wins, Gerb crash lands into Sweaty Kitty’s box instead, sending them both sprawling into the alleyway, dazed and confused. Eugene is the only one not distracted by the two nudesters and seizes the pizza!

Bonus: Text Rocio and brag (if HELP wins) or berate her for laziness (if SABOTAGE wins).
No. 1040417 ID: da312c

Help (?) That's it! This is the straw that broke the camel that split the herd that dried the desert that ruined the whole biome.

Jerry sharply turns around, grabs Eugene by that shirt neck that's as soggy as the rat's brain,

And speaks:

"I've had enough of all of you showing up and making my life impossible every single time I go out to do a simple delivery!
It's always the same! I get an adress, I go out to the streets, everything is fine for about 2 updates, and then everything goes completely pear-shaped, and I get chased down by lunatics that want to steal my pizza, or have a gripe with me over a bad break-up, or want to kidnap me for getting the wrong answers on a survey, or who want to destroy all pizza forever just because they burned their mouth on a hot slice one time. Yeah, sure, that's good enough reason to ruin someone's livelihood.

You know who else hates pizza?
Me! I abhor pizza. Don't get me wrong, I like the taste of pizza as much as anyone. I used to eat it as much as anyone. But this job makes me so stressed, so utterly miserable, that I can't bring myself to grab a bite anymore.
Every day, I have to struggle to even understand the adress my fast-talking boss is telling me to go to, then I have to sneak around to avoid my flower co-worker from talking my ear off about how WoNDerFUl this job is, after which I drive off to work and you bozos pop up at ruin everything, with the customer flipping me off and refusing to pay, and me struggling yet again to understand how exactly my boss is telling me that I totally suck at my job.
Did you know that in my last delivery run, some pizza-headed detective freak acussed me of trying to poison a lactose-intolerant guy with a cheesy pizza and I got banished to an alien dimension I had to escape by the skin of my teeth? I now have a criminal record because I went to the wrong adress!

Not that you gave a damn to ask, but why don't I quit? Well, I can't! The only reason I got this job is because my uncle is the boss there, and every place I try to apply to blows me off, because to them a washed up delivery boy in his twenties is not worth a second glance.
Do you know how much I'd give to live like you do, hanging around with your friends and chasing after pizza deliveries? How I'd kill to be able to throw even 10 measly CASH on a kid fortune teller? You waste your waking hours skulking around the city, looking for me, and making my life a living hell. The least you could do is giving me the basic decency of offering to show my resume to your workplace, or your acquiantances, or to whatever spineless parents you have that put up with this shit you do every day.

My co-worker, the one you threw into the stratosphere because you seem to value a free meal more than people's lives, spends all day in a mascot suit, dancing for the customers and giving it their all to get a promotion to delivery boy, never complaining and never saying a single bad word about, but deep down, I think it's all an act just to annoy me. I KNOW it's all an act to annoy me, because who would ever enjoy this dead-end job with no health benefits minumum wage? Or even worse, the job of dancing around in a dirty, smelling, overheated mascot costume all day? Like I am going to be doing if I blow this last chance to make a succesful delivery? The one you are trying to blow right now?
You, Eugene, you don't have everything, but have more than what I would ever need to be happy. A group of friends who admire and follow you, a family that loves you and supports your life style, and the luxury of having lots of free time to pursue whatever hobbies you can think of.

And you waste them jacking off thinking about eating fucking pizza.

Get out of my sight, you are not even worth the moss and vomit you are covered in. Here, have this hat, it's got a pizza slice painted on, go ahead and eat it for all I care.

And next time you have 10 CASH laying around, please go and actually order from the menu.

Buy the best. Buy at freaking Piz-zid!"
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