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File 163210578065.png - (119.52KB , 687x549 , CR_Title.png )
1011088 No. 1011088 ID: 8483cf

//Clothing Repair\\
NSFW 18+ Warning: This quest includes nudity and mild elements of non-con (clothing damage). Reader discretion advised.

Adventuring has never been safer! Healing spells and trinkets of mage armor are cheap, powerful and plentiful. Unfortunately, spells that protect clothing are still very, very expensive, and it didn’t take long for monsters to figure out new ways to drive off adventurers.

As a newly minted journeyman seamstress just opening up her own shop, you must propose clothes that fit your adventurer’s skills, protect them against dangers, fit their budget, flatter their sense of style, and protect their modesty. Public nudity is highly illegal!
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No. 1018272 ID: e51896

2, D, I
No. 1018281 ID: 8483cf
File 164037226575.png - (14.26KB , 680x417 , CR_39.png )

It’s my first day, so for now, the customer is always right!

I put on my lens as surreptitiously as I can and start sifting through my fabrics, describing the options to Naomi and gauging her aura’s baseline. It brightens every time I mention vents and full coverage, and doesn’t seem to dim at all whenever I bring up difficulty or price. She doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about price too much (or at least not enough to affect her mood) and she definitely wants a cooler outfit that keeps her markings 100% covered, even if they move around. She also knows how difficult that is, and she responds well to my confidence in recommending it. She also likes the idea of sandals. Success!

I recommend her a breathable leotard with built-in bust support, but mention that she should still wear panties underneath. She nods approvingly- above all else, she absolutely wants to keep her icy blue tummy concealed.

All of my recommendations make her happy- right up until I tell her how long an outfit with mesh vents will take to make.

“Three days?!” Naomi’s aura sours, turning from a vivid blue to a dour navy. “I can’t roast for three days! I need to go out and adventure! I can’t wait around here and be bored for three whole days! That’s costing me money! Lots of money!”

With my lens (which Naomi still hasn’t noticed as magical), I can see her aura darken on the things she actually cares about: being hot, and being bored. She’s not actually concerned about money or adventuring; she might not even have a job lined up. Her real issue is the time it’ll take me to make the outfit. I can work with that.

“How about I work late?” I say. “If I start right now and work as hard as I can, it’ll be done in two days.”

Naomi pouts. Her aura’s still dour. I need to sweeten the deal.

“Or, if that’s not fast enough, I can make it a high-priority VIP job! If you’re willing to pay extra, I’ll go from sunup to sundown, and I’ll work on your outfit- and only your outfit- until it’s done. That way I can guarantee no distractions, and I’ll have it done by tomorrow evening!”

“That’s still a day of sitting around doing nothing!” Naomi says. “You’d better give me a big discount for that. No extra fee for VIP.”

She’s not actually looking for a discount- she’s just bored. If I give her something to do, I think she’ll take the deal.

“I can’t give you a big discount on such an important VIP project,” I say. “But how about you take a little time to enchant my sign? I might bring the rate down to normal if you do that. And I’ll have the sandals done today, so you can at least go out adventuring in your paja- I mean, regular clothes.”

Naomi’s aura is still sour. She might not take the deal unless I can guarantee she’ll be cool tomorrow, and give her something to do when she’s done with the sign. I have to make this sale! This is BIG MONEY. I’m about to get what is essentially a free neon sign and a major high-quality sale (but I’ll be working hard for a day and a half to do it).

It pains me to do it, but I could guarantee the sale at this price if I tell Naomi about my secret swimming place. It would cool her down and she’d probably have lots of fun- but then it wouldn’t be my own personal secret hideaway anymore.

Should I guarantee the awesome sale and free sign by telling Naomi about my secret swimming place?
No. 1018282 ID: 629f2e

Share the swimming location. It probably isn't really a secret anyways, locals definitely found it before you, and would we really be upset to find Naomi there in either a swimsuit or underwear? Just ask her to keep it secret. She won't, but if she's trying she might at least tell fewer people than she would otherwise.
No. 1018283 ID: 1cd9cd

Yeah, makes sense to me
No. 1018284 ID: 9b127b

tell her!
No. 1018288 ID: c92a02

Nah, don't mix business and pleasure. She'll have to freeroam to discover that secret. Can you give her a quest to retrieve fifty bear asses or something?
No. 1018289 ID: 96a9a8

Reveal the deets
No. 1018290 ID: 8483cf
File 164038053601.png - (124.35KB , 644x816 , CR_40.png )

I could probably make the sale (and get the sign) without telling Naomi about my secret swimming spot, but the way she’s acting, she just might walk away in a huff, realize she still needs a new outfit, then come back with her more-responsible wizard friend who cares about money. I have to close the deal now, and make Naomi happy enough to defend the price!

Naomi’s insistence on how trustworthy she is makes me suspicious. I’m pretty sure she’ll let the secret slip to the adventuring crowd, and my spot won’t be secret for long. But worst-case, the swimming spot might get popular. Maybe I could start selling swimsuits?

I prrrroooooobably won’t need to make them as sturdy as my other outfits…

“You drive a hard bargain,” I say, and put on a show of lowering my voice and leaning close. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Yeah! I’m great at keeping secrets,” Naomi says eagerly. “Tell me! What is it?”

“Only if you promise to keep it to yourself,” I say solemnly.

“I promise!”

“Good! There’s a hidden riverbank about fifteen minutes’ walk from here,” I whisper. “There’s brick walls sealing it off from the streets everywhere but one little gap, and the river bends just right so no one can see you take a dip. It’s perfect to cool off in privacy.”

“Really?” Naomi’s eyes go wide. “How do I get there?”

I give her the directions to the gap between buildings, and where to look for the hole in the brick walls to climb down to the riverbank. She takes it all in eagerly.

“That should let you cool off tomorrow while you wait,” I say. “Between that and the sign, time will fly! You’ll have a new outfit before you know it.”

“Yeah!” Naomi gives me a big smile. “I can’t wait! Let’s do it! How much was it again?”

I tell her, and she agrees to the price without batting an eye and I am absolutely STOKED FOR THIS

“It’s a deal!” I immediately start pulling out soles and start fitting Naomi’s new sandals. “No time to waste. Do you mind if I give you details for how I’d like the sign to look? And what colors to use?”

Naomi nods and listens closely. We get through the fitting and adjusting and describing, and when we’re done, Naomi leaves in her pajamas with a nice new pair of sandals, carrying my sign over her shoulder to work on it first thing tomorrow.

As for me, I’ve got a long day and a half of highly paid work to do!
No. 1018291 ID: 8483cf
File 164038056211.png - (119.52KB , 687x549 , CR_Title.png )

CLOTHING REPAIR will now take a break!

There will be a brief timeskip for the local adventurers to go adventuring, and for Saiorse to work on Naomi’s outfit and build up extra lace and food for Tineola, and other necessary restocking after her first few customers.

While we wait for this to finish, CLOTHING REPAIR will update with glimpses of what the adventurers are doing in the meantime.

Feel free to suggest which adventurers we see and what they’re doing!

No. 1018294 ID: c92a02

Let's see how long Tineola takes to realize her invisibility enchantment has some strings attached.
No. 1018295 ID: 9a2966

The Wizard Samantha Stevens, her shopping complete, peacefully reading a book and drinking chilled lemonade in a tavern - until a giddy Naomi drops by, chugs her drink and asks to borrow a change of swimwear - something fully-body, please! Or maybe an illusion spell could do. Samantha's not using her spells on anything now anyway, right? Riiiiight?
No. 1018308 ID: a2493c

a completely normal middle-aged salaryman who is totally not suspect or out of place in this high-fantasy setting, and DEFINITELY not asking for very surreptitious modifications to his suit for hazy and unsettling reasons
No. 1018412 ID: e51896

Knife cat, she will be on a adventure... or maybe she is an assassin and was sent to kill someone. But whatever happened, she failed and her clothes are ruined, causing her to think about visiting our place
No. 1018477 ID: 629f2e

Gonna suggest we peek in on Elaine, and see just how well her mission is going. If her robes get damaged and the corset comes out, maybe she'll return our kindness by telling people where she got it from. Of course, she'd probably rush to explain why a monk with a vow of poverty is wearing something so high quality and expensive looking. The idea of being seen as not taking her vow seriously is far worse than a spot of clothing damage.
No. 1032058 ID: 8483cf
File 165240965594.png - (9.32KB , 416x352 , CR_41.png )

One exhausting all-nighter (and all day-er) later, Naomi’s outfit is done. I’m absolutely exhausted, but it’s worth every moment when I see that big bag of gold Lira jingling and jangling.

I open it up and carefully set aside this month’s rent, my first month’s repayment to my master for the loan he gave me to start the shop, the cost for resupplying my for materials, some money for groceries, and…

It’s still a good amount of money left over.

This pile of gold is pure profit, and I haven’t even finished my first week in Busalla.


I wipe my eyes and sniffle. I’m gonna make it. I’m really gonna make it!

I place each gold coin in my pouch and wobble unsteadily to the stairs, but I can’t make it, instead passing out in a strewn pile of lycra.
No. 1032059 ID: 8483cf
File 165240967036.png - (52.03KB , 857x466 , CR_42.png )

I blearily wake up the next day, still in my work outfit. I’ll need to clean it.

Or not.

I don’t have to work a single day this month if I don’t feel like it.

I giggle. This is a nice feeling.

I roll around on the shop floor and toss my work clothes in every direction, reveling in my complete freedom. Then I fall asleep again, this time in a pile of nylon.

I wake back up at noon, slowly this time, and wander over to the kitchen for some food.

I see my sketchbook lying there. I munch on some bread and cheese and doodle ideas for my sign, getting absorbed in the possibilities.

I settle on this one!

Happy with my work, I find some casual clothes and spend an evening back at La Taverna, hoping Celyn is still here. He’s not. In fact, it’s pretty dead tonight. Oh, well.
No. 1032061 ID: 8483cf
File 165240986550.png - (83.05KB , 472x911 , CR_43.png )

The next day, I wake up a little late and decide to spend a little more energy refining my shop’s brand. I’m still in my nightie, but I open the door and take a look at what I can place in the windowsill.

And of COURSE that’s the moment a sheep girl barges in and asks if I’m the proprietor of this fine establishment.

“Aaah!” I let out a yelp and cover myself. “Y-yes! But can you come back later? Maybe when-”

“Not an option,” the sheep says. “I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I’ll get arrested if those bloody Censors see me again without some clothes on.”

“Okay, okay!” I wince. “Come in. Let me get dressed at least.”

“Dressed?” the sheep’s eyes narrow. “It’s eleven o’clock. That Wayfinder girl had better be right about you.”

She’s mad. Real mad. But she’s basically being forced to buy something from me, so it’s a guaranteed sale.

How should I treat her?
1. Ask her to please wait while I make myself decent and do my hair up a little. Someone else might come in while we’re working or after she’s done, and I can’t have it get out that I stay in my nightie all day.
2. Ask her to have a look around and sneak into the changing stall and put on the first thing I have in my size.
3. Apologize profusely for my state of dress and just serve her in my nightie.
No. 1032066 ID: e5709d

3 - She wants a rush job, you'll get to charge her extra for a rush job.
No. 1032067 ID: 96c896

2. You'll be advertising your own clothes that way!
No. 1032071 ID: 629f2e

2, because if you do 3 then UNDENIABLY somebody else will walk in while you're helping her, and you'll never have a chance to get dressed.
No. 1032072 ID: c92a02

2, Everything you've designed is surely a hit. Right?
Right away if she doesn't want to shear everything else, it's clear she's going to want loose clothes that are good on top of thick wool. Got any bellydancer outfits?
No. 1032073 ID: abaa91

2. She's not going to give this up, and hopefully you've got more than a little fashion sense- as long as it fits you should be good to go.
No. 1032076 ID: b3d1bf

No. 1032115 ID: 798908

could offer her a sketchpad and have her doodle some ideas for what she wants to wear while you get something on.
No. 1032204 ID: 8483cf
File 165254395828.png - (197.24KB , 944x1129 , CR_44.png )

“Um, it’s nice to meet you,” I say, guiding her inside and hastily shutting the door behind. “I’m Saiorse.”

“Lamisa,” the sheep says, glancing around at the mess I’ve made in the last two days. “What a pigsty…”

“Um, I’m very sorry for the mess,” I say. “I just had a big order, and-“

“Yeah, yeah,” Lamisa interrupts. “Just tell me where there’s something in here that’ll make those Censors happy and won’t boil me alive.

I point Lamisa in the direction of some loose wrap dresses made of light fabric. Her hooves stomp loudly on the wood floor despite her small size. I quickly grab a blouse and skirt, slip into the changing stall and whip the curtain closed, shucking my nightie as fast as I can and trying to make myself look somewhat professional in thirty seconds or less. The blouse and skirt aren’t tailored to me- they’re loose and a little big, but they’ll do for now. Thankfully there’s a spare pair of pantyhose lying around too. I do up my hair in a rush. I throw open the curtain and hide my nightie under a table. Pretty good for less than a minute!

I find that Lamisa has abandoned her search for clothes. Instead, she’s standing with her arms crossed and tapping her hoof impatiently.

“Took you long enough,” she says. “Look, I don’t care what it is. I don’t want clothes anyway. Just give me something cheap that won’t get me arrested, and I’ll be on my merry way. Busalla can rot for all I care.”

“Are you sure?” I ask softly. “I know the Censors can be strict, but…”

“I paid for a permit- to wear my own wool, mind you -and the Church is still threatening to arrest me!” she huffs. “It’s all a big scam.”

“I’m sorry the Church isn’t being fair,” I say. “Um… maybe you can get a refund?”

“Fat chance,” Lamisa says. “And now I have to roast all day in this stupid heat in a stupid dress I have to pay for with more money.”

“I used to help my brothers shear wool back home,” I offer. “If it’s really that uncomfortable, I can-“

“Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?!” Lamisa interjects. “Free wool and a tidy profit off a cheap dress. The Censors are really helping your business, aren’t they?”

I can tell I’m getting nowhere with her. I glance at the ground. “I was going to offer you a discount,” I mumble.

“This isn’t fair,” Lamisa says, ignoring me. “All I wanted to do was go to market, and I can’t even do that without getting fleeced.”

Lamisa is really upset, and I haven’t made a good first impression. I don’t know how she really feels about the idea of shearing some wool off to make clothes more comfortable- it sounds like she can still wear it outside Busalla where the local Censors are more lenient.

How should I deal with Lamisa?
1. Maybe she’s most upset about all the money she’s losing? Give her a nice outfit for free in exchange for her wool- it’s high-quality and I can make it into something comfy later. I can charge extra for “locally sourced ovine wool,” too.
2. Perhaps she’s most upset by feeling judged and singled out by the local Censors. I could make her an outfit that just BARELY passes decency standards, as a way of thumbing her nose at the Church.
3. Or maybe she really likes her wool, and is upset at the idea of giving it up. I could try and make her something comfy and cheap, like she asked.
4. Other
No. 1032207 ID: 629f2e

Tempting as 1 is, I think 2 is the way to go here. Lamisa complained about having to roast in a dress, so an outfit with less material would suit her well I imagine. Plus, Censors are terrible horrible people who sell bullshit permits and then don't respect them, so fuck their rules.
No. 1032212 ID: 0838d6

2. Less material = less heat = more pissing off the censors.

Though uh, doing that mayyyyy cause you problems later since if she really likes it, she absolutely will advertise your services.

On the other hand she's already in a pissy mood, was recommended to come here, and will likely leave in a bad mood anyway, blaming you and your store, bringing you bad press.

Doing nothing also invites the same but worse problem, and as far as I know you don't have any connections to the clergy to get that permit verified.

Its a lose/lose/lose situation so 2 at least means she'll spend the least on the last amount of clothes and can get out of your hair the fastest at least until she calms down.

I'd also even suggest being more pro-fe-shun-al with her. Cut out the smalltalk, she thinks because you werent prepared and your shop is a mess that you're not a professional, prove it by stepping up your game even if you are a bit tired.

(side note, maybe use some of those funds to hire a weekly maid, yknow, just to make your life easier)
No. 1032229 ID: 96c896

2. Also tell her you can give her a fair price on any wool she is willing to sell.
No. 1032236 ID: c92a02

3. She'd be singled out further if her outfit was toying with the decency standards, and you'd be bringing scrutiny on the tailor who made them too. Perhaps she'll come around on the clothing instead if it's comfy, or you could suggest making it with utility in mind - when you don't want to get your wool dirty with slime or ichor.
No. 1032240 ID: 798908

3 for this exact reason.
No. 1032241 ID: e51896

Actually yeah, changing my vote to 3. It was what she asked for, and the customer is mostly right. I think thats how the saying goes
No. 1032268 ID: 8483cf
File 165257671072.png - (81.93KB , 843x616 , CR_45.png )

I cut the small talk. Lamisa wants to complain? Fine. But she obviously doesn’t care about my sympathy.

“The Church might not have treated you fairly,” I agree, “But I will. I wouldn’t be taking your wool for free; if you feel like selling any, I’ll give you a fair price and help shear it if you want.”

“Pass,” Lamisa refuses, but her resolve wavers at the mention of a fair price. She shakes her big poofy head and huffs.

I realize that while I still have a guaranteed sale, Lamisa is probably not going to have anything good to say about my shop.

Maybe if I get her angry against the right people, that would save my reputation. The Church of Censorship is responsible for Lamisa’s problems, not me! I could make her an outfit that lets her thumb her nose at the Church. Petty revenge is so marketable!

Unfortunately, that would probably just get Lamisa targeted even harder by the Church, and maybe even get me on their radar, too. I don’t want to be known by the Church as a ne’er-sew-well responsible for lascivious lambwear!

No, I need to be PRO FE SHUN AL and give the customer what she’s ordered: something quick, cheap and safe from the long brush of the Censors. To be 100% decent, clothing has to always cover the naughty bits and cleavage, and for races with fur or wool, no skin can be showing from your collarbone to your knees (except for upper arm to hand). A light dress would be the safest bet, but the most inconvenient and would look like she’s wearing a tent (plus the cheap fabric doesn’t breathe at ALL).

Wait. If I’m going to design something to fit her properly, how big should I assume her measurements are? How much of that top is fluff? What if she’s faking her cleavage and padding her bust? If I ask her about it, will she get even angrier? What if I do it covertly while I’m measuring her other dimensions? Or does it not matter because the clothes will loose on her anyway?

I suddenly regret using up all my x-ray monocle’s charge the other day.

What kind of cheap clothes should I give to guarantee Lamisa is decent? Should I take her actual measurements?
No. 1032271 ID: e51896

I don't think we need underwear, the fleece can work for that.

I'm thinking a poncho might work, it has opening on the sides that allows for plenty of breathing room, and we can probably get something large enough that reaches the knees. the fleece can look like she's wearing pants from the sides

and yes, her sides will be revealing skin especially around the belly area. maybe we can find some light wrappings for the belly, much like how Elaine had before we gave her the corset? or maybe we can figure out another solution
No. 1032272 ID: 96c896

Actual measurements. She wants clothes, you get her proper fitting clothes. No cutting corners.

...you know, you could get her a short dress since her wool covers below the waist. A sundress maybe.
No. 1032274 ID: c92a02

No cleavage? Dang, this police state is the worst.
Make sure her measurements are correct. It should be at least a two piece so she can roll it up when the censors aren't looking and air herself out. Can the top hang down like a tent to overlap with the top of a skirt, which doesn't have to be very long at all since her wool's got that covered?
No. 1032275 ID: 629f2e
File 165257993565.png - (33.59KB , 1000x1000 , Lamisa Outfit suggestion.png )

Great minds think alike!

We should try to leave as much of her wool showing as we can, and leave room for it to breathe. A cowl that goes down to about where her nipples are should work for a top, and a high-waisted skirt starting right where her chest-wool ends down juuuuust low enough to cover her nethers when she's walking should be good. The belt on the skirt is important to keep it from slipping down and exposing any hints of skin, lest the censors get uppity.

And of course, if the outfit gets too warm, it's easy to air out.
No. 1032278 ID: 629f2e


Forgot to add, but I'm against getting exact measurements. The clothes I suggested drape loosely over her, and belts are adjustable. There's no need for them if this is what we go with, and she doesn't seem like she's looking for her clothes to fit perfectly. Speed over specificity.
No. 1032279 ID: e51896

support this if not poncho

but yeah, no need for measurements. make this a quick order for her, she doesn't seem to want to be here.
No. 1032293 ID: 12b116

This is a good solution
No. 1032362 ID: 8483cf
File 165265243513.png - (145.15KB , 901x1233 , CR_46.png )

I decide against taking all but Lamisa’s bare minimum measurements. She’s not here because she wants a perfect fit; she just needs something right now to make her “decent” in the eyes of the Censors. I don’t want to make her feel awkward by measuring under her wool, no matter how curious I am.

I decide to make her a two-piece poncho outfit that lets her keep cool and play it safe with the censors. It’s a little jury-rigged; the belt for the skirt isn’t as comfortable as some other options, but it’s the fastest option I have.

Lamisa doesn’t comment on her outfit. She just reaches into her wool and pulls out a pouch of coins. I give her the price (materials plus the bare minimum markup for time spent). She scowls, but doesn’t object, and leaves immediately.

I close the door gently behind her and wipe my brow. I hope she doesn’t hate me.

I look around and see the mess of the last few days. It sucks. Maybe I should just hire a maid to clean up after me… I have the money, that’s for sure!

Yeah. Why clean things up myself, which is ZERO fun, when I can get someone else to do it better than me, and faster too? I could be making clothes or lace. I’ll come out ahead, money wise! Yeah! But I do like having that extra money, too, and a maid won’t be here 24/7 like I will be. Maybe I could have them come more often than once a week? Maybe I should check if there’s anyone who’d be willing to clean for me in exchange for clothes or something. Elaine, perhaps? No, she’s traveling too often to rely on her for that kind of work…

I look down at myself. I’m still wearing the un-tailored blouse and skirt.

I also need to figure out how to charge my lens. There’s no mages’ guild here, so I’ll have to rely on a passing adventurer to teach me how to charge my lens. Maybe Naomi or her friend Samantha could help? They’re adventuring right now, though…

Should I go look for a maid?
1. Yes, and hire them to come more than once a week
2. Yes, but only once a week
3. No, I should be disciplined and clean my own shop

Should I ask for help from adventurers in charging my lens?
1. Yes, and show them the lens
2. Yes, but don’t tell them it’s a powerful x-ray lens
3. No, wait for Naomi and Samantha to come back

What should I wear when I’m running my errands?
1. Something Professional
2. Something Casual
3. Something Cute
No. 1032363 ID: 899c9f

Be disciplined and clean up your own casa!
Do ask about charging up your definitely not a powerful artifact monocle though.
Wear something casual on your errands.
No. 1032364 ID: e51896

Should I go look for a maid?

2. At least until we get our bearings with starting out. Having a maid work once a week can help us get situated until we can determine how much money we'll be making weekly to budget, how much cleaning will be, how dirty the place will get each week, and practice cleaning on our own so we can figure out if we actually need a maid down the line, or try to do it ourself. Consider spending an hour practice cleaning the shop on your own after each work day on your own tho while maid does deep cleaning

Should I ask for help from adventurers in charging my lens?

3. Patience is more rewarding, plus I'd rather have someone we trust look into it than have a total stranger either try to steal it from us later, or squeal on us if they figure something out about the monocole.

What should I wear when I’m running my errands?

2. It's just errands, and we don't want our EX-PEN-SUVE PRO-FES-SHUN-AL outfit to get dirty or damaged when we're off duty and doing errands.
And cute outfit is for when we aren't doing errands or working and want to find a date. we're not looking to hook up with someone when doing errands right now.*
No. 1032365 ID: afe7de

2/3/2 (or are we picking one action to do right now? Cause if we are, then getting the maid first I think should be a priority)
No. 1032367 ID: e5709d

2) You should not waste your money on eye candy maids, and you aren't entitled to train the maids into learning fabric organization. But having a seasoned maid clean the areas you wouldn't normally think about, or find nasty smells that you can't recognize, will help maintain the overall health and appearance of your store while cutting costs to a minimum.

3) The less people know about that thing, the less likely it will get stolen. It's worth more than your entire shop and you cannot risk losing it in any way, even for early-game profits.

3) You cannot wear better clothing than your prospective customers or they'll think you're a hobby elitist. Pique their interest with bohemian deviancy and they'll come up with their own requests.
No. 1032370 ID: 629f2e

2, 3, 3

Hire a maid once a week, because you need cleaners to keep this place tidy you lazy person you, but you're not filthy stinkin' rich.

When it comes to magical artifacts of some significant worth, it's best to be clandestine with details. Stick with the people you have some trust in for now, and expand your list of people worth asking only if they fail.

Wear something cute. You deserve to look cute!
No. 1032371 ID: 96c896

2, 3, 2.
No. 1032374 ID: e51896

Actually, I'm starting to think 3 for what to wear, then we can show off the cute clothes customers could be wearing if they shop at our store. Advertise while we do errands!
No. 1032395 ID: 894419

Seems like the most optimal set of choices
No. 1032414 ID: abaa91

Actually, 2, 3, 3. Like some of the others say, to advertise our own work.
No. 1032417 ID: 8b62f4

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