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File 162714397998.png - (273.85KB , 500x500 , C3_000.png )
1006261 No. 1006261 ID: afe7de

The world is ending, you don’t have to put it on your own shoulders, but you chose to anyway because if you don’t, who will?

CATALYST PART 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986604.html
CATALYST PART 2: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/993796.html
CATALYST INTERMISSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/1001663.html

WIKI: https://questden.org/wiki/CATALYST
DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135736.html
PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/m/Edmango


AUTHORS NOTE: This quest will contain 18+ content including violence, sexual content, angry characters, and more. Reader discretion is advised
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No. 1009738 ID: 629f2e


Freeze the floor so that they go sliding. They probably won't get hurt, and it's worth the risk for comedy.
No. 1009758 ID: 5232cd

Blow Cat's hair into a funny shape, and mess up Andrea's fur.
No. 1009760 ID: ce39da

Naw, tripping concussions are no joke. Just dropping the local temperature and moving some air around should be prank enough for two people getting out of the shower still a little wet.
No. 1009762 ID: f8fa51

Absolutely no slipping in the shower. People can die that way. Really, people can die from slipping just about anywhere, and even if they're "only" injured, that's a terrible sort of prank.

Turning the shower-water cold would be a mean-spirited sort of prank, but better than slipping.
No. 1009796 ID: e51896

Freeze the towels. HA! Now the towels will be too frozen to use! good luck drying off, losers!

Also cool down Cat's poker clothes you set out for him. He thought he'd get warm from putting on clothes? NOPE!

But then you'll hug him to warm him up. You're not THAT cruel.

Who knows, we might just get an achievement for making someone shiver.

Also, ask Andrea if she wants her powers upgraded as an apology. Gotta strengthen Cat's awakened power after all.
No. 1009816 ID: 094652

Blow some cool wind around their extremities until they get horny.
No. 1009835 ID: 4f1cc6

oh the frozen towels are a good one, that'll be great
No. 1009844 ID: 173ed8

Freeze those towels solid! Splash water on it first if you need to.
No. 1010465 ID: afe7de
File 163157865955.png - (16.00KB , 500x500 , C3_055.png )

> FREEZE towels
> MAke things a little CHILLIER

You lean out of the cupboard and look towards the TOWEL RACK, they're chatting and the water's stopping soon. You'll have to act fast, so you stick out your hand and expend some ENERGY to FREEZE the towels. They only have a bit of ambient moisture from the hot STEAM, so it will only be so effective, but it's enough you think. You also spend some more ENERGY to whisk away the hot air as they leave, it's COLD. You can hear a few SHRIEKS from ANDREA and a few giggles, followed by a SHRIEK from CAT. You're barely able to contain yourself as they walk out the room, you hear them smooching and Andrea mumbling about how you should give her a hug for warmth because of this DAMNED COLD TOWEL and DAMNED COLD HOUSE.

You fall out of the cupboard laughing and see Andrea giving Cat a PEACE SIGN. The two of them narrow their eyes at you, look at eachother knowingly and pick you up, tossing you on your bed. In a moment they're tickling you, which is a brand new sensation because now you can actually feel it and holy shit it's a mix of PAIN and LAUGHTER and you're crying and laughing and cry UNCLE a few times until they relent.

ANDREA gives you a wink as she heads out and CAT'S laughing his ass off like you were earlier. The sock is on the other paw as it were. You take a quick shower, don your POKER NIGHT outfit, and lead CAT out to BOBBY'S place.

Do you chat about anything before POKER NIGHT starts?
No. 1010469 ID: 96c896

Willamina gotta ask how the date went.
Also mention how she had a dream and that's weird because she normally doesn't.
No. 1010486 ID: 208562

Cat talks about his date, told andrea everything about what we're planning, how he met a weird deer with 6 eyes that andrea couldn't see which put him to sleep giving him the most weirdest yet most peaceful dream he ever had, something about red eyes and visions while in space too. Also, walked home naked for some reason.

Willamina talks about kazu mentioning cat's bus incident, told everything to gena (shes on board) Nicky finding some people to protect the town which we might meet during the paperwork signing, and our dream... something about birds? No idea.

Cat should suggest driving the winnebago to Bobby's, but Will thinks it'll be more fun to sneak home naked if they lose.
No. 1010507 ID: d0ebbe

Ask Cat more details about Nipha. Find out she is always bottomless.
No. 1010572 ID: f25cae

Ask Cat if after Poker if he wants to end this awesome day spending the night sleeping at the Ruffled Haunch.
No. 1010573 ID: 629f2e

A simple review on both of your chats would be fine I think. After that, poker time!
No. 1010608 ID: 71201a

Support on inviting Cat to sleep at the Ruffled Haunch after Poker.
No. 1010746 ID: afe7de
File 163177479277.png - (14.73KB , 500x500 , C3_056.png )

You head back inside, grabbing your POLAROID CAMERA, then you pop by the LYST-Y-MART and get just a bunch of SLUSHEES, 5 each, you're going to need them for later.

You: SooooOOOoo
Cat: Sooooooo?
You: Howd it GOOOOOO?
Cat: Oh! That.
Cat: Good, I think. She's on board with everything, was'nt that scared about it all
Cat: Didn't freak out over my power which is weird
Cat: Wants to keep us all safe and-
You: Cat YOU absolute DOLT I mean the date
Cat: Oh that, yeah, it was fine. Great even.
Cat: We spent most of it like... Doing DATE things.
Cat: Walk in the forest, find a chill spot, played a dumb little board game
You: That FORGIVE ME game?
Cat: Yeah that one!
Cat: She made some really good food, I think it was a veggie pot pie
Cat: And like a bunch of these great sammies.
You: They're called SANDWICHES Cat, c'mon not you too!
Cat: I always called em SAMMIES tho.
You: Fucking city kin.
You: So HOW'D fucking hold up? You keep up?
Cat: I could for a while, past what I thought I could actually.
Cat: And hours later when we finished and I thought she was done.
Cat: I was limp and tired but she was still raring, a few STAMI-LIQUORS (and hours) in.
Cat: But she stopped cause I think she got I was done.
You: Eh, better then MOST kin can even get.
You: I bet she was actually SATISFIED for once.
Cat: I hope so. it was good.

Cat: Oh and I met the deer! Errr Doe? But like it's weird it had 6 eyes and she couldn't see it.
You: No, it has 2 eyes. What? You think it has extra eyes or some shit?
You: Or was it amulet shenanegans?
Cat: I took it off and there were 6 eyes still!
Cat: and like I took a NAP on it and felt the best I ever had, like all my stress, GONE!
Cat: Bruises, gone!
Cat: Also had a weird as fuck dream and I don't dream that often.

You: Actually I had a dream too. Something about a BIRD?
You: I can't really remember.
Cat: I remember like... Eyes?
Cat: And a voice, something about passing? change?
You: Dreams are weird.
Cat: Yup.

Cat: So why are we walking there, why not take the WINNEBAGO
You: So we can have the glorious WALK OF SHAME, DUH!
Cat: But I already did that today!!!
You: What were you so HIGH you forgot to put on clothes!
Cat: Actually... Yes...

No. 1010747 ID: afe7de
File 163177480731.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , C3_058b.png )

You burst into a raucus laughter, you don't know why it's funny to you, but it is. It takes a moment for you to regain composure and a tear comes out of your eye.

You: Phew, haha, yeah well. We'll see what happens. We're splitting total clothes tonight so that'll be a thing.
Cat: What, I don't get a seat at the table?
You: It's shared. I got this slot because BOBBY knows I'm the fucking best.
You: I'm just letting you in because It'll be fun, I hope Landi's there.
You: You'll get a KICK outta her!
You: Speaking of, hold my ring.
Cat: Why can't you just wear it?
You: Continuity.
Cat: What?
You: Nevermind.

Cat: So how was your day?
You: Oh, you know, jerking off in the LIBARBY, hopefully there's a new GUARD coming to town.
Cat: So is EXHIBITIONISM a big thing in this town or?
You: I mean to SOME kin I guess.
You: Gena's DOWN but panicked but she'll be fine after she analyzes everything.
You: Took a GOOD nap
You: Oh, and KAZU talked about that time on the BUS where you met his SIS
You: And this WING-KIN tha-
Cat: Let's not talk about her.
You: well I heard it was this chick named GID-
Cat: So NIPHA'S a super cool girl huh
Cat: Saving a bunch of kin. Really admirable.

You guess he really doesen't want to talk about that girl. Weird since he drew them in his notebook. You wanted to ask more about NIPHA anyway, seems like a good segway.

You: Uh, Huh. Yeah. She's coming to town soon isnt she?
Cat: TOMORROW! It's exciting! She's one of the few kin outside of LYST
Cat: That I actually trust. Well she went a long ways to making that happen.
Cat: But she's great, so you know that LAW that passed for WING-KIN like decades ago?
You: The one where they don't have to wear clothing?
You: I think it had something to do with it getting in the way of their feathers
You: and being real uncomfortable if it wasnt just a vest or a skirt or something
Cat: Yeah that one! So Nipha's like a long hair CAT right.
Cat: She found a LOOPHOLE in the system that lets her get away with not wearing PANTS
Cat: Went real deep into court, you can't see anything down there and she fought 3 LAWYERS
Cat: Eventually using that law and getting it applied to BEAST-KIN with certain fur amounts
Cat: She's got a PERMIT and everything it's so funny to see her fuck with the cops
You: Wait, so she NEVER wears pants!?!?!
You: NEVER??? I'm so fucking jealous these GODDESS DAMNED PURITANS
You: Saying we should "PROTECT THE CHILDREN" And can't go PANTSLESS
You: I remember reading STORIES about when this town was a fully nudist colony!!!
You: You know that 40 years ago Midland passed a law that EVERYONE had to don CLOTHES,
You: you had to designate ZONES, but they couldnt enforce it past 8PM
Cat: Didn't know you cared that much?
You: Okay, imagine literally every day it's always fucking hot and my phone overheats right?
You: You'd wanna declothe after that too!
You: Wait that was that fucking BITCH'S FAULT!!!!!
Cat: Anyway, she's kind of a KINMANITARIAN, helps out when she can
Cat: But also like gets OBSESSIONS and PROJECTS
Cat: And ABANDONS other things to pursue it
Cat: Pretty sure I can get THIS WHOLE THING
Cat: To become her next big project and she's fucking BRILLIANT
Cat: When she puts her mind to shit.
You: She good in a scrap? Or like... Potentially good?
Cat: I learned some of the basics from her, but uhhhh
Cat: I think she started to learn the SWORD a few years back
Cat: Never an actual ADVENTURER, but always wanted to be
You: I can RESPECT that. Might mean she's on better FOOTING then us?
Cat: Oh and I guess RUDY is good too. He's a TINKER but he never talked about his creations.
Cat: I think he was trying to make a ROBOT or AI or something at one point, I wonder how that went.
You: So you're DOING YOUR THING to her?
Cat: Yeah, I owe it to her.
Cat: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.
You: ...
You: You KNOW I want to hear more right?
Cat: Maybe another day, I'm in too good a mood to ruin it.
You: Damn TEASE.
Cat: I mean I did just spend a WHOLE DAY with ANDREA.

You grumble under your breath, not really upset at cat who winks at you. You eventually reach BOBBY'S place. It's a quaint little HOUSE at the edge of town. Apparently it's got a BEDROOM with a KITCHEN UNIT and a STUDIO. He greets you outside and WILLAMINA hands him just a TON of SLUSHEES. You head inside but overhear a conversation between BOBBY and CAT.

Bobby: Hey. You seem like a guy with... CONNECTIONS. Am I right?
Cat: Uhhhhh, I dunno.
Cat: Wasn't there that news article about that?
Bobby: I dunno, BUT! IT's really good.
Bobby: Do me a solid, I uhhh. Can't get it for reasons.
Cat: Uh Huh.
Bobby: I heard you wanted ARTIFACTS right. I got one I don't use.
Bobby: just get me that and It's yours.

You don't *REALLY* care about that artifact, it's just a dumb mirror you could never get to work, and he couldn't either. You wait inside and take a glug of some water. Another minute passes before CAT waltzes in, excited after placing an ORDER ONLINE. He says that he's going to get an ARTIFACT tomorrow but you roll your eyes.

The two of you walk into the room, it's dimly lit and a few other participants are there. CAT'S HIGH has fully worn off and you can tell his confidence is dropping with every step he takes. You pat him on your back and pull your your POLAROID CAMERA, snapping a pic just out of range of the group. And then... The game begins.


AUTHORS NOTE: Did I forget to mention that POKER NIGHT was a canon thing that happened on QUESTDEN? Well it is. Yup, that happened. Now we fast forward to POSTGAME.
No. 1010748 ID: afe7de
File 163177482010.png - (10.36KB , 500x500 , C3_059.png )

The two of you head out into the street, fully nude. You managed to only TIE ONCE that whole game, and barely got any clothes. You store the following items in WILLAMINA'S RING:


The last is in Cat's Hand. He holds an iridescent ring that's shimmering and studded with a variety of RED GEMS.

You: So that's a COCK RING right?
Cat: Yeah. But I'm pretty tuckered out right now. It's been a long day.
You: Was gonna say LET'S go to the HAUNCH
You: But I could probably get your exhaustion after ANDREA.
You: What does your AMULET say?

THE ASSLANTEAN ORICHALCUM RING OF VIRILITY - A Magically crafted phallus ring created for the people of ASSLANTIS. Increases HEALTH, STAMINA, and FERTILITY. Protects the wearer from EXHAUSTION and DISEASE. It has an extremely PLEASENT AND STIMULATING TEXTURE from the detailing on its surfaces. It RESIZES to fit the wearer when applied phallically.
(DEA - While it prevents PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, it does not prevent MENTAL EXHAUSTION. It's FIRTILITY improvements are MAGICAL in nature, but CONTRACEPTIVES are as effective as they NORMALLY ARE, (yes I had to look this up, you're welcome))

You: So you're going to become the new ENERGIZER BUNNY huh?
Cat: Huh. I guess that means I'll be able to KEEP UP???
Cat: Imagine Andrea's surprise if I could keep up with her for a whole day??
You: YOU might wanna BE CAREFUL, I imagine she might abduct you for a week if she found that out.
You: Sex all day every day until she got literal years of backlogged sex out of the way.

You see CAT visibly sweat, there's a tinge of excitement but also a very palpable FEAR there. Goddess, fucking with him is so easy. You don't DOUBT that ANDREA would do something like that, but it'd be purely consensual, she likes the degrading thing, but isn't really into noncon. At least you don't think. There's a bit of a back and forth with you and Cat as he tries to get you to store it but you think he should wear it. He eventually relents and slides it on remarking that it "Feels rather comfortable actually" it resizes and fits his dick rather easily.

You think you could convince him to head to the HAUNCH still, but it might take a good argument. But it is NEARLY MIDNIGHT, and CAT does have his meeting with NIPHA tomorrow, it might be a better idea to head to bed.
No. 1010756 ID: f8fa51

You're not going to be able to put a convincing argument together when are aren't really sure it's a good idea yourself. Let's just go to bed (to actually sleep in).
No. 1010757 ID: e51896

Can't forget we also got 50 ACHIEVEMENT POINTS for awakening someone outside our dimension. Nice!

Anyway, tough choice. it's probably a better idea to head home and rest up since we got much to do tomorrow: plan things with our group, meet with a bunch of newcomers (Rudy, Nipha, guard(s), maybe Zarah though nothing said she'll show up or not tomorrow), meet with Nicky on the papermill contract and awaken her, get that mirror artifact from Bobby, and of course Willamina's awakening party

On the other hand, we'd miss out on meeting kin we haven't met before if we don't go to the Ruffled Haunch, like the priest girl Nails mentioned, Pazuru, Hyun, and Laverne...

After thinking hard about it, it's probably best to just head home, put cat's clothes in the wash, ask how Mint's and Rex's day off went, and go to bed... Maybe invite Mint to sleep over with us too, I think she could use the company

Maybe we can go to the Ruffled Haunch after Willamina's awakening party tomorrow instead? it might not be as busy there since they called for a stormy night tomorrow and we can just drive the Winnebago there to protecc us from rain.

speaking of which, it's getting a bit windy. They called for a cloudy windy day, and then a stormy night tomorrow so it must be starting. Let's head home and catch up with Rex and Mint. Try not to be seen by too many kin, hide behind stuff if you have to.
No. 1010758 ID: 094652

Test. Ring. Now.
No. 1010759 ID: c5008a

Agreed. Gotta go test how good its exhaustion protection is.

Suggest Cat to go streaking with you and see how much energy he'll have after you both reach your destination

Alternatively, we could use the ring as an argument to go to the ruffled haunch since it'll prevent him from being tired and let us test out its power.
No. 1010775 ID: 96c896

Go to bed.
That ring is pretty good! You can use it with physical training! Though... does it prevent damage from overuse of muscles?
No. 1010778 ID: 8c941b

Give Cat permission to take a pic of you on his comm so he can continue growing his NUDES COLLECTION.

>Bobby: I heard you wanted ARTIFACTS right

Seems like Iraphena or Isabella is going around telling people about Cat wanting artifacts. Rude. Not sure what is there to gain from letting others know.

Ask Cat if he wants your company tonight in bed, or if he wants some alone time, and if he wants to sleep in your home or in the Winnebago.
No. 1010824 ID: 8895af

Maybe Iraphena genuinely wants to help Cat and told others about him wanting artifacts because he's been forming friendships with kins in town and her powers told her that people would help him get artifacts if she spread rumors about Cat.
No. 1011244 ID: afe7de
File 163221381893.png - (17.01KB , 500x500 , C3_060.png )

> Go to bed
You decide it's probably better to get some rest tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a big day, what with MINT, RUDY, the GUARDS, the PAPER MILL, it's going to be a BUSY ASS DAY. Oh, and lets not forget your PARTY. The HAUNCH will be there tomorrow if you really wanna go, plus you're fairly SATISFIED for today.

You: You should take a PIC to CELEBRATE!
You: Pictures are a great way to REMEMBER OCCASIONS!
Cat: You don't care that we're naked?
You: Pshhh why should that matter?

Cat takes a pic, remarking how everyone in this town seems to enjoy that hobby and he's getting a SLOWLY GROWING NUDES COLLECTION. He snaps a pic, and you snap one back! He’s totally nervous and blushing and gives you a PEACE sign. You notice that it's starting to get just a bit WINDY and CLOUDY right now which turns your kind of neutral walk home without clothes into a BRISK one. The cold tickles your nipples giving you GOOSEBUMPS and causing them to become erect. The same happens to CAT. you both shiver slightly and you toss an idea out there.

You: RACE ya home? It's like we're STREAKING through the night?!?!
Cat: But if it's legal is it really STREAKING?
Cat: You won't really SHOCK anyone that way.
You: AWWW where's your sense of FUN and ADVENTURE, Don't get so caught up on SPECIFICS!

No. 1011245 ID: afe7de
File 163221382898.png - (11.27KB , 500x500 , C3_061.png )

And so the two of you dash home, there's a few other KIN waltzing around without clothes. It's SUNDAY NIGHT and you see MAPLE walking around in the buff and holy shit her cock is huge and it's not even erect. You notice CAT staring at her and she gives him a wink, that causes him to get a bit of an erection and she does like a gesture which is two fingers and her tongue licking between them. Everyone chuckles as you eventually reach your place. The two of you pop inside, Cat tosses some CLOTHES into your LAUNDRY MACHINE, and the two of you sit down.

You ask CAT how he's holding up. You're a little TUCKERED OUT from the run. He seems perfectly fine, GREAT even. Didn't even break a sweat. Mint walks in too with REX on her shoulder. You toss ALMAS UNIFORM at Mint and she takes it, commenting that it's of rather GOOD QUALITY, but has a few UNRECOGNIZABLE INSIGNIAS on them. She doesen't comment on how you are both naked, but instead lets you know that her day was BORING, VERY BORING, she went out for a walk in town, met a few RANDOM KIN, no one special. She says that MAPLE is kind of nice, treated her to DINNER.

TONI snuck up on her at the DINER so she GUT PUNCHED HIM and he just gave her a THUMBS UP when she asked if he was okay. You get a BIG LAUGH at out of that one. He's a little shit sometimes so it's good for him to get his comeuppance. Roach said he's just been watching the NEWS and random SHOWS, there's a lot of CRIME DRAMAS he's been getting into.

It's the end of the day and everyone's tuckered out, what do you do for sleeping arrangements?

A. Sleep in seperate beds
B. You and Cat together
C. Cat and Mint together
D. You and Mint together
E. All of you in one big snuggle pile

You get the feeling you could convince CAT to get over some of his hangups with MINT today, he's in a good mood today after all, but you have no idea if there will be UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES in the morning.
No. 1011260 ID: e51896

I just remembered that there was also some kind of mysterious flyer at the community center that had a time, date, and address scheduled for Monday 1pm in the outskirts of town. https://questden.org/kusaba/questarch/res/986604.html#990097

If we're not too busy, we can check that out. But if we estimate we won't have time (I assume we won't have time), lets probably send Mint over at that address at 1pm to check that out for us while Rex checks the forest to chat with the animals for information with a roach friend as backup, maybe he'll find the forest girl...

or we can have Rex spy on that meeting with another roach at 1pm to be more stealthy while Mint prepares things with Rudy and Rupert for turning the papermill into a tinker workshop, and then read the Magic Dart Body Cultivation Manual for the rest of the day to teach Cat later (though that can probably probably be done between monday until the time "vacation" starts.

regardless, let's ask Mint and Rex on their opinion on this, and we'll ask Rex and Callan what they saw on tv tomorrow.

As for what to do with sleeping arrangements...

C, or D whichever Cat is more comfortable with as long as Mint gets snuggles. More towards C since Willamina mentioned she was pretty satisfied. Whichever we choose, Mint deserves some attention since she said she's been bored, and Cat needs to be comfortable with Mint if we want this team to stay strong (we'll whisper this to Cat to convince him). Plus we can't have Mint feeling bad like this when everyone else had a good day. Let Cat spend time with Mint, and if he feels uncomfortable, you'll take his place to show there's nothing to worry about.

Make sure he removes the cock ring so he doesn't spend all night awake though. Whatever we choose, tell Cat you won't judge with whatever we might do with Mint tonight in the Winnebago. Plus we got stamina liquor if we feel tuckered out tomorrow, and Cat has his cock ring. If sex happens, try to make it quick and/or not too rough so we all get proper sleep.

We can probably choose E, but it's probably best if one of us is able to wake up early enough to wake the other person.
No. 1011261 ID: ce39da

B or D, possibly E. Do strike up a conversation about how Cat feels about Mint - you're aware of the weirdness surrounding the power dynamic, but Mint does seem to genuinely want to fuck him. Or just anybody.
No. 1011262 ID: e51896

To add to my post, I just remembered that Mint has her cat form, we could have Rex spy on that meeting we found on the flyer while Mint in her cat form investigates the forest and talk to animals there for info, and find forest girl. That is assuming she can talk to wild animals in her cat form. maybe not, Rex was able to talk to the badger, but only through telepathy.
No. 1011263 ID: f8fa51

Why not E?
No. 1011264 ID: f8fa51

And getting cat to loosen up around Mint is probably a good idea if you're going to be working as a team in a highly stressful environment, so that's a yes to trying that.
No. 1011265 ID: 97e6bd

No. 1011274 ID: e51896

Changing my vote a bit,

As I said before, either C or D

But forget about E.
No. 1011281 ID: 1f63c8

Let's just ask Cat what they're fine with. We can try to help him get more comfortable about Mint, but if he's too against it then we let it go.
No. 1011282 ID: 094652

No. 1011284 ID: 96c896

Also tell Cat if he's really worried about the consent thing he needs to realize that she can refuse implied requests. Like if he just asks her if she wants to do a silly dance, she can say no, right? Same if he asks if she wants to fuck him. He can also order her to tell him if he's making her uncomfortable.
Also, the power dynamic is only really an issue if he requests sex. I mean, the issue is if she refuses sex, then there's an implied risk of reprisal due to the imbalance of power, right? If she's the one that always requests it, then there's nothing to worry about. Cat just needs to try not to expect it from her.

Oh, and has Cat used up his power for today? He should upgrade someone if he has energy left.
No. 1011329 ID: dfbac0

Being comfortable in the presence of another person makes you associate comfort with them and increases your bond.
No. 1011356 ID: e13b1d

C, in cat form. Wake up to classic cat on face.
No. 1011357 ID: 235c53

Oh yeah, if Mint has the incubator from the order, put egg in incubator
No. 1011765 ID: afe7de
File 163279460163.png - (13.18KB , 500x500 , C3_062.png )

> Cat and Mint together
You suggest Cat and Mint sleep in the same bed and Cat's a little hesitant. He eyes Mint over and you look at her as well. She has that look in her eye, that ruffle to her fur. Cat's NAKED right now and you can tell that MINT is a bit AROUSED, not from the nudity, but from CAT'S SMELL. She'll probably hump his leg all night or something. Which you think would probably be hilarious.

Cat feels hesitant about it but you decide to put your foot down on the issue.

You: So like Cat, what's the deal, do you hate MINT or something?
Cat: What? No.
You: So then like what's up with all this HESITATION about her?
Cat: Well the power dynamic is weird and it's like she's a slave and like
You: Okay but like... we've PROVEN you can just ASK her her opinion right?
Cat: Yeah but, it's all coerced under this weird power structure of magic bullshit
You: Okay but like... If she ASKS to do a thing that's HER asking not the MAGIC. It's not MIND CONTROL. It's not mind control right?
Mint: About as much mind control as a shock collar is
Mint: If this one do something against your rules,
Mint: Only if I do something incredibly igregous or try to actively or passively kill you
Mint: Will this one be harmed or eradicated.
You: SEE, so WHAT'S the problem?
You: You gave her AUTONOMY, so she can say NO, even if she has this weird masochism thing going
Mint: This lowly peon appreciates being allowed her fetishes.
You: The only ISSUE and that's if we make it a big deal, is if you request sex and force it if she REFUSES!
You: Just like... don't expect it? Like how PEOPLE shouldn't expect sex from others just cause they gave them a SLUSHEE or whatever.

Cat looks thoughtful at that, it looks like he didn't consider that and was more focused on the whole SLAVE thing over her autonomy. You imagine if this kept up for much longer it might lead to him treating her WORSE then if this was discussed.

You: So, we good?
Cat: Uh, yeah. Sorry Mint.

No. 1011767 ID: afe7de
File 163279468682.png - (14.97KB , 500x500 , C3_063.png )

She just shrugs

You: Now go sleep together or something I don't care if you have sex
You: but I expect you to stop fretting over this frankly STUPID issue by tomorrow
You: And Like. If you DON'T WANT TO have sex with her, just SAY SO
You: Don't use the SLAVE THING as an excuse
Mint: Do you... Not want to have sex with me?
Cat: What? No I think you're hot, wait that's not the point!

You chuckle and get Mint to join in on it, you really do enjoy making Cat flustered, and it's so easy too. He's flushing at JUST that.

> Cat power use?
It's a new day so his power did reset, but you were going to have him save it for MOM tomorrow.

> Incubate the egg
When you head inside the WINNEBAGO there's actually a lot of boxes there now that she brought in. It looks like she just moved the supplies inside but actually did what you said and took some time off. Each of them are labeled. There's some called DRY RATIONS, INSTANT FOODS, STAMI-LIQUORS, and there's even that SLUSHEE MACHINE and some SLUSHEE MIX too. There's also lots of other stuff but eventually you find the INCUBATOR among some GLASS SUPPLIES you assume to be a part of REX'S ENCLOSURE. You head over to an empty CUBBY HOLE and plug in the INCUBATOR and pop the LUCKY EGG into it. It's got a nice cushion and is properly sized for the rather large egg. It wiggles a bit as you place it down in a way you assume means that it's pleased. You wonder how it would have felt if it was chucked in the freezer, or if you just ate it, but respect CAT'S wishes in incubating it. You walk past the BEDROOM and see CAT thoroughly passed out, mint wrapped tightly around his LEG with a satisfied grin on her face.

Feeling like your job is done, you head to bed, thoroughly passing out after the goings on of today.
No. 1011768 ID: afe7de
File 163279469607.png - (13.20KB , 500x500 , C3_064.png )

[MONDAY, MAY 23, 2029]

A WOMAN dashes down the roads leading into LYST. Her feet streak across the asphalt as if she were skating. The glow coming off her NEW HOVERBOOTS is subtle, but increases in intensity as she attempts to move faster. She jumps on the guard rails simulating a grind with no friction and continues to slide down the road. Cars drive by but she easily jumps over or on them, her feet never really touching them, even as they HONK at the obvious distraction that she is on the road. A MANIC SMILE crosses her face as she does this. She's moving a bit slower then the vehicles, but her maneuverability means it's easy for her to grab onto one of the faster ones and boost herself forward.

Your name is NIPHA RONDALPHUS, but you don't really use your last name because some kin freak out when they find out you're ROYALTY to a long dead HISTORICAL FAMILY. You're TECHNICALLY a PRINCESS, but with no land, no political power, and nothing that really associates with it, it doesn't matter or effect you. You're fairly SWIFT as an individual and are good with THE SWORD, but you can't just carry that out in the open, so you have to use a shitty TELESCOPING one that you keep in your WEIGHT REDUCTION bag. But this town is relatively safe so you doubt it'll be an issue.

You think about how you left RUDY a note this morning, telling him you headed off early to LYST. You could have taken the bus and gotten here faster but you were just so hyped about these NEW HOVERBOOTS you had to give them a test ride. You’d apologize to the guy whose car’s MANA BATTERIES you janked on your way down here to refuel them, but it was LIMINAL, and you really can’t resist fucking him over. Always so SMUG, HOLIER THAN THEE, and incredibly brutal to criminals in the way almost all HL member act recently. They haven’t done much for the world as of late and your goodwill with the HL has already run dry. Either way, no one saw you, and your CAT LIKE SENSES didn’t tell you if SOMETHING ELSE was watching, so it’s no fur off your cheek.

You text CAT, your old pal, that you’re in town and to hit you up when he’s awake. It’s early enough that he’s probably still asleep. You’ve got some time to kill before RUDY gets here and you GET DOWN TO BUSINESS. You could visit YOUR BROTHER while you wait, or do something else. You could also take a walk through the park and THINK ABOUT THINGS. There’s no rush, or you would say that if a THUNDERSTORM wasn’t going to kick in in the late afternoon. You reach the edge of town and power down your HOVERBOOTS. Dust scatters as you do and some gets on your fur. You raise up your hand and wipe some of the dust off.

What do you do?
No. 1011769 ID: eedbeb

find kazu. beat him up for being a nerd in a show of sisterly love
No. 1011771 ID: 2aef11

Get coffee! Or pancakes!
No. 1011773 ID: 629f2e

Get coffee and pancakes!
No. 1011774 ID: c92a02

Find and visit this 'Ruffled Haunch' of noted repute.
No. 1011775 ID: 96c896

Go noogie your brother.
No. 1011778 ID: 094652

Mail a glitter bomb at the post office.
No. 1011779 ID: ae43bf

Pancakes and coffee at the hapless stone. Lets introduce ourself to whatever people is there.
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