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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 142821774555.jpg - (307.57KB , 800x518 , cutie map.jpg )
27043 No. 27043 ID: 241e41

Season 5 has officially arrived!

Now that the ponies are officially back, what do you think of the new season?

Thread 1:

Thread 2:

Thread 3:

Thread 4:
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No. 27044 ID: 241e41

As an aside, the first thread is on the first page because it was bumped by a spambot, but that thread only covers the first season. We've been going with one thread per season so far, and the new season started yesterday on April 4th, so... welcome to the new thread!
No. 27047 ID: 257edc
File 142840562911.gif - (2.16MB , 479x262 , 1Cute Flutters.gif )

Pinkie Pie was amazing in this opener :D I love when they write her decently.

It's looking good so far, the village was a bit of a boring location though. It would've been more enjoyable if the break down of individuality and hypnosis was set in a colourful location and setting like The Prisoner, (More architectural flourishes~) but it was still very enjoyable otherwise. Double Diamond is a pretty neat new character, it'll be interesting to see if those 4 introduced in the first 2 episodes show up again occasionaly further in the season. Starlight Glimmer seems interesting enough, she's pulling off the magical evil unicorn foil for Twilight a bit better than Trixie or Sunset. It seems like it'll be fun and interesting, I'm really looking forward to episode 3 & 5 as well, which have had the synopsis of them spoilered but you'll have to look them up yourself if you want to figure out why. Episode 4 might be a bit bleh, depending on what they do, but 6 should be fun enough. Also the character expressions and some of the spell effects got prettier, that's always nice.
No. 27069 ID: 665deb
File 142903633799.png - (572.71KB , 946x844 , MLPTwilightsfancymane.png )

Ehhh, I didn't much care for the opener. It was neat that it broke the general formula for MLP adventure two-parters, but it was also a bit dull and the conflict felt flat.

I did however like episode 3. Castle Sweet Castle is a silly little slice of life kinda deal that has always been the strong point of this series, and having Spike and Twilight interact is something I enjoy.
No. 27082 ID: f9028f
File 142946399261.png - (136.11KB , 800x351 , princesses.png )

No. 27084 ID: f4d940


Babs got her cutie mark, and then SO DID APPLE BLOOM (or so I thought), and I was reminded of the following saying: "And the whole internet freaked right the *&##$ out." (a la https://derpiboo.ru/680388)
No. 27116 ID: 6c8858

The opener was fairly enjoyable and had its memorable moments, but left a lot more to be said. I very much hope the antagonist will reappear later in the season, because we didn't even know what her goal or motivations were. And yeah, Trixie looks so small-game compared to Starlight Glimmer.

At first it felt refreshing to see such a serious matter as social equality touched upon in a kids' show (well, comparatively). Then I went to derpibooru to read comments and very quickly got bored and irritated by all the "COMMUNISM!" posts. It's surprising to me how easily people confused a 1984'esque dystopian dictatorship with a concept for a regime that didn't even happen in the real world.
No. 27137 ID: 1f3797
File 143240207845.png - (2.11MB , 1920x1080 , fyeaharimaspi.png )

In other news: FIM writers continue to demonstrate that they do their mythology homework before embedding it in the fictional world.
No. 27220 ID: 1f3797

A short clip from s05e25 storyboard.

Are you excited? I am excited.
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