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Psychic powers are more believable than something ignoring the square cube law.
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File 130843927314.gif - (5.46KB , 600x450 , story0.gif )
16409 No. 16409 ID: 2563d4

If we can have a thread for MSPA here, we can have a thread for the actually good quest lurking on its forums here, if only because despite it apparently being well-known on IRC, not everyone is on IRC. And that's terrible because this is great:
Like Weaver-grade writing great with Dungeon Deeper-grade art great.
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No. 16410 ID: 1b26ac
File 130844007204.jpg - (139.36KB , 750x600 , 1307255806136.jpg )

I don't see why not, it is general discussion.
No. 16411 ID: c891d3

Prequel is the best.
No. 16412 ID: 2563d4

Oh, yeah, and because I am a klutz I forgot to kind of suggest that we could maybe bump this occasionally when it updates, mostly because forums are horrible things to poll.
No. 16414 ID: 35e1a0

i would also like to recommend starfall. it's like some kind of earthbound quest.
No. 16416 ID: 9801a2

Great art + great writing + my love of the elder scrolls games = This shits pretty awesome
No. 16417 ID: 383006

Prequel is best things. I am much more excited about prequel updates than I am about MSPA updates.
No. 16418 ID: 28e94e

What the hell have I been missing, this is so good
No. 16420 ID: 3a5756

Holy fucking bajeebus, why is this so awesome? Prequel is the shit.

Thank you OP. I love you forever.
No. 16421 ID: e3f578

oh man so much sadness and happiness
i feel so happy
so happy
it makes me want to play oblivion but then realize I have to mod it and then go awwwwwww fuck not these shenanigans again.
No. 16422 ID: 42f6c2

This quest is pure comedy/awkwardness/adorableness/sadness gold.

Also, THE LIGHT OF JUSTICE - I fucking lost it.
No. 16423 ID: c1524b
File 130850007446.gif - (7.47KB , 600x450 , story38.gif )

That guy knows how to rub the compassion spot. It's great, thank you for this discovery.
No. 16426 ID: 7dda9a

This is amazing...
if only there's a way to help this guy get it up off a forum thread and in some place it can be viewed easily by all
No. 16427 ID: e3f578

it remember from my read that he kind of likes it in this form because the suggestions have personality or some shit in forum posts
No. 16428 ID: 0c9433

My god.

I had the most sympathy for her after the ruin crawl :(
No. 16432 ID: bccf7b

You said it.

Also, we should see about getting the forum posts put together into thread on here. Just clone it over or something...
No. 16434 ID: 3416ec

Don't forget it has a second thread.

No. 16437 ID: 2563d4

Which just updooted, in fact: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?39514-PREQUEL-%28thread-2%29&p=5234161#post5234161
No. 16442 ID: 3a7ef7

This quest = ALL MY TEARS OF JOY

I don't quite know why or how - but I love this.
No. 16443 ID: 445b4c
File 130859207104.png - (174.08KB , 750x750 , HDRHR.png )

Couldn't help but notice this looks a lot like something by Seal.
No. 16445 ID: f7ae22

It is by Seal.
No. 16446 ID: 28e94e

I can not second this hard enough.
No. 16447 ID: 5bc0af

OP, you're awesome. This is my new favorite thing.
No. 16449 ID: e3f578

aha I knew that other hearttail picture with that imperial legion soldier was by Seal.
No. 16453 ID: 2044df

Too furry.
No. 16455 ID: 28e94e

Quit lying to yourself
No. 16477 ID: 3392ab

Augh, I can't believe I already read through all of it. I don't want to wait :V

>Dungeon Deeper-grade art
eeee people like me
No. 16479 ID: 679e7a

Anybody here have an MSPA forums account? I tried to get one, but my confirmation email seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.
No. 16486 ID: 3416ec


I do. Why?
No. 16489 ID: 679e7a


As I said, my confirmation email seems to have been lost in the shuffle. If you could post in the http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?30555-Bug-Reporting/ thread on my behalf, I'd appreciate it; the username I signed up for is FredMSloniker.
No. 16493 ID: 28e94e

I'm in the same situation. My username is "asdfzxc".
No. 16503 ID: e28b0b
File 130867499102.png - (18.06KB , 500x465 , aliciathanks.png )


Allow me to thank you extremely for this mention mr internet person

also I love me some Prequel!!!
No. 16507 ID: 3416ec


D'aaawww. :3
No. 16508 ID: 529a19

Cuteness overload-
No. 16509 ID: 3416ec


Also, I posted your predicaments in the Bug Report thread. Hopefully you'll be posting in due time.
No. 16512 ID: f7aa74

has anyone even seen most of that forums archives? they are ridiculously awesome, like everyone in that adventure threads section has something
No. 16514 ID: e3f578

Yeah okay this is the MS Paint Forum Adventures thread now because we don't want to sort through all the bad stuff to figure out what's good or bad
No. 16517 ID: 2563d4

No, no it is not. Stop that.

Prequel's updated again: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?39514-PREQUEL-%28thread-2%29&p=5238755#post5238755
No. 16589 ID: 445b4c

She'll have to be extra cautious tomorrow. The guy does not discriminate when it comes to breaking the LAW, so Katia's actions could backfire in a hilarious/terrible way.

"Justice Detour" was funny. Gotta love those disguise terms. I also giggled at finger-handshake.
No. 16590 ID: e3f578

It's okay if she accidentally breaks a law, just don't choose resist arrest. We don't have money either, so we can only go to jail.

And judging from her dreams, it looks likes she's destined to get arrested and meet the emperor anyway, seeing as how this is essentially sorta how the game plays out with that mod that starts you off in a boat. She's definitely part of one of those dragon-split multiple reality split speical characters that elder scrolls lore subtly breaks the forth wall with to make every single character and action canonically possible. The Nerevar was a dragonsplit guy, the daggerfall person and resultant ending where they all impossibly happened was a dragonslplit guy and so is the champion of cyrodil. Presumably, so will the Dovakiin dragonborn will be one of these dragonsplit characters, it's just they're double dragon related.

I don't know the correct term for these multiple reality breaks beyond the fact it involves dragon in the word and the player. There's this weird morrowind metaphysics article that discusses it somewhere on the internet.
No. 16592 ID: 2563d4

Well, it's Oblivion LAW, at least, so it's pretty straightforward. No trespassing, no stealing, no hitting first, no riding other people's horses. I mean that's still plenty of rope, but at least it's not Paranoia and she'll be executed for stepping on the wrong colour of flagstone.
No. 16593 ID: 285ae8
File 130874215940.jpg - (1.22MB , 504x5000 , Fucklaw.jpg )

>No trespassing, no stealing, no hitting first, no riding other people's horses.
No. 16603 ID: e3f578

oh fuck I remembered you can't legally sleep in the middle of town, only wait. you can make a bum shack and sleep on a makeshift, but that's it.
No. 16609 ID: 07416a

Yeah, but until she figures out quick-save she has not come into her power.
No. 16618 ID: 8a841c

So I heard some of you have a problem with the site being awkward to follow. Be that as it may, I've put up an RSS feed that may make this somewhat easier. It's updated every ten minutes, though I need to add new threads by hand.

URL: http://demented.no-ip.org/~feep/mspatest.cgi?author=Kazerad (remove the ?author part to get every post)

Feedback and feature requests welcome!
No. 16633 ID: 2563d4

Neat. The "view post" and "==>" links need patching up to the point to the right place, though, it seems, and unfortunately there's some noise in there.

Updated again BTW.
No. 16640 ID: 4328dd

Fixed up the links .. should they go to the forum or to the quick-view? The "noise" is, I think, primarily because I just dump the post's html out unmodified, without any css to interpret the tag classes. Should I strip spoiler tags, or format them as already-visible? I think some RSS readers don't handle buttons well ..
No. 16641 ID: 383006

I would personally strip them.
No. 16644 ID: 4328dd

Like this?
No. 16647 ID: 2563d4

I mean noise as in it picks up posts that aren't updates, but I don't think there's a good solution for that since there's no dependable way to tell them apart.

It's working pretty great otherwise, so cheers!
No. 16648 ID: 383006

I can't tell! I would personally find it bothersome if they were autoexpanded and in between the images and text that make up the narrative of the update.
No. 16662 ID: 28e94e

Just updated.
No. 16674 ID: 286b80

Thanks for that. Since the quest got to the stage of "1-update-followed-by-4-pages-of-answers", this is getting really handy.
No. 16682 ID: 021bee

On that note, is there no way to change the number of replies per page on that forum? I have enough ram and fast enough internet that there is really no need to limit it to 25.
No. 16684 ID: e3f578

sign up/in, go to account settings or something and switch it to 100
No. 16686 ID: 853061

Update ahoy!
No. 16705 ID: cfa4a4

I made a site (to track MSPA threads)!


Please migrate your RSS feeds to http://demented.no-ip.org/~feep/mspa.cgi?tag=prequel&author=Kazerad&site=rss !

Site testing, feedback and feature requests highly welcome.
No. 16733 ID: b4ccab

Making a Cat Cry: the Adventure
has updated again
No. 16765 ID: 0d7a83
Audio kat-fight.mp3 - (3.36MB )

Someone made fan music for a Katia: Strife scene.
I think it's pretty damn good.
No. 16768 ID: 28e94e

No. 16771 ID: a3e92f

FFFFFFFFFFF- wake up wake up wake up ohgod...
No. 16772 ID: 98a7f8

I really hope this isn't a shared dream for Quill-Weave's sake.
No. 16780 ID: 28e94e

Another update.
No. 16781 ID: 2563d4

Hey, can you get this to generate a link to the post in the forum in the "Always Show Spoilers" header please?
No. 16782 ID: aa99f7

Oh wow, shit just got crazy.

Kazerad is awesome.
No. 16784 ID: 099247

Shit is getting so fucking real in this bitch
No. 16785 ID: 3416ec

We have reached Meta Critical Mass.
No. 16786 ID: 947fc1

All we need now is for Katia to start giving herself suggestions.
No. 16787 ID: 2563d4

Updated again! http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?39514-PREQUEL-%28thread-2%29&p=5271690#post5271690
No. 16811 ID: 28e94e

Updated again... man, this shit is getting weird
No. 16812 ID: 28e94e

Did I say weird? I meant awesome.
No. 16813 ID: 28e94e

Aaaaand the dream sequence has just ended.

(I should probably stop bumping this)
No. 16814 ID: 549a4a

I have never played any of the elder scrolls game, but this is a pretty damned amazing quest.
No. 16815 ID: 7a09d3

This quest is way better than the games.
No. 16816 ID: d0d439

To be honest, I rather disliked the dream sequence.

Katia in her wake state is just much more down-to-earth and we are actually getting shit done.

No. 16817 ID: f5e4b4


This quest is making me want to play Oblivion. And I don't like Oblivion.
No. 16818 ID: 7a09d3

The dream sequence was good storytelling. It lets the author reinforce the sense of hopelessness that was characteristic of the first part of the quest without actually having Katia ruin any sort of thing because her life is starting to get on track. I think it helps rein in suggestions that she can do anything and keep the readers a little more down to earth.
No. 16819 ID: 7ae965

It was frustrating, but I agree. Getting a glimpse of the shit Katia has had to put up with every night for her whole life makes her rampant alcoholism a little bit more understandable.
No. 16822 ID: e3f578

\I would so reinstall this game if modding it wasn't so bothersome a space-using.
No. 16824 ID: 2563d4

Likewise. Thankfully I haven't reinstalled it since an OS switch so lazyness is on my side in avoiding once again rediscovering that it is the most tedious fantasy CRPG known to man.

No. 16825 ID: e3f578

modding the game is the real fun part of Oblivion
No. 16827 ID: 28e94e

Here's the improved condensed version, with full formatting support.
No. 16830 ID: 1e9d01

Next time she drinks sober we need to try the hug option.
No. 16840 ID: 3416ec


Another update.
No. 16841 ID: 4183c9



No. 16843 ID: 2563d4

Alternatively people could look at timestamps, or even post numbers if linking to the update in question, which also has the advantage of not having to start from the last time someone bothered and hit the blue arrow until you catually get to something new.

And you can just hide the thread.
No. 16844 ID: c891d3

No. 16846 ID: 28e94e

I stopped that a while ago, and the last one was a sage.

Speaking of which, lol @ bumping to whine about bumps
No. 16848 ID: 4183c9

>lol @ bumping to whine about bumps
Gee man I'm totally told now, next time I'll remember to sage a thread that's on the top of the page so I don't bump it to the top of the page. Man do I ever feel dumb right now.

Look, I remembered my sage this time! We makin' progress, yo!
No. 16849 ID: 9cd1d1

No. 16850 ID: 28e94e

But we're getting off topic.
No. 16859 ID: 2563d4

Updated: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?39514-PREQUEL-%28thread-2%29&p=5290570#post5290570
Contains excellent disapproving look. Also floppy lizard.
No. 16887 ID: 28e94e

No. 16888 ID: 9ee666

Hey Kazerad, if you ever look at this topic just know that you're a pretty cool guy and junk.

Also, Steve Shirt for life.
No. 16889 ID: 940b69

You guys are cracking me up, thanks for the good laugh.
No. 16893 ID: 049dfa

>Although dressup dolls aren't exactly fanart as such, and that's what everyone besides Weaver did.

No. 16894 ID: 9feb97

Cheer up, lad! Shut the lond face! :D
No. 16913 ID: 3416ec

Updated: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?39514-PREQUEL-%28thread-2%29&p=5303005#post5303005

Also, Weaver gets some big ups from Kazerad.
No. 16923 ID: 002695

Oh lovely, now a bunch of whiny fuckers from /co/ have shown up.
No. 16924 ID: 28e94e

No. 16925 ID: e3f578

So does Lucid, who's robot outfit is referenced in a scratched out doodle in the actual update!!!!
No. 16926 ID: 1854db

The thread's been getting really cluttered with nonsense lately it seems.
No. 16927 ID: 3416ec

Probably because /co/ jumped in.
No. 16928 ID: 453e62

yeah, they are used to constantly talking. not suggesting and then SHUTING UP AND WAITING. seriously, it's like an alien concept to some people.
No. 16929 ID: 0d7a83

No. 16930 ID: e3f578

the legion guy did drugs
No. 16931 ID: 002695

Okay wow, these /co/ idiots are really shitting up the thread.
No. 16934 ID: 679e7a

And now the forums have gone down. Coincidence? Or terrible consequence of drawing 4chan's attention?
No. 16935 ID: ba1062

I'd blame Hussie and his 40-page update
No. 16938 ID: 3416ec

Forums are back up.
No. 16939 ID: 590e2a

The thread has gotten very cluttered, but I hope it all gets better when Prequel gets its own subforum.
No. 16977 ID: e3f578

It also appears PA's Social Entropy got a hold of this in one of their MSPA threads
oh deary me this is getting popular!
No. 16978 ID: 2563d4

It appears that the pause might be trying to move to running it on a blog: http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?39514-PREQUEL-%28thread-2%29-getting-a-site-soon&p=5321114&viewfull=1#post53211
No. 17004 ID: 641fb0

It's funny how all the nerd communities blame each other for shitting it up.

The quest itself is quite neat, but way to wordy for its own good.
No. 17062 ID: c0e7f3

I don't know why Kazerad is so bent on moving off-site.
If dividing suggestions and discussion is what he's after, he could just make a second thread and be done with it.

It's not something a technical medium can fix. If the readers don't moderate themselves, no forum/blog/reddit/whatnot will keep them from going wildly off-topic where they should be leaving short, precise directions.
No. 17063 ID: 2563d4

With a blog at least he can make a new post for each update, and the suggestions/fanart/retardation can be comments. Then reading through it (in either direction!) is always easy without the need for manual big blue arrows.

Forums and imageboards are actually kind of a bad tech-base for quests because they put the audience on-stage with the author.
No. 17068 ID: 049dfa


>Forums and imageboards are actually kind of a bad tech-base for quests because they put the audience on-stage with the author.

I wouldn't call image boards a bad tech-base as the suggestions really are a part of the whole experience. And in an imageboard you can just keep scrolling down in order to skip past things. It's also less apt to run into enormous 10-page tangential discussion.

Blogs are also good, though. They have some benefits and some drawbacks compared to imageboards.

Forums are fucking terrible for it, in no small part because of the sort of people who spend time in Forums.
No. 17089 ID: 383006

a blog seems like it might be better if there are thirty trillion people suggesting. For things like we do, an imageboard is probably a much better technology.
No. 17098 ID: f13ed4

>With a blog at least he can make a new post for each update, and the suggestions/fanart/retardation can be comments. Then reading through it (in either direction!) is always easy without the need for manual big blue arrows.

Pretty much this. Forum threads weren't built for having one "main" poster with lots of ignorable fluff comments in-between. Blogs, on the other hand, are made exactly for this. I tried to compensate for the forum medium by manually stringing the updates together, but when people started (understandably) requesting an archive and backwards arrows, I realized it was time to automate the process.

My current plan is to post the updates to my own site but continue to only take commands in the MSPA forum thread. If the forum thread is billed specifically as the story's Command Center, that means all the little non-command posts like "hey great story" or "hahaha drugs" can just be left in the blog comments, making it easier for me to sift out actual commands. It also means I still have the MSPAF moderators watching over my thread and enforcing the rules for me, which is handier than doing it myself or finding my own mods.

(Additionally, keeping the commands in a forum thread makes it less obvious when I go back and use an earlier command in a later update. Some commands are really good ideas, but take a couple updates to facilitate.)

Hopefully that clears my motivations up! The site is mostly done at this point, I'm just waiting for my hosting provider to fix a slowness problem. According to them, "they know about the problem and are working on it". I'll chew them out later today if it's not better.
No. 17099 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah your gonna have to chew them out, because
>"they know about the problem and are working on it"
> "we'll fix just as soon as you become to annoying to ignore".
No. 17107 ID: c891d3

Hey, fancy seeing you here. :V

Hopefully that slowness problem gets cleared up.
No. 17109 ID: 519d0a

Hey, while you're here, compliments to the chef, man!
No. 17112 ID: f5fe2f

>My current plan is to post the updates to my own site but continue to only take commands in the MSPA forum thread. If the forum thread is billed specifically as the story's Command Center, that means all the little non-command posts like "hey great story" or "hahaha drugs" can just be left in the blog comments, making it easier for me to sift out actual commands.
Could be. But even if that does work out, the sort of general discussion which has just now flooded the thread is something that happens much more in relatively persistent places, so it's unlikely to move in a large capacity to the blog comments.
No. 17113 ID: 2563d4

Indeed, second that.
No. 17122 ID: 049dfa


HEY KAZ. One of those fanart guys here. Thanks for making something awesome. Figured I'd tell you here too since who I am on the MSPA site is A MYSTERY (I am Mallory's Beast).
No. 17126 ID: c0e7f3

I see. Well, you call the shots here, but I'd keep the suggestions in the blog comments and discussion/fanart on the MSPA board.

That way, you won't have to quote all the suggestions (because they were in the previous post comments), and someone who just discovered the blog-based Prequel won't have to plow through the monstrously long MSPA thread just to see why Katia acted the way she did.

Anyway, kudos to you, and thanks for this adorably miserable Khajit.
No. 17142 ID: f5fe2f

Yeah, the forum thread is looking kind of irreparable.
No. 17159 ID: c83924

will skooma ever make an appearance?
No. 17161 ID: 07416a

I really, REALLY hope not. Katia has problems with alcohol, what would skooma do to her?
No. 17162 ID: 9c538a
File 131061248414.png - (548.55KB , 700x595 , rattatattatatcat.png )

Why not make one forum thread with discussion, and one forum thread with suggestions, like they do here? No need to make a whole separate blog people have to get separate user accounts to post suggestions on. Just link to the discussion thread at the top and SWEAR TO MURDER ANY WHO POST HOW MUCH THEY LOVE PREQUEL IN THE MAIN SUGGESTION THREAD
No. 17165 ID: f13ed4
File 131061715698.gif - (27.70KB , 583x515 , AuthorialAchievements.gif )

Hey, thanks guys ;D. Glad you're enjoying.

>Why not make one forum thread with discussion, and one forum thread with suggestions, like they do here? No need to make a whole separate blog people have to get separate user accounts to post suggestions on.

Having two threads would cut down on discussion, but wouldn't enhance readability very much. Even when looking at suggestions alone, there's usually at least 50 suggestion posts between any two of mine, making it a bit of a crawl to read. The main function of the site is to make the Quest easier to read, navigate, and stay up-to-date on.

Once that's in place, it doesn't matter much what happens in the thread. I mean, I'd LIKE to keep the next thread orderly, but if I slip up and lose 5 pages to spam, the story's readability will be unaffected.

>I see. Well, you call the shots here, but I'd keep the suggestions in the blog comments and discussion/fanart on the MSPA board.

I've considered this, but I really don't want to have to enforce any kind of "on-topic rules" in the blog comments. One of my aims is to make the story more approachable, and if some new reader wants to easily leave a little comment about how much they liked a particular page, the least I can do is give them the opportunity. Remember that I want to make this easier for myself by separating suggestions from fluff; keeping people from posting normal comments in something CALLED "comments" will probably be a difficult endeavor.

Of course, this is all speculative at this point. I'm not positive what people will do. If things don't work out in practice, I'll just switch it so the commands come from the Comments.

>will skooma ever make an appearance?

It depends what you horrible people drive this poor woman to do. Of course, I'm SURE you wouldn't pressure her to solve her problems with drugs.

... WOULD you?
No. 17166 ID: 0d7a83

>I'm SURE you wouldn't pressure her to solve her problems with drugs... WOULD you?

It's a mute question: Katia will never have enough money to afford skooma. Ever :V
No. 17168 ID: 8460c3

If you name a name I'll gladly help you get that last achievement there.
No. 17170 ID: 4d6a4c

You passed 50 furry fans so very long ago

The servers must just be taking a while to update
No. 17177 ID: f5fe2f

The word is "moot". "mute" means it makes no sound.

There's no way in hell you don't have more than 50 furry fans.
No. 17184 ID: 2563d4

Let the poor guy have his happy delusions.
No. 17204 ID: 0d7a83

Hey, stop pointing out my stupid okay? :V
No. 17244 ID: 3416ec

Is the PREQUEL website done yet?
No. 17245 ID: 9ee666

>No Exceptions unlocked
wow, when did that happen?
No. 17253 ID: 383006

If it hadn't been already, then it would have been as soon as he posted the "accomplishments" image.
No. 17269 ID: 3416ec

Yo, Kaz! I need my Prequel fix! Is the site done yet?
No. 17276 ID: 1854db

It'll update on monday or tuesday, he said.
No. 17286 ID: 15a7c4

Yeah, someone should post that. For curiosity's sake, if nothing else.
No. 17287 ID: e44eb4

Yeah, sure, just "curiosity".
No. 17292 ID: 10d022

I see that last achievement, Kazerad. Don't think you're not getting that one.

No. 17297 ID: f7ae22
File 131096802854.png - (177.97KB , 700x574 , prequel katia managan quill weave.png )

Okay. Unknown artist, found it by the side of the internet road.
No. 17299 ID: b6ca92

This quest will end up wit us doing day-to-day managing of Katia's married home life.
No. 17300 ID: e3f578

Kazerad will now not be able to visit his thread here and discuss whatever he feel needs to be discussed here about Prequel without seeing the first rule34 of his work.

Good job, Lawyer Dog. Keep up the good work.
No. 17301 ID: 9c538a
File 131097669043.gif - (8.57KB , 600x450 , story548.gif )


That is obviously Quill Weave dead asleep while Katia tries to extract herself in the most completely platonic way imaginable.
No. 17304 ID: f13ed4
File 131098040098.gif - (15.38KB , 484x410 , goodjoblawyerdog.gif )

No. 17306 ID: 354f09

It's like a polite warning.
Sticking around will probably result in seeing fanart with his characters getting raped and/or tortured.
No. 17307 ID: 2563d4

And people say the "chan" in tgchan is misleading.
No. 17309 ID: 2d6d5d

they do?
No. 17310 ID: 2563d4

Yes. One of the arguments for renaming in >>6149 is that '-chan' is inaccurate/reflects badly.

Which is becoming funny given that 4chan/tg/ actually seems to be moderated as worksafe these days whereas here >>17306 is pretty much accurate. But that's a discussion for >>15518 .
No. 17311 ID: 383006

This is actually complete bullshit. The only person who has pretty much EVER drawn ANYBODY's character getting raped or tortured is me, and it caused a giant shitstorm all of the two times it happened. And the picture was removed the one time I posted it on the boards. AND I wouldn't actually do that to Kazerad's characters.
No. 17312 ID: 8211e6

Silly BiteQuest. 2563d4 never lets little things like "facts" get in the way of trashing the site.
No. 17314 ID: 2563d4

How quickly we've forgotten Tiny Deer, eh?
Sure is looking consensual around here!

And if you carry on down the thread and into the next one there's Journey Quest characters chained up and fucked. Which I'm sure was just light bondage play, right?
No. 17315 ID: 2563d4

And just to make sure Seal doesn't think I'm trying to grind an axe with him here, I'm reminded that one of BiteQuest's characters has been the target before: >>/questdis/334499

I guess you can pick a bone with the word "probably", since this is not a majority of cases. Let's go with "a plausible risk", and "probably" only applies to 'normal' Rule 34.
No. 17317 ID: cf8670

>And the picture was removed the one time I posted it on the boards.
Cool story bro.
>AND I wouldn't actually do that to Kazerad's characters.
Unless someone pays you like 10bux I assume.
No. 17318 ID: 383006


Okay, yes, there are a few other pictures, however, you made it sound like it was the norm for that stuff to get drawn or posted, when it's a miniscule fraction of the fanart, and most was a direct result of a terrible idea that hasn't been repeated.

To be fair, I forgot that I posted the Daisaki picture on the boards. I remember posting it from imagehost links. I certainly didn't post it in the fanart thread, that's for sure, and nobody would post anything like that in this thread on general unless they were just trying to troll.

Har har. The last few times people have wanted to get stuff, we asked the author. If they say no, I won't do it. I get the general impression that Kazerad would not be cool with that kind of stuff. I don't really think I'd be cool with drawing it either, even for cash.
No. 17320 ID: f4963f

OP image looks like it's increasingly applicable as a reaction to this thread.

At any rate, it sounds like Kazerad gave a predicted date of tomorrow for the new site being up, and with it possibly the new update. The quest's already got a number of updates, so I just wanted to thank Kazerad for doing all the work to put them up in a nice, browsable format.

Thanks, Kaz! <3
No. 17321 ID: f7ae22

I found the image in a thread on /furi/, a furry porn and drama board, which Kazerad posted in after it was posted.
No. 17324 ID: f5fe2f

I was looking in the old fanart threads, and really, we have less of that sort of fun stuff than we used to too.

>I don't really think I'd be cool with drawing it either, even for cash.
What a prude.
No. 17326 ID: 3416ec

Whoa whoa whoa, this is the Prequel thread, not the Big Dumb Arguments thread.
No. 17327 ID: 4183c9

Yeah, there shouldn't be any discussion of any kind in this thread, only unconditional praise! What next, we'll have differing opinions?!
No. 17328 ID: c891d3

But the argument isn't even about Prequel.

Speaking of which, it looks like the site is almost ready to go.
No. 17329 ID: 2563d4

Will you idiots kindly stop screaming "OFF TOPIC" without contributing anything of value?
I'm the OP of this thread. Given LawyerDog's rules, I therefore set the topic, and I say "reasons why Prequel on tgchan might end in horrible porn" falls within its scope. Deal w/ it etc.

Dealt With
No. 17339 ID: 2eac65

So! New topic.

Any more plans for helping Katia unwreck her life?
No. 17343 ID: 15b51b

Oh cool! Kazerad posted here. I hope people don't immediately bombard him with the worst p-

I really like Prequel! Try not to feel overwhelmed by your increasingly large and enthusiastic fanbase!
No. 17344 ID: 9cb4b3

Yeah, I really like Prequel too and have been following it for a while. It's definitely better than Homestuck itself at this point.

Other opinions on the matters at hand should be discussed elsewhere.
No. 17346 ID: dee311

Not until we've wrecked Kazerad's mind first, apparently
No. 17348 ID: c97fbd

Good job bringing it up again guys.

And did 2563d4 really get banned, or is the red text just Seal being an faghat again?
No. 17349 ID: c6a154

>And did 2563d4 really get banned, or is the red text just Seal being awesome again?

We may never know.
No. 17359 ID: 2563d4

Needlessly melodramatic, wouldn't you say?
"Yes". For an hour. Don't know who, not entirely sure for what.

I haven't posted in this thread since then because there is absolutely nothing of value to add given the new site is not up yet and thus there are no new updates. My complaining-about-complaining banned post at least also clarified the intended topic scope; this one's marginal justification is to hopefully shut you two up.
No. 17362 ID: 3416ec

So according to Kaz, he had a problem with the slowness of his site, but solved it through, quote, "the haphazard application of money."
No. 17368 ID: 0d7a83

Funny, how you can fix most problems that way.
No. 17390 ID: 3416ec


Looks like Kaz's site is still trying to resolve itself.
No. 17391 ID: f13ed4


I'm starting to think the problem might be on my end. As far as I can tell my home internet connection is the only one that can't load the site (on any browser or computer). I can't even ping the IP.

Of course, that would mean that the site's current inaccessibility has nothing to do with the fact I just bought it, and it was a pure, incredibly misleading coincidence that the one site that spontaneously stopped working was the one I had never yet SEEN working. Which would be almost impossibly unlucky.

If this doesn't fix itself by tomorrow I'm thinking I'll just load everything onto a laptop, take it to Panera Bread, and finish the site there. Indie style.
No. 17392 ID: eba49f

We could always try to get her to learn alchemy.
Here is how alchemy works in The Elder Scrolls in three steps:
1. Make potions to boost your INT
2. Use your boosted INT to make potions that give a bigger bonus to INT
3. Alchemical technological singularity
No. 17393 ID: 1854db

Getting a better server was probably a good idea anyway.
No. 17394 ID: 2563d4

I get the suspicion that anything that involves abusing OOC knowledge and quirks of the game engine will only backfire horribly if it works at all.

Suddenly crippling potion addiction, sneaking into people's gardens at night to steal all their carrots.
No. 17395 ID: 049dfa


>sneaking into people's gardens at night to steal all their carrots.

You can do that shit in broad daylight and nobody gives a shit.

Once they actually pick it, though, it's stealing.
No. 17396 ID: a8cfbd

That's far less true in Oblivion than Morrowind. Would still be good to have potions of magicka readily available, though.
No. 17399 ID: 2eac65

What if we get her to be a painter? I think she'd be pretty good at it. After all, she did a decent job on that sign; she just needs something to focus on, and she can write off anything weird as artistic license.
No. 17401 ID: e3f578

Yeah the main fault she had was engraving the sign before getting approval from the store owner about the design. She should have used a light, easy to get rid of painting material to use as a preview and fix the mistakes on that before even trying to start the engraving process for the sign.

Of course, if she grew up as a professional and truly had that skill, she wouldn't have done that and wouldn't make that mistake. No, all she does is have the MSPA forums to give her advice. And it was basically do it, they didn't put into account of the probability to make the mistake, which is considered unskilled, not even amateur level, for something a permanent as an engraving. You give shitty advice to an unskilled artisan, you get shit output. You give decent advice to an unskilled artisan, you get acceptable, usually. At least in a age with that level of technology and culture, wouldn't fly today, usually.
No. 17402 ID: 049dfa


Also the 'Mercandise' sign is actually in the game. It's an oblivion joke.
No. 17403 ID: e3f578

I didn't know that was a joke, did we ever actually see the crappy sign's writing? If not and Katia did a perfect run, then the previous sign would have been the one with the typo and this would have been one of the sidequests that slightly change the world or environment. Let the rebuild Kvatch mod I guess.

But now that you mention that, maybe the REAL champion (which could be anyone, anything, even fucking goddamn legendary Nondrick the "NPC") might come along on that boat and Katia just happens to coincidentally foreshadow the emperor storyline and might get involved with the the sequel of the prequel, which is like... just a quel? Do we have a world for that?

Okay goddammit now I want to draw for the first time and forever and make a Nondrick-Katia crossover fanart. okay when Motherfuckerin' Prequel makes Dirtbag inspired to fanart shit. You know this quest is good.
No. 17404 ID: 3416ec

Hey, was Telekinesis ever a good power to use in Oblivion? I tried using it once, and it seemed kind of lame.
No. 17405 ID: 049dfa


>If not and Katia did a perfect run, then the previous sign would have been the one with the typo and this would have been one of the sidequests that slightly change the world or environment.

There are a TON of reasons that it is obvious that Prequel takes place -before- oblivion if you actually play it.

I know, I had never played oblivion until I started reading prequel and then it was suddenly $7 on steam. When I went to Anvil I ran around town, checked out some of the NPCs, giggled at the 'mercandise' sign, and then broke into Quill Weave's house and stole all of her food to make it into potions.
No. 17406 ID: e3f578

I keep thinking I'm under the presumption Katia's "player", who I assume shall be Kazerad, is using that general mod pack thing that includes the starting in Anvil by boat and a few other things. So technically this CAN be a player playing oblivion, just before they get jailed in imperial city for whatever the reason. And the title's logic means that using that mod in specific means it qualifies as being a Prequel.
No. 17407 ID: d763e1

It was good for stealing, grabbing things out of reach and nothing else. It was annoying that you couldn't blast people with it but what I hated most about it was that you couldn't operate levers through the bars of those gates you find in the old forts.
No. 17408 ID: 3416ec


Wheeeee, new site coming really soon!
No. 17419 ID: 3416ec

The new site is up!


Remember, the site is for comments, and the thread is for suggestions.
No. 17420 ID: 4183c9

>the site is for comments, and the thread is for suggestions
But where do I read the damn thing?
No. 17421 ID: 2563d4

From the blue arrow on the last update:

>Crime never sleeps, and therefore neither can a Imperial Legion Patrolman. Instead of sleep, you simply blink more often.
Love it.
No. 17422 ID: 4183c9

No. 17424 ID: 2b5bad

Attempt at biting sarcasm fails due to inability to communicate. News at 11.
No. 17440 ID: 588d12

i wouldnt mind seeing the updates numbered to easily track the last one viewed. other than that, the site is great.
No. 17441 ID: 982acb

Fortunately, the website has an RSS feed, so that's always an option.
No. 17458 ID: c0e5fe

Honestly one of the better things I've read in a long time. Interesting characters and humourous situations abound.
No. 17459 ID: 523c4c

Totally friggin awesome.
No. 17461 ID: 3416ec

In case you missed it, PREQUEL updated.

Fireball antics ahoy.
No. 17466 ID: c0c1bd

Lols, saw that yesterday. Brilliant!
No. 17469 ID: 3416ec

And many lady boners were had.

I really don't want to think about how that works.
No. 17470 ID: d9246e

Ask /d/.
No. 17471 ID: 3416ec


No thanks.
No. 17477 ID: 4183c9

Comparing Prequel to Homesuck is painful.

Hussy/Hussein/Howeveryouspellit really has a bad Oh! Great-syndrome. Maybe Prequel just hasn't had as much time to devolve into an incomprehensible mess, but so far its writing is clearly superior out of the two.

"Amusingly" enough, 4chang's Zombie Quest reminds me much of MSPA stuff stylistically, and it actually had a definite point where it went from "maybe unnecessarily complex" to "what the fuck is going on". I don't remember the exact thread, but I spent a few good whiles trying to find the "missing" thread between possibly 6 and 7 or 7 and 8, before finally understanding that there was no missing thread but just a huge fucking disconnect before which the quest made enough sense and after which it made no sense whatsoever. If it hadn't had the quest's name as thread topic, I would not have believed it was the same quest. And it wasn't just the immediate disconnect, but also the fact that it continued to make no sense. Basically just like Finnish politics except nowhere near as horrendously sickening, deeply malicious and terrifyingly disconnected from reality.
No. 17478 ID: f5fe2f

I understand Homestuck fine. I find both its intricacy and the fact that no assumption is inviolate to be positive aspects of the storytelling.
No. 17480 ID: dd99b3


The description of mudcrabs cracks me up.
No. 17481 ID: 2563d4

Have some sex education, then:
May contain pictures of ladyparts because biology.

Although I would have thought the intent was pretty clear.
No. 17483 ID: ea6ca2

Seem like Katia just took a level in BADASS.

But it would be nice to know how much magica we still have.
No. 17484 ID: 3416ec

Ha ha ha ha ha, he has to draw angry eyebrows on his horse.

This is the greatest.
No. 17523 ID: c99ab2
File 131247248352.jpg - (76.76KB , 807x202 , comment.jpg )

I don't think some of the /co/mrades really get it.
No. 17525 ID: c99ab2

That what he's proposing there basically defeats the entire purpose of quests as group-based adventure?
No. 17558 ID: 3416ec

No. 17560 ID: f5fe2f

The comments should be the place for suggestions, it’s really a superior setup for suggesting. You read the update and then there’s the text box right there, just punch the suggestion in and go. Whereas the MSPA thread is in a different place and is a mess of discussion and fanart.

Also damn near every post on the last one is a suggestion, so there's that.
No. 17562 ID: 347172

Yeah, I have no problem with making suggestions as comments on the site, it makes more sense that way.

Hiding them away so that only Kaz can see them, and only allowing a poster to have one suggestion at a time however, that I can't get behind. It takes away the fun.
No. 17565 ID: 2563d4

Most of the "fun" of suggesters responding to each-other (or posting anything other than a clear, concise action) is better described as "rampant idiocy".

Such an arrangement would be a huge improvement since it would force discussion to actually go to discussion threads, stop people repeatedly making "oh oh oh and" suggestions, stop reaction posts, and stop necrobumping. (All you need then is a ~200 character limit and you can kill off suggestions in the form of essays.)
No. 17569 ID: 347172

Yeah, God forbid people should actually enjoy themselves. Quests should be the sole domain of pedantic obsessive cases who see entertainment as serious business.
No. 17570 ID: 2563d4

The boundary of what's acceptable for one person's enjoyment stops where it disrupts the enjoyment of others. This is presumably why this site actually has rules for /quest/ covering much of the same ground, even if the mods never care to enforce them without being continually prodded to with reports.

For Prequel, Kaz seems to be quite capable of sifting through ten tons of herp, though; and quoting the bits he's actually using so readers don't have to. If the suggestions were on the comments, then at least the blog format---unlike an imageboard---means they don't intermingle with updates, and bickering over suggestions ends up nested in a tree, so you can trivially skip over any particularly terrible arguments.

(tl;dr imageboards are actually pretty bad for quests because they put the audience up on stage with the performer)
No. 17583 ID: 999370

But the audience IS the performer.
No. 17584 ID: 2563d4

Stating false things with bolded words does not make them true.
No. 17585 ID: 28e94e

Stating false things in plaintext does not make them true, either.
No. 17586 ID: 2563d4

"I know you are, but what am I?"

Are you idiots seriously arrogant enough to think you're on equal storytelling standing with the author/artist because you provide suggested actions? This isn't an RPG session, and even those have an elevated DM role whose job it is to take what players want to do and report on what actually happens.
No. 17587 ID: e3f578

The audience for quests and shit, I think that can be best described similarly to something, is like in that of improv shows where the audience votes on a number or a magic show with magicians clever enough with their tricks they don't need planted volunteers in the audience for the quests with more direct interaction, like when Gando (coincidentally a wandering entertainment magician) summoned the spirits, as in us, in Gnoll's Bane.
No. 17588 ID: 28e94e

That did not make any sense at all.
No. 17589 ID: e3f578

the quest audience is like those audiences at improv shows where they pick numbers of scenes or suggest the subjects of improv themselves for normal quests
for quests with things like the orb or other types of direct actions or conversations WITH an audience member the closest example are magic acts that use volunteers that aren't planted by the magician.
Well no, a non-planted heckler of a comedian could be better associated with quests with things like an orb I suppose.

Point is I'm trying to come up with an accurate example of how suggesters can be compared to performances in line with the argument above. They are not a performer, but they do have significant influence of the performance.
No. 17590 ID: 2563d4

That is normal for Dirtbag.

Unless you're arguing that the audience at a magic show should be on the stage and microphoned-up like the magician, this analogy is useless.
No. 17591 ID: e3f578

Sorry, I guess it is. I dunno I just saw a discussion where it turns out there wasn't one.
I guess the heckler-comedian analogy is more accurate, but as far as I know hecklers are always planted and part of the act so that analogy falls apart too.
No. 17592 ID: 35e1a0

apparently kittens eat dremora hearts.
No. 17593 ID: a6008c

I would just like to say that Dmitri is completely adorable and I want him in the party forever.
No. 17594 ID: 3416ec


So do I.

Katia and Dmitri BFF's!
No. 17709 ID: 999370
File 131412500929.jpg - (240.83KB , 611x700 , 693729 - Katia_Managan Oblivion Prequel The_Elder_.jpg )

You just had to do it, didn't you Internet?
No. 17710 ID: 35e1a0

it.. i.. you.. buh?
No. 17712 ID: 2563d4

And you just had to post it. I wish I could say I was disappoint, but frankly it's par for this site.
No. 17714 ID: e3f578

that porn is awful
goddamn it's like an arby's sandwhich down there that labia... (i think that's what is called) is so huge
No. 17722 ID: 1854db

I really doubt that is actually how the trick is done. It wouldn't require a yo-yo then, just a string.
No. 17723 ID: fd4aa7

No fucking shit?
Next up on "people can't understand humour based on denying information from the audience": OoTS fans debating Vaarsuvius' gender.
No. 17724 ID: 9040a2


What the fuck is with her hands? They're around the wrong way.
No. 17725 ID: d9246e

She's obviously a Rakshasa.
No. 17728 ID: b1f0e2

prequel makes me cry. T.T
Poor girl...

Also, too many bobs!
No. 17729 ID: 6f1d54
File 131432207806.jpg - (78.59KB , 367x357 , 1302075844387.jpg )

>mfw the Orc will eventually show up with a whole set of armor made entirely of good luck charms
No. 17730 ID: 715620

>He has a highly boosted Luck stat
>We're still using the Morrowind rules
I have no face, I've already been decapitated.
No. 17731 ID: 2563d4

His appearance was one of the funniest things recently in a quest who already has a very high funny baseline.
No. 17794 ID: f91e07

Go check the update...



...also, who the hell actually 'suggests' that an npc kill a player character? What kind of mindset is this?
No. 17795 ID: e3f578
File 131524350263.gif - (477.43KB , 294x219 , tumblr_lna9iq7I1o1qafrh6.gif )

No. 17796 ID: e3f578

Looks like Kaz was just using Dmitri as a plot device, not only because of one of his posts but because he's got enough suggestions he can choose any type of suggestion he wants.

Well, at least we learned the Orc likes discussing business practices. and hates Kvatch's mages guild, unless he's acting on the humorous principle of not talking about it, which is enough reason in itself in this gag Elder Scrolls universe.
No. 17798 ID: 51f7f2
File 131524575686.jpg - (115.11KB , 904x472 , ENOUGH.jpg )

This guy is a ultra troll.
No. 17802 ID: 2563d4

I love the way Kaz uses the playerbase's own stupidity against them/feeds the trolls.

No. 17803 ID: 35e1a0

that is one of the things that make running a quest on MSPA harder. a lot of people like trying to kill the characters on purpose.
No. 17806 ID: 6f1d54
File 131528376272.gif - (33.78KB , 600x450 , story705.gif )

Goddammit I loathe this Orc so fucking much.

I bet you anything he's going to show up at the end when Katia is this uber-powerful mage after a huge long ordeal of a quest, and there he'll be, in a full set of armor made of nothing but good luck charms.

She'll be a veritable God, unlimited magical power at her fingertips.

And this fucker will still be goddamn untouchable.
No. 17807 ID: e3f578

And without the charms he'd be a challenge anyway. His strength stat is so overpowered he can just flex a muscle and down a skeleton and lodge a goddamn sword deep through stone and pull it out again. I bet a sword can't even cleave through those abs. Hell, his entire inventory is either in his abs or clenched between his buttocks so he just keeps a razor sharp weapon compacted between two very fit muscles.

Those buns and abs are made of goddamn diamond.
No. 17809 ID: 1444d5

Don't forget he now has a ring of firewalking lodged on his finger. Because if Katia attempts to fireball him, I'm sure Kazerad won't have forgotten.
No. 17810 ID: df5336

Man, Running out of reasons to continue reading this. I'll probably just watch this thread in the chance that the comic gets better.
No. 17811 ID: 2563d4

><Blannk> Wait.
><Blannk> I've got an idea
><Blannk> Dye Katia's hair black.
><Blannk> Counter his good luck somewhat.
><Blannk> entire battlefield is laddrs.
><Blannk> And salt shakers everywhere
This is the best plan.
No. 17813 ID: 0d7a83

Am I the only guy who likes him? He's my second favourite character, after Katia (hurr Kaz killed everyone else durr). Part of me doesn't want him to become a Karma Houdini and get away with everything, but really I hope that he ends up joining Katia's party later down the line.
No. 17814 ID: 2563d4

He's an entertaining character.
No. 17819 ID: b79855

I just hope he doesn't kill the Legionnaire. Because I can totally see that happening suddenly at any time. Str + Luck and all that.
No. 17820 ID: b79855

Is the basic concern that things happen which cause the cat to cry? Because that's prooooobably going to keep happening...
No. 17821 ID: df5336

Nah, it's more the wasted time. Hell, I didn't even care too much for the Necromancer, he was too much like the main character. We don't need two wimpy spell flingers.
But, based on the fact that the author pics and chooses his responses, what the audience got was basically several wasted weeks.

I mean really, couldn't have the orc showed up later with a magical hoozits that stopped Katia in her tracks? Couldn't have this whole thing been summed up in a sentence or two?

*Shrugs* But that's, like, my opinion man.
No. 17824 ID: e3f578


all this did have a point, to give us some choices and HOW Dmitri was doomed. It wasn't really pointless, there's something that got affected. Our interest in the ring as a gift likely is what made the Orc notice it specifically and gave him fire-walking ability. Now If we chose another gift, the consequences could have turned out differently. He could be wearing another type of artifact now or whatever.
No. 17826 ID: 0d7a83


Well yeah but doesn't every author pick and choose, at least to some degree? And I understand what your saying about time wasting, but it wasn't completely useless. We basically decided what bonus the Orc got. Personally I like side-stories like this, because I think they help to flesh out the setting. It may have taken a while, but this is going to take time to progress anyway. If every update just advanced the main plot it wouldn't be much of a story when you read it after completion.

*Shrugs* But that's, like, just another opinion man.
No. 17827 ID: df5336


You make some good points with, like, your opinions mans.
Maybe there is just sand in my vagina, because yer totally right about it fleshing out the setting.

And I guess the type of magical hoozits might make a difference on down the road.
No. 17828 ID: 35e1a0

i think it's the fact he died like, RIGHT as we started to like him.
No. 17830 ID: 43d730

I liked him as soon as I saw the cats.
No. 17831 ID: 9c538a
File 131537964918.gif - (25.20KB , 600x450 , story611.gif )

Well I think that the Highwayman isn't so



*catches up*

No. 17833 ID: 3bd8ec

That and dying had not really been a thing up to this point. Sure, people had been shown as dead, but not anyone we actually had reason to care about.
No. 17835 ID: 1854db

My main objection is that only THREE people had any interest in mentioning Kvatch to him, it's not like there was a frickin' majority plan that Kazerad had to put in.

Also the orc decided to react in a manner completely out of character and far more extreme than any reaction we got before about Kvatch. It was like, out of nowhere just DEAD. AND this is right after he said that he liked talking to Dmitri. So what the fuck, seriously. It's like Kazerad built up our hopes of Dmitri surviving JUST to kill him at the last possible second. Because of course, Kazerad is a troll.
No. 17837 ID: 5d7441

Six quid on Dmitri going be a zombie now.
No. 17839 ID: e3f578

Was this orc (i keep forgetting his goddamn name) in the game? Since this is a prequel, he might actually be the real protagonist of the main game with Katia just being the main character of this pre-story. There's a lot of unsubtle hints with the dreams and all that for Katia being the Champion/New Prince of Madness, but I never remember being plagued with such in the main game, she may just be an important prophet NPC that leaves the world once the real Champion gets arrested in Imperial City, most possibly related to the penultimate moment when the PC gets arrested there.

That's right, one of the most hated characters just might be the main goddamn character that wins the 'quel simply by being that fucking goddamn lucky and thus earning all the benefits from being the champion of Cyrodil and New prince of Madness. His strength might get knocked down a notch since then with a permanent skill drain spell or some such to match the lvl 1 nature.

Hell, anyone not in the game that shows up in this either dies, leaves the country, gets thrown so deep into the criminal underground the main character cannot even have the chance of meeting them despite however low the Champion can possibly get him/erself, or the Champion.
No. 17844 ID: 4bdd79

The orc is at least level 10 already. He can't possibly be the player.
No. 17848 ID: e3f578

Anything's possible in a world with broken do-it-yourself spells, including perma-skill/lvl drain, or something equivalent of it in the game's system. You know, like 32x10^2400 sec of skill drain
No. 17849 ID: 9c538a


I highly doubt that Kazerad will remain loyal to the bugs and exploits in Oblivion as well as the game setting itself. Then again, luck armor...
No. 17855 ID: 2563d4

I'm pretty sure Law of Funny overrules.

(But some of those bugs sure are funny.)
No. 17857 ID: 715620

>The song of Saint Jiub

Kazerad sin status: FORGIVEN
No. 17862 ID: 1854db

It was good, but I don't forgive that easily.
No. 17863 ID: 9c538a


Jiub would never forgive. :/
No. 17864 ID: e0296a

It's so strange how one update can make me go D: and right the next one makes me go :D

Kaz - always forgiven. Always.
No. 17865 ID: e3f578

Jiub ain't dead yet since he dies when the oblivion crisis starts, we may actually get to see him in Prequel!
I'd squee so hard if he gets a physical cameo. I would actually unshamefully motherfucking squee.
No. 17884 ID: b2d5eb

who cares if that had a point or not? if was funny as fuck.
No. 18177 ID: 2563d4
File 131777023606.gif - (13.25KB , 600x450 , story753.gif )

Lookit the little kitty pawses!

After all this positive progress and restrained self-control, I am confident that nothing bad can possibly happen for the remainder of Katia's delivery quest.
No. 18180 ID: 78b9fc
File 131777834421.gif - (736.43KB , 168x126 , the cutest persian you will ever see.gif )


More like hideous catlike fingers.
No. 18262 ID: 78b9fc
File 131822703381.gif - (1.50MB , 320x240 , awwwww.gif )

Hideous. Catlike.
No. 18266 ID: 4b8577


All of my d'awww, ever.
No. 18412 ID: 210977

prequel got updated

and katia's tail is going at 7200 rpm
No. 18426 ID: 210977

updated again, now with 100% more vidya gaem.
No. 18430 ID: 1854db

I got 15100 points.
No. 18431 ID: 5da969

I got banned from the tavern.
No. 18433 ID: e3f578

I just talked to everybody and got a full set of dinnerware
Didn't know I could get those things :(
No. 18435 ID: 52bb86

You can also get a paintbrush and some yarn.
Not sure what use any of that stuff has though.
No. 18441 ID: d60822

>"It would be terrible if I was inadvertently responsible for burning Kvatch down"
Some nice foreshadowing there.
No. 18442 ID: 2563d4
File 131957436721.gif - (36.72KB , 300x500 , enthusiasm.gif )

Holy shit this update.

Oh god you can talk to people multiple times I'm going to be here forever.

- Katia's reaction to the gardener to the west
- Talking to the other Khajiit, off to the east of the entrance
- Stereo blinking unarmed trainer
- "I own a paintbrush!"
- Reaction to talking to Martin, ho ho, lore jokes
- The guy who will tell you Opinions about Mudcrabs
- Watching the meal get cold, and failing to get hired by the inn
- Katia's oral anatomy
- Holy shit dancing minigame how long did he spend on this? (15040 and those bonuses whee)
- "Why would anyone want more than one tiny hammer?"
- Terrorising the captain of the guard
- Humane jailor
- Dinnerware!
- Bartender's persistant, unamused stare
- "I...guess that explains why I've never gotten pregnant?"

...it...it does stop dead inside the bookshop, right?
No. 18447 ID: 2563d4
File 131957928111.png - (27.56KB , 794x522 , poledancingpro.png )

15287 15736! It's actually possible for Katia to be good at something!
No. 18449 ID: 049dfa


15471, second try
No. 18450 ID: e3f578

Oh shit you can terrorize the captain of the guard? I just talked to him twice. The jailor is the chairs guy, right? Where's the pregnant comment? How do I start the dance minigame and get banned from the inn?
No. 18451 ID: e3f578

all right
do not know the rules of this game
just pressing buttons
No. 18452 ID: 5bf190


As far as I can figure it, each "move" in the dance game moves the midpoint of the bar one way or the other, in lesser or greater amounts, and the goal is to keep the midpoint as close to the goal as possible.

I think you might get more points the longer the bar in the corner becomes, which requires using moves less often, but I'm not sure.
No. 18458 ID: 3fd4fb

High point for me was the woman who is totally not a vampire. Comedy gold.

Like many other characters, talking to her repeatedly is necessary to produce results. Talk to everyone in the flash until they start to repeat themselves to get all the jokes.
No. 18460 ID: 2563d4

>The jailor is the chairs guy, right?
>Where's the pregnant comment?
Jam lady next to the tree to the left of the stadium.
>How do I start the dance minigame
Talk to the guy in the right of the stadium repeatedly (it scrolls).
>and get banned from the inn?
Talk to the barman repeatedly. It's the northern one, not the one with the amusingly pissy elf.

I think you're right, except the bar in the corner is just the Oblivion Fatigue (it's named backwards) gauge, and you can't move if you've drained it (by moving too much). Left/right seem to make bigger jumps than up/down.

What I can't figure is what space does, other than make Katia spin. It doesn't seem to move the bar or bonus points or anything, so maybe it's just decorative.

I never found a way to accept her proposal, though.
No. 18461 ID: d60822

Wait, they say different things if you talk to them more than once? No wonder I couldn't find half of this shit.

I'm still getting nowhere near you guys' dance scores though.
No. 18462 ID: d60822

Also the tit-bouncing animation is heinously underused. Someone should make a repeating .gif of it.
No. 18463 ID: 1854db

Hitting space refreshes the bar's follow-the-goal cooldown. So you can use it if you're already right on target and the goal's moving around. It uses a lot of stamina, though. I think it might actually be better to just use the small-adjustment moves to catch up with the goal instead.
No. 18468 ID: d60822
File 131965874508.gif - (27.43KB , 168x225 , 1319610698716.gif )

And Kazerad personally provided this last night.
No. 18479 ID: 9d7c60

No. 18499 ID: a9f090

What is going on with that letter? And Hirtel?

I'm so fucking suspicious. A book-autor writting to a book-tore? Too fucking easy.
Quill-Weave is gonna turn out to be a dremora cultist or something.

No. 18500 ID: e3f578

All right, I went to the USPE wiki to look up various characters to see if they were established. I found the blacksmith and Hirtel the book guy. I forgot Hirtel was the guy who was running to us to warn against Kvatch's fall.

Is the jailer with the chairs the guy that heads the defense of the refugee camp or is it the paranoid guard atop the ramparts? Savlian Matius was the defense guy's name in the game.

I also looked up Quill Weave there too. She'll eventually be luring cougar's into her neighbor's basement and be going around Cyrodil to research the Doomstones, so if Katia returns to Anvil, we might see her venture with Quill Weave for research!
No. 18501 ID: 4bdd79

I looked at all the guards. The gate guards are the chapel guards, the guy running around is the guard who gives you the castle key, the guy on the wall is the guy who's captured by the daedra, the guy in the Fighter's Guild is the guy you rescue near the oblivion gate, the guy in the castle courtyard and the guy locked in the tower are two of the guards at the gate, and the guy in the castle is the new captain.
No. 18502 ID: 2563d4

I was in the middle of grabbing the dance music when I remembered that there were links. If you also were distracted by large, shiny objects, you may appreciate the download link here:

Previouslier: http://soundcloud.com/eschweic/kat-fight (dat Elder Scrolls motif)

(Also, >using UESP wiki to try to predict Prequel plot. Also also, it's updated since the Flash already.)
No. 18589 ID: f80f15

>guy you rescue near the oblivion gate
Awww, fuck. That guy got chump killed in my game when I stopped watching him. Now I feel super bad.
Also I didn't see any way to free the guy in the cage so I basically just left him there. He probably got out when the place came down, right? Right?

At least I saved all the ASOTILs that came to help.
No. 18615 ID: 210977

this guy sucks at pricing books

the average price for a book in oblivion is, what, 10 septims?
No. 18622 ID: b6edd6

Skill increasing books can cost 40 or more.
I am actually playing Oblivion now, largely because of Prequel induced nostalgia. I decided to do a thing where you only ever use your 7 major skills (including athletics and acrobatics by necessity). Because of that I am playing the least orcish orc ever, who has never used non-clothes armor, non-staff weapons, or repair hammers.
No. 19064 ID: c7b6c2

No. 19067 ID: d60822


oh wait it just did
No. 19068 ID: c7b6c2

Hot damn, the man has impeccable timing.
No. 19070 ID: b7f1d7

No. 19096 ID: ba8c59

Hot diggity damn, can't believe I've missed out on that flash update. That dance. The conversations. All of that. So good.

Oh Kazerad, you and your wacky works will go far.
No. 19123 ID: 784dcc

and my flash player[s] don't run it smoothly enough to reliably get to anything.
No. 19402 ID: d60822
File 132350198592.gif - (41.15KB , 600x450 , katia ears.gif )

Wow, this is even better than the bouncing tits.
No. 19403 ID: 0c9433

I have the Eary-est Boner
No. 19405 ID: cdb8cb


oh god katia stop being so adorable
No. 19744 ID: 9c7c3b

>Selling the ball gag
My sides!
No. 20016 ID: e3f578

I love the new vampire character's design

Was she actually in the original game?
No. 20017 ID: 357e63

There were vampires, but the population of Kvatch in the game was... not complete. So, it's hard to say.
No. 20111 ID: 90e99d

Dumbass McWelldiver?

Excruciatingly accurate.
No. 20112 ID: e79d6a
File 132837945141.gif - (31.62KB , 600x450 , normal_human_strength.gif )

It hurts to look at that eye, man.
No. 20114 ID: 41cd22

Might be my assburgers flaring up, but I thought Nah's eyes extinguishing as the panels went by was pretty neat.
No. 20115 ID: 2563d4

Agh, spoilered.
No. 20116 ID: 1b0f2f


What I want to know is how the well got damaged while she was still in there.
No. 20117 ID: e3f578

and how blood spatter got onto the grass while she was down there.
No. 20118 ID: ed57e8

No. 20119 ID: e3f578

how do fish give a drop of blood enough force to send it up a 20 foot well, big enough to make a puddle that big might I add and a few feet away from the opening?
No. 20120 ID: e3f578

exnay the detail that it's a few feet away from the opening, it's probably within one foot.
No. 20125 ID: ed57e8

No. 20127 ID: 5fb6af

Her only injury was caused by the botched "Eye of Fear. Slaughterfish had nothing to do with it.

I guess either the "best thing ever" has something to do with the sorry state of the well or it was added just for dramatic effect (which I would doubt, considering the author's attention to detail).
No. 20128 ID: 049dfa


The 'best thing ever' is going to be that she used another non-firebolt spell. And since she knows two spells now, she can join the mage's guild.
No. 20129 ID: e3f578

No, the best thing ever is obviously friendship
Friendship with Nah, Katia has probably acquainted life saving as the start of beautiful friendships.
That or it's another one of her bullshit epiphanies that will only end in disappointment again.

If it is an actual spell, it's Heal Minor Wounds. I think fire and healing are the two spells she's allowed to learn this entire adventure, and she isn't allowed to officially join the guild until after she's imprisoned in Imperial City.
No. 20130 ID: 049dfa


The best thing ever happened while she was down there. So no, it's not being friends with the vampire.
No. 20132 ID: e3f578

The friendship thing was kind of a joke anyway
Her bullshit epiphany induced by a near death experience was my real theory. At least it would be the first one that wasn't inspired by suggesters going "You can totally do this Katia. Everything is looking up from now on!" Then it doesn't. Maybe it's not bullshit though and she thought of a decent way to make money. Who knows.
Damn cat woman is fucking crazy and depressed.
No. 20181 ID: 1444d5

Katia learnt spell: commune with fish.
No. 20186 ID: efca38

Summon bigger fish?

Katia is a Jedi!
No. 20191 ID: 1444d5

She's a type of cheese?
No. 20213 ID: d7bb30

Is the site down for anyone else? I keep getting 403 error messages.
No. 20214 ID: 4bdd79

I'm getting errors too.
No. 20215 ID: c6ec33

sure is
No. 20236 ID: 740238
File 132904340929.gif - (14.58KB , 600x450 , story926.gif )

It should be back online within a couple hours. If anyone's impatient, I went ahead and posted the next update straight to the MSPA forums:

No. 20241 ID: e79d6a


Thanks man!
No. 20245 ID: ba71d6


Thanks a bunch :3 good to see it got back up nice and quick too!
No. 20269 ID: 462845

And boom...

It got RPS coverage!
No. 20270 ID: 2563d4

Well, so much for the server being up then! :V

Congrats, Kazerad.
No. 20563 ID: e79d6a

Air lute is best lute.
No. 20565 ID: 5cfe22

Worth the weight.
No. 20568 ID: 2563d4

>Flash update
Dying of cute.
No. 20583 ID: 865c88
File 133094057059.jpg - (26.81KB , 550x412 , mother-god-meme.jpg )

>mfw new flash update
No. 20585 ID: 049dfa

another flash update that served no purpose. amazing.

I really wish all of these COMIC AUTEURS would realize that they aren't actually making use of the medium with stuff like this.
No. 20587 ID: e3f578

I feel like the first walking around flash update had good reason, this one had less reason but had enough for my tastes. There was a lot of characterization of the town compacted into a short bit that would have taken forever to portray equally through this comic's regular means. The flash updates are the only ones where we're presented with direct dialog, which I believe is important to some of the characters. While the author manages to portray each characters voice through his regular third person well enough, I still think it's worthwhile for that. At least we can confirm their use of language.
It also offers a deeper look into the Mage's Guild environment, little touches that say things. In a regular update, would have just been like "Deer here, flowers there, bloody door in the back, weird."

I also like the barrel jokes too much in this update. They're not particularly witty or anything, but I like them, because it's one of those things that I can just "Yep, that's Elder Scrolls alright".
No. 20588 ID: 210977

man, katia is gonna get eaten by vampires.

also, i was always curious as to why vampires were also cannibals in the elder scrolls universe. i keep seeing tables with cheese and wine and human body parts on them which confused the hell out of me.
No. 20589 ID: 2563d4

Oh fuck off you joyless bastard. Even if it pales in comparison to the Kvatch one, an update like this pushes in far more atmosphere (soundtrack!) and incidental detail (multiple interactions with deer, barrel hunting, animated ear perkiness) than can be reasonably put into a normal quest update. Those may still be heavily animated, but not to the point of a portrait per line of dialogue.
No. 20590 ID: 049dfa

>Even if it pales in comparison to the Kvatch one, an update like this pushes in far more atmosphere (soundtrack!) and incidental detail (multiple interactions with deer, barrel hunting, animated ear perkiness) than can be reasonably put into a normal quest update

Normal Quest Update? Yes. Multi-image blog update? No.

The interactions with the deer were about 5 words each. Barrel Hunting didn't really add anything. Animated Ear Perkiness is a .gif.

The closest thing you have to go on here is the soundtrack (of which I have already forgotten the song beyond it causing me to turn down my volume), which could have been done in an ordinary flash update since being able to control Katia through 5 rooms with a handful of viewable objects isn't really meaningful interaction.

See, people think that they're 'toying with the medium' to 'expand the boundaries of comics,' but they aren't. Not like this. Interaction only expands the boundaries of a narrative when the interaction actually FUELS the narrative, rather than simply being required to reveal it. It feels more like a chore that is being required of you to know what is happening rather than actually being an engaging way to experience a story. Neither of the prequel flashes have been as egregiously bad in these regards as, say, the homestuck ones -- but that doesn't really make them interesting.
No. 20592 ID: 2563d4

>See, people think that they're 'toying with the medium' to 'expand the boundaries of comics,'...
I must have missed the part where Kazerad was trying to appeal to artisté tosspots. The comic's about page just calls it an "[interactive] story about a slutty alcoholic cat who hears internet voices". Which it is. And quite a funny one at that.
No. 20596 ID: 049dfa


>I must have missed the part where Kazerad was trying to appeal to artisté tosspots.

MSPA forums. He never really mentioned it explicitly, but he did specifically mention 'toying with the ideas of how comics are made' based on the way Andrew Hussie does, and Andrew Hussie is exactly that sort of pretentious dickbag. And Kaz doesn't seem like the sort of person to just mindlessly ape something.
No. 20599 ID: 740238

>I must have missed the part where Kazerad was trying to appeal to artisté tosspots. The comic's about page just calls it an "[interactive] story about a slutty alcoholic cat who hears internet voices". Which it is. And quite a funny one at that.

Clearly you misunderstand my true intentions: to reveal the limitless potential of the inter-net as a revolutionary storytelling medium! The cat is a metaphor for the repressed artisté, and how they struggle against the arbitrary constraints society forces upon them, such as having to get a job. It is my magnum opus.

Hah, but seriously, I can kind of understand where Joyless Bastard is coming from. I think he misunderstands my reasoning, though. It's not about "expanding the medium", but about conveying the story as effectively as possible.

The way I see it, an inherent problem with linear storytelling - and most language in general - is that it puts a lot of importance on sequence. It is very difficult to convey truly simultaneous information. For instance, consider the following sentence:

"The man was leaning against the railing, wearing a gray coat with gold buttons, and was a bloodthirsty zombie."

Unless it's intended to be humorous, this reads a little weird. It seems like the fact he was a zombie should've been mentioned earlier, since it's so important and sets the stage for everything else. Worse, one might be led to assume the earlier details WERE the most important ones - maybe leaning against a railing and wearing a coat is unusual for zombies?

Interactivity counteracts this slightly. When you walk into a room with 3 boxes and have a choice which to open first, you don't expect to open the most important one on your first try. You don't expect the biggest reveal to be in the last one. Because you choose the order, there is an implicit understanding that the order is meaningless; by being interactive, all the information is closer to being conveyed "simultaneously".

I agree that it can be overused, yeah. Maybe I overused it this time, maybe I didn't; part of the fun here is experimenting and learning. Overall, though, the response was fairly positive, and I personally don't feel like the scene would have worked as well were it non-interactive.
No. 20600 ID: e79d6a


I thought it worked very well. Now I'm just terrified of poor Katia getting eaten.
No. 20601 ID: e3f578

It just sounds like you're having fun with your project.
Experimenting doesn't sound like a big deal, you just like having fun with things.
No. 20603 ID: 5bf190
File 133104267808.png - (160.46KB , 911x1157 , koc0236.png )


You don't need to be pretentious to experiment with the medium, my friend. It's just a bucket o' fun to mix things up is what it is!

... gods DAMN I'd forgotten how terrible I was.
No. 20604 ID: 2563d4

I dunno, I thought Sidereals being able to reach across comic panels was more amusingly cute than trying-too-hard deep. :V

(Now, Solars...)
No. 20612 ID: c095e3


Terrible or not, your comic was the high point of my week, and I very much hope you haven't given up on it.
No. 20616 ID: e3aff6

I found this site (and forum games in general) from the link to Lunar Quest in one of the comments in KoC.
No. 20617 ID: 369d34

Same here; Checked the KoC forum on Patternspider for news on Jukashi, and followed the link to Lunar Quest here. Keychain of Creation is still in my daily lineup of webcomics I check, even though I know it's going to be awhile before it resumes, if ever.
No. 20618 ID: 8ae6aa


Ditto to these, really. Still checkin' in for updates and I thought the panel-reaching thing was a cool in-comic way to show off how Sidereal powers would work.
No. 20619 ID: 8ae6aa


Almost forgot: Kazerad, you're doing quite good! I really enjoy the interactive portions, so don't be afraid of making more.
No. 20637 ID: 97bd86

Finally got around to checking the flash out.

With the one where we explored the town, I can kind of understand why you'd opt for a flash update like that - there are a whole bunch of things to potentially do, and no especially pressing order to do most of them in. Beyond that, I can speak from experience in saying that trying to do all the things we did in the town in the narrative/comic format would have taken ages and possibly been tedious. I don't feel like the extraneous stuff we did in the flash was vital or anything, but it certainly doesn't take away from the story as a whole.

This more recent one, though. That was, uh... pretty linear. It's not bad, but the extra effort required on both your behalf and that of the reader seems kind of unnecessary when one of the comic-type updates could have easily conveyed pretty much everything just as effectively. Really not at all convinced that that needed to be a flash, unfortunately. :/
No. 20641 ID: 8250f2


>lionsphil calling someone A joyless bastard

Not only do I not know what to think, I might have forgotten how to do so in the first place.
No. 20889 ID: 6a1c6d

>Telvanni Bug Musk
God fucking dammit.
No. 21042 ID: 2563d4

No. 21067 ID: b9e291
File 133602574285.gif - (722.45KB , 600x450 , welp.gif )

On the bright side, there's no way Katia can burn down Kvatch in this downpour. Oh wait no, that's a bad thing. FUUU
No. 21072 ID: 2fe09b

I see a bottle.
No. 21074 ID: 2563d4

Thank the Nine Divines for wastebasket booze!
No. 21091 ID: 1268e6

>Katia: Drink bottle's contents
It's empty.
>Katia: Realize you're looking through trash for any signs of even the slightest bit of alcohol, attempt suicide in the event of the realization
>Young idealistic priest: Happen to pass by at this very moment, save the life of an unconscious catgirl and take her to your temple
>Katia: Become even more depressed for not managing to even decide your own fate, chew the priest out for this
No. 21093 ID: 989c6f

Prequel is fucking shit.
>Katia finds soggy unreadable note
>Next page
>Soggy unreadable note suddenly bursts into flames while it's raining because god forbid katia owns something or importance, oh and your necklace broke because you attacked the bin and rolled around in the mud.
>Katia is now a black mud-man with no possessions and no will to survive.

GG prequel. You've become what you always wanted to be, a piece of shit that people donate money to for updates.
No. 21094 ID: 0d7a83

>A piece of shit that people donate money to for updates.
>donate money to

Uh, since when?
No. 21112 ID: c2de80

I heard the guy who runs the Facebook group actually gets a pretty steady stream of people asking how to donate.
No. 21114 ID: d97a43

I love the mad streaming from the latest update, and I am not usually one to enjoy mad streaming from things.

Outside of "OH NO A SAD THING AGAAAAIN?!?!" I don't see what the big deal is. I think it's pretty neat. This is a new low. The lowest of lows. There is little going down from here, unless Katia gets pneumonia and dies and that's how the story ends.

That would be amazing, though probably not the best in the "loose end" department.

Where Katia is now, I predict some sneaky shit to get her stuff back, or something involving either Nah or that necromancer guy from the guild. We can only go up from here! Or sideways. Or start picking at rock-bottom with a jackhammer.
No. 21115 ID: b9e291

Why's everyone so up in arms about Katia getting robbed? It's not like she had much of anything anyway. Kvatch mage's guild has literally piles of septims and they ain't spending it on anything, so Katia just has to get some Telvanni bug musk, see...
No. 21116 ID: c891d3

While I admit that the apparent lack of lasting progress is starting to strain my sympathy for Katia at this point, I... you... uh...

Mostly I'm confused?
No. 21121 ID: 1268e6

How does she get Telvanni bug musk without money?

And it is still a big deal: it's just as big deal as if an adventurer was stolen all his shit, worth tens of thousands of gold. Percentually, it is still 100%, everything they owned - and the adventurer could probably get his stuff back much easier, too.
No. 21122 ID: 2563d4

>Why's everyone so up in arms about Katia getting robbed?
"Everyone" isn't. Some people just bawww when protagonists have anything less than a continual upward spiral of powertripping wish-fulfillment. God forbid a narrative might have downs as well as ups.
No. 21124 ID: e3f578

I think Katia should just stop crying and go get another quest, and just go kills those scamps upstairs, they're an easy kill if your cheap.

Could probably just trap 'em with a box. Standard homeless practice in Tamrial is just to go around adventuring until you're tired of it or get an arrow in the knee, at which point you retire to town guard, a blacksmith, or whatever skills you worked good on your adventures. A person usually goes an owns a house in an adventure.

The thing is, if Katia IS the destined Champion, she can't really do any cool stuff until AFTER she gets arrested in Imperial City, which really sucks. But I think that's why destiny is making her life so terrible before that moment, it's trying to get her to IC and get her arrested. And it's NOT going to let up until that happens.

The solution obviously is to try and end Prequel, because as soon as she gets arrested in IC, everyone knows what happens from there and knows that Katia comes out all right in the end. Her dragon break skills should help undue any deaths she suffers, so we don't have to worry about her dying. Then what will Kaz do? Sequel?
No. 21126 ID: b85f8c

But there aren't any real ups. Every up so far has been a setup for a down. Even Katia finding out she had talent for magic was a setup to get her robbed.

The only thing we've accomplished in prequel is finding out that Katia is not completely useless. That's it! We did not successfully complete ANY tasks laid before us.
No. 21134 ID: e4d0c5


Katia's probably not the PC from Oblivion.
If anything I think she'll set a lot of Oblivion's events in place, she'll mostly be an unsung hero who did so much behind the scenes stuff that nobody knows.

I really hope she goes to Hackdirt.
No. 21136 ID: 2563d4

>The only thing we've accomplished in prequel is finding out that Katia is not completely useless.
>We did not successfully complete ANY tasks laid before us.
Update 3:
>It's one of the things you're hoping to fix in your new life. Someday, you'll be good at something. Or even just adequate at it.

Plus, y'know, fairly standard British[-esque] failure comedy pattern. I guess you hated Blackadder (hell, almost anything with Rowan Atkinson in it), Fawlty Towers, and Coupling too.
No. 21137 ID: c704c2

>Plus, y'know, fairly standard British[-esque] failure comedy pattern.

Not the same guy, but british failure comedy usually concentrates on the failures of characters who don't deserve success. Blackadder, Basil Fawlty, Mr. Bean, Red Dwarf's Rimmer, etc. are all relatively terrible people who tend to fall prey to their own asshole behaviour, and while they're not entirely unsympathetic, they're also not set up so we'd feel sorry for them. A lot of the comedy punch comes from the sense of just desserts.

That is not the case with Katia. Rather, everything about Katia is designed to make us feel sorry for her. Some (the minority) of her misery does stem from her faults, but they're not "her fault", if you get me.
No. 21139 ID: 036ce7

That was a funny update
No. 21140 ID: e3f578

Another solution is obvious, simply suggest Katia become a more horrible person to survive so we don't have to feel bad anymore.
It doesn't matter anymore.
It just doesn't.
So why hold the bar so high for herself. That's why she's failing so much. She just tangoed with a woman with a terrible reputation for being very convincing and business-savvy.
She's learned her lesson now, I hope.
No. 21141 ID: 7acb8e

Dude, the orc is totally going to be the PC, arrested for murdering Katia who will fail trying to get her stuff back yet again. Calling it now.
No. 21142 ID: 2563d4

One Foot in the Grave? Johnny English? I mean you're not wrong per se, but there are examples where the only flaws of the character are personality quirks (Victor Meldrew may be a curmugeonous old fart, but he's rarely an initiator of any malice or deception, and his cynical outlook on life is somewhat defended by his experience), and a lot of the time it's just the universe being bastards to them. The kind of laughs they get are more on the nervous got-to-laugh-eh end of the spectrum.
No. 21353 ID: 52a564

lol that update
No. 21354 ID: 2563d4


Gotta love people who don't understand the "interactive" part of "interactive fiction". :V
No. 21355 ID: 9771ac

>please railroad

Anywayy the last update was well done and now came to gripes with the current situation. Before I was just like "NOOOOOOOOO"...
No. 21357 ID: bdb3f8

>And at the very least, there is no way you could possibly make yourself feel any worse.

And that is how Katia burned down Kvatch.
No. 21360 ID: e3d099

Calling it: the bottle's empty.

It was in the trash.
No. 21364 ID: 77556e

Seems like we don't need cat burns anymore to make fire.
No. 21365 ID: e3f578

And the silence necklace can't block her magic anymore
No. 21366 ID: 2563d4

Given it threw off sparks, Katia might have just voided its warranty.
No. 21387 ID: e3d099

Noooooooo the puppy!
No. 21443 ID: e3f578

I just read some discussion in a forum about TES lore, one interesting bit is that Lorkhan has a bunch of avatars and shit, emulating him so they like become him or something (which makes Lorkhan, Talos, Akatas, Tiber Septim Ysmir and a bunch of other douschebags the same person), and that the Dragonborn from Skyrim is another avatar of Lorkhan.

Has anyone heard anything on the the Champion of Cyrodil is? Probably some other god of some sort? I know that a lot of people don't believe Katia is the champion, but on the chance she is, and that all other TES protagonists are pretty much gods or avatars of gods (which makes them gods regardless), that means that Katia at least is a god.

A really shitty god, but hey, still a god nonetheless.

And I also found that there are things more powerful than gods in this lore. Shit, Bethesda developers are apparently part of the mythology, and that there are levels above THAT shit son.
No. 21444 ID: e3f578

Or wait, I'm kind of wrong
This "mantling" thing is confusing. Mantling might be reality itself being confused with who is who or something.
No. 21445 ID: e3f578

Also when I mean Katia is a god if she's the Champion I do not mean Sheogorath. Yet, anyway, that waits until she enters the Shivering Isles and essentially becomes the myth and entity known as Sheogorath and he becomes her (I think that's right, Mantling means walking in a gods shoes makes the god walks in your shoes, so Sheogorath/Jyggy will suffer every feeling and memory as Katia or start acting like her, in which he will become a big fuckup). I meant as she is, currently now. The visions shes having implies something divine already is flowing through her, which makes me curious if some kind of giant fuck-up god in the Eldar Scrolls 'verse.

Which there probably is, because the protagonist of Redgaurd, Cyrus,had a conversation about Vivic with one of his shipmates that there is a God Of Talk To Death in Morrowind or somewhere in Tamriel. http://www.imperial-library.info/content/lord-vivecs-sword-meeting-cyrus-restless
So hell, if theres a god of talking people to death, there's got to be a god of being a giant fuck-up. Or will be, because Katia may become the myth that will eventually birth such a god. Because gods are sapient myths holy fuck I spent too long in that thread.
No. 21486 ID: bdb3f8

...And that is still how Katia burned down Kvatch.
No. 21487 ID: e3f578

This is in the church. That didn't burn down.
How does a stone church get lit on fire anyway?
Why is everyone panicking? Just keep the blanket and trash barrel away from the carpet and the place won't light up.

It's hard to start a fire.
No. 21499 ID: 8b940c

Yet fire was one of the biggest dangers medieval towns had to face.

Even buildings which seem to be made entirely from stone sometimes have wooden elements
neccessary for their structural integrity. Church towers were one of the things most often hit by lightning, especially if they had a metallic cross or cock on top.

Although the chapels in Cyrodiil seemed to be 100% stone, so as long as she stays there...
No. 21504 ID: 1444d5

Heat can also cause structural stone and masonry to crack and fail.
No. 21660 ID: 1f8505

Lots of fire in today's update.

No. 21661 ID: e3f578

Some foreshadowing that Katia may be the champion
Camera focus on Akatosh
Akatosh is every game's protagonist best bro god by default, by proxy of making them protagonist and the source of dragon breaks that makes saving/loading possible.
No. 21662 ID: e3f578

The images focusing on Akatosh may imply intervention on his part to help Katia in a way, I forgot to explain why the focus was important.
No. 21663 ID: e3aff6

Huh, in Morrowind at least I had thought it was Azura all the way.
No. 21664 ID: e3f578

Azura is by default also best bros with the Neravine. But that's because he's the fucking Neravine, avenger of Nerevar and supposed ender of the tribunal, the dickwads that betrayed her best bro the Nerevar in one way or another.

But the save/load power that allows each protagonist to succeed in every game can be attributed to Akatosh, the time god. Unless someone played the game hardcore and never died or reloaded a decision or fuckup ever. Then Akatosh totally did not back-up that player's specific character.

Remember, canonically, every single Eldar Scrolls game ever played by every player ever is totally true and canon, and that's thanks to Akatosh. Your game characters, my game characters, Kaz's game characters, that guy in the basement with all the porn mods installed, all canon.
No. 21665 ID: b88c32

>every single Eldar Scrolls game ever played by every player ever is totally true and canon
mind = blown

I didn't know that. There's more to elderscrolls fluff than I expected.
No. 21666 ID: e3f578

I think this explains it
Maybe I'm slightly wrong or something, but I know that saving and loading has to do with akatosh, and Vivic knows he's in a video game from this.

It's just that I'm drawing from the Warp in the West as an example here, simply because Bethesda put all the endings of daggerfall together on purpose in canon and came up with appropriate metaphysics to explain that shit, it also means that since the player can play all the races and Bethesda states no canon race or decisions for any of the protagonists in the subsequent games, that all games ever played are canon. Thanks to Nirn metaphysics.

Some characters will try to play all the factions, others will play none, some will play some of them. All endings for every faction are implied to happen in each sequel, which would either describe that if Bethesda had a canon in mind, it's that there are a lot of schizophrenic, bi-polar, or otherwise personality shifty heroes in Tamriel that love adventuring around and joining all the factions ever, sometimes even opposing ones, or Akatosh dragon breaks all games played into a impossible single canon timeline.
No. 21667 ID: e3f578

And judging the possible endings of Skyrim, it probably will mean that both the Imperials and Stormcloaks will lose their leaders and there's gonna be a warp in the north.And I hear that whatever side you pick in Dawngaurd, it ends the same way so the world will be effected the same no matter what you choose and the events will be depicted vaguely, just like previous eldar scrolls games when the reference earlier eldar scrolls games.

Alduin will be bitchslapped, of course, just like how Merhunes Dagon and all the other not variable endings have been described in future games.

Akatosh likes making things confusing and hard. Which I assume is why Katia passed out under his shrine. Shit's really confusing. Silence spells don't break just like that.
Divines be fucking with her shit yo.
No. 21673 ID: 1f8505

And we are ready for our next sequence of nightmares.

No. 21684 ID: c60b11

I'm not ready D:

I have the feeling Kaz is preparing how the prequel will connect to the sequel, er, the main story, whatever-quel.

However, with all those OVERLY obvious hints (fireworks in the orphanage, out-of-control fire mage etc.) I'm not even sure Kaz won't put a giant spin on what I expect. He managed it before.
No. 21691 ID: 927efa


>> I'm not even sure Kaz won't put a giant spin on what I expect. He managed it before.

Requesting a picture of Katia in the foreground looking extremely confused while behind her Kvatch is being washed away in a huge flood out of fucking nowhere.
No. 21692 ID: 25fb37

It would be quite the twist if, right before it seems everything is set up, he completely changes everything and makes it not at all like it is in Oblivion. Prequel not being a proper prequel would be the ultimate twist, prob'ly.
No. 21693 ID: 4a20fa

What is this, a M. Night Shyamalan film?
No. 21694 ID: 72d49b

"The town wasn't burned down by Katia at all! It was just a bunch of ugly cats! What a twist!"
No. 21713 ID: e3f578

I don't think Kaz is gonna pull a Weaver on us.
No. 21846 ID: 1f8505

Awww, Katia had braids as a kitten. :3
No. 21847 ID: 1d5849

She mentioned once she usually has braids, but hasn't had the time to grow them back since some shenanigans she had.
No. 21993 ID: dd287a


So Dream little katia sure is cute as hell huh?
No. 22001 ID: d6ae01

The mod tools aren't working right, which made moving this argument to BDA, and deleting the useless posts, more annoying than it usually is.

I'll probably try going into the database to set a mod flag on this post or something. Anyway.

Stop arguing about pimps in this thread.
No. 22025 ID: c6ec33

Oh man, the latest update blew my mind.

Protip: Once you've scrolled far enough past a set of torch cauldrons, scroll back up to see a suggestion.
No. 22026 ID: e3f578

This page is the coolest
No. 22027 ID: 4a20fa

Man, I tried scrolling back up when I first saw it, but apparently not far enough.

Hahaha, she actually looks back at the "don't look back" one
No. 22028 ID: b4ee05
File 134445129006.gif - (494.74KB , 500x249 , 1331370372161.gif )

No. 22029 ID: 1f8505

This was a masterful use of the Infinite Canvas.
No. 22030 ID: bdb3f8

>Ch’marr – crazy javascript/CSS witchcraft

No. 22031 ID: d714b4

No. 22043 ID: b6178d

That... that is an update, alright.

Oh sweet goodness, she has reactions to some of the later comments.
No. 22298 ID: 6a8f04
File 134627096958.jpg - (288.55KB , 848x2000 , 1346269222246.jpg )

I'm just going to leave this here
No. 22299 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134630659428.jpg - (57.90KB , 699x525 , katiamobile.jpg )


That's awesome.
No. 22308 ID: d54c69

...and that is every quest ever.
No. 22319 ID: bf54a8

not entirely, democracy based ones would be the first one, with the car, whatever idea gets the most votes wins.
No. 22320 ID: f5832c

this is something ive run into, you dont want to rail road the readers, but sometimes inspiration only comes from going aginst the sugestions, or with the one sugestion no one else likes...
No. 22326 ID: c6ec33

Oh god, that latest update. I... I don't even know anymore, man.
No. 22328 ID: c2de80
File 134650305062.jpg - (128.03KB , 848x2000 , Originalversion.jpg )


Years and years ago, back before Forum Adventures or /tg/ Quests existed, I ran an interactive story on a relatively small forum - small enough that all the readers would literally deliberate and come to an agreement for what to do on every update (basically, the Katiamobile image). I think many Quest authors would view this as some kind of ideal, but the main thing I learned from the experience was that it made for a really boring story. When a group comes to a consensus, the result tends to lack any real personality. And when the characters follow these directions, they tend to lack personality too.

Prequel is, among other things, my attempt to experiment with an alternate approach. Within the first few pages it's established that Katia doesn't necessarily follow directions. She has her own opinions, preferences, and addictions, and can veto any sort of audience command at will. Some people would call this "railroading", but I think that is a really simplistic view of it. The interactivity just has constraints, the same way you couldn't tell her to sprout wings and fly away.

I think there are times when railroading can be a huge issue. The Civil War questline in Skyrim pissed me the fuck off because you could visit, attack, and defeat the enemy leader at any point, but you couldn't actually kill him until you completed the questline the way it was intended. THAT'S railroading.

But in cases where there's an actual plot reason for the constraints - maybe the leader has magic armor that gains power from the size of his army, or you're playing a character who views assassinations as dishonorable - that's not railroading. That's just called "developing characters".
No. 22329 ID: bf54a8

well yeah, a lot of people crying railroad is because you are the author so you are in charge of the obstacles that get in katia's way. so they feel you are building an obstacle course that has only one solvable outcome.
No. 22331 ID: e3f578

oh man now I just want to talk about Skyrim since you brought up that detail about the Civil War.
Through the Blades/Dragonborn/Greybeards line of quests, if the war is still on and you have the grey beards set up a neutral ground to settle a temporary truce about whiterun and the two leaders go and act like children in front of the fucking dragonborn grabbing lands and shit EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS WHOLE THING WAS STARTED FOR and you're not even allowed to tell them that or at least "fuck no we ARE NOT talking about lands here. I am the motherfucking dragonborn, I am Ysmir and Talos and Akatosh at that same time so you listen to me you fuckers, neither you are gaining anything at this meet this is about the end of the goddamn world by Dragons and I need you to fucking chill out about your tiny insignificant War for a fucking second or so help me god I will Shout you both down right now and tear your heads off and end this war neutrally right now."

That should have been a fucking option. I am the dragonborn, everyone should just shut the fuck up and listen to me goddammit. Dragon. Born. Are you hearing me? I am a demi-god so would ya'll shut the fuck up and BOW DOWN motherfuckers?

No. 22334 ID: c6ec33

The problem with examples like Skyrim is that the more open you get, the more things you have to program for, the more things you have to test for, the longer it takes you to develop the game, etc. In the case of Skyrim, for example, everything was fully voiced, which means that once you settle on a plan in advance, it's a real pain to call all the voice actors back in to make changes if you suddenly decide "Oh man, wouldn't it be cool if you could do THIS here?"

And, even when you're happy with the amount of freedom you've given players, there will always be players that want more.

Sadly, the only realistic way to do huge open video games like that is to de-couple individual questlines as much as possible. Trying to tell a complex narrative and have involving questlines while planning for every eventuality is pretty much impossibru without a certain degree of railroading. So basically, you can do whatever you want for minor quests, but as soon as you start trying to tell a big story where the player is actually central to the events involved, the story falls apart unless you railroad a little. Alternatively, you can make the player a passive witness / participant to significant events with no way to influence them. That's its own form of railroading, but I think a lot of players find it less offensive than having restrictions on how they play their own character.

I think that you both bring up some excellent points, though. A video game like Skyrim doesn't have to feel like railroading if it's done particularly well. For example, if you're in an RPG where you can kill players, you should be able to kill significant quest characters or be prevented from doing so by realistic methods, not arbitrary "it's not time to do this yet" reasons. If the character's role (but not the character themselves) is significant to the story, you can just replace them in an organic fashion. I think a good example of this is in Fallout: New Vegas, where you can kill Caesar if you want to. It didn't stop the war, but you got the satisfaction of doing so. In Skyrim, you can kill the Dark Brotherhood if you want to instead of completing their quest lines, although doing so gives you maybe 30 minutes of gameplay instead of hours.

Also, when talking with characters, your dialog should not be 3 variations of the same thing. Players want to have vastly different choices, because everyone has a different play style. Dirtbag, like you said - The DragonBorn is supposed to be this fucking badass, but he's repeatedly forced to take shit from the civil war peeps and the Blades. I can see him taking shit from the Greybeards and Paarthurnax, though.

On the plus side, Skyrim is so fucking huge that you can literally get 150+ hours of out it by ignoring the civil war and blades quest lines. I ended up losing interest in Skyrim because I'd pretty much done everything *except* those quest. I didn't like either faction in the civil war, and I didn't feel like going on a dragon-murdering questline, so I just said fuck it and didn't participate. I was railroaded into a ton of choices I didn't want to make, so I just declined to play the quests. While it certainly would have been *fun* to do something different with the same plotlines, and I AM missing out on a lot of content, I feel satistfied that I got my money's worth out of Skyrim.

I mean, how cool would it have been if you, as Dovahkin, could become the master of the dragons, broker peace between the Nords and the Imperials, and push the Thalmor out of Tamriel?

When you're a DM or quest author, you don't have to worry about such limitations to the same degree, because you can be more flexible. They still exist, of course, since you need to railroad a little (at least subtly) to tell a story, but everything's a lot more dynamic because you don't have to plan out *everything* in advance.

Going back to trying to be on topic... I do like the way that Prequel is run. I think that when a character has their own motivations and isn't just a puppet for the suggestors, you build a BIGGER emotional bond with them than if they were a puppet with no individualism. That bigger emotional bond makes me enjoy such stories even more, as long as the author doesn't abuse it to railroad things TOO much or too often. I think Katia's struggle with alcoholism is a good example of a part of her character that is frustrating to players, but that is done realistically and adds to the character.
No. 22336 ID: 976f95


I agree so hard with the last paragraph. Realistic reactions and a character feeling like a -person- is an amazing thing to see and experience. It adds a ton of depth that's hard to come by in other mediums.

Also I swear that stuff with the king and the dreamscape is -blackmagic-. And awesome. Keep it up Kaz!
No. 22337 ID: 1d5849

I just wish that whenever we did manage to wrest control from Katia, we didn't always manage to make things only -worse-.

Even now that she has actually become reasonably competent with the two spells she has and could easily burn something big to the ground, you won't let her acknowledge this or manage to achieve anything. It is a horrifying theatrics of misery that will never go away or become better, and yet I just can't stop watching. Like a car wreck.
No. 22338 ID: 4a20fa

Interesting that the previous one now has the stairs shrinking into the distance as she descends, so it's got depth cues where previously there were none. Post-publish tweaking, or Firefox 14 vs 15?
No. 22339 ID: c2de80

>Sadly, the only realistic way to do huge open video games like that is to de-couple individual questlines as much as possible. Trying to tell a complex narrative and have involving questlines while planning for every eventuality is pretty much impossibru without a certain degree of railroading. So basically, you can do whatever you want for minor quests, but as soon as you start trying to tell a big story where the player is actually central to the events involved, the story falls apart unless you railroad a little.

I disagree with this: an equally viable alternate approach is to actually tie quests together as much as possible. Morrowind's main quest was an exceptionally good example of this. At one point you were required persuade each of the Great Houses to help you, and while you COULD do this by following the main plot, you could also finish it by differently by doing Great House questlines and becoming one of the leaders yourself. The main quest had certain events it demanded, but other quests were allowed to satisfy them. In some places a simple version of this was even used as a way to defend normal gameplay mechanics - e.g. the level minimum to begin the main quest being explained as "You need to build your cover story before you start doing work as an agent". The highly integrated approach makes the alternate questlines become More Choices, rather than just More Stuff.

I think the most important part, though - for both games and Quests - is just working with the established mechanics rather than against them. Nobody is going to call it railroading if you go into a fight unarmored and get killed, or if you fail a lockpicking roll and can't open a door - we know from the outset that that is just how the game works, and understand that it will prevent us from doing certain things. But Skyrim's entire gameplay premise focused around barging into fortresses unannounced, killing all the guards, and then killing their boss. The fact this didn't work for the Civil War just felt out of place.

>Interesting that the previous one now has the stairs shrinking into the distance as she descends, so it's got depth cues where previously there were none. Post-publish tweaking, or Firefox 14 vs 15?

It SHOULD have been doing that from the outset. Can I get some more details on your previous browser? The depth seems to work alright in 14.0.1, so I'm not sure what's up.
No. 22340 ID: b6178d

Kazerad, I just saw the latest update and... well.

My compliments to you and yourr techno-mage(s?). I very nearly jumped out of my chair.
No. 22342 ID: 1f8505


I'm impressed you still stop by TGchan. :V
No. 22343 ID: bf54a8

well george costanza still needs to update maze of the heart.
No. 22344 ID: ecfcdc

Why did you spoiler the minimum level but not the support of the great houses?
No. 22345 ID: 34cbef

okay, my computer is choking on the flash updates and i can't see what's going on... can someone tell me what the flash things are, so i can at least keep up.
No. 22346 ID: 4a20fa

Who knows; still had v14 on a VM, yet I can't reproduce it, so if nothing's changed server-side I can only conclude that I'm misremembering.
No. 22347 ID: c6ec33

>I disagree with this: an equally viable alternate approach is to actually tie quests together as much as possible.

I think it probably depends on your definition of railroading. How many alternative ways of completing a story arc do you have to have before interactive storytelling is no longer railroading? 2 different ways of doing things? 5? Is it even a relevant discussion as long as the end result is that the player has fun? :)

>I think the most important part, though - for both games and Quests - is just working with the established mechanics rather than against them.

I totally agree. Certain things in games are unavoidable - areas that you can't access, events that can't happen until you fulfill some requirement, etc. Games which aren't designed to be immersive can get away with blatantly breaking the 4th wall to tell you when you can't do something, and you just accept it. But games that do their best to be immersive, like RPGs, really start feeling crappy if you get to an area and are stopped by an invisible wall, or text that says "YOU HAVE REACHED THE END OF THE PLAYABLE AREA". Or if you're playing your character one way, and you're forced to play it a different way because the game arbitrarily decides that you can't do something the same way you normally do. The Skyrim civil war is a good example of limited gameplay choices that don't make sense given the way the rest of the game works. Any game that makes otherwise normal characters unreasonably immortal as a way of preventing you from killing them ends up feeling silly and frustrating. When you establish certain actions as being part of a game's sandbox, restricting those actions without providing an immersive reason for doing so is a large part of earning "railroading" ire.

IMO, good immersive RPGs find ways of working within these constraints and making the player feel like they can do things with their characters that seem at least passably reasonable. Some even go so far as to try to incorporate game mechanics into the story, like games which try to provide an explanation for why you have the ability to save/load/respawn. System Shock and BioShock are good examples here.

One thing that can't be overlooked here is what kind of character you're playing. If you're taking the role of an already-existing character with their own personality (like Commander Shepard, Katia, etc.), railroading the plot a little can feel a lot more natural than if you're in a game where the character is supposed to be almost completely player-driven. I think you tend to accept constraints a lot easier if you're pretending to be someone else as opposed to having an avatar for yourself.
No. 22348 ID: c2de80

>My compliments to you and yourr techno-mage(s?). I very nearly jumped out of my chair.

Thanks! I'll pass that along to my court mage.

>Why did you spoiler the minimum level but not the support of the great houses?

I don't think it's any huge spoiler that you eventually have to wade through a cesspool of bureaucracy, since you pretty much have to do that at some point in every TES game (and a lot of non-TES games). But the fact that you were sent by the Emperor and end up working for the Blades is a pretty major (if early) twist, and is what causes most of the actual trouble in the eventual bureaucracy-wading.

>I think it probably depends on your definition of railroading. How many alternative ways of completing a story arc do you have to have before interactive storytelling is no longer railroading? 2 different ways of doing things? 5? Is it even a relevant discussion as long as the end result is that the player has fun? :)

Talking about railroading would be a lot easier in general if people had any standardized definition, but it has sadly become something of a meaningless term people will throw for any variety of reasons. Personally, I would define it as keeping players on one path via constraints which are not justified by established story/gameplay mechanics. We understand Commander Shepard is in the military and will be fighting, just like we understand Gordon Freeman lives in a world where a grenade cannot break a locked wooden door; I wouldn't consider either of these to be "railroading". But when people start constraining players beyond the established reach of the rules - often to the point that the player's available options just don't make any sense - I think that is something highly detrimental to any story.

So if they're having fun then yeah, I would not call that railroading :).

>I'm impressed you still stop by TGchan. :V

Don't feel too special, I have a whole bunch of places I check on whenever I update. You guys are one of the more interesting ones, though, just because many of you have personal experience working with interactive formats.
No. 22349 ID: ecfcdc

>just like we understand Gordon Freeman lives in a world where a grenade cannot break a locked wooden door
That's not really part of the setting though. At best it's a technical constraint, but I would consider it to be railroading and the Halflife franchise as a whole to be essentially railroaded. It, and games like it, occupy a narrative space more similar to non-interactive movies than to big open-world RPGs of the sort usually played on tabletops and emulated (with varying but never total success) in video games like TES. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing if you make it clear what people are buying into there.
No. 22350 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134665770624.png - (1.86KB , 185x222 , katia welp.png )

So uh, that update. Yeah.
No. 22351 ID: 2f4b71

>At best it's a technical constraint, but I would consider it to be railroading and the Halflife franchise as a whole to be essentially railroaded.
Railroading is linear, but linear is not necessarily railroading.

To extend the Half-Life example: if every wooden door in the game were destructible by blasting it with a gravity gun, coming across a wooden door that was indestructible to prevent you from taking a shortcut to the next area would be railroading. However, doors in Half-Life are indestructible barriers every time, so one instance of blocked passage is no different from another.

I guess railroading could be defined as "presenting false options". In an open-world game, these options may be implied as well as explicit depending on how open the game actually is (and, equally importantly, how open it's billed as).
No. 22352 ID: bf54a8

basically, you are ask
"do you want to go left or right?"
"sorry the right door is sealed shut"
'oh... left then'

you were given the option to go left or right, but when you try to take one it turns out it wasn't actually an option at all. THAT is railroading. the funny thing is, i've seen rail-shooters that don't railroad. you come to a fork in the road and you shoot the arrow of which way you want to go, and the different paths have different powerups on them.
No. 22353 ID: c2de80

>That's not really part of the setting though. At best it's a technical constraint, but I would consider it to be railroading and the Halflife franchise as a whole to be essentially railroaded. It, and games like it, occupy a narrative space more similar to non-interactive movies than to big open-world RPGs of the sort usually played on tabletops and emulated (with varying but never total success) in video games like TES. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing if you make it clear what people are buying into there.

I agree with >>22351 here; Even if the indestructible doors aren't justified from a story perspective, it is an established gameplay factor and as such I don't think it's right to consider it railroading. Within the HL2's established mechanics the player still has almost complete control: in the driving section, for example, you have the option of simply abandoning the car, frantically running across the desert, and creatively using the physics engine to clear any jumps. You're playing the game by its rules, and the game is okay with this. When you get to the end, the NPCs will even react accordingly and skip their normal lines asking you to park the car in the garage.

But in something like Skyrim's Civil War, by contrast, the game HAS to break its own rules to keep the plot continuing the intended way. I think that's the key that really separates railroading from regular linearity.
No. 22354 ID: c525ad

I suppose the closest thing to the unbreakable doors in Half Life is the players attempting to create black powder or electricity in the game world, when the DM has no idea how that works and thus says it doesnt?
No. 22355 ID: b4ee05
File 134669855568.jpg - (16.21KB , 507x388 , 1318563182913.jpg )

fuck that update, I was fine with endless stairs.
No. 22356 ID: ecfcdc

I guess at this point it's just down to disagreeing on definitions.
No. 22360 ID: 6a1ec2

The term I know for false options is a "red herring." That is, the direction to the right would be a red herring. Why? Because

No. 22361 ID: 75fe35

That was a fucking awesome update
No. 22362 ID: f2c20c

I gotta admit, it freaked me out a bit.

'specially when I couldn't hit the Submit Commands link. Or anything.
No. 22389 ID: 1f8505


No. 22390 ID: 4a20fa

In this hateful modern widescreen world, the 800 vertical pixels I've got on my laptop aren't enough to actually see that update properly.
No. 22392 ID: e3f578

Dude, a 1080 screen ain't even big enough. It's designed for you to scroll.
No. 22394 ID: 50b072


which is retarded
No. 22401 ID: c6ec33

The latest updates make me so happy that I have one of my monitors set up vertically. o3o
No. 22404 ID: e3f578

how does katia appear if you can't scroll?
She opens one of her eyes to look up if you scroll up to see the texts
Does she open her eyes without any input from you?
Oh and the emperor looks up too with scrolling
No. 22406 ID: b6edd6

Hey! Listen!
(And it is a very strange and disturbing world indeed where you are actually glad to hear Navi :V )
No. 22410 ID: c2de80

>I guess at this point it's just down to disagreeing on definitions.

Pretty much, yeah. Personally, I think looser definitions of railroading are somewhat harmful in that they in general tend to promote the idea that more choices make something better, which isn't always true. But as long as people can take a vague definition and break it down into more specific parts (e.g. "good railroading", "bad railroading") then it's not like it matters much.

>which is retarded

Oh comeon, there've only been like two updates so far that didn't require vertical scrolling. You guys should be used to it by now.

>how does katia appear if you can't scroll?
She opens one of her eyes to look up if you scroll up to see the texts
>Does she open her eyes without any input from you?

If the monitor is tall enough to see everything, she will open her eye automatically about a second after the light comes on.
No. 22412 ID: 50b072


The issue isn't scrolling, it's scrolling up. There's no reason to 'be used to it' when it's counterintuitive.

>She opens one of her eyes to look up if you scroll up to see the texts

Unfortunately, if you can see the text (and are viewing it fullscreen on a 1080p monitor), you can't actually see her open her eye and look up unless you scroll back down (and then can no longer see the text progress)
No. 22413 ID: 4a20fa

Yeah; until >>22389, I thought the update was just a quick one of Kat sat there cowering as fire spread.
No. 22414 ID: 6a1ec2

You can see the whole thing if you use Ctrl -
No. 22416 ID: 8b749a

No, it's made so you have to scroll down again to see her reaction before the next text appears.
Why the fuck are you ranting about this anyway?

Well, that's your fault for not realizing that after three wizardry updates there could be one more.
No. 22417 ID: 50b072


No, actually, the text progresses no matter what you do.
No. 22418 ID: 1f8505

No. 22420 ID: 1d7721

i wonder who could be the one that's waking her up. maybe her new vampire friend? who'd call her Kat?
No. 22422 ID: 1d5849

I don't think Nah ever learned her name. The only place she was called Kat was in her own storybook.
No. 22453 ID: 1d5849

Shit gets real again.
No. 22454 ID: e3f578

Martin's probably being nice to her.
I mean, narritively speaking, it picks up on a lot of duality here. In the real world royal blood is one of the few people to help her out generously in this town, while in the dream world royalty is fucking her up.

Plus, I like to imagine that when Martin thinks he's alone he drops the polite priest act and curses a bit when he screws up something or it doesn't go his way. In particular, some extra fire spreading to Katia and him putting it out. Well, that might be one of the things that possibly happened in the real world. It looks like whoever it was left a letter, if anyone helped her out and it wasn't Martin or Nah, it's probably that other mage in the guild. The dude with a chick's name. Stephanie or some shit.
No. 22459 ID: b6edd6

Did you guys notice the bonus mini-comic?
No. 22461 ID: e3f578

What I meant to say that I did miss the mini-comic. I don't know where it is.
No. 22462 ID: b4ee05

By the Nine Divines what the hell is going on?
No. 22463 ID: 1f8505


What? Where?? SHOW ME!
No. 22464 ID: 8616c3

Click in Ch’marr's name on the bottom right of the page. Here is the comic http://www.prequeladventure.com/this/BehindTheScenesAction.png
No. 22467 ID: e3f578

Someone needs to make an exploitable out of this
It'll be the next gigidi BIG BOSS exploitable
No. 22468 ID: 6a1ec2
File 134818009071.jpg - (32.67KB , 465x704 , chmarrisawizrd.jpg )


An exploitable out of what?
No. 22469 ID: e3f578

that part but it needs the other zoom panels, and maybe optional blank word bubbles by kaz.
No. 22471 ID: d57e6f
File 134820952609.png - (73.25KB , 465x1383 , exploitable.png )


Knock yourself out.
No. 22570 ID: 4a20fa

Haha, another glorious "this is why we can't have nice things" update.
No. 22571 ID: 27f1f4

Tbh, the whole affair worked out better than I expected. I mean, apart from the getting our ass magic-mugged.
In a way, we try to attack the quest from a gamey angle ("Fling fireballs!"), while Kaz is treating us a kinda ultra realistic version of Tamriel ("No money, peasant"). Most story-telling elements are there to bring us down again, when we had marginal success in the "real world".

And damn, Kaz always got me coming back since this started all the way back, no matter my personal grievances.
No. 22573 ID: 6a1ec2


Well, admittedly destroying her quest log was a bit of a dick move. And she doesn't even know how to eat an orange? That's a bit of a stretch, even for Katia. But Weedum-Ja accusing her of being drunk, when she went and threw away the wine? That was just uncalled-for. And Katia just took it without a protest. If I were Weedum-Ja I'd be angry at Katia for not warning me that it's some strange psychic parasite that could open the doors to oh say Oblivion, instead of just your average drunken haze.

Basically the story should have ended here, and anything further is just picking on Katia. She's not even crying, what's the point! Kvatch is supposed to be smouldering rubble, not left mostly untouched. All those people, ended in an evening. That would make the cat cry I bet.

At this point it's just "Making the audience wince: the adventure." The day Septim was supposed to be murdered has passed. It's no prequel to anything anymore.
No. 22574 ID: 4a20fa

>Well, admittedly destroying her quest log was a bit of a dick move.
It was entirely deserved because the suggestors are morons.

She left the empty bottle near her. What happened is entirely reasonable. Kat's lack of reaction is pretty much textbook depressive worn-out-my-ability-to-feel-sad fatigue.

Again, people mad that it's a comedic tragedy, not a power fantasy.
No. 22575 ID: 1d5849

I don't think there's been anything to imply Kvatch was supposed to burn down that day.

>Again, people mad that it's a comedic tragedy, not a power fantasy.

Frankly, I don't care it's not power fantasy. But have you heard of there being some delicious middleground? A little bit of actual standing success and power would be nice, instead of bringing her all the way to the bottom.

There's no comedy in it, not for me at least, because the protagonist is so sympathetic. All I can do is cringe whenever a new horrible thing happens to her. Especially when most of those seem to be brought to her by the viewer suggestions.
No. 22576 ID: e3f578

Maybe this might be the issue people are, though I'm fine with this stuff right now, just trying to see it from a different POV
People suggest on the grounds that success is in sight, or within their grasp. There's a point to their suggestion. The suggestions were akinned to back-seat driving metaphor by the author, all right. Passengers ride along to get to a destination. And that journey is fun.
Normally, in an optimal dark comedy, you would feel a lot bumps in the road, but you sense we're getting to a destination in a form. A form of progress is made, sometimes, thanks to the foggy roads, mirages and bumps, the car is even farther from where they began and the character is worse off though it look like we're driving towards progress still, sort of. Like in Breaking Bad, Walter White's goal in the beginning is getting more money. He gets it by going through hell and changing a lot inside, and losing much. And then he loses money again, goes through more stress to get it, and practically loses his destination for a completely different one near the end, a pointless empty destination.

Katia's hitting some good bumps here, but fuck, she hasn't gotten worse off than how she's started since she first lost all her shit like this. She's been through this situation before, only now in a different location and completely different context. She hasn't even grown much different as a person or her way of reacting to things hasn't changed much either. She's just naked, crying, dieseased, homeless and ashamed again, it's just back to square one. In a dark comedy, we should be back farther to square negative-three to keep up the change. And technically, we only made it to square 1.5 before falling back to square one, that isn't much of a backtrack at all! It's honestly like all of us in the car are just driving around in a culdesac here without even knowing it, or asking Katia to stay put and turn on the car's hydraulics on a single big bump in the road.

Now we have to get either worse than even before, or significantly better, THEN WAY SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE. The engagement rollercoaster's got a pretty flat wave going on here.
No. 22577 ID: 6a1ec2


>> because the suggestors are morons.

And that is exactly the attitude that puts people off to this quest. Kazerad can ignore people's suggestions all he wants, but it's just not copasetic ignoring all helpful suggestions, until people give up and start making silly suggestions, assuming they won't be taken seriously, and then accusing those people of being morons because all their suggestions have now been used to ruin yet another thing in Katia's life. There's always going to be a bell curve of intelligence, but people posting silly suggestions because they're excited are not necessarily on the bottom end of that bell curve. It's wrong to absolve yourself of culpability by accusing them of being morons.

I haven't suggested anything in months because of this selective suggestion weeding and power tripping on Kazerad's part. He really needs to cool it, and take responsibility for his own goddamn plot.

As for the empty bottle, it was sort of shattered out in the alleyway, so it's still a stretch. Katia's lack of helpful exposition (even if it gets totally ignored) was my biggest protest.
No. 22582 ID: e3f578

You know, Kaz has a lot of fans' suggestions to read through, he does pretty much have to weed everything out lest he go insane.
When the fanbase was smaller, Katia had a bit more luck doing conductive stuff. She was doing real well yesterday until the end, and I imagine a BUNCH of fans have come in since then. I mean, sure, there was a lot of fans from the day before yesterday and quite a bit the day before that, but as time goes on, suggestions are going to get more and more weeded due to mass.
Shiiiiiit, after a certain point of fans and suggestions, I'd just go fuck it and go with results that make things more difficult and make more conflict for the character myself.
I would certainly like Katia to actually move on, but damn, the poor girl is getting more and more schizophrenic each passing minute in our world compared to hers. And a few of her minutes can be weeks worth of ours. Which means Katia's brain is going through a few week's worth of thoughts. From a realistic standpoint, with that many voices in your head, you would blunder and do stupid shit all the time. You have to listen to EVERY SINGLE ONE at once, or use an old suggestion for an entirely new situation that came in in the middle of the big update posts.
The format's changed, big updates mean less reactionary suggestions and more plug in technically old reactions to a problem that didn't exist until the middle of the update.
I'm sure if this was in /quest/ format, where there'd not only be a bit less suggestions, but more reactionary ones per picture, then when we get to conversing to the arigonian maid in the middle of this update, we probably would have left a better impression on the poor girl. But Katia's got to do most of the talking and reactions herself using a pool of often irrelevant ones.

Using the old car metaphor again, she's turned left all ready and needs to take a right very quickly, but all the back-seat drivers are still shouting left from last time, or there's a deer she's about to hit but nobody saw it coming but maybe her, so she had to decide to dodge herself.
No. 22934 ID: 35d27b

wait... katia...... your here?! I..... you do know I have an innate desire to protect you?
No. 22935 ID: 1d5849

We all do. And we're failing horribly at it.
No. 23047 ID: c74c7d
File 135567743158.png - (429.77KB , 1000x1125 , KatiaDarkSouls.png )

I know you're reading this Kazerad.

Have something I drew to enjoy.
No. 23058 ID: 6bce57

>Not wearing Pyromancer's Gear.

It's either that or Deprived start for her.
No. 23067 ID: 49f442


Nope. Dingy is where it is at.
No. 24262 ID: 78c6ea
File 136523453788.gif - (10.70KB , 450x590 , agrbphauhoruh.gif )

No. 24264 ID: f2c20c

No. 24265 ID: 78c6ea


They finagled my connection or something. prequeladventure.com was going to a cybersquatter site. Oddly a reset seems to have fixed the problem...
No. 24371 ID: b53faa
File 136617192856.gif - (1.68KB , 96x96 , Archive.gif )

oh hey, I remember this
I actually did a sprite for them back when I was still new to thew practice
No. 25105 ID: bac511

The latest update

is so good

I can't even express it in a continuous sentence.

My progress was: 109 seconds, 92 seconds, 81 seconds, 73 seconds, then I got bored and went to sleep.
No. 25107 ID: ea4b0b

I am honestly convinced that once mspa is over this is going to be the next big thing, because HOLY SHIT is this an awesome webcomic thing.
No. 25108 ID: f5680f

It's already pretty big.

My best time is 72 seconds. I bet it could be trimmed down to under 70, but it would require a perfect run.
No. 25109 ID: 1d5849

It needs two things it doesn't have: A) update like once a day, or at least more often than once a month, and B) not be so fucking miserable and kick over its adorable main character so much.

The second point makes me fucking hate this comic, but I can't look away... I can't. Someone please help me.
No. 25111 ID: 57a559

I made a big dumb regular Dirtbag post.
Instead, I think I'm just going to say that I think Katia's an idiot. A sympathetic one, but an idiot.
She pulled it off here at least. Thank the nine. Hope she doesn't fuck this up.

90 something seconds.
Tell me, when does the environment stop being new and starts looping or something?
No. 25112 ID: c23ab0
File 137351257831.jpg - (39.48KB , 852x477 , katia really fucked up this time.jpg )

Hey guys, don't feel so down about Katia. Things could always be worse.
No. 25113 ID: f5680f

At least then she would be able to rush into combat and die repeatedly to learn how to fight, then eventually start winning and gain souls.

In Prequel she's just not good at anything, so she can't make any progress at all.
No. 25115 ID: 57a559

She can run and pounce on rooftops. She's pretty good at that.
No. 25116 ID: 1d5849

Apparently she's also pretty good at throwing rocks at people.

And of course, we can't underestimate that she can throw fire around, even if not very well.
No. 25117 ID: c23ab0


No. 25139 ID: 57a559

I like this new ruthless Katia.
No. 25188 ID: a01b62

Katia is awesome when she's mad. Also the guard is hilarious.
No. 25198 ID: 9a33f1

So did CHEATING BASTARD Kazerad win that Pony thing? Do we get to see another toothy lizard side story? What about the filthy pornography he'd promised?
No. 25206 ID: a23afd

He won, and the next round of voting hasn't started yet, or something.
No. 25216 ID: 0fe3ce

>What about the filthy pornography he'd promised?
That wasen't Kazerad, it was someone else trying to cause trouble.
That said, who really knows?
No. 25226 ID: a01b62

No. 25240 ID: 4a20fa
File 137594672562.gif - (2.41KB , 29x29 , Kittyroll.gif )

This is the best loading spinner.
No. 25252 ID: 074ab3

It had habbebed.
No. 25253 ID: a23afd

Okay, so, that wasn't completely pointless. We know that the pineapple is destroyed in the process of whatever she does.

Personally I think she sticks the yoyo up herself and then fires it out at the pineapple to obliterate it. Nearly-impossible, highly sexual, and totally awful.
No. 25254 ID: c23ab0


Did I miss chunks of pineapple flying past QW's shocked face or something?
No. 25255 ID: fae054

Katia found the pineapple safe and sound after she woke up.
No. 25257 ID: a23afd

What the hell is that liquid in the last couple images, then? Oh right, she did it in the fountain, didn't she.

Now I think she ties the yoyo to the pineapple (if you put the string through the ring you can make a loop) and then just holds onto the yoyo part with her internal muscles while she stands up and lets it hang. Pineapples are pretty heavy, so I guess that must be "nearly impossible"? It's probably the heaviest object she can do it with. The splashed water must be from her falling over afterwards. Or dropping the thing.
No. 25258 ID: 4a20fa

Wilbur goes straight into the lofty ranks of "excellent Prequel background characters".
No. 25259 ID: fae054

Hauls-Ropes-Faster is mai waifu.
No. 25628 ID: 30df25
File 138595705897.png - (194.02KB , 1203x722 , Kill_La_Prequel.png )

No. 25629 ID: 8b9215

The one on the right, please.
No. 25631 ID: 53548a

Aggy best guardian, Dunmer master race.
No. 25975 ID: 30df25
File 139396521784.png - (3.04KB , 168x225 , aggy_oh_yeaaah.png )

Update. with a [S]
No. 25979 ID: 30df25
File 139413492880.jpg - (63.04KB , 500x375 , prequelball_Z.jpg )

No. 25980 ID: 30df25
File 139413496507.jpg - (68.74KB , 500x333 , Katia_Cultist-chan.jpg )

cultist-chan cancer
No. 25982 ID: 30df25
File 139413500626.jpg - (60.24KB , 500x579 , longhaired_Katia.jpg )

No. 25983 ID: 9b57d3

Aggy seems to be an effective Mysticism teacher.
No. 25985 ID: 57a559

Yeah now that Katia can solve simple puzzles by seeing the most effective solution before she does them; she's actually started on her way towards succeeding somewhat.

Hopefully enough to get her off the streets.

With Aggy's help we should be able to get most of our shit back.
I don't want sad cat quest no more I want awesome cat quest.
No. 25986 ID: 9b57d3

I just realized this Mysticism future-sight thing is the same as the objective marker in Oblivion/Skyrim.
No. 25990 ID: fb66b4

>she's actually started on her way towards succeeding somewhat.

I've lost count how often we've thought that.

Mark my words, she'll just end up getting even worse off than before. Everything always fails. Fuck this story.
No. 25991 ID: 3ca413

See, I always see it as the opposite of that.
Katia started at the bottom of a hole, and is trying to climb out. She keeps slipping back down to the bottom, but on each try she climbs a little higher.

She's going to fail again.
But so long as she keeps trying, and learns a little each time, then she's still making progress.
No. 25992 ID: 57a559

I don't know
I mean, there's got to be a point where we stop failing
There's got to. If we just try enough. Otherwise the story will die anyway.

And to be honest, it's really only been three times where she's fallen low, on the end of each day. However, she broke the pattern on her fourth night, ending it with a success. If she doesn't fuck it up getting shelter.

Then again she'll probably try for the burglary tonight with her newfound confidence and she could very well continue the failure pattern there. But she'll likely die if she fails, yet despite all her failures she's still alive somehow, which means it's 99% impossible she'll fail this time, because the stakes would be waaaay to high.

I mean, she could be in prison, but three meals a day and shelter to sleep in isn't actually THAT bad, depending on the prison.
No. 25993 ID: 9b57d3

She's stopped falling all the way to the bottom. She's made progress:
2) Learned how to use destruction magic properly
3) Learned some basic melee combat skills
4) Found out her nightmares are supernatural in nature
No. 25994 ID: 9b57d3

Personally I'd like for her to break in, find the musk, and use it all on herself. Then she'd be able to deny Sigrid the use of it from then on, AND she'd be able to just ask Sigrid for her stuff back. Maybe even some spending money too as compensation. And she'd get away scott free, because everyone would love her to pieces and Sigrid can't press charges aside from tresspassing, which is a simple fine. If Katia asks for enough money from Sigrid to pay off the fine, we're good.
No. 25995 ID: dbe554


Except she doesn't use it anymore, she's got enchantments on her gear.
No. 25996 ID: a87e3a

What? Yes she does, she used it against Katia.
No. 25997 ID: 3f490e

Well, maybe if we got more updates than THREE A YEAR we could actually have the time to see that happen before heat death of the universe.

I think I'll prefer a story that gives us the fruits of our labor a tad earlier.
No. 26033 ID: 30df25
File 139610154331.png - (6.99KB , 409x204 , tmp_uweRTv0v.png )

March 29: Kaz's hosting company has slapped a password-protection on the site. Rumour has it the cockblock is because of exceeded bandwidth limits.
No. 26034 ID: 9ddf68

wow, the universe has it out for her so bad that even the internet it's self is turning against her.
No. 26035 ID: cf2c74
File 139614469154.gif - (10.24KB , 600x550 , retrievespear.gif )

>March 29: Kaz's hosting company has slapped a password-protection on the site. Rumour has it the cockblock is because of exceeded bandwidth limits.

It's not a rumor! I just can't post about it on the site because the site isn't publicly accessible.

It was using so much of their resources that it was slowing down other sites on the network, so I have to make it more efficient before it can go live again. This has happened like three times before.
No. 26036 ID: 2c6ff1

I love that his spear is literally his dick in the lore.
No. 26037 ID: 4a20fa

Clearly, the time has come for ASCII-art updates.
No. 26285 ID: 2bfcdf

Update. Still no Mysticism.
No. 26287 ID: 57a559

Yeah I just don't know what to do at this point. Are we just supposed to get it or are we just going to have to deal with all the "Katia not getting Mysticism" intended updates before it's finally gotten?

I mean, really, the only thing I can really think about is repeat what that dumbass ghost is saying. Are we NOT supposed to listen to the dumbass ghost? Is that what we're really supposed to do?
No. 26317 ID: 5b596d


I've been tired of failing around doing nothing for three updates now
No. 26321 ID: 9e9939

And we only get an update once in a blue moon, so I get to wait two or three months until the next time we can see Katia fail to get it.
No. 26398 ID: 57a559

So it looks like Kaz just wrote the weird Gordan Freeman holding mechanic thing you can do in Oblivion into fucking Canon.

And that I think that Katia actually broke into CHIM a bit. Yeah, okay, she just took a step towards CHIM. Whatever debate that went on about the context of CHIM in lore earlier on other boards here, maybe we can agree that shit right there's CHIM-based shit.
No. 26400 ID: ac14c0

I disagree. It's clearly Mysticism.
No. 26401 ID: 1992a3

Nevermind how it's actually just an in-game mechanical convenience and meant to simulate you dragging things around with your hand (despite no hand being shown), I think it was tied up reasonably well into the in-universe rules, CHIM or not.
No. 26402 ID: dbe554

What the heck is CHIM?
No. 26404 ID: ac14c0

CHIM is one of the Six Walking Ways to achieve divinity in the Elder Scrolls universe. Through deep understanding of the Aurbis (the whole of reality) you come to the conclusion that it is a dream of the Godhead. That attracts the Godhead's attention through that realization, and through sheer force of will you have to survive Its insistence that you do not exist. Then by further understanding how the Godhead dreams reality, you can alter reality too. CHIM is described by Vivec as "reaching heaven by violence", and it's generally accepted that Lorkhan created Mundus in order to show others how not to achieve CHIM, so that they have a better chance at the real thing.

It's like lucid dreaming. You figure out you're in a dream, but don't wake up despite that, and then you can control the dream.

A related topic is the Amaranth, which is when you make a whole new dream rather than changing the one you're in. Apparently Anu/Magus did this, though the consequences of that act have yet to reveal themselves.
No. 26537 ID: e607cd

This month's update had a lot of good dialog, and there were some great animation details at the end. It's just too bad I started that last sentence with the phrase "this month's update." So good, always wants more.
No. 26538 ID: cff877

I think I'd still have a whole bunch of rather less elaborate updates. All the flashes are fine and good, but I'm here for the story.
No. 26539 ID: ea5f60

Kazerad doesn't really care what his fans want. He's trying new things because he has his eye on what he wants to do for a career. Prequel is mostly a testing bed for him.
No. 26541 ID: cff877

Well it is pretty great, I just wish it'd be faster.

Wasn't he going to get someone to help him out with it?
No. 26542 ID: 88fe3d

He has at least three people helping him.
No. 26554 ID: 53548a

Additional resource credits:
Ryavis – programming, including the AI that
shoots you in the back repeatedly.
DragonXVI – music (“Hope For You Yet”)
OrchestralDesign – music (“The First Snow”)
CynicalCanasian – voice
MikeyTheFox – auxiliary spriting
CTCollab, ehproductions, samueljustice00, mallement,
Werra, Gutek, jobro – sounds
Dapperpixel – a background that I have like completely
covered with snow, but you can still see maybe four
pixels of it.
Squiggles – ghost faces
Cider – the usual
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk
No. 26555 ID: e66b79

Wow. It sounds like more time is going in simply organizing them and what they do than to just doing the next update.
No. 26643 ID: 8111b6

I think I love Kaz a little bit more. He actually took the time to look at 4chan and try to explain it and explain anonymity to people, making this beautiful post:

No. 26644 ID: 2fd516

You could've linked it directly.

Kazerad's tumblr has a lot of really insightful posts in it.
No. 26645 ID: 8111b6

Ah... I completely didn't notice that I had the wrong url copied when I pasted it. My bad. I only looked at the right half of it, instead of the left. Lesson learned.
No. 26647 ID: 53548a

I'd love Kaz a lot more if he updated more than once a month.
No. 27094 ID: 60700b

So, what is that prize?

Supposedly there is a prize for getting a total of under 105 secs.

No. 27096 ID: e114bc

I think that is a lie. It looks like it's impossible to do in under 105 seconds because even without getting hit you can't kill him in that amount of time.
No. 27097 ID: e114bc

...or maybe it's dependent on RNG?
No. 27100 ID: 330ce5

Oh hey this is good. Perhaps you don't know what it is. It is readable, you should read it. We happen to enjoy it, you might as well.
No. 27102 ID: e114bc

No. 27129 ID: 408e5c
File 143202911755.jpg - (93.26KB , 640x480 , 2TheInside.jpg )

Nope, it was possible to perfect in in exactly 100 seconds and getting under 105 earned you this sweet pin which arrived this morning. Be jealous of my skill.
No. 27130 ID: e114bc

No. 27131 ID: d362c7

Oh look, Katia got fucked over again. What a surprising twist.
No. 27178 ID: dc7870

I tried so god damn hard to get that and failed everytime.

Tell me your secrets, damnit!
No. 27514 ID: 5ad4a7


The main flash animation isn't finished but we've got a prequel prequel animation. The boat ride.
There's secret plot in it!

Here's what I've found:
A.First off, you can temporarily escape the ghost in the first nightmare. This is done by:
Luring the ghost onto the ship's helm, and while it's climbing up the stairs you can get around it via the other stairwell. There will be something even spookier at the front of the ship.
B.Second, you can escape the hold that's being flooded in the second nightmare. This is done by(two following spoilers):
B1.This requires some preparation. First, you need to investigate the dumbwaiter in the captain's quarters so that he tells you there's one leading to food storage(in the hold). Second, you have to check several specific crates amongst the ones in the hold, so that they contain needed items during the nightmare. Once you have this information, you escape the nightmare by:
B2.First checking the door, which will make katia break the lockpick and decide to check the storage for something to destroy the door with. Then you have to go get a wand of greater fireball, which Katia will say is too dangerous to use by itself. After that you have to get a tube out of the dwarven ruin excavation crate, and finally you need to get a weight out of one of the crates near the scale (I forget which).
C.I'm not sure if you have to complete both previous nightmares for this to happen, but the third nightmare will be completely different- instead of the crewmates eating Katia via the Wild Hunt, you wake up and find a tiny AKATOSH in the dream-hold.

Also there's a khajiit hiding in the women's bathroom during the first(and maybe second) day. Gee, I wonder who that could be.
No. 27515 ID: b8dcf0

Meh. Instead of fucking around with flashbacks and more misery and shit I'd just like to get this thievery bullshit done already. It's been over two years.

I've never seen a story move so slowly.
No. 27516 ID: bb78f2

We've had the large various pauses on Homestuck these last few years, not to mention several quests on tgchan that have been graveyarded then brought back to life for a single update then went back.

There's also the Venture Bros. which take two or so years per season, and The Song of Ice and Fire books take FOREVER to release.
No. 27517 ID: d138f6

captain snes has apso gone hilariously long between updates before and even now.

not excusing it at all, it's dumb, but flashes take a long while.
No. 27518 ID: 12b273

>captain snes
Holy crap, I've forgotten about that for years. Maybe there will be enough of a backlog to actually be worth reading.
No. 27520 ID: a8f5ac


In case anyone's interested, it turns out that the dragon says "Nahl Dal Vus" ("Living Return Nirn"), the same shout used in Skyrim to return the dragonborn from sovngarde.
No. 27521 ID: df759e

have fun with your backlog of like ten updates
No. 27526 ID: bb78f2

You know, at least this other side story thing is updating on a strict schedule (even if the updates are all done and released depending on money made).

And it just got incredibly dark. I mean, Prequel was SAD, but this is SAD-DARK. The darkest pit of SADNESS. It is potent, like if someone made a drink out of nothing but liquefied orphan tears and fireball whiskey.
No. 28751 ID: 3ce125

WELL the update finally came out. As can be expected, totally not worth 2 years of waiting. Still pretty neat!
No. 29260 ID: 6462c0

>made a drink out of nothing but liquefied orphan tears and fireball whiskey.
I'd totally drink that. I'd pay to drink that.
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