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Why are eleven paragraphs of bacon metaphor even necessary to explain one's sexuality.
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File 130843927314.gif - (5.46KB , 600x450 , story0.gif )
16409 No. 16409 ID: 2563d4

If we can have a thread for MSPA here, we can have a thread for the actually good quest lurking on its forums here, if only because despite it apparently being well-known on IRC, not everyone is on IRC. And that's terrible because this is great:
Like Weaver-grade writing great with Dungeon Deeper-grade art great.
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No. 25992 ID: 57a559

I don't know
I mean, there's got to be a point where we stop failing
There's got to. If we just try enough. Otherwise the story will die anyway.

And to be honest, it's really only been three times where she's fallen low, on the end of each day. However, she broke the pattern on her fourth night, ending it with a success. If she doesn't fuck it up getting shelter.

Then again she'll probably try for the burglary tonight with her newfound confidence and she could very well continue the failure pattern there. But she'll likely die if she fails, yet despite all her failures she's still alive somehow, which means it's 99% impossible she'll fail this time, because the stakes would be waaaay to high.

I mean, she could be in prison, but three meals a day and shelter to sleep in isn't actually THAT bad, depending on the prison.
No. 25993 ID: 9b57d3

She's stopped falling all the way to the bottom. She's made progress:
2) Learned how to use destruction magic properly
3) Learned some basic melee combat skills
4) Found out her nightmares are supernatural in nature
No. 25994 ID: 9b57d3

Personally I'd like for her to break in, find the musk, and use it all on herself. Then she'd be able to deny Sigrid the use of it from then on, AND she'd be able to just ask Sigrid for her stuff back. Maybe even some spending money too as compensation. And she'd get away scott free, because everyone would love her to pieces and Sigrid can't press charges aside from tresspassing, which is a simple fine. If Katia asks for enough money from Sigrid to pay off the fine, we're good.
No. 25995 ID: dbe554


Except she doesn't use it anymore, she's got enchantments on her gear.
No. 25996 ID: a87e3a

What? Yes she does, she used it against Katia.
No. 25997 ID: 3f490e

Well, maybe if we got more updates than THREE A YEAR we could actually have the time to see that happen before heat death of the universe.

I think I'll prefer a story that gives us the fruits of our labor a tad earlier.
No. 26033 ID: 30df25
File 139610154331.png - (6.99KB , 409x204 , tmp_uweRTv0v.png )

March 29: Kaz's hosting company has slapped a password-protection on the site. Rumour has it the cockblock is because of exceeded bandwidth limits.
No. 26034 ID: 9ddf68

wow, the universe has it out for her so bad that even the internet it's self is turning against her.
No. 26035 ID: cf2c74
File 139614469154.gif - (10.24KB , 600x550 , retrievespear.gif )

>March 29: Kaz's hosting company has slapped a password-protection on the site. Rumour has it the cockblock is because of exceeded bandwidth limits.

It's not a rumor! I just can't post about it on the site because the site isn't publicly accessible.

It was using so much of their resources that it was slowing down other sites on the network, so I have to make it more efficient before it can go live again. This has happened like three times before.
No. 26036 ID: 2c6ff1

I love that his spear is literally his dick in the lore.
No. 26037 ID: 4a20fa

Clearly, the time has come for ASCII-art updates.
No. 26285 ID: 2bfcdf

Update. Still no Mysticism.
No. 26287 ID: 57a559

Yeah I just don't know what to do at this point. Are we just supposed to get it or are we just going to have to deal with all the "Katia not getting Mysticism" intended updates before it's finally gotten?

I mean, really, the only thing I can really think about is repeat what that dumbass ghost is saying. Are we NOT supposed to listen to the dumbass ghost? Is that what we're really supposed to do?
No. 26317 ID: 5b596d


I've been tired of failing around doing nothing for three updates now
No. 26321 ID: 9e9939

And we only get an update once in a blue moon, so I get to wait two or three months until the next time we can see Katia fail to get it.
No. 26398 ID: 57a559

So it looks like Kaz just wrote the weird Gordan Freeman holding mechanic thing you can do in Oblivion into fucking Canon.

And that I think that Katia actually broke into CHIM a bit. Yeah, okay, she just took a step towards CHIM. Whatever debate that went on about the context of CHIM in lore earlier on other boards here, maybe we can agree that shit right there's CHIM-based shit.
No. 26400 ID: ac14c0

I disagree. It's clearly Mysticism.
No. 26401 ID: 1992a3

Nevermind how it's actually just an in-game mechanical convenience and meant to simulate you dragging things around with your hand (despite no hand being shown), I think it was tied up reasonably well into the in-universe rules, CHIM or not.
No. 26402 ID: dbe554

What the heck is CHIM?
No. 26404 ID: ac14c0

CHIM is one of the Six Walking Ways to achieve divinity in the Elder Scrolls universe. Through deep understanding of the Aurbis (the whole of reality) you come to the conclusion that it is a dream of the Godhead. That attracts the Godhead's attention through that realization, and through sheer force of will you have to survive Its insistence that you do not exist. Then by further understanding how the Godhead dreams reality, you can alter reality too. CHIM is described by Vivec as "reaching heaven by violence", and it's generally accepted that Lorkhan created Mundus in order to show others how not to achieve CHIM, so that they have a better chance at the real thing.

It's like lucid dreaming. You figure out you're in a dream, but don't wake up despite that, and then you can control the dream.

A related topic is the Amaranth, which is when you make a whole new dream rather than changing the one you're in. Apparently Anu/Magus did this, though the consequences of that act have yet to reveal themselves.
No. 26537 ID: e607cd

This month's update had a lot of good dialog, and there were some great animation details at the end. It's just too bad I started that last sentence with the phrase "this month's update." So good, always wants more.
No. 26538 ID: cff877

I think I'd still have a whole bunch of rather less elaborate updates. All the flashes are fine and good, but I'm here for the story.
No. 26539 ID: ea5f60

Kazerad doesn't really care what his fans want. He's trying new things because he has his eye on what he wants to do for a career. Prequel is mostly a testing bed for him.
No. 26541 ID: cff877

Well it is pretty great, I just wish it'd be faster.

Wasn't he going to get someone to help him out with it?
No. 26542 ID: 88fe3d

He has at least three people helping him.
No. 26554 ID: 53548a

Additional resource credits:
Ryavis – programming, including the AI that
shoots you in the back repeatedly.
DragonXVI – music (“Hope For You Yet”)
OrchestralDesign – music (“The First Snow”)
CynicalCanasian – voice
MikeyTheFox – auxiliary spriting
CTCollab, ehproductions, samueljustice00, mallement,
Werra, Gutek, jobro – sounds
Dapperpixel – a background that I have like completely
covered with snow, but you can still see maybe four
pixels of it.
Squiggles – ghost faces
Cider – the usual
Chevy Ray Johnston – Flashpunk
No. 26555 ID: e66b79

Wow. It sounds like more time is going in simply organizing them and what they do than to just doing the next update.
No. 26643 ID: 8111b6

I think I love Kaz a little bit more. He actually took the time to look at 4chan and try to explain it and explain anonymity to people, making this beautiful post:

No. 26644 ID: 2fd516

You could've linked it directly.

Kazerad's tumblr has a lot of really insightful posts in it.
No. 26645 ID: 8111b6

Ah... I completely didn't notice that I had the wrong url copied when I pasted it. My bad. I only looked at the right half of it, instead of the left. Lesson learned.
No. 26647 ID: 53548a

I'd love Kaz a lot more if he updated more than once a month.
No. 27094 ID: 60700b

So, what is that prize?

Supposedly there is a prize for getting a total of under 105 secs.

No. 27096 ID: e114bc

I think that is a lie. It looks like it's impossible to do in under 105 seconds because even without getting hit you can't kill him in that amount of time.
No. 27097 ID: e114bc

...or maybe it's dependent on RNG?
No. 27100 ID: 330ce5

Oh hey this is good. Perhaps you don't know what it is. It is readable, you should read it. We happen to enjoy it, you might as well.
No. 27102 ID: e114bc

No. 27129 ID: 408e5c
File 143202911755.jpg - (93.26KB , 640x480 , 2TheInside.jpg )

Nope, it was possible to perfect in in exactly 100 seconds and getting under 105 earned you this sweet pin which arrived this morning. Be jealous of my skill.
No. 27130 ID: e114bc

No. 27131 ID: d362c7

Oh look, Katia got fucked over again. What a surprising twist.
No. 27178 ID: dc7870

I tried so god damn hard to get that and failed everytime.

Tell me your secrets, damnit!
No. 27514 ID: 5ad4a7


The main flash animation isn't finished but we've got a prequel prequel animation. The boat ride.
There's secret plot in it!

Here's what I've found:
A.First off, you can temporarily escape the ghost in the first nightmare. This is done by:
Luring the ghost onto the ship's helm, and while it's climbing up the stairs you can get around it via the other stairwell. There will be something even spookier at the front of the ship.
B.Second, you can escape the hold that's being flooded in the second nightmare. This is done by(two following spoilers):
B1.This requires some preparation. First, you need to investigate the dumbwaiter in the captain's quarters so that he tells you there's one leading to food storage(in the hold). Second, you have to check several specific crates amongst the ones in the hold, so that they contain needed items during the nightmare. Once you have this information, you escape the nightmare by:
B2.First checking the door, which will make katia break the lockpick and decide to check the storage for something to destroy the door with. Then you have to go get a wand of greater fireball, which Katia will say is too dangerous to use by itself. After that you have to get a tube out of the dwarven ruin excavation crate, and finally you need to get a weight out of one of the crates near the scale (I forget which).
C.I'm not sure if you have to complete both previous nightmares for this to happen, but the third nightmare will be completely different- instead of the crewmates eating Katia via the Wild Hunt, you wake up and find a tiny AKATOSH in the dream-hold.

Also there's a khajiit hiding in the women's bathroom during the first(and maybe second) day. Gee, I wonder who that could be.
No. 27515 ID: b8dcf0

Meh. Instead of fucking around with flashbacks and more misery and shit I'd just like to get this thievery bullshit done already. It's been over two years.

I've never seen a story move so slowly.
No. 27516 ID: bb78f2

We've had the large various pauses on Homestuck these last few years, not to mention several quests on tgchan that have been graveyarded then brought back to life for a single update then went back.

There's also the Venture Bros. which take two or so years per season, and The Song of Ice and Fire books take FOREVER to release.
No. 27517 ID: d138f6

captain snes has apso gone hilariously long between updates before and even now.

not excusing it at all, it's dumb, but flashes take a long while.
No. 27518 ID: 12b273

>captain snes
Holy crap, I've forgotten about that for years. Maybe there will be enough of a backlog to actually be worth reading.
No. 27520 ID: a8f5ac


In case anyone's interested, it turns out that the dragon says "Nahl Dal Vus" ("Living Return Nirn"), the same shout used in Skyrim to return the dragonborn from sovngarde.
No. 27521 ID: df759e

have fun with your backlog of like ten updates
No. 27526 ID: bb78f2

You know, at least this other side story thing is updating on a strict schedule (even if the updates are all done and released depending on money made).

And it just got incredibly dark. I mean, Prequel was SAD, but this is SAD-DARK. The darkest pit of SADNESS. It is potent, like if someone made a drink out of nothing but liquefied orphan tears and fireball whiskey.
No. 28751 ID: 3ce125

WELL the update finally came out. As can be expected, totally not worth 2 years of waiting. Still pretty neat!
No. 29260 ID: 6462c0

>made a drink out of nothing but liquefied orphan tears and fireball whiskey.
I'd totally drink that. I'd pay to drink that.
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