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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 160412326780.png - (12.89KB , 800x600 , millie quest title image.png )
980096 No. 980096 ID: 7f716e

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No. 980097 ID: 7f716e
File 160412333493.png - (25.08KB , 800x800 , church.png )

No. 980098 ID: 7f716e
File 160412335220.png - (75.62KB , 800x800 , package.png )

No. 980099 ID: 7f716e
File 160412337594.png - (135.80KB , 800x800 , farming.png )

No. 980100 ID: 7f716e
File 160412339595.png - (31.91KB , 800x800 , water well.png )

No. 980101 ID: 7f716e
File 160412342323.png - (133.07KB , 800x800 , doggy.png )

No. 980102 ID: 7f716e
File 160412353237.png - (27.86KB , 800x800 , heat .png )

No. 980103 ID: 7f716e
File 160412355563.png - (45.62KB , 800x800 , grabbing letter.png )

No. 980111 ID: 7f716e
File 160412528795.png - (75.31KB , 800x800 , holding letter.png )

My dearest Millie,

I seat myself this afternoon to inform of my health. Although I am still alive and able to get around, it seems a bout of bad luck is content to bite at my heels.
My health is not good. Mr. Garrett says I’ve contracted pneumonia, but he believes I will make it through. The gods willing, I will be back on the road come winter.

The rest of the family is all well, though Cousin Mortimer has decided to take the wife and children and leave for Hyujen. I am happy to say I have had little experience of things of war, but it disturbs my faith in my studies to see a man such as Mortimer uproot himself from his home and start a new life in a foreign land. Perhaps we must reevaluate our beliefs to keep our families safe. However, this is not the entire purpose for which I send this letter. I believe it was 21st of June that I sent you a cash letter for Two Oxet. If It has arrived by now, I pray that you were shrewd with your finances as I have always taught you, for my misfortunes unfortunately ask that some of it may be spent.

For one, a few weeks ago my cart was attacked by some manner of wild beast, and a new axle will have to be ordered from the Thompsons.

I have managed a bargain for a new Ox which I will be bringing with me this winter, so please have the old plow repaired by the time I return.

Also, please get a quote from Terry Williams for an expanded fence, as I will want to set up a bigger harvest next year.

And finally, please inform the Bakers family that I will not be home in time for the festival, so they need not bother with the usual cake for me this year.

If by some misfortune there is not enough Oxie to cover all these expenses, I ask you to not worry , for I am drafting a new cash letter that may arrive just a few weeks after this letter arrives.

It is getting late now, and Mr. Garrett is getting tired of transcribing this letter for me, so I must close my correspondence here. I bid you farewell until my return.

Your Father,

Joseph Patten

"Oh dear."
No. 980112 ID: 96e04f

The axle will probably need to be shipped, so that had better be done right away. Checking on the current condition of the plow would also be a good idea.

Also, do we have a treat for the dog? He did a good job.
No. 980119 ID: b1b4f3

I think the axle is the only truly time sensitive task here, but you can also talk to the Bakers since that's quickly done.
No. 980138 ID: ce39da

Focus on the axle and the bakers. Without the former, your father's journey will become perilous or impossible. The latter is free, and it would not do to have the bakers waste resources like that; best to warn them before it's time for the festival.
No. 980140 ID: 3db479

truly you must be delusional! The most time sensitive task is petting our good boy doggo who brought us pa's letter! Then we should go get a new axle for pa.

How soon until the festival Millie? Also what does the festival celebrate?
No. 989659 ID: 7f716e
File 161465907226.png - (19.79KB , 800x800 , dog treat 2.png )

Good job Rudy, Heres a treat!
... Plow, Plow, Plow...
...When did I get a plow?
... Might be out back...
Gailan: mid-September celebration of the fall equinox to enjoy the successful harvest and to prepare tribute to the local lords.
No. 989660 ID: 7f716e
File 161465955746.png - (23.23KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

Oh wow. Dad must have bought this things years ago... I don't think it's ever been used. Why does he keep doing these things? I ask and I ask and I ask but he still finds the need to butt into my own business.
Ughhh, and I'm the one that will have to throw this away some day
He needs to get over the fact that gramps left me the farm and leave me alone.
Ah, no I'm not mad, boy. Just annoyed, again.
No. 989662 ID: 7f716e
File 161465974988.png - (5.94KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Absolutely awful condition. What a waste of money.
How and why could he do this? I only have just about an acre of land and I grow food only for myself...
... and an OX??? UGHHHH
... What do I do even do with this now?
No. 989664 ID: bd1ba8

What about your FINANCES do you remember how much you have left from the first cash delivery? If so you should use that and head to the Thompson’s.
No. 989665 ID: ce39da

Nothing, for now. If you don't value the farm in the same way your father does, then you can place it lower down on your list of priorities. Worry about this when you have nothing else left to worry about, and no sooner.

You do, however, care about whether your father's journey is safe. Go now, and order that axle to send to him.
No. 989666 ID: 0d6409

First of all, pet that damn dog.
Second, maybe we should go visit Terry Williams about the fence after checking our finances.
Maybe we could visit the Bakers family on the way?
No. 989671 ID: 3637bf

Its your farm, don't make any purchases you don't want to make. Your father needs to learn to stop making presumptions about your property. That said lets not hang him out to dry on that axle, you should go get that looked at immediately.
No. 989674 ID: b1b4f3

Is it just rusty? Check to see if any of the fittings are damaged. It might not need much attention, really, it's not like plows have many moving parts.

Hold on, how's he gonna expand the fence without buying more land? Is he buying more land? Will the new land be in his name?
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