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File 160271913776.png - (78.10KB , 800x700 , Yu-Title01.png )
978557 No. 978557 ID: 663062

This is a reboot of the previous quest by this name. Art credits to AQR!
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No. 978558 ID: 663062
File 160271915875.png - (18.62KB , 800x700 , 0001.png )

The moment I got accepted into this school, I made up my mind that the first thing I’d do when I got here was become my roommate’s best friend. My mom always said that was going to be the best way to get through college, after all. If I’m going to be stuck in the same room as someone half the time, we need to be friends.

And I didn’t think it was going to be a problem! I’ve never had trouble making friends before. Even if I did leave behind my old friend group to go here, that’s just part of growing up, I think.

No. 978559 ID: 663062
File 160271918355.gif - (2.08MB , 800x700 , 0002.gif )

On top of being absolutely the tallest person I’ve ever seen, this girl standing in the doorway is... terrifying.
No. 978560 ID: 663062
File 160271921809.png - (17.17KB , 800x700 , 0003.png )

I don’t know how else to put it. It feels like if I so much say hi she’s going to come over and snap my neck or something.
No. 978561 ID: 663062
File 160271923684.png - (23.75KB , 800x700 , 0004.png )

But she’s just... standing there... staring at me... What do I do?
No. 978562 ID: 83bc14

Wave and say hi
No. 978563 ID: 465a14

Start explaining the design, manufacture, and proper storage of anime figurines in meticulous detail. Share your interests!
No. 978564 ID: 0fae41

Say hi, necks are overrated.
No. 978566 ID: 9c1ef3

No. 978567 ID: afdebc

Make a pass at her. As a joke! Of course it's a joke. You're not seriously panic flirting, you don't mean it, haha, you'd never do that unless it works.
No. 978568 ID: 736b7e

Definitely say hi. There's not a whole lot else you can do other than sit quietly in anxiety.
No. 978570 ID: 9aa12d

A fine howdy will always do
No. 978571 ID: 3d6851

Try a meek introduction followed by asking her to share her gym routine. Big buff people usually love that sorta thing, right?
No. 978572 ID: df76b1

Crank dat Soulja Boy
No. 978579 ID: 094652

To quote from Bugs Bunny,
No. 978580 ID: b1b4f3

"Wow, you're big"
No. 978583 ID: 8ac9ea

could be she's just not sure how to start the conversation either, say hi and introduce yourself
No. 978584 ID: f33d4b

Start with your usual conversation openers for meeting a new friend!
No. 978585 ID: 2aa5f0

just wave then. You don't need to say anything but that doesn't mean you have to be rude.
No. 978588 ID: 651ae0

Smile and give her a wave. It'll be ok! She's not gonna do anything bad!
No. 978592 ID: a0dfd2


Clearly we need to turn on more lights, since it's super dark and edgy in here.
No. 978595 ID: f8fa51

Smile and wave. Optionally say hello and introduce yourself.
No. 978602 ID: fa2754

She's clearly intimidated to hell. Assert your dominance by stating hello.
No. 978603 ID: 3ed3c3

"Hi there, long John! You're the brown cow from downtown frown town, eh? Don't think you can get one over on me, hayseed! I'm twice the plumber you'll ever be, and your mother was a parakeet!"
No. 978617 ID: 663062

Talking is over-rated! Just wave and look cute!!
No. 978627 ID: 1ed92d

Say hi and compliment her eyes. They're a very pretty shade of red.
No. 978683 ID: 465a14

Share a few knock-knock jokes from your endless collection. Humor's the perfect icebreaker.
No. 978687 ID: fd5772

"Do you like Warren Zevon?"
No. 979000 ID: 663062
File 160316011633.png - (19.29KB , 800x700 , 0005.png )

Okay alright hang on I’m trying to think too fast. Focus, Alba.

Okay. It... it doesn’t make any sense that she’d actually want to kill me or anything. That’s pretty ridiculous now that I think about it. I should just say hello.

“Um, hello!” I smile and wave.

... There’s absolutely no response. She just keeps staring at me. ... Well, what would I do next if she had said something...
No. 979001 ID: 663062
File 160316013192.png - (24.71KB , 800x700 , 0006.png )

I stand up from the bed and take a few steps toward her, then hold out my hand. ... Wow, she’s tall. I wonder if she’s an athlete or something.

“I guess we’re roommates! My name’s Alba! Um, what’s yours?” I do my best to put on a confident face.
No. 979002 ID: 663062
File 160316015334.png - (14.51KB , 800x700 , 0007.png )

”... Yü.”

... She has a much softer voice than I would have expected.

She takes my outstretched hand in hers and I immediately feel a chill run down my spine. What’s with this girl...? She lets go a moment later, then looks at the floor.

... Well, at least I got her to say something. I can’t just stop now, though. Maybe I can offer to help her unpack, or ask if she knows where the important buildings on campus are, or something like that...?
No. 979004 ID: 465a14

Talk to her about what there is to do on campus. Stores, events, sports teams, clubs, anything in nearby campus towns, that kind of stuff. Maybe she feels out of place and helping her feel familiar with the lay of the land could be helpful.
No. 979005 ID: 0fae41

Offer to help her unpack. If she needs the beds placed end to end to get somewhere proper to lie down, that's no problem for yu! Er, you!
No. 979006 ID: e7848c

Good friendships start with good food. Which colleges are notoriously lacking of. So it seems like a perfect opportunity to offer to get some ramen going.
No. 979007 ID: 094652

Give her breathing room but ask if she wants something from the campus store.
No. 979010 ID: cdabe3

"how are feeling?"
No. 979011 ID: cdabe3

"how are feeling?"
No. 979025 ID: b1b4f3

Yü isn't quite pronounced "you", though it's similar. It's also similar to something like "yueh" or "yoo".
She seems to lack social confidence. Probably because people avoid her due to how intimidating she is, so she doesn't have experience.
Make friends! Offer to help her with her unpacking and tell her if she has any questions about the campus you'll be happy to answer. Also if she would rather be left alone for now you can do that too.
No. 979028 ID: 1ed92d

She seems shy and lacking in self confidence. Offer to help her in some way!
No. 979030 ID: 3ed3c3

Help her get comfortable.
Quid pro quo. Tell her a bit about yourself and ask her about herself. Share hobbies and interests. Offer to help her with her luggage. Make her feel welcome.
No. 979052 ID: 4a7661

Helping unpack seems like a good idea. Have you unpacked yet?
No. 979072 ID: e107a9

How would you feel if everyone you meet for the first time thinks you’re scary, she seems to just be shy and afraid of you being scared of her, That’s why she looked away. Try to comfort her ant treat her just like you would anyone else after all your going to be roommates for a while.
No. 979092 ID: 6c091f

I agree with these; Unpacking can sometimes be annoying by yourself, and first impressions can go a long way.

Offer to help unpack, maybe see if you can't get a conversation going (if she don't wanna be left alone). Start by talking about what you're in college for, maybe?
No. 979093 ID: 5b0071

She may be nervous too, and this is simply her way of expressing it. After all, she's likely left her life and friends behind.. she may be from an entirely different nation!

Offer to help her get settled, of course. And perhaps if she's had anything to eat.
No. 979453 ID: 15a025

Offer to help her unpack. Maybe you can break the ice a little more and ask what her hobbies are too?
No. 979683 ID: 663062
File 160375137393.png - (19.04KB , 800x700 , 0008.png )

Now that I think about it a little more, if I offer to help her out with unpacking, then she pretty much has to spend time with me, right? It’d be really weird for her to say no, after all.

“So, do you want some help with your stuff?”


She tilts her head just a little.

“Y-you know, um, unpacking your suitcase and figuring out where to put things. I already took care of mine so I kind of have a feel for the way the room is set up and stuff.” I can hear a little bit of nervousness in my voice...

”Oh. ... Okay.”

“... Well, here, set that on the bed, to start with.” We walk over to her bed and she sets her suitcase down on it, then we sit on opposite sides. ... The bed audibly creaks under her weight.
No. 979685 ID: 663062
File 160375139097.png - (22.08KB , 800x700 , 0009.png )

... This girl has brought almost nothing with her besides the absolute basics. I guess her clothes take up more space in a suitcase than mine do, given how big she is, but... doesn’t she have hobbies or something?

... Maybe I won’t start off by asking about that.

“So... how did you find out about this school?”

”... I... that was all taken care of for me.”

Swing and a miss. She looks away from me and the suitcase and at her feet instead. Probably should avoid that subject too for now.

“Oh. Well. Where are you from, then?”


Her face darkens. Strike two, Alba... Surely there’s something I can come up with that she might be willing to talk about...?
No. 979686 ID: 0fae41

Her suitcase is emptier than a freshman's head on finals day. Offer to take her shopping for accoutrements. Some school supplies, for starters? You can figure stuff out from there at the mall. Or bookstore.
No. 979687 ID: 736b7e

It's hard to go wrong with compliments. I think her eyes are rather pretty.
No. 979691 ID: e7848c

Offer to go out and get something to eat. That way she doesn't feel too pressured to talk and can focus on her food.
No. 979693 ID: 8fab7a

You can do this. Break the ice in other ways than talking about her past or reason for being here.

She does seem to respond to suggestions of aid, so helping her out with basic necessities gives her something to appreciate you for later.

(You can also get a grasp of her curriculum by figuring out which books she needs 'n such.)

And, uh, if she doesn't have the scratch on hand for buying essentials, you can borrow her some of yours? No problem.
No. 979694 ID: b1b4f3

Sounds like she was from a bad place and got rescued. Assume everything about her past is off limits.
Tell her it's okay if she doesn't want to talk about it.

Also tell her you should be friends, and you'll help her getting adjusted to life here.
You could ask her what classes she's looking forward to.
No. 979695 ID: 3ed3c3

If asking her about herself and her situation isn't getting you anywhere, try sharing about yourself. Tell her how you came here and what you want out of it. Share some little, harmless facts about yourself to make yourself more approachable.
No. 979702 ID: 718d7b

hey you like weed? haha ...unless
No. 979706 ID: 2aa5f0

could ask if she's already gotten her school supplies for her classes and if not then you could offer to show her where the college store is where she could get her supplies... or maybe see if she can't find them online so she doesn't end up paying $600 for a $40 book or even a pdf.

And if this actually works you can then ask what classes she has to while you're picking up supplies.
No. 979716 ID: c5d2fe

"Eh, no big if you're not up for sharing." Generally, you don't really help much if you share about yourself when someone doesn't want to share about THEMSELVES. Makes them feel guilty and more withdrawn and more nervous.

"You don't have much, so how about we skip straight to the tour of the place? I know a about few things here, but there's a good bit I dunno either, so we could both learn the lay of the land together."

Don't harp on the subject of her few possessions and get to a point where you're both on the same level. That being campus layout.

You can figure out her possible interests that way without directly asking, too; take note of anything she looks at or angles towards subconsciously.
No. 979752 ID: 1ed92d

Tell her she's going to need more clothing at the very least, as well as school supplies, underwear, soap... Lots of everything!

Poor thing probably comes from an unhappy home. You should help her!
No. 979753 ID: dbd72b

looks like she might need more clothes. Maybe a shopping trip is in order?
No. 979754 ID: 9f00f4

Smidge early to do that. Maybe if you panic REALLY badly and/or need to say something distracting?

Ugh, no. The eyes might be that color due to a genetic condition, perhaps?

Anyway, yea, she's obviously coming from some kind of bad place. She'll open up when she can trust you or she won't, no judgement! So positive, forward-looking comments it is!
No. 979758 ID: 9f00f4

Consider for a moment a what-if scenario where the presence of this woman someday makes your life like some sort of speculative fiction -- urban fantasy, science fiction, some sort of weird conspiracy laden spy thriller, or heaven forbid, horror, and vow to yourself right now to not panic if evidence that is the case ever shows up!
No. 979759 ID: b1b4f3

I think the update just didn't show the clothes that were unpacked.
No. 980143 ID: 15a025

Ask what classes she's taking?
No. 980148 ID: 8ac9ea

maybe ask if she'd like to explore with you (if neither of you already fully know your way about) and check if you guys have any classes together

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