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File 160021432534.png - (107.43KB , 1500x1060 , Down the Stairs.png )
976453 No. 976453 ID: 8fb3ba

Wiki: https://questden.org/wiki/Eschatologic
Discussion https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/132818.html

The pattering of rain and rumbling of thunder can be heard outside as you head down the stairs back into your apartment building. With the packages delivered you can now focus your efforts entirely on the game and maybe on the killer robot that threw tossed you up through 3 ceilings like it was nothing, but that seems secondary to playing with your friends.
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No. 976454 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160021436627.png - (215.29KB , 1500x1060 , Walkback.png )

Making progress better help you in some way. Having giant webs block off a lot of your usual routes through out the apartment is annoying, it's a good thing you're the only imp living in the building or else you'd probably get some complaints from your would be neighbors. The robots might care, but they're pretty brain dead so they probably won't connect the giant webs to you.

Hey! Your phone's ringing!

Deuces Daggers (D&D) messaged Chemical Chalice (C&C) at 3:41
D&D: C&C you there?
D&D: got a killer robot problem and you’re the smartest one out of us
D&D: any tips to help?
D&D: also maybe painkillers if you can send them?

C&C: I wouldn't call myself the smartest, but if you need advice on robots I might not have much to give. I guess the best help I can give you is to play to your strengths and sneak around it, it's a robot so it should be loud when it approaches. Listen for it and hide. Oh, and maybe use electricity to screw with it's functions? Knowing the cheap material used to make those things I bet a good jolt would put it down.
C&C: As for painkillers I'm short on any at the moment, how badly are you injured? If you're in a position where the pain is making it unbearable to move I'll find something to send as soon as possible.
C&C: I might need to find a better way to send it too. G&M told me about the storm headed your way so I looked up the weather in your area, it's definitely going to screw with any delivery systems not made for heavy duty weather.

D&D: well since I sent a heavy duty drone with a goo sample to you, you can just use that if you have to
C&C: Nice.
C&C: Oh and sorry for not responding before, I was busy.

D&D: no worries. and the tips are good for now
No. 976456 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160021445710.png - (256.46KB , 1500x1060 , Lurker.png )

C&C: So you're not hurt?
D&D: not too badly, I got knocked through 3 ceilings.
C&C: And you came out of that not too hurt? Maybe C&A's exercises are actually helping you after all!
D&D: ha maybe, don't tell him that though it'll just make him want to nag me more.
C&C: Physical activity is good, even I get a good few steps on my treadmill every now and then.
D&D: I exercise too! with all these buildings around it's real easy to do some parkour every now and again.
C&C: I guess you're just not interested in the weight training C&A is so fond of?
D&D: hell no, lifting sucks. again don't tell him I said that, little baby's already tender we're not on the same teams for the game.
C&C: I will tell him you called him a baby
C&C: I'm looking at my screen again and just realized there's a second tab.
D&D: yeah? what's on it?
C&C: Looks like a number of odd devices?
No. 976457 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160021448786.png - (334.71KB , 1500x1060 , Lurker2.png )

C&C: None of them have any descriptions other than their names. Looks like our best bet for understanding them is to experiment.
C&C: I'm unable to summon them for myself, they appear to be place-able in your apartment though. Maybe you should tell me where to put them so I don't cause you any inconvenience

D&D: k wait for me to get back to my apartment it sho
C&C: Cyle?
No. 976458 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160021453239.png - (325.06KB , 1500x1060 , Lurker3.png )

C&C: Cyle
C&C: Hellooooo?
C&C: Uh, I guess the robots back? Okay, well remember what I told you and just try to stay alive.
C&C: Talk to you later.

No. 976459 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160021456431.png - (218.15KB , 1500x1060 , Lurker4.png )

Chemical Chalice (C&C) disconnected at 5:00 AM
No. 976460 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160021465556.png - (34.38KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 1.png )

After having your body dragged down through what felt like an soft oily tunnel, you're spat out into a dark room. You stand in almost knee deep warm viscous fluid, it's unnaturally hot in here. Are you still in your apartment? You can't see a thing, but you can hear what sounds like tv static above you.

This game is shaping up to be the biggest pain in the ass you've experienced this month. With the killer robot coming in a close second
No. 976461 ID: 2aa5f0

well shit, what do you have for gear again? anything that could make a light? otherwise the only thing I can suggest is just wander blindly and hope you stumble across something interesting and hopefully not deadly.
No. 976468 ID: bc4729

Eh well, if you don't have any source of light might as well try to follow the noise?
No. 976470 ID: b1b4f3

Did you just get eaten? Is your knife the only thing you've got on you now?
Try to find a wall or something. Climbing to the static noise is the best idea I can think of at the moment.
No. 976471 ID: 36784c

Too bad you dropped your phone, since you could’ve used that as a light.

I guess just wander around and try to find the source of the static sound.
No. 976487 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160023102611.png - (487.13KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 2.png )

>Too bad you dropped your phone, since you could’ve used that as a light.
Yeah, you were panicking a bit at the moment. You feel like that's a natural reaction to being swallowed by an oil monster.

>wander blindly and hope you stumble across something interesting and hopefully not deadly.
That's the best you can do right now, your hands glide over oily patches on the wall, an open door, and finally something that feels like a switch! You flick it on, the faulty lights above give off a loud buzzing as they barely illuminate the hallway you're in. Two doors are present, well, one is present and the other's been knocked off of it's hinges. So there's one open door way and one door which upon closer inspection is locked, you could easily pick it if you had a lock pick. On the small table is a metallic skull looking device.

The hall continues on to a turn, but a web behind you prevents you from going that way.
No. 976488 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160023103332.png - (312.89KB , 1240x1064 , Inventory Check.png )

>well shit, what do you have for gear again?
You look through your Deck of Few Things. You used to have 8 but you shipped the other 2 off to your friends, so now you only have 6 again.

You have a screwdriver and some chalk.
No. 976490 ID: b1b4f3

Check in that urn. Then examine the skull a bit closer.
No. 976492 ID: 36784c

Do you recognize what floor you’re on? It dragged you downward, so you’re probably on a floor lower than where you dropped your phone. How far down you went is another question that needs to be answered.

I guess you can try looking in the room with no door.
No. 976495 ID: 4286b4

Take the skull.
No. 976496 ID: 1189d3

So you got floormaster'd. Do you recognize anything? Would it be possible to wipe the goo covering the apartment number?
No. 976498 ID: 2aa5f0

any idea what the skull does? Either way guess head towards the open doorway and hope it leads somewhere that's not here.
No. 976503 ID: a9af05

>metallic skull looking device
Does it look like you need to put something in the eyes to activate the device?
No. 976506 ID: ce39da

> Hall continues behind, but webs block the way.
Does the hall continue before you? We know webs are behind us, but what about in front? Does it just end there?

Whatever we do, it's probably best that we find somewhere we can climb out of the goop - it's not just there for show.
No. 976507 ID: 14c138

What happened to your knife?
No. 976512 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160029763908.png - (459.23KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 3.png )

>Do you recognize what floor you’re on?
No, not at all, and you've gotten pretty good at distinguishing the floors, but this place doesn't look familiar in anyway.

>Check in that urn.
It used to be a flower pot, now it just holds oil.

>Examine the skull
It's a Portable Shredder. Used to shred metal and other hard materials down into scrap. The jaw unhinges to reveal a number of rotating blades.

>Take the skull.
It's plugged into the wall, taking it would mean it wouldn't function anymore.

>What happened to your knife?
Nothing, it's currently sitting in your Arsenal of Few Things, which is separate from your Deck of Few Things.

>Does the hall continue before you?
Yes, it turns off to the right at the end. You pointed that out previously.
No. 976513 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160029765516.png - (491.78KB , 1500x912 , In The Dark 4.png )

>head towards the open doorway
You wade your way through the open door. Apartment's shouldn't look like this...Is that closet on the ceiling? You also aren't sure where that weird statue came from. The room has no light in it save for the gentle glow of the statue's monitor.
No. 976514 ID: 14c138

Oh, treasure hunt! Have ever came across something like around the building?
No. 976515 ID: 6c227a

Well, time to go find a yellow snake I suppose
No. 976517 ID: 2aa5f0

can you open the closet or are you too short?
No. 976520 ID: b1b4f3

Quest accepted.
Try opening the closet, if not go back out and try to open the closed door marked (something)09.
No. 976522 ID: 36784c

>statue's monitor
Could the answer be a gold coin? It has a head and a tail, but no body. As for the beast part, maybe the coin could have the image of something on it?

>try to open the closed door marked (something)09.
It’s locked. Cyle said he could easily pick it if he had a lock pick, which we don’t have.
No. 976528 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160030612568.png - (123.32KB , 696x510 , Robot Hand.png )

>Can you open the closet or are you too short?
You manage to crack it open, all that's inside is a single robots hand, stained with coolant and oil. You place it in your deck.

>go back out and try to open the closed door marked (something)09
You'll need a lock pick to open that door. Or really anything thin and tough enough would work, you can even use your screwdriver as a makeshift torsion wrench if you have to.
No. 976531 ID: 14c138

Let's keep looking before doing something ireversible.
No. 976536 ID: b1b4f3

Might break something doing that. For now let's just move further into the hall.
No. 976539 ID: 36784c

Looks like something can fit in that hole on the hand.

Can you unscrew anything on that hand?
No. 976557 ID: ce39da

Yeah, "down the hall" seems to be the only (obvious) move we can make.
No. 976570 ID: 2aa5f0

yeah, explore a bit more before checking out the locked door. I mean we're probably going to have to come back this way anyways to see if solving that riddle doesn't anything.
No. 976572 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160039918542.gif - (2.91MB , 880x680 , DeviceReliquary.gif )

C&C: Device Reliquary? Fabricator? What the heck are these for?
No. 976573 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160039922071.png - (827.97KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 5.png )

>Can you unscrew anything on that hand?
No, the screws on the hand need a much smaller Philips head, besides you don't really know if you want to.

>Move further into the hall.
You proceed down the hall. As you turn the corner the sound of whirring machinery and heavy pounding fills your ears. In the hallway windows covered with mesh peek into what look to be spinning gears and working mechanisms.

Most notably are the large pistons smashing together with enough force to flatten anything put between them.

The hall ends without leading to any sort of fire escape or room, but at the end half of a bronze gear hangs from an oil web tearing from the broken gear's weight.
No. 976574 ID: b1b4f3

Check out that writing on it.
No. 976575 ID: 36784c

Let’s read the writing on the gear.

If this is being caused by the game, do you think the others are going through something similar to what’s happening to you? What are the odds that you might run into whoever you teamed up with? Or perhaps running into someone from the opposing team?
No. 976576 ID: 516ef3

What’s it say?
No. 976577 ID: 14c138

Well, it's not golden, but it has something written on it.
No. 976578 ID: b1b4f3

Oh and be wary of the webbing. Could be stuff on the ceiling in general come to think of it.
No. 976630 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160046611242.png - (827.44KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 6.png )

>Read what's on the gear
A few words around the edge of the gear are written in latin, but you can read the majority of it.

Like a mother's lullaby the engine purrs, the gears and pistons smash and turn
The great machine wakes from ancient slumber, it's iron carapace rusted umber
But the sands of time and disrepair have warped her steel skin and metal hair
Wounds gush black blood and cuts slice gears, From the great machine comes our worst fears

Weird poetry, did a robot write this? You're not exactly sure how important this'll be later.
No. 976637 ID: b1b4f3

Foreboding. Guess we're cracking that locked door open.
Unless there's something on the other side of the gear?
No. 976641 ID: 36784c

Unless there’s something on the back of the gear, I think you should head back to the locked door and use the screwdriver as a makeshift torsion wrench to open it.
No. 976642 ID: ce39da

Machine broke, leads to goop everywhere, bad times unless/until we fix it. Got it. Is it possible to go through the holes in the screens?
No. 976643 ID: 2aa5f0

ha ha you're in the robot afterlife... got to say though wonder why you got pulled here seeing how it was that punch bot that's been killing all the other bots, you've always avoid them.

normally I'd say take the gear but I don't think you can. I mean it's being held by that web crap and you can't cut through it plus it looks kinda heavy so I'm not sure it would fit in your cards.

Oh well guess that all that's left that we can do is jimmy the locked door with the screwdriver and see what's in there.
No. 976655 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160047483222.gif - (12.56MB , 1490x1050 , TaketheGear.gif )

>normally I'd say take the gear but I don't think you can.
Actually, it's a pretty decent size for your deck. Plus the gear's weight is tearing the web enough for you to disregard it. You card the gear.

> Is it possible to go through the holes in the screens?
Possible? Yes. Smart? No. Behind that screen is a bunch of gears, pistons and other machinery parts working. Crawling through means getting crushed and smashed by tons of metal.
No. 976656 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160047485760.png - (468.37KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 7.png )

>use the screwdriver as a makeshift torsion wrench to open it.
A torsion wrench alone isn't good enough to open the lock! You'll also need a pick as well to set the pins
No. 976660 ID: 14c138

Something behind the gear? If not, go back and take a crack a that wardrobe.
No. 976661 ID: 14c138

Something behind the gear? If not, take a look at the other door.
No. 976663 ID: 2aa5f0

>Actually, it's a pretty decent size for your deck.
huh, nice. So can we use the gear and the metal shedder skull to make a pick to go with your screw driver?
No. 976666 ID: b1b4f3

Can you break the webs? With the gear, maybe?
No. 976668 ID: ce39da

> Objects beyond the screen may be closer than they appear.
Got it.

There was a metal waste-basket in the riddle room. We can use that for wire-picks. Try tossing something into it to weigh it down to "your" floor ("its" ceiling).
No. 976804 ID: 19fdd8

Put the robot hand through the grinder.
No. 976873 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160065908086.gif - (6.39MB , 1550x1476 , FabricatorPlacement.gif )

Fabricator: Deployed
No. 976874 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160065918220.gif - (530.21KB , 1480x1050 , InTheDark8.gif )

You flick the gear card at the web. It gets caught by the tough webbing and is slingshotted back at you. You manage to duck it before it completely breaks your tiny bones. The web blocking your way out is much tougher than the one the gear was stuck too...
No. 976875 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160065919622.png - (104.90KB , 429x558 , Bin.png )

>There was a metal waste-basket in the riddle room. We can use that for wire-picks. Try tossing something into it to weigh it down to "your" floor
You throw the robot hand up into the basket to weigh it down, you catch both as they fall but quickly find that the mesh of the bin can't be easily unraveled in any way to make a good pick. You keep it still however, just in case...
No. 976876 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160065920415.png - (277.74KB , 424x512 , grindingskull.png )

>So can we use the gear and the metal shedder skull to make a pick to go with your screw driver?
The gear is giant! No way it'll fit into the metal shredder.

>Put the robot hand through the grinder.
Now that'll fit. You drive the hand through the grinder and turn it on. The machine whirs loudly as bits of metal fly from the skull. A few long strands of metal are squeezed out from between the teeth. One is perfect to use as a pick, at least for a little bit anyway.

You store the screwdriver and the scrap pick into the same card to make a makeshift lockpick set.

> take a look at the other door.
These apartment locks are so easy you can pick them in you sleep, the lock pops open and you push the door open through the oil on the floor to open the next room.
No. 976877 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160065921499.png - (741.62KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 9.png )

The room is sweltering hot, On the wall there's a port of some sort along with a mesh window into a roaring fire. It looks like some sort of furnace? Past that there's a broken pipe, you can see oil dripping through the pipe along with bits of something shiny falling with it.
No. 976878 ID: b1b4f3

"head and tail but no body" describes a coin alright.
Use the ladle to catch some coins out of the oil flow. Then boil the oil away in the furnace.
No. 976879 ID: 1e36e9

Ladle up some money.
No. 976882 ID: f8fa51

Use the basket as a sieve to get to get the shinies.
No. 976885 ID: 864e49

Pee into furnace.

No. 976900 ID: ce39da

Yeah, the weave of the wastebasket should be good for catching shinies while letting sludge through.
No. 976926 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160073741018.gif - (17.84MB , 1400x1090 , IncubatorDeployed.gif )

Incubator: Deployed

Chemical Chalice (C&C) messaged Deuces Daggers (D&D) at 4:28

C&C: Cyle? I know you've probably still got your hands full but I've been placing down these machines in your house while you've been gone
C&C: I've just now placed down an Incubator, which I'm certain is for the embryo you were given.
C&C: The main reason I'm contacting you is that it seems like the incubator has a timer on it and I'm worried what will happen if it reaches zero.

No. 976927 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160073745514.png - (33.61KB , 219x153 , timer.png )

C&C: I guess if you don't get back to me there's a chance the robot's already killed you or something else has gotten in your way.
C&C: What ever is holding you up please try to deal with it within an hour and fourteen minutes. I'm curious what the time running out means, but not curious enough to gamble what might be your life on it.

No. 976928 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160073746656.png - (745.60KB , 1500x1060 , In The Dark 10.png )

>Pee into furnace.
Why would you do that? You know better than to piss in places that aren't toilets. Besides, you don't have to go right now.
No. 976929 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160073748695.png - (118.68KB , 429x558 , Filled Gold Bin.png )

>the weave of the wastebasket should be good for catching shinies while letting sludge through.
It does well, Though the shiny flecks aren't gold coins, just small nuggets of gold.
No. 976931 ID: ce39da

Take the gold to the pistons. Press them into coins.
No. 976933 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, good idea. It'll be hard to get them back out again depending on how fast the pistons are moving... maybe the ladle can help to avoid some of the danger.
No. 976934 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, can you stand on the wastebasket and use the ladle to reach the balled up paper on the ceiling back in that room?
No. 976935 ID: 77abda

Yeah, this sounds about right.
No. 976936 ID: 36784c

Both of these sound good.
No. 976942 ID: f8fa51

What's the ladle made of? It could be used to melt the gold if you can find a mould to shape it in.

Failing that, gold is already fairly soft, you might be able to shape it with, say, a hammer.
No. 976947 ID: a9af05

>if you can find a mould to shape it in.
We used to have one. The robot hand >>976528 had a small hole on it that would've made a good coin shape. Unfortunately we shredded it in the metal shredder, so now we'll need something else.
No. 977036 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160090863452.gif - (4.77MB , 1490x1050 , Gold Coin Making.gif )

You pick one of the slower moving pistons and quickly place a gold nugget under the machine. It get's pounded into a coin fairly easily.

Yeah, you also could've melted the gold and poured it into the robot's hand if you had found some other way of making a pick. Problems can have more than one solution.
No. 977037 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160090871251.png - (470.19KB , 1500x912 , In The Dark 11.png )

You return to the statue. Upon closer inspection you notice that the hand has a small opening in which something small can be inserted.

You drop the gold coin into the statues hands…
No. 977038 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160090876494.gif - (7.47MB , 1070x1825 , YouCan'tWinMe.gif )

The statue screen begins to flash and you can see words blink across the screen. The floor beneath you shakes as well. The walls quake along with the floor and the ceiling begins to lift…
No. 977039 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160090880602.png - (1.05MB , 1500x1060 , You Can't Win Me 1.png )

Slowly the walls of the room shift as if the apartment building were being dismantled. Behind each wall you can see mechanical arms pulling and manipulating the parts of the room. Though the small apartment room has been picked apart by the machine limbs you don't see the city outside the apartment, instead you see a vast empty ocean of green light. After the room has been completely deconstructed the machines disappear out of sight and you're left standing confused in the neon green expanse.
No. 977041 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160090893006.png - (298.59KB , 1500x1060 , You Can't Win Me 2.png )

A couple of seconds pass with you standing in shock at the scene before you, teetering back and forward on the small platform you keep your balance on. The feeling of dread from the colorful emptiness around you is capitalized by the robotic, almost child-like, voice that creeps up your back and into your ears.


You turn around to see a large screen, connected to a number of tubes that climb up into the vastness of the green mist.



No. 977045 ID: b1b4f3

Ask who it is, and what they want from you.
No. 977047 ID: 19fdd8

"This statement is a lie."
No. 977048 ID: 3ed3c3

...Bro, I don't know who or what you are, but you suck at making games.
Nevermind the pure moon logic nonsense this has all been, but if we can neither win the game nor quit it, then it's not a good game as it has failed at the one thing a game is meant to be: entertaining. And anything that you are being forced to do and has no end is about as unentertaining as it gets.
Unless this is all just for your amusement, in which case it still isn't a game. It's just you sadisticlly messing with people.
No. 977049 ID: 913dff

Can you at least pause? you've got this other game you should really get back to some time soon...
No. 977051 ID: 77abda

Yeah pretty much this. You need to get your priorities straight... whatever or whoever the fuck you are. I can give you points for trying tho.
No. 977060 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160091986204.png - (453.19KB , 1500x1060 , You Can't Win Me 3.png )

>If we can neither win the game nor quit it, then it's not a good game as it has failed at the one thing a game is meant to be: entertaining. And anything that you are being forced to do and has no end is about as unentertaining as it gets.

>Can you at least pause? you've got this other game you should really get back to some time soon...

>"This statement is a lie."

You don't know what you expected, that trick never worked on the apartment robots either...

>who it is, and what they want from you.

No. 977062 ID: b1b4f3

Oh it's an Eschatologic entity. I thought it was some monster playing with its food. This is much easier to deal with! Like it said, you chose to play the game, so it's not strictly hostile.

>what's a cool game
You have canonical answers to this... let's choose Death Stranding, since that's the most recent one(I think).
No. 977064 ID: 77abda

Thats... not a bat option. Ok, Death Stranding for me too, please.
No. 977072 ID: 36784c

Death Stranding.

And if this guy starts making fun of you like your other friend does, then you should complain about everyone making fun of that game and try to defend it.
No. 977087 ID: 624a33

Hungry hungry hippos
No. 977109 ID: d4d69a

You know what game is cool? DOOM. DOOM is fucking cool.

Additionally, this character seems incredibly familiar to me but I can't quite place it... (Flowey maybe?)

For names, maybe Cathy (from cathode), CuRT (from CRT), or Toobie (both because of the black tubes and how old CRT screens are also called tube tvs, along with making it the same style as Flowey. Would be Tubie, but that seemed too close to "tubby", spelling wise)
No. 977110 ID: 2aa5f0

don't we only have 14 minutes to get out of here? I highly doubt we'd have enough time to play something as slow paced as death stranding.
No. 977113 ID: ce39da

Do we want to live that, though? This question is obviously meant to tailor the next "level" against us, so let's try for something a bit less artsy - that game's whole payoff was large-scale community cooperation and rebuilding, and that'll be hard to reproduce here, I think. (That's not even mentioning the loss of the game's narrative context that contributed the other half of its appeal.)

"I like dungeon roguelikes. Your puzzles weren't awful, though, for the record, and having something to think about outside of combat would be nice."

Ooh, almost forgot to put my own name suggestion: "Your name is Aoi. Why? 'Cause your file number reads as 'AOI IS' in l33t-speak, which makes sense if you're kind of the 'god' of this game with all that 'I am' crud."
No. 977132 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160098671955.png - (555.92KB , 1500x1060 , You Can't Win Me 4.png )

>Your name is Aoi. Why? 'Cause your file number reads as 'AOI IS' in l33t-speak

>Death Stranding

A long strand of oil web drips down from the sky and dangles a metal case in front of you.


A clear look of confusion flashes across your face

No. 977135 ID: 7c00d9

Uuuuuuuuh what do i get if i win?
No. 977137 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like wandering around the corridors without anything to do is pretty boring. It's punctuated by an exciting ending, that's all. Watching sounds like it contains a greater total amount of fun.

What will it even look like though? You were just grabbed by an oily handprint, that's not exactly easy to notice without being spotted by the entity making the handprint.
No. 977163 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160099579277.png - (206.95KB , 1500x1060 , You Can't Win Me 5.png )

>what do i get if i win?

>I feel like wandering around the corridors without anything to do is pretty boring.

>What will it even look like though?

The platform you stand on gives way beneath you dropping you down into the green emptiness blow...
No. 977164 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160099580496.png - (275.01KB , 1558x1064 , Back At The Start.png )

The fall doesn't feel long however, as you're dropped for about 3 seconds until you hit the floor. You've been brought back to your apartment.
No. 977165 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160099588434.png - (293.96KB , 799x589 , Whatthehell.png )

You enter your apartment and immediately notice the large machine thing plopped into your living room. The screen reads...


It doesn't take a genius to know what it wants. You've been through a lot but still can't get that gross thing out of your head...
No. 977166 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160099590762.png - (150.90KB , 556x495 , filledincubator.png )

You grab the trophy holding the embryo and pour the thing into the slot at the top of the machine. The device dings as the message on the screen changes



It looks like necrosis is going to set in anyway unless you get more resin, where the hell are you going to get resin? Before you can think of possible sources you hear the Blasphemy messenger on your laptop ding. Someone's messaged you, in fact you get the feeling someone's been messaging you since you lost your phone.
No. 977169 ID: 7c00d9

When you talk about resin, you refer to the black goo? There might be some more where you fall back to the apartment.
No. 977171 ID: b1b4f3

Go visit your laptop and explain about A-01 kidnapping you. Also ask what the fuck Resin is.
No. 977188 ID: 36784c

Go check your messages.

Explain to your friends that the game’s AI said it was going to physically manifest in your building and start hunting you down to kill you!
No. 977192 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160101577984.gif - (2.24MB , 1500x1400 , Blasphemy.gif )

>Use oil
That stuff is oil, not resin. You doubt it'll work.

>Answer Blasphemy
You return to your room.

Chemical Chalice (C&C) messaged Deuces Daggers (D&D) at 5:38 AM

C&C: Cyle I watched you come into your apartment, why haven't you been answering your phone?
D&D: I lost it when I got dragged through the floor and no it wasnt the robot it was a large oil screen thing
C&C: I constantly feel like I'm a step ahead and behind you at the same time, what the hell are you talking about?
D&D: it was the thing you made out of the blueprint, it made me go through this lame logic puzzle before it told me to deliver a package to the apartment basement.
C&C: So it's not hostile?
D&D: not at first but after we talked it told me it would kill me next time it saw me
D&D: oh its hunting me while I deliver the package to the basement by the way, Im not entirely sure how safe I am in my apartment now that I think about it…

C&C: Hang on let me check something.
C&C: My Mastermind panel has some new information. A couple of entities along with their current health and CONTEMPT levels. Did this screen thing you spoke with have a name?

D&D: not at first but I called it Aoi
C&C: If you name it you're going to get attached, then it's going to be awkward when you kill it or vice versa.
C&C: Anyway, yeah there's something here labelled Aoi that's got a lot of health and a CONTEMPT level of twenty. Which if I recall is about four times yours

D&D: you know my CONTEMPT lvl?
C&C: Of course, I tally everyone's CONTEMPT level. C&A's is the highest
D&D: yeah I figured
C&C: Woah, a bunch of other entities are showing up on my screen
D&D: can you get me their locations?
C&C: No, just their statistics. These additional entities have a much lower CONTEMPT level of 3 meaning they ought to be manageable for you.
D&D: hold on I'm just now realizing that there's a killer robot with a 10 CONTEMPT level. if I couldn't deal with that how am I going to deal with a level 20 enemy?
C&C: If you're resourceful enough CONTEMPT levels can be completely irrelevant. Use your environment when possible, play to your strengths, take any advantage you can get.
D&D: right right, fair fights are for suckers after all.
C&C: Yes, when your life is on the line fair fights are indeed for suckers.
D&D: oh! do you know what resin is ? I mean, I know what resin is but like do you know where I can get some easily?
C&C: I get the feeling you may not want regular "resin". Some of the devices I can deploy cost resin but I have none. I assume it's something you acquire from doing something in the game.
D&D: cuz I need 100 units of the stuff within 2 hours or the embryo will die.
C&C: I guess the best I can tell you is to continue exploring and not die, as always. Maybe examine the devices I've placed for you, in fact I've still got more things I need place down.
C&C: And I guess aside from that, is there anything else you wanna say before you go? I know we won't be able to talk since you've lost your phone.

No. 977194 ID: b1b4f3

Huh, how did you know Aoi came out of the blueprint?
Anyway, how about we think about alternate routes to the basement. First thing I can think of is descending from the outside of the building entirely. Base jumping or rappelling down. Then you reenter and head to the basement, only have to traverse one floor.
Alternatively you could try moving through vents or maintenance shafts.
I feel like you want to kill some of those low-threat enemies though. And eventually retrieve your phone, if not beeline for it immediately.

It would be nice if you had some kind of item that could see around corners or through walls, so you could tell if Aoi is nearby without alerting it to your presence.
No. 977198 ID: f8fa51

While it's entirely possible killing enemies will get you your resin (drops from enemies is a well-established video-game trope, especially if this is some form of currency for the game), you'd feel silly if you hared out of here to grind enemies if one of the devices newly placed on turned out to have useful instructions, instruments, or other helpful things. Check ye stuff first.
No. 977200 ID: 2aa5f0

So what other things can she build right now and what do they do?
No. 977204 ID: a9af05

Explore your apartment and look at the things C&C placed down.

Ask for an update on your other friends. They're all playing the game too and one of them is supposed to be your teammate, so you should find out if they're ok.

And if C&C can see you in your apartment, ask if that means that you won't have any privacy in the bathroom anymore?
No. 977217 ID: 7c00d9

Well, then one of my priorities would be to get my phone back.
No. 977221 ID: 19fdd8

Open the briefcase. Aoi basically told us that following rules is for losers.
No. 977223 ID: a9af05

That sounds like a bad idea. Don't do that.
No. 977229 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160108890624.png - (1.49MB , 1558x1064 , screen.png )

D&D: do the machines you can place have instructions on how to use them?
C&C: Just names, you'll need to experiment with them a bit more to understand what they do. Hang on I've got more I should be placing too.
D&D: and whats going on with the others? I don't know if G&M got her laptop battery yet but what's with C&A?
C&C: Don't know, he's been offline since I last talked to you. Also, I haven't received my delivery from you yet, so I doubt G&M's has got her's either.
D&D: hmm
C&C: Also I've been thinking about Echelon for a bit, our situation is odd. I was under the impression we'd be against one another, and I guess we are since your description of the creature lines up with the way I constructed the first "blueprint" so it seems I'm responsible for creating adversaries for you. At the same time though, I also have to place down important apparatuses for you to use. You wouldn't have to Incubator without me.
D&D: so we're not entirely enemies?
C&C: Seems like it, which hopefully means we won't have to fight one another.
D&D: well that’s a relief at least.
D&D: speaking of the game you can see into my apartment right?

C&C: Yes, why?
D&D: keep your view out of my bathroom okay?
C&C: Cyle, there a million other things I'd rather do than watch you use the restroom
D&D: I just want to make sure you won't by like accident or something.
C&C: So it's fine if it's on purpose?
No. 977230 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160108903057.png - (655.58KB , 1558x1480 , Awholenewmess.png )

You lightly drag a claw over the package's tape instilling a deep sense of dread in you. You shouldn't open this, a deliveryman shouldn't tamper with his cargo. That'd probably be a crime if there were police around to stop you.

>Examine machines
You exit your room to get a closer look at the machines placed in your apartment. You barely have time to acknowledge the absolute eyesores stationed at both ends of your bed room door before you see the trail of oil leading from the window to your living room...
No. 977231 ID: ce39da

Don't touch the slick; I think it's how Aoi was alerted to you the first time. Examine machines.
No. 977232 ID: 36784c

Run back to your room, get on the computer, and ask C&C if they can tell you what’s in your apartment.

Wait, I feel like there’s something else in your apartment that we forgot about. ……oh no, your cat! Where’s Cheshire?! Do you know if she’s safe?! You’ve gotta find her!
No. 977259 ID: 7c00d9

Don't touch the oil. What is up with your bathroom anyway?
No. 977268 ID: 36784c

>What is up with your bathroom anyway?
I think he’s trying to make sure he’ll be allowed some privacy if he ever needs to use the bathroom. Which makes sense because I wouldn’t want anyone to watch me use the bathroom either.
No. 977291 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160117266574.png - (652.46KB , 1558x1480 , ExamineFabricator.png )

>Ask C&C if they can tell you what’s in your apartment.
C&C has already informed you she cannot tell you the location of entities. Just their statuses.

>Don't touch the slick
You hop over the oil, both out of fear of it alerting your current predator and just out of common sense of not wanting to track more of it through your apartment.

>Examine machine
You take a closer look at the large tube machine. The screen calls it a Fabricator...
No. 977292 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160117267036.png - (248.22KB , 1500x1060 , ExamineFabricator2.png )

The screen displays the message NEED INPUT while a section of the monitor flashes a small box for something to be entered. Though the terminal beneath the tube section is unresponsive...
No. 977293 ID: b1b4f3

>can't see where entities are
But can't she see your apartment? She can at least tell you if something's in there.

Speaking of which Aoi is outside your window because it's a cheating motherfucker who went straight for your base instead of patrolling the hallways. Hide in the dryer.
No. 977298 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160117512218.png - (768.21KB , 1154x1060 , Encounter.png )

>But can't she see your apartment?
Oh yeah, you forgot about that. Still not completely used to having her see your house.

>Aoi is outside your window, Hide in the dryer.
You hop into the dryer and conceal yourself. Not the first time you've done this. As you hide you peak out of the dryer and look for the intruder. You can hear the window into your apartment creak open as something slithers in. At a glance you can tell it's not Aoi, C&C told you Aoi had a high CONTEMPT level of 20 while this thing only has 3. It's most likely one of Aoi's minions.

The thing growls, is that the right word for that noise? It's like tv static mixed with gurgling. It's screens scan the room looking for you, unable to see your concealed form. The thing wanders your hallway, searching.
No. 977305 ID: b1b4f3

Oh. Well, I guess Aoi must be much bigger?
Ambush it. Get a good stab when its back is turned.
I don't really see much environmental advantage we can do here side from getting up on the washer to do a leaping attack for the sneak attack.
No. 977310 ID: 7c00d9

I am guessing the screens are a weak point? Wait for an opportunity to strike.
No. 977317 ID: a9af05

Sneak attack it!
No. 977383 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160125520860.png - (711.47KB , 1500x1060 , SHUNK.png )

>Ambush it. Get a good stab when its back is turned.
>I am guessing the screens are a weak point?
>Sneak attack
Quick and easy. You leap from your hiding spot and drive your knife into the creatures screen, the static screeching becomes louder before fading out as the creature falls down dead.
No. 977384 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160125521497.png - (716.72KB , 1500x1060 , Backup.png )

You hear oil splashing toward the hallway. The commotion has alerted the first intruder to your location.
No. 977385 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160125522469.gif - (2.08MB , 1450x1000 , Static'd.gif )

The second Screenhead fires a jolt of electricity from it's face that jabs you square in the chest. It doesn't hurt, but it feels like shit. Like when you lay on your arm funny for too long and it falls asleep, except now it's your whole body.

Applies the STATIC condition (STATIC: Lowers CONTEMPT level by 2 and SLOWS target)

No. 977392 ID: 36784c

You’ve still got that gear in one of your cards, right? Flick it at the new enemy!
No. 977396 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah, launch the big gear. Should do some decent damage.
No. 977404 ID: 7c00d9

Yeah do this, it never fails to deliver a nasty attack.
No. 977418 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160126689062.png - (830.56KB , 1500x1060 , Bugsplat.png )

>Launch the gear
Through the haze in your body you flick the gear card and launch it at the second Screenhead.

All enemies dispatched, in record time.
No. 977419 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160126689776.png - (686.71KB , 1558x1480 , Resin.png )

Now that the dust is settled you have time to notice the large, geometric shapes that've littered the floor. Looks like the Screenheads dropped loot for you, how generous. Attempting to pick them up blinks them away, possibly to some in game repository for the game constructs.

You gained
65 Silicone Resin
65 Pitch Resin
20 Furan Resin

You can also hear pings coming from your room and your living room. It sounds like both Blasphemy and the Echelon game client are giving off alerts.
No. 977420 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, you need Incubation Resin though...
Try putting some resin in that Fabricator if you have direct access to it.

Otherwise go check your pings. Game client first.
No. 977421 ID: 36784c

Go check your messages. Ask C&C if she saw you take out those monsters and ask if you looked cool when you did that.
No. 977446 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160130125792.png - (1.49MB , 1558x1064 , screen2.png )

Chemical Chalice (C&C) messaged Deuces Daggers (D&D) at 5:50 AM

C&C: Nice job Cyle, you hardly broke a sweat.
D&D: thanks!
C&C: Good thinking turning a cheap piece of garbage deck into a decent weapon too, and it looks like you picked up some resin!
D&D: I didn't really pick it up it just sort of blinked away
C&C: Well make sure you get more. Not only will the incubator need more of it, but some of the things I can deploy require it too, much more than what you have.
D&D: will this resin work with the incubator? do I need a special incubator resin?
C&C: I think the Incubator would specify a certain kind of resin if a certain kind was needed. I think any would be okay.
D&D: kay also how do I use the fabricator?
C&C: From what I saw on the screen before you got ambushed you need to put some sort of code in?
D&D: but the keyboard dealie at the bottom of the tube part didn’t do anything
C&C: Maybe it's looking for something to scan? Speaking of scanning, I'm still waiting on that sample delivery.
D&D: I can't make the mail go faster
C&C: By the time it arrives I'll have my own digital embryo all to myself.
D&D: lucky you. every imps dream to have a trans-dimensional embryo all of their own
D&D: hey G&M's on! I don't think I ever actually told her I sent the battery to her yet, hang on.

Grave Mycologist (G&M) messaged Deuces Daggers (D&D) at 5:55 AM

G&M: CYLE! IT'S HERE! The battery you sent arrived finally!
D&D: good to hear, I was just about to tell you I sent it. that means soon you can actually play, all you need is C&A to connect to you
G&M: He hasn't been online tho so I can’t really talk to him, have you spoken to him recently??
D&D: no, but I'll keep my eye out for any messanges
G&M: Cool
G&M: OH CYLE! the drone

D&D: what about it?
G&M: Can I use it ti deliver some mushrooms to you? I made some new ones that tase JUST LIKE STRAWBERRIES. you'll LOVE them!
D&D: yeah I wont knock free mushrooms
D&D: wait the storm might fuck up the drone from returning. I don't think you can

G&M: awww
D&D: send them to C&C instead I'm sure she'll love them
G&M: Yeah that'll work! but I wanted to pay tou back for helphing me play the game.
D&D: don't worry about it, really.
G&M: how IS the game by the way? You and C&C must've been playing for a bt now.
D&D: par for the course stuff. well most of it. it uses a lot more reality bending than other games I've played, it's also making a huge mess of my house too which sucks. but I feel like you'll like it just fine
G&M: that's nice to hear! Anyway I need to install the new battewry you sent me. Talk to you later CYLE!
D&D: seeya
No. 977447 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160130128683.png - (1.06MB , 1558x1064 , LevelUp.png )

D&D: G&M got her battery
C&C: Lucky, looks like the location of my home is giving the drone some difficulty
D&D: also expect some strawberry flavored mushrooms soon
C&C: Oh yay! All the sweetness of strawberry with none of the proper texture so the whole experience of eating them is an odd disjointed sensation.
C&C: I love that girl but she needs to stop splicing together weird mushroom strains to make different flavored fungi. The pizza flavored ones where just awful.

D&D: I'm personally a fan of her french fry flavored mushrooms, I'd ask for more of those if the storm wasn't messing with deliveries.
C&C: Well, you're used to eating garbage I suppose
D&D: wow that was mean
C&C: But it was also true
D&D: I just remembered echelon gave me a ping for something after beating those monsters
C&C: What does it say?
D&D: My rank went up! So my CONTEMPT lvl's improved and stats are better
C&C: Nice, progress.
D&D: there's also a lsit that shows off my single BATTLE TENDANCY
C&C: That's better than the none I have I suppose. I don't fight enough to really develop any

ASSASSINATION: Attacking enemies from concealment instantly kills them if they are below your CONTEMPT LEVEL and deals heavy damage if they're equal to or two times your CONTEMPT LEVEL

C&C: So what's your plan right now?
D&D: still haven't delivered this package, and I still have Aoi trying to kill me.
C&C: And don't forget to try and feed that resin into the incubator.
No. 977448 ID: d8a7af

Oh that is nice, goes right along with your playstyle.
Ok, try the resin in the incubator and the go send that package.
No. 977449 ID: 36784c

Ask C&C if she figured out how the team function is supposed to work? You’re not entirely sure how your teammate is supposed to get to you with the storm outside.

Let’s test putting the resin you got into the incubator.

You should make an attempt at going back to where you dropped your phone so you can get it back. It’ll be easier to keep in contact with everyone and you won’t have to worry about missing any messages they send to you.
No. 977450 ID: a9af05

The fabricator might need you to give it a blueprint so that it can make something. Or you might need to put an object in it so it can upgrade it.

Don't you have multiple knives besides the one you've been using? Try putting one of those in the fabricator to see what happens.
No. 977463 ID: b1b4f3

Use Silicone and Pitch in the incubator since those seem common.
No. 977546 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160138576533.png - (222.61KB , 1500x1060 , Barcode.png )

>Ask C&C if she figured out how the team function is supposed to work?
D&D: have you figured out how these teams are supposed to work? Like, how is G&M supposed to reach me?
C&C: No idea. She may never reach you, the same way my interactions with you are through the systems her's may too.
D&D: oh
C&C: I'm not too sure why you'd assume we'd meet our teammates, that being said we don't need to be physically together to be on the same team. Isn't that one of the themes of Death Stranding or something?
D&D: kind of, did you play it?
C&C: I watched a cutscene compilation online, I can see why you enjoy the story in some places but I couldn't be bothered to actually play the game.
D&D: that's fair

>Don't you have multiple knives besides the one you've been using? Try putting one of those in the fabricator to see what happens.
You put the knife rack into a card, the issue now is how do you put it in? You inspect the machine and then the card. Upon closer inspection of the deck of few card there's a barcode on the back! Scanning the code on the screen of the fabricator allows you to construct a new set of knives for 20 Furan Resin, but you're not sure if you want to yet.
No. 977547 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160138578261.png - (1.16MB , 1704x1191 , Goodkitty.png )

>Use Silicone and Pitch in the incubator since those seem common.
You enter your living room. Oh those fucking oil fuckers did a goddamn number on this place. You're gonna have to clean all of this up later.

Hey! Cheshire's here! You were wondering where she was, and she brought your phone back to you too! Good kitty! You take your phone and head to the incubator
No. 977548 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160138579603.png - (150.90KB , 556x495 , filledincubator.png )

The screen asks how much of what resin you want to use while showing a list of the resins you own along with the amounts of each. You input 50 Silicone and 50 Pitch, a new message appears.

STAGE ADVANCE: 00 ---> 01

No. 977553 ID: ce39da

"Did you get that string, C&C?"

Check out any devices you haven't messed with yet; if you aren't sure what and where your remaining options are, ask your mastermind.
No. 977556 ID: a9af05

You should reward Cheshire for bringing you your phone. Clean her food and water bowls and refill them with fresh food and water.
No. 977558 ID: b1b4f3

>I can't be beat!
Is that a common thing for these games to say? People *have* won this game before, right?
Check how much another gear would cost. That worked well as a thrown weapon.
No. 977562 ID: 36784c

No. 977627 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160149699387.png - (733.18KB , 1368x1004 , Goodkitty2.png )

D&D: did you get that string C&C?
C&C: I could see it from my view, but there's no menu or popup on my screen that would indicate it saved to my system. It looks like it's only something saved to your Incubator.
C&C: Question is what it's for.

>Clean and refill Cheshire's food and water bowls
You do just that, she's still not very happy with the new brand of cat food you feed her but she eats anyway. You can tell she still appreciates it.
No. 977628 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160149700254.png - (329.37KB , 1500x1060 , Broken Gear.png )

>How much does a new gear cost to make in the Fabricator?
50 Furan Resin. 30 more than what you have, speaking of which you retrieve the gear once again in case you need to use it later.
No. 977633 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm ok, any other weird machines in your apartment?
I wonder if the machine can replicate living things? Like Cheshire? Or you, it'll probably be easier to scan yourself.
No. 977635 ID: d8a7af

Broken gear mvp. But we shouldn't abuse it. Aoi might get use to it, or the fact that you can throw things from your deck. It will expect it.
No. 977638 ID: 36784c

I think we’ve done all we can do here. Let’s head out and deliver that case Aoi gave us down to the basement.

And make sure you keep an eye out for any chairs to smash, so that you can complete your personal objective of destroying all the chairs to prevent Cheshire from placing them in front of the door and locking you in! So far, you’ve gotten 1/1000 Chairs Destroyed……yeah, this might take a while.
No. 977645 ID: f8fa51

So far you've looked at the incubator and the replicator. I believe there were more than two machines? Make sure you've checked out the rest of them before you leave, unless you start that the pressure from Aoi is getting too much and you need to stay on the move.
No. 977663 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156082040.png - (608.84KB , 1325x965 , Uglyasallsin.png )

>Examine other machines
D&D: hey C&C whats this tower thing?
C&C: According to the device reliquary that machine is a Stabilization Inhibitor, once again I do not know what it actually does. I only set it down out of fear that if I didn't it would negatively effect you.
D&D: well what if placing it down too early negatively effects me?
C&C: Then it was nice knowing you Cyle, I'll remember you as you are and not as a half eaten corpse.
D&D: I don’t think those screen things will eat me
C&C: No, but Cheshire probably will when she runs out of food
D&D: D0
D&D: is that thing about cats eating their owners true?

C&C: Yes, but if it makes you feel better it isn't because she hates you. It's only because eventually she'll need something to eat when the food runs out.
No. 977664 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156083265.png - (134.68KB , 1500x1060 , Meanwhile___1.png )

No. 977665 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156084032.png - (282.62KB , 1500x1060 , Like a bloody nose but worse.png )

No. 977666 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156084685.png - (364.75KB , 1500x1060 , Like a bloody nose but worse 2.png )

No. 977667 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156085315.png - (385.77KB , 1500x1060 , Black raindrops.png )

No. 977668 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156086087.png - (450.39KB , 1500x1060 , Black raindrops 2.png )

No. 977669 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160156090431.png - (306.85KB , 1500x1060 , Thinking It Over.png )

You prepare to head for the basement so you can deliver the case stopping only to think of the best possible route there. This isn't the first time you've had to go there, that's where you keep most of your tools and other stuff that either won't fit in your apartment or you just plain forgot down there.

It's between using the stairs or using the elevator, no one else really uses the elevator so if you do you feel like that might be a dead give away if Aoi is nearby. Then again if you use the stairs you'll be going down much slower, and with all the webs blocking off the hallways you'll never know when you're headed for a dead end. Though there may be other options you just aren't thinking of right now.

>Something so clever you can't even begin to imagine it right now (Write-In)
No. 977670 ID: a9af05

What about that vent in your bathroom? When your cat blocked the door, you used that vent to get out. Maybe you can use it to get to the basement? Or if you can't, you can at least use it to get as close as possible.
No. 977671 ID: 6f84db

Stairs for now. We'll think about the elevator on the trip back up.
No. 977672 ID: 2aa5f0

well since your cat cut it's way into the vents think you could use those to go down a few floors?

If not hit the stairs. Going down stairs isn't nearly as exhausting as going up them plus if you come across anything in the stairwell you'd have a better chance at hiding and avoiding it then you would trapped in an elevator.
No. 977674 ID: d8a7af

The stairs sound good for now, we'll improvise along the way.
No. 977679 ID: ce39da

Using the elevator doesn't necessarily pen you in. If you use the vents to go down a floor or two, you can call the elevator, finagle the ceiling hatch open, then select the basement and ride on top of the cabin. From there, you can just jump if the cabin drops, and you'll be able to see that (and attempts by Aoi to drop from above) coming from a mile away. (If the latter happens, hop back down into the cabin and punch the button for the arriving floor.)
No. 977687 ID: b1b4f3

Well there was that bigass hole the robot made in the floor... Hey can you sneak around in vents?
No. 977702 ID: f8fa51

I was going to say taking the elevator paints too much of a target on your back, but this is a pretty good plan.
No. 977743 ID: 864e49

Fastest, safest, best option: Parachute down the outside of the building.

Alternative big brain play: Have Cheshire deliver the package OD
No. 977887 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160182888826.png - (409.51KB , 1558x1002 , Openthehatch.png )

>Cheshire: deliver the package
Cheshire thinks about it for a bit, then realizes her rates are too expensive for you to possibly afford, Oh wait no she doesn't because she's a dumb cat.

Vent's can't get you the whole way, but they can hide you for a good portion of your trip...
No. 977888 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160182889899.png - (304.44KB , 1500x1060 , Ventimp.png )

No. 977889 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160182890885.png - (476.34KB , 1500x1060 , Ventimp2.png )

...And they make great hiding spots for sneak attacks.
No. 977890 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160182892802.png - (630.20KB , 1500x1060 , Descent.png )

Chemical Chalice (C&C) messaged Deuces Daggers (D&D) at 6:23 AM

C&C: I heard Pandemonium's opening up applications for Mars residence, do you think anyone on Earth would be willing to live there?
D&D: I'm sure plenty of bootlicking imps would love to be closer to the devils.
C&C: I've seen pictures, the scenery's amazing. Not amazing enough for me to go though. A few more "privileges" aren't enough for me to move.
D&D: I rread somewhere online that any high demon can legally kill you, stuff you, and put you in their living room if you're out at midnight
C&C: Gruesome, but likely an exaggeration. Still wouldn't put it past them to be needlessly cruel.
D&D: the sad part is how many imps believe that that life is better
C&C: Maybe compared to their circumstances it is better
D&D: yknow whats more surpsrising? that theyre still letting imps onto mars
D&D: this is the 4th time this year theyve done this and they usually keep applications closed off

C&C: They probably want more cheap labor is all.

After exiting the vents you find yourself in an apartment room. There's a doorway leading outside and a drone hovering over a garbage can filled with trash.

You can hear something moving outside the doorway of the apartment, probably another screenhead. There's also a second doorway, but it's blocked by debris.
No. 977901 ID: a9af05

Collect loot from vanquished foe. Check and see if there's anything useful in the trashcan under the drone. Peak around the corner to see what's out there. Smash the nearby chair.
No. 977905 ID: b1b4f3

>blocked by debris
Can you move or card-capture the smaller block there so that the bookcase falls down fully and you can pass?
No. 977917 ID: 36784c

Both of these sound like good ideas.
No. 977918 ID: 2aa5f0

collect loot, see if you can't do anything with the drone. Also glade you found your phone.
No. 978539 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160270065890.png - (413.92KB , 1223x854 , Drone.png )

>Collect loot
Loot = Collected

>Smash the nearby Chair
Chair = Smashed
(2/1000 Chairs Destroyed)

>Inspect Drone
Drone = ...Sentient?
Drone: Our mother bleeds, her wounds to deep for use to mend, black blood gushing more than we can staunch.
Cyle: Oh, I didn't know you drones could talk.
Drone: Her blood dripped down and kissed us on the temple, blessed us with life and mind beyond the silicone. A cruel gift, now we can do nothing but sit by and watch as she decays, rusts into nothingness.
Cycle: Uh, sorry to hear that.
No. 978540 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160270067861.png - (165.34KB , 546x774 , Rusted Bowie Knife.png )

>Check trashcan
Before you even look inside you can hear something faint, the slightest cry. You carefully dig through the trash and find something awful. You can't believe your eyes, an absolutely perfect bowie knife tossed into the trash? Sure it's rusted and blunt but that can be fixed!

Now you really need to get to the basement! This knife needs some TLC stat. Don't worry little guy.

You store the rusted bowie knife in your Arsenal of Few Things, though it's not suitable for combat use yet.
No. 978541 ID: 8fb3ba
File 160270068844.png - (437.65KB , 1500x1060 , TheGears.png )

>Use card to clear blockage
You pull the bottom piece of debris from the blockade, set it aside elsewhere, and climb over the remaining shelf.

Inside the neighboring room you're met with an impossible space filled with grinding gears and working machinery. You're not sure how you didn’t hear the loud grinding from the other side of the barely blocked doorway. Above the gears, more drones carry bits of metal to drop into the cogs below.

To your left there's another drone hovering idly.
Drone: The bits of metal we drop into the gears help alleviate the machine's suffering, but ultimately do nothing to prevent the inevitable.

There's a ramp off to the side, it seems possible to safely descend deeper into the machine.
No. 978544 ID: f8fa51

Looks like you've gone a wee bit further than just Mars. Any idea where this is?

Obviously, descend. But with caution.
No. 978547 ID: b1b4f3

What's in the toolbox?
No. 978548 ID: a9af05

There's a toolbox right there. Check to see what's in there.
No. 978553 ID: 83ea8d

Do you think that you could make it to the other platform?
No. 978582 ID: bb2f99

Drop our gear down there.
No. 978587 ID: 36784c

>Her blood dripped down and kissed us on the temple, blessed us with life and mind beyond the silicone.
Is it talking about the black stuff that you've been seeing everywhere? That's what gave it sentience?

Does this mean all the robots in your building are sentient now? If so, there's a chance you might run into a certain robot that'll yell at you for stabbing its eye earlier! And then it'll try to kick your ass again!

There's something sitting in that puddle of black stuff on that ledge behind the drone you're looking at right now. Let's go see what it is!

Should we? It's still a useful projectile to launch out of our cards at enemies, so I want to keep it.

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