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File 159761914416.png - (45.28KB , 500x1000 , OP.png )
974578 No. 974578 ID: f56a2b

It's time,
To get down to business!
The time's now,
to make our big score!

If you won't shovel dung,
if you hate miner's lung,
if you're not too far of sight,
if you're not scared of the night;
with us you'll be alright,
so join us in the fight!

Tonight we'll all cash in,
and go

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No. 974579 ID: e51896

No. 974580 ID: f56a2b

In SND, you collectively control an expedition of adventurers.

The adventurers are at the core lead by Heroes which will obey your every whim no matter HOW fucked, or stupid, or frightening, as long as they possess their (ironic) free will. You only possess a limited number of these, four to start with, in fact.

You can also bring along Followers. There are many different kinds of people in this world who will accompany you, but to start with you should simply understand that some are like Mercenaries, who try to balance your leadership with their own longevity and profit, whereas others are like Camp Followers, who are basically just there to provide labor (skilled or not) and are not under your command.
No. 974581 ID: f56a2b

The only objective is to not lose.

There may be other forms of loss you can succumb to later, in more fantastic and existential ways, but for now you just want to make sure:

At least ONE (1) of your heroes survives, or a suitably invested follower remains to take the reins of the expedition. If the expedition leadership is dissolute, this is a failure state.

While not explicitly a failure state, you will want to avoid being dirt flat broke, probably at any cost. Debt collectors are nasty, and food isn't free. If you start heading down this road, make DAMN sure you at least manage to provide for the people who matter to avoid a SUCCESSION failure.

So, in other words, your objective is to keep putting more and more capital, bodies, territory, treasure, lawyers, excuses, lies, hostages, swords, and magic spells between you and number 1. This will necessitate having to seek adventure.
No. 974582 ID: f56a2b

Due to the collective nature of SND decision making, the activities run in phases... so as to avoid quibbling over whether it's time to go four feet forward on level 7-2 of Choctezuma's Inverted Dodecamid, or backtrack the entire way out of the dungeon to go back to town and speak to the tavern wench with nice tits.

Don't worry too much about these phases, you will be prompted with the question of whether or not you would like to return to town/go to work as appropriate.
No. 974583 ID: f56a2b

Congratulations! You made it to the end of what I feel like writing at the moment; I hope things are explained well enough to get you going.

If you are curious or confused, please just ask for clarification.

You have four heroes to start with, so lets figure that out first.

Make them up.

Anything is a valid suggestion, and I will try to be accomodating.
No. 974584 ID: cdabe3

A sexy dragon boy bard
No. 974586 ID: b488b1

A slime in full plate mail.
No. 974587 ID: b1b4f3


We shall purify this Zone.
No. 974588 ID: d63ea8

Knowing our luck we'll probably need a necromancer. Get some extra use out of the heroes we're about to get killed.
No. 974589 ID: 894f15

Gonna need a healer of sorts to keep everyone alive, yes?
A most wholesome cleric girl who fights not for wealth but for her dear friends! (And all of the possibly cursed artefacts that she can take home.)

Maybe she's a kobold, you totally don't see many of those nowadays, do we?
No. 974590 ID: e2f5cc

A sergal wearing a cowboy outfit specifically designed to look cool who wields a breech-loading pistol that will kill/destroy anythingit shoots.

They only have one bullet, will never gain more, and is outwardly a danger to themselves more than any enemies with any other weapon, including other firearms.
No. 974591 ID: 0fae41

This. She's a champion of the realm, a concentrated solution to the stain of evildoers. Her patron saint is Mr. Clean and her flawless name is Lady Saline.
No. 974592 ID: 6f7a5a

I like this idea
No. 974594 ID: e7c7d3

A rat swarm puppetting a suit of armour, trying to pass off as a normal human. They can be tank but they'll be bad at it.
No. 974595 ID: c05550

A kobold maid boy. Good at setting and disabling traps and spying, all while being a high charisma QT. Not good at fighting or avoiding scandalous situations.
No. 974600 ID: a7e3e6

Jonas Mahler, Human, Highwaymen, former Lieutenant of a respected mercenary company.

At the age of fifteen Jonas was swept up in a rebellion to depose the tyrannical Nobleman ruling over the farming valley he grew up in. Recruited by a militia of Serfs, Huntsman, and former Soldiers, he received basic training in Arms and stalking. The rebellion failed, and Jonas’ farm was burned, the earth salted. He narrowly escaped execution, given a pardon for his young age. His parents weren’t as lucky.

Starving and homeless, he sought work in a mid-size port town. Selling his skills as a soldier, he signed up with the Leatherbacks, a mercenary unit known for their loyalty, and distinctive studded-leather jackets. He worked his way up the ranks, becoming the leader’s second in command. But he could never quite let go of the hate that burned in him since he lost his home. He was rash, and pushed things too far.

Discharged from the company for killing an enemy captain against orders, he became a Highwaymen, bringing a small group of bandits under his name.

He joins a dungeon delving party in pursuit of money, and with the hope of recruiting men to form his own mercenary company.

Jonas is brash and hateful, a fiery leader who cares for his men, but isn’t afraid to sacrifice to achieve victory. He is a skilled marksman with his Rifled Musket, and isn’t afraid to get up close and dirty with his Studded Cudgel and serrated Hunting Knife, relying on a Hardened Leather Vest for protection. He is a competent tactician, and is skilled in hunting, and survival in the wilderness. Drinks chronically.
No. 974602 ID: d63ea8

Part of me really wants to see this happen, and have the rest of the party be unaware of it.
No. 974603 ID: ce39da

I don’t see any rogues or other skill-monkey dungeoneers here at the moment. I suppose we ought to fix that; Sissel, a corvid rogue. Stole a plague-doctor’s mask a while back; ostensibly because it works as a disguise someone with an actual beak can wear and ditch, but mostly because it looks cool. He also took that poor doctor’s supplies, and has been dabbling in apothecary stuff too (to mixed effect).

(Also stating my approval for >>974589, though if she doesn’t go through, the rogue can try his (somewhat less effective) hands at healing. Apothecary stuff ideally makes him the “throw down status ailments and debuffs” kind of rogue in combat, though, so he’s better at that.)

EDIT: Proven wrong in the time between I last refreshed and when I finished typing my post, ha. BTW, will all of these be made into a pool of future Hero prospects? There’s so many good ideas that I fear will be lost to the void at this rate.
No. 974604 ID: f56a2b

My friend, you may write drafts for heroes now at your pleasure and in complete assurance; you will all but certainly be drafting some heroes who weren't your first pick later.
No. 974619 ID: e19a40

Anyone read The Festival? Make the swarm a wizard that may or may not be classify as undead.
No. 974673 ID: f56a2b
File 159777447251.png - (27.49KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

???: "I am nott a chiuld, do nott try to bluff me with such-a sstupid joke of a boast."

Sergal: "Pardner, would I lie? I implore you, my family honor is on the line! Don't make me start, now..."

???: "Staart hwhaat? There-is noh way such a... punee we-pon can keel any-thing in one shott."

Sergal: "Damn it, partner I was BORN with this gun in my hand! If you think it's just that harmless, how about a little wager? I wager it'll blow your smart ass mouth right off your head!"

???: "And then... whaat? Like you saaid, eet onlee has de one boolet. Mabee... you haff already expendedd eet, and forgotten.

Sergal: "WHAT? NO! No, it's right in there still. See--"
No. 974674 ID: f56a2b
File 159777448912.png - (10.93KB , 800x600 , 2.png )


Oh gods, what in the hell was-

ULP-- He's all over the walls! What are these adventurers DOING to my establishment?!

???: Do not despair, noble proprietor!
No. 974675 ID: f56a2b
File 159777451814.png - (14.82KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

"I, Lady Saline of the Spotless Order, will endeavor to dispose of his body and clean up the bits, pieces, and stains from your estate! I give you my oath by my word, and by His Polished Radiance Himself!"

???: Huh, you're one of Mr. Clean's book-thumpers. That explains... a lot, actually.

Saline: "I, Lady Saline, must confess: I do not know of this Mister Clean you refer to. I am sworn to His Polished Radiance Himself, The One Who Brings Detergent, The Scour Of God, The-"

???: Hisssss! hee was joh-king! You neeed NOHT go on, Say-leeeen.

RACE: Slime-Kobold (Aberration)
CLASS: Priest (Cleric of Bleachus)
NOTES: Empowered purification, turning, and exorcism; cannot inflict harm, disease, or rot.

Once but another Kobold, Lady Saline's life changed forever when an adventuring party blew through her fetid warrens and slaughtered most of her fellows. She survived to be taken prisoner as proof of the deed, but the party cleric took a liking to her. Being a Kobold, she took his mistake of showing mercy to her advantage and slit his throat before stealing his belongings and running away from the party's camp. Some time later, while enduring a bad trip, she fell into a Gelatinous Cube and began to dissolve. Half remembering what she read (or rather, the pictures and illustrations) in the cleric's Holy Book, she prayed to who she thought the god was, and with the power of the magic mushrooms she was metabolizing, managed to reach the Divine.

The ditzy Kobold and mindless Slime were bound together and reborn as Lady Saline, a righteous force for purification determined to wipe the slate clean, as many times as it takes!
No. 974676 ID: f56a2b
File 159777455840.png - (14.02KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

Iskaander: "Now look at thaat. The ideeot al-Sayrghul is noh more. You weel have to-replace heem."

RACE: Human? (Allegedly)
CLASS: Mage (Necromancer)
NOTES:Cannot perform Divination, or benefit from healing magic; can regain health by consuming corpses, all Necromancy is empowered.

Iskaander was once a magician's apprentice, a long, long time ago. That magician had a penchant for collecting books, but knew God's direction well enough that not every book should be read.

Iskaander did not have the benefit of such self-discipline, and one day, read the wrong book, with the wrong intent.

While attempting to perform a spell that would make him into an immortal lich, he instead entrapped himself in his own body and was made to suffer as his life slowly faded and he felt his heart stop, after days of agony. When the rats he had experimented with came to gnaw on his corpse, his agony became Hell on Earth.

In his delirium he cursed God, and reached out to something, anything that would make him master of his fate. He found inspiration in the darkest of places, and while he was not able to save his body, he was able to take control of the rats that ate him.

In desperation, he resolved to keep his unholy mass of beast and corpse together by binding himself with armor that could not be removed. Forcibly cursing himself to be unable to remove his apparel, he succeeded... only to discover, that the darkness which had given him strength. would not allow him to abjure such a blessing.

There are only two things he cares about now. To know more, and to seek more power.
No. 974678 ID: f56a2b
File 159777474779.png - (13.90KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Jonas: Don't I know it, what a headache-- WHO is playing that GOD-DAMNED FLUTE?!

RACE: Human
CLASS: Warrior (Fighter/Expert)
ALIGNMENT: Unaligned
NOTES: Alcoholic and Impetuous; has Advantage on leadership rolls for followers, but Disadvantage on reaction rolls for anyone else.

At the age of fifteen, Jonas was caught up in the fervor of a peasant revolt against the noble who presided over his valley. While the militia who pressed him into service didn't pay him very much at all, he was well trained by veteran soldiers and huntsmen in all kinds of arms, how to forage for his own food, and how to stalk under cover of foliage and darkness.

The revolt was shattered; the noble was not popular even among his peers but the ringleader's calls for independence from the Kingdom itself could not longer be left in dispute. Royal forces led by the Black Prince himself came and made an example out of the survivors. Jonas was shown mercy for his young age, and his indeterminate role in the rebellion. His parents, who had been pressed into service as part of a raiding band, were hung, drawn, and quartered as traitors to the crown.

Starving and homeless, he went to the nearest hub of commerce he knew of. The port of Norburn left him with two career options: work as a dockhand for shit pay and long hours, or sign on with a real, honest to God chartered mercenary company. He chose the latter.

He rose through the ranks of the Leatherbacks, and even proved himself enough that he was picked as the captain's lieutenant. He fucked it all up, however, when his anger got the better of him and he executed another company's captain.

He got off as easy as he could after that, his discharge from the mercenary company was effective the day before he murdered the captain (thanks to some bribes and creative accounting) so he was not subject to charter jurisdiction or law; he was a mere common murderer. His rage fueling him, he decided he was going to go his own way, and assembled a band of merry men to take what he needed from the world, and a little more for his wants as well.

That was another time, in another place. Now, he's been left with just enough cash to chip in to the fund along with his erstwhile partners.
No. 974679 ID: f56a2b
File 159777477966.png - (24.01KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Eudes: Oh, look at you. Brooding, nursing a strong drink, a fire burning bright just beneath your skin...

Jonas: What the...

Eudes: I was just curious! Honest, there aren't many like myself around here, and I saw you and thought, well... by any chance, do you have a little Dracon in you?

Jonas: ...no. Not that I know of.

Eudes: Well... would you like some?

RACE: Dracon
CLASS: Rogue (Bard)
ALIGNMENT: Unaligned
NOTES: Fuckboy; powerful, enchanting music.

A swashbuckling rogue with a heart of ruddy, fire-y gold burning for his star-crossed lover... will he meet them, tonight?

Well, he didn't meet them last night. Or the night before that. Or the night before...

The scion of a noble Dracon house, Eudes loved the privileges and despised the responsibilities. When the time came for him to undergo an ordeal to awaken his Draconic blood, he ran away from home and began a life on the road.

Only a few nights on the road was he, until he met a nice young farm girl who he took a liking to. He stopped his travels for a bit, and would help her with the permission of her parents, who thought him nothing more than a funny looking farmhand.

Then one night he knew her carnally, and everything changed. He certainly wasn't expecting his blood to awaken any time soon, let alone from that, but it did...

Since then, he's had conquests a-plenty, and much practice in the art of love. The conquered swear: there was something in his voice, something in his music, that enchanted them...
No. 974680 ID: f56a2b
File 159777483364.png - (9.19KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

Jonas: ...pff

Eudes: hehehe


Jonas: Oh, oh man that was good. Hey, are you any good with a blade? You see, I'm putting together this little band to go and seek some adventure, glory, and most of all some cash...

Eudes: That sounds fun. Count me in.

All together, not counting their personal effects, your heroes have 1,000 Gold to spend.

Without going into specifics, here are some ballpark numbers.
1 copper piece is like a chunk of bread,

5 copper is a good meal at a tavern.

2-5 silver is about the days wages for hired help, ranging from extra hands to mercenaries. Mercenaries who spend the day in exceedingly dangerous positions (such as actively delving into a dungeon or patrolling in dangerous territory) expect double pay.

A gold piece is enough to buy a good dagger. A few more and you have a spear, several more and a blade, and for an appropriately hefty investment you can buy good armor.

Livestock cost gold, feed costs copper, mundane supplies usually cost silver.

Look at a D&D equipment list for inspiration on the costs here.

Now, you have your heroes assembled. You will be hunting down rumors of a local band's hideout from which they have been operating, killing off merchants and picking the remains dry. They have been coy, and clever; a pattern hasn't been established until recently but now the rumors are gaining credibility: it's all under one ringleader, and he's very good at his job. You are based in a local town, and not long after you step out of it you will be in the area of reported attacks.

>Describe how you wish to allocate your funds, and what your plan is for finding and dealing with the local bandit chief. As always, if you have any questions that need answering they will be sorted as quickly as possible before the next update.
No. 974686 ID: e7c7d3

Are our hero's starting with any equipment? Otherwise, maybe buy a cart and horses. Hire maybe four mercenaries to drive and more importantly hide in it. Have it be bait for the bandits looking for a mark. The heros can follow someways behind it but close enough to charge in and help
No. 974695 ID: f56a2b

They all have personal effects. Among the ones that matter, like personal weapons and armor:
-Lady Saline has her holy steel carapace and a battle aspergillum.
-Iskaandar has his cursed bone armor, his spellbook, and his athame (a dagger, but also a focus for his spells).
-Jonas has his leather armor, a club, his own private booze stash, a knife, and a musket along with some shot.
-Eudes has a buckler, sword, pan flute, and contraceptives.
No. 974698 ID: 977456

Is 20 gold enough for a ballista nailed to a cart-and-camel? Sure, nobody can use the thing, but it will look plenty intimidating.
No. 974699 ID: e19a40

We need to either find out the location of the bandits or bait them into attacking us.

Eudes should talk with the authority responsible to learn where the attacks happened, if there were any survivor and if so what was reported.
Jonas should talk with any merchant victim of such robbery. After that, or in the absence of such people, he should gather rumors about this bandit group potential hiring practices in least few months from any mercenary contact he still have, reserving up to 10 silver for the necessary minor bribes.

Before buying we should attempt to make a deal with a traveling merchant. Being hired as guards would be ideal, but since we may abandon the cart to attack the bandit hideout the best we can hope for is a free ride in exchange for the extra security.
No. 974724 ID: 977456

Get a sack of hard-candies for Lady Saline. You don't want to wait to find out that the lass who destroys organic matter on contact gets hungry and sleep-walks.

Likewise, get an anatomically-correct body-pillow for Eudes. We don't want to be betrayed because it had been a lonely two days and the goblin chieftain winked at him.

And some cheap grain and moonshine, because we just know that our supplies are going to deplete faster than we expect.
No. 974726 ID: d63ea8

A cart and some horses would be a good investment to help carry whatever loot we might find, beyond that:
- Probably grab a pair of lanterns, oil, fire-starting gear and torches in case we need to go cave crawling.
- Backpacks.
- 50ft. of rope and a grappling in case of pit traps.
- A couple of crowbars, some lock-picks and a solid sledgehammer, to help bust open doors and chests.
- Tents and Bedrolls, though Eudes might want to invest in a two-person one.
- Maybe an Anti-toxin or two and a first-aid kit so we don't have to entirely rely on Lady Saline.
- 10ft. Pole, because it helps.
- Waterskins and rations obviously (probably enough for a week at the minimum.)
- Maybe a mercenary or two to watch the cart when we dungeon crash.
- A chest and secure lock in our chart, just in case.
- A handful of tripwires and bells to help protect the camp at night.
- At least one back up weapon for each party member.
- A shield for Lady Saline.
- And maybe one or two live chickens for necromancy fodder trap fodder emotional support.

Also, no self-respecting necromancer would let a body go to waste. That fresh Sergal corpse could make for some good cannon fodder.
No. 974777 ID: ce39da

Better that we get the drop on them than the other way around. Is Jonah confident in his tracking skills? If not, we should hire a tracker.
No. 974900 ID: f56a2b
File 159814133676.png - (16.31KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

Realizing what he potentially has on his hands, Iskaandar acts quickly...!

Iskaandar: Saleen! DON'T be hasty! I.. He... The Sayrghul told me... hee hass parrrticular custohms, thaat muss be observed. Allow meee, to-disposs uff the bohdee.

Saline: Okay! I must clean anything you do not dispose of.

Iskaandar (to himself): (Good, good, if the dark forces are willing I may have myself a thrall... I have to source some extra embalming supplies, first. If there are none available here, I'm certainly not wasting my personal supply.)

The party pools their funds...
from Iskaandar, his savings (in the currencies of the east)...
from Jonas, the last of his loot, no doubt honestly gained...
from Saline, a note of worth for her errant templarhood...
and from Eudes, a small bag with a few precious gems, two rings, and a pair of earrings.

Jonas: Alright, good good...
Listen. That band that's been hitting caravans? It's treasure ripe for the taking. We need to get a grip on how they operate, find out where they are, and hit them hard. We'll at least double what we're working with now.


Iskaandar: Whaat aabout... a cahrt, and cahmael wiith a, how do you say-eet, baaleestah in the carry-age?

Jonas: If you can find a ballista, and a camel, I might have to actually consider it.

Iskaandar: ...so yoore sayeeng there's-a chaance!

Jonas: Hell no.


Eudes: My companions, I have full confidence in everyone's skill at arms, but we should endeavor to win this battle before we fight it.

Jonas: Whuh?

Iskaandar: Hemmmmm... yoou liike to theenk beforr you aact... I approove.

Eudes: I shall garner the sympathy of the authority of this town, and while I am gathering information about the banditry problem Jonas might see fit to question the victims--

Jonas: Aren't any.

Eudes: Excuse me?

Jonas takes a long swig from his goblet, and sets it down.

Jonas: That's the rumor, anyways. There aren't any survivors. Maybe you'll track someone down, but I don't think that's gonna go anywhere. Don't worry, I have an idea of who to ask...

Eudes: Yes, well, you go do that then. Saline, 'Skaandar, would you two bear the honor of securing us a few things from the shops?
No. 974901 ID: f56a2b

rolled 14 = 14

Iskaandar tries to source materials for corpse preservation and zombification...
No. 974902 ID: f56a2b

rolled 10 = 10

Jonas looks into his contacts...
No. 974903 ID: f56a2b

rolled 2 = 2

Eudes introduces himself to the local magistrate...
No. 974905 ID: f56a2b
File 159814393552.png - (416.74KB , 800x600 , 9alt.png )

Iskaandar: Evreeone, sey "Helloo" to our neww companionn!

Jonas: You-- holy shit!


Iskaandar: Nooo... hees custohms aare... QUITE straange, buht ah've followedd them too the lett'r. Aand, I might aahd, he is not "one who rotts" aand therrefor, not in need of your... purificationn.

Saline: He isn't rotting... Okay!

Thrall: graagh?


Jonas: Alright, it took a couple handfuls of silver but I've got some info. The band likes to wipe out the merchants and their people to the last, but they let mercenaries go if they swear an oath not to tell anybody.

Nobody stuck their neck out for me and broke that oath, though. I only got second hand info. To think of everything I did for those assholes...


Jonas: How'd your "sympathy garnering" go?

Eudes: Oh, don't prod my bruises! Lets just say that while charming the magistrate's secretary, I found out she has no secretary...

Jonas: Err, is this a problem?

Eudes: Please. It's best to let it lie for now, but I didn't mangle it that badly.


17gp - pair of lanterns, oil, fire-starting gear and torches
8gp - 4 Backpacks.
2gp - 50ft. of rope and a grappling in case of pit traps.
35gp - A couple of crowbars, some lock-picks and a solid sledgehammer, to help bust open doors and chests.
80gp - Tents and Bedrolls, though Eudes might want to invest in a two-person one.
150gp - Maybe an Anti-toxin or two and a first-aid kit so we don't have to entirely rely on Lady Saline.
5cp - 10ft. Pole, because it helps.
18gp - Waterskins and rations obviously (probably enough for a week at the minimum.)
4gp to hire, 12sp daily - Four mercenaries to watch the cart when we dungeon crash.
42gp - A chest and secure lock in our chart, just in case.
10gp - A handful of tripwires and bells to help protect the camp at night.
100gp - At least one back up weapon for each party member.
30gp - A shield for Lady Saline.
5gp - And maybe one or two live chickens for trap fodder.
1gp - a sack of hard candies
x - an anatomically-correct body-pillow
5gp - moonshine
10gp - inn fare
15gp - cart
60gp - 2 ponies

408 gold left.

[b]You managed to acquire everything listed. In addition, the remains of the Sergal have been made into a thrall: his embalmed corpse will follow under the sway of Iskaandar's control. You also managed to acquire a decent amount of information, and you have secured the services of mercenaries.

>There is a merchant caravan looking to force their way through the road in force; apparently not every merchant is molested, and they claim to have some incredible profit margins if they succeed. They'll be willing to take you on as extra backup, just to improve their chances of breaking through. Alternatively, you can go it alone instead; a huge caravan may be assaulted in full force, while a straggler might be hit with only a fraction of the bandits number...
No. 974906 ID: f56a2b

Jonas: So, I was wondering... are you going to need a, err...

Eudes: Spit it out, then!

Jonas: Look, you fucked up with a woman. I was wondering if we need to chip in to--

Eudes: A prostitute?! Good sir, do not slander my name! I will wash myself of this shame soon enough!

Jonas: Actually, I was thinking of a pillow in the shape of a woman, so you wouldn't feel so lonely at night.

Eudes: ...HA! You are too clever, my man.
No. 974909 ID: b1b4f3

The rest of the party: *judgemental staring*

It's best if you guard a smaller caravan or something. Bandits don't start battles they don't think they win, and it's more likely they'll underestimate your group than a large force of guards. Plus if you *do* win you're more likely to be able to keep any from retreating and alerting their base.
No. 974995 ID: d63ea8

Agreed, that and everyone needs to get used to how their teammates fight.

Maybe pick up some more embalming ingredients in case we need to do some more necromancy in the field.

The remaining gold will make for a good rainy day fund in case things were to go terribly wrong. Though we could invest in an ad campaign once we're done with this first job. Help drum up some business.

Also good cover Iskaandar.
No. 974999 ID: 3c3d4c

Necromancy, such a waste of good slime food.
Think of the leftover gold as a shared investment in better equipment down the road. A smaller caravan it is!
No. 975070 ID: f56a2b
File 159838325116.png - (245.92KB , 960x540 , 10r.png )

Mercenary 1: There you are! We've been waiting here for an hour!

Eudes: My apologies my good gentlemen, your employers had an important decision to deliberate on! Are you all accounted for and ready to depart?

Mercenary 2: Yup.
Mercenary 3: Finally, shit...
Mercenary 4: Just give us our wine ration already.


A single dummy caravan it is. You'll be inconspicuously following the caravan, ready for any trouble and keeping an eye on the woods. With any luck, you'll be able to catch your attackers off guard and do some tracking as well as interrogation...
No. 975071 ID: f56a2b
File 159838326533.png - (276.54KB , 960x540 , 11r.png )

???: "Man, I've had it up to here with your shit."

The barkeep's eyes dart around, he swallows awkwardly.

???: "You understand what this seal MEANS? I'm under royal contract. I'm working for the Tsar, pal. You're expendable."

The patrons were hushed and watching before, but everything stops the moment the Sergal in strange garb draws an odd device from beneath his cloak. The rattle of a dropped fork reverberates through the spontaneous vacuum.

Then, with the flick of a switch the crystal at the tip starts to glow; the tavern empties out in seconds.

???: "Two ways this can go pal. I recommend you take the first option, and I'll be real nice and ask you one more time. Take a good long look at that scroll I just gave you. I know he's been by here. Where has he gone?

No. 975072 ID: f56a2b

Anyways, there'll be a little wait before the next update. I have to figure out a good combat system for the encounters.
No. 975201 ID: ce39da

Who is it on the scroll? If it was the sergal gunslinger, tell him the guy killed himself here, and that some adventurers offered to get his body out of here. Took forever to get the stains out of the wood.
No. 975348 ID: f56a2b
File 159883789227.png - (115.47KB , 3840x2160 , 12.png )

Oh shit, oh fuck he's going to kill me if I don't give him an answer! Think, think--

>Who is it on the scroll? If it was the sergal gunslinger, tell him the guy killed himself here, and that some adventurers offered to get his body out of here. Took forever to get the stains out of the wood.

No, it's some nobleman--

Barkeep: "I, uhh, I do believe I can point you in the right direction, sir--"

Sergal: "Pardner, it's your bacon that's gonna get cooked if I don't get an answer soon enough. You take as long as you like, if that don't faze you none."

Barkeep: "He- he was in here a little while ago! He was travelling with a short woman in armor, a man wearing cloth wrappings, and another man wearing leathers and a bandana..."

Sergal: "You sure?

No. 975349 ID: f56a2b
File 159883791559.png - (324.43KB , 3840x2160 , 13.png )

Barkeep: I have to bet my l-life on it, I'm sure it's him.

Sergal: What did you see? His ears? His clothing? Was he wearing court garb or something?

Barkeep: He was blue, and had a long face and ears...

The atmosphere is tense, before the humming of the Sergal's weapon stops and he stows the now dim device away.


1,000,000 ALIVE ... Kniaz Gulzurovich Odo ... Tsar's Imperial Court ...
By His Name this message's bearer is Deputized ... Render All Aid or Face Death ... If found alive and unharmed return for full reward ... If his skin has turned a shade of blue, if his eyes show a deep red spark in the pupils, if horns have sprouted from his head ... half again, for live capture and return to the court. Fully half, however, if returned dead in such a state. ... If of normal constitution and form, no harm is to be done, under penalty of a treasonous criminal's justice.

[b]This Note of Deputy and Bounty is backed by the Patriarch, holy cover of His Imperial Majesty the Tsar. Let it be known as truth, and let no man think it a lie. -His Imperial Majesty, The Unequaled Tsar, Imar VI -The Vicar of Tiamat, and Drake of the Lord, Sanguinius

No. 975350 ID: f56a2b
File 159883797444.png - (260.54KB , 3840x2160 , 14.png )

Bandit: C'mere you ugly-- BLRAHGHAGHRhghkzzzk-!

Eudes: Gave me quite the shock there, old boy! Follow my example, and give your blow before you give your whit then, eh?


Mercenary: Do you have that damn boomstick loaded, yet!? I can't hold this guy off much longer!
No. 975351 ID: f56a2b
File 159883800419.png - (158.93KB , 3840x2160 , 15.png )

Mercenary (Spear) and Mercenary (Driver) are lying on the ground still, after being shot with arrows.

Mercenary (Halberd) is in critical condition.
Lady Saline is currently intoning the miracle of "Godmother's Succor".

Mercenary (Shield) is guarding Jonas.
Jonas is reloading his musket.

Iskaandar's Thrall is guarding Iskaandar.
Iskaandar is channeling the spell of "Battuta's Dark Animus".

Eudes is not doing anything. Yet.

Green boxes designate your Heroes, Dark Green designates your Thrall, Blue designates Allies, and Red designates Hostiles.

Non responsive entities have no designation box.
No. 975352 ID: f56a2b

Combat is pretty straightforward in planning, but can get complicated in execution.

You decide what you aim to do in a round, and it plays out from there, with an emphasis on whether or not it can be interrupted and when in the round it happens.

Initiative is pretty generally random, but mostly only matters between parties engaged with each other up close.

Most actions, like attacking someone, happen right on the initiative, no problem.

Some actions, like casting spells or reloading, start happening at the beginning of the round, and resolve on the initiative. These can be interrupted if someone with better initiative decides to attack the caster, for example.

Anyone who decides to move someplace else before they take their action, is going to arrive dead last in initiative whenever they get to where they're going.
No. 975353 ID: b1b4f3

The healer and the mage are both about to get attacked...
Assist the mage. The healer's healing someone who will then be able to protect her. I don't think the thrall can fend off three enemies.
No. 975360 ID: e7c7d3

Dragon boy needs to go help on the right. Hopefully the thrall can hold off the two up top but the guy below that is the problem. Iskaandar going to blast the two?

Unfortunate for the mercenary, but Jonas needs to shoot the bandit above our slime. If halberd merc is healed enough to assist, then he should go help shield merc
No. 975373 ID: f56a2b

"Dark Animus" is a Necromancy spell that will buff Iskaandar's Thrall, if he gets the cast off.
No. 975503 ID: f56a2b
File 159908429921.png - (53.16KB , 960x540 , 16.png )

rolled 8 + 3 = 11

Eudes: (Blast! Jason or whatever has his man(?) guarding him, poor Saline is about to be taken from behind... but Iskaandar, it's three on one! Time to even the odds, but how am I going to get there in time...!)

Eudes is being directed to protect Iskaandar. Eudes chooses to divert his attacker from him, based on his Rogueish skillset.

Eudes: (Draconic Impulse/Bardic Tongue) "HAHA, GOT ONE! Hey! YOU AND ME MAN, LETS GO!!!"
No. 975504 ID: f56a2b

rolled 12 + 2 = 14

Eudes grabs the attention of the bandit, who is distracted enough to delay until Eudes approaches him.

Bandit: "Shit!"

The bandit attacks Eudes!
No. 975507 ID: f56a2b
File 159908742821.png - (185.86KB , 960x540 , 17.png )

(Fuck this dice command nonsense, I have actual dice right here...)

14 to hit, misses Eudes!


Iskaandar struggles to get his cast off, as the bandits advance on his thrall...!

Iskaandar, 2
Bandit A, 3+2
Bandit B, 3+2
Thrall, 17 Delays until Iskaandar's Initiative.

It's close, but they manage to act first, and rush the Thrall!

19! Critical hit not possible. 7 Damage!
12! Miss.


Iskaandar: "...bestoh theyn weel, Battuta! Let eet be the WHOLE of thee LAW!"

Spell effects, all physical stats increased by 1d4+1!
Strength Increased By 5! EMPOWERED, 7!
Dex Increased By 5! EMPOWERED, 7!
Con Increased by 5! EMPOWERED, 7!

Iskaandar: "haah... haaah...
Thiine. Weel.
My y y W i l l BE E D O N E



Thrall attempts to grapple! 10!
Bandit tries to fight it off! 3!

No. 975509 ID: f56a2b
File 159908935659.png - (112.64KB , 960x540 , 18.png )

Saline, blissfully unaware of the looming threat, none the less does her best to heal the fallen warrior!

Saline, 13
Bandit, 20!

Bandit attacks, 11! It... bounces right off Saline's helm!

Saline, completely unfazed: "...this warrior, that he may live another day. Bless this warrior, that he may learn your Way and live forever. Purge."

14 health restored. The mercenary is roused awake by the sounds of battle, but may not act this turn.
No. 975511 ID: f56a2b

Jonas: Shit!

Mercenary (Shield), 13
Bandit, 9
Jonas, 9 (higher dex mod, breaks tie)

The mercenary readies himself to interpose against the bandit!
The bandit attempts to maneuver past, at the cost of slowed movement!

17 acrobatics, vs... 1, natural! The bandit can get by with no slowed movement, but...

6 athletics, vs 15 athletics! The interposition attempt FAILS!

Jonas looks up from his locked and loaded weapon, just in time to defend himself!

The Bandit rolls a natural 1! He is flat-footed until his next initiative!
No. 975512 ID: f56a2b
File 159909285113.png - (88.19KB , 960x540 , 19.png )

The round is over, and a new round begins.

-Jonas is holding a locked and loaded musket. He also has a club and knife at hand.
-The bandit opposite him is flat-footed, and will not be able to react to anything that happens before he gets to act next.
-The mercenary (shield) is near by them, armed with a sword.

-The mercenary (halberd) is up and fairly healthy.
-Saline is up, armed with a battle aspergillum (currently loaded with her own excretions). She also has a hammer at hand as well.
-The bandit that attacked Saline is up, and normal.

-The bandit that attacked Eudes is up, and normal.
-Eudes is up, and normal. Eudes' "enthralling performance" will be at a disadvantage against the bandit, so soon after his last attempt.

-Iskaandar's Thrall is currently tremendously empowered by "Battuta's Dark Animus", but is decaying with every round that the spell empowers it.
-Bandit A is pinned by the Thrall.
-Bandit B is up and normal.
-Iskaandar is channeling Battuta's Dark Animus, but may still take non-magic actions. He is armed with his Athame, and has a bundle of war-darts at hand.

Please direct your heroes and mercenaries, and ask any questions you need answered.
No. 975513 ID: 8a8676

Jonas’ rifle isn’t gonna be much use against that bandit when he’s so close. Have the shielded merc kill the bandit while he’s vulnerable, then Jonas can take a shot at the bandit engaged with Eudes.

From there, Eudes can go help Iskaander and his Thrall with those two bandits. Lady Saline and the Halberd merc can probably take that one bandit together.
No. 975515 ID: 977456

Eudes: Moon the bandit as you run away to shank Jonas' bandit in the back.
Saline: go help one of the dead mercenaries. They might be delicious in need of healing.
No. 975516 ID: b1b4f3

No. 975807 ID: f56a2b
File 159944345561.png - (78.81KB , 960x540 , 20.png )

Bandit, 5
Mercenary, 9

Jonas: "GET HIM!"
Mercenary (shield): "On it!"

The mercenary swings-- 20! 15 damage!

The bandit stumbles and falls from the blow to his head, dropping his weapon.

Jonas lines up his shot....

Jonas, 8
Bandit, 14
Eudes, 6

Bandit swings, 20 to hit. 4 damage, as he gets a good cut in on Eudes.

Jonas fires, and an 18 hits! 13 damage!

The shot blows through the mercenary's torso, and he collapses.

Eudes: "Rgh-- blow for blow then! I won't complain..."

Eudes rushes, fast as he can, to Iskaandar's side...!


Bandit A, 20
Iskaandar, 11
Thrall, 7
Bandit B, 5
Eudes, must act last as a latecomer.

The bandit NOT overcome by a terrifying hulk of zombified sergal, thinks fast!

Bandit A attacks Iskaandar! 8 to hit, misses!

The Thrall shifts its grip, and torques the bandit with all its might. 24, strength check.
The bandit tries to resist. 18, strength check.
With a loud and discordant sound of crepitus, Bandit B goes limp.
As the Thrall's surge of power courses through it, the Dark Animus engulfs it. 21 necrotic damage.

Eudes: Mind if I CUT IN?
9 to hit. Miss.
Eudes: (...what did I just tell that other one about holding off on the wit? Damn it!)


Bandit, 20
Mercenary (Halberd), 10
Saline, 2

Saline: "Stop, in the name of LAW! If you continue your assault I will SCOUR your face from this world in His name! I suggest you lay down your arms!"


The mercenary tries to get around Saline to attack the bandit, but stops when he sees his quarry running away!
Mercenary (halberd): "What-- what are you doing? Why didn't you do anything?"

Saline: "He did not attack me. In any case, I must attend to our wounded!"
No. 975808 ID: f56a2b
File 159944353843.png - (19.95KB , 960x540 , 21.png )



(1 bandit captain shot offscreen)
3 bandits struck down
1 bandit surrendered
1 bandit fled

Saline intervened for the dying mercenaries.
Mercenary (spear) is stabilized, but the other could not be saved.

The bodies were searched.
No money was found.
The bandits have damaged, decent light armor,
and decent light weaponry.

Only one pony is still alive, and in condition to be used. The other is beyond Saline's skill, especially to be used as a draft animal. This is certainly no problem for the light load you have now, but it certainly isn't a treasure-horde worthy cart any more.
No. 975811 ID: b1b4f3

Interrogate the prisoner, find out where the bandit HQ is.
No. 975818 ID: 4b7fa0

Have Iskaandar reanimate the dead pony. Death is no excuse to stop hauling.

That living bandit is a valuable resource, no mistake. Jonas should interrogate him for all pertinent information: size of the bandit gang, their MO and how we can expect them to defend themselves, the exact location of their hideout and details of the surrounding topography, how tough the bandits are and what kind of training and equipment they’re armed with. All that and we’ll have enough information for a solid plan.

The bandit should be fairly easy to intimidate into talking, but if he doesn’t, Jonas’ knife will persuade him well enough. While he’s busy with that the others should strip the bandits of their valuables, and cut the ears off them, as proof of the victory. If the Bandit Captain has any sort of distinguishing uniform item like a hat or tab, take that.
No. 975962 ID: f56a2b
File 159969620866.png - (26.42KB , 893x632 , 22.png )

It really doesn't take much, the bandit is pretty loose-lipped. In Jonas estimation, he's really very green too; nobody with any time under their belt would be dumb enough to surrender to the authorities... then again, with that monster Iskaandar put together, maybe running wouldn't be too bright either...

>The size of the bandit gang
The group is something like... 20? or so people. He's not really familiar with them all.

>Their MO
As far as he knows, the bandits attack caravans and slaughter them to the last, before stripping all the valuables, supplies, rations, etc. and bringing them back to camp.

>How we can expect them to defend themselves
He hesitates on this one, before Jonas draws his knife. He stumbles and fumbles with his words, but he explains that he... doesn't have a good answer. They would just try to fight back, he supposes.

>The exact location of their hideout
At this, he swallows hard. He doesn't remember it, he's only been at this for less than a week.

"Less than a week?"

Yes, four days. He was press ganged from a caravan, he claims, and can hardly remember the way back to the camp. He was just following the captain -- the one to draw first blood and perforate the two mercenaries and pony -- when Jonas shot him in the opening of the ambush.

>the exact location of their hideout and details of the surrounding topography, how tough the bandits are, what kind of training and equipment they're armed with.

"...and if I think you're lying, I'm not gonna be very fucking happy. So do your best to tell me the truth. I've been on the wrong end of an odd job one or twice myself, kid. Just don't bullshit us, and we'll work with you."

Jonas has every intention of getting quality talk out of this bandit, if he's not salty enough to have information worth torturing out of him... 15. With his disadvantage in reaction rolls from others, his second roll is a natural 1.

The bandit just can't seem to look away from Jonas' stick enough for the offer of a carrot to appeal to him.

None the less, he explains the hideout is... built up, on top of ruins. The surroundings are an overgrown clearing, with no trail that leads to it, although there is a stream nearby.

The bandits are a mixed bag, he says. Some are tough, a couple are as green as him, and the ringleaders circle are all dangerous fellas.

Well, at least you know the exact surroundings of the camp, and have a vague idea of their composition. You know one took off running, and it wasn't towards town...
No. 975963 ID: f56a2b

Eudes: How's your... work, coming along then, 'Skaandar?

Iskaandar: Feenesh'd.

Eudes: Blood, why did it take you so long in town?

Iskaandar: Beecause I waas prepaaring a reeal thraaal for my purpohses. Thees is juust a beeast. Eet weel keep puushing to town.

Speeaking of, puushing on... eet will rott in a daay or soh. Unlehs we buy another ponee...


The bandit captain's corpse was found in the trees: he had a quiver of good arrows, a *very* nice long bow, and while he wasn't wearing a uniform, his distinctive gloves--

Jonas: "What did you say?"

Saline: "He was wearing these garish, crimson gloves!"

Jonas: "Let me see those-- no, let me take a look at that corpse."


Jonas: "Well, I'll be damned. It's old Deadshot Duncan. So much for those lucky gloves, you dumb prick... how did I get the drop on this guy?"

Iskaandar: "Youu haave a heestory?"

Jonas: "No. We kept the same company, one time. Say, that bullet hole is real tiny... (Saline knows how to clean stuff flawlessly... right? Thank God old Duncan decided to shave today, I could probably disguise myself as him. It'd be a real tough bluff, though... unless he hasn't changed a bit in four years.)

In any case, we're damn lucky. He could have probably taken four of us with three arrows. Thank God I had that weapon loaded--

Iskaandar: "I eemplore yuu, stahp with that babble. Yoou had thee pressssence of miind to bear yor we-pon loaded, while expecteeng an amboosh. No... so called God was eenvolved.

Saline: "Your piety should not be so conditional, Jonas. If you would like to be assured of your good fate now, and in the hereafter, please do not hesitate to-"

Iskaandar: "SHUTT thee FU--"

Eudes: "FELLOWS! The bandit captain had a wineskin on him! Why don't we just put our troubles aside and unwind a little!"

Iskaandar and Saline: ...

Jonas: Give me that, now.

While you have lost a mercenary, the two who you healed and stabilized are now further loyal to your cause, and will continue to follow you. Mercenary (shield), who acted as Jonas meat shield, is not as enthralled, and is caught between the severe fighting and losses, but is impressed by your abilities and your efforts to help his comrades. He remains loyal to your coin. At least he isn't asking for his wages in advance.

The mortally wounded pony is now up and ready to go. It is not a true wight, however, and is merely being compelled to go on. It is too dumb to really be helped at this point, but it will still drive the cart until it falls apart.

Well? What say you? Push on to find the camp and track the bandit, striking while the iron is hot? Return to town, gather more strength? It would take the rest of the day, unless you aim to return at night... Some kind of party-splitting plan, half and half responsibilities?
No. 975967 ID: f56a2b

Oh, and of course, you did cut a few ears off...
No. 975970 ID: e7c7d3

Continue on to the bandit camp
No. 976267 ID: f56a2b
File 160003465362.png - (127.54KB , 960x540 , 23.png )

There's a hesitation, as everyone waits for the other shoe to drop...

With a flourish, Jonas tosses the empty wineskin into the treeline.

Jonas: "Iskaandar, Saline, watch the mercenaries and clean this shit up. Bury the one we lost."

Iskaandar: "Ohh? And whoo maade youu boss?"

Jonas: "If you want to keep glaring daggers at Saline knock yourself out. I'm taking Eudes and catching that other hood."

Eudes: "Right, what the man said!"


It didn't take long to find him; he had no idea how to cover his tracks, and catching up to him was trivial.

A quick application of threat and knife later, he was convinced to reform his ways and give the party directions to the bandit camp.

You have successfully discovered the bandit camp.
No. 976268 ID: f56a2b
File 160003467892.png - (68.27KB , 960x540 , 24.png )

Prologue Complete.

You cashed in no treasure.

You lost no heroes.

You lost no companions.

You lost 1 follower:
Mercenary (Driver)

You got 4 kills.
Bandit x 3
Bandit Captain x 1

You gained loyalty:
Mercenary (Halberd): +1 (now +1)
Mercenary (Spear): +1 (now +1)
No. 976271 ID: f56a2b
File 160003486821.png - (120.12KB , 960x540 , 25.png )

"And so as metal does, do to yourself, Purge the mind of impurities; base slag. They are but the stuff of darkness and lies; The void they leave is room for light to grow." -Forges 14:15, The Book of BRASS

"Make your body run, until it is too tired to move.
Run your mind through its paces, until it is too scattered to think.
Twist your soul without remorse, until it is too wretched to feel.
Then, reader-disciple, you must force yourself to move.
Force yourself to think. Force yourself to feel.
Meditate on this well, for it is the basis of all noble Necromancy."
-Foreword, The 619 Invocations by Battuta

No. 976295 ID: f56a2b

RACE: Ooze Kobold
CLASS: Priest (Cleric of Bleachus)

Str: Average
Int: Poor
Wis: Great
Con: Good
Dex: Bad
Cha: Average

-Cleric Initiate (Law/Bleachus): Saline is able to heal wounds, turn mindless undead, exorcise minor spirits, and purify spoiled material.
As she is pledged to Law, she may not consort with the forces of Chaos, or she loses these abilities until she atones. As she is pledged to Bleachus, her Purification/Turning/Exorcism is empowered, or roughly 50% more effective in all regards. She cannot, however, use Harm, Blight, or Undeath magic whether herself or by a device.

-Empowered Purification
-Empowered Turning
-Empowered Exorcism
-Will be turned away by institutions of Chaos.

-Cannot use Harm magic.
-Cannot use Blight magic.
-Cannot use Undeath magic.
-Can gain access to some institutions of Law.
-Saline may only make use of equipment as a humanoid would when she is in an appropriate Chassis like plate armor. If she is not in something at least as put together as plate, she will only be able to act as an ooze would.
No. 976296 ID: f56a2b

RACE: Vermin Swarm
CLASS: Mage (Necromancer)
ALIGNMENT: Chaos (-1)

Str: Bad
Int: Great
Wis: Average
Con: Average
Dex: Good
Cha: Poor

-Necromancer Initiate (Chaos): Iskaandar is acquainted with the fundamentals of necromancy, and can: reanimate a corpse as a mindless drone, properly embalm a corpse, infuse a corpse to create a wight, rot or spoil food, and spread necrosis by touch. As he has aligned himself with Chaos and had a proper schooling in Necromancy, all of his spells are 50% more powerful. His spells require the use of his Athame, and will not work without it.

-Empowered Necromancy
-Can regain health and mass by eating corpses
-Can gain access to some institutions of Chaos.

-Cannot use Divination magic.
-Cannot be healed by Law magic.
-Will be turned away by institutions of Law.
No. 976297 ID: f56a2b

RACE: Human
CLASS: Warrior (Fighter)
ALIGNMENT: Unaligned (+0)

Str: Very Good
Int: Average
Wis: Average
Con: Very Good
Dex: Very Good
Cha: Poor

-Ranger: Jonas enjoys a reliable degree of competency at hunting, dressing, tracking, stalking, and exploring wilderness.

-Has a great ability to lead companions and followers, and enjoys higher effective loyalty from them.

-Alcoholic, and has a bad temper.
-Has a poor ability to influence and convince others diplomatically.
No. 976298 ID: f56a2b

RACE: Trueblood (Blue) Dracon
CLASS: Rogue (Bard)
ALIGNMENT: Unaligned (+0)

Str: Average
Int: Good
Wis: Average
Con: Average
Dex: Very Good
Cha: Great

-Draconic Manifestation (I): Eudes has the ability to channel electricity every so often. This can be done at will, but it diminishes with repeated use and can take up to a day to return to full strength.
-Bardic Magic: Eudes can, with magic song or music, influences others emotions whether to bolster or manipulate.

-Has a great ability to influence others.

-A wanted man.
-Is lustful to the point of preoccupation.
No. 976388 ID: f56a2b
File 160012509846.png - (659.58KB , 960x540 , 26.png )

The one in the middle had gone to check on the pot, while his compatriots continued to keep watch... four accounted for. Where were the other 16?

You have arrived at the Bandit Camp. There are four tents of unremarkable make, and one garishly colored tent from which light emanates. In the middle of the camp sits a stout pot full of something or other, while a fire goes underneath it. Ringing the entire camp is a palisade of tall stakes, pointed outward with sharpened tips, only interrupted by a small break in the pike-line at one spot and a tower at another. A door is the only notable feature in its facade, shut tight.

Please take the moment to review your character sheets to know your abilities you have at hand. Your inventory is as it was before, only notably with a couple bows and some arrows from the bandits loot, as well as the outfit of the bandit's captain, Deadshot Duncan.

For the moment, you have the advantage of surprise, and have not been spotted.

A number of possibilities are obvious, and you can of course come up with many more:

>Disguise Jonas as the dead captain and [blank]? (This is dicey, Jonas might know Duncan's mannerisms but that doesn't mean he's going to do well... still, maybe you can make the most of that. His chances are best alone, and if caught at close range with no backup, he will almost certainly be dead meat...)

>Launch an assault on the compound today? They may well not see it coming. Launch an assault on the compound tonight? It gives them time to figure things out, but it would be dark... both are risky, but both offer certain advantages.

>Return to town? You do know the bandits location after all... There are a lot of variables at play here, and you are ceding the initiative to them. They will certainly figure out they have lost their raiding party.

>Talk to your two new bandit buddies? You've gone over the broad strokes of the operation, and you've found the bandit camp with their directions, but surely you can think of other ways to approach them while you have them on hand.
No. 976401 ID: b1b4f3

Even if there are only four bandits here and the others are out raiding, I don't think you'd win a straight fight. They have a fortified position, and you don't have much of a numbers advantage.
Maybe you can lure them out of the fortification with Jonas in disguise? He can approach the camp, seemingly wounded, and collapse just inside the clearing. Should lure at least a couple of the bandits out of camp. If you blast the bandits still behind fortification with a volley of ranged attacks and take out the bandits "helping" Jonas you may be able to force your way in past the barricade. At that point the first priority is to keep the tower's door closed to avoid any reinforcements from that direction, then you can do battle with any bandits that were in the tents. Fairly straightforward and reasonable.

It could go even better if you turn the two captives into zombies and use them as meat shields. It's either that or leave them tied up somewhere before the fight so they can't interfere.

Would it be possible to climb the tower from the far side? If you can sneak up to it without the camp noticing and get everyone to the top, you could try fighting down it where the environment is more to your advantage.
No. 976473 ID: f56a2b
File 160022162276.png - (583.43KB , 540x960 , 27.png )

Jonas: "Hey, just had an idea... we're all pretty decent at climbing, why don't we--"

And then, he looks.

And he sees.

"What... in blazes...!?"
No. 976474 ID: b1b4f3

Well now I want to ignore the bandits and sneak into the tower.
No. 976478 ID: f56a2b
File 160022273488.png - (376.12KB , 540x960 , 28.png )

"How... WE should have SEEN THIS!"
No. 976493 ID: e7c7d3

Has there been any rumours about wizards causing problems in the area?
No. 976494 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you could ask your captives why they didn't mention the infinitely tall tower.
No. 976534 ID: f56a2b
File 160030970870.png - (487.57KB , 960x540 , 29.png )

There have been no rumors about any wizardry in the area. As far as the party knew, the only action in this slice of the country for a while is clearing out these bandits, and you've heard nothing of a tower that goes into the sky.

Jonas wonders why the captive didn't mention the impossibly high tower.

Jonas: "Listen. What did I fuckin' say. About bullshitting us. Why didn't you mention this." As he speaks, his voice gets harder, and his nostrils flare.

First Captive: "I-I-I didn't think you'd believe me... Y-you touch me and I'll scream! They'll know you're here!"

Second Captive: "What in Gods' names are you talking about, you nutter?"

Jonas: "The fucking TOW--" He quickly catches himself and begins again, "the fucking tower! Look at it! Are you fucking kidding me?!"

Second Captive: "Yeah, it's a tower... we told you the camp was near some ruins. Why are you freaking the fuck out? We haven't done anything!"

Jonas: "Eudes, tell me: am I just going fucking nuts here? Look at it!"

Eudes stares straight ahead, past Jonas

Eudes: "Jonas, what am I looking at?"

Jonas: "See it's-"

Eudes: "A tower. One that's crumbling to pieces, at that. What has gotten into you old boy?"
No. 976535 ID: b1b4f3

...what? Is it based on proximity? Get Eudes to stand closer, like where you are. Tell him that to you, the tower isn't ruined at all. It's stretching into the sky so far you can't see the top.
No. 976562 ID: f56a2b
File 160036500417.png - (402.33KB , 960x540 , 30.png )

Jonas takes a swig from his flask and lets out a sigh.

Jonas: "Just come a little closer."

Eudes shifts forward a bit, and then gets even closer; closer than Jonas is to the camp.

Jonas: "Well?"

Eudes: "I don't see it, but... I believe you when you say you see it, my friend. It's baffling. To me, it just looks like it's about yay high," he indicates a height of what might only be between three or four storeys off the ground, "and near the top especially it's crumbling and falling to pieces."

Jonas: "Yeah, no. It's literally completely untouched save for some vines, and it's so goddamn fucking tall I can't see the top. It vanishes into the sky."

Eudes: "My man, we would have seen that from the road if that were the case..."

Jonas: "I know, but I'm seeing it now. Something is wrong with you."

First Captive: "I s-see it too. It's just like you said, it's so tall I can't see the top of it..."
No. 976569 ID: c36238

Well, to figure it out, the camp must be rid of those thugs. So, job's the same.
Most of the tactics stated by >>976401 still apply.
No. 976632 ID: f56a2b
File 160046869890.png - (398.86KB , 960x540 , 31.png )

Eudes: "Let's agree to disagree."

Jonas: "No. You--"

Eudes: "We have a camp full of thugs to be rid of. Who knows what is going on here? Believe in me, Jonas, we will have a much better time of it when we get to the base of that tower. Lets--"


The second captive freezes, his attempt discovered. You have but a moment to choose how Jonas and Eudes will react.
No. 976988 ID: 12b116

Shoot him with lightning!
No. 976989 ID: e7c7d3

Eudes, aggressively apply your body onto that captive. aka. a diving tackle!

Jonas, keep the first captive in your sights
No. 976990 ID: cdabe3

This sounds good
No. 977631 ID: f56a2b
File 160150178639.png - (186.53KB , 960x540 , 32.png )

Jonas keeps his eyes on that first captive, while Eudes goes for the runner!

Eudes, 4
Captive, 3

Eudes keeps in range of the Captive long enough for a sure hit from his lightning!

Captive: "ARghh---kkk-!"

He's out of breath and on the ground after being electrocuted and tackled. Securing him is not an issue. The first captive, with two against him, submits to being tied up as well.

The crisis averted, Eudes and Jonas head back to hash things out with the party...


As they go over what they saw, another thing becomes apparent: only the first captive and Jonas can see the tower go into the sky, but also the purple and gold tent near the fire wasn't remarkable at all to Eudes or the second captive, who say it looked just like any other tent.

A quick job is done outlining the layout of their base...

The entire camp sits on an elevation, with the tower at one end of it. The slope around is going to be mean to fight up, and there's only one visible entrance at Side 1.

Side 2 appears to have a guard posted, and is where the tower is.

Side 3 has a guard posted, and is on the far side from where you first found the camp.

Side 4 has a guard posted, and is the side that has the purple tent that only Jonas and the first captive can see, the same case as is with the tower going into the sky.
No. 977632 ID: f56a2b
File 160150180544.png - (127.85KB , 960x540 , 33.png )

The equipment is divvied up between the available fighters:

-Jonas has his gun, probably the deadliest of the ranged weapons.

-Eudes can take ahold of a bow, but he's not great with it and it's not a great bow.

-Saline... cannot use the weapons. Between her stature, her form, and the restrictions of the armor, she didn't bring a ranged weapon of her own.

-Iskaandar has his bundle of war-darts, and can't handle much heavier than that.

-Iskaandar's thrall is pretty worn out, but is also too monstrous to really wield anything.

-Mercenary (Spear) wants to sit this one out, still weary from his near death experience after being shot. The other two mercenaries are able to arm themselves with a bow and a crossbow.

There are also the two captives, who are tied up. As it is, M(S) would be willing to sit back and watch them while you assaulted the camp, but there was a possibility mentioned of turning them into zombies...

There's also Jonas and his possible disguise, which hasn't been finalized yet.

>What is the plan of attack? Who is going to be positioned on which side?
No. 977637 ID: e7c7d3

M(S) staying behind sounds good. Kind of sounds like there's really no good way to assault this fort. Perhaps Iskaandar and the crossbow mercenary can go up side 2 and try to take out the guard there. The tower might block the others in the fort from noticing what's wrong. Either way, Eudes, Saline, and the thrall would have to move up towards the gate on side 1 regardless. Have the bow mercenary go with them to offer covering fire. Jonas could maybe go from side 4 and keep an eye out if a wizard or something pops out of the fancy tent.
No. 978112 ID: f56a2b
File 160212896251.png - (36.29KB , 590x532 , 34e.png )

Jonas watches carefully from the tree line. His gun is up and he is waiting for a shot; that fancy tent has something in it for sure.

Side 1
Round 1, Surprise round!
Mercenary shoots his crossbow, 19 hits, 5 damage!
Iskaandar throws his war dart, 12 hits, 2 damage!

Round 2
Mercenary: 12
Bandit Side 1: 6
Iskaandar: 1

Mercenary shoots his crossbow, 16 hits, 5 damage!
Side 2

Surprise round!

Eudes, Saline, Thrall, and a mercenary with a Bow advance towards the gate.

Round 2
Mercenary: 20!
(Bandit Side 1): 6
Eudes: 5
Saline: 4
Thrall: Without his master's lead, Thrall always acts last.

The mercenary seizes the initiative so well, he's able to get a shot on the Side 1 Bandit with advantage!
Mercenary shoots his bow, 12 hits, 4 damage! The Side 1 Bandit is perforated. Combat ends.
No. 978113 ID: f56a2b
File 160212899397.png - (74.75KB , 960x540 , 35.png )

Iskaandar and his mercenary manage to get up to the edge of the tower.

Eudes, Saline, Thrall, and their mercenary manage to get up to the gate.

Jonas continues to keep overwatch on the tent.

You have only a moment before the missing guard is noticed and you are discovered. You must choose how to act now that you are up close and currently unnoticed.

Iskaandar has discovered a magical tripwire at SIDE 1!

No. 978114 ID: f56a2b

fuck, i got the sides mixed up. when they say "side 1" i meant "side 2" and vice versa.
No. 978118 ID: 349d05

Good. Without the wall to deal with, this gets a lot easier.

Keep overwatch.
Everybody else gather at the gate.

Side 1 team (except Thrall, who is best to guard the mage) charge up the side to hit the side 3 guy.
Side 2 team (+ Thrall) fire at the guy mid-camp. To attempt melee, he'd have to hit the tripwire.

Hopefully the melee charge devastates their morale of these thugs, but either way there should be a lot of tactical leeway. Side 2 team covers a place to fall back to or escape if required, while side 1 team is able to move to hit mid-camp or side 4 after the side 3 guy is dealt with. Plus, we have overwatch to deal with... surprises.

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