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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 158369174360.png - (469.34KB , 900x900 , Far Side Of Nowhere#1.png )
958546 No. 958546 ID: 75ea94

Quest may be NSFW

aahhgg, god my heads pounding, I Hate when its so bad that I cant remember my fuck'n name...
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No. 958547 ID: 75ea94
File 158369182354.png - (329.62KB , 900x900 , Far Side Of Nowhere#2.png )

...BEEP and that phone won't stop buzzing
No. 958549 ID: 0fb3be

Flop your hand over it to stop the buzzing. What're the messages?
No. 958551 ID: 0fae41

Defenestrate phone.
No. 958552 ID: 470289

Check your messages
No. 958555 ID: 094652

Your name is Snurps Raltzen and you are still sick of this farce.

Call your boss and tell him you quit. Again. For the 235th time. Despite him managing to 'convince' you not to quit each time.
No. 958556 ID: 891b91

Check messages and missed calls, and see about getting some water to help with that hangover. If you've got painkillers, take a couple of those too.

>Quest may be NSFW
Discard underwear out the window.
No. 958557 ID: e7c7d3

Get to the medicine cabinet in the washroom to get something for your head. Bring phone which may or may not get dropped in to the toilet
No. 958561 ID: 2aa5f0

check phone
No. 958566 ID: b07f1c

>Discard underwear out the window.

Also, rub your genitals while checking the phone.
No. 958567 ID: a0dfd2


Bro, all over the bed? Now you gotta clean the mattress.
No. 958569 ID: 6e6f32

That's because you got waiting messages, Jim.
No. 958578 ID: b1b4f3

Name: Takrik.

Answer the dumb phone but be grumpy about it.
No. 958580 ID: 75ea94
File 158370397155.png - (370.48KB , 900x900 , Far Side Of Nowhere#3.png )

I very sloppily get up, nock'n the beer cans and pillows off the bed, and I head for the med cabinet for some headache pills
I get the urge to throw my phone and boxer's across the room, but I got messages to read...
>Bro, all over the bed? Now you gotta clean the mattress.
Great I love cleaning my fuck'n sheets

2 missed calls from the quartermaster, and one from an unknown number?

the first message is from an old friend, Durak 5 minute ago
Hey bro! so you're finally getting out, let me know when your ship docks and il come pick you up!

second message is from my roommate Jully 10 munites ago
Hey get you drunk ass to the mess hall, I got something for you Raltzen
No. 958581 ID: 0fae41

turn mattress over. Solved.
Put on a shirt and shoes and get to the other mess.
No. 958583 ID: b1b4f3

Call the quartermaster back to ask if there was something urgent.
No. 958584 ID: 470289

Ask Durak to remind you of your name
No. 958586 ID: b07f1c

Nice name.

Hurry to the mess hall while forgetting to dress up.
No. 958588 ID: 891b91

Fuck it, call the unknown number! Mysteries exist to be solved!
No. 958594 ID: e51896

unknown numbers are usually freaking scammers trying to scam us out of our money. we can probably block that and forget about it.
No. 958598 ID: 2aa5f0

drink some water and take a shower to help with that hangover then head down to the mess hall to grab something greasy.
No. 958600 ID: cdabe3

Discard underwear out the window.
No. 958619 ID: b8bf3b

Hygiene, clothes, then go to mess hall.
No. 958768 ID: 75ea94
File 158382809912.png - (548.80KB , 900x900 , Far Side Of Nowhere#4.png )

off goes the boxers as I take a shower to sober up and to get that beer stench out of my fur.
there are no towels for some reason...

after a quick oscillation, I flip the mattress over and begin to head out the door.
No. 958769 ID: 75ea94
File 158382810479.png - (376.51KB , 900x900 , FSN#5.png )

on my way I text Durak
>... Its Raltzen bro, are you ok..
I call the quartermaster while I head to the mess hall
he says that I have two days to come down and get my things if I decide to not re-enlist.
No. 958770 ID: 75ea94
File 158382810811.png - (295.24KB , 900x900 , FSN#6.png )

The mess hall is pretty empty I got here right before closing time, I get some chow and I head to my spot.
No. 958771 ID: 75ea94
File 158382811223.png - (193.96KB , 900x900 , FSN#7.png )

while trying to enjoy my food a heef ambushes me.
>"hey Raltzen you're late, and god you smell like booze don't let an officer catch you like that"

It's just Jully, and why is she wearing that dress? were on a military ship.
"hey, Jully... what's up?"
>"I got ya something" she pulls out a small case from her bag "don't open it till you get back to our room!"

I kinda want to call her out on the dress...
No. 958772 ID: 0efe8e

Nothing to do but ask
"Why the dress, ya got a fancy party to attend?"
No. 958777 ID: 91ee5f

>It's just Jully, and why is she wearing that dress? were on a military ship.
Isn’t it obvious? It’s shore leave, which is permission to spend time ashore, usually 48 hours or more, granted to a member of a ship's company.

That means that the ship is going to be docking nearby for her and anyone else to get off the ship to relax a little.
No. 958779 ID: cdabe3

but say it with a smile :)
No. 958780 ID: 2aa5f0

call unknown number after food is consumed and you're done talking to your roommate. Maybe ask if they know the number.
No. 958785 ID: a9af05

This might be a case of you agreeing to something and then forgetting about it when you got drunk. Which would mean that the gift might be related to why she's wearing that fancy dress.

You should go ahead and ask if you agreed to do something when you were drunk because you forgot already.

>Shore leave
That makes sense. It at least explains the fancy dress she's wearing.
No. 958788 ID: 4286b4

Take the case and tell her that if she wanted to fug, all she had to do was ask.
No. 958789 ID: ce39da

Uh... Did something happen to your tail?
No. 958835 ID: 75ea94
File 158388942688.png - (322.23KB , 900x900 , FSN8.png )

>Uh... Did something happen to your tail?
apparently, It was there before... I need to stop drinking

>Isn’t it obvious? It’s shore leave
ah yes that's right we're docked, my mind is still scattered from last night

I try to put on my best smile
"Why the dress, ya got a fancy party to attend?"
>"More like a board meeting on controlling alcohol and drug abuse amongst soldiers"
"Wow the captains doing such a great job at that, your not gonna snitch on me are ya"
>"not yet. speaking of party's I do want to go to that fancy club Qu-Multae"

" about the box, did I agree to something while I was drunk? because if I did I don't remember"
she seems a little annoyed when I ask that
>"well you did but that's unrelated, its a going-away gift since your conscription is up"

I almost forgot
"Hey, I got a call from a strange number do you recognize it?"
>"No, do you get random calls from strange numbers often?"
>"Well are you gonna cal-" she is interrupted by the phone as it starts ringing.
No. 958836 ID: 2aa5f0

Same number? if so ask your bunkmate if you should put it on speaker.

After call ask her if she knows what happened to your tail.
No. 958837 ID: 22646d

Man, does anyone actually answer calls from random numbers these days? If it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail.

Now, I think we should be more concerned about this club that jully wants to go to.
No. 958839 ID: b1b4f3

Answer phone. No reason not to.
No. 958840 ID: 0efe8e

Answer the phone, put it on speaker, and then, without hanging up, eat the phone to assert dominance
No. 958843 ID: 717003

Eh just block it. Probably scammers.
No. 958853 ID: e51896

send to voicemail if it is so important.
No. 958922 ID: bf880e

Ignore phone, ask Jully about this club that's piqued her interest. Maybe you two could go together to celebrate you getting out.
No. 958923 ID: ecd116

Answer that phone. who know it probably about someone you met or something you did while drunk. it may even answers the question about what happen to that tail of yours you lost. and if it indeed a spam/scam/unwanted phone number just block it after the fact and/or report it later to the people who deal with that kind of stuff.
No. 959007 ID: 15a025

Pick it up and put it on speaker so Jully can hear too.
No. 960544 ID: cdb7be


I'm confused about the tail, like is that just a funky colouration? If it is actually severed you wouldn't just leave it like that if you wanted to retain a reasonable amount of blood/avoid infection surely :P

Answer the phone and put on a stereotypical accent from another country to hide your voice (even though there's caller ID)
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