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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 157733304597.png - (142.01KB , 800x800 , Untitled177_20191216190847.png )
952179 No. 952179 ID: 013c2c

It's a little after eight now. You know you won't see anyone outside, but you can't help but pull back the curtains and take a peek anyways.

Just as you thought, nothing. You live out here all alone after all, just the way you like it. The closest thing nearby is the church, but no one there would have any reason to visit you. Same for the townsfolk.

It's perfect, it means you get to practice in private.
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No. 952180 ID: 013c2c
File 157733316804.png - (283.88KB , 800x800 , Untitled178_20191216203047.png )

Your name is MELODIE ENCARNACIÓN, and it's time to get to work.
No. 952181 ID: 013c2c
File 157733330476.png - (17.66KB , 800x800 , Untitled181_20191225194718.png )

You head down to the basement, just for that extra sense of privacy. It's not like you're going to be doing anything illegal, you have the proper license for your craft after all. You just don't like the idea of people knowing what you do, hearing it, maybe even getting a peek…

You just don't like people in general. That's why you need a proxy to interact with the townsfolk on your behalf. Someone to work in town to generate a little bit of extra income.

And someone to talk to that won't judge you.
No. 952182 ID: 013c2c
File 157733339126.png - (33.70KB , 800x800 , Untitled183_20191225215138.png )

You carefully step around the transmutation circle in the center of the basement floor, making your way to the bookshelf containing your ingredient case, enchanted to preserve the components needed for your experiments. It's bigger than it looks on the inside.

You have nine different ingredients right now that are suitable for making a homunculus, but you only need three in order to make one. If you add anything more than that then things might get...ugly…
No. 952184 ID: 013c2c
File 157733348035.png - (112.28KB , 800x860 , Untitled184_20191225225611.png )

Your ingredients:

-The eye of a dire falcon

-A handful of mermaid scales

-A pair of wings from a chamomile moth

-A flower. It's your favorite, the Remnant Rose

-A tentacle

-A slime core

-A unicorn horn

-Goat hooves

-A cat's paw

What will you choose to make your homunculus?
No. 952185 ID: 8163dc

Rose, wing, Eye
No. 952187 ID: 476261

the horn, the scales, and the eye
No. 952188 ID: 565d20

Eye, rose, hooves.
No. 952189 ID: 914fbf

Unicorn, rose and cat paw
No. 952190 ID: 094652

Scales, wings, paw.
No. 952191 ID: 1b84c9

The moth wings, the unicorn horn, and the rose.

Also make sure not to accidentally spill any Chemical X into the concoction.
No. 952192 ID: 0fae41

Moth wings, flower, unicorn horn.
No. 952193 ID: e7c7d3

The eye, unicorn horn, and some good ol' goat hooves
No. 952194 ID: 91ee5f

Scales, wings, flower
No. 952195 ID: 39baec

Rose, Moth wings, Slime Core
No. 952197 ID: 2aa5f0

mermaid scales

chamomile moth wings

And flower
No. 952198 ID: 977456

Moth, Rose, Tentacles. The perfect combination of mobility, aesthetics, and dexterity. It's the total package.
No. 952200 ID: 6e6f32

The flower - Put a bit of your your own love in there.
The Unicorn Horn - Magic!
The Moth Wings - Beauty and flight? Hell yeah!
No. 952203 ID: 4c9342

A flower,A tentacle,Goat hooves.
No. 952204 ID: 10c408

scales, wings, horn.
No. 952212 ID: d5a6bc

Wings,rose, horn
No. 952218 ID: 745eba

Rose, Wings, Paw
No. 952232 ID: 8519bc

-A handful of mermaid scales
-A unicorn horn
-Goat hooves
No. 952240 ID: a9af05

Scales, wings, flower
No. 952241 ID: 013c2c
File 157748808195.png - (68.09KB , 800x800 , Untitled185_20191226123955.png )

You think about your options for a moment, and all the different combinations you can make. The three ingredients that stand out the most in your mind are the FLOWER, HORN, and MOTH WINGS, so you decide to go with this combination. There'll be time to make more homunculi later, for now you just want to focus on one.

You put away the rest of the ingredients and take the one you chose to the transmutation circle, placing them in the center. You're almost there, all you have to do is concentrate now, and pull the energy from the air around you so that you can shape it into a new form, a new person.

You take a step back, and begin.
No. 952242 ID: 013c2c
File 157748814005.png - (175.83KB , 800x800 , Untitled186_20191226141443.png )

You concentrate, focused only on the space in front of you. There's an almost electric feeling in the air as your energy stimulates it, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Your energy begins to manifest in your fingertips as you point straight ahead, directing it where you want it to go.
No. 952243 ID: 013c2c
File 157748820213.png - (37.36KB , 800x800 , Untitled187_20191226215852.png )

The circle reacts to your energy, lighting itself aflame. The flames roar in front of you, tendrils mere centimeters away from your fingertips, you aren't burned. The fire is merely warm, not scorching, as it's focused on creation instead of destruction.

Faintly, you see the shape of a person begin to form, and concentrate your efforts there. There's only so much you can influence, everything's still up to chance, even at your skill level, but you can still put in some efforts towards their appearance… Another female around here might be nice…
No. 952244 ID: 013c2c
File 157748825631.png - (54.44KB , 653x900 , Untitled188_20191227180158.png )

Finally, the flames die down, and you see your creation before you. She hasn't even noticed you yet, getting her footing on her hooves as she examines herself, wings fluttering as if to test them.

You...actually did it. You knew it was going to be fine, but you couldn't help but worry anyways. It could've easily gone wrong, she could've come out incomplete, or fail to be created at all, yet she's here, alive and well. As far as you can tell anyways.

You try to greet her, but your voice catches in your throat. What if you say the wrong thing? What if she already resents you for making her? You need to...think about what to say…

...And she needs a name too.
No. 952245 ID: 0fae41

"Hey Fluffleflut. How do you feel?"
No. 952246 ID: 6e6f32

What about Fluffletuft.

Also obviously HUGS are in order, whatever you say!
No. 952252 ID: 2aa5f0

well simplest name I could think of is rose

something a bit less obvious... Zenith
No. 952255 ID: 476261

hmm... you could just ask her what she would like to be named, if she understands that?

otherwise, seconding fluffletuft
No. 952256 ID: 74be4d

Why not just shorten it too 'Fluff'?
No. 952257 ID: e7c7d3

"Ohmigod, you're not a mistake of creation! Er, I mean, you're not as horrible as I though you'd be. No! I mean I mean that you're quite pretty and I want to call you Princess Fluffletuft..."
No. 952258 ID: 91ee5f

I’m voting for Rose.

>what to say?
Hello. How do you feel?
No. 952260 ID: 977456

Ask her to call you Homunculus. This being a quest, the protagonist's mentor is going to die horribly. Being "Homunculus Quest" the protagonist is Homunculus. Be the protagonist! Or at the very least set yourself up to become a ghost-protagonist so you can stick around and harass people after your horrible horrible demise.
No. 952296 ID: a9af05

>She needs a name.
You'd better not give her a stupid sounding name, otherwise she's going to hate you for that.

Let's call her Rose.
No. 952310 ID: 094652

No. 952311 ID: feecd8

Rose is a nice name.
No. 952316 ID: 977456

>>952310 Could we send her on a quest for The Sword of Beowulf?
No. 952400 ID: 013c2c
File 157775724260.png - (41.51KB , 800x800 , Untitled190_20191230103307.png )

You dwell on it for a second, several names coming to mind, as well as different things to ask and how to approach her.

>Give her a hug?

Oh, absolutely not. She looks cute, and at least she isn't going for your throat straight away, but you need to scope out her temperament before initiating any physical contact. That's how one of your colleagues got skewered by his first creation.

>Ask her how she's feeling?
>Ask her what she wants to be named?

Yeah, that's a good starting point. You should see if she's capable of making choices, or even thinking for that matter. You never know what these things know until you speak to them. She's fine physically, as far as you know, but could always be a failure mentally.

YOU: "Uh...hey."
No. 952401 ID: 013c2c
File 157775734114.png - (33.55KB , 497x648 , Untitled189_20191230090623.png )

The homunculus stops looking at herself and focuses her attention on you instead. Her eyes are filled with curiosity, and you can't help but feel your words catch in your throat again. What if you say the wrong thing? What if she already hates you?

Looking into her eyes hurts too much, and you look away before you speak, fumbling your words.

YOU: "Ah, wow… Y-You're not a mistake! I-I mean, no! You came out great! Yeah, yeah, you're...great… How do you feel?"

HOMUNCULUS: "I'm...okay I guess? I'm not sure how I feel yet. Did you mention a mistake?"

Full grasp of speech? Check. That's a good sign, but at the same time you notice the hurt in her tone… You have to salvage this quickly.

YOU: "J-Just a slip of the tongue. I was just worried about your wellbeing, making life is risky business. Before we worry about anything else...have you thought about what you want to be called?"

Might as well test her attention span too.

HOMUNCULUS: "You mean..my name?"

YOU: "Yeah, that. I've thought of a few names, Rose, Fluffletuft, Zenith, Bubblegum, and...Hanabi-Aster-Rose-Mallow. What do you want to be called? It doesn't have to be one of those names either."
No. 952402 ID: 013c2c
File 157775740428.png - (49.69KB , 800x800 , Untitled191_20191230203524.png )


Oh sweet Amalnah, she hates all the suggestions, doesn't she? Maybe you've already failed. Maybe she'll…
No. 952403 ID: 013c2c
File 157775748383.png - (190.06KB , 800x800 , Untitled191_20191230204008.png )

HOMUNCULUS: "How about… Rosefluff? That sounds nice to me!"

You risk a glance at her, and see her practically beaming with joy, making your heart swell a bit with pride. Perhaps you haven't failed yet.

She seems to have a pleasant demeanor, so she's hopefully fit to interact with society. Check.

And you'll mark down her own idea for her name as a check for creative thought. She's not your first attempt, but definitely already more developed than the ones you've made in the past.

You should keep the conversation going, to scope out more of her personality before moving on to tests what she likes and dislikes. You've got a lot of ground to cover before you can sleep tonight.
No. 952404 ID: 8e18b2

"Do you know anything about the world yet? Or to start at a smaller place... is there anything you'd like to do or test out? If not I could try and figure something out with you."

On that note I'd be curious if she knows how to read! Or if she still has to learn that
No. 952405 ID: 9e44f8

Get her to walk around, see if she can fly, just check everything works. Give her a hair accessory or a piece of clothing. What might she like?
No. 952406 ID: e7c7d3

Clothing choices seem like a safe way to figure out tastes and preferences.
No. 952407 ID: 2aa5f0

uh... ask if she's hungry?
No. 952408 ID: b1b4f3

Oh, if we're doing tests then you should do a basic physical examination. All the limbs working properly? Good coordination? Hearing seems fine, what about sight? Sense of touch, smell, taste?
No. 952409 ID: 476261


seconding this! even if shes not a baby, per se, she might be just adjusting to her body LIKE a baby
No. 952415 ID: 91ee5f

>"How about…Rosefluff? That sounds nice to me!"
“That’s a good name! From now on, your name is Rosefluff!”

>What do?
All of the suggestions above mine.
No. 952420 ID: 977456

Test and train her coordination with some exercise. Try throwing an object back-and-forth between you. Aslo try some vocabulary stuff. Like, every time someone catches the object, they have to say a word, and it has to be either alliteration or rhyming with the previous word.
No. 952484 ID: 0fae41

Ask if she knows anything she likes to do.
No. 952518 ID: d5a6bc

Ask her what she thinks about herself
No. 954151 ID: 013c2c
File 157975114104.png - (59.07KB , 800x800 , Untitled193_20200122190749.png )

Sorry for taking so long to update! Between my job and playing the games I got for Christmas, this quest slipped my mind for a while. From now on, I'll be trying to update Homunculus Quest at least once a week! Maybe twice depending on the length of the updates. Thank you for your patience!

You need a moment to think, sorting through your thoughts. You'll get to all of them, you just need to decide what you can do now and what you can do later…

>Ask her if she knows where she is

That sounds like a good start. You tried to give her some basic knowledge of her surroundings, but you'll admit it, your concentration was waning towards the end of her creation, and you haven't explored much of the nearby town yet for yourself.

YOU: "That's a great name, you're Rosefluff from now on then. Do you know where you are?"

ROSEFLUFF: "Mhmm, I'm in your basement, right?"

YOU: "That's right! Now-"

ROSEFLUFF: "To be more specific, we're in your house on the outskirts of the town of Dewhurst, which is a tiny section of the Aether Republic, on the continent of-"

YOU: "Ahhh okay I get it! Th-That's good. You're good."

You have to say, you're really impressed with yourself, and Rosefluff too. Given by the warm way she's smiling at you, she sees to share the same sentiment.
No. 954152 ID: 013c2c
File 157975120472.png - (38.09KB , 800x800 , Untitled194_20200122202944.png )

YOU: "Now, I just wanna make sure everything's working alright."

You walk towards the left end of your basement, where you have a tiny examination section set up.

YOU: "From there, can you try to hover with your wings?"

She tries to flap her wings, the gust rustling a few things in the basement (thankfully not blowing them away), but she can't even get herself an inch above the ground. It looks like her wings are just for show, rather than allowing her flight. Makes sense, since she's not exactly a complete moth person.

She stops after a moment, biting down on her lower lip as she gives you a disappointed look. Except, it looks like she's more disappointed in herself.

ROSEFLUFF: "I-I'm sorry, I tried, but…"

YOU: "Hey, that's alright. Did it hurt when you flapped them?"


YOU: "That's all that matters then. Here, come take a seat."

You pat the table you're standing by, letting Rosefluff know that's where you want her.
No. 954153 ID: 013c2c
File 157975129511.png - (51.40KB , 800x800 , Untitled195_20200122223556.png )

She walks over to you slowly, testing her hooves on the cold stone floor, likely getting a feel for it. Finally, she reaches you, taking a seat on the table so you can begin checking her.

You go through all the usual stuff. Shining a little light in her eyes, checking her pulse, but she's quiet throughout the process, shifting uncomfortably on the table. Maybe you should have put down a sheet before having her sit there?

The silence is awkward, so you try to talk to her to fill the air.

YOU: "Is there anything you want to do after this?"

ROSEFLUFF: "I'm not sure, what's there to do here?"

YOU: "...Not much, honestly. I guess I could show you around the place once we finish up here."

You wonder if Rosefluff would like video games, or reading. You still have to test if she can read at all…

You test her reflexes with one of those little hammers, and you remember the other question you wanted to ask as you avoid getting a hoof to the face.

YOU: "Hey, Rosefluff, what do you think of yourself?"

She's quiet for a moment. That can't be good.

ROSEFLUFF: "I don't know… I know I just started, well, existing, but I can't help but feel...wrong I guess?"

Uh oh.

You risk a peek at her through your bangs. She's biting down on her lower lip again, clearly anxious. It's a sharp contrast compared to her cheery demeanor just a second ago, and your heart sinks as you realize she probably inherited that from you. You bite your lip too when you're getting pretty anxious.

ROSEFLUFF: "I-I can't even fly, what's the point of having wings if I can't even lift myself a few inches off the ground? What if there's other parts of me that just don't work right?"

Her tone is slightly choked up, and she's fumbling with her words a bit. Damn it, you need to think of something encouraging to say, something to help her get back on track...
No. 954159 ID: e7c7d3

Hey now, just because your wings can't make you fly doesn't mean they're broken. They're beautiful, that is more than enough purpose for them. As for the rest of you, that's what we're figuring out. Remember: just because it doesn't do what you think it should, doesn't mean you're broken.
No. 954164 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm, well, tell her that as she is now, she should be able to glide instead of fly, so her wings aren't useless. Perhaps someday she can use magic or magic items (assuming either of those things exist) to make herself lighter and achieve true flight. Also they look pretty!

Why did you make her anyway?
No. 954165 ID: 977456

Nobody really cares if their toenails are working properly. They stub their toes with or without, and it hurts with or without, and they just keep on going with or without. And butts! They developed to aid balance? Or posture? Or something? They never bother checking if their butt is making them lean at an angle or anything. Nobody knows what most of their body does, or if it is working properly, or even if it has a "properly" in which to work. Either we find a use for something, or we don't, or it even makes things difficult and we blame it for far more than it is due. Moths can fly, it was possible you could too, or maybe you still can and there is something we can learn or make to do it, but it was worth checking, we did check, and we didn't lose anything. What we learned is that you can make an impressive flow of air and probably shift your balance some, which is genuinely useful, and much more than my own wings can do! Just keep learning what you can do, and I am sure you will make all manner of great discoveries.
No. 954193 ID: 2aa5f0



Tell her it's alright, everything is all right. From what you're seeing she seems to be perfectly healthy and nothing is wrong with her. Also don't worry about not being able to fly right now. She was basically just born a moment ago so perhaps she just needs to learn how to fly. I mean birds can't fly right after they're born after all, they need to learn. Even if she can't fly it doesn't matter. She's healthy, is perfect fine as she is, and she can always count on you if she has any problems. I mean the two of you are in this together now right?
No. 954215 ID: ce39da

"I didn't pick the catalysts that make up your person for utility; I picked them because they seemed nice. I think everything about you is pretty pleasant so far, from your appearance to your personality to your potential to interact with people - a skill I lack - so... mission accomplished?"

If that doesn't convince her...

"Look, it's agreed that homunculi alchemy will always be more of an art than a science. Most non-homunculi creatures aren't 'perfect' to begin with, either. If you can achieve 'good,' however, then I'd say you're already doing just as good as the rest of us. Come to think of it... If you have a lot of insight into the field, maybe you can help me make the next one? The more, the merrier, after all."
No. 955170 ID: 013c2c
File 158053269420.png - (46.92KB , 800x800 , Untitled196_20200131170754.png )

Okay, okay. Obviously this wasn't gonna be a perfect first shot. Honestly, it's still going pretty okay, despite Rosefluff inheriting your anxiety. That's a risk that comes with combining different parts, no matter how similar to or different from each other. She isn't a moth, nor a unicorn, nor a flower, but rather somewhere in between. Discomfort and dysphoria is to be expected, but handling it is another story.

YOU: "Hey...don't beat yourself up about it, alright? They're just wings, and I think there's still potential to them, just maybe not in the way you think."

No response.

YOU: "Uh, hell, humans have a lot of stuff on hs that don't really serve a purpose either, like…butts? I guess we developed them for posture or something, but they don't do much for-"

Nope. Still not working. That doesn't even get a smile out of her. God, you're so bad at this. So, reassurance and humor aren't working, maybe…

You sigh, then continue.

YOU: "Look, I didn't choose your parts for utility, I'm not that kind of homunculus creator. I chose your parts to make something pretty, and that's what you are. Like, I can hardly even look at you, that's how well you came out."

ROSEFLUFF: "Why am I here then, what's my purpose?"

Oh, you didn't think you'd get this question this early. It's one you've prepared for, at least. You didn't want to answer it the wrong way and scare your potential companion off.
No. 955171 ID: 013c2c
File 158053281984.png - (45.74KB , 800x800 , Untitled197_20200131182837.png )

YOU: "Rosefluff…"

You can't tell her the whole truth, not yet. But you can tell her some of it.

You gently put your hand over hers, noticing that what you thought was skin at first is very soft, like the fur of a shorthaired dog.

YOU: "This world is full of ugly things. You'll find that out when we get a chance to go into town. I didn't make you as a tool or anything like that, but rather...as a friend."

ROSEFLUFF: "Why are we here then, if it's an ugly place? Couldn't you go somewhere pretty then?"

MELODIE: "This was my only option."

You say that a lot more bluntly than you mean to, and something flashes in Rosefluff's eyes. You want to apologize, in case that came out the wrong way, but you see her crack the tiniest hint of a smile.


MELODIE: "So, uh, I'm not exactly...fit to work. I get some money every month, but barely just enough. In addition to having a friend I need...someone to help me out, if you catch my drift."

You didn't want to admit it right away, but since you're trying to be honest with her you can't stop yourself. The words are practically pouring out yet you just can't stop-

MELODIE: "There's plenty of work in Dewhurst, so I figured we'd find something for you to do there. Something you like, of course. You don't have to give everything you earn to me either, you can save it up for anything you want, maybe something to help you fly if that's really what you want. There's tools to fix that, or I can find a friend capable of making your wings work, but it'll be expensive. I'm sorry they don't work too. Making homunculi is...more of an art. Not a science. I may have made you, but I still need to 'figure you out-'"

Stop, Melodie.

"-I know it's selfish of me to ask this of you, especially since you're still practically a newborn. I hoped I could ease you into this but, oh Amalnah I'm rambling, I'm so sorry-"

Stop, she's heard enough. This won't make her feel any better about you.

"-A-After a while you don't even have to stay here, if you want. B-But I'm not saying you can be easily repla-"

No. 955172 ID: 013c2c
File 158053290171.png - (193.33KB , 800x800 , Untitled198_20200131190805.png )

You feel something. It starts on the hand that's on top of Rosefluff's and slowly makes its way through your veins, but it's not unpleasant. It's...warm, gentle even, like someone just put a ton of chamomile tea into your bloodstream. Instantly, you feel your heart slow down, and your breath evens out almost immediately. You feel...at peace. Everything is fine, Rosefluff isn't upset.

Everything is fine.

ROSEFLUFF: "Hey, you're okay. I didn't understand all of that, but I think I got the gist of it. You needed help, right? And you're afraid of asking for it?"

MELODIE: "Uh...yeah."

Damn, she seems to already have you all figured out. It's impressive. And a little scary.

ROSEFLUFF: "I get it now. Kind of. You chose my parts, but since the 'art,' as you call it, is unpredictable, you didn't get to choose how I came out. But there's a way to fix it, right?"

MELODIE: "...Yeah, I can show you later, if you want. There's extensions we can get to have them support your weight, or spells to make you lighter."

ROSEFLUFF: "So everything's fine then, right?"

She's right. Everything else checks out, she's perfectly healthy, the wings seem to be the only anomaly.

MELODIE: "...Right. Everything else is fine, you came out perfect."

ROSEFLUFF: "Then the only issue there is can easily be fixed. I don't know much about making things like me, but, I think you did pretty good."

Rosefluff seems to be fine. She's smiling warmly at you, putting her other hand over yours as she gently pats it. She could've been mad, or at least disappointed, but she's back to her usually sunny self, and did...whatever she just did...to help you calm down.

She's right, you did do good with this one. She's already very mature, something you lack.

You feel like everything is going to be just fine.
No. 955173 ID: 013c2c
File 158053298223.png - (43.14KB , 800x800 , Untitled199_20200131214736.png )

>Apply hugs

You stand up and wrap your arms loosely around her, and she returns the favor.

YOU: "Thanks, Rosefluff."

ROSEFLUFF: "You're welcome, um…I don't think I ever got your name."

YOU: "Oh, guess I forgot. I'm Melodie. Just Melodie, no need to use any titles."


She giggles a bit.

ROSEFLUFF: "Just Melodie."
No. 955175 ID: 013c2c
File 158053309624.png - (20.74KB , 800x800 , Untitled200_20200131220057.png )

>Ask Rosefluff if she's hungry

YOU: "Alright, I'm done with your checkup for now. Do you want something to eat?"

ROSEFLUFF: "Sure, what do you have?"

You help her off the table and lead her upstairs, talking to her the whole time.

YOU: "All I really have left is ice cream and ramen, but I think that'll be fine until tomorrow. You can have whichever one you want. I think my familiar is still awake, so we might have to share with him if he wants a late dinner…"
No. 955176 ID: 013c2c
File 158053317313.png - (42.53KB , 800x800 , Untitled201_20200131221725.png )

YOU: "But normally he's good about-"
No. 955177 ID: 013c2c
File 158053323692.png - (42.17KB , 800x800 , Untitled201_20200131221935.png )


...Oh no.
No. 955178 ID: 013c2c
File 158053330639.png - (76.66KB , 800x800 , Untitled202_20200131234847.png )


No. 955182 ID: 2aa5f0

well shit, any pizza joints still open this late? Failing their's got to be some kind of 24/7 gas station or something open where you can at least grab a burrito.
No. 955183 ID: b1b4f3

No. 955184 ID: 0fae41

Eat familiar.
No. 955185 ID: e7c7d3

Time to stick him in the time-out sack until he learns his lesson! But you might have to go into town now...
No. 955188 ID: 91ee5f

Again?! It sounds like you should've known better than to leave him alone with the food by now!

Well, now what? Do you want to eat the familiar? Or do you want to go into town and hope you can find someplace that's open for you to buy food at?
No. 955198 ID: 6474be

Hm. No money, I assume? Scrounge then, see what you have to work with
No. 956275 ID: 013c2c
File 158171229954.png - (53.51KB , 800x800 , Untitled203_20200212135606.png )

>Eat the familiar

As much as you'd love to, you can't. This is your second one so you pretty much HAVE to keep him.

>It sounds like you should know better by now!

Well, you thought you could trust him this time! He said he'd wait for you to come back upstairs but, ugh, you guess this is what you get for having a mouse as a familiar.

>Put him in the time-out sack

Oh, gladly.

ROSEFLUFF: "Uh...Melodie? What is that?"

YOU: "My familiar, Crocus, and an awful little glutton. Excuse me for a moment, please."

You march over to the counter your familiar dozes on, chewing on your bottom lip to stop yourself from yelling.

You can't eat him, but you can certainly humiliate him instead.
No. 956276 ID: 013c2c
File 158171247187.png - (55.45KB , 800x800 , Untitled205_20200213132658.png )

You loom ominously over him, clearing your throat to get his attention. Slowly, he stirs, opening one eye to look at you.

YOU: "...Crocus, what did you do?"

CROCUS: "Uh, I ate, obviously?,

YOU: "You were supposed to wait for me to come back with the homunculus."

CROCUS: "Well, you took too long! And you know I have a big appetite!"

YOU: "I know! Which is why we need to keep having this conversation!"
No. 956277 ID: 013c2c
File 158171256366.png - (43.41KB , 800x800 , Untitled206_20200213173437.png )

YOU: "You know, I ALMOST regret what I'll have to do to you…"

Your familiar finally realizes you aren't playing around as you reach for him, scrambling to his feet right as your hand closes around him.

CROCUS: "Wait, Melodie! Stop-"
No. 956279 ID: 013c2c
File 158171264237.png - (83.52KB , 800x800 , Untitled207_20200213212716.png )

YOU: "I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm really not. You were basically asking for this."
No. 956280 ID: 013c2c
File 158171271721.png - (46.88KB , 800x800 , Untitled208_20200214145839.png )

After a minute of wrestling with Crocus, you stuff him into the hamster ball. You may not have a time-out sack, but a time-out ball is just as effective.

CROCUS: "You can't do this to me! This is familiar cruelty!"

YOU: "Pipe down, would you? If that was true we would've been separated a looooong time ago. This is just to make sure you don't cause any trouble for an hour or so."

You've got Crocus under control, but now what?

>No money?

No, you still have some. You were going to have to go shopping tomorrow anyways, but all the grocery stores open at this hour are probably getting ready to close up.

>Find somewhere that's open?

Yeah, that shouldn't be too hard. You'll just need to get Rosefluff looking decent before you two leave.

YOU: "Welp, I guess we're going out to eat tonight. Let me see if I have any clothes that will fit you."

ROSEFLUFF: "Okay, but, umm…"

She's looking at Crocus with concern.

ROSEFLUFF: "Are you sure it's okay to leave him like that?"

YOU: "Oh, yeah, we've done this before. Don't worry, I'll put him somewhere soft, if that's what you're worried about."

You leave Crocus' punishment ball on the couch, much to his dismay, and head upstairs to your bedroom, searching for any clothes you have that'll fit your homunculus. She's about a head taller than you, but about the same weight, so that shouldn't be too hard…
No. 956281 ID: 013c2c
File 158171277384.png - (47.18KB , 800x800 , Untitled209_20200214152649.png )

Choose a top, bottom, and accessory for Rosefluff! (she doesn't need shoes, she has hooves) Whichever articles get the most votes is what Rosefluff will wear in the next update.
No. 956287 ID: ce39da

She seems like a conservative lady who wouldn't want to invite accostment. I choose 1A or C, then 2C. However, while it is cute, wearing an eyepatch when one doesn't need it makes one look like a tool. 3A.
No. 956294 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 956298 ID: e7c7d3

I'll go with 1A, 2B, and 3B
No. 956300 ID: 0fae41

1B, 2C, 3A.
No. 956302 ID: 91ee5f

1A , 2B , 3A
No. 956305 ID: 977456

No. 956308 ID: 104124

1b, 2a, and 3a
No. 957070 ID: 013c2c
File 158241729578.png - (48.60KB , 800x830 , Untitled213_20200222171855.png )


After thinking about it, you come back downstairs with the three items and hand them to Rosefluff, giving her a moment of privacy so she can change. Once she's done, she looks over herself, looking noticeably...unsatisfied.

YOU: "Something wrong?"

ROSEFLUFF: "No, no, it's fine. These are pretty and all, but…"

YOU: "Alright, what if I let you pick what you want to wear tomorrow then?"

That gets her to brighten up instantly, her earrings making small clacking sounds as her ears twitch.

ROSEFLUFF: "Sure, I'd like that. Can I keep the earrings though?"

YOU: "Absolutely, let's get going then."
No. 957071 ID: 013c2c
File 158241739899.png - (60.96KB , 800x800 , Untitled214_20200222175945.png )

You lead Rosefluff outside, using a ball of light to illuminate the way as you start down the path.

It's about 8:45 now. You think you have time to stop at one place before you retire for the night.
No. 957072 ID: 013c2c
File 158241763293.png - (119.11KB , 800x800 , Untitled215_20200222191813.png )

The two of you travel in silence, Rosefluff's hooves making soft clunking sounds against the stones, while the gentle green light in your hand illuminates the way. The only sounds around you are the rustling of leaves, tousled by a gentle breeze, and the various hoots and chitters of wildlife in the distance. It's an almost lonely atmosphere, further hammering in your isolation in your own little corner of Dewhurst, but you take comfort in it. It means no one will usually come out to bother you.

The two of you come across a fork in the road, with a sign pointing in two directions. To the left, there's an arrow pointing to a place called "Church of Amalnah," and to the right there's an arrow pointing to "West Dewhurst."

You know who leads the church here. You haven't met the man yourself, but his name is Father Henry Murphy. He used to have some badass past fighting monsters, but he's such a grumpy recluse (even moreso than you) that you would've never guessed it. On one hand, you don't know if he's awake at this hour, nor if he'll even accept visitors. But, he IS supposed to be pretty hospitable when asked to…

Or, you can just go straight to town. There's more options there, and it'll give you a chance to look around without worrying about the usual daytime crowds.
No. 957075 ID: b1b4f3

I feel like town is a better place to buy food.
No. 957076 ID: 91ee5f

>to the right there's an arrow pointing to "West Dewhurst."
Don’t you mean East Dewhurst?

>Where to?
Let’s go to town.
No. 957095 ID: 013c2c


Whoops, good eye! Just pretend Melodie got them mixed up.
No. 957097 ID: e7c7d3

Town it up
No. 957111 ID: 2aa5f0

let's head to town.
No. 957166 ID: 094652

Dew the dewherst
No. 957661 ID: 013c2c
File 158304010296.png - (193.01KB , 800x800 , Untitled219_20200229205110.png )

>Head to Dewhurst

Yeah, you should just head straight to town. Bothering a creepy priest at this hour sounds like a good way to get yourself killed. If you really feel the need to go there, you'll do it during the day, when there's witnesses.
No. 957662 ID: 013c2c
File 158304018051.png - (191.20KB , 800x800 , Untitled219_20200229213903.png )

>Don't you mean East Dewhurst?

Yes, you absolutely meant that. One hundred percent. You definitely meant to say East instead of West.

Goddammit, you need some sleep.
No. 957663 ID: 013c2c
File 158304025329.png - (135.14KB , 800x800 , Untitled220_20200229235356.png )

You start walking, but you realize quickly that Rosefluff isn't following you. You stop to turn to her, noticing her rigid posture as she glances around her surroundings with a worried look on her face.

YOU: "Something wrong?"

ROSEFLUFF: "Kind of. I just can't shake the feeling that...we might be watched. It feels like there's something just, out there. You know what I mean?"

You can see where she's coming from. The two of you are walking through a dark forest at night, with no one else around. You quickly got used to it, but the atmosphere can be unsettling to others. It's probably just her anxiety, especially since this is her first outing.

But then again, the wind has stopped, and you can no longer hear the sounds of the nighttime wildlife. It's so sudden that it's enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, even though it could very well just be nothing.

Do you turn around to check for yourself, or just reassure her and move on?
No. 957664 ID: 094652

"It's a public forest. If you're watched, shake what I gave ya!"
No. 957665 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah you should probably look around a bit.
Can you defend yourself if something shows up?
No. 957666 ID: 0fae41

We are always watching. You'll get used to it.
No. 957669 ID: 2aa5f0

give her a hug to comfort her, reassure her that everything is fine as you've walked this path plenty of times and nothing bad has ever happened to you, and go out to check just to help calm her nerves. ask god what you did to anger him when something jumps out at you and proves you wrong
No. 957670 ID: 91ee5f

Go hold Rosefluff‘s hand. That might help calm her down a little.

Then carefully look around for anything that might be dangerous.
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