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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 157411466264.png - (4.09MB , 2726x5733 , 0.png )
949802 No. 949802 ID: a2a6f6

Previous Threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest

My name is Mary.

I own a dungeon.

Not by choice, mind you. I was forced into this when the previous owner placed a curse on me after I tried to audit him. Now I'm the ruler of this place until my asshole of a boss decides to send someone to free me from the curse.

So, anywhere between a month and forever.

But I'm trying to make the most of it while I'm here.

And boy today has been a day... But first-
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No. 949803 ID: a2a6f6
File 157411490276.png - (216.17KB , 726x712 , slimecrown.png )

I'm going to be going over a few things. This is my dungeon, Slimecrown Citadel. It is a one floor dungeon that is filled with a few puzzles and boss monsters. I run it, for profit. Adventurers go through my dungeon and, if they die, I gain items and runes off of them

I can use these to expand and enhance my dungeon. I also gain gold by having them utilize the dungeons services. Here's the basic layout of the dungeon.

Right now they have to defeat a few mini-boss monsters to reach the final boss, Curi, Mother of Slimes. I know it can be a bit confusing, but it's a rather straightforward dungeon all things considered.

We also offer the following services.

Services Offered:
> Healing: 50 Gold per heal. Rate goes up with each heal.
> Revive: 250 Gold

> Repair Powder: 50g ([Max 5]
> Potions: 50g [Max 5]
> Green Blossoms: 75 g [Max 5]
> Tent: 100g [Max 3]
> Escape Crystals: 150 g [Max 3]
> Pheonix Downs: 250g plus 100 per additional

> 50 gold per person. Spending 1500 gold will earn you a voucher for a free spa treatment.

We also keep track of some things over here. https://questden.org/wiki/Audit_Quest_Statistics

There is, however, a slight problem.
No. 949804 ID: a2a6f6
File 157411494895.png - (130.47KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

I kept most of my notes in writing. I had planned on moving it to digital as soon as possible but...

Anyway, a slime got into my notes so those are gone.
No. 949805 ID: a2a6f6
File 157411497786.png - (135.26KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Thankfully I was smart enough to at least keep SOME files on the computer.

Then a slime got into that too.
No. 949806 ID: a2a6f6
File 157411507621.png - (130.78KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

What I need is a construct that can remember everything for me. That way I don't have to worry about my notes being ruined ever again...

"Hey, boss!" Dungeoneer speaks up, "Heard you were missing some info. Don't stress, I got all the important stuff in here."

"Wait, really? Dungeoneer you're a life saver. What do you have?"
No. 949807 ID: a2a6f6
File 157411519483.png - (86.64KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

"I got everyone's three sizes, their blood types, their weak spots."


We currently have 2300 gold thanks to our partnership with Yum. However, the exact number of runes we had is lost to time. I am know we have at LEAST 10 runes and we can always wait around for more.

The question is, what steps should we take going forward with the resources we have now?
No. 949808 ID: 9caba2

Wait hold on, ask her what she thinks your weakspot is and how she knows. Be sure to get her own as well.

Going forward, try to mix some runes into your electronic/magitek devices such as your computer to water/slimeproof it. If you're lucky it might even turn into a sapient construct that can store your files.

Actually, what if you try to shove mind + tech runes and probably metal(or mithril/other material) + sturdy(or law, since comptuers and logic) runes into your computer? Since you can convert objects to runes you gotta be able to slam runes into objects.
No. 949809 ID: d856aa

>The question is, what steps should we take going forward with the resources we have now?
Expand the dungeon. We had ideas for a Space Elf Space Adventure, a Pirate Cove and the COLOSSEUM. Besides, while the slimes are great, some new non-slime things will bring variety and interest from people who have been through the dungeon already.

Make BRAWNDO THE THIRST MUTILATOR our Energy Drink Elemental and Champion of the Colosseum.
Give Dia a fist and world rune.
Metal Slime Princess? <- Smol and Cute.
No. 949810 ID: 151656

Really, Mary, you set yourself up for that by having any faith in Dungeoneer. Don't do that.
And wow, that -6 luck stat is in full force, huh? Let me check my own notes, I'll be right back.
No. 949811 ID: ce39da

Honestly, I think we're at the stage where we can start finalizing the dungeon's design, assign a monster (either Curi or Lilly) to be the floor manager so you and your core team don't have to dedicate as much time to micromanaging stuff and move on to our next floor/dungeon idea. Maybe return to plan the occasional event. As for what those finishing touches are, my main suggestion is making the routes to the minibosses somewhat more complicated than straight hallways. Maybe some puzzle rooms, maybe have them connect to each other so the pathing isn't as linear. I got nothing at the moment for specifics; I might have something later, but I'll leave that up to you guys for now.
No. 949812 ID: d856aa

Oh right, that reminds me. Make yourself some sort of companion AI like QUEENIE, one that can hold any information and files and help with the dungeon.
We can call it the REMOTE ENCHANCED NEURAL ARCHIVE or something.
No. 949813 ID: 10f5f8

We could always do some rune swaps with the materials we have to get around the data loss. As far as expansion, another puzzle/maze area to let the trashmob- er... weaker family members have some fun would be nice, and maybe a mini-boss/boss room would be a good idea too.

Man this sure would be a bad time for a raid or invasion or something. Not throwing up any Flags or anything.
No. 949814 ID: 0fae41

First, Those slimes showed initiative in absorbing knowledge. Promote them with Mind/Container and Tech runes respectively.

Second, make something less amorphous. An armored enemy that jumps everywhere while launching bombs in an erratic manner. Lacking a dedicated room at the moment, I think she could be a chance encounter that sometimes replaces the Explodeys in the maze - if the lights are on, you better watch out.
The recipe goes something like Foot, Explode, Magnet, Metal, and Force.

Finally, that leaves one (guaranteed) rune left over to infuse a room with. I think either the Forge or Spa could benefit most, being essential to our production and income.

Do we have Chef 2 yet? No other known upgrades can be purchased.
No. 949815 ID: eb36ad

Let's review what monsters we're not using at the moment and think about how to work them in, maybe upgrade some to three rune.
No. 949816 ID: 3282b0

This. Slimeputer

Also, MAQ when?
No. 949817 ID: 06095b


Mary, your children hunger. Clearly we need Chef 2 to provide vital nourishment for them. Also, buy some of those tubers that Slime Matron recommended, extra if you want to rune one. Ashley and Sophie could use a pet project trying to cultivate them in Slime Crown.

Other than that, CHECK THE REVIEWS! We need to know how that last dungeon run really went.
No. 949819 ID: 0fae41

Oh, this may be obvious in hindsight, but I call this plan Bouncing Betty.
No. 949821 ID: d381d2

I think upgrading our employees and collecting the widest array of rune types is top priority for our business, followed by getting any possible areas to be autonomous. Maybe make an assistant for Oilivia and put them in charge, since they’re not fightables.
No. 949822 ID: 2202fb

Idk if we actually have any truly non-fightables. I think it is more like dark souls where you can kill everyone, but you are going to have a bad time. I mean, Oilivia is stupid strong just like Curi.
No. 949823 ID: 2202fb

consolidated posts

I still really want to try making a timelord slime with fancy and time, a grenade slime with an explodey and metal, and a gunslinger slime with an archer, law, and explosion.

We could also make a black hole slime with gravity and dark.
No. 949824 ID: 2202fb

probably wont work cuz that many runes would be boss tier, but i like the idea. Maybe combine my grenade idea with some sort of bouncing-esque rune, although that would still put it at four runes.
No. 949826 ID: a9af05

>we have at LEAST 10 runes
Are we supposed to fill in what runes we have? If that's what we're doing, then I kinda remember someone mentioning that we had a Dragon Rune and we were going to fuse it into Mary.

I'm not entirely sure if that's right.

>CHECK THE REVIEWS! We need to know how that last dungeon run really went.
This is important.
No. 949827 ID: b1b4f3

If we have a Dragon rune let's fuse it into our test subject first.
...why is she not listed in the staff pic?
No. 949828 ID: 0fae41

Boss tier is intentional - the more 5 runes we have the cheaper the next Archiver upgrade gets. A higher runed monster can still operate at a lower power level without a boss room.
Check the Stats for rune types we have. Archivist's conversion means we don't keep stocks of specific runes.
No. 949831 ID: 2a2f85

It's wishful thinking, but I kinda want to rune Chaos Slime into something akin to Bloodborne's Lady Maria... Maybe add in a sword rune to her and make her a dualist type?

Didn't have a dragon one yet, and we voted against runing Mary.

...for now.
No. 949833 ID: 05fc40

We need some more basic tier adds for the lower level people and to make it seem like this is a real citadel. Thus we need to make a guards slime out of sword+ water and shield+water. This will also Empower Curi too which is an added plus. I'd advise making a space slime, sturdy slime and skeleton jelly with the remaining 6 furthering empower curi, making some unique adds and giving the skeleton the head honcho of our new guild wanted to see!

G: 6390 (not counting any pay out we gave the aberration and her handler for winning, this was the latest figure we had from chapter 8 +the 1100 gold from Curi's adventure)
Runes: -3 to-8 (this was the count of runes after the fight and level up but did not account for 2 and a half threads of rune generation. This was just what we had based on thread 8's count vs runes spent since. uncertainty comes from if the Aqua runes we gifted the other masters counts against us or not.)
Mana: 2 (up to date after the fight(pic of Mary's hidden stats had 2 mana ))
Staff: 9 (demonologist, Librarian, chef, carpeneter, calculator, dungeoneer, cyborg child, Mary and Alex)
Money Given to Caluclator: 3500
Money returned from Calculator: 30 (again it's been 2 and a half threads likely out of date)

Known Runes:
Mundane (Anti-Magic)

Mary Smith
Level 21 Auditor
Level 12 Dungeon Master
Level 02 Minion Keeper

Skills (Auditor):
Analytical abilities
Existential dread stare
Enhanced Alcohol Capacity
Greater Enhanced Alcohol Capacity (NEW)
Weapon Proficiency: Letter Opener/Stapler
Lower Spell Cost (Auditing Magic)
Spells (Auditing):
Audit: Takes 1 item from target. 10 Mana
Calculate: Tells the worth of target. 5 Mana
Multiply: Temporarily creates a copy of an object. 10 Mana
Bankrupcy: Target loses all items. 50 Mana
Summon Lawyers: Summons a lawyer to distract target. 10 Mana.
Purchase Order: Spend gold to create items. 0 Mana (NEW)
Extensive Paperwork: Slow down target. 10 Mana (NEW)

Skills (Dungeon Master):
Manage Dungeon
Summon Constructs (Dungeon)
Create Basic Rooms (Dungeon)
Summon DM Screens
Costume Change
Menacing Aura (NEW)
Booming Voice (NEW)
Weapon Proficiency (Limited): Slime related weapons
Spells (Dungeon Master):
Summon Monster 1: Summons a 1 rune monster from dungeon. 10 Mana
Summon Monster 2: Summons a 2 rune monster from dungeon. 20 Mana (NEW)
Alter Room: Change room currently in, aspecting it with 1 rune. 10 Mana (NEW)

Skills (Minion Keeper):
Demon Affection Increased (+1 Cha when speaking with demons.)
Demon Affection Increased (+1 Cha when speaking with demons.)
Demon Affection Increased (+1 Cha when speaking with demons.) (NEW)
Command Creature (Command Lesser Creatures) (NEW)

Stats are
Hp 1.5
Str 1
Agi 2
Wis 5
Int 3
No. 949835 ID: a9af05

>Didn't have a dragon one yet, and we voted against runing Mary.
>...for now.
Ah, so I was wrong. Thanks for correcting me.
No. 949836 ID: b1b4f3

Right, Alex was the name of the test subject.
Let's see if we can get her to accept a rune. We have so many to choose from, there should be at least one that appeals to her. Soul? Mithril? Force?
No. 949838 ID: 2a2f85

I'm not sure, but I think Alex was also waiting for a good rune to fuse with. I'll have to check Audit's sup/tg/ archive, though, so it might take a while to find the right post...
No. 949839 ID: 05fc40

After we talked her out of it she said something about the Almighty rune. Which we only can find in the skeleton lord's dungeon as of yet.
No. 949840 ID: 2a2f85
File 157413600114.png - (171.06KB , 800x553 , 1494833423124.png )

Found it! Chapter 7, post 1464037. It also introduces us to The Calculator

>>Mary calls Alex into her room and asks her if she still wants to be runed.

>"Uhm..." She thinks. "Well... I feel like if I got Law or Math now... Well, you're about to buy the calculator so... I'll wait until I get something really nice. Like maybe an Almighty rune or something. But, thanks for asking."

>"Just double checking."
No. 949841 ID: f17674

So, I won't go too crazy with my suggestions right now since we are at a rudimentary stage, but I think now is the time to crack our knuckles and get to that massive renovation and either 2nd floor or sub floor.

There are a few things to start with off the bat that I think we should address and approach.

>1. Review Summaries
We should both look at the reviews that we have and the newest set of reviews to gauge our clients for what they may want or need. What is being missed that we can address. If Hemlock is still around, asking a professional with more experience than us is also wise.

>2. Look into ways to replenish mana.
The last fight took a lot out of Mary and she will not be prepared to battle another Abomination, at least, not for long.

>3. Expansion of lower level minions
We have a bit of an issue of powercreep comibg into play where we create great NPCs and challenging fighters, but they are not inherently good for lower level players. I argue that beating them up and taking there stuff is great, but we should do so while still providing the belief that players can still fight on, rather than leave amd get nothing.

>4. Revitalization of 1st floor rooms or challenges
Most of the battles and challenges we have are going great, but with the option to "program" codes to make the fights play out simpler and not by the seat of our pants is good. In addition some challenges, like the moat, play out more as a hinderance than a challenge these days. I have a solution, which offers guests variety of how to approach that, but I will present that later.

>5. Expansion
I think we are very much close to the time to expand the citadel into a second floor. My thought is to expand the castle, give some of our higher level slimes more room to fight in, potentially boss and mini boss rooms, while moving Curi to this new floor, as she is naturally a great final boss. Lily could be a boss of one floor,etc.

New floors mean new monsters, new challenges, and a chance to continue to build up the lore. I am still a high believer in keeping it as a slime citadel, with the monsters faught predominatly being slimes. But this expansion allows for new monster types, including ideas like plant monsters in the garden, moving statues, or potentially other subjects for Slime kingdom, after all, there could be any number of people living within the kingdom we have created.

This expansion could also see the expansion of services, like our spa. Expanding them can be a great way of getting some of the money to keep the expansion up or down going at a solid pace, so that it can be piecemeal, similar to how floor one was done.

That should cover everything for me, at least right now. I will get into more nitty gritty ideas like monster suggestions, rune combos and trap and rune ideas.
No. 949842 ID: 2a2f85
File 157413610114.png - (44.29KB , 800x600 , 1501019922660.png )

Also, have a Slime-Computer prototype.
No. 949844 ID: 05fc40

ok so I remembered right. Still need to go to skeletor's dungeon to get it, or some other similarly high level dungeon.
1. Should be matter of course to check reviews. I doubt we're going to score overly well here though.
2. Mana can be regained by breaking down items or runes. That's the primary draw out mana for us.
3. Agreed. Low levels have very little chance here. hence why guards slime made of sword+water or Sheild+water for easier adds. Maybe some swords for basic and big slimes for guards slime not super into combat.
4.most of the challenges are fine, the moat is meant to be a thing to give basic scrubs a moment of pause. That said more ideas is great.
5.Expansion sounds good but we will need a solid theming for it and the rooms. I still want us to have a running string of dungeons once we get this place really hopping though. Like Dnd modules but better run.
No. 949845 ID: f17674

I don't mind the idea of multiple modules either. But I think that is something I want to address after the castle ia a little more built up.

As for the mana, I suplose the purchase order skill can be woeked to create a mana farm, but it does seem loke an expensive solution to this problem. Wouldn't hurt to see if a bulk order of 200g worth of stuff is worthwhile though just to test out the mana translation.
No. 949846 ID: 05fc40

Yeah modules are "Once Marry has the citadel more or less done"

As for mana, mana farm is unnecessary. We can crush a rune for 10 mana. just expand runes farms for more runes.
No. 949849 ID: 05fc40

Because we have Rune famrs which are more money efficient and can build more using the gold we have. We have calculator doing the stockmarket thing.
No. 949851 ID: 2202fb

Yeah, was re-reading through the wiki and saw the bit about the calc.
No. 949858 ID: 679a6d

Okay first of all Mary you need to make slime-proof records.

Secondly you haven't gone over the loot obtained from Keeper and Abomination, and what to do with it. Keeper's Armor should at least be pretty good considering how ridiculous it was. And did you work out a way to provide them with the items they were supposed to get, before the whole mess between your and Abominaion?

We do not yet have the Soul Rune, that was from the Glass Heart Curi got going through Glass Spinner's Dungeon for Christmas, and we haven't runed it yet.

Speaking of which, we have the aforementioned Glass Heart, a Miniature Glass Medusa, a Glass Longsword, and a Reflecting Mirror from that foray into Glass Spinner's Dungeon a while back. Might want to figure out where those went.

Lastly, please have Demonologist try inverting the Aero Rune from earlier, I've got a personal theory that the Aqua rune inverts in a cycle of the four elements.
No. 949867 ID: 151656

The thing about the Glass Heart is that we weren't 100% sure whether we wanted to rune it or keep it. I don't remember what it was supposed to do, tho.
No. 949880 ID: 05fc40

Pretty sure it does the "turns things to living glass" bit.
No. 949887 ID: a2a6f6
File 157420903220.png - (149.97KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

"So, Dungeoneer."


"What would you say my weakspots are?"


"Better question... What are your own?"


"Surely you must have one or two."

"I don't uh... Think I'm ready to reveal such information..."

"But you spent so long gathering these statistics. I'm deeply curious."

"... Oh man, would you look at that! There's some uh... Dungeon stuff that needs doing. Gonna go do that!"

>Dungeoneer flees.

Okay, good, now I can focus.
No. 949890 ID: a2a6f6
File 157420960548.png - (109.91KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

>G: 6390

Oh, good, I was wondering why we were in such dire straits.

>Show us the reviews!

We lost the data on that but I can at least give you the gist of them... Basically the Handler did not like our dungeon. At all. He felt it was needlessly complex and didn't do enough to cater to someone like him who was built to be more defense oriented. It felt as though he either curbstomped something or he was on the receiving end of such. He also called us rude for breaking his gear like that.

There was also some minor grumbling about the YUM Product breaking his immersion so there's that to consider...

Aberration actually gave it five stars and her comment was simply "A+"

So at least she had fun. I think our current aggregate rating is hovering in the upper 4's? Which is actually quite good I've been told.

We do have an odd balance to maintain between fun and making profits and I worry that sometimes we lose sight of that. I know I do.

> Expansion of lower level minions

And that's basically what I'm talking about. We are going to attract high level people to our dungeon.

However, I think this problem can be alleviated.

We have the power to create a new dungeon or a second level. We could actually make a basement dungeon of sorts. Like the sewer level of certain games? If we fill that with some lower leveled enemies we could offer both and have a 'final boss' on each floor. When the 'final boss' of the lower floor is beaten they are welcome to challenge Slimecrown Citadel proper.

We could also branch off into an entirely different dungeon and have one of our Demons run it. Someone smart like one of the sisters or even Curi. Or, hell, leave Slimecrown to them and run a new dungeon ourselves.

I guess it comes down to this...

Do we want to expand so much or not? I fear there is only so much fine tuning we can do to Slimecrown in its current state.
No. 949893 ID: 7b3b0d

Give dungeoneer a dungeon to run. And complete autonomy.

Do it, nerd
No. 949894 ID: 151656

Yeah, expanding is the way to go. We have too many high level monsters and it seems like every time we have an idea for something awesome we have to rein ourselves in to avoid going too high level. Hell, we even have a 5-rune monster who hasn't even fought once (Oilivia). So yes, I'd like us to be able to have the freedom of experimenting with high-level stuff without alienating low-level players.
No. 949896 ID: b1b4f3

Also let's do a skeleton theme now, as planned.
No. 949897 ID: 2a2f85

Let's start off by making a lower level secondary dungeon, something that ties into Slimecrown somehow, like the players running it are trying to get to the main dungeon, and if they can get through it, they'll be considered eligible to enter Slimecrown proper.
No. 949898 ID: c1afef

Along with this, was there not an issue with with dungeon management of the basement? Something about no direct control of that space. Would expansion be able to properly bring it and the thing down there into the dungeon's map and roster?

On the other hand though, might that allow it to move out of its containment?
No. 949899 ID: af9764

I think we should start work on another floor of this dungeon. We’ll be close in case anything goes wrong while whoever (Curi? Oilivia? A human? A construct?) starts running the floor we have so far autonomously from you and us.
No. 949901 ID: d856aa

Yeah, I think we're ready to expand. The question is: to what?
A second floor sewer level would be cliche, but neat. But an entirely new dungeon would let us experiment without being attached to the theme.
Can we possibly swing it to be able to get another floor and a second dungeon?

Also give Ms. Bloops her own dungeon, I wanna see what she'd make.
No. 949902 ID: 206aac

Spend some time setting up the beginner dungeon then switch - the Slimecrown manager can tell you problem areas they spotted in Slimecrown while you were running the new one and you can put your heads together to polish The True Slimecrown Experience some more.
No. 949904 ID: 0fae41

Fine. New floor, new boss gauntlet. Maybe we can theme each leg of the gauntlet around a mechanic adventurers need to master for the boss fight.
No. 949906 ID: 1a6fd4

We can manage what we have well enough, I think there's not much downside to this. The real issue is, of course, the details.

I think managing a dungeon would interfere with Oilivia's job managing the spa. Which is a shame, I'd love to see her fight.
For the same reason, Curi would only make sense if we leave slimecrown to her instead, or we'd be leaving it without a non-optional final boss.

From a management and morale perspective, having our constructs and monsters propose dungeons makes sense. Hell, make it into a contest, and whoever designs the best dungeon gets to run it. OOC, however, that'd be just dumping everything on Larro's lap. Oh well.
No. 949908 ID: 05fc40

Idea! Instead of a Sewer dungeon, Make it so Slimecrown citadel is on a mountain or high hill and have a slimish village below overlooked by slimecrown. Have it filled with lower level adds, maybe have colt be the end boss or rotate it with Colt, Slimon, Roslayn, etc. Make a level difference without it being so blatant.
No. 949910 ID: d856aa

>having our constructs and monsters propose dungeons makes sense.
Yes. Let's have all of our monsters and constructs propose ideas for a new dungeon. We can take the stuff that works. Also because this has high propensity for humor.
No. 949912 ID: 151656

I think you're confusing these two.
>Carpenter II: Allows for the creation of a second dungeon or added floor.
>Carpenter III: Allows for the creation of a mini dungeon. These dungeons are fully automated and run on their own. The Dungeon Master needs to only add demons in it. It can be either a Puzzle Dungeon, Adventure Dungeon, or Gimmick Dungeon. Cost- G15,000
No. 949914 ID: 05fc40

Well for dungeon ideas we have


Slime Hamlet

Maybe a former battlefield with the beast with lots and lots of skeletons? Cracked gear and loads of chaos slimes, and bestial slimes?

Pirate cove with kobold pirates who raid the slimish lands?

Goblin bandit hide out doing the same thing?
No. 949917 ID: 1b8585

At this point Slimecrown is functionally sound, if any glaring issues arise, we can always return if any problems arise.
I think we should create some kind of high rune management slime, with some law runes in there. Someone to keep the citadel running in tip top shape while we develop a new, tougher dungeon.
No. 949920 ID: 2a2f85

How about a ruined area below Slimecrown filled with poisonous slimes and slimes using skeletons to mimic zombies akin to Dark Souls Blighttown?
No. 949925 ID: 05fc40

We're trying to make a low level area, not a hell area anon.
No. 949926 ID: 2a2f85

So, we'll put that on the upcoming DLC roadmap, then?
No. 949927 ID: 2a2f85

Seriously, though, maybe I should have gone with Undead Burg as an example. Stylistically, anyway...
No. 949930 ID: 05fc40

Maybe, but dark souls in general is probably a bad way to go given how bright and cheery SLimecrown is. If this is an expansion not a new thing it needs to be stylistically similar.
No. 949933 ID: 2a2f85

Have you seen some of the descriptions written for the items we gave out for our second raid? Slimecrown's got some of that Dark Souls style bleak lore in it, so there's precedent for a darker backstory for the dungeon.
No. 949935 ID: 05fc40

Yeah but it's very much subtle, having a giant horrible poisoned blight area just outside the castle is kinda… jarring?
No. 949940 ID: 2a2f85

No, see, I was thinking that we'd use the Slime Hamlet plan (i.e. Undead Burg, but slimes) for the first mini-dungeon, and leave the horrible poisoned blighted area idea for the next mini-dungeon.
No. 949941 ID: 05fc40

that might work but we can't make mini-dungeon atm, this is either a while new dungeon or second level.
No. 949942 ID: d856aa

You forgot Space Elf's Outer Space Adventure
No. 949943 ID: 977456

What of, instead of going full undead/blight, we take the horror from the other direction. Go all Stepford Wives? Everything is just too perfect, too happy. Now, this is an adventure, so they'll probably need to be combat, so, say... "You're not invited to our tea party, we shall have to make you leave!" Except slimes don't talk much so they'll just be sitting to a nice tea set and all look up in unison and advance with perfect synchronisation... Everything just has a perfect smile all the time, the grass is too green, the trees are too straight, the dwellings are all identical, and the adventurer's crime is that they don't fit with this ideal.

Whenever slimes die or are made sad, they melt into obvious drains and are sucked away into an underground processing plant that is run by whoever wants an idyllic slime village above them. Maybe they are experimenting on mind-control, maybe they are hiding and the "perfect town" was an attempt at something that wouldn't attract attention.

We would need slimes that can play a role well, and act with coordination. Probably burn through a lot of law runes. On that note, the villain could be something with too many law runes that just hates all this independence and self-expression nonsense...
No. 949945 ID: f17674

I am of the personal mind that expansion is a must, and it really is just a matter of how we wish to proceed. The things I am personally wanting to do is some combination as follows:

>1. Adjustments to Slimecrown Citadel
This is a relatively minor phase, fine tuning a few challenges, gussying up the rooms with furniture and set pieces to vary up the fights as well as setting up "levels" of difficulty and a basic procedure. This would ciat a few runes and probably a small amount of gold, but not too much. Expansion of goods and services as well as token drops are also part of this upgrade.

>2. A secind floor of Slimecrown
I am personally of the belief that with the core we have, we could realistically just expand the castle to include things like private rooms/boss areas for the sisters, things like kitchens and royal gardens and the like. It would allow for some variety in minions, and could potentially space out challenges so that the lower levels aren't overwhelmed. Potential ideas or areas include Barracks/Stables, Rooms for the princesses, treasure rooms, traps, gardens and general staffing areas.

>3. Slimecrown City/Hamlet
This is probably the safest option that allows for a lot of room to play around. The hamlet can function very similarily to what our courtyard/lobby is. And doubles as an area that, once we progress, can be a central hub if we decided to go whole hog theme park style dungeon in the future with specialized areas. This place could have things like the Colluseum for low and high level battle rushes, and something like a forrest, marsh or some major area that encompasses this realm. This is more quest based with simpler tasks and more NPCs giving out missions to lower levels, we could have it lead to some sort of evil that seeks to release Jeffrey from the basement. A cult or something similar. Monsters would be more varried, though more slimes are still around, but we could use it to expand the world and sew seeds for future ideas and areas.

>4. Slimecrown Dungeon
While not quite the sewer, the area plays similar. This is a grab bag dungeon where a prison escape is in progress, and heroes are there to subdue or kill the escapees for Slimecrown. This is a heavily combat focused dungeon, but also allows for more of a grabe bag of creatures that we can have, the final boss being the head of the jail break, and someone such as Colt being transfered to here as a Warden NPC that lower level heroes could pair up with and functions as a bonus boss for this dungeon.

>5. Kobold Kove
This is a major expansion, that I love but think may be too early. This is a port town under the durisdiction of slimecrown, but is more lawless and orone to pirate raids. Heroes help the downtrodden Slime, Kobold and other citizens of the realm try to set order in the town, fighting back Captain Bronzeklaw or someother pirate who plans to take the city and then the kingdom. This is more exploration and fight heavy with heroes searching for the pirate base, with possibility of buried treasure, and a high seas final boss fight, perhaps in the midst of a mighty storm!

These are the personal ideas that I have. But I figure the most doable at the moment are 2 and 3. Much as I would love to do 4 and 5 in the future.
No. 949946 ID: 05fc40

A good idea, but not sure how we'd manage it without screwing up our extant lore.

1 is a must, and 3 is likely best bet given we need a lower level area.
No. 949948 ID: 151656

Why do we need to have horror? Tantalizing hints from item lore is a thing, having a full dungeon section with a horror theme is an entirely different thing.

Neither 1 or 2 are really significantly different from what we've been doing. The others are pretty solid, tho (fun fact: I initially read Bronzeklaw as "Brokenlaw")
No. 949954 ID: 2a2f85

I just realized something... If we make a lower level area akin to what we're thinking we'd do with Slimecrown Hamlet, you guys think we could send Mary (and maybe a construct or slime for backup) in as a test adventurer? That way she could gain a few levels while still being inside the dungeon proper, while fighting low level enemies instead of minmaxed adventurers. Plus it'd give her a good grasp of how to anticipate our customers needs.
No. 949956 ID: d856aa

Let's make Shortstack Forest. A Forest surrounding Slimecrown filled with shortstack waifus.
No. 949973 ID: 2202fb

I like 3-5 here. This both fleshes out the dungeon, adds more for lower leveled adventurers, and would set a precedent for adding non-slime-focused zones down the line.

One way we could try to help with the YUM immersion is proposing custom logos that would fit better in our dungeon.
No. 949974 ID: 2202fb

Very good idea
No. 950068 ID: 10670f

First off: HA, Keeper is just salty that he couldn't cheese the dungeon and get phat loot. Well, mostly. He is right that we don't really cater to his kind of Adventurer though. Our loot drops are fairly low for how long our dungeon is, and we have a criminal lack of block puzzles to solve.

I'm glad Abberation had a great time though. I don't know if it's the fact we pushed her to her limit and force her to get creative, or that we made Keeper actually go inside the dungeon with her and actually be by her side, but as long as she enjoyed it.

Onto the improvements...

There are a few things I would like to do to Slimecrown proper (revamp the first room a bit, make it a bit more puzzley with a drawbridge and a lever on the oppisite side, that the Adventures have to find a way to hit. Maybe some String Slimes to either side trying to "fish" Adventures into the moat when they try and cross.). But I agree that it is very nicely self-contained as it.

I could see a second floor being added in, with a Waterworks/Slimeworks pumping slimes from the bottom floors up (and implying it's the slime equivilant of 'fast travel' or 'elevators') That'd give us some room for designspace like Switch Puzzles to shift pipes around, and large gearwork to platform on (imagine, Sticky Slime + Massive Gears Grinding together. That's gonna eat a few revives!) It's also an excuse to install a Water Slide/Water Park!

But that could be for later, I do like the Hamlet/City idea from >>949908
We could allow a straight shot path trough to Slimecrown proper for the Adventures still interested in that, but give them options for other "paths"/"Quests" to take.

If we do the City idea, Might I suggest a chariot racetrack? Some of our Bosses can guest star as "opposing racers" and it's a nice change from a straight bashing each other's heads in. If we do this though, we'd probably need at least a few Glass Horses (Glass+Foot+Container?) for our Slimes to ride in. While powerful, I don't think our bosses are known for their marathon skills.
No. 950071 ID: 2202fb

We could just have a Colosseum in the town that could host races, optional boss fights, and slime/monster on slime/monster fights. We could allow gambling on all three to make more money from adventurers. The draw would be a rather large pot. Add in concessions for people who just want to watch for another source of income.
No. 950072 ID: 6c9030

Seconding that city idea.
We can set it up as a quasi-dungeon hub that both provides services and drops hooks for adventures.
More importantly, it means we can start exploiting economics to get more cash.
We can have shops, restaurants, an inn, non-dungeon access to the spa, and a marketplace for people to set up shops. Maybe even coax an adventurers guild to set up here.
Taxes are a steady and reliable source of income, after all.

It'd also let us diversify a bit - slimecrown has a solid theme, but the city and outlying areas don't need to follow that. We've got a slime royalty, but the citizens can be a melange of whatever we feel like, and outlying areas can be mostly unrelated to slimes.
We could, for example, have a forest with a kobold warren, and armies of undead attack it "every night" so adventures can defend it. That would give defense-focused or trap-making adventures a chance to show their stuff, and since it's wave fighting we can dial the difficulty up or down to keep things challenging - hordes of weaker enemies, single strong enemies, or a mix. Further, since the kobolds are friendly they can act as a buffer if push too hard - a cleric with a well-timed heal can swing things back the other way.
Of course, if someone kills the kobolds then they have to fight the undead horde on their own, plus undead kobolds. Since they have to pass through the city to get here they'll already know that not all monsters are enemies, and that fighting friendlies is how you turn on hard mode.
No. 950082 ID: 1a6fd4

I love it when ideas are good for fun and profit.
No. 950099 ID: 977456

A heavily defensive style will be like that. Either you are nearly ignoring stuff or you aren't, and probably lack the firepower and agility to do anything but stand around and take it. You really need to have some more stuff to go with it to give your invulnerable hide something to do other than posing. That is all his own fault.

We could try to mix in some high-damage ringers with some of the less penetrative encounters, something to do big damage but at a low rate, but that'd make the encounters samey. We can please everyone except Handler all of the time, better to do that.
No. 950111 ID: 91ee5f

Would it be possible to do a Dynasty Warriors style battle?
No. 950117 ID: 10670f

Well, it doesn't help that Keeper had nothing to protect other than his own hide. From the various dome shields he produced, I suspect his class is supposed to hang out with other squishys and keep them alive when shit goes down. But again, that's partially his fault. He's the one who decided to partner with the murder machine who doesn't need any sort of healer, and then sit back and let her do all the work.

That said, He'd probably have been much more useful if we had some more dedicated puzzle rooms. We have the "so you think you can slime!" room, and the tea room, but we kinda let Aberration slide by one of those due to her... issues.
No. 950272 ID: 679a6d

You missed the 2500 G obtained as part of the loot from clearing Glass Spinner's Dungeon, and after trawling through our log of Keeper and Aberration's run through the dungeon, they bought 1250 G of items putting us at 10140 G.
No. 950311 ID: a2a6f6
File 157462589245.png - (139.97KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

The heck's a kobold?

Well, either way, I think we all agree that it's time to expand. And not expand the Citadel itself but to create something MORE.

We can have it as an easy or harder dungeon if we just power down.
I don't really have too many ideas for what would be a "fun" or "cool" dungeon but you guys do. Actually, let's see what some of the others say...

>Mary calls Demonologist and poses to her what to do with a new dungeon floor.

"Hmm..." She holds a clipboard close to herself. "If I had a choice..? I would like to make a bunch of new demons. I mean... I don't have to be the one to come up with them. In fact, it may be better to have someone else do that... But I can definitely make them."
No. 950312 ID: a2a6f6
File 157462600217.png - (124.05KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

>Mary nods and calls in The Carpenter, posing to him the same question.

"Yer askin' me, ma'am? Well, if I had to choose I'd want dungeons with lots of rooms. The non-linear look to the citadel ain't bad but there ain't enough traps and dead ends and secrets in it, ya know? Sometimes the classics ain't too bad. But I leave the actual choice up to you, ma'am."
No. 950313 ID: a2a6f6
File 157462604135.png - (50.45KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

"You're asking me for my opinion?"

"No, I-"

"Well if you insist. I think that-"

No. 950315 ID: a2a6f6
File 157462617333.png - (87.83KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

>Mary leans back in a chair.

Hmm... We could make a new dungeon, then. I think the Citadel itself is basically perfect for now so...

The question is what do we do exactly with this new dungeon? I've heard a bit from the constructs and I have to say I agree. We have done slimes to death. I am sometimes literally drowning in slime.

So if we were to create a new dungeon...

What exactly should the theme be?

Are we going to go with the hamlet outside of the Citadel?
A classic dungeon?
Something completely new and unique?

What type of demons should we have within it?
No. 950317 ID: 1b8585

Let's do some sort of law based dungeon! Our gimmick can be that each battle room has certain rules and challenges that limit or alter the strategy that the adventurer has to work around.
We can feature law runes heavily. I think thats especially on brand for Mary atm.
No. 950318 ID: 151656

>The heck's a kobold?
It's kind of a small humanoid creature that looks like the hybrid of a dragon and a dog. Now that I think of it I'm not sure we have the right runes to make one?
No. 950319 ID: b1b4f3

Basement, spooky theme, skeletons and darkness and plants.
No. 950320 ID: b2b560

The hamlet outside would be a good way to do it, I think. Mostly lower level simple slimes, a few "pest" demons like bats and small wildlife, and it makes a good intro to Slimecrown lore, with the final boss being a nice "look, this thing is about what you're going to be facing as moderate challenges and minibosses in Slimecrown, you've been warned."

Though, I'm still hoping we can eventually get the casino gimmick dungeon at some point, gacha machine and all, with dungeon tokens serving as casino chips.
No. 950323 ID: 9caba2

No no no, you know what? Dungeoneer has the right of it, and if nothing else it could work as an outlet for her... creative energies.
Might want to mark it R-18 only though, just in case.

Give that girl her own sub-dungeon with some warnings at the entrance stating that it's entirely optional and not recommended.
No. 950324 ID: 151656

Ok, so if you want minimal slime presence, then we need to use one of the less slime-centered suggestions.

Aaaaand I just realized something. It might not make sense to Mary, but we know a few things about that one alternate dimension and how it works. Now, if I remember right we've established that the Aqua rune can let us make Undine, and that makes sense, since over there they're water elementals, so to speak. But does that mean that we could follow that logic and use the Aero rune to make humans?

>Though, I'm still hoping we can eventually get the casino gimmick dungeon at some point, gacha machine and all, with dungeon tokens serving as casino chips.
We need Carpenter III for that.
No. 950325 ID: d381d2

Whatever it is, I think we should keep it continuous with the slimecrown lore.

How about this: slimecrown’s premier diplomat has been captured and imprisoned by the Mad Baron Bottler, it somesuch villain. The adventurers have allowed themselves to be captured so they can get on the inside of his prison and bust/sneak the diplomat out! The boss can be the warden. The warden and other employees can incorporate law runes. And all kinds of varied rough types can make up the other inmates, for lower level fights. It’ll be a prison break adventure! And they can spend money just like you would trade for contraband healing items. That sort of thing.
No. 950326 ID: 1a6fd4

I still think this >>950072 is the right way to go. Fun and profit rolled into one, the very essence of this dungeon.
Oh, and maybe add some of the ideas we've been bouncing around for a good long while, like the animated doll or suit of armor that turn out to be controlled by a slime inside.
No. 950328 ID: 2202fb

Worth a fucking try!

Thirding this
No. 950330 ID: d98ec7


Maybe some kind of player-driven construction event could work?

Slimecrown Hamlet or some other wing of the citadel that is unlocked as players turn in materials or other enemy drops. Perhaps with some optional content that players can unlock with specific drops or that can make the dungeon more suited to their tastes or playstyles?
No. 950333 ID: f17674

Think of a small dragonling. They have the features of a dragon and sometimes the features of a dog. They're known for their cleverness, but their work tends to be patchwork. Might need to get scale runes and a few other things to make it work.

I think the Hamlet is the way to go. It should still heavily have slimes, but would also feature things like Alarunes like Ashley, Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, and a host of other monsterous races. I like the idea of this kingdom being a mix of those types of monsters being a mix of friendly and enemies, it subverts expectations, which is another minor trait we have had as a dungeon.

And I continue to like the idea bring out the lore of the kingdom. I think this hamlet should host a great number of slimes, but I think they are more NPCs going about their business rather than anything else. For example, we could have slimes tending to a great number of mounts for the slimecrown army I.E glass horses, salamanders, etc. Or some needing adventurers to test out their new weapon (the animated armour as a bonus boss)

The hamlet can more or less like our Courtyard in Slimecrown proper. And then the exterior is a neighbouring forest where a cult is trying to bring some evil, perhaps a cult to the thing in the basement. We can have a whole host of Chaos based monsters, slimes, wizards, a great abomination of our own. Things like that.
No. 950334 ID: 977456

I like lizards. Sure, they don't put the ma'am in mammal, but scales are a really nice, clean, stylish, and pretty aesthetic. Then that solid, heavy, resilience thing they have going on is a really nice counterpoint to slimes, not to mention the teeth.

>Mary calls Demonologist and poses to her
Does, uhh, does Dungeoneer know about this? Does she have pictures?
No. 950335 ID: 10670f

Actually... I just got a great idea, how about an Evil Theater? with Puppet/Marrionette Demons (Wood + Sting + ???) being the main monsters?

It's a great excuse to make a really big and trap filled dungeon with a huge variety of monsters.

Entrance is 'ye classic theater foyer' where we can place our shops and services. Second room is the theater room, with an empty stage that has a curtain along the back wall, various traps such as sandbags falling from the rafters, or trapdoors to later hazards in the dungeon.

Maybe hide a chest in the audiences seats, or the VIP box.

Exit to the next 'stage' is a door behind the curtain, and this is when things get wacky. Each of the rooms of the dungeon are going to be themed after some sort of stage, like a room that's entirely the deck of a rocking boat, or a perpetually raining streetcorner with a singular streetlight setting the mood, ect. Each door connects to different 'stages' with little rhyme or reason. And each 'stage' will have themed monster/puzzles on their stage.

The Big Boss is going to be some sort of Phantom of the Opera deal that when the Adventures reach him he's all "congrats! You've passed the auditions, you shall be my [insert stage roll here] for all eternity!"

Bonus points if the dungeon has Audience Boxes in various actiony parts of the dungeon. Extra Bonus Points if they're filled with, like, 1-rune monsters to cheer/boo the 'preformance'.

Lorewise: It's a theater, attached to Slimecrown, pretty easy to fit together really. Plot of the dungeon, we have a 'theater director' panicking in the middle of the foyer explaining a Powerful Demon took over his Theater.
No. 950336 ID: d5a180

A cultist dungeon
No. 950340 ID: 679a6d

I'd like to make a dungeon that uses the Aero and Aqua Runes we've gotten, the demons and equipment we'd make as a result would certainly be unique, a major draw for any adventurers and would make demonologist happy. It's part of why I've been pushing to get the Aero Rune inverted to hopefully get the full set of elements.

...Come to think of it how does running multiple dungeons work for the constructs anyway? And how would having a second dungeon affect the Eternal Confinement Spell that Mary is under?

As for the dungeon itself, as far as any themes... I kind of wish we'd visited Red Widow's dungeon, so we could just rip off hers but do it better with the improved elemental runes.

Actually, maybe getting a look at other dungeons nearby might be a good idea. We dodged a bullet with Slime Matron by making Slimecrown the way it is, but we should try to avoid too much accidental overlap.

We know from Curi's Christmas Adventure that Red Widow has a pretty generic one with the basic elements, Lord Savage has a High Level Skeleton theme, Glass Spinner has her Glass Puzzle dungeon, Steve runs an underwater dungeon, the Twins focus on debuffs, and Slime Matron is simply a regular Slime themed one.
No. 950350 ID: a9af05

Since we've got a bunch of lore built up in our dungeon, we've gotta make sure that any lore we put in the hamlet add-on will match up to what's in the castle.

Because if we have any diehard fans of our dungeon, they'll be the first ones to criticize any inconsistencies they find.

Also, if the goal of the hamlet add-on is to protect it, then we'll have to come up with a reason on why the inhabitants of the castle still attack the adventurers instead of thanking them for saving the hamlet.
No. 950354 ID: f2af24

Its kind of why I think going cult of Jeffrey is the answer. Slime Kingdom argues that the danger should be kept locked, but the heroes charge in thinking that they are the ones to stop it. They storm the castle to either fight or convince Curi and the denizens of the kingdom that theuly can handle it.

Its one way of handling it, at least.
No. 950363 ID: 91ee5f

You know what we need for the hamlet? A way to prevent the adventurers from killing the townsfolk after completing easy mode.

Because I just know there’s going to be an asshole that’ll take advantage of something like that. Gets the villagers to assist in defending the hamlet, then kills all of the villagers to steal their stuff. We’ve gotta prevent something like that from happening.
No. 950378 ID: 45a356


> Colosseum/Slimenasium for the battle hungry/games of athletic prowess
> Hamlet area preceding the citadel proper to act as a hub for future expansions and an easy access to our money making spa

After that
> The Slimeworks for a place that's full of gears and puzzles, either forming alternate route to Curie or a post-Curie build up to Jeffery with slime cultists ready and waiting.
No. 950382 ID: f17674

Well, we set Ashley as an NPC. NPC mode for all the random slimes going about their day seems the easiest and the safest.
No. 950387 ID: a9af05

I thought we agreed to put different monsters as the villagers?

Anyways, don't we need to keep them set as targetable? That way if the adventurers want to trigger hard mode, they'll be able to kill the villagers and have nobody to assist them during the waves of enemies.

Maybe there's an option to set the villagers as NPCs once the choice for normal mode has been made? That would prevent someone from being able to turn against the villagers either midway through the run or after completing the run.

Speaking of options, did Mary ever find an option to make herself not be targetable? That way she doesn't have to worry about getting attacked again the next time she shows up to congratulate any adventurers for completing the dungeon.
No. 950391 ID: a2f660

While we are going to want a variety of non slime monsters and citizens, we will probably still want to have a handful, just to make it look like city in the kingdom of Slimecrown.
No. 950396 ID: d856aa

Maybe a forest with a village outside of the citadel. It could have a few small cave systems and stuff and be a good place for low level NPCs running around.

Also let's fill it with something other then slimes. Slimes are cool and all, but yeah.
No. 950408 ID: 05fc40

Perhaps have the Village be underground to give the "Classic" feel our builder talked about? Random "cave ins" which the slimes ignore cause lol slimes, and the dead ends and all. Have the village be underground cause Jeffrey's devastation. The mobs can be chaos slime mobs attacking cause they are corrupted.
No. 950410 ID: a9af05

>Random cave ins
That would actually be a good way to change the map layout. Everytime someone comes through, the map would be different, which would increase replayability.
No. 950447 ID: ce39da

My vote is to do something new, bringing up one of my earlier ideas; you know banks, so I say we design The Vault. A high security treasure trove designed to both provide a challenge to brute-force murder hobos, and have an alternate solving path that caters to that stealth-focused demographic we’ve been missing; be sure to set patrols for the inhabitants. Being a bank in lore can also provide an easy excuse for front-end amenities.

As for inhabitants, I have a few juicy ideas.
> Law + Tech = Robo-Guards; weak individually, but raising the alarm will lead to the reckless adventurer getting swarmed.
> Law + Demonic = Lawyer Demons; both to man the amenities and to provide insidious support and interference further in.
> Law + Tech + Shield, & Law + Tech + Sword = Barrier & Hunter Robots; if sneaking’s your game, then this is how the ante gets upped for high-level delves that go deep.
> 3 Dragon + Fancy + Mithril (+ Money when we obtain it?) = That Dragon, Greed; High-level boss in the treasure vault itself (big arena, one of those “streams of coins raining from the ceiling for no reason” types of fantasy vaults); gold-scaled long boi that dives in and out of coin lake Scrooge McDuck style.
> Law + Dragon + Lightning + Mundane = Kobold head of security Malachi; can act as either the end boss for low-level run versions or as a “traitorous insider” that can help higher level raids with opening the way to Greed (likely locking himself in the security room and interacting with them through an intercom terminal in the latter case); quick on the draw and mean with a taser if simply shooting isn’t gonna work.
No. 953866 ID: c26b8d

Hey Mary, Dungeoneer is scheming against you to get you to force yourself to get runes in you due to your words of it only being a last resort. You should punish her.
No. 954007 ID: 9e769a

Alright, so we got the shopkeeps, plant slime, mud slime, the healer, sophie and Rosa all following a sort of earth/plant theme. Maybe slap in a temple there with Watchers as like trash mobs.

Maybe we could work with that a bit in regards to the theme. Expanding lore on familiar characters like that is always cool.

Maybe we could do like a swamp, underground jungle or another kind of plant based biome as a dungeon.

Watchers are kinda like beholders, yea?
This means we could sorta combine like terrain specific CC effects, like slows and immobilizes with beams you need to dodge, creating a solid challenge.
No. 955010 ID: a2a6f6
File 158043270911.png - (130.17KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

I think we've successfully decided on Hamlet.

Now, remember, the point of this expansion is to not only provide diversity but also lower leveled, perhaps less lethal, challenges to our prospective dungeon delvers. They should be able to choose between which of the dungeons they want to tackle. Asking the people who want to do only slimecrown to have to go through the hamlet is a bit much.

I guess the question now is what do we put INTO this hamlet.

I swear to all the gods if you guys fill it with more slimes I will break this crown. We are literally drowning in slimes. We have so many that are unused. I would rather rune up our two rune slimes than make MORE of them.

Now, to fit in with the lore the hamlet would have to be in some dire straits... Exactly what this could entail could be... Hmm.... Damage, perhaps? Or a certain sense of doom that clings to the place.

I think it would be neat if the final boss were something like uh... That 'thing' in the basement. I also want to add some kinda super monster that only attacks if civilians are harmed. Maybe a guard to act as one? I'm sure we can shove a pretty scary five rune monster in there.

Let's do this piece by piece. What kind of buildings should be in the hamlet? I'm no architect and uh... Hamlets kinda stopped being a thing where I live like a thousand years ago?
No. 955012 ID: 2aa5f0

uh, for some reason I can't help but keep thinking of a gothic design so... uh, a bunch of stone and brick buildings that lead up to a large church/temple?
No. 955013 ID: 701302

How about a hamlet that has two kinds of settings. one is a gentle peaceful normal rpg- where the adventurers protect the hamlet and its people, get quests like a starter town. And then there's the hard mode or evil. Where there's a hidden quest line that if found, starts making the villagers into monsters, leading up to a final choice from their starter npc. They can walk away and not find out the terrible truth. Or fight him, which unlocks the path to the 'Chaos Presence' of the thing in the basement
No. 955014 ID: 9caba2

The dire straits could be slimes appearing out of nowhere to just kinda... slightly annoy the people in it?
No. 955015 ID: b92f9f

Make the hamlet tree people like Ashley and the shop assistants! Their problem is Slimecrown sealing up has closed off a lot of irrigation so it's too dry. Also, sap vampires. Have a quest to bring the water back.

Actually maybe the hamlet should have a few slime related problems with currently unused slimes like they're clogging up the well or someone's teddy bear is a cloth slime that ran away.
No. 955017 ID: 05fc40

Two distinct spaces, the damaged normal hub of slimes we've yet to use, (cloth slime can sell low level cloth items, Holy slime can heal, etc.) in addition to other npcs that are human like, or perhaps low level monsters. (kobold, goblins, maybe some orcs) These will be the people of the hamlet still alive. The enemies will come in three forms. Enemy pacification slimes in the form of 2-3 rune slimes that are there to kill the enemies of slimecrown and any tainted foes (including adventurers just to be safe), "tainted" low level monsters (slimes, kobolds, etc again) and Waves of Chaos and Demon slimes erupting from the ground (ostensibly from Jeffrey). Gives us a good spread of monsters and lets us rearrange the map at will to keep adventurers guessing via the "eruptions" changing the topography.
No. 955018 ID: b1b4f3

Well considering we can transmute runes freely now we don't even need to make more elemental slimes, so don't worry.

>construction materials
Mud bricks, thatch roofs, occasionally some actual earthenware like shingles and clay bricks.
Put in some skeletons and some plant monsters, and some skeletons with vine monsters around them. Also a small group of hostile squatters/scavengers... hmm, what kind of monster though... Imps maybe?
No. 955019 ID: ca47b5

Well some main buildings aside from like, normal houses and that would work as decent areas would probably be something like:
a church (with attached or separate graveyard), a town hall , a tavern, maybe a farm or stable type thing.

As for theme yeah I agree on keeping slimes in the citadel, how about the town is cursed with undead or unnatural monsters (we should really play around with the Aqua and Aero runes to see how their weirdness interacts with common runes) and the like but the townspeople pretty much know how to avoid or repel the danger?

So most homes are abandoned/inhabited by demons but some are safe areas for shops and quest givers and other NPCs to hang out in.
No. 955020 ID: 0fae41

Maybe the hamlet could have a tight, cramped residential quarters center surrounded by shops - the blacksmith's, a tanner's, stables, et cetera - if we're going for the feel of an old town based on a highly archaic, ramshackle street layout. Narrow, cramped roads with overhead bridges and all sorts of ponderous expansions to the crowded townhouses makes for a quaint look and an interesting maze to navigate, despite the appearance of openness.
>super boss that retaliates if you attack civilians
Make Colt the sheriff of the hamlet! He's a very intimidating loner.
>non-slime enemies
Also, there was an idea for a Candy Rune based Gummy Wyrm, right? Could have it be a dragon attacking the town in a new twist on a familiar event.
>final boss like that thing in the basement
>would rather rune up our two rune slimes
Would you like to make Chaos Slime into a Jeffrey Jr., for our junior dungeon?
No. 955024 ID: e38c45

More slimes

Break the crown. It only serves to contain us
No. 955032 ID: d856aa

>What kind of buildings should be in the hamlet?
Let's make it quaint. Give it wooden buildings, maybe a fire pit, general store and a tavern/inn for adventurers to gather and pick up quest hooks. The tavern/inn can be named something like "The Lusty Midget" or "The Crowded Bar" and be run by a Boxom shortstack and her team of busty shortstack waitresses.
No. 955059 ID: ede8d3

Even if it’s nit populated mainly by slimes (though I’m sure we can put some of our unused slimes in here) it’s still a part of slimecrown and should incorporate slimish architecture. That means the use of waterproof materials that won’t get spoiled and moldy with exposure to water: less wood and straw and more ceramics, metals, Stone, and glass. Ramps instead of stairs. And a big lightning rod in the middle of town to protect from storms.
No. 955062 ID: 2b05e2

Regardless of whether you break your crown, slimes should still make up a considerable part of the npc population since it is still in slimecrown's land. That being said, there should also be other non-slime creatures as well. We could even have some tension between slimes and non-slimes since slimes are generally seen as being lesser monsters yet they have subjugated the non-slimes. Imo this should be no more than a backdrop/flavortext type thing though rather than a civil war/uprising type thing.

For buildings, probably a gothic church, a tavern, an inn, a general store, a guardpost, blacksmith, silversmith, several other kinds of smith, clumped together housing and have the whole thing wrapped around with farms.
No. 955064 ID: ee5cec

I think the general ideas have been suggested by people. Mud Bricks, thatched roofs(or more sturdy ones since we have a population of at least 50% slimes, even if we don't make more). In general, I like the idea of it being slightly cozy in certain places.

I think for general buildings and areas, I think we want to have it situated with forests nearby, but for areas around, look to having some sprawling farms (like tubers and small animals and the like) for a few small one off quests(like a lost farm animal), a tannery (for leather armour), a general tavern where you can meet a few NPCs that can explain the plot, and then a few simple market stalls for food and low level items(not to mention its a good way to encorporate our token store system).

Just a few ideas I thought of that would help give the area more life.
No. 955067 ID: 9f0903

>I think it would be neat if the final boss were something like uh... That 'thing' in the basement.
Well, Chaos runes are a place to start, but to make an accurate downsized version you may need to finally get hold of Power runes. If you just want to make a cheap facsimile, maybe Aqua runes for tentacles?
Also, "that 'thing' in the basement" is kind of a mouthful, I thought we agreed on Jeffrey.
No. 955076 ID: 06095b


It's generally primarily stone and wood based architecture with thatched roofs made from hay. To save on building materials, you can go with clay (ie mud bricks) and withered vines (ie hay) that our current minions can produce in mass.

Driving conflict could be that this town is run by a group that wants to break into Slimecrown Citadel and acquire the great treasure they're guarding. The slimes, naturally oppose this.

You can choose to help them get ready for war or ignore them. If you help by defeating earth elementals for ore, training in their little arena, or gathering herbs from dangerous plants, you unlock an easy mode into Slimecrown where the roving band joins you in the form of a few questionably able NPCs.
No. 955089 ID: ce39da

We need to consider what the setting for the hamlet's final boss is. It can't be the citadel's entrance since we want to give the option of breezing right through the hamlet's main thoroughfare. In fact, maybe we should take the "nonlinear" approach up to eleven here, leaving multiple paths of "leads" to the final boss in the form of various quests. No two delves will be the same (unless they make the exact same choices), and we can get people talking about that one secret or Easter egg only they were able to find so far. As for the final boss itself... maybe someone trying to break into the dungeon under the Citadel through a drainage sewer?
No. 955091 ID: 91ee5f

>Now, remember, the point of this expansion is to not only provide diversity but also lower leveled, perhaps less lethal, challenges to our prospective dungeon delvers.
>I also want to add some kinda super monster that only attacks if civilians are harmed. Maybe a guard to act as one? I'm sure we can shove a pretty scary five rune monster in there.
While it’s a good idea to include a hard mode for when the civilians are attacked, let’s try to make sure that the Hamlet’s hard mode is easier than Slimecrown’s hard mode.

After all, it would be bad for business if the dungeon set up specifically for beginners throws something at the beginners that’s impossible for them to beat at their current levels!

>They should be able to choose between which of the dungeons they want to tackle. Asking the people who want to do only slimecrown to have to go through the hamlet is a bit much.
I agree. No forcing people to do both when they only want to do one.

>I swear to all the gods if you guys fill it with more slimes I will break this crown. We are literally drowning in slimes. We have so many that are unused. I would rather rune up our two rune slimes than make MORE of them.
I agree, we need something other than slimes to occupy the Hamlet.

Maybe some kobolds, goblins, and imps?
No. 955094 ID: cc4dc1

Undead Plague Hamlet. Filled with Zombies, Skellys, and Ghosts. Multiple bosses in different areas that can be activated by different means. Like a giant undead crocodile that requires collecting fetid meat as bait from the town butcher who himself has warped into some sort of abomination. Or a Neeto style entity lingering inside a tomb in the graveyard that can be accessed with the help of a ghost NPC that needs you to help them with some unfinished business. basically make the Hamlet a large hub with multiple "mysteries" that can be discovered via the ex villagers journals or their ghost npcs.
No. 955100 ID: 1a6fd4

I like this. It handily explains why there aren't many slimes in what's supposed to be part of Slimecrown territory, and where do Ashley and the shopkeeps fit in with the rest, all in one go. Having a few slime stragglers but leaving the rest of the mobs distinctly non-slime gives it a nice inverted symmetry to the Citadel itself, too.
No. 955101 ID: 86636a

Maybe the npcs should be plant people, but we should leave the enemies random. We don't want to restrict ourselves to a single monster type again.
No. 955115 ID: 977456

To get an oppressiveness to the town, the bonus boss could be a fog monsters, constantly patrolling the town and expelling fog so that the whole place is literally under a dark cloud. Attack town'sfolk and it jumps you in a prepared and favourable(open sky, buildings crowding the ground) battlefield. Or you can set off a ritual to lure it out of town and suppress one of its runes. You would learn of the ritual from a group of paladin-types who came to "purge the evil" while the villagers acknowledge that it is dangerous but regard it as 'local charm' and a secret that they are very reluctant to talk about. Add a bit of moral ambiguity for those who look, perhaps the monster steals from outsiders and the paladins are sponsored by an empire that is hinted to be using them to clear out threats prior to an invasion.
No. 955345 ID: 41dcf4
File 158076301598.png - (142.01KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

Don't think I won't do it, mister.

>Would you like to make Chaos Slime into a Jeffrey Jr., for our junior dungeon?

That's the general idea I'm going for when it comes to using the slimes we already have. We are definitely lacking in power runes but not in Chaos.

>Let's make it quaint. Give it wooden buildings, maybe a fire pit, general store and a tavern/inn for adventurers to gather and pick up quest hooks. The tavern/inn can be named something like "The Lusty Midget" or "The Crowded Bar" and be run by a Boxom shortstack and her team of busty shortstack waitresses.

The hell's a shortstack? I like the rest of the ideas, though.

>Make the hamlet tree people like Ashley and the shop assistants! Their problem is Slimecrown sealing up has closed off a lot of irrigation so it's too dry. Also, sap vampires. Have a quest to bring the water back.

A nice idea, but let's focus on buildings for now. Still, I will keep that in mind.

>It's generally primarily stone and wood based architecture with thatched roofs made from hay. To save on building materials, you can go with clay (ie mud bricks) and withered vines (ie hay) that our current minions can produce in mass.

A rustic look would be most fitting, I think. The general aesthetic should be one that would fit in with this sort of old school castle, queens, princesses type of adventure.

I wonder if we'd have to change the flavor of the inner dungeon to match the sort of... I don't know, post-chaos that's going on in the outer area? That is, if we decide to do the whole 'place is falling apart' thing.

I'm musing a bit too much on just general feel, I think... Let's see if we can get some actual structures up.

>a church (with attached or separate graveyard), a town hall , a tavern, maybe a farm or stable type thing.

Alright, how about something like this?

The church has the most well kept-together parts of the town. Actual buildings and stuff. I figured maybe the other half has some damage to it?

A central point for meetings and maybe this can be the shop and whatnot.

Also a hidden hot springs area. People seem to like that.

We could see about offering weapon buffing areas with a forge and sell potions. I think that might be a good way to naturally weave the shops into the dungeon without causing any sort of immersion breakage.

There's a tavern... Forest...


What do you guys think?
No. 955347 ID: 9f0903

>Don't think I won't do it, mister.
Sure, those noodly arms look totally capable of destroying a powerful artifact.

>The hell's a shortstack
A short but stacked girl. Remember, sex sells.

>I wonder if we'd have to change the flavor of the inner dungeon
Don't sweat the small stuff.

>Alright, how about something like this?
Sounds good.
No. 955351 ID: ce39da

We still need to decide where in this "dungeon" adventurers will be fighting the boss, and to determine that, we need to know just who or what the boss is. Perhaps the final hike to the boss can be found starting Under the Old Well or Beneath Old Man Haxton's Grave or The Cave Out in the Forest (or all three; it depends on which route they follow, or what they stumble upon first)? They're trying to break into the dungeon under the citadel (whether with explosives or raw muscle)?
No. 955352 ID: d856aa

>The hell's a shortstack?
A short, stacked girl. Usually about crotch height (3 or 4 feet tall), with a chest like calculator's and hips like calculator's. Remember Marauder, she was a shortstack.

Also, what about a small cave system in the forest or some ancient ruins for adventurers to explore or a secret mausoleum under the graveyard? Nothing that'd need it's own floor, but maybe a room or someting.
Also throw a few "hidden" things around. Like easter eggs and small bits of loot.

We should also have a few different "actors" we can populate the forest and tavern with. Like maybe one week it's a tribe of goblins, the next it's kobolds coming out of the cave and taking over the forest.
Also have a few random species for the tavern.
No. 955353 ID: d856aa

Hey, what if we let Isabelle run the village? See if there's a Junior Dungeon Master program, get it set up so she's mostly autonomous but we can see what kind of things she's making and what's going on so we can step in if there's a problem.
She can learn how to run the dungeon and get some experience (and more screen time. Playable Isabelle now.) and it might take some of the load off of Mary.
No. 955358 ID: a2f660

I like where you are going with this. I think for the space that is currently labeled a question mark should be a few things.

>1. A general police/wardens office.
This can be a small outfit, and can help us use Colt a bit more efficently as the warden of the outpost or something of that matter. It can have a small jail with maybe one or two prisoners and even a minor prisoner escape. Makes a simple sidequest when we plan the inner workings of the actual dungeon. This also leads to...

>2. Small barracks
This is to help with the presence in the area. But also allows us another set of small quests and worldbuilding. Think of it as a place where recruits are trained for the army. Allows for some unique small quests like wrangling animals or finding mounts for cavalry, etc.

>3. Sprawling Farmland
Slimecrown needs to feed itself and its denezins. So why not have a bunch of wheat and tubers grown by Kobolds and Mud Slimes? And we can also have ranches for said army, raising glass horses or domesticated salamanders, cattle, etc. Another quest idea of "find the lost animal".

We have enough of these things and to bring into the ideas brought up here >>955351 and here >>955352 where these mini quests eventually lead to clues to the main quest. Where adventurers can go three or four ways to the final dungeon. Creating replayability.
No. 955359 ID: 0fae41

Could put a jail in the ruined section of town.
No. 955367 ID: 2aa5f0

seems good but you think we should toss a granary in and maybe a guard house/jail? Granary could be in the ruin part of town or just filled with a low amount of food and could aid to the "everything is going to hell" vibe your going for and the guardhouse/jail combo could be used both to hand out quest and to have some tougher monster come out to "arrest" any murder hobo players that just start killing everyone in town because murder hobo. Not saying they can't just that their actions will have consequences and you know those type of players exist. Hell our last group practically where those people until we intervened.
No. 955404 ID: 10670f

Oh! Uh, I'm paying attention! I totally wasn't out getting wasted while I waited for something interesting to happen!

>Let's do this piece by piece. What kind of buildings should be in the hamlet? I'm no architect and uh... Hamlets kinda stopped being a thing where I live like a thousand years ago?

not really, they just rebranded in the past century or so. Now they're called "suburbs". You just gotta toss in some places you'd think you would find there.

Anyways!if your going for that "Post-Roman Empire" style, you might want to put in a "ruined" fort, possible before the forest. It's a good excuse to set up some traps, and it makes for a nice hiding place for a encounter and some sort of "Plot Lever" aka, a switch that does something to help the party progress and give them direction. Like, shifting an ancient aquaduct, or opening a large gate somewhere.

Something else you can toss in is a Schoolhouse. A building with one large auditorium type room and a belltower. It could double as a hint and directory for the adventures. Maybe make the 'Schoolmarm' someone rather dangerous for that whole "bonus boss" shtick. perhaps Wood + Mind+ Crystal for a Crystal Tree Sylph.
No. 955409 ID: 41dcf4
File 158086330548.png - (192.35KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

While the idea may be adorable and possibly gain some attention, I'm afraid I can not trust a child with my compan...

With my dungeon.


Let's add some ruins. Farmland. School. Jail. Well. Grannary...

I think without getting anything solid down this is a pretty good map. We can make it as damaged as needed, of course.

We can come up with more specifics after we populate it.

No. 955410 ID: 41dcf4
File 158086334529.png - (132.55KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

I am trusting you guys in the creation of these villagers. I know there were some ideas earlier but let's try and condense these...

Now, what should we create?
No. 955412 ID: 0fae41

More plantfolk! Lots of different flowers and leaves you could use for hair decoration. How about a scarecrow farmer whose frightful appearance hides a mild manner?
Magma and Flit are going to feel a little out of place among plantfolk. Their alienation could be the focus of a quest, maybe they're exiles from the castle.
No. 955415 ID: 9caba2

Remember Marauder? More of what she was.
No. 955417 ID: 1a85ff

Loli versions of the constructs
No. 955419 ID: 1774cd

Cultists! Lots of good ol robey fellows.
No. 955422 ID: 06095b


Sooo, I honestly don't know what the hell is going on with our theme. Are there just a bunch of slimes occupying the hamlet with anyone who can stand them, or is this society something different that just so happens to be in slime territory?

I still like the idea of the hamlet being filled with interlopers who are after the treasures of Slimecrown Citadel, but if they're co-existing with slimes, that's not very feasible.

Beyond that even, slimes are the lowest of the low in terms of difficulty in most places, Mary. Anything beneath them would either have to be disorganized kobolds or goblins. I guess we could go with that.
No. 955423 ID: 18fe93

Have plenty of the leafling shopkeeps as "filler" villagers.

Love the idea of a scarecrow farmer.

Make a sap vampire as a boss. She'll infect the adventurers if she can with something that'll slowly turn them into a tree. Put some odd trees in the graveyard as a clue.

If the main problem is a lack of water, you could have ice elementals freezing up the irrigation from Slimecrown and an upgraded slime soaking up the well water.
No. 955427 ID: 2202fb

I kinda like the idea of having kobolds (in addition to the slimes that should make up a significant portion of the slime kingdom's citizens Mary!) cuz we could then tie that into a quest involving a dragon, like that gummy wyrm I saw mentioned before. Most of the kobolds would be regular citizens while a small group could be undercover dragon cultists.
No. 955429 ID: f17674

Well, lets see if I can iron this out a bit...

>First things first, lets talk vendors and shops...

I say we create a Tanner for simple low level armours and clothing. Cloth slime could be used for this purpose with a 1 rune upgrade.

A general merchant and potion vendor Kobold, someone with a slight afinity for magic, but is manic and overly enthusiastic about their work. She could be used with potentially a Magic Rune and perhaps a Scale Rune that we might be able to requisition through purchase of a dragon's scale or something similar. Terra runes maybe?

Finally, a bartender and a waitress. Perhaps a big buff orc with a tiny but extremely strong for her size, server.

>The Farms
This should be relatively simple, I think we get a Sunflower-based alarune like Ashley, who is the head farmer, along with a host of plant slimes, mud slimes and kobolds that till the fields, and raise the farm animals. If we wish to make a quest involved, we can look to creating a pet of some kind for them.

I say we transfer Colt over, to give exposition, and work as a possible recruitable ally for the big crawl for lower level parties. In addition we have a few slime soldiers and a Kobold or Alarune Deputy. And then a few NPC prisoners, with one maybe having more definition if we wish to have them play a more important role in the story (Maybe one is a Minotaur??).

Light Slime gets a Heal rune and becomes a cleric

Maybe have a chaos slime hanging around as if they are sick, and the blight may be caused by the main adventure hook.

This guy has got this one down.

>Finally, random creatures
Given the nature of the farms, lets look to seeing if we can start expanding the monster pool a bit to explain the army of Slimecrown. First off, I still love the Container+Glass rune combo to create Glass Horses. This being for the Slimecrown cavalry. For the more hearty slimes,perhaps heartier beasts like giant bulls, or Salamanders (Fire+Scale+Stone), with one even being another sidequest to try and retrieve one from the wild.

That's all I have for now, figure upgrading a few slimes, and using Curi's innate ability to generate some of our classic slimes for NPCs can help populate a bit, but also some ideas for some characters to start making this a world of others creatures and denizens live in.
No. 955435 ID: d856aa

Mary, I can't believe you won't let your daughter step into the world of business with your support. Imagine when she's older, she'll not know how to run a dungeon and people will go "That's Mary's daughter, she's horrible at business!"
Can you really live with that?

We should make some Boners for the graveyard/ruins. Demonologist would like that we're using her idea too.
<Bone + Sword> for Boner Soldiers
<Bone + Magic> for Boner Mages.

I want Goblins for the forest, I'm thinking a shortstack shaman with warriors and thieves. I just can't think of a good base. Maybe:
<Sword + Shield> for Goblin Warriors
<Dark + Poison> for Goblin Thieves
<Magic+Heal+World> for the Shaman. Uses the power of the elements for support and attack.

I want the village to have a variety of races. Like the Tavern should be run by <Fire+Fist+Alcohol> a drunken fist fighter from Marauder's race.
Make some cute waitresses, don't have to make them all shortstacks, but they should be cute.
<Sturdy + Comfy> maybe?

I don't want to get stuck in a rut with villagers either, the villagers should be a bunch of different races. Humans, Goblins, Marauder's Race, Demons, Elves, ect. A bunch of people who have come from all over and settled infront of the citadel, so we can make what we need as we need it and it's not just "Only Plant Dudes."

For other monsters:
<Aero + Magic> Sylphs that cause trouble or help out depending on mood.
<Foot + Plain> Wolves that attack the farms
<Aero + Wind> Large Birds that attack the village
<Candy + Law> FBI Agents to entrap adventurers
<Wood + String> Spiders that hunt in the woods
<Wind + Candy> Bees that live in the Woods and make honey protected by:
<Wind + Sword> Soldier Bees who fight
<Wind + Candy + Heal> The Queen Bee Boss who drops rare Royal Jelly
<Psionic + Thorn + Force> Rhinoceros Beetle who's rivals with:
<Mind + Thorn + Force> Stag Beetle
(Because Mind and Psionic look like Horns, get it.)
No. 955438 ID: 10f5f8

Thicc Thigh Female Schoolteacher
All the other voices can develop the rest.Just let me have my input.
No. 955439 ID: 2aa5f0

fill the shops with the same type of minions we already have for our shopkeepers. The farmlands should be filled with plant based monsters like our cleric but maybe not as strong as her... or at least not all of them. The forest I feel we should subvert expectations a little and instead of throwing plant based or beast based monsters throw undead type and fairy type monster in their and make it a hunted forest.

For the town proper I'm thinking just have it be a bit of a melting pot but try to at least get some villagers to be the same type of non-slime monsters we already have in our dungeon, like the beholder just for lore reasons so people can piece together where some of the creatures we got in our main dungeon came from.

Also I know you said no more slimes but I'm thinking we should make the captain of the guard a slime knight just to kinda lean on the fact that this hamlet is suppose to be part of the slime kingdom.
No. 955441 ID: d856aa

I just remembered I should probably give you design ideas.
For the Goblin Shaman, I want to focus on like the nature thing. Wild and Feral. So her outfit would be like a Wolf's Head pelt from the wolves that attack the village, with the paws hanging over her shoulders and covering her chest and a loin cloth. Her weapon should be claws from a beast, tied and used in melee. Don't make her a grizzled old crone.
The other goblins should be crude, but not as feral and savage. Like salvaged metal armor and crude, rough, but effective cleavers for the warriors and roughly made leather and bone daggers dripping poison for the thieves.
Maybe they trade with the town sometimes too, when they're not antagonists.

The bar owner should be the same race as Marauder, make her tough. Like she's a retired adventurer who's settled down in her middle age.
The waitresses should be young and flirty though, think like normal bar waitresses.

The sylphs should be moff girls. Because they're fluffy and cute and eat hair.
Make the bees and beetles anthromorphic.
The beetles are cool, strong dudes who like to fight and the bees are bees.
The beetles teaming up to raid the Beehive for honey would be a cool adventure thing though.

I want a boss for the Graveyard, but I can't think of anything that isn't just "Bigger Boner."

Oh! What about a dwarven blacksmith. She can be a rival to the one in the citadel. She'd wear like overalls, a gloves, goggles and boots and have a huge hammer she uses for forging and fighting.
<Stone+Alcohol+Force> maybe.
No. 955443 ID: d856aa

Also, the shaman should look kind of like Marauder too. Just a goblin. Same type of build.
No. 955444 ID: ce39da

I agree that making the villagers mostly plant people would improve the cohesiveness of the dungeons as a whole — lots of `Comfy + Wood` people. Only give a choice selection of plot-important NPCs the third rune. The highest we'll go in total is four runes for the boss.
No. 955447 ID: f9ad18

Beyond upgrading Cloth Slime into a tailor (if only so she has a use somewhere) I don't have a lot of opinions on what the other shopkeepers should be.

I feel the Jail could be a good place to put bounty hunting style quests where you have to track down and capture criminals/troublemakers hiding somewhere within the dungeon. Would just have to make a couple criminals and hideouts for them and probably expand/rotate the roster every now and then for repeat adventurers.
No. 955449 ID: a54a76

I know some of us are leaning towards the spooky dilapidated town angle, I know we've not finalized anything yet but if it's gonna be dark or foggy or the like I had an idea for a friendly NPC that carries a magic lantern that repels most mobs and assists/escorts NPCs and any nice adventurers between safe zones if they aren't looking to fight their way to an actual main encounter.

I don't have a good idea for a name yet, Way-warden maybe, Nightguard? Anyway I was thinking something along the lines of Light + Law + Sword (or 2x one of them to make them a proper optional miniboss), so any adventurers that attack the townsfolk lose this safe travel mechanic in addition to aggroing a fairly tough creature, don't know if this would count as the main punishment for murderhoboing but I felt it was an idea worth sharing.
No. 955453 ID: 36de32

Use a water and an aqua rune to make a fish that pilots a slime membrane. He’ll be the commissioner. The Cofishioner.
No. 955461 ID: 977456

I think we should aim for lots of single-rune enemies. This is meant to be the easier dungeon, yes?
No. 955465 ID: 701302

Can we hire adventurers? I want to hire Marauder to be the busty waitress at the pub.

Otherwise, having a kind introductory npx could be good. That way if there is anything difficult people could be warned.

Frankly, if we made the pub an inn, it could be a fun like week long adventure trip. Something to help get newbies or new adventurers practiced in important skills like lockpicking, trail following, etc. Basically one of those LARP week trips people have.

As for monsters or other such things.... I think some basic security precautions, such as gargoyles shaped like statues in the church or living armor guards would be nice. Have things for the adventurers to do, but like any amusement park have security be able to funnel its way out in a jiffy.
No. 955480 ID: 9f0903

>While the idea may be adorable and possibly gain some attention, I'm afraid I can not trust a child with my compan...
It's ok, Mary, we all know it's a company just as much as a dungeon, we won't judge you any more than we already do. Now, let's compromise: give the reins to Isabelle and one minder of your choice. Let the kid call the shots, but give the minder final say on everything, so anything she might do wrong is filtered through an adult. Of course, said adult would have to respect her creative process while at the same time being responsible (I think Demonologist would be ideal for this). Will this do?
No. 955487 ID: 91ee5f

>While the idea may be adorable and possibly gain some attention, I'm afraid I can not trust a child with my compan...
What about Alex? She used to be an auditor like you, so maybe she could handle the Hamlet?

You do remember Alex, right? She’s that one human lady that said that she’d willingly let us put a rune in her so she’d lose her humanity? Also, she’s still waiting for us to find the rune she wanted so that she could get it put in her.

.....by the way, is Hemlock still there?
No. 955528 ID: c18993

I say let there be Lagmites.
No. 955546 ID: f9ad18

We could always have two rune monsters hold back if they're not meant to be a challenge, but yeah, more single rune monsters would be better. We'd need to make a bunch though, since right now we only have 3 and most would be better as citizens than enemies to face in my opinion.

Hoodlum [Cloth rune] -- A hoodie wearing thief/prankster monster. Mostly harmless, preferring to steal or distract others over attacking. Can transform between its monster form and a hoodie that provides buffs while worn. Due to its mischievous nature, all buffs it provides are random.
Criminals or misguided troublemakers, whatever works best. Bit at the end is more for if turning one into a pet/item reward than how you'd probably encounter them as enemies.
No. 955570 ID: afa6f6

Well, if were going with the idea of a declining village that partially ruined, influenced by the Citadel, maybe its getting worse the closer you get to the citadel entrance, like the buildings are decaying and the lad is getting swampy and goo like.
That way, the monsters can get stronger and more related to the Citadel as you move into those areas as well. Throw in some Mud creatures, maybe some rubble stone golems along with the the upgraded Chaos Slime, along with some Chaos Wisps (One Chaos rune creatures) to illustrate how the land and buildings are breaking down and being corrupted.

Add a Rune to Monk Slime(I suggest Soul), and you can post him in the Church to have that act as a sanctuary, where all the Adventurers and friendly NPCs can go if they need to run from something. You can add some lines about how he escaped from Slimecrown citadel while shepherding refugees. He can eject adventurers from the church if they get too rowdy. Via Shinkou Slime-Douken.

Oh, How about some ghosts? a tragedy is supposed to have happened so restless spirits would make sense.
Use some Soul runes to create some Octoplasms. Theyre like the basic spooky sheet ghosts, but the ends of the sheets end in little tentacles and they leave ectoplasm when they pass through objects.
No. 955578 ID: d6afc2

Do we have to cram a Yum! advertisement somewhere in there? I'm not sure if your contract also involves future dungeons.
No. 955590 ID: afa6f6

We can probably just serve them as snacks in the inn/tavern if we need to.
No. 955596 ID: a2f660

I reckon its on tap at the Tavern amongst other things.
No. 955613 ID: c87935

Normal population should be plant people like the shopkeeps and Ashley. If this is gonna be a low level dungeon, most of the population probably only needs one rune. Plant farmer, plant inkeeper, plant barmaid, plant town guard (plant+shield), plant mayor (plant+fancy), plant old person who sits on a porch and complains about the rats/lagmites in the basement.
No. 955645 ID: 7445f0

bonus points if the hoodlums somehow reference hoodiequest
No. 955710 ID: 0dae1e

Kobolds, Goblins, Plants, Ghosts Who CARES, what matters is that they should be shortstacks!

Shortstacks! Shortstacks! Shortstacks!!!

In all seriousness(not that I'm not serious 'bout dem shortstacks) I'm thinking start small with Kobolds, Goblins, and some other natural & magical creatures. Things like plant creatures and fairies. A secret ghost npc with a secret quest if they meet the right conditions. We could expand later or with other towns/floors if we want to.

I also like the idea of there being cultists present or hidden in the hamlet. It can provide both mystery for the setting and options to work with for potential enemies near area. For example, we can have goblin cultists, pixie cultists, etc. A 'boss' variant might be species that isn't even found in town. This way we can have variety without adding runes and making our monsters too high level.

Perhaps we can add a mystery side quest about finding the hidden cultists in town before they complete their dark ritual and sacrifice some villagers. The cultists could be decided randomly or created manually. This is where hamlet diversity come's into play. One run the town could be filled with human cultists, in another they are all unicorns or something.
If they don't want to do it, they can skip it and the villagers won't be in danger. If they just try to murder all the villagers and hope they get the cultists too, then the the cultist win. Since at the time of the quest, the ritual would only need sacrifices. But I've rambled for long enough.

TL;DR I vote Kobolds, Goblins, fey, and plant people for starting options, with a hidden supernatural presence.

Slime Shortstack for GodQueen
No. 955811 ID: 05fc40

There should be a solid selection of slimes, as this is a slime hamlet, but you can use any two rune ones not in the main dungeon. For the rest, an assortment of low level monsters. Kobolds, imps, orcs, goblins, maybe some non hostile undead? There should be a solid assortment of people coming and going.
No. 955874 ID: afa6f6

So, what 2 rune slimes do we have that dont currently have jobs in the Citadel? I think Light, Darkness, Time, Holy, Demon, and the Ochere Jelly are free? We could have some of them work in the village right?
The Ocheres could make good mob monsters, and people shouldn't mistake them as being the same as regular slimes. maybe have them populate the graveyard as a mini quest adventurers can be given, to clear them out so they dont eat all the bones and headstones.
Maybe Dio-I mean Time Slime can be a local ne'er do well who can trick adventurers into traps our encounters then run away with time powers.
No. 955890 ID: 0dae1e

Light, Monk and Holy slimes could work at the church. Could be explained as missionaries from Slimecrown. Also if we are going to have ghosts in the graveyard, it makes sense to have the church look after them.

If we combine other suggestions pranksters maybe there can be a delinquent gang. For example, they could have a time slime, a hoodlum, a sneaky goblin, a mischievous fairy, etc. I'm thinking low-level nuisance and not dangerous. But they could fit any role we want them to.
No. 955905 ID: 2a2f85

You missed Lightning and Chaos, although Lightning might have problems since he's small and doesn't have arms, and Chaos is too cute to take her away from Mary.

Although, now you've got me thinking about making a powerplant to power the village by building a large hamster wheel and getting a bunch of Lightning run in it in shifts...
No. 955913 ID: c18993

Well we need to release patch notes so people don’t get confused about changes. We should also expand the functionality of the slime tokens so they can used to bribe villagers and reach hidden content, but if you spend too much in one run you attract the attention of a dangerous mob. We need more trash mobs like the lagmites.
No. 955918 ID: 0dae1e

You bring up a great point. This is a dungeon for low level players but those players might decide to challenge Slimecrown in the future. Slime token functionality can help encourage players who complete this dungeon to tackle the higher level one later. Some of the rewards can be items that improve their success while in the Slimecrown or just more of the stuff we have but unique for this area. Player retention is key.

Maybe we can even convince higher level players to return to this dungeon and spend money/tokens for certain unique pets/items. We can even have a super hidden quest that would hard to find. Like an ARG. The brainy types would probably love it. It would be a great place to hide a rare reward.
No. 955921 ID: c18993

Why is it a different dungeon anyway? Isn’t it the same dungeon?
No. 955922 ID: f17674

Think of it as this being a seperate business of the franchise. This is a brand expansion that will run concurrently with the Citadel proper. Curi runs the Citadel, werun the Hamlet as it expands.

Alternatively, zones of a theme park. Sure an adventurer may go through both if they want. But only one party can enter a "zone" at a time.
No. 955951 ID: afa6f6

Well,if we're going to work on the assumption that some who go through the village will eventually hit The Citadel, maybe we should weave some story, and more importantly, hints into the quest in the village too.
Like have the villagers drop clues about the Slime Princesses if people complete their quest lines, like wwhat kind of treasures they might give, or hints about their powers. Warnings like not to hurt Bloops if they dont want to have a bad time, that kind of thing.
It can serve as both an advertisement and a reward.
No. 956432 ID: 679a6d

We're looking to make this dungeon a step down in difficulty compared to the Citadel, so we want mostly one or two rune creatures, with maybe a 3 rune as a boss/mini-boss. Personally I,think we should make use of those unique runes, Aqua and Aero.

Speaking of, please have Demonologist invert the Aero rune, I suspect we'll get either the equivalent for fire or earth from it.

Second, monster ideas.
Aero: Harpies, flying squirrels, wisps, maybe Chocobos? Kind of hard to pin down just what you'd get using this rune by itself. Maybe just try one and see what we get?

Aqua: This one on the other hand... mermaids, tentacled horrors of all kinds, inklings and octolings, octarians, deep sea type creatures... there's plenty of things we can draw from with this rune.

I'd really like to at least try a few single rune creatures with these runes, they'd undoubtedly provide unique demons for the village.
No. 956447 ID: 9f0903

>Speaking of, please have Demonologist invert the Aero rune, I suspect we'll get either the equivalent for fire or earth from it.
The one's we're missing are Pyro and Terra, I think. Unfortunately, we got Aero by inverting Aqua, so unless we get some kind of orthogonal conversion, we're kinda stuck with those.

>Kind of hard to pin down just what you'd get using this rune by itself.
Well... here's the weird part. These are the base elements from MAQ, so the obvious 1 rune monsters would be the corresponding elementals. So for Aqua we get Undine, and for Aero we get... humans?
No. 956501 ID: 679a6d

An orthogonal conversion is exactly what I think it is. At least, we don't lose more than a single rune to try it.

As for the Aero rune, we've seen that they're more versatile than that, even ignoring that there's a separate "Human" rune. Heck, if nothing else we could probably get demons made of clouds, or a storm elemental or something...

I bet putting Aqua and Aero together could make a living hurricane... Or some kind of seagull or pelican demon.
No. 956580 ID: 9f0903

>An orthogonal conversion is exactly what I think it is. At least, we don't lose more than a single rune to try it.
As of last update we don't even lose a single one, so sure, let's try it. But for the record, inverting inverted runes has never given a different rune than the original before, so don't hold your breath. maybe the "New runes can be created randomly by destroying two runes" thing can do what we want? That does cost us a rune.

>As for the Aero rune, we've seen that they're more versatile than that, even ignoring that there's a separate "Human" rune.
Oh, I wasn't saying they couldn't be used for more than that. I was just saying we can do weird things with it. As for the Human rune, we've done things like that before when we made plant monsters without the Plant rune, there's some overlap. Too bad we can't just use the Aero rune to make a human, then rune them to make a Human rune, huh? We don't have it yet.

>I bet putting Aqua and Aero together could make a living hurricane... Or some kind of seagull or pelican demon.
Careful, we've been repeatedly warned about putting opposite runes in a monster.
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