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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 157001761244.png - (100.75KB , 1500x1500 , 0000.png )
946246 No. 946246 ID: 5a5548

this quest may contain scenes and themes related to self harm, drug addiction, and suicide.

Hey there. you still with me? it's been a long night, but we're just getting started. you're listening to Night City.
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No. 946247 ID: 5a5548
File 157001763407.png - (446.48KB , 1500x1198 , 0001.png )

No. 946248 ID: 5a5548
File 157001764775.png - (445.43KB , 1500x1213 , 0002.png )

No. 946249 ID: 5a5548
File 157001766145.png - (598.13KB , 1500x1765 , 0003.png )

No. 946250 ID: 5a5548
File 157001791947.png - (675.76KB , 1500x1601 , 0004.png )

the Driver begins to nod off again. she's been drowsy since... before she can remember. she needs to stay awake.

A: keep talking to the Hitchhiker. conversation should rouse her.
B: turn up the radio. Night City is playing. some kind of late night DJ with a flair for the dramatic.
C: check around the car. she remembers she likes to drink coffee. or she liked to? maybe she has a bottle or a can of something laying around to perk her up.
D: something else. anything to keep herself alert until she gets... wherever she's supposed to be going.
No. 946251 ID: ad51b8

>A: keep talking to the Hitchhiker. conversation should rouse her.

one trick is to help stay awake is to sing along with a radio song to help you focus on something to stay awake, but having someone to engage with in a conversation will be more mentally stimulating and should help you stay awake a bit longer so go do that.
No. 946253 ID: 7ebbf9

Yeah keep talking.
No. 946254 ID: eeb7d9

I agree with this.
No. 946255 ID: e7dcb0

B. I want to learn more about this DJ.
No. 946257 ID: e7c7d3

B. Can't rely that this hitchhiker will keep up a decent conversation.
No. 946267 ID: 977456

Lick the air fresheners. Actually go ahead and gnaw on them a little.
No. 946285 ID: 0fae41

C. Nobody else is on the road anyway.
No. 946295 ID: b1b4f3

If you're on the verge of passing out you should pull over to the side of the road, evict the hitchhiker, lock all the doors then get some sleep.
No. 946321 ID: 5a5548
File 157009090875.png - (932.97KB , 1500x1713 , 0005.png )

No. 946322 ID: 5a5548
File 157009091996.png - (543.91KB , 1500x1618 , 0006.png )

No. 946323 ID: 5a5548
File 157009092880.png - (358.60KB , 1500x1271 , 0007.png )

No. 946324 ID: 5a5548
File 157009095274.png - (709.80KB , 1500x1840 , 0008.png )

No. 946325 ID: 5a5548
File 157009128660.png - (643.63KB , 1500x1844 , 0009.png )

the Driver begins to remember. traces of memories come back to her, like a dream.

A: "...I've been sober for about a week now, and the cravings have gotten out of hand."
B: "...things at my house have gotten weird. I needed to get away from my parents for a while."
C: "...I've been having some issues with... God. or whatever I believe in."
D: "...actually, nevermind. I'm just having a bad night, I guess."
No. 946326 ID: 8f7f3a

No. 946327 ID: 2df440

No. 946328 ID: 977456

C: They have just been the worst roommate. Bringing in rowdy prayer groups at all hours, playing their televangelists too loud, Putting their little symbols all over the shared stuff, Badgering you that all your food has to be blessed, the fridge is always stuffed with fishes and loaves so there is no room for anything edible, and as a dedicated teetotaller you DO NOT appreciate that all the water turns into wine as soon as it enters the room. You don't even like cooking with that stuff. And they are so popular. You can't complain about anything without being shouted down, they just don't understand when you try to explain that it might actually be difficult to get help with something, and everyone is either hassling you for every tiny detail, or just ignoring you while hanging round constantly, or, ugh, the jealous types are full-on scary sometimes! Sure, you still like the faith and all, but you just... really need a break...
No. 946331 ID: e51896

No. 946332 ID: 0fae41

No. 946355 ID: a9af05

Good news, the adrenaline of being followed will help you stay awake.

Bad news, you're being followed.

>Why are you driving?
No. 946358 ID: e7c7d3

B.) Coming out to your your parents is never easy. Especially since..
C.) They're super religious, but the way they reacted kind of makes you question the whole thing.
No. 946359 ID: 094652

B) Once upon a time, your parents were completely normal. Almost too normal, they never complained, even when the world started going mad. Now they're senile from old age, and you're not sure you like the end result.
No. 946372 ID: 0e2ebe

No. 946422 ID: 5a5548
File 157017888433.png - (477.86KB , 1500x1709 , 0010.png )

No. 946423 ID: 5a5548
File 157017889552.png - (334.34KB , 1500x743 , 0011.png )

No. 946424 ID: 5a5548
File 157017890701.png - (443.73KB , 1500x1316 , 0012.png )

No. 946426 ID: 5a5548
File 157017911909.png - (401.74KB , 1500x1109 , 0013.png )

A: the Driver keeps going ahead. somehow, even though the thought terrifies her, she knows she will end up on the bridge eventually anyway.
B: the Drive takes the exit. she has to get off this road. anywhere else would be preferable.
C: the driver chooses to do something else. she knows either road is going to lead to a bad outcome. perhaps she can find a third option this time?
No. 946429 ID: ad51b8

>taste like a moth full of sea water
>bridge ahead
oh...huh. probably unrelated
Oh well let's go with
and hope that pilgrimage road has somewhere to pick up some coffee with whatever other discoveries we may learn along the way.
No. 946446 ID: e7c7d3

B. Don't miss you exit!
No. 946468 ID: 977456

C: There seems to be, like, no terrain at all out there. Go off-roading for a bit, just muck about in circles or something to take the edge off. Also check if the people following you drive past when you more-or-less pull-over.
or you could take a u-turn and play chicken with your pursuers, but where is the fun in that?
No. 946469 ID: eeb7d9

Aw man, i hate choices. You know what, fuck it, let's go with C. Go left and see what happens.
No. 946478 ID: 094652

C) Park your car behind the pole and hunker down for a fight! Or if the tailgaters are just other cars confused about your behavior, get some sleep before this voice drives you insane.
No. 946493 ID: 0fae41

Take the bridge. The difference in noise backdrop could be refreshing for a change.
No. 946497 ID: b1b4f3

C: let the hitchhiker drive while you nap.
No. 946570 ID: e7dcb0

This time?
C. Go left. There has to be something there.
No. 946596 ID: 15a025

C. Go left. If you know both the paths ahead are going to end poorly, then it's time to blaze your own trail.
No. 946739 ID: 943a97

C, because you're an adult and society (nor roads) can tell you what to do! 😎
No. 946741 ID: 5a5548
File 157052499276.png - (575.57KB , 1500x1875 , 0014.png )

No. 946742 ID: 5a5548
File 157052500642.png - (554.53KB , 1500x2100 , 0015.png )

No. 946743 ID: 5a5548
File 157052501744.png - (404.67KB , 1500x1254 , 0016.png )

No. 946744 ID: 5a5548
File 157052504134.png - (466.40KB , 1500x1206 , 0017.png )

No. 946745 ID: 5a5548
File 157052506075.png - (478.51KB , 1500x1271 , 0018.png )

No. 946746 ID: 5a5548
File 157052508725.png - (553.59KB , 1500x1567 , 0019.png )

No. 946747 ID: 5a5548
File 157052535126.png - (870.00KB , 1500x2027 , 0020.png )

the Driver's adrenaline spikes as the full extent of the situation is beginning to dawn on her. she swallows her fear and continues forward.

A: the Driver turns on the radio. she needs something to distract her desperately.
B: the Driver digs around the car for something to keep her occupied. perhaps a lighter or something to fidget with while she drives.
C: the Driver continues to talk with the hitchhiker, although speaking with them is beginning to give her a similarly eerie feeling.
D: something else. she's got about 30 minutes until she's in the city. she needs to calm her nerves until then, or she thinks she's going to have a panic attack.
No. 946748 ID: 094652

D: "Hey hitchhiker, in case you're wondering what just happened and not a metaphysical construct of my philosophical inner turmoil, I appear to have driven myself insane with insomnia. Heh. Driven. Stigma. Sodom. Wanna [something undignified] until I pass out?"
No. 946749 ID: 977456

D: Stop for a moment to get out and kiss the mascot on the Stigmata city sign. It'll only take, what, 20 seconds? and you'll get to know that you did something that nobody sane has ever done before.
No. 946751 ID: ad51b8

>A: the Driver turns on the radio. she needs something to distract her desperately.
No. 946755 ID: eeb7d9

Well fuck, ilusion of choice? Great.
A and C?
No. 946761 ID: e7c7d3

A: Definitely need a thrid voice in here.
No. 946766 ID: b1b4f3

A! I wanna hear the DJ.
No. 946790 ID: 0fae41

B. Light a match to see the dash. Then you'll start to pray.
No. 946799 ID: c0e130

No. 946834 ID: ad51b8

oh what fun it is to drive this rusty Chevrolet.
No. 947017 ID: 15a025

No. 948852 ID: 5a5548
File 157304155116.png - (343.44KB , 1500x1456 , 0021.png )

No. 948853 ID: 5a5548
File 157304157131.png - (300.88KB , 1700x1103 , 0022.png )

No. 948854 ID: 5a5548
File 157304158715.png - (1.48MB , 2000x1756 , 0024.png )

No. 948855 ID: 5a5548
File 157304159889.png - (576.13KB , 1500x1481 , 0025.png )

No. 948856 ID: 5a5548
File 157304161470.png - (707.92KB , 1500x1446 , 0026.png )

No. 948857 ID: 5a5548
File 157304162657.png - (448.46KB , 1500x1198 , 0027.png )

No. 948858 ID: 5a5548
File 157304182194.png - (1.60MB , 2000x2486 , 0028.png )

the Driver steps out of the car hesitantly. she smells blood and rot in the air around her, and hears a distant howling... it sounds like a person...

she looks at the road ahead of her. it's blocked with rubble and abandoned cars as far as she can see. she is going to have to keep going on foot. keep going where? she doesn't know. she just knows that she will have to keep going or else she'll fall asleep. before she goes, she decides to search her car. something in the vehicle must be useful.

where should she look? currently, she can only carry what she can hold in her hands.
No. 948859 ID: ad51b8

glove box, look in the glove box.
No. 948863 ID: 094652


But seriously, try to stay in the car. See if you can find an alternate route.
No. 948866 ID: e51896

one of the things to carry is the cross hanging on the rear-view mirror. Wear it on your wrist like a bracelet, or if it is big enough, around your neck like a necklace.

Also, yes check the glove compartment.
No. 948868 ID: 0efe8e

Grab your cross, don't wanna leave that behind.
No. 948872 ID: eeb7d9

Is there anything useful in your car?
No. 948881 ID: b03c7d

Take your tireiron
No. 948890 ID: 0fae41

See if the hitchhiker left anything behind.
No. 949150 ID: 15a025

Equip cross. Can you wear it as a necklace?
Check the glove box.
No. 949478 ID: 5a5548
File 157372534649.png - (855.49KB , 2000x2438 , 0029.png )

No. 949479 ID: 5a5548
File 157372536057.png - (1.52MB , 2000x2801 , 0030.png )

No. 949480 ID: 5a5548
File 157372537548.png - (870.20KB , 2000x2371 , 0031.png )

No. 949481 ID: 5a5548
File 157372541226.png - (845.49KB , 2000x2595 , 0032.png )

No. 949482 ID: 5a5548
File 157372542887.png - (661.56KB , 2000x2175 , 0033.png )

No. 949483 ID: 5a5548
File 157372544437.png - (780.86KB , 2000x1767 , 0034.png )

No. 949484 ID: 5a5548
File 157372545891.png - (764.15KB , 2000x1525 , 0035.png )

No. 949485 ID: 5a5548
File 157372547567.png - (671.91KB , 2000x1225 , 0036.png )

No. 949486 ID: 5a5548
File 157372548899.png - (866.76KB , 2000x2162 , 0037.png )

No. 949487 ID: 5a5548
File 157372550501.png - (1.45MB , 2000x2721 , 0038.png )

No. 949488 ID: 5a5548
File 157372590739.png - (1.05MB , 2000x2743 , 0039.png )

the Driver finds a Jacket with large inside pockets. the look and smell of it makes her feel... something. she's not sure what... a sad kind of nostalgia, she guesses. though she's unsure as to what she could be nostalgic for.

she knows she needs to move on. what items should she take with her? she can carry two items in her jacket and a third she can carry. she also needs to figure out where she's even supposed to be going.

A. keep following the road. it's a highway so it probably leads out of the town on the other side.
B. follow the road signs to the center of town. the Driver can't just expect to hike the whole way, maybe she can find some provisions in the town center.
C. the radio tower looks like it's still broadcasting. maybe there's someone manning it.
D. somewhere else. the Driver is totally lost in this city. any direction is as good as an other until she can find some kind of landmark to orient herself.
No. 949489 ID: 0efe8e

Does the rosary count as her carried item, or is it just worn without taking up a slot?
No. 949493 ID: ad51b8

then their came a stranger with a big iron on her hip
~big iron on her hiiiiiiiiip~

But yeah, grab everything you can although when it comes to the gun I'd say check if it has ammo and see if you have a conceal and carry license on you somewhere (like your wallet) because if not then yeah you might want to leave the gun behind. Cops catch you with that with it being out of a carrying case or without a license then you're going to be finding yourself up shit's creek without a paddle and a hole in your boat.
No. 949500 ID: 33056f

Take the BFR and the medicine. This is unfriendly territory, you need to be self sufficient.
No. 949501 ID: 33056f

Oh, and head for the radio tower to reveal more of the map, of course.
No. 949512 ID: e51896

read the medication label.

No. 949515 ID: eeb7d9

That jacket looks like a gang member would use, for a biker.ls? Does that ring any bells?
No. 949545 ID: 0efe8e

As you gave me confirmation that the rosary is a free item. Leave the gun behind, if something comes at you, you can run, which is better than accidentally shooting someone. Grab the wafers for a snack, and the medication so you can take it as directed.
No. 949560 ID: 094652

Take the gun with you, you might need it. Just unload the magazine for now.

D - check the other cars for supplies. If they are suspiciously full, get to the rooftops and watch out for zombs.
No. 949696 ID: 15a025

Take the gun and medicine. We don't know how dangerous things here could be.

C. Let's head to the radio tower.
No. 950120 ID: 5a5548
File 157451759294.png - (667.21KB , 1500x1615 , 0040.png )

all textures and images used in this quest are synthetic

the Driver pockets the WAFERS and the NAZARETOL, and holds the CORINTHIAN 317.
No. 950121 ID: 5a5548
File 157451760514.png - (629.85KB , 1500x1319 , 0041.png )

No. 950122 ID: 5a5548
File 157451761959.png - (1.26MB , 1500x2466 , 0042.png )

No. 950123 ID: 5a5548
File 157451763875.png - (712.36KB , 1500x1421 , 0043.png )

No. 950124 ID: 5a5548
File 157451765305.png - (940.68KB , 1500x1888 , 0044.png )

No. 950125 ID: 5a5548
File 157451766324.png - (1.06MB , 1500x1804 , 0045.png )

No. 950126 ID: 5a5548
File 157451767321.png - (624.78KB , 1500x1286 , 0046.png )

No. 950127 ID: 5a5548
File 157451768996.png - (799.10KB , 1500x1709 , 0047.png )

No. 950128 ID: 5a5548
File 157451769902.png - (597.45KB , 1500x1360 , 0048.png )

No. 950130 ID: 5a5548
File 157451782962.png - (720.35KB , 1500x1988 , 0049.png )


What should the Driver do now?
No. 950135 ID: ad51b8

...Well on the bright side, I'd say you're fully awake at this moment so their's that.

As for what to do, get some distance, aim your gun at him, and if he approaches shoot the fucker, nick his blade since you only have five bullets, and get the hell out of the area since gun shoots tend to be loud and that might attract some unwanted attention.
No. 950149 ID: b1b4f3

It's pointing that sword at you? First off get away from it, don't get cut. Second off defend yourself with gun.
No. 950219 ID: 15a025

Side sweep it to send it down. Then start increasing the distance between you and it.
No. 950236 ID: e51896

pull out gun, and warn the knife guy to slowly step away from you and not make any sudden movements.
No. 950309 ID: eeb7d9

Gain some distance, preferably next to the corpse so you can take the blade it has, no reason to waste ammo so soon.
No. 950452 ID: 5b93d3


D. !!!
No. 955080 ID: 5a5548
File 158048294737.png - (1.43MB , 2000x2201 , 0050.png )

No. 955081 ID: 5a5548
File 158048298841.png - (546.81KB , 2000x1129 , 0051.png )

No. 955082 ID: 5a5548
File 158048305097.png - (614.68KB , 1500x1516 , 0052.png )

No. 955083 ID: 5a5548
File 158048307191.png - (638.68KB , 1500x1496 , 0053.png )

No. 955084 ID: 5a5548
File 158048308250.png - (841.30KB , 1500x1845 , 0054.png )

No. 955085 ID: 5a5548
File 158048314693.png - (876.33KB , 1500x1808 , 0055.png )

No. 955086 ID: 5a5548
File 158048352533.png - (578.19KB , 1500x1618 , 0056.png )

the Driver sprints from the thing in a blind panic, gasping and screaming as the air burns in her lungs and her legs begin to feel weighted down and sluggish. for minutes after, her adrenaline carries her from street to street putting distance between herself and whatever that thing was.

eventually she hits a dead end. the road terminates in a 3-way intersection. this seems to be a street called Golgotha. the street sign has a second, cardboard one attached to it.

the Court of Stigmata

whatever that means, it looks like the Driver is going to need to make a choice.

A. go toward the Court. whatever it is, it would be better to face it than have it to your back.
B. go away from the Court. whatever it is, if it's anything like the rest of this city, the Driver would be safer not crossing paths with it.
No. 955087 ID: f7ff14

A. It sounds like a great idea.
No. 955088 ID: 2aa5f0

well cardboard means it's been thrown on their more recently, and whatever the hell you just met didn't seem like the type to hang up a cardboard sign, so let's go to court and hope that it will have some answers.


On the bright side I doubt your tired anymore after that.
No. 955098 ID: e51896


thats the sound of screaming, but also my decision.
No. 955099 ID: 094652

A, but be ready to take a random path!
No. 955127 ID: 0fae41

B. If you reach a destination, you'll stop moving. You don't want to stop moving.
No. 955250 ID: 15a025

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