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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 156556756873.png - (492.25KB , 2105x1488 , 1.png )
942266 No. 942266 ID: 1f812f

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No. 942267 ID: 1f812f
File 156556764543.png - (603.03KB , 875x761 , 2.png )

There's one. I hope his partner is inside. I'll only get half the bounty if I only haul in half the targets, but he's alone for now. This might be a good chance to knock him out from a distance, but it's kind of a long shot.
I could rush him, but I'll probably be spotted in the open like this, though I could probably take him out before he got a shot off and he's not likely to hit me at this range with a pistol.
Either way, if I screw up, he's going to alert is pal and I don't want to screw this up. I'm going to prove I can do this on my own.
No. 942268 ID: 0fae41

You can't, but it's best to find that out while you're sitting this far outside his defensive perimeter. Take the shot!
No. 942270 ID: e7c7d3

Take the shot, but realize no matter what you're going to have to rush in to take out the other one.
No. 942271 ID: b5bc34

Or you can aim for the car, trying to set an alarm off, and make a break for that door to the back of the building. If you're lucky you won't be seen, and the guy on watch will call it in as nothing.

Riskier, but the pay off is a lot better. Assuming that your weapon wouldn't make enough noise to give you away.
No. 942272 ID: 3d1dd5

Looks like this is as close as you're going to get without having to cross a lot of open ground. Take the shot.
No. 942273 ID: b5fb67

Take 'em out!
No. 942278 ID: 094652

Do this. Hitting the car alarm will lower their guard.
No. 942295 ID: 977456

Wait for them to turn their back then throw a rock at the car and hope for an alarm. It out to make enough of a distraction to get close and they'll just think it was an animal or something for long enough for things to calm down so's you can get 'em with their guard down.
No. 942313 ID: 1f812f
File 156560732867.png - (456.67KB , 1280x768 , 3.png )

I missed! But he's extremely distracted by the breaking glass, so I can rush the building and get to cover or charge and take another shot at closer range.
No. 942333 ID: ce39da

Take the shot, kid. Then take cover behind the car and wait to see if the other guy comes out. If not, get to the door and listen. Caution is the better part of valor.
No. 942337 ID: e7c7d3

Get to cover. Always be in cover!
No. 942338 ID: 2c6462

Get in close and engage hand to hand. A silent takedown is the most silent takedown.
No. 942343 ID: 7fb87a

assume their partner heard the glass break, too. Head for their car, its their best means of escape and they may hesitate to shoot it if its your cover.
No. 942368 ID: 0fae41

If only we had a GEP gun.
Get to cover! Remember to watch out for his partner.
No. 942603 ID: 1f812f
File 156583134547.png - (189.56KB , 789x717 , 4.png )

I make it up against the building. He's moving around up there, but I don't think he saw me.
"What the hell was that? A bird? Friggin' nature. It ain't natural."

Not only is he distracted, he doesn't even realize he's being shot at.
I can either try to climb up here and take him out or I can get in on the ground floor and find his friend.
I need to watch for hostages, either way. I'm pretty sure this is not their house.
No. 942606 ID: 0fae41

Oh no. Our target is an idiot.
Enter the ground floor and look for the brains of the duo.
No. 942612 ID: ce39da

You have a confirmed position on one of the enemies. Hostages are only good for negotiation; they aren't going to think about shooting them when they have you bearing down on them, not giving them time to negotiate. I doubt the balcony guy is in any position to take hostages. The other guy might be watching the door, so that might not be the best option.

Here's my hot-take, therefore; if you're confident that you can climb up to the balcony, then I think that skill and energy is better spent climbing up the far side of the building to gain egress through the window you shot out above him, and proceeding to ambush the guy inside (wherever he is).
No. 942617 ID: 4ce75d

What would you rate your chances of sabotaging the car without him wandering to the edge and spotting you?
No. 942692 ID: 7fb87a

circle around, find door without any windows. try not to track snow inside

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