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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 156213875399.png - (432.12KB , 690x600 , Illustration3.png )
938050 No. 938050 ID: 77bb88

...I feel like we've been here once before....

First thing's first.
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No. 938051 ID: 77bb88
File 156213878352.png - (263.68KB , 690x600 , pg1.png )

Would you say you're more timid? Or powerful?
No. 938052 ID: 77bb88
File 156213880324.png - (113.63KB , 690x600 , pg2.png )

Or...Are you something else entirely?
No. 938053 ID: 0fae41

Power overwhelming!
No. 938054 ID: 60790c

Timid as a wee mouse
No. 938055 ID: 91ee5f

No. 938056 ID: 977456

Could we try for something condor/vulture-ish? Big and imposing but kind of scrawny and more about good judgement and a strong constitution than combat proficiency.
No. 938061 ID: db8bde

No. 938063 ID: 86cb0d

Subtle power, restrained menace, directed force.

Strong, but no brute. Innate ability tempered by skilled refinement.
No. 938073 ID: 541b8b

How about Fast?

Sure, other birds fly, but not like this.
No. 938075 ID: 094652

You are Paranoid.

You are afraid of everything and rely on little - but you always have an intelligent exit strategy.

Welcome back. Let's do this.
No. 938159 ID: 2bfdf5

im really glad this is rebooting i really loved the premise

timid!! a soft fluffy baby
No. 938161 ID: 10c408

you are are of average size, being somewhere between the two extremes. Your extra fluffy down makes you appear cute, but everyone has learned one way or the other just how cunning you can be, particularly when fighting those physically stronger than yourself.
No. 938162 ID: 973504

This. Resilient.
No. 938176 ID: 7c1196

Lets go for a middle ground that focuses on wisdom, like a martial artist type character. I suggest crow-based.
No. 938185 ID: f2320a

No. 938210 ID: 8b270f

i second this!
No. 938211 ID: 77bb88
File 156228381338.png - (372.15KB , 690x600 , pg3.png )

Golly guys, thanks for the turn out <3 I hope everyone has fun!

Good choice.

You're tall. Taller than average with wide, heavy wings that have never slowed you down in the slightest - those wings make you fast.

You may not be powerful, but you are strong. Quick witted and precise, you always have a plan. And when you hit, you hit hard.
No. 938212 ID: 77bb88
File 156228382369.png - (300.48KB , 690x600 , pg4.png )

And so they call you Cayenne.

Tell me more about yourself. We know your strengths, what is your weakness? What is your special talent? Who are you?
No. 938217 ID: 973504

Aw hell yes, bearded vulture coloration.

We have a hard time making friends. While we are true-blue loyal and always willing to share a meal, (we only need the bones, after all) we have an intimidating demeanor. This is not helped by our odd dietary habits and propensity to break the bones of those who would be cruel to us.
No. 938275 ID: 094652

Extreme Omnivore - For some reason, everything you've eaten so far has not negatively affected you. Currently includes grass, bark, nightshade flowers, poisoned bugs, spoiled meat, metal shavings, glowing rocks, and Bread's cooking.

That last one is the first thing in your life that tasted awful, and not tasteless.

You're a scout, but you usually neglect your duties to harvest anything you can find and cook new potions.
No. 938277 ID: acdd32

We are a fighter. While not the most powerful, we make up for it with tactics and cunning, which makes us unpredictable and dangerous.

While we have a good amount of natural talent and we learn quickly, our achilles heel is that we secretly lack self-confidence. While we dont outwardly tend to appear as such, we are often pessimistic and possibly even a tad shy(sort of like Miss Komi-san if you know what that is).
No. 938283 ID: 0fae41

Tragically, you are allergic to spicy foods. Capsaicin is not your friend.
Your special talent is swooping livestock, fish nets, and even bicycles right out from under their owners.
You are Cayenne. And you are the spice of life.
No. 938285 ID: 977456

I like this, it sounds fun, and useful in the weirdest ways.
No. 938287 ID: 10c408

Weakness: deep water provokes inexplicable fear. even fetching water out of a stream is cause for a slight bit of panic.

talents: our combination of physical traits has naturally lent themselves well to being really good at ambushing basically everything.
No. 938293 ID: 410b35

A flaw? Being a "sore loser"
When something you are responsible for goes wrong, your temper flares and blame *must* be placed. On anyone but you. Your plan was flawless after all.
No. 938546 ID: 77bb88
File 156257013059.png - (497.26KB , 690x1200 , Illustration2.png )


You're not sure when it started, but for as long as you can remember you've had a compulsive hunger for objects that are not necessarily considered food. These urges are often few and far between and while none of your snacks have ever harmed you so far - it's probably for the best it only happens sparingly. But as far as real food?

You have a clear favorite.
No. 938547 ID: 77bb88
File 156257014788.png - (298.23KB , 690x600 , pg5.png )

No. 938548 ID: 77bb88
File 156257016094.png - (225.78KB , 690x600 , pg6.png )

Making friends is a little hard.

The other girls don't always understand you, you can't quite seem to connect. There's something about you that makes everyone uneasy. Though you can't imagine why.

That's enough of that, for a little bit. What are you doing right now? You should get back to it.
No. 938550 ID: 10c408

You were busy preening and then saw something that looked tasty outside.
No. 938551 ID: 0fae41

You were arranging bones by order of shininess in your nest.
No. 938554 ID: 91ee5f

>The other girls don't always understand you, you can't quite seem to connect.
Other girls? Does that mean that we’re a girl?

>What are you doing right now? You should get back to it.
You were busy eating something that isn’t exactly considered food again because you got hungry. At least, you were doing that, until you spotted a tasty looking animal that actually is considered “normal food” by others. You’re now busy stalking your prey, waiting for the right moment to strike.
No. 938570 ID: ae9bd9

clearly we were eating the carcass
No. 938571 ID: 094652

You were laying an egg. That you were going to eat with bleeding crowns.
No. 938574 ID: 973504

Patrolling! Just flying around looking for anything unusual.
No. 938594 ID: a24198

Working on your nest. It's a bit lopsided but you think it's pretty good.
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