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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 156028105991.png - (23.47KB , 513x387 , REBORN.png )
935464 No. 935464 ID: 4a8fd8

Let's play a game. Pokemon Reborn.

So why is this a quest? Because I'm leaving the hands of the protagonist in YOUR hands. Paws? Whatever. You tell them what to do, and they'll do it.

But first, let's test the waters a bit.

Screen Border: [OFF] OR [ON]?
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No. 935465 ID: b1b4f3

Uh, on? I don't see a border yet, so I'm not sure.
No. 935466 ID: e20bdf

>Screen Border
It's just esthetic or does it include the menu?

[OFF] for now
No. 935467 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156028449976.png - (15.37KB , 515x388 , Choose Your You.png )

This girl survived a train crash. Horrid, isn't it?

...This is NOT her story. You aren't controlling her around. No.

One of the Pokemon here. That's who you are.

...Which table has you? You've got the remote to this girl, after all.
No. 935469 ID: 91ee5f

Episode 18? Where are the other episodes?

>You aren't controlling her around.
>You've got the remote to this girl, after all.
Make up your mind. Are we controlling her or not?

>...Which table has you?
The blue table. We’re a water type.
No. 935470 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156028847576.png - (7.78KB , 513x386 , Liquid.png )

(It's the latest. Also, YOU'RE not controlling the human girl. The WATER TYPE is. Like a robot. Her name is "Ulsev" for a reason.)

Yes. That's it, a WATER TYPE. But... which one? One of these pokeballs has you in it. Which?

No. 935471 ID: a9af05

Tododile. (Or however that's supposed to be spelled.)
No. 935474 ID: f3310b

No. 935475 ID: e20bdf

No. 935485 ID: a61172

No. 935487 ID: 977456

"Karp karp, magi. *splash*"
Translation: "We are definitely a squirtle. For really reals!"
No. 935491 ID: 542cdf

Totodile definitely
No. 935492 ID: 7ff6e8

No. 935493 ID: f505e7

Totodile best starter
No. 935494 ID: 31e9bd

No. 935504 ID: 58b4f3

>It's the latest.
If that's true, then where's the link to the other episodes?

>Choose pokemon
No. 935508 ID: 864e49

Dammit on one hand ninja frog but on the other goofy crocodile!

I guess Totodile.
No. 935509 ID: 0fae41

Oh boo, derailed already by picking Water.

...So, I herd u liek Mudkip.
No. 935510 ID: 91ee5f

No. 935512 ID: 664519

Mudkip is clearly the best choice.
No. 935514 ID: f9d40d

Darn, it seems like being a greninja is out of the table at this rate. Totodile
No. 935516 ID: caf1de

mudkip cause fucking swampert
No. 935527 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156033565294.png - (1.45KB , 174x103 , A Totodile!.png )

It's a good thing I waited overnight for this. By a astounding... holy shit, eight votes!


So, totodile... what's your name, huh?
No. 935528 ID: 4a8fd8

(In case you're wondering:
Toto: Totodile
Dewgong: Poppilio
Dick Squirts: Squirtle
Meme: ...take a guess (it's Mudkip)

Surprised nobody even chose Oshawott!

Hell if I know. This release has up to Ep. 18 in it. Shrug. I just do what you tell me to do.)
No. 935529 ID: e20bdf

I'm Badass Jack! Here to beat up losers and get bitches.
No. 935530 ID: 679a6d

In reference to a very very old let's play: Gatorface the 2nd.
No. 935539 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156034843620.png - (24.84KB , 518x390 , Badass Jack.png )

You briefly consider calling yourself "Gatorface the second"... but then you see the other option.

Badass Jack.


Equipping your trusty Triangular BlackGlasses (On anyone else, they'd increase coolness by 50%.), you get up, and set out. You've got some work to do.
No. 935543 ID: e20bdf

Alright. Slap the ass of the first female we see and let's go!
Where are we going?
No. 935544 ID: 4a8fd8

Your first victim was this weirdo, some dude called Cain. Had a Nidoran. Swooned over your Ulsev. Made him your biiitch. Gained a level and learned Water Gun. You also smashed a Litten owned by some apprentice and leveled up again.

You're in the Opal Ward, Reborn city. Crime's high, streets are trashy, and it's raining.

The world is at your paws. Hands. Whatever. You go with paws.

So what's first?
No. 935546 ID: 4a8fd8

Oh don't you worry you did that.

(PS. Drawfaggotry would be appreciated! It's barely enough to describe Badass Jack and his sheer awesomeness.)
No. 935547 ID: e20bdf

I don't know this game or what can and can't be done. If you don't give us any options I can't suggest anything beyond inconsequential roleplay.

We beat up some fools, time to make your move on your trainer. Show this baby your new gun... water gun!
No. 935548 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156035180668.png - (20.60KB , 515x386 , Your little bitch.png )

(Right. Problem is I'm kinda railroaded for now. I'll give you choice when I can.)

You proceed to show those water guns and claim a small patch of land for yourself... by kicking everyone's faces in til you're Level 10. And having learned Rage.

And then there's these FUCKERS. They're tryin' to drown a zigzagzoon. Now, as a mon of class, you ain't fond of those mons, but you ain't letting some assholes drown someone. And they refuse to fight you til you get a associate.

And you did. A Rattata. Male.

So what's their name?
No. 935549 ID: e20bdf

Either Wingman or Fuckboy.
No. 935550 ID: 4a8fd8

Fuckboy. You're pissed off at having to get a accomplice (you work alone), and such a weakling, but it'll appease those fuckheads. You smacked his ass in disrespect. Your new "accomplice".

...If you were more shady, you'd toss him into the water to drown. But you're not THAT disgusting.

...You know what? Fuck this. You're taking a moment to yourself. You need to recollect.
No. 935551 ID: e20bdf

What would the boys say if they heard you smacked rat boy-pussy before that trainer girl? They can never know.
On the other hand ass is ass. An who knows, you might get used to having a "partner" if the smacking is good enough.
No. 935552 ID: 4a8fd8

So you dragged this Ulsev all the way from this train wreck to you, beat the shit out of a lot of people, got infuriated by those BASTARDS YOU SWEAR YO-

...ok, calm down, Jack. There's a time and place to use the move Rage, but not right now.

...Anyway, you got this stupid rat accomplice, and now you and him are just resting for a moment.

...Yeesh, you haven't even gone too far. You're still in the Opal Ward. You sigh to yourself as you wish you had something to smoke. It's going to be a long day, isn't it...
No. 935563 ID: 864e49

Well lets go almost-murder those assholes and save ZZ-Top.
Ziggy Zaggy?
Ziggy Stardust?
woba loba ding dong?
Snake Fucker.
No. 935569 ID: 977456

Smoke the Rattata. It's easy, just stick it in a roll of paper and light one end. There is nothing quite like the feeling of failure getting smoked.
And rename the useless thing to: Rat "Fuckboy" Sass.
No. 935613 ID: 4a8fd8

(Hey. Sorry, but... well, I'll be busy for the day and tomorrow. I'll try to get stuff done when I can, but I'm sorry if I cannot get anything done!)
No. 935878 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156060116272.png - (22.04KB , 512x385 , ZZ-Ztardust.png )

So you and Fuckboy, after smoking the grass for... what feels like two days, gets to the rescue. Turns out those assholes had FEMALES. FEMALES.

Needless to say, it was a savage beating.
[You - Lvl 11
[Fuckboy - Lvl 5!

ZZ-Ztardust, your first female, willingly joined after that rescue. You smacked her ass well for it. And Fuckboy... Fuckboy was actually pretty helpful. Mainly because he was your meatshield.

You're back, bitches!
No. 935880 ID: 4a8fd8

Place is a SHITHOLE. Trainers everywhere, graffiti and dead crap, and a poor old Fisherman leaving and giving you a Old Rod for your troubles. Oh, also, ZZ-Z leveled up. Z3? You need a nickname for em.
No. 935940 ID: 977456

Acquire pimp-hat-and-cane.

ZZ-Ztardust: The idiot never registered his role! Steal the pimp-hat-and-cane then register for harem-protagonist status to become unassailable.
No. 935942 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156063743992.png - (24.77KB , 515x319 , WHAT THE.png )

You do so, only to find yourself spin around from...


ZZ-Ztardust has taken the role of leader!

You... you...... wait, your shades.

SHE HAS... wait... what was it again?

You are now controlling ZZ-Ztardust.
No. 935946 ID: 2202fb

Cream yourself from Jack's sheer awesomeness, then sheepishly give back the glasses.
No. 935956 ID: df9416

So what would happen if we, say, put the shades on the local Pokemon Professor and insisted they give Jack all their pokemon and other things?
No. 936003 ID: 4a8fd8
File 156068639205.png - (70.50KB , 809x682 , Maze.png )

No! You don't tell me what to do!

[ZZ-Ztardust's nature is Naughty! She is Strongly Defiant!]

...I... I fell down a sewer, and... I kinda twisted a ankle. N-no, I can do this. I don't NEED you guys!

...do I? I don't trust you, but here's what I can see...
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