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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155969626966.jpg - (114.67KB , 750x750 , 1.jpg )
934841 No. 934841 ID: 11bf02

Jesus fucking christ i hate myself.
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No. 934918 ID: 11bf02
File 155976558368.jpg - (122.84KB , 750x750 , 18.jpg )

Maybe not though. These guys don't seem too bothered by ants.
No. 934949 ID: 8d4593

Wow. These guys are tough. They really made it this far huh?

No. 934953 ID: b44f0c

Devour their souls and ascend to daemonhood
No. 934957 ID: 8d4593

Wait no! If he Goes full Daemon he might run into Hif Man!
No. 935010 ID: 11bf02
File 155985212383.jpg - (154.85KB , 750x750 , 19.jpg )


This is about as true a form as I got. Anything more complicated would take more than 5 minutes to make.

>Devour their souls and ascend to daemonhood

So two issues with that. First, they don't have souls, and I certainly don't feel like givin' em any. Second, I can't ascend anywhere. I'm the peak of whatev-
No. 935011 ID: 11bf02
File 155985215854.jpg - (127.71KB , 750x750 , 20.jpg )


No. 935015 ID: 5a647d

No. 935017 ID: 11bf02
File 155985782528.jpg - (60.59KB , 750x750 , 21.jpg )

No. 935018 ID: 11bf02
File 155985784686.jpg - (436.06KB , 750x750 , 22.jpg )

No. 935019 ID: 11bf02
File 155985786030.jpg - (47.52KB , 750x750 , 23.jpg )

No. 935020 ID: 11bf02
File 155985787079.jpg - (10.95KB , 750x750 , 24.jpg )

No. 935021 ID: 11bf02
File 155985789377.jpg - (114.43KB , 750x750 , 25.jpg )

No. 935022 ID: 11bf02
File 155985790848.jpg - (63.23KB , 750x750 , 26.jpg )

No. 935027 ID: b1b4f3

These guys aren't mortal?! EVAC! Also do something about your wound.
Then start gathering information, find out where they came from. Something is interfering with your omnipotent power.
No. 937489 ID: 0de55d

Yoooooo. Blast'em harder
No. 940723 ID: e5e15e
File 156433598454.png - (81.29KB , 750x750 , 27.png )

Yeah fuck this. That bullet hurt like losing your laptop for months.
No. 940724 ID: e5e15e
File 156433601156.png - (40.51KB , 750x750 , 28.png )

I'm leaving a parting gift though.
No. 940725 ID: e5e15e
File 156433625176.png - (33.62KB , 750x750 , 29.png )

Alright, I'm safe and bored once again.

>Something is interfering with your omnipotent power.
Context clues say it's another omnipotent jackass, but I never saw him. Just his shitty green whatever. No clue how I'm going to get more info on them. I can't google it.
No. 940742 ID: b1b4f3

Make a swarm of spy drones to find out what's up.
No. 940744 ID: e5e15e
File 156435113023.png - (50.09KB , 750x750 , 30.png )

K. Lets see what's out there.
No. 940745 ID: e5e15e
File 156435114629.png - (14.52KB , 750x750 , 31.png )

No. 940746 ID: e5e15e
File 156435117128.png - (18.44KB , 750x750 , 32.png )

...I forgot to grab the kid before I left the bomb, didn't I.
No. 940782 ID: 4b08a5

Just zap yourself to an alternate reality where the kid survived. Now you have to deal with your duplicate from the new reality. So play a game of paper football with your clone, then absorb him and become twice as powerful.
No. 940787 ID: 4b08a5

Also don't forget to destroy your old universe so those green guys don't fallow you and team up with their clones from the new reality.
No. 940795 ID: 094652

Unring the explosion.
No. 940885 ID: e5e15e
File 156445747865.png - (32.47KB , 750x750 , 33.png )

If I could switch realities I go somewhere that isn't fucking blank white space 100% of the time. I'm stuck in this hellhole.

"D... dad. Dad... dy.

Yeah I'm going back in time then. That's basically unringing the explosion.
No. 940888 ID: e5e15e
File 156445766238.png - (318.76KB , 750x750 , 34.png )

Okay back in time.


That's me getting shot. Unfortunately kid doesn't have the red shit on her face so... huh.

I... might not be able to go back in time? In which case I have no clue what the fuck is going on now.
No. 940889 ID: 96426b

Tell her to run. Live her life! You'll hold them off.
No. 940898 ID: b1b4f3

Hmm. Well at least put a shield around the kid (and yourself) and fastforward a bit to see what happens.
No. 940928 ID: 8b8dfb

You don't need to go back in time to fix this. Teleport her forward in in time right before she would have gotten hit by the explosion.

This way, you will avoid a paradox because after the explosion you realized she was missing. She actually vanished because she was moved forward in time by your future self.
No. 941111 ID: 4b08a5

If all else fails, ctrl+z exactly six times. You will be exactly where you left the bomb. Now grab the girl and leave, once you are safe ctrl+s. It's just a couple Windows shortcuts, and it even works on Mac.

Disclaimer: this will not work with Unix based Operating Systems, Unix does not have an undo feature.
No. 953308 ID: 470289
File 157888692308.png - (48.92KB , 750x750 , 35.png )

>Tell her to run. Live her life! You'll hold them off.
90% sure that ain't alive.

I'll fast-forward though, sure.

Yeah these dudes are still fake. I think I probably just made like, a pocket dimension or some shit. Can't actually time travel.

That sucks.
No. 953309 ID: b1b4f3

Alright time to exit the pocket dimension somehow and see if you can reconstruct her from the bits.
No. 960695 ID: 470289
File 158597805806.png - (84.01KB , 977x804 , 36.png )

>Alright time to exit the pocket dimension somehow and see if you can reconstruct her from the bits.
Yeeeeah, probably should have done this like, 3 months ago.
No. 960696 ID: 470289
File 158597809572.png - (210.63KB , 983x808 , 37.png )

In my defense, I didn't feel like it back then.
No. 960697 ID: 470289
File 158597812289.png - (17.85KB , 793x518 , 38.png )

Anyway she's... fine. Probably.
No. 960698 ID: b1b4f3

You should ask if she's okay.
No. 960699 ID: 470289
File 158597986318.png - (20.18KB , 602x617 , 39.png )

"You okay?"

"Why... Hurt... Me...?"
No. 960700 ID: b1b4f3

Uh yeah that was an accident sorry. Your excuse is that you're an idiot. Offer hugs?
No. 960701 ID: 470289
File 158598137809.png - (17.95KB , 652x681 , 40.png )

"Yeah, my bad. Accident." My excuse is that I'm kinda careless, not stupid. "You want a hug?"

"Hate... You..."

Yeah, that's probably fair.
No. 960863 ID: e7c7d3

Time to go to the toy section and appease her with distracting bits of plastic
No. 960865 ID: b1b4f3

That makes two of you, I suppose.

Good idea.
No. 962363 ID: 470289
File 158718563607.png - (166.28KB , 1226x897 , 41.png )

>Time to go to the toy section and appease her with distracting bits of plastic
Poof, we're there.

"What is... this?"

"...Toys. You know, for kids."
No. 962364 ID: 470289
File 158718575827.png - (117.25KB , 1324x821 , 42 for real.png )

"Why wou- would I want... toys? I want... no pain."

"Well good fucking luck getting that, kid."
No. 962366 ID: b1b4f3

What's that sparkly thing?
No. 962367 ID: 470289
File 158718828982.png - (87.09KB , 1265x812 , 43.png )

What sparkly th-
No. 962368 ID: 470289
File 158718832668.png - (107.73KB , 1289x837 , 44.png )

Jesus fucking christ what the fuck is this guy.
No. 962369 ID: b1b4f3

Does he not have any eyes?
Ask him what he's doing here.
No. 962372 ID: 470289
File 158718947304.png - (60.73KB , 901x626 , 45 I should probably like, put jokes in these, but.png )

"Who the fuck are you?" Pretty sure the 'stars' are his eyes, like my and the kids squiggles.

"Hi Hi Hi. Ya havin' fun, son?"

Holy hell that text is horrendous.
No. 962373 ID: b1b4f3

So uh, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you weren't the first entity to start creating shit. Or, by creating things, you stirred up the fabric of reality enough that more entities like you popped into existence. Might want to find out how many others there are.
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