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File 155691848469.jpg - (253.69KB , 1024x768 , snowy_mountains_large.jpg )
931850 No. 931850 ID: 0b4538

You are Erika, daughter of the Snow Queen, the goddess of winter itself. Before we start play though, let's decide on your attributes.
Pick one of the following categories to be your Primary focus, one to be your Secondary, and one to be your Tertiary.

PHYSICAL: Strength, Stamina and Dexterity
SOCIAL: Beauty, Charisma and Manipulation
MENTAL: Wits, Perception and Intelligence.
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No. 931851 ID: 094652

We already have enough Elsas to last us a lifetime, let's pick an Agatha.

Primary: Physical
Secondary: Mental
No. 931852 ID: 0b4538

Anyone second this?
No. 931855 ID: 8eaf98

Primary: Physical - The one thing TG can not try to emulate.
Secondary: Mental - Directing a more intelligent actor tends to be easier to do.
Tertiary: Social - Hope this doesn't mean it is below average and/or TG can compensate for it.
Edit: >>931852 apparently I do
No. 931856 ID: 0b4538

@hope this doesn't mean it's below average: It means you'll get fewer points to put into it than the other two categories. Attributes are ranked from 1 [which they all start at] to 5 [which is the very best anyone can be at them]. Two is average, three is above average etc. Your primary set of attributes gets 8 points for you to split up among the three within it, the secondary one gets 6 and the tertiary one gets 4. So for instance, you could have 2 in Manipulation and Beauty but 3 in Charisma, making you still better socially than most, or have Beauty 5 and just socially nuke everyone with your hotness while being guileless and awkward, etc. etc. And don't forget you can raise all these later with exp.
No. 931857 ID: 0b4538


Alright then! As mentioned before, your attributes all start at 1, and you can raise any of them as high as 5. You have 8 points to divide among your three physical attributes, 6 points to divide among mental ones and 4 to divide among social ones.

Strength: How hard you hit and how much you can lift
Stamina: How much energy and toughness you have
Dexterity: Speed, accuracy and flexibility

Wits: Reaction speeds
Perception: Noticing things
Intelligence: Memory and reasoning

Beauty: How physically attractive you are, lowers enemy social dice pools and their target numbers
Charisma: How likable and, well, charismatic you are
Manipulation: Trickery and deceit
No. 931858 ID: 8eaf98

I'm typically one for balance, but I like me a speedy boi.

Perception:+4 - Can't work with what we do not see.
Intelligence:+0 - memory and reasoning is TG's job. The character should need it less.

No. 931859 ID: 0b4538

So you want:

Strength: 2
Stamina: 4
Dexterity: 5

Wits: 3
Perception: 5
Intelligence: 1

Beauty: 3
Charisma: 2
Manipulation 2

Y'all approve?
No. 931860 ID: 8eaf98

>>931859 looks right
No. 931862 ID: 094652

Tundra survival!

Physical: You are the Bear. Push back against the wall of nature and let it crush your enemies for you.
Strength 3
Stamina 4
Dexterity 1
Mental: In the domain of stagnation, use every twitch of the mind as much as needed.
Wits: 2
Perception: 2
Intelligence: 2
Social: The Tundra Void is an empty place. Every potential ally must be recruited at first encounter. For they will all die soon.
Beauty: 4
Manipulation: 0
Charisma: 0
No. 931863 ID: 0b4538
File 155692391281.jpg - (156.64KB , 422x600 , Wendigo.jpg )

Got it!

You sprint through the woods, a trio of wendigo snapping at your heels. You sniffed out these three just outside of the town you're staying in, the scent of desperation was unmistakable, and you couldn't just leave them there to attack some villager, so you've been leading them a merry dance away from civilization for the past half hour.
But what next?

A: Use your godly dexterity to outrun them in a flash [-5 motes]
B: Shoot one as you run, roll 5d20
C: Take up to 5 shots at once, mow them all down [-1 mote for every attack after the first, roll 5d20 for every attack].
D: Lead them to the hot springs, hopefully your friend Bjorn will be willing to finish them for you.
E: Vanish into the snow, roll 5d20 [-1 mote]

You have 10/10 motes of divine power remaining.
No. 931864 ID: 0b4538

Oh sorry I missed this one! Did you guys want to use this instead or?
No. 931870 ID: 8eaf98

rolled 9, 7, 11, 13, 13 = 53

Particularly given this first encounter speed and endurance seem best here, (and my experience in roguelikes and other games tend toward go fast and not get hit as the late game success method) I say keep what we have. as for current action shoot one and run, I think we should have the endurance to take our time shooting one at a time, no need to waste resources before we understand how to gain them.
No. 931871 ID: 0b4538

[Every result from 11-19 is one success, with 20s counting as two]

You swivel as you run, loosing one shot from your ice-rimed bow without losing pace, laughing prettily as you hear an arrow thunk into undead flesh.

Roll extra successes [1] plus Strength [2] plus weapon damage [2].
Roll 5d20 for damage! Or you can spend 1 mote to add Strength [2] dice of frost damage. You have 10/10 motes and regain one per turn.
No. 931874 ID: 8eaf98

rolled 15, 8, 14, 3, 2, 6, 5 = 53

If this would end our turn and we expect no retaliation from the undead, no reason not to spend the mote that would immediately regen add the plus two (dice I assume?)
No. 931876 ID: 8eaf98

>>931874 Wow that is some shite rolls compared to the first batch I did, two extra dice got me the same exact total.
No. 931884 ID: 0b4538

[They were pretty shite :c]

You hear your frozen arrow strike the lead wendigo, forcing it to drop behind the second, which also happens to be slower than it. That gives you a moment.

A: Use your godly dexterity to outrun them in a flash [-5 motes]
B: Shoot one as you run, roll 5d20
C: Take up to 5 shots at once, mow them all down [-1 mote for every attack after the first, roll 5d20 for every attack].
D: Lead them to the hot springs, hopefully your friend Bjorn will be willing to finish them for you.
E: Vanish into the snow, roll 5d20 [-1 mote]

You have 10/10 motes of divine power remaining.
No. 931885 ID: 5775a3

rolled 2, 10, 10, 14, 13 = 49

Another combo, then hide and recharge!
No. 931887 ID: 0b4538

You lean back and go into a slide as your target lunges at you from behind, you draw and fire an arrow into the middle of its back.

Roll extra successes [0] plus Strength [2] plus weapon damage [2].
Roll 4d20! You can spend 1 mote to add 2 damage.
You have 10/10 motes of divine power.
No. 931888 ID: 8eaf98

rolled 12, 5, 18, 15, 14, 7 = 71

once more little reason not to spend mote we should get it right back
No. 931891 ID: 0b4538

rolled 13, 17, 10 = 40


Your frozen arrow smashes through the hideous creature's back and rips the front of its chest off with it.
You pump your fist with delight and duck a blow from the wendigo to your left as you do so.
No. 931893 ID: 0b4538

rolled 11, 1, 17 = 29


You successfully dodge the first blow, and roll to try and avoid the attack from the one behind you.
No. 931894 ID: 0b4538


You roll back onto your feet and get running again.
What next?

A: Use your godly dexterity to outrun them in a flash [-5 motes]
B: Shoot one as you run, roll 5d20
C: Take up to 5 shots at once, mow them all down [-1 mote for every attack after the first, roll 5d20 for every attack].
D: Lead them to the hot springs, hopefully your friend Bjorn will be willing to finish them for you.
E: Vanish into the snow, roll 5d20 [-1 mote]
F: Use godly dexterity to get some range [-2 motes]

You have 10/10 motes of divine power.
No. 931895 ID: 977456

E: We are one with the endless white expanse.
No. 931898 ID: 0b4538

Alright then roll 5d20!
No. 931899 ID: 094652

A - One left, but you're danger close. Get some distance and take your time sniping him in the face.
No. 931905 ID: 2202fb

rolled 9, 15, 13, 19, 16 = 72

Can we specify a shot location? For instance, could we shoot the last one in the foot, thereby tripping it?
No. 931906 ID: 0b4538

rolled 1, 18, 4 = 23

[I'd like to allow that but then there'd be no reason not to just, aim for the head every time :/]

4 successes! Nice roll!

You blink and suddenly just, vanish against your snowy surroundings, the wendigos skid to a stop, sniffing for you.
No. 931907 ID: 0b4538

They're completely at a loss for where you could be, and as long as you keep spending 1 mote per turn things should stay that way. While you're in stealth, any attack upon your first turn once leaving it counts as a hit if it rolls even one success, meaning all attack roll successes are added to damage.

A: Use your godly dexterity to escape [-5 motes]
B: Shoot one, roll 5d20
C: Take up to 5 shots at once, mow them all down [-1 mote for every attack after the first, roll 5d20 for every attack].
D: Fire an arrow into the forest, try to make them chase it
E: Aim [skip action, add 1 dice to accuracy]
F: Use godly dexterity to get some range [-2 motes]
No. 931909 ID: 094652

rolled 5, 6, 4, 11, 11 = 37

No. 931910 ID: 094652

rolled 19, 4, 13, 7, 19 = 62

No. 931911 ID: 094652

rolled 17, 19, 10, 13, 17 = 76

No. 931912 ID: 094652

rolled 6, 9, 11, 18, 2 = 46

No. 931914 ID: 977456

rolled 15, 3 = 18

Sink your fangs into its neck and devour its unnatural essence.
No. 931915 ID: 0b4538

[SHit yeah! I'm not even gonna roll damage for those 4, they're both dead!]
Motes: 5/10

You leap into the air and out of invisibility, knocking arrow after arrow to your bow as you pummel the wendigos to bits in a hail of whistling arrows, finally you land, a moment before the pin-cushioned undead collapse on either side of you.
You straighten up and roll your shoulders. Not bad, not bad at all.
However, it's getting late, the sun is creeping towards the horizon so what shall you do?

1: Spend 1 mote to create a one-room igloo to spend the night.
2: Head for the hot springs, the cold is little more than pleasant to you, time for a bath!
3: Back to town, the tavern beckons!
No. 931916 ID: 094652

No. 931917 ID: 0b4538

You crouch, dig one foot into the snow and run over a hundred yards in one second, making for the hot springs at your full speed, enjoying the cold wind on your face.

Motes 0/10

As your power gradually fades, you slow to a regular run, barely feeling puffed after your exertions.
While you don't mind the freezing cold, your human half is just as capable as any of enjoying a good warm bath. As you approach the springs your thoughts of hot water and privacy are interrupted by, what is that?

Roll Perception [5d20!]
No. 931918 ID: 977456

rolled 11, 5, 9, 16, 17 = 58

A polar bear in a tutu?
No. 931919 ID: 0b4538
File 155695465838.jpg - (139.22KB , 908x1135 , Bjorn.jpg )

[You were half right :D]

Ah, you recognize that voice, or rather that deep breathing. It's your old friend Bjorn, the bearfolk demigod. He's part elemental, part bearfolk, and part a few other things you think, but all you know is he's something like ten feet tall, strong beyond belief, a local hero like yourself and fond of pretty ladies.
Very fond.
Aaaaand from the sound of his breathing he's enjoying at least one in your favorite hot springs by starlight.
Well, you have to admit it's a good spot for it.

What will you do?
No. 931925 ID: 977456

Can we make another outlet using sno- 0 motes, nevermind...

Let's just... lie down in the snow and go to sleep. Maybe they'll be done by the time we awake.
No. 931927 ID: 0b4538

Oh yeah I should have mentioned, your motes refilled on the way over, 10/10. What do you mean by a new outlet?
No. 931928 ID: 977456

For the hot-springs. Try to shift the ground so that there is a new pool. Do we have any snow/ice control powers? If trying to rearrange the hot springs is a no-go, can we at least build an Ice-fort? Igloo? Meld-with-snow and while the time away under the snow's surface?

Or... would we be able to slowly freeze the surface of the hit-springs. It would be such a shame if they were temporarily ruined...
No. 931929 ID: 094652

Strip naked and sultrily cozy next to the big fuzz.
No. 931930 ID: 977456

Noo~. We are the goddess of cold shower, and we bring them shower!
No. 931934 ID: 0b4538


So will it be cockblocking or seducing the big guy?
No. 931935 ID: 8eaf98

yes obviously
No. 931937 ID: 0b4538

No. 931939 ID: 0b4538

Oh wait are you serious? What's the plan?
No. 931955 ID: 91ee5f

Seduction. That’s the plan.
No. 931971 ID: a14a2b


You grin with delight and start peeling your clothes off, like hell you're gonna miss a chance at the most lusted-after male within a hundred miles.
Once naked you rub yourself clean with snow and clear your throat before hooding your eyes and walking towards the spring, putting as much swing in your ample hips and bounce in your generous breasts as possible.

(Snow's beauty: - 2 motes commited for plus 1 Beauty)

Once you leave the trees your heart skips a beat in your chest and you bite your lip at the sight before you.
Bjorn's clothes and armor, each much bigger than you lie discarded by one of the larger rock pools, his hammer that weighs several times your body weight stands taller than you off to one side,and the idea that he has the might to wield such a weapon one-handed makes you shiver harder than any cold, almost as much in fact as the sight before you.
Bjorn sits in the hot spring, naked and gigantic, at least 11 feet of rippling, sculpted, bulging muscle. You can practically feel the heat radiating off him like you did the night you met, where he had you sit on his knee along with three other girls, and a half dozen around him while he regaled you with stories. At the end of the night he carried five of them to his bed, leaving you with a promise of aid in battle, should need it, and wondering what it would have been like to have been one of the lucky five.
Well hopefully you're about to find out.
In the water around him are a bevy of some of the curviest women in town, you recognize a particularly curvaceous blonde from the tavern working his shaft, at least as long as your forearm and fist, lovingly with both hands as a redhead licks his pillar while reaching down to cup his balls. A pair of brunette twins sit wide-eyed nearby, and jump as Bjorn's incredibly deep voice says your name. "Erika, what a pleasant surprise."
You tear your eyes from the sight of his weapon to look him in the eye as you enter the water.

Roll Appearance (4) for seduction.
No. 931972 ID: 094652

rolled 2, 13, 1, 5 = 21

No. 931975 ID: a14a2b


You swim through the hot water until you arrive in front of him, your eyes drawn to the gigantic cockhead mere feet from you. You lean forward, putting your hands on his thighs and squeezing your arms together to frame your bust as enticingly as possible.
"I'm not the only pleasant surprise here..." you say as you bite your lip and look between his eyes and his member.
He chuckles, a sound like a drum, and smiles slightly at you.
"I take it you want a closer look little one?" The tone of his voice as he says 'little one' sends shivers down your spine.

How do you respond.
No. 931982 ID: 8eaf98

"oh I'm sure you'll find I'm big enough"
my last suggestion was made just before I went to sleep and was both a joke and something I thought would be funny to see.
how does mote regen work in non-combat scenarios?
No. 931986 ID: fbf96f

Your heart beats faster in your chest at his offer. This is happening.
You look up at him and smile. "Oh I'm sure you'll find I'm big enough."
He chuckles again and reaches towards you, you squeak slightly in shock and no small amount of arousal as he grabs you around the waist one-handed and rests you on your knees in his lap with no more effort than lifting a kitten.
He leans back to relax and rests his arms on the side of the pool.
Out of the corner of your eye you spot the naked brunettes snuggling up closer to him, but you barely notice them compared to the simply titanic piece of meat in front of you, this close you can clearly see it's bigger than your forearm and fist.
The redhead smiles at you as she drags her tongue up and down the left hand side of his cock eight inches at a time, with almost a foot to spare, while she slides her right hand up and down the base of the shaft while kneading a testicle several times larger than your fist with her left hand, as the blonde mimics her actions in every regard on Bjorn's right.

What do you do?

(While in full health you regen a mote every ten minutes. The two you're using to make yourself hotter are committed, which means your maximum is two lower until you release the effect.)
No. 932012 ID: 8eaf98

clearly we need to get into combat so we can regen motes faster, as for what do uhhhh this situation is out of this suggestor's experience.
No. 932021 ID: 977456

Bite his penis off and use the moment of weakness to drain and gain his divine rank and portfolio?
No. 932023 ID: 4e16f6

Foreplay with him and flirt a bit more! The more time we spend foreplaying, the more motes we can use for sex and after all, a bit of joy is a great mood lifter.
No. 932024 ID: fbf96f

@motes. You're currently at 8/10 and can't get any higher as long as two are committed to Snow's Beauty.
No. 932025 ID: 4e16f6

That's alright then, just use a few motes first to add to our strenght and stamina, after all, we're going to need a lot of resistence.
No. 932029 ID: fbf96f

Speaking of resistance, you guys want Erika to be experienced or a virgin?
No. 932031 ID: 4e16f6

Experienced, demi-gods don't look like the type of people to resist some hornyness.
No. 932033 ID: fbf96f

You grasp his pride with one hand, almost laughing at how much bigger your hand would need to be to wrap around it.
You squeeze it gently marvelling at the sheer girth of the implement as you wrap your other hand around it, your hands managing to meet despite your initial doubts.
"Good gods." You whisper.
"Hm?" Bjorn rumbles with a smirk.
You look up at him coyly as you finally kiss the side of his cock, looking up with wide eyes before pressing your cheek against it. You feel him twitch in your hands and see his eyes narrow over his toothy grin as he gets a good eyeful of just how many times longer than your face his dick is.
"Just giving thanks for the meal~" you assure him, then get a good two-handed grip on his tool and slowly drag your tongue from as near the base as you can get, to just below the tip, licking your lips flirtatiously as you finish. "Mmmmmmh..."
"Tasty?" He rumbles.
"Delicious." You open your mouth and suck half his cockhead into it, sliding your tongue around the gigantic intruder over and over as your hands work his shaft roughly and firmly.
You look up at him and pull away, panting just hard enough for the water dripping down your rack to catch his eye, that and the line of spit connecting your mouth to his dick.
"Best I've tasted." You add with a wink. And you're not lying either.
The redhead moans her assent as the blonde giggles.
"Gods, how many litters have you made with this thing?" You whisper up at him.
"A little over a hundred." He says as if that's not hundreds of offspring he's talking about. "Why so curious? Want to bear a few do you?"
You hear a squeak and "Oh my!" as he picks the nervous brunette, a busty little thing with long, wavy hair, up with one hand and sets her in the water to your right. The other, a curvy, yet petite (barely five foot) minx with short hair and a cheeky grin dives forward to immediately join the blonde at work on your left.
With five mouths and ten hands, it's almost looking like you might be able to manage him.

What next?
No. 932034 ID: 4e16f6

Might as well try penetrative sex with him. What's the worse that can happen?
No. 932036 ID: 17f233
File 155703479818.jpg - (188.90KB , 1280x720 , A7451560-E115-4E5F-944D-7E09B632282A.jpg )

Play into his ego. Make him do something stupid and exerting to tucker himself out before we really go in for the attack. “Among my people they say in whispers that you can dive into the frozen sea depths slay the beasts by the thousands!, There’s no sea monsters to slay in the pool, how about showing us how long you can dive for!” Or some thing like that.
No. 932037 ID: fbf96f

>*1d6 babies later*
No. 932041 ID: fbf96f

For real though he rolls 1d6 for that.
No. 932042 ID: 4e16f6

That's a lot of babies, huh.
No. 932043 ID: a14a2b

Yup. So his question wasn't rhetorical, he was checking.
No. 932044 ID: 4e16f6

Original poster here, it was rhetorical, but I'm actually surprised we can have more than two babies at once. Still, yolo.
No. 932045 ID: a14a2b

Oh sorry I meant Bjorn's question wasn't rhetorical. He just asked Erika if she was down to have some babies. As for the number, humans have had sextuplets before! And a demigod is tough enough to do so with ease.
No. 932047 ID: 4e16f6

Oh! Well, having babies might lead to a army of sons or daughters later, but just fucking for pure fun works now, no need for litters is the best response to this question.
No. 932050 ID: 8eaf98

sounds good enough to me
No. 932052 ID: 94723d

We should do this.

Yeah. Let’s try not to get knocked up. At least right now. We don’t exactly know where our dear bear fuck buddy actually ranks among other potentially powerful suitors after all
No. 932095 ID: 0b4538

What's the purpose of trying to tucker him out?
No. 932142 ID: 29466d


As you dip your head to suck his monstrous organ as fervently as you're able, you think about his offer. You have to admit, there's been nights when you'd be flat on your back with your legs open if he'd suggested half as much, and the heat in your cheeks and between your legs is all but screaming at you to do so again, but be that as it may, and as interesting as the idea of having a titanic demigod using you to breed a dozen more is...
"Mmmmmh..." you moan, hoping he enjoys the vibrations. "That's a very *slurp* generous offer lord Bjorn," you look up at his eyes as you take him into your mouth again, bobbing your head a dozen times, going deeper each time. Finally you pull off with a 'pop!' and lick your lips, relishing his taste. "But, I think I'd rather we just fuck each other for fun tonight, litters can wait."
"Mmmmmmh, not for me they can't." Moans the redhead as she turns her head sideways and slides her mouth up and down his cock.
"Nor me!" The blonde says, raising her hand, which the eager brunette grabs and puts back on Bjorn.
"I'll try to remember each of your preferences once I start then." Bjorn says, sounding amused.
Your arousal is reaching the point where you're honestly having difficulty keeping composure, and between all your eager young mouths and wet tongues you've managed to lubricate almost every inch of his tool, but still you're more than a little terrified at the thought of even attempting to take that thing without tiring him out a little first.
How do you plan to do that?

1: Goad him into fucking the other girls first?
2: Try to deepthroat him until he cums?
3: Ask him to perform a feat of strength?
4: Get one of the other girls to deepthroat him (which one?)
5: Continue as you are until he cums?
6: Forget it, just get him to mount you already?
7: Other?
No. 932149 ID: 4e16f6

6! We can do it!
No. 932151 ID: 0b4538

Brave girl! I'll go with that vote if someone seconds it. Also, how do you guys picture Erika? Besides naked on her knees with a dick in her mouth I mean.
No. 932158 ID: 4e16f6

Considering everything, a slightly blue-ish person with ice/snow motif. A mix of Elsa concept art with a marathonist/athlete of some sorts.
No. 932162 ID: 0b4538
File 155718736204.jpg - (403.99KB , 776x1200 , Icey girl.jpg )

This kind of gal?
No. 932163 ID: 4e16f6

Yeah, exactly like that.
No. 932164 ID: 0b4538

Except with a less spiky face i'm guessing?
Y'all have a power that lets you make clothes out of ice too, so you can assume that's what your previous outfit was if you want.
No. 932165 ID: 4e16f6

I'm alright with the spikey face. Anyways, how strong our powers extend to?
No. 932167 ID: 0b4538

Well yeah but you don't have that face bobbing on your dick. Think of the safety of Bjorn's nuts!
No. 932198 ID: 0b4538

Sooooo... No objections? I'll write the next bit then.
No. 932203 ID: 0b4538

After relishing the most delicious blowjob of your career for another few minutes you don't think you can take it any more. Your legs are starting to shake, the warmth between your legs is growing to fill your core like a furnace, and you almost feel like you might melt. Like you WANT to melt, beneath him, full of cock and screaming your head off.
Before you know it the other girls are backing off as you slide the five or so inches of Bjorn you managed to fit past your lips out of your mouth and stand, panting, naked as the day you were born before the biggest, strongest, most MASCULINE being you've ever met.
Standing up you remember that you're probably less than half his full height.
He looks down at you with those soul-piercing eyes and grabs you around the waist with one titanic hand as he gently but utterly irresistibly forces you towards him until your hands are pressed against his chest. His other hand goes down to raise his cock to aim right at your dripping gash, and he lowers you, forcing your legs to bend, until it's pressed firmly against your hole, your pussy already stretched further than it ever has just over the tip of his tip.
An obscene image comes to mind, of you completely impaled on that spear of his, stomach bulging with cock.
You bite your lip and sweat, then outright whimper as his other hand comes up to grope your firm round ass forcefully before moving up to give your breasts the same treatment.
"Now little one," he rumbles softly, with an amused tone, "How would you like to be fucked?"

How do you answer?
No. 932214 ID: 4e16f6

Rough, we're a Demigoddess after all. We can take it!
No. 932216 ID: 8eaf98

I mean we did say we were "big enough"
No. 932239 ID: 0b4538

rolled 2, 10, 5, 9, 14, 14, 5, 14, 10, 18, 3, 4, 12, 18, 10, 7, 20, 10, 20, 16, 3, 6, 10 = 240

You lick your lips, eyes growing ever wider as you start panting more and more heavily.
"W-well I did say I w-was *Ahem* big enough..."
You look down at the head stretching you wide open before its even entered you, you see your juices rolling down the shaft, mixed with the saliva of five hot young women.
You want this so fucking badly.
You look him in the eye. "Fuck me roughly. I'm a demigoddess after all. I can take i-OH GO-OOOOOH~!"
Without giving you a moment to reconsider he simply pulled down several inches, forcing his entire bulbous head inside your cunt, which is now squeezing around him more tightly than you could have possibly imagined, as your head rolls back and your eyes roll back in your head it occurs to you that you've entered orgasm, and you're not sure when you'll fini-
Before you can finish that thought another several inches are stuffed into you. You SCREAM louder than you thought you could with the air being knocked out of you as more and more cock just slides in, stretching you like an entire goddamn arm sliding up your pussy. Your legs shake, you clutch at his chest, you scream, drool and writhe, even grabbing at his hand around your waist, but nothing you do stops him from taking you, utterly and completely until a monumental bulge has formed in your stomach, reaching from your labia to well past your navel.
You have never felt so full and you don't think it's physically possible to be more turned on than you are now.
And then he grabs your thighs with each hand, folds your legs back, and grabs you around the waist and legs, and slams you down to the base. Your cunt takes more dick in that moment than most women could dream of taking in their entire lifetimes, your cervix doesn't even slow him down, and next thing you know your ass is resting on his gigantic balls, churning with cum ready to fill your oven, and his cockhead is not just filling, but STRETCHING your womb far beyond capacity.
Your vision just turns white. Spots dance in your eyes and you start to black out as your tongue hangs out of your mouth.
And then he fucks you.

No. 932246 ID: 0b4538

Btw, since Erika's a very tough girl, it takes 4 successes to get her off. And Bjorn counts 18s, 19s and 20s as two successes.
No. 932260 ID: e6dfb0

Given how many dice were rolled he still was fairly close to failing to get us off only 2 18s and 2 20s if he wasn't counting double he would have only exactly passed
No. 932261 ID: 0b4538

Everything from 11-17 is a success
No. 932266 ID: 0b4538

rolled 20, 16, 19, 4, 8, 2, 7, 19, 14, 6, 15, 9, 5, 12, 16, 12, 1, 13, 2, 2, 6, 12, 2 = 222

You don't know how long he goes for, it could be a minute, it could be an hour, though some rational part of your godly senses says it can't be more than ten minutes, but during it you cum again, and again, and again, and again, each orgasm like a firecracker in your womb, shaking your whole body as you're thrown up and down, pupils out of focus, breath coming in gasps as your lungs have the air forced out of them over and over. Your cunt and womb are stretched, screwed and molded into the shape of his cock with a thoroughness and skill you never could have imagined. You assumed he'd be all force, no finesse, but nothing could be further from the truth. Apparently screwing his way through harems the size of small villages has given him skill with that implement of his beyond what a hundred young rakes could give to the table, as each adjustment of your angle, each thrust and pause is timed and aimed for you to feel his immensity in all new and agonizingly pleasurable ways.
By the time your body, usually oh so difficult to please, has gone through four glorious peaks of bliss, the biggest indication of exertion he makes is a slight adjustment of his grip before he goes at your quivering cunt with renewed, smug energy, you faintly notice his smirking face as he piledrives you onto his dick over and over again.

No. 932267 ID: 0b4538

rolled 8, 3, 11, 12, 11, 6, 14, 19, 10, 16, 15, 15, 18, 10, 8, 13, 14, 11, 10, 4, 9, 18, 1 = 256

Another three orgasms, though it's hard to name when they start or end under his onslaught, later and his weapon somehow seems to have actually GROWN, or at least the veins encircling it seem somehow even more rigid, pulsing enough to drive you over the edge by themselves, even without the rapacious breeding you're being submitted to by your 'friend'.
He switches to a one-handed grip on your stomach as he uses the other to brutally twist and grope your bouncing breasts.
"Hmm," he thunders, causing vibrations through his entire shaft, "Have these gotten bigger since last I saw you?"
He chuckles and if anything intensifies his pace.
He hasn't even bucked his hips once.

No. 932268 ID: 0b4538

Three orgasms later and he pauses for about ten minutes to let the four sluts around you start sucking his balls, as he holds your legs up to let them have uninhibited access, while slowly sliding you up and down, never letting you have less than five inches in you, and sometimes more than ten. He looks down at you with a smirk on his face.
"Enjoying being mated by a real man little half-goddess?" he chuckles.
You can't talk, you can't imagine talking after what you've been through, all you can do is moan, at least not without a huge effort.

You can roll Stamina 4d20, and be able to say something if you get a success, with increasing clarity depending on how many successes you get.
Or you can just wait and let him get back to what he does best.
No. 932296 ID: 8eaf98

rolled 13, 10, 11, 3 = 37

lets try to say "Yes." as calmly as possible
No. 932350 ID: 977456

rolled 5, 15, 15, 2 = 37

Disengage beauty commitment.
Ready Freezing powers!
Form Ice-blades!
Refine monomolecular edge!
Activate vibroblade method!
Engage chainsaw protocols!
All available motes to strength!
Devour soul!
Gain power!
If you aren't terrified of The Snow Princess then they are doing it wrong.
No. 932365 ID: fbf96f

rolled 14, 4, 8, 20, 13, 15, 1, 17, 7, 10, 1, 6, 19, 2, 9, 6, 13, 20, 2, 11, 18, 13, 12 = 241

You swim back into consciousness long enough to gasp out a fervent. "Yes" in the closest you can get to a calm voice.
Bjorn chuckles. "I thought you might." He shoos the girls around him off his nuts and goes back to using you as a cocksleeve one-handed with no warning.

No. 932367 ID: fbf96f

And what follows is the best round yet. You cum another four times, each more glorious than the last as your nerves are left raw again after your brief 'respite', you're starting to think that maybe, maybe after most of an hour fucking you Bjorn might be starting to get close to his first release.
Not that you're capable of much thinking besides that.

No. 932368 ID: fbf96f

rolled 5, 13, 4, 10, 7, 15, 8, 19, 13, 1, 8, 18, 20, 2, 16, 2, 10, 13, 10, 19, 10, 5, 7 = 235

Forgot to roll, final go!
No. 932370 ID: fbf96f

Your body flops back and forward like a rag doll as he uses you as a fuck toy for one final, rabid round of sex. He doesn't even lift his hips as he just, just USES you to his hearts content.
Finally he actually stands up, rising to his full gigantic height, pulls you off his cock, tosses you a few feet in the air, grabs you around the waist unceremoniously in a reverse grip and slams you down casually on the snow next to the pool. He pulls you forward until your gasping head is hanging over the edge, stabs his dick into your mouth and facefucks you upside-down, balls deep for almost a minute until he bottoms out in you and lets out a sigh as you feel a tide of what feels like cupful after cupful of lava flows into you. He holds you down, impaled on his dick until long after you've run out of breath, you're tired to even twitch as your vision starts turning black and he sits there, pumping liters of semen into your stomach.
Finally he pulls out of your dripping mouth, picks you up and drapes you over his left forearm, before picking up the squealing shy brunette with the long hair and massive rack with his right, and starting to [relatively] gently work his immense cockhead into her tiny cunt.

What do you do?
No. 932397 ID: 094652

Lurch away and freeze the contents of your stomach for future use.
No. 932404 ID: 8eaf98

I'm thinking doing our best impression of a draped towel sounds like a reasonable thing to do and within our probable current capacity to do things. oh and depending on the quantity keep what you can down.
No. 932408 ID: 29466d

You're not sure how long you lie limply over his arm for, twitching, trying to stay or become conscious. You're pretty sure you have a dream about him fucking you again half way through.
When you finally feel capable of moving under your own power again you sigh in bliss and a little pain at the glorious ache pervading your form.
"Good morning little demigoddess." Bjorn says with an amused tone, you can hear a regular meaty slapping noise, and when your turn your head you can see him using the mortal girl one-handed like he fucked you, your brain almost freezes at the size and length of the bulge his cock makes inside her. That was in YOU?!
Her body is completely limp, her head hanging back and her tongue out. As you watch he ups the pace, banging her womb harder and harder, though still less forcefully than he did yours, until he sighs and relaxes as her belly starts swelling as her womb fills with seed.

What do you say or do?
No. 932467 ID: 8eaf98

How long was I out?
No. 932468 ID: 0b4538

You languidly turn a little further to look him in the eye. "How long was I out?" You ask.
"Hmmm. Over an hour I'd say. Why? Want another round do you?"

What do you do or say?
No. 932487 ID: 4e16f6

Nah. I guess it would be nice to patrol the woods for a bit more to check if there's anything dangerous and moving up to the next town if it is near. We can fool around a bit, but it's safe to check for more Wendingos or frozen monsters.
No. 932511 ID: 8eaf98

Lets do the thing we came here for, and soak in the hotspring for atleast an hour before we do >>932487
No. 932564 ID: 29466d
File 155758247007.jpg - (35.62KB , 583x526 , images-64.jpg )

You muster your strength and turn yourself around until you're lying on his arm, biting your lip as you feel his steel-hard muscles burning with heat below your naked, sweaty form. You let one foot dangle in the water and brace the other on his forearm.
"Mmmmmmmh," you sigh luxuriously as you lean back against his bicep, "I'm pretty sure that might kill me." Bjorn chuckles and the other Brunette grabs his wrist and climbs up to sit her bare ass on his open hand, with her chest stuck out provocatively in Bjorn's direction.
"But what a way to go~" She says sultrily and watches her sister's limp body fill with semen before turning to you and smiling cheekily.
"So how was it getting fucked by lord Bjorn?" She says in a conspiratorial whisper. She's really a gorgeous young thing, slimmer than her sister but with wide, full hips and a gorgeous, proud bust you could easily fill both hands with and then some (You're actually a little jealous) and if you had to guess you'd say she was around 16-18.
You have a feeling she's rather eager to be next.

What do you say?
No. 932580 ID: 4e16f6

Slightly painful but nice at the same time. In every other way, dude is experienced enough. Ask for her name and chit-chat a bit, you have time.
No. 932583 ID: 977456

"A bit like this!"
Throw some energy into strength, manipulation, and wits and show her that Bjorn isn't the only divinity here.
No. 932595 ID: fbf96f



Also @ banging the babe. The fucking Erika took from Bjorn has knocked her Stamina [temporarily] down to 3, to get it back up to 4 you can just spend 4 motes, which again will come back at a rate of 1 per ten minutes. Erika can last about a quarter of an hour without stamina rolls when fucking with a partner of equal or lesser stamina [like the girl], or more if she rolls higher [half an hour if she spends a mote on it].
No. 932596 ID: 4e16f6

Yeah, changing my vote to this one and spending the motes to return the stamina.
No. 932602 ID: fbf96f

rolled 3, 10, 14, 4, 16, 4, 12, 9, 13, 12 = 97

You drag your gaze off her ridiculous curves to lock your eyes with her sultry, smoldering brown ones. Her breath is smoking in the freezing air, and the water flowing off her bountiful breasts stops and starts as she shivers and pants from the cold.
You smile and narrow your eyes, letting the cold flow into every muscle in your body, repairing every ache the stud you're sitting on pounded into you and then some.


2/10 motes remaining

You lick your lips and reach over to grab her by the wrist, heaving her over and on top of you. Within a second you've suddenly got a gorgeous, naked young thing lying on top of you, breasts crushed against your own, arm held high above your head and her mouth inches from yours. You grin and reach up to squeeze one of her massive breasts cruelly, she gasps and her eyes widen even further as her cheeks turn red.
"A bit like this!" You say cheerfully, a moment before her expression changes to match your own and her free hand dives between your legs while yours grabs her glorious ass and squeezes hard.

No. 932603 ID: fbf96f


Also did y'all wanna spend a mote to double the amount of time you fuck her for or go for more, but quicker rounds?
No. 932619 ID: 4e16f6

Double the amount of time sounds efficient.
No. 933834 ID: 77ad0b

rolled 17, 20, 11, 12 = 60

No. 933836 ID: 77ad0b

rolled 11, 7, 17, 16, 1, 1, 4, 11, 10, 2 = 80

Motes: 1/10

You take her hard and fast drawing scream after scream out of the writhing beauty atop you until her eyelids are fluttering and her teeth are clenched, you feel her clamp down hard around your fingers as she has her third orgasm in 10 minutes.
No. 933837 ID: 77ad0b

rolled 7, 1, 11, 18, 13 = 50

5 successes, 1 auro success, 5 rerolls.
No. 933838 ID: 77ad0b

rolled 16, 7, 8, 11, 3, 20, 3, 9, 6, 19 = 102

You have to admit, this bitch has some STAMINA.
Buuuut you think you're drawing near to her limits, she's banging you as hard as possible back, but you can see in her eyes that she knows this is a losing battle, and she likes it.
You wonder if that's how you looked to Bjorn.
No. 933839 ID: 77ad0b

rolled 14, 12, 10, 1, 20 = 57

5 successes, 1 auto success, 5 rerolls.
No. 934154 ID: 0b4538

rolled 9, 14, 16, 15, 20 = 74

No. 934155 ID: 0b4538


10 successes bitches.

By the time with her you've got a gorgeous young slut panting and sweating beneath you, tongue hanging out and a look of ecstasy on her face.
You admire her for a minute before Bjorn pulls the bustier brunette off his dick, leaving his monumental pillar slick with thick white cum as he drapes her over his left wrist behind you. Then he picks you up and presses you down on his lap, doing the splits with his dick dripping with semen inches from your cunt, you reach back and up and hold onto handfuls of his fur beneath his shoulders, he chuckles and places the brunette you were playing with in front of you, and arranges you so his cock is behind her back and each of you have one leg under the others.
"So~" he rumbles, "Who's next?"

What do you say?
No. 934156 ID: 0b4538

*by the time you're done with her
*making you do the splits with
No. 934157 ID: 8eaf98

I already had my turn, that makes it hers.
No. 934159 ID: 0b4538

You smile at the beauty whose breasts are pressed up against yours, watching her face turn to fear and trepidation as she realizes EXACTLY what's about to go into her.
Bjorn reaches down to grasp your waist, eliciting a gasp from you as his index fingers squeeze each of your breasts.
"Hmmmmm," Bjorn hums. "You've already gotten her so tired, how'd you like to join her little one? Help her," he brings his thumbs forward and pinches your nipples with astounding dexterity, causing you to cry out "-help her handle me?" He chuckles.

What do you do?
No. 934183 ID: 4b3bec

I think we've been in the smut pace for a bit too long. Refuse as you have a few things to do.
No. 934307 ID: 0b4538

You take his hands by the wrist and give the brunette a quick french kiss before putting his hands on her tits. You disentangle yourself from her lovely legs and stand, looping your arms around his neck, "Tempting, but I've got things to do, places to be."
His arms move, you hear the brunette cry out as he lifts her onto his cock with one hand while reaching up to seat your ass on his other hand.
You cross your legs and hold onto his wrist as he swings you out over the shore.
You hop down onto the ground and smile as he gives you one lastgood groping.
"Thanks for the incredible fuck Bjorn." You say.
He grins and slaps your butt hard enough to make you cry out.
You mock-scowl at him then wink and sashay off with a seductive swing in your hips as you wave over your shoulder.
"Let's do this again sometime!" You wave at the blonde and redhead. "Have lots of kids!"
You hear Bjorn chuckle and feel his eyes on you as he pounds the living daylights out of his partner's womb.


You walk back to your clothing with a slight stagger, a smile on your face, and a burning, lingering warmth in your loins that you don't know you'll ever be able to put out.
So far tonight you've hunted, killed the undead, had the most amazing sex of your life and hopefully done well enough to ensure a repeat performance.
That leaves only one question.
Now what?

1: Look for a fight!
2: Go back to town to drink, sleep and tell stories!
3: Camp out in the open! You feel no cold!
No. 934313 ID: 4b3bec

3: Camp out in the open! You feel no cold!
Time to wait for the night and watch the stars.
No. 934318 ID: 8eaf98

stars are dope lets go!
No. 935865 ID: fbf96f

You craft an igloo from snow with your magic and curl up inside to sleep.


+3 XP for your first day, seducing a demigod and one of his sluts, and for killing the wendigos.

Your dreams are glorious, a welter of violence followed by a lurid and graphic threeway with Bjorn and the brunette.


You gained two intimacies!

Bjorn: Major Lust
Sex: Minor Addiction

Intimacies are things you care about, they start at Minor, grow to Major, and the most important become Defining. To make a Minor intimacy Major the character must base it off of two Minor Intimacies. In this case, Minor Lust and Minor Awe for Bjorn. Minor Intimacies can be made much more easily. Completing a goal related to one of your intimacies nets you bonus XP.
You can dissolve intimacies over time, and even have several for the same thing [e.g. Lust and Awe for Bjorn].


The dream gets increasingly vivid, you toss and turn in your bed, murmuring and biting your lip until you wake with a start just as you felt him cumming inside you.
You punch the ground in frustration, then freeze as you immediately notice something.
You leave the igloo and notice tracks around your camp site.
Several creatures came here in the night, you see wendigo tracks, bear tracks and wolf tracks, but none of them come closer than the treeline.

>BLESSING GAINED: Scent of Bjorn: Coupling with the god-bear Bjorn marks you as his mate to weaker male creatures, male animals, monsters and even undead that are weaker than him will flee from you unless driven to you. This effect fades over time.

Well, you could do any number of things at this point. You could go hunting for another foe [or a few!] you could seek out a nymph or six for a little more fun, you could try and track Bjorn down, you could head back to town and hit the tavern up, or you could meditate to commune with your mother.
What'll it be?
No. 935883 ID: 0cf16f

Go to the tavern, time to get a cold one and hear the news around the town!
No. 937613 ID: 00b997

You stretch and stand to your feet, time to return to town and hit the tavern!
What do you dress in?

1: Furs and leathers
2: Fur bikini
3: Nothing
4: Chainmail
No. 937894 ID: 8eaf98

No. 937896 ID: 094652

A mix of 1 and 2, look sexy but don't be stupid.
No. 937905 ID: c12ba4

A mix of 1. and 4.!
No. 937909 ID: 5b93d3

4, But replace rings of metal with tiny rings of ice (gotta play to theme).
No. 937916 ID: ef6d9f
File 156202523127.jpg - (171.04KB , 850x1163 , Warrior.jpg )

You consider your bikini for a moment, then change your mind, instead pulling on your leather trousers, followed by fur trimmed, knee high boots, a fur vest, followed by a chainmail coat that covers your torso and knees, then a wolf pelt around your shoulders.
You look down, and spending a fraction of your power, coat your chainmail in a sheet of blue ice.

[You can now soak lethal damage with your full stamina+1]

With your bag and your bow over your shoulder you swagger back into town, only SLIGHTLY limping.
You're hailed by a few people as you pass them, mostly humans, with a few bear and wolf folk.
You enter the heat of the tavern, finding it mostly empty, save for a few patrons snoring at the tables and of course half the horde of beer wenches in fur bikinis making the rounds, collecting empty jugs, putting chairs back up and finding their scattered pieces of clothing from the night before.
"Lady Erika!"
You turn and see a pair of your favorite wenches bouncing up to you, both red-haired and red-faced, with adorable pigtails, rosy cheeks and freckles across their faces and chests. You can never tell the two apart, but honestly with racks like theirs who cares? Each carries a tray, and neither has their bikini top on, which normally would occupy your undivided attention if it weren't for a hefty slap on your arse that breaks your train of thought.
"Well hello beautiful~" The same young man who just, introduced himself, loops his arm around your waist and pulls you close, running his hand up and down your waist, before sliding it up towards your goods. "Erika was it?" He says in your ear.

How do you respond?
No. 937922 ID: c12ba4

"You're with a icicle in your pants or you're just happy to see me?" Defuse the situation a bit with humour and get out of the hug. First you need to know the guy, then get flirty.
No. 937924 ID: 00b997


You raise an eyebrow and smile, gently pushing your way out of the hug. Sure he's distracted you from a lovely sight, but he's not so bad himself, you notice a not-at all small mound in the front of his pants and smirk at him. "And have you got an icicle in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"
He sidles back up to you and puts an arm around your shoulder. "Oh I'm always happy to lay eyes and hands on a body like yours..." he winks at you, all charm. "How about we take a pitcher of good strong wine upstairs and get to know each other?" He reaches out and touches one of the redheads on the cheek, who blushes and giggles at the touch. "We can bring these darlings along to serve us if you like."

How do you respond?
No. 937926 ID: c12ba4

You don't go just with anyone, well, you do, but first, dude must tell a bit about him. Ask for his name and his heroic deeds.

Buy a bit of ale to drink while you hear his story.
No. 937927 ID: 00b997

You poke him on the nose. "Now now, I don't open my legs for just ANYONE!"
Actually you do. But still.
"-Tell me about your deeds of valor! Impress me with who I'll be bending over for!"
Your wording widens his grin and you see the blood rise to his cheeks, but hopefully not away from-
He pulls you close.
-oh, nope there's plenty down there!
"Let me buy you a drink then!" He leads the way to the table nearest the bar and flicks a large gold coin to a short-haired blonde with WIDE hips telling her to give the two of you a show.
He orders drinks from the redheads, picks up and sits you on his lap, directly on his bulge as he sits down.
The blonde climbs atop the table and does as requested. Pretty soon her bikini top lands in your lap as she dances.
Pretty soon your neck gets kissed by each of the redheads as they each place the biggest mugs of ale in the place before you.
"Now," he says as one hand pinches your fine ass while another gropes your thigh. "What shall I tell you of first?"
Over the next half hour he regales you with tales of violence, drinking and lust. Apparently he's a demigod himself! Descended from nymphs and with their trademark libido.
"One day I'll ply my trade with the snow queen herself!"
He grins at you. "But now, are you satisfied with my exploits? And more importantly," he squeezes your breast firmly, "are you ready to find out how satisfied I can make you?"

How do you respond?
No. 937928 ID: c12ba4

Not really, Bjorn alredy has tales of "violence, drinking and lust", dude must try harder to impress you. You're open for drinking with, but if he doesn't show something truly unique, no sex.
No. 937931 ID: 094652

Honestly, you can do better.
No. 937932 ID: ef6d9f

You tap your chin thoughtfully, you're actually feeling a little disappointed, and he opened so strongly too...
"Hmm. No."
He blinks. "No?"
"No." You cross your legs, trapping one of his hands between your thighs. "Your stories are lovely, and quite impressive," you lean forward. "But I've been rutted by the god-bear Bjorn."
You see his eyes widen at the name.
"And his? They were BIGGER than yours."
You lean back again and raise your mug. "I'm more than happy to raise a glass in your honor my friend, but unless you can truly impress me, no sex."
You drain the enormous mug in one go, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand and pass the empty mug to one of your lovely redheads and grope the blonde when she sways her ass in your direction.
"Well." The young man, Torn, says, clearing his throat. "I slew a frost salamander. Just this past winter." He grins at you.
Hm, frost salamanders can exceed 30 feet in length, not bad.
"By trapping it on land?" you ask, reasonably too. Most hunters lure them into forests where they cant move with ease before ganging up on them.
She shakes his head, showing his white teeth. "I fought it in the water! Lured it from its lake into a river, and from there drove it into rapids. We grappled and chased each other for hours, but in the end?" he raises his arm, showing you the tattoo of a giant lizard on one hard bicep. "I pinned it between two rocks and broke its neck with my own two hands!"

How do you respond?
No. 937933 ID: c12ba4

You don't even need hands to kill a frost salamander, in fact, you could tame one and use it as your own hunting pet. You're too much snow for his iglu. But this might be a interesting experience, why don't you offer to go in a hunting trip with him? Maybe with a few bets in the middle, y'know.
No. 937934 ID: ef6d9f

You smile indulgently. "I don't even need hands to slay a frost salamander. In fact I could tame one to use as a pet!"
His cheeks color and you can almost see his cocky attitude deflate.
You take the new drink offered by the wench. "Don't look so downcast! There's whores a'plenty if you need release that badly. And I've got a proposition for you."
You feel his length twitch in his pants. "I'm listening?" he says.
"How about you and I go on a hunt together? Maybe even make it interesting and throw in a few wagers?"
He brightens up, you're guessing he sees it as a chance to get into your pants. "When? Where? What wagers?"

What do you say?
No. 937935 ID: c12ba4

Right now, in the florest and if he loses, he gets a silly or a funny tattoo. Is up to him to decide what happens to you if he wins, of course.

The one that gets the biggest creature wins, bonus points if it's alive. Sounds fair, right?
No. 937937 ID: ef6d9f

"Right now." You say. "In the forest, whoever catches the biggest creature wins, bonus points if it's alive. As for the wager, if I win, you get a tramp stamp."
He blinks. "A what."
"A tramp stamp! Of a snowflake."
He groans, then looks at your hips. "And if I win?"
You shrug. "Up to you of course."
He grins at you. "If I win you bear my children. Deal?"

What do you say?
No. 937939 ID: c12ba4

Accept. You can alredy see the snow flake in his ass.
No. 937940 ID: ef6d9f

You smile. "Deal."
You feel his cock jump beneath you. You hop off his lap, giving the blonde a spank and goodbye kisses to the redheads, before you turn around and find yourself looking at what would, were he not wearing pants, be a very familiar sight.
You smile and look up. And up. Past his belt buckle [ABOVE your head!] past his enormous bare chest to look Bjorn in the eye as he gives you a quick smirk. "Erika." He says in greeting.
He's got the timid brunette, the blonde and the redhead under his left arm, the brunette you fucked reclining over his left shoulder and his hammer over his right shoulder.
You hear Torn gulp nervously behind you.

How do you respond?
No. 937941 ID: c12ba4

Make your casual greetings and ask if he could be the judge of the bet, after all, Bjorn is a hunter and knows a good hunt when he sees one.
No. 937943 ID: ef6d9f

"Bjorn." you grin back. "Just the man I was hoping to see."
He puts his armful of naked women down on the table next to him, the brunette on his shoulder smiles and waves at you before blowing a kiss. "Oh? What for?"
"For judging a bet!" You point at Torn. "He and I are going to compete for who can catch the biggest game."
He chuckles, a noise you feel as much as hear. "I see. Well," he picks up one of the wenches with the ease of a mug of ale and drops a bag on the counter. "You know where to find me."

What do you do?
No. 937944 ID: c12ba4

Well, for all, you must first go in the woods and lay a few traps all around. No time to waste, for Torn might look dumb, but he's not incompetent. Investigating for tracks and making fake ones that lead to dead ends would also be good.
No. 937947 ID: 00b997
File 156203847017.jpg - (242.99KB , 850x1325 , __beryl_original_drawn_by_junkpuyo__sample-971096e.jpg )

I'll be back in a bit, enjoy this pic of one of Bjorn's concubines with her kids until then.
No. 937956 ID: ef6d9f

The two of you pause at the door and you smirk at Torn. "Good luck."
He winks. "Same to you gorgeous."


Since you're hunting for the largest creatures possible, you only need a success to find them, but the more successes you get the more turns you get before the other finds theirs.
Since you're in a snowy environment, you can spend another mote to reroll any 1s that occur.

What'll you do?
No. 937958 ID: c12ba4

Well, for now, hunt normally! Also, spend two motes for additional rolls.
No. 937959 ID: c12ba4

rolled 16, 7, 15, 19, 3, 12, 14 = 86

No. 937962 ID: 864e49

I'm scrolling by and I see this and my firs thought was: Those are some bigass snow titties!
No. 937963 ID: ef6d9f

rolled 11, 20, 10, 20, 7, 18 = 86

Nice roll! 5 successes is really good.
Now Torn's roll, rerolling 1s.
No. 937965 ID: ef6d9f

Welcome! They are bigass snow titties! Bjorn likes him some nice tits.

Okay so Torn rolled 6 successes! He actually beat you guys at that. That's the power of 20s.
No. 937966 ID: c12ba4

Well, that's fair, but we're not going to desist so fast. After all, a good stratregy and smarts always beats luck!
No. 937967 ID: ef6d9f

rolled 16, 9, 12, 8, 20, 8 = 73

That's the spirit! Rolling for Torn's action on his turn.
No. 937968 ID: ef6d9f

rolled 14, 2, 10, 16 = 42

4 successes! Wow he's doing well. Okay beast's roll.
No. 937969 ID: ef6d9f

Aaaand your turn!

You finally come across a caribou the size of an elephant. A beast this size is rare even among the mystical monsters of winter, if you down it, you'll definitely win, but there's more than a chance that you'll fail the fight.

Will you fight it or find something smaller?
No. 937970 ID: c12ba4

Fight with it! Even the biggest of thr creatures can't fight against our ranged attacks and our agility.

Plus, we could cut a few pinetrees to fall in top of it.
No. 937972 ID: 9876c4

Screw fat girls, get free bears. There is literally no downside.

It's good to be jorn.
No. 937973 ID: 00b997

She's one of several dozen concubines and he's had several HUNDRED little bears with them.
It's GREAT to be Bjorn.
No. 937978 ID: 094652

Poison the beast, then mark it with a ribbon tied to an arrow, then aim for the tendons.

Leave nothing to chance, but get that beast.
No. 938004 ID: 5b93d3

Don't fight it, tame it! Cool (no pun intended) steed, and technically fulfils the terms of the wager.
No. 938027 ID: 977456

>If I win you bear my children.
Erm... I see a problem. The implication here is "bear me a child" but that isn't what is stated, the terms are actually at least plural children and as far as I can tell, most literally "Bear everything that is a child of mine.". He is trying to trick us into marriage, which we really can't stand for. Fortunately, there is an out! We don't have to constantly follow him and ensure that nothing but us bears his children, we can simply ensure that "all of his children" amounts to nothing, which is simple enough. Unless... Healing is a thing, so we gotta go all the way to offing him. No, wait, the death gods could still pull something if they want us in trouble for breaking an oath, umm... Oh! Great idea! Turn him into a snowflake and set him adrift in a storm. Even the death gods can't track the end of a single snowflake adrift in all of the world.
Or we could just make sure he doesn't win. He may have tried to force a god into marriage, but consigning him to the afterlife of snowflakes seems cruel even for that crime, but if he DOES win, then it is the only way to hold to our words, as far more powerful beings than us have failed to keep a husband from wandering, and the slightest slip could result in one of "his children" being other than "born by us"...
No. 938150 ID: fe2dcd

Are you by any chance the same dude who wanted to freeze the hot spring
No. 939172 ID: dee38b

Anyway. Tiebreaker?
No. 939173 ID: dee38b

Btw, did you guys wanna decide for yourselves later on who the MC gave her virginity to or are you down for me to just handle that?
No. 939264 ID: c8254b

You can choose anyone, not a huge of deal.

Also changing my vote to tame it to break the tie. Bless.
No. 939267 ID: fe2dcd


Got it, I'll make it someone who gets you something convenient!

Roll Charisma to tame the savage beast! Your dice pool is 2d20

You can spend 2 motes to add 2 dice to the roll and another mote to double 19s and reroll 1s, since this is a creature of snow.
No. 939270 ID: c8254b

rolled 10, 3, 14, 13 = 40

No. 939271 ID: c8254b

Not decent, but could go worse.
No. 939275 ID: dee38b

rolled 7, 12, 9, 5, 12, 8, 11, 20 = 84

2 successes is good, but falls short of taming a beast this powerful

You slowly walk from the woods, one hand extended. The creature observes you cautiously, but after a moment its ears go back and it turns to flee, the ground shaking as it accelerates. Damnit! That racket will spook everything within miles!

Do you-

1: Spend 5 motes to get ahead of it and get another opportunity?
2: Run after it and take a shot? Roll 5d20, can spend up to 5 motes to add up to 5 dice, can spend up to 2 motes to add damage dice.
3: Seek a new target, roll 5d20, can spend up to 5 motes to add up to 5 dice.
4: Aim, adds 3 dice to next attack.
5: Follow it on foot, wait for it to calm down

Current motes: 8/10
No. 939277 ID: c8254b

1. Taming it would be a absolute winner.
No. 939281 ID: dee38b

You speed forward, kicking up snow until you stop some distance ahead of it.

Current motes: 3/10

Roll stealth! 5d20, you can spend up to 3 motes to add yp to 3 dice and/or a mote to double 19s and reroll 1s since you're in snow.
No. 939282 ID: c8254b

I will cry the day we get out of the snowy environment. We're going to be sooo fucked.
No. 939283 ID: c8254b

rolled 6, 18, 8, 10, 11 = 53

And I forgot how to use rolls, nice
No. 939286 ID: dee38b

rolled 9, 16, 13, 12 = 50

Demigods are specific :D

2 successes, beast's roll.
No. 939287 ID: dee38b

rolled 20, 6, 10 = 36

D: it won. Gimme a second, gotta roll for Torn.
No. 939288 ID: dee38b

rolled 6, 9, 5, 1 = 21

And his opponent.
No. 939289 ID: dee38b

rolled 13, 13, 19, 9, 20 = 74

No. 939290 ID: dee38b

rolled 9, 19, 3, 13 = 44

Guys. Torn is doing really well. Enemy's attack.
No. 939291 ID: dee38b

rolled 14, 10, 5, 19 = 48

And Torn's dodge.

Btw, if you're wondering why his dicepool shrank, it's cause he blew his motes early.
No. 939292 ID: dee38b

rolled 2 = 2

Even roll! Flipping a coin, 1 for Torn 2 for enemy.
No. 939293 ID: c8254b

Torn's luck and Torn's hornyness are the same, that's why he's been lucky all the competition. Wouldn't be surprised if he won fair and square.
No. 939294 ID: dee38b

He's fueled by dem snow girl titties and thus cannot fail.
No. 939295 ID: dee38b

rolled 5, 1, 4, 12, 6, 1, 18 = 47

Damage roll against Torn!
No. 939296 ID: dee38b

And he resists!

The beast turns as it spits you, cantering to the left and your right.
Blast! You have 4 motes do you-

1: spend 4 motes to try and get ahead of it (roll dex5d20)
2: Shoot at it? Can spend up to 4 motes to add dice and/or 2 motes to add damage
3: Seek a new target, roll 5d20, can spend up to 4 motes to add up to 4 dice. 
4: Aim, adds 3 dice to next attack. 
5: Follow it on foot, wait for it to calm down 
6: Write-in
No. 939297 ID: c8254b

5. At this point, the beast will either exaust itself or will calm down for good. Either ways, I'm not feeling good to depend in luck.
No. 939298 ID: dee38b

At this point I have to admit I'm wondering how Erika feels about the fact that she turned down having Bjorn's kids and now may end up having Torn's. Because Torn is doing GREAT.
No. 939300 ID: dee38b

rolled 15, 7, 1 = 23

You run along after the beast, waiting for it to calm down and stop again.
You notice that it seems to be tiring somewhat from stopping and starting.

Rolling for Torn.
No. 939301 ID: dee38b

rolled 17, 14, 16, 11 = 58

Rolling against Torn.
No. 939302 ID: dee38b

The power of his lust was no match! Rolling for beast.
No. 939303 ID: dee38b

rolled 6, 6, 15, 5 = 32

No. 939304 ID: dee38b

And Torn. Take note, his attack, defense AND damage pools are all tiny compared to his enemy. He is risking it ALL to creampie Erika.
No. 939305 ID: dee38b

No. 939306 ID: dee38b

rolled 7, 10, 11 = 28

No. 939307 ID: dee38b

rolled 2 = 2

Equal means 1 is Torn 2 is not.
No. 939308 ID: dee38b

rolled 8, 18, 3, 1, 5, 15, 19 = 69

WELP. Enemy damage!
No. 939309 ID: dee38b

Torn took 1 damage!

After a while, your quarry slows back to a walk, panting with a noise like wind. It seems to be slightly dazed from the exercise.

Roll stealth! 5d20, you have 5 motes and can spend up to 5 on adding dice, and/or spend one to double 19s and reroll 1s due to being in snow.
No. 939312 ID: c8254b

rolled 8, 20, 15, 3, 10, 20 = 76

Risking having Torn children is a fair price to having a chance to give him a tramp stamp.
No. 939314 ID: dee38b

rolled 14, 19 = 33

No. 939315 ID: dee38b

You succeed by 3 successes! You vanish into a snowdrift as your target looks for you, then calms itself, flanks quivering from exertion.

+3 dice to next attack! +1 dice to next taming attempt!

Meanwhile: Torn attacks!
No. 939316 ID: dee38b

rolled 7, 20, 11, 15, 15, 1 = 69

No. 939317 ID: dee38b

rolled 16 = 16

5! Rerolling the 1
No. 939318 ID: dee38b

rolled 2, 2, 7, 10 = 21

6 successes!! Hornyness comes through!
Enemy roll.
No. 939319 ID: dee38b

rolled 20, 6, 17, 7, 1, 9, 11, 12, 10 = 93

No. 939320 ID: dee38b

Okay, with your target cooling off in the winter air, what do you want to do?

1: shoot it, 8d20, pay up to 5 motes to add up to 5 dice, and/or can pay up to 2 motes to add up to 2 damage dice.
2: tame it, 3d20, can pay up to 2 motes to add up to 2 dice.

You have 6 motes.
No. 939321 ID: c8254b

rolled 10, 9, 7, 17, 19 = 62

Taming it. Our only advantage at this whole ordeal is that Torn will beat the shit out of the thing he's hunting.
No. 939323 ID: c8254b

Snow effect is still in camp? If yes, I wish to pay a mote to double the 19.
No. 939349 ID: dee38b

rolled 13, 9, 18, 11 = 51


You rise from cover and softly whistle. You keep going until the creature perks its ears and turns to look at you.
You slowly, slowly walk up to it and put your hand on its massive leg.
The beast seems calmer.

2 successes towards taming it! +1 dice towards next taming roll!

Rolling for Torn.
No. 939350 ID: dee38b

rolled 16, 4 = 20

Rolling for Torn's enemy.
No. 939351 ID: dee38b

And Torn.
No. 939352 ID: dee38b

rolled 14, 12, 2 = 28

No. 939353 ID: dee38b


Roll to tame again, 4d20, can pay up to 2 dice to add up to 2 dice to the taming roll, can pay another mote to double 19s and reroll 1s since it's a creature of snow.
You have 4 motes.
No. 939358 ID: c8254b

rolled 20, 4, 17, 17, 10, 6 = 74

Hook, line and sinker. Ain't failing now.
No. 939360 ID: dee38b

rolled 8, 14, 1, 1 = 24

You climb the creature's leg, reaching its back, well above some of the trees.
It turns its head to look at you, suspicion fading from its eyes.

2 more successes!

One more roll for Torn.
No. 939361 ID: dee38b

rolled 17, 19 = 36

Torn's enemy.
No. 939362 ID: dee38b

rolled 16, 5, 6 = 27

No. 939363 ID: dee38b

rolled 12, 17, 4, 12, 13, 7, 4, 5 = 74

No. 939364 ID: dee38b

Torn took 1 damage!

Now, roll 4d20 for taming, you can spend up to 2 motes to add up to two dice, and/or spend a mote to double 19s and reroll 1s.

You have 3 motes.
No. 939365 ID: c8254b

rolled 20, 13, 10, 8, 2, 1 = 54

I can't believe we're actually doing this.
No. 939366 ID: c8254b

rolled 2 = 2

Re-rolling the 1.
No. 939368 ID: dee38b

rolled 10, 14, 8, 1 = 33

Doing what?

3 successes, almost there.

No. 939369 ID: dee38b

rolled 4, 14 = 18

Bad roll! Beast.
No. 939370 ID: dee38b

rolled 6, 16, 7 = 29

No. 939371 ID: dee38b

rolled 2 = 2

Tie! 1 is Torn 2 is beast.
No. 939372 ID: dee38b

rolled 4, 5, 7, 2, 7 = 25

No. 939373 ID: dee38b


4d20 for taming, you can spend up to 2 motes to add up to two dice, and/or spend a mote to double 19s and reroll 1s. 

2 motes.
No. 939376 ID: 9cf530

rolled 18, 15, 8, 16, 16, 3 = 76

Getting closer to tame the beast and defeat Torn. I assumed dude's been wrecking us since the start of the bet.
No. 939380 ID: dee38b

Dude has been absolutely spanking Erika on pretty much every roll. As it turns out though get planning a celebration cause you've won!

You smile as you ride back to town atop your new steed, the looks of awe and terror the townsfolk have on their faces almost make undoubtedly winning the bet worth it.
You spot Bjorn standing at the entrance to town, laughing at the sight of you.
You slide down the beast's leg.
"Ha!" Bjorn laughs. "I should have known you'd go for the biggest you could find."

How do you respond?
No. 939381 ID: 9cf530

The bigger, the better. We should pay a drink to everyone and party for a bit while we wait for Torn's. Guess not even the libido and the tought of snow titties could beat us, huh?
No. 939382 ID: 864e49

Biggest? That would be you big guy but you're not very tamable. Question is which is the better ride?
No. 939383 ID: dee38b

You swagger up and wink. "The bigger the better!" You say with a grin and grope his crotch. "I'm buying drinks for all to celebrate my victory, want to join the party?"
He chuckles. "You haven't won just yet, I'll go to the tavern after the boy gets here."
You shrug. "Suit yourself~"
You kick the tavern door open.
There's a few dozen men and women in there already, with at least twenty wenches making the rounds. At the bar is your old buddy Wulf, the owner of the tavern and the man who took you for your first roll in the hay, he's a bearfolk and a good friend, usually willing to give you a few drinks for a smile, and always a few more for a blowjob. His wife, a chesty blonde, is sitting on the bench in front of him, she's always down for a threeway with her hubby. Your favorite redheads are serving drinks to the brunette you fucked last night, who's raising her mug to you with a wink.
There are poles built into some of the tables for dancers, though none are occupied at present.

So, how will you celebrate?
You have 24 gold, 5 silver and eight copper. Gold is worth 10 silvers, and silvers are worth 10 coppers.
A mug of beer or ale is two copper, a lapdance or poledance is a silver, hiring a wench until next dawn is one gold, a pitcher of wine is one silver, a room for the night is two silver (you can sleep in Wulf's bed for free) and girls who dance on the tables or poles get to keep nine tenths of the cash people throw at them.
No. 939386 ID: 9cf530

Buy a bit of wine and watch the pole dance. Throw 4 gold at them and have fun, we deserve a bit.
No. 939388 ID: dee38b

Very generous!

You tug a waitress your way and slip a silver into her top for a pitcher of wine, sending her on the way with a spank.
You sit down at a table and toss a gold at the waitress with the biggest tits.
"Get up there and shake what you've got!"
And she does.
She really does.
The waitress arrives with your wine and you work your way through the jug while admiring some lovely jugs, tossing coins at your liesure.
Finally you feel the ground shake beneath you. At first you think it's just the alcohol but no, your rack is jiggling in time with the vibrations.
Bjorn stops next to you and rests his hammer on the floor, glancing at the poledancer and smirking.
"The boy's back little one, you tamed the biggest. Though he did catch a Fenris. Not bad for a kid."
You get up, giggling, grinning and full of wine. "The biggest?" You pounce on your prey, grabbing his meat through his trousers with both hands. "That would be YOU big guy, but we both know you're not very tamable." You step closer, hooding your eyes. "The question is, which is the better ride?"

Roll Charisma 3d20 (plus 1from wine) for seduction, you can add up to two dice by spending up to 2 motes. You have 10 motes.
No. 939392 ID: 9cf530

rolled 2, 1, 9, 7, 7, 18 = 44

A Fenris is a big wolf?
No. 939393 ID: dee38b

A fenris is a BIG wolf.

1 success! You've successfully instilled lust in him.

Bjorn tilts his head and smirks, you unmistakably feel your grip forced slightly open as his cock twitches.
"I take it you want to find out?"

How do you respond?
No. 939394 ID: 9cf530

A BIG wolf, I see...

I think we should see how drunk Bjorn can be. Let's get wasted with him!
No. 939396 ID: dee38b

You know you're a big deal when your favourite bar saves a seat for you, in Bjorn's case it's a chair as big as a table.
You lead him to it and hop up onto his knee, ordering a beer for you and a barrel for the big fella. He pays, he's a gentleman like that. In between swigs from the barrel he lets you refill your mug from it.
After he's halfway through his second barrel the brunette from last night comes bouncing up, Bjorn lifts her up and sets her next to you.
She grins and kisses you on the cheek. "Hi!"

How do you respond?
No. 939397 ID: 9cf530

Give a kiss back and pay to beer to her as well, no one is going to get out of this bar sober and you're going to be sure of it.
No. 939398 ID: dee38b

You go to kiss her on the cheek back but she turns her head and slides her tongue into your mouth before pulling away.
"Hi!" She says again.
"Hi" you say and order her a beer. She sips the drink and lips her lips, looking you up and down. "You know I can't stop thinking about you since last night."
You put an arm around her waist. "Was I that good?"
She nods. "But Bjorn was even better."
You slap her arm playfully.
She grins. "But I REALLY want to see what it's like with both of you at the same time!" She leans closer. "Want to have a threesome?"

How do you respond?
No. 939399 ID: 9cf530

Agree. Why not? Gotta have fun.
No. 939402 ID: dee38b

You shrug. "Why not?"
She claps her hands together. "Can we go right away?"

Threesome now?
No. 939403 ID: 9cf530

Threesome now!
No. 939406 ID: dee38b

"Absolutely!" You say, delighted.
"What're you so excited about?" Bjorn rumbles. You and the brunette turn and get on your knees on his lap. "We're gonna have a threeway!" She says happily.
"With who?" He says drly.
You both make puppy dog eyes at him. "Pleeeeeease?"
He chuckles and picks you both up under one arm.
A minute later he throws you down on a bed fifteen feet long and five high. You bounce several times and then start racing your partner to get naked.
She wins, she must be VERY eager.
She rolls you on your back and starts peeling your top off, dropping her head down to suck your right nipple.

Use Snow's Beauty to go up a few cups?
No. 939410 ID: 9cf530

Yeah. Since this isn't a life or death situation, I guess we can spend all the motes we can with no fear.
No. 939416 ID: dee38b

-1 mote
+1 Appearance

Your hips widen, your body softens with curves overall and your lover pulls back with wide eyes.
You grin.
She looks like she might squee.
She dives back in, groping, licking and sucking your new rack.
You give as good as you get, sliding your hands all over her supple young form.
You feel a gigantic hand grasp your leg and drag you both to the edge of the bed where Bjorn stands with his member out and ready.
He pulls the two of you up into a kneeling position, he has to to get you at face height with his cock even with your added height from the bed.

Do you-

1: Team up! Suck it together to really blow his mind.
2: Compete! See who can do it better!
3: Take your time and take turns, foreplay is its own reward!

The dicepool for each is 5d20, you can pay up to 5 motes to add up to 5 dice. You have 9 motes.
No. 939426 ID: 9cf530

rolled 15, 3, 10, 16, 9, 5, 8, 2, 16, 8 = 92

2: Compete! See who can do it better!

Hey, check out my poor choices in how spend motes.
No. 939431 ID: dee38b

Why is Erika rolling so bad.
No. 939435 ID: 9cf530

The Demigoddess of snow wasn't ready to be the hottest person in the room.
No. 939440 ID: dee38b

You take his throbbing rod in both hands and open your mouth wide, wider and wider still, pressing it against the smooth skin of his cockhead and pressing harder against it to shove as much as possible into your mouth.
You manage, with difficulty, to slide an inch of the monstrous organ into your mouth.
Roughly a cup of delicious pre oozes onto your tongue, you moan in delight at the taste and start bobbing your head to get more in, looking Bjorn in the eyes.

Roll 10d20 again! You can fit one inch in for every success after the first twp for the first (Dexterity) inches, with the difficulty increasing by 1 every (Dexterity) inches after that! You get 5 rolls!
No. 939462 ID: 9cf530

rolled 8, 15, 4, 1, 20, 9, 4, 5, 4, 14 = 84

No. 939474 ID: dee38b

You grab his cock with boyh hands and pull yourself further, sliding an entire mouthful of meat into you with divine dexterity, you moan loudly, feeling his dick twitch from the vibrations, stretching your wide open mouth even further and tickling your throat.
"Oooooh my gods." The beauty next to you whispers. "This is so fucking hot!"

4 inches in!

Roll 10d20!
No. 939482 ID: 9cf530

rolled 16, 16, 11, 9, 9, 8, 6, 6, 19, 1 = 101

Luck's on our hands! Oh well, in our mouth, actually.
No. 939485 ID: dee38b

After a passionate bout og gaghing, sucking and slurping you reach your previous limit. Five whole inches! Yay! Your tongue is pinned down and your mouth stuck open but this is where the REALLY hard part starts. Deepthroat time!

Roll 10d20
No. 939486 ID: 9cf530

rolled 16, 4, 3, 6, 5, 16, 13, 14, 20, 18 = 115

No. 939487 ID: dee38b


FUCK she's good at blowjobs.

You take a deep breath through your nose, grab his cock as near to the base as possible, angle your head and open your throat as much as possible, and dive forward, taking another four inches in, filling and stretching your throat beyond any limits you imagined yourself having.
You're sucking nine whole inches.
Beat that~
Bjorn hums with pleasure qnd reaches down to grope your ass hard enough to hurt.
"Damn you're a cock hungry slut." He chuckles.

Roll 10d20 one more time!
No. 939494 ID: 9cf530

rolled 19, 9, 2, 20, 18, 8, 11, 4, 17, 6 = 114

No. 939495 ID: dee38b

It takes a lot of hard work but finally you take ten, and then eleven inches down. Through eyes blurring with tears you look ahead and see more than half of it still outside you.
Then Bjorn grabs you around the waist with one hand, lifts you off the bed and forces you down to the base.
Your eyes roll back in your head as you cum hard while he facefucks you balls deep for five hard strokes then pulls you off and drops you back on the bed next to the wide eyed brunette.
You cough and gasp for breath, smiling at her. "Your turn!"

1: Help her!
2: Force her!
3: Watch!
No. 939500 ID: 9cf530

3. Wonder if she can do better.
No. 940704 ID: 315966

rolled 2, 15, 3 = 20

No. 940705 ID: 315966

rolled 9, 16, 19 = 44

No. 940706 ID: 315966

rolled 14, 16, 3 = 33

No. 941095 ID: 952d2c

Not even an inch.
No. 943822 ID: c790b8

Bjorn gets bored of her relatively quickly, pretty soon he picks her up and lays her on her back, then lies you on top of her and shoves his cock into your mouth, your eyes bulge and you choke as he starts fucking your mouth in long smooth strokes, sliding deep into your chest on every thrust and pausing whenever balls deep to let the brunette fondle, kiss and suck on his nuts. This goes on for hours, he's just screwing your mouth like a whore's pussy while you drool and your eyes roll back and you teeter on the brink of consciousness. Eventually he speeds up, brutalizing your stretched throat until he goes balls deep for two minutes, far longer than you can hold your breath for, as he empties his balls.
He sighs and chuckles. "Not bad, you've got a nice tight throat slut."
He picks you up, lies you on your back, puts the brunette on top of you and slides balls deep in her. You see her eyes widen with lust, then pain, then roll back in her head as her tongue hangs out and her brain overloads with pleasure.

Roll 1d10 or spend up to 5 motes to add up to 5 dice!
No. 943828 ID: c790b8

No. 943841 ID: e5dd19

rolled 10 = 10

No. 943842 ID: eba23a

Now just roll 9 more of those
No. 943843 ID: eba23a

I'm gonna vote we DON'T blow the motes on doing her cause considering how hard he broke Erika last night I think the two of them would fry her brain if Erika went all out too.
Also I think Erika should let Bjorn put his banies in her this time, just cause we almost had to have some literally who's brats and I don't want to risk that again.
No. 943944 ID: eba23a

rolled 5, 8, 3, 8, 10, 2, 10, 4, 2 = 52


Let's see
No. 943956 ID: f8d4c2

rolled 17, 7, 16, 9, 20, 18, 16, 1, 20, 6, 20, 18, 7, 9, 4, 2, 3, 12, 16, 15, 20, 4, 7, 19, 12, 18, 8 = 324


Sorry guys I meant d20s D: But I'll just adapt it to d10s.

8 successes, now rolling for Bjorn.
No. 943957 ID: f8d4c2

25 successes, aaaaand it takes 3 successes to get this young lady off.
No. 943965 ID: eba23a

Oh Lawd she comin
No. 943966 ID: 094652

I think you just managed to get her pregnant through sheer pleasure-induced parthenogenesis.
No. 943969 ID: eba23a
File 156723987375.jpg - (192.76KB , 850x1225 , __suzumiya_haruhi_suzumiya_haruhi_no_yuuutsu_drawn.jpg )

If we didn't, Bjorn will.
>Bjorn and Erika can't tell who the kid belongs to.
Also, last time Bjorn fucked Erika her lust for him went from Minor to Major right? What happens if it goes up again? How high can it get? How is our sex addiction different? Also does this babe have lust towards us and Bjorn?
No. 944116 ID: c790b8

rolled 17, 12, 8, 16, 16, 4, 19, 4, 12, 9, 20, 12, 9, 16, 16, 17, 11, 20, 11, 6, 5, 19, 10, 17, 14, 12, 9 = 341

33 successes means she got off 11 times in 10 minutes!

Her screams are music to your ears and quickly devolve into primal moans and whimpers as her brain short-circuits under the relentless fucking of two talented demigods, you're not sure how much more she can take, if any.

Roll again!
No. 944118 ID: c790b8

Poor girl.
No. 944203 ID: f8d4c2

Minor intimacies are things that are only really important when they come up, Major intimacies are something that makes up an important part of someone's personality. Erika has Major Lust for Bjorn, so she dreams about banging him and agrees to a threeway fuck with him literally as soon as its suggested, if she wanted to act against her major intimacy she'd have to fail a roll of two dice, or spend one mote for every success she rolled. Minor intimacies are the same, except only with one dice, so Erika only has to fail a roll of one dice to resist just spreading her legs on demand when offered sex [you CAN remove intimacies over time if you want to btw]. If someone conflicts with one of your intimacies, you can roll that intimacy to help resist doing it. Like, if Erika was possessed by a ghost and got offered sex, she could resist the ghost's influence if she succeeded on her 1 dice roll.
The Babe has a Defining intimacy of lust towards Bjorn, so she's basically dedicated her life to being his breeder at this point [he rolls 20+ successes on each sex roll, most women end up like her around him] and has a minor intimacy of lust towards Erika after the awesome fuck she had with her last night. She saw her, failed her roll and asked for a threeway with the two people that get her the most wet. Also once you two finish banging her she'll have gone up to at LEAST a major intimacy of lust towards Erika.
No. 944360 ID: eba23a

rolled 17, 6, 15, 17, 4, 10, 15, 17, 18, 6 = 125

Got it, thanks qm.
No. 944361 ID: c790b8

rolled 14, 10, 12, 17, 20, 10, 2, 18, 18, 2, 3, 4, 10, 9, 18, 14, 2, 20, 7, 6, 8, 12, 14, 7, 19, 19, 3, 12 = 310

Bjorn's turn
No. 944362 ID: c790b8

27 successes between you, and she only takes 2 successes to get off now that you two have bumped her stamina down by wearing her out so 13 orgasms.

She's broken, you can see it in her eyes rolled back in her skull, her vacant expression, the quiet whimpers and squeaks she lets out every time Bjorn plows his massive member balls deep in her tiny frame. You can feel the obscene bulge of his cock through her front, pleasuring you through the young sluts body as he marks her as his, she isn't going to make it to an hour, he's holding back and she's breaking from the pleasure.
And then he lifts both of your hips up so she's at a steeper angle and starts pounding down harder into her, forcing your mouths together.
"As soon as I'm done with her you're next slut. I hope you think you're ready, it'll be fun proving you wrong." He pinches your arse hard enough to bring tears to your eyes as he works towards impregnation.

Roll 11d20
No. 944363 ID: eba23a

rolled 20, 2, 5, 16, 6, 5, 4, 9, 11, 9, 10 = 97

Does this mean he won't hold back this time?
No. 944365 ID: c790b8

rolled 11, 2, 16, 20, 3, 16, 16, 14, 12, 17, 7, 10, 2, 12, 7, 5, 1, 8, 1, 12, 10, 16, 6, 13, 2, 4, 17, 2, 10 = 272

No. 944366 ID: c790b8

rolled 3, 10, 18, 16, 9, 8, 7, 10, 13, 19, 15, 15, 19, 1, 5, 7, 9, 18, 18, 1, 15, 17, 2, 4, 7, 11 = 277

that's 20 successes between you with each being an orgasm for this lucky slut.

You pull her face into the crook of your neck and watch his cock pounding into her, gasping with desire as you feel his enormous nuts bouncing off your bouncy ass. You lick your lips and wink at him. "Does that mean you won't hold back this time?~"
He narrows his eyes and starts pounding her harder, only to pull out, slam into your womb, forcing you to scream like a pig as you cum hard, pound back into her and start fucking harder and harder. "I'm going to breed you like the cock hungry whore you are Erika." He says with a surety that makes your walls tremble, or maybe that's just the incredible orgasm he gave you with one thrust. "Whore? I prefer slut, I do it for free~"
The girl twitches, suddenly screaming with some last reserve of strength as her nails dig into you and what's left of her mind just shatters under the team-raping you two have given her. You and he fuck harder and faster, driving her over the wall over and over as she shatters.
Finally she just drops completely limp, nothing you can do will make her respond and everything you do to her, every grope and twist seems to make her cum instantly.
So of course Bjorn keeps fucking her, but starts fucking you as well, switching between your tight little holes on each thrust, shoving his member into every crevice of your womb and hers over and over and over and-
No. 944367 ID: c790b8

rolled 17, 14, 9, 10, 2, 17, 20, 9, 4, 6, 8, 10, 2, 18, 1, 3, 4, 8, 13, 7, 9, 6, 18, 13, 8, 2 = 238

OVER. You cum four times in ten minutes and before you're past 5 you're begging him for more, what strength you have you're using to try and hold your legs ever further open for this stud as he reshapes your insides to the shape of his cock.
No. 944368 ID: c790b8

rolled 10, 6, 12, 13, 9, 9, 11, 7, 2, 15, 20, 11, 7, 14, 14, 12, 1, 12, 18, 10, 7, 13, 11, 11, 5, 14 = 274


Three orgasms for Erika!

You feel him start to twitch inside you, each pulse better than ten minutes with a lesser man, you feel his balls starting to clench as they bounce off your butt, and you start to realize that you haven't told him not to cum inside you this time.
Is, is he going to?
You can barely think through the daze of pleasure, knowing full well that at any moment he could make you the mother of his children, one of dozens, but that more than a small part of you WANTS him to.
No. 944369 ID: c790b8

4 more orgasms!

Bjorn lifts both of your hips higher, pounding down into you vertically, pulling you both up to him on every thrust, hitting the roof of your womb like a piledriver and STRETCHING it further than you ever dreamed was possibly.
Finally he slams his spear into the girl and you feel his balls pulse over and over, one on each of your asscheeks as you slowly cum down from the high to realize you feel the brunette's stomach swelling until it feels over nine months pregnant, her womb filling with Bjorn's semen until her cunt overflows to drip down your body.
Bjorn pulls his dick out and rests it between her asscheeks, giving you a perfect view of the several foot intstrument dripping with his cum.
If that thing so much as enters you you're positive he'll make you pregnant.
He's got a look in his eye that says he's about to do just that.
Anything you'd like to say to him?
No. 944427 ID: eba23a

I think we should do one of those intimacy rolls to see if Erika wants it or not?
No. 944433 ID: f8d4c2

rolled 14, 9 = 23

Alright, rolling 2d20 for Major Intimacy of Lust.
No. 944434 ID: f8d4c2

Erika wants it, if you want to override that you can do so by spending a mote.
No. 944446 ID: eba23a

Ok. I'll wait until the others chime in first.
No. 944480 ID: d1670f

Spending a mote to override it, yeah.
No. 944487 ID: eba23a

I guess I'll support this then, but let's not risk Erika having some randos babies again okay? OP demigod kids better than random brats. How about Erika offers him another blowjob instead?
No. 944490 ID: 9876c4

Any pregnancy that doesn't include free bears is a bad deal.
No. 944491 ID: eba23a

Are you voting for or against letting Bjorn stick it in? Either way QM mentioned that other bear dude who Erika sucks off for drinks and Bjorn always seems down to knock a bitch up so Erika definitely has options.
No. 944493 ID: 977456

Voting against greasy left-overs.
No. 944500 ID: 9876c4

I'm offering pithy remarks without deigning to be democratic.
No. 946533 ID: c790b8


You gasp, shaking the haze of lust out of you and panicking a little. "U-uh? B-bjorn?"
"Hmmmmmm?" He rumbles, dragging his cock between the brunette's asscheeks and towards your cunt, you feel a massive drop of cum splash against your butt.
"I'm uh, I'd rather not get pregnant tonight."
He shrugs and throws the brunette aside, letting her bounce to a stop on the bed, lying spread-eagled and vacant eyed. He forces you down to your knees, slides into your mouth and starts fucking your throat again, cleaning off his tool until you are completely out of breath, at which point he pulls out, slaps you across the face with it and dives right back in.

You wake up a while later, lying on Bjorn's abs, who's lying on his back on the bed with his shirt off.
"You alright?" You feel his voice shake your body. "You passed out, left me high and dry."
You cough, then speak, your voice sounding raw and raspy.


"H-how long was I out?"
He shrugs. "Only about ten minutes."

No. 946542 ID: ce6355

"High and dry? Oh how rude of me." Open legs for round two.
No. 947405 ID: c790b8

rolled 7, 7, 16, 4, 2, 10, 19, 12, 10, 9, 13, 17, 1, 18, 15, 11, 5, 2, 17, 3, 1, 13, 9, 2, 2, 9, 6 = 240

You lick your lips, slide off Bjorn, roll onto your back and open your legs as wide as they'll go, holding them back with both hands.
"High and dry? Oh how rude of me~"
Bjorn smirks, and rolls on top of you, completely blotting out all light and pinning your legs back and open with his massive weight as you feel him align his shaft with your cunt and slide in just far enough to penetrate your cervix, before starting a ruthless sawing motion in and out of you. Your screams of pain and pleasure are largely drowned out by the creaking of the bed.

No. 947406 ID: c790b8

rolled 20, 3, 12, 8, 6, 9, 7, 13, 1, 3, 8, 2, 13, 3, 11, 3, 18, 19, 15, 15, 2, 2, 19, 2, 5, 3, 14 = 236

Four orgasms rock your curvy body as your eyes roll back in your head, your tongue hangs out and you sweat under the animal heat of your lover.

No. 947407 ID: c790b8

rolled 12, 5, 13, 17, 16, 5, 13, 2, 17, 13, 8, 3, 4, 18, 15, 20, 5, 20, 4, 15, 2, 16, 4, 1, 20, 6, 1, 6 = 281

Five more orgasms! This is literally the best night of Erikas life by the way.

He goes harder and harder, screwing you like a half-price concubine, flattening you into the bed, his nuts bouncing off your ass over and over, churning with fertile cum ready to fill you fit to bursting.
"You like that, don't you slut?" he chuckles. "Feeling a real man inside you, deeper than any man can ever reach."
"YE-E-E-AAAAAAAAHhhhaAHHAHahHA~!" You're in no state to try and give a coherent response.

No. 947408 ID: c790b8

rolled 13, 5, 10, 2, 14, 17, 14, 15, 12, 15, 14, 8, 2, 2, 1, 16, 9, 1, 18, 3, 18, 5, 11, 17, 18, 3, 6, 17, 2 = 288

10 Orgasms! Erika is about to break! Down to 1 stamina!

You have never felt more pleasure in your entire life than you have right now.
You have NEVER
Been more turned on in your young life than you are right now.

>Intimacy Gained!
>Bjorn: All-Consuming Lust
>Defining Intimacy gained! Persuasion cannot force you to go against a Defining Intimacy.

You think you've found your god.
And he fucks like a pantheon.

No. 947409 ID: c790b8

20 orgasms!

You break silently. You go more limp than you ever have been. Your body quivers in orgasm every 30 seconds.
You're fucked.
You're so fucking fucked.
No woman has ever been this fucked.
And you love it so fucking much.
You only stay awake because he's banging your brains out too hard for you to pass out.

>Intimacy gained!
>Sex: Major addiction

You can't go back.
You can't go back to not having sex like this.
What were you THINKING agreeing to that bet with Torn?
You finally black out.

No. 947410 ID: c790b8

rolled 3, 17, 18, 19, 13, 15, 11, 5, 1, 13, 9, 20, 14, 19, 7, 14, 13, 1, 19, 3, 13, 14, 15, 6, 12, 9, 13, 8, 3, 2 = 329

>Bjorn gained an intimacy!
>Erika: Minor lust
>Scent of Bjorn timer reset!

No. 947411 ID: c790b8

>24 more orgasms

You wake up aching in every muscle. You feel the floor rising and falling beneath you. At first you think you're lying on a warm rug until you recognize Bjorn's scent.
Your arms shake too much for you to lift yourself up, but craning your neck you see Bjorn is awake, smirking down at you in the way you assume he must smirk at all the demigoddesses he turns into his personal cocksleeves.
"g-g-good m-morning." you manage to squeak out, smiling blissfully.
"Morning slut." He thunders.
You hear slurping sounds behind you. He must be getting his cock sucked. You feel an overwhelming sense of envy towards the lucky girl, or girls. Oh well, it'll be your turn soon enough.

No. 947453 ID: 18b0ae

Yeaaah. We've been with Bjorn too much. We should say our goodbyes and go in the tavern again to drink a bit more and maybe search for a job.
No. 948088 ID: c790b8
File 157223928432.jpg - (238.48KB , 850x1032 , La.jpg )

You roll off Bjorn and fall on top of the brunette from last night, who giggles in her sleep and tries to wrap her arms around you. You feebly manage to pry her off,

>Your Strength, Stamina and Dexterity are all currently at 1

You crawl to the edge of the bed, and just before you lose your grip and tumble off Bjorn lifts you by the leg and sets you down in a pile next to your clothes.
You smile dreamily up at him. "T-th-t-"
"You're welcome." He chuckles.
You giggle and nod.
You lie there for a little while before you manage to [mostly] pull your clothes back on and stagger out into the tavern.
You barely manage to sit on a stool at the bar, slumping over it and all but drooling on the bar.
Wulf's wife La giggles as she wipes a mug. "What happened to you Erika? Get stomped on by a mammoth?"

How do you respond?
No. 948229 ID: 5b83cd

Mammoth dick maybe. Go to the tavern and fuck fulfill the deal with Torn.
No. 948270 ID: 7e004f

This. Dude earned these snow titties.
No. 948544 ID: 7e004f

Wait I forget, Torn won the bet right? We got home first but he caught the bigass wolf so he won right?
No. 948553 ID: 603019

We won because we got something bigger than the wolf and still alive. In fact, we tamed it.
No. 948558 ID: 7e004f

Then why's this guy talking about fucking Torn: >>948229
At least I think that's what he's talking about.
No. 948742 ID: f8d4c2

You giggle. "Mammoth dick maybe~" you drool at the memory.
La winks. "Oh I see how it is! Been giving Wulf a good polish have ya? Well drink up! You've earned it!"
She hands you a tankard of ale you barely manage to lift. You drink deep, noticing that the ale tastes of Bjorn after the throat swabbing he gave you.
He finish and cough a little. "Not Wulf, Bjorn. How is Wulf anyway? I haven't seen him in days."
She grins and sighs. "Same old rogue. Still chasing skirt half his age."
You fake outrage. "He's been banging girls other than us??"
She pokes you in the boob and turns to pour another drink for you. "You've been out of town! And I can't be polishing his rod all day, more's the pity." She ogles your cleavage and smiles at your still-dizzy expression. "I'd ask you to join us tonight but you look like you couldn't handle it."

>Your Stamina, Strength and Dexterity are all currently at 1. A mortal would have to rest extensively, you can spend motes to restore your attributes.
>Do you want to?

Also, what do you say to La?
No. 948955 ID: 7e004f

"Is that a challenge??"
Spend motes to up attributes!
No. 948975 ID: 079e81

Meh, might get a drink first. Can we get a bit flavor information about the town? Name and all. How long Erika lived there?
No. 949008 ID: f8d4c2


You kink an eyebrow at her. "Is that a challenge?"
She leans over. "Hell yes."
You smile as you lean back. "I might have a drink first."
She winks. "Sure, this one's on the house, you'll be paying Wulf back later I'm sure."
You sip the beer she pours you and think.
Wulf's a big ugly bastard and a good friend of yours. You came to this town when you were about 16, not a penny in your pocket and not a friend in sight. Wulf let you stay the night in his inn, a night that became several weeks once you started working as a waitress, then as a dancer.
You've still got coins stashed away from that time, your incredible dexterity made you almost rich, and with Wulf's encouragement you spent much of it on gear.
Wulf was an ex-adventurer, and didn't really teach you how to swing a sword or shoot a bow, he taught you how to not get killed by a bearman eleven feet tall.
Sometime during your training, teenage hormones being what they are, you ended up bent over his counter top screaming his name. He was your first, and you blame him for your, well, you don't want to say sex ADDICTION, but you will say he left you with one hell of an itch that needs scratching. And you've done PLENTY of scratching around frostfall, the name of this town, a town in the middle of nowhere but large enough that it gets regular trade and plenty of immigrants when the winter gets cold enough.
Not that the cold bothers you.

>6 motes spent, Stamina at 4!
>4 motes spent, Dexterity at 3!

MOTES: 0/10

Now what?
No. 949518 ID: a02b76

Let's go play with Wulf he sounds like a good time. Can we bring some of the serving wenches with us?
No. 949944 ID: 60df9e

Nice lore! I feel we should seek a adventure first, at least we can gain a bit of money before going back to the usual fucking.
No. 951295 ID: ae948a

I'm okay with this, but first, is it currently day or night? If night I vote we romp with Wulf (or Bjorn) until morning, then get work tomorrow, if it's day already then let's just get work.
No. 951681 ID: ce3509

You sip your drink slower. "As much as I've missed sharing a bed with you I think I'll spend today working. I'm not rich enough to fuck all day and night yet."
She winks. "Let us know when you are!"
You blow a kiss at her.
She smiles. "Actually if you're on the hunt for wealth, several women have gone missing recently."
"Yes, the reports sound like snow nymphs."
Snow nymphs. Horny sluts the lot of them, rather dangerous too, not so much to you, but still. Hm.
She shrugs. "There's no standing reward, but obviously if you save them they're yours, and I know Wulf would pay well gor any you don't want."
You tap your finger on your lip. "So I get cash or a harem hmm?"
She giggles. "That's about right! Also, we've had a few patrons request a night with you."
You blink. "You told them I'm not a whore yes?"
She nods. "Of course! But I thought you'd be flattered to know."
Flattered is one word for it.
"Oh!" She says. "And as always, we're always willing to let you dance here. You know we'll let you keep a good share of your tips."
So, you've got saving girls from nymphs, whoring and dancing available as jobs, in order of difficulty and reward.

What'll it be?
No. 951713 ID: 8519bc

Let's go save a few girls. Low risk, high reward.
No. 951718 ID: ce3509

Hmm! Saving ladies sounds good. A safe bet? Eh, maybe not, but definitely worth it!
Now you COULD go after the nymphs (or whatever they are) yourself, facing the highest risk but guaranteeing the biggest reward, OR you could try to persuade an ally to assist you.
At present you have Bjorn on your ally list. If you can convince him to come you'll have someone to carry the girls, steamroll threats and keep you warm (should you so desire) but you'll have to offer something in exchange, unless you can convince him to do it for free.

1: Erika by herself!
2: Bjorn backup!
No. 951779 ID: 8519bc

Erika by herself. Not seeing a lot of reasons to team up with someone, plus, sharing loot here isn't the ideal.
No. 951782 ID: 094652

> Missing snow nymphs
Serious noob mistake; you need to keep your head in the game and not on damsel sex. Hire a team to help you on this quest, if only to prevent you from getting distracted.
No. 951789 ID: ce3509

By hiring a team do you mean option 2 or-?
No. 951926 ID: 8519bc

I think he meant paying people to come with us. Mercenaries.
No. 952104 ID: 32a78b

I vote we offer Bjorn blowjobs/sex in exchange for fighting for us. He'll probably say yes, cause he's got an intimacy of lust towards us, and that way we'll get to keep all the girls. Plus I want Erika to have demigod babies already and Bjorn seems the best father.
Is on the right track, but Qm straight up said we can't be made to go against a defining intimacy, and the only one we have is lust for Bjorn, so with him around there's no way we'll end up kidnapped as well.
Plus, we really don't have THAT much money I think, so we should hokd off on wasting our booze and stripper money on mercenaries. What do you guys think?
No. 952201 ID: 5b93d3

1. Solo yolo. Gotta use that 5 Perception for some sleuthing.
No. 952309 ID: 3bd77a

Step 1: Find Bjorn
Step 2: Offer unlimited breeding rights in exchange for serving us as champion
Step 3: Rule the world with army of demigod offspring
No. 952496 ID: 95735d

I thoroughly second this. We snow queen now.
No. 952550 ID: 3d16b5
File 157793260531.jpg - (116.37KB , 850x1409 , 1572810739670.jpg )

+1 It's breedin time!
Also I vote we change Erika's pic to this.
No. 952562 ID: 3d16b5

Where art QM
No. 952585 ID: b40250

Maybe when she uses Snow's Beauty...
No. 952586 ID: b40250

Also I support this choice. Queen Erika is too good to pass up.
No. 952593 ID: 81249e

OOH! Backing Kome's idea for bringing a team, so long as they're hot girls, so they can get in danger, so we can save them along with the other girls. More girls rescued = bigger harem!
No. 952598 ID: 81249e

Better idea: Don't just invite a team, SEDUCE a team, offer unrestricted access to your body to whoever helps the most. That way you only have to pay one of them and have plenty of gold leftover to fund our harem. 

Speaking of which, let's pawn the girls off to someone like Bjorn or the innkeeper until we have a home big enough to keep a harem. We can't just drag them around with us! They'll run off or get hurt!
No. 952628 ID: 3cf317
File 157808097152.jpg - (134.00KB , 850x1202 , __tsurara_onna_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_.jpg )

I mean Erika's current look ain't so bad but I'm open
No. 952630 ID: 3cf317

Ok guys, I'm delighted by all the responses! Until you make up your mind on what you want Erika to do remember this, she's currently got 0 motes and reduced physical attributes.

Stamina: 4/4
Dexterity: 3/5
Strength: 1/2

Motes 0/10

Motes come back at a rate of 1 per ten minutes and it costs 2 for her to regain a dot of attributes. So Erika has at least 160 minutes (so almost three hours) before she's back to full competence. If you guys want to do any seducing or persuading before at least 10 minutes are up, you'll be doing it without any motes to spend on social magic. And any fighting or fucking she does before at least 40 minutes are up will be with reduced dexterity.
So is there anything you'd like her to do to pass the time? You guys can keep debating while she's doing it.
No. 952637 ID: 5b93d3

Is there a bathhouse nearby? Time for a good soak!
No. 952657 ID: 3cf317

There's hotsprings in the woods nearby, (it's where Erika stumbled across Bjorn's little orgy) and two bathhouses in town, one that's more communal, and one with private baths, popular among couples who feel like getting frisky.
Any of those sound good?
No. 952751 ID: 8519bc

Communal baths doesn't sound so bad. Being clean before work sounds ideal.
No. 952827 ID: e2a3e5
File 157828448846.jpg - (144.63KB , 850x1133 , Bathing Erika.jpg )

You kiss La goodbye and limp to the bathhouse. You pay the copper for entry, wash yourself off in the cleansing room, don a towel and enter the main bathing area. Heated water flows into the large, open air pool, and about a dozen people are in here already. A few older people, a girl or two you recognize, and a grinning young man, only a teenager, with an older girl under each arm.
You smile to yourself. There's a budding casanova every minute isn't there?
You settle back to relax, enjoying the eyes you feel on you as the bath relaxes your muscles.
You have several plans for what you could do next. You consider just going after the missing girls yourself, but then you start thinking about snow nymphs, and then you start thinking about the things you'd like to DO to snow nymphs and then you realize you'd PROBABLY better bring at least someone with you, maybe some mercenaries, to watch your back and keep you from getting...distracted.
This of course brings to mind the idea of hiring a team of hot girls to attend to your every need, and, if any got kidnapped, become your property should you rescue them.
But you'd need someone strong to help you carr-
You actually bite your lip as your body ~shivers~ as your mind fills with images of the things that man has done to you. And pretty soon a new plan is forming in your mind. Offering yourself to Bjorn as his mate, taking his titanic member in exchange for his services as your own, personal champion.
You start taking deep breaths.
Keep it together girl.
You open your eyes.
You know what you want. You smile and leave, dropping your towel behind you and smirking as you hear gasps.


You knock on Bjorn's door in the inn, swallowing nervously as you adjust your fur bikini under your cape.
Showtime Erika.
The door is opened by one of the serving wenches, now completely nude, and smiling widely. "Come in! There's plenty of room for one more!"
You enter Bjorn's bedroom to find about one dozen women in various stages of nudity and unconsciousness scattered across the floor and furniture, and Bjorn himself lying flat on his back on the bed, breathing steadily and looking rather bored.
He smiles at the sight of you. "Can I help you?"

>What do you say and do?

Also, you can spend 2 motes to increase your Appearance by 1 [up to 4] for the rest of the scene, spend 1 mote to reroll up to 3 failed dice against a target who you have an intimacy of Lust towards [Defining Intimacy means 3 dice] and spend 2 motes to reroll up to your Appearance in failed dice against a target who has an intimacy of Lust towards you. You may also spend 2 dice to add up to 2 dice to your Charisma for this single Seduction roll.

>Motes: 10/10

Roll Charisma + Appearance dice [5d20].

[From now on, dicepools will be a combination of whichever 2 attributes are most fitting for the task]
No. 952965 ID: eaa9d2

rolled 20, 8, 10, 2, 14 = 54

"Want to go hunt a few snow nymphs and save a few girls? We can share half of the rewards."

Simple. Direct. Efficient.
No. 952991 ID: 7aa957

(Errybody voted for the "offer to have his kids" option)
No. 953198 ID: cbcff2


"GODBEAR, I go on a quest in the morning! Tonight we rut and tomorrow you join me, on our return you may fill my womb as payment." *Strip naked* "Now how are you going to plow me?"
No. 953199 ID: cbcff2

rolled 12, 3, 7, 6, 12, 6, 5, 11 = 62

Also spend all motes
No. 953200 ID: cbcff2

rolled 11, 14, 3, 19, 17 = 64

Rerollan 5 dice
No. 953201 ID: cbcff2

rolled 9 = 9

1 more
No. 953843 ID: e2a3e5

rolled 16 = 16

7 successes, rolling Minor Lust [1] to see if he agrees straight off.
No. 953845 ID: e2a3e5
File 157941525597.jpg - (123.88KB , 850x1202 , Big Erika.jpg )


You stride towards his bed, throwing your cloak off and letting him enjoy the sight of your bikini straining under the weight of your growing breasts, widening hips and increasingly plump ass as you let the beauty of snow flow through you.
"Godbear~" you let your voice whisper like the wind on the tundra, promising every pleasure he knows full well you offer.
You leap on to his bed, crawling across the sheets until you're straddling his massive trouser tent, your body literally rising and falling as his cock pulses beneath you.
"Godbear, in the morning I go to rescue a bevy of women from the clutches of snow nymphs." You lean forward, giving him an uninterrupted view down your valley of cleavage. "Come with me," you reach down and grip his erection through his pants. "-tomorrow and rut me tonight. Fight for me as my champion and my womb is yours to fill as you desire." You sit back up straight and rip your top and bottoms off with two firm tugs, leaving your body exposed to the warm air of the bedroom.
You hood your eyes at him. "Now how are you going to plow me my lord?"
That does it. His hand comes down and grips you by the back of your hair, turning your face down as his other hand reaches down to release his gigantic cock, which swings up to stand at attention with the head inches from your gasping mouth.
"However I WANT." He growls with a savage grin.
You smirk back, adopt your most obedient expression and open your mouth wide.

No. 953873 ID: 094652

rolled 20, 3, 7, 15, 12, 4, 3, 17, 6 = 87

No. 953876 ID: 80fd9e

>5 successes

You take a mouthful of his cock past your lips with skill born of practice, bobbing your head slowly and deeply, savouring the taste as you moan and slobber on his massive implement.
"That's it," Bjorn rumbles, "good girl."
You look him in the eyes as you go deeper.

>3 inches in!
>roll 9d20
>you may spend up to 3 motes to add up to 3 dice for the next 5 turns
>3/10 motes remaining
No. 954158 ID: a355e9

rolled 17, 2, 10, 3, 3, 9, 6, 5, 4 = 59


Gotta give the man his money's worth.
No. 954940 ID: d43739

Wow, Erika sucks.
No. 955378 ID: e2a3e5

Yeah but usually she sucks a lot better than this.
No. 958242 ID: 5cd7a1

Anyone interested in continuing with this?
No. 958665 ID: 6f72af

I liked the way you write stuff, but I'd like to restart/reboot. We've been aimless for too long.
No. 959218 ID: 47db54

Thanks man! Yeah I might do a reboot, probably with Bjorn not showing up until later.
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