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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155527531543.png - (645.24KB , 1024x768 , 01.png )
929723 No. 929723 ID: f442a4

You know that feeling when you hit your thumb with a hammer? Imagine that over your entire body. That's how you feel right now.Your head hurts and you feel nauseous on top of that and there's a coppery taste in your mouth.
All in all, you don't feel all that great.
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No. 929724 ID: f442a4
File 155527535755.png - (308.84KB , 780x768 , 02.png )

"Hey! You're finally awake. I think we got caught trying to cross the border into Melren. Are you alright? You look like you got whacked in the head. You don't have amnesia or something, do you newbie? Can you tell me your name?"
Your head throbs like it's going to split apart, but of course you remember your name. It's... come on, you know this...

What is your name?
No. 929725 ID: 05ebc7

V...Vega. Vega Praxis. I think...
No. 929727 ID: 094652

Owenne City
No. 929728 ID: e51896

No. 929729 ID: ab1fe9

Coincidentally, your name is actually Nubi.
No. 929732 ID: 017879

Rock Applebarrel.
No. 929735 ID: 589337

No. 929737 ID: afdebc

>What is your name?
That's right. "What" is your name.
No. 929742 ID: 080aaf

Uh... Apple... McBoxpipe.
No. 929743 ID: ad51b8

No. 929744 ID: 1a6f80

No. 929745 ID: ea5947

No. 929756 ID: e2f5cc

You're 99% sure you're 50% sure that your name is Zetha.
No. 929791 ID: c0641d

Seconding Vega. Family name... Owenne.
No. 929804 ID: 977456

Mister Garrison. Your parents had issues...
No. 929811 ID: 2202fb

Vega Applehew Owenne

Friends call you Apple.
No. 929813 ID: 05ebc7

Vega Owenne could be acceptable, yeah.
No. 929816 ID: e20bdf

No. 929817 ID: 235ba5

Vega Owenne is nifty
No. 929820 ID: 470289

No. 929852 ID: 05ebc7

I just realized.

In my mind Vega is female.

Just to clarify.
No. 929882 ID: fd2d31

Parents could've been assholes, or always wanted a girl.
No. 929883 ID: 891b91

Vega "Stilts" Owenne.

You've never quite understood why everybody insists on calling you Stilts, but you decided long ago to just go along with it.
No. 929886 ID: ea5947

This sounds interesting.
No. 929889 ID: c0641d

Really? I associated it with the Street Fighter character. It can still be a dude if that's what was intended, but we might be gender neutral at the moment.
No. 929904 ID: f2320a

Uh... Apple... McBoxpipe.
no no its? yes i have it Rock Applebarrel!.
No. 929996 ID: 0100e0
File 155542580614.png - (190.26KB , 833x748 , 03.png )

"Vega Owenne"

"The Second."

The rabbit pauses for a moment, then speaks.
"That definitely is a name someone could have. Anyway, if you're not dead or going to be dead immediately,  you'd better get up and do whatever it is you do around here. We've got an Imperial patrol on our butts."

(suggest a profession, character class or general skill set for Vega. There are no hard classes to get locked into.)
No. 929998 ID: e20bdf

You are a quartermaster. You lead a small team to bring equipment to the troops and retrieve them from their corpses.
Your skills include basic combat, basic medic and basic leadership.
No. 929999 ID: 080aaf

Professional sports team mascot.
No. 930000 ID: 864b39

Imperial Spy
No. 930003 ID: e51896

Profession: cartographer or mapmaker (you travel the world to uncover uncharted territory to make maps to sell to other adventurers)

Class or Skills: Ranger, basic hunting and fighting skills.
No. 930006 ID: 891b91

You are an actuary. You are here to assess the financial risk in continuing to fund and insure this group of anti-imperials. And, frankly speaking, it isn't looking so good at the moment.

Of course, you can't tell these people that, since you're supposed to be undercover. No, to them you're just a scout, which is awfully convenient for you since it gives you ample opportunity to report back to your employers. It did raise a few eyebrows for you to join up alone and out of nowhere, but those concerns were assuaged by word from high command that you were brought in for your linguistic skills. Luckily, the native language in this area is fairly similar to some of the other tongues you know, so you've been able to get on this group's good side by proving to be a reliable translator with the local folk.
No. 930010 ID: e2f5cc

You are a Warpriest.
You are not the paragon of your deity that a cleric is nor do you have the authority an inquisitor demands, but no one could doubt the strength or purity of your devotion.

You do not have quite the healing or magical potential of a cleric and certainly not the eye or skill with words of an inquisitor, but you know your way around weapons far better than either, and can augment them with nothing but your faith.

You do not have the fame of a cleric nor are feared like an inquisitor, but those who know your name will never forget it.
No. 930012 ID: 2202fb

Defected Imperial Assassin.
No. 930014 ID: ea5947

An escort, although not an official title, is what you'd best describe yourself as. Surprisingly, besides the obvious, this involves a wide variety of skills, from climbing, acrobatics and stealth (visiting your clients while hiding and escaping angry spouses) to linguistics, dressing and dancing, to name a few. You like to have fun, but fun is expensive; especially gambling! The lack of funds plus having to lay low for a while is how you got yourself in this situation.
No. 930033 ID: ad51b8

No. 930039 ID: 094652

You're a Techscrapper, an illegal scavenger of banned non-magical technology, with self-taught magic spells in three self-classified schools:
Stripping - Spells which dismantle broken technology into usable parts.
Scanning - Spells that analyze a tool's function and how the moving parts interact.
Software - Spells that activate machines and force them to work for you.
You have sworn off any use of the other spells you learned at the academy.
No. 930051 ID: 0cb682

No. 930055 ID: ab1fe9

Mechanic, seaplane pilot, and amateur bareknuckle boxer, on the down-low.
No. 930093 ID: 688dd6

I'm voting for this simply because kome making a suggestion that's actually appropriate and thoughtful deserves recognition
No. 930097 ID: 4854ef

I actually really like this.
No. 930157 ID: ea5947

I don't like this because it makes too many assumptions about the world, forcing in too complicated / broad concepts which the author may not wish to include in the quest.
No. 930162 ID: 2202fb

i have to agree with this.

The idea is pretty cool, but it doesnt seem appropriate.
No. 930163 ID: 2202fb

Im going to consolidate and third courtesan, although i would also like to combine it with freelance assassin since that would reinforce the more practical skills, and i personally find the idea of an assassin that seduces their marks into letting their guard down really intriguing.
No. 930198 ID: b91172

Emissary, representing house... uh >>929729 Nubi

Decent leadership, tactical awareness and dueling skills but really shines at diplomacy and information gathering
No. 930204 ID: e2f5cc

I'm going to vote against being a Prostitute. Like, come on fellas, you have infinite choices and you choose a whore?
No. 930259 ID: 2202fb

I like assassin, but i think i am the only one who does.
No. 930265 ID: 2202fb

I dont really like your warpriest idea cuz of the deity aspect of it, but i could get on board with a battlemage of some sort as a compromise if you want.
No. 930268 ID: 688dd6

Does that really surprise you at this point?

I'd be fine with assassin too, if kome's idea is too specific.
No. 930269 ID: 422cea

I'm going to vote this but generalize it as "engineer".

That pipe in the left corner confirms this world has some level of industrial age applications.
No. 930270 ID: 2202fb

Metal piping has been around for a while - well before the industrial revolution.
No. 930276 ID: 688dd6

Not the kind of pipes in the picture. It's mass-produced pipe, with separate corners and everything.
No. 930293 ID: 017879

No. 930302 ID: 094652

No. 930308 ID: 2fb5cd

No. 930323 ID: a9af05

No. 930460 ID: f442a4
File 155572902015.png - (167.22KB , 757x757 , 04.png )

"I'm a problem solver. I make any issue disappear whether it's a seized engine, enemy soldiers or a broken heart," you tell her, forcing a grin through the throbbing in your head.

The rabbit looks at you and purses her lips into a thin line.
"Are you sure you're in any state to do any of that? Because we have Gadran soldiers on the way and a busted ship that's not working. So you'd better figure out what you're better at and do that, because we're need everything we can get."

You hobble to your feet and nod.
"If it's life or death, I'd better get to it. I can't have anything happening to such a pretty lady."
The rabbit looks flustered and gestures frantically shooing you away.
"I'm going to chalk that up to the head injury. Now get going," she urges, sounding exasperated. "And just call me Liz or Lizzie or whatever. Don't be weird."
No. 930461 ID: 080aaf

Can we get what's left of this ship working? If not we'd best cut our losses and run before the place catches fire.
No. 930465 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah let's work on the ship.
No. 930493 ID: 094652

Focus on the engine; fix it, scrap it, bomb it, just do some work.

If the ship can't be jerry-rigged, set it to blow and run.
No. 930495 ID: e20bdf

Mechanical engineer than. Better find some broken warmachine to fix. Don't forget your toolbox.
No. 930500 ID: ea5947

Assess the engine and how long it would take to patch it up. If it would take too long, then inform your bunny friend that the two of you are gonna have to... do things the old fashioned way. To walk.
No. 930512 ID: 527023

Are you actually an engineer or did you just make that up with out help so you can appear useful, because if it's the latter, we're really fucker. Attept to fix the ship to the best of your (presumably limited) capabilities, and remember, you will die if you don't breathe.
No. 930513 ID: 527023

No. 930553 ID: 15a025

Let's focus on getting the ship running and making an escape route here.

Start by assessing the damage and what we have at our disposal.
No. 930674 ID: f442a4
File 155589002072.png - (187.73KB , 831x677 , 05.png )

"We can bypass the safeties and run the engines beyond their limits until we get away. We'll just have to work at keeping them from blowing," replies Lizzie.

"Then we just get a little farther out over the water before they shoot us down, then we can only hope they blow us up quick like before we drown or a leviathan swallows us and we drown in an even shittier way," says the rat.

Lizzie seems to get flustered.
"Well, I don't see you coming up with anything, and you're not supposed to smoke below deck."

The rat scoffs.
"Whatever, man. I'm pretty sure we're fucked, but the Captain and Garret want to take some men to attack the enemy ship, but it's suicide. We're basically smugglers and they're trained military. We can't win in a straight fight."

"You're just a ball of sunshine, aren't you?"

"Just being realistic," says the rat, taking a drag of the cigarette.
No. 930675 ID: 017879

Sure hope that gas coming from the pipe is steam, and not condensation due to temperature differential of compressed flammable gas expanding.
No. 930676 ID: b1b4f3

What have we got to work with here? If we can't win a straight fight then we need to arrange one that isn't straight.
Or, if possible, we could jury rig the ship to work as a submarine instead of an airship.

I'm also interested in turning this vessel into a missile, using it to blow up their main ship, then stealing one of their smaller ones after taking out the remaining soldiers.
No. 930678 ID: c1212a

Don't get into a straight fight then! Training just means they're predictable, not that they're good. Get the jump on the bridge & take the captain hostage, maybe sabotage some shit before bailing or some shit, that kind of planning is the QuarterMaster's jo- wait, DID YOU JUST SAY WE'RE SMUGGLERS?!?

Can't we just take the L, and get the ship on solid ground in a way that's survivable so we can book it with our lives, while making the army think we all died in the burning wreck?
No. 930679 ID: b1b4f3

Check out the opening image. We're on solid ground already, crashed in the middle of some kind of forest/jungle.
No. 930690 ID: 91ee5f

>smoke below deck.
Put that out! We don’t know if there are any flammable gasses leaking down here! You could get us all blown up, dumbass!

>We can't win in a straight fight.
Which is why we shouldn’t fight them straight on. Hit and run tactics are what we should be using in this situation.
No. 930710 ID: 397a79

If there's a safe settlement or similar within walking distance with the supplies y'all have on board, then get 'em together along with all the crew save one who'll stay behind to pilot the ship. The crew'll get away from the ship, then the ship'll take off and be rigged to fly in a fast, low straight line over the water. As soon as it's over the water, the person on board will dive overboard then swim to shore. The Imperials will give chase, shoot your ship down, whereupon it'll sink and hopefully they'll assume all aboard died and return to their patrol route. Meanwhile your crew will meet up on the beach and start the trek towards safety.

However, if there is no safe place within walking distance, then the only way out is by capturing one of the Imperial airships. Now, since the Imperial patrol didn't just blast this crashed ship from the air, that most likely means they want to arrest the crew or capture the cargo. That means they'll be sending troops to search and secure this ship. So, rig it into a trap to take 'em out. Set the engine up so that it's in a stable but near dangerous state, then do something like tie a rope from a interior door to a vital lever or valve so when the door's opened the engine'll blow apart in the most fiery and destructive way possible.

In the mean time, the rest of the crew should be gathering weapons, supplies, food, water and tools for surviving in the forest and getting 'em off this ship. If y'all fail in capturing one of those Imperial ships, then you're gonna have to flee into the forest for who knows how long. But in the near term, y'all are gonna need to get away from this ship and into the woods, out of the path the Imperial troops will most likely take. Then you can take the long away around to get to the Imperial ships. Make sure you've got a compass.

>I'm also interested in turning this vessel into a missile, using it to blow up their main ship, then stealing one of their smaller ones after taking out the remaining soldiers.
At first thought this sounds like it could work, but on further thought there's some big problems. First, how is whoever piloting this improvised missile to point it at the big Imperial ship not gonna die in the process? While they could dive into the water as this ship passes over it, that's damn risky.

But that aside, a bigger problem is that as soon as this tub gets above the trees and spotted by the Imperials, they're gonna point every gun and cannon they've got at it and open fire. This ship is in no state to perform evasive maneuvers, so it'll be a easy, straight-line target. Odds are it'll be shot down before getting close enough that its crash will cause damage to their ships. It may not even get over the water before crashing again, meaning whoever is piloting won't be able to jump out.

But assuming everything goes right and the big Imperial ship takes a direct hit and is destroyed, there's also a very real chance the smaller Imperial ships will take sensible action and fly off to get reinforcements to search the area. That happens and there goes the only way to get off this island or peninsula or whatever before it's swarming with angry Imperials.

So all in all, turning this ship into a improvised missile sounds like a bad idea.
No. 930712 ID: 2202fb

You ever heard of them pilotable torpedoes?

No. 930750 ID: 7fb87a

anything we can do about that plume of smoke? They don't have to keep up with us if they can see that from miles away.

Heck, they might let us escape and then attack whatever port we end up in.
No. 930982 ID: f442a4
File 155608192530.png - (121.47KB , 1024x768 , 06.png )

When you finish eavesdropping, you approach them and explain your elaborate plans to transform the ship into a submarine and escape undetected, but if that won't work out, you have a backup plan to ram into the imperial ship and go out in a blaze of glory.

Lizzie and the rat look at you with a hint of concern.
"Are you okay? I don't know how hard you hit your head, but I'm starting to see some cause for concern," says Lizzie. You collect your thoughts and relay your idea to use sneak attacks to disrupt the enemy command and sabotage the ship.
Lizzie looks at you quizzically, then seems a relieved.
"That's a little less..."
"Nuts," interrupts the rat, puffing out a plume of smoke.
Lizzie scowls, "I was going to say confused. Maybe he's not bleeding in his brain as much as I thought."

She makes a sidelong glance at the rat.
"We'd need someone to actually do that, though."
"Why the fuck are you looking at me? You just assume I'm a greasy, sneaky asshole because I'm a rat? Do you know how offensive that is?"
"No, I think you're a greasy, sneaky butthead because I know you, Kay," Lizzie snaps back.
"I know. I just need to stay in practice at acting really upset by the accusation, so it sounds authentic."
Kay looks at you.
"What about you? You're a raccoon. You're probably shifty piece of shit."

Lizzie seems to glare in disapproval, but Kay is right. You're fairly shifty and use your skills for intrigue and romance, but mostly to liberate "salvage" from places you ought not to be.
No. 930985 ID: 0fae41

If you can steal their guns, that's a plus. Let's see if the enemy has any parts to help fix the ship.
No. 930986 ID: 094652

"I get paid to dance in trash. And now, I need to sing to trash to save our miserable lives."
No. 930998 ID: c1212a

Oh come now, is this the face of a sleazeball? I'm just a big bundle of fun, no ulterior motives here.
No. 931007 ID: ea5947

"Depends. If you're into shifty guys, then I can be one just for you."
No. 931074 ID: c0641d

"That's a ding-ding-ding, Kay. Your prize is one reluctant volunteer. Got any intel beyond "they're coming, they're coming?" I need directions here." Take stock of what offensive arsenal we've got to work with, whether we're expected to do this on foot or in the air. (Was that ever specified?)
No. 931335 ID: 15a025

Shifty or not, someone needs to watch the engines. Tell Kay if he snuffs out that cigarette you'll volunteer.
No. 931456 ID: f442a4
File 155649660358.png - (391.68KB , 1024x768 , 07.png )

You go out on the deck to assess the situation and get some fresh air. Off the port bow, The air is fresh and the cool breeze rustles through the leaves. This seems ideal for a picnic. This is not ideal for an airship, but it also means the Imperial troops have no clear line of attack on the ship and they'll have to traverse dense forest to get into position.

You ask Kay and Lizzy what kind of weaponry is available.
"We have some rifles, handguns, swords and knives," says Lizzy.
"We have some lumber laying around if you want to make a board with a nail in it," says Kay.

A harsh voice interrupts.
"Oi, you brats! No lollygaggin'. I've got enough to deal with without having to keep you busy."
No. 931458 ID: f442a4
File 155649744523.png - (291.17KB , 828x768 , 08.png )

It's Captain Tomkin being tended by an enormous bear.
"We're trying to figure out how to save our asses here, old man," snaps Kay.
The captain rambles angrily until the bear tightens the bandage and he jumps.
"Damn it, woman! Stop butchering me and finish up," he shouts angrily.
"You fuss worse than children, Captain. Sit still and let me finish," the bear replies calmly.

The old wolf continues to fidget and turns back to your group.
"What the hell do you think you can do? We're in dire straights here," he grumbles. "If I was twenty years younger, I'd stroll over there, slaughter the lot of them and haul their ships back as trophies... Watch what you're doing!" he snaps at the bear.

The bear tightens the bandages a bit roughly.
"Oh, if it hurts so much, it might need to come off. Hold onto something and I'll pull," she states in a calm, deadpan voice.

Lizzy is visibly suppressing laughter at this point.
"Don't be too hard on him, Annushka. He's delicate,"

The bear nods. "Men act very tough, but are like little porcelain teapots," she says, tightening one last knot, making the captain grit his teeth and thrash his feet. "All done."
No. 931462 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you could just salvage what gear and supplies you can and go flee into the forest. Might be able to set up some ambushes against the imperial troops, use guerilla tactics and all that.
No. 931472 ID: c1212a

If that 'teapot' jab was an attempt to goad me into volunteering to slaughter the lot of them in the captain's stead, you'll have to do a little better. I'm only a little stupid from the brain damage.

Get the ballsiest wannabe paramilitary pipe-hittin' motherfuckers we have on board to sneak across that little bay and take out the rearguard defending their ships while their main force is navigating through the jungle to get after us- making sure they're getting harassed by light troops, booby traps to slow them down before they get here. Then once we've secured their ships we, I dunno, swoop in and strafe them with their own guns? Pick up everyone left defending the wreck and bug out, leaving them behind to deal with with our problems? Get their captain at gunpoint & make him order his troops to stand down so we can sit in a circle and have tea and talk through our differences?

uh, what's the name of our ship again? and the military we're fighting?
No. 931476 ID: 017879

You're more than 20 years younger than him, so stroll over there, slaughter the lot of them and haul their ships back as trophies.

Thank the captain for his strategic acumen.
No. 931479 ID: 864e49

We WILL at some point fuck that bear.
No. 931495 ID: c0641d

On foot, then. We can't take a whole army, though, so we need to focus on sabotaging (or stealing???) their ships and/or artillery; our odds go downhill if they have even one long-range cannon to work with. We should be good at sabotage, right? Let's finish repairing the engines first, though; we're also cooked if the ship can't take off before the main body of the ground troops shows up.

Also, quick memory check; are we supposed to be crew or cargo? We knew the captain's name without anyone telling us, but the others seemed unsure of what our deal is, so it could be either.

Objective 0 (Optional): Try to remember what our deal is.
Objective 1: Make sure the ship can take off before the main army shows up.
Objective 2: Reduce the number of long-range guns the army has before the ship has to take off.
No. 931548 ID: e9b9f8

lets put it on our bucket list

let us use this opportunity to get bandage on our head
No. 931834 ID: ea5947

Ask the captain what kind of supplies our ship was carrying. Something poisonous perhaps? Even if it's not a weapon, perhaps we could use it.

I think we should trap the area to prevent the enemy soldiers from getting too close while we try to disrupt them.

I think another objective of ours should be to try to capture some of the enemy soldiers, especially someone higher in command. I think that would be a sure way to cause the enemy to back off.
No. 931931 ID: 1ed92d

Inform the captain of your plan to assassinate the enemy's command staff.
No. 936575 ID: 1f812f
File 156106909243.png - (418.46KB , 1024x768 , 09.png )

You sit down to have your wounds tended and inform the captain that you will infiltrate the enemy landing zone, take out their commander and leave them in disarray so you can all escape in the confusion.
Annushka squeezes a thick-fingered hand over your head and clamps you in place to wrap you up in bandages.
"How is this to happen? Are you soldier? What are you hand on this ship for if you are this good? Go join military, captain own boat, very prestigious," she says, pulling your head this way and that.
"Okay, maybe I can sneak in and bash up their engine while their forces are spread thin?" you say, giving up on your fantasy of glorious conquest.

The captain chuckles.
"That sounds a little less suicidal, but ya still might die, ya realize? Do you think you can pull it off?"
"I think I have to pull it off," you say, resolutely. "Just waiting to get overrun doesn't sit right with me."
You impress yourself with your uncharacteristic nobility, pushing aside the little voice in your head telling you to run away.
Maybe this is the turning point where you change your life for the better and stop being a scummy horndog drifter.

>We WILL at some point fuck that bear.

Right? Look at those things! Literally bigger than your head. You pray to every god and saint you can think of to let you live through this, so you have the chance to jam your face between those big ol' bear titties.
No. 936576 ID: b1b4f3

Ask if you can jam your face in there before you go on your not-quite-suicide mission.
No. 936586 ID: 91ee5f


If you’re lucky, they’ll play it off as you acting stupid because of your head trauma.
No. 936594 ID: f2136e

Tell Annuska that you may not come back alive and, to give you some courage, request if you could get a gentle hug from a pretty girl like herself.

Anyway, let's get prepared and then venture out.
No. 936601 ID: 094652

That usually ends with a punch to the face.

Ask for any makeshift weapons or noisemakers the captain has. You're going to need everything in the inventory to pull this off.
No. 936604 ID: 21bd50

Idk, all we really need to do is kill one guy without being detected and then just steal their gear.
No. 936606 ID: c49ece

You can swim, right?

You'll need more volunteer bodies, weapons of skulldudggery that work when wet, and a kiss for good luck from Annushka.
No. 936640 ID: 7fb87a

clearly we need a bomb. not a big one, just one we can put somewhere crucial. a noisy explosion will get them rushing to check the damages even if it doesn't cripple the ship
No. 937052 ID: 1f812f
File 156135827685.png - (272.18KB , 1024x768 , 10.png )

>you need a bomb
You express a desire for an explosive device to aid in disabling the enemy craft.

"I can do that," Lizzy says with a smug grin.
"Just get a powder keg and some fuse. We don't have time for some overly complicated crap that might not work," replies Kay.
Lizzy stomps her foot angrily.
"It would work! But fine, I'll just get your stupid powder keg, only because we're pressed for time and not because you told me to. Go get ready."

You consider what you will actually need to pull this off.

>I need guns, lots of guns.
>I need lots of choppin'.
>I don't need anything. This mission is strictly requisition on site.
>I need a stylish outfit to not be seen in.
>Something else.

You also consider how get more physical with Annushka, but can't think of anything that doesn't come off as lame and desperate. You'll hold off until you return. It will give you motivation to not die.
No. 937065 ID: f2136e

Guns solve problems.
Seems good for later, but not now.
>don't need anything
As much as I'd like to stroke our ego, we should at least act like this is a serious situation~
>stylish outfit
But don't we look sexy enough already?
>Something else
A lockpick.
No. 937087 ID: 7fb87a

A machete. The shortest route is through the forest, after all.
No. 937104 ID: 864e49

Gun. Knife. Gun Knife.
We must just remember to remember the basics of CQC.

And if we really wanted to we could motorboat bear tits just as we leave, like face in tits and then immediately jump overboard before she can react or even realize what happened.
No. 938555 ID: ce39da

The chopper can just as easily take someone's life at close range but without as much noise. A lockpick is good for infiltration. We'll need those. And an outfit... Maybe not a stylish one, but rather one designed to make us less likely to be seen. Even some basic camo paint will do.
No. 943116 ID: 1f812f
File 156629939130.png - (360.13KB , 1024x768 , 11.png )

Lizzy brings you a bomb and you gather up a machete and revolver for optimal fight efficiency, then you head out into the woods in the direction of the enemy ship.
It's on the other side of a small bay and you can only see one soldier at the moment.

"They're either moving toward the ship or they're hiding," says Kay, who has snuck up behind you. You totally don't jump in surprise.
"So what's your ingenious plan say to do now, newbie?"

A: "We'll cross through the water and make a beach assault."
B: "We'll flank around through the woods and make a break for it across the field on foot."
C: "Uh... Well..." (Something else)

No. 943117 ID: 094652

C) Split into various sniping teams, and shoot for center mass at each target. Try to get them to hunker down, then plant the bomb where the explosives should theoretically be, and salvage that plane!
No. 943127 ID: 7fb87a

Go around the water. Head for the biplane. Taxi it in against the big ship's hull and blow it up with the keg!
No. 943150 ID: 0fae41

Cross the water, sneak under the plane and up to the ship's hull. Use its profile to hide yourself from the guard.
No. 943151 ID: b1b4f3

Got any diving equipment? You could sneak around to the rear underwater.
No. 943452 ID: 3e9573

There seems to be a large blind spot where we could approach without being noticed. As long as the soldier doesn't move and we're quieter than the sound of waves, it should be doable.

Alternatively, the soldier seems to be close enough to shoot. If we could pull them out in the open, as long as we're a decent shot, we should be able to hit them.

So the plan would be a stealthy A, with one person covering us with a gun while we approach through the water. If the soldier notices the people below, they would likely take a more open position, which would allow the person covering us to shoot them. If they don't notice us then we simply get close and do a hitman job.
No. 943535 ID: 15a025


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