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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155393778938.png - (185.47KB , 600x600 , 1.png )
927915 No. 927915 ID: 609feb

You know what it is.
Same Tits Time, Same Tits Channel.

Please read the previous threads, if you haven't already.

Thread 1: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/720801.html
Wiki: https://tgchan.org/wiki/Tits_Quest
Dis: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/100061.html

Twitter: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/100061.html
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/artisanbubblegum?alert=1&ty=h
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No. 933359 ID: 8d4593

Well, go geta mining buddy!
Mining alone is no fun, if minecraft has taught me anything!

How about that big guy to the left?
No. 933386 ID: b5d6fa

I mean, we can't just stay here. It'd get boring- and that's the LAST thing we want. Once we figure out what the heck this ice might be good for, we should keep some for ourselves and then figure out how to get out.
No. 933392 ID: 3fd785

Idea for future, spit on some nearly pure ice, erase the "nearly" label on container, sue this whole operation for all it's worth, ???, profit!
No. 933903 ID: 609feb
File 155869112346.png - (173.48KB , 600x600 , 17.png )

As interesting as this place is, we need to escape and find where Raph and Crab Ball where shipped off too.

Cherrie: "Hi, I'm new here, how do I tell if the Ice is Nearly Pure or Totally Garbage?"

Lounging Demon: "What?"
"I don't know, We just bash the Really big rocks in to smaller rocks so the weaker slaves can mine them an find the NOT Garbage Ice."

Big Eye Demon: PUNCHSMASH!!

Lounging Demon: "You better stay out of our way, It's not our fault if you get SmashPunched or ICEShot while we're working here."

Lounging Demon: "Oh yeah, We're SmortStrang. The Strongest and Smartest Demon Duo Around!"
"Go bother somebody else, or I'll start charging you a counseling fee. And we Ain't Cheep!"

Cherrie: "But, I don't have any Money yet.."

Strang (Lounging Demon): "Oh we'll find a way to make things even."

Smort (Big Eye Demon): PUNCHSMASH!

You notice that all the other figures giving SmortStrang a great deal of space, save a few smaller and more nimble demons that run in between Smort's PunchSmashes.

They grab up an armful of IceRocks and drop them of in a couple of piles where some other demons appear to sort through them.
No. 933913 ID: 08227f

SmortStrang, more like.... DumWeek.
Don't say that out loud though, you don't want to get PunchSmashed.
Punching ice seems like a pretty mindless job, and Smort seems to be doing all the work. What's Strang doing besides lounging on Smort's back?
No. 933941 ID: e51896

while no one is looking, steal an icerock for yourself. You never know, you might get a not icerock
No. 934648 ID: 21fb4d
File 155943450206.png - (114.02KB , 600x600 , 18.png )

Cherrie: "Don't look like much of a Duo, Smort's doing all the work and You're just lounging on his back."

Strang: "What does a Solo Player know about Duos or Teamwork? I bet you'd just boss you're team members around, or use them as self defence impliments."

Cherrie: "I-- well..."


No. 934650 ID: 21fb4d
File 155943491969.png - (161.78KB , 600x600 , 19.png )

As the very productive Solo Player you've Self Proclamed you are, you get to work gathering up IceRocks for the IceRock Sorters to sorta Sort out the Rocks of Ice from the Icy Rocks.

To protect your hands from the cold, you unequip your Bright Bosom Boosting Bra you've been Bragging about, and reforge them into Sunny Scooping Spoons.

[Humility +2x2 Duo Combo]

No. 934697 ID: 08227f

Better play it safe and do a fair share of work for your first shift. You don't want to slack off and have Smortstrang come down on you for not doing your share. Come to think of it, Strang probably keeps an eye out for people who slack off so he can "take care of" the bad workers, since the pay is divided between all the workers in the team.
For now get some ice in the mine cart and keep an eye out for other workers who you can glean information out of so you can find a way to escape. Maybe get your pay for the day and find some knowledgeable looking people in the cafeteria at the end of your shift?
Also remember not to put those helmets back on until they warm up again, or your Nonchalant Nipples will become Nagging Nippy Nipples Never Needing a Negligent Ne'er do well Numbskull like you, and fall off.
No. 934732 ID: f2320a

agreed play it smart
No. 935477 ID: 21c498
File 156029329295.png - (134.51KB , 600x600 , 20.png )

You work your shift and keep a low profile.

After all the Ice is Hauled away, each of the demons in your team, as well as you, are given 25 Eers each.

You head to the nICE-kitchen.
There are a number of demons here, 3 of which are of note.

First is a Fox Like Demon Holding an Orange and snickering to itself occasionally.

Second is a Blanket Wrapped Demon taking a nap by the Trash Bin.

Third appears to be Terry reading a big book about Meyeneeng.

These three aside, You notice a Fine Lad standing under a Menyou and behind a counter.

What Do?
No. 935482 ID: bcc41d

Approach and give the clerk a winning smile, then buy an apull to keep any roving ducktaurs away. Or hunger. One of the two.

Approach the fox demon. Ask what's so funny. Did it come up with something that rhymes with orange?
No. 935483 ID: 9876c4

Aw man. Men behind cash registers are our weakness.

Do we dare to pay with our body for a veritable fortune in Yoh-gurt?
No. 935500 ID: 08227f

Go buy an apull while you ask that Fine Lad at the counter what a cool dude like him is doing in a cold place like this.
No. 936053 ID: 21c498
File 156072837593.png - (66.26KB , 600x600 , 21.png )

Cherrie: "A guy this HOT doesn't belong in a place this COLD, you might cause a flood. I more than one way." [Adjusts Safety Helmet Bra seductively]

Fine Lad: "Not to worry, I am of normal temperature and do not pose any harm to this place or its inhabitants."

Cherrie: "Right.. Do you think I could get an Apull?" [Seductive Glance]

Fine Lad: "Here you are, 5 Eers please."

You hand him the 5 Eers.
As one last ditch effort, you take a sexy bite of Apull.

No. 936054 ID: 21c498
File 156072865096.png - (189.53KB , 600x600 , 22.png )

Misfortune befalls you, as the Apull slips out of your hand and with all the force of your chomp, flies through the air and skewers squarely on the Fine Lads Long Long Nose.


[+3 Embarrassment]

No. 936100 ID: 2202fb

That demon is a fucking Xom/Red rip, isnt it (probably a chaos demon named Xed or Rom)?
No. 936113 ID: 08227f

Stay strong and say "I'm really sorry, I should have known never to bite into something hard like that. Speaking of which, maybe you have something long and good at penetrating you could use to help me break the ice?"
No. 936132 ID: 9876c4

Eat the apull off his nose.
Ya know, seductively.
No. 936164 ID: efb5de

This. Work that tongue of yours on it...and then get your tongue stuck on the apull cause it is so cold
No. 936801 ID: 21c498
File 156123687628.png - (117.52KB , 600x600 , 23.png )

Cherrie: "Maybe you have something else Hard I can Chomp on?"

Fine Lad: "OOF!" *Thud* "ZZZzzz..."

He seems to have been knocked out from the impact of the Oranjuh on the Apull on his Long Long Nose.

Fox Demon: "You're a human. Humans don't belong in the mines, too fragile."

Cherrie: "I was trying to fuck that FINE LAD for UNLIMITED FROHZEN YOHGURT!"

Fox Demon: "... It's frozen. all the food is frozen. you'll starve."

Cherrie: "I was trying to fuck that Fine Lad."

Fox Demon: "I may be able to help you out of here, for a price."

*Loud Ping* "Square Team on Shift"

Fox Demon: "Time for me to get to work, I'm Rehnch."

Rehch walks out of the nICE-Kitchen.

What do?
No. 936806 ID: 9876c4

Help ourselves to the suddenly free Yohgurt?
No. 936809 ID: 08227f

Take that Oranjuh and Apull off of that Poor Lads nose, then store them in your blanket in hopes they warm up and can be eaten later.
Also check the trash for anything that isn't garbage, then go talk to that big guy with the Meyeneeng book to ask why he looks so angry.
No. 938130 ID: 21c498
File 156220966902.png - (100.44KB , 600x600 , 24.png )

[Apull placed in Left Helmet Bra Cup] Your left Breast is not pleased.
[+1 Breast Weight, -1 Warm]

[Oranjuh placed in Right Helmet Bra Cup] Your right Breast is not pleased.
[+1 Breast Weight, -1 Warm]

[Tub of Vanilluh Frohzen Yohgurt Equipped in pushing on ground because its too heavy to carry.]
[-3 Speed, +5 Frozen Rations]

You inspect the Fine Lad to make sure he's gonna be okay.
The best course of action is, stripping him so that his.. Breathing.. isn't constricted..

Cherrie: "Huh, not as long as I expected.."

With disappointment in tow, you venture to the Trash Can to rummage about.

No. 938131 ID: 21c498
File 156221013047.png - (53.97KB , 600x600 , 25.png )

Blanket Fox Demon: "Hey, is that Vanilluh?"
Blanket Fox Demon: "You're human, I can help you eat that Vanilluh."
Blanket Fox Demon: "Can't eat without help, humans need help."
Blanket Fox Demon: "Human weak, Humans Strong! You just Human not Humans."
Blanket Fox Demon: "I'm Hamur, Hamur help Human, for Price. Give Vanilluh?"

No. 938136 ID: 08227f

Considering you're in a place made of ice with nothing but frozen food and now have cold breasts, you probably don't want to eat a ton of frozen Yohgurt on top of that.
Offer the Yohgurt in exchange for a way to warm up. That way you can thaw those froots and eat something healthy.
No. 938137 ID: e51896

Shove all the Vanilluh in his mouth. All of it.
No. 938138 ID: b1b4f3

Hold on ask what's the price.
No. 938152 ID: caf1de

hey Hamur wanna see my tits
No. 938196 ID: 8eaf98

ask what the help is?
No. 938368 ID: 9876c4

Let's trade actual yohgurt for rumored freedom.
No. 938732 ID: c540e0

ice cream for wishes could be a good swap, is he magical?
No. 938894 ID: 3d1dd5

Looks like a good deal!
No. 940636 ID: 21c498
File 156427138565.png - (66.09KB , 600x600 , 26.png )

Cherrie: "I can't eat the Frozen Yohgurt anyway, it's frozen solid, help yourself."

Hamur Springs out of his blanket and lifts the Frozen Yohgurt into the air. Just as soon, Yohgurt seams to melt and drip down, as he buries his head entirely into the container.

In so little time he's finished, with this disgusting display of gluttony.

Cherrie: "So what kind of help are you offering? do you think you could help me warm up? Or do you know a way out?

Hamur: "Human cold? Hamur know enchantment."

Hamur reaches out and places his hand on you,

No. 940637 ID: 21c498
File 156427164917.png - (109.80KB , 600x600 , 27.png )


Surprisingly, you feel quite warm in the buff. and to you're further amusement, you feel a lot smoother and cleaner. Further to your bemusement, you're hair has received a quite avant garde reduction.

[All equipment dropped]

No. 940639 ID: 3d1dd5

It'll be hard to carry the Apull and Oranjuh around now so eat them both.
No. 940640 ID: e51896

Hooray, now we can go streaking again without the cold hurting us.

I wonder if this means we can venture into colder parts of the castle.

Equip the helmet on your head, hide the two fruit under your helmet on your head. the other helmet can act as a shield. get your pickaxe as well.
No. 940643 ID: bc4254

Whoa. You're looking pretty good!
No. 940688 ID: 08227f

With heat like that maybe you can just melt your way through a wall to the nearest exit?
Thank Hamur for the trade and bring the apul and orang with you in the helmet assuming they aren't too hot. Then pick up your pickaxe and go find Rehch in the mines to find a way out of here while you've still got this heat buff on.
No. 943044 ID: 125c76
File 156624239201.png - (104.56KB , 600x600 , 28.png )


It tastes like a baked apple!

No. 943045 ID: 125c76
File 156624281437.png - (97.88KB , 600x600 , 29.png )

[Hunger Reduced]

[Oranjuh placed in helmet]
[helmet equipped on head]
[helmet shield equipped on left hand]

Cherrie: "All set, let's go find Rehnch and bust out of here like an overly ripe walnut!"

Hammur: "You've met Rehnch?"
Hammur: "Rehnch am brother three."
Hammur: "Am brother two."
Hammur: "We need get Skroo."
Hammur: "Skroo most important brother, that why he brother ONE!"

No. 943046 ID: 125c76
File 156624295180.png - (85.98KB , 600x600 , 30.png )

Fine Lad: "Where in hell do you think you're going!?!"

Cherrie: "Oh no.."

Hammur: "You know this human?"

Fine Lad: "You're gonna have to pay for that Yohgurt! not to mention my nose! And where are my pants?!?!"

No. 943050 ID: 9876c4

WE already tried seducing him. Now it's Hammur's turn.

No. 943090 ID: e51896

Payment eh, ok, for payment, give him a handjob/footjob/boobjob/blowjob/jobjob as payment
No. 943093 ID: 08227f

Tell him you're as broke as his nose, but you got a way you can pay that'll make him wish his pants were off days ago
If that just makes him more mad, apologize profusely and say you were just trying to lighten the mood.
Also casually be ready to block some crazy ass punch that Fine Lad might throw. His name is an anagram with Lead Fin and Nail Fed so you never know.
No. 945826 ID: 125c76
File 156946933380.png - (106.96KB , 600x600 , 31.png )

Cherrie: "Hammur, what should we do?"

Hammur: "hmmm..."

Hammur: "Hammur have Idea!"
[Cherrie Equipped in Hammurs right Hand]

No. 945827 ID: 125c76
File 156946935950.png - (94.99KB , 600x600 , 32.png )

Hammur: "RUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!"

No. 945828 ID: 125c76
File 156946947387.png - (136.09KB , 600x600 , 33.png )

Hammur: "I think we got away."

Hammur: "Now Cherrie turn to think next move."

You're now back in the mines.

You decide that returning to the nICE kitchen is probably a bad Idea from now on..

What do?

No. 945841 ID: e51896

hm, perhaps we should get more currency for this next shift by collecting more rocks. Should be much easier now that we are now duo players with Hammur instead of a solo.
and after the shifts end, we'll try to escape while everyone is asleep. Finding that key to that door first is a must if we want to escape.

put your helmet shield on Hammur's head. He needs one in here.
No. 945854 ID: 3ce8ff

So we're back in the mine, swinging our pick from side to side...
i dunno the head of a hammur is usually the strongest part, though it is true a helmet shield is probably of limited effectiveness.
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