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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 155106522711.png - (112.30KB , 800x700 , cover.png )
923174 No. 923174 ID: d7f01b

One cat(?)’s quest for vengeance. Or just causing a nuisance. Or love? One cat(?)’s quest for something.
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No. 923175 ID: 4294c6

Is it a quest to push things off of elevated platforms?
No. 923176 ID: bfa316

Quick - run to the other room! Do it now!!
No. 923177 ID: d7f01b
File 155106538058.png - (262.36KB , 800x700 , 1.png )

Your name is Ouija. You are a cat. Your world is falling apart, and you will never know love again.
No. 923178 ID: d7f01b
File 155106545397.png - (118.07KB , 800x700 , 2.png )

No. 923179 ID: d7f01b
File 155106551883.png - (163.35KB , 800x700 , 3.png )

No. 923180 ID: d7f01b
File 155106557033.png - (261.45KB , 800x700 , 4.png )

Dear Lane,
I see that I am despised, and you wish me ill. I will remove myself from your life, never to return. Should you wish to apologize, you know where to find me.
No. 923181 ID: d7f01b
File 155106562242.png - (179.35KB , 800x700 , 5.png )

No. 923183 ID: d7f01b
File 155106566261.png - (52.23KB , 800x700 , 6.png )

You can’t afford to let sentimental feelings invade your heart. Lane has moved on. You’re on your own again, and thinking that maybe there is only one place for a cat like you. A place you thought you’d never go back to. A place where you can stretch your legs, maybe rekindle some old connections.
No. 923184 ID: d7f01b
File 155106569257.png - (51.55KB , 800x700 , 7.png )

And that place would be hell.
No. 923185 ID: d7f01b
File 155106575678.png - (231.53KB , 800x700 , 8.png )

Your name is Marax “Ouija” Hethson. You have been gone for a while, but you’re a demon of noble standing, and that probably still means something to a couple of people. Your mom is kind of a big deal. Like, daughter of the biblical Lilith big deal.

You left your head servant (well, your only servant) Easter in charge of your affairs while you took a vacation to earth for a while… after a little awkwardness that you caused. You don’t like to talk about it. Your house didn’t look like this when you left, though. You’ve only been gone for five years. The indignity of it all. Well, Easter is certainly going to get an earful.
No. 923186 ID: d7f01b
File 155106581131.png - (147.26KB , 800x700 , 9.png )

And then you see him. Murmur Lerajeson, the demon you left at the altar, coming down the stairs with a sheaf of paper. In your house.

What do you do?
No. 923187 ID: 4294c6

Get dressed.
No. 923188 ID: c1eaac

No. 923196 ID: 2202fb

You are flat as a board. Is there a reason for that?

Anyway, don a battle form and get ready for some serious home defense.


Wait a sec, you left your old place cuz they were having a kid and you got jealous? Wtf
No. 923202 ID: 2af340

screm and go >:O!!
No. 923203 ID: 094652

Ow my sanity
No. 923212 ID: 158da5

No. 923215 ID: 0cfbce

start yelling and don't stop.
No. 923223 ID: 977456

Your claws have grown blunt during your sojourn and this furniture is too pristine. Commence scratching! Scratch all of the things!
No. 923229 ID: 080aaf

Claw the furniture.
No. 923244 ID: 23b9a0

claws out, wreck murmurs face and then act surprised like 'oh i thought you were a burglar in MY house'
No. 923268 ID: 270774

scream, obviously
No. 923272 ID: d7f01b
File 155110676325.png - (302.19KB , 800x700 , 10.png )

You scream and scream and do not stop. You think that if you scream long enough, Murmur will take the hint that you are about to start a sloppy fight, and leave.

You are one of the most skilled shapeshifters in hell, and you will not hesitate to use your most powerful form to wreck Murmur’s face. And maybe take out a couple of couches too.
No. 923273 ID: d7f01b
File 155110682336.png - (200.19KB , 800x700 , 11.png )

Murmur tosses his hair and smiles condescendingly at you.
“Marax, what a surprise to find you in your own house! I was beginning to think you were going to leave the place to rot forever.” He leans dramatically on the banister. “You know, it was very hurtful how you left me at the altar like that.”
Murmur licks a finger and begins to flip through the papers he’s holding - your mail, it looks like.
“Since you abandoned both me and your property, I thought the two of us might get along nicely,” he says. “I’ve been managing your personal affairs.”

>Wait, who was that behind you?
>Keep screaming
>Use your most powerful form to wreck Murmur’s face
>Talk to Murmur like an adult (Locked)
No. 923279 ID: 270774

turn around and scream at whoever’s behind you
No. 923281 ID: e4b96e

turn into your most powerful form to do a bigger scream
No. 923282 ID: 3ed3c3

Do you have a form with two heads? If so, then assume it and scream at both these losers.
No. 923283 ID: 70df1e

turn into your cat form and hide in a small place where murmur cant reach you and yowl as loud as you can
No. 923288 ID: 6f6f25

Check to see if there are no pumpkins in the room.
No. 923299 ID: 23b9a0

>Use your most powerful form to wreck Murmur’s face

No. 923304 ID: 158da5

Why are there more? Scream at them.
No. 923306 ID: 2735ca

Talk to Murmur like a child
No. 923307 ID: 977456

>Keep screaming
as you
>Use your most powerful form to wreck Murmur’s face
>turn into your cat form and hide in a small place where murmur cant reach you and yowl as loud as you can
No. 923309 ID: 986b2d

No. 923311 ID: 2af340

work those lungs, ouija!!
No. 923333 ID: 2202fb

Morph into your warframe but give yourself a second head to look behind you.
No. 923480 ID: bfa316

Wait, back up - why were you living as some dude's cat again?
No. 923511 ID: 977456

Because nobody said anything about Evil TRAITORS who ABANDONED US!
No. 923548 ID: d7f01b
File 155128188926.png - (276.21KB , 800x700 , 12.png )

You are conflicted. You would like to keep screaming, but… Ah. You can tear Murmur apart like an Earth Twizzler and keep screaming.
No. 923549 ID: d7f01b
File 155128193985.png - (149.88KB , 800x700 , 13.png )

Yes. Yes….YES.
No. 923550 ID: d7f01b
File 155128197882.png - (247.92KB , 800x700 , 14.png )

No. 923552 ID: d7f01b
File 155128204628.png - (274.26KB , 800x700 , 15.png )

“Wait wait wait wait wait,” Murmur yells shrilly, just barely dodging under your claws. “Marax, for the love of Satan, be normal for one second - Marax - Marax Jesus Christ I’m LEAVING, okay?”

Murmur scoots on his butt down the stairs as fast as he can, right between your giant, monstrous legs, like a stupid human toddler.

Now you feel sad. You wish you hadn’t thought that thing about the toddler. You are reminded that you will never be loved again, and that you are betrayed.
No. 923553 ID: d7f01b
File 155128228165.png - (212.38KB , 800x700 , 16.png )

“You are such a weirdo sometimes,” Murmur pants. “Easter - pack up my things, if you would."

Easter disappears as soon as they are directly addressed. Murmur has even stolen your servant?

What do you do?
No. 923555 ID: 270774

yell after easter. easter do NOT pack up his things! easter stop listening to him! easter come console me
No. 923556 ID: 3ed3c3

"Easter, you get back here right this instant! I need comforting!"
No. 923558 ID: 158da5

Yes. Yesssss.
No. 923564 ID: 291d11

tell easter to tell murmur to get his things his damn self.
No. 923572 ID: 986b2d

No. 923586 ID: 2af340

No. 923587 ID: 70df1e

turn into a cat and sit on murmurs things so that he cant have them
No. 923597 ID: 158da5

If what I voted for doesn't work, I say Ouija sit on murmurs stuff as the creature we're already shifted into.
No. 923644 ID: d1869f

throw down your hat in disgust.
No. 923721 ID: af0e78
File 155136962217.png - (234.35KB , 800x700 , 17.png )

You don’t like talking with your mouth full of scary monster teeth because it makes you lisp and you’re self-conscious about it. But also...you absolutely will not stand for this. You transform back to a more polite visage.

“Easter! Whose servant do you think you are? Get back here,” you yell. Then, with a roll of your eyes, you add “If you would.

Easter returns, awkwardly clutching an open valise to their chest. They have left a trail of cravats behind them, and there are more escaping from the edges of the suitcase. Easter fruitlessly tries to stuff them back in.

“Yes, Prince Marax?” Easter says uneasily.
No. 923722 ID: af0e78
File 155136979519.png - (181.03KB , 800x700 , 18.png )

You pause and consider just what you are trying to accomplish, here. You are feeling a touch embarrassed, on account of Murmur’s hurtful words to you. It would be nice to embarrass Murmur right back.

“Easter, throw Lord Murmur out of my house. Off the east balcony, maybe.”

Easter chokes. “Prince Marax, uh - for one of my station - it wouldn’t be -“

You roll your eyes in frustration. Yes, yes, yes, you suppose you can’t put Easter in that position. But it would have been really funny.

“Well - “ you huff. “Belay that.”

You turn to Murmur for inspiration. You look at his dumb face. You can’t believe you almost married this guy. Ugh.

“Lord Murmur may pack up his own things,” you say. “Stay exactly as you are, please, Easter.”

You give Murmur a smug, expectant look.
No. 923723 ID: af0e78
File 155136982957.png - (222.57KB , 800x700 , 19.png )

No. 923724 ID: af0e78
File 155136987957.png - (192.75KB , 800x700 , 20.png )

“You know what,” said Murmur. “I don’t think I want to play.”

You clench your fists and start down the stairs, ready to fight.

“You don’t want to play? You started it, all ‘you abandoned me and your property,’ and, by the way, wordplay is so 18th century, so, you know, catch up with the times.” You’re on a roll now. You’re really owning him. “And...and for the record, it would have been more clever if you made one of those things figurative, like, maybe you could have said ‘you abandoned your post, as well as me’ - so think about that.”

Murmur is walking away.

“I said you started it,” you growl.

Murmur pauses, and turns around to look at you.

“Marax. You’re the one who left me.”

And he keeps walking. You hear the front door open and close, distantly.
No. 923725 ID: af0e78
File 155136991444.png - (210.15KB , 800x700 , 21.png )

You’re by yourself in a foyer full of cravats, and you are about to freaking lose it.

“Easter…….” you croak.
No. 923726 ID: af0e78
File 155136995895.png - (181.98KB , 800x700 , 22.png )

Your name is Easter and the past five years of your life have been completely great. Now Prince Marax is back, and chaos reigns. Lord Murmur did not appear to hear you when you surreptitiously whispered, “Please take me with you.” But there is no time to mourn your life of easy living.

You have about fifteen seconds before Prince Marax loses his goddamn mind and does something batshit bananas. You would like to prevent this. Dear Satan would you like to prevent this.

You have your wits and Prince Marax’s estate at your disposal. What do you do?
No. 923729 ID: 70df1e

HIDE HIDE HIDE get the heck out of here easter. marax has been gone for five years theres no way he remembers the layout of the house lets go!! get outta here!!!!!
No. 923730 ID: fc5514

Pet him. Do it, it's the only way.
No. 923744 ID: 291d11

sounds like a problem for someone else who didn’t have to take care of an abandoned estate for 5 years! let’s get outta here!
No. 923747 ID: 3ed3c3

1) Abandon Marax, run as far as you can, try to hide, and pray to Satan that he never, ever finds you.
2) Try to comfort Marax, disarm the insanity before it hits a boiling point, and maybe keep your job.
No. 923762 ID: 977456

Deploy milk and cookies!
No. 923777 ID: 0da36c

Pet him and comfort him, you know what’ll happen if you don’t.
No. 923837 ID: af0e78
File 155145575758.png - (213.03KB , 800x700 , 23.png )

Actually, fuck this.

You're going to hit the pavement, get some headshots printed, and start auditioning for a better quest. Maybe you can sneak into the background of a party scene in Hearts Goetia.
No. 923838 ID: af0e78
File 155145580324.png - (115.45KB , 800x700 , 24.png )

No. 923839 ID: af0e78
File 155145590983.png - (93.21KB , 800x700 , 25.png )

Your name is Marax “Ouija” Hethson yadda yadda yadda. You're on your own for this one.

You are pretty sure you are about to do something batshit bananas. You don’t really want to be batshit bananas. You already did something batshit bananas and now there's no one for you to talk to. You need a distraction.

>explore your house
>read your mail
>eat a snack
>cry for 45 minutes
>keep acting badly, actually
No. 923840 ID: dc3ea2

reading mail sounds like a good distraction!
No. 923841 ID: 3ed3c3

All of the above, honestly.
No. 923847 ID: 70df1e

keep acting badly. i dont think you can act any other way to be honest
No. 923849 ID: 270774

everything except the last one, simultaneously
No. 923850 ID: 094652

Cry for 45 minutes on one head while eating with the other. Oh, and did you get your owner's netflix password?
No. 923852 ID: 2af340

eat snack
eating a snack is always a good idea
No. 923870 ID: fc5514

Destroy the cravats
No. 924097 ID: 2202fb

So you are a dude? Both? Neither? Shapeshifting kinda complicates things.

is this quest going to be really male/male? That sort of thing really isnt my cup of tea and while it isn't inherently bad in general or anything like that, I'd rather not get invested in a quest that will go that route. Just asking in advance since i personally dont care for that sort of thing.
No. 924100 ID: c1eaac
File 155163824992.png - (113.39KB , 800x700 , 26.png )

You gather up a couple fistfuls of mail, sadly. Your letters are all crumpled, and they smell like cologne. You shove them in your tummy cumberbund thing, and it’s uncomfortable. Eugh. Whatever.
No. 924101 ID: c1eaac
File 155163829183.png - (79.65KB , 800x700 , 27.png )

You wander in a daze to the kitchen.
You were imagining that maybe there would be a snack here for you, but then you remember that you haven’t been home in 5 years. There are no snacks.

You start to weep uncontrollably, until you remember that snacks can be created out of ingredients. You have watched Lane make cookies. You are gonna save the last 43 minutes of that cry for later.

Yes. Your cabinet has flour. Flour is cookies. Yes, it’s all coming together now.
No. 924103 ID: c1eaac
File 155163832301.png - (198.74KB , 800x700 , 28.png )

It’s not coming together very well actually.
No. 924104 ID: c1eaac
File 155163837914.png - (146.74KB , 800x700 , 29.png )

Wait. Snack time is saved.

Easter was keeping a whole roast beef sandwich in here.
No. 924105 ID: c1eaac
File 155163843070.png - (166.98KB , 800x700 , 30.png )

But here comes 43 minutes of crying. You win some, you lose some.

There were three letters on the stairs. You wipe your face on your sandwich and blink away your tears well enough to read.

Dear Prince Marax, Son of Eisheth,

Congatulations! You have been pre-selected for a Capital One...

You really can’t escape them, huh. Next.


It’s your mother. I am writing to remind you that you are still unmarried.

Judging by your lack of response to my previous letters, I can assume that the rumors are true, and you really have gone to earth to live as some common scavenger. Lord Murmur is not going to wait for you forever, you know. It has already been five years, and one hears things.

Write back at once, and I will do what I can to salvage your situation. Lord Murmur was a very good match, but if you would rather start over, I insist you start attending court regularly, or at least make an appearance at a party or two this season.

Your mother, Eisheth, Princess of Hell.

Ugggggggh. Great. What’s the next one say.


Huh, that’s interesting. This one isn’t even for you.


heard you were at Marax’s for a few days. wanted to confirm with you date for diplomat visit. ophiel & others expected the 21st. cocktail party at yours the 22nd?


Well, what do you know? Eligos often hosts angel diplomats in training, and apparently a new batch is coming down for court season. And Murmur will be having them over in...five days.
No. 924106 ID: c1eaac
File 155163846432.png - (118.24KB , 800x700 , 31.png )

You’re all done eating Easter’s lunch, and you have a good 20 minutes left on your cry.

You have a lot of house left to explore, and a lot of mischief to ruminate on.

>explore more of your house
>something else
No. 924109 ID: c1eaac


all demons are gay
No. 924111 ID: c1eaac

anyway, let's ruminate on messing up that cocktail party. what party clothes do we have in the old wardrobe?
No. 924118 ID: 70df1e

consider behaving yourself for once in your life. maybe you should talk to murmur about that whole leaving him thing
No. 924125 ID: 98c63e

No. 924126 ID: b1b4f3

No. 924134 ID: 57f319

...We need to set up elaborate home alone style traps. Glue and feathers, ball bearings on the floor, the works.
No. 924186 ID: 2af340

turn back into a cat and run around your estate screaming
No. 924233 ID: 977456

This is an excellent place to start. You will, of course, need to spy on that party to see how Murmur plans to betray you. Betray you more that is. Double-betray? Do we need to invent a mathematical discipline to evaluate betrayal layers? Whatever... you need to spy on that party. Is some sort of remote-viewing possible? You have a working magic crystal ball in your pantry maybe? Otherwise you need to climb the building and spy through the windows. I know that the old "dress up and infiltrate" plan sounds like fun, but you inevitable end up stuck in a closet until your knees hurt. Trust me, is not worth it...
No. 924455 ID: c0641d

Might as well deplete those 20 minutes now before anything else, rather than bottle it up and have it explode at the worst time.
No. 924679 ID: 986b2d

Contemplate your life choices.
No. 924875 ID: d7f01b
File 155192538879.png - (160.95KB , 800x700 , 32.png )

You explore your estate while you run out the clock on your last 20 minutes of crying. You find that Murmur has had the floor of the parlor pulled up and the bottom few feet of the walls knocked out to fix some “water damage” that you had “left to rot.” He is such an asshole.

You keep wandering through the chaos of your house. Cobwebs everywhere. Dust coating every surface. You used to have more servants than just Easter, but you were going to move in with Murmur, with the whole wedding and everything. You had already found other placements for them - all except Easter. If all had gone to plan, your estate would have gone to one of your kids. Yeah, you have kids. You’re like a thousand years old. Is Easter one of your kids? You can’t remember. Anyway, you left everything in limbo, and it fell apart.
No. 924876 ID: d7f01b
File 155192543387.png - (270.38KB , 800x700 , 33.png )

You come upon your study. There’s a lot more mail. It looks like a lot of it is from Murmur. He helpfully put all his letters in your trash bin for you.
No. 924877 ID: d7f01b
File 155192547008.png - (281.28KB , 800x700 , 34.png )

And your bedroom. Untouched. Just the way you left it, with clothes all over the place.

You flop down on your bed and stare at the ceiling. You think about your life choices up to this point. You consider behaving yourself for once in your life and talking to Murmur like a grown up. Maybe if you told him why you disappeared, he would stop breaking into your house.

The only problem is...you don’t know. You don’t know why you panicked.
No. 924878 ID: d7f01b
File 155192551588.png - (185.36KB , 800x700 , 35.png )

Well, you can’t stare at your ceiling all day. That roast beef sandwich is doing good things to your blood sugar, and you feel like making waves. And to make waves, you need to make schemes. To make schemes, you have to put on a dramatic outfit.

This is perhaps the number one thing you missed about hell. God bless Lane, but he shops at Target.

All right brain cells, gather round. What are you going to do for Attention?
No. 924882 ID: 57f319

Detailed plans of the house, specifically doorways and choke points, and of course anywhere big enough for a large congregation of party-goers. And the most incredible outfit for the inevitable reveal.

Though that's a bit longer term than a roast beef sandwich. For now, find out who's going to the party and start letting them know that you're excited for them to come.
No. 924885 ID: 70df1e

if we're booby-trapping the house, we need a plan, materials, and probably an accomplice. do you have any friends (or children???) in hell that would help you dunk on murmur?
No. 924888 ID: 977456

Spying on Murmur's party is important. He will no doubt be spreading rumours about you, flirting constantly with everyone, and plotting to steal all your things, especially Bunny Easter.
No. 924895 ID: c1eaac

let's prepare to fuck up murmur's party, or at least spy on it. who's left in hell that we can consider an ally? any clues in your unread mail?
No. 924954 ID: c0641d

Screw spying, let's just show up.
No. 925625 ID: 6f6f25

Wow,hell seems kind of mundane...
No. 926036 ID: 7d37c6
File 155276302432.png - (173.25KB , 800x700 , 36.png )

Scheme number one, of several: you’re going to booby trap your house in wildly inconvenient ways. You run up and down the wide, empty hallways of your estate, gathering the tools of your trade. And then you build a devious contraption.

You rig up some pulleys and...levers? You rig up some nonsense, but it completely works, mostly through the power of imagination. Imagination, pixie dust, what have you - that kind of thing goes a long way when you’re a demon.

This bucket of paint is going to fuck Murmur UP if he ever sets foot in your house again.
No. 926038 ID: 7d37c6
File 155276305920.png - (167.50KB , 800x700 , 37.png )

You booby trap your study with thumbtacks before you realize you actually wanted to go in there.
No. 926039 ID: 7d37c6
File 155276309526.png - (184.58KB , 800x700 , 38.png )

You are beginning to have a thought, which is a dangerous thing. Making elaborate traps all around your house has given you the time you needed to come up with a few options.

You aren’t sure yet if you want to secretly spy on Murmur’s party, make a big scene, or ruin Murmur’s party from the shadows. In order to decide, you’re going to tackle the big pile of mail in your study - to see if anyone in hell still might consider you a friend. It might not be a bad idea to see if there is anyone you can hit up for a bit of mayhem.
No. 926041 ID: 7d37c6
File 155276313016.png - (152.01KB , 800x700 , 39.png )

For a five year absence, this really isn’t a lot of mail. But you were never very popular.

You have a lot of letters from Naamah, your best friend. She and you used to do human roleplays (your character was a human who got turned into a werecat when she was bitten by a radioactive lynx at a human gas station). You have just realized you haven’t replied to your roleplay in five years.

You have a couple of letters from Eligos, dating from when you first left Murmur. They say things like “Are you okay?” and “We should have tea soon and talk.” Eligos is your friend, kind of, and ruining this novice angel diplomat soiree would embarrass him, too, as well as Murmur. Huh.

Well, anyway, next letter.

You find more letters from your mom, and also a few from your siblings. Shax, your twin brother, wants to know if Murmur is “available.” Ew.

Apart from that...nothing but the courtesy invitations everyone of a certain social standing receives. You have invitations from Lord Jasper Abbadon, Duchess Ornias Bathinson...Ah! You have a letter from Sallos!

Greasy, written on a human Five Guys napkin. Just like Sallos. He’s younger than you, but was a presence in your and Naamah’s Human Culture Appreciation Club. He used to live on earth a few decades ago, so he knows a lot. Apparently, judging by the napkin, he has been back to his old ways.

The napkin has a human street address and a heart with an arrow through it. So thoughtful.
No. 926043 ID: 7d37c6
File 155276315698.png - (161.53KB , 800x700 , 40.png )

And then there’s...that.
No. 926044 ID: 7d37c6
File 155276318214.png - (170.66KB , 800x700 , 41.png )

Should you spy on Murmur’s party from a distance? Fuck it up? And if you fuck it up, should you go it alone, or enlist the help of your friends?

You’re not sure. For now, you’re going to decide who to return letters to. And just what should you say? What can you say when you’ve been gone so long?
No. 926048 ID: 7d37c6

apologize for not writing back to naamah for so long, and see how she falls on the you vs murmur issue? also, reply to sallos and see what he's up to. he probably won't mind that it's been 5 years.
No. 926062 ID: 977456

Best not to make trouble for Eligos. Best to spy from a distance only to overhear something terrible being said about you and burst in in a rage just to discover that it was all a misunderstanding... or was it! as Murmur and Eligos really are conspiring against you, but by bursting in you cause Eligos to make a mistake and realise that it wasn't really Eligos, it was his twin brother, and sister, fused together (and no longer cognisant of which of them is which and one was working against the plan, so now they opposed themselves on principal, but are trying to keep it a secret from themselves) neither of whom you knew about, they must have been lost in that storm! So you have to ruin the party to thwart the conspiracy that is black-mailing Eligos' twin siblings but you cant ruin the party because that would ruin Eligos' reputation and destroy his family... so something subtle. Could you bribe their cat to take its place for an evening?
No. 926069 ID: 70df1e

reply to your rp coward and go see sallos
No. 926161 ID: c0641d

You should be considerate of Eligos, so just spying should be the answer. Is Jasper's party happening before or after? THAT, you can safely get your "party crash" urge out at without feeling too bad about it. Deny the RSVP, then show up anyway... whenever it's going to happen. Ooh, write to Eligos to help you crash it as like, I guess an apology for almost deciding to inadvertently embarrass him at Murmur's? Also, write to Ornias saying that you wish to meet with her at her party; you're above a lot of things, but asking for sorta-girl-to-sorta-girl advice is not one of them.
No. 926170 ID: ea2faa

Pro tip since its a point of confusion:
Ouija/marax: he/him
Murmur: he/him
Easter: they/them
Lane: he/him
Heth: she/her
Shax: he/him
Eligos: he/him
Naamah: she/her
Sallos: he/him
Jasper: he/him
Ornias: they/them

No. 926171 ID: 2af340

No. 926172 ID: c0641d

Whoops. Even still, Ornias seems like the type to give good advice on getting back on your social feet.
No. 927526 ID: d7f01b
File 155370199474.png - (194.40KB , 800x700 , 42.png )

Dearest Naamah,

Elianora looks up from her seat on her human porch swing. She just finished eating a hamburger, which is a food in the sandwich style. But the sky is darkening. And she realizes in horror...it’s the full moon. Her lynx-like features begin to show themselves, and she curses the radioactive lynx that bit her outside the gas station on Route 40. Curses it… until the werelynx is in control. Then Elianora feels powerful, unstoppable. And nobody is going to stop her from fighting small town crime while the moon is full. A carriage pulls up in her human driveway, the silhouette in the driver’s seat a figure who Elianora recognizes. There’s trouble, and the team is getting back together.

Hi Naamah I’m back in town! :3

Marax Ouija Hethson
No. 927527 ID: d7f01b
File 155370203519.png - (165.36KB , 800x700 , 43.png )

Well, that’s all squared away. You look at the sealed letter to Naamah sitting on your desk. Ah. You don’t have any servants anymore. You are going to have to deliver it in person. Well, that’s weird. But as long as you’re leaving your estate, you might as well take a gander on up to earth and pay Sallos a call. He did so kindly leave you his forwarding address.
No. 927528 ID: d7f01b
File 155370207828.png - (126.20KB , 800x700 , 44.png )

You get changed again, because you are a fickle soul. Appearances are important.

And you go to Naamah’s house. Her estate is not far from yours, so you decide to walk the pleasant hell country paths. You get six inches of the hem of your pants muddy, but the scenery makes you wonder why you ever wanted to leave.

When you arrive at Naamah’s house, you ring the bell, and a servant shortly answers the door.
No. 927529 ID: d7f01b
File 155370211433.png - (152.72KB , 800x700 , 45.png )

“Hello? Oh...oh no.”

Easter has already found another job in the span of half an afternoon. They look very unhappy to see you.

“I am hand-delivering a letter to Princess Naamah,” you announce. “Is she at home?”

Easter pauses.

“Yeah, she’s at home,” they sigh. They wave you inside.
No. 927530 ID: d7f01b
File 155370217425.png - (214.62KB , 800x700 , 46.png )

You follow Easter through the halls of Naamah’s estate. Naamah is a patron of the earth arts, and an avid collector of earth cultural artifacts. She has been very into sculpture lately.

You can hear her talking animatedly with another guest somewhere at the end of the hall, and very shortly Easter stops before a door labeled “Studio,” and knocks.

“Naamah? Marax is here.” Easter drops the formalities, probably because they have lost all will to live. You don’t really mind. You have gotten used to how humans talk, after all, and your humans never called you Prince Marax. You really tried to train Lane and your other human servants to at least give “my lord” a try, but you were a cat most of the time, and you never broke through the cultural barrier.
No. 927531 ID: d7f01b
File 155370221221.png - (269.67KB , 800x700 , 47.png )

“Marax??? Oh my God, hi!” Naamah yells. She waves you over, bits of clay flying off her hands in all directions. “You have to tell me everything, how was earth?”

“I don’t want to talk about earth,” you sigh, collapsing dramatically onto a little pink couch that looked much to small to fit Naamah. “There were some intense emotions. Betrayals.”

“Like how Elianora betrayed the werelynx crime syndicate to move to West Virginia and solve crime in the Appalachian mountains,” Naamah says, nodding sagely. “Say no more. Oh, this is Astin, he’s my new artist in residence.”

Astin gives you a bewildered smile. He is in the middle of sculpting a voluptuous demon who looks like Naamah. In fact, all the sculptures in the room look like Naamah in different poses and states of dress.

“My human Lane was an artist too,” you say, before you think better of it. “He draws.”

“Oh, we should get them all together sometime!” Naamah chirps. “Humans do love to commiserate.”

You quickly change the subject, and what better way than by giving Naamah her letter? You pull it out of your pocket.

“This is for you,” you say. “It’s a bit late.”
No. 927532 ID: d7f01b
File 155370225064.png - (218.63KB , 800x700 , 48.png )

Naamah tears it open and reads it at once.

“Oh, you remembered! I’ll get back to you right away. Right now Astin and I are engaging in a human cultural experience called Patrick Swayze’s Ghost. It requires clay and implied sexuality.”

That explains why Naamah is covered in clay up to her elbows. You may not know dick but you know Patrick Swayze’s Ghost.

>Invite Naamah to Murmur’s cocktail party that you were definitely invited to
>Invite Naamah to visit Sallos with you
>Ask for advice
>Ask for gossip
>Something else
No. 927535 ID: 986b2d

Ask for advice. Please, god, take some input from a rational (????) person.
No. 927536 ID: aed8cc

ask for advice

and ask her to come with you to murmurs party that you definitely WERENT invited to
mayhem :3
No. 927537 ID: c1eaac

ask for advice AND gossip!
No. 927542 ID: c8452a

Advice and gossip are one in the same.

Also I don't think Astin was aware of the implied sexuality.
No. 927626 ID: 2af340

ask naamah to "dish the goss" as the kids say
No. 927641 ID: c8452a

I have just realized that it's "one and the same".
No. 929170 ID: d7f01b
File 155483190140.png - (252.57KB , 800x700 , 49.png )

“Oh, I won’t keep you too long, then…” you say, trying not to sound disappointed. You squirm on the pink couch, trying to get comfortable. You feel slightly off balance with your tail shifted away in anticipation for your visit to Sallos in Earth Vermont. “I was hoping you could catch me up with what I’ve missed, while I’ve been gone.”

Naamah’s expression turns serious. Uh oh.

“How much do you know?” she asks, cautiously.

You frown. You don’t know anything.

“Okay,” Naamah says. “So, like, the who’s-dating-who would take a whole week to run down, but you probably don’t care about the whole court, so… uh.” Again, she pauses. “Eligos has been collecting lovers, that’s nothing new. He’s been seen at court with your brother Glasya-Labolas, lately, but nothing confirmed there. I’ve been a bit of a shut in lately, so I only get the cliff’s notes from Decarabia, but…”

Oh, Decarabia! That one’s definitely one of your kids. Naamah raised him, and you recall him being spoiled and dreadful.

“What else, what else…” Naamah muses. “There have been some rumors about Ornias and Satan, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in them.”

Naamah wipes the dried clay off her hands thoughtfully with a damp towel.

“And, er.”

“Yes?” you say, leaning forward. Finally, something juicy.

“...Your brother Shax had a thing with Murmur, for a while. And then Shax moved out? Murmur lost his head servant in the break-up. It was messy and embarrassing. Cause like. Imagine getting dumped for your head servant. Yikes.”
No. 929171 ID: d7f01b
File 155483193343.png - (152.51KB , 800x700 , 50.png )

“Ew!” you yell, scrambling to your feet. “Ew! What the fuck!”

“I know, and Andras isn’t even that cute? They’re kind of shitty.”

You pace the studio, screaming every few seconds as you struggle to find something to say besides “Ew.” Murmur rebounded with your twin brother and then you found him in your house.

You note down to start a messy fight with Shax later. But for right now, you’re more bewildered than ever.

And when the going gets tough, you turn into a cat.
No. 929172 ID: d7f01b
File 155483197399.png - (74.99KB , 800x700 , 51.png )

You hide under Naamah’s pink couch, hissing quietly to yourself.

“Marax, are you, like, okay?” Naamah asks, peering underneath.

“Call me Ouija,” you grumble.

She laughs in shock, hearing your regular voice come out of a cat, but quickly recovers herself.

“Sorry, Ouija. Are you, like, good?”

“I need advice,” you say. It’s hard to admit, but you really, really do. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Hm…” Naamah says. “Depends on if you want to rejoin court or be a loner like me. You could just chill. Hire some new servants, roleplay Elianora with me, maybe host the human culture club every month. But if you want people’s respect, that’s a little harder to come by. It’s too bad you fell out with your humans, having a human lover is very fashionable right now.”

You shrink farther back under the couch.

“Uh, but it’s fine!” Naamah continues. “Why don’t you go to a party and make waves? Get noticed again? Since it’s been so long, everyone will be talking about it, wondering if you’re any different, now. You could reinvent yourself, if you wanted to. Ooh, I could help you get dressed.”

Naamah is very excited now.

“We could go to a party together, if you want! There’s one practically every night. I wasn’t going to go, but I think Parisa is holding a pool party tonight. Oh, but Murmur might be there…”

Murmur is going to be at practically any party you attend. You have all the same friends. You scrunch yourself up under the couch and hiss.
No. 929176 ID: a0dc1d

go to a party with your friend and if you dont like it you can turn into a cat and scream about it
No. 929179 ID: f950b0

go to the party!! and let naamah dress you up
No. 929221 ID: 0ed3e1

No. 929664 ID: c0641d

"Hey, I heard Jasper was having a party sometime soon? I got an invitation, I think. Now his place, I wouldn't mind making a scene at with Murmur. That sick baby-eater or whatever it was people say he is can get fucked."
No. 930171 ID: d7f01b
File 155551518187.png - (87.13KB , 800x700 , 52.png )

You decide to suck it up and go to the party. Naamah is right, like usual. If you don’t want to be a boring recluse, you are going to have to dress cute and show up places.

Maybe being dressed up by Naamah will raise your spirits. You have done nothing but dress up all day, but you need this. You actually start to get excited. Maybe you’ll meet somebody handsome. Maybe your aura of mystery will seduce the most handsome duke or prince or whatever at the party, and Murmur can suck it. And if it stops being fun, you’ll just be a cat.

You slink back out from under the couch.

“Did you say you’ll help me get dressed?” you ask hopefully.
No. 930172 ID: d7f01b
File 155551521554.png - (151.77KB , 800x700 , 53.png )

“Baby, step into my office.”
No. 930173 ID: d7f01b
File 155551523604.png - (165.12KB , 800x700 , 54.png )

Let's do this thing.
No. 930184 ID: c1eaac
File 155553332528.png - (152.01KB , 695x743 , 155551523604.png )

let naamah be tall
No. 930185 ID: c1eaac


ouijaquest is happening in a different in-universe time frame than hearts goetia, the two parties are different!
No. 930186 ID: b1b4f3

Don't we already know what Marax is wearing...? Or is the outfit in the other quest like a placeholder for now?
I guess we only saw the top though.
No. 930187 ID: b1b4f3

Ohh okay.
No. 930197 ID: 5588ae
File 155554374053.png - (451.94KB , 1021x889 , FASHION GODS.png )

im talking sheer fabric and black leather baby!!! im talking precious [quest accent color] gemstones everywhere baby!!! whats the point if we dont WALTZ IN THERE DRESSED TO THE HIGH HEAVENS AND HOT AS HELL???
No. 930199 ID: 5588ae

forgot to edit it in but in my suggestion, marax is 100000000% wearing hotpants, even if this IS an ass out outfit
No. 930216 ID: c8452a

Lime is good
No. 930222 ID: b1b4f3

I like this.
No. 930759 ID: 2af340
File 155596746421.png - (193.00KB , 800x710 , i'm gay.png )

ouija and naamah should have claire's bff necklaces 2k19
also, i'm gay
No. 931408 ID: d7f01b
File 155646566059.png - (318.18KB , 800x700 , 55.png )

By the time you are done getting dressed, it’s just about time to leave for the party. You and Naamah head out, looking like hot shit. You almost hope Murmur is at this party, but then you get a squirmy feeling in your stomach and you change your mind about that. There will be plenty of time to ruin Murmur’s life. You still have five days before his angel cocktail party.

You and Naamah ring the bell, but there is no answer. Naamah slams the giant door-knocker, but still no one answers the door.

You hear rowdy party music coming from around back, though.
No. 931409 ID: d7f01b
File 155646570550.png - (178.85KB , 800x700 , 56.png )

You carefully step over elements of Parisa’s garden, following the sound of some truly sick violin riffs.

The music gets louder, until finally you reach the main patio.
No. 931410 ID: d7f01b
File 155646577229.png - (377.90KB , 800x700 , 56_2.png )

You take a long look around, trying to pick out familiar faces. This isn’t quite your usual crowd - the demons here are probably a couple hundred years younger than you. Fewer dukes and princes, more lords and earls and stuff. And counts? Whatever, it’s fine.

It’s crowded, lots of people on the dancefloor, lots of people with drinks in their hands, and lots of people talking and laughing. You can sort of see the pool past the crowd - that might be worth checking out.

As far as people you know, there are a few.
No. 931411 ID: d7f01b
File 155646580585.png - (248.23KB , 800x700 , 57.png )

No. 931412 ID: d7f01b
File 155646582816.png - (238.64KB , 800x700 , 58.png )

No. 931413 ID: d7f01b
File 155646584849.png - (237.48KB , 800x700 , 59.png )

No. 931414 ID: d7f01b
File 155646587345.png - (201.27KB , 800x700 , 60.png )

No. 931416 ID: 993ada

The Marquess seems like the safe bet for socializing.
No. 931417 ID: 6084db

probably say hi to parisa and thank her for having you and naamah before going anywhere else?
No. 931425 ID: 70df1e

yeah greet parisa and then say an ill advised hello to camio
No. 931430 ID: 02dcc7

while common sense tells me to check out nammahs party friend im a camio stan from HG and my one braincell is going wild for more camio content
No. 931497 ID: c0641d

Make yourself known to the host, man! If no new developments happen after that, go to Camio; I hear he's more of a listener than a talker, so you should be safe as long as you don't do anything TOO noteworthy in front of him. The other two candidates are just... ugh.
No. 933806 ID: af0e78
File 155862337818.png - (264.89KB , 800x700 , 61.png )

You lock your arm with Naamah’s. Step one to reinventing yourself: be cool as a cucumber.
“Shall we say hello to the Marquess?” you say.

“Parisaaaaaa!” Naamah yells across the patio. “Heyyyy oh my God you’re so cute!”

Parisa turns from her current conversation partner to you, as the two of you approach.
No. 933808 ID: af0e78
File 155862342595.png - (327.49KB , 800x700 , 62.png )

“Oh, hey Naamah,” Parisa says, cocking one hip to the side in acknowledgement of Naamah calling her cute. She takes a sip of her drink and raises her eyebrows at you, probably waiting for you to explain yourself.

“Prince Ouija Marax Hethson,” you say, dipping your head in a very charming way. “Cool party.”

Parisa gives you a curious look, and you get the feeling whatever you do and say tonight is going to make its way through the gossip mill, big time.

“Oh, thanks, it’s nothing,” Parisa says. “You guys missed the afternoon pre-party, so we are kind of transitioning into a sexier evening vibe? We might get some more people…” Parisa finishes her drink and sets it down. “Oh shit you guys need drinks. I get anxious when guests don’t have drinks.”

Parisa snaps her fingers a few times, and suddenly the house staff descends upon you. They are informally dressed, a couple of them still wet from the pool. The younger cohort can be more fast and loose with class rigidity, you have noticed. When Ornias gave Camio a title and estate a few centuries ago, that was shocking - but today, much less rare, if not as common as letting your staff get in on your pool party.

In seconds, both you and Naamah have drinks in hand, and the staff has dispersed. All except one, a tall demon you don’t recognize.
No. 933809 ID: af0e78
File 155862346456.png - (257.95KB , 800x700 , 63.png )

“Lord Camio wants to know if we have aloe, and if so, are we willing to share,” the demon says to Parisa.

“Oh, Naamah and, uh, Ouija. My bodyguard, Aphra,” Parisa says. But before you can say “nice to meet you,” Parisa has moved on. “Yes, there’s aloe up in my toilette, if you don’t mind.”

“Cool,” Aphra sighs, and departs into the house via sliding glass door.
No. 933810 ID: af0e78
File 155862349908.png - (275.37KB , 800x700 , 64.png )

“So, what brings you out of the house, Ouija?” Parisa says, giving you her full attention. “I haven’t had any news from your neck of the woods in a long time.”

You try to think of something cool and/or charming to say, and take a gulp of your drink to buy time.
No. 933821 ID: f950b0

definitely DON'T say anything about murmur, or about how your humans abandoned you. say something super cool about how you've been having a great time on earth, but popped down to hell to spend some time with naamah
No. 933825 ID: 618fd7

ive been having fun on earth! humans can be very charming, even if they dont get the whole proper title thing
No. 933827 ID: c0641d

"I went, I saw, I tapped some ass. But now I'm ready to come home and celebrate my successful outing." If someone brings up Murmur, admit that he just wasn't the one, in a big way, and this was the most delicious way you could think of to break it off. Makes you seem unrepentant and victorious. (Come to think of it, why did you leave him at the altar?)
No. 935781 ID: d7f01b
File 156054759846.png - (236.02KB , 800x700 , 65.png )

You keep drinking for a slightly inappropriate length of time as you think up a great list of things NOT to say.

Your internal monologue goes something like this:

Don’t tell Parisa about Murmur. Don’t say anything about Murmur. Why did you leave Murmur at the altar? Why are you thinking about Murmur? Stop thinking about Murmur! Tell her about how cool you are, because you have humans, and humans are in this season. Except you don’t have humans, actually, because they abandoned you. Don’t tell Parisa that your humans abandoned you.

You finish the glass, which means time’s up.

“Ahem,” you say. “I’ve been……...having sex. With humans. On earth. And now I’m here to visit Naamah, my friend.”
No. 935784 ID: d7f01b
File 156054763418.png - (327.70KB , 800x700 , 66.png )

“But humans are so delicate!” Parisa exclaims, eyes aglow with extraverted energy. “I hear you really have to be careful, or their arms and legs just sort of snap off. And they don’t regrow, isn’t that dreadful? I wouldn’t leave the house if I was a human.”

“My humans weren’t all that delicate,” you mumble into your glass, forgetting it’s empty. You finally set it down. Parisa does have a point; if you hadn’t been a cat most of the time, you suppose you might have broken your humans. Having a cat form is more or less the demonic equivalent of being wrapped in bubble-wrap.
No. 935785 ID: d7f01b
File 156054768679.png - (181.04KB , 800x700 , 67.png )

Out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse a couple of humans. Speak of the devil - or, you know what you mean. Your attention might have glazed right over them if you hadn’t been thinking of your own ex-humans back home.
No. 935786 ID: d7f01b
File 156054773053.png - (224.27KB , 800x700 , 68.png )

“Well, I’m glad you decided to drop in during your visit to Naamah, Ouija,” Parisa chirps, ever the good hostess. “I’m going to hop in the pool, if you want to come chat more. Oh - Aphra, there you are.”

Aphra closes the sliding glass door behind her, aloe in hand. She raises her eyebrows at Parisa and stalks away, toward Lord Camio, who is distantly seated in a lounge chair by the pool.
No. 935789 ID: c1eaac

go say hi to those humans!! ask who they’re here with! they don’t look like they just wandered in so someone probably brought them along
No. 936597 ID: afae42

yeah go see the humans! or go offer to help put sunscreen on camio winks
No. 938559 ID: ce39da

Supporting the humans option.
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