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File 155008599674.jpg - (147.73KB , 640x720 , VQuestTitle.jpg )
920967 No. 920967 ID: 8d26c4


"It'll probably get a little weird"

Like every Smikverse Quest starting around a fake holiday about fakeness on a site where most people don't care about Valentine's, it will involve the supernatural dating scene.

Unlike some other Smikverse dating quests, it will be safe for work and I don't expect too much of it to venture into NSFW territory. If it looks like it might have to, I'll probably make a NSFW Disthread.
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No. 920968 ID: 8d26c4
File 155008640972.jpg - (188.17KB , 640x720 , VQ1.jpg )

You are a faerie spirit.

You're a special faerie spirit, because you're almost strong enough to command a Domain of your own. It is for this reason you have been chosen by your Faerie Royal for this very special mission.

You will be meeting a faerie royal for the first time, and you will have to build a Domain together.

But before all that can begin, we need to know:
Is your faerie Royal a King or a Queen?
No. 920970 ID: 5f3f48

Fairy Queen
No. 920971 ID: c4c64c

Royal King please!
No. 920973 ID: b5fb67

Fairy Queen!
No. 920976 ID: 2202fb

Elder One
No. 920979 ID: 11d7d6

Fae Quing (herm)
No. 920981 ID: 8d26c4
File 155009373733.jpg - (230.26KB , 640x720 , VQ2.jpg )

Your mother is the Faerie Queen. Unlike the other spirits of this realm, you were born from a piece of her. That makes you her...

Choose, but note this does not decide your gender.

X: Princess
Y: Prince

Regardless of your chosen title, like any lesser fae spirit you were also born of a dream. Every faerie spirit is born of a dream, from the simple-minded muses to your royal mother herself. Your nature makes you far more complex, but the dream is still what makes your metaphysical heart beat.

You inherited your base dream from one of your mother's. What makes your heart beat?

1. Curiosity. You simply must know.
2. Justification. You will accept no law or master unless they are justified and proven to you.
3. Joy. You know life is short, even for the ageless. If there is no joy, what's even the point of living?
No. 920984 ID: afdebc

Prince of Joy
No. 920985 ID: 2202fb

1. We shall be one of the old ones!
No. 920990 ID: 9876c4

Prince of curiosity.
No. 920994 ID: 10c408

Princess of joy.

Nothing can possibly go wrong with this choice of title and desire.
No. 921005 ID: 094652

Pwincess Cuwiositee
No. 921010 ID: 2202fb

to clarify,

princess of curiosity
No. 921016 ID: 8d26c4
File 155012243175.jpg - (315.40KB , 640x720 , VQ3.jpg )

You were always a girl, and a girl is what you've always wanted to be.

Curiosity makes your heart beat. It drives you to discover and to learn. It's probably why you get along so well with The Ambassador Princess.

To celebrate your upcoming Ascension, your mother gave you a new dress! It's long, flowing and possibly alive, a fact you're going to have to confirm before trying to figure out what makes it work. As much as you enjoy taking things apart to find out how they work, your ability to put them back together again in working order needs more practice -- very problematic with living things.

But before you can Ascend to rule a Domain of your own, you will have to pick a suitor from a far off, foreign land in which to create a holy union! Very exciting. Very interesting. You hope they will allow you to open them up and see what makes them work. Or at the very least, let you peek inside their orifices. It's not as revealing but still fascinating.

You will also be receiving joining gifts! Your mother, plus the Ambassador Princess and the Ambassador Prince all would like to give you something.

Which would you like to do first?

1. Talk to your mother the Faerie Queen about the suitors.
2. Talk to your mother about the joining gifts.
No. 921040 ID: 5b93d3

>1. Talk to your mother the Faerie Queen about the suitors.
No. 921042 ID: 080aaf

Suitors. So many more moving parts than the gifts.
No. 921047 ID: 2202fb

Make sure to bring your big knife
No. 921084 ID: 094652

Yay gifts!
No. 921151 ID: 8d26c4
File 155018801287.jpg - (320.33KB , 640x720 , VQ4.jpg )

Your mother explains that you will be expected to choose a suitor from the Ambassador Prince's realm. They have chosen 5 possible suitors for you to choose from. It is not easy to bring a suitor to your realm -- difficult enough for it to be a one-way trip. Anyone you deem unsuitable will have to live here much like the Ambassadors.

Or eaten.

For faerie spirits, cannibalism is no taboo -- if a spirit proves difficult, breaking it down into its basic parts prevents it from corrupting the Domain and also provides fresh resources to the various inhabitants.

For that reason, you will want to pick from the 5 and then send for one at a time.

After meeting a suitor, you will be given a choice to reject them, invite them to stay as a guest, or to join with them. If you reject the first four suitors then you're rather hard pressed to join with the 5th, considering your other option is to expire of old age if you don't Ascend.

The profiles of the 5 suitors will now follow. Please note that for faeries, gender is primarily cosmetic until they become mortal.
No. 921155 ID: 8d26c4
File 155018843866.jpg - (251.57KB , 640x720 , suitor1.jpg )

Exotic, manly HUMAN SUITOR. (Well, exotic from our princess' perspective)

It should be noted that this human suitor isn't actually quite the normal human, but more a conceptualized human version of a fae.

The human suitor is manly, adaptable and brave but 'unskilled' in faerie ways -- something akin to a barbarian hero if you will.

The human suitor is also prone to mutation, meaning he is also likely to be easily altered by your domain and even your presence. On the flipside, he also has a mysterious "X-factor" that means the mutations inflicted on him can be advantageous as well as unpredictable. This mutation factor could also affect you, once joined in your new domain.
No. 921157 ID: 8d26c4
File 155018865166.jpg - (232.59KB , 640x720 , suitor2.jpg )

Mysterious, dangerous HACKER SUITOR.

The hacker suitor is a wily individual who keeps his true form and intentions hidden behind his veil of shadow.

If you reject the hacker, he will almost certainly be re-purposed for resources rather than permitted to live in your domain.

He is a person of great potential power and utility but also a potential threat to your rule in your new Domain because of his skills. You will need to take care of that should you decide to join with him.
No. 921159 ID: 8d26c4
File 155018887297.jpg - (284.99KB , 640x720 , suitor3.jpg )

Reformed Prince of Heck DEVIL SUITOR.

Perhaps "Devil" is a strong word for such a creature, but the Devil Suitor will not let anyone forget they are a creature fallen from grace.

Certainly more a Prince of Heck than any Hell -- they are a guilt-ridden, and morose but sensitive and caring individual. It will be up to you if working with their self-loathing is worth their kind support.
No. 921161 ID: 8d26c4
File 155018925403.jpg - (300.00KB , 640x720 , suitor4.jpg )

The re-purposed, reconfigured DEMON SUITOR.

Another interesting security risk is the DEMON SUITOR. She was originally an invasive spirit who was caught, broken down and then rebuilt. Whatever her original purpose, the Ambassador Prince tells us that she has been given a second chance and a new life for what is surely a good but undisclosed reason.

As a former invasive spirit, she still retains some of her old tricks such as the ability to do minor hacking to modify domains as well as leave behind 'spies' or 'watcher spirits' that would allow you to gain entry to any domain you might have accessed in the past.

Despite this, there's still a slight chance that she might also revert to her old ways once the two of you are joined -- so be sure of her intentions first or you could lose your new domain to her.

Needless to say if you reject her here, she will be re-purposed again.
No. 921163 ID: 8d26c4
File 155018952552.jpg - (295.69KB , 640x720 , suitor5.jpg )

Strong, stalwart LONGHORN SUITOR.

The Longhorn Suitor is a special creature from her home domain -- loyal, strong and brave, a symbol of nobility and duty.

The flipside of which being is she isn't the most fun person to be around. While her intentions are for the very best she is overbearing and has an irritating tendency to be correct.

As a defender however, she does have the ability to detect and purge hacking attempts and would be a good protector of your domain. Your mother is quite interested in keeping her as a vassal even if you reject her -- but stresses that your decision should be for YOUR own happiness and needs and no one else's.
No. 921166 ID: 094652

1) Longhorn
2) Human
3) Hacker
4) Demon
5) Devil
No. 921167 ID: 8d26c4
File 155019001407.jpg - (200.34KB , 640x720 , VQ5.jpg )

Faerie Queen: Well my child, who would you like to meet first? Just remember -- once you invite them, we can't send them back.

What do you do?

2. Ask about the gifts instead.

Please note that your mother has no more information about the suitors than what has been presented (also the suitors will probably look different than how they appear on their "tower girl" cards)
No. 921172 ID: afdebc

Let's ask about gifts before we bring anyone in, since the clock doesn't really start ticking until we have a suit we can't send back and have to marry/keep/eat.
No. 921179 ID: 2202fb

Can we milk her and make cheese?

If so, then we must have them so we can have all of the cheese.
No. 921180 ID: 2202fb

btw, is the faerie legion okay if we have a side ho?
No. 921197 ID: 8d26c4

It will be impossible to bring anymore than a single suitor with you.
No. 921272 ID: 8d26c4
File 155021459403.jpg - (287.15KB , 640x720 , VQ6.jpg )

>Let's ask about gifts before we bring anyone in, since the clock doesn't really start ticking until we have a suit we can't send back and have to marry/keep/eat.

Faerie Queen: Very simple dear child. Our treasured Ambassadors -- the Prince and Princess -- would each like to give you a piece of themselves to take to your new Domain. I would also give you a gift -- a part of myself -- to help you in your new world. You can only take 3 with you, and no one will be offended if you prefer to borrow more from one than another. Don't worry about what you take; it will take time but we will regrow our pieces back. We want you to be happy and strong.

You may choose your gifts at any time by talking to the Faerie Queen, Ambassador Prince or Ambassador Princess. They will try to give you a gift compatible with your heart of curiosity.

Please make a choice.

1. Invite a Suitor (X)
2. Inquire about possible gifts (Queen, Prince or Princess)
No. 921326 ID: 2fb5cd

I would inquire about the gifts.
No. 921464 ID: 8d26c4

You have to fill if you want to find out about the possible gifts of the Queen, Prince or Princess. The latter two require travel.
No. 921469 ID: afdebc

Inquire about gifts, start with the Queen.

Although I see no reason not to inquire with all of them. See what are options are.
No. 921506 ID: 8d26c4
File 155030382088.jpg - (365.08KB , 640x720 , VQ7.jpg )

"Why can't I just find out about all my gifts at once?"

The queen chuckles.

The Queen"Because every gift will alter you, and will change what gifts we could offer next,"

There are not simple gifts. Not candy or treats, dresses or things, but things to empower and strengthen you and help shape you towards your own ideal form.

"Oh. Well, what gifts could you give me?"
No. 921512 ID: 8d26c4
File 155030562151.jpg - (327.08KB , 640x720 , vq7a.jpg )

"I could grant you a piece of my body," explains the Queen. "That piece would then strengthen the parts of me you already have, making them more powerful. You could see things how I see, you could borrow my strength, or my power of flight"

"I could also give you something dear to your heart and expand it - a dream. If you accept the dream, you will become stronger but it will also alter your world view and change your priorities,"

"Finally, I offer a hard earned lesson -- a bitter regret that changed the whole course of my life, the learning of which you were born from. This knowledge will manifst itself like a powerful instinct and keep you from repeating my mistakes,"

Every gift you receive will alter you, altering both what gifts you could obtain next and changing how you interact with suitors. In general, the Prince and Princess will have similar options - body, dream, and an experience -- but all will alter you and you can only take 3 gifts and still maintain who you are.

So what will you do?

- Meet a Suitor (name suitor)
- Accept a gift from the Queen (specify gift) You will be altered.
- Speak with the Prince
- Speak with the Princess
No. 921513 ID: 080aaf

Borrow that strength! Or maybe stamina.
No. 921545 ID: 094652

"Enhance Knockers!"
No. 921550 ID: 2202fb

Yes! Take her boobs!
No. 921554 ID: afdebc

Take the hard lesson. Avoiding mistakes is good.
No. 921561 ID: 8d26c4
File 155034772402.jpg - (387.71KB , 640x720 , VQ8.jpg )

"Mother, bless me with your strength of body.
I want to endure as you have endured. I also wish to reflect your beauty,"

"Very flattering"

"Especially your bust."

She cocks her head to one side but you are quite sincere.

"If that's what you want, my child,"

You have been blessed with the faerie queen's strength.
You feel tremendous pressure within your temples, which then spreads out across your shoulders and chest. It snakes down to your fingertips and your spine, and lashes out across your pelvis and twists its way down to your toes. The pressure builds until you feel you're about to burst, but then your body seems to give and it is released beautifully.

Your dress now feels more like a corset. Your choker is gone; your neck is thicker to help support the massive growth of your horns, one of the queen's symbols of strength and physical maturity.

You have now been permanently altered, right to your heart. While physically stronger the focus of your curiosity has now shifted to the exploration of flesh, including and perhaps especially the more carnal elements. In a more constructive sense, you now have a fascination with testing the limits of the body, yours included. For science.

"Are you happy?" asks your mother queen.

You grin and nod in response while exploring your modifications with your fingertips.

"I'd like you to save a personal examination for private time,"

You nod and release your horns.

You have obtained 1 of 3 gifts. It is advised you meet with a suitor or talk with an ambassador before you alter yourself any further; while the options have changed you might get a feel for the kind of benefits they can provide -- and suitors will respond differently depending on how altered you are.

Now what will you do?

- Meet a Suitor (name suitor)
- Speak with the Prince
- Speak with the Princess
No. 922254 ID: 8d26c4
File 155055325350.jpg - (376.72KB , 640x720 , VQ9.jpg )

Let's not tarry this quest beyond February if we can avoid it. Digging back for suggestions, we go back as far as Kome and shall meet our first suitor.

You hem and haw over other gifts but decide it's probably best that you just meet a suitor before you do much more self-adjustment.

You ask to send for the LONGHORN SUITOR, a princess from another domain.

It takes not long before the Queen opens a small portal and from the rose light emerges the LONGHORN PRINCESS.

She is incredibly tall and rather imposing looking, just a tiny bit shorter than the Queen herself. She carries what appears to be a bouquet of tall, winding leaves ending in violet flowers in a kind of silken sack.

Her skin is blue, her eyes red and her reddish hair seems to be trying to fight the natural gentle chaos of this place.

She does not speak but ever so briefly looks deeply into your eyes before bowing.

She remains silent.

First impressions
Do you APPROVE or DISAPPROVE of this suitor?

Please suggest an action.

1. EXAMINE the suitor from a distance. You must pick an aspect to examine as well or suggestion will be lose.
2. DEMAND the suitor introduce herself. A style of demand is optional.
3. INTRODUCE yourself first. You may suggest a style of introduction.
5. ASK excitedly what's in the bag and what it does.
6. THOROUGHLY INSPECT the suitor. Feel her hair. Touch her horns. Examine her ears. Look into her eyes. Open her mouth and check her teeth. Poke her belly button. Look up her nose. Then ask if she's mind if you examined her further.
7. LESS THOROUGHLY inspect the suitor. Just... look her over but don't touch, that's rude.
No. 922263 ID: 055cbc

All these horn girls. Nem would faint.

Examine hair and its interaction with the surroundings.
Introduce self. Be courteous, but inquisitive. Ask permission for more thorough examination.
No. 922266 ID: 094652

Stay true to yourself and ask this first. Be giddy while you're at it.
No. 922349 ID: 2202fb

As your mother if you could borrow a comb.

3 then 1(general) and 7 then 5, lastly, pick hidden option

̡͈̘̮̘̖̰̝͖̽̇́ ̤̟͇̦̲̱̩͗͛̓̿̽̅̅͌4̲͒̊̔͠ ̡̨̪̝̖͕ͯͪͅ ̨̤͚͖̼̦̳͈ͯ̈́̐̓̈̏̃
No. 922369 ID: afdebc


She seems a little tense, but that's perfectly understandable seeing as how she's surrendered her continued existence to your whims.

>what do
3. Be bouncy!

Also 7.

No to 3 and 5, so far. If you're going to keep them, you can't sate all your curiosity immediately. Gotta tease it out.
No. 923161 ID: 8d26c4
File 155106126823.jpg - (391.33KB , 640x720 , VQ10.jpg )


Did you suggest...

̡͈̘̮̘̖̰̝͖̽̇́ ̤̟͇̦̲̱̩͗͛̓̿̽̅̅͌4̲͒̊̔͠ ̡̨̪̝̖͕ͯͪͅ ̨̤͚͖̼̦̳͈ͯ̈́̐̓̈̏̃
No. 923163 ID: 8d26c4
File 155106168241.jpg - (336.13KB , 640x720 , VQ11.jpg )

Yes, I can feel it.

My third peers into her, and her hidden third slowly opens.

I know what she wants. She is strong.
She is stalwart. But there's a secret in her that she longs to tell, and I will make yield it to me.

I grasp her by the horns and pull her towards me. She could easily fight me if she wanted to but I know she won't, and she doesn't.

She tastes soft, silky and sweet.
No. 923165 ID: 8d26c4
File 155106193459.jpg - (229.18KB , 640x720 , VQ12.jpg )

She welcomes my domination, and pours down into me. When she hits my heart, I feel the burn of a secret unleashed and a dream satiated. It surges through me. My core spasms wildly and with such intensity I feel like I might burst, but eventually it calms. It is like mother's gift but with a far greater intensity.
No. 923170 ID: 094652

I don't recommend knocking her up until you get your heart issues sorted. Apparently, Fae biology makes Mendel cry in a corner.
No. 923173 ID: 8d26c4
File 155106520654.jpg - (128.19KB , 640x720 , VQ13.jpg )

We are immensely satisfied.
We have also been altered.

Your mother is surprised but not upset. She politely reminds you that there are now only 4 suitors left to pick from.

Your feel a growing tickle from inside. You simply have too much energy. She might have submitted herself to you, but you are not nearly strong enough to hold everything she had to offer and without a Domain of your own, you have no place to store it. You will have to pick what you want to use NOW and release the rest.

Now you understand why your mother is the Queen.

The Stalwart Suitor was a complex defender and though she invited you to consume her she has altered you in the process. You must decide how you will express her desires or you will lose any benefits she might have given you.

How have you been altered? Choose ONE only; any more and you might lose yourself.

1. You have become DOMINANT. She needed you to take control. You will become both more WILLFUL and more SELFISH as a result. The impact on your heart will mean that you will be more DRIVEN to satiate your curiosity over moral concern. Her gift for defending against hacking will become more combative. (Strength Up)

2. You have APPETITE. She offered and you could not refuse. You will become less WILLFUL and more INSTINCTIVE as a result. The impact on your heart will mean you will be more IMPULSIVE when satiating your curiosity. Her gift for defending against hacking will become more reflexive. (Agility up)

3. You have become TOO SMART FOR YOUR OWN GOOD. You spotted something out of the ordinary and acted on it. This makes you more perceptive, but also more IMPISH since you are quite clever but also lacking in self control. Her gift for defending against hacking will improve its ability to detect things. (Intellect up)
No. 923192 ID: afdebc

Well she wanted to be eaten. Good that she got what she wanted?

Let's go with option 3.

Don't forget to claim the flowers and the check inside the bag, assuming they fell to the ground when you consumed her and they didn't metaphysically count as part of her.
No. 923193 ID: 2202fb

3 i guess.

More importantly, have we gained her lactation and thus can make our own cheese? I mean, cheese was a top priority with that suitor. Cheese is the key to everything.
No. 923213 ID: c4c64c

No. 923217 ID: 19fdba

1 or 2 since they seemed to be more features she had.
No. 923218 ID: 094652

2 - You had one little impulse and suddenly you capitalized on a buffet before anyone else could react.
No. 923240 ID: 017879

1 I guess.

I'm mildly concerned that every one of these explicitly reduces suggestion impact. Though I suppose we just saw strong proof that this really isn't the kind of quest where we can decide things, it's lamentable because it appears we'll have very limited ability to actually explore the characters or themes presented to us.

Which is what I thought was the point, but it seems not.
No. 923308 ID: 8d26c4
File 155113050365.jpg - (428.52KB , 640x720 , VQ14.jpg )

>I'm mildly concerned that every one of these explicitly reduces suggestion impact.

I am not reducing my options. I am defining who I am. A Curious Princess is not a person. A Stalwart Suitor is not a person. They are descriptions that might match a person.

We are just an idea of who we could be. Mortals are blessed with their physical bodies, they needn't worry about such losses when they grow. I am fae, and until I have a Domain of my own I am nothing more than an extension of my mother.

You have chosen STRENGTH by a narrow margin. Because of your indecision, this hold on your identity is shaky at best and prone to influence. While you have become more WILLFUL, the difference is rather slight. Bits of the Stalwart Suitor cling to you, and you are grateful they are not vying for control.

You have been altered but the change is unsure.

Your changes are a reflection of the Stalwart Stuitor's desires. Your dress has become a corset. You stand with confidence and your mannerisms are less girlish. Your heart flutters with her admiration and approval before it calms itself again.

Author note: Secret option #4 was unplanned but when presented with the idea I liked it and ran with it. Future secret options will now be planned but please note that they will be what I consider an "Interesting" option based on what I already know about these characters and not necessarily the "best" option. If you like maintaining a tight control of the narrative I recommend sticking to the presented options. As always with my quests, a particularly clever suggestion will over-rule the majority -- and this goes back to Nem's Quest. A profound argument or observation will add weight to your vote more than anything else. Also note that like Spooky Date Quest, your protagonist might have started out as a blank slate but she will begin to gain a personality of her own reflected by your decisions -- choices impact future options.

Your mother patiently waits for you to adjust to your new form. You inspect the bundle that the Stalwart Suitor was carrying -- they seem to be some interesting smelling herbs, ripe with seed. Probably to plant within your new Domain. The option to take them with you remains, but for now you can just keep in mind they are available.

"Well my child, what would you like to do next?"

1. You would like to meet with another SUITOR (X). If Quest can't come to an agreement you will meet with the EXOTIC, MANLY HUMAN SUITOR.

2. You would like to talk with the Princess Ambassador.

3. You would like to talk with the Prince Ambassador.

Choose one only.
No. 923313 ID: 094652

Human Suitor

Let's get this breakup over with.
No. 923316 ID: afdebc

>2. You would like to talk with the Princess Ambassador.
No. 923329 ID: 2202fb

We should just absorb him with the intention of gaining his malleability and his evident disco fever. Fae generally cant appreciate culture and that is something we should change. A fae armed with positives of a mortal while still a fae is unstoppable.

Fingergun mom if we go this route.
No. 923411 ID: 10c408

if we keep consuming the suitors, not only are we going to piss off mother dearest, but we might just break the alteration cap and become something that isn't fae anymore.

And then we'll probably be killed.
No. 923415 ID: 8d26c4
File 155116190306.jpg - (422.41KB , 640x720 , VQ15.jpg )


You're assuming I can just consume anyone I want without a fight. The Stalwart Suitor *wanted* to be consumed. Something about the '4' made me gaze into her third eye with my own, and she let slip a deep, dark secret. Something she wanted, something she could never do if she shared a Domain with me. She wanted to be dominated to the point where I controlled her completely through consumption. And so I changed to oblige her strange hunger. And now I am who I am. I will be altered again with every gift, and I will need them to survive if I wish to rule a Domain of my own.

The price of life isn't death. It's change.

No. 923416 ID: 094652

And based on what you just DID, the price of change is death.

I was planning on hiring him, but if you need combat and consumption, your mother's court is enough to rip these suitors to shreds - the demon suitor is one such aftermath.
No. 923428 ID: 91ee5f

>if we keep consuming the suitors, not only are we going to piss off mother dearest, but we might just break the alteration cap and become something that isn't fae anymore.
Or just end up getting fat from eating too many people.
No. 923434 ID: 10c408

Comparing the before and after, it's all gone straight into her hair.

anyways... Since we've taken the longhorn suitor out of the equation entirely (RIP!), I'm voting for meeting the demon suitor.
No. 923443 ID: d6afc2

I chose devil because i'm a sucker for sad faces.
No. 923504 ID: 8d26c4
File 155124455168.jpg - (415.98KB , 640x720 , VQ16.jpg )

rolled 3 = 3

Resolving impassé...

1=Human Suitor
2=Talk to Ambassador Princess
3=Demon Suitor
4=Devil Suitor
No. 923635 ID: 8d26c4
File 155132027196.jpg - (351.71KB , 640x720 , VG17.jpg )

You decide to summon the Repurposed Demon Suitor on a whim.

It only takes the Queen a few moments and she is here.

Repurposed Suitor: Salutations and greetings, Curious Princess! We all know my history and what will happen to me if you reject me, so I hope we can at least have some fun first! It's really ridiculous that my entire existence dutifully depends on your dear decision, but your yen is the law here.

Please suggest an action.

1. EXAMINE the suitor from a distance. You must pick an aspect to examine as well or suggestion will be wasted.
2. INTRODUCE yourself. You may suggest a style of introduction.
3. ASK about she's holding and what it does.
4. THOROUGHLY INSPECT the suitor. Feel her hair. Pull her tail. into her eyes. Open her mouth and check her teeth. Poke her belly button. Look up her nose. Then ask if she's mind if you examined her further.
5. LESS THOROUGHLY inspect the suitor. Just... look her over but don't touch, that's rude.
6. Perhaps you have some other suggestion? XXXXXX
No. 923636 ID: 0cb682

No. 923640 ID: cbdfa8

I feel...like...we should choose....4...totally 4.
No. 923641 ID: 094652

5, do not activate any trap cards.
No. 923642 ID: afdebc

She's a hacker. No touching, yet. 5 first.

No. 923647 ID: 10c408

5. Let's not be too hasty this time.
No. 923699 ID: 8d26c4
File 155133884913.jpg - (356.07KB , 640x720 , VQ18.jpg )

Without touching the suitor, you examine her closely. She has a third eye like you, but that's not surprising as she's a hacker. Her mask is definitely a tool of some sort.

Her hair smells of cinnamon and... something else. Smoke? You're not sure. It's oddly familiar.

The markings on her breasts aren't physical, they're simply concealing her nipples. The importance seems more for symbolism than modesty.

The only thing that seems really different is her tail. Nobody here has a tail like that. Her more secret parts also have a somewhat familiar musk. Nothing you recognize, but maybe something the Queen is familiar with? Then again, she's been repurposed....

Repurposed Suitor: FFor ... Any rreason why you're examining exits, my deadly dear? I'm not a demon-demon any more yyou know.

Please suggest an action.

1. Pull the tail! Rub it. See what it tastes like.
2. Inform her it's time for a more invasive inspection.
3. Perhaps you're being rude and should talk to her.
4. Something else? XXXXXX
No. 923712 ID: afdebc

3. I'm curious, is all. If I'm going to have to decide what to do with you, I should at least get a good look first, don't you think?
No. 923738 ID: 21bd50

Propose absorption. She wants a purpose where she douesn't die? Well, that is an option. Plus we can gain her better assets.
No. 923764 ID: d72c40

Not yet, only if we decide not to take her intact.

Just 3, find out more about her thinky bits now.
No. 923774 ID: cbdfa8

this. need to know how she thinks.
No. 923791 ID: 21bd50

We should propose it; offer her the option, not just do it immediately.
No. 924291 ID: 8d26c4
File 155167416769.jpg - (319.00KB , 640x720 , VQ19.jpg )

>3. Perhaps you're being rude and should talk to her.

The Curious Princess asks the Repurposed Suitor about how she thinks: if she's not a demon-demon trying mischief but instead a genuine suitor, what does she have to offer?

The Curious Princess declines to inquire about absorption because she didn't sense any hidden desires to be absorbed, unlike the Stalwart Suitor. She's not strong enough to consume someone who isn't willing.

The Repurposed Suitor explains that she'd much rather discuss this over video games and soda.

The Curious Princess cocks her head to one side.

The Repurposed Suitor assures her she is quite serious and that both the video games AND the soda is of utmost importance.

Of course you know of video games. Your Queen knows of video games and holds them in high regard. The soda on the other hand is rather alien to you. You are aware it's something mortals drink for pleasure since it has no nutritional value and is detrimental to their physical form.

The Repurposed Suitor: The soda has a special place within my heart. I could share it with you, if you would allow me. I could also share the video game as well.

What the Repurposed Suitor is asking permission for is to create something within this Domain from parts of her own code. This is a possible security risk if she is lying, but if she is truthful then she will be sharing a memory pearl with you -- and it will help you to understand her better..

You look at your Queen, but she gives you a warm, trusting smile. This is your call.

Please Suggest an Action:

1. Allow the Repurposed Suitor to create her game and soda to share with you.

2. Allow the Repurposed Suitor to create her game, but not her soda. You will share a beverage from the Queen's pantry instead.

3. Allow the Repurposed Suitor to create her soda, but not her game. You will allow her to pick a game from the Queen's library instead.

4. Do not allow the Repurposed Suitor to share anything. You may offer a counter-proposal or reject her outright.

5. Something else? XXXXXX
No. 924298 ID: afdebc

1. She's got one chance to make her pitch to you, and to try and and live the life she wants instead of the life you remake her into, right? Might as well give her a fair shake at it.
No. 924299 ID: 094652

5) Since murder has a legitimate business code in the fae realms, get a taste-tester - or build your own. See if you can construct a brain-dead mini-you that will react to the food and flashy lights.
No. 924300 ID: 055cbc

Oh come now, you are DEFINITELY curious what is so important about this particular video game and soda. 1
No. 924343 ID: 977456

5. as 1, but there must be a trade. There shall be mutual games and soda in exchange for mutual hair-styling.
Inflict pigtails.
No. 924415 ID: a6405f

She may not want to be absorbed, but when faced with alternatives, she may pick it for more pragmatic reasons. Does she even know it is an option that can be chosen if need be?


So she doesn't have a secret vore fetish. Since you already looked, what are her deep dark desires?
No. 924442 ID: afdebc

She sort of doesn't get a choice over absorption- it's the default or fallback option. Either we join with her, we allow her to stay as a guest/vassal, or we eat her. And being a guest is contraindicated, since with her skills she's dangerous to keep around without a good hold on her (and even joining with her has risks if we're careless).

So from her perspective, her options are to woo or be eaten. (Or to attempt to take over with hacker skills).
No. 924450 ID: 4e2057

I assumed we were allowing her to choose, or at least give her own input on what she would choose.
No. 924489 ID: 9f8373

No. 924491 ID: cbdfa8

1. Give her a chance. besides its just video games and sodas.
No. 924522 ID: 8d26c4
File 155176224697.jpg - (435.89KB , 640x720 , VQ20.jpg )

>5) Since murder has a legitimate business code in the fae realms, get a taste-tester - or build your own. See if you can construct a brain-dead mini-you that will react to the food and flashy lights.

It really isn't murder. And you cannot create constructs; that is something only the Queen can do.

>She may not want to be absorbed, but when faced with alternatives, she may pick it for more pragmatic reasons.

No she won't. The Stalwart Suitor was able to realize a latent desire, which was powerful and meaningful. For minor spirits, it meant part of her obtained Nirvana and she gave you what was left as a reward. The Repurposed Suitor has no such desires, and being absorbed by you is as bad as being broken down by the Queen.

>So she doesn't have a secret vore fetish. Since you already looked, what are her deep dark desires?

For the Curious Princess to ferret out the secrets of the suitors, YOU will have to expose the secrets during their encounters.

You decide that you will take the Repurposed Suitor up on her offer of discussing things over "Soda and video games".

The video game she has chosen is called "Bounce! Super Star Fighters X!", a fighting game with almost all girl fighters (there's one male sumo wrestler) that's rather shameless with its gratuitous sex appeal to the point where there's special stages where they fight on a giant trampoline.

You've never had soda before. This soda is purple and vile, tasting of false colours, poorly reproduced flavours, poverty and... something else.

It's that "something else" that catches your curiosity. The 'something else' lingers on your palette and tickles your nose.

It tastes aged, but not rotten. More like ... history?
Its body is warm and familiar but you can't place it.
You catch a hint of sepia.
Despite these complexities, the taste is simple.

What is it?

OPTION A: Figure out the riddle. What is the hidden flavour within this foul 'grape' soda? If you can guess it, you will be able to figure out an aspect of the Repurposed Suitor's heart, and your own third eye will become stronger. Respond with your guess.

OPTION B: If you can't figure it out, you could TALK to the AMBASSADOR PRINCE - he's from her domain, maybe he could shed some light on it. You will learn humility through this option, not a bad thing. Respond with the command "TALK TO THE AMBASSADOR PRINCE".

OPTION C: Or you could forget it for now and focus on the game. Despite its shameless exterior it actually has a decent core. This is an entirely different route which may or may not reveal her true nature with its own risks.
No. 924536 ID: 977456

Well it "sounds" like booze. That all seems consistent with fermentation. But... lost homeland?
No. 924537 ID: 094652

Imma go out on a limb here and guess
No. 924565 ID: 2202fb

From a quick google, it seems like the most common alcohols to put in grape soda are a combination of rum and vodka.

A. obv alcohol of some sort
Going to guess rum and/or vodka
No. 924624 ID: cbdfa8

Some form of alcohol mixed in with the soda
or a dissolved drug.
Going with vodka, don't want to assume drugs.
No. 924676 ID: 8d26c4
File 155184161486.jpg - (436.83KB , 640x720 , VQ20a.jpg )

>A. obv alcohol of some sort
>Going with vodka, don't want to assume drugs.

Neither. I am a faerie spirit. Alcohol and drugs are not of my world and easily detected.
No. 924712 ID: 132a57

but grape soda is?

Well, if you really think you are being hacked, then just kill/absorb her now before more damage is done.
No. 924756 ID: 823745

It is Nostalgia, a longing for a time gone bye probably before she bacame what shi is
No. 924757 ID: 2202fb

No. 924758 ID: 823745

she not shi, and became no bacame
No. 924762 ID: 823745

Became NOT bacame
No. 924778 ID: 8d26c4
File 155189795913.jpg - (348.03KB , 640x720 , VQ21.jpg )


That's it.


That's the one thing that would make such poor concoction special to the suitor. And that's when you realize a portion of her true nature.

She's not just a repurposed suitor.


The power of your third eye grows and you realize that she wanted you to share the experience in order to expose a portion of her heart to you, and you now know 1/3 of her true nature.

Nostalgic fae are ROMANTIC and SENTIMENTAL. They are generally excellent illusionists, forgiving and loyal. They tend to have a weakness to illusions themselves and fail to see the faults of the pieces of history they are fond of. It is almost certain that the mask she carries as a gift is a hacking tool for masking one's presence.

However, this is just one aspect of three and you will need to know all three aspects of her heart before you will really understand her.

What do you do now?

1. Play video games with her.
2. Consult the Ambassador Prince.
3. Consult the Ambassador Princess.
4. Something else? XXXXXX

(The Queen is leaving this up to you; you can't consult her.)
No. 924804 ID: 465a14

1. Time to judge her taste in vidya.
No. 924816 ID: 055cbc

1. play the video games. try to see them through her eyes.
No. 924821 ID: 977456

4. Hair shenanigans. She needs a poofy mane.
No. 924823 ID: afdebc

1 sounds good.

So does poofing up her hair.
No. 924841 ID: cbdfa8

Play those video games!
play your heart out
No. 924982 ID: 8d26c4
File 155198769388.jpg - (244.21KB , 640x720 , VQ22.jpg )

As your Queen is familiar with the game, so are you to a point. It's a fighting game that includes armour loss (clothing damage) and a variety of special sages (trampoline, vanilla pudding battle, etc) and of course the special ULTRA HUMILIATION COMBO FINISH.

You wonder if the Nostalgic Suitor has the EXTRA LEWD MODDED VERSION. You guess you'll find out shortly.

In the meantime, you suppose you'll have to pick a character to use.
No. 924984 ID: 8d26c4
File 155198830965.jpg - (313.86KB , 640x720 , VQ23.jpg )

Choose a character!

Which of the roster will you choose? Select 1-8.

In brief:

1. is the "Ryu" all-rounder.
2, 3 and 5 are ranged characters.
4 and 8 are the bruiser, close-quarter characters.
6 and 7 are more technical characters, more difficult to use but with high potential.
No. 924996 ID: 465a14

Dan Hibiki.
No. 924997 ID: 8d26c4

If this was any Capcom related game, Dan Hibiki would indeed be the best choice, but this is not and therefore he is not available.
No. 924998 ID: 055cbc

busty koboldian maid
No. 925000 ID: afdebc

No. 925002 ID: 977456

7, because spider. Although there is something vaguely terrifying about 6.
No. 925017 ID: 10c408

Check and see if the konami code will unlock the hidden 9th character.

Failing that, let's go with either 1 or 7.
No. 925023 ID: 094652

... Where's the Aria of the Phoenix DLC?

Okay fine 3
No. 925030 ID: cbdfa8

5, because One big eye is better than 2 or 4.
No. 925042 ID: c4c64c

No. 925044 ID: b5fb67

#2. Her psychic powers might be OP enough.
No. 925059 ID: 2202fb

Pick character #9: the Left Boob.
No. 925061 ID: e9d41b

I vote 3
No. 925063 ID: 465a14

I nominate Sarah, then, since Dan Hibiki doesn't work.
No. 925068 ID: 080aaf

Pick number 5, I hear they explode heads with the power of love.
No. 925094 ID: 8d26c4

Quick author note -- character selection has little importance (aside from commentary from the Nostalgic Suitor), but I will be making a cheesecake image for the selected character. I don't have a lot of time to work on the art right now so you've got time to change your vote if you want.
No. 925133 ID: 3bc973

One vote for 5
No. 925342 ID: 0cb682

3 Tiny Deer
No. 925348 ID: 8d26c4
File 155228120219.jpg - (374.37KB , 640x720 , VQuest_Doe.jpg )

You hem and haw between choosing POLY FEMMIA and DOE RAYMEIA but finally decide to choose DOE.

DOE is the smallest and most agile of the ranged characters. Her disadvantages are that she's most easily phased by SHOCKWAVES and has the weakest armour (the selection screens always show them at minimum armour) but she makes up for it with superior agility.

DOE as a side note has some of the smaller breasts of the characters in the game.

The NOSTALGIC SUITOR cocks her head to the side; she's surprised by your selection.

The NOSTALGIC SUITOR asks why you chose DOE.

What is your explanation?

1. Tactical reasons -- you prefer her combination of agility and range.
2. She's the cutest. (optional: why?)
3. She's the sexiest (optional: why?)
4. You like deer.
5. She's the only dedicated lesbian.
6. Something else? _____
No. 925351 ID: e51896

6. Something else: Oh dear...
No. 925352 ID: 8f6468

She was the closest thing to a neumono.

She's cute.

Also, the head-freckles hint at a third eye.
No. 925353 ID: e9d41b

No. 925354 ID: 465a14

No. 925356 ID: 0cb682

No. 925359 ID: 823745

No. 925365 ID: 2202fb

2, 3, and 4. Plus, even though she may be less shapely than the others, doesnt mean she is unshapely. That and deer are cute af.

btw, i think this has hit nsfw, since i cant really look at this in public (like a library) anymore :P
No. 925370 ID: 10c408

Pretty sure that it's been NSFW since the suitor bios were posted. (more specifically, the demon suitor and her pasties)
No. 925385 ID: 8d26c4

Sorry about that, I figured that as long as leaves were covering up the critical bits it'd be fine.
No. 925394 ID: 2202fb

i mean, i am fine with it, but lets be honest with ourselves here.
No. 925666 ID: 8d26c4
File 155253029505.jpg - (312.80KB , 640x720 , VQ24.jpg )

In the interest of making the quest more work-safe, anything slightly suggestive will use spoiler images. So basically anything that is chest height with the Nostalgic Suitor.

You tell the Nostalgic Suitor that you simply think Doe is the cutest character.

The Nostalgic Suitor nods and says "Oh, I just thought that perhaps you appreciated large, full breasts as much as I do,"

She glances briefly at your bust to make her point.

The Nostalgic Suitor then shrugs and begins to play the game. As she does so, you catch a whiff of cumin -- a hint of memory associated with flesh.

Please suggest an action.

1. Follow your newly acquired DOMINANT nature, join in the game and show her who the PRINCESS is.

2. Let her play for a bit first and OBSERVE. You suspect this plays a bit into the memory. It is SUBTLE, and will allow you to either then analyze her play style so you can defeat her or perhaps expose more of the memory itself. Playing into the memory has its own risks and rewards.

3. Be DIRECT and ask her about the memory. This is a DOMINANT way to satisfy your CURIOSITY, with none of the risks of playing into the memory. Such directness is rather coldly businesslike and might not go over well with a romantic like her.
No. 925667 ID: 094652

2, and record the game so you can review for any hack attempts!
No. 925692 ID: 2202fb

She seems kind of perverted (which is not only fine, but kind of expected), but in addition to that, she seems pretty introverted, like she lacks self-confidence. This may be why she was repurposed. If I were to guess, it could be that she is the repressed suitor or the depressed suitor. With the games, this may be part of what was repressed, meaning she may be the geeky suitor.

Idk for the choice, maybe a 1.5 where we arent completely passive, but we dont lord over it either. Make it challenging for her, but dont just mop the floor with her.

Fuck, i really like this suitor, but I dont think i want them as a suitor. I wish we could have them as a concubine, or advisor, or underling, or just best-friend-wb or something. The lust is probably there, the romantic love not so much, but it seems like the platonic love is really climbing imo.

(She is like a Sam to our Frodo, Frodo, to our Bilbo, but out of all of the LoTR refrences I could make, I'm Gollum, and you're my Precious!)
No. 925699 ID: 2202fb

You totally do, but there is more to it than that.
No. 925706 ID: 823745

No. 925728 ID: cbdfa8

I was thinking a 1.5/2 so we could observe then make it a little challenging for her. we will get the opportunity to see the memory.

>I wish we could have them as a concubine, or advisor, or underling, or just best-friend-wb or something.
yeah that would be nice to have an option like that.

>Breast Appreciation
Ohoho you totally do have Big Breast appreciation but that doesn't mean that you always have to go with everything big breasted all of the time.
No. 925756 ID: 8d26c4
File 155260616604.jpg - (343.17KB , 640x720 , VQ25.jpg )

>Fuck, i really like this suitor, but I dont think i want them as a suitor. I wish we could have them as a concubine, or advisor, or underling, or just best-friend-wb or something. The lust is probably there, the romantic love not so much, but it seems like the platonic love is really climbing imo.

>yeah that would be nice to have an option like that.

Impossible. You and your suitor will be entirely cut-off once it is time to create a Domain of your own. It will be up to the two of you to create your own world. You cannot bring anyone else; it is a one-way trip. This is not a cultural law, it is a metaphysical one. In the world of the fae, love is incredibly powerful and it doesn't matter what kind of love it is.

You watch her play. She's skilled, probably more skilled than the Queen herself. She mercilessly pummels her foes, then pauses to show off with a few well-timed taunts. By the end of the first fight you find out that she does indeed have the lewdly modded version of the game.

Very lewdly modded.

She is most definitely doing this for your benefit, trying to give you a show and she is not hacking the game -- it's a matter of pride.

And... you smell the spices again. Stronger. This doesn't just play into a memory, this is something close to her heart.

The Nostalgic Suitor closes all but her third eye (which turns to you) and she quietly asks if you would like to share one of her heart shards.

A heart shard is a memory pearl that played a part in the formation of her core and one of the reasons why she is qualified to be a suitor. Offering to share it with you -- to let you experience a memory that formed her -- is an extremely intimate act for a daemon. Due to how vulnerable this will leave her, it's very much akin to being the submissive partner in love-making.

You will learn one of her secrets.

It will also alter you.

Please suggest an action.

1. Accept. You will learn two of her three secrets. You will satiate some of your curiosity. She will smile. You will be altered. It is a bold option.

2. Refuse. While it will hurt, it's a perfectly valid response as you have not met the other suitors and not only is her offer intimate but it will change you. However, she may not make such an offer again if she is denied -- and this would be a perfectly valid response from her. It is a cautious option. It is a safe option; you hold the cards here.
No. 925757 ID: e3e99e

No. 925762 ID: 977456

3. Stall. We would rather learn more of who she is, without our views being coloured by where she came from.
Sometimes context can cloud judgement...

>doesn't matter what kind of love
So platonic Domain Partners is a thing? Can we ask if she would be into that without it sounding like we are trying to friendzone her?
No. 925766 ID: 170248

1) Just make sure it isn't trapped and all that, but you have to take some risk to hold this relationship.
No. 925770 ID: 8d26c4

If stalling was an option, it would have been listed.

>So platonic Domain Partners is a thing? Can we ask if she would be into that without it sounding like we are trying to friendzone her?

Platonic Domain Partners are quite a thing. Once you choose to join a suitor in union, you will Ascend together and faerie spirits do not divorce; you're better to pick someone you think you can live with for a very long time.
No. 925771 ID: f07f0b

idk if it should be platonic, more like a best friend, but you are also a friend with benefits. So like a "normal" relationship but without the romance portion of it.

I think we should take it, but we should try to offer something in return. Something that puts us on more-or-less the same level, but with us slightly more on top just for security.
No. 925772 ID: f07f0b

Oh! If we do go with her, we should get down on one knee and be like "will you be my fuckbuddy?"

(attempting to be funny)
No. 925783 ID: 977456

If we formed a domain with her, would most of the domain end up being games? and would that be terrible?
No. 925785 ID: f07f0b

I think it will be a big unknown regardless of who it is. People arent that two dimensional.
No. 925790 ID: 823745

Accept, also the smell is competitiveness, or a drive to win
Which would explain her being willing to offer the heart shard so easily as she's taking a big risk but she'll do what she has to to win in games or love
I think we found a winner
No. 925794 ID: cbdfa8

No. 925796 ID: f07f0b

except, if that is really the case, then that means that this may be a high-risk effort to hack us.
No. 925804 ID: 8d26c4
File 155262380563.jpg - (242.43KB , 640x720 , VQ26.jpg )

You accept.

She smiles.

You let the memory wash over you. No strict details, just sensations. Being alone together. No watchers. She tries to impress you with her gaming skills. You're amused, those skills are just a well honed distraction but the effort and idealism is adorable.

You push down upon her. She lets you. You're both just playing roles according to the shared memory.

You feel the heart shard push deeper into you. The smell of cumin and savory spices fill you. You let your mass fall upon her and engulf her. She's nervous, maybe even scared...
but willing.
No. 925805 ID: 8d26c4
File 155262411520.jpg - (377.23KB , 640x720 , VQ27.jpg )

The sensations become more physical. You pin her arms down. Her heart opens and slides into you. The gaze of your third eyes penetrates hers, giving away.

Something new.
Something frightening.
Something warm and wonderful.
She doesn't know what's happening, she's confused, awestruck and euphoric.

A piece of her heart is inside you. It feels wonderful. It feels like summertime. You can smell food cooking next door. You hear the game demo. All these familiar things while something strange and new is happening to you. You're changing.
No. 925806 ID: 8d26c4
File 155262437575.jpg - (405.57KB , 640x720 , VQ27a.jpg )

That was only half of her creation.

The other half was the betrayal.

Shortly before death.
No. 925807 ID: 8d26c4
File 155262452328.jpg - (288.68KB , 640x720 , VQ27b.jpg )

never again.

A hard earned lesson.

never again.

You would never betray someone again. Betrayal begat betrayal, and both ended in death.

Heart-wrenching, soul-crushing death.

never again.

You learned your lesson.

You would never betray anyone again.
No. 925810 ID: 8d26c4
File 155262602045.jpg - (426.04KB , 640x720 , VQ28.jpg )

When you come to, the Nostalgic Suitor is clinging to you like a lost child, head against your breast as you hold her head comfortingly.

Streaks of black ichor -- regret -- still cling to her cheeks and the trails of their journey down from your third eye have stained your face.

The Nostalgic Suitor is not hurt but she is exhausted. She mutters how lovely and soft your breasts are.

You learned her second secret.

She is not just the Nostalgic Suitor.

She was formed from Nostalgia and a Hard Earned Lesson. There was a terrible betrayal. It changed everything. She will never make that mistake again. She will never betray anyone.

never again.

And... she has a stolen name.

Few spirits have a name. Names are only for those who have a Domain. Her name is mired in the regret from her hard earned lesson. You don't know what her name is.

And you realize how you have been altered.

You have learned the hard earned lesson of the Nostalgic Suitor: never betray a loved one.

And while she has not hacked you, this lesson will make it extremely difficult to deny her as your choice.

Please make a suggestion.

1. You have not been hacked, but you have been tricked. You lean upon your DOMINANCE and you will condemn this suitor to the Queen's mercies. You will acquire a BITTERNESS but you will be free to invite other suitors.

2. You have not been hacked, but you have been tricked. You... are impressed! What a risk! How could you NOT reward such cleverness? You will join with this clever, sentimental girl. After all, you now know for a fact: She will never betray you. Your DOMINATION trait has mutated into one of AMBITION.

3. You are touched. To be born with a hard lesson is a difficult life, and you don't think she knew that passing on her hard earned lesson would more or less force you to choose her. Besides, she can never betray you now. Your DOMINATION has become MOTHERLY trait.

4. You know... almost everything about her now. You must know her name! She has a stolen name, and you need to know more. You must choose her? Fine. It's the price to pay to satiate your curiosities. Your DOMINATION trait will mutate into TENACITY.

5. Something else?
No. 925816 ID: afdebc

Curious Princess learns Intolerable Burning Truth: Mother Before Daughter. (You're supposed to be fae, not an infernal, dear).

I'm thinking 2. She turned her weakness into a strength and a trap, without employing any hacking. She played her hand very well, in a manner most satisfying to a being driven by curiosity. That's the kind of person you want around to challenge yourself, and who will always keep things interesting.
No. 925821 ID: 094652

Leaning towards 3, 4, maybe 5 (you still have gifts remaining, go claim some to experiment with your Hard-Earned Lesson)
No. 925822 ID: 055cbc

She wanted to let you know that she can be trusted, that she would never turn on you. That is communication, not a trick. 3.
No. 925825 ID: 977456

>5 (you still have gifts remaining, go claim some to experiment with your Hard-Earned Lesson)
I like this, but it might add caution. Does Dominance + Caution = Paranoia?
Or maybe a focus on experimentation could double-down on our curiosity for mad emotion-scientist?
Could we give one of our gifts to our suitor without breaching some terrible taboo?
No. 925834 ID: 823745

No. 925837 ID: 9f8373

No. 925839 ID: 2202fb

No. 925856 ID: 823745

In addition if 3 is picked enhance snuggling
No. 925863 ID: 8d26c4
File 155267819568.jpg - (361.40KB , 640x720 , VQ29.jpg )

You have made up your mind.

You will join with the Nostalgic Suitor when you Ascend. She is complex and clever, romantic and loyal. Her Nostalgia might occasionally manifest in looking to the past with rose coloured glasses but it's hardly the worst weakness to have. You have a need to protect her now anyway.

Naturally, you will be the dominant one upon joining. She is clearly happy with the arrangement. It will make building a new Domain easy for you.

Now all there is to do is to decide on gifts.

You already have your mother's gift of STRENGTH.

You still have the Stalwart Suitor's gift. You believe it is of FERTILITY.

The Nostalgic Suitor's gift is a mask. Understandable now. She has the ability to conceal the truth behind a facade. Fae are remarkably bad liars so they rely on half-truths and illusions. The mask is both a defensive item and a useful hacking tool, allowing you to conceal your Domain better than others and keeping your agents hidden when infiltrating someone else's Domain.

The Nostalgic Suitor's gift of Heard Earned Lesson and the Stalwart Suitor's gift of Domination (now Motherly Nature) have altered you, but such is the nature of a fae. They are not proper joining gifts.

Your Queen may still offer her gifts, but you think you might have been altered enough. You've not been informed of the offerings the Ambassador Prince and Princess have for you.

Please suggest an action. These are not exclusive actions, but choosing a gift requires a minimum of three votes.

1. Choose to take the Stalwart Suitor's gift of FERTILITY.
2. Choose to take the Nostalgic Suitor's gift of MASKING.
3. Talk to the Ambassador Prince.
4. Talk to the Ambassador Princess.
5. Talk to the Queen.
No. 925864 ID: 8d26c4

(I suppose I should note that since the Nostalgic Suitor has been chosen, she now gets a princess dress too)
No. 925866 ID: 10c408

2 and 5.

Masking is FAR too useful to just pass up and since that'll put us at 2/3 gifts we should get a second opinion from Mom before we do much else.
No. 925867 ID: 2202fb

do 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in that order. If possible, offer to share the gifts with your companion. Maybe get some combs. (srsly)
No. 925868 ID: 2202fb

Oh, and grab that question mark and strengthen your curiosity.
No. 925869 ID: 977456

2 3 5
Fertility would be nice for mook hordes, but an imp behind every tree gets stale. Besides, spooky grassland isn't done enough.
Masking sounds like a rare and valuable protection, and it is important to have something of our partner. Secrecy shouldn't be much of a detriment.
The ambassadors probably feel useless and rejected, we might like to get some associations with other domains, and every getting any form of male contact might add some balance to our efforts.
But don't overdo it.
And always say goodbye to mum.
No. 925878 ID: afdebc

Take both gifts, and then we're going to talk to everyone.

You should at least see what the Prince and Princess are offering before you decide if you've been altered enough. Gotta satisfy your curiosity!

And we can't not talk to the Queen before we go off to form our own space.
No. 925880 ID: 10c408

We took Mother's gift of strength, putting us at 1/3rd capacity. If we take the nostalgia suitors gift AND the gift from the dearly departed longhorn suitor, then we'll be at cap and can't take anything from the ambassadors.
No. 925931 ID: 2202fb

If it is a hard limit of three intentional gifts, then could we give some gifts to our friend here? She could get altered as well.
No. 925932 ID: cbdfa8

1 cause we need dat fertility
No. 925944 ID: 10c408

We'd have to ask Mother about that, but it's probably not a good idea. The Nostalgia suitor has made her case and won us over her history, it'd be a huge dick move to declare "but one last thing" and have the loyal and clever romantic fae spirit altered by using someone else's gift meant for us on her.

We also don't know how it would alter her.
No. 926035 ID: 8d26c4

She can't take any gifts. It's a hard limit.
The reason why will be clear when the time comes.

No. 926074 ID: 2202fb



Do 3 and 4 to get all our options out in the open. Then we can decide on what we keep.
No. 926077 ID: 823745

No. 926117 ID: 8d26c4
File 155280567480.jpg - (333.70KB , 640x720 , VQ30.jpg )

You have decided to take The Mask as your 2nd gift.

Perhaps anticipating your request (she knows you well; she made you after all) the Queen has already summoned the Ambassador Prince and Princess.

The Queen kindly informs you that she will no longer offer a hard earned lesson or a piece of her dream as you have been altered too much already. A second hard earned lesson would be too much bitterness for anyone as young as yourself, and having chosen your suitor you will need to create your own dream now. She hesitates to even offer another piece of herself; your third eye was altered by the Stalwart Suitor. The only gift she feels appropriate now would be flight.
No. 926118 ID: 8d26c4
File 155280569673.jpg - (251.41KB , 640x720 , VQ30a.jpg )

The Ambassador Prince steps forward.

The Ambassador Prince tells you that as the Nostalgic Princess is from his Domain, he can strengthen her gifts. You know now that this is no threat; she can not betray you. He can alternatively offer you a gift of History: you will be able to draw upon his ancestry if you need help creating your new Domain.
No. 926119 ID: 8d26c4
File 155280629356.jpg - (327.82KB , 640x720 , VQ30b.jpg )

The Ambassador Princess steps forward.

The Ambassador Princess explains that she held sway over the Stalwart Suitor and will be able to recover either one of her wishes or some of her form.

Should you choose to recover one of her wishes, you will be able to gain INSTINCT (appetite and will) or IMPISHNESS (clever and mischievous).

If you choose to recover some of her form, you will gain more of the Stalwart Suitor's form -- larger and muscular, but you will lose some of your bust.

"I will not recover her entirely," The Ambassador Princess informs you, "She had ... desires that could be satiated only here and you are best off without them,"
No. 926121 ID: 8d26c4
File 155280672471.jpg - (316.22KB , 640x720 , VQ30c.jpg )

It is time to choose.

Once you have decided upon your final gift, you and the Nostalgic Princess will be joined within your new Domain.

There will be no turning back.

What do you choose? One choice only.

1. The Stalwart Suitor's gift of FERTILITY.
2. The Queen's gift of FLIGHT.
3. The Ambassador Prince's gift of ENHANCING the NOSTALGIC PRINCESS's strengths.
4. The Ambassador Prince's gift of HISTORY.
5. Ask the Ambassador Princess to restore the Stalwart Suitor's wish of INSTINCT.
6. Ask the Ambassador Princess to restore the Stalwart Suitor's wish of IMPISHNESS.
7. Ask the Ambassador Princess to recover more of the Stalwart Suitor's FORM.
No. 926122 ID: afdebc

1. The Stalwart Suitor's gift of FERTILITY.
No. 926127 ID: 977456

>your bust ... you are best off without them
7 Every power couple needs, well, power. Nostalgic is a bit... elegant... and so we will have to pick up the slack when an unruly guest needs to be broken in half.
No. 926129 ID: 10c408


The nostalgia suitor's gift set is the perfect counterbalance to our gifts of strength and hard lesson.

The only thing left is MORE WILLPOWER.
No. 926139 ID: 094652

3 - You've been hogging all the presents. Come on, let your new wife have a few!

Also can someone deal with the remaining suitors before they fill explosives in the tin cans on the car?

No. 926141 ID: 998e76

No. 926166 ID: cbdfa8

The gift of fertility
No. 926183 ID: 8d26c4
File 155288042506.jpg - (262.53KB , 640x720 , VQ31.jpg )

You decide that your final gift will be the Stalwart Suitor's FERTILITY.

The Queen and ambassadors nod in agreement. It is time.

This place I've been in has always been different from the other parts of the kingdom. Dark. Mysterious. The Queen leads me through the fog, deeper into the dark. After awhile, she stops and tells me that my Nostalgic Princess and I must make the rest of the journey alone.

Soon it is so dark that the only light comes from us. I take her hand in mine. We are alone. The Queen's presence is gone. The gentle beat of the land is silent.

It's time to join.

I'm thrilled and terrified, but the Nostalgic Princess has already embraced me. I feel her warmth seep into me. She kisses me gently at first, then grows hungrier. I feel it too, wrapping my legs around her until they coil. I crush her against me, the pressure building until I finally myself give way.

She's inside me. I'm vaguely aware of her unraveling and twisting me up with her. Our thoughts begin to get jumbled. We feel like we are falling upwards at terrific speed.

I briefly find out her true name before we discard it. It's not our name anymore. We have learned from it, but we will not be lead by it.

We will create our own name.

The falling stops and we drift.

No. 926186 ID: 8d26c4
File 155288239527.jpg - (349.74KB , 640x720 , VQ32.jpg )

Clay: ... it's a girl! A healthy, baby girl!

Clay and Nem clean up the wailing newborn. Macha yells "EWWWW!" a bit too loudly.
Barry gives Lilly a kiss and tries to rub her shoulders but she pushes him away gently and just lies back. The majority of the chaos is done.

Lilly: Thanks Bear-bear, but ya not going near my vajayjay again.

Nem gives Lilly a kiss as well.

Nem: You were AMAZING!

Lilly sighs and smiles.

Lilly: Not as bad as ya made it sound. Still fuck'n terrifyin', though.


Nem sighs.

Nem: Yes, she did sweetie. And you can say it too the day you have a baby too.

Macha looks over at Lilly and begins to puff up her lungs to scream "EWWW" but Nem quickly covers her mouth.

Nem: And that is how mommies an daddies make a baby. That could happen anytime you and a boy get naked together.


Barry: C'mon princess. You've learned enough for one day.

Barry leads his daughter away from the lab. Nem smirks.

Nem: I don't believe that for a second. I wonder how I would have reacted at her age.

Clay: I'm surprised you let her watch. Good parenting in my opinion, better to teach them the truth, get rid of the mystique. But still, given the backward way you were raised...

Nem: Oh, I refuse to do to her what my parents did to me. I got a whipping for trying to peak in on the midwife doing her job, and it wasn't until I was working for the Department that I even learned the specifics on how babies were made. She wanted to see, so I let her. Maybe it will keep her out of trouble.

Nem helps Lilly get comfortable and cleans her up, while Clay gives the baby a quick once-over one more time and wraps her up warmly.

Lilly: I can't believe I pooped.

Nem: Why? You've seen me give birth twice now and saw what happened both times.

Lilly: But my bum's not supposed to work like that!

Clay sighs.

Clay: That's because you were never really born until fairly recently. You're nearly fully mortal now. And you've been eating more mortal food. It's only natural. You will eventually grow old and die.

Lilly ignores her and beams at her new baby.

Nem gives Clay a cold glance: It's better than outliving one's children.

Clay sighs. She knows better than to go over this again, but she can't help herself sometimes. The new baby is beautiful and healthy. Her third eye will probably open around adolescence, and the heterochromia is not especially unusual for a naturally born first generation half-blood.

She glances at the family. They're happy at least, and she supposes that's what really matters. She envies those with short, happy lives when they don't terrify her.
No. 926202 ID: 094652

Did... did we just create a crossbreed between Lilly and Freddy? (ow my eyebrow)
Wait a minute...
Oh @#$%, we just made Monica Villarreal. The world is not ready.
No. 926206 ID: 8d26c4
File 155288995792.jpg - (200.90KB , 640x720 , VQEnd.jpg )

You have assisted in Lilly's daughter being born!

She names her Abigail.

Puberty will hit Abby like a truck. A truck filled with boobs. (Cause: Strength, Fertility and Nostalgic Suitor choice).

She will be a loyal and steadfast friend and family member due to the Nostalgic Suitor's hard earned lesson.

She will love the simple things in life and not be materialistic due to your choice of the Nostalgic Suitor.

Because you chose the Queen's Strength, she has an interest in physiology and testing her own physical limits. And boobs, although she generally prefers men.

The gift of the Mask has given her great creativity but also causes her to put a different face forward to the world, and only people she trusts ever gets to see the real her.

Your choice of Fertility also gives her outstanding energy, creativity, and an extremely healthy sex drive rivaling her mimi Nem's.


If you have questions you may post them here. The illustration is a possible future Abby who may/may not get her own quest sometime later, but at least Lilly finally had her kid. Not all questions can be answered as they may be important if I decide to do an Abby's Quest.

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