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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 154830971263.png - (14.12KB , 650x650 , sb00001.png )
918745 No. 918745 ID: 15c122

You wake up cold and mad as hell.
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No. 918747 ID: 891b91

No. 918748 ID: efe8ae

Take a dump.
No. 918749 ID: 78dbfb

fucking YELL
No. 918750 ID: c82427

Find, eggs, lots of eggs
No. 918751 ID: 195fad

Stand up, and look around.
No. 918752 ID: afdebc

No. 918753 ID: c82427

No. 918754 ID: 45af71

Use your anger to set yourself on fire.
No. 918755 ID: c1212a

Make angry HowToBasic noises. Or angry Lemongrab noises if you can't manage
No. 918757 ID: 3a6b38

No. 918758 ID: 080aaf

Yank whatever's at the other end of your spinal cord along.
No. 918759 ID: 891b91

Seconding this, but do it via flopping.
No. 918765 ID: 15c122
File 154831170931.png - (11.93KB , 650x650 , sb00002.png )

You manage to flop onto your side, and now you're colder.
No. 918766 ID: 78dbfb

pull yourself together god damn it
No. 918774 ID: 15c122
File 154831208945.png - (15.20KB , 650x650 , sb00003.png )

You realize you're missing what's necessary to shit yourself.
You can't take ye dump.

You also realize you can't shriek like a banshee. You need a mouth, and lungs, and...

...Eggs. You need eggs.
No. 918775 ID: 15c122
File 154831228718.png - (33.01KB , 650x650 , sb00004.png )

You finally manage to get up, and...

You violently slap your... Eyes... On the ground.
No. 918777 ID: 15c122
File 154831236087.png - (14.86KB , 650x650 , sb00005.png )

But in doing so...

Well well well now what do we have here
No. 918780 ID: 78dbfb

roll into the holy water
No. 918781 ID: 891b91

Use your prehensile spine to get that jar of delicious pickled eggs. (But be sure to move off to the side a bit so it won't fall on you)
No. 918783 ID: 891b91

Also, what are you mad about?
No. 918790 ID: c1212a

coil spine like a spring, jump up and hang on by your eyeballs. just think of the eggs!!!
No. 918801 ID: 560756

But even if you get those eggs, how are you going to eat them?
No. 918816 ID: 080aaf

Jump up there. Put your back into it!
No. 918818 ID: 89b4c8

Learn to use your spine as a spring to hop around. Also to hop up and get all them eggs.
No. 919152 ID: 15c122
File 154857085831.png - (20.20KB , 650x650 , sb0006.png )

Good idea. All that retina-slamming really dried you out.

Being a brain rolling around in preservatives isn't your cup of tea.
No. 919153 ID: 15c122
File 154857087753.png - (15.31KB , 650x650 , sb0007.png )

An afterthought. And in your current situation, you've got plenty of time to do that.

Good idea! Those eggs will be in yours in no time. You use what muscles you have to prepare yourself becoming a hideous slinky.
No. 919155 ID: 15c122
File 154857089564.png - (15.17KB , 650x650 , sb0008.png )

One for the money, two for the dough, three to get...
No. 919156 ID: 15c122
File 154857091812.png - (15.50KB , 650x650 , sb0009.png )

No. 919157 ID: 15c122
File 154857095075.png - (16.57KB , 650x650 , sb0010.png )

Unfortunately you missed your target; likely something you'll get better at with practice. At least you didn't get a concu
No. 919158 ID: 15c122
File 154857096405.png - (29.05KB , 650x650 , sb0011.png )

No. 919159 ID: 15c122
File 154857097960.png - (17.58KB , 650x650 , sb0012.png )


Mission accomplished.
No. 919160 ID: b1b4f3

You got the eggs! The major brain damage is just a bonus. Now, what are you gonna do with them eggs?
No. 919161 ID: 78dbfb

No. 919164 ID: 891b91

Great! Now to get the jar open. Then you can live among the eggs.
No. 919167 ID: 560756

Unscrew that jar. An octopus is like 80% brain and they can open jars so you're on top of this too right?
No. 919179 ID: 89b4c8

Use your brain powaAAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-E-eee-ee-eee to open the jar. I mean, telekinesis.
No. 919180 ID: 080aaf

D'evour d'egg.
No. 919181 ID: 0c3c2c

Utilize the stem cells in the eggs to grow CHICKEN LIMBS.
No. 919204 ID: 83bf07

Only eggs can sustain you
No. 919216 ID: c1212a

consume e g g
No. 919219 ID: 094652

How are you still capable of coherent thought.

Use spinal cord to unscrew jar.

Be one with eggs.
No. 919240 ID: 89b4c8

Are there more jars there, besides the ones with unknown-organs-that-resemble-eggs?
No. 919242 ID: 977456

Eggs make for wonderful eyeball substitutes. Too bad that you don't have a head to put them on the back of.
No. 919457 ID: 39dde8

As soon as you open the jar you must roll around in the eggs there can be no greater pleasure for a brain.
No. 919662 ID: e95cec

Communicate with eggs.
No. 919726 ID: 891b91

Commune with eggs.
No. 921499 ID: 15c122
File 155030298962.png - (19.98KB , 650x650 , sb0013.png )

The jar is now in a vulnerable position, and within your slimy grasp.

Good question.
No. 921500 ID: 15c122
File 155030300865.png - (21.03KB , 650x650 , sb0014.png )

Best to try and open it, one way or another, so that you can throw yourself an insane egg bonanza...

...But no matter how you try and open the jar, you can't. You can't get a good grip on the smooth lid, and you're not strong enough to crack the glass or smash it against anything.
No. 921501 ID: 15c122
File 155030304688.png - (14.75KB , 650x650 , sb0015.png )

Perhaps you have some untapped psychokinetic potential! You focus hard on the jar and attempt to communicate with the eggs, to be a sort of pre-birth poultry pied piper.

Either it did jack diddly-squat, or the eggs are unimpressed with your inept attempts to communicate.
No. 921502 ID: 15c122
File 155030306076.png - (17.63KB , 650x650 , sb0016.png )

Maybe there are some more eggs to pillage. Perhaps, ones not confined to an impenetrable jar.

You take a look to your left. You see a broken jar that was filled with brain juice, and something immensely bright shining directly at you.
No. 921504 ID: 080aaf

No. 921507 ID: 891b91

The spotlight's on you! Do a jaunty dance!
No. 921510 ID: 834378

It's time we cut the losses and change our plan to consume the eggs only after we obtain the means to open the jar.

Move to the side and get a better look at where the light is coming from.
No. 921557 ID: b1b4f3

Hiss and hide behind something.
No. 923786 ID: 15c122
File 155141236329.png - (22.31KB , 650x650 , sb0017.png )

Your ticket to fame! You're finally in the limelight, but the timing could be better!
You can't remember the last time you've danced, or how to dance at all, and being a brain doesn't help.
However! You manage another flailing to impress your sudden audicence, which happens to be...
No. 923787 ID: 15c122
File 155141238231.png - (22.88KB , 650x650 , sb0018.png )

A man holding a flashlight, just as large vertically as he is horizontally. He's wearing a spiffy uniform, and a nasty expression.
No. 923788 ID: 15c122
File 155141243524.png - (21.78KB , 650x650 , sb0019.png )

You ironically don't have much time to think, so in the heat of the moment you jump behind the nearest thing casting a shadow, which happens to be your jar of eggs. The majority of yourself is able to hide behind the jar, sans your spinal cord, which visibly hangs over the jar.
No. 923789 ID: b1b4f3

Shoot, this is a terrible hiding spot. Can you run away? Away from the guard? Or around him?
No. 923790 ID: cbdfa8

Roll away!
No. 923800 ID: 891b91

Quick! Make some kind of signal to the Owl that Definitely Isn't Just Another Jar on that shelf in the background, so that it will swoop down and distract your pursuer!
No. 923801 ID: 9dafc7

Try to look pathetic. Maybe he'll try to stamp on the jar and break it or slip on it. That'll be your chance to escape.
No. 923810 ID: 834378

Stab him in the heart.
No. 923821 ID: 977456

Roll over to the other jar and scrawl out "Help me!" from the juice.
No. 923822 ID: 080aaf

Use your spine to propel yourself and your precious egg jar to safety.
No. 926489 ID: f2320a

Support letts see how this goes
No. 933097 ID: 15c122
File 155807976926.png - (7.92KB , 550x550 , sb0020.png )

The uniformed man looms over you, pointing his flashlight in your direction.
No. 933098 ID: 15c122
File 155807978787.png - (13.76KB , 650x650 , sb0021.png )

You figure that the most rational thing to do is to reason with the guy. He's probably confused. Scared. Frightened. The poor fella.

You look over the jar at the juice, which you could go for, since you're feeling a bit dried out. However, you realize that this juice could come in handy with communicating with the uniformed man!
No. 933099 ID: 15c122
File 155807980269.png - (22.31KB , 650x650 , sb0022.png )

Before you can come up what to communicate to the uniformed man, he reaches down and grabs the eggs that have until now protected you!
No. 933100 ID: 15c122
File 155807981738.png - (10.63KB , 650x650 , sb0023.png )

Now's your chance! Go get em tiger! It's your time to shine! To bring peace between yourself and this menacing figure...
No. 933101 ID: 15c122
File 155807983233.png - (13.79KB , 650x650 , sb0024.png )

...You sheepishly scrawl the tip of your spine in the unfortunately thin liquid.
No. 933102 ID: 15c122
File 155807985483.png - (16.85KB , 650x650 , sb0025.png )

The man with the flashlight violently attempts to smash your spine to pieces with his foot! The the thin liquid you were previously trying to inscribe a message inside of is now covering the bottom of the uniformed man's shoe.
No. 933103 ID: 15c122
File 155807988050.png - (23.70KB , 650x650 , sb0026.png )

Haha, well, that was worth a shot, you think!


Without enough time to position yourself or figure out how to move quickly, you rapidly wiggle your spine, hoping that it lets you escape the man who is now trying to make your grey matter, grey flatter.
No. 933104 ID: 15c122
File 155807989801.png - (27.93KB , 650x650 , sb0027.png )

As you attempt your escape the uniformed man, who had been standing in the juice, slips! His hat and flashlight, and your jar of eggs, go flying in different directions as he topples to the ground!
No. 933105 ID: 15c122
File 155807991847.png - (24.00KB , 650x650 , sb0028.png )

Still wiggling to escape the impending ground zero, you look behind you, at which point he lands flat on his face. HARD! You feel the rippling impact through the floor and up your spine. You narrowly miss a bouncing jar of eggs.
No. 933106 ID: 15c122
File 155807993047.png - (13.32KB , 650x650 , sb0029.png )

You stop and turn around. The man in the uniform looks to be out cold, with no movement whatsoever.
No. 933107 ID: 0fae41

Follow that jar!
No. 933108 ID: a67ac0

It is time to slip into his brain-pan. Assume superiority by slipping into his nasal cavity.
No. 933110 ID: ea5947

A bouncing jar... wat.

Remove this guy's brain and insert yourself in there.

Alternatively, search him for items, preferably documents which would explain what is this place.
No. 933113 ID: 25554f

Why is his head so small?
No. 933119 ID: b1b4f3

I think we need to escape the room.
No. 933120 ID: 891b91

Obtain hat, pilfer flashlight, pursue jar.

Or perhaps you can gain access to the interior of the large fellow's skull and replace his brain with yourself! Then YOU shall be the large fellow!
No. 933123 ID: 06d001

Check if the brain juice still looks ok to bathe in. If its still relatively clean, take a quick roll in it to rehydrate and set off to find those eggs.
No. 933126 ID: 977456

Investigate cross-spine communication protocol compatibility via direct physical coincidence.
Or stick your spine in Guard's neck and take that there bod for a spin.
No. 933130 ID: 588329

See if there's an awesome robot body you can take over.

Failing that, think about your life and the decisions you made to get here.
No. 933249 ID: f2320a

We dont want to dry out
No. 944804 ID: 15c122
File 156818290159.png - (15.15KB , 650x650 , sb0030.png )

You figure you need to find a way out of here before another uniformed man interrupts your brain shenanigans, but...

...Drying out like a raisin would be horribly unfortunate. You try searching all around the large man, now a large unconscious heap. Hardly a drop of brain juice, which seems to all be either covered by the man or soaked up by his uniform.
No. 944805 ID: 15c122
File 156818292986.png - (22.41KB , 650x650 , sb0031.png )

Perhaps, some straight from the source...

Maybe you can do the ol' switcheroo, by using his body to escape this place (and a more humid accommodation). It doesn't seem like he's going to be objecting to it anyway, being unconscious.
No. 944806 ID: 15c122
File 156818295118.png - (19.78KB , 650x650 , sb0032.png )

Your first shot at getting yourself in there is through his nostril. Turns out though that this just leads to his throat, which is in the opposite direction of his brain.
No. 944808 ID: 15c122
File 156818296849.png - (21.54KB , 650x650 , sb0033.png )

So now it's down to either the eyes or ears. You figure that eyes have more estate (and more room for, say, a renegade brain trying to slip inside someone's head). You push in through his right eye with your appendage, apply some force, and the uniformed man's left eye pops out. Gross!
No. 944809 ID: 15c122
File 156818299350.png - (13.93KB , 650x650 , sb0034.png )

You manage to slip into the man's head snugly.

VERY snugly. Not as much room in his head than you had expected.
I admit the scaling in that drawing was off. The brain's large and the head's small, but the difference isn't that drastic.

After doing a good amount of wiggling, you manage to fit in and discharge the previous resident in a motionless heap. The feeling of moving in is almost indescribable, as if you are getting... bigger? It's overpowering...
No. 944810 ID: 15c122
File 156818302121.png - (2.59KB , 650x650 , sb0035.png )

No. 944811 ID: 15c122
File 156818303480.png - (22.22KB , 650x650 , sb0036.png )


You heard that! Was that you? You can taste the air now, hear your starteled reaction, and smell what smells like a high school biology class.
No. 944812 ID: 15c122
File 156818306841.png - (23.39KB , 650x650 , sb0037.png )

You still totally flabbergasted and only have a grip on what's going on by the skin of your teeth. Which now, of course, you can now feel each of them in your mouth with the tongue you've acquired.

You do manage to collect yourself enough to collect the hat at your side.
No. 944813 ID: 15c122
File 156818309053.png - (21.38KB , 650x650 , sb0038.png )

Hat acquired. You finally manage to come to grips with all five senses, though you're still sitting in place and maybe drooling.
No. 944816 ID: 9876c4

Let's get into character.

Does this galoot have an ID on him?
No. 944818 ID: 891b91

Look! Hands with opposable thumbs! Finally, we can open the jar and get our mitts on those sweet, succulent eggs. We must consume them all!

No. 944820 ID: b1b4f3

Poor guy. Oh well, he did try to kill you. Maybe you can find another jar for him, to keep him from drying out?

but first EGG
No. 944825 ID: e6f10c

Hey, hold up on opening that jar 'o eggs and digging in! You don't know if that's a ordinary jar of pickled eggs, or even if those are eggs at all. Considering the location it's in, it's rather likely to not be safe to eat. You just got this body so it'd be rather unfortunate to kill it (and you with it) by ingesting embalming fluid or some such.

If you do go ahead with opening the egg jar, at least give the contents a sniff and dip your finger in the fluid and give it a little lick to test it. And nibble one of the eggs to test it before eating any more.

Place the previous occupant of this body where the jar you were once in fell onto the ground. That way it'll look like, to at least a cursory examination, that there isn't a brain missing if anyone else checks this place. It'll just look like it got knocked off the shelf.

Collect the flashlight and check the contents of this body's pockets. Look for ID as to who he was. And test if you can speak, just keep your voice low.

Oh, and note what color his eyes are. You'll need to check what color your eyes are in a mirror soon to see if they match or not. If not then you'll need a explanation if anyone notices. Colored contact lenses, perhaps? Or you could take to wearing dark sunglasses everywhere.
No. 944829 ID: b3c4cf

This body sucks but it should do until we find something better.

Now the first course of action should be...
No. 944831 ID: 9c4f92

Do a push-up.

Stash the brain.
No. 944856 ID: f2320a

Lets find a jar for the brain so it does not die is that brain moving like us does it have spine how weak is it? Hmmmm should we in the future try to build our own fleshy body frank style?
No. 944874 ID: 0a7f21

Eat the eggs and preserve the poor saps brain in the jar.
No. 944901 ID: f2320a

Wow we have big eyes can we blink?
No. 945156 ID: 2fbf55

Egg is to Egg as Egg is to Egg.

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