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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 153980512722.png - (181.50KB , 735x490 , 1aaa.png )
907309 No. 907309 ID: cc2335

First time hosting a quest.
You are a desert wanderer, lost in the vast expanse of dull yellow. You’ve been exiled by the Sultan of the land. The Sultan has controlled the land for as long as history began, nobody knows why, but many accept it as fact. Many often regard him as the True God of the Desert.
No. 907310 ID: cc2335

The golden sun is high over the horizon and the skies are clear. Yet again, your hopes for water have been spoiled, but it’s not like that’s uncommon. You only wish for the salvation of life, to escape the Sultan’s Curse and go back home. For it to go back to normal. This is why you’ve escaped, you’d rather die with the slim chance of making it back home rather than at the hands of the Sultan. But now, you’ve lost your nerve. Lost your hope. You question why you even try fighting at this point.

All you have is a canteen, a blanket you wear as a hood during the day, and the clothes on your back. You’re lucky enough to have cloth sandals to protect your feet from the blistering sand, but even they are failing under the heat. In your canteen, you have dirty, muddy water from rocky regions. You don’t remember how far back this was and it makes you wonder just how you made it last this long. All you know is, it’s disgusting, and you’ve barely had enough to survive, but you’re hanging on. At this rate, it’ll last for a few more days at best.

You know you’re on your way to your home village, but you don’t know how far away it is. You’ve just been utilizing the North Star and the sun’s rising and setting. Basing off of what you remember, there should be another village in an Oasis northeast of where your village is. You know for a fact that the Capitol is almost directly east of your own village, but you don’t know where it could be exactly. For all you know, you passed it days ago. In the general vicinity of your village is a relatively small stream. It’s not nearly a river like the Capitol is, but for your people, it’s more than enough. It’s also a lot more solid than sand but more soft than rock. At least for only a hundred or so people.

Main thing is, while you desperately wait for the moon to return, what do you do?
>Make way for your village still.
>Find the northeast village
>Find the stream
>Hunt for Food.
>Wait for Night.
>Give up.
>Other (Please suggest!)
No. 907318 ID: 575ec0

Wait for night, and then hunt for that stream.

To travel during the day is suicide, and a stream should be much easier to find then the village. It must go on for miles and miles, the water has to come from somewhere.
No. 907327 ID: 2e0f31

Hunt for food, lest you become food.
No. 907331 ID: afdebc

It's the desert, you should really be traveling by night anyways.
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