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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 153493962555.png - (8.40KB , 640x480 , shoetitle.png )
898534 No. 898534 ID: 294c15

An exercise in going fast.

(oh god here we go again)

Warning: Likely to get NSFW due to free-for-all nature of quest.
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No. 898535 ID: 294c15
File 153493968119.png - (6.52KB , 640x480 , shoe1.png )


- To overcome actual problems, use a skill and roll this many D6s.
- The sum of the D6s must be higher (not tied or lower) than an opposing roll to pass.
- Rolling all 6s means a new skill based on the current situation can be gained at a level higher than the skill level used in the challenge.
- Failing a roll gives 1 XP.
- XP can be spent to make a die into a 6 but only for the purposes of advancement.
No. 898536 ID: 294c15
File 153493970995.png - (8.96KB , 640x480 , shoe2.png )

Hi. My name is DOOR. My parents said it was a clerical error.

Someone gave me this BOX and told me it has to get to a specific mailbox in TRIANGLE CITY.
A real shady deal. Told me not to open the box and that I wouldn't get paid until it got to the city.
I lost my job a couple days ago so I guess I'm doing this now!

It's a starry evening out and I feel like I can

Do Anything (1)

But all I've got is the clothes I'm wearing, the BOX, my PHONE and that's pretty much it.
No. 898537 ID: 33cbe7

rolled 5 = 5

Wait, do we have shoes on? This is important.
No. 898540 ID: 76ed15

rolled 1 = 1

Check phone for messages and updates.
No. 898541 ID: a94e23

rolled 4 = 4

Got moving to the dead drop.
No. 898546 ID: 757ccd

rolled 1 = 1

look for someone to hug
No. 898547 ID: ff82d2

rolled 5 - 7 = -2

Take off clothes. Put box in clothes.
No. 898566 ID: 465a14

rolled 3 = 3

Keep your clothes on and find someone to hug.
No. 898573 ID: 4f1cbc

rolled 1 = 1

List current skills
No. 898611 ID: a51175
File 153497095173.png - (6.46KB , 640x480 , shoe3.png )


- Rolling dice is not always required! If something is relatively trivial to do, it does not need a roll. If something trivial is attempted with a roll, prepare for cataclysmic failure if it doesn't succeed. On the flipside, if something trivial is succeeded, it will no longer be a trivial accomplishment.
- Trying to repeat an earlier action will lead to the roll being ignored.
- Only one skill can be acquired per update.
No. 898612 ID: a51175
File 153497097112.png - (9.26KB , 640x480 , shoe4.png )

CHALLENGE: Do we have shoes? >>898537
Rolled (5) vs (6) [>>/tg/11522] -- FAILED! +1 XP

Nope, I have no shoes. At all. Hope the road's not too painful to walk on!

CHALLENGE: Check phone! >>898540
Rolled (1) vs (4) [>>/tg/11523] -- FAILED! +1 XP

...Huh. I guess I don't actually have my phone with me. Weird.

[ -1 PHONE ]

CHALLENGE: Hug! >>898546
Rolled (1) vs (3) [>>/tg/11525] -- FAILED! +1 XP

There's no one around for miles. ...How did I get here??

CHALLENGE: List skills! >>898573
Rolled (1) vs (2) [>>/tg/11529] -- FAILED! +1 XP

...What's a skills?

Do Anything (1)
Understand Basic Questions (-1)

CHALLENGE: Keep clothes on! >>898566
Rolled (3) vs (3) [>>/tg/11528] -- FAILED! +1 XP
CHALLENGE: Strip and dress up box! >>898547
Rolled (5) vs (2) [>>/tg/11527] -- SUCCESS!!

Okay! Feels kinda cold.

CHALLENGE: Get moving! >>898541
Rolled (4) vs (2) [>>/tg/11524] -- SUCCESS!!

I struggle to move the box with me and get walking down the road, with no clothes.

This is fine! I think! Only twenty seven days by foot to get there!

No. 898615 ID: a363ac

rolled 4 = 4

look for a cactus to hug the water out of
No. 898617 ID: 4f1cbc

rolled 6 = 6

Reclaim your clothes from the box, it's cold.
No. 898621 ID: d59604

rolled 4 = 4

Search your surroundings for something that might help you get where you're going any faster than that.
No. 898623 ID: ff82d2

rolled 2 = 2

Use the cloth as a bag to carry box.

Does undoing actions like >>898617 count as repeating earlier action?
No. 898624 ID: ff82d2

rolled 5 = 5

Observe the road for any passing vehicles.
No. 898628 ID: 33cbe7

rolled 6 = 6

Going on foot's no good! You need to fly, and to fly you need to acquire wings.
Learning to use them can come later. Baby steps.
(train skill: sudden mutations or paper mache)
No. 898753 ID: 556258

Take box.
No. 904917 ID: 778df3

rolled 2 = 2

Train in running skills

1 XP used to make it a 6 for advancement only.
No. 904920 ID: 4c908d

Acquire vulva and nipples.
No. 904934 ID: ad51b8

gaze at night sky
No. 905119 ID: 1851b6

No, Acquire big honking DONG
dice 1d6
(Learn Dong-mancy)
No. 905120 ID: 1851b6

No. 905121 ID: 1851b6

rolled 5 = 5

No. 905122 ID: 97780b

rolled 5 = 5

Stand on the box and use clothes as a sail
No. 905240 ID: a1d782

rolled 5 = 5

Forget delivering the box, wish on shooting star for like, a metric ton of cash instead.
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