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File 152485233786.png - (2.89KB , 360x420 , only roar.png )
881097 No. 881097 ID: e7830d

Sister thread: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=3185

You are LORD GENERAL GHANZORIK, the Supreme Commander in charge of the Spinward Front campaign.

On your desk is a request by one of your Commanders about one of the officers recently slated for promotion to COLONEL. While his report is remarkably spotless and uneventful, they insisted that he be not just demoted, but reassigned to one of the nearby penal legions. Permanently. Normally, you would ignore such impetuous meddling but along with the request is a remarkably lengthy list of petitioners; were it not for the support placed behind it, such a piece of news would never reach your eyes and ears.

Looking over your other notes, you notice a request from a nearby Sector Governor, calling for commanders from nearby worlds to assist in the formation of a new Imperial Guard army on a recently-rediscovered world.

That world is Carlos McConnell.
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No. 881102 ID: 33cbe7

Exterminatus now. You can still save this timeline.
No. 881104 ID: 709cab

Hmm... Odd name for a planet. What is the status of this planet? Is it a Hive World? Feral World? Forge World? Agri-world?
No. 881115 ID: 3804c3

Well have your newly promoted COLONEL reassigned to the planet.
Anyway lets get back to the whole "being in charge of a massive military campaign", how are things going on the front?
No. 881117 ID: e7830d
File 152486182174.png - (27.12KB , 450x450 , worldtype.png )


Exterminatus? If only it were that easy.

Inquisitors seem to get all the resources they need and more. You know they have a division dedicated to time (Ordo Chrono-something?). Just what they do though, is a mystery. And you don't like mysteries.

Instead of having ships blow up entire planets, here you are on the fringe of the Empire, fighting a slow and grinding planetary war against orks and renegades. And in the limited downtime you do have, there's silly unit politics to attend to.

You're supposed to read it over, but the galaxy is hardly going to fall apart if a servitor fills in the blanks for you.


Weird, definitely. Who in the name of the Emperor is Carlos? Probably some long-dead Rogue Trader. They have a habit of naming things after themselves, but not always entire planets.

The papers you have on hand are awfully non-specific, but based on the information it does provide, Carlos McConnell was only reclaimed rather recently. It is yet to receive a formal Governor and is under nominal military control, until such time as the Ministorum dictates otherwise. That could take a few days, or a few centuries.

Since more developed worlds rarely disappear, you have some hunches.

1-10: Feral World - a primitive, backwater planet. Tend to be tribal, with clan-based governments.

11-40: Death World - a planet where everyone and everything tries to kill you. Even the plants. ESPECIALLY the plants.

41-70: Feudal World - more advanced than a feral world, but still lacking the urbanised landscape of more advanced Imperial worlds.

71-80: Civilised - has advanced to the point of having urban population centres.

81+: ??? - There are many types of world in the Imperium, though more advanced ones are less likely to disappear off galactic charts.
No. 881129 ID: dc91a0

rolled 23 = 23

No. 881135 ID: 3804c3

rolled 87 = 87

See the thing is
>He conquered a planet from xenos and heretical filth, named it after himself, and found it filled with catgirls!
>Carlos McConnell - Rogue Trader and Hero of the Imperium!
So it can't be a death world after Carlos tamed it so it's either feral, feudal or civilized.
No. 881136 ID: 3804c3

YAY cat girl werld.
Would that be anime then?
No. 881138 ID: 33cbe7

rolled 97 = 97

I hope it's a forgeworld. Bionic catgirls are a go!
No. 881143 ID: 8454dc

dice 1d100
No. 881144 ID: 8454dc

Nice job me
No. 881161 ID: 4f55b8

rolled 58 = 58

Here’s hoping we aren’t stuck with some death world...
No. 881164 ID: dc91a0

1 death, 1 feudal, 2 Catgurl so far.
No. 881174 ID: e7830d

[Re: dice rolling ettiquette: Results will be based on the first valid dice roll, with one roll per post, unless stated otherwise. However, I may at times utilise some of the other dicerolls. For example, I'm using another planet generation table to determine some secondary characteristics. Like most percentile systems, terriblefun things can happen when you roll certain numbers, like 1, 69 or 100.]

A Death World. That explains a lot. Death worlds can easily lose their Imperial presence to the local flora and fauna alone. And when they don't, the locals are often militant enough on their own, if given an excuse and an opportunity. However, there doesn't seem to be any evidence of foul play.
According to attached errata, Explorators present at rediscovery found pockets of 'civilised' settlements, well-populated and protected by mysterious shield-walls. They have been mostly well-kept by the inhabitants but show signs of Archaeotech. A relic of their long-gone discoverer, or perhaps something more ancient?
It is unknown which came first; the settlements, or their current inhabitants. McConnell is occupied by a novel yet sanctioned breed of abhuman classified as Homo Sapiens Hirsutus.

Most people call them Felinids.

[ https://pastebin.com/AQsyeq7q ]
No. 881185 ID: e7830d

Terror and triumph on a single world. How quaint.

You could have held back the promotion or rebuff the transfer request, but this proposition look like an easy solution.
You assign this fellow to the planet, submitting a letter of commendation in parallel. He'll have his promotion, but you cannot stand for dissent in the ranks. If he is as good as his record attests, he'll work his way back offworld in no time. If not, then he didn't deserve the promotion.

You are now a Commissar in a freighter speeding towards Carlos McConnell. There was a loud thump on the wall - followed by expletives, waking you from your nap.

There's not much around you. It's got the basics, including what is possibly the sector's smallest ENSUITE. You're currently in your HAMMOCK, sleeping in your underwear: your nightclothes haven't been returned (you only have one pair after losingdonating the other pair to the ship's crewmembers during a drunken game of poker). The Chrono indicates it's mid-morning. Ostensibly. You feel hungover vibrant, but you could use a freshening-up.

There's a DESK with papers across it, including the few notes you found about your destination and some of your personal stuff adorns shelf near a PORTHOLE.
No. 881189 ID: b53bd0

get some water to help work off your uhh, vibrancy.
so what forces do we have? even a handful of catachan in an otherwise normal force would be wonderful.
No. 881190 ID: 33cbe7

Obsessively clean bolt pistol.
No. 881191 ID: 4f55b8

As long as you have your hat, commissar with their hat is hardly a commissar at all. Get dressed, freshen up, shoot guardsmen who took your pants (say it was cowardice), and let’s read those files.

What exactly will we be deploying with? And do we have a set base of operations or do we need to set one up?
No. 881193 ID: 4f55b8

Without their hat*
No. 881241 ID: 3804c3

Death wurld with pockets of Scottish Mexican Sci-fi/mech anime catgurls!!
HOLY IMPERIAL FUCK Commissarman!!!!!!!!

>followed by expletives
That can be one of only two things and warp take you if it's the second!
There's a Guardsmen aboard! He is now your new subordinate. Resist urge to execute him for incompetence.
No. 881283 ID: e7830d
File 152492706761.png - (30.43KB , 600x520 , update commisar.png )

rolled 100, 26, 100 = 226

No. 881289 ID: 33cbe7

Wow, those are some... really promising rolls.
No. 881292 ID: e7830d

It's about time you got out of bed. However, while the mind is willing your body is... not quite as empowered by the light of the Emperor. But that won't stop you getting o-FUUUCK.

While attempting to leave the hammock, the ship lurches and you proceed to roll out violently and proceed to land face first on the floor. Hard. Thankfully, you don't suffer any serious damage outside of your bruised ego. However, your back is pretty sore now, on top of your current 'vibrancy'.

It seems like everything is going wrong for you today. Your luck is terrible. Well, more terrible than usual. You've have some real bad breaks over the years. It feels like everyone hates you sometimes. Regardless, you still have some things to do today.

You pull yourself up, grab two empty canteens and trudge over to the shower. Or rather, an all-purpose en-suite the size of a shower. It's got a commode and steel sink that pop out of the wall, though it's still metallic, cramped and plain as you'd expect. You feel a little better after a good drink of water, but the foreboding feeling refuses to disappear.
You reach into one of the three lockers in the room and pull out your dress uniform. It looks as smart as you were hoping, complete with the pointy hat. You love the hat. You used to joke with the other teens in the Schola that you wanted to wear one when you grew up. And now, you get to wear your own! Your spirits lift a little, but not a great deal. Still, you do feel pretty dashing with all the skulls and gold trim.
And the bolt pistol looks cool, too. It's a rare pattern and after wielding it for awhile, you can see why it's rare. It can fit standard bolter magazines and fire better from the shoulder, yet the weight imbalance isshit regrettable. You are of course not complaining. Because that would imply the Munitorum made a mistake. As the Munitorum is guided by will of the Emperor himself, such cannot possibly happen.
That would be HERESY.

You fix it up a little, but given how you're feeling, you decide against trying to clean it completely, just a little more polishing on the outside.

Now that you're all kitted-out, maybe you should check yourself out in the mirror? Maybe that will give you the ego boost needed to make it through the day.

[Time for some more rolls: 5d100 and 4d10]
No. 881299 ID: dc91a0

rolled 2, 3 = 5

I'mma roll a couple of them d 10's, whos with me?
No. 881300 ID: b53bd0

rolled 13 = 13

i'll do a 100
No. 881304 ID: f129fa

rolled 47, 71, 87 = 205

More rolls!
No. 881312 ID: b53bd0

you can't roll two different dice at once, the system read your roll as
No. 881316 ID: 33cbe7

rolled 2, 6 = 8

Fine, mister fun police. You can roll your own nat 1s then.
No. 881332 ID: bf24eb

rolled 85, 76, 44, 48, 24 = 277

Alright, rolling.
No. 881333 ID: bf24eb

rolled 5, 3, 1, 7 = 16

And rolling 4d10
No. 881336 ID: e7830d

[That's a lotta dice. Update incoming.
Here's what some of these rolls are being used for: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/dark%20heresy%20beta/Character%20Creation%20Web%20Supplement.pdf[/spoiler]]
No. 881351 ID: e7830d

rolled 2 = 2

No. 881357 ID: 5bbd1a

The link won’t work.
No. 881466 ID: e7830d

You're still very young (13), having only just graduated on Maccabeus Quintus. Your lanky build betrays your (47) Death World origins and led to plenty of jokes aobut altitude by your peers. You were born on Karrik to a family with distant ties to one of the Rogue Trader houses of the Koronus Expanse. Your wealthy father died in a hunting accident valiantly while collecting specimens searching for family relics in the lost colony of Kenov III. Familial connections arranged for your entry into the Schola Progenium.
It is hard to remember much from that time thanks to indoctrination but they did seem happy as you left.

Your (47) tanned skin, (71) black hair and (87) green eyes are unblemished, but your (85) head seems a little small for the rest of your body. You’re unusually (76) sarcastic and biting as Commisars go, but (44) loyal to your friends and (48) enjoyed mentoring the younger Schola (your tongue kept you a little behind some of your peers).

A pendant on your breast is inscribed with the divination you were given during graduation (24): “Know the mutant, kill the mutant.” Given your assignment to a world full of filthy half-breeds, you’re pretty sure this is luck once again screwing you over.

You sigh as you look into the mirror. This is what you worked towards. You undermined your own candidacy for the Adepta Sororitas in the hope of fighting like your father and the still send you to buttfuck nowhere a remote death world far from combat.

You’re sure it had nothing at all to do with being female.
No. 881476 ID: e7830d

As for your acquaintances from yesterday? They were mostly crewmembers. You think. The water really isn't doing that much to help your memory.

Looking over the units, it seems that recruiters sought a mix of individuals, mainly from the Calixis Sector. The destination itself is spinward of the Calixis Sector, within a poorly-chartered region between the Segmentuim Obscurus and Segmentum Pacifica. Several planets with notable regiments were approached, but not all those approached answered the call.
Bront: Home of the longknives (2) - declined, citing their limited numbers and recruitment practises. However, they did send instructors in close-quarters combat.
Canopus: A hive with a reputation for enginneers (3) - declined military support, but is providing vehicles, resources and manpower for construction.
Luggnum: Close-quarters underground specialists (2) - The sewer rats, being unsuited to the planet, were passed-over.
Maccabeus Quintus: Pious and unrelenting (6) - Assigned three companies of milita and one of Janissaries. You're familiar with their strength and glad to see them onboard.
Merov: Notable for penal legions (5) - To your disgust, there are three companies from their Penitentary Indentured regiments. You regret having to deal with them and you strongly suspect they had a hand in yesterday's business.
Montessa: Another death world in the Sector (3) - You don't know much about them but there is one company of Scythewinds, presumably some sort of drop trooper.
Mortessa: Not to be confused with Montessa (1) - Ignored entirely, averting any confusion over names.
Scintilla: A hive known for its noble population (7) - The rest of the companies are Fusiliers.
Thanks to that last note, life expectancy of the regiment is now looking pretty grim.

As a Junior Commissar, you'll be missing out on any of the bigger appointments and will be working with another. But you already have some clear preferences.

Seeing the low numbers available, some other planets within and without the sector that became involved militarily.

Who were they?

>Pick three worlds: two from nearby (Calixis, Ixaniad, Scanus, Koronus, possibly the Sabbath Worlds region) and one from beyond (within reason)

If you want to generate a regiment, that's cool, but will take up the third slot.

No. 881477 ID: e7830d

Botched up the link - made a mistake with the brackets

Try this: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/dark%20heresy%20beta/Character%20Creation%20Web%20Supplement.pdf
No. 881480 ID: 33cbe7

Being assigned to a so-called 'Abhuman' world must fill you with raege, huh?
So... Pick someone not from among the above worlds? Or from the above, and if so which ones are near and far?
Creating a regiment for the third slot sounds good.
No. 881493 ID: e7830d
File 152502144167.jpg - (55.02KB , 388x560 , fb59afe974f72a291aec3b8823433d6e.jpg )

>>881480 The worlds should be outside those already listed and be capable of sparing the manpower, though not much is needed. No planet is expected to send a full regiment.

For the sake of this, the Calixis, Ixaniad and Scanus sectors are considered 'close enough' plus the Koronus Expanse. There's a lot of worlds to choose from, some better known than others. Askellon (setting of Dark Heresy 2) is a bit too far geographically, as far a I can tell.

It's possible for planets in Segmentum Pacificus (ie; Sabbat Worlds, Laanath Rifts and Saguinary Worlds) be 'close enough', but they won't be on the ship, since they'll be coming from the opposite direction. And will have a pretty perilous journey, to boot.

I'll be using This Guy's maps, because they're awesome (and as canonical as you can expect from 40k, lol) https://messiahcide.deviantart.com/gallery/62918890/Imperial-Sectors
No. 881746 ID: e7830d
File 152510533320.jpg - (906.82KB , 696x1000 , morale_restored__by_nicolasrgiacondino-d8m9jq1.jpg )

[The Eagle Time thread's been updated a bit. Their storyline will be covering some of the other party members as they're introduced and fleshed out, though more tongue-in-cheek and less bogged down in crunch than things here.

Searching through the 40k fluff is a nightmare at the best of times, I'll share some options. Tee biggest one would be the Malfi Light Infantry. I's an infamous Hive world: imagine a planet that's half Taris from SWTOR and half the Mos Eisley Cantina. Except far more depraved.

These worlds were excluded from the earlier list since the sources were sketchy or limited info: Clove, Lacusta, Iaxia and Volg. Outside Calixis, there's Gudrun and Vessor

Honestly though, I'd be happy for us to come up with a custom regiment to fill in the numbers. Makes things easy enough.]
No. 881763 ID: 33cbe7

Your audience isn't dead, it's just the records for the custom regiment I had prepped are lost somewhere in the Munitorum's infamous paperwork labyrinth. As is the book with all the other regiments' info.
No. 881765 ID: e7830d

[[ If we're going the diy route, easiest way is this: https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Imperial_Guard_Regiment_Creation_Tables

Once we make it through that, it can be simulated via the actual rules. Here's a handy cheat sheet: https://img.4plebs.org/boards/tg/image/1493/26/1493267455422.pdf

dice for the dice god ]]
No. 882171 ID: 33cbe7

Mordians weren't mentioned yet, so I'll nominate them and the Cyprian Huntsmen. Both are just swell postings for a commissar! (Honestly, they're the only ones I know that aren't mentioned yet.)
As for that custom regiment, here it is (finally), made using Only War core and supplement book rules. https://pastebin.com/4PiEn8L6
No. 882330 ID: e7830d

rolled 2, 6, 2 = 10

roll the bones

>>882171 [[I like some parts of this, though the fluff would need some tweaks to fit into planning - contact me on ET if you'd like to discuss it]]
No. 882339 ID: e7830d

Apart from a handful of (2) Ratling snipers from Cyprian's Gate, the ship's head 'chef' and the Ogryns down with munitions and storage, there aren't any abhumans onboard. The last real military unit to arrive before preparing to leave Calixis was some companies of Mordian Guard; veterans of one of the local campaigns that were disbanded after their regiments were wiped-out. There are almsot three companies worth, though they are under-manned and back-filled with various other recruits.

There is at least one other unit being collected en route - the Mechanicus' contribution to the expedition has yet to embark, snce they've been marshalled about halfway to your destination. That more or less rounds out military assets. There's room on the ship for more, but you... oh.

There's someone banging on the door.
No. 882462 ID: e37a06

Prepare thyself, and then answer the distraction.
No. 882538 ID: e7830d
File 152547124438.jpg - (18.47KB , 252x200 , index.jpg )

rolled 52 = 52

The banging intensifies. Whoever it is, they're not terribly keen on giving you time to finish pouting in the mirror. You manage to tidy yourself up though.

???: Open up AT ONCE! I know you're in there. Don't make me shoot the lock of this door, young lady!
No. 882539 ID: 33cbe7

That's COMMISSAR young lady to you!
No. 882540 ID: e7830d
File 152547143235.png - (2.03KB , 192x147 , hi senpai.png )

The door, despite a great deal of shuddering, remains intact. Having finally reached the door, you open it to make an important discovery.

You aren't the only Commissar on the ship.
No. 882584 ID: e37a06

dice 1d100

"So... laundry day?"
No. 882616 ID: e7830d

rolled 24 = 24

if you insist :3
No. 882707 ID: e7830d
File 152555695548.gif - (6.30KB , 108x160 , commisar senpai.gif )

He doesn't look impressed.

Uh, hi...Commissar. I didn't know it was you. Uh. Sorry.

That's Commissar-Captain Antony Carnus to you and your insolence has been noted. As a Junior Commissar, you have been seconded to me on your current assignment. That includes monitoring your performance, handling capital punishment requests you submit and apparently, handling your brassiere.
No. 882709 ID: e7830d
File 152555827994.gif - (2.38KB , 100x150 , commisar talk.gif )

So... laundry day?


I mean, thank you. I didn't know it had gone missing. Maybe there was a mix-up with the laundry servitor?

Well, I find it somewhat UNLIKELY that this item somehow made its way from your possession into the hands of the 13th Merov Penitentiary Indentured regiment without your knowledge, but I am giving your the benefit of the doubt for now. The state of the machinery on this vessel is such that I cannot fully discount your flimsy excuse.

He tosses the pink bra across the room.

Yeah, it's a shame the Mechanicus hasn't arrived yet. Well, thanks again Commissar-Captain. I'll be sure to keep a good eye on my, uh underwear from now on and report immediately it goes missing.

What happened to the culprits, if you don't mind me asking?

I took the liberty of executing the penalty for stealing from a member of the Commissariat. Do not make these incidents a regular occurrence. Wasting of the Emperor's men and women due to personal indiscretion is INTOLERABLE for a member of your station.

You feel uneasy here, with his gaze staring at you but maybe you should ask him something before he leaves in a huff.
No. 882738 ID: 074011

Does this mean that Commissar-Captain Antony Carnus has completed the morning troop inspections in your absence?
No. 882743 ID: 69334d

What a swimming start to your...relasionship with your superior. Better go do something sutably Commisar-ish to try and get the heat off your back.
No. 882927 ID: 95e492

Just, uh, just let him maintain the armour of contempt. We're about to be up to our noses in cats and killer plants. He'll probably need it.
No. 882935 ID: 33cbe7

You either need to get better at poker or find worse players than you.
Ask him if he's allergic to cats.
No. 884991 ID: e7830d
File 152669387644.png - (1.03KB , 100x150 , commisar facepalm.png )

rolled 100 = 100

So, I guess that means the morning troop inspection are done?

There were done hours ago. Since then, I have been waiting outside for your rousing to what you know full well was an unsanctioned slumber that I, as your superior, shall be taking note of in my daily report.
Understood, sir. My mistake; I will get out there and attend to my duties at once.
Just, eh... one last question, please?


This planet we're going to. The local abhumans are Felinids, right? That sounds like some sort of animal hybrid. I eh, hope nobody on the ship is allergic to cats. Ha ha...heh.
No. 884994 ID: e7830d

[you might want to spend a Fate Point, folks]

Update has been delayed for several reasons, partly study load, partly every single lore and background file I wrote up was deleted by my phone.
No. 885028 ID: 094652

Okay, spend a Fate point. Now what?
No. 885037 ID: 33cbe7

At least if we set low expectations now, he won't expect anything from us in the future. That makes our job a lot easier... eventually!
No. 885038 ID: e7830d
File 152671210020.png - (0.98KB , 150x150 , gameover.png )

rolled 71 = 71

Commissar-Captain Carnus withdrew his boltpistol with alarming speed.

That is IT! I have had enough of your juvenile behaviour and continual INSOLENCE! For the charges of insulting a superior officer, dereliction of duty and failure to meet the demands of your post, you are hereby arrested, in the name of the EMPEROR. Your sentence of public execution shall be carried out this afternoon. Until then, you will be held in custody within the brig.

No. 885046 ID: 074011

Get saved at the last moment by a convoluted series of events.
Such as our poker buddies being stupid enough to get angry over the summary executions, encounter our replacement, and respond with violence. Our replacement respond by failing to curse them, and under interrogation revelas that they were the last in a long line of Tzeenchian cultists who our superior has conspired to infiltrate the officer ranks. Our poor performance is revealed to be the product of our being deliberately drugged. This simultaneously justifies our conduct and compromises our accuser, and for some inexplicable reason, us being executed anyway just to be safe, does not occur.

No. 885048 ID: 33cbe7

Just as planned.
No. 885063 ID: e7830d
File 152674163506.png - (1.29KB , 117x160 , he mad.png )

He doesn't seem very pleased.

This is NOT the time nor the place for this kind of conversation! You will cease this blathering nonsense and begin attending to your duties AT ONCE, before I regret my clemency!

Yes. At once, Sir!

He storms off down the corridor, his power fist shaking angrily. You narrowly missed out on far more bad consequences, but it's clear your relationship with Carnus has not gotten off to a good start.
No. 885065 ID: e7830d
File 152674309514.jpg - (91.72KB , 750x600 , Your offering is pleasing to tzeentch.jpg )

Ah, that would be a most amusing turn of events. Perhaps I should keep an eye on this one...

[To get a feel for the scale of the ship, I decided to sketch up the floor we're on right now: https://i.imgur.com/UNlXlau.png

It's pretty big]
No. 885070 ID: b8d41a

ONLY 4000 troops on a deck that size? Its like the admisitratum isnt even trying
No. 885081 ID: bffeb2

Can't we just kill this psychotic fuck
No. 885089 ID: ee2d6e

Rogue Trader. They don't follow your rules, man.
Bad commisars aren't killed by their subordinates, they just tend to get hit by stray fire. Which will only happen in the middle of a firefight. Audible wink.
No. 885121 ID: 074011

Go get your duty roster and get out there. There are guardsmen to intimidate! and you're not getting drunk enough to see their backstories after that mess.
Double-check the dates. The daily duties are monotonous and unchanging, but having the wrong paperwork could be fatal.

Killing a commissar of the imperial guard is not so easy. To them, fear is a snack, they eat bullets for breakfast, and they take "what's your poison" literally! (We have the half-empty cabinet of laxatives to prove it. They say your digestive tract adapts after a decade or two.) What would kill mere mortals often makes a commissar more dangerous.
No. 885186 ID: e7830d

As your cantankerous boss leaves earshot, your mind inevitably wonders to the question of how you'll survive under his command. You're not exactly the most... straight-laced of Commissars but even you have serious qualms about offing a superior officer, assuming it'd even work.

You distinctly recall a bunch of kids at the Schola trying to off a sick bastard assigned to loyalty training. He deliberately paired students with their best friends, forcing seniors to off them as part of their final graduation tests.

The cleaning fluid they used was caustic enough to burn holes in anything, even low-grade hull plating. Unfortunately, said Commissar had survived a similar attempt some decades ago and had a Mechanicus-implanted digestive system. He was reassigned soon afterwards, but not before terminating the culprits... and a good twenty-five other suspects you knew had nothing to do with it.

Even bullets tend to be an unreliable method of killing a Commissar, since a poorly-placed las round tends to make them angry, rather than dead. The inevitable bolt round to the face tends to be far more deadly. And that's before the matter of conversion fields...
No. 885251 ID: 455aea

anything short of a melta charge is heresy.

then you cam claim desertion!

but in more immediate terms you should try our damndest to keep the troops from crumpling under this cherry apeshit asshat's overbearing personality
No. 885283 ID: e7830d


Your duties are fairly light, for now. According to your papers, the primary daily duties are the morning and afternoon inspections, reporting to your superior officers (you suppose what just happened counts for this somewhat, though you have yet to see the regimental command) and 'investigative duties'. Being in transit far from battle, there is also time allotted for training and less strenuous activities (you'll happily treat some of that as 'free time' in the closest sense you can achieve it), though you are bound to get a sound beating after exhausting your allowance already.

> Report to the Commander; there's bound to be something they need done.
> Inspect troop activities; patrols are still needed and morals to keep firm in the face of Rogue Trader laxness.
> Look for administrative tasks; you've got a way with paperwork and there's always something to do.
> Visit training facilities on the vessel for practise; it's been months since your last deployment and you'll need to be ready when you arrive.
> Free Option; you have scores to settle and a ship to explore. There's bound to be a way to do what your want while being safe from summary execution.

In the meantime, your data-slate is beeping. There seems to be an error with the name registry - you may also want to take a look at that.

Have fun with name suggestions - don't feel pressured for something 40k-specific or follow other posters - I'll probably combine multiple suggestions.

Your choices will have an impact on her stats. When will we learn the consequences? When she hits 300 xp. Have fun!

No. 885288 ID: e7830d
File 152682670104.png - (27.12KB , 184x96 , Id ship it.png )

[It's part of a purpose-built barracks on a RT ship near the 'nicer' decks. Rooms are pretty spartan per earlier descriptions, but they are single-occupant, so nobody's complaining!

It's not a particularly big ship by 40k standards, but this is one has well over forty hab levels so it adds up, heh.]
No. 885293 ID: 33cbe7

You're right, that is a small ship! (Is there a bigger version of that pic?)
No. 885300 ID: ee2d6e

From that tiny image for ants, it's looking a lot like a Star Galleon. Classic Rogue Trader ship, that. For now, visit the training facilities, and input the name Katarine Steel, a strong name for a negligent fair commisar!
No. 885328 ID: 33cbe7

Visit training facilities. Your... unique boltpistol needs a keen marksman to uh, tame its machine spirit. Yes. Pretend the targets are your poker buddies, the survivors will get theirs next.
As for a name, enter Natisha Volikav.

Did you still have things to discuss about the Mechanicus regiment?
No. 885356 ID: 094652

Visit training facilities. Because you should minimize the risk of an accidental stray shot to your commissari superiori. And because the whole damn galaxy is at war, you should keep yourself trained up in case you need to murder your boss the next thing to try torturing you to death.
No. 885552 ID: e7830d
File 152701698877.png - (3.13KB , 150x150 , rng.png )

rolled 4, 2 = 6

No. 885555 ID: e7830d

okay, the basic feminine first name version of that is волчица (volchitsa, though there are other slavic variants eg Vuka that'd roll better off a western tongue) but I am nowhere near confident enough to just roll with that without checking if a word potentially translated as wolf-bitch is a serious insult or not
No. 885557 ID: 48a0d5

Well if we're going with a ruskie name why not just call her "Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovinsky" and call it a day?
No. 885568 ID: 33cbe7

She doesn't have the beard to pull that off.
No. 885583 ID: 1bbb6a

Dude, it's 40k. The head blood guy was named Sanguinius BEFORE he was a vampire. Name convention restraint went out the window. Just roll with wolf bitch.
No. 885609 ID: 48a0d5

Thats why she wheres a fake one as part of her uniform
No. 885629 ID: e7830d
File 152704234999.jpg - (63.14KB , 600x450 , you see ivana.jpg )

hahahaha no
No. 885657 ID: 0c3c2c

Wolf-Bitch is the best damn name I've ever heard for a commissar who apparently is comfortable enough with their troops to GET DRUNK AND STRIP FOR PENAL LEGIONARIES.

Honestly, as a Commissar, we should work on ensuring our troops like us as much as possible and make sure that the Commissar-Captain over there is eaten by carnivorous plants lives a long and happy life.

Remember the words of the legendary HERO OF THE IMPERIUM: Commissars who use bolter shells in response to low morale are wasting the Emperor's ammunition and lives inefficiently. You should always keep your gun pointed at the enemy to ensure your troops keep theirs there as well.
No. 885704 ID: c32b19

What? Do you not like squatting?
No. 886776 ID: e7830d
File 152760949383.png - (506.14KB , 1090x545 , carlos mcconnell1.png )

[ Just a little filler thing before next update (too busy with uni to finish images for next update atm), but I've decided to make my plans for this adventure pseudo-public by joining a worldbuilding thing.

for more deets: https://onlyroar.tumblr.com/post/174372925798/only-roar-builds-worlds

>>885704 It has a time and place but I have other things to think about than inserting slav jokes into a 40k fan quest, lol
No. 886885 ID: e37a06

life before internet, unfortunately

On an in context note... it seems to be two main (south pole & northern) land masses with a intermediate area of minor landmasses, and one smaller continent with little land connection to the rest.
I wonder where the main populations are, considering they are purportedly mostly around strange shielded structures, and likely not so influenced by natural formations such as water.
No. 886912 ID: b03465

Id be willing to bet they are located on that large island continent to the left or are on that big ladmass on the top right, perhaps both.
No. 887211 ID: e7830d


You enter your name - Vukana Steel and in your passwordCiaphas123 and look for the source of the error. For some reason, it seems to have been affected by... something. But it seems to be working. You'll get someone to have a look at it later.

For some reason, your Senior's attitude really gets your goat. All the shouting and threats; you really hoped that you'd make a positive difference as a Commissar and be more independent than you would've been as a Stormtrooper or Sister of Battle. You were so happy to be out of the Cadets and exploring the Galaxy that you let your guard way down and paid the consequences.

Surely, there must be a better way somewhere in-between those extremes.
No. 887212 ID: e7830d
File 152787960392.png - (92.93KB , 600x250 , range and armoury.png )

You start making your way to the nearest range. Fortunately, it isn't that far; the main barracks is just a few floors up, closer to the upper hab-decks. Weaving through the patrols and bystanders, you eventually make it to one of the ranges, which also happens to house one of several armoury offices on the ship. It's also pretty empty.

There's a few Fusiliers outside, one of whom has a particularly smug grin on his face. The armoury itself is staffed by a rather short and stout-looking fellow with a rather odd-looking beard and there's someone already in the range, dressed in a large one-piece orange jumpsuit.
No. 887229 ID: edd61a

Do some shootin' practice!
No. 887235 ID: 074011

Shooting time. Try a conventional firearm that works. Try your own trusty firearm. Perform basic maintenance and remind it that if it we can't use it in the field it could end up being found by anyone, and ork maintenance is not gentle. Try shooting again...

>short and stout-looking fellow with a rather odd-looking beard
I have a sudden horrible feeling that we were retconned.
No. 887247 ID: 33cbe7

Chastise the Fusiliers for muckin' about.
No. 887249 ID: 2bfaca

Order the marksmen to check EVERY rifle in the bin. Seriously, why is there a BIN? If those guns misfire, there will be 'reprimands' all around and it's going to be a mess.

Practice the art of resupply - after the checkups are complete, time yourself and shoot the target over 120 seconds, discarding entire assault rifles and grabbing guns from the rack to minimize reload speed.
No. 887254 ID: e37a06

Oh mah Emperor....

Having administratum issued lasguns out in such disorder is disgraceful! Guardsmen can be shot for so much as disrespecting their weapon on the battlefield!
They don't even seem to be marked as part of the firing range! You would expect them to be painted yellow, or tagged or or... SOMETHING! Whats to stop a scum nugget from nicking one while no ones looking and it never being seen again?!

Don't get started on the helmet, though that's probably some guardsmen's fault.

Oh, take a closer look at the posters,
No. 887283 ID: e7830d

Worldbuilding June posts are up for first two days plus the day 3 planet.

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