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File 152480230346.png - (595.83KB , 700x600 , title.png )
880958 No. 880958 ID: 395c02

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No. 880960 ID: 395c02

youtube: https://youtu.be/fvyL9iakry4
No. 880961 ID: 395c02
File 152480242058.png - (481.35KB , 900x600 , 1.png )

The stories one trinket could tell.

Forged from Shaia's Body, set to flame by Her Love, this necklace has survived for eons. It's a testament to Her promise, Her everlasting devotion to all.

It's been in our family for generations, a gift from parent to child. Now, just as my mother before me, I pass it on to you.

May it bring warmth and guidance to you in dark times.
No. 880962 ID: 395c02
File 152480243488.png - (255.36KB , 900x600 , 2.png )



Was it all a lie?
No. 880963 ID: 395c02
File 152480245104.png - (370.46KB , 900x600 , 3.png )


"Hss!? Oh, Tyrsis."

"You've been quietly staring at your necklace for twenty minutes."

"Sorry. I've been lost in thought."

"Like, really staring at it."

"Sometimes I like to stare. At things."

"...Are you sure you're okay?"

Tyrsis, dearest friend and Shaia's biggest worrywart. What about me staring listlessly at a necklace implies I might be upset about something? So what if Mom lied about... everything? So what if she kept the truth about my father from me all this time?


He's the one we should be worrying about! I'm his only friend in Shaia's Embrace. If I follow in my father's footsteps and leave this place to see the outside world... what happens to him? He's too much of a giant fluffy ball of anxiety to ever come with me, but I don't much like the thought of leaving him all by himself, either...

"Kliss I'm growing increasingly concerned about your level of fine-ness."

"Oh no did I forget to say I'm fine?"

Through means unknown to mortal life, Tyrsis's expression manages to grow even more concerned.

"Do you need another hug?"
No. 880964 ID: 395c02
File 152480249004.png - (365.52KB , 900x600 , 4.png )

Do I really look that bad...?

:sq_optbubble_left: A: Actually, some comfort would be nice... :sq_optbubble_right:
I could go for a warm, soft hug. On my adventures, I should focus a little more on my own well-being.

:sq_optbubble_left: B: I'm fine, I promise. How are you holding up? :sq_optbubble_right:
I need to be strong if I'm going to get anywhere on the surface. I should focus more on the well-being of those around me as I go through life.

Is there anything else I should bring up to my dear friend?
No. 880966 ID: d2e2ce

A. You can't help other people if you aren't well, yourself.
No. 880967 ID: 1561e1

Hugs are important. Getting comfort doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger to know you're supported emotionally. And in this case physically.
No. 880968 ID: 0eda7a

A. "I'd always love a hug from you."

That said, it's not just for us; it's also not so nice to Tyrsis to turn down an offered hug. Just because we're accepting some affection and comfort doesn't mean we shouldn't care about the well-being of others, too.
No. 880969 ID: 0eda7a

Also, that face is incredibly, adorably cute and precious.
No. 880971 ID: 1561e1

Honestly, it's important to focus on the well being of yourself AND others. No need to do either or. Get a hug and ask him if he's doing alright.
No. 880972 ID: dbc29e

How could you possibly refuse hugs from a face that cute?
No. 880973 ID: a363ac

A. realize you are kinda horny but don't tell Tyrsis that just make sure to cover that wet spot.
No. 880974 ID: 3e857c

Never forget the lessons of "Hero of Love" on your adventures.
No. 880978 ID: b1b4f3

Heck no we're not passing up a hug.

No. 880982 ID: 91ee5f


Also, what makes you think your mom lied to you? Maybe her mom lied to her and then she told you what she believed was the truth, not knowing that it was actually a lie!

It’s probably not your mom’s fault!
No. 880998 ID: 6cd244

Touch self, think of hot Slissa boys...

...or maybe even Fluffsa boys? A
No. 881028 ID: dbf422

B. What does it matter how you feel if you ignore others?
No. 881032 ID: e1c8f7

Be compassionate. Knowing how others are feeling can help you empathize with them. ....Having said that, he probably would like to hug you.
No. 881036 ID: 839318


Tyrsis is the fluffy one so his well-being is more important.
No. 881038 ID: 094652

Shaia wasn't a god, Kliss. She was a cosmic species, programmed to recycle entire worlds. Everything changed, but not because of her. The cosmic mandate of rampant destruction and wiseless creation burned into the very core of her existence, yet it was negotiated into an acceptable commission of compassionate alteration, thanks to the relentless efforts of a girl with a big heart, and a tittering group of raving madmen.

(That's the voices in this thing, btw. I wasn't there personally, but whatevs.)

You'd be amazed at what one person can do with all the right ideas. Problem is, it usually takes a thousand years to invent one right idea... which is where we come in and give you a shortcut!

>Do I really look that bad...?
Yes. You're blue and flatchested.

B You're not crying on the inside, so you haven't reached the breaking point yet. Ease your stress with some ice cream and "tikkin" pie.
No. 881039 ID: 33cbe7

Speedrun time! Sidehop out of the cave, glitch through the stalagmite wall and float to the top of the map.
No. 881040 ID: f0e552

I honestly think you should pick B, you gotta show strength in face of your—admittedly—less psychologically strong friend.
No. 881070 ID: 5f3f48

A. How can we not vote for hugs?

Also not being fine is okay. Friends are people you should feel comfortable sharing your concerns with.
No. 881072 ID: 3804c3

C Offer sex. He'll follow you to the surface for sure.

>Is there anything else I should bring up to my dear friend?
The fact that you're currently hearing voices?
No. 881073 ID: ad51b8

Not going to lie, that little story you told us about why the fluffy bastards enslaved your people sounds a lot like propaganda to me. Reading in between the lines I feel that they were invaded by someone else and forced back to the gates that lead below to your homeland. They probably had more refuges then they had space so they moved down into the tunnels of the planet and found your people who they quickly realized weren't as strong as them so enslaved them because reasons. Then when one the Slissa showed that yes, they could actually fight back they quickly bullshitted a reason they did the things they did so as not to risk losing ANOTHER war and even though they lost their slaves they still got to leave underground so they didn't have to worry about refugees flooding the cities again. Just what I'm getting from that is all I'm saying, not that I'm right but that's what I'm seeing.

>Do I really look that bad...?
you look blue, and I don't mean sad... while yes you look a little sad but I mean you literally look like someone bleached your scales until they turned white and white-ish blue. I distinctly remember that you use to be green. Is it the lighting in here or what they hell happened to you kid?

> A: Actually, some comfort would be nice...
fuck kid just take the god damn hug, you look like you need it.
No. 881076 ID: 7e6d55

Yeah slavery? Never heard of it.
No. 881078 ID: dc91a0

You first. Others later.
No. 881122 ID: 0c3c2c

A.) Communication is important so you don't accidentally launch a vicious crusade against an entire species.
No. 881227 ID: a48264


I agree with this. Besides, how could anyone turn down a hug from such a fluffy cutie?
No. 881231 ID: cb585b

A and B Why not both?

Also wonder how long ago this supposedly took place, and if it could somehow be related to the super big monster of death
No. 881233 ID: de6d84

Daaamn, that's an amazing cutscene!

That's alright, but I'll be trying my best to keep an eye out for the both of us anyway.
Like right now, how're you holding up? I can hug you if that will ease your worry.
No. 881772 ID: 2ee9e7

If someone like you is strong to look after him, he might get inspired to become more brave by example!
No. 881934 ID: adb0d6

Help him out by... accepting his hug? B

You could probably bring up that he's got cool fire powers that you don't have, just so you can remind him he's great and shouldn't worry as much.
No. 882747 ID: 711412

Being brave now might bleed over into him later, which would help during critical moments.

No. 882815 ID: 395c02
File 152559048396.png - (306.09KB , 900x600 , 5.png )

>Touch self, think of hot Slissa boys...
Hmph. I want to explore the world, not myself.

Hot Slissa Boys are dumb and stupid and ruin my elaborate matchmaking plans by asking me out. How can I write a romantic story about a lonely (sexy) slissa finding his :sq_heart:soulmate:sq_heartr: if it's me!? No appreciation for the fine arts, those slissa boys.

Also they don't tend to want to abandon their lives to explore Shaia.

>You're blue and flatchested.
I'm green and flat-- what does that even mean? Are there people out there who are round-chested? Triangle-chested?

I tend to end up looking kinda blue around common glowgems, especially at the height of their light-cycle. They help us see and tell time, but purple-fy everything. I hardly even notice anymore.

>Sha̶i̢a ̸́͝ẁa̡͠s̵̶n҉̷̕͟'̷͝t͞͞͞

>realize you are kinda horny but don't tell Tyrsis that just make sure to cover that wet spot.
Tyrsis can never know I spilled my drink. He'd probably freak out and spend the rest of the trip worrying that they'll yell at us.

Wait, what was that first part?

>Like right now, how're you holding up?

"Actually, some comfort would be nice right about now."
No. 882816 ID: 395c02
File 152559048824.png - (473.42KB , 900x600 , 6.png )

Tyrsis wraps his arms around me and squeezes, once again proving himself to be warm and soft.

...his heart always beats so fast...


I think I'm starting to feel a little better.

I'm going to miss these hugs once we go our separate ways.

>Also, what makes you think your mom lied to you? Maybe her mom lied to her and then she told you what she believed was the truth, not knowing that it was actually a lie!
No. 882817 ID: 395c02
File 152559050164.png - (558.41KB , 900x600 , 7.png )

"Attention! We're approaching the Unified Capital now. We'll be resting the plessera for forty glimmers (does the ketza know how long that is?) uh which is an hour and twenty minutes. After that, we'll be continuing to our final destination. If you're with us until the end, make sure you're back by then! That is all, and thank you for riding with us.

"Tyrsis-- you can stop hugging me I'm feeling better thanks-- should we check out the capital? It's like you: Part slissa, part ketza!"

"That's not quite-- d-don't look at me like that! Okay, sure! I'm like a city!"

"Close enough! Now, we only get forty glimmers, but that's enough time to see a couple sights."

"I don't know. Maybe we should find a quiet place to just hang out for a while instead? There's going to be a lot of people in the capital and they're all gonna judge me."

"How could anyone judge you!? You're a big sweetheart!"

He fidgets. "I-it's up to you..."

:sq_optbubble_left:A: We should check out a landmark or two.:sq_optbubble_right:
I think it'll do him a lot of good to see slissas and ketzas getting along, and to see that nobody's going to judge him. Not even the ketzas i hope.

:sq_optbubble_left:B: Nice quiet spot it is.:sq_optbubble_right:
Maybe I shouldn't push him too hard. He already took a big step outside his comfort zone by coming on this adventure with me.
No. 882818 ID: 33cbe7

A. You're going to be doing a lot of walking. Just don't miss the caravan or you'll be doing a lot more!
No. 882819 ID: 0c3c2c

A. You are also stepping out of your comfort zone.

Out of curiosity, Tyrsis' conception was consensual, right? If anyone judges him, point out that you have terrifying digger claws that can rend feather from bone and that one Slissa defeated ALL Ketzas. Then flex.
No. 882822 ID: ad51b8

when did you go back underground?

Also A
No. 882840 ID: dbf422

A. No adventure ever started with a quiet nap!

Or at least this one won't! Just meditative staring.

Just explore please
No. 882842 ID: 3cc68c

A. Tyrsis is never gonna feel better about himself if he doesn't even try.
No. 882845 ID: 823c3f

No. 882861 ID: 711412

B. Take a rest for a while, both you of look like you need to think on what you saw out there for a while.
No. 882862 ID: 03d323

Yeah, maybe rest and have a talk further with each other after what happened B.
No. 882864 ID: d86e39

B. A nice quiet spot
Don't get discouraged after seeing what was out there, you just need to think and plan some more together about what you wanna do.

And his big eyes aren't here anymore, you both look like you need more of a rest.
No. 882883 ID: 9d4af9

B: If we give Tyrsis a little time now, he might be willing to to explore a little more when we get to the capital. You can also use this break to reassure Tyrsis that people shouldn't judge him, and if they do it doesn't matter.
No. 882889 ID: 0eda7a

Compromise: find a nice quiet spot that has a walk through the city to get there. Enjoy the walk, see some sights along the way, then enjoy yourselves for a while.

And consider the possibility that Tyrsis might just be interested in you.
No. 882897 ID: de6d84

I like this

You two could talk about some things on the way while seeing sights, like giving him some bravery tips for standing his ground as an example

And if any ketzas along the way give him funny looks, look at them back.
No. 882899 ID: 3abd97

Oh wait, we jumped back to before we reached the capital? No wonder I was confused. Although I'm still sorta confused, that means Kliss has a lot fewer lies to be freaking out over if she hasn't seen the lack of a Great Beast.

>Okay, sure! I'm like a city!"
Yeah! You're both huge!

>what do
A. Come on this is what tourists do, you're here to see the world! Not see the inside of a series of quiet hotel rooms.
No. 882900 ID: 2ee9e7

Touring around is always good! Can't let possible somber thoughts sit, it'll be better to see stuff around
No. 882971 ID: e1c8f7

A quiet place with a view of the landmarks. B
No. 882982 ID: adb0d6

Sight seeing's good, A.

Facing his fears early on if push comes to shove will get him standing his ground.
No. 882990 ID: 6cd244

A, we're probably going to be spending a long time alone and quiet on the road. This is our chance to spend some time in a populated area for a while! A month into your trip you'll be thanking yourselves for spending some extra time around people here.
No. 883038 ID: 4854ef


If afterwords he needs calming down we can find a quiet spot. Heck if we travel we might find some good comfortable spots to relax in!
No. 883224 ID: 87c85d

Touring's sure to ease you guys on worrying for a while. Take in the sights while you can.
No. 883330 ID: b07bac

Who wants to sit around in quiet before the trek outside? A. Lets go touring!
No. 883346 ID: f5d2df

Go see some landmarks, it'll put you in a good mood. A
No. 883696 ID: a363ac

No. 885563 ID: 395c02
File 152702270275.png - (361.52KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

>Tyrsis's [parents intended to have him, right?]
Hard to say, but I do know his slissa mom loves him very much. I've never met his ketza father, but from what I understand he ran off when Tyrsis was very young.

I guess we're headed towards his home, but we wouldn't recognize him even if we did manage to bump into the big abandoning jerk.

>And consider the possibility that Tyrsis might just be interested in you.
Of course he is! I'm a very interesting person!

"How about we talk a relaxing stroll through a calm part of town? See the sights without um, overwhelming you."


"Heehee. Didn't realize I was talking to giant Tyrsis butt."

"W-what!? Oh-- s-sorry!"

He extracts himself from the depths of right under our seat, and I stifle a laugh as I repeat myself to the right half of him.

"Ah. Kinda figured you'd suggest something like that. I... okay, but if we're doing this I might as well dress the part."

He reaches into his pack and pulls out... oh. Oh no.
No. 885564 ID: 395c02
File 152702270774.png - (416.89KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

"We gonna git dem ketza kriminal varmints, pardner!"

"Shai'! I forgot you brought that thing with you!"

"Why not? It's the perfect disguise! Instead of staring at me for being me, they'll stare because of my amazing outfit! You hide precious stone in a cave full of rocks, as they say!"

""I'm not sure that's are you seriously striking a pose right now you are way too precious. You're going to make someone really happy one day."

"Hopefully somebody close by..."

"Good idea! I'll ask around!"

"Please don't...!"

Sigh, another :sq_heart:Romantic Adventure:sq_heartr: crushed before it could begin. I sullenly grab my backpack and we leave the caravan, making our way down to the Unified Capital.

Tyrsis emits one of his strange 'sss-peep' lizard-bird sounds. "This place is huge!"

"Sure is! Even bigger than last time!"

"Speep? You've been here before? Did you go on a secret slissa mission without telling your mom!?"

"HssSs~ Of course not, you silly boy~ it'd just give her ammunition. er, I mean I'd never do that to her. "

"I'd hope not! wait are you making fun of me"

I give Tyrsis a good blep as I reach into my pack and grab the map I copy-traced from a friendly slissa. Hard to believe the misconceptions one little map can cause, and our surprise when we discovered the truth.
No. 885565 ID: 395c02

Youtube: https://youtu.be/zZRCYTmHVVM
No. 885566 ID: 395c02
File 152702273308.png - (638.30KB , 900x600 , 10.png )

"Wow, so this is the real unity statue," Tyrsis says.

"Kinda small, isn't it? Most of the replicas were much larger."

"Yeah, but they're just copies. Oh hey, a plaque..."

This monument stands as testament to the peace between Shaia's children, and our promise to never forget Her Love. May none forget the struggles that brought us this far.

-Shisae, Cycle 12 of Generation 147
-Mi Shau, 22nd year of King Jiu

Wait. "Generation 147!? That's so long ago!"

"That's usually how history works, yeah."

Did... Did Tyrsis just sass me? Oh no I taught him to be a little too brave.

He hastily continues, not giving me a moment to fully process what just happened. "I can't believe slissas and ketzas used to fight. We get along so well nowadays.

"More or less."

"Yeah, I know things aren't perfect, but... thinking about how far we've come since then makes me think that one day there'll be a place for people like me."

"That time is now, fluff-buddy! We're going to find someone who loves you for you, and then you'll finally be at home!"

"Don't get me wrong, the slissas have been mostly okay to me. But... it'd be nice to have a place I feel welcome."
No. 885567 ID: 395c02
File 152702273717.png - (478.97KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

"You being serious right now, kid?"


"Must be new here if you're seriously hanging out with a fluffball."

I feel Tyrsis grab onto me from behind. The tone of this lady's voice must be causing his anxiety to flare up. It's okay, buddy. I'll do the talking.

"First of all, he's my best friend ever."

He grips me tighter. Yes, feel the power of our bond!

"Second, are you drunk or something?"

"Little bit, but that's not the point! I've seen way too many naive kids roll into town, thinking everything will be sunshine and rainbows."

"What and what?"

She looks momentarily flustered...? "Nothing. Listen, don't go around trusting those fluffballs. Look at him, acting high and mighty like they always do. I bet you believe that fluff of theirs about the Giant Animal and the Goddess's Love somehow absolving them of the shitty way they treated us all these years."

A religious scholar she isn't. I should think about what I say to her.

I can't help but spend a moment thinking about the story of the goddess Shaia and the Great Beast...

:sq_optbubble_left:A: ...She's wrong. There's no way the Ketzas would make up a story and keep in the fact that they had slissa slaves.:sq_optbubble_right:

:sq_optbubble_left:B: ...Nevermind what she said. Something about the whole tale seems... off...:sq_optbubble_right:
No. 885569 ID: 12b116

A, if they were making the whole thing up why would they do such a bad job of it?
No. 885571 ID: b1b4f3

B: What was Her message, though? What did She look like? You'd think the details of such a monumental moment would be passed down carefully from generation to generation.
No. 885573 ID: a363ac

B. but you can't worry about that now you have a town to explore! Offer random yellow slissa a hug they seem a bit down, also ask if they wouldn't mind showing you around.
No. 885576 ID: e5c658

Call her out for being racist.
No. 885577 ID: 094652

>sunshine and rainbows
Press the matter; how does she know about that? Can you buy an encyclopedia?

B, but tell the drunk it's not important to your future. You're not going to obsess over racial pride and prejudice when you're busy fighting monsters topside. Or earning loot. Or whatever it is adventurers do.
No. 885580 ID: f0e552

Don't pick A, pick B. If you pick A, it only proves her point about the high and mightly ketzas, Of course they would leave the slave part in! They just want the slissa to feel insuperior to them. You both know that it doesn't make sense, but regardless but it would give her a leg up in the argument.
No. 885584 ID: dc91a0

How about, you don't argue with drunk people, and move on.
No. 885595 ID: 0c3c2c


Like. There was a WAR. A war in which the Ketzas LOST REALLY BADLY. Why would they make up a story in which they're unambiguously the villains and promptly get crushed by ONE GUY?
No. 885602 ID: dbf422

Good point, pick B. Not that you should let her off easy after insulting your friend. He has it hard enough!
No. 885605 ID: 1561e1

B. Whoooo caaaares. It's not like Tyrsis had slissa slaves or anything, it was like 147 generations ago.
No. 885620 ID: 3abd97

>I bet you believe that fluff of theirs about the Giant Animal and the Goddess's Love somehow absolving them of the shitty way they treated us all these years.
>A religious scholar she isn't. I should think about what I say to her.
I'm pretty sure I should judge my best friend by the way he treats me, not by the way a bunch of ancient dead people treated some other ancient dead people.
No. 885640 ID: 56e50f

Let's make like inmates and Bail. We can fact check her later after we're done exploring!
No. 885643 ID: 91ee5f

Say this to her.
No. 885647 ID: 1cddc0

Eh. I mean chances are that he's an odd one out. I don't know if shoving the exception that proves the rule in her face is going to help.
No. 885786 ID: 31ca19

You're mentioning "fluff" quite a bit. Are you missing some fluffball buddy of yours right now?
No. 885841 ID: bffeb2

>sunshine and rainbows
Haven't you guys been underground for like a bazillion years?

And B
No. 885869 ID: 03d323


Look, in the times of now, the way my best friend acts towards me is going to be how I'll know if he's a good friend, and he's doing great at that.

...Why did you get a bit drunk anyways, if you don't mind
No. 885908 ID: 87c85d

Usually, the winners write history so they look more glamorous than they are, but it is a bit surprising that they'd keep the enslavement portion of the tale instead of making themselves look even better. B.

Also >>885580 and >>885620
No. 885985 ID: a363ac

hi can I vote for this as well
No. 886038 ID: cb22c8

B... The story seems to justify the ketzas living underground with the slissas, but there's apparently no good reason they can't go back to the surface now. Something's up.
No. 886051 ID: 2ee9e7

This could be a chance to let Tyrsis gain some more ground in bravery, by letting him explain how he feels and that he's not being a terrible person to you.
Break some ice with you explaining first that he's not being a terrible friend to you.
No. 886668 ID: d86e39

This, and B.
No. 887143 ID: f5d2df


Also, this isn't any important slissa by chance, are they?
No. 887155 ID: 33cbe7

B. The Great Beast was an inside job!
No. 889104 ID: 67c68b

No. 889596 ID: 297fc0

Of course it has stuff feeling off, though, it’s a legend!
Though it would be rather pointless to hate somebody for how they USED to act. Doubly so if the perpetrators have been dead for years.
Unless something crappy is CURRENTLY going on, the message is still better than the factual account, because the message makes you think.
No. 890313 ID: e5cdad

Yeah, something's gotta be up with the tale.
No. 890860 ID: ba7c2e

Man these cutscenes have kicked ass, excellent work!

Keeping slaves is something that wouldn't be emphasized much in history, but if it's a point that's in your face, then something is weird about the whole thing.
No. 894172 ID: 395c02
File 153240764056.png - (345.49KB , 900x600 , 12.png )


The more I think about that legend...

...The more I feel something...
No. 894173 ID: 395c02
File 153240764276.png - (503.07KB , 800x600 , 13.png )


>Ae leoa Fofoa livasa?
To live in peace and harmony.

>Ole ale fologi le taga Fofoaina?
Nobody knows. There's no way to know.

>Ofe oai le zanya?

I don't understand...
No. 894174 ID: 395c02
File 153240764510.png - (620.04KB , 900x600 , 14.png )

>Call her out for being racist.
Oh. Why didn't you just say she's gone!?

"Tyrsis, where'd she go!?"

"She walked off while you were zoning out. Um, are you okay?"

"My ancestors distracted me for a bit."

"Oh, okay. Wait, you're still doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"Pretending your ancestors really are in that necklace."

"I'm not pretending! They're guiding me! Just like Mama said they would!"

"I'm very concerned but will hide it for your sake."

"Thanks I guess that's not important right now! That slissa opened up about her frustrations to two complete strangers. She wasn't nearly drunk enough for racism to be the only reason she did that."

"Kliss no."

"There's only one explanation, Tyrsis! She obviously has a..."
No. 894175 ID: 395c02
File 153240764744.png - (441.52KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

":sq_heart:...Ketza boyfriend!:sq_heartr:"
"...Ketza boyfriend."


"I've known you all my life, Kliss. Let me guess: you want to meddle in her affairs and set her up with her :sq_tyrsishandquoteR:soulmate:sq_tyrsishandquoteL:."

I motion for Tyrsis to lower his head, then ready myself to move in really close and whisper...

:sq_optbubble_left:A: ...Yes.:sq_optbubble_right:
This is the ship of a generation! We have a real chance to make another Tyrsis, here! We only have so much time so let's move move move!!! This is very important practice for when I set Tyrsis up with someone!

:sq_optbubble_left:B:...Nope. You're my target.:sq_optbubble_right:
Remind Tyrsis that you're whole-heartedly focused on finding his soulmate. I'm not about to get distracted and risk missing the caravan to Ketza Town: Population an open-minded female just aching for some hybrid action.

Also I should probably see more than a single statue before leaving.
No. 894176 ID: 33cbe7

B. You've got your great beast to hunt and she's got hers.
Let's go see... two statues!
No. 894177 ID: 7fad5d

No. 894178 ID: 06fdc0

No. 894179 ID: 91ee5f


>Remind Tyrsis that you're whole-heartedly focused on finding his soulmate.
But, Kliss, what if you’re his soulmate?!
No. 894184 ID: de6d84

Ooh, ancient language. Do we sound different from normal speech or are you hearing us as far as normal goes?

B, the perfect soulmate's not gonna show itself this easy, gotta keep formulating ideas and plans until the time's right!
No. 894186 ID: 094652

Normally I would say A but this isn't choose-your-own theater and butting into a stranger's affairs is not appropriate or polite

Also sketch the area. You could get paid to make pictures of stuff you've seen.
No. 894190 ID: caf1de

ya update B
No. 894191 ID: 575ec0

B Tho!
It could be anyone! Even you...
No. 894205 ID: dbf422


And you should try proving we exist. Close your eyes and have him hold up his fingers! Or have him write something while you can't see. Though this will certainly fail for comedic effect, you need to try eventually and repeatedly.
No. 894215 ID: 757ccd


I feel like his soulmate is really close...
No. 894217 ID: b38f01

Oh Boy he's going to be so happy when he gets his soulmate and makes cute fluffsas of his own! Auntie Kliss!
No. 894218 ID: ad51b8


maybe you should help him by helping build his confidence. You should do this by going on a date with him so he actually knows what to do when he finally goes on one with his soul mate. I mean you two are friends right? Who better to help him learn what to expect on a date then a trusted friend?
No. 894221 ID: a363ac

No. 894223 ID: a363ac

side note just let Tyrsis touch us having him think we aren't real is just going to lead to an argument down the line when things are tough and food is low and then you will have to chase him down dramaticlly and hand us over so he can see the truth for himself... yada, yada, something about trusting him with all your heart ending in a kliss and you don't want that right Kliss Sa Saryassa?
No. 894258 ID: 4f1cbc

B. The fiction inherent truth you've inferred about this total stranger might be cute, but you have a bff who needs you first!
No. 894345 ID: 02a0f7

B the change you wish to see in the world
No. 894429 ID: c1e0a1

Statue sighting and practice dates with your buddy, B!

What other monuments are around anyway?
No. 894474 ID: 03d323


But hey, you're the master; you gotta gear him up with practice from you to prepare him for the soulmate!
No. 894635 ID: 9decc2

B, I bet you'll even find more shipping pointers while in town
No. 894682 ID: 911fec

B. Want to? Yes. Going to? No. You’re my main target.
No. 894704 ID: d86e39

One of the statues you should see is the friendship monument!
No. 894732 ID: f5d2df

No. 896814 ID: 726971

Oh, we know the perfect soulmate alright.

No. 898327 ID: adb0d6

Gotta find the Biggest statues!
No. 898359 ID: 3e0ef4

Option B

Also, what gender IS Kliss anyways? I can't tell...
No. 898366 ID: 91ee5f

No. 902108 ID: 61dbe3

Also make a note to get fashionable hankerchief for yourself, Tyrsis looks great in one.
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