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File 152476505153.gif - (113.48KB , 1200x768 , S&S Title.gif )
880810 No. 880810 ID: 820864

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No. 880811 ID: 820864
File 152476509353.gif - (1.28MB , 1200x1920 , S&S 1-1a.gif )

You wake.

All is dark. You cannot open your eyes; you cannot even feel them. Your limbs feel like brittle, dead weight, and your head feels hollow and too heavy all at once. But you feel the warmth of life flow into your body and collapse to the ground.
No. 880813 ID: 820864
File 152476511918.gif - (1.86MB , 1200x625 , S&S 1-1b.gif )

You pull out your mask and fasten it in place, and discover the strength to stand on trembling legs.

You stand at the bottom of a gorge, next to an ankle-deep rivulet running through this grassy field of statues. Their resemblance to you is uncanny.

You have no memory of anything before this moment.
No. 880816 ID: b1b4f3

>no eyes, puts on mask and sees
The mask lets you see?

Are you hungry or thirsty?
Touch a statue. What is it made of?
No. 880817 ID: 33cbe7

Retrieve hands.
No. 880818 ID: 891b91

randomly choose a direction
begin walking in that direction
continue to do so until something happens
No. 880820 ID: 3267e7

Check the statues. See if there's anything you can do to open them.
No. 882327 ID: 820864
File 152536677062.png - (575.03KB , 582x800 , S&S 1-2aaa.png )

This mask is your face; you were not made with one.

You examine a statue. They litter the fields but are most concentrated in a trench toward which the water flows. They are very heavy, but you could move one albeit with tremendous effort. But this blockade is so densely packed, it would be an eternity to clear if not impossible.

Touching one, it feels like grainy, half-dried clay. Foreign thoughts flash in your mind, but they feel like things you have always known.

Somatic Statue -

A statue sculpted by Wayland in his own image, using the dust that lines the streets and permeates the air in the ruined city. Meant as soma for a living creature, all it needs is a soul.

Wayland ended up using far fewer than he had anticipated, and piled up the excesses in Uncanny Valley, like junk in an attic. Occasionally, when the whim strikes him, he returns to weave life into another one, so he may send it out as well.

A very fine chromatic dust sticks to your hand, which you realize is inexplicably shaped like a cat’s paw.
No. 882328 ID: 820864
File 152536679820.png - (1.07MB , 1200x800 , S&S 1-2bb.png )

Your entire body feels very strange, as though it is not your own even though everything feels exactly as it ought be. You feel no need to eat nor drink nor even breath. Your stomach and lungs feel like they are packed full with sand. You flick your tail in annoyance at these perplexing sensations.

You follow the rivulet through a narrowing in the gorge, and soon emerge.
No. 882425 ID: 166e1c

So a Somatic Statue is a golem body inhabited by a living soul. Since this body feel so strange I assume you used to have a different body with which you formed your referential to sensations. Presumable that mean your soul was born, not made.
Who were you? Did you died? How?

Can you summon more information about Wayland?
No. 882427 ID: 3abd97

Well it would seem you now know what you are and how you came to be. Convenient.

Check out those stone figures. There seems to be a... doll? Animal? by each.
No. 882480 ID: cc5f4f

Inspect everything!
No. 882992 ID: 820864
File 152571307025.gif - (593.16KB , 800x600 , S&S 1-3.gif )

You could not properly answer the question of who you were, or would have been. Dysphoric thoughts lay in the outskirts of your mind, telling you this is not your real body. But at the same time those thoughts feel as if they are not yours, each thought by a different person.

You mentally focus on, “Wayland,” but nothing comes to you.

Approaching the large, arranged stones you see three statues among them. A closer look at two of them reveals they stir silently and occasionally twitch. When they hear you arrive, they curl up, turning away from you. They shield their heads with their arms and shiver.

The stones focus on a low, artificially flattened and smoothed rock. Your hand—or paw—brushes along the surface, and thoughts come to you as though memories you had always known.

Sculpting Dais

A boulder embedded deep beneath the earth, with the overground portion sheared away and sanded down till it was perfectly flat and circlular. Age has weathered away parts of the rim, and bits of the surface have been purposely chipped away.

Wayland sculpted his statues atop this platform, spending countless thousands of hours personally shaping each one with utmost care and attention until he was finally satisfied with it. But when he could no longer stand to be surrounded with his creations, he threw his tools in the grass and shattered his mirror in disgust, and retreated to the peak of Uncanny Valley, where no lost golem could reach—nor return.
No. 882993 ID: b1b4f3

So Wayland made the golems to look like himself?

One of the golems isn't scared of you. Can you say hello?
No. 883040 ID: 820864
File 152573631862.png - (130.25KB , 300x400 , S&S1-4.png )

You approach the frozen statue and greet it.

It does not react in any way, staying motionless long enough that eventually it seems to not be alive, but suddenly it stirs.

The golem takes a single step out from behind the pillar, drops an artist’s knife onto the ground, and stares at you as though E had eyes. If E had a face, es mouth would likely be hanging open in bewilderment.

“No one. Speak me. Like that. Ever.”
No. 883062 ID: 166e1c

How long have you been awake? What do you know about this place?
No. 883075 ID: b1b4f3

Tell it you're not a normal golem, it seems, so it's fitting you've surprised it. Ask how many other active golems there are. Are any likely to attack you? It had a knife, maybe it was prepared for a fight.
Hmm, I wonder if there are any other artist tools lying around here. Wayland did throw his tools in the grass... look around?

Is it missing an arm?
No. 883310 ID: 820864
File 152583079614.gif - (585.42KB , 450x600 , S&S 1-5.gif )

You begin a barrage of questions, but the golem waves them away.

“No. No. Stop ask. Too much. Only few,” the Golem says, annoyed. But, you also detect a hint of… anxiety? It seems you won’t be able to learn as much as you want to from this creature.

>Are you missing an arm?
The golem looks down at es stump and thinks for a moment.

“No. Arm not mine. I re-move.”

>How long have you been awake?
“How long?” The golem stares dumbly, deep in thought.

“Long time,” E concludes, as though imparting a great wisdom. “All us. Old. Some less. Some more.”

>How many other live golems? Are they violent?
“Many. Some mad. Some fear. Mad hurt. Fear hide. I hurt thou. But. Not now. Thou…” The golem pauses. “Diff. Er. Ent. Not mad. Not fear. Thou nice. But. Odd.”

>Well, it’s only fitting you surprise it, since you’re not a normal golem.

The golem visibly tenses, and you’d swear you heard a sharp inhale.

“You. Do you think you’re better than me?”

In an instant the golem’s whole demeanor changes. Es paw, twitching with rage, reveals sharp claws.

“You think you’re better than me? Are you mocking me?”

The golem takes a stomp forward.


The two cowering golems start whimpering.
No. 883312 ID: b1b4f3

Time to remember the basics of CQC. This should be a good introduction to fighting, since the golem has only one arm.

Tell it "Let's find out." and engage in some fisticlaws with it.
No. 883369 ID: 166e1c

No, I think my face is a mask, for some reason...
No. 883835 ID: 820864
File 152606838433.png - (517.14KB , 800x600 , S&S 1-6.png )

>Let’s find out.
That really sets em off.

“I AM NOT A FAILURE!” the golem shrieks.

The golem attacks! You try to dodge backward but stumble against the dais. You raise your arms at the last second and the golem carves a set of gashes into you. They sting and bleed, but that’s the last thing on your mind right now.

[Blocked; Suffered minor harm]

You swipe back defensively, cutting shallow scratches on the golem like hatches on clay. The golem retreats for just a moment long enough for you to scramble onto the dais. You’re inexperienced in combat and still not entirely used to your body, so you need the breathing room.

Out of range, the golem now struggles to haul emself up onto the platform after you.

[Withdrew; Foe suffered negligible harm; Foe is pursuing!]
No. 883838 ID: b1b4f3

You should go for that knife. See if you can kick the golem off the platform to stun it long enough for you to get it.
No. 884327 ID: 820864
File 152633582502.gif - (245.97KB , 800x450 , S&S 1-7.gif )

You go for the knife the golem dropped earlier.

Using the high ground to your advantage you kick the golem right in the head. E topples over and es head cracks against the ground. When you jump down you land square on es chest and are rewarded with a loud crunch, leaving behind two indentations when you leap off.

You comb through the grass for the knife but yank your paw back when something pricks your finger. You promptly pick it up.

Palette Shank

An old palette knife, once used to mix paint and chop clay, now used to gut golems. Cuts sharper and deeper than cats’ claws. ‘Gut’ is used rhetorically, of course.

When Wayland abandoned Uncanny Valley, and his tools along with it, the golems lost there were naturally curious about them. But Wayland would return and, enraged by the mistreatment of his tools, he obliterated the golems he found with them, as well as a few whom he didn’t.

But as time wore on, when the bitter lost golems sharpened them with rocks into crude blades, he couldn’t find it in himself to care.

You brandish it at the golem.

The golem slurs what may be threats and swipes at the sky.

[Foe takes massive damage; Foe is stunned]
No. 884333 ID: b1b4f3

What a shameful weapon. Oh well, nothing else to use at the moment.
Give the golem a single warning, to stop fighting or die. If it won't stop, shove the knife into an eyesocket.
No. 884348 ID: 166e1c

Can you immobilize it? Hold it's arm, rest it's head on your lap and calm it down.
For someone who doesn't accept what it become this golem have a lot of insecurity related to perceived inferiority. I want to tell it to accept what cannot be changed and have a good reason to start a fight.
I don't think we are better than it because we lack information to pass such judgment. Recognize differences is important to understand our environment, don't assume conclusions from such practice.
No. 885084 ID: 820864
File 152675203451.png - (203.51KB , 300x400 , S&S 1-8b.png )

You snatch the creature’s wrist mid-swing, and hold the arm in place until the golem stops struggling, but still clenches and unclenches es paw. E seems to have forgotten E has other limbs and lays limp. Threat apparently nullified, you set the knife down behind you and try to calm the golem.

You could swear the lungless golem just took a deep breath before shouting:

“I’M NOT—“

You pull the golem’s head onto your lap and es voice cuts out.

Es paw freezes, and all is silent save the burbling of the nearby stream. It is as though you’ve shocked the life out of em and turned er back into a statue.

The most natural feeling action is to place your palm on the golem’s head and E tenses. You take on your best soothing tone.

You tell the still golem many things.

>Accept what cannot be changed.
>Fight only with good reason.
>You don’t think you’re better…

Silence is at first the response, but as you speak longer the golem stirs. Then fidgets, but you sense no threat.

When you are done talking, the golem tugs es arm, silently asking for it back. You let go and the golem entwines es arm with yours and shimmies into a more comfortable position.

[Foe is no longer a foe]

[Victory! Loot: N/A]

“I love you,” the golem says. “Please don’t leave me.”

You are currently immobilized by a very clingy golem.
No. 885161 ID: 166e1c

We can stay like this for a while, but not forever. Even though we don't have a reason to hurry, there is much to see and make sense of.
I won't be abandoning you when I left. I will return later, hopeful many times, and whenever I do we hang out like this.
Don't hurt yourself anymore. Take good care of yourself.
No. 885551 ID: 820864
File 152701577328.png - (236.10KB , 400x600 , S&S 1-9.png )

You sit with the golem for awhile. The stream twinkles over the rocks and the grass sways in the occasional breeze. The golem is completely still, but unlike that of a dead statue, it is a relaxed stillness. Serene, like that of a great lake at rest.

This is all somewhat soured by the murmuring of the other golems.

When you feel your leg numbing is the time you decide to continue on. Preparing to extract yourself, you say to the golem:

>I’m not abandoning you.

The golem whines. You continue but nothing you say gets you closer to freedom, and is just drowned out by gripes of, “noooooo…”

The golem releases your arm but only in order to cling to you as tight as possible. At this point you’d need a crowbar to escape.

You catch a flash of yellow in the corner of your vision.


Someone peers out from the mouth of a cave nearby.

“That was you, that clamor,” the stranger says, “Say, you’ve need of another paw with that?”
No. 885598 ID: b1b4f3

Oh! Someone else wearing a mask. Sounds like they are as lucid as you are. Perhaps that is an indication of a healthy mind? Also clothes! You need to get some of those.

Tell them you would appreciate some assistance.
No. 885599 ID: 91ee5f

>”Say, you’ve need of another paw with that?”
Yes please.

And be gentle with them. They’re not hurting me or anything, they’re just very affectionate.
No. 885601 ID: 166e1c

Is it me or does it look more "finished" than us?
No. 885870 ID: 820864
File 152718246197.png - (119.57KB , 600x600 , S&S 1-10.png )

>Would appreciate some assistance

“Right.“ The stranger approaches.

>And be gentle

“Right,” the stranger repeats, but you sense an edge to it.

“Hey,” the stranger says, using a harsh, authoritative tone, “Begone. Vanish. We’ve no want for you here.”

Your admirer whimpers and shrinks away from the stranger. You protest, saying the golem is just being affectionate.


You’d swear that mask has eyes that are rolling at you.

“Don’t trust these things. Emotionally unstable, they’ve need of only a careless word to turn rabid, just as easily yours turned docile. One’s no way to know when. But that you’ve learned already, that fact.”

“not a thing…” the golem whispers, “‘m a person… not an it… ’m an E…”

“Right,” the stranger says, annoyed.
No. 885873 ID: 166e1c

So what is the deal? Why are we different?
Where those "E" and "es" come from?
Why do have more detail than me and it?
No. 885877 ID: b1b4f3

Tell E to let go of you and sit over on the dais while you talk to the stranger.

Then ask exactly why you are different from the unstable golem.
No. 886626 ID: 820864
File 152753863013.png - (2.16MB , 800x600 , S&S 1-11x.png )


>Tell golem to go sit on the dais

The golem is reluctant to let go, but the stranger is repellant enough to convince er to shuffle over to the dais. Legs freed, you stand up, stretch out, and get down to brass tacks.

>Why am I different? From you? From the other golem?

“Ah, right!” the stranger straightens up, and you brace for an incoming lecture, “Do excuse me, I’ve not myself initiated anyone before, but…”

“You’ve some notion already; for one, you’re not prone to arbitrary hysterics and histrionics. You’re complete. Well, moreso than they,” the stranger says, shrugging es shoulders to indicate the Valley’s residents, “You’ve still all your particles. And marbles. But you’ve not, uh, ‘the finishing touch.’ You’ll want to see Wayland for that. He prefers to sign us personally, is what I think.”

“But these things, they’re lost. Forgotten, never again to be found. Best they’ve to hope for is be reduced to their dust and put into something useful. In the meanwhile, here they wallow, in the Valley of their birth.”

The affectionate golem, who’d been absentmindedly kicking es legs over the edge of the dais, holds erself and hunches over.

>What’s with “E” and “es”?

“That’s what we call ourselves, instead of ‘he’ and ‘she,’ and so on…” the stranger says, “We’re people, right? So you’d not say about me, ‘It is a strikingly wise creature!’ But nor are we men nor women. Witness!”

The stranger indicates es groin. Sure enough you witness only silky fur, and nothing but.

“That’s an obscene gesture amongst humans, you know. Anyway, this point where the legs meet is somehow related to why they call each other, ‘he,’ and ‘she.’ But they’ve not words for one who’s neither! They just use, ‘they,’ even to refer to one person.”

“So the first golems conceived of words all our own. You simply drop the start of the original words: ‘she’ is now ‘E’; ‘his’ is now ‘es’; ‘her’ is ‘er’… you understand, right?”

“By the way, what would be my name?” the stranger asks, “You’ve not even painted your face yet, so ‘twould be unfair for me to name you right now.”
No. 886638 ID: 166e1c

Name? Arrow Head... Bob.... Silver.... I will go with Silver.

So Wayland can still intervene in my form, but can't change whatever is afflicting the others. Or maybe he can but is unwilling.
No. 886639 ID: b1b4f3

Wayland stayed after he returned? That's good news. Perhaps we can return his knife.

Golems name eachother, rather than themselves? Alright. Name this fellow Dimitri.
No. 886655 ID: 166e1c

No. 886961 ID: 820864
File 152771441710.png - (955.78KB , 800x600 , S&S 1-12.png )

You ponder some names out loud. The yellow-masked golem listens intently and waits for you to finish.

“They’re all very all right, but…” the golem says, “Silver, that one I like most. May that be my name? Right, that’s my name. Thank you!”

Silver takes a moment to silently mouth and appreciate es new name. Afterward, you discuss a couple more things with er.

>Wayland’s influence on his golems

“Wayland is…” Silver starts, glancing over es shoulder before continuing, “He does as he does, and that holds so especially where it concerns us. I, uh, I think he knows best, and you ought to too.”

>Wayland is here

“Right, he’s in the Valley, but you’ll not find him amongst the rejects. Obviously, right? He stands at the peak, far above us… and far out of reach. The weathervane is all you’ve to get there by. And therein lies the quandary. Most all these lost creatures are docile… Or at least benign, long as you leave them be. But the ones that aren’t…”

Silver takes on a serious tone.

“They’ve arms with them. As in weapons. And without your own, you’ve no hope to reach the weathervane.”

You tell Silver you found Wayland’s palette knife. E gains a look of concern.

“You’ve one of his tools? You’d best not hold it long… and that certainly shan’t be weaponry enough.”

Silver ponders for a moment, then pulls something seemingly out of thin air.

“Take this,” E says.

Dust-Core Droplet

A glass bead in the shape of a teardrop, with a core of somatic dust.

The body is remarkably dense, formed by dripping molten glass into cold water. The hardened product is virtually invicible. But remarkably, a feather’s touch to the tail is pressure enough to annihilate the whole thing.

Droplets such as these are favored to store valuable æther-infused dust; the physical matter that constitutes all living things. Magi are the most common to carry and utilize dust, and they prefer it physically safe but easily accessible.

Contrary to those of mundane drops, the tail of a dust-cored drop is sturdy enough to survive a jostle or two. Perhaps, having been infused with life, it inherited life’s natural aversion to dying?

“Right, that ought be enough for a modest weapon. And now you’ve freedom to leave that knife where you’d found it. No, actually, leave it upon the dais. Best not treat Wayland’s possessions with disrespect.”
No. 886965 ID: 5fa661

I know so little of how things work here; could you please explain what this actually does?
No. 886968 ID: b1b4f3

Could we try to bring the knife to Wayland?

Ask how to use this thing.
No. 886969 ID: 166e1c

Guess the lost aren't the only ones with sensitive feelings. What else should I avoid doing or saying?
Do you happen to know why Wayland created us? What use do we serve to him?
No. 887230 ID: 820864
File 152789134105.png - (197.47KB , 800x600 , S&S 1-13.png )

>How do I use this?

“You know not—” Silver says, looking dumbfounded, “Why, this is the stuff you are made of! It—”

You remind Silver that you haven’t been alive longer than even an hour. E looks abashed.

“Right, it’d make perfect sense that you’d not know. Allow me to apologize by explaining…”

“First, grasp the droplet by both ends, close your eyes, and clutch it close to your heart. Then, imagine the object of your desire, already in your paws. Finally… twist.”

“Pwaaah…!” Silver wrenches an imaginary item in two, mimicking an explosion sound to go with it.

“And that is how you’d do that.”

>Wayland’s designs for the golems

“We serve him. Such is the duty of a child to er father, right?” Silver says, casually glancing sideward.

“He’s a quest to send us on, though,” E says, slightly nervous, “You’d best be prompt to reach him, else he’ll find you lacking. And you see what becomes of the rejects, right?”

>Etiquette around Wayland

“Uh, that’s,” Silver glances over es shoulder again, “He’s not sensitive, if that’s your thought. He’s no patience for disrespect, as anyone, right?”

Silver ponders a moment.

“Most important thing, I think: do not flatter him. Otherwise, j-just, do as he says, but don’t be obedient; Be casual, but don’t relax…“

Silver looks troubled, eyes flitting between the ground, the sky, and everything in between. E looks like E could talk about this for hours.

“You understand, right? Right, of course you do.”

>Wayland’s knife

“Right, I’ve no inclination to prolong my visit. ’Tis pleasant to return every once in a while, but the dregs put a damper on extended stays…”
No. 887232 ID: 166e1c

This is enough information to get going. I would like to accompany you, but I have a feeling there will be a reason to not do that...
No. 887255 ID: b1b4f3

So using this thing creates an item. A weapon is what we need right now... too bad your mask doesn't look like an old man, a zweihander would be perfect then.

Probably best to start with something simple. Shortsword?
No. 887258 ID: 5fa661

Whoa now, let's not jump STRAIGHT into making murdertoys just yet. This thing can become ANYTHING we can imagine. DO NOT WASTE IT.
No. 887259 ID: b1b4f3

We got it BECAUSE we needed a weapon. What do you plan on making with it, an ice cream cone?
No. 887664 ID: 820864
File 152817254484.png - (1.37MB , 1200x800 , S&S 1-14a.png )

You thank Silver for es help and E waves it off bashfully.

“No, no, it’s no trouble for me.”

>I would like to accompany you, but…

“No, no,” Silver waves you off. E looks like E wants to explain, but…


Silver steps back, ensuring some clear space, and plucks a phial of liquid from the air. You take the moment to better appreciate es gift, and realize the figurative weight of what you are currently holding. You marvel at the modest glass bead as its potential becomes clear to you; apparently, you could use this to make anything.

“I see you eyeing that thing,” Silver lilts, “Now, don’t go crazy with it when I’m gone. ’Tis really no windfall. You’ll find much more of that on your travels. Much, much more.”

E uncorks the phial and sticks es finger in, coating it with the liquid.

“Right, I’m off. You’ll see the way forward through that crevice up there, from where the water flows. Ignore the cavern, good for napping and no more. Best of luck!”

Silver raises es paw straight over es head, damp finger outstretched, pointing at the sky. A moment passes until Silver evaporates into a cloud of chromatic dust and is carried away on a phantom wind.
No. 887665 ID: 820864
File 152817257110.png - (316.10KB , 600x650 , S&S 1-14b.png )

Since you cannot dwell on that peculiar sight forever, you focus on the question of what to create with the dust droplet.

>A shortsword
would be a practical choice. You follow Silver’s instructions and when you open your eyes, sure enough, the shortsword you pictured is right there in your paws.

Replica Ancient Shortsword

A short sword modeled after a design used long, long ago in an ancient era. Some replicas were dulled or otherwise rendered less lethal, but in the interest of authenticity plenty were just as deadly as they would have been those millennia ago.

Weapons were useless in the city except as export for sale to the outside; there was otherwise no need for them. So like all expensive but useless objects, they became things of status and ceremony. Magi regard the ancient era with nostalgia, explaining this specimen’s antiquated design. Yet, a mere handful of magi alive today are old enough to have lived that long ago.

Of course, this particular weapon is a memory and has no previous owner. Having been birthed by a living creature, this weapon is itself alive, as a tree is, and as it matures will inherit idiosyncrasies from both its wielder and the foes it kills.

The sword is larger than you expected, and you feel physically lighter.

[Sacrificed minor amount of Body]
No. 887668 ID: b1b4f3

Give it a few test swings to get used to its weight.
Tell the half-golem that you must be going on your quest, but you'll be back to visit if E behaves. Take the palette dagger and leave it on the dias then instruct the half-golem not to touch it, and to guard it from others. Wayland's desecrated tools should be left in peace.
No. 888127 ID: 820864
File 152840524212.png - (238.41KB , 500x400 , S&S 1-15.png )

You attack the air in front of you, testing your new weapon and familiarizing yourself with its unexpected weight. It’s not very heavy, but just enough to throw you off at first; perhaps better to learn that before a fight rather than during.

[Weapon Affinity bolstered]

You turn to the one-armed golem relaxing on the dais, kicking es legs and watching clouds overhead.

>I must be going

“Okay,” the golem says.

>I’ll be back to visit if you behave


You fish the palette dagger out of the grass set it down on the dais next to the golem.

>Do not touch the palette knife, and make sure no else does.

“Oh. Okay,” the golem says, giving you and the knife a passing glance.

“I love you. Bye,” E says while watching the water flow.
No. 888144 ID: 5fa661

I guess we're off to see the wizard.

Keep an eye behind you, make sure none of the other nearby golems have stirred.
No. 888149 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, let's go. Watch out for other unstable golems. Try to avoid interacting with them so they don't aggro.
No. 888183 ID: 575ec0

Hmm... If I read it right, possesion of the knife itself doesn't anger the maker, only disrespecting it does.
Perhaps we should hold on to one of those drops should we encounter them on our journey, perhaps we can restore it later.
We should also keep an eye open for any more of the artisan's tools along the way.
No. 888263 ID: 820864
File 152848058617.png - (221.03KB , 400x600 , S&S 1-16a.png )

The curled up golems have been shivering silently this whole time. One seems to have focused on you, but they’ve all remained where they are. If anything, they become less likely to agitate as you back away. You leave slowly, making no sudden movements, and they go as still as statues. Perhaps they were lulled to sleep by the burbling water.

You take careful steps up the slope toward the cavern the rivulet flows from. It’s dark but regardless you delve inside toward the light at the end.
No. 888264 ID: 820864
File 152848060656.png - (1.48MB , 1600x600 , 1-16b.png )

You emerge. It seems you’ve escaped notice for the moment.
No. 888265 ID: b1b4f3

I see some masked golems, and with clothes too. I wonder if those are stable ones. Watch for a moment to see how this group behaves, then approach.
No. 888481 ID: 820864
File 152865794085.png - (664.70KB , 800x600 , S&S 1-17_.png )

You stay back and observe. Most of the golems are eerily still, and the ones gazing at the numerous gaps in the valley never seem to tire of the view.

In the distance is a masked golem in a tabard with a yellow symbol on it. E is delivering a passionate sermon, but it seems only a couple golems are actively listening. You strain to catch some excerpts:

… truly? Is this truly all… for us? … lost… by the pretenders

You approach the closest golem. E takes one look at you and, forgoing words, materializes a jagged blade out of er body and into es hand. E hoists erself up.

[Foe engages; Foe sacrifices minor amount of body, manifesting weapon]
No. 888493 ID: b1b4f3

"Are you blocking my path? I'm not unstable."

Raise your weapon to defend yourself with if needed. This golem's weapon looks like some kind of dagger, take advantage of your superior reach.
No. 888496 ID: 166e1c

No need to say anything. If it's intention is to attack it will attack regardless. Be ready to block it's first move and counter.
No. 888562 ID: 575ec0

Lower your stance and raise your sword defensively in front of you. If you are going to speak do so, but do not be unprepared
No. 888751 ID: c87f1f
File 152889853990.png - (478.12KB , 800x400 , S&S 1-18.png )

The golem stalks toward you, dagger drawn back next to es hip. You raise your sword and assume a defensive stance. The golem doesn’t even flinch when a weapon is brandished in er face.

You watch the dagger closely, anticipating the incoming strike and your corresponding chance to block and counter. But the golem does not open with the dagger, instead grabbing your sword by the blade with es free paw. You try pulling your sword away but E holds it down just long enough to follow up with a knife in the shoulder.

You jerk your sword out of es grip, slicing the fingers, which immediately disintegrate, off of es paw. You both recoil in pain.

[Suffered moderate harm; Body at half integrity; Foe suffered minor harm]

Your wound burns and bleeds, but your foe merely shakes es pain away like E’s working out some cricks. The golem advances again, dagger cocked back and free paw reaching for you.

Though it is more of a stump given that half of it is missing.
No. 888753 ID: 166e1c

Return the favor in kind. Aim for it's left arm, initially using your reach to cause harm before you can be hurt, but ready to hold the dagger if it's attack can't be prevented.
No. 888755 ID: 575ec0

Bring your sword quickly upward above your head, blade positioned perpendicular toward the grasping stump as if to cut it off but keep your feet planted, as that is not your intent.

Then force the blade viciously downward like an axe upon his weapon arm to sever it.
No. 889013 ID: c87f1f
File 152909896114.png - (358.41KB , 800x400 , S&S 1-19.png )

>Bring your sword above your head, blade perpendicular to the stump as if to cut it off

The golem braces for impact, expecting to catch your sword in es palm.

>Then force the blade viciously downward like an axe upon es weapon arm to sever it.

The golem is caught completely off guard when your sword whisks past to plunge into the opposite arm, cleaving it in two.

Both the golem's severed arm and the dagger it held disintegrate. The golem stumbles backward and drops to one knee, clutching, as best one can without fingers, the fresh stump.

[Foe suffers major harm; Foe disarms; Foe retreats]
No. 889016 ID: 5fa661

Step back and see if anyone else is approaching.
No. 889033 ID: b1b4f3

I wonder how golems heal.

Ask if they have any last words. Then you can finish them off.
No. 889083 ID: 575ec0

Let him run.
Eyes up.
The others. They've been watching.
No. 889512 ID: c87f1f
File 152952925749.png - (423.33KB , 700x300 , S&S 1-20.png )

You hang back, giving the kneeling golem a chance to flee with es tail between er legs while you evaluate the greater situation.

A couple, the tabard-clad preaching golem and one of es listeners, have noticed you; the rest continue to lay inert or gaze at the gaps.

“Witness! A pretender approacheth!” the preacher declares, “Ye who’rt lost! Forgotten! Never again to be found! Witness the fruit of your suffering! Stolen from ye, engorged by the pretender, who mocks ye for your misfortune!”

The other golem glares. Just then a suspicious movement from your kneeling foe catches your eye.

A cloud of chromatic dust explodes in your face. A faint breeze wafts it toward em and the Dust sticks to er, rebuilding es body. The golem rises to er feet, having recovered es fingers on the one paw and has recovered half of the other arm.

And then you notice one of the golems manifest a weapon.

[Foe 1 is restoring Body; Foe 2 is approaching]
No. 889513 ID: b1b4f3

Better finish off Foe 1 quick before it manifests a weapon again. Heavy strike to center mass.
No. 889539 ID: 575ec0

Hmm. We should Restore our own body... Do we just... Concentrate on it or? What's it look like he's doing? Did he use a tear?

Either way, Don,t focus on him too long, another foe approaches. Defensive stance. Be ready to dodge.
No. 890055 ID: c87f1f
File 152993227719.png - (447.75KB , 500x1000 , S&S 1-21.png )

You embed your sword in the golem’s exposed torso like an ax in a tree. This easily breaks es concentration, and the Dust hangs inert, moving only with the currents cause by your swinging.

Trying stubbornly to ignore you, the golem again waits for the Dust to rebuild er, some of it now healing the gash you just left in es torso. You’d expect some sort of trick or trap, but finishing off the golem really is as simple as slicing em in half; E puts up no resistance.

[Foe 1 killed! Loot: 1 Remnants]

Both pieces of the golem immediately dissolve and most of the remains are blown away, but some float toward you and coalesce into a glass droplet in your palm.

Remnants of a Lost Golem

All that remains of one of the golemni lost in Uncanny Valley.

Each golem Wayland dispatched would inevitably go missing. A few would return to Uncanny Valley; the closest thing they will ever know to a home, yet which can never truly be.

Yearning the bond, the lost golems share their pain with the newborns, until those too are lost in Uncanny Valley.

You still stand amidst the cloud of Dust. Simply concentrating on it causes it to breeze toward and around and into you. It caresses and enters your wounds and replaces the blood and flesh you’ve lost. You feel sweet relief as the pain relents.

The next golem approaches.

[Body fully restored; Foe 2 engages!]
No. 890072 ID: b1b4f3

Sidestep the overhead attack and counter with a blow to the head. See if that's a vulnerable spot.
No. 890097 ID: 575ec0

Rush the next aggressor, and keep track the position of your legs.
Bring your sword arm up across yourself as if you will strike.

If when you are in range of your opponent your right leg is forward, swing but leave your wrist straight, intentionally missing and throwing your sword arm downward. Use the momentum to pivot on your right leg and deliver a savage kick to your opponent's core with your left. Follow up with a stab should you stagger him.

If your left leg is forward don't swing. Lean in with your right shoulder and slam into him. Follow up with a slash should he lose balance.
No. 891419 ID: 1a2b42
File 153091220754.png - (578.18KB , 600x800 , S&S 1-22.png )

You charge, catching the golem by surprise. The golem swings es jagged greatsword out of reflex, but it cleaves nothing but wind and water because E doesn’t have enough distance to properly aim at you. Getting in under es arms, you ram em with your shoulder sending em stumbling backward. A follow-up slash scrapes bits of metal off the golem’s breastplate, but E is erself unharmed.

Another attack aimed at the golem’s head fails, the golem having backed up and deflected it with es weapon. Your foe continues stepping backward, keeping es guard up.

Another golem on a nearby path notices you and sets off running to join the battle. Your foe stands es ground, guard up, waiting.

[Foe 1 takes no damage; Foe 1 retreats]

[Foe 2 manifests weapon; Foe 2 is en route]
No. 891421 ID: b1b4f3

Maybe you can kick foe 1 off the edge of this path. Or a feint to the face again then actually attack er legs?
No. 891427 ID: 5fa661

The first opportunity available, dash past and try to escape the area. Fighting everyone here is a bad idea, but I don't think they'll follow if you get away and keep going.
No. 893024 ID: 1a2b42
File 153167828768.png - (130.93KB , 1200x768 , S&S is on hiatus.png )

My apologies; Soul & Soma is paused for the foreseeable future. Please see the dis thread:

If this thread could be moved, that would be appreciated.
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