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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 152374430560.png - (238.43KB , 800x800 , opening.png )
878728 No. 878728 ID: 85836d

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No. 878729 ID: 85836d
File 152374432003.png - (133.88KB , 800x800 , 1.png )

High up on the plateau, the wind howls furiously.
The skies are dyed red with blood and fire, and the heat of your qi is rising in your chest as you stagger backwards before standing motionless.
As your hair entangles wildly with the wind, your chilly gaze is fixed upon the group of people in front of you. Among that group of people, a man steps forward.
Behind you, you can hear a loose rock on the edge of the cliff break off. You don't hear it hit the bottom.
No. 878730 ID: 85836d
File 152374434768.png - (296.91KB , 800x800 , 2.png )

In the eyes of that man is a frosty, smug look, prompting you to shiver all over from head to toe. A chill of fear slides down your spine. His stare is as if he's piercing through his sworn enemy, as though the girl in front of him is not of his own flesh and blood. His grin is triumphant, although his face has darkened a few shades as he begins to speak.
"Xie Biyu, you have nowhere else to go. Don't tell me you plan on escaping again this time? There's no shame in giving up. Hand the artifact your grandfather gave you over, and you might just get away with your life. After all, it was never yours in the first place, you loathsome wench."
No. 878731 ID: b692f9

“Come and take it from me then, bastard.”
No. 878734 ID: 094652

He's not going to spare you.

"Give me this one final stupid chance. I mean, it's not every day you get to see a thief splatter her brains over the fields."

"I'm gonna risk it for a chocolate biscuit, AND FILLORY!"
No. 878744 ID: b7a158

yeah jump off the cliff, because:
he's definitely the type to kill you anyways
that level of smug requires denial
this seems to be a xianxia novel so you'll prob be fine
witty one-liner optional
No. 878745 ID: 166e1c

Hum... I don't know... Why is the macguffin worth the trouble?
No. 878746 ID: 85836d
File 152374863569.png - (261.05KB , 800x800 , 3.png )

Your temper abruptly alights with the sudden blaze of your pride. Incandescent rage fills you, hotter than the qi pulsing through your meridians. The very small, very distant, rational part of you is impressed it's taken him this long to stir you into fierce, firework-like anger, even in spite of all the torture you have gone through at his hands.
"Come and take it from me then, bastard!" you howl at him. "It's not every day you get to see a thief splatter her brains over the fields! The family treasure was passed down to me by grandfather when he was still alive. I will never, ever give it away to anyone, for as long as I live!"
Your fists clench painfully. This is your last thread, the only right you have that was entrusted to you by your grandfather. You gave up the rest of your inheritance for the heirloom, hoping that its powers might be enough to bring back a human life. There's an unmistakable hatred in your voice, and your clear persimmon eyes flash bright with fury, yet the man before you does nothing but smile cruelly and look down upon you further.
"Foolish girl. Have you no sense of humility? You, the ungrateful cowardice daughter call me, contemptible? It's just survival of the fittest! You see? It's this precise ignorance of yours that had your mother murdered. In the end, the one who got her killed was you."
The one who got her killed was you.
That's it. You can't hold yourself back any longer.
No. 878749 ID: b7a158

A respectable martial artist knows not to fall for obvious attempts to rile them up.
Get a few good licks in if you can, but focus on escaping so you can actually use the artifact.
Can't bring people back from the dead if you're dead.
No. 878750 ID: 0e57d8

Hit him with something he won’t expect, definitely try to incapacitate him or stun him. If you have a throwing knife one move you could do is make him think you are going for one move and then use another, namely putting said knife through an eye.
No. 878751 ID: e56bf6

How good are you at collapsing cliff-sides? If there's nowhere else to go, you need to try for an upset.
No. 878753 ID: 094652

He thinks weakness is sin.

Run now. In time, he will discover how weak everything he believes in truly is. How fragile this world can be.

And you'll laugh in his face when he does.
No. 878755 ID: 2007b6

Shout and stomp the ground, hard enough to explode a concavity out of the cliffside just a little ways down below. Fall, as the cliff collapses out from under you, and flip around into that hidey-hole. He'll either dive after you (and fall into the bottomless abyss, at which point you've got the high ground advantage), or assume you're dead and the artifact is lost.
No. 878757 ID: dc91a0

Tomoe Nage time?
Tomoe Nage time.
Throw that bastard to the rocks below.
No. 878775 ID: 074011

Let him see the artefact. Break the ledge beneath your feet and stumble backwards as it careens to the edge. As he desperately reaches for the artefact, pull the artefact back, grab his hand and twist around, throwing him behind you as you kick off of his body to throw yourself back onto the land. Then punch all of his followers in the face as you flee back where he came from.
No. 878787 ID: dbf422

Feint so he attempts to grab you, grab /him/ and use his body as a cushion for your desperate leap off the cliff.
No. 878825 ID: 94bef7

Trash of the past are best left from the present. Ignore his taunt; he clearly wants to fog your mind by inciting a not well-thought attack. Keep sharp or else their death is for nought.
No. 878849 ID: 3abd97

If this isn't a fight you can win, I think it's time to grin and fall backwards off the cliff.

Death before surrender! ...and hey if you survive you've gotten away.
No. 878879 ID: b23013

If you do, do this, Try to take him with you, If you fuck up, it's not like you can make things any worse, right?
No. 878972 ID: b53bd0

kick him in the dick
No. 879010 ID: 074011

A bold plan, though it would never work. He is clearly vain, and would have long ago mastered the art of protecting his face.
No. 879053 ID: 85836d
File 152390028506.png - (282.63KB , 800x800 , 4.png )

It's no use trying to fight fair, now. Not with the injuries you've sustained so far and how worked up you're getting. You take a deep breath and try to compose yourself, pushing down your anger and storing it deep, so that it may fuel your power for what you're about to do next. There's no reason to let him make a fool of you, even bigger than he already has, so you hold onto your last shred of poise. If you can't go right, left, or up, then the only answer would be...

"Jianhong, how about I throw you down under into the afterlife to give my poor mother a personal apology? In fact, I'll even bring you with me!"
The air thickens with murderous intent as your qi field intensifies exponentially and erupts into flame. You feel the force of an explosion slam against your ribs, but keep pushing through. Again, and again, until it's so intense that a red haze smears across your vision.
No. 879054 ID: 85836d
File 152390029423.png - (241.49KB , 800x800 , 5.png )

Something as simple as collapsing an already frail cliffside is child's play to you. After all, you are the prodigy Biyu hailing from the Xie family - a savant who has already attained the rank of a mid tier eighth qi cultivation rank at the tender age of twenty. If not for overwhelming you with numbers, your opponents would have never been able to successfully injure you with something as simple as a sneak attack.

But injuring you means absolutely nothing if you're going for an all-out, mutually assured destruction. You'd rather die before you surrender - and if you die, you're taking him and all his men down with you.
He seems to realize this too, his face paling in anticipation for your next move.
You drop into a crouch like lightning, curling your hand into a fist, and slam it into the ground, exerting all of the energy you've channeled.

The ground tremors at the enormous force exerted, and then gives, the thin, precarious ledge upon which you and them are standing cracks off of its source and begins to slide slowly - before it breaks away from the cliff entirely. One of your opponents tries to find purchase in the air desperately with his arms, screaming for his life. One of the other three men slips off of the chunk of rock completely, stumbling off and into the abyss without even a vehicle to hold onto.
No. 879055 ID: 85836d
File 152390030449.png - (211.27KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

As you're falling the ravine widens beneath you, and another plateau juts out from the cliffside - something you hadn't anticipated. You almost miss it as you hit the tilted surface there and roll several feet from where you landed, coughing and splattering your clothing with blood. Attempting to ignore the intense pain the best you can, your head rolls to the side. Although your vision is blurry, you can distinguish a shock of green hair. Xie Jianhong is standing a short distance away. There's a few, long moments of silence - maybe seconds or minutes, you can't tell, before he speaks up.

"Your grandfather expected so much from you, and yet you die like... This." He gestures to your limp frame with his slender fingers. "Wouldn't your little brother be ashamed as well?"

Suddenly as if remembering something, you plant your hands beneath you and try to push yourself off the ground. It doesn't work. You slump over again, a sharp feeling shooting through your ribs and lungs. "You're the lowest of the low. You vowed to never bring him into this. You promised," you scowl. "You and him share the same blood! Are you holding him somewhere?! Release him!" Grandfather is dead, and so is your mother.

He sneers. "Return the Jade Pavilion to us, then we talk. A weak, sickly, incompetent child like your brother is no relative of mine." You can't tell, but you're sure he's looking down on you coldly again. Another outpour of blood leaves your lips. You know the dubiousness of his words. Every promise he's broken can only beget more broken promises. "Surrender it now. Your internal organs have been destroyed, and neither you nor your brother will be able to survive if you don't hand it over."
No. 879056 ID: 85836d
File 152390032989.png - (159.98KB , 800x800 , 7.png )

"It's a shame I don't believe any of the trash coming out of your mouth," you spit. You can feel a hateful glare on your body, as if you aren't this person's family but an enemy he could not bear to live under the same sky with. "I'll avenge my family today if it costs me my life. Your tricks mean nothing to me now. I swear that one day I will doom you beyond redemption, Xie Jianhong. With all the things that you have done, you will die full of remorse and regret. A treacherous man like you that is so heartless will get yours, and I'll be the one giving it to you."

Rolling over without hesitation, you grin as you push yourself off the cliff and let yourself fall.
No. 879057 ID: 85836d
File 152390033819.png - (138.05KB , 800x800 , b.png )

So this is where you die, huh? You can't believe it either. Falling off a cliff and meeting your end isn't what you thought you would live up to. You close your eyes and wait for the impact of the scorching rock miles below.

But it never comes.
No. 879058 ID: 85836d
File 152390034482.png - (120.59KB , 800x800 , a.png )

No. 879059 ID: 85836d
File 152390035124.png - (234.60KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

You open your eyes to an early blue sky. Someone nearby is speaking to you, a feminine voice. The sticky, wet feeling of blood in between your clothes and your skin is gone, as well as most of the pain, but you still feel as if you got kicked in the ribs.
"Jia Biyu, how are you still alive? You're really something. The only thing you're good at is surviving beatings from elder, you punching bag."
Jia ... Biyu ... ?
The realization strikes you harder than a fistful of qi slammed into the back of your head. It seems that you've reincarnated. You blink, limpid, at the clouds. That would explain why this body feels different from your own.
So then, the Pavilion must have -

"Jia Biyu! You want to get roughed up again? I said if you're not dead, then come see elder. Did you go deaf as well as lame?"
No. 879061 ID: 5f3f48

You sure you reincarnated and the artifact didn't throw you back in time when you were younger?

If you are reincarnated, you just now regained the memories of your past life. Can you remember your current life?

Do you still have your eighth tier qi cultivation, or do you have to start over?
No. 879064 ID: 314210

Summons from an elder cannot be ignored.

Get up.
No. 879085 ID: e56bf6

First you need to take stock of your situation. Also, what is the Jade Pavilion meant to do?
No. 879087 ID: b7a158

Well, you're apparently lame now, so be careful not to suddenly start speaking.

Go see the elder, but take stock of how the current situation compares to your past experience on the way
No. 879119 ID: 074011

Spare a moment to be thankful that your new body wasn't designed by vote. It would have thrown off your balance.
No. 879124 ID: 404570

Get up, take a look around! Are we the same person? Different? Reincarnation? Resurrection? Or did we go back in time?
No. 879125 ID: 3abd97

Well it looks like your reincarnation didn't come with a gender swap. That or the new you is an effeminate guy.
No. 881609 ID: d8de94

Lay down for a little bit, this elder guy doesn’t seem too trustworthy.
No. 881821 ID: 86564f

Was there any significance, rumors, or legends of the cliff you fell into? Because if that is so maybe you just got really lucky.
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